Friday, 25 January 2013

The Great Maddie War (GMW)

As you might imagine, in our house breakfast stopped being that meal taken leisurely at the start of the day, with me outlining my day and Fred entertained with the morning paper, to being tutoring sessions whereby Fred sat eagerly waiting for his new found teacher to give him another “lecture.”

I even feared to find one day an impeccably polished red apple waiting for me on the table. A fruit that will be recurrent in this post as you’ll see.

Fred was anxious after our Priorities talk,

“So are you going to tell me about that war that you spoke about yesterday?”

“Of course I am, my dear... but first you must understand the reasons for it to have even started.

Did you know that only in the 1990s did I really understand the reasons behind World War II?”

“Nice. You’ve just started and I’m already confusedwhat, why, when?”

“All my life I couldn’t understand why a single event that took place in the Balkans, the assassination of an Austrian Archduke in Sarajevo, ignited World War I, a conflict that took place more than 500 Km away from it, in Northern France where its main battlegrounds were.

The outcome of this war and the stupidly humiliating terms set by the victors were what significantly helped the rise to power of that unspeakable monster who led the world into its second global conflict.

But with the Yugoslav Wars during the 1990s all became clear, at least for me.”

“Good for you… but can we go back to the subject?”

We never left it, you see, never in a million years had it occurred to Gavrilo Princip that with him pressing that trigger he was sealing the fate of millions of lives in two World Wars

What I’m trying to say is that sometimes events are so complexly interlinked and get so strangely intertwined that those who are responsible for starting it very seldom are able to control it, or its effects, and most often only realize the seriousness of their actions when well beyond the point of no-return.

And that’s what happened with the Great Maddie War or GMW. It began with  Maddie's Princip Shot, on May 3rd, 2007.

"With Maddie's death, right?"

"Oh no, it wasn't the fact that the poor little girl died in the circumstances that she did, namely in a foreign Country and during the time the Ocean Club was hosting a large swinging party that led to all this mess. We now know all this could have been perfectly avoided."

"Explain please!"

"The Dark Cloud #12 - Guests' Nepotistic Network would have been enough for the world to have never heard of Maddie McCann and the Brits in particular would have read her name on one day and forgotten about it on the next, as many children, unfortunately, do die in accidents in their own houses

In Maddie's case it would have "happened" the day the family had arrived from such an enjoyable holiday in Portugal... so tragic, but accidents happen when they happen and not when or how one wants them to happen... unless they "happen" when one wants them to happen which would be the case of Maddie's death.

But this would be if they just had the minimum common sense, which they didn't, did they?"

"Slow down... slow down... you mean they could have gotten away with it? But how? And if what you say is true, why didn't they?"

"All they had to do was just to have kept quiet, have their "friends" come over and fly Maddie's body back to the UK and make it appear that she died in an accident at home. No one would have known better and we wouldn't be having this conversation now.

Sometimes people underestimate the consequences of the decisions they make. This can be because they can't, won't or aren't able to foresee what's up ahead.  Just like Princip when he shot the Archduke. He was but one of six puppets intoxicated with propaganda, so knew no better but his act meant countless tragedies in the decades that followed it.

In Maddie's case, the Princip shot was fired, we believe, by none of the Tapas 9, but by someone else, and the "bullet" didn't hit any of the Tapas 9, but someone else."

"So who fired the shot?"

"The Princip shot, dear, the Princip shot! There were no firearms involved and let's have that be very, very clear. 

The Maddie's Princip shot was fired by whoever came up with the abduction idea

But just like in Sarajevo, the shot only produced its devastating effects when the bullet found it's target, in the case when it hit the Archduke, because if it hadn't, WWI wouldn't have started the way it did, or even if it would have started at all...

In Maddie's Princip shot the "target" was whoever,  having the authority to decide, accepted the proposal for the abduction scenario as the solution to the problem.

That exact moment was Maddie's Princip's shot.

A "shot" fired by a fool who had certainly seen one movie too many and a "target" that underestimated the consequences of the decision."    

“Go on.”

“That decision, as we saw, led to Priority ONE which was to destroy the body and then to the launching and recalling of “The McCann Hunting Party 07”

Remember why it was recalled?

“Because they realized they couldn’t take down the McCanns alone without Maddie’s body…”

“That’s right. But if you could take a picture of the moment it was recalled, how would you describe it?”

“I won’t even try because I’m sure you’re going to do just that.”

“Yes I am. Imagine that the McCanns are an apple hanging on an apple tree.”


“The moment the BHs recalled the game they had made one enormous effort to make that particular apple seem to be the ripest apple of all and so, so ready for the plucking.

They polished it so neatly. it became so bright that it stood out so much that it completely obscured the rest the apples as well as the tree itself.

Everyone’s attention was on that particular apple and on that apple alone.

But when the moment came to pluck it and when they were up on the ladder with their hand around it, they realized that if they did plucked it then other apples would also fall with it.

As it was impossible to predict which apples would fall and which would stay up, or even if the whole lot would all just fall with that apple, so much to their displeasure, they decided to leave it on the tree.

Agree with the analogy I just made for that particular moment?”

“Yes, that about describes what you’ve said up to now”

“And what is the problem that the BHs are now faced with?”

“Huh? Was I supposed to detect a problem? If so, not seeing it…”

“The deliciousness of that apple!”


“They made the apple appear to be so, so delicious, that they had literally billions of people worldwide wanting it!

Everyone just craved one big juicy chunk out of that plump, unbelievably appetizing and uncontrollably tempting red fruit that was just asking to be plucked…”

“Oooh!… yes… Science does say that for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. They did have that problem then didn’t they?”

“Yes, they did! And how do you stop a mob of billions?”

“Good question…”

“You can’t and because you can’t, you don’t. You basically disrespect and ignore the lot.”


“Those billions of people became interested in the Maddie case because the BHs pressed the Press to make them interested in her, right?"


"Well, those same billions have other issues in their lives and became wary with the lack of justice taking into account the parents obvious non-natural and suspicious behaviour.

Very quickly those same billions started to note the smell of fish odour coming from the McCanns and before even two months had passed the majority of those billions had already written off the case as another one authorities opted to “not solve”.

But when the dogs sniffed out what was obviously enough evidence to incriminate the parents their hopes went up again thinking that maybe this time Justice would prevail over Establishment. This was when the apple was being polished, repolished and then polished again.”


“So when the “about-turn” happened, the BHs just said the apple wasn’t edible anymore regardless of how delicious it looked, that simple.”

“Well, that is as simple as it gets… just don’t see how it works.”

“You see, the vast majority of those billions that had already written off the case, with that dry statement wrote off, again, the case as another one that demonstrated that the Establishment had Justice well under its wings of control even in a country like the UK, so shrugged their shoulders and went back to their lives.

And when I say “majority” I do mean 99.99%.”

99.99%?!? That’s everyone!”

“No dear, it isn’t. 0.01% of a billion is still 100,000 people. And I did say billions and not a single billion, which means that the BHs still had a mob of hundreds of thousands to control.

These hundreds of thousands were mainly concentrated in the two Countries involved, Portugal and UK, with a significant preponderance in the latter.

They demanded answers and their thirst for “blood” wouldn’t be quenched with a mere “not edible” excuse.

They wanted an explanation as to why that apple that was simply the most exquisite fruit Mother Nature had ever produced and wouldn’t ever produce another that would equal it, suddenly went from gourmet to poison!

So how did the BHs go about controlling a mob of hundreds of thousands that they couldn’t ignore or disrespect?”

“I love the way you drive the conversation to leave me always answerless…”

“You start a war!”

“Start a what?!?”

“A war!”

“Ok, I’ll pretend that makes sense and let you continue…”

“Didn’t you see the Wag the Dog movie? It was just one of the most brilliant masterpieces mankind has ever produced. The majority of people saw it as just another nice comedy but some of us saw it for what it really was: a parody of “Real Politik”.

“Yeah… I remember… they invented a war to distract the public opinion from internal election problems and the storyline got all tangled up because the opposition spotted and reacted to the plot and the choice for a hero went completely wrong… but what has Wag the Dog to do with Maddie?!?”

“If you can’t beat them, join them, that’s what they say and that’s exactly what the BHs did, they “joined” that mob of hundreds of thousands!

“Explain please…”

“You see, although “unplucked”, the McCann apple remained in the “kill zone” and that served the purposes of the BHs to a tee!”

“One small step to a man, one huge step to this man’s absolute confusion…”

“Don’t you see? The “abduction theory” was evidently ludicrous but who, according to public opinion, had invented it? The McCanns, right?”


“And that’s how the McCanns were, unwittingly, providing a priceless service to the BHs!”

“They were? The McCanns were providing a service to those who wanted their “blood”?

“Yes! What the McCanns were doing was to blur completely the apple tree!!! Everyone was focusing on that apple and couldn’t care less if it was or wasn’t up on a tree.

With that the BHs got what the BHs wanted: to punish the McCanns and to keep their “dark secret” completely in the dark!

So the way forward was very, very clear!”

“It was?”

“Of course! All they had to do was to keep the pressure on the McCanns being the ONLY culprits for the whole mess.

Everyone knew by now that they were now obviously “protected” by the Establishment.

However the public didn’t know it was all BH doing, through their nepotistic network, but the public didn’t need to know that, did they?

All that was needed was to go with the flow, literally, see?”

“I’ll pretend I do…”

“With the Media under control the only territory where the public could express their opinion was the internet. So it had to be controlled and controlled quickly.

When I say control I don’t mean to control the internet itself (how the BHs wish they could do that…) but to control how this subject was dealt with in it.

The BHs sent out their scouts with orders to see where on the internet the topic was being discussed and just join the fun!


“Simple technique, if someone said there that the McCanns were guilty, they would respond with, no, the McCanns really were disgustingly guilty, and if someone said there that the McCanns were disgustingly guilty, they would respond with, no, they really were heinously guilty… and so on. The more attention on the McCanns the better!

Simultaneously you had a group of people defending the McCanns with the most indefensible and ridiculous of arguments. These comments, obvious in falseness and intent to mislead, only infuriated even further those who cried for Justice.

And the more furious they became, the more they concentrated on the McCanns. ONLY on the McCanns! Understand now?”

“Yes, I have to say that I do.”

“The public, poor misguided souls, demanded, in very clear and exalted ways, that the couple be brought to Justice because there was not a shred of evidence to consubstantiate the abduction story while the evidence against them was as clear as crystal!

To further help the BHs they had the negligence campaign which they had launched for the “The McCann Hunting Party 07” still on full throttle, and this further infuriated the already furious, against who?… The McCanns and ONLY the McCanns

This was when that the Dark Clouds  #20 - Internet Disruptive Actions and #19 - Internet Bullying took form.

It became a war, the GMW,  between the so-called “Pros” vs “Antis”.

A war that started with its front line in The Mirror and then it moved to the long ago whooshed 3Arguidos Forum.

Blogs became “corners of ranting”, where people felt they could express all their fury with the blatant injustice they were witnessing.

The most basic market law states that any procurement will make the respective offer appear. That's the business core of the marketing industry: they're paid to invent and instill procurement so that those who are paying them can sell what they're offering.

There was a huge procurement to rant away. So the BHs thought wisely why not satisfy that same procurement with their own offer before risking having someone else do that before them.

That way they could easily manipulate the ranting by directing it to who? ONLY towards those evil, negligent and dastardly McCanns!

It was the time that the Dark Clouds  #25 - Misleading Forums and #24 - Misleading Blogs were formed.

Blogs popped up like mushrooms. Some of the "WH" blogs were absolutely shameless but most were so well set up and managed that whoever did set them up could fool their own moms about their own purpose.

There were, I must say, many WH blogs, genuine in their intent in the quest for truth, but even these were misguided as they served BH’s purposes, as they were, unwittingly, intoxicated by their propaganda.

The theme was COMMON and UNIQUE: The McCanns were either condemned or defended, but, once again, ONLY the McCanns!

The “Pros” used abusive language freely, which included being intolerably xenophobic, but, on the other hand, “showed” to possess a very thin skin as they would immediately whimper and whine like lost puppies at the hint of a minimal insult.

This kept the “Antis” imprisoned on their “high educational level”, trying their best to keep their interventions on a civilized level and not realizing they were being stalled in an utterly useless effort in trying to reason with those who sought nothing of the sort

What they wanted was to stall and derail and they achieved both with pretty good success. In a moment you'll see how important it was to the BHs each minute they made others literally waste.

To sum up, the BHs had the McCanns in the “kill zone” and it was decided, out of pure and real convenience, NOT to let them to leave it.

All discussions pinned down the McCanns and the T7. The discussion wasn’t just centered on them but was ONLY centered on them.

They built this nice and neat white picket fence around the subject, in which they circumscribed what was to be discussed: the McCanns and the Tapas 7.

And you know who else BHs put in there too?


By making the Portuguese detective their pet peeve they made him the favorite hero to defend and he really deserved to be defended. 

On Amaral they applied the successful “McCann technique”. The more they attacked the man the more ferocious became his defenders thus focusing the attention on anything but the “apple tree”.

Many a "WH" blog obtained prestige and loyalty just because they defended fiercely Goncalo Amaral knowing that by doing so they would gain totally dedicated supporters

They mercilessly exploited innocent souls who found themselves supporting the exact opposite of what they intended to support: those that through their Machiavellian ways made Amaral's life, including his personal one, a living hell.

Everyone could easily see that all legal battles that Amaral was forced to face, some completely external to Maddie's Case such as the Leonor Cipriano one (it baffles one's mind how the Justice System condemns the PJ to have tortured the confession out of a woman which then served to condemn her but, having supposedly proven that, maintained her in prison!) couldn't be afforded by the couple.

We were all so intoxicated to ask the obvious questions "If the McCanns don't have the money, someone is paying the couple to make Amaral's life miserable. WHO? WHY?"

"Yes... the Express' front pages in September 2007 were much more damning, hurtful and harmful to the couple than whatever they claimed Amaral did to them... 

But were the people wrong in defending Amaral the way they did?"

"Of course not! I regret not a single word I wrote in defense of the gentleman

What happened is that we all were manipulated so well that we were put in a position  in which anything we did we were cooperating with their strategy

In defending Amaral we were correctly defending someone who deserved to be defended but simultaneously we were concentrating the attention further on the McCanns and away from the "apple tree"!

If we didn't defend Amaral that would mean that they would have convinced us of his "incompetence", which wasn't real, and the effect of that would be to escalate the anger against the McCanns and the McCanns alone. 

It just couldn't get better for the BHs on what concerned Amaral!

Mr. Amaral's name was used and so much abused by them that it just goes to show how ruthless these people are as they didn't care about using all in their power to try and destroy the life of a man who was just doing his job, and doing it pretty well, just to reach their own goals: punish the McCanns and not be known what really went on in the Ocean Club."

"You're absolutely right!"

"If there were chairs around that fence, like there are around a boxing ring, what could be seen inside it? 

A vicious, vitriolic fight between the “Pros” and “Antis” about the McCanns, about the Tapas 7, about Clarence Mitchell, about Jim Gamble, about the “incompetent” PJ, about the Brit dogs, about Tony Bennett and about Gonçalo Amaral.

Not a word about what couldn’t be directly linked to the McCanns or that could in any way trespass the sanctuary of the “apple tree”.

All subjects I just referred can be placed into the “McCann apple” in its broadest sense and none even remotely to the "apple tree".

But to make completely and absolutely sure that any unattended loose end wouldn't ever, ever end up leading to the "apple tree" there was one last thing that still had to be done to seal in vacuum any and all subjects discussed to that SINGLE McCann apple."

"And that was?"

"Why, create their own fake apple tree, of course!"


"Well, the "protection" from London that was surprisingly granted to the McCanns was a very diffuse and murky mystery in the "fairy tale" they were creating and adding a detail with each passing day

We now know that the connection wasn't ever between the T9 and London but between the Guests and London.  

That connection, if revealed, would be the road that would lead directly to the apple tree. As I've said so many times, that was an unacceptable risk to be taken!

So they had to make the road go somewhere else, right?"

"Err... yes.."

"And so came to life the mythical Tapas 10, a character literally taken out of the sky.

He was mysterious and elusive because as he was no one he could be anyone! He was mythical because he was just that, pure myth!

That way, whenever a justification was needed to explain any outside help the T9 had, the road would lead to the "fake" apple tree, the Tapas 10, leaving the true tree safely tucked in its sanctuary, "far, far away".

These people thought of everything! they even thought of the two things that still lacked for the whole thing be set up to perfection! Do you know what they were?

“Sorry, my mind is going on overdrive here... do tell, please…”

“The “Lock & Key” and the “Monsters & Demons”

“Please tell me that these “Lock & Key” and “Monsters & Demons” are not taking us back to your Monopoly game are we?

“No, of course not. These two elements were essential elements to control all that had to be controlled and win this war. The Monopoly analogy was to explain why it has come to a stalemate

“Go on.”

“The “Lock & Key” was the Dark Cloud #22 - Libel Terror Campaign. Its mission was to guarantee that discussion never left that apple and that it never, ever, got anywhere near the "apple tree".

So, if you want to set a limit that is NOT to be surpassed at ALL COSTS, how do you go about doing that?”

“Make sure the other side knows that if that line is crossed you’ll act lethally, mercilessly and swiftly. That way they won’t even try to cross it…”

Wrong! Absolutely and completely wrong!


“Because you’re not protecting the line against those lunatics who regardless of threats will call your bluff, even if it isn’t bluff at all, and will cross the line as a direct challenge. And even if you do, like you promised you would, act lethally, mercilessly and swiftly, you’ve failed because the line has been crossed, hasn’t it?”

“Well, yes… but then how else can one protect it then?”

“Easy, you just have to set a line before the one you don’t want crossed and then, like you say, make sure the other side knows that if that FIRST line is crossed you’ll act lethally, mercilessly and swiftly.

So now if a lunatic crosses that FIRST line, you pounce on him like a wild animal infected with rabies, shred him to bits as cruelly and gruesomely as possible in front of all so they can see that you mean business.

That way they’ll think that FIRST line is the one you’re effectively defending, which, as you know its NOT. The line you don’t want crossed is further back and has remained untouched.”

The more lines you set before the one that you’re really interest in defending the better it is defended.

So where did the BHs draw their first line? At Tapas 7.

And how did they show they mean business? By having them be the first libel winners and that’s why you had Express cough up £375,000 together with a bucketful of apologies.

The move is brilliant! It kills two rabbits with one stone. Or better, with that one stone it kills a rabbit and Tyrannosaurus Rex!

The rabbit was us bloggers. We all became constantly afraid and were to be very careful before we wrote anything

Even readers were afraid to read! The BHs, like the terrifying boogeyman of our childhood, made it very clear the threat that they could pick on anyone just for commenting and drag them to Court on the way to total bankruptcy!

Absolutely ridiculous but effective. One just has to look on how many have “liked” our Facebook page. We seem to have more than a dozen readers and that's a fact: 

Anyway, if the rabbit were the bloggers, the Tyrannosaurus Rex was the mainstream media and book publishers. 

Never in the history of mankind have we ever witnessed such collective cowardice

By having a paper to be the first victim of libel and by having the reputed libel warriors Carter-Ruck behind the McCanns they made the Maddie issue to became LEGAL TABOO in anything that contradicted the parents.

I saw the same Media that publicly refused to accept the censorship imposed by certain Dictators who demanded to approve questions previously, considering it, and rightfully so, as an intolerable external interference in their duty to their public BUT cowered before the “Almighty Couple” and interviewed them with only questions previously approved by the McCanns!! How vexatious that must have been to many Dictators worldwide!!

About the English-speaking Book Publishers, I just hope History will be just and fair with them for they deserve the harshest of punishments

At the exact point in time in History that they could have made a difference between themselves and the internet they turned their face the other way and pretended not to hear the call. They turned their face so the fear couldn't be seen at the time History demanded them to be brave

History has this tendency of not being forgiving with cowards.

And all this LIBEL TERROR was based on a “fact” reported by Brit papers that a Brit paper had coughed up a lump of money and apologized, when those same Brit papers we knew were conning us about the whole case!

Was the money really paid? Did the money really go into the Fraudulent Fund? I very much doubt it. But what matters is that they wanted to show us they meant business and to that extent they were extremely effective.

Also, and that is the beauty of it, with this, they set two lines before the line they really wanted to protect!”

“What?!? Say that again, please!”

“They set the FIRST line at the Tapas 7, right?”


“So if being libelous against that Tapas 7 was dangerous, then it meant that moving on the McCanns would be suicidal!”

“Yes, that’s true…”

“If the McCanns are where the line that represents the "apple", where is the line for the "apple tree?"”

“Behind that one… it can’t be seen…”

“Exactly! FIRST the Tapas 7 line, THEN the McCann one and very, very far into the background the "apple tree" line.

If speaking about the McCanns you always had to be careful otherwise you would land yourself in a suicidal law suit, how comfortable would you feel to say anything that would point a finger about anyone outside the McCanns and the Tapas 7?”

“Comfortable to the point of keeping my mouth shut. Tightly shut, that is!”

“And tightly shut for two reasons. The first because it guaranteed that you wouldn’t see the "apple tree" and, the second, because if you caught even a glimpse of it, the thought “best not go that way” would override all your other thoughts!

So libel was the “Lock & Key” to guarantee that no one was discussed outside those that were “put” inside the nice and neat white picket fence. Understand now?”

“Yes, I do. And what about the Dungeons & Dragons?”

“That’s what I meant, sorry.”

“Well that was a twofold issue…”

“Can’t anything be simple in this case?!?”

“It IS simple dear, once you understand its complexities. Have I said anything up to now that you didn’t understand, make sense or be logical?”


“I rest my case. Anyway, “Monsters & Demons” was to, firstly, stop recruitment and, secondly, accelerate the erosion of time.

“What have Monsters & Demons to do with recruitment and with erosion?!?”

“Well, with this war, like with all others that take place daily on the internet, there’s an initial massive adherence but the flow rate of newcomers starts to diminish very fast. Faster than the rate of people who lose interest in the subject.

In simple terms, there are more who abandon the subject than those who are newcomers, which means that there’s a constant decrease of people interested in that particular subject.

If you cut recruitment altogether and accelerate the abandonment rate, then the subject gets lost in the vast entrails of the internet forever.

That’s why various topics discussed on the internet have a very short lifespan. What is hot news today, in a months time it will be boring and boring only to those who still remember, which will be very few.

So, if you’re able to contain that initial wave of interest, then the topic will dwindle away to be forgotten very quickly.

So the successful exploitation of this time erosion factor is critical and will win war after war on the internet.

As we’ve seen, the Maddie case is absolutely exceptional. It kept billions interested for more than 4 months. Then, as I said, and I was speculating in benefit of the BHs, it very quickly dwindled down to hundreds of thousands.

The world had indeed fallen passionately in love with Maddie and the subject wasn’t going to go away easily or if at all. So if all this public interest couldn’t be contained, an effort should be made to drive the public away.

That crowd needed to be eroded quickly and driven away as fast as possible. For each one that left it would mean one less person the BHs had at risk of finding the “apple tree”.

Hence the “Monsters & Demons” clutter.

The main mission of some “misleading blogs” was to be… blatantly and shockingly misleading! The more shocking and lunatic the better!

For example, if a blog posted the photo of the back of the head of someone and stated categorically that it was Mr. X who they knew, but couldn’t tell from where, had connections with a Satanistic Cult from Northern Siberia and that it was where Maddie was sacrificed in a ceremonial full of… well, if you were searching for Maddie on the internet and this came across, would you come back?”

“Of course not!”

“That’s what I mean! They defended the various most basic myth theories themes, those based on the freemasonry, on paedophilia, on scientific/medical experimentation, on gigantic real estate scandals, on a conspiracy to kill Maddie, etc… all myth creating clutter. The whackier and sillier the better!

One wonders why they left out alien abduction although under “scientific experimentation” a chip to be embedded under a child’s skin to help locate her was brought up!


“Seriously. This was to put off new readers as when they approached the subject they would be confronted by the most absurd theories and would indeed think that all those interested in Maddie were lonesome deranged lunatics!

You either discussed what was inside the nice and neat white picket fence and you were considered as sane or you discussed all that gibberish outside it and were basically seen as insane. A nice and neat frontier to differentiate the "reasonable" from... well, people like us.

It was the generalized use of the Advocatus Attack technique which was to make people confuse the message with the acute unpleasantness of the messenger.

This, as I said, both avoided the “entry” of “new recruits” as well as accelerated the process of driving people away.

But not only the blogs/forums had this mission. We also had another character who became very famous, and who had those exact same objectives.”

Famous? Who?”


“Think, dear, think. If you really wanted to help the McCanns who would you send in as a spokesman: Clarence Mitchell  or someone more like Jeremy Irons or Pierce Brosnan?

People tend to forget that Clarence wasn't the first spokesperson for the McCanns. It was the discreet Justine McGuinness.”

“Well… I see where you going with that… but must confess that I’m not exactly following…”

“Don’t tell me that the UK Government, from where Mitchell was supposed having been sent from to help, didn’t have a person more gentlemanly like to be a spokesman than Clarence for such a sensitive issue like Maddie

I mean it was JUST THE subject that was being followed attentively by the whole world and the best that UK could come up with was Clarence Mitchell?!?

To believe that Clarence was the best the UK had, is the same as believing that the best police the UK had to handle this process was the Leicester Constabulary, instead of Scotland Yard!

It’s obvious that he was intentionally obnoxiously arrogant and had that horribly abhorrent dress sense for the same reason

If all that was natural or if he played a role only he can say, but he certainly caused a bad impression from the very first minute, didn’t he?”

“You bet! Those pink shirts…”

“Exactly! By having the public confronted with an obnoxious ill-dressed spokesman the BHs achieved not one but three goals.

The first goal, and more obvious, was to enhance the “Establishment Protection” granted to the couple and this fueled further conspiracy myths whereby Dr. Gerald McCann became one of the most powerful men in the world. If you read some theories it seemed the man could summon two nuclear submarines and an aircraft carrier with less than a day’s notice!

This helped create an "environment" whereby Gerry, or someone from Tapas, could directly manipulate London into doing whatever was desired to be done.

At all costs the image we showed in our Grey Area post had to be maintained: the McCanns acted alone in PdL but due to some mysterious and inexplicable powers they had been able to force London to help them.

The second goal was to do with Clarence what they did with the "Mythical Tapas10" and that was to create a road about the very strange connection between the Media and the Maddie case that would also lead to the fake apple tree and NOT, obviously, to the real one that had to be protected at all costs.

In this instance Clarence himself is the "Tapas 10", so to speak."

"Explain, please."

"They  had to find some way to explain the reasons as to why and how the Media was being so blatantly manipulated

So they "gave" the same "super-powers" to Clarence that they had "given" to the T9. If the T9 could mysteriously manipulate London then Clarence was also able to manipulate the Media

And so a Media Monitor became a Media Expert all of a sudden.

One just has to look at the man to wonder how it was possible to spin that this Media Monitor had the minimum ability to exert such sort of influence!

Yes, he did manipulate media by putting his own spin on what was said and instead of speaking directly to media, it was always - a source close to the family, but this is just basic manipulation of information, anyone can do it. 

But to manipulate the whole Media, that's a different ball game altogether!

But many fell for the spin because it conveniently kept being said that he was able to do just that and by forcing this ludicrous message forward they were able to explain the inexplicable: the cowardly and disgusting tameness of the Media before a couple of middle class doctors.

The third goal, less obvious, but equally effective, was to create a negative aura around the Maddie issue. With each appearnce on TV he single-handedly drove more people away from the issue than anyone else!

“Yes, I agree with that!”

So if you put together all I’ve said up to now, you’ll see the BHs masterfully made into a widely accepted DOGMA that any statement that condemned the McCanns was truthful and that any statement that favoured the couple was evidently fake or suspicious.

Plus, any contradictions found within statements that condemned the McCanns weren’t discussed as they certainly had a reasonable explanation even if you couldn’t see it, while all contradictions from statements that favoured the couple were completely nitpicked and highlighted.

They had us in trench warfare where not only were the BHs fighting right next to us, as we were basically doing all the fighting for them: “shooting” the McCanns and the McCanns ONLY.

For how long and how many times did we call the McCanns negligent? All “shots” on BHs’ behalf

To the point that if you took a worldwide poll right this very minute, I guarantee you that the vast majority of people still think that’s what they were! And you don’t have to go worldwide. Take the poll just in Portugal and in the UK, and the results will be the same.

We were brilliantly misled into thinking that we were firing against a trench full of mysterious and malicious friends of the McCanns, while in reality the opposing trench was filled with nothing but scarecrows with helmets on their heads to look like soldiers

We were more like a firing squad against a single scarecrow!

“You are making sense, woman!”

Textusa was a late arrival at the scene, on October 30th, 2008 with The Strategic Importance of Blogs/Forums post, but I quickly put my gear on, helmet on my head, picked up my gun and proudly took my place in the battle.

But for some reason Textusa was never accepted as a true sister-in-arms among those fighting to bring the McCanns to justice. Textusa was rarely mentioned and the blog outcast almost to the point of isolation.

You see, when our blog hit the “swinging chord”, although initially only limited to the T9, it was too close to the truth for comfort. It was deemed “unsafe” to side with. Whoever was behind it seemed intelligent enough to look right through that apple and see the apple tree!”

“And they were right!”

“Thank you, dear… but you’re married to me so your opinion as far from being unbiased...

So Textusa was deemed rogue by friend and foe alike, or to rephrase it, Textusa was deemed rogue by foe and foe alike so that any possible friendly reader would be immediately “injected” with that perception.

Only the intelligent stayed and that’s the biggest compliment I can pay to our readers!

We lived comfortably with that “rogue status” as we fully understood their game. We never allowed ourselves to be drawn into fights they tried to drag us into.

“Just one question, you’re still explaining why Cameron was misinformed when he decided to order the SY Review, right?

“Of course, dear. I was just explaining how and why the war started and how it was fought. Don’t forget that it was a conflict that went on from September 2007 till May 2011. It was quite a long and global conflict.

Only after Textusa's "Pearl Harbour" did things change significantly.

“Your what?!?”

"Pearl Harbour, dear, well, sort of, at least... but for you to understand that you must first understand the “monkey business” that took place during the first 1,000 days of the conflict.

“Monkey business ?!? 1,000 days?!?”

“Yes, you heard it right. Can we leave it for tomorrow?”

Post Scriptum:

We'd like to thank our readers, Alex. and an Anon, who confirmed that Clarence Mitchell assumed the role of spokesman for the McCanns exactly at the same time there was a 180 degree direction change on the part of the Brit Tabloids concerning their opinion about the couple and their possible guilt.



  1. absolutely brilliant Textusa!!

  2. Wasn't Alex Woofall the very first spokesperson for the McCanns? The man who told The Times this:

    "One bone of contention has been whether Mrs McCann, when raising the alarm that Madeleine was missing, screamed: 'They’ve taken her.' Some have questioned why a mother would leap to the conclusion that a child had been abducted. Mr Woofall says that he heard no suggestion in the early days that the girl had been snatched. 'Certainly I did not hear any discussion that this could be a paedophile or an aggravated robbery. All the time I was around it was whether she could have wandered off and had an accident or somebody had actually taken her in, perhaps not with ill-intent."

  3. Tetusa, you're always getting compliments from posters, "brilliant, brilliant".
    You are an exception among the blogs!

  4. Again, this is an excellent and very salutary demonstration.

    I do see what you mean about Clarence Mitchell. I used to think that pink-shirted man was a dreadful casting error, but it's now very clear that he was the right man at the right place and at the right time...


    (PS. BTW, I was the Anon sending the Guardian link, simply forgot to sign - it's nice being thanked twice anyway)

  5. Anon #2,

    Understand fully your doubt as we had the same on our research.

    As per your link:
    "Experienced public relations man Alex Woolfall has been acting as the family spokesman when Kate and Gerry McCann have not wished to appear themselves before the world's media.

    He is described as press officer for the Mark Warner holiday group but, in fact, has been seconded from the Bell Pottinger Group - the PR firm headed by Lord Bell, Lady Thatcher's former PR guru."

    So it's not clear what Mr Woolfall's role was. If he was Ocean Club's PR sent bu the Ocean Club to "help" the couple or if he was effectively McCann's spokesperson.

    We opted for the first. Sort of the first "expert" that it was able to get hold off at the time.

    As such, we considered Justine McGuinness to be the first fully dedicated spokesperson the McCann's had.

  6. Thank you for you answer Textusa, from anon #2.

    My feeling is that Mr. Woolfall soon became inconvenient, when it was decided that abduction was the chosen path, or maybe he was not interested in a long term commitment with the whole thing.

  7. Textusa,you,ve done it yet again!!!Well done,its certainly going to be the "crime of the century " in more ways than one!!! Do you really have the name(s)of the reason this debacle has been able to carry on for this long,obviously I DON,T expect you to answer that yet!!!!Great read,can hardly wait for the next episode.

  8. Lynn,

    I'm afraid we won't be presenting any surprises because, under the penalty of becoming sickeningly repetitive but this issue merits an absolute certainty that each step to be taken on solid ground, all the names we've come across are in publicly available documents.

    Any possible surprise may only come from those who hadn't realized that the documents where their name appears is public.

    Or maybe they know they are but are just hoping we won't stumble on them.

    We're also fully aware that there are names which will never be known.

    If the SY were to release their files as the PJ did, we're sure we'd have more names than our brains put together could juggle with.

    But even then there would still be names that would always remain unknown.

    Do always keep in mind Shakespeare's wise wording:

    'Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
    Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.
    What's Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,
    Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
    Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!
    What's in a name? that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet;
    So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd,
    Retain that dear perfection which he owes
    Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name,
    And for that name which is no part of thee
    Take all myself.

  9. Textusa,thank you for honest reply,I would have expected nothing less from you after all these years x this is just a personal feeling that there were certain wealthy and well known people,who "entertained" the heartbroken parents very early on in Portugal ,that at the time ,made me stop in my tracks,as in mental tracks,as to why "they" did that ,only me probably reading more into an "innocent" evening of cooking dishes Kate felt good enough to comment on!!Once again ,no need to reply to a desperate grandma seeking justice for a little 3 year old girl,I,ve said it before,but you really have helped me as my family seem to swallow all the doe eyed looks from Kate that there really was that 5 minute time that "someone took Madeline" and I really should accept that!!!!!Obviously,this is purely from me to you.Sincerely Lynn

  10. could comment @3 be ironic?

    it is true : not any other blog (excellent ones) is receiving so much incense and so often!
    Multiple personalities, Textusa?


    brilliant article 'the lids off'...tic toc!

  12. Mcguiness abandonou o caso sem muita vontade de voltar. A forma como saiu deixou no ar a sensação de que esteve nele a fazer um frete pessoal para não perder a possibilidade de aspirar a outros cargos.
    O que é também relevante, é o total abandono da familia directa de Madeleine. Surgiram como meteoros mas depressa eclipsaram, fazendo absoluta questão de não deixar rasto e não voltar a aparecer. De uma tia, irmã de Gerry, nem nunca se ouviu falar. Estranho comportamento para uma familia dada a vedetismo, se a criança tivesse sido realmente raptada.
    Ate onde terão sido envolvidos, voluntariamente ou não, no desaparecimento do corpo? Pessoalmente, cheira-me muito mal a presença de um primo de Kate, MIchael, que terá vindo e sido um dos condutores oficiais do scenic. Significa que veio para ficar algum tempo, e o que consta é que o scenic terá feito milhares de Kms quando deveria ter estado parado porque os McCann andavam numa trip pela Europa a entreter o publico e os jornalistas.

  13. Anon #11,
    You seem to be like a pupil who has brought to class something that exemplifies what is going to be taught!
    Textusa writes about a picket fence around the "McCanns and ONLY the McCanns" and you come here with a link to JBS with a post in which who's to blame? The McCanns and ONLY the McCanns.
    It's like the other time when someone came here to suggest Johanna's blog as a brilliant blog!

  14. Isn't it strange that there seems to be little news about the fact that the head of the SY Review, Foy, has resigned/retired/pulled out?
    For me it is the same and as important as when Amaral was pulled out of the investigation and that then really hit the news!

  15. Anon #14,

    The name is Simon Foy
    Recently retired from Met.
    Working with Missing Abroad.
    Agree with you, very strange.


    ( available also at Mccannfiles)

    Hard time on Mccann's and Bhs field. They were using, abusing and fooling many for long time. I hope, the all blogs get together to expose all the games that went on to perverse the course of justice, silence who doubt the abduction version and spread terror using hypothetical libels that could bankrupt honest people, who just want justice and the case solved like all other crimes- with a full investigation. That means, the Mccann's and their helpers, including the guests who allow the Tapas dinner list to be published and used as fact, have to do the reconstruction and prove the story they presented was possible under the timeline they provided and the conditions the crime scene was presented to the police.
    ID, you will regret the day you accepted that case and insulted the Portuguese outside a Lisbon court.
    The Mccann's are falling and the BHs, one by one, will fall with them.

  17. *Pictures Fred printing off this post, giving it to his lawyers with the words '' Is that enough to get me a divorce from the mad old trout?'' and lawyers nodding vigorously*

  18. Anon #17

    I admire your wittiness and that's about it.


    ( also available at Mccannfiles)

    Mccann's and BHs are falling. I hope all blogs get together to expose the threats they suffered under the hands of this team.
    The Mccann's and their helpers, including the guests who allow the Tapas dinner list to be used as a fact by many BHs, must be called by PJ for a reconstruction. To claim their innocence they need to prove what they baked with the Tapas dinner was possible under the timeline provided by Tapas 9, JW and under the conditions the crime scene appeared to the police.

  20. 16, Murat must be shaking.

  21. In JM blog, Joana stating the Mccann's can't drop the case without punitive consequences " litigancia de má fé".

    Mccann's must be desperate and forced by BHs to drop the case and avoid the court.

  22. Anon #21,

    Can't is a rather strong word to use, and it isn't applicable.

    Yes, they can drop the case if they wish to do so.

    Now there's the question of consequences.

    Mr. Amaral when he wrote the book was fully aware of the consequences of his act and he has faced them head on for the last years as we know.

    Saying the McCanns can't drop the case is like saying the Mr. Amaral couldn't have written his book.

    Now, IF the McCanns are to drop the case, they must be ready to face the consequences of that act. There are things directly related with dropping the case that they will have to face, such as judicial charges.

    But "litigancia de má fé" (roughly tranlated is conducting legal battle with wrongful intent) is up for the Court or Mr Amaral to press charges about it. They may not.

    Not saying they won't just saying that there's the possibility that they won't. Thus your misuse of the can't.

    If law was clear and transparent we wouldn't need lawyers, would we? It's subject to the most diverse of interpretations so words like never and can't are seldom rightly used.

    For example, and referring to what you're saying, imagine that the McCanns and Mr Amaral reach an agreement. The Court can, if it so deems necessary to do so, still find that the McCanns did indeed incur in "litigancia de má fé" and charge them.

    It would be the first time, I'm certain, but many things were "first time" when it comes to the Maddie Affair.

    Irrelevant of the different consequence prospects facing the McCanns in case they drop the case (which is a decision that depends solely on them) whatever follows will be a SEPARATE process of the current one.

  23. Foy's "retirement" just shows that the Review wasn't going to announce a triumphant lead or announcement of reopening.
    A word to all those that called the PJ incompetent. It took PJ 15 months to produce SOMETHING. What will you call the SY, who picked up work already done, after all this time?

  24. For private and domestic reasons, excuse me but still could not read the whole post.

    For me, without a doubt, the comments are a wonderful help.

    As for how she XXXXXXXX, comments and texts purportedly signed long to penetrate the private and public life of a GA weekly from here, I can not in any way feel positive emotions and pleasant as this character. It is also part of the hub Maddie.

    Here, no news but like GA always said: "Justice works in silence" 

    I wish that GA to remain very strong physically to endure more time than necessary. I think his personality as he is quite emotional affronts forte.As were immense.

    And, of rationality and knowledge of Textusa (I'm still just base myself in the comments) my appreciation is immense.

  25. No way could Clarence Mitchell "manipulate" Oprah into doing that shameless interview with the McCanns.
    It had to have come from some sort of friendly convincing, someone from her "level" of acquaintances.

  26. Sorry for the google translator. I think is worst than my no english (24 with googlês).

    So sorry.

  27. I need to explain the XXXXXX represent someone from McCs legal team.

    (i am 24) THanks.

  28. Anon #17,

    I know how much you would like to have Textusa play on your "team"... sorry, she's already taken!


    "Last night Commander Simon Foy, in charge of a British police review of her case, revealed: “On the evidence, there is a possibility that she is alive.”

    And the cop leading a 30-strong Met investigation review squad, Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, agreed: “We genuinely believe there is a possibility that she is alive."

    What happened Foy, where is the evidence that makes it a possibility for her to be alive? Given up on Maddie have you?


    “THE British police hunt for Madeleine McCann will cost more than £1.3million in its first year.

    Scotland Yard’s 37-strong team includes three detective inspectors and five detective sergeants.

    There are also 19 detective ¬constables on the case under the lead of Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood.

    And three of the country’s top cold case officers have been brought in.

    The three, from the ¬Metropolitan Police’s Murder Review Group, are assisting the main Operation Grange team ¬reviewing the Madeleine case files.

    The combined salaries of the team total more than £1.3million with thousands also being spent ¬following up leads, including at least four trips abroad.

    The Met has vowed there will be no limits to the probe, which is being funded through a grant from the Home Office.

    Already this year the cold case squad has seen Gary Dobson, 36, and David Norris, 35, brought to justice over the 1993 murder of black teenager Stephen ¬Lawrence.

    Detective Chief ¬Superintendent Hamish Campbell, who led the Jill Dando ¬murder inquiry, is also involved.

    The Met refused to say if he was one of the three taking part in the Madeleine case but, we can reveal, he is helping oversee the probe.

    Along with Commander Simon Foy, Mr Redwood and Detective Inspector Tim Dobson, Mr ¬Campbell is part of a “Gold Group” monitoring the review.The group has met eight times since it began last May to discuss progress.

    A spokesman for the Met said: “A Major ¬Investigation Team is assigned to Operation Grange. Staff ¬numbers are open to change ¬depending on the needs of the ¬review.”

    Without Foy has the Gold Group turned into... tin?

    Who's the next to bail out?

  31. "...Detective Chief ¬Superintendent Hamish Campbell, who led the Jill Dando ¬murder inquiry, is also involved.."

    And wasn't Mitchell, the reporter covering Jill Dando saga for BBC?
    At the end, all that people are connected. They were not new or strangers to each others when they were brought in to Maddie saga. Just a coincidence or somebody draw a line and studied well this connections, before making the arrangements thinking that the case will not last time enough, for bloggers to peel the coincidences?

  32. Can the Met afford another scandal?

  33. 30, the spinnery back on now that the wind is not blowing pleasantly in Portugal.

    I love to read "The youngster looks very grown up and just like her mum in this “age progression” picture created by a British forensic artist around the fifth anniversary of her abduction."
    That is the best rubbish I always see on Maddie saga. What worst the thing is having that rubbish connected with a British forensic artist and SY, which makes SY one of the biggest jokes at moment in the EU.
    How they know she looks like Kate and not Gerry, or even one of the collateral siblings? They are assuming, making a fiction under the grounds of searching a girl they are saying could be alive. If they really believe there is a chance for the girl to be alive, then they are damaging her search because she could be far from resembling that picture. If they believe she is not alive, then the picture is irrelevant but the spin not, and serves the purpose of an agenda which is not clear at moment.... If to fool the Mccann's or to fool the public and PJ.
    Remarkable, the comments are allowed and some not very convenient for the Mccann's and the amazing Metro team who managed to spent millions of pounds stuck in the 195 leads. No any new lead since the last 195 and the many trips to Portugal?
    The circus is back to town and now with weak acrobats.

  34. Amaral must be enjoying his weekend while watching the dance of the Pierrots in UK.
    Wonder how much new and hot information reach his desk during this 5 years.
    Who is the Master of the Tango? Mitchell or VIP BHs?

  35. Very relevant, CM manage to stay aside of the UK latest spin. This weekend they were not interested on cashing in with Maddie saga.... Not a small request, a small favor from lift consulting or the most shameful Portuguese lawyers?
    The new pathetic face of Madeleine did not deserves to pollute the Portuguese land where she went missing? What a great job from SY, if they were at OPorto last week.

  36. Where is advocatus, insane and others? Putting their beards under water....or looking for a picture of a BRT that could fit 10 players and be squished at the Tapas? They must request the services of the British forensic artist, who seems to be good with fiction images.

  37. Where are all the SY believers? No one to come and explain the Foy "retirement"?

  38. The best image regarding Maddie saga, is here in your blog Textusa- The lion with a snake tail trying to bite his head. Wonderful and very actual.

  39. The girl was "missing" and "would have been kidnapped" ......... because who killed her .......... and the mother saw the girl die .......... it was an accident ..................

    30 years in prison for the mother and stepfather for the "disappearance" of little Typhaine.

    2009/2013 JUSTICE for Children Typhaine

  40. Anon at 36 quite agree where are all the BH they know it is only a matter of time before the Mcs are exposed for what they always have been...liars!

  41. Thanks MC, I saw on your blog " palavras escritas" the video where Hernani de Carvalho speaks with Julia Pinheiro about the extra judicial agreement.


    Shocking.... Poor typhaine.

  43. Please, anon 41 don´t thank to me because i was searching and i found only today . The discover was not mine but from a Portuguese Blogger. Not me or mine.

    Did You know, one day the XXXXXXXXXXX someone from legal teams Mc´s
    send a text , a doc to Blogger and Blogger was obliged to do a copy?

    Occasionally, if i leave there a message, I will say that i will do a copy or dictation. If was with me i will stay ill. THe Blogger also, i think.

  44. Anon 41 aqui está o que escrevi hoje, no blog de XX.

    Sorry, Textusa for telling but is a story i never forgot.

    " Bom dia!

    Bom, vou fazer uma "cópia" do vídeo!

    Cópia, ditado............. maus tempos vindos da XXXXXXXXXXX que escrevinhava tanta coisa da vida privada e pública de GA.........

    Andava à procura do dito vídeo e, não o apanhava ou estaria muito bem disfarçado. "

  45. The silence about this post in other blogs and forums is so very telling. Can't they see that we see them pretending that they haven't come here to read it! No use making Textusa a persona-non grata. Your silence tells us that she's right more than her own words!


    Very interesting article about the roll of some characters in Maddie saga, since early days.

  47. Which one of you believes that Carter Ruck is working for the McCanns, for free?
    They don't want to admit they are using the fund money to pay their lawyers.

  48. Anon 47 - I believe Carter Ruck is being paid by someone involved with the Mccanns who wants to remain out of the picture, someone else who was on that swingers holiday with them but is protecting their reputation and whose identity at all costs and must be kept out of the press. Also none of the Amaral case is reported in our press so presumably whoever else is involved has very high connections enabling them to silence the media. Its the people that Kate does not mention in her book that are involved - the British Press has certainly lived up to its reputation as the 'gutter press' of the world. Here's hoping to a reconstruction of 3rd May proving that they all lied, no dinners and no checking and no broken shutters but plenty of deleted phone messages and duplicity and refusing to cooperate with pj. Well done Textusa.

  49. If the Mccanns were paying Carter Ruck they would have had to sell their mansion by now to cover the costs after almost 6 years, CR do not work for free - nobody does in the real world - who can afford to work for somebody for free. CR have made hundreds and thousands from the Madeleine saga so has CM and Kate and Gerry have also done quite well from exploiting their little daughter for monetary gain. Shame on them all, they have no morals.

  50. Anon #49

    6 years of Carter-Ruck
    1 week of Pinto de Abreu (he's not cheap)
    6 years of Rogerio Alves (he's not cheap)
    ? of Isabel Duarte
    ? of the two very expensive extradition lawyers
    Judicial costs in Portugal
    Judicial costs in UK
    (Who paid Marcos Aragao circus in Portugal?)

    The Fund never had enough money to pay all these people!

    Put in all the PI's also!

  51. Yes- there are others we do yet know about - more powerful people that have kept this saga going they are the ones that have paid for PR, press silence, CR ...they will be exposed.

  52. Anons #47 - #51

    The Fund had the exact some purpose as the T10 and Clarence:

    - The T10 to explain the external help;

    - Clarence to explain media manipulation;

    - The Fund to explain the expenditures;

    None could ever have done what they're attributed to have achieved.

    Thank you so much for your comments.

  53. CR and PR does not come for free this is why rich and powerful corrupt people remain free...



  56. A new interesting post from Dr. Martin Roberts at Mccannfiles

  57. Anon #56, do you know why there's no reference to Textusa at the McCannfiles?

  58. 57, No I don't know. Most probably ( that is my opinion based on nothing) because Textusa never ask the owner of Mccannfiles to give her visibility. She has her own blog and don't need the services of other blogs. The amount of comments here did not reflect the importance of the blog. Textusa reach a large audience, as per the amount of viewers, and that is what is really important and relevant.
    Are you trying to imply something which I can't see?
    I don't saw also references of Textusa ( a part in some comments) on Joana Morais Blog and I believe Joana respects very much the opinions of Textusa and vice versa. On the other hand Paulo Sargento called the attention of Julia Pinheiro audience to a very important and credible blog- TEXTUSA.
    The fact I read that blog don't make me a blind person unable to see what is being posted in other places, specially when the posters are so good as DR. Martin and the blog a reference on Maddie saga, like what it is Mccannfiles.
    If you want to start a theory, is your agenda, not mine, I'm a very honest reader who like to share information in a very transparent and honest way. Since you posed the question, you maybe know the answer. If so, better you share it with us.
    I have an idea, why Textusa is avoided on MCcann's and BHs field... Because she is probably dangerously close to the truth and the Mccann's and the BHs know her importance and how many readers she reaches. Like the ordinary cowards, they believe that the best way to combat the blog is ignoring it and sent their "avocatus" and "Insanes" to derange and distract.

    From 56

  59. Anon 56,
    My question was provocative and you answered it very well!
    I’m on your side. I also read other blogs and because I read them I see that Textusa is ignored. I think it’s quite embarrassing for those who are responsible to pretend that Textusa doesn’t exist!
    I just wanted to call the attention of new readers to that fact!
    My question was against the ostrich attitude of sticking the head in the sand so it doesn’t see of many bloggers.

  60. Are the names of the BHs in the public domain yet or have they kept themselves successfully out of the limelight? Do you know how they are linked together, eg Masons or business links or both? And did one of them invite one of the Tapas couples to this holiday, and the Tapas couple then thought the MCs might like to join the party? Sorry for questions which you might be planning to cover in later postings but this rings more and more true.

  61. Anon #60,

    What part of the following didn't you understand?:

    "The main mission of some “misleading blogs” was to be… blatantly and shockingly misleading! The more shocking and lunatic the better!

    For example, if a blog posted the photo of the back of the head of someone and stated categorically that it was Mr. X who they knew, but couldn’t tell from where, had connections with a Satanistic Cult from Northern Siberia and that it was where Maddie was sacrificed in a ceremonial full of… well, if you were searching for Maddie on the internet and this came across, would you come back?”

    “Of course not!”

    “That’s what I mean! They defended the various most basic myth theories themes, those based on the FREEMASONRY, on paedophilia, on scientific/medical experimentation, on GIGANTIC REAL ESTATE SCANDALS, on a conspiracy to kill Maddie, etc… all myth creating clutter. The whackier and sillier the better!

    One wonders why they left out alien abduction although under “scientific experimentation” a chip to be embedded under a child’s skin to help locate her was brought up!


    “Seriously. This was to put off new readers as when they approached the subject they would be confronted by the most absurd theories and would indeed think that all those interested in Maddie were lonesome deranged lunatics!"

    It must have been the first paragraph: "The main mission of some “misleading blogs” was to be… blatantly and shockingly misleading! The more shocking and lunatic the better!" where I forgot to mention that it was also the objectives of disrupters like yourself.

    But let me be clear once again.

    No, the names of the BHs are not in the public domain YET because they are already in the public domain.

    How many times do we have to say that we only use publicly available documentation?

    If you don't want to do the reading yourself then you have to be patient and respect our rhythm.

    Yes, we believe we know how they are linked together: it's a sexual lifestyle very much practiced by people who, curiously, are very prone to be very cruel and ruthless when it comes in dealing with sexual scandals of those of their own kind.

    About your question "And did one of them invite one of the Tapas couples to this holiday, and the Tapas couple then thought the MCs might like to join the party?" we suggest that you address it to one of the T9 and not us.

    We didn't organize the event nor were we invited.

    If we had been it's up to each one of us to know if they accept the invitation or not.

    That decision doesn't concern you or anybody else besides the person deciding.

    We do NOT condemn in any way what we believe was taking place in PdL before Maddie died.

    We vehemently condemn what went on in PdL, and in many other locations, AFTER Maddie died.

    And none of the activities we condemn, as I'm sure YOU certainly know, is of sexual nature.

  62. 60, just my feeling.... But I think the Maddie saga has nothing to do with very complicated conspiracies ( eg Masons or business links or both). Looks something very simple....couples, some in groups, some not, sharing the same hobby on the same place- the Swing inside the OC. If the hobby had been Tennis or Golf, probably the all story had reach another end.
    Hypocrisy and a big fear regarding how the society (I mean close friends, family, colleagues and the public in general) will react while discovering that people they use to respect, love to spend exotic ( strange way to pronounce the R ) holidays and use the package " family with children included" to fool everyone and make the holidays appear like ordinary holidays.
    They know how the society is cruel when judges odd behaviors. At the OC was a group of doctors, who had to save their reputation, but there was also a media editor ( JW) and as per other news, famous lawyers, business mans and perhaps politics, use po spend holidays there as well. The OC is not a 5 stars resort and PDL is not on any route to any famous sport. April/May was a very low season. What else could attract so many people, some with money, to a small fishing village in the middle of nothing? Swing, only the swing justifies everything.

  63. IMO team Mccann puts out plenty of clutter for example the widely discussed Tanner v Murat case never came to anything and the Gaspars and Smiths sightings I also feel are questionable but one thing I do find is that there are a few posters pro mccann who visit all sites under many different names to try and give the impression that the mccanns are victims and we are all hateful trolls etc etc. These people must be in the pay or connected to this case because anybody that did just five minutes research on the internet regarding the mccanns would find there is so much not right about the couple and their reluctance to cooperate with pj and all the clutter they put out since the 3rd including the 'clutter book' of Kates full of lies. They do not have as many supporters as they would have us believe most people even those not following the case as fed up with the mccann couple those of us that follow are silenced by their pr machine 'no comments allowed' etc - the latest case with Amaral is not reported on once in any of our papers but we regularly have ridiculous sightings of Maddie from all over the world, which we all know are nothing more than stories to keep the lie alive.
    Another thing I notice about (the very few) pro mccann posters is that they deliberately mis spell words use slang and appear illiterate and are rude to other posters, if they were genuine there would be no need for such drama queen antics on their part.

  64. I think we're witnessing a classical example of what Textusa has been talking about:
    Anon 60 comes here with mason and "big deals" BH clutter
    Anon 62 waste his/her time in reasoning with him/her.

    Anon 62, understand that Anon 60 is not looking for reason. Anon 60 has only two reasons for commenting, to disrupt is one and to try and get out of Textusa when his/her name will appear. Either way it's not reason Anon 60 is looking for.

  65. They ( Mccann's and BHs) all know what happen on May 3 ( to Madeleine) happen under other circumstances ( then the abduction scenery). Kate told the world about that and was very confident about it.
    After Kate words, my only doubts are regarding the roll of the nannies on that holidays. Were they all there to take care of the children or some also joint and enjoyed the adult games? Since, they were quickly evaporated from the crime scene and one meet the Mccann's in Rothley, I go with my idea that they also have something to loose that is much more important then a temporary job in MW resorts. These nannies hold some keys of the mystery and they must be called to Portugal to answer few questions and why not??? Also be part of the reconstruction.

  66. The best lunatic theories I have seen on that circus were Maddie being a clone of herself and Gerry involved in some scientific nuclear researches or a potential candidate to be a UK health minister.
    The BHs compensate their poor intelligence with a star wars imagination.
    If the Mccann's were more then just 2 ordinary doctors who shared the hobbies of VIPs, they did not need the help of Clarrie because the case had being solved without having to raise any alarm...inside the VIP world.

  67. It will not be too long before we see the Mccanns with new partners. The strain of keeping up the pretence for the last 6 years shows they are now appearing separately hardly ever seen together. Their secrets will not stay secret especially with new partners on the scene.

  68. To all complaining that Textusa doesn't get the deserved attention in other blogs I think she does. Their silence is compromising. Their silence tells more about what Textusa means to the case then having her linked there.
    I think Textusa has done a great job by standing on her OWN two feet, careless of what others thought. She felt she had something to say and said it. I thank her for that. Well done, Sisters!

  69. Anon #66,

    In terms of lunacy you can't beat one of TTW4's last posts before he closed the blog (wonder why?)!
    It was one with a picture of a clock on the tower of some church and we were supposed to extract some sort of meaning related to Maddie by the hours shown on a clock.
    I think one of the biggest clutter feeders of this case has been TTW4 with this nick and many other that I'm sure he uses to try a propagate clutter along with other BH like him!
    Whenever I come across someone complementing TTW4 and his out-of-world conclusions, no one needs to tell me that I'm before a BH trying not to show his true colours.
    Remember how much Advocatus complimented TTW4? That's exactly my point!!

  70. It is very relevant, the British paper in Algarve "Portugal Resident" which seems to be a pro McCann during all this almost 6 years, is allowing comments on the latest article about the case. Some against the Mccann's but coming from people defending they were negligent parents and should be charged for that.
    That paper appears to me, as a BHs vehicle inside the terrain trying to kill the Mccann's and only them. Who are they protecting and why?
    If ID really wants to defend the Mccann's, she must start chasing the BHs because what happen on May 3 had the hands and the permission of more people then the Tapas 9. That was the main reason, why the resort presented a spoke person and an adviser since minute one.
    This is getting better then a book from Agatha christie.

  71. I will not see this newspaper because can not believe in allowing comments.It´s impossible.

    Probably you, anon 70 want clicks there?

  72. Anons 66 and 69
    About clutter and absolute ridiculousness.
    There’s an ongoing discussion on twitter between evident clutterers that states that M died in Portugal early and they got another guest to use his daughter as a substitute!! How ridiculous is that?
    So who was the child signed into the nursery as Elizabeth Naylor? Was she a substitute for Elizabeth? ...
    And who allowed the other M to be used? There are such things as passports needed to travel , even for kids. It's just so bizarre and Naylor could take action on twitter users who retweet this nonsense.
    It's almost like Birch who say that the PJ having the body they were suppose to find extracted DNA from it to frame the McCanns and Murat!!! Police have the body and the police go and bury it in Murats yard but not forgetting to take samples so they could put some in a car they didn't know the McCanns were going to hire! And they went around Kate contaminating anything that she touched!
    LSD could could be an explanation for all this clutter. I tell you I used to read this stuff and find it gross, now that it's been explained the reason these false lunatics are coming up with these outrageous hallucinations, I read them like the great comic material they really are!!!


    Here is the link with comments

  74. I agree with anon 62 they have covered it up because of the scandal it would create if it came out that they were all swingers - they are all involved in something because they have all colluded in the cover-up not one of the tapas group has been honest or cooperated. The friends all refused the reconstruction if they were innocent they would have wanted to do anything to help their friends find their daughter. Obviously there was never an abductor only an idiot would believe that version, nor was there any forensic proof of an abductor and once they kept changing their stories it became apparant that they were all scared and lying.
    They should have been honest in the first place and saved themselves a lot of trouble they will still face justice SY cannot afford another coverup. On the news tonight a prison officer has been arrested for being corrupt.
    The Mccanns have paid people to put out clutter just to confuse and detract remove the clutter and whats left is a group of swingers - who did not want to be found out so they all lied and lied.

  75. Anon 73 thanks for the link very interesting article and still no mention of it in UK press!!!
    Kate Mccann has really aged, she looks about 70 and where is Gerry these days!!!

  76. Anon #75,

    According to you, "The Mccanns have paid people to put out clutter".

    Interesting. With what money?

    Let me just remind you what the "Fund" has already paid, that we know of:

    - Pinto de Abreu (Lawyer)

    - Michael Caplan QC (Lawyer)

    - Angus McBride (Lawyer)

    - Rogério Alves (Lawyer)

    - Carter-Ruck (Lawyers)

    - Isabel Duarte (Lawyer)

    - Método 3 (Private Investigators)

    - Dave Edgar (Private Investigator)

    - Arthur Crowley (Private Investigator)

    - Kevin Halligen (Private Investigator)

    - Justine MacGuiness (Spokesperson)

    - Clarence Mitchell (Spokesperson)

    - Multiple Legal Costs in UK

    - Multiple Legal Costs in Portugal

    - Travel Costs all over the world

    - Lodging Costs all over the world.

    - Hanover Communications (Image Management Company)

    Was the Fund found at the end of a rainbow?

  77. Anon at 76 - when I say 'the Mccanns' I am speaking of 'team mccann' those people that are able to stop comments on websites and silence the press - the people that control what is printed in our media - the BHs that go out of their way to defend the mccanns those people 'team mccann'.

  78. 76, "Interesting. With what money?"

    With money from the Fund and with money from their bakers. Unless they have lied also on that, the Fund was publicized to have reach big figures in a short time( a record) and they and Mitchell claimed some millionaires supported them, including Brian Kennedy, who according to Mitchell, was paying his salaries. Why, he payed such salaries and got involved on that saga, is the question. His solidarity seems to have started and ended on Madeleine, since his name is not connected with any other charities where children where suffering and in real need.
    They don't need too much money to buy sights of abductors and Madeleine. Few tips are enough to attract anonymous people and ask them to deliver some spin. In fact, I believe all that sources of information are so fake as the sights. The spin borns at the editors desks, probably after a meeting with Mccann's PR. No people involved. No money involved. What is a source AFOF? Could be an imaginary easy and so simple as that. They will not take the risk of paying an outsider to deliver fake stories. Marcos Aragão is a good example of that. Even, with all the background, he end up exposed and ridiculous.
    Then, the Fund and the bakers are for lawyers, PRs and maybe some journalists.

  79. anon @ 78 exactly I agree totally with your post.

  80. 76 I doubt very much that the fund has paid for the people you mention backers that want to remain annonomous have paid sums of money and also the dubious Brian Kennedy has helped Kate and Gerry. With the passing of time these backers have changed who can afford to keep paying for CR their fees are thousands. There are many others who are protecting Kate and Gerry the OC for example why did the staff and nannies give false statements so did Mrs Fenn it is so important for these people to help Kate and Gerry the BH use detracting tactics. In the beginning someone in Holland sent a letter which was a hoax but Kate and Gerry had lived in Holland they could have arranged that hoax from friends. The fund is nothing more than a money laudering scheme it does not pay wages.

  81. The Macs need us to believe they dined at the Tapas every night as part of the MW package. The narrative needs this. But the MW holiday brochure for 2007 clearly states only the Millenium was included in the package deal.

    The British police know there could still be brochures in the publics possession which may come to light so they need to tread carefully.

    This begs the question why have the Macs lied on such a basic matter? If they were not in the tapas every night, the whole caring parents circus falls apart.

    If Clarence and the gang could prove it was in the holiday brochure, they would have shouted it from the rooftops since 2007. Remove all the clutter go back to the beginning of why Payne organised the holiday and the reason?

  82. Abbas

    I think this has been mentioned a few times on this blog and good to bring it to attention yet again. Lots of holiday reviews have been quoted from this time to prove the tapas bar was NOT included in the package deal.

    The tapas happened to be the only convenient meeting place that would allow for the negligence scenario.
    It must have been known to anyone who had any connection with OC that it was a poolside bar and quite expensive according to reviewers. In some statements in the PJ files it was said the tapas could only take 20 evening diners and in K's book she says it was only 15. Of course this is nonsense but if it were true can you imagine the anarchy it would have caused among customers who had all paid the same price for their holiday but a select few were allowed to dine in a special restaurant?

    K even blows her own 'evidence' out of the water when compared to the tapas booking sheets which were made up after the event anyway....or related to some other event these people were engaged in and not dining!

  83. Is not My comment but a copy and paste from Newspaper Algarve 123
    " McCanns v Amaral: “defamation” deal?

    In a week where British newspaper the “Daily Mail” announces that the mother of Madeleine McCann made 880 thousand pounds on the proceeds of her recent book on her daughter’s disappearance, Lusa news agency reports on the suspension of the trial for defamation of former PJ police officer Gonçalo Amaral.

    Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann allege that 53-year-old Amaral defamed them in his book “A Verdade da Mentira” (The Truth of the Lie). They initially put in a claim for damages of 1.2 million pounds - but they are now seeking some sort of deal.

    If no agreement is reached within the next six months, a new date will be set. Amaral’s trial, which has already been postponed twice, was due to be heard in Lisbon on 24th-25th January. Meantime, the 880 thousand pounds will be ploughed back into the search for missing Madeleine, who was last seen in Praia da Luz in May of 2007."“defamation”_deal

  84. In Jill Havern's forum:

    "The four top london lawyers now lined up to crush a pensioner from Harlow"

    Adrienne Page
    Jacob Dean
    Adam Tudor
    Isabel Martorell

    Gosh! Where is the money coming from indeed!!!
    Do they really want us to believe all those laywers are working pro bono...? Why go to such lenghts to silence Mr. Bennett?

  85. I cannot understand why the Mccanns are able to crush those objecting to their story and no authority steps and questions them there are so many injustices with the Madeleine saga whatever went on in 5a they really don't want us to know about it, from the start their friends covered up for them fearful of what might come out. They should all be locked up they are all guilty, the money wasted is mind boggling no other person has ever been afforded the priledges that the Mccanns have been given the question is why are they given such preferential treatment in view of all the suspictions against them?

  86. People with my age should remember the television series, The Avengers. A series with humour. An old serie!

    Now, we have the McVingativos with very bad livers. Plenty rage and poison.

  87. OMG!!!Would,nt a lot of our questions be answered if we could see who is footing the bills for the cover up of the century!!Unless they think by announcing the big boys from CR now,they are hoping Tony will think he has no chance against that many "experts" and doesn,t go through with it!!Now that would be so sad as Tony has ,even after all these years never faltered,like yourself Textusa,in seeking Justice for Madeleine.They cannot want the court case reported in "our" media,unless of course Tony "loses",we can only hope the Judge on the day can see through their real motives in suing him!!!

  88. 84, because the swing was transversal to many ( some with more power then others, some with more money then others) and they all want to hide what was going on inside the OC during the holidays. They will jump to the moon and bored God if they need, just to silence who doubt their version or ask many questions.

  89. It so happens that Tony's court case is on my birthday. It also happens to be Bob Marley's day.

    The greatest gift I could receive would be for justice to truimph. For Tony to come out unscathed and victorious and for Carter Ruck and what they have come to represent to lie flat in the mud in total humiliation.
    My prayer was that 2013 would see the end of the rein of bullies. In all forms.

  90. Someone seems very worried about an apparently simple and innocent email sent to "Missing Abroad" charity, asking why Madeleine was not in their site. A member of Jill Havern's forum posted the charity's response to that email and was "ordered" to remove it by the sender:

    From Jill Havern's forum:

    (page 3)
    Inspectorfrost Yesterday at 7:11 pm
    ".Thanks Candyloss for your post. To anyone asking, basically it is a storm in a teacup. Yesterday there was a thread about this charity and comments about why Madeleine Mccann was not featured in it, so I emailed the charity to ask why. I received a reply detailing the reason which I copied up here not thinking it was breaking any rules, even removing the sender's name. The email was not marked private or confidential, it was actually marked Vis a vis restricted or classified content as *not protected* by any confidentiality clauses or words to that effect.

    Today, a poster called novak posted they had called MA and relayed how furious the sender of the email was at it being put on the internet so I asked Candyfloss to delete it and all references, to be fair to the sender although I hardly thought there was anything confidential private or controversial in said email. It was a general reply from a public charity abiut a public case to a general question to. I have read they know its been deleted here now and are OK with it.

    There has been posting and speculation why the Mccanns would not want an appeal which was a downloadable poster on the mother site Lucie Blackman Trust originally in May 2007, MA was borne out of that trust and its run by them, so essentially one and the same, and the only reason I can think for them asking it to be removed at the time was because of the nature of the heinous crime behind the history of the website and the Mccanns not wanting a missing appeal on the site. I could be wrong but that is just what I think.
    That's all."

    Why would the McCanns refuse the help of Missing Abroad, help that would cost them nothing and would be another place to make Madeleine's disappearance known through out the world...?

  91. "Vaz das Neves elogiou o trabalho do tribunal de primeira instância, no que diz respeito à reunião de provas para a condenação de Francisco Leitão. "Felizmente que o tribunal recorrido soltou as grilhetas da prova direta a que estava amarrado e caminhou bem na procura de indícios", conclui o acórdão"
    In julgamento/ condenação do Rei Ghob

    Mais uma grande Vitoria da justiça portuguesa. Foi condenado e foram validadas provas sem que nenhum dos corpos das vitimas tivesse aparecido.


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