Friday, 18 January 2013


After our M-Dice conversation, as transcribed in our last post, I got the feeling that Fred was not very convinced.

So the next morning during breakfast he returned to the subject:

“Dear, you got me thinking with that M-Dice story and either you’re contradicting yourself or you’re not making any sense at all.”

“Hmmm... how’s that, then?”

“Well, if I understood the analogy correctly, the body was destroyed back in 2007, right?”


“So it’s doesn’t make any sense why would Cameron order SY to do a Review on Maddie without being absolutely sure that it would have a successful outcome, whatever that may mean to him in political terms.”

“Yes, and I think you're right. I’m sure that when he ordered the SY Review he was certain that the outcome would be one he desired

“So, if, according to you, in May 2011 everyone knew that there was no body to begin with and, again according to you, that fact completely stalls the process, why start it in the first place? See, it doesn’t make sense.

“That’s because you didn’t listen attentively to me, dear.”


“I did say, and I’ll repeat it, that when he ordered the SY Review he was certain that the outcome would be the one he desired.”

“I’m seeing a word game coming up!…”

“Never, dear, underestimate the utmost importance of words so we should use them with absolute clarity. I said he was certain but didn’t say that his certainty was correct, did I? And that, my dear, was the problem. His certainty wasn’t correct, in fact, far from it.

“Honey, we’re talking about a Prime-Minister! He just doesn’t pull out of the sky what and how he decides! He’s adequately informed so that when he makes a decision it’s a judgment based on solid fact!”

“The key words in what you just said were “adequately informed”. He wasn’t adequately informed on this issue.”

“What? Are you saying that he was left out of the loop? That he didn’t know that the body had been destroyed?”

“Who knows, dear, who knows… one never knows how high up the chain these details do go as sometimes the “don’t ask, don’t tell” rule is very often applied, and I’m not speaking about each one’s sexual options.

But what I’m certain of is that he wasn’t told the reasons as to why they were forced to recall the game back in 2007, because if he was, then he made a very wrong decision.

As no one intentionally makes a wrong decision, I must assume that he wasn’t informed about the reasons they had to recall the game.”

“Game? What game?!?”

“The McCann Hunting Party 07”

“What?!? Are you crazy or are you trying to make me think I’m crazy?!?”

“Neither, my dearest and loved one, it’s all a question of understanding priorities.”

“Priorities, what priorities?”

"“Whose priorities?" is what you should ask.

I’m talking about the priorities of that big conglomerate of people that I like to call “Black Hat Nation” You know, the McCanns, the Tapas 7, the Guests, the Ocean Club and whoever else you imagine, or know, to have been part of the cover-up

“You jump from a game that I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about to priorities of those involved on the “Dark Side of the Force” and am I supposed to understand?!? Care to explain?!?”

“Let me ask you this, the instant Maddie died, out of all priorities what was the very FIRST PRIORITY of the entire “Black Hat Nation”?

What really, really mattered the MOST to all those people as of May 3rd, 2007, around 18:30. Mind you, remember that not all those who are Black Hats now were Black Hats at that moment, as we explained, in the Maddie Cube post. Nevertheless, as people joined the “gang”, so to speak, Priority ONE remained constant.”

“To ensure that Smith was to appear and say he saw a man with a little girl??”


“To ensure that the GNR and the PJ bought the abduction story?”

“No, let me give you a hand here… some joined the “gang” just because of Priority ONE.

Where to hide the body on May 3rd?”


Where to hide the body after that first hiding place?


“What then woman?!?”

How to get rid of Maddie’s body. That was the Black Hat's Priority ONE.”


“If Smith didn’t appear, as he didn’t or if the GNR/PJ didn’t buy the story, which they were forced to buy by the way it was jammed down their throats, all that would be completely useless to the Black Hats if the body was found that night, wouldn’t it?”

“Errr… yes…”.

“And where to hide the body first and then where to take it afterwards is just partly right because it was humanly impossible to destroy the body with such “short notice” but I would go out on a limb here and say that if they could have done that then, they would have, that same night.”

“Now I follow you. The body couldn’t be found by the cops!”

“No, not only by the cops! It couldn’t be found by anyone that wasn’t in the loop!

If found by someone somewhere it would turn up at the cops' feet, right? Then it would be Game Over for the McCanns & Tapas and a new game called “Up Pops the Question” would start.

And the first question would be “Why did you fake the abduction?” followed closely by “Why does the body have these fractures?”

It would be a game once started no one would know where it would end so best not even think of allowing it to start.

If the body was found, the whole deck of cards would crumble with unforeseen consequences. THAT had to be simply ABSOLUTELY and COMPLETELY avoided.

The body was NOT TO BE FOUND EVER, full stop.

And obviously the only way for the body never to be found was to destroy it.

That was Priority ONE. Following?”


“Obviously, the body first had to be hidden but always keep in mind that Priority ONE was to destroy it as soon as possible and in doing so destroy all possible evidence that her death happened in the Ocean Club.

“Because of the Guests…”

“Yes dear, because of the type of Guests who were there and because what those same Guests were up to during that week and was not to be known….

Now that you’ve understood what was Priority ONE, you have to understand the relevance of its implications.”

“Ok… I’m all ears.”

“The most evident one was that the movements of the body had to be resumed to very minimum and that ABSOLUTELY NO MISTAKES could be made when doing that.

The other obvious implication was that while it was being figured out how, when and where it was to be destroyed, the body had to be hidden SAFELY. Kept in SAFE “houses” and when I say SAFE I mean real SAFE.”


“Yes, just these two obvious implications prove how ridiculous were and are the various theses of the body being walked about PdL to being hidden, even if TEMPORARILY, on the beach, in a sewage pipe, in the PDL Church, in an abandoned house, etc…”

“Yes, that would be absurd to even think much less propagate it as fact…

“Well, at least now you know the amount of patience and self-control we three have to have when we read things we read, knowing full well why they are being written. But let me continue.

“Please do.”

“The risk involved if the body was found also means there’s no question that the body had to be permanently guarded and watched over all the time.

Only those “in the know” would have access to it.

And even they would have to pass through some sort of “sentinel” whose primary responsibility would be to ensure that if any stranger showed up accidently he or she would be directed to go somewhere else or in case it was an unwelcome, thus, foreseen visit, like the police, that they would “force” their entrance into “out-of-bounds territory” the body would no longer be where it had been before the busybodies arrived.”

“Yes, not seeing it done any other way.”

“We believe that the body was firstly moved to Murat’s for convenience sake due to its short distance from the apartment. There are other reasons which we consider this to be but that’s something I’ll get into on another occasion as we believe Murat’s role wasn’t as secondary as it’s made out to be.

Anyway, Murat’s would be a SAFE location only for a very short time. It was too near Apartment 5A and all the area surrounding it, which included Casa Liliana, would be crawling with people from the next morning onwards and subject to thorough inspection on the following days as it indeed was.

But it was SAFE for that night. Time was short and there were many chores to be taken care of, like cleaning the apartment, walking around with Tanner's daughter, be seen at Tapas as a whole group (which never happened as such as poor Gerry and poor Jane didn't have supper that night), raise the alarm.... Also the body would be guarded SAFELY while the whole gang of nine could be present in facing the police with their absurd story.

And even if the GNR/PJ didn’t leave to return in the morning and remained stoically nearby Apartment 5A, the moving of the body from Murat’s to the second hiding location would be an easy task and wouldn’t raise any suspicion. After all a car going out of a nearby house would be perfectly normal. Life didn’t stop just because Maddie went missing.

But the GNR and the PJ did go home and only returned in the morning. That facilitated things further.

So, on that same night, David and Gerry have a 4 a.m. trip and no, not to search for missing Maddie and much less to the beach.”

“To take the body to the second SAFE location, right?”

“Spot on! And that early “walk” just serves to show how everyone was sort of “hypnotized” at the time! We would buy anything!

I mean what two people who are ABSOLUTELY certain that the child had been ABDUCTED expect to find her down at the beach seven hours after she had been TAKEN, according to them?

After all had she been ABDUCTED or HAD SHE NOT

Or had they thought the abductor might have changed his mind and left Maddie to play on beach under the moonlight?!? That 4 a.m. beach story should have been enough to sound all possible alarm bells!”

“It seems to me that these people saw too many movies and forgot that in the movies the director chooses the ending at his will but in real life things don’t happen just because you want them to happen… But that’s me digressing; do you know where the body was taken to?”

“We have a pretty good idea as to where they went and as to who helped them.”


“I’ll give you a clue for now and I’ll just say that to have a body in one’s house is something that is far from being an enjoyable or welcomed experience and does clearly surpass any boundary set by any sort of friendship, and much less when that body has HIGH RISK written all over it, in bright red, underlined and in bold."

“I would freak out! No way would I have the body of somebody else’s’ kid here! And Maddie’s body? No way, Jose!!!

There I must agree with you, it would be like helping to stash away money from a bank robbery with the lights of police cars illuminating your place but only a thousand times worse!!

I mean, that’s committing a crime, knowing you were committing it and knowing the seriousness of the crime you were committing!

“I know it’s a bit gruesome to say what I’m about to say but I can only imagine that many were very, very happy when they heard that Maddie's body was no more.

When they finally were able to do it, there must have been such a collective sigh of relief that I’m sure that a sailboat that accidentally happened to be calmly sailing in front of Luz at the time all of sudden found itself somewhere near Morocco due to such a gale force wind.”

“Yeah… then they were safe, no body to be found said Fred “but that doesn’t answer what started this conversation, you know, why did Cameron decide to go for a Review if as you just said the body had been literally destroyed?

“Once again you’re jumping to conclusion. I said priorities, as in plural, not priority. So what does one do after completing Priority ONE? One moves to accomplish Priority TWO

Priority TWO? There was a Priority TWO?”

“Yes dear, there was. But for Priority TWO you have to subtract from the “Black Hat Nation” the McCanns and the remainder Tapas 7 but leave all the rest in.”

“Errr… not following!”

“You’ll understand in a jiffy. Priority TWO is not as evident to see as Priority ONE but believe me, although it was pursued with less urgency, it was pursued with much more passion.”

“And will the lady please oblige this humble man as to what in the heck was Priority TWO?!?”

Hunt the McCanns, my dear. Hunt the McCanns. That gale force wind was not only a sigh of relief but also the announcement of the launching of the “McCann Hunting Party 07”, a game that only the “Black Hat Nation”, minus those I just said, played and knew that it was going on .”

“This just keeps getting crazier and crazier. So now you’re saying that back in June/July 2007 the Black Hats were after the McCanns? I thought they were doing everything to protect them!”

“Dear, let me put it this way, imagine that there was national ban on the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol, very much like the Prohibition that took place in the United States from 1920 to 1933.

Now imagine that you've decided to throw an illegal party, say for 60/70 people, with the most expensive alcohol available. 

I’m talking about in opening 2 or 3 cases of Barca Velha, which can sell for 450€ a bottle, in having a huge bowl of Champagne Sangria made up with the lavish Krug and the most exquisite fresh wild berries and in having brought in two dozen lobsters from Portugal, I mean the works!

You throw this party in the basement of second-rate dump where you know the cops looking for big alcohol dealers like yourself would never expect to find you.”

“Go on”

“When the party is in its crescendo one of the “three-quarters” or even maybe just a friend of some “three-quarter”, drunk as hell, decides to go outside to get some fresh air and stumbles on a woman passing by and throws up all over her…”

“Hew… gross! But what in the heck is a “three-quarter”?”

“A “three-quarter” is one of those people that are seated at the ends of those long tables during ceremonies and/or negotiations, you know, three-quarters away from the important people.

People who think they are important but really aren’t and their role is to give importance to the occasion by occupying space… they’re tolerated, and if greeted won’t wash their hands for a fortnight just out of respect…”

“I got it, I got it!”

“Back to the story, naturally the woman walks away furious and warns that she’s coming back with the cops

You’re told the cops are coming and the fact that idiot threw up on the street means that you now have a huge problem on your hands. The cops are coming and the place is filled up with booze!!!YOUR booze!

You get rid of all that EXPENSIVE alcohol and seafood as quickly as you can, see all of it go to waste, and have them replaced with bottles of orange and apple juice and small prawns so that when the police arrives the “three-quarter” will be able to excuse his gross behavior by saying he had been eating prawns with fruit juice when he felt dizzy and came out on to the street and then happened what had happened.

You ensure that the “three-quarters” and his friends have some breath mints and all will corroborate the prawn and fruit juice story.

At this point what is on your mind?”

Not be seen there and make all the booze disappear, evidently!”

“Exactly, Priority ONE is to escape from the Police!

The police arrived and are overwhelmed by the nine people, sorry I forgot to tell you that the “three-quarters” was part of a group of “three-quarters” which had been invited as such to the party, your party , by some friend of yours, and was made up of him and another eight “three-quarters”.

Continuing, as I said all eight vouch for his story and even volunteer to pay the woman for a new dress. So the cops buy the story and write it off as the man having suffered from a sudden unfortunate and rather clumsy indisposition due to the cheap seafood he had just been eating.

Meanwhile, you and your closest friends are attentive of all the movements of the cops and only relax when you see the cops go away. During all this time you were ONLY worried about yourself, and nothing but yourself. Priority ONE, escape the cops!

But now, when the cops have gone away, and you’re no longer in Priority ONE mode, you switch to what? To Priority TWO.

You now start to grasp reality. What that stupid sod had really done and how much damage he had really caused you. You start to realize how much money you were been forced to throw away just because of that stupid idiot. Not to say you were this far from spending the rest of the night in jail which most likely would ruin your reputation and with it your life!

So now, because you’re sure you’re on SAFE ground again and you are able to think, anger starts to rise... what do you think would be your opinion THEN of that idiot who had just ruined your EXTRAVAGANT and EXPENSIVE party and had almost ruined your life AND that of your friends?

You obviously can’t go to the police and file a complaint against him, now can you?

“I would wring his neck for sure, that is what I would do!!”

“Now add to all that rage what it must have been like to watch all the glee and fun with which Gerry seemingly had with all his new-found popularity. He behaved like a spoiled rich brat in a toy shop, demanding and dropping toy after toy… apparently forgetting that not only he wasn’t “rich” but he was only just a friend of a “three-quarters”.

He wasn’t even a “three-quarters” himself! The way he paraded himself about must have really caused some stomachs to turn and churn… And just to think all that goading concerned the death of his own daughter! "

“Boy, they must’ve really hated his guts!!”

“You can say that again. If the Black Hats neither liked nor disliked the Tapas Group until the disposal of Maddie’s body, because that was what was concerning them the most, after that, they really started to seek vengeance for what they lost, what they risked and for what they were forced to put up with.

That’s when the hatred for the Tapas started and for the McCanns in particular.

Thus the reason for “The McCann Hunting Party 07”.

Or do you think the Brit dogs would ever set foot in Portugal if that particular game wasn’t on?”


“Think, my dear, think. When the dogs came, no one knew what they would find, or if they would find anything at all, but you, if you were a full member of the “Exclusive Black Hat Club”, knew one crucial thing.”

“And that would be?”

“That IF the dogs were to find anything it would be circumscribed to the quarters and belongings of that dreadful group of “three-quarters”, wouldn’t it?

So the dogs going to Portugal at the end of July, confirms two things

The first is that it the trip was approved by the “Black Hat Highest Hierarchy” as it presented no risk in exposing their secret and could even end up in helping them nail the T9, and second it confirms that there’s no Maddie’s body, otherwise some impediment would be found for the dogs not to go.

Not saying who decided to send in the dogs nor questioning the reasons behind that decision, just underlining the decision of letting them go.”

“It makes sense. At least to me it does. But you said that the game had to be recalled. What was the glitch?”

"First you must understand hunting techniques. It is, after all, a hunting game, not a firing squad one.  

Neither is the prey waiting in a pre-scheduled spot to be shot nor does the hunter walk into the hunting ground careless about the noise he's making, fires two shots in the air and says, "Hey, you big bad bear where are you? Come on out that I have a little "surprise" for you!!..."

No, the hunter waits for his opportunity and the prey doesn't know is being hunted.

The hunter either waits for his prey or, in some cases, is surprised by it.

When I say surprised I mean he is the one going to find the prey and not the prey coming to him, so when he does find it there's that moment of surprise, that "there it is!!" moment.

Then and there he must suppress at all costs his surprise, reacting to it as if expected. Any movement not completely under control will frighten the prey away."

But that's when the hunter goes after the prey but most often it's the other way around

You have two ways of making the prey come to the hunter. The first is for the hunter to wait, having set up a trap or not, that the prey enters the "kill zone" and the other is frighten the prey and "push" it into that same zone.

This last technique is, for example, used for hunting wild boar. A dozen or so beaters will make as much noise as they can while walking in the hunter's direction. Any boar that is between the two will run into his unfortunate fate."   

"Nice hunting lesson, especially coming from someone who dislikes it so much..."

"What I like or dislike is completely irrelevant... What matters is that they did a "wild boar" hunt on the McCanns."


"They made "a lot of noise" to bring them to the "kill zone".

Take into account that the beaters are there to make the loudest noise possible but only upon direction

First the hunter must guarantee that all is set right so that the "kill zone" is to be really a "kill zone". Only after that does he direct the beaters to start beating. 

What I'm trying to say is that when the game started they didn't go full out against the McCanns. Instead and although they hated their guts, they did all that was possible to do to appear that they had befriended them..."

"Nice friends to have..."

 "Life is what life is and you have to do what you think you need to do to achieve your goals and these people are "experienced" hunters

Let's just go back to the dogs. We don't know exactly how they appear into the scene. No, I'm not speaking about what is written in the PJ Files, let's not be that naive.

There are two possibilities, either they were sent in, as I believe they were, by the BH HQ, or then they came as is written in the PJ Files

What's the difference? Not much but knowing it would clarify what exactly their role was. In the first case, they were a trap and the choice of bait was the correct one, if the other, the dogs were sent for and a fluke the prey walked right into the "death zone" where the hunters had been patiently waiting.

Independently, as "luck" would have it those British dogs indicated cadaverine and blood on all the stuff and places that had the McCann mark on it.

At this moment the hunters have their prey exactly where they want it to be. 

Keep in mind what I just said about suppressing surprises. Every movement to fix the sights on the prey has to be done ever so carefully to make sure the prey suspects nothing, and when it does, it's too late.

So what kind of "gun" do you think they used in this case?"

"Err... Haven't the faintest idea."

"Evidence! Evidence, obviously Fred! We're talking about charging people with a crime! With what else could it be but evidence?"

"Ok, I should have thought of that... sorry..."

"With the prey in place, anyone with anything that resembles a fang just wanted to jump for the McCanns' jugular, but they had to do it nice and slow

There's another peculiarity to this hunt that can't be disregarded: the hunters only have ONE shot. They must "kill" the prey with just a single shot."


"Because that's the only way you have to guarantee that the prey doesn't turn on you! A wounded prey has nothing to loose

Let's now leave analogies aside and see how it all was done. How do you think they played this game?"

"Haven't a clue but believe me I'm really interested to know!"

"They held on to the evidence and let it drip out bit by bit so the public's opinion is radically turned. Make it look like that it's the PUBLIC who want their blood and NOT THEM.

They kept saying how ridiculous and ludicrous it was, with those or other words that rhyme but mean nothing while feeding the mob with small bits of information that damned the couple by the day.

That way, the McCanns would have no reason to turn on them, and when the couple was to be dragged in shackles towards the Tower, what could they "do" but watch, with the most pitiful and sympathetic of looks, maybe even with a tear or two in the corner of their eyes, shrugging their slumped shoulders as if to say "Oh, we're so sorry to see you being dragged like that... we share your pain as we did all that we could do... but don't worry, be strong, we'll get you out of there as soon as we can..."

The couple not turning on them means their secret continued to be safe and they had a secret to keep otherwise the McCanns would have been arrested May 3rd and they weren't! 

That's what made this game such a challenge! They wanted to take the McCanns down in such a way that the McCanns did not have the slightest suspicion it was their doing!

"And how was that done? I'm already skipping asking how could have been done because knowing you, it was done..."

"Yes, it was. They had two directions of attack to explore. One, the evidence provided by the dogs and the other the negligence."

"The negligence? But I thought that negligence played in their favour... I mean wasn't it you who said that without negligence there would be no abduction?"

"And that's correct. But if you go back then, and when Priority ONE, destroying the body, was still being pursued, the negligence wasn't exactly... well, negligence."


"It was, as you remember, "like having your dinner in one's backyard" or "responsible parenting" or even "they checked on the kids regularly but this evil man who had observed them all week long, came and..."

"Yes, I know all about that clutter... isn't that negligence?"

"No and yes, dear, it all depends on the way you "spread the jam"..."


"If you spread the jam from left to right, it's only comprehensible distraction under "responsible parenting". .

But if you spread it from right to left then becomes bad, bad negligence of the sort "Mummy why did you leave us alone crying in despair all of last night while you, daddy and your friends got drunk?"

See the difference the way you "spread it" makes in the public's mind?

"Loud and clear! During Priority ONE it was the understandable but REQUIRED absence as the parents had to away from the apartment to allow the abductor to act, while when it came to Priority TWO it was just pure, ugly negligence."

"And who does the "spreading"? The Media or "that uncontrollable lot of nasty people who only think of profit and respect nobody's privacy", which is a true statement but only said by those who feel harmed by it, the exact same people who whilst surfing the popularity wave didn't complain about those who didn't respect, in the exact same measure, the same privacy.

So all you they had do was to tell the Press to press  a little further on the "negligence gas pedal" to have the public turning against them and shouting for justice faster than you after being stung by a bee like last summer!"

"That WAS fast! Don't remind of that, please!"

"The MEDIA, "pressed" by the PUBLIC, would be the ones that would get all the blame for turning the PUBLIC's opinion against them! Is that a beauty or what?

"You bet!"

But this could only be done after they had other evidence to corroborate and allow them to launch the "bad, bad negligent parents" campaign."

"And that was the dogs, right?"

"Yes! Once the dogs "said" it was ok to go, off they went! So in August 2007 you suddenly have negligence being slowly but surely jammed into the public's mind.

The biggest star of all was, of course, Mrs Fenn and her magic supermarket bags

And then you also had that Chilean documentary collecting bits of "negligence" from all over PdL. Who can forget the hysterical "sketch" by Fenn's hairdresser? A riot, I tell you... 

It's quite telling that even the Chileans weren't able to reconstruct the Big Round Table. If memory serves me right I think they put about 6 people on a rectangular long table...

The only truthful testimony in that Chilean documentary was from Jenny Murat. No one enjoys being back-stabbed.

There came a point that all was prepared and set. With the negligence campaign already well set in the public’s mind, so all that was needed to add to the recipe was the forensic evidence found by the dogs and the McCanns would just have to take it and smile, or if they chose not to, not smile, because who was in charge couldn’t care less.

Once the “negligent” couple & friends would be charged, the "mob" would have both the required culprits as well as the motive for the 4-month bizarre circus.

The case would be closed and soon forgotten and the Black Hats could return to normality and no one would know better.

"Right, and I suppose now you're finally going to tell me what the glitch was, or are you going to digress once more into some other unforeseen development that only you and your Sisters were able to see?" 

"You be careful about how you speak about my Sisters..."

"Sorry, I'm just getting impatient..."

 "I understand... I understand. Yes, that's when they found the glitch, as you say."


"When they had already flown in all the “horses” needed into PdL for the public "dismembering" of the couple to please the bloodthirsty mob, somebody, sometime, somewhere shouted, and shouted very loudly “WHOAAAAAAAA!”

And like you are doing now, so did all who were present then and there and turned to that person with certainly mesmerized but glaring eyes who must have gulped dryly once or twice while revising more than twice all his thoughts and praying that his/her brain hadn’t been playing up any tricks…

“What?!? Did you say WHAT?!?!

“I think it’s best not to have the McCanns charged…”

“Oh, do you? I see… and could you, if you will, please explain to us all as to WHY NOT?!?

“Well, you see, there’s no body…

“SO?!?!” anger no doubt in quick crescendo and patience plummeting as fast…

“Well, if there’s no body, how can it be explained that the McCanns were able to get rid of the body… without any help in Portugal? And if they got help to dispose of the body… well it shows that they weren’t exactly acting alone, were they?


Everyone quickly understood that what was happening was that if the McCanns were charged without a body, or its remains, found or stumbled upon, it could pop right open the Pandora’s box that everyone had worked so hard to keep its lid shut.

And everyone knew that there was no body to be found and stumbled upon. They all had made sure that there wasn’t one, hadn’t they?

I can only imagine the heavy, uncomfortable silence that must have filled that room. 

All was planned to take the McCanns down. The timing was perfect. The sightings were proving to be as ridiculous as they really were and the abductor theory was growing thinner and thinner.

And it couldn’t be done. They couldn't risk having the McCanns charged.

“Fly them out” must have been the hardest words anyone ever pronounced in the Maddie Case, but someone did say them. 

And most likely followed it with an "and when they arrive in the UK, I want all of you to check and recheck if there's any possible way of pressing charges against then without a body! I want them charged, you hear?"

That's why you had, in September 07 and with the McCanns already in UK soil, the most malignant press jackals still going for the couple in full rage mode:

It clearly shows that the scales of the balance were being tampered with and someone was really making an effort in pushing down the one which the McCanns were on.

But then came the day when reality finally sunk in: there was no way to charge the McCanns on their own without Maddie's body.

So, on the 17th of September 2007 the "The McCann Hunting Party 07" was recalled.

They all must have felt, physically, the opportunity to close the case there and then slipping through their fingers and not be able to do anything about it."

"17th of September? Why? What happened on that date?"


"Oh, I see... sudden "mood" change indeed... I can only imagine that this didn't go down well with the "hunters"... their hatred for the McCanns and the Tapas must have increased... exponentially!"

"The funny part about all this is that the McCanns, as the sacrificial lambs they were to be, were certainly kept out of the loop.

If we are to believe Kate McCann, they, the McCanns on the night before being pronounced “arguidos” still thought they were being thrown to the lions, thus that very impolite passage that Kate writes about her lawyer, Pinto de Abreu, only one of the best, expensive and prestigious in Portugal.

Most likely they never knew the game was taking place. That if teeth were blades and fingers claws, all those smiles and pats on the back would have caused a lot of damage on them...

And most likely too they never knew that the “McCann Hunting Party 07” had been recalled. If they didn’t know it existed, they couldn’t possibly know it was recalled, now could they? They must have thought that it was all their moaning, whining and blackmailing that they wouldn't go down alone that did it...

But like you say what wasn’t recalled was the hatred for the Tapas and the McCanns in particular."

“Ok, please, please, tell me what all this has to do with Cameron’s decision!”

“Haven’t you understood yet? When he launched the “McCann Hunting Party 11”, commonly known as the SY Review, he was indeed certain that the outcome would be the one he desired because he was misinformed.”

“Yes, you've already said that. But how is that even possible?’

Whoever should have told him about the "07 glitch" just didn’t. As such his certainty was flawed but not his fault, mind you.

Unfortunately, unlike the 07 version of the game, this 11 version couldn’t be recalled.


“The M-Dice story, my dear.”

"So the ONLY THING that's stalling indefinitely the SY Review is the Dark Cloud "Absence of Body"?“

"That's absolutely correct."

"But why didn’t they tell Cameron? Were they setting him up?

“Oh, no! Gosh, no! These people are ambitious but far from being stupid! It was all because of the “Great Maddie War”"

“War? What war?!?”

“The one that raged across the world for more than three years. Almost four. From September 2007 until May 2011. Yours truly here took part in it, didn’t you know?”


“What did you think I was blogging for? A most interesting war. How I now smile just thinking how many dummies we shot. How foolishly naïve we were… it did take us too long to understand that we were firing against straw people…”

“What? How? Make some sense woman!”

“My dear, yesterday I ironed, something you know how much I dislike, so today I’m entitled to pamper myself.

And while we on the blog are currently on a break, I’m not exactly in my best “Maddie-mood” so we’ll speak some more tomorrow, if you don’t mind. 

Besides I still have to tell you all about Priority ZERO…”

Priority ZERO?!?!?”

“Yes, dear, you know, the one that comes before Priority ONE…”

“Yes, THAT I know! You must be joking!”

“Now, why in heaven's name would I do a silly thing like that? The Maddie Affair is no laughing matter. Far from it, far from it.

Tomorrow we’ll speak about the “Great Maddie War”. I’ll leave Priority ZERO for another occasion. It’s much more complex…”


  1. What we have here is an imaginative far-fetching theory that could easily have come out of the mind of Inspector Espinosa (Prof. Luis Alfredo Garcia-Roza).

    I am still trying to get to grips with its logic... mind you... that Hunting Party poster of GM dressed up as a bear had me on the floor laughing - as soon as I recover from the hysterics' fit I will tackle the theory proper...

    This is good imaginative stuff indeed - even assuming you ignore Occam's admonition: "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem" BUT for all we know you could be a step closer to the Truth than the rest...

  2. Anon #1

    We recognise your style and many guises on another blog and find pretentious references off-putting for readers.

  3. Presumably whatever accident happened to Maddie must have not been falling off the sofa then? Are we thinking something worse than swinging? - I would guess so.


    "Fonte judicial disse à agência Lusa que o início do julgamento, programado para 24 e 25 deste mês, na 1.ª Vara Cível de Lisboa, «foi suspenso porque as partes estão a tentar um acordo».

    O despacho do juiz a deferir a suspensão foi assinado no final da semana passada, pelo que decorre agora um prazo de seis meses, após o qual, não existindo acordo entre Gonçalo Amaral e os pais da criança desaparecida em 2007, no Algarve, será marcada audiência."

    Which translates to:

    "Judicial source has told Lusa that the beginning of the trial programmed to take place on the 24 and 25 of this month in the 1st Cicil Court of Lisbon "was suspnded as the parties are trying to reach an agreement"

    The judge's dispatch approving the suspension was signed at the end of last week, so now will follow a period of six months, at the end of which, if there isn't an agreement between Goncalo Amaral and the parents of the child who disappeared in 2007, in the Algarve, a date shall be set for the hearing."

    It seems the winds are indeed following, but will it help the paddlers?

  5. Anon #3,

    Your guess is wrong.

    Cannot see from where you deduce from the post, or anywhere in the blog "must have not been falling off the sofa then".

    I must say it was a rather poor try in misleading readers. Please ask to be replaced.

    Hopefully the next post will further clarify the role of people like you in all this.

    Last note "worse than swinging"? Is swinging bad? You should respect other people's choice od expressing their sexuality.

    I only find pornographic the hypocritical obsession Brits have for sex-scandals. Maybe if they were as tolerant as the Portuguese are with what is within a citizen's privacy, there wouldn't have been a Maddie case to begin with.

  6. Complete translation:

    McCann judgment that opposes the Gonçalo Amaral suspended
    Decision relates to tentative agreement

    The trial that pits the McCanns Gonçalo Amaral, in which Madeleine's parents claim compensation of € 1.2 million for allegedly defaming the former PJ inspector, is suspended in an attempt to settlement.

    Judicial source told Lusa that the beginning of the trial, scheduled for 24 and 25 of this month, at 1. Civil Court of Lisbon, "was suspended because the parties are seeking an agreement."

    The order of the court to defer the suspension was signed at the end of last week, so now follows a period of six months, after which, in the absence of agreement between Gonçalo Amaral and the parents of missing child in 2007, in the Algarve, will be marked audience.

    The trial began this process was postponed twice, the first of which the February 9, 2012.

    The judge later marked the beginning of the trial in the Palais de Justice for September 13 of that year, with three more scheduled sessions, but did not take place either due to unavailability of attorney Gonçalo Amaral, undergo an examination under anesthesia to the stomach.

    In this action, which prompted the request for seizure of goods Gonçalo Amaral as a precautionary measure, Kate and Gerry McCann still complain protection of rights, freedoms and guarantees.

    In related case, 7. Th Civil Court of Lisbon decided in January 2010 to maintain a ban on the book 'Maddie - The Truth of the Lie' written by Goncalo Amaral, and video with the same title based on a documentary broadcast on TVI.

    The ban of the book and the video, which presents the thesis of Gonçalo Amaral involvement of Kate and Gerry McCann in the disappearance of her daughter with the concealment of the corpse had been provisionally enacted September 9, 2009.

    The October 19, 2010, the Lisbon Court of Appeal annulled the decision of 7. Civil Court, after which the McCanns appealed to the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ).

    In its judgment of 18 March 2011, the Supreme Court of Appeal upheld the decision.

    Madeleine McCann disappeared on May 3, 2007, in an apartment in a holiday village of Praia da Luz, where she was vacationing with her parents and two twin brothers.

    At the time of the disappearance, Goncalo Amaral was coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Judicial Police of Portimão.

    Kate and Gerry McCann, who have always claimed that the child was abducted, were made defendants in September 2007.

    The case was closed for lack of evidence, in July 2008, although prosecutors admit reopening if new data emerge about the disappearance of Madeleine.

  7. If it was signed last week, it explains where JBS got the info.

  8. Such publicity to JBS, for me, that sails in the wind and without oars; adrift.

  9. During all these years the power of the UK machine was to destroy
    lives: Maddie and GA more all His Family.

    UK machine also with priorities .

  10. Ah e Justiça para Madeleine e, para GA mais Família fica por fazer.

  11. Lance Armstrong has finally confessed that he used doping in all his 7 wins of Tour de France (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005).

    We have yet another guilty conscience who sought freedom from the ever painful shackles of guilt.

    We will not join the chorus of critics, most which are nothing but hypocrites, but rather thank the man for the courage to own up and face the consequences of his actions.

    Others should follow his example.

    An interesting question/statement that Oprah made to Armstrong during the historic interview:

    “You were SUING people YOU KNEW knew that they were TELLING THE TRUTH?!?”

    That is one interesting question/statement that should have been made to the McCanns when she interviewed them in 2009.

    And speaking of that, here's an interesting question/statement that Textusa would like to make to Oprah:

    “You interviewed people YOU KNEW that they were NOT TELLING THE TRUTH?!?”

    We would like to know if your answer would be as candid as was Armstrong's one.

    Memory lane is always omnipresent and always just around the corner.

  12. It seems that a collective euphoria has taken hold of some people because the McCann vs GA’s Trial, expected for the end of this month, was suspended for 6 months as to grant the possibility of an agreement between the parts.

    This euphoria is based only on information in blog that the McCanns are fighting for their lives, and have already lost the case.

    The blog in question has publicly stated that it doesn’t have any privileged information and its authorship is made up of an uncertain number of “independent” individuals so its conclusions can only be an informed opinions.

    The Portuguese have a saying (you know how much I love the wisdom of Portuguese) that advises caution: “Não lançar foguetes antes da festa.” – “Do not start the fireworks before the party starts”.

    Let’s look at facts.

    1. The Trial was postponed.

    2. The parts are in negotiations.

    3. We don’t know who approached who, nor when, nor why.

    4. The Portuguese Justice System has given the parts 6 months to reach an agreement.

    According to the information available, any other conclusion is a presumption at this stage.

    If you, like us, support Gonçalo Amaral, understand that any speculation only further pressures the man who requires all the strength he can muster to face this combat.

    This said we’re appealing for containment and let Amaral manage this battle as he knows best as only he and the McCanns are fully aware of what is in fact being discussed.

    We, Textusa Sisters, would like to wish Mr. Amaral all the best in this critical moment and express that we’re fully, without any restrictions, at his disposal to help him to the best of our capabilities.

    We believe if that IF justice prevails in this case, Mr Amaral’s victory should be guaranteed.

  13. The McCanns want to avoid going to court in Portugal at all costs, I'm not surprised about this possibility of a out-of-court deal. I bet that Dr. Amaral would much rather face them in court, if he had access to unlimited finantial resources, like the other part does, but sadly he doesn't, and he has suffered and lost so much during this process that he might be tempted to agree. Let's wait and see what comes out of this...

  14. Os McCann com medo que o processo seja reaberto em Portugal e sejam obrigados a fazer a reconstituiçao da noite do crime.

  15. Ha 1 comentario no correio da M. Com o qual concordo.

    "Os McCann com medo que o processo seja reaberto em Portugal e sejam obrigados a fazer a reconstituiçao da noite do crime, fazem de tudo para parecer que Sao eles quem comanda a situação e que ganharam o caso."
    Hoje, 21h02m

  16. Oprah's website was innundated with comments with many relevant facts of the Maddie case, facts taken from the police files, there was plenty of information for her (and her team) to work on and put together a serious interview with serious and relevant questions. She chose to ignore it, she took the easy and comfortable path of a wishy-washy interview.

    Now, on Armstrong and Oprah,
    Goodness, Oprah must be really gullible, she has been got had by liars at least 3 times(or 4, 5, and on and on, who knows?), one being Armstrong, the other is James Frey, and of course, the McCanns, and maybe even the Smart family.
    She invited them on her show, treated them like royalty, like they were "the best thing since sliced-bread" and then...disaster! They were publicly exposed as the fraudsters they are (well, 2 of them have...)! Boy, she must have felt stupid and so angry! So much so that she has managed to confront 2 of those, Frey and Armstrong, in quite rough post-revelations interviews. I wonder if we'll ever see the day she does the same with "you know who"...

  17. Ah, the McCanns and their phobia of court rooms, portuguese ones particularly...such a terrible phobia that makes them want to strike deals with their "Black Nemesis"!

  18. Textusa at #2

    WOW! Thanks for being so frank!

    Sad to hear your demographics found my comment(s) off-putting. They don't suffer "fools" easily, do they?

    I was not aware of commenting on "other blogs" but your feminine intuition must be right - was it?

    The problem with feminine intuition is that it often lacks logic (the "hunter's instinct") but; I may be biased. I was about to ask you to clarify several points in your "Priorities" argument (was that what you were afraid of?) but I am not going to. Your readership may find them "off-putting" besides I don't think you are the type (magisterial?) that likes to be challenged by those you perceive as "smart allecks". Cuckoo.....

    Rest assured this is the last time I will post comments in your excellent blog - if that is what you and/or your readers wish. I am saddened but it probably won't matter in terms of finding Madeleine dead or alive; or getting Amaral or Bennett off their existential predicaments.

    What does matter are your ratings and demographics so, I shall take my baseball cap off and bode you farewell.

    No hard feelings.
    Keep up the good work.


  19. I believe the McCanns know already that Amaral can use many more arguments and that is why they want an agreement.I think they still hope the probe will be not reopened, for their sake and it is better that the public dont

  20. The Mccann's and BH scared with the possibility of facing Amaral in Court in a dangerous terrain- Portugal. They don't know which weapons he has under his coat. They don't know how much hot information reach his desk during these years, coming from relevant sources, even without a body. And most important, they know that to accuse him of defamation, they have to build that accusation on facts- the court is not the desk of a media editor- they have to reconstruct the day of May 3, if not the all week, and prove their fairy story was possible. They know already some obstacles to their version- the crime scene itself and the timeline they wrote on Maddie book. Their abductor had to be an ET Blessed with some special gift, able to fly, be faster and leave no traces.
    Going to court with Amaral means going back to everything they all tried hard to overtake- "their first priorities". What a mess, after ridding off the body they become hunted by his shadow which could appear in court and tell a lot.
    ID is trying to solve the case under Carter ruck style. She has no " tarimba" to stand in court and defend what has no defense. Better drop it, but then emerge other problem- how to drop it without showing she and the Mccann's lost? Here come the media again to build the story in a pink color. I can see where Correio da Manhã, JN and DN ended the article, with " the parents being declared innocents because no evidences were found". What a great job that serves only the interests of one side of the story. And that is exactly what the all gang want- replacing again the court by the media where the happy end was already negociated.
    I hope, I wish GA stands still, but I have to confess, my hope was very weak because we know what he need to stand still. He need a lot of money to waste in " the case, the audience, etc, etc, was changed to another date, based on the most ridiculous excuses". The court case can be spread by years. No bank account resists that, unless we the public really get together and bake his defense by settling a strong Fund to help him. Who knows, maybe a planetary solidarity make history, if really a group of honest and leader people jumps to the front line and use the media world to appeal to the solidarity of who loves and seeks justice. Maddie and GA deserve it.
    Regarding Lance A, what should be highlighted now, was his courage to assume the truth. Something the time teach him, showing that the time is always the great enemy of all crimes. And Oprah, if she really wants to work in prol of the society, must call the Mccann's and reinterview them, taking out of the draw the most inconvenient questions. While watching her interviewing LA I hadvthe impression of being watching a court room.
    By reading yesterday JBS, I had again the same feeling. His posts regarding the time and the content, are not innocent. There is an agenda there and I'm probably not in great error if I trow him on the basket of the BHs. He is not a supporter of GA but has good sources of important information. This information must come from leaks available to insiders. The way he ends his article shows it all, a BH hunting the Mccann's. Let's see if the Mccann's who love suing people will sue him, or if they will ignore as usual, worried and waiting for the agenda to work.
    Anon 1, your style was largely known on JM blog, where to distract from the main posts, a certain poster use to post under various names, including a certain inspector who claims to know GA. What a job.


    Ao viajar pelos arquivos do Correio da Manhã encontrei este artigo que achei interessante sobretudo porque apresenta nomes de pessoas que suportaram financialmente os McCann numa altura crucial da investigação. Excluo Beckam e Cristiano Ronaldo que devem ter respondido aos apelos dos seus superiores.
    O Paradoxo deste caso, é que sem nunca terem enfrentado um tribunal ou terem realmente procurado a filha, os McCann receberam as ajudas mais generosas e mais rapidas de que ha memoria. Milhoes de euros em semanas e milhares doados por milionarios que nunca viram os seus nomes associados a causas de solidariedade para ajudar crianças vitimas de guerra, fome ou doencas. So pode ser porque algo no caso Maddie os ameacava e atrapalhava as suas vidas. Não há dúvida que as vicissitudes do sexo em certos circuitos Sao muito tramadas e movem camioes.

  22. Textusa,

    I think you forgot one priority that I'm sure the BHs had at that time: to throw sand into GA's eyes and his team!

  23. "Anon #1/#18

    How about cutting off the rhetoric and question the posts, or the parts you find that have to be questioned, in plain old-fashioned English?

    That way we'll see if we're wrong and correct our path.

    We strive for truth.

    So nothing pleases us most than to be corrected.

    Only that methodology reassures us that our next step will be on firmer grounds than the previous.

    If you've spotted an error and have let us proceed, then that is to your fault, not ours.

    Please put your "money" where your mouth is and ask your pertinent questions so that we can either correct ourselves or clarify your doubts.

    But in plain old-fashioned English, please.

  24. Anon #22

    Thank you for your comment. You're right and you're not.

    You're right because we didn't explicitly name that priority.

    You're not because it's implicit. Hiding and destroyng the body is as you say throwing sand into the PJ's eyes, isn't it?

    But this post, as well as the M-Dice that was before it and the ones that we hope will follow, are meant to look at the "big picture" that was, and is, what we call the Maddie Affair.

    Th investigation itself, how it was hindered and how it was pressured are already facts known publicly.

    We seek new ground. Explore "new" and "unseen" worlds, so to say.

    But, yes, no question about it, the BHs had what you said as a priority and a big one at that. After all, as the post says, as soon as the police were allowed to uncover what really happened (specifically the swinging which is no crime but apparently is treated as if it is one of horrible proportions) then it would be Game Over.

  25. I'm under the impression that the BHs want it to be GA who has backed down!
    So GA wants to back down AFTER having won the book ban? Why would he do that? He knows what he wrote can be backed up. A libel case in Portugal is only won when it's a blatant libel. Having an opinion IN PORTUGAL that the McCanns are guilty IS NOT LIBEL. It's an opinion. UK should learn from Portugal.
    No, there's no one that has said they're guilty but there isn't anyone that has said they're innocent. If they were "pronounced" innocent the case would have been closed, not archived.
    The fact they had the "arguido" status lifted doesn't mean they can't be arguidos again, because the case was ARCHIVED and NOT CLOSED.
    That PROVES that the system hasn't declared them innocent, because in FREE Countries like PORTUGAL, we can't go on trial for the same crime twice.
    If they were innocent (not saying they're guilty but that it's NOT a fact they're innocent) the system would have stated THAT on clear terms!

  26. Excellent post Textusa!

    I think when Fred says "I would wring his neck, that's what I would do!" you should have asked "And how would you go about doing that with all the press watching as was the case with the McCanns?" I think would clarify even further why they couldn't act on their impulse against the McCanns IMO.

  27. Textusa, do you know by chance how much money the fund still has? Thank you.

  28. Anon #27

    Sorry, we don't. It's not an area our blog specialises in.

    We never, fortunately contributed to it. If we had, you bet we would keep track!

  29. #20 wrote:
    "Regarding Lance Armstrong, what should be highlighted now was is courage to assume the truth"


    Is "courage"?! What courage, where, when? Did I miss something?! That was not a courageous act, it was a "no other way out", "game over" act!
    The man is a disgrace, he has only admitted to the fraud because he was cornered on all sides and realised there was no escape, end of the line, "all passengers must out"! He surelly took his time, didn't he? He stalled for as long as he could, and I bet he surrounded himself with good legal advice and was told he had no choice but to come clean, denying was no longer a wise move, the truth and the evidence is so absolute and so clear (and so public) that the best way out was to admit and try to save some shreds of his reputation. Damage control, isn't it what it's called...?

  30. Anon #26

    Yes, that is what I should have asked indeed. Must scold Fred for not making me ask the adequate question!

    Thank you, for your comment, it's a pleasure to write for people like you!

  31. Don't guests get paid a FEE for appearing on OW Show? This applies to both the McCanns and Armstrong.

  32. #27, funny you should ask that now! There's an article on today's Daily Mail, about Kate and how the profits from her book boosted up the fund on 1 million pounds!

    "The continuing search and costly advertising campaigns means the remaining total now stands at £474,86"

    "After tax the book netted £738,487 providing a much-need boost to the fund set up by the McCanns, reported the Mirror."

    The article mentions Halligen and the 300.000 pounds he alledgedly took from the fund. I made a comment mentioning my astonishement at the lack of legal action from the McCanns towards this man, who swindled the fund out of such a large amount of money, why haven't they sued him, and so on. I wonder if it will get published ...

    The Fund's accounts 2012, here:

  33. 29, a guy who foolish the world during 10 years and build an image of perfection, victory and glory, needs courage to get ride of everything and admit to the world, he was a fraud. Only naif people could believe he was on all that alone, during so long.
    There is always a second choice to fade, when people were trapped by the circumstances ,just by admitting the fraud to a small circle and let the case go away. That is what, normally all guilt people do. For me, he needs a lot of courage to confess what he did in front of a master TV watched by millions in the world. He need courage to admit what he did, to his family, specially his children. For me was a courageous act, of course in a different dimension then the courage shown by an hero who put is life in danger to save the life of others. There is different degrees when we speak about courage.
    I'm listen now on the news that he is going to say sorry to all people he had foolish with his fraud. People from his team, his family, who directly supported and believe him.
    Others have foolish many, still living under the money they fraudulently dragged from the public, are surrounded by critics and trapped by their own lies, but HAVE NO COURAGE TO CONFESS AND ADMIT THE TRUTH. instead.... They insist in conning people, sue and hunt who question their version and try to silence the inconvenient voices. I can see more shame on that group then on LA, even if I recognize what he have done was very wrong and he must be punished for that.... If the time he is living now is not by itself, already a punishment.

  34. Anon #29

    Let me tell you upfront that I'm not very impressed by Lance Armstrong.

    I am not exactly a cycling fan mostly because I link the sport to doping.

    I apologise to all honest cyclists out there, but an opinion is an opinion and that is my opinion is that doping abuse is widespread in top-level competition and I believe the forerunner in the issue is cycling.

    I think that it’s “the lab” on which other sports rely on to cheat.

    That’s how damaging I think the doping phenomenon has damaged the sport, with or without Armstrong. His case only came to aggravate the matter, if it was even possible to aggravate it.

    About the man I’ll say that he's very arrogant, he's another narcissist, he talks about himself in the 3rd person as though not himself and like Savile he covers himself with a charity.

    About the interview, it hasn't gone down particularly well with the public because he didn't come across as genuinely sorry and I think he is cynically trying to make money with his confession.

    He's using all this to try and get back into sport, saying that he DESERVES to return and wanting a reduction in his ban!

    I, for one, would agree to reduce all the multiple life bans into just a single life ban.

    He took newspaper to court for libel and won. He should pay back all his ill gotten gains, both legal and in endorsement.

    Yes, it wasn't a very sorry apology from a very arrogant man.

    BUT at least it was a CONFESSION.

    Thus my use of the word courage.

    To illustrate what I mean, please allow me to use your own words, with just slight changes:

    “The couple is a disgrace, they haven’t admitted to the fraud even when cornered on all sides and realise there is no escape, end of the line, "all passengers must out"! They surely are taking their time, aren’t they?

    They’re stalling for as long as they can, and I bet they’ve surrounded themselves with good legal advice and were told they had no choice but to come clean, denying was no longer a wise move, the truth and the evidence is so absolute and so clear (and so public) that the best way out was to admit and try to save some shreds of their reputation. Damage control, isn't it what it's called...?”

    The last paragraph seems to be written as comment about Kate and Pinto de Abreu, in Kate’s book doesn’t it?

    The bottom line is that although “truth and the evidence is so absolute and so clear” they HAVEN’T CONFESSED. We hope in the next posts to shed some light on this issue.

    About my comment, I overstepped the line when I said that all most of his critics were “hypocrites” and for that I apologise.

    What I intended to say was that most of the sportsmen that yesterday openly criticized him were hypocrites as that is my opinion as I stated in the beginning of this comment.

    Sometimes, one thing is what you intend to say and another is what you really say.

    Obviously I agree with the vast majority of his critics, which are honest people who’ve now realized that they’ve been fooled by an “idol”. In Portugal we say “a hero with wet clay feet” that with the slightest flow of water they just topple over.

  35. Anon #31

    The Oprah Show is a business.

    I know that to attend you have to buy your tickets well in advance.

    In terms of guests I would guess that there are the following types:

    - those whose appearance benefits Oprah, I imagine get payed a fee.

    - those that benefit from appearing on Oprah, I imagine that they pay a fee.

    - those which share benefits with Oprah, I imagine there's no money exchange.

    I would think that Armstrong's interview would fall under this last category. Him for confessing in such a "prestigious" show, and her to have that exclusive.

    About the McCanns, I imagine the currency used was "Nepotistic Dollars". They're very much like Monopoly money as they aren't real currency but unlike these they do have an enormous value.

  36. Anon #32

    The last time I saw the book on sale it was in big supermarket (Continente) BEFORE Christmas, and it was for €4.00 (£3.36) on the bottom shelf of "Take 2 for the price of 1" among other books, some slightly cheaper and others slightly more expensive (the average price was around €5.00).
    Even if the whole money of a sale went to the Fund, to get £738,487 it means that they sold 219,788 books last year.
    It seems that they're taking into account the sales on Mars and on Venus because on Earth... I think NOT.

  37. Whenever I watch Armstrong all I can think about is the many people (other fellow athletes) whom he and his "entourage" bullied into silence over the years with threaths to destroy or hinder their reputations and careers.

    "Idolo com pés de barro" indeed, Textusa!

  38. “Se a nossa opção é progressista, se estamos a favor da vida
    e não da morte, da equidade e não da injustiça, do direito e não do
    arbítrio, da convivência com o diferente e não da sua negação, não
    temos outro caminho senão viver plenamente a nossa opção…”

    Paulo Freire

  39. Anon, quoting Paulo Freire:

    “If our option is to be progressive, if we are in favour of life and not of death, of fairness and not of injustice, of law and not of own will, of coexistence with the different and not its denial, we have other way but to live fully our choice...”

    Wonderful words. Wisely chosen.

    The words of one who feels that abandoning the path set by values principles is to abandon oneself.

    So he can't but to continue to follow the path, however hard they may be, that his values have set upon him: life, fairness, law and tolerance and not follow another, that may seem easier but only represents death, unfairness, injustice and intolerance.

    Between the two, there's no option presented but duty to fulfill.

    Once again, beautiful words wisely chosen and our gratitude for sharing them with us.

    Thank you.

  40. In my opinion if it was GA who asked to settle, the Mcs would have smelled blood and pounced on him! The fact they are so quiet is telling.

  41. Lance Armstrong merely used Oprah as much as she used him for her TV ratings, pre-arranged questions and answers to fool the public into believing this was his 'confession'. These people all work together through PR and the establishment ensures the public read what they want the public to read.
    Amaral has stood firm against the Mccanns they are afraid of what he knows, but he plays a clever hand, he is careful of what he discloses, they have not been allowed to see the PJ files they are not sure of what information he has on them and that gives him power because he was there from the start.
    There is no such thing as the perfect crime, we must support Amaral because he has the strength to bring the Mccanns to justice and eventually he will.
    Her book of lies will prove to be their downfall and will eventually be used against them in court as will their accounts for their fraudulent fund.

  42. Anon 41,

    Agree with you.
    Amaral MIGHT have something up his sleeve that he didn't put in the files (from his book it seems clear that he spotted that the investigation was to go nowhere). But that's us speculating.
    He doesn't need to have anything up his sleeve. All he needs is what is in the files. I've read his book and from memory the only "accusation" he makes that is not on the files is the description of Gerry smiling and sucking a lollypop and speaking about sports when they were about to engage in a conversation, via MSN, with an alleged abductor. Odd behaviour for a parent of an abducted daughter to say the least.
    I'm sure there were others that will confirm the episode.
    Everything else in the book is in the files.
    First, it's up to the McCanns to prove that what the book says is a lie.
    Second, it's up to the McCanns to prove that it jeopardized the search (when it was published 1 year and almost four months after she disappeared)
    Third, they must prove how they reached the value of what they're asking for compensation. You don't just tell a Portuguese Court that another person has set you back a million pounds. You have to explain how you reached that figure.
    Only, and only after these three steps can the McCanns say they've won.
    See how much upper hand Amaral does have?
    In Portugal you have to prove the other part has libeled you and not the other party proving they didn't libel.
    The other upper hand that Amaral also has is that if facts start to be discussed in Court it won't be only the McCanns that may suffer the consequences.

  43. ah what a surprise a sunday tabloid in UK has a front page report of a 5 year old photo of Maddie with her abductor in Brazil... being given independently to Scotland Yard. why wait 5 years?
    will anyone believe this rubbish? news discussion programmes have treated it as a non-story, one person describing it as bizarre, another saying it is telling that only the Express seems to be reporting this.
    so predictable given the happenings in Portugal..

  44. I may have done a weak search but I can't see in any British Media the news about the trial Mccann's V Amaral been suspended for 6 months. Instead there is a pinkish recall on Kates book with an amazing figure for sales in a short time bringing back the bad taste that couple always raises on me: THEY ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF LIES AND LOVE TO LOOK LIKE IF THEY ALWAYS BREAK RECORDS. Two narcissists.....

  45. I can't stop laughing with that Mccarticle, obviously signed by J Murray:

    Just few passages, and if there is no reaction from the metro police against that poor "Editor investigation", I must assume the article was to mock SY involved in the review:

    ...."Scotland Yard appealed to us not to publish it while it continues sensitive global investigations into the missing girl. Officers were happy for us to describe the potentially key evidence which shows a healthy fair-haired girl aged three or four in pink trousers, a green top and a blue hat." AH!AH! DON'T PUBLISH THE PICTURE BUT DISCRIBE IT. AND WHAT PICTURE...MADDIE IN PINK AND GREEN WITH A BLUE HAT...OF COURSE TO PASS UNNOTICED WITH ALL THAT CLOWN COLORS. Is that part of the 195 leads or this is the 196?
    ..."A Portuguese speaking man living in Brazil forwarded the photo to a detective on Operation Grange, the Yard squad trying to find Madeleine by reviewing thousands of documents". AH, ah, if it was a Japanese speaking man in Brazil, will be big news...a portuguese speaking...what a joke you become SY, under the hands of that gang.
    "The man suggests paedophile Raymond Hewlett, who died of throat cancer, aged 64, in Germany in 2010, was involved with others in the abduction." HERE WE GO, HEWLETT &Hewlett &HEWLET AGAIN. you are a joke Morray with your " editor investigation". Any investigation will show that that guy was full investigated by the police on the terrain, PJ and the British police and later a German prosecutor prevented the fake detectives from the Mccann's to disturb the man who was dying in a German hospital.
    ..."Giving his phone number and address he provides details of a flight from Ibiza to Munich in which one witness saw a girl looking like Madeleine “with the bandits”. Scotland Yard and the McCann investigators are used to dealing with letters from cranks, but are taking this more seriously because of the photographs provided." I just love that part...the most wanted girl, who had her pictures everywhere and was at the top desk of every police in every airport, was able to fly from Ibiza to Munich unnoticed, almost at the same time a couple flying from France to Lisbon with a girl resembling Madeleine ( their daughter) was tracked down in many places ( airports ) and interrogated in Portugal by Pj. This is to mock the German and the Spanish police?
    ..."We can also reveal the man has been in contact with Isabel Duarte, Kate and Gerry McCann’s civil lawyer in Lisbon."Ah...but not Pj, the only official police in the case. How much did you got Murray to publish that rubbish?
    ..."Last week she(ID) sent all details of her correspondence with the man to Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry in Leicestershire"...WHY NOT OPORTO PJ WHO IS ASSISTING SY WITH REVIEW? Because the review is another fraud created to trow sand at the public (mainly UK) eyes.

    What a joke this gang become, showing no respect to the memory of a girl who innocently lost her life. She has to be forever alive because as GA said, the day they assume she is dead, the Fund will end. Without Fund no money to buy Murrays, ID and all the evil opportunists for who Maddie became a " way of living".

  46. Textusa, what could be the advantage of an agreement between the couple and Amaral?

  47. Anon #46,

    The only "opinion" we'll provide about Mr Amaral's ongoing legal proceedings is our entire availability to help him.

    I would like to highlight that in no way it can be deduced from the information we know (I haven't read the actual dispatch itself and only that constitutes fact) that an agreement is foreseeable or even that there will be one.

    Also it can't be deduced that there will be no agreement.

    As we said:

    1. The Trial was postponed.

    2. The parts are in negotiations.

    3. We don’t know who approached who, nor when, nor why.

    4. The Portuguese Justice System has given the parts 6 months to reach an agreement.

    The fact that is was postponed can mean one of the 3 things: party A asked for it, party B asked for it or both parties A and B asked for it.

    In the first two hypothesis, the fact the one party asked and the judge conceded, doesn't mean that the other party wanted the delay. It might even have opposed to it and been overruled by the judge. Most likely it was a party to ask and the other not to oppose, which is completely different from agreeing.

    The fact that the parties are in negotiations, doesn't mean an agreement will be reached or if the other party (in case it was one party asking and the other not opposing) wants to agree at all.

    Fact #4 indicates that an agreement is not exactly in the horizon. If you were a judge and the two parties showed interest in reaching an agreement, would you give them 6 months to do that or just a day, or maybe a week?

    It seems to me that one of the part is asking the Court for time to convince the other party who has not, at least until now, been very favourable to the terms proposed for an agreement from the other side.

    Which party is which, who knows?

    But as said by some of our readers, the excessive silence from both the British Press and the McCanns themselves about the issue might be an indicator as to who is who.

  48. As far as I know, a writer gets only 10% of his sold books, also in the UK. Check on google, please.
    If Kate sold for one million, she must have received 100.000 pounds.
    Perhaps a little more or a little less.
    No writer becomes rich of writing, excepted for Rowling.

  49. Anon #45

    Some people still live in the days of the Last Charge Brigade:

    "The girl is holding the hand of a swarthy foreign-looking man aged about 50 with long dark hair and a beard"

    I wonder what kind of a person does he portrays the Brazilian people to be like and from then deduce what a foreigner TO BRAZIL looks like. If there's a Nation that can proudly say it is diverse, that Country is Brazil!

    From the description he makes, if it wasn't for the long hair, he could be describing former Brazilian President Lula da Silva!

    I would like to remind the reporter that the saying is "The world is an OYSTER" and not "The world is BRITAIN".

  50. Anon 49, and those 10% are still subject to taxation! The book was the world's most sold book in 2012 and we that are updated on Maddie didn't realize that! What a joke!

    And speaking of jokes, Anon 45 I also couldn't stop laughing. That piece of "news" has only thing that is relevant: Maddie went from disappeared back to snatched. They are trying to push the abductor story forward!

  51. Madeleine McCann: On the road to Brazil with dead Raymond Hewlett

  52. I'll take a wild guess: the Portuguese speaking man in Brazil is Marcos Aragao Correia! LOLOLOL

  53. The Mccann PR machine has gone into overdrive because of the impending Amaral court case they are attempting to deflect from this case with their continuing rubbish news stories about fake abductors and the like. What the Mccanns have shown is how easy it is for rich and corrupt people to manipulate the tabloids to print their version of events whilst withholding the truth at all costs. the Mccanns are in fear of Amaral they know he could bring them down (and I hope he does).

  54. Anon #53

    I'm with you!! The Maddie sighting's are always timed to distract. The last one wasn't on a TB Court appearance? Now it's to distract from this postponement. It shows on which side despair is suffocating!

    I propose a new entry for the English Dictionary:
    Maddie Sighting: worthy of or exciting ridicule; absurd, preposterous, laughable, silly or contemptible about a deceased child.

  55. Another fact really relevant- The Sun, who serialized the book of the lies paying an insultuous amount to the author, ABANDONED THE AUTHOR.
    One by one, all are abandoning the couple. The business is not profitable anymore.

  56. I am anon 43 and hope BS is working on an item about the sighting photo....any ideas what the title might be?
    There's an awful lot of coffee in Brazil could be changed to theres an awful lot of BS [ which is not short for Blacksmith but B**LL**IT] in Brazil.
    I hope too that Amaral is not ill as he looks unwell in recent photos and that stress has not made him decide to give up the fight. I doubt if the McCanns could buy his integrity, no matter how much he has been ground down through stress. Hopefully the whole rotten house of cards is slowly starting to tumble, one day the truth will out of that I am sure. Hope sooner not later. Justice for Maddie, keep being a man of courage GA!

  57. About Maddie's connection to Brazil we've put up the Recommended Reading our post "Friend's Reunited" which we... recommend reading.

  58. So Brazil is the new New Zealand, is it?
    Where Marcos Aragao Correia just happens to be...
    I can't wait for the new "Adventures of Marco in Brazil" in the best Enid Blyton style!
    You know what I can't also wait for?
    For SY to put their name on to abductor! Brazilian or not.
    It will be a much worse scandal for them than the Hillsborough one.
    Who you think you're fooling SY?

  59. A reader has just informed us that we've mistranslated Paulo Freire's words. It's only a word but it makes a whole difference:

    “If our option is to be progressive, if we are in favour of life and not of death, of fairness and not of injustice, of law and not of own will, of coexistence with the different and not its denial, we have NO other way but to live fully our choice...”

    My apologies

  60. Team Mccann have always used the media to put across their abduction story emphasizing 'sightings' from all over the world of Maddie - not one sighting amounted to anything, nor was there any forensic evidence of an abductor to back up their story. The dogs alerted at their apartment, car and clothes. There was plenty of misleading information given to the press by the Mccanns. The press also insulted sr Amaral.At present Mccanns are feeding info to the press in the hope of enforcing their account onto the public that Madeleine is still alive - if news of the Amaral case was reported in the press not only would donations cease but it would be futile of the Mccanns to keep insisting their daughter was alive when all the facts prove the exact opposite this would undoutedly come out in court and it would be the end of the Mccanns also the press has libelled Amaral this would leave the way clear for him to start procedings against those papers that ran untrue and unsubstantiated stories about him. The Mccanns want this courtcase stopped or kept out of the papers at all costs.

  61. The sighting of madeleine in Brazil serves one purpose for us to believe she is still alive.
    By Law after 7 years if there is no evidence that a person is still alive they can be classified as dead.
    There has never been any evidence that Madeleine was still alive after the events of 3rd May 2007 but plenty of evidience to the contrary.

  62. #47 "Which party is which"

    Blacksmith correctly predicted the announcement of the attempt to agree a settlement. He also said that the McCanns were briefing UK newspaper editors - if that is also correct (and I think he implied that was the source of leaks), it would suggest that the McCanns have requested the settlement and are trying to put a favourable spin on it.

  63. Anon #62,

    However pleasant your words may sound, and they do, you're not basing them on fact.

    JBS did not predict a postponement but that the McCanns and "friends" being absolutely and totally massacred by Mr Amaral.

    Not saying they won't be nor saying they will be, but saying whatever fate they will or will not suffer at the hands of the Portuguese detective will not be on the 24th.

    The question about from where JBS gets his information is only up to the authors of that blog to manage the way they see most fit.

    We, at Textusa, are very careful to analyse information. We continuously bow our heads. Not out of respect but to assure that we're stepping on solid ground.

    Most likely in a couple of days, if not already, it will be taken for certain that the McCanns asked for the postponement when there's nothing, YET, to consubstantiate that as fact. And a new myth is born.

    Mind you, tomorrow we may find that it was indeed fact but what I'm saying is that today, as far as I know, it isn't.

    Today, we don't know which party has asked for it, or if both agreed to ask for it.

    We've shown clearly on which side of the fence we unequivocally are on the McCann vs Amaral case.

    It would certainly please us to know that it was the McCanns were the one's that are seeking the agreement but the truth is that we don't know that.

  64. That recent article on the Express is nothing more than irony.
    The journalist wrote an ironic story and it is not the first time he does it. Everybody knows the girl is dead.

  65. The window of opportunity was so small that the abductor had to leave through the front door.

  66. It seem the mysterious photo has surfaced.
    Why would anyone take a photo of this scene? Except someone who waited to
    take a photo as a hoax. It's just people wheeling luggage, no one looking at the camera,
    2 men travelling alone with a child would stand out at this time. She could have yelled and screamed or spoken to another passenger.
    Airlines were probably on alert

  67. The photo SY is investigating was on the BBC news and website so who took it? I doubt it was Luiz and given to the BBC! Surely the original photographer will now be alerted to claim it. Also MET are given a blatant con to deal with, even more reason they can’t pretend to the public they are still looking for M alive believing rubbish like this.

  68. This gets funnier!!!

    From Luiz e mail:


  69. Luiz should be arrested for withholding evidence. Lol

  70. The Brazilians have very strange names, believe me. There's a person who has eleven names which are the first names of the Brazilian soccer team of 1970. But this is the first time I see a Luiz with a "z". And I very much doubt it. Luis is with a s and not a z. To have a z is to be Spanish speaking. Ant the Portuguese have always been rivals. The Brazilians hate the Argentinians and a Brazilian with that name would quickly change it, so as not to be mistaken as the "Enemy".

  71. Has it taken all these years to come up with a photo like this? It’s crazy to expect people to believe that someone deliberately took a photo of a missing child then didn’t do anything with it????What would the point have been? Surely the reward would have been a priority?

    I suppose it is doing its job which is to deflect the conversation away from the trial.

  72. The airport must be identifiable.
    I noticed the LuiZ which is Spanish.
    Horrocks in Friends Reunited said she was probably taken to Brazil disguised as a boy.
    You would hardly take her dressed as she was in photos released by her family.
    When the crew come down the plane, they check that everyone is properly seated before take off. They welcome you on board, they usually say a few words to children, the other passengers see the child passing to use the toilet,- it's a long flight. Then you overhear conversations of passengers around you. A child speaking English to men with different accents. Passport control would give 2 men with a child a bit more attention.
    It's just as ridiculous as Birch and it's meant to distract discussions away from real issues.
    by making the sighting scam seem more obvious?
    Nothing on mainstream news

  73. Anons 71 and 72

    I agree. But I think it's distracting from the exaggerated and outrageous numbers they say Kate's book has sold. If the book hasn't sold as much as they say it has and all indicates it hasn't then the Fund is committing another serious crime: MONEY LAUNDERING!

  74. Anon #67
    In press photography, the name of the photographer usually accompanies the piece, or the agency that produces photos. Obviously the person taking the photo saw no cause for concern.
    It may be the men shown here were separated from the women. If a bomb scare, everyone is moved quickly.
    The mother could be the woman behind - who knows?

  75. Take her from Portugal to Ibiza, an island favoured by UK tourists. Then take her out again? You would travel overland as far as you could to an airport with direct flight to Brazil.
    Besides, we're talking about the peak of Maddie hysteria. See how many people were there? It's a "Birch" no doubt.
    It's beyond parody. I can't waste any more time with it.


  77. Hilarious. Jane Tuner , whoever she is, will be hauled in by SY!
    We should demand an auditorium and ask to haul in Pimpleman.

  78. Anon #77

    We should spank SY hard...
    I mean they are investigating a photo that it doesn't take more than a couple of minutes to debunk?!?
    What kind of Police are you SY?!? Can you sink lower than this?!?!?

  79. Photo: AP
    Passengers wait away from Ibiza Airport (Photo: Moises Cup / AP) Associated Press

  80. I'm thinking of applying for a job at The Express. I could do it without leaving home and no one will check my stories for accuracy, so I can let my imagination run riot and get paid

  81. As we now know this is total nonsense will The Express print a retraction?

  82. As we believe that this photo thing is nothing but distraction manoeuvrings from either the sales of Kate's book or the postponement of the McCann vs GA, no further comments about it will be published.

    We've noted the sad role of SY in such an evident and transparent HOAX.

  83. There's nothing suspicious or wrong with a portuguese or brasilien man to be named Luiz with a z. It's just an old form of the name, from medieval times and in Brasil they still use the old forms, the portuguese language in Brasil did not change/evolve as much as it did in Portugal. They still use many terms that have long become archaisms here in Portugal, for instance, the word "botar", meaning to put or to place something somewhere, here is "pôr", "colocar", "botar" is only used by old people from the north-eastern area of Portugal, the "Beiras" and "Trás-os-Montes".
    Other examples of names with two forms are:


  84. Anon's #83 will be the last comment on the subject. As we now know it's a hoax, the name of the sender is irrelevant.

  85. Unpublished Anons
    Jan 21, 2013, 1:02:00 PM
    Jan 21, 2013, 12:44:00 PM

    Your information was received and noted. Thank you

  86. A further post from Blacksmith in support of his assertion that it is the McCanns and not Amaral that are seeking a settlement:

  87. Anon #86

    You know one of my favourite shows of all time? The Black Adder - WWI.

    You know which episode I most enjoy? The one where Black Adder kills and eats the General's communication pigeon.

    But that was Black Adder making a parody of the communication means back then.

    Today we have Ipads and all that fascinating stuff. Why, my granddaughter has told me that in 2014 the internet will be on one's glasses! That's a year from now.

    The world of communication is fascinating! It has evolved so much since the humanoid literally broke another humanoid's skull with a bone as portrayed in Kubrik's "2001 - Space Odyssey"

    Nowadays we don't use bones. We just "break" skulls.

  88. Sol ao ataque!

    A brigada da Scotland Yard que é responsável pela investigação britânica ao desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann está nas instalações da Polícia Judiciária do Porto para «fazer o ponto da situação» do caso – soube o SOL.
    Os polícias britânicos chegaram hoje à cidade do Porto e encontram-se neste momento reunidos com colegas da Polícia Judiciária (PJ).

    A reabertura e reanálise da investigação ao caso ‘Maddie’ – desaparecida há quase seis anos – foi iniciada há dez meses, tendo a direcção nacional da Judiciária incumbido da tarefa uma equipa especial liderada por Helena Monteiro, coordenadora superior de investigação criminal da PJ.

    As autoridades britânicas esperam que eventuais novos dados a recolher pela equipa especial da PJ do Porto permitam que o processo seja formalmente reaberto pelo Ministério Público.

    Depois de uma primeira investigação liderada por Gonçalo Amaral, o caso passou, ainda na PJ de Portimão, para Paulo Rebelo, o actual director da PJ de Lisboa, mas sem quaisquer resultados práticos.

    Madeleine McCann desapareceu na noite de 9 de Maio de 2007 de um apartamento num empreendimento turístico da praia da Luz, no Algarve, nunca tendo sido encontrada até hoje. Na altura, Maddie McCann estava a nove dias de completar quatro anos de idade.

    Tags: Maddie McCann, Crime, Madeleine, Sociedade, Justiça

    Gostam da falta de resultados práticos?

  89. This news is from today!

  90. TEXTUSA, sou do Brasil e pergunto:
    o que é 'fazer o ponto da situação'do caso?

  91. Olá M.C., obrigada pelas novidades!
    Então o Paulo Rebelo é o actual director da PJ de "rebuçado" dado para disfarçar os "amargos de boca" deixados pelo triste papel de coveiro da investigação ou de "almeida", que varreu os destroços, limpou o cenário...

  92. Anon #90

    To "fazer o ponto de situação" is to do a situational report on a certain point in time.

    Imagine that the world stops and everyone freezes at the exact same time. The description of what was happening in a certain event simultaneously is to do a "ponto de situação".

  93. Gente, por quê tanto negativismo, tanta crítica?
    Um pouco de patriotismo e de orgulho não faria mal a Portugal.
    Força PJ!

  94. anon 91 : não é a mim que tem de "agradecer". Agradeça à Lifting C , de Pt, e ao Sol onde AADVOGADA têm um papel preponderante nas notícias que vêm à luz do dia para denegrirem as Equipas da PJ encarregadas da Investigação , a qual foi interrompida , obstruida intencionalmente por UK.
    Não sou adepta da manipulação e da constante difamação feita por meia dúzia de submissos a UK.

    Obviamente, há "fans" de PT. e esses "fans do casal" ou têm poder e dinheiro ou são de muito baixo nível- basta ler os comentários no referido semanário, os quais são , a maior parte deles, uma vergonha.

    Eu apoio a Equipa Inicial da PJ, liderada por GA na altura.

    Eu apoio GA e a Sua Família; eu apoio a Justiça e a verdade para a Madeleine, todos vítimas do casal mccann e companhia ILIMITADA.

  95. Desespero em Rothley com o "Sol" a ser abordado para dar uma mãozinha.
    Se a SY estivesse no Porto, seria noticia de primeira página em todos os jornais portugueses e o artigo do Sol teria a assinatura de Felicia Cabrita.
    Assim, é mais uma historieta para entreter o público e retirar das mesas de café as conversas sobre a história que é real e importante: o caso Amaral V McCann .
    Não sei quem pediu o quê, mas quase 6 anos de mentiras garantem que os McCann não querem o processo reaberto e gastarão o dinheiro que for preciso, moverão montanhas e não deixarão pedra sobre pedra para evitarem reabrir a investigação e terem de ir à PDL desmoronar o castelo de mentiras que construiram.

  96. I think of Frank Sinatra

    #Regrets, I had a lot...#

    Nine people in difficulties.

  97. "- If you are a Prime Minister, you have a responsibility..."
    Happy, Kate?
    He listened to you, didn't he?
    No complaints anymore.

  98. Eu penso que a LUSA se encarrega de receber via "oficial" "comunicados" que apenas interessam aos ProCasal e Afins.

    Esses comunicados para a Lusa vêm normalmente de escritórios de advogados ou de alguma empresa de lavagem , com o intuito por de mais conhecido.

    Eu tenho a impressão que tal como o "acordo" e o "avistamento" , esta " notícia oficiosa" aparece apenas durante um dia. Mas, fazem questão de aproveitar para lançar mais lixo.

  99. ...."Madeleine McCann desapareceu na noite de 9 de Maio de 2007 de um apartamento num empreendimento turístico da praia da Luz, no Algarve, nunca tendo sido encontrada até hoje. Na altura, Maddie McCann estava a nove dias de completar quatro anos de idade."
    In Sol
    Distração, erro de typing ou algo mais?..."desapareceu na noite de 9 de Maio de 2007"??????
    Depois de quase 6 anos, millhões de artigos, tanto barulho e tanta discussão, o autor do artigo não o relê para corrigir pelo menos aquilo que já é considerado factual? Ou será que há aqui uma mensagem encapotada e 9 de Maio foi um dia importante para o corpo e por isso também o deve ser para a investigação?

    Só mais um pequeno pormenor que sistemáticamente sobressai no Sol, um tal comentador que assina Roger UK e só faz comentários nos artigos de Maddie, sempre xenófobos contra Portugal e sempre a defender os papás. Parece parte do gang.

  100. If the Birch Circus was so much on the news, wouldn't there be more reason for the reopening of Maddie's case be all over the media of both Countries or even the entire world?
    One thing is certain, in Maddie's case any straight line has lots of curves...

  101. "Sun Reporter Charged With Corruption"
    "The newspaper's defence editor allegedly paid a former constable for information about the death of a 14-year-old girl." Sky News

    No surprises. The methods start being revealed.
    Is there a really honest journalist to expose the method used on McCann articles?

  102. Ah! Ah!...One day, a British tabloid reporting pictures of Maddie in Brazil and the next day a Portuguese paper reporting SY in Oporto.
    Team McCann seams not able to control their own spin. They don't know anymore which bullets to use and where.

  103. This article is really good food for thoughts. Many thanks Textusa.

    Just one question: September 17, 2007 - isn't that the precise day when Clarence Mitchell resigned as director of the Central Office of Information's media monitoring unit to become the McCanns' media spokesman. Only two weeks before GA was sacked.

    Sorry if that was obvious.



  104. Alex.,

    I was about to do some research on that fact.

    No, we don't know it all by heart and we, like anyone else, to make sure that we put out the right information, have to research it thoroughly.

    So if you could provide us with a link that would prove that fact, we would be most grateful.

    Thank you.

  105. That news about the Met police in Porto:
    is it a window of hope for us or is it only to keep the wolves out the door?

  106. About CM becoming the McCanns' spokesman on Sep 17, 2007, I read that in Wikipedia:

    They cite the following article as their source (unfortunately I cannot access it):

    David Brown and Steve Bird (17 September 2007). "Portuguese judge balks at ordering Madeleine McCann's parents to return". The Times (London).

    You may have spotted it already. I am afraid I don't have more references for now.


  107. Anon #105

    Who knows?

    Do read the question correctly: WHO knows? Because someone certainly does know.

    We don't.

    We have an idea but we at Textusa never make wild claims that something is about to happen.

    We do some predictions but those are more based on mathematical algorithms than on Tarot cards or voodoo dolls. But that's all they are, predictions.

    I think I've already mentioned somewhere before in the blog that a teacher of mine taught me a valuable lesson with a wine bottle (yes, I was a minor at the time).

    The wine was full of deposit. She shook the bottle and the wine became murky. She said, what I just did was to tell you some fresh HOT news.

    All these little bits that you can see floating around are all the words being thrown around about it from all directions. It's all clutter, nothing but clutter.

    Let's now leave the bottle untouched.

    At the end of the class she told us to look at the bottle and check how much clearer the liquid already was.

    The next day, when we went in, we all looked at that bottle and the wine seemed crystalline.

    So we asked her if it took 24 hours for things to be clearer.

    No, she said, maintaining her cool poise as she answered, there in that apparent crystal clear liquid now float the most dangerous of the particles: the small and unseen. They're still there and they taint the preciousness of the liquid.

    It takes about three days, sometimes more, for all the deposit to settle.

    Only then can one look at the liquid and really see what it indeed looks like when clutterless.

    And even so one must be careful not to touch the bottle but just observe it.

    That basically sums up our reaction to news.

    Sometimes we're beaten to the finish line by others, but that's life.

    We prefer to have our readers see the blog as reliable and honest, without any claim of inside info, mainly because, as we've said, we don't have any.

    About your question, let's wait and see if the "WHO" appears in the bottle. Or not.

  108. yes, Textusa, who knows? The only thing I know is that if Justice demands Tapas 9 to go to Portugal for the reconstruction, they are obliged to go. I once heard Alves confirming that, when a journalist asked him on TV.
    I think the McCanns can not escape anylonger.

  109. Textusa at 108 thats a lovely posting and just about sums up this case - thanks.

  110. Portuguese judge balks at ordering Madeleine McCann's parents to return for questioning

    From Times OnlineSeptember 17, 2007

    Here is a link

  111. Just my opinion, this news are all spin to distract from Amaral and keep the abduction alive. If this was really important, this will be kept in secret, at least that is how PJ works by tradition and I don't believe SY will break that rule.
    On the other hand, somewhere on that spin there is a sentence saying that this meeting between Oporto PJ and SY happen many times on a regular base. If so, why become news now and not all other times when the meeting happened?
    There is some desperation on Mccann's all team, including their lawyers who are at risk of living forever under the shadow of a mediocrity ( being payed without the public knowing for what, because in fact up to now there is no real legal case that justifies their existence and their salaries). This lawyers are like some football players, who got payed to remain seat on the bench game after game. The time that passes by just kill their reputation and of course they want the case definitely closed under an environment that leaves in the air a winning atmosphere. For that, a court with a real trial must be avoided and replaced by an official statement that could only be issued by a Portuguese authority to have credibility. Not easy to get that, specially because the Portuguese public opinion is really against the lies delivered by Mccann's team. Most read the files, the books and use the brain to think by themselves. Any authority in Portugal will have a hard time if decide to clean up the Mccann's without a trial with a proper reconstruction. There is a new PGR, who apparently has no any connection with the errors made by Pinto Monteiro.

  112. An article from The Guardian showing that CM had just been appointed as the McCanns' spokesman on Sep 18, 2007:

  113. Alex. & Anon #113,

    I'd like to thank you both, because your information is relevant to confirm a deduction we made about Clarence's involvement in this saga.

    I think you'll see what I mean in the next post or on the one after that. They're already written so I don't know in which one we speak of the man.

    It's very pleasant to know whenever we discover that our deductions, based purely on logic and available information, are facts.

    Thank you both.

  114. Please pass my sincere sympathies to your husband, and reassure him that all he needs is the signature of two doctors and he can be at peace.

  115. ~112 - totally agree mccanns control what is published in the media. Sr Amaral would win a court case against them that is why they are so desperate to keep the abductor story alive. IMO they do not look like a couple any longer the strain of their lies has finally got to them!


  116. Anon #115,

    Didn't I tell you he's a doctor? Sorry about that. However, he, unlike you, doesn't do any online diagnosis.

    So all he needs is just one signature. I'll be sure to pass your message on to him.

    Don't thank me for that.

    No, I'm not asking, I'm telling you not to thank.

    Couldn't bear the thought of having been thanked by a person like yourself.

  117. O comentário 115 é muito agressivo; quase raia a ameaça.

  118. 115 is filled with too much anger and hatred. very strange! or, very significant!

  119. Just to inform our readers that our Swan Lake - Act 3, has broken yet another record.

    It has become the first one to overcome 4,000 pageviews.

  120. Just read 'priorities' TEX and I agree with you IMO opinion the body is no more and will never be found and due to the compliance of the tapas group of friends they must be involved. What happened on that holiday was something that they were all involved in, but at all costs had to keep quiet otherwise by now somebody else would have done interviews, written books, tried to cash in but their silence confirms their guilt.
    'Swingers' comes to mind.
    Murat was paid off he received a vast sum of money from express papers, his girlfriend also was paid off - all for their silence.
    I recall pj saying how scared they all appeared that night!! What a telling comment he said 'scared' not 'fractically searching' or even 'cooperative'. Then all the 'erms and 'umms' and descrepancies in their statements.
    Why Cameron allowed so much money to be wasted on this review is mind boggling considering the state of this country. Every knows mccanns are involved their legacy is 'no comments are allowed' on any postings.Silencing free speech.
    The PR Mccann machine has made fools of everyone including the media.
    Cameron is a waste of space another of Rebecca Brookes cronies eventually they will all get what they deserve for trying to force the abduction story onto the public and not allowing a proper police investigation.
    The fund is nothing more than a money laudering service for the corrupt and rich business men that jumped onto the 'lets get rich' Mccanns wagon.
    RIP Maddie wherever they have hidden you, you deserved so much more.


    Desperation on Mccann's arena. They know that to be charged with more then one crime, the body of their daughter is almost irrelevant. Their lies can't be baked by their timeline and their version of the crime. Any trial will start with " peeling their own words" and do the reconstruction. After that they will be forced to say what happen to the body, if they and their friends wanted any reduction on the time they have to spend in prison.
    As some said before, they will spend all the money needed to stop any trial and avoid to be in court. The clever Portuguese PJ and judges will call them and their friends as witnesses and not arguidos. Witnesses are forced to speak and can't lie. The arguido status will come further as a consequence of the lies they already delivered to the police and Kate repeated them on their book. Now, they cannot say, was confusion, stress or whatever. Kate signed them and immortalized them on her book which was publicized as an account of the truth.

  122. McCann pedem negociação extrajudicial
    Foram eles que o levaram a tribunal por difamação e que pediram para suspender o julgamento para negociar. Nas vésperas do julgamento de Gonçalo Amaral, contra quem tinham apresentado queixa, os McCann pediram para negociar

    Por:  Hernâni Carvalho
    24 Janeiro 2013, às 10:37
    A+ A A-

    Não costuma ser quem acusa que pede para negociar antes do julgamento, mas neste caso assim foi. A tvmais apurou que, nas vésperas do julgamento de Gonçalo Amaral, os advogados do casal McCann propuseram aos réus uma reunião com vista a poder ser alcançado um acordo extrajudicial. No tribunal, os pais de Madeleine McCann (ver caixa) exigem a Gonçalo Amaral uma indemnização de 1,2 milhões de euros por alegada difamação. Agora são eles quem propõe um acordo extrajudicial. A tvmais também apurou que as defesas dos réus já aceitaram a reunião (que deverá ocorrer nos próximos 20 dias). Como todas as partes estão de acordo, o início do julgamento, programado para 24 deste mês, na 1a Vara Cível de Lisboa, “foi suspenso porque as partes estão a tentar um acordo”, disse fonte judicial à agência Lusa. As testemunhas já foram notificadas da suspensão da audiência. Decorre agora um prazo de seis meses, após o qual, não havendo acordo, será marcada audiência e iniciar-se-á o julgamento.

    Veja o artigo completo na edição da tvmais desta semana, já nas bancas!

  123. Anons #122 and #123.

    Hernani Carvalho's words, however much I respect him, don't constitute proof of who asked the postponement.

    Don't take my words the wrong way, please. We're 99,99% sure that the request for a postponement came from the plaintiff's side. We've come to this conclusion not by what has been said or written on the subject but mostly by what hasn't been said. Namely by Team McCann.

    But law is what law is, and fact is what fact is. On this issue there can only be one of three sources to make it into 100% fact:
    - The McCanns, as the plaintiffs, or someone from their legal team;
    - Gonçalo Amaral, as the defendant, or someone from his legal team;
    - The Portuguese Justice System.

    Until one of these 3 entities say clearly who asked for the postponement we can't declare our utmost absolute certainty as fact.

  124. Espero que GA não ceda e leve a tribunal todos os Tapas 9,
    - por todas as mentiras que disseram e que impediram a policia de encontrar a criança desaparecida
    - pelo dinheiro que ganharam à sombra de um falso rapto
    - por terem denegrido a imagem de Portugal
    -pelo stress que criaram a todas as mães e crianças que acreditaram ser possivel uma criança desaparecer sem rasto.

  125. Anon #122

    In our opinion it's not as important that "They (the McCanns) know that to be charged with more then one crime, the body of their daughter is almost irrelevant" as is the fact the that they (the BHs) know that for the McCanns to be charged without taking somebody else with them, a body... no, Maddie's body, is absolutely essential.

    You've also spoke of a problem about the "arguido" status that the McCanns may or not be attributed in case (in our humble opinion very unlikely) the case is reopened. We hope to explain what we mean in an upcoming post called "Legal Games".

  126. Anon #125,

    It doesn't depend on Amaral to take the McCanns and Tapas 9 to Court.

    At least for now, as in the future if Mr Amaral decides to become the plaintiff against the McCanns in a SEPARATE process it's only up to him to decide what he intends to do or not.

    In the PRESENT case, if the McCanns drop the charges, there's nothing Mr Amaral can do about it.

  127. I understand Textusa and you are absolutely right on your way to deal with Maddie affair. But having HC passing that information, means already something. Maybe a provocation to see if a reaction from team McCann happen, I meant ID or RA.
    I doubt any reaction come from UK because looks like Mitchell runaway from the saga and the last thing the Mccann's want to publicize in UK, is a libel involving them and Amaral in Portugal.
    The time will explain everything. The same time that become Mccann's biggest enemy.
    I hope Amaral stands still, if were really the Mccann's who asked the agreement, and bring the all Tapas 9 to court in 6 months.
    Thank you for your wonderful work and dedication, not only to the little girl and the police who decide to not give up on her, but specially to your readers.

  128. Textusa 127,

    Because the Mccann's were the ones who started the libel? I'm not familiarized with legal issues.
    If so, why they need an agreement or any negotiation with Amaral? Why they just drop the case? They are trying to diminish collateral damages because by droping the case the public will assume they lost?
    Then, is all a game for the Mccann's to pass their message and accomplish their agenda.
    Let's see what is going to happen with TB.

  129. If the Tapas 9 were forced to show up in Court, the first thing they do is exposing the BHs. Murat and many others, including TS mum, must be worried.

  130. Anon #123,

    Thank you for you kind words!

    Anon #122,

    The McCanns can simply drop the charges, say that they feel they've proved their point and as they mean no harm to Mr. Amaral.

    If they do this, there's two implications.

    The first, obvious, is that no matter the amount of rhetoric used, they'll come out of this in a very bad way to the public's eyes.

    But the second, that goes unnoticed by many but the BHs are fully aware of it, is that once they drop the charges the case is CLOSED. That means Mr. Amaral is able to speak openly about what this process was all about and detailing it as much as he pleases.

    So the BHs are between a rock and a hard place. Have the McCanns go to Court and risk fact being dicussed or have the McCanns drop the charges and risk having to face publicly a victorious Amaral.

    It's obvious they will choose McCanns humiliation. But here we're treading on a very, veyr thin line of what the BHs want and what the BHs can afford to happen.

    We hope to clarify this very soon.

    As the saying goes, one has to be very careful in what one wishes for...

    Anon #130

    Spot on! That's why the BHs cannot allow for the McCanns to appear in Court in Portugal nor have facts discussed publicly in the UK with Mr Bennett's Trial.

  131. Well, this is becoming very interesting. Fascinating, I must say.
    Long ago started the war between the Mccann's and the BHs with Mrs Fenn playing one of the most important acts, the crying episode. The Mccann's were forced to play the game with Kate assuming the crying episode trough the words she sticks on Maddie mouth on the morning of May 3.

  132. Exciting times we live in. So exciting that it has made various retirees return to active service - to them a big welcome back!

  133. Unpublished Anon Jan 24, 2013, 4:28:00 PM

    Your information was received and noted.

  134. Thanks, Text for Your´s wise and enlightening comments.

    M. do C.

    Probably we must wait some months?

  135. M. do C.

    A time a game lasts depends only on the players.

    We, as the mere spectators we are, can only watch it and do some commenting while doing that!

  136. Textusa @

    You state:

    "Anon #130

    Spot on! That's why the BHs cannot allow for the McCanns to appear in Court in Portugal nor have facts discussed publicly in the UK with Mr Bennett's Trial."

    This has to be the best news - are you sure? The libel law is different in UK but if this is so I am over the moon for TB! If this is right will GA be able to sue for damages and also TB? 

  137. "The process is taking place at the 1st circuit of the Civil Court of Lisbon. Madeleine McCann's parents demand 1,2 million euro for alleged defamation. The defendants are Gonçalo Amaral, former coordinator of the Judiciary Police and author of the book “Maddie, The Truth of the Lie”, the book publishers Guerra & Paz, Valentim de Carvalho who produced a documentary based on the book, and TVI, who have broadcast it." in TV Mais, from JM blog

    Then the Mccann's have to negotiate with GA, Guerra e Paz, Valentim de Carvalho and TVi. Amaral seems to be the small fish here because the others are giants. Something very serious happen on Mccann's terrain that make ID to turn around and Try an agreement with all this entities. Why she lost the confidence?
    A lot of work must be happening behind scenes with Mccann's lawyers and the BHs trying to reach the desks of the lawyers of TVi, Valentim de Carvalho and Guerra e Paz, trying to persuade them. I hope, one stands still and refuse the agreement. TVI has all the ingredients to stand still. If they win, they can broadcast a novel based on real life and sell it to the planet because the success is a warranty.

  138. Anon #137

    First let me clarify that I have no legal background. My opinions are based solely on logic and what life has taught me over the years.

    So, I can tell you that life has taught me that the Sun will rise each morning and set each evening, so I'm sure to say that will happen in the following days with the utmost certainty.

    However the same life has taught me to look at a bleak dark cloudy sky and say it's likely to rain. In this case sometimes I'm right, sometimes wrong, being that how sure I was it was going to rain.

    I expressed an opinion, not a certainty.

    What Mr Amaral or Mr Bennett decide to do after their hardship is to count on the money from selling the eggs before you reach the market.

    I'm sure that they have enough on their plate right now to even think of future possibilities.


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