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Swan Lake - Act 3

From Wikipedia:

Swan Lake

 Act 3

"An opulent hall in the palace.

Guests arrive at the palace for a costume ball. Siegfried's mother commands him to dance with six princesses and choose one as a bride. Siegfried complains that he does not love any of them. Von Rothbart arrives in disguise with his daughter Odile. He has transformed Odile so that she appears identical to Odette in all respects except that she wears black rather than white. The prince mistakes her for Odette and dances with her. Odette appears as a vision and vainly tries to warn Siegfried that he is being deceived. But Siegfried remains oblivious and proclaims to the court that he intends to make Odile his wife. Von Rothbart shows Siegfried a magical vision of Odette and he realises his mistake. Grief-stricken, Siegfried hurries back to the lake."

This is the post in which we said we were going to revisit the “shadow trick”.

As we said in our Textusa Corrects Textusa post, we've found out that the “shadow trick” was much a bigger trick than we thought it to be. We then said that what we had said about it in the Bluntly Brunting Things Up post was not "satisfactorily correct".

Today we intend to show it like it is, to your and our full satisfaction.

The investigation we did for this post, I must confess, was one of the most satisfactory to do because our assumptions made us begin to go down a certain path but our findings made us correct our steps.

We began at a stage that we’d figured out that the “shadow trick” together with the chair stance” one were done with the purpose of creating the illusion that a round table was bigger than it really was and that it was of a different shape, oval, than it really also was.

The problem is that we had a round table apparently bigger than those from the Tapas Bar as pictured by Mr. Amaral.

It was a bigger than these but obviously not big enough to sit 9 people, nor 10 if you're to include Najoua, the Quiz Mistress.

Mr Brunt and his crew made sure that we got that clear.

He doesn’t show the whole table for a reason. He is already sitting at the table and isn’t shown getting up. The camera also doesn’t pan around the room not allowing us to see the table among the rest of the furniture so we could've been able to compare it with others, nor can we make our own judgment about the size and adequateness of the esplanade.

As we’ve said many times, a round table for 9 is not an easy object to find. If Mr Brunt had found such a table, we would have surely seen it in all it’s glory and size and most likely fully garnished with placemats, cutlery, plates and even napkins to make the set complete.

But no, Mr.Brunt never gets to show us the whole table, that place where the T9 last had peace .

So we thought that it could be a table brought in from The Mill, Ocean Club’s real restaurant, or then from some private house in PdL.

Although the table is shiny and highly reflective it’s seems to be darker than the ones from Mr Amarals’ pictures and this seemed to confirm our suspicions that it was table brought from outside on purpose.

We then started to seek evidence to prove this fact.

We started by checking that the square tables were of similar dimensions as the round tables. 

Both are a fold-away type, with X-format legs, typical of this kind of outside furniture. Fragile by nature not meant to be used with frequency to hold the weight of the various objects, food and liquids that are usually involved in a full course meal for 9 people.

Then we set out to compare the props used during the Brunt report and the furniture we see in Mr. Amaral’s pictures and verified that in fact the chairs were the same, and that a table from the Tapas Bar was used as the shadow (in blue) of the table legs’ X-format is clearly visible. This shadow comes from a table that's in the middle of the set of chairs (in yellow) near the beam.

And then… and then I was struck by a fist.

No, not figuratively speaking, literally. Struck really hard by this fist:

This fist hit me just like a cricket ball batted for 6 and that landed right in my teacup!!

Remember the question I asked in our Bluntly Brunting Things Up post about the picture above?

"Where is the table’s shadow?" That was the question I asked.

And when I asked that question that was when the cricket ball should have hit not the teacup but me bonkers on the top of my head to serve me right and show me how stupid I was being.

I even give myself the clue to the right path when, following that embarrassingly stupid question, I went and  wrote that Mr. Brunt has the left half of his face lit up, while the other side is in shadow, meaning that a light projector from his left was used.”

I should have never have asked where was the shadow, as it’s perfectly visible in the carefully positioned chair on the right of Mr. Brunt, but should have asked the following crucial question: where in the heck is the light?

Where is the light on the table? Where exactly on that side of the table does the light end and the shadow begin? 

In other words, where is the EDGE of the table??

There isn’t one and it should be one there. No, not SHOULD be but HAD to be!

Observe the following on the above picture. One can see light reflected on Mr Brunt’s closed fist and even in what is visible of his forearm, which is quite a bit, when this part of his body is actually at angle that gets no direct light, that being the reason it’s not as bright as the fingers, but still perfectly visible. One can outline distinctly the knuckle line in Mr Brunt's fist.

Mr Brunt’s knuckles form an edge which is clearly visible but right in front of it there's no clearly defined table edge!! Could someone please show me a clearly defined table edge in the white trapezium above? There isn't any!!

And darkness doesn't serve as an excuse because there had to be one by the amount of light that illuminates so well the chair on the right of Mr. Brunt!

We’re either before a most strange phenomenon that defies the expansion of light waves or before some sort of illusion.

I don't know about you but I'm not going against the laws of physics.

And this illusionism might just explain one of the most interesting things there is to be watched on Mr Brunt’s report. Some may call it the “fidgeting edge” but I prefer, to maintain things within the ballet theme, to call it the “ballerina table”.

Like a ballerina that is up on her toes and doesn't go anywhere although we can see her feet in movement so the same happens with the table. With the “ballerina table” if you watch when Mr. Brunt does his "Negligence Pirouette" (from 1:35) you can see that edge move, flickering a couple or more times, and, like the ballerina, goes nowhere.

And you know why the edge moves so?

The edge moving is just a consequence of the fact the image has been digitally manipulated, or I think the correct term is remastered, with the intent to hide in the best possible way the REAL edge of the table on the right side of Mr. Brunt, something that should be clearly discernible but after this is done, no longer was. 

And to further prove what we're saying you only have to enlarge the following area below: 

It doesn't take an expert that there are areas where it seems that some of the colouring seems like it was done with a large paintbrush:

This is not the way pixels spread out when an image is enlarged. You can testify to that by looking at the various images we've enlarged in this and other posts. This is pure image manipulation.

Knowing that we were before a visual HOAX we stopped looking for an external or internal table because we had first to try and determine what table we were looking for!

To solve our problem we got an unexpected help from Mr Brunt when he does his “Negligence Pirouette”:

When he does that so does the camera move, to confirm this you’re now able to see more of the back of the chair on the right of Mr. Brunt than you could before.

It’s an ever so slight movement but enough to alter the “lighting arrangement” and with it may just provide a clue that answers many questions.

We went back to the Tapas Bar round tables. What did we know of them? Not much. Only that they were of the same dimension as the square tables as we’ve said already. And that both types had the same X-format fold away legs.

We noticed that the square tables had a pattern, quadrilateral designs, each made up of 7 wooden slats, within an outer border:

Now it made sense that the furniture, for obvious decorative reasons, were bought in bulk, thus, as example, all the chairs are the exact same type.

If that was so, then the round tables would have the same pattern as the square ones:

Unfortunately, if we have little imagery of the Tapas esplanade, we have less than that on the Tapas Bar round tables. We only have two pictures, and both from Mr. Amaral’s book. And only one shows the top of the table but at a very slanted angle:

Augmented, it tell us nothing about the tabletop. It can have a pattern but it can also be with no pattern at all. So these are the two possibilities for the Tapas Bar round tables' tabletop, with a pattern and without one:

But if we go back to our now familiar “Negligence Pirouette” what do we see?

A pattern.

And similar to the one we find in the square tables:

Also you can also see in this picture what they so desperately tried to hide: the table's edge on the right of Mr Brunt:

The "reflection" that you see in front of Mr Brunt's sleeve is not a reflection at all because it curves the opposite way. That, dear reader, is the illusive edge of the table. 

And now we might understand that the reflection below (area in blue) is also a non-reflection but the inside of Mr Brunt's sleeve. If not that, then it's a reflection of what?

Mr Brunt used nothing but a Tapas Bar round table. Remarkable to say the least.

And, as you know, if you can't see that, you know we know the reason why.

So, in Swan Lake's terms, Von Rothbart (Mr Brunt) had transformed Odile (a Small Round Table (SRT)), so that she appears identical to Odette, (a Big Round Table (BRT), to Siegfrieds’ eyes.

We’ve vainly, for almost 4 years, tried to show Siegfried that he is being deceived. But Siegfried remained oblivious and proclaimed that it was Odette (a BRT), and those saying otherwise were raving mad lunatics.

Von Rothbart (Mr Brunt) had showed Siegfried a magical vision of Odette (a BRT) and we now hope that Siegfried now realises his mistake.

The SRT was never a BRT. The T9BRT never existed. “Odile” was just a Tapas Bar round table.

This is how we think this illusion was created:

For you to compare and make up your own judgment:

 In trying to fool us, Mr Brunt only confirms the obvious: a Tapas bar round table could never, ever, sit 9 people.

We know that the Swan Lake has alternative endings, so we’ll patiently wait to see which fate will be chosen for the Final Act of this Maddie Affair. However, in none of the possibilities things end up well for Von Rothbart or Odille

Mr Brunt, you can say that you set up the table as a prop in the way described for dramatic effect alleging that you believed that the story of the table was true.

But then, with each trick you saw yourself "forced" to use to make the story "true" shouldn't you have rapidly become a disbeliever?

The fact the piece was aired means that that didn't happen. And you're very clear in your words that that was THE table: 

I’m sitting at the table where the McCanns and their friends were eating on the night that Madeleine disappeared. This place is shut now for the winter.

The apartment is some distance away, it’s beyond the swimming pool, there’s a wall and a hedge, and behind that there’s a path.

It would be very difficult, from here, to see anybody going in and out of the apartment.

Going to check on the kids wasn’t easy.

Well, 80 paces as far as the gate, the distance between the Tapas Bar and the apartment, not quite as Gerry McCann described it.

If we add to all this his  unexpected “intimacy” with Jennifer and Robert Murat we have to question Mr Brunt's role in PdL.

The picture above shows a man walking off with the emptiness of one who has just been shown where he has left his soul.

We’ll not go the easy route to condemn your actions Mr Brunt.

Many have sold their souls for much less and we understand your predicament under the circumstances.

This does not minimize an ounce of the severity of your actions, it just states that in the current state of affairs of modern societies the soulless survival is taken as a regular lifestyle.

We refuse to accept that.

At least without putting up a fight.

We hope that by exposing this deed of yours Mr Brunt we will allow your peers some “elbow room” in the real Big Round Table that life will never cease to be and they may act more independently than your generation of journalists or “journalists” was able to.

Finally, a word to our readers. We hope that you understand the importance of this post. 

Post Scriptum:

First, to our reader Guerra, who submitted the video such a long time ago, we hope that now you understand the reasons for taking so long. The clues, as you can see, are all there to be seen immediately but the process of proving what we saw had to be a painstakingly meticulous one and this takes time, a resource none of us have that much to spare from our personal lives.

Second, we’d like to inform our readers that, for personal reasons, we’re taking another break until the end of the month. We’ll continue to publish your comments, which, as you well know, are posts by themselves and the reason many come to visit the blog.

Post-Post Scriptum: 

A reader has placed 2 comments (Anon at Nov 11, 2012 9:00:00 AM and Nov 11, 2012 1:05:00 PM) raising the possibility that Mr Brunt might be using a different chair from the ones seen in the report. The only way to clarify this is through images. I think this is what Anon is referring to:

As you can see, by enlarging the picture below, is that there's a transparency between this arc and the back of the chair that is sideways behind Mr Brunt. This clearly proves that its a shadow. Of what, I don't know nor I think is relevant:

Mr Brunt when talking to us before his "Negligence Pirouette" covers completely his chair, only when he turns his body is there a little bit of the chair visible, in all similar with the other chairs as shown circled:

Hopes this clarifies your question.

Post-Post-Post Scriptum: 

Hi Textusa,
It is nice and easy to have the comments listed by numbers but since then I can't see the comments made after 200. There is anyone experiencing the same problem with a clue, or is only my computer that decide to rest?
Dear Reader, another reader, Su, requested that we adopt the numbering in the comments which we've applied. However Blogger only allows 200 per page, so all you have to do is click on the "newer" link at the end of the comments.


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  1. I maybe wrong, but to me looks like if MB had put together side to side 2 square tables with his right elbow on the wedge of one of the tables. The top of that table had some blurry fotoshot to appear unclear and to change the top pattern, which is evident on the other table. He played with angles and light to fool the public.

  2. Will be interesting to see how that movie appeared if MB had chosen clothes with another color. I think, even the color of his jacket and trouser was part of the game to be easily confused with environment.

  3. Anon 1:06:00

    If you believe that he put 2 tables together.- mackled! then it doesn't matter because he fixed the scene and that's what counts!


    I'm going to really enjoy the awkward silence form the some "friendly" forums on this one!

    Once again, well done!!!

  5. This is like watching reruns of Columbo. He picks up details that he only sees like Textusa. The only difference is that in the Columbo's episodes when the criminal when the detail that incriminates him clearly accepts the fact and sometimes asks "why did you suspect me from the beginning?" and here, not matter how clear is the evidence of the lie the criminal(s) just keep on lying.

    Textusa, you know what is for me your best post? "The Reason". It sums up all this very clearly.

    Thank you for all your hard work and persistence. You're the only blog that breaks new ground!

  6. Se virmos no youtube os 3 videos que Martin Brunt fez para limpar a cara dos McCann e desculpar os vestigios descobertos pelos caes, vemos que facilmente poderá ter feito uma montagem de imagens usando mais de uma mesa para propositadamente criar a ilusão de uma mesa maior no Tapas. Nos 3 videos ele aparece com a mesma roupa e o brilho da mesa em que está sentado com o detective Tony Rogers parece muito parecido ao brilho do lado direito ( referencia MB) da Mesa que ele diz ser do Tapas. por outro lado a mesa em que se senta com a tia de Murat, embora hexagonal tem um tampo parecido com as do Tapas e até a linha central desta mesa e igual ao contorno exterior das mesas do Tapas. Interessante também é que esta mesa está nitidamente filmada (só a luz do dia não justifica a diferença de qualidade) ao contrário da do Tapas cujo lado direito não está nitido. Pode ser de propósito para enganar e iludir o publico já que normalmente o publico presta atenção ao que está a ser dito e desliga do cenário. Martin Brunt não sabia que um dia Textusa nos ia por a olhar para o cenário para tentarmos entender e interpretar tanto interesse em mostrar a Mesa do Tapas de forma tao ambigua. Se era aquela, que a mostrasse como mostrou o portao de Murat ou a replica do 5a. Porque é que não o fez? De certeza que mostrar a Mesa do tapas se ela fosse real não era violação do segredo de justiça nem perturbava a investigação.
    Não quero gerar mais confusão mas a mim parece-me montagem de imagens.
    Os videos de que falo estão no YouTube " the mystery of Madeleine McCann sky News, Part 1,2,3" e incluem aquele em que MB apresenta a mesa dos Tapas 9.

  7. I advise readers to go back in time and read this post:
    Written in December 2010 and shows the reaction when Textusa first said that the table was a hoax and for that reason the Tapas dinners were fiction:
    "Agua mole em pedra dura, tanto bate ate que fura" "Soft is the water on hard rock, but it hits it so many times that gets through it"
    This post will silence I think all T9 table skeptics. There were no tapas dinners, there was no negligence. Ocean Club, guests, the media and the UK Highest Authorities are up to their necks in this.

  8. Well done, Mrs Poirot!

  9. Sorry, Mrs Marple!

  10. We will solve this puzzle when we establish just how large the stage is.
    The stage reaches to the top. I was watching Gordon Brown on TV yesterday and thought how much I did not trust him but as Prime Minister I was used to seeing him and trusted his spin but not seeing him for a long time I could see right through him and that fake smile. This logic applies to the Tapas friends and Kate and Gerry we now see their lies, but something is so wrong here when they are protected. They should be in prison for wht they have done so why are they not, what on earth is happening to the justice system in UK it is so messed up it is unbelieveable. How did Jimmy Saville manage to abuse so many children and nobody said a word. This post should not be the dying swan it should be the dying UK, the country that accepts corruption and litigation above justice for a child. What a disgusting nation we have become.

  11. Not being a member of either forums (if you wondering how I got there I used feedjit), I would like to thank Marxman for having put up the link to here in both JH and MMF forums:

    On MMF his words are very complementary to Text:
    "I think that this post by Textusa, must surely rate as the most important and informative investigative work carried out by her goodself. A brilliant deconstruction of Brunty's reporting which illustrates his involvement with a cover-up! Brunt must hang his head in shame."

    Now let's see what comments the post gets.

  12. If you put the video on full view you can see EASILY how the table changes on the right of Brunt!! I counted 11 times! 11 TIMES!!!

  13. Anon Nov 10, 2012 9:15:00 PM, you're wrong! I only counted 10! Incredible no one had noticed this before!

  14. ITV confronted Cameron with a list of paedophiles in his government, which shocked him a lot.He impossibly can deny he is not aware of it now.He can show now he is a responsible PM by at least doing something about Madeleine's revision, hurrying the Met up in order to get the answer. Otherwise the public's conclusion will be:covering up the paedophiles of his government and covering up the mysteryous death of the girl.

    If he does not put pressure on the Yard, it is because he could be a suspect too. Believing he is honest is not enough. He has to show it.

  15. Quanto mais vejo o video, tanto mais me convenco que a parte onde Martin Brunt pretende mostrar a mesa do Tapas, e uma montagem de imagens feita em estudio para criar a ilusao de uma mesa grande e deste modo validar a tese do jantar. Nao tenho o material que me permite analisar e desmontar as imagens em detalhe, mas claramente a cadeira em que Martin Brunt esta sentado, e diferente em formato e tamanho das cadeiras do Tapas que estao a sua volta e que sao semelhantes as mostradas por GA no seu livro. Se virmos a cadeira de Martin Brunt, visivel quando faz a pirueta, tem o rebordo das costas direitas e assemelha-se a cadeiras das casa de jantar, tal como o tampo da mesa onde ele apoiua as maos. Pode ser puro engano meu, mas eu arriscaria dizer que a filmagem dele na cadeira e mesmo o movimento de levantar e virar, foi filmado noutro lado e depois montado sobre as imagens de uma mesa do Tapas, com a luminosidade e a qualidade das imagens devidamente alteradas para criar ilusao. Se nao foi assim, atendendo ao numero de cadeiras disponiveis em background, porque haveria ele de levar uma diferente para se sentar?
    A reportagem integral foi feita em varios locais que terao incluido a casa de Murat e do padre anglicano bem como locais onde entrevistou os dois detectives que comentam a accao dos caes, a ausencia de vestigios de rapto e a entrada e saida do raptor por uma porta aberta. nas entrevistas disponiveis vemos como jogou com a luz, persianas corridas para reduzir a luminosidade interior. bastava ter filmado um shot extra nalgum destes lugares para depois montar com calma, tempo, engenho e arte no estudio, de modo a criar a ilusao pretendida. Dinheiro e material para mudar as imagens, nao tera faltado. Hoje, no mundo digital tudo se consegue.

  16. Anon Nov 11, 2012 9:00:00 AM

    You're mistaking a shadow for the chair, I'm afraid.

    When Mr Brunt turns on to his left, the right side of his chair is further hidden and he only reveals very little of its left side, that we can see has the same two bamboo that the other chairs also have.

    Mr Brunt is sitting at an exact same kind of chairs as the others we see.

    I don't believe that the scene was filmed in two different locations. Why? No need if all the props are there?

    Most of the times things are much simpler than we make them to be.

    For example, people say that some people wouldn't do this and that because they had no reason to do it. They question is not if they had a reason but when did they find one. Have you ever done anything without a reason? No. But before doing it you had a moment from which that reason appeared. For example, you picked your car keys because you decided to go to the supermarket. Before that decision you didn't have a reason to pick those keys up, did you?

    The same logic applies to lying.

    The Maddie Affair is very simple. You only have to determine WHEN did the reason appear to the people to make them do what they did. Then, you'll see, all pieces fit together.

  17. Anon (unpublished) at Nov 11, 2012 12:16:00 PM

    Could you please resubmit the comment free for publication as we think the content is of general interest?

    Thank you.

  18. Hi Textusa,
    thanks for your reply to my comment. I look again into the video and into the two pictures you have above, the one where you highlight MB hand inside a square and the one with trapezium. look at the right side of MB, more or less at the middle part of his top harm, you can see a dark shape that looks like the edge of a wooden chair, even has some brightness on top, a little shinning, looking like a reflection from some light. The image of this edge is more clear on the video, just before he turns to the left and when he is turning to the left. Observe his movement while turning... looks like he press a little bit his back to rest against the chair.
    i'm not saying that I'm correct but for me this edge could not be confused with a shadow. is sticking out from the rest. yes, i can see a dark shadow on his right but is above and further then the object I'm speaking about .
    i can see a small piece of bamboo on his left when he does the piruette but this bamboo looks much smaller to me then the ones from the chairs beside him, because of that my interpretation was that this bamboo belongs to one of the chairs setled further on his back. On the other hand, the bamboo chairs are wide, even their back sides are wide, i'm affraid that while turning like he turns he must have shown the back side of the bamboo chair on his right. He is a sleem guy, even with a jacket, will have shown the back side of the bamboo chair.
    I agree with you... the all case was simple, why complicating something simple? but that video has nothing that could be considered simple. Was meticulously made paying attention to some important details: 1- not contradicting the police. 2- trying to find plausible excuses that could clean the Mccann's without contradicting the police. Even the dogs going around the Mccann's belongs where shown, but to allow the hypotheses of mechanical transference. everything was planned and setle to bake the Mccann's version without questionning too much the evidences the police had to made them arguidos. at the time of that video, the Mccann's were back at Uk with arguidos status, but GA was already out of the investigation. MB do another little service to the Mccann's when he says that the crime scene was not sealed by the police and the property was back to the Market after few weeks. He was in PDL since the beginning, then why he lies in a so small but important detail, the crime scene? everybody knows, PJ sealed the crime scene which was already contaminated by the Mccann's and all the crew they allow inside prior the arrive of the police. after been checked by a forensic team, the police can't hold the property. they hand back the flat for rent after being full investigated with what was available. MB even hired a witness who goes with him to the big garbage bins to say that she looks inside the bins on May 3 night, but childs don't hide inside bins, just to open the way for him to ask if she was looking for a body emerging the idea of the girl being killed by the abductor. For me the all movie is a pile of complications to confuse and give explanations for simple lies. why he did that? because he was told too, according to my interpretation. The video must have been a request from who don't want the public to be trully informed and don't care about the destiny of the little girl. this is not journalism, this is a way to pervert the course of justice.
    just my idea and sorry for all the time you spend reading my comment.

  19. @Nov 11, 2012 6:38:00 AM

    I think Cameron "sidelined" it very well. In some ways I think he expected at some point to be confronted and had already decided how he would deal with any "outing" of suspects. He diverted it into a "witch hunt" and further used "homophobia" to tarnish any credibility. He has been well tutored!

  20. Anon Nov 11, 2012 9:00:00 AM and Nov 11, 2012 1:05:00 PM

    I've replied to your comments with a Post-Post Scriptum.

    Thank you so much for your participation!

  21. Anon (unpublished) at Nov 11, 2012 12:16:00 PM

    I urge you once again to resubmit your comment free for publication.

    As you know the content of your comment is in contradiction with what we've been referring about the Tapas Bar and we think, as we've said, that it's of general interest.

    As we've said many times we welcome all valid challenges to our statements because only that way can we can correct our path, if that be the case, and assure ourselves and our readers that we're on the right track.

    The "NOT FOR PUBLICATION" in your comment forbids us to use it for the open debate that we think is desirable to happen.

  22. Why would there be a table for 9/10 that was vacant/couldn’t be booked on some nights?
    Of course there wasn't!

  23. It's finally dawning on people.

    A 5ft table is what we had at a wedding we went to, in a very large barn. They allow a large group of people who don't always know each other to converse easily.
    You need space behind each chair, as stated, and spaces for other tables.

    You couldn't put it up just for the evening, 5 evenings in a row then put it away for daytime.
    It would take up a lot of room if left in situ, with no guarantee that a large group would use it.
    It would be much easier to put long and square tables together.

    At a wedding,the tables are used at a one off event. Then they are packed away.

  24. Textusa, I don't succeed sending a email to the BBC, suggesting them to publish some results or all of the results of the Yard, about the revision.They could make a horrible noise around it and distract the attention of the public from the scandals that are going on right now. We could use those sad stories in order to reach justice for Madeleine.
    Would you write the BBC, please? Thamk you!

  25. Anon Nov 11, 2012 9:19:00 PM

    Thank you for your suggestion. I don't think I need to write to the BBC because I'm sure they visit the blog and get the information directly.

    About suggesting others to follow your suggestion, I'm afraid we can't do that. We appreciate free-thinkers, so people will read your comment and act according to their will and conscience.

  26. Brunt was just one of many fraud-reporters that were sent to PDL with the mission of misinforming the public. This post, very well written because it leaves no space for any sort of opposition from those who know that all is a lie, just proves and underlines that fact. Thank you sisters!

  27. Textusa, please watch Sky News, a video, about the abuse that was happening since the 80s.
    On "This morning"ITV, Cameron became shocked and pale when the journalist gave him the list.And that without reading its contents.
    Was he aware of those paedophiles?

  28. Textusa, just to help you out with your answer to Anon Nov 11, 2012 9:00:00 AM, if the decision to go to the supermarket was very sudden, say hubby calling that he's bringing boss to dinner in an hour, the likelihood of forgetting the pot on the oven and burning the stew would be enormous. Someone let the stew burn on the May 3 because they had to act in a hurry. A part of the burned stew was the Tapas table.
    Brilliant piece Textusa!

  29. Funny how you have never put these suggestions to Mr Amaral - because of course what you are suggesting is that he was totally stupid, inept and a fool, missing entirely the fact that a huge conspiracy was unfolding before his eyes and that all these people - Mark Warner staff, the guests, the employees, the local population , everyone - were all ''in on it''

    I think I will write to him and tell him what you are saying about him and his officers. I'm sure he will be thrilled to know you are claiming he didn't do his job properly

  30. Here is a question for you - I bet you won't have the courage to print it

    How come, in a supposed conspiracy of such immense complexity and so organised that these people chose - repeatedly, as their statements prove - to state that they were sat at a big round table, if no such table existed? After all, it would be the work of two minutes to determine whether it existed or not.

    I find your dismissal of Mr Amaral and your attempts to make him look foolish to be very suspicious - just who is paying you, Textusa?

  31. We have been receiving a significant amount of comments regarding the SY Review.

    As far as we are aware, there hasn't been any novelty about it lately, nor any indication that its conclusions are to be published any time soon.

    We have given, on various occasions our opinion about the Review.

    Comments about it at the moment add nothing to the debate.

    Thank you for understanding.

  32. Anon (unpublished) at Nov 11, 2012 12:16:00 PM

    We've asked you twice to resubmit your "do not publish" comment for the sake of general interest.

    You've failed to do so up to now.

    As such we do not feel obliged to answer it in any way.

    If you do resubmit, we will accept you are making a genuine point and will respond accordingly.

    We shall never violate the concept of a "do not publish" comment, even if BHs try to take advantage of that.

  33. Hi I resent the comment yesterday evening, around sixish. I will redo it.

    The Tapas Bar at the Ocean Club was advertised to the general public for evening meals on the local English radio station at that time. Reservations were encouraged and a contact number given.
    While I cant vouch for MW guests, your readers should remember
    there were hundreds of other owners and guests to cater for at the Ocean Club and in the general area.

    Another point is I have been on an all inclusive holiday where there was a general restaurant like the Millenium and two specialised, much smaller restaurants available on a first come, first served basis.


  34. Anon Nov 11, 2012 11:13:00 PM and Nov 12, 2012 3:00:00 PM, which we suppose to be the same person.

    Mr Amaral may be more astute than you give him credit for.

    You're free to contact GA if you wish.

    Mr Amaral's photo of the table may be significant, but only he knows. We are not privy to his thinking.

  35. Nov 12, 2012 6:37:00 PM

    Could you please identify in which resort you spent the holiday you speak of:

    "Another point is I have been on an all inclusive holiday where there was a general restaurant like the Millenium and two specialised, much smaller restaurants available on a first come, first served basis."
    Also please identify which local radio station you speak of: "The Tapas Bar at the Ocean Club was advertised to the general public for evening meals on the local English radio station at that time."
    And please explain how a LOCAL radio station advertising would make "your readers should remember"? Are all Textusa reader's from your local part of the woods?
    And you can't vouch what for MW guests? Are you by chance trying to justify the queue that has been proven over and over never existed?
    This was a "do not publish comment" why?

  36. Holiday was in Malta, I was just making the point that some inclusive packages offer a choice of restaurants.

    The local station was Kiss FM.

    If you reread my comment I was reminding readers that MW guests were only a small section of holiday makers at the Ocean Club.

    I cant vouch whether any MW guests ate at the Taoas Bar, just that they advertised to the general public. No I am not trying to explain a queue.

    I wanted Textusa to have this information, she asked me to post it publicly so I did.

  37. The radio comment ....completely ridiculous for MANY reasons. The usual way to advertise is by putting a leaflet in every apartment and on the walls of the reception. How many people will listen to radio if they are out and about on holiday???? And in car the Ocean Club would spend money advertising a pool bar when they had "Ocean Club" as its front name and logo??? It would be ridiculous to pay an ad for The Mill now imagine hpw ludicrous it would be to announce their resort based on Tapas!!! BUT if it was restricted on first come first serve basis then why advertise at all.

    I know Textusa asked you to publish. We all saw that. The question I asked is why you thought this would be the sort of information that only Textusa and her team should know? Why not write it openly in the first place?

  38. Anon Nov 12, 2012 6:37:00 PM

    Who can remember such an advert after 5 years!! Can you remember what your local radio was advertising 5 years ago? - unless you were on the radio yourself and did the advert.

  39. What part of the phrase "general public" do you not understand?
    It was an ad on the ex pat local English station, targeted at anyone and everyone. The Tapas Bar was advertised as being open in the evenings to the general public, locals, tourists, Portuguese and all other nationalities.

    I wanted to see if Textusa wanted it published on this article or whether she could use it for a new article.

  40. So an "ex pat local English station" listened either by residents in the Algarve and people already on holiday paid money for people to go to PDL to eat at Tapas?!?!
    Tapas doesn't even appear in the restaurant listings of restaurants in PDL!!!
    Oh, I loved "ex-pat". Explains a lot.

  41. I never said it was 5 years later did I?
    We were out in the car the week after Madeleine went missing, the ad came on and my husband said it was strange they were still running the ad, which we had heard before, when the security was like at the White House now.

    The other passengers agreed. Thats how I remember.

  42. Anon Nov 12, 2012 6:37:00 PM, Malta has many hotels. Could you please be more specific?

  43. Tapas doesn't appear now, you idiot, as it closed years ago. God Textusa, some of your posters are really thick

  44. GA was beginning to smell a rat after his removal from the case, as his book makes clear. If he had remained in post, he may have started to look further. He did have concerns about some of the guests at an early stage, hence the enquiries into Balu and Berry.

  45. Insane/Advocatus

    Game over. Blame it on the nose. Again.

  46. I despise the phrase ex pat but I was trying to explain who the ad's on Kiss FM are aimed at.

    I suggest you call up Kiss FM, whether they have records on such things I dont know.

    I wanted Textusa to have the information, I gave her other information last week which she verified.
    You can either believe me or not, that is fine. I am not going to keep justifying myself. As long as Textusa has the information I am happy.

    Can you see know why people living on the Algarve who may have bits of local knowledge which could help discussion stay away from the Madeleine sites. We are jumped on and pulled to pieces.


  47. Published this last comment because I considered useful of interest to all.

    The information referred in the comment about last week is true and it will warrant a correction in past posts when opportune, as already stated.

  48. I find this very entertaining and interesting.
    Entertaining because it's a show the BHs come up with ways to try to get to Textusa...
    Interesting because Textusa seems to be the last bastion the BHs try and try again to discredit but get their behind Texturized (by her or her readers)...
    What matters is that I haven't read a single word contradicting that Brunt fooled the public about the table.
    I've read many trying to distract us from that.

  49. Textusa. You are brilliant the black hats do not like you because they know you are a threat, you have spotted their weaknesses and you are not afraid to speak the truth. Well done Textusa you do a great service to justice and truth.

  50. Nobody can provide evidence in the form of a brochure or web page that MW included the tapas OR the Millenium as part of the package deal2004-2008.It was only the Millenium.
    This is not a myth but a provable fact.This is backed up by the Trip advisor reviews for the same period.The mill meals were based on a buffet basis allowing MW to do accurate costings.How would other guests feel eating cold meats at the Mill while the Macs eat a la carte every night for the same price.The tapas dinners are the myth.

  51. Textusa,
    this might be interesting:

    "Witness statement of Tiago Rochas Barreiros 2007.05.08"

    (mentions the "special" table reserved fro the group, but curiously does NOT say what shape it was...)

    "From the very beginning, a request was made to the restaurant workers to reserve a table for 20H30 until the end of the week. The request was made for a specific table given the number in the group - nine people. This group would dine daily and always arrive around 20H30. They would leave the restaurant around 00H30.

    That the table they occupied is next to the Tapas bar since that table was the biggest."

    The table was by the bar?! It doesn't seem like it judging by the video(s) and photos, does it...? It looks more like it is in the middle of the pateo.
    Is there any way to check this?

  52. Textusa, you make me think of Miss Piggy, of the Mupped Show, who danced Suine Lake with Rudolf Nureyev.
    please, publish this!!!!!!!!!!!1

  53. I don't understand ( better, I understand if coming from a BH) why people question GA for publishing the pictures of Tapas table on his book. His book is an account of what happened in the investigation. It is true, the Tapas 9, a crew of waters and guests from the OC officially stated to the investigation the dinner and even to try to validate it, they produced Tapas lists which are available in the PJ files. GA cannot ignore or overtake that important part of the investigation, no matter what he thinks about or what was his personal opinion. The book is not a piece of his opinion, is a report easily understandable of the investigation. By publishing the pictures of the tables he passed an important message, without saying a word regarding his opinion- the dinner was a fabrication, like the abduction, because the physical evidences collected immediately after the crime show that what the Mccann's and their helpers said, was impossible, was a lie. If that pictures are inside the book, means they were collected by the police immediately after the crime ( most probably on the first week, when also pictures from the 5a were taken. GNR even photographed the 5a on the night of May 3, that's why a bag shown on the pictures disappeared before the sunrises, before PJ being in scene). That means THERE WAS NO BIG ROUND TABLE AT THE TAPAS IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE CRIME. The Tapas 9 if were more clever and not struggled by the time and the stress imposed by their lies about the checking paten and the distance to the apartment, they could easily bake their dinner with a big rectangle table made by square tables put side to side. As usual, they die trough their mouths. They said the table was round and Gerry to reinforce the idea draw a circle on his video. The recipe is always the same, they certify the public with a HUGE STUPID LABEL and want the public to believe their words just because they say it. Was like that with an intruder going in/out of the flat without a single evidence, why not with the dinner? What was the problem with lying a little more? A childish behavior which could only be explained if was to escape a big trouble. GA pictures, prouve there was no big round table, but according to my interpretation prouve one thing more- none of the Tapas 9 ever went to the Tapas before raising the alarm. A so basic error with shape/ size of the tables show it. They know, their story is a pile of lies impossible to setle in locus, that's why they will prevent up to what they can any reconstruction. But the time and the memory of the public will be their principal enemies. Vale e Azevedo, after many years playing with justice could not escape the inevitable end- back in Lisbon to pay his account with justice. Soon or later will come the time for the Tapas 9 and their helpers on the cover up.
    Wonder if Martin B wants to come back to Portugal to cover Maddie saga. He will claim sun allergy to avoid the Algarve soil.


    This is what we can find in the website today. Based on comments from the Tripadvisor, I believe was not much different then now, in 2007.
    I can see from where the Tapas 9 got the inspiration of the round tables- from the Millenium, because there is where they use to go.
    No reference of the Tapas bar as a dinning destination. Unless the Tapas bar changed and become a Pizzeria. I'm afraid that the Pizzeria already exist in 2007.

  55. Anon Nov 13, 2012 12:26:00 AM

    I love Miss Piggy, she is one of my favourite characters. I often feel like her.....I hope I don’t look like her though!

    Rudolf Nureyev was to me the personification of ballet. His flawless flow of movements made it all seem so easy and natural!

  56. Anon Nov 12, 2012 11:51:00 PM

    What you request has been detailed in our "Textusa Corrects Textusa" post.

    Thank you.

  57. Doesn't this remind you so much of Panda's "friend of a friend of Mrs Fenn's friend" when she corrected her statement to say the exact same thing?:
    "I never said it was 5 years later did I?
    We were out in the car the week after Madeleine went missing, the ad came on..."
    If Madeleine went missing more than 5 years ago, the week after is also more than 5 years ago also, so the ad would have more than 5 years too!

  58. They go for you from left, right and centre and you keep unpeeling layer by layer the elaborate onion they thought they made impenetrable.

  59. "The Tapas Bar at the Ocean Club was advertised to the general public for evening meals on the local English radio station at that time. Reservations were encouraged and a contact number given.".

    That make my day. What a brilliant piece to highlight how the dinner was a fiction.... Can somebody with a brain understand why a restaurant that has a queue for bookings and has inside guests complaining about not getting a table, needs an advertise in a radio to target tourists who don't listen such radio?
    If that advertise ever happen, shows the length of the lies made by the all group( tapas 9, workers and guests) because they served the Tapas as the most wanted appetizer in town, so full and so hard to get a table. On their statements they stated that they had to align personally in the queue to get a table..... while in the radio, a phone number is given allowing the outsiders to get the same tables just by making a call....and the Mccann's did not sue MW for such discrimination?

    "there were hundreds of other owners and guests to cater for at the Ocean Club and in the general area."
    Another golden piece. Finally somebody corroborating what we suspect since years.... There was an attraction inside the OC that attracted hundreds of owners and guests. What could be the attraction? I believe was not the Tapas bar or the Millennium with their poor menus and was not NK with her quiz nights. I remark also that locals were not a target for such attraction. What could be? Can my naughty mind bring an idea?....swing nights?....

    You, dear anon really damaged the Mccann's dinner. What a karma.
    Don't tell me... By coincidence you had holidays in Malta having the same conditions as the MW guests and in Malta, the resort also had a restaurant like the Mill and 2 alternatives like the OC? What a coincidence...and you were in the Algarve on the week after May 3 listening Kiss FM? Why Malta sounds so close to PDL?

  60. I too love Miss Piggy! Oh, how I enjoyed her karate chops! "hy-ah"!
    Poor Kermit...he experienced many!

  61. Anon (unpublished / Not for Publishing) comment at at Nov 13, 2012 8:43:00 PM

    I asked you to publish your comment because it contained information that basically contradicted what we defend the Tapas Bar to have been in May 2007, which was a snack-bar supporting one of Ocean Club’s 3 existing pools.

    The fact that you say it was advertised on a Radio Station in May 2007 as well as another detail that you forgot to reproduce makes Tapas to be more important than we believe it to have been during that week.

    The fact about Tapas being a pizzeria at night, comes from a mail sent by the Ocean Club to one of our readers, who in turn sent it to Ironside. This mail was fully published in a post by Ironside here.

    If I recall it correctly, it says that Tapas could be an alternative to The Mill because it serves sandwiches and salads, and during the night turned into a Pizzeria. That information, as I said, came from the Ocean Club.

    About your comment, I could not have such challenging information without reacting to it by allowing it to be openly debated, as it was.

    I published no offensive language against you. I published legitimate questions from readers and arguments contradicting what you had stated. That’s how an issue is debated.

    The only offensive language, the majority of which I didn’t publish, came from someone defending your arguments if one is to consider foul language as defending anything.

    We have already said we intend to rectify the information about the person you’ve referred to last week.

    Also, last week, I said that I didn’t wish to conduct an offline conversation in consideration with other readers.

    I proposed then that you leave a mail by which you could be contacted in a “do not publish” comment, which you made the decision, which I respect, of not accepting.

    This blog seeks to propagate truth. Nothing else.

    In future, authors of "do not publish" comments are to assume they will not receive a response as we don't want to conduct one sided conversations, out of respect to other readers.

  62. It was one of the Ocean Club's staff members that mentioned the guests had a choice between the Millenium and the Tapas Bar:

    Processos Vol III

    Pages 569 - 571

    Date: 2007/05/08

    Luisa Ana de Noronha de Azevedo Coutinho

    Occupation: Receptionist

    Place of work: Ocean Club

    "She adds that this family (McCann), like all MW clients had half-board, that is breakfast and dinner. For dinner the guests could choose between two restaurants, the Tapas and the Millenium, the first being à la carte and the second a buffet service, clients make their choice not only because of the food but because of the proximity of the restaurant to their accommodation. She says that the guests told her that the Tapas was of better quality but that it was difficult to reserve there as a MW guest as the MW daily quota was of only 20."

  63. 9th May 2007

    ''The Ocean Club has several hubs. One is a 24-hour reception, the other two have swimming pools, restaurants and tennis courts. At their furthest point, these centres are 10 minutes walk apart. In between are Ocean Club apartments mixed with local homes.

    The options for childcare were numerous, well organised and of a very high standard. A well-staffed nursery with a child-to-carer ratio that was often just two-to-one, took youngsters from 9.30 to 12.30 every day and from 2.30 to 5.30 in the afternoon.

    These creche facilities were next to the poolside Tapas restaurant where Madeleine’s parents were eating when she disappeared.

    Madeleine and the younger twins Amelie and Sean were sleeping at the McCanns’ apartment overlooking the swimming pool at the main hub of the resort. Around that pool was the Tapas bar which was in high demand every night. Most guests went to the buffet at the Ocean Club’s Millennium restaurant, a 10-minute walk away from the McCanns’ apartment. But eager guests would queue from 9am to book one of the limited number of tables at the Tapas bar, which served barbecued fish and meat dishes to order. Both restaurants were included in the price of the holiday.''

    You are well aware of this, Textusa. You have known it all along. If you refuse to publish this we will know it is because you are scared your posters will find out you have been lying to them all along

  64. September 2007

    ''The staff at the Tapas bar were great and the pool was lovely and clean. We should know the kids spent most of the two weeks we were there in it!. We also had dinner at the Tapas bar which was a great surprise.... really nice food, well presented and the staff were pleasant.''

    Still lying to your posters, Textusa?

    You either publish them on here or I publish them all to another site, where you will instantly become a laughing stock

    Lots more where this comes from......

  65. Anon Nov 13, 2012 10:11:00 PM and Anon Nov 13, 2012 10:18:00 PM

    and nothing to do with Luisa Coutinho but showing clearly how trustable are the statements from the Tapas staff:

  66. '' Both restaurants were included in the price of the holiday.''

    '' Both restaurants were included in the price of the holiday.''

    '' Both restaurants were included in the price of the holiday.''

    '' Both restaurants were included in the price of the holiday.''

    Oh - incidentally, explain to your tame cretin that the reason people had to queue was because only a limited number of tables were available to Mark Warner guests on an inclusive package

    Your lies will always catch up with you, textusa

  67. Anon Nov 13, 2012 10:24:00 PM and Anon Nov 13, 2012 10:24:00 PM

    Oh, and there was no "the reason people had to queue was because only a limited number of tables were available to Mark Warner guests on an inclusive package":

    You could have avoided making a fool out of yourself, couldn't you?

  68. Last comment on the subject.

    It became a pizzeria after the 2007 saga where the Tapas Bar became infamous around the world. The OC owners must have wanted it to disappear so a couple took it over to run. The Pizzeria only opens during the day.

    To the poster asking about Malta, I was simply making the point that I had been on a package holiday to the Fortina Hotel which offered a standard dining room and 2 more up market restaurants. It was in 1996, check it out, their details are on line.
    And to answer your sarcastic remark I live here on the Algarve.

  69. Anon 13, 10:24,

    We should believe you because you said that, yeah? Typical... Why did you remind me the arrogance of a certain couple?
    Since everything was so nice and so clear, can you tell us where went Maddie without leaving a trace? I believe, all people from the OC has an idea...

  70. "Oh - incidentally, explain to your tame cretin that the reason people had to queue was because only a limited number of tables were available to Mark Warner guests on an inclusive package"

    Why there is a queue for an inclusive package? Are you saying MW discriminates his guests, they all pay the same but only the lucky ones or the ones that sacrified the beach could have the most wanted dinner?

    You can't make it yah? Caught trough the tail or trough the mouth.

  71. "You either publish them on here or I publish them all to another site, where you will instantly become a laughing stock"

    Where is that site? Is it the never happen Insanes blog?

  72. '' Both restaurants were included in the price of the holiday.''

    What a democratic way for MW to run his business. Only 20 of his guests could go to the Tapas, but to get in they had to queue instead of going to the beach or do any other activity. Interesting, no one complained.
    On the trip advisor we can see people complaining about the flats, the distance to the Mill, the menus, the food, etc. No one complained about having being forced to waste time queuing to the Tapas or having been out of the Tapas because they did not queue.
    I can imagine, if the queue was mandatory in May, what could be in the summer?
    What is ridiculous is presenting the excuse of having a half board package with all restaurants included but for one of them there is a need of pre- booking and for that, guests had to queue. Of course this is a lie that has place only on who needs that lie to cover something else. No any resort could offer such service to their guests, because if so they could easily be sued by who did not got what was considered the best service, which was the Tapas according to your posts.

  73. I see your tame cretin is foaming at the mouth now.

    It's all unravelling, isn't it, Textusa? It's quite normal for a restaurant to have an agreement with a firm such as Mark Warner to provide a limited number of covers, this is a perfectly normal arrangement. And it was exactly what existed here, and what was described by many users, including the blogger I quoted, tripadvisor, members of tapas staff, other guests and Mark Warner employees. The poster who was living out there at the time has also explained to you, with more patience than you deserve,how the system worked and that the restaurant subsequently became a pizzeria AFTER 2007.

    This entire fallacy and fantasy is built on a false premise. Textusa has used this ''No tapas dinners'' deception to test how stupid you are, and to see how much nonsense you will swallow before you realise you have been comprehensively fooled.

    If you really are so iredeemably thick and stupid that you believe Textusa when she tells you that all the staff, diners, Mark Warner management, locals and holidaymakers conspired together to cover up for the McCanns, and that she bases this ridiculous notion on the fact that she doesn't believe there was a big enough table to seat a group of 9, then frankly you deserve it. You are all flailing around, like you always do when confronted with a bit of sense, or actual evidence that you are wrong. You don't get to see most of the stuff that gets sent to Textusa because she won't publish it - she likes to keep you in the dark. For oncein your sad, lonely and pathetic lives, get head head from out of your backsides and understand this:

    There was a round table

    The Tapas 9 ate at the tapas bar

    The tapas was included for guests on the Mark Warner inclusive package

    Textusa has made you look like credulous fools

    Attacking the messenger, as you have attacked the poster who explained to you how the system worked just shows how feeble your argument is

    Bloody idiots

  74. "It became a pizzeria after the 2007 saga where the Tapas Bar became infamous around the world. The OC owners must have wanted it to disappear"...

    Why the Tapas become infamous and by who if the version baked by the owners was an abduction due to a strange who went to the flat going in and out trough a easy way. Don't forgot that due to the absence of any damage on the property, Kate came with idea of having a slippery word around the pool that lead to a pool waiter to take a note about the children left unattended. That open the window for the latest version, a intruder going to the flat using a key and of course keeps the ball on MW and his workers. After all, the strange abductor must be not strange at all in Kate fiction... But the silence of MW regarding that claims says it all.... There is few doubts regarding Kate having lied again but MW choose the innuendo of not clearing the water by leaving such serious suspicion flying in the air. Then, what really happen to Madeleine must be more serious and must damage more his business then that claims.
    God may know why you said "The OC owners must have wanted it to disappear".
    Interesting that you live in Algarve and spend so much time trying to justify what has no justification and trying to discredit Textusa and her readers.
    I know the opinion of local people living in the Algarve. Doesn't differ much from mine- the abduction was a fabrication and the Mccann's never searched their daughter in the terrain. Was all a circus to entertain the police and the public and to grab money for their Fund. The catholic Portuguese with their mothers of Fatima were the first fooled. If you live in Algarve, you must know the story of a old man who went to Fatima praying for Madeleine and went to PDL to offer an image of N Sra de Fatima to Kate, believing that could strength her fate and help bring Madeleine home. The image was left on the walls of the OC and some Portuguese journalists took pictures of it and remarked the situation. I believe, if was a pack of money will be not left there. That shows how catholic they are....No wonder, who help them, desperately wants that case closed now without any investigation.

  75. “You are all flailing around, like you always do when confronted with a bit of sense, or actual evidence “ sounds like projection to me. You are going to give this person a heart attack if you keep insisting there was no BRT. It’s as though his life depends on its existence! Why doesn’t he think it’s funny if it really didn’t exist, surely he would be encouraging Textusa to keep at it?

  76. "There was a round table

    The Tapas 9 ate at the tapas bar

    The tapas was included for guests on the Mark Warner inclusive package"

    That's irrefutable evidence. How can we contradict such clairvoyance, wisdom and certainty? We can't.

    Sorry Textusa, you're wrong. This person's argumentation won me over!

  77. Censored comment:

    "Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Swan Lake - Act 3":

    Tedious (censored) @ 10.05

    Could you please stick to simple words and phrases? Your written english is so poor it is almost impossible to work out what you are trying to say.

    It seems you are in some way blaming Mark Warner - for what is unclear. None of this rests at their door. They are not responsible for parents who neglect their children and it is not for them to get involved with discussions about the case - that would be quite wrong.

    As usual when you are rattled, you veer violently off course and start flailing at those around you. The lady from the Algarve posted to correct falsehoods spread by you and Textusa on this page - and she was clearly right, as your rudeness to and abuse of her clearly illustrates.

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Nov 14, 2012 10:42:00 AM"

  78. Censored comment:


    Publish the posts or they will all be published elsewhere, then people will make their own judgement as to why you have been selective in what you have published.

    Scared your regulars will work out quite how deceptive you are?

    And do something about your illiterate (censored), will you? She has been forgetting her medication again

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Nov 14, 2012 10:45:00 AM"

  79. Insane

    Still waiting for the link to the site where you publish all the stuff I hide.

    Any more comments of the sort above, then yes, you can be certain they won't be published.

    We've had enough of your rude off-putting remarks and anyway they'll see the light of day wherever it is you say you publish them, so I won't be keeping them for my little self, will I?

  80. I think that person should award Textusa with a comedy award is she provides so much hilarity. If it’s so funny they should be encouraging Textusa to write more. It would not only keep them amused but would also steer the conversation away from what they really don’t want discussed.

    As this person has so far refused to reveal where is it they do all the laughing, someone who is so rude and objectionable is welcome to their own closed blog, you can just imagine the vitriol published there. Witches round a cauldron stirring venom!

  81. You always want to keep people quiet when you know they tell the truth, Textusa. They are a challenge to what you see as your ''Authority''

    Have they cottoned on to the fact that you are the McCann's secret weapon, yet? That it's bullshit sites like this that allow them to point and say ''look how we are victimised by these nutters''?

    You really are a piece of work, conning the simple the stupid and the credulous

  82. Let the above comment pass without any sort of censorship.

    I will let, as usual, each reader to make his/her personal judgement of its content and intent.

  83. This comments came from the same person who pretend to be mutiple:

    "the lady from the Algarve posted to correct falsehoods"
    "if it's so funny they should be encouraging Textusa to write more"
    " Attacking the messenger, as you have attacked the poster..."

    Why using that strategy? "the lady", " the messenger", " they" are only one -YOU.
    And as usual, the absence of arguments to support your claims and insults just locks you in the bucket of more insults. Very little, very poor for who pretend to be more clever, more intelligent and more skilled then the others.
    What is really an example of illiteracy, is your comment regarding the spelling/english skills of other readers. This blog is a place for everyone with a valuable contribution to the debate, unfortunately for you. And is about the owner of the blog to publish the comments... If you don't like them, give up and go to your site where your absence of arguments are welcomed.
    We don't need big English skills to pass our message. The prove is you. You got the message and got really annoyed by it. Long sentences did not prevent you to understand the message. If was hard for you to read and understand the message, good, was an opportunity for you to exercise your brain because people who believe on a BRT in a secondary bar during a low season, really need a lot of brain exercise.

  84. The comment from Insane at Nov 14, 2012 11:02:00 AM is in line with "sardine muncher" remark.
    Pure disrespectful xenophobic slander appealing to the most basic abject instincts.
    I would like to compliment and thank all those that make an effort to write in language other than their own. Your comments are most welcomed. I wish I could write in Portuguese as well as you do. People like Insane exist in every Country but fortunately although they bark loudly they're much less of a pack then they seem to be. Please don't feel disheartened by such a ridiculous display of stupidity. Textusa has proved the table doesn't exist. That means the Tapas staff, the OC and the guests have lied. It's natural they hit back with vitriol. They have already realized that things are about to topple so they're fighting hard for the McCanns to be alone falling. Saying the BRT didn't exist doesn't help the McCanns in any way only brings others that were involved. That's why Insane becomes apoplectic whenever the BRT is mentioned.

  85. Textusa and her team defend the TRUTH. This means holding accountable ALL those that have responsibility in the events that night and from them on. This does NOT exclude the McCanns but also does NOT exclude all others that helped cover up what happened. You were all cowards that night in creating and agreeing with the abduction fantasy. Man up!

  86. ''Jose Baptista worked at the tapas bar Kate and Gerry McCann regularly dined at along with three other couples in Praia da Luz during their holiday earlier this year.

    Gerry McCann used to check on Madeleine and her younger brother and sister every 20 minutes while the rest of the group ate together for four nights, he told The Sun newspaper.

    The only time Kate McCann left to check on the children was the night of May 3, when the four-year-old toddler went missing.

    "There was a big round table near the pool,"Mr Baptista told the newspaper.

    "The McCanns and their friends had it every night. They obviously thought it was fine to leave the children in bed.

    "They left their children alone for up to three hours every night. If I was in their position I wouldn't have done that.''

  87. Textusa,

    Could you please stop publishing Insane’s comments? They’re completely off-putting, and I’m tired of reading the same old ridiculous, pointless rant over and over.
    It’s like someone coming into our house and insulting you for having a couch of a colour they don’t like and demand dining table should be tabletop down because they want it to be that way. They present no logic or reason and continue to base their arguments on what are already proven lies pretending to ignore they were.
    We’ve seen that they seek disruption and speaking to them is like talking to a brick wall. They’re not here to listen to reason or logic. They’re here to assure that reason and logic is not spread.
    Team Insane’s verbal abuse is predictable and ever so boring.

  88. And now let's have a big round of applause as we introduce, thanks to Insane at 8:05:00, the newest member of the BRT Circus Band: Mr Baptista!!!

    From now on the Band will be called Kate, Jane, Baptista and the Negligettes!!!

  89. Why do people get so agitated and aggressive when simple questions are asked.

    If you genuinely believe the Tapas and the Mill were both included in the inclusive package just publish the page from the MW brochure or their web page.After all thousands of brochures were printed and it will prove your case.

    The brochures of course were printed long before May 07 where as MW staff could have been pressurised into making erroneous statements after 3 May.

    So save the abuse it makes you look childish and produce the brochure.

    Thank you

  90. Anon at Nov 14, 2012 8:28:00 PM

    We have, as I write, 315 unpublished comments, with tendency to increase, and I can tell you that less than 10% of them are “do not publish”. You’ve seen what we’ve published, just imagine what we haven’t.

    Insane’s (or team as you put it and we believe that you're correct) activity tends to get frantic whenever we expose anyone outside the T9

    Let me give you just a sample by using tonight’s activity as an example:

    Anon comments at Nov 14, 2012 6:52:00 PM
    Insane (not published) responds at Nov 14, 2012 6:58:00 PM

    Anon comments at Nov 14, 2012 7:10:00 PM
    Insane (not published) responds at Nov 14, 2012 7:19:00 PM

    You commented at Nov 14, 2012 8:28:00 PM
    Insane (not published) responds at Nov 14, 2012 8:32:00 PM

    Anon comments at at Nov 14, 2012 8:33:00 PM
    Insane (not published) responds at Nov 14, 2012 8:45:00 PM

    As you might imagine, the language used is not for sensitive ears but as you say, it’s indeed predictable and boring.

    No one responds with such determination and quickness unless they’re personally involved in the cover-up or being paid to do so. If someone is paying then someone is delivering very poorly the goods they’re supposed to deliver here.

    We take this continuous monitoring of the blog and almost immediate response to comments as a huge compliment as well as a significant indication that we’re definitely on the right path.

  91. Oh look here - amazing what one can find out by means of a couple of emails to Mark Warner.

    You are toast, lady. Finished.

    I am going to enjoy this more than is actually decent.

  92. My, oh my...

    Mr. Joaquim José Moreira Baptista seems to have told a lot more to the Ozzie Daily Telegraph than he told the PJ!(see comment @ Nov 14, 2012 8:05:00 PM above)

    In his official statement to the PJ he never mentioned that Gerry used to check on the children every 20 m, or that the only time Kate checked on the children was on the 3rd May! More, he states that he does NOT know their names, and he noticed that the men of the group would leave the table for moments, but he had no idea why or where they went!
    And guess what? He also does NOT mention the table at all, not by the pool or by anywhere else!

    He made his statement to the police on the: Time/Date: 18H50 2007/05/06

    The article on the Telegraph is from the 24th october 2007

    It seems that from May to October Mr. Baptista added a lot of detail to his tale, all for the benefitt of the ozzie media! Pity he was not so eloquent with the PJ, he was so economical with his "memoires", blame it on the nerves of being interrogated by the big bad portuguese police, huh?!

    There's an old portuguese folk saying that fits Mr. Baptista like a glove : "quem conta um conto acrescenta-lhe um ponto"
    (he/she who tells a tale adds a detail)
    Mr. Baptist added lots of "pontos"!Yet another case of someone who, contrary to what is expected, experiences a remarkable improvement of his memories of the events many months later!
    It's a phenomenon that many "witnesses" of the events seem to experience...maybe something in the water supply in Luz, or in the air!
    I urge everyone here to read the article and read the official statement and compare the two, and then...draw your own conclusions...

    (scroll down the page 1, it's the 5th statement)

    A final note, I just noticed that one of my favorite sites for reference on the case and the PJ files has "gone missing"! It was the "McCannPJfiles", a most complete and well built site, and sadly it is no more! ... I wonder what happened...???

  93. It's curious the amount of people that remember things when they talk to the tabloids. It's like the tabloid press was walking around with a magic wand!

  94. It may be a minor detail about that Baptista "Comes to the process as a witness. He has worked as a waiter at the Tapas restaurant since 12th Feb 2007. He even says he works until midnight.

    Brunt confirms in the video that the tapas closed down over winter. We have been informed that April was the beginning of the season so why would he be there in early February?

  95. Insane at Nov 14, 2012 11:37:00 PM

    Well it seems that you're quite privvy with the Ocean Club aren't you?

    Them giving YOU the information about their own mails?

    And you threatening us based on information that you apparently got from the Ocean Club.

    That's really interesting, isn't it?

  96. Good day to All, specially to the Nice People!

    Pamalam withdrew completely from blogs she had. A lot has happened to her, she endured many things, she endured many attacks, she endured many negative reactions and I think the last straw was the death of a mutual friend.
    Pamalam always done an extraordinary job, and may have come to the conclusion that their effort was in vain due to the attacks she suffered.

  97. As a reader of this excellently questioning blog for many months the reply, ' You are toast, lady. Finished.' has shocked me to the point where I have to comment. This chilling statement is threatening and aggressive and strongly suggests the desperate individual has an angry and highly controlling nature when challenged. People who cannot debate and react in this way are highly insecure, using tactics to intimidate and bully due to their huge sense of entitlement. Defensiveness to this extreme is, Textusa, a sure sign you are slowly but steadily revealing the extent of personalities that seek to manipulate in all aspects if their life but that are terrified of exposure. I hope that in time they will be. Much love.

  98. Gee whiz, Text, this post has seriously rubbed some people up the wrong way. Somewhere you must have struck nerve. Keep it up!

  99. The meCANNics of hate seem desperate to show both the tapas and mill were included in the MW all inclusive package and that the tapas 9 were there every night around a big round table.

    They then quote statements of the OC staff confirming this but Kate McCann herself said how unreliable the memories of the tapas staff were, (her book pg 326).

    Jane Tanner a "completely reliable source" in her police statment states only the mill restaurant was included in the package now you would think you could rely on her.

    The waiter, Saledas, flown to England to give a police statement states on the 1st or 2nd night at the tapas they were offered free liquers for being such good clients, which begs the question, why would a restaurant give rewards for being such good clients if there was nothing to pay?

    The tapas dinners are the myth and once that facade is broken you should question the rest of the tale.
    Rational logical replies would be much appreciated, abuse is not.

  100. Fascinating stuff, it really is. My guess is you have known this all along, but decided to keep it from your thick followers, because of the whopping great hole it made in your lunatic theory.

    I might even post some of it if I can stop laughing for long enough :)

  101. Great!
    100 comments and counting...

    Well done Textusa and Sisters!
    Keep up the good job of stirring the Mccann muddy waters!

    Love you to bits!

  102. Cada facada de Insane só serve para olharmos mais incisivamente para dentro das histórias que os diversos personagens debitaram na policia e nos jornais, ao longo do tempo.
    Inicialmente pensei que era um personagem pago para prestar certos serviços na NET. As ultimas intervenções do personagem mostram que é alguém de dentro da história, particularmente perturbado com o que se discute aqui. Conhece o OC, Vive no Algarve e não gosta nada que se fale de quem poderá ter ajudado os Tapas 9 a construirem uma mentira que esconde a verdade a volta do desaparecimento de Maddie.
    Se conhece tudo isto também conhece Martin Brunt e a senhora que vai com Martin Brunt até aos caixotes do lixo para nos dizer que já na noite de 3 de Maio procurou dentro dos caixotes sabendo que as crianças não se escondem em tais lugares. Não se escondem mas podem ser escondidas. Portanto, esta senhora que acredito terá Sido meticulosamente selecionada para o video, pôs a hipotese de Maddie morta logo na noite de 3 de Maio. Interessante que enquanto a policia experiente nestas coisas, pos a hipotese mais logica da criança ter saido sozinha, os expatriados punham a hipotese de morte. Talvez Insane nos possa explicar que informação falhou a policia e não falhou aos expatriados. Quem telefonou a esta gente e porquê? Não venham dizer-me que foram as TVs, radios e jornais ou a policia. Alguém organizou uma esquadra de protagonistas para ajudar à confusão.

  103. Textusa,You may remember,the last time I responded to one of your verbally agressive "posters",I was told by them to **** off!!! which you kindly censored!However,visiting your site over the last week,I feel someone is very very angry that you are so close to "bringing muck to the surface" and they don,t know how to stop you.So keep up the good work Tex,you just might have the "straw that breaks the camel,s back" PS,I would love to be in your shoes and know where the "posts" originate,be very interesting in relation to the actual comment, Thanks again,Lynn

  104. lynn,

    All posts are based on what we see. Like I said, one thing is to see and understand, another is to make your point in an highly hostile environment populated by experts in the field of counter-information and misinformation.

    For example, if you're standing under a pear tree and around your feet are only apples and you look around and see an apple tree thirty yards away you immediately know where the apples came from and that they didn't walk by themselves to the pear tree.

    The problem resides on you being able to explain that you're surrounded by apples that have come from an apple tree while at the same time being trolled by a significant number of people who insist that the apples you say you see aren't apples but pears.

    Some even say they're in fact pineapples or maybe kiwis or any other fruit but apples.

    I'll let you on a little secret of our team. When Sina J joined the team during one of our exchange of opinions I told her "And I can prove that there were no Tapas Dinners". She responded "Really? You think you can do that?!? If you did that you'd break the case!"

    This was over two years ago. It wasn't obviously just the Brunt posts but a "house" built brick by brick that has taken that long.

    And there are other facts out there that everyone can see but it seems they haven't been able to see them yet...

  105. Whilst readers are free to send alternative theories and we are happy to read them, we will not publish comments that propose premeditation or death before May 3rd.

    There are other blogs which may welcome discussion of alternative scenarios, but we have arrived at our own conclusions.

    Readers who do not share them will vote by their readership, or not, of this blog

    Also, we've stated repeatedly that we don't have any inside information.

    All our posts have been based on open sources.

    The only post where we based on non-widely known information was "The Adultch Triangle" post but let us assure you that it was based on what was public information, and we suppose still is, available to all. The fact that few know about it doesn't mean it isn't public.

    This said we would like to say that we also don't welcome any proposals to have inside information.

    Any reader who wishes to provide us with useful information should also include the respective source so that we can check its veracity.

    Lastly, let me share with you what information we received last week that will make us correct some of our posts.

    We were informed, and verified it, that the girl playing TS in the Mockumentary isn’t TS.

    We believe we know who she is but, as the minor she was, feel we should do the same as we did with TS and protect her identity.

    We were erroneously informed that she was TS and this serves for us as an example that every piece of information needs double checking.

    This doesn’t significantly change anything we wrote, except the what is now an inadequate “reprimand” we gave TS for not remembering that it was cold when she came out of Baptista and saw Pimpleman for the second time.

    The fact remains that TS says in her statement in the PJ Files that it was chilly that day and the girl that appears in the Mockumentary is dressed for a hot summer midday.

    Now knowing that TS’s Mockumentary is not TS we will go back and correct our posts adequately. If anything proves that we don’t have inside information I think this does.

    It doesn’t serve us as an excuse that the Mockumentary makes no reference, as would be expected that it would, as to who plays the roles of Jane Tanner, TS, TS’s mother, the Pimpleman, JW or JW’s child. We made a mistake and we will correct it.

    We don't like to haste things up so we will do it when we have the time as for some reason the blog is currently on a break.

  106. Interesrting comment Petermac in the JH forum. People are finally understanding.

    "We can take it further.
    Imagine a round table with 9 chairs
    Push the chairs so the the front of the seats touch. This would be uncomfortably crowded, but no matter.
    Realistically this is the minimum circumference of our round table
    This is more or less how we sit to eat. Just look down at the front of your chair in relation to the desk you are sitting at.
    A dining chair, even an outdoor one is 50cm wide.
    So the circumference of the table must be 9 x 50 = 4.5m - nearly 15 feet
    This gives a diameter of 1.45m. ( or 4 ft 9")
    in other words about 5 feet in diameter.
    Then add the depth of the chairs, with the front of the seat level with the edge of the table we have to add 60 cm. On each side.
    So the effective size of the table with people is, at the very least, now 2.65m. (8 ft 9")
    Allow also that the people with their backs to the plastic "window" would not be touching it, and would need space behind them to push their chairs back when they got up so regularly, and we have an effective size for a round table of about 10 feet. 3m.
    The tapas bar under that plastic awning is not large.
    A table this big would be a serious inconvenience.
    It is in fact unlikely that a little bar with a small capacity would have such a table. Where do you store a 5 foot circular table for the rest of the year ?
    Three square ones pushed together as a long rectangle would be far easier to deal with.
    And much more likely.

    But we have been told that the table was round."

  107. So,can you "explain" Tex, that although we have all seen the photograph of "the" sportsbag in 5a,what part of this great universe,s "thin air" did it get whooshed to??? and by whom?the very fact they deny its excistence,beggars belief,or have I missed something?The other thing that bugs me,is although I consider myself,very particular in the cleanliness department,I would never ,especially ,when cleaners were available,wash curtains and walls etc myself, in a holiday apartment,I was only going to be in for a week ,if things were that bad I would have reported it ,and spent valuable,quality time with my children OOOPS silly me ,the children would be happier in the creche everyday , wouldn,t they, after all there were much more important "activities" for the grown-ups to participate in weren,t there!!!

  108. lynn

    “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” Galileo Galilei

    Just have to be patient and resilient.

    As the Portuguese say Truth is like olive oil in water, no matter how much you stir, it will always surface.

    You try that at home and see how true it is.

  109. After all these years full of "Weaving and diving" by the MaCaans,I reckon the day we get Justice for Madeleine,it,ll be well worth all your hard work Tex ,Lynn Thank you.

  110. One thing I really like about Mark Warner is how helpful their staff are. Really go the extra mile for someone needing information. IYKWIM


  111. @Nov 15, 2012 12:49:00 AM

    You mentioned the pjfiles - they are still there, with your permission Textusa:

    Also there are some files at:
    Scroll down the side panel on left for files.

  112. According to these comments the MeCANNics of hate expect us to believe this.........

    The tapas had a contract with MW to provide 20 a la carte dinners per night on a first come basis to any MW guest who had queued for the privilege early every morning........

    Now the Mc's couldn't be bothered queuing, and were given the first 9 places every day and all the other MW guests said this was fine.
    "We will be inconvenienced if it saves the Mc's paying out for a baby sitter".

    But the other MW guests still wanted the fine dining and although they could eat for free at the Mill, some still came to the tapas and paid again (check the dinner sheets). They saw the Mc gang troughing on the a la carte and just smiled and said we dont mind, we will pay extra so you don't have to.

    This is not human nature people who have paid the same would expect the same. K and G were not appointed saints at this time.

    The arguments this system would cause between MW and the guests was why it was not included in the package.It would also break a number of British consumer laws.

    The tapas dinners are the myth and no amount of bullying will change that.

  113. Insane at Nov 15, 2012 12:01:00 PM and Nov 15, 2012 10:47:00 PM.

    Thank you for confirming that Mark Warner Staff are supplying you with information pertaining the Maddie affair.

    By all means, enjoy your reading!

  114. Thank you, anon. @ Nov 16, 2012 12:40:00 AM

    It must have been a temporary problem with the site or with my computer, because no matter how I tried to access the McCann PJ Files (either by accessing the site directly through the site's web adress or by googling for it) I always got the same message of "not found".
    I'm glad it is still there, as it is a very useful and easy place to find information on the case.

    Thank you


  116. A única coisa que eu estranho é uma ligação para bingo!
    Na pág em inglês dos PJ files

  117. Oh I have very interesting reading material. Confirms that the tapas was indeed part of the inclusive package for a limited number of diners. Confirms they catered for large groups. Personal recollections of the group dining there........

    Fascinating stuff.

    More tinfoil, Textusa?

  118. Recollections a bit late now. Should have been passed to the PJ at the time.
    I doubt we will be told anything so secretive by our friend. I hope those whose recollections he says are being recounted by Mark Warner are happy with that.

  119. Doesn't Insane have an ounce of brain to see that with each comment he's implicating seriously the Ocean Club?!?

  120. Censored comment:

    "Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Swan Lake - Act 3":

    Dear (censored),

    Nope. The only comments which seriously implicate the Ocean club are the nonsensical claims that they were ''in on it'' made on this site.

    The ''recollections'' WERE passed to the PJ at the time, you fool. Remember all those statements where people testified to the presence of the McCanns in the restaurant? And the explanation by MW staff of how the bookings for dinner worked? The PJ already have all this

    The fictional bit, dears, is yours. The claims that ''it didn't happen that way'' are yours

    So have you made those claims and presented what you so laughingly describe as your 'evidence' to the authorities? Really, you must. I would love to see their faces when you claim that none of it happened because you don't believe in the existence of a big round table.

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Nov 16, 2012 9:29:00 PM"

  121. Insane at Nov 16, 2012 9:29:00

  122. Anon Nov 16, 2012 9:00:00 PM

    Recollections from Mark Warner? It reminds me of a story "Oh Granny, why do you have such big eyes?""To see you better, my dear..."
    I would love to see if Baptista's name comes up as one of the recollections... or of Luisa Coutinho.

  123. "Personal recollections of the group dining there........"

    I'll write this three times:

    PERSONAL recollections of the group dining there........

    Personal recollections of THE GROUP dining there........

    Personal recollections of the group DINING THERE........

    What a fool! he has confirmed he was part of the scam and we know for certain there were no tapas dinners.

  124. So, if I understand Insane, Mark Warner has kept these "secret" recollections from the group dining there that the PJ know about but aren't in the PJ Files and that Mark Warner just handed out to someone who wrote them a mail asking for information which allows him to make a toast out of Textusa.
    This is what Insane is been saying isn't it?
    I won't even ask how Mark Warner has these conversations between the PJ and the group that dined there in the first place.
    Or was it Mark Warner who interviewed them and then sent the statements to the PJ?
    I would say you couldn't make this up but someone apparently has!
    Hold the jam on that toast Textusa!

  125. Anon Nov 16, 2012 10:16:00 PM

    That's REALLY going the EXTRA mile, must be at least a nautical one, for someone needing information on the part of Mark Warner's staff!

  126. Insane ou Insónia? Este é 90% Insónia. pelo teor dos comentários/ reacções que deixa aqui, demonstra muito stress, muitas noites sem dormir.
    Já que se relaciona tanto e tão bem com o OC, em vez de andar a insultar- nos envie uma foto da BRT dos Tapas 9. Esta peça tão unica e tão preciosa, ainda deve existir hoje e deve estar cuidadosamente preservada já que será uma peça importante na reconstituição que um dia terão de gazer. Onde está a foto? eh!eh! Também foi levada pelo raptor.

  127. As all the tapas staff are long gone, he must have been there at the time, or are Insane's claims cobblers?

  128. If one is "Insane" it's really amazing what one can find out by means of a couple of emails to Mark Warner!

    As I said in a previous comment, this is very interesting and entertaining! Text, it seems you're hitting them where it hurts the most.

  129. Censored comment:

    " Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Swan Lake - Act 3":

    Too cowardly, Textusa?

    We're watching.........and you are a coward. Don't want to answer the question, hey?

    It's no wonder, really. You know you can fool these (censored). The police however, would lock you up.

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Nov 16, 2012 10:29:00 PM"

  130. Tell your muppet to get her own photos, Textusa.

    We see that you are still withholding my posts because you are too scared to let your brain donors see that you won't answer the question or take up the challenge.

    Coward. Liar, Fantasist. Idiot.

  131. You seem confused Insane.

    What question?

    "More tinfoil, Textusa?" is this the question you want me to answer? If so, then yes please.

    We would like to send you a card with the three of us in tinfoil Christmas hats wishing Merry Xmas.

  132. Oh you know what question, you lying manipulative hag - don't try and get clever with me

    I'll indulge you this once, and I'd advise you not to ignore it.

    You think you have uncovered a conspiracy. So have you taken this to the police, and if not why not?

    If you truly believe all the bullshit you come out with, it means you are withholding evidence

    So - have you taken this evidence to the police? I'd advise you not to duck it this time.

  133. Chickened out and run for the hills, I see.

    You may come to regret that. A lot


  134. Ah! ah! Acertei no ninho da pulga quando pedi que enviasse a foto da BRT. Afinal vive no Algarve, odeia quem escreve mal em inglês, sobretudo quando as frases são longas e a mensagem não lhe interessa, mas percebe português e monitoriza o blog ao minuto. Grandes insónias, tão faceis de curar... bastava enviar uma foto, ou é mais um dos frequentadores(as) atipicos do Tapas que não tirava fotos com os amigos para mais tarde recordar. Pois a mim, para me calar bastava mostrar-me uma foto com as duas senhoras mais sedentárias da mesa, a Kate e a avó do grupo ( esta nem quis saber do que se passava no 5a, ficou a guardar a mesa para que não fosse raptada também).
    O grupinho que até tirava fotos no bus que os trazia do aeroporto, não guardou para a posteridade os bons momentos que passou. A BRT é uma Big Lie e por isso causa tantas insónias.

  135. Insane está a trabalhar para ser considerado "inimputavel". Tanta confusão é desgraça ou maldiçào.

  136. Insane Nov 16, 2012 10:51:00 PM

    Who says we haven't? Or are you as privy with the PJ as you are with the Ocean Club?

    Write them a couple of mails and find out if we have or not.

  137. Insane, who are you trying to fool this time with your intimidation? I'm afraid, only yourself in your desperation. This blog is not secret. Is open to anybody to read, to post, to draw conclusions. It is open also for the police to see, to read and maybe to post "anonymously". Easy to understand now how ridiculous is your question? You could have been replying and insulting people from the police on your posts, which make your roll here, even more interesting.
    Textusa don't need to hand any evidence to the police. She is part of the general public who decide to look deeply inside of what is publicly available from the investigation. Because of her sharp eyes, she maybe draw attention to some details that will be analyzed by the police soon or later but because of her and some other blogs, they just precipitate that analyze. This is not a crime, this is a help welcomed by the police. I really believe, this was the main reason why PJ open some files to the general public.... To disclose information that allow a big and global discussion.
    People who allowed the cover up were the ones who need to worry, they hold vital evidences for years and treatned people who used the brain to see and highlight the inconsistencies. That's why you come here to insult everybody when the posts are hot. Call the police instead, and show them the evidences you have regarding the Tapas dinner. Here somebody ask you already to hand a picture of the BRT. If you don't have one.... If you are so intime of the OC, it is easy for you to ask that photo. They must have one and is also on their best interest to show that picture.
    Ridiculous that treatning to Textusa, which I believe doesn't pass unnoticed by the police who monitorize all blogs regarding Maddie subject.

  138. Can anybody anywhere and especially the meCANNics of hate provide a MW brochure page,web page,trip advisor review,holiday critic review,post card,anything dated and verified before 3 May 2007 showing the tapas and Millenium were BOTH included in the package
    And if not why not?

    To the very agitated person who comments on here the Met Police have at least one copy of the 2007 brochure.I hope that helps reassure you.

  139. If Textusa bases her posts on public information and mainly on the PJ Files what has Textusa to report?
    She hasn’t discovered any new evidence. Textusa has only exposed facts that are IN the files and that the Portuguese PGR chose to ignore and she has decided to show here.
    She hasn’t got anything to report to the police, but the blog is open for them to read and the police can read the blog if they choose.
    Deny the facts exposed here with fact and not with delirious insult and prove Textusa wrong as you say she is.
    For example in this post, Textusa twice says that the reflections of Brunt’s sleeve aren’t reflections.
    Question 1. Do you agree with Textusa? If not what do you think is being reflected on the table in both instances Textusa refers?
    Question 2. Why can’t we, as Textusa says, see a clear table edge right in front of a such well lit wrist and fist?
    You’ve demanded answers to your questions, answer these two, if you will.

  140. Starting with a "Oh look here - amazing what one can find out by means of a couple of emails to Mark Warner.
    You are toast, lady. Finished."
    And finishing with a lame "You think you have uncovered a conspiracy. So have you taken this to the police, and if not why not?" is beyond embarrassing.
    I thought Textusa was finished so why even ask her to go to the police?
    Black Hats, honestly, is this the best that you can come up with? If was the one writing up your checks someone would quickly be heading to collect but from some unemployment office.
    I don't think that he's a paid hand though. He's too inept. He can only be someone with direct interest in the matter.
    Someone with some serious anger management issues to solve.

  141. The BHs are fuming because you decided to break and leave such an explosive post up. For them it's like going to the newsstand every morning and seeing the same unpleasant front page and in despair try to shoo away people from looking at it.

  142. Oh dear - so in other words, no she hasn't nor have any of you keyboard warriors sitting here thinking you have solved the case.

    Or maybe you are reluctant to put your name to allegations against witnesses, because you know you can be at the very least sued, or even potentially jailed for harassment.

    Instead of which you hang on Textusa's every word like the simpletons that you are while she takes you for a ride. Really very amusing

    Oh - and just a word for the rabid one. Sweetheart, you lot are the ones with the batty theory. If you don't believe that both restaurants were included, that's your problem. It's been posted in various trip reviews anyway - don't you even read the other posts on here, you moron?

    It's a worry to see how uniformly low the standard of education appears to be outside of the UK nowadays. Such low intelligence....

  143. Lori Campbell, another strange reporter on Madeleine saga. I never buy her articles.... She didn't look independent, from the beginning.

  144. Insane, foccus on the post and give us your best explanation for that phenom on MB BRT:
    There is light that crosses half of the scenary where mr. Brunt was seating. The top half was clearly iluminated right and left, since we can see the chair on his left side, the chair on his right side and also the chairs and tables behind him. Magically, on the bottom half, the right side of the table was afected by some darkness, when troug the physic laws, must have been fully illuminated. Don't tell me Mr. B had a sudden visit of the moon to partially eclipse his spotlight.
    I can see the extension of the words of Mr Pink when he says 'a lot of work is going on behind scenes'.
    No one of the OC came forward to point out the problem that afects one of their tables- this particular table. Should I take the conclusion that they agree with content of the message? They align with that video, clearly made to fool the public?
    I said to fool the public because they never fool the police. No matter how lauder and long they call the police work 'rubbish, they never fool the police.. Simple, the police could not hire an army of manipulated pseudo-journalists and be on TVs 24/7 explaining the point of the investigation.
    What is relevant is that at the time of this video, the Mccann's, fully of their arrogance(FUND) were confident that they were above the law, dismissing all words and evidences coming from the police. At the same time they know there was evidences clearly showing their story was falling apart with a complete absence of any evidence and they know, they were not alone.... all involved on the cover up will do whatever they could to help with foolish. they all, will help them foolishing the public and to grab more money. Was a question of surviving.
    without the BRT, there was no dinner. Without the dinner, there was no children left unattended. Without unattended children, there was no egg man. Without an egg man there was no space for a victimization. Without victimization, there was no reason to have a Fund. Without a Fund, there is no money. Without money, there is no team 'pink man-top lawyers'. Without that team there is no army of media to spread the most 'incredible story'. Without the media, there is no public to fool. Without foolishing the public, there is no money. Without the money, there is no Fund. Without the Fund, the Mccann's and their helpers will have face justice long ago, because no one of their pierrots work for free. Kate lies, when she said the lawyers work for free. The prove was TB, who did not manage to get one working for free. Only the Mccann's and their supporters want us to believe they are special.
    What you think Insane, should the police follow the money from the Fund? Should that be the center of the review?
    I can see mr MB is slowly becoming too secondary at Sky News. A Mccann fatality.

  145. Insane
    Chickened out and run for the hills, I see.
    Oh dear - so in other words, you won't answer.
    The usual, you come here and demand answers to your questions but never provide answers when you're asked objective, simple and direct questions related to the post under debate.
    "It's a worry to see how uniformly low the standard of education appears to be outside of the UK nowadays. Such low intelligence...." The UK has be so proud of you for such a witty remark.

  146. Insane at Nov 17, 2012 11:06:00 PM

    About your remark "outside of the UK nowadays", according to Blogger, as we speak, these are numbers about the origins of the blog's pageviews:

    UK - 148,609
    Portugal - 33,825
    United States - 29,908
    Ireland - 5,488
    Australia - 4,216

  147. Insane's post are posts are rude, arrogant. He's like a dog with a bone, he just can’t let the BRT drop until he’s chewed it to bits.

  148. Anon Nov 18, 2012 9:21:00 AM
    I think he's desperately trying to save face before his Black Hat friends after swallowing whole his own foot with the comments about the couple of mails to/from Ocean Club and the extra mile that their staff are willing to give to "total strangers" IYKWIM.

  149. Anon 17, 11:06

    You are talking in the name of who? Who could sue who?
    Which witness could sue any of the posters?
    Since when is forbbiden to have an opinion from what is public available in the Internet? Did you remember who invited the public to their saga? The Mccann's personally. They travelled around the world in less then 80 days to spread their theory instead of working together with police in order to find and show evidences that could sustain their theory. They choose the circus instead of the drama. On that circus they attracted a lot of clowns who were welcomed, if they feed stories to the media that could help them spread their theory- amazing witnesses, clairvoyants, Maddie and abductors sights, all had a place and a gold momentum on the drama of the little girl. Only who question the theory, who use the brain to see what the investigation shows, needs to stay quite and treatned with the magic word 'sue'.
    You really have a job here. A hard job, since after many posts, Insults, treatnings (harassments), you failed to convince any of the posters that our interpretation is wrong.
    Stop trying to fool us with tripadvisor. After all, the tripadvisor did not show a fair amount of the guests to be used as a sample. But from what I can see, no one of the guests who posted there said that the Tapas and the Mill were included on the package at the same time. The Mill was included, but was far from some flats, that's why some choose to eat inside their flats or go somewhere else. The Chaplins was a good alternative. The Tapas appear as a swimming pool coffee shop. When did the pool closes. What is the use of having a coffe shop openned when the pool is closed and the town has much better offer to attract the tourists that were spending just a week in the resort? They went for a week of holidays, not for a week of prison, forced to eat inside the OC. Or there is something happening that force them to stay in?
    Which witness wants to sue the posters? Which posters? from that blog or from the various blogs, foruns, sites, papers, around the world, were people don't believe a single word from the Mccann's and their helpers?
    Before suing anybody, they have to prove our interpretation is wrong, by doing a reconstruction. If trough our desbelieves, the reconstruction happen, we will made history, not only for Madeleine, but for all children that were left abandonned by the justice.
    Why don't you propose a reconstruction? If you are so confident of what you know, send a letter to PJ and propose them a reconstruction of the Tapas dinner. That will be a new evidence and for you has the cost of a stamp, an envelope and a piece of paper. Show us the BRT or show us you can seat 9-10 people around the Tapas tables shown by GA on his book( because this were the tables available at the Tapas). Remember that his book and the investigation was analysed by 3 judges from Lisbon who agree with him and gave his book back to the bookshops to be sale. Did you think that the Tapas table passed unnoticed to that judges? GA will had big troubles if he had published the wrong tables on his book. Then accepting, that his tables were the Tapas tables, you and the OC just need to do the reconstruction of the dinner.
    We have no theory. We have questions and that questions were/ are jumping straight from the PJ files or from some special articles published in the media and never contradicted.

  150. Insane,

    We are mad, deluded liars with no idea of what happened, bent on influencing readers, who have as little power as we have to influence the case. No sane person would read the blog.

    We know something important which we are withholding from the police, presumed also we have some inside knowledge.

    Which is it?

  151. So in other words, no, you haven't taken this amazing tale of yours to the police, even though you claim to have ''proved'' that the table never existed, the tapas dinners never existed, there was a massive conspiracy involving guests, MW and members of the press - so why not?

    Is it because they would probably have you sectioned? Or maybe you don't particularly want to put your name to the allegatiions in case you end up being taken to court - because of course if you were to make these allegations to the proper authorities they would be forced to investigate and all those people would have to be informed that you had accused them in writing of being involved in a conspiracy to cover up a death. They could do that easily enough, of course - then they would have the details of all the posters who accused them, and could sue you all individually. Think that wouldn't happen? Then you don't know your case law.

    No - if you had any real evidence and any real belief in the nonsense you come out with, you would take it to the police. The fact that you haven't speaks volumes.
    Keyboard warriors, pratting about on the internet, when really you should be taking your meds and turning up mfor your group therapy

  152. Insane is not a BH, he/she is an insider. The way he/she posts, the amount of time he/she spent in a very unpleasant place(according to him/her) tells me that this person is an insider. Very worried with what could be seen when we use a brain.
    He/she must proppose a reconstruction of the Tapas dinner, even without any of the Tapas 9.
    Paulo Sargento already proved with his animated movie, how impossible was the story described by the Tapas 9. Why, don't you Insane, show that Paulo Sargento was also wrong, with your Tapas dinner with 9-10 real people. Will be a wonderful sketch to inspire Mr Bean.

  153. Anon 9.54:00 exactly you have hit the nail on the head - brilliant post I totally agree with all you say.

  154. "So in other words, no, you haven't taken this amazing tale of yours to the police"
    What other words make you reach this conclusion? Textusa has neither confirmed or denied that fact but like you BHs do all the time you JUMP to YOUR CONVENIENT, but baseless, conclusion, that she hasn't.

    Changing the subject,
    Oh dear - so in other words, you won't answer questions.
    Chickening out and running for the hills of vain legal bullying, I see.

  155. If Insane knows his/her 'case law' so well can he please cite the case or cases he is referring to?

  156. We know Carter Ruck monitor blogs as they have listed that activity in their charges. If CR do then MET will too and obviously the PJ. There are also ex policemen posting on blogs.

    But if all the information on this blog is the ramblings of a mad woman then at least the readers who think that they can laugh alongside Insane.
    I think the law does not prosecute on the grounds of diminished responsibility. I wonder if Insane is a doctor as he/she seems to have made a diagnosis.

  157. Insane obviously doesn't understand how blogs work " then they would have the details of all the posters who accused them".

    Please can Insane tell us how that would happen. Now it's my turn to laugh.

    No-one will fall for that empty and desperate threat and it's a very weak attempt to scare posters from making comments.

  158. I've just realized that upon accidentally publishing one of Insane's offensive comments, I deleted one of my own, answering a poster's comment.

    At the time, when after doing the deletion and seeing that his/her comment remained, I repeated the process thinking that I'd done something wrong.

    Now I see that just deleted the wrong comment. My apologies.

    Here it is again:

    "Textusa has left a new comment on your post "Swan Lake - Act 3":

    Anon Nov 10, 2012 1:06:00 PM

    You're applying Tanner's logic which we know is a physical impossibility.

    Two or more square/rectangular shapes joined up cannot ever form one that ends up with a circular form.

    The circular pattern that is seen in the non-reflection of Mr Brunt's sleeve as well as the shadow on the back of the chair on his right.

    Modesty aside, I think this post, together with the "The Chair Stance" explain quite well what optical tricks were used.

    Posted by Textusa to Textusa at Nov 10, 2012 1:15:00 PM"

  159. Amazing, anon 9:53, you are the one who brought here such words "massive conspiracy involving guests, MW and members of the press." they settled a conspiracy?
    In 5 years, I never heard such word " conspiracy " here. A conspiracy implies method, organization, plan. Too much work to cover the death of a child, who according to the police, died due to an accident. Why complicating what was simple? Not all the guests got involved, but the files show, some yes. Not all the press, got involved, but some articles show us that some got involved. Trying to extrapolate a group that were or become noisy at certain point, to all guests and all media, is an exercise that could help you fill your keyboard with insults and some theories about bloggers who don't believe the story as it was presented, but did not explain the Mccann's table of MB, which at the end should be the BRT. Textusa post is just about the BRT that has a shadow in a place where should not be. You could kindly explain that shadow, instead of moving around on a death dance.
    Should we believe there was a conspiracy after May 3 to maintain the cover up? You use the word, and I can remember reading on Gerry blog, meetings with Tapas 7 in a secret hotel, before the rogatory letters, nannies invited to their house and Kate flying in secret to PDL. All admitted by them or their spoke person. Now, you coming up with a conspiracy. Well done. Kate much be loving reading your contribution here.

  160. Let us clarify, especially our new readers, that we're not a "vigilante" blog.

    We seek Justice for the McCann Affair. We seek not to apply it.

    For the application of Justice there are the rightful institutions which we fully respect and in which we rely.

    Institutions are not people. People only occupy temporarily the various positions within these institutions.

    These people when in these positions may or not be permeable to various pressures of diverse nature.

    We may question, which we do, the decisions of certain people when they occupied positions where they rightfully decided, in our opinion, wrongly.

    That doesn't mean at all that we question the institutions from which these, in our opinion, wrong decisions came from.

    It's up to them and them alone to apply Justice.

    Our role, as citizens, is to seek the Truth that we hope will help Justice find its rightful direction.

    As Truth seekers we will obviously correct our paths as soon as we're shown we're wrong.

    But we have to be shown we're wrong. Abusive language and attempted bullying don't do that. Nor will politely written comments making us go back to what we consider proved such as Quiz Nights, Mrs Fenn and death prior the May 3rd.

    We use the term "proved" in the sense of our quest for Truth and not, obviously, in the application of Justice.

    That, as we said, is the responsibility of the legal institutions of each Country.

  161. Anon Nov 18, 2012 2:07:00 PM

    159 comments seem to prove Insane's ineptitude!
    I wonder if my IP (which Blogger upon request would have to find among millions) gives up my name or my husbands'.
    I just hope it won't give my two-year old as she can't express herself very well.
    If it gives my dog's name, I will keep quiet until he's summoned to Court!

  162. I wonder who would be give the task and massive budget necessary to try to find the 'owners' of IP addresses? CR? Worse odds than looking for a needle in a haystack. Hilarious!

  163. Anon @ 3:25:00

    It would be more like finding a needle in a needlestack! And what would the charge be? Providing an opinion? Then Textusa should sue Insane just because he doesn't agree with her. Same principle. If Blogger would provide (as if) Textusa's or any her readers' IP to Insane then it should provide Insane's Ip to Textusa and any of her readers for possible legal action. This doesn't work one way only although the Black Hats live in a dream that it does.

  164. Textusa has been the victim of abuse, libel and defamation. She should sue as should all the readers who have suffered the same from Insane!

  165. Anon Nov 18, 2012 4:05:00 PM

    Agree totally with you. Not only from Insane.
    I think that once the Maddie Affair is exposed Textusa, TB and GA should seriously consider taking legal action against these people.
    For starters, Ocean Club for supplying information to Insane on matters outside their core business.

  166. I bet one Black Hatted bottom is being spanked black and blue right now by the Black Hats for having behaved so badly... And if it isn't, it should be!

  167. Still chickened out and hiding in the hills, I see.
    Oh dear - so in other words, I continue to see that you don't answer simple, direct and objective questions.
    Question 1. Do you agree with Textusa? If not what do you think is being reflected on the table in both instances Textusa refers?
    Question 2. Why can’t we, as Textusa says, see a clear table edge right in front of a such well lit wrist and fist?
    Question 3 (from J.C.) - The waiter, Saledas, flown to England to give a police statement states on the 1st or 2nd night at the tapas they were offered free liquers for being such good clients, which begs the question, why would a restaurant give rewards for being such good clients if there was nothing to pay?
    Question 4 (from J.C.) - Can you please provide a MW brochure page,web page,trip advisor review,holiday critic review,post card,anything dated and verified before 3 May 2007 showing the tapas and Millenium were BOTH included in the package? And if not why not? (this one should be easy for you Insane seeing that you're on such good terms with the Mark Warner staff and that they do go that extra mile just for you)

    Who else was going to hide in the hills?
    It was Birch, wasn't it?

  168. Goodness me - the lack of education is quite obvious

    Opinion is not opinion if it libels someone, ladies. And accusing someone of being involved in the cover up of the disappearance of a child is libellous. Unless that's what they did, and they clearly didn't, it's just your lunatic theories.

    Very foolishly, you linked your comments to the people in question, thus identifying them. Even a child. As a result of your attacks on the child, this forum has for some time been monitored by various child protection agencies. So believe me, obtaining your IPs will be a doddle.

    Bye now

  169. Not by one but by "various child protection agencies"! I'm flattered! Indeed I am!

    Please indulge me one more time, just for vanity's sake, and throw in a CIA, FBI, Interpol or even MI5/6/7/8 and 9? White House? Kremlin? No 10? Doesn't hurt to ask...

    My, Insane does seems to have ALL the RIGHT connections doesn't he? I'm sure Insane should be paying attention to more global and important issues rather than with the Maddie Affair, shouldn't Insane?

  170. It's good there are only 12 days until the end of this month. Does obsessed change log? Or will always say the same things?



  171. “Goodness me - the lack of education is quite obvious”:

    - because of course what you are suggesting is that he (GA) was totally stupid, inept and a fool,

    - Tapas doesn't appear now, you idiot, as it closed years ago. God Textusa, some of your posters are really thick

    - If you refuse to publish this we will know it is because you are scared your posters will find out you have been lying to them all along

    - Still lying to your posters, Textusa?

    - Your lies will always catch up with you, textusa

    - I see your tame cretin is foaming at the mouth now.

    - This entire fallacy and fantasy is built on a false premise. Textusa has used this ''No tapas dinners'' deception to test how stupid you are, and to see how much nonsense you will swallow before you realise you have been comprehensively fooled.

    - If you really are so iredeemably thick and stupid that you believe Textusa when she tells you that…

    - You are all flailing around, like you always do when confronted with a bit of sense, or actual evidence that you are wrong

    - For oncein your sad, lonely and pathetic lives, get head head from out of your backsides

    - Textusa has made you look like credulous fools

    - Bloody idiots

    - Could you please stick to simple words and phrases? Your written english is so poor it is almost impossible to work out what you are trying to say.

    - And do something about your illiterate (censored), will you? She has been forgetting her medication again

    - That it's bullshit sites like this

    - You really are a piece of work, conning the simple the stupid and the credulous

    - but decided to keep it from your thick followers, because of the whopping great hole it made in your lunatic theory.

    - More tinfoil, Textusa?

    - The ''recollections'' WERE passed to the PJ at the time, you fool.

    - Too cowardly, Textusa? We're watching.........and you are a coward. Don't want to answer the question, hey? It's no wonder, really. You know you can fool these (censored). The police however, would lock you up.

    - Tell your muppet to get her own photos, Textusa.

    - you are too scared to let your brain donors see that you won't answer the question or take up the challenge.

    - Oh you know what question, you lying manipulative hag - don't try and get clever with me

    - If you truly believe all the bullshit you come out with…

    - nor have any of you keyboard warriors sitting here…

    - hang on Textusa's every word like the simpletons that you are while she takes you for a ride

    - don't you even read the other posts on here, you moron?

    - It's a worry to see how uniformly low the standard of education appears to be outside of the UK nowadays. Such low intelligence....

    - Is it because they would probably have you sectioned?

    - Keyboard warriors, pratting about on the internet, when really you should be taking your meds and turning up mfor your group therapy

    - Unless that's what they did, and they clearly didn't, it's just your lunatic theories.

    Thank God we can always rely on someone to teach us etiquette and education.

  172. Insane is just getting ridiculous now about the IPs! Who in the hell wants to find out IPs on any blog??? He’s just trying to scare people off commenting because nothing can be done about it. He can’t get it closed down. The blog is on a US based and the server owners couldn’t give a stuff who has a blog on it. CR have already tried this out and got nowhere.

  173. You can bluster all you like - you are the one who exposed your posters to the scrutiny and potential exposure they face. And all because of your own arrogance. You went after innocent people who were nothing to do with this case. You libelled them, you insulted them, you accused them of committing dreadful crimes - and you did so purely to get your rocks off, you sad act.

    No doubt you will continue - you are too stupid to do otherwise - but just remember something. You'll have to prove all this, which is why you'll lose. It's all a fairytale, Textusa, and the only people you are fooling are the cretins who fawn all over you.

    See you around

  174. Why would Textusa be monitored by any child protection agency?
    This person has absolutely no sense of decency. Child Protection agencies have a purpose that no one is entitled to use for personal purposes! They do a brilliant job against the most abject of criminals and deserve our greatest respect. Go wash your mouth Insane!! Never seen a nom de plume so well allocated as yours.

  175. To stop this unnecessary bickering could the person who has close personal contacts with MW ask them to provide a copy of their 2007 brochure which clearly states both the tapas and Mill meals were part of the inclusive package.

    You can publish this and as you say make all us doubters a laughing stock.

    It does surprise me you have not already done this along with a photograph of the big round table which must have been photographed thousands of times before and after 3 May 07 or was it constructed especially for the Mac gang.

    Unless, unless a nagging doubt occurs to me, no evidence of either exists, which would throw a totally different complexion on the events of 2007. If, as you say the tapas catered for large groups, hen parties, stag events,corporate groups the table must be in many many photos.

    BTW I am not part of any clique I am able to think and analyse for myself and the tapas meals are a myth. You can easily prove otherwise.

  176. Anon Nov 18, 2012 6:57:00 PM

    Agree. First thing is no-one would go looking at IPs unless Textusa was a seriously dangerous blog which it isn't.
    If they did what would they do about someone like a visitor from a company? The IP would show the company the person works. Would they they check everyone, and there could be hundreds of people who work there, to see if they have been on a blog?? I don’t think so!
    And even in if it was in a private house? Would they check everyone who lives there, to see if they have been on a blog??
    And what is wrong to have looked at Textusa?!? As a reader has said it's Textusa and her readers that have been the victim of abuse, libel and defamation from Insane.
    He is coming out with just nonsense now. The more he writes the more I think Textusa is getting nearer the truth and they just don't know what to write anymore so they write what they can: loibel, libel, libel... like trying to scare little children with the bogeyman. We're no children, Insane. Textusa is a "thinking-person blog, for over 21 only".

  177. Insane, as expected, chickened out and ran for the hills, I see.
    Oh dear - so in other words, no answers, just abuse.

  178. One thing I agree with Insane "you accused them of committing dreadful crimes"
    Yes all those who have cooperated in the cover-up have committed dreadful crimes.

  179. "We're watching"- Insane assuming his plurality. How much did he got from the Fund to post all this insults.

    "Thank god we can always rely on someone to teach us etiquette and education". Which etiquette and which education? Ah, ah, I can see.... He is a good example of etiquette and education... A xenophobe filled with insultuous sentences is what he calls etiquette and education. He is the one who needs to be monitorised by children protection, just in case he has some children under his responsibility... Imagine a child being educated by a guy who promotes bullying and xenophobia.

  180. Publish it, Textusa - or I shall make sure they get to see it anyway. Only fair they know what you are dragging them into

  181. J.C and "Chickened" (not you!!)

    Insane is not one to answer reasonably made questions. He's aim is to bully. And it's likely that he's not a he but a they. I went to an all-boys boarding school in the late sixties early seventies. The genes passed on to me by me parents made me be reasonably tall so I wasn't ever a victim of bullying. But I clobbered some bullies myself. Every time I caught one in the act. They are all the same crybabies when in the wrong side of the fist.

  182. Publish what Insane (Nov 18, 2012 8:31:00 PM)?

    I've published all you sent lately. If it's the "bluster" comment, it has been published for a while now.

    Pull yourself together.

  183. How desperate and scared is this person? The reaction is out of all proportion for someone who is an observer. What a poor performance.

  184. Anon Nov 18, 2012 8:10:00 PM

    When I used the expression "Thank god we can always rely on someone to teach us etiquette and education" I was being ironic about all his verbal abuse and insult he's already used just in the comments of this post!

  185. People, tell your all your friends to stop googling right away! Imagine if they happen to land here by accident on one of their researches about something else? And worse, they start reading the blog?!? They'll fall immediately under IPIPP's jurisdiction and they're doomed for life!
    IPIPP = IP Insane's Police Patrol.

  186. I'm surprised Insane isn't going to sue everyone here for libel as everyone here uses that name for him...or her.

  187. Insane, what's the current value for an IP? If the price is right, I can rat one or two. For more than a dozen you have to transfer first the money into a swiss bank account before I pass you the goods. We have a deal?

  188. This post has in just a week reached the Top 10 most popular posts of the blog! That SPEAKS VOLUMES!

  189. Anon 18, 8:10,
    I noticed the irony. My post was not endorsed to you. Sorry if I did not express my idea correctly. I just pick your words to highlight to that person that he/she is the one who is bullying and trying to scare who is able to think independently, but his mission is not working. Per contrary, he his getting the opposite. More people reading what he don't want to be seen. At jillforum, there is 2 Posts from Textusa under discussion. This one included. What a tragedy for this guy and his group, since he claims to be talking in the name of others( plural).

  190. Textusa,

    Would it be possible for you to have a numbering system for posts.
    Hence if one is responding then one can respond to the number.
    I think it would help a lot especially as there are so many replies now to your irrefutable pulling away the blinds.

  191. O JN diz que pode vir a ser vendido o edificio da SY em Londres, devido a crise.
    Houve milhoes para desperdicar na revisao de uma investigacao ha muito conhecida pela SY, mas nao ha dinheiro para manter o seu edificio. Entrevistas, foram montadas para tentar credibilizar mais de 100 pistas ja investigadas pela PJ e abandonadas. No ar deixaram duas hipoteses que sao duas 'la palicadas': Maddie pode estar viva, mas tambem pode estar morta. Assim como uma aposta num jogo de bairro onde ha sempre 50% de hipoteses de apostar no clube errado, mas ha tambem uma chance de se poder acertar se a nossa aposta cair sobre os outros 50%. Tudo isto teria graca e ate poderia animar as hostes, se o objecto do jogo nao fosse uma crianca, sobre a qual a investigacao recolheu indicios de morte. Um paradigma da criminologia moderna que merecera por certo, paginas e paginas nos manuais da especialidade.
    Quanto a SY, parece previsivel um destino igual ao do FSS lab. Afinal no reino de sua majestade, e mais dificil validar indicios do que fechar os icones do pais. Incompetencia ou maldicao? De tudo um pouco, desde Maio de 2007.

  192. ouvi ha pouco o Moita Flores dizer na TV que

    'nenhum pais e bonito quando tem medo dos livros e das cancoes'.

    Falava dos anos da censura em Portugal. Do tempo em que opinar era um crime, quando se ia em contra-corrente.
    Hoje somos um pais bonito, multicolor e multicultural. A liberdade obrigou-nos a crescer e a respeitar opinioes, fazendo da palavra uma arma de paz. So quem nao esta em paz com a sua consciencia, nao e capaz de ouvir a opiniao do outro e de a respeitar. Estes vivem aprisionados nos seus actos e invertem a justica enquanto valor- julgam que podem calar ou mandar prender quem da asas ao pensamento. Pobres de espirito, demonstram bem quao verdadeira e a frase 'contra factos nao ha argumentos'. Insane, ou seja o que for, apos dias e horas consumidos a monitorizar o blog, nao foi capaz de produzir um unico argumento capaz de contradizer os factos mencionados no post principal. Em vez disso, julga que nos pode calar sob a ameaca de uma qualquer lei que restaura a censura. So pode estar a ler um almanaque privado.

  193. Su,

    We sad, lonely, pathetic, lying and manipulative hags are not that much computer savvy.

    We'll try and see how that is done but won't promise results.

    If someone out there could save me time, we'd be mighty grateful.

  194. Anon Nov 18, 2012 9:27:00 PM and is now #7!!! Insane must be furious!

  195. Child protection services monitoring this blog...? Is "Insane" David Payne...?

    "#McCann :David Payne Phoned The Metropolitan Police Child Abuse Team On May 4th 2007 at 23:13:41 for 100 seconds....."

    "And when questioned about this call by Leicestershire police, David Payne tried to deny it but when questioned further Payne was forced to admit he had made that call ."

  196. Sorry Textusa, this post is off-topic,I know, but I think it is important. I remember that some have questioned the dubious articles (and motives) of someone that goes by the name of "Blacksmith", and there's a posting about this person in Jill Havern's forum.
    In this case, there have been many a wolf in sheep's clothing...I think people should read it:

    Sorry once again, and thank you.

  197. Insane dixit: "So have you taken this to the police, and if not why not? If you truly believe all the bullshit you come out with, it means you are withholding evidence"
    Glad to see that the BHs agree that withholding evidence is a serious crime.
    JW's statements, where are they?
    Fenn's nieces' first statement, where is it?
    DNA results from UK, where are they?
    Webster's pictures of the BRT, where are they?
    Credit card statements from T9, where are they?
    etc, etc...
    All withholding evidence and all from the dark side of the force. Are you their Darth Vader, Insane?

  198. Anon. @ Nov 20, 2012 10:17:00 PM,

    If I may add:

    - Where is Madeleine's toothbrush?

    - Where is Madeleine's comb/hairbrush?

    (items which she surely must have had/used in Luz and from which the PJ could have retrieved her DNA, no need to get a pillow from Rothley)

  199. Exactely anon 21, 9:46.

    Another detail hit my brain since the beginning, as a parent of 3 kids who use to spend some summer holidays in Algarve. Not in PDL, I don't know PDL but I believe all Resorts/ flats of that type are the same: just one toilet.
    What they gave to the police from the very beginning was a bath towel ( supposedly the last towel used by Madeleine, for the dogs to pick her scent).
    I know, the Mccann's pretend to pass the iidea of good organization and their flat was suspiciously too neat for a couple with 3 toddlers on almost the end of their holidays.
    From my experience and the experience of all my friends, if there is something that mess up in all holidays, is the toilet and the bath towels. First, they are never enough even when we got one per person. Second, to save my time, I bath all the kids together( for them is a playing time because they are allowed to enjoy the water with me supervising ). At the end, nobody knows which one is their towel. They all have the same color, the same length. Nothing could be used to identify them. I find very strange, how they know which towel belong to Madeleine.
    Third and last, most if this towel are not changed everyday. They change them with bed linens. I know, they had the cleaner on Wednesday. Even if they were changed on Wednesday, the towels got already 2-3 baths in a flat with one toilet and 5 people. Enough to have contamination and the towel be useless to search a girl that was abducted recently. Unless, they don't want the police to find her.

  200. Anon. @ Nov 20, 2012 10:17:00 PM,

    And isn't Brunt withholding evidence by not showing that there wasn't a big enough table for the T9 to have sit at Tapas?


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