Thursday, 28 July 2011

Maddie's DNA... in India, I think

"Do Not Abandon us", so appear to say, without saying it, the McCanns, desperate not to fall onto forgetfulness.

For memory falters only in those dark, eerie places of the mind.

It's when in those dark, eerie places, far away from protecting eyes, that a prey becomes the easiest target for its predators, so, so thirsty for its flesh.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Murdochs and Brooks Hearing

I, like you, was appalled by the inept inquisitors.

Lawyers and barristers train for years in questioning methods and most of the questions were so lighweight they were neither challenging or even a vague attempt to get to the truth.

When James and Rupert Murdoch sat down the chairman was smiling and making a joke with them. Completely inappropriate. Let’s not fool ourselves; politicians will always be afraid of people like the Murdochs.

These people are dynastic, power passed from generation to generation, whilst politicians know their seat in power depends much on the whims of the people, which, compared with the others, is but a figment of time.

 And a person only lives a generation, so it's important NOT to upset the particular individual that happens to on the "throne"...

When the hearings finished I felt the whole affair was so downplayed that it seemed trivial, the anticlimax changed the matter from gravely serious to a few mischievous people doing what journalists do and a doddery old man that could be excused for not knowing what day it was.

The point of this blog, as we’ve said, is Truth.

On Tuesday 19th , 2011, we, although you miht have not realised it, came as close to it as, probably, ever “The Establishment” will allow.

A distance that should never exist between us, but we know it does.

This blog does to its part in trying only to keep it on the shortest leash possible. Even if, one day, Maddie’s death is clarified crystal clear, you will be further from the truth than you were on that day.

You see, they did “play a role”, quite adequately, but were FORCED to play it. And by whom?

What I saw was that ARROGANCE and CARELESSNESS bowed before those they had forced to kneel before them: YOU.

 Neither the Murdochs nor Brooks (Ms B) were addressing the MPs. Nor the MPs were they addressing those they had summoned. They were communicating directly to YOU.  

Ms B in the role of ignorance, which, if true, amazes all on what they do spend the 10-12 hours they say they “work” daily, and the MPs in the role of “please-excuse-us-but-we-HAD-to-summon-you-here”, evidently hoping that no grudges would be held afterwards.

But the important thing, is that they HAD to play their role. Why? Because of you.

Let me say straight away that nothing moves me against the Murdochs. I wouldn’t pick them over Brian Kennedy or Richard Branson, just mention two names of wealthy people that have allowed their name to be linked with the McCanns.

Nor do I have anything against the McCanns. All I want is that they’re brought, ADEQUATELY, before justice.

And if the outcome results in the sentence being a simple a slap on the hand, I’ll be satisfied.

However, they DO have to be brought to justice, and, I repeat, in an honest (how sorry I am to have use this word in this phrase) and adequate manner.

No legal technicalities such as insanity pleas, for example. A truthful exercise of justice is just what is demanded.

Because what links people like Ms B and the McCanns is exactly that: the absence of truth.

The McCann story, was run by the POWERFUL. The media, led by the British tabloids forced public opinion into one, and only one single direction. No other was allowed, and any and all dissension was immediately persecuted.

The story was so obviously false that it smelled bad from a mile away, but, hypocritical to its core, the media continued to pursue the direction it set out to do so from the beginning, in an exercise of ARROGANCE never seen before by mankind.

And when I say mankind, I mean it literally.

There were very few corners of this world where Maddie’s coloboma didn’t get to.

And that is THE crucial detail in this whole story: it was an worldwide SUCCESSFUL exercise of ARROGANCE.

The so called McCann Story PROVED to people like the Ms B (like other RELEVANT Black Hats) that they COULD.

 That if they WANTED, they COULD, and as they COULD, they WOULD.

That is the phrase that you have to retain: they understood that they COULD. And on a worldwide scale, stepping over, not only the truth, but over Sovereign States and all their LEGITIMACY.

But on the 19th, we, by FORCING them to represent a role, made them see that they that they COULDN?T after all.

At least, not so blatantly. And that was your and our victory on that particular day.

Then and there, the McCann Affair was placed where it belonged and should have never left, nothing but a tragic but IRRELEVANT mishap that befell on an unfortunate child.

Not filled with state secrets nor of sufficient relevance to involve any kind of diplomacy. It was a simple police case, that would have been solved quickly were it not for interests completely foreign to that particular child.

My prediction about the somberness of the McCanns future had yet another two confirmations: the closure of the McCann Facebook page (not taking any more posts), and the shut down of the findmadeleineblog.blogspot.

About the Facebook page, it was closing down last week so signs they were sloping off. Their army is packing their kit up and going home rather than lose any more foot soldiers.

About the blog there is something interesting to be pointed out. The reason given was “an unavoidable one (decision) due to changes in circumstances”.

How well we understand that.

 But what caught our attention was the following “Donations we will transfer to a selected charity with the same aims to make sure every penny is used as intended and can help other families.”

The McCanns are not named, nor the Fund, which one would expect, would “every penny” go to.

No, instead it will go to where “EVERY PENNY IS USED AS INTENDED”.

Is this a recognition of the obvious, and that is the Fund never funded what it state that it would fund? Like, for example, legal fees against Amaral?

I see no other reading.

But this blog, unlike Rebekah Brooks, we won’t forget the McCanns.

After mentioning others she just forgot to mention the McCanns during the hearing albeit the letter to the PM (signed from David to Kate and Gerry, which is NOT expected protocol from a PM) that made front page in The Sun as well as was this tabloid's intention to serialize Kate's book after being published a little over two months ago (although in the week before it was, it did anticipate, through DAILY articles, the publication), we will not abandon the couple.

I would dare say, that Rebekah's lapse of memory about the McCanns almost justifies her lack of memory on many other issues...

Anyhow, we will not abandon the couple. Not now that the world is PHYSICALLY crumbling around them.

No, we will not abandon them. Nor the Black Hats.

Monday, 18 July 2011

A Fisherman's Tale...

... and we're NOT ONLY talking about the McCanns...  

"The Catch", as it happens.

On BBC and on The Guardian  

Update, Monday 18th 1700 GMT:
I’ve noticed that some of you have the opinion that Rebekah Brooks’ arrest on Sunday was nothing but a mockery, in order to allow her not to answer some, or all, of the questions put to her in the BRITISH PARLIAMENT to which she's been summoned to tomorrow.
One indicator being that she had one fantastic “flash-trip” of resignation-arrest-release in a period of less of 4 days, including a weekend.
And although she was released on bail, we’re still to know which charges if any, were brought against her.
There MUST have been some sort of charges, otherwise on what grounds could the bail be set on? Because if there were no charges, she’d just be simply released wouldn’t she?
So, like you, I wouldn’t disregard the hypothesis of all being a devious way to avoid answering uncomfortable questions given the utter ARROGANCE that these people seem to be possessed by.
If, and I do underline the IF, that was, or is the case, and tomorrow, Rebekah Brooks is to sit basically silent when summoned tomorrow to the BRITISH PARLIAMENT, let me just address a few words to those eventually responsible for such an ARROGANT and CARELESS decision.
People, DO UNDERSTAND, from the height of your no-longer existent pedestal, that this is no longer about news or faking news, or about blogging vs rags, or even about high finances & stock marketing. Nor about a criminal investigation. All those issues have a right place to be dealt with. NOT the BRITISH PARLIAMENT. If you haven't realized that yet, your "playing" time is OVER.
It's about the BRITISH PARLIAMENT and what it represents, so, if tomorrow Rebekah Brooks doesn’t answer questions you’ll be making a LAUGHING STOCK of it.
Now, it’s up to the BRITISH to show you how tolerant they may be about having their National Symbols so badly mistreated…
So I wouldn’t advise you on doing that. If you did think ever of doing it, that is.
Anyhow, I’ll remain the optimist and say that is all in the head of a few fantasists like myself, because, at the end of the day, who ends up looking more guilty, one who doesn’t answer, or one who defends oneself on some legal technicality to remain silent?
A hint. Kate McCann and the 48 unanswered questions.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Now What, After NOTW?

This blog is about Maddie McCann, but as I’ve had the opportunity to say, does NOT exist because of the unfortunate demise of said British 4-year child.

It was, and is, an anonymous exercise of citizenship, to show that one doesn’t have to be a politician to exercise politics, as politics starts right at the spot where your feet are standing at any given point of time.

Politics is nothing else than the exercise by citizens of their citizenship, usually delegated upon those who they elect, amongst THEMSELVES.

Politicians are as much people, as people are politicians. That simple, and don't ever let that power be taken away from you.

We’ve also shown, post after post, that what is known as the Maddie McCann Affair is much, much more than about the set of events of a death that occurred in PdL.

Recent events have proved us right. Yes, it was in that particular quaint little fishing town that, just like a novel, all the events related with Maddie McCann, did spark.

But as we’ve been explaining, what followed, very quickly took such proportions that made that place nothing more than a speck of dust when seen where all has happened since.

And what followed Maddie’s death is what is REALLY RELEVANT, as that was what was of criminal nature and not the child’s loss of life, which we continue to believe to have happened in an accidental manner.

But, if PdL is indeed but a speck of dust, Portugal itself, its government, police and justice system were not much bigger than a grain of sand, just so you understand how big the conflict of interests really was, and certainly continues to be.

Ironside was the first to use the expression “White Hats”, that, together with its corollary, ”Black Hats”, became a household expressions in this blog. And now are commonly used in the internet.

I found this analogy with the good old cowboys movies, to be one very fortunate choice of words, as both defined with much more accuracy the two main “camps” around the Maddie McCann Affair, than the “Pro” and “Anti” with which we were presented by the Black Hats.

They had two intentions with this.

The first was to link the negativity that the word “Anti” contains with those seeking to know the truth, while attaching themselves to the positive word “Pro”. Much like what is achieved with “White Hats” vs ”Black Hats”, only the other way around, which we, obviously, do find it to be the correct order of things.

The second was that, by dividing us all into either being “Pro-McCann” or “Anti-McCann” they were limiting our opinion scope to just the McCann couple, which was very convenient as it left out the majority of the Black Hats.

Pretty clever, but then again, we’ve always said that we were up against very clever people.

We’ve been saying, for quite a while now, that the Black Hat Castle of Cards, has been steadily crumbling down. And like any erosion, is going at an exponentially fast rate, as we’re witnessing.

Those who were once allies, have now become foes, and foes are known to fight between themselves.

And in the process for an ally to become a foe, it's mandatory for betrayal, or its perception, to be found somewhere in the middle, and how bitter one becomes when one feels betrayed.

We, in this blog have said that the crumbling began with “political demise” of Jim Gamble, but now, when doing some researching for this post, I came across with a somewhat violent articles by The Sun against Gordon Brown, in November 2009.

Getting a name wrong and not bowing in respect of the fallen in combat is unquestionably reprehensible, but I think it doesn’t merit the thrashing the man got on November 9th, 2009 (1)(2)(3).

For example, I found very much more offensive the fact that Jim Gamble, Gerry and Kate McCann wore in public a poppy on their lapels. That really insulted the memory of all valiant soldiers who’ve offered the UK their life as the ultimate sacrifice.

So, something must have happened around that time. Mr. Brown either stepped on someone’s toes or, knowing him as we know, demanded to have more power than he was “entitled” to.

I don’t know what he did, but he certainly had The Sun after him like a rabid dog during and after last year’s elections (1)(2)(3).

But that is “way-above-our-pay-grade-level-of-politics”, so we’ll stick with Jim Gamble being kicked off CEOP as the catalyst for the beginning of hostilities between the Black Hats.

Hopefully, history books will correct us on this, but now that is an unimportant detail. What is important is that they’re after each other’s throats, viciously.

So hostilities have now escalated, as we predicted, into a full scale war. The Black Hats are now fighting each other; each belligerent using all its power and might.

The outcome is unknown, but this blog prides itself in contributing that it is indeed taking place.

First, we had the “NOTW 168th Air Squadron” being annihilated right in their HQ. It was wiped completely off the tarmac, unable to get a single plane up in the air. All destroyed on the ground. So humiliating. We’ll back to this later, as it is quite telling about what is going on.

Then we had the “SY Batallions” being torn to shreds in the battlefields of the British Parliament.

The very same battlefields that wait bigger and tougher fights very soon. But the decisive factor that will be remembered in this war was the engaging of the “Brown Division”.  

Gordon Brown did try to tell us something on January 24th, 2011, about his phone being hacked, and, in fact, more than a year before, on Dec 11th 2009, the The Sun had already shown an unusual interest in the use he had of his cellphone.

With the “Brown Division” fully engaged there was no more turning back.

It forced the “Murdoch Corps” to deploy into the battlefield, which is due to arrive soon in full power. Rebekah Brooks' troops have done their best to contain damages, but have caved in. and whatever is to happen, will happen, we only know that it will be barbaric and cannibalistic.

And the events are happening at a rate quite hard to keep up pace with. A huge amount of blood is expected to be spilled, as this huge fighting machine will not go down easy, if it will go down at all, although Rebekah Brooks's resignation appears to show that not all is well on Murdoch's "Eastern Front".

On his "Western Front", it seems that the FBI is now investigating possible hacking on 9/11 relatives of victims. A subject to which all Americans are very sensitive about, so, if this proves to be true, that will mean that the US will be engaged in this war, and we all know what happened when America arrived in all wars in which the UK was already fighting…

They came, they saw and they won.

But let’s return to the ongoing fighting. First, back to the destroying of the “NOTW 168th Air Squadron” and then to the engagement of the “Brown Division”.

And just as a side note, while we’re on the subject of “Divisions”, isn’t it deafening the silence from the “Blair Division”? It’s like it’s exercising fully its Miranda Rights, even before anybody has even read them to them…

The loss of NOTW, is, in the least, scandalous. Why close a paper because it was caught up in some illegality? After all, it wouldn’t be the first, would it? And all others before closed down? Shouldn’t just the responsible ones be the only ones accountable for whatever possible illegality, and allow the paper business to go on as normal, as expected? Why close it?

Shouldn’t the eventual dropping sales be the determining factor for such a decision, and not one based on possible criminal behavior of just a FEW of its professionals?

So many questions, a very simple answer, or at least, a simple word to answer them all: CARELESSNESS.

Only utter CARELESSNESS in handling sensitive information can justify such a hasty decision. This suddenness in closure means only that the whole lot of professionals, archives and computers had to be silenced, and silenced at once.

Why? Because they were CARELESS with the information, and it could be easily accessible by inadequate probing eyes if any action wasn’t taken.

It was preferable to take such obvious action as the deletion of files, which basically assumes guilt, than to have what was deleted be seen. Now, we know that to delete an electronic footprint is not exactly the easiest thing to do…

This CARELESSNESS was probably due to the fact that they felt that they had their backs completely protected, and became ARROGANT. Arrogance only leads down one path, that of error.

So, the NOTW had to go, and it wasn’t enemy fire that wiped off 168 years of tabloid, just like that.

Those who made that decision know very well why they made it, and how urgent and needed it was that it was made.

Enough of the NOTW demise.

Because it isn’t important, what is important is that people understood that British journalists published stories in accordance with the needs and requirements of friends and clients, regardless of being real or not.

Doesn’t the McCann name just pop right up?

The engagement of “Brown Division”, brings in one very important Black Hat asset, The Sun.  

The Sun has been clearly nominated to stand up to the “Brown Division”. The hatred between both is evident, and the tabloid has done a very poor job standing its ground.

I found its defensive tactics quite interesting. As per all Black Hat tactics, it reveals CARELESSNESS and ARROGANCE.

After years of living in a self-created fictionalized world, they decide to react in defense by running a ridiculous story about a parent, who out of the goodness of his heart decided to contact the tabloid to help fight a disease.

How noble, how endearing, but being such a good man, why does he need to be protected from Brown? So that his altruism would go unrecognized by his peers? It can only be that, because any other sort of fear can only result from being afraid of having to be accountable for his words, but that would only worry him if he was lying, and we know he isn’t because he did, so says the tabloid, sign an affidavit.

It’s a known fact that hard times create bonds between sufferers.

Parents of seriously ill children tend to come together and help each other to surpass such difficult times, if only to gather and join up each one’s fading strengths so that together they become a whole strong unity able to fight, together, such adversity.

There’s no back stabbing, only burden-sharing.

If I had a child with a serious disease, and did happen to find out that on nearby bed lay a son or daughter of a celebrity, my natural reaction would be to start to look at that person with much more humanity, and join him/her in all his efforts in the fight against the disease that had stricken both our children.

Not go, behind his back, and tell a tabloid.

But that’s me.

And I‘m not saying that The Sun didn’t have the Brown’s approval to run the story, nor that it did, as I have no idea and am not interested in having one. I’m just saying that the story that the tabloid has run to justify itself is utter tripe.

So much so, that it lasted less than half a day on the internet.

In fact, what we were confronted with, once again, was with yet another “Maddie-Sighting-Witness”, so common in The Sun, only this time the witness didn’t see a lookalike Maddie in some corner of the world, but saw himself heading for The Sun, in the most benign and altruist manner as we saw.

SKY News, as expected, also ran the story, no surprises there, but to watch that news channel these days is quite painful.

One can sense the total discomfort in every word said, be about what subject it may be, because nobody is listening, just watching. Some, like myself, with a smile on their face. But let us just lose one minute to look at what this parent had to say:  
“The father, who contacted us in November 2006, was stunned when he heard the allegations that The Sun must have accessed Fraser's medical files to discover his condition.  
And yesterday he signed a legal affidavit confirming he was the source of our story, published when Mr Brown was Chancellor.  
He said: "It was difficult knowing the truth, then to hear the lies being put out just to screw the papers. 
"This has taken the focus off the issue and it has now put the focus on blaming people for something they didn't do.“

Now, of the two last paragraphs, I’ll just change TWO WORDS for just another TWO WORDS: “the papers” with “Mr. Amaral”. Just see the effect:
“He said: "It was difficult knowing the truth, then to hear the lies being put out just to screw Mr. Amaral.
"This has taken the focus off the issue and it has now put the focus on blaming people for something they didn't do.“

Fascinating, isn’t it? The Sun whining about what The Sun loves to do onto others. It’s like they have this unique template out of which they write their whole newstories.

But what has all this got to do with the McCanns?

The McCann Story was an ARROGANT and CARELESS story ran in the best classical “NI-Style”.

That style being: “we can say whatever we wish, they way we wish to do so and couldn’t give a rat’s ass about your intelligence, so do swallow whole the tripe we dish out to you while we rub it in your face that we can do what we can do, and you just have to put up with it with no complaints whatsoever otherwise we’ll sue your arse right off your pants, are we clear?”

The exact same ARROGANT and CARELESS style that made them close NOTW in a jiffy.

The exact same ARROGANT and CARELESS style that has now made the gigantic “Murdoch Corps” have to fight for its life.

I’ve had the opportunity to remark that although the rats are the first to abandon ship, but to be able to do that, a rope to DRY land is required.

The absence of a rope, or the existence of one that just drops into the middle of the ocean only has one consequence: the rats must stay and fight.

So a rope must then be found, and this is where the McCanns could come in and save save the day.

They’re the ideal sacrificial lambs at this point in time, and they know that, and that’s why they’re so, so silent and quiet. No longer rats, just insignificant white mice in an obscure laboratory.

But are they any good as rope?

On one hand, yes, as the popular wrath would be sufficient to distract the public, although this will only be valid if the US doesn’t pick up on this, if there’s something to be picked up on that side of the Atlantic.

But on anther hand, they’re certainly not. Why? Because of the Fund.

The Fund, unlike lying to the authorities, which is a crime, and unlike any possible sexual scandal which is not a crime at all; it is a SERIOUS crime.

Much, much more SERIOUS than any phone hacking scandal.

What was supposedly a brilliant move to pin down the McCanns and make sure that they had much, much to lose if they one day decided to change their minds about "the truth", has now become a SERIOUS problem to all.

So, apparently, the Black Hats cannot afford to change one scandal for a much bigger one.

As I said, there’s a war going on. I don’t know what the result will be, nor will even venture a prediction.

Only about the McCanns.

If the McCanns are brought to justice by the other hands than those of the Black Hats, then they will not only NOT represent any kind of rope, but become one BIG bucketful of nails for so many coffins out there…

On the other hand, the Black Hats are done with them, and really want to tar and feather them up.

Their situation looks really bad. I’m not seeing the deal that the book was to be an endless source of income, to still be in place. I'm sure it is NOT. And the book didn't really sell that much. Only two months have gone, and it's as if it it didn't exist.

After all, dimwit Kate McCann did decide to bite the hand that was feeding her, didn’t she?

Also, I’m not seeing ANY of the tabloids of running another McCann story EVER again. Too risky. With the exception of their arrest, that is. And about that, can I make a suggestion for The Sun headline that day? How about “McScams”? Do use it please, no copyrights demanded.

Their faces are well too known for them to resort to anonymity, and they don’t have the required “friendships” to live a life of a non-working celebrity.

I would say that they’re between a rock and hard place. They chose on May 3rd, 2007, to have to make that choice today. Now, all they have to do is tell all they know. They’ve asked for it, haven’t they?

And what about us?

Well, we’ll continue to force our hand. Even if the McCanns are brought to justice, it will remain this blog’s responsibility to ensure that there’s no mockery about it.

There are still many things to write. I have to explain to you how you can reopen the process, how Kate McCann’s book is proof that she, or whoever wrote the damn thing, reads this blog, revisit our friend Mr. Smith, and explain what the Gaspar’s statements are all about.

May I is finding some interesting biological and business linkages that help understand this whole drama, and Sina J is busy finding so many missing people that were “plucked” from it, and we still have our ongoing Quiz Night, don’t we?
Also “Up for tennis, Doc?” has had only one chapter, with already other two laying dormant for over a year. Then, we’ll start to join dots, and you fill the colours in.

Lastly, as expected, with the smell of victory I see some people already stepping up on their toes, dusting off and trying out their Sunday suits, swelling up their chests already rehearsing for the upcoming medal ceremony.

Please do not invite us for such an event. We wouldn’t miss our late afternoon tea, with scones, watching our grandchildren playing cricket for anything in this world.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

An Image to Retain

A comment from one of our dear Anonymous readers, made on Jul 10, 2011 8:15:00 PM, which we so much thank:
"In the last ever edition of the News of the World the McCanns are not given a single mention, the paper has highlighted all its major headlines e.g. Hungley, Sara Payne, footballers, etc etc and not a single word about the McCanns, there are also allegations that the NOTW published stories which were not true to appease clients and PR companies.  
The silence of the NOTW regarding the McCanns speaks and shouts volumes that this is indeed a cover up, people in high places watch their backs and those of their friends, but in the next few days more revelations will be revealed. Eventually bringing the McCanns to justice.  
Events will move very quickly now, these people will find it impossible to whitewash the McCanns because they themselves are under scrutiny. 
At last this farce is coming to a close, 'everything comes to he who waits' and we have waited four years for justice, it is long overdue.  
Well done Textusa, Ironside, Sina J and May I."

We have been corrected: From
"MrsD says: There is a mention in today's NOTW, I have a copy. They must have missed it. MrsD says: It comes under the 2007 section, I found it interesting that they report that Kate & Gerry Mccann "report their daughter missing" - rather than Madeleine Mccann was abducted from PDL, might be reading something in to nothing of course"

As Mrs. D says, there’s one very significant distance between “missing” and “abducted/kidnapped”, which isn’t measured in inches, yards or miles. But in units of credibility, which are, as we know, palpable but unmeasurable.

Also, to resume the whole attention given by the NOTW, and similar tripe, to the couple and their humungous propagandistic effort, as an one of the events of a certain year, is indeed quite telling, and is in essence, the same thing as not saying a single word about it.

In our opinion, it doesn’t alter in anything the importance and pertinence of the observation made by our reader, to whom, as we've said, we're very grateful to.

But where correction is due, correction is due, and this blog will always correct itself in its quest for the truth.

Post Scriptum:
It seems an opportune time to suggest that you do reread some of our previous posts:
- Joining the Dots, Colour Filling is Up for Grabs
- National Habits
- National Habits II
- Looking at the Future, Today

Friday, 8 July 2011

Next Attraction

The problem with “little” people who taunt others because they feel completely protected by the big bullies, is that when those bullies do leave, as they always do, life suddenly becomes painful.

It’s like a long term deposit of pain. It returns piled up with interest.

It seems then that one of the McCanns Champions, the NOTW, has been KO’d.

Do you remember when, back in the beginning of February this year, May I "challenged" you to join up some "dots"? No, we didn't then, or now do, own any crystal balls.

We just relied, and rely on plain good old and simple reasoning, known as common sense, or in mathematical terms, logic.

What adds up, adds up, what doesn't, doesn't.

By the way, does anyone know what happened to The Sun's intent of serialising, EXCLUSIVELY, Kate's book ?

Gone too with the wind, perhaps?

 If I were at the McCann Camp, I would seriously start to warm up.

The crowd is anxious, and NOTW fight was too quick and quite disappointing.

They need, and want more, and, if I’m not mistaken, you might just be what the “doctor” ordered: the next attraction.

  Maybe, then:

Post Scriptum:
Apologise once again, for my absence. I’ll intermittently be coming here until at least the end of August, when expect to know if the treatment my friend is currently undergoing will make her return back to health, which we all hope and have been fighting for, or if further action will still be required.

It lights up my heart so to feel all your love and warmth, coming here daily. Thank you so, so much!