Saturday, 25 April 2009

McCanns, You've Gained Immortality

I just laid my granddaughter to bed, and she looked with her hopeful trusting eyes on mine, and her smile filled me with an enormous sadness.

My thoughts have been on you too much. Much too much. These are my thoughts at this moment. Tomorrow, hopefully, this sadness will have passed away, but right now they are overwhelming.

However much I may loath both you, one thing I grant you: Immortality.

Within the living, and whilst you live, you’ll be a permanent reminder that although the purest of all loves is the one between parent and offspring, the human being can be so evilly distorted beyond the unthinkable, and yet you materialize that apparent impossibility.

Within the living, after you’ve gone, your name will be used as an example that nothing is impossible in human relations, and that shame, decency, honesty and responsibility, among other noble sentiments, are nothing but abstract concepts made up by naïve and foolish people.

On the other hand, you’ll always remind us that profit is, well, highly profitable, as long as you’re LUCKY enough to find the right product to sell.

 In the hereafter, I do believe that Immortality awaits you.

I just hope a rightfully painful one, directly related with the pain you may have inflicted upon your daughter, when she was dying, and when she was dead.

May my thoughts be completely offmark. But the gloom that I feel in the depth of my heart, says otherwise.

If I were you, I would pray. Pray very, very hard indeed.

Not for forgiveness (that too) but for physical immortality, for the one that waits you there is only Truth, and doesn’t seem to be, for you, ever, a nice place to travel to, especially with such a heavy luggage.

Immortality is yours. Granted.

But you’ve lost the delicious mortality that the remainder of us enjoys everyday.

Just thoughts out of the top of my head.

Would bid you a good-night, but, as you’ve come to know, hypocrisy is not within my many capabilities.

McCanns on Oprah, the Day After

On the day after the show on Oprah, went to see what the McCann's Official media supporter had to say about it. 

 The Headlines:  
- The Goody Life 
- Jack Gets a Tan in Cushy Prison 
- Susan Shows on Get-Up Glow Chloe’s Got the Abbey Habit Pick Cotton for Bafta More 
- Page 3 Idol Wannabees - Utd Meet Kaka 

 Not good, not good. Not good at all. Let’s check the Top Stories:  

- Jack sunbathes in cushy prison JACK Tweed soaks up the sun in jail and tells inmates Jade’s death has ‘set him up for life 
- More Page 3 Idols unveiled 
- Defoe bro dies in street attack  
- Kate breaks down on Oprah  
- 2 in court over 'jigsaw' murder  

- United in for Milan ace Kaka MAN UTD held talks with Kaka yesterday over a sensational summer move 
- Rafa: 4-4 draw could win us title 
- Real Madrid eyeing top Man 
- Froch: I will skin Jermain Button ready for Desert Storm  

Real Life 
- Sister's cancer saved my life 
- 'I live with killer baboons' 
- Fattest teen’s 12st weight loss 
- Doctor of the dispossessed 
- My life after WPC Sharon’s murder  

For crying out loud, that's what Kate did, she cried out loud! She broke down on Oprah!!! Not on any show, on Oprah! 

She said a lot of bullock’s, but said it in a genuine teary manner!!! 

I tell you, I even heard that even that elderly couple in Malta stopped chasing the dilussion they were stalking (are they related to Jane Tanner in any way) just to watch them tears, and this is the best you can do?!?

 Have you guys no respect for Exceptional Con-Artists?!? 

Where is this world coming to?!? 

Most Read 
- United in for Milan ace Kaka 
- The Goody life 
- Girls Aloud Fizz in Manchester 
- Defoe brother dies after street attack 
- Furious Frank fights back
What?!? Kate’s face is on the left, right next to the skirts thing of Girls Aloud, and these get #3?!? 

No respect from the paper, no respect from the readers… What an ungrateful world this is.

Even The Sun is this miserable. Gerry is right, there must be a serious problem between alcohol and the media. 

Guys, guys, I do hope for a bigger, better and more adequate reaction from you on the day the show airs.

People, let’s show some attitude, and determination, ok?!? I’m counting on you!!!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The McCanns on Oprah

In international relationships one does what one is ABLE, and not what one WANTS to do.

Irrelevant if whatever one wants to do is more apt or just than what is actually being done. What matters is whoever does what it wants to do it’s because it can do so.

Much like a schoolyard where bullies rule. Their legitimacy is based solely on the strength they have and threaten to use or do use.

They determine, because they can, who in the school is cool and who the geeks are. This bestowing by these rulers of the yard, will, in turn, affect directly each one’s social life expectancy and capability.

In the Maddie affair, Portugal has been, many a time, reminded of how geeky it is. And also on how UK is the bully in this particular schoolyard.

Just change the players nationalities, and, miracle of miracles, you wouldn’t have a Maddie case in the first place. Or a Madalena case, to better clarify.

But, there are many others schools, and yards, many other bullies. The biggest yard of all, The World, UK was once the bully, succeeding the Spanish, and these, the Portuguese.

Nowadays, the Bully of the Bullies is unquestionably the USA.

Fortunately for all, it has been a benign one at that (yes, I know this is questionable to some, opinion which I respect and do not wish to debate) although never hesitating to show or use its muscles whenever it deems necessary to do so.

This to say, once you’ve conquered the USA's complacency you’ve got it made. That’s why every business in the world aspires to, one day, succeed in the American market. Because that is where the biggest creature of all creatures lives: the American Public.

This creature, like all creatures of the sort is easily manipulated by the media. A very powerful industry where money counts, but is not its highest priority.

Various names are icons in it: Larry King, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Jon Stewart among others.

But the King of the Kings in this métier is a Queen: Oprah. That’s how important she is. The power of these people is measured by their respective ratings. And there is nothing more racist than these. No, not about the colour of the skin, but of the speech that is spoken.

Anything spoken in English, namely in American/Canadian or Queens English, the noblest versions of accents of this language, has the biggest value in this peculiar stock-market. They are followed by the accepted Australian, Scottish, Irish and Welsh.

Next, any foreigner, minimally fluent, that speaks English. Specially the French and Italians. Then, the remainder of the English accents.

Only then we have the non-English languages. Firstly French and Italian. Spanish is close to these, but not quite. Brazilian Portuguese ranks somewhere around Russian.

Portugal’s Portuguese is equivalent to Greek. These, have very little selling value. So, although justice would demand that Gonçalo Amaral be present with the McCanns on Oprah, ratings, in its ruthless logic, state otherwise. And we have to accept that.

Personally, I DON’T WANT MR. AMARAL TO BE PRESENT on Oprah. So, Mr. Amaral I ask you to please, please stop your efforts to be on it.

I hope that the unholy trinity (Kate, Gerry and Clarence) do have a huge success in convincing Oprah and her viewers that Maddie was abducted by a Mediterranean monster, is still alive and, if we all make one last effort, will be able to be brought home. Safely.

I hope there will be no mention of Gonçalo Amaral or of any “Verdade da Mentira” book. Nothing to spoil the magic. Not one single thing. Perfection from beginning to end. All 9 innings.

I hope also that it will be a tearful show, emotions flying, lots of hugging and heart-breaking sobs, where that poor, poor suffering couple may finally seek some comfort after 24 months of tortured torment.

And I’m being totally sincere. Not a speck of my usual sarcasm here. I do honestly want the show to be as I just described.

Hopefully, the American Public will be emotionally touched, like we all were on May 4th. The Fund will start to receive huge amounts of money as only the Americans are capable of being generous.

And, FINALLY, the American Public will start to get a REAL interest on the subject. From then on, we know exactly what happens.

The first frown, the first raising of an eyebrow. The inconsistencies starting to pop up. And the realization of deception.

Once the friendly, trustable American Public realize that that infamous couple is scamming them using the death of their own beautiful daughter, they will be angry.

Really, really angry. Ruthlessly angry. I’m not talking tar and feathers here. It will be very hard to watch. The couple will be torn to pieces.

In the “American Public” there are people much more powerful and influential than those that protect the murderous scum at the moment. So the higher they rise on Oprah, the higher they will fall. And fall they will.

The day after the show, I do hope to be one happy swimmer in the sea of GENUINE tears that McCanns will be able to extract from the eyes of Oprah and her viewers.

Then I’ll know that the McCanns will have woken up what, for them, will be the Beast of the Beasts.

Open Letter to Kate - Part 1

Note: this text was withdrawn to be revised, and soon to be reposted. I decided on this note as some blogs already were directly linking to it.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Kate's Suicide

The news about Kate’s attempts on suicide worries me. I do believe that she’s the weakest link of the "dark" side.

She saw David kill Maddie, and probably fought to defend her. She was convinced that the best way for all, including her, Gerry and the twins, was to act the way she had. Any other course of action would have jeopardized all.

But truth sinks in. And what a weight it is.

On the 3rd of May, what she, and nobody realized was that things would get the proportion they got and still have. What was initially quite a successful media maneuver, with all its heartwarming and tearful messages, became rapidly a monster out of control to all, including the VIP, VVIP and VVVIP involved.

We all ask for Kate’s head on a platter. But let’s stop to reflect for a moment. Leave passion aside and think. Imagine what Kate’s world is like.

She’s watched every single minute of her life. She’s incapable of any free speech and activity since the 3rd of May. I believe that, initially, she was an activist of the abduction lie, but as time moves on and conscience sinks in, I believe that she would confess.

If she could.

All those IMPORTANT people who’ve carried this farce thus far and will continue to do so, are sufficiently IMPORTANT, to stop her on her tracks of any sort of confession. And I’m saying physically.

She cannot communicate. Verbally, the retarded Gerry is like complaining to Himmler about the Holocaust. In written, well, she has the BEST of all watching. Not hired hands, but governmental paid. Any mail, letter, chat, or whatever she writes electronically is scrutinized.

Her physical appearance is degrading by the day. Unlike that of the nauseating husband of hers. Her insides are eating her away. She has become a burden. A time-bomb.

And, as efficient as these people are, they’ve already planned to contain the effects if she ever explodes. You will hardly hear the bang. Even standing next to her. And they sure have certified that she knows exactly that.

First the rumors about being sick. Her absences from the trips. Now the suicide attempt. I’m afraid that we won’t be seeing much of Kate. She’ll either go into a “depression” such that will require enclosure, or be “successful” in a future attempt.

I don’t believe that she’ll be on Oprah. Simply because the puppeteers think the strings are not trustable enough: Any outburst could compromise all.

Either there will be no show, or she’ll be unable to go, due to health reason of emotional nature. These are dangerous powerful people, and Kate is right in their sights. And there are still people saying that justice is not served?

Kate, how you wish you could settle this “legally”, don’t you? What angers you most? The animal David getting away with it, or having to share the same space with that grotesque man next to you?

Monday, 13 April 2009

Ça Suffit, Enough is Enough.

(April 13th, 2009)

Foreword: This text was written with the intent of being posted on the 3Arguidos Forum as it refers to people and events there. However, the action proposed below is a proposal valid to anybody who uses the net and is seeking, like myself, the truth and the application of Justice.  

The objective of war is to win it, not to kill your opponent. Simply withdraw all his will to fight you. Convince him that that it’s hopeless or worthless to do so. Once he’s convinced of that, you’ve won. 

This convincing can be done either through a huge amount of means of warfare such as armored divisions or navy fleets; or by a few physical means but with a huge effect such as nuclear or biological weapons or, importantly, through few means with limited physical effect but with an huge damaging effect on the opponent’s morale. 

Examples of these are terrorism, suicide bombers and snipers. 

Logically, the use of these “few means” is known as asymmetrical warfare, since they involve so little resources to be able to influence so many, and are, currently, as we all know so well, the biggest headache of the big-army wielding nations of our time. 

But terrorism is only effective if you have popular support. Suicide bombers only if, and let’s be practical about it, you have people willing to physically die. 

Now, to guarantee the success of snipers, it’s only required a way to hide and, from that standpoint, to be able to shoot your opponent. Or whoever’s harm or death will affect his morale. 

It’s a terrible and terrifying weapon, usually carried out by sadistic inhuman people. Able to shoot someone unarmed in the back or in the side or wherever, just because they were in the wrong place and time, and then go home, put on the slippers, kiss the wife, pat the dog on the head, read a night-night story to the kids and fall asleep on the couch while watching TV. 

On the same decency level as human-trafficking or drug selling. Or worse. Sarajevo in the 1990’s was paradigmatic of this human nightmare. 

A sniper will pin you down. You cannot advance anywhere. Your focus is totally directed to survival. The initiative is totally theirs. They control the moves and the rhythm. 

In this situation, you have one of three choices: stay put, withdraw or eliminate the threat. The third option, easier said than done. And this is what the 3Arguidos forum has become: a victim of sniper fire. 

It has lost objectiveness and purpose. It’s lost its initiative. Refusing to pull out due to rightful conscientious reasons, and apparently unable to eliminate the threat, it’s staying put. 

You know who the forum sniper’s are. Those that keep on questioning the veracity of the obvious over and over again. Tirelessly. Asking for justifications but providing none in return. Demanding respect and showing none. Insulting, but so, so easily offended. 

Their technique? Through simple and pure contradiction. Denial of the evidence. Whatever you present they will demand the provision of proof, and will keep on doing so over and over again independently of how irrefutable it is what you have stated. 

This continuous senseless rebuttal makes the whole process apparently endless, making you feel exhausted and completely unable to push your message across, so you simply give up. 

For example, for argument’s sake, you state that the Sun is the provider of our daily sunlight. The sniper(s) will ask what scientific basis you had to make such an adamant statement. The game then begins. And will go on until you are able build a spaceship capable of capturing the Sun, bring it back to Earth and place it physically on his(their) hands. 

Mind you, even then, only if it’s done at night, and on a moonless one at that. Anything less than that, they say, is pure supposition and will not uphold in any court of law. And why? Just because they say it won’t.

And that statement, because it’s theirs, suffices. 

How many times have the dogs olfactory capabilities have been justified here? And did they ever require any justification? No, we all know them as truthful. And yet, from time to time, there pops a question about some judge in somewhere land raising doubts about dogs and their noses… 

How many times have you presented them with a whole forest, and they pick on a twig that happens to be moving slightly out of pace with the wind, centering the discussion on that totally irrelevant detail? 

They throw in the bait, and you bite it. Whole. Before you know, even yourself have forgotten about the forest and do start to worry about why that damn twig is shaking the way it is, and start to argument about it… 

Understandably, good people have left the forum and have never come back. 

Dear friends, all the events have been scrutinized to their utmost detail. Only to confirm what is already known: Maddie is dead. Her parents, namely Kate, were directly involved in her death. All Tapas 9 were involved in the hiding of the corpse. There’s a monstrous cover-up, at the highest level on both Portuguese and English governments, protecting these people. 

I think I have not surprised anybody up now. And that’s exactly my point. You/we are all apparently comfortable discussing and re-discussing the same issues time and time again, instead of focusing all the effort and ideas on what can, should and is to be done to bring these people to justice. 

The snipers have, up to now, successfully, accomplished their mission. I realize that I’m being unjust to some and unfair to most, but, as you know, I like to speak my mind. And the biggest compliment I can pay to the forum is the freedom of speech allowed, very much not in accordance with what happens in the UK. And compliments are certainly due. 

I would like to take my hat off and bow to Tony Benett and Laffin Assassin. Also to all those who have painstakingly translated the DVDs, of which I’ll compliment Astro in the name of them all. To Bren, for keeping it alive and healthy at the cost of unquantifiable amounts of patience, none the least for my long posts. 

My apologies to all those who deserve a word of gratitude and aren’t finding any at this point. 


On April 1995, Eric, a French peace keeper of the UN who was putting containers to protect people from snipers is killed by a sniper in Sarajevo. He was driving a bulldozer. The scene was filmed and on the shown on prime-time news worldwide. 

I don’t know if it’s real or not, but it’s attributed to the then French President François Mitterrand the phrase “Ça suffit”

Irrelevant of what he said, or didn’t say, Sarajevo was, from then on, rid of the sniper problem. They were hunted like the animals they were, with no care of what the rest of the world thought. A decisive action and snipers were no more. 

Every time you reply to a pinkie, you’re playing their game on their terms and on their turf. They will certainly proceed to accuse me of “another” attempted disruption, of the use of needless violence or even of being the bearer of unacceptable arrogance. 

I’ve been accused here of all that and more. For example, of being a megalomaniac with a sick perverted mind and even of wanting to literally skin a cat. Me and others like myself, have been hit by waves of insults, at various times and to various degrees of severity. 

All in an attempt, successful I must say, to maintain the focus on what is irrelevant. DCB, Sans_souci, chinagirl and the like. You know them better than me. 

Just a word to these people. Your comments will go unanswered, at least by me. If you wish to play the offended damsel please don’t forget to throw your head backwards, the back your left hand on the forehead and let your body gracefully drop to the floor, ruffling skirt and all, while the scene fades… Do whatever you like, but please do fade away once and for all. 

I may be guilty of all of what I’m accused, although I don’t think I am, but am certainly innocent of the most significant crimes that are committed here: covering, protecting, justifying or whitewashing murderous scum.

Let’s take back what we should have never lost. The initiative. 

We bloggers, and forum creators and mods do our bit. We’ve maintained, albeit the pressure, the issue alive. We do get people coming from all corners of the world, but it’s not enough.
Up to now, we’ve been satisfied with fighting this war on “this” ground. Much the result of the total efficiency of the snipers and less out of free will or decision made on our part. 

But the winds favour us. The Portuguese have blatantly and publicly declared their dislike for the McCanns. Ripped and vandalized their posters. The Portuguese media, with the exception of SIC and Expresso, no longer have patience for them. Just as the English “serious” press. 

Even The Sun is not keeping up pace with the issue anymore. Downing Street is fragilized with the e-mail scandal, confirming its tendencies to manipulate information. 

Gordon Brown is, with or without the referred scandal, on his way out. Freeport is eroding the Portuguese government. Loyalties are starting to realign themselves in both countries… 

Kate seems to be on the verge of breaking. Money is running out. The McCanns are cornered. They can smell it like the rats they are. Time has come for the decisive blow. We have to force justice to act. 

We have the numbers, so we have to make that uncooperative, supposedly blindfolded, lady to do something. And the key word here is numbers. 

Numbers of people, known as voters, or otherwise called public pressure. In the political circles known as those-that-you-must-please-at-all-costs. My proposal is quite simple. We all get junk mail. All those mails about how Microsoft/Apple/Intel/AOL will pay us 1 cent per each mail we send out, or those that an African King wants to share a fortune with us, or even those that if you don’t send it to 12 friends in the next 12 minutes your whole family will suffer a fate worse than the Devil himself could possibly imagine. 

We also receive those pharmaceutical ones that have replaced the ones that promised the augmentation of penises so persistently (all lies Fred says). And those from my caring loving friends who like to express, in powerpoint, how much they do love me as well as another 20 addressees that they love as much as they love me. 

Well, these junk e-mails contain hundreds, if not thousands of precious valid e-mail addresses. Instead of deleting them, copy the addresses. Then, create a mail where the sender is identified as “Maddie McCann”

Give the mail a title such as “FW: Do you REALLY want to know what happened to me?” In the body of the mail, copy the various links to the various blogs/forums that you think are significant to clarify people’s minds and get the message across. In my case, I’m using the links provided in Joana’s blog:

End the mail with a “If you DO care, please do forward this mail to your friends. As many as you can”.

Do throw in a couple of newspaper addresses so that they realize what is going on.

On my first mail, which had 132 copied e-mail addresses, I wrote the following: “Visit the following sites and make your own judgment: (sites listed above) If you care, please do forward this mail to as many friends as you can. Join the WORLD community that wants to bring the McCann scum to Justice. Justice shall prevail!”

This way we will let the world know what is known about Maddie and what has been, and is, written about her.

Most importantly, as the forwarding of the mail is a personal decision, let them make up their own minds.

Very simple and entirely in your humble hands. Let’s take the war out to “their beaches”, and as Frank Sinatra would sing… start spreading the news.

And let’s see what truth is truth itself capable to bring us all.

God bless.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Jane Tanner, an Oxymoron


Today, I’m going for the impossible: try to tell you something. Although not that of a difficult message, as you've been told so many a time, yet it seems to be it’s an incomprehensible concept for you to understand.

So here it goes: you’re the most thick-skulled human being I’ve ever had the displeasure to have seen.

Yes, do put on that fake smile of yours, that one that with which you grimace whenever you see yourself clueless about the reality that surrounds you.

Not wanting to baffle you, or anybody else, let me clarify the intent with which I used the word “oxymoron”.

No, I don’t think you’re a bittersweet contradiction in terms. I just think that you’re a stupid cow. Now, do call David and ask him to explain.

Whenever you intervene in this process, you have the rare ability to stick your foot in your mouth. Infallible you are.

Now, you did it again with this far-fetched piece of fiction which was that constitution (to be a reconstitution the events had to happen beforehand which definitely was not the case) which you once again tried (or will try?) to manipulate the public perception of all of this issue.

This time you guys had the bright idea of filming someone crossing the street carrying a child as per your description. And stupid as only you’re capable to be, you’ve provided the world with the living proof of what everybody thinks of you: a lying twat.

No, I’ll not get into the difference of clothing or the illumination of the whole theatrical scene. I’ll get into hard, plain facts.

And the fact is that you had a grown-man, crossing a street from one end to another, with a four-year old across his arms. Its on tape, and too late to do anything about it. Now, look at the difference between your description and what really happens when what you describe really happens.

First difference is the unnatural way of carrying a child. Any parent, or anyone who has carried a sleeping toddler, knows that one carries a sleeping infant vertically much the way Gerry came down the airplane stairs, or was seen by the Smiths.

Nobody, I mean nobody carries a child the way you describe. Why? It just breaks your back. Look at the evident discomfort with which the poor guy is walking…

And I’ll remind you that he just had to jump through a shuttered down window. Ridiculous thought, isn’t it? It would, were it not so serious…

How far do you think he went? Exactly to where he was paid to go: just across the street, where he dropped the child after having fulfilled his role.

If he went any further, his grunt of relief would have been audible everywhere in Praia da Luz.

Now look at the man’s back. The inclination of the man’s body to compensate the weight of the he carries, which you forgot to remember at the time of your fake description. And the inclination of the child’s legs, in natural accordance with inclination, just mentioned, of the man’s body.

No, don’t appeal to too little of a detail. You’re the one that saw the little flowers on the pajama pants… A type of detail that is typically added by liars, like yourself, whenever fibbing, in a useless attempt of convincing their listeners that the bullocks coming out of their mouths is the truth, by introducing bigger and bigger details to a story.

You know exactly what I mean.

And the child’s body. On tape, folded, head naturally lying against the chest of the carrier. On paper, the result of evident lies out of a guilty conscience with a very little lucid imagination. Lastly, claiming that you saw what is now on tape, and realizing just a mere ½ hour later that a missing 4 year-old child of a friend of yours was missing from her room, the linkage between the two events is immediate, obvious and natural.

Not even your stupidity would avoid the connection.

There would never have been a missing child even for a minute. A conscious friend would have warned the police, and with a clear direction on where to focus their efforts, they would have been down that street looking for the bloke. And not for a little girl who had wandered away…

And weren’t you stupid enough to come back to the scene of the crime (which welcomed you the way it did) and produce self-condemning evidence?

Well, if there were a Nobel Prize for stupidity, and were I a juror, I would certainly have a most difficult time to pick a winner between the lot of you.

Monday, 6 April 2009

A word to a future Porn Star, or not even that

Ms or Mrs Lisa Donovan,
You stupid ass!

I hope you realise that you've just forfeited any future in decent pictures with the acceptance of playing the role of Kate McCann in the most recent farce from the undeniably evil ones.

Couldn't you smell the shit coming out of Clarence's breath a mile away, even with your back to the wind?

Couldn't that little brain of yours ask, just for a moment, why on earth they HAD to get an American gal to play a British one? Did you ever think that Kate is the only thin-lipped, titless blonde woman in the whole of the Isles?

Because of the accent? Well, why then not get an Aussie to play Gerry? And a literal cunt to play Jane?

You know, not even Linda Lovelace, all bruised up, had in any of her interviews, somebody behind her, to check up on any word that she said, and even correcting, live, whatever she had just said. That honor, honey, is yours.

You played the woman, you stood in the room, and you're not entitled to an opinion? As we say in the States, you just got had! Lol

Well, let's suppose that one day you hit the gold pot at the end of the rainbow. You know, that elusive dream of a possibility to a serious role in a serious movie with some chance to walk with the greatest... I can see the producer just looking at your agent's proposal: "What? The b**ch who participated in the scam of the century? You crazy?!? Who else did you propose for roles? Take yourself and the lot of you out of my office! I wanna make money! Dumbass!"

Yeah, the world will not know about you. Well, let's be frank, you've just killed that possibility. The world will remember the documentary though. It's sick to the core. It will stick to you like the plague. Only the plague repulses less.

You know, around about 1935, it was fashionable to work for a gent called Adolf. A decade later it was not only shameful, as it was also a crime. Think about it.

I suggest a future in porn. But then again, the gal who blew our Hugh Grant didn't have much of a future in it, did she?

I forgot, you were hired because you had no tits, wasn't it? Talking about porn... you're f****d, you poor, poor soul.

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