Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Reading

It has now arrived the time for us, and you, to make a Christmas break. Our nearest loved ones require our full-attention, or better said, it’s us that require giving all of ourselves to them.

Now is the time to make Christmas the magical season it is to so many, old and young alike. Before continuing I would like to address a few words of encouragement and hope to so many families that just a year ago didn’t dream the hardship this Christmas would be.

Caught unaware, like all of us, in this terrible economic crisis that is punishing harshly those that little contributed for it, while leaving unhindered all those responsible. It’s time to realize, like our ancestors did, that richness comes in many shapes and ways. There may be no money to put as much, or any for that matter, food on the table, but maybe because last year there was, we didn’t value as much the human comfort that we can always present each other, a hug, a kiss, a caress on your child’s cheek, a hand ruffle through her hair.

Our heart is with you this Christmas, hoping, and willing you on, that you may muster the strength to make this the happiest, merriest Christmas of all time.

That it will be memorable, let there be little doubt.

Back to the blog, and its Christmas break.

Last year, around about this time, we asked you to LOOK at the Paraíso pictures. That particular post anticipated many things, and we were forced to interrupt our “vacations” to clarify some issues, if you remember, that even triggered all that was written about the fictitious Tapas T9 Big Round Table.

This year we propose some Christmas reading for you to do until we return. Summer last year, just before heading for my own holidays, I wrote a post called “Last Call – All ABOARD (Or NOT) !!!.

This was at a time that, although we had already debunked the BH “The Stroller” clutter, the NEGLIGENCE idea still ruled as the "what-really-happened" scenario. All blame was centered on the McCanns, and their 7 friends.

Everyone else was a reliable witness against the "T Group". Some statements, didn't make sense, we could easily see, but, these "discrepancies" were regarded having little importance because, after all, whoever made them was on our side.

The novelty was that this post warned the BH’s that upon my return from those holidays, the blog, for truth’s sake, was to redirect its blogeditorial guidelines and stop just focusing on the T9, but also on others, those that we, in the blog, thought were involved in the covering up of what happened on May 3rd, 2007 in PdL.

The post was published on August 13th, 2007. On the next day, the blog received the following unpublished comment from Yawn (to those who don’t know, Yawn, was Insane’s nick at the time):

Yawn has left a new comment on your post "Last Call - All ABOARD (...or NOT) !!!":

It's difficult to decide sometimes whether you are sane and deeply malicious, or just completely off your head. Two things are sure, however. One is that you are full of yourself almost beyond belief, and the second is that you are quite astonishingly stupid. Posted by Yawn to Textusa at Aug 14, 2010 6:06:00 AM”

Whether we’re sane but deeply malicious, completely off our heads, full of ourselves or astonishingly stupid, we kept our word, and wrote what we thought should be written. You be the judge:

We wrote about the Tapas Bar and the famous fictitious BIG ROUND Tapas T9 table: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7) and (8)

And also about the peculiarities of the watersports and "drowning" activities that took place in PdL in 2007: (1), (2), (3), and (4)

We gave our opinion on the possible involvement in all this by the various levels of MW OC’s Staff: (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5)

The Quiz Night theme was so interesting that we decided to start one of our own, and it still has to be finished: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), (8), (9), (10), (11), (12), (13) and (14)

We wrote about a crucial character in this story, the "not-so-white-hat-after-all" Mrs Fenn: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7) and (8)

And we wrote about other guests that happened to have been at that same resort on that same infamous period, a subject to be expanded: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6)

And besides Mrs Fenn and OC guests, we also mentioned others: (1), (2), (3) and (4)

We didn’t overlook to provide our opinion about the possible involvement of the “powerful” in all this affair: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7) and (8)

For all that we wrote to make sense, we had to clarify two things.

The first, why we thought that what really was happening that week in PdL was swinging: : (1), (2), (3) and (4)

And second, we had to debunk NEGLIGENCE which was/is THE BLACK HAT MASTER MOVE (it has now become a "master trap" as nor the McCanns will let go of it as they depend on it for own survival, as they, the BHs, just can't figure a way out of it, no matter how hard they're trying, and they ARE trying): (1) and (2)

Last, but not least, we had to speak about Kate’s masterpiece, which some call it a book, and we here like to call it affidavit: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6)

We do hope that this will keep you entertained until we return. A merry and a wonderful Christmas and a Happy 2012 to you all, are the sincere wishes from the Bronte-Cohen Sisters.


  1. Happy Christmas to you Tex and thanks for all your hard work.

    Hopefully a new year will bring some answers for Madeleine, the Met are calling it Operation Grange lets hope they get to the bottom of the lies and deceit that have been spread by team Mccann over the past 4 years.

  2. Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2012 to everybody.

  3. Textusa: Your sisters and yourself have done a wonderful job, long may it continue, and hopefully one day in the not too distant future .. justice will be served. Happy Holidays and may you have a well earned rest.

  4. A wonderful article from Dr. Martin Roberts at Mccannfiles,


    How can all the people related with Mccann's lie so easily in public and get away with everything while accusing who question their version of the envents?
    Not even the Christmas season, a moment to respect and please the children, stop this pair to spread their lies and publicize their business. Now, even Carter ruck had to appear with a face, trying to grab money.

  5. Kate McCann,

    On this festive season, let me ask you how much inhuman do you still wish to become?

    Can’t you see what has happened to you?

    Look at what has become of that little girl, when you were your living daughter’s age, that must have enjoyed the season like all little girls do.

    You’ve become a monster. There’s no other or easier way to say it.

    I could pity you, if you’d become what you’ve became on a rash action, a rash decision. Probably all started very rapidly for you to realize what was really at stake: the humiliation and disrespect of your blood.

    But I can’t pity you. You’ve since repeatedly opted for evilness, and evil can’t be pitied, much less when the coldblooded option was made consciously.

    You may not be a believer, but you do have a conscience, and no matter how many times you repeat to yourself in the mirror that you had to do what you did, you and your conscience know that it just isn’t so.

    I could write a letter to you, Kate. I imagine that you receive many letters, so mine could have been ignored, or as I much suspect, it wouldn’t even reach your hands. But I know you came here, if not daily, you do often. So I know you will read me.

    Make this Christmas a forgiving season, Kate, and start by forgiving yourself, and that can only be done by doing the only sensible thing that can be done.

    You’ll regain your self-respect.

  6. Anon at 1.00 well said, I hope Kate reads it and takes note and has the courage to tell the truth of what really happened on that holiday.

  7. Anon da 1 p.m.

    Muitos do PCFA = pro child faked abduction vêm aqui , como se sabe.

    Desculpe o atrevimento mas vou copiar e colar no meu sítio.....desculpe.........

    xxs, Text; Regards to the Sisters.

  8. Best wishes Textusa xxx

  9. Best wishes for the season to you and yours and thank you for all your hard work. Wishing you rest, recuperation and please, please return to us soon.

    Anon. Dec. 7 2011 9:15:00 PM - Agreed - Dr. Roberts article is very good - we watch it utter disbelief as over and over again we are told "lies" are most definitely "truth". Are we living in a different dimension perhaps?

    Anon. Dec. 8 2011 1:00 - So true but it may be too late - she may no longer see that as the way out.

  10. Anon at 1.00

    You just have to look at the latest photo of Kate at the Levenson Enquiry to see what has happened to her over the last 4 and half years.
    She has aged - and dreadfully. Her lies are eating at her and it is showing in her FACE !


  11. Oh, what a shame team McCann- is almost Christmas Eve and the careful British tabloids have their front pages not covered by Maddie presents from Santa 2011. Poor Santa, has his work troubled difficult, choosing presents for a girl that belongs to another dimension.

  12. You people have certainly built yourself a case. Please continue. Today, it might seem the sound of a falling tree in the middle of the forest, but tomorrow, someone will “stumble” on the fallen trunk, and understand that the tree fell filled with a disease that everyone knew that pestered the forest, but no one was brave enough to do speak about.
    That day, your work will serve as reference. Reference to all who will want to analyze the cowardice of all those that could have done something today, but didn’t.

  13. It is a shame the article reporting the Mccann's suing Amaral, at Sky News.
    The NOTW is dead but had left disciples behind.
    What Sky News delivered to their readers, is not information... Is a pile of manipulated ideas to clean up the face of the Mccann's. They are the ones who became riche due to what they have done or prevented to be done, regarding their daughter. The Fund is a fraud. The book, is a lie, like many others they methodical delivered to the police. If at the beginning, I was thinking it was a panic reaction from the parents under an irreversible situation, over the time, I start believing that this two are two sick persons and under that sickness anything is possible.
    We just need to compare the bank account of Amaral with Mccann's bank account before and after Maddie disappeared, to clearly know who became riche. And we don't need to physically see this accounts. Amaral could never afford one of the Mccann's lawyers and that says it all.
    I hope the portuguese judges be honest and independent on the coming February and gave to this parents the lesson they longer deserve. Christmas is a children season but they never stop to surprise us with the way they desrespect the memory of their daughter. Well, we never saw them planning so ahead the physical search of their daughter, but to search money, they don't leave any stone unturned and plan all the assaults very well.
    They are insulting their 3 children plus the British citizens who waste money on the British news. The Sky article was build for a reader pre labelled with a poor QI. that is what the Mccann's delivered to the rest of the world- a public with a big Belly bottom but a poor literacy, so poor that still believing that a girl could disappear leaving no traces and an abductor could disturnb 3 children also leaving no traces.
    Wake up UK, this two are destroying your country, much more then any wrong economical politic. Watever happen in the investigation, was not a personnal decision from Amaral. He was the Pierrot leading an investigation that had at the top gears the Public Ministery, The Minister of Justice, the head of PJ and 2 or 3 Judges, Plus a huge team of British investigators. Do you think, all this people were wrong and bad informed when you Gerry and Kate became arguidos? If so, why the British police never standed for you, during this 4 years? Any idea? They could stop the all innuendo with a short press conference and save millions of pounds delivered by Mr. Cameron. Why they have never done it?
    They know, there is evidences keeping you in the center of the Vulcano and contrary to the lie delivered by you trough Sky News, you have not been cleared. You can't without the reconstruction and for any reason you( not Amaral) refused it. The case was shelved awaiting a better prove ( means, there is some proves). In 4 years, no any other person become a suspect, no matter how strongly you worked delivering names to the press. Not my idea. The Indian police and the New Zealand police exposed your strategies in a blink.

  14. "I hope the portuguese judges be honest and independent on the coming February and gave to this parents the lesson they longer deserve. "


    Pois..... eu também gostava que assim fosse. Mas, sendo pessimista, muitos por cá são " élite"; outros submissos a quem fala inglês e os Mcs são transformers= passaram a VIPs......

  15. http://youtu.be/Akv01Y0pfNY

    Here you can find the oval table McCanns & Friends told us about! The last good Martin's report before he got gagged too.

  16. Gerry & Kate violently raped by diary publicity, expecting yet more money from Leveson inquiry.

    Please read Mccannfiles latest news today

    Clarence okayed the publication by email apparently.

    So: who exactly did the violating? Pray?
    And so, where should mrs McC turn to get this money?

    A refund perhaps from the 70.000 paid per annum since may 3 2007? Plus damages? Was not Clarence Mitchell a scion of there British Foreign Affairs, or something?
    Who paid him? Was he an employee of the Fund?

    Who is therefore responsible for his facilitating the violating of mrs Mc Cann?

    I'd hang myself in their place.

    Simple doctors, stuck in a quagmire.

    I truly pity them.

    Will someone please enlighten them now, and have them cut their losses in Lisbon, where they will be cut up beyond recognition.

    Bye and bye, the spectacle is becoming revolting.

    oh, and by the way, where is doctor Payne these days?
    Just read Yvonne Martins depositions.

    Not so pretty


  17. I am bowing out
    The whole afafir is becoming just too revolting

    Madeleine/Maddy, at some moment in time was alive. There are pictures, are there not?

    No one knows when she ceased to live; died.

    Nor where she died

    Nor when.

    Someone made a mint out of her.

    Just look at the desposits on Steel Magnolia today.

    Horrendous; the vultures feeding of her carcass/memory/name/ so-called search to Find her (LTD, showing NETT PROFITS, mind you)

    Someone nettprofitted form s child. WHO? I must admitt I am livid.

    Parents reaping in nett profits form a child.

    Shall we call it quits?


  18. Portia

    I agree - it is revolting - but should we not wait and try a deliver some sort of Justice for Madeleine - or are they just too strong these forces that snarl and slaver over money to be made. It really is too disgusting - you are right!

  19. The McCanns are as revolting as those that revolve around them.

    Please don't dishearten us. If you wish to bow out, do so, it’s a personal decision, but do it silently please.

    You bow out. I remain steadfast.

    A storm starts with a small wind, and not because of its strength but because of its resilience.

    I believe that it will be termites that will eat away their edifice from its bowels. I’ll remain here to make sure when that happens they don’t go into convenient fantasy land. Because I believe that is what the review is all about, to review and review and review until they find a reasonable scapegoat, which we know there isn’t.

    Lucky for us, the McCanns did a pretty good bad job.

  20. With the Leveson inquiry Clarence Mitchell stated their phones had not been hacked (if they had we may have found out the truth by now!!) and Kate's 'private' diary was obviously another media ploy by the mccanns. They have jumped on this bandwagon for the publicity and used it as a platform to reinforce their 'abductor' story and that they are the victims in all of this.

    Reading comments on various blogs posters now want answers the public has seen through the lies of the 'negligent' parents who have made millions trademarketing their daughter their worried expressions would suggest that they are not in such a strong position as they would have us believe.

    SY should focus on the statements of the Tapas friends, these statements are full of inconsistencies and 'erms' and 'aaahs' and obviously need clarification to enable this case to move forward.

    The fraudulent fund should definitely be investigated they should check through earlier paperwork and statements and definitely the inexperienced private investigators that the Mccanns hired.

    Good luck SY please get to the bottom of this case and give Maddie the justice she so deserves and the Mccanns the time in prison that they so deserve.

    Best wishes Textusa.

  21. Anon 7;38 very, very well said, the mccanns are the most revolting couple in the manipulation of self gratification of the media for their own financial gains.

    Searching for Madeleine was never an option for these vultures its all about image, PR and making shed loads of money. They will sue all and sundry as long as other people are footing the bill.

    When they are finally found guilty will they offer to give all this money back that they have fraudulently taken, of course not.

  22. Clarence Mitchell states that the Portuguese police leaked Kates diary, source Daily Mail 15th - this is the Mccanns twisting the facts (yet again) blaming the Portuguese police when in fact it was their own PR team with the Mccanns permission that 'leaked' the diary.
    It also stated Scotland Yard are interviewing Metodo 3 and have found more leaks regarding her 'abduction'.

    Scotland Yard needs to be interviewing those closest to Maddie the Tapas friends and the Mccanns these are the prime suspects all the others have been involved to give the impression the mccanns are doing their own investigations, what of the findings of the dogs the cadaver on Kates clothes, her weak excuses that she handled dead corpes before she went on holiday, how did cadaver also get into their apartment and hire car, key fob only on items handled by Mccanns.
    Why did Kate wait 10 minutes when she found Maddie missing and then walk back to the Tapas bar leaving the twins behind was she not worried the 'abductor' might be hiding? Why did she delete phone messages? Kate has shown no emotion whatsoever towards Maddie during interviews. This pair have lied so much, SY could have saved the airfare costs and interviewed the Mccanns in the UK and resolved the inconsistencies in statements etc. Payne was the last independent witness to see Maddie alive, have they spoken to him yet? What of Murat's quick dash to pdl.

    The Mccanns are not home and dry if SY are to maintain their credibility this case will be solved and those guilty punished.

    Operation Grange should bring justice not another whitewash.

  23. Happy Christmas Textusa and sisters, your's is the best blog on the internet, read it every day. xxxx

  24. About Kate being or not being revolting, I think her diaries are quite explicit about that. Not referring to content, but to the whole fuss that is now being made about them.
    Kate wrote those diaries thinking that they were going to be successful tales of distress, much like Anne Franks’ or that girl from Sarajevo back in the 90’s. She obviously wrote to be publicly read, and, in her sick mind, publicly acclaimed as a martyr.
    But Kate forgot one thing: sincerity. She could not be sincere about her daughter’s abduction when she knows it didn’t happen. She could not be sincere about her pain because what she could be sincere about would have been a completely different kind of pain than the one she wrote about.
    She wrote it expecting it to be a success. When she realized that everyone saw right through her, she claimed privacy. Now, she’s victimizing herself based on a misfired plot. If that’s not revolting, I don’t know what is.
    She turns my guts. But that makes my will even stronger. McCanns, if you think you’ll tire me out, you’re much mistaken.

  25. Anon Dec 16, 2011 9:17:00 AM

    Well said!

  26. Okay, back in the saddle.

    What really kicked me in the guts was the fact that the Fund is running at a profit. PROFIT.

    Your child is dead, and she is making you a profit.

    In the name of bleeding Jeezus.


    2 more children to go; how much more profit etc etc.

  27. Portia

    Yes - my thoughts as well. It must be understood that the twins when older will mimic what they have been told. They too will be in the spotlight and will then the parents "arrange photoshoots" at what price will they ask? Will it be as in Kate's Diary - walking to order.

  28. Tex,

    I am posting you some links on the Leveson circus, I am no longer following as anything to do with McCann is censored.


    Here you can follow tweeets and pick up on links.

  29. http://www.youtube.com/user/NOTWPhoneHacking

    All videos are here you can upload them on the right, more than 600 to date.

  30. http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk/hearings/

    All videos and transcripts are here

  31. When is somebody going to put a stop on the Mccanns, it is incredible that they have kept this thing going for as long as they have without question or caution.

  32. The guardian, regarding the enquiry and the mccann's Fund is reporting that the NOTW payed 125K to mccann's Fund and who was involved on "the business" ( my words) signed a kind of secret and confidential contract/ pact where they have to hide the conditions and perhaps the real amount the Fund received.
    Why this two parents can't have anything transparent and honest on their lives if they want the world to believe their child was abducted by a paedo? Everyday the smell that come out from that nest of rats is a nausea. What happen to their little girl is probably more serious and disgusting then a domestic accident.

  33. A genius can pass as an idiot, but an idiot can never fool anyone that he's a genius. Kate thought she could be acclaimed as the next Anne Frank. If it wasn't so disgusting, it would be laughable.

  34. SteelMagnolia, thank you for the links. I think the Levenson Enquiry is just Gov trying to keep us entertained, showing they're doing something when they really don't want to achieve anything.
    The McCanns? They really are starting to become a pain, aren't they? It seems like no whitwashing campaign started seems to stick. It always comes down to have to censor sensible people. Hair must be being pulled to find a solution for the hot potato that this couple has become.

  35. Steel,

    Thank you so for your links.

    My opinion about all the Levenson-Kate's-Diaries fuss is quite simple: just another way they've found to inject "honestly" more money into the fund to maintain the McCanns "fed". What pleases me is that I get the feeling that whoever is to pay up, is being "forced" to do so, which, as I've said before, means that there are fewer and fewer good and fair winds ahead for the couple.

  36. In Anna Andress's blog:


    Piece of news from the Guardian, which had a sudden change of title...
    (also in McCann Files)

  37. Já agora mais um de Anna A. cujo título é:

    " Hey Gerry! They're making up stories again! "

  38. When Jane Tanner said she saw 'egg man' and 'bundle man' at that time Gerry and Jez said they did not see Jane, maybe Jane was never where she said she was but was with O'Brien he was missing from table for a while stating their daughter had been sick and he was looking after her, but the staff said no new bed sheets were requested by O'Brien even though he says he asked for some.
    Jane would not have known Gerry was talking to Jez and so in giving herself an alibi also put her foot in it because neither of the other two backed up seeing her because she was not there.
    Payne was more friends with the group than Gerry and Kate were he organised these trips, he said he saw Madeleine alive early evening when he visited Kate but his statement is full of lies and inconsistencies.
    These facts prove that these people are all involved in whatever happened to Madeleine because they all willingly played a part in the cover up.
    O Brien helped write up the timeline for the evening so they all knew what happened to her, it could not have been a straight forward accident because of all the lies and need for cover up.
    Tanner and O'Brien obviously helped in the concealment of Madeleines body and the clean up of the Mccann apartment.

  39. The Lev enquiry was turned in to a farce on the mccann's issues. Where is the independence of the judge? Are they pretending to act like a law court trying to clean up mccann's face and whitewash any potential crime? How the judges know there was no Madeleine DNA in the rented car? Have they enquired any of the PJ investigators who worked direct on the case, or they are basing their assumptions on mccann's lawyers and mccann's conveniences? No reports of any PJ investigator been interrogate there, then I'm afraid what that Enquiry is doing is more condemnable then any inaccurate word written by any journalist while reporting Madeleine case. Many journalists reported the same news across the world. They all had the same sources and the same suspicions. Why only questioning the behavior of this journalists and why call what they reported a 'bluff'? They said, what they reported was true and was based on credible sources. It is true also what they said about the Mccann's spokesperson, always calling journalists and making press conferences to comment and dismiss every step of the investigation.
    Most of the articles had sources related with mccann's, their friends or relatives, always delivering stories and trying to manipulate the public opinion against the police and trying to pressure the investigation in a single direction- the abduction by a stranger.
    I think what the judges are doing at the Lev Enquiry is a crime on itself because they are interfering with an investigation that is not closed, in a case not solved and they are ignoring the rights of the only British victim, the little girl. I hope some of the journalists develop balls to spell the beans and to reveal how much the mccann's were payed on each interview and what conditions they imposed for the interview to happen. How many questions were left out?
    That is disgusting and if I was one of the hacking victims requested to give evidences on that enquiry, I will be very offended after watching the position of the judges regarding the Mccann's. They are stupidly defending the Mccann's when they remain the main suspects in the official investigation. What is the source for that information? The PJ Files. A document, the judges look like they have not read, failing again their homework.
    Something sinister happen to Madeleine and that Enquiry is part of the review to whitewash a crime?

  40. http://blacksmithbureau.blogspot.com/

    The above from Blacksmith is brilliant and well worth a read concerning the forthcoming libel trial and the Leveson inquiry.

    Happy Christmas everyone xxx

  41. Anonymous Dec 21 10.57:I agree with everything you say about the Leverson "whitewash" ITS just so wrong ,he,s even mentioned the word "abduction",he,s obviously had too many social evenings with "like minded people" I can almost feel the smugness of K & G ,on hearing him whinging at the treatment they have had to endure ,I wonder if he has any idea of the amount of money they have raked in ?BUT as you say ,which reporter has got the "balls" to "open that can of worms?" One things for sure ,he hasn,t read any of The Tapas statements,he,d have to have a major rethink then for sure,STUPID MAN!!IMO !!!

  42. I read the Blacksmith bureau last article and I have to confess... With a pinch of salt. It is only my interpretation or is there a biased view against Amaral which is on itself an assumption without factual support? At the end I feel that he tried to pass the idea that what the PJ provided on the files was based on guesses and not on evidences and the leaks from the investigation to the press were provided by Amaral.
    It is a good exercise, trying to highlight possible points were GA may have to focus to win the court case in February, but I think if the mccann's lawyers stretch too much the strings during the audiences, some journalists will be called, Portuguese and British, to testify. Some could be the ones heard now at the Leveson inquiry and they will tell the truth about most of the sources of they information. A very bad picture for the Mccann's and their spokespersons because the Levesons enquiry pay attention only to the behavior of the press regarding the Mccann's, when on the same case, the behavior of the same press regarding Amaral was so condemnable but passed unnoticed. In Portugal, that will be highlighted and the sources of the misinformation will be exposed. Most had mccann's spokespersons and their relatives at the base. For every spin that any paper could have feed the public, the mccann's jumped to the spotlights to dismiss or provide press conferences, trying to manipulate the public and the investigation, trying to pass a dark picture of the police, when they know the police could not provide any information to clarify the situation because the case was under secrecy.
    I'm sorry but I disagree when the Blacksmith said the Leversons was neutral. Spudgun already highlighted in a article the connections of some judges with Murdoch. Some use to be very good friends with Murdoch daughter, a reason strong enough to have that judges out of an enquiry were papers related with Murdoch are going to be under scrutiny . We know, the owner of the empire will pass untouched because who is going to be accusedvand charged will be the small Pierrots, the journalists who were forced to provide news to justify their salaries.
    I don't think Amaral will need a hard job in February to support his claims. What is in the files speaks by itself if the trial has neutral judges. He already won the case against his book. Mccann's lawyer, Pinto de Abreu was the first one assuming on the day the Mccann's were made arguidos, that due to the evidences at PJ desks, there was no way for them for not becoming arguidos, what means suspects. Who said that, was Kate McCann on the book she invited trillions of readers to buy and even sold an appetizer to the Sun Newspaper, on the grounds that the money will be used to search of her daughter. Now we know where is going the money.
    The Portuguese court could reopen the case and force the Mccann's to do the reconstruction. Will be interesting to see how JanebTanner managed to pass unnoticed to one of her close friends in a narrow street and how the abductor manage to snatche a girl and calm down 3 children even if he had his job facilitated by having the keys and passingbtrough an open door. Mccann's statements and their time scale are they huge enemies and there is no way for their lawyers to defend that and work on the base that this are not strong evidences against their clients. Were delivered to the police and signed by them.

  43. Anon Dec 23, 2011 7:55:00 AM

    Gostei muito, muito da análise que fez quanto ao B.S.B.

    Concordo! I agree! Thank You.

  44. I agree that Leveson was far from neutral with regard to the McCanns. The whole case seems to be a judicial blind spot as I know other barristers who normally have minds and tongues like lasers yet who seem completely sucked in by the spin machine that surrounds this couple. To any normal person the lies and spin seem evidential of their guilt. Why can't SY go back to the beginning, interview everyone again (including the people who got disappeared pretty quickly, eg the nannies) and compare what they say with the evidence and the previous statements, and require a reconstruction to take place at last. Presumably if KM only thanked the Paynes at the end of her bewk, this means that the other Tapas are no longer on board but are still keeping silent - having to answer questions again might just tip them over the edge into telling the truth. If they have now been discarded by the MCs, what on earth is stopping them anyway, unless there is some embarrassing factor such as swinging involved? That would soon be forgotten, and is really not comparable to the lifelong guilt they will otherwise suffer at being implicated in the death of a small child. I do feel incredibly sorry for them, as they must be suffering terrible remorse as a consequence of their misguided loyalty to this horrible pair who never think of anyone but their own self-preservation and enrichment.

  45. Levenson: not a word about Maddie. Not one. Have they forgot that the girl is, according to them, supposed to be alive?!?
    It's all about how the parents were hurt, how the PJ was incompetent, how the official system aligns itself with the official version... but is it so?
    It just feels like it's all a play on a stage, where the fact that Maddie is dead is an issue assumed, over and done with, and what is important now is to compensate her parents. Hey, please look at your cue cards!!! The girl is supposed to be alive, so just could you say one word about how to speed up, or how to correct the way to look for her... you are looking for her, aren't you?!?

  46. Anon 6:37 & others, the more they try to pretend that there's no smell, the more it stinks!

  47. Re: Halligen/Trafigura/Carter RK

    Dutch court of appeals today 23 december 2011 handed down a guilty verdict on Trafigura in re Ivory Coast fining them EUR 1.mln. opening the way for further civil claims from the injured populace in situ.


  48. Perhaps I can help with some of the confusion about the Levenson Inquiry.
    In the UK the term 'Independent Inquiry' means a 'Not Independent Non-Inquiry'. Once you understand that things become much clearer. Remember the 'Independent' Hutton Inquiry'?
    I know it's difficult to accept, but I'm afraid we have all been lied to for all of our lives. We do not have a free press or media as has been clearly shown again in this case. When they are required to speak with one voice they will do so, however ludicrous what they have to say. What's more they will say it with a straight face.
    A supreme and mighty concept of impartial justice is a very fine thing, but in reality when administrative justice is required, administrative justice will be delivered. If things do get a little sticky, a hand-picked nominee will chair an 'Independent Inquiry' to bury it all. And so it goes.
    I hope that clears things up.
    Merry Christmas everybody!

  49. Ross, you've written a beautiful poem about all this farce. I don't have you talent, so I've to use others'. I chose this from the Beatles, because it sums up the enquiry: all of them together speaking in one voice, no matter how senseless and ridiculous it may be.

    "One, two, three, four,
    Can I have a little more,
    Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
    I love you.
    A, B, C, D,
    Can I bring my friend to tea,
    E, F, G, H, I, J,
    I love you.
    Bom bom bom bom-pa bom
    Sail the ship bom-pa bom
    Chop the tree bom-pa bom
    Skip the rope bom-pa bom
    Look at me.
    All together now, all together now,
    All together now, all together now,
    Black, white, green, red,
    Can I take my friend to bed,
    Pink, brown, yellow, orange, and blue,
    I love you.
    All together now, all together now,
    All together now, all together now,
    Bom bom bom bom-pa bom
    Sail the ship bom-pa bom
    Chop the tree bom-pa bom
    Skip the rope bom-pa bom
    Look at me.
    All together now, all together now,
    All together now, all together now,
    All together now, all together now, all together now,
    All together now, all together now,
    All together now!"

  50. My Christmas message to the Mccanns;

    The truth will always triumph over lies, and you should both remember this because one day you will both be made answerable for all you have done. The dark secrets you both hide cannot be silenced forever, one day they will surface when you least expect it.

    Thank you Bronte-Cohen Sisters we all fight for justice and freedom of speech.

  51. The Mccanns lied at the Levison inquiry about bodily fluids not being in their vehicle, when they were. They lied about the shutters being jemmied when they were not. They lied about how the fund money was being spent, some of it was paying their mortgage. Kate has told numerous lies in her book. They are a pair of liars, when they say they do not know what happened to Madeleine, it is more lies, they do know, and so do some of their Tapas friends. They know exactly what happened to her and where her remains are now.

    They have trade marked their daughter, setting up on-line stores, blogging and jogging every day, they are a disgrace.

    If Scotland Yard are to retain any credibility in this fiasco then they should interview the Mccann couple and treat it as a proper investigation not another media/ political whitewash.

  52. Imagine if the public could get the same amount of information about the Lindbergh baby as they can today about Maddie. McCanns, your friends (and victims)will disappear, but you will remain in history. As two of its darkest characters. Congratulations, you've achieved something with your lives.

  53. One may try to fool a million, but never is one able to fool oneself.
    To all those riddled with common sins, but a pretty clear conscience, like myself, a Merry, merry Christmas!

  54. Merry Christmas everyone.

    I hope you all have a peaceful time with family and friends.

    Sina J

  55. Hi All!

    We will get to the heart of the matter. Sean and Amelie will be seven next year. Classmates of them will start asking questions.

    Never fear.

    Never give up.

    We will find Maddie and who killed her, and we will bring them (her) to justice.

    Just look at the Leveson tapes: KM is being ditched, and she knows it. Poor waif.


  56. And the world still not knowing which presents Maddie got this Christmas. It's not anymore a good ' market plot'. Shame on you, Kate and Gerry. The way you had used and still using the drama of your child, says it all about her being dead or alive. But the biased Lev inquiry, act with blindness. Again a very convenient and stupid blindness. Who they think they can fool? The British uninformed public who is prevented to achieve independent and correct information. Is that the Christmas spirit in Uk, for who has power and was democratic elected?
    Other people has rights, not only the mccann's. The right to be correct informed. The right of having the right to access different information and make a choice by using a free thinking brain.
    Madeleine has also rights. The right of achieving justice, no matter if her parents prevented that. Is quite clear how/ why madeleine's rights collide with rights of her parents. Only a biased analyze didn't see it.

  57. Sad news: Pamalam will go off line at the beginning of 2012. I hope it's only a short break for a brave space where the truth and Madeleine rights are a must.
    Carter Ruck wings need to be broken and the real destiny of the money grabbed under the search of Madeleine flag, EXPOSED.
    I believe Pamalam will be back on line next February to help Madeleine achieve justice because the world will be informed about what was kept under secrecy in the PJ files. The Portuguese court will reopen the case. Wonder which excuse the mccann's will try that time to avoid a reconstruction that could incriminate them but could also innocent them forever if their daughter really went missing under the hands of a stranger. Justice will prevail.
    Thank you Pamalam for all your hard work in keeping facts updated. Due to that, a lot of people had fall in the real world and realized how the mccann's had played a dirty game with public and their remain child's, by fooling everyone with a Fund that was used for everything else then the search of their daughter.

  58. The spirit of goodwill is apon us, but lets hope it ceases to give to the McCann fund, for that it what it is. Innocence is proclaimed through helping to find a missing child, by answering questions, assisting the police as much as possible. it really was impossible that Madelines DNA was not in the flat, the fact that it wasn´t we would want to know why. Why have the MCs badmouthed all who tried to assist in finding their child. Kate has grown quite sure of herself recently. Do we really know the sample of Ms DNA bought from Rothley was hers in reality. Too many ifs.... Who honestly would register their childs defect as a company logo (they deny the defect now) Who would allow the PJ to shut the case without begging for its continuation or reopening? Who would only spend 13% of a mega fund on the actual search, If you believed your child was still alive then you would request every assistance possible and offer likewise. Wouldnt you? If this is another operation whitewash to cover up what really happened then the UK is no longer ther the country it was, and our famous SY has been contaminated. I am in uk at this moment and people tell me they dont hear any news from outside the uk, they do not know about Amarals case or anything from the otherside. Has the UK become a closed state,its citizins not allowed to know the truth or both sides to make decisions for themselves. What have these 2 wingy doctors got that put the fear of god into people...Carter Ruck? Bullies do not gain respect, untruthful doctors dont make good MDs. Its time to tell the truth,the whole truth and nothing but.........
    I for one could not take the oath on a bible if I hadnt done evrything in my power to assist the search for my child. Not stand by allowing the PJ to close it, not ask for a reopening, make all people on the scene form a pact of silence. The truth will come back and bite you when you least expect it.
    TEXTUSA a very happy New Year to you all and health and happiness for 2012

  59. Que os bons ventos soprem de feição !

    xxs+hugs to All, Nice People.

  60. News today that Gordon Brown had his e-mails hacked.

    Somehow I think this ties in to this case.
    The libel trial is on Feb 6th which is my birthday.
    My wish is that Truth will stand there in all her majesty and that the case is re-opened.

  61. Mccann's are so silent.... Fears and prays that the new year let them enjoy the money they so Dishonestly earn.

    They want to erase their names and their case from the Internet now. The business is not so profitable and what was a good market plot in 2007 and on the 2 subsequent years, is damaging their dreams now. The twins still growing up and unless their parents engage a terror censorship at home to prevent them to access accurate information and build their own opinion, all the information is in the Internet for them to read, to separate the truth from the spin and to revive their memory. I believe, with or without sedation on the fatal night, the twins memory hold some vital information to solve that case and their parents + Mitchell & their lawyers know it. They heard conversations. They saw meetings, strategies... Some despicable behavior from their parents and associates that while analyzed under the umbrella of the information stored at Internet, has a sense that was colliding with everything their parents force them to believe. The nightmare in Rothley, just began. I hope Amaral and all the brave blogs in the Internet stay still to help this 2 children to know the truth and their sister achieve justice. That is what is important and what should be the main issue at Leveson enquiry, regarding the Mccann's, if the judges had been choose with an independent and honest criteria. Unfortunately, they have been chosen to promote a special agenda on Mccann's affair - trying to transform that hearing into a criminal court to innocent and clean the Mccann's without questioning a simple fact: WHY THEY REFUSED THE RECONSTRUCTION WHEN IS WORLDLY KNOWN HOW VITAL IS THE RECONSTRUCTION TO UNDERSTAND AND HELP THE POLICE INVESTIGATION? plenty of "hmmm" and "hmmm" should fill the brain of a competent judge while dealing with that fact. That is a fact, or they want us to believe is a "fluff"? What a shameful enquiry. They lost all the credibility, the day they let the Mccann's circus come to the arena.

  62. Anon @ 9;04 well said you are exactly right in all you say, lets hope 2012 will be Maddies year and this deceitful farce brought to a close and all those guilty brought to justice.
    Happy New Yyear Tex el al.

  63. Just wanted to say thank you Textusa for all your work and research this year will be 'our year' justice for Madeleine.
    With the forth coming libel trial in February, freedom of speech and finally people will see how the Mccanns have manipulated the truth.

    Nothing lasts forever, especially lies!

  64. Very interesting the latest post on Joana Morais blog. Pj saying that the investigation of a missing person never ends and is a priority when the missing person is a child.
    GA saying that the solution for Maddie case is in the process and he and the British police never had doubts about what happened .
    I hope 2012 turns in to the year the world is going to know the truth and the criminals bring to justice. The farce went too far.


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