Monday, 18 July 2011

A Fisherman's Tale...

... and we're NOT ONLY talking about the McCanns...  

"The Catch", as it happens.

On BBC and on The Guardian  

Update, Monday 18th 1700 GMT:
I’ve noticed that some of you have the opinion that Rebekah Brooks’ arrest on Sunday was nothing but a mockery, in order to allow her not to answer some, or all, of the questions put to her in the BRITISH PARLIAMENT to which she's been summoned to tomorrow.
One indicator being that she had one fantastic “flash-trip” of resignation-arrest-release in a period of less of 4 days, including a weekend.
And although she was released on bail, we’re still to know which charges if any, were brought against her.
There MUST have been some sort of charges, otherwise on what grounds could the bail be set on? Because if there were no charges, she’d just be simply released wouldn’t she?
So, like you, I wouldn’t disregard the hypothesis of all being a devious way to avoid answering uncomfortable questions given the utter ARROGANCE that these people seem to be possessed by.
If, and I do underline the IF, that was, or is the case, and tomorrow, Rebekah Brooks is to sit basically silent when summoned tomorrow to the BRITISH PARLIAMENT, let me just address a few words to those eventually responsible for such an ARROGANT and CARELESS decision.
People, DO UNDERSTAND, from the height of your no-longer existent pedestal, that this is no longer about news or faking news, or about blogging vs rags, or even about high finances & stock marketing. Nor about a criminal investigation. All those issues have a right place to be dealt with. NOT the BRITISH PARLIAMENT. If you haven't realized that yet, your "playing" time is OVER.
It's about the BRITISH PARLIAMENT and what it represents, so, if tomorrow Rebekah Brooks doesn’t answer questions you’ll be making a LAUGHING STOCK of it.
Now, it’s up to the BRITISH to show you how tolerant they may be about having their National Symbols so badly mistreated…
So I wouldn’t advise you on doing that. If you did think ever of doing it, that is.
Anyhow, I’ll remain the optimist and say that is all in the head of a few fantasists like myself, because, at the end of the day, who ends up looking more guilty, one who doesn’t answer, or one who defends oneself on some legal technicality to remain silent?
A hint. Kate McCann and the 48 unanswered questions.


  1. Yes!! The so-called leaders have such poor judgement!!; can you imagine a chief of police, so comfortable that he cannot tell a bribe is pure corruption, whatever form it takes! and then they are busy investigating their own doings!! ...and he was not up to speed with happenings on his watch , makes excuses and now they are stating how 'good' he was! Please dear God can we have some reliable people with integrity come forward and take the reigns from the madness that is going on in the British government and other departments! Someone who knows and can tell the difference and apply that what they are expected to do! Trusting that each and everyone involved in this cover-up will lose their job and get out of the way now! What is happening about the Lowry painting I would like to know! Mr Cameron your hands are not clean enough to be the Prime Minister!!

  2. Se entendi os pequenos peixes serão apanhados nesta história.

    Pensava que eram os mcs. Quem mais?

    Aqui, nada acontece a ninguém;falo daqueles que são mais iguais....

    Só se for por lá..... mas, por ex. à Rebeca já lhe arranjaram 1 estratagema de modo a não esclarecer pois está de baixo de " investigação policial ".

  3. Bell Pottinger, Kingsley Napley and Freuds.

    Minutes after Brooks was taken into custody at midday, David Wilson, the chairman of the public relations agency Bell Pottinger, had been asked by her lawyers to handle press inquiries.

    "Over the coming weeks she will continue to press her innocence," said Wilson, who was on the PR team aiding Madeleine McCann's parents during the first weeks after her abduction. "She intends to clear her name."

    Brooks – who had resigned after huge pressure, with calls from across the political spectrum for her to go – is beginning to assemble a crack team of advisers. Her legal representative is Stephen Parkinson of Kingsley Napley solicitors, whose website describes him as frequently representing "high-profile individuals caught up in criminal or regulatory investigations".

    On Saturday 2 July, she was a guest at an all-night party hosted by PR boss Matthew Freud and his wife, Murdoch's daughter Elisabeth, at their Cotswolds mansion, Burford Priory. The event was nothing less than a gathering of the country's political and media masters.

  4. I also see that the Mcs are controlling Scotland Yard, its been noted they have had several meetings with them in the last month to find out the progress, if this is true and considering the head of police and corruption, then it really is disgusting, they were suspects and just run the show like their own. There will be no justice for Madeleine

  5. at 12:33, that is exactly the problem, they only serve themselves; their whole life is celebrating their positions. They are all laying in the same cosy bed, the motto: 'You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours and we don't tell'. Look what the people of Portugal are up against; what chance do honest people have when you are dealing with dishonest people who are protecting each other. If Madeleine McCann's case is not investigated properly now we will have to think of a plan!

  6. Not all BIG fish get caught, I mean really, really caught, behind bars,that is...Murdoch and son are still free as the wind!
    When will Murdoch and son be arrested? Will they ever be arrested?
    I will not be waiting for it holding my breath...

    At the end of the day, all the BIG fish (in the media, politics, economy) "eat from the same plate", and as we say in portuguese "uma mão lava a outra e as duas lavam a cara", and, "quando o mar bate na rocha quem se lixa é o mexilhão"!
    (rough translation: "one hand washes the other, and both wash the face", "when the sea hits the rocks, it's the mussels that get screwed" - mussels = little fish)

  7. Cá estou eu, a pessimista.

    Li aqui que eles se encontram com a S.Y.

    Penso que, aqui também, há 1 comentário igualmente pessimista.

    Os " poderosos" têm muitos meios para se defenderem.

    Mesmo que , utópicamente, os " pequenos" destes casos sejam punidos, eles já fizeram todos os estragos.

    E os estragos são incomensuráveis.

    Ficarão todos na história como os inatingíveis.

    Goog. trans. :

    Here I am, the pessimist.

    I read here that they meet the S.Y.

    I think that here too, there is an equally pessimistic comment.

    The "mighty" have many ways to defend themselves.

    Even if, utopian, "small" these cases are punished, they've done all the damage.

    Will all be in history as the unattainable.

    And the damage is immeasurable.

  8. NoW hacking whistleblower found dead

    Sean Hoare, who was first named News of the World journalist to make hacking allegations, found dead at Watford home. His death is not being treated as suspicious

  9. John Yates resigns from Met police over phone-hacking scandal

    Scotland Yard's top counter-terrorism officer quits the day after his boss Sir Paul Stephenson

  10. Small start to fall..... suicide ? Or.......

    People with McCNoW conections begin , no RE begin deads.

    Convenient; invitation to the silence.

  11. "Sean Hoare show Bizz reporter on News Of the World key whisle blower on Murdochery found was he who reinvigourated investigation"

    Não copiei para aqui o nome da Pessoa que colocou.

    Mais uma das muitas mortes suspeitas do ClanMcChamaAMorte?

  12. Sean Hoare found dead. NOT a suspicious death according to news.... maybe another David Kelly???

  13. Normalmente tenho complexos de inferioridade em escrever aqui pelo Vosso poder intelectual e dos factos e das hipóteses mas também pela dificuldade em entender o inglês.

    Atrevi-me por causa da dica das 48 perguntas sem resposta.

    Pois, foi o que pensei ao ver o estratagema....sob investigação Mas, nem a mim própria posso garantir que interpretei bem.

    I usually have an inferiority complex to write here by Your power and intellectual facts and hypotheses but also the difficulty in understanding English.

    I dared because of the tip 48 of unanswered questions.

    Well, what I thought was a ploy to see .... But under investigation, nor to myself I can assure i interpreted well.

  14. Anon
    Jul 18, 2011 7:20:00 PM

    The courage to speak out can only be commendable! Thank you1

  15. Pois..... i don ´t think like that because i can say foolish.....

    I need explanations LOL But true.

  16. The hackers hacked

  17. The Sun is being redirected by hackers to another link now.

  18. Watch on Anna Esses's blog:

  19. Orange hair whores that were arrested, the man that hear too much through illegal means is dead, the Xeriff has resigned, the villain newspaper has suffer an hacker attack, fake news about the bad guy's death, government under the fire... the famous criminal couple and their PR running away to Mexico.... what happens to England? Become the Far West? Oh boy...!

    Are they planning to serialize this too?

  20. A ironia de toda esta farsa e que os que apoiaram e livraram os McCann da justica, estao eles proprios a contas com a justica. Erros de quem abusa do poder que tem e se julga intocavel. Ja imagino a A.L do the Sun e o Parson's a acenderem velinhas por Sta. Barbara.

  21. " mark Lewis, the lawyer who represents a number of alleged phone-hacking victims, including the family of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, is also to give evidence to the Home Affairs Committee.
    He said he has questions for the Murdochs and Rebekah Brooks in advance of their appearance before MPs.
    Mr Lewis wanted to know why James Murdoch, the ultimate boss of the NOTW, signed cheques to the Professional Footballers' Association chairman Gordon Taylor and publicist Max Clifford.
    MPs want to find out what the trio knew about phone-hacking activities
    They were reported to be worth more than £1m between them, and were handed over before the hacking story really took off.
    "Why did he sign such large cheques, did he know what they were for and if he did not -why is he still in his job?" asked Mr Lewis."
    Source: Sky News

    Max Clifford, is he not related with Kates book?

  22. Os tabloides ingleses continuam irresponsavelmente a brincar com o Caso Madeleine. Alegam que a policia Portuguesa do Algarve encontrou um codigo de marcas com setas e circlulos inscritos numa serie de propriedades alvo que indicariam aos criminosos se a propriedade era ou nao facilmente assaltavel e se nela existiriam criancas deixadas sozinhas. Porque sera que nenhum jornal Portugues noticia este " lixo (des)informativo?" porque sera que cheira tanto a Mitchell e a dedo mccaniano? Como sempre, estes McCann e os amigos jornalistas Truman em complicar um crime que Tera sido simples. Com que entao raptores pedofilos Tao organizados e metodicos que ate deixavam marcas para raptarem a Maddie. Ridiculos.

  23. Murdoch image killed on the same way he killed others and grow his empire. The only one who were protected by him, were the McCann's. God knows why. Madeleine supposedly alive, was a mine of money for him and for her parents. They became partners on a shameful business. When are the McCann's going to be nailed and together with Mitchell called to the parliament to answer some questions?

  24. Every night before I sleep I breathe deeply for some time and sink into a deep peace and space.

    Emerging from this I find myself petitioning Truth to please regain her power.
    I plead with her to stop cowering below the decks and to face that which tries to kill her with absolute courage and integrity.

    I carry this charge so strongly that those, that would do us 'little people' harm are brought to their knees in humility and powerlessness.

    I think we are all beginning to realise that just because someone has money does not mean anything about them. It does not mean they are better, or more worthy or any such thing. Although that has been drilled into us from the day we were born. And we have thus spent our lives on the hamster wheel of striving so that a few can get richer.

    I feel truth has heard our call.
    I feel that we have only seen the first drop of blood in this murdochoplolyse.
    And it is because the people no longer be-lie-ve what we are being told. It has just got too dam absurd. Surely even the dimmest must see the start of a question mark.
    We can no longer have such blatant shit shoved down our throats.

    In America a man was arrested for giving the homeless food. Can you believe it has become a crime to feed a hungry, fellow traveller.
    Likewise the woman who was arrested for starting a vegetable garden in her yar.
    It is now illegal in many parts of the states to grow your own food.
    Because if you don't then you will be forced to eat gmo crops, which is what the rich want. Note Michelle Obama gets to grow in her own yard. Or should I say the people's yard.
    That says it all.
    Having to keep involved in wars as the main means of floating your currency.

    So many tiers to this greed and corruption but sitting also right at the top. All those 'conspiracy theorists' who were sneered at by foximised and murdochomised franchise news worshipers who burp whilst they accept the badly sculpted, absurd news that they spurt out behind their veneered teeth and botoxed brows.

    And how many people were immediately, collectively drawn to this child and her story. Thousands upon thousands questioning, evaluating, speculating. And how many on the other side were hiding, covering, threatening those that stood for justice. That tiny being we have come to know as Madeleine, has become so much larger than she ever was in life.
    I see her somehow as being one of the Truth's largest helpers.

    And so many people have reached for this. Brave people , some questioning the press and mp's, some questioning false flag operations, some questioning missing children. A lot of brave souls out there right now, being agents of Truth.
    To each and everyone of them and you - I bow my head in gratitude.

    So Truth has awoken.
    And it is at this time that we must hold to our own integrity and humility.

    There for the grace of god go i.....

  25. Something very strange is really happening with joana morais blog. So many issues were exposed by her team. She deserves all support. I hope she will come back strong to delight us with her incisive and accurate posts.
    McCann's are going down. Unless, the other British and American papers are completely incompetent, the McCann's will go down with Murdoch. I believe, both create and feed a bunch of enemies who were waiting on the corner for the best time to expose them. The fear Murdoch, is slowly transforming, From a fox into a dirty fly. Will be killed with pif-paf.

  26. Anon
    Jul 19, 2011 12:27:00 AM

    Could we politely request that comments do not use the term whore, (even if RB) no prostitute does anything as bad as this. They simply work to provide for themselves and are poorly paid for what they do. We understand your strength of feeling, but do suggest another insult be used in its place

  27. WOW! Brits, look how your tax money is spent! on Carter Ruck for 'celebrity policemen' If you do not make a noise now you never will. It is a circus but the handling of the precious rich is too soft and from the first day we can derive that this is only an excercise to impress, not for any concrete action!! The Parliamentarians are not serious enough because they bump into the untouchables in their everyday life! I would call it a tea party but they forgot the tea!
    Textusa, we know that you and your team still have a lot up your sleeve as this blog, with others, who persist in showing up the rotten fruit, lies, countless, sickening actions in that society. Everything they seem to touch is in decay and they are living in denial! The cheap shaving foam incident was probably staged so that they can distract from the overall weak questioning! What a laugh!

  28. Anon @9.26.

    Oh how I agree with you!

    Questioning??? What questioning? And by whom? Do any of those MPs have any experience of how a business is run?

    Do we even have any MPs with a degree in politics or have had a Chancellor with a degree in maths let alone economics? We have ministers for every department of government and how moany of them are qualified for their roles, such as the Minister for Health for starters?

    I found the 'questioning' so lightweight it drifted into the air. EVEN I was left with a felling of 'it's not so serious then' But it is extremely serious and we don't know a fraction of what has been going on.

    I feel embarrassed being British and feel we have lost credibility in the eyes of many.

    Remember that saying about 'power corrupting'?

  29. We learn this week just how close Gordon Brown and Rupert Murdoch were. This might explain why 'The Sun' is so supportive of the McCanns.

    not by a lomg shot the best of Frank Zappa but how true,


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