Monday, 20 July 2009

A Response to a Comment

A comment left yesterday: 

So, you have taken three long and rather convoluted posts to say what we all knew that your ilk are claiming anyway: that 'Levy' is a McCann plant, a traitor working for 'the enemy'. This is risible, ridiculous rubbish. 

This conman has fed the case from almost the begining - he IS the source for so much of the lurid, stupid rubbish paraded by so many as fact. (I note you are still parading, on 3As, the idea that the McCann party were swingers - a claim made on prime time Poruguese TV can never be rescinded heh, no matter how obviously false?) 

The idea that the McCanns would deliberately feed this vile rubbish into the public consciousness is SO insane that it is indeed a mark of the desperation of the 'community' which exists only to trash them. They are not going to be tried, let alone go to prison. 

You and yours know no more about the truth of what happened to that poor child than your own semi-useless idol, GA. 

But to persevere with the idea that Levy is batting for the other side - well, it's funny to be frank, in a rather creepy sort of way. It's also sad that a clearly intelligent person should be so totally sucked into the conspiraloon mindest.

Let’s, like Billy Crystal, analyse this: So, you have taken three long and rather convoluted posts to say what we all knew that your ilk are claiming anyway: that 'Levy' is a McCann plant, a traitor working for 'the enemy'. This is risible, ridiculous rubbish. This conman has fed the case from almost the begining - he IS the source for so much of the lurid, stupid rubbish paraded by so many as fact.

Against your conscious will, most certainly, we, you and I, find ourselves mostly in agreement. There are only two little details in which we differ: him being planted and his rubbish being paraded as fact. The rest of the paragraph, I subscribe entirely.

Saying that I even thought that he was planted by your people would be giving credit where absolutely is neither due or deserved. I simply implied that he was used by your ilk to undermine the truth.

Figuratively speaking, your people saw a breech in the wall and exploited it. But you didn’t create it. From which point of time you started the exploitation, I couldn’t care less.

There are manipulative people, and people who think they are. The main difference between them, apart the intelligence bit, is that the first are shrewd and avoid any limelight, whilst the latter are like boasting kids after winning a soccer match.

People that THINK they are manipulative are the easiest to be manipulated due to their permeable personalities. Arrogance, egocentrism and vanity are normal attributes of these souls, so they are as easy to convince as is a dog to go and fetch a stick. Just dip it in gold, throw it, and off they go.

However, what they don’t realize in the moment they bolt after the stick is that there is no turning back, and obviously nobody s going to tell them that. Once exposed, they, suddenly find themselves standing on no-man’s land, appetizing targets to fire incoming from all sides, which, by the way, your comment is a perfect example of.

About his rubbish being paraded as fact, it would have been nice of you to have used an example, but you, and your people are not here to be nice, are you? His rubbish, it seems indeed, is indeed rubbish. But as far as I can recall you can hardly call it facts. Any which way you look at it.

The 24 photos? Him being on Oprah? Him being in Sri Lanka or in Aachen? Being in Rothley? Kate depressed? It they are all true, then there are 24 photos, he was on Oprah, was in Aachen, Sri Lanka and Rothley and Kate is depressed. If they are also false, then there are no 24 photos, he wasn’t on Oprah, nor was he in Aachen, Sri Lanka or Rothley and Kate isn’t depressed. If some are true and others not, you do the fact-giggling please. What is relevant if any this is true or false? Absolutely nothing. That’s how important his rubbish is, exactly in the same degree as the next speaker at Hyde Park.

No matter how much you wish he were, he simply isn’t. It would be very convenient that he would be a relevant figure amongst my “ilk”. I know your people will the utmost to make him an important link. Essential in any in any smearing whatever information is out there. A piece of advice, just refrain from doing it, but if you must waste energy needlessly, please do go ahead.

The information out there is too consistent, coeherent and coehesive against the McCanns and friends that any smearing campaign is simply inept. Also, there is only ONE relevant personality on the side of Truth (many others, my apologies but I’m certain you’ll understand), and that is Gonçalo Amaral.

And how hard you all have tried, by all means possible, to bring him down, with so poor results. Even stooping so low as to come up with the most basic slander tactics such as racism, wife-beating and drinking habits (which, as everybody knows is publicly reputed by all British citizens, especially abroad, who not only refrain from, but do condemn in the most harshest and puritanical of terms the consumption of any and all alcoholic beverages).

And he’s still standing tall and proud. Cannot say the same about others…  

I note you are still parading, on 3As, the idea that the McCann party were swingers - a claim made on prime time Poruguese TV can never be rescinded heh, no matter how obviously false? 

The swinging is a personal deduction, to which I’m still convinced to be truthful. I didn’t come up with the swinging because I saw it on TV, as I didn’t even know that that had been put forward there. I suppose it was on the “Tardes da Júlia”. Sorry, it’s in the afternoon and I do have better things to do with myself that time of day.

I came up with it maybe because I’m a swinger myself. Or maybe because, once upon a time, I might have taken a “PdL Special” myself. Or even because I have been with you lot in PdL, and might be having second thoughts about having helped you. Or I might just know someone who has all or some of the before mentioned characteristics. Please don’t take for granted that your entire “ilk” is faithful to the “cause”. Traitors are everywhere, you know. Then again, I might just be bluffing.

This compulsory need to lie is one thing that I have in common with the Tapas 9. And it's the only thing, and is already one thing too many for my comfort.

But what I found MOST interesting in this paragraph is a phrase that I would like, with your permission, to throw back at you. Your own words, just replacing ONE word for another. It will read like this: “a claim made on prime time British TV can never be rescinded heh, no matter how obviously false?

Suddenly all makes sense, doesn’t it? And it’s not because the spelling got better, but, in this particular instance, it makes SO much more sense… Your words, I repeat, not mine.

The idea that the McCanns would deliberately feed this vile rubbish into the public consciousness is SO insane that it is indeed a mark of the desperation of the 'community' which exists only to trash them. They are not going to be tried, let alone go to prison.

No, it’s not the McCanns that are doing the feeding. Those who for fear of admitting loss of face after being caught up in a tragic lie, instead of owning up to it, have decided to pretend, like in George Orwell’s 1984, to “erase” it from having happened.

And before you jump up and down like a silly child who knows the answer in a classroom, please don’t ask then why, if I say what I say, do the McCanns try to keep the issue so much alive.

First, the issue of her being DEAD is silenced, and that is THE issue.

Second, it’s, in my humble opinion, the most incompetent information campaign management that I’ve ever had the opportunity to witness. So many means, so little brains. As someone would’ve put it so candidly: never so few owed so much to so many.

That someone, if he were alive, I’m sure wouldn’t say such, for, as far as history has registered, he was a person of dignity.

About the prison going, well, you don’t have to go to prison to be imprisoned. I’ve before stated that I think the McCanns have condemned themselves to life imprisonment to be served wherever on the planet they happen to be at the moment.

It only saddens me that they are stupid enough not to realize that they are taking the heat all by themselves. The remainder of the gang is getting off the hook each day passing. They, on the other hand, will never be forgotten. They will continue to appear on the news, less and less, but from time to time we’ll all be reminded of Maddie.

Even if only to justify the fund. But henceforth they ALWAYS have a faithful partner: the glooming shadow of their effective guilt. It will always be over their shoulder, following them. Whenever, wherever. Even death-row prisoners who are watched 24/7, are not as self-conscious. Terrible, terrible fate the McCanns have imposed on themselves.

The "community" to which you refer doesn't exist to trash them. It exists to see Justice trash them. That’s all, and it’s not desperate, just saddened by seeing two Nations with no pride or dignity whatsoever. And please, if you can, don’t confuse anger for hatred. They are two completely different things and no matter how much you try to mix them, they’ll remain apart.  

You and yours know no more about the truth of what happened to that poor child than your own semi-useless idol, GA.

The only aggressive word I find in the above sentence is “poor”, as is used by someone, you, intentionally mean to the memory of the child in question. You should be ashamed of yourself whenever you refer to Maddie as a “poor child” or any other similar caring expression. Hypocrisy at it’s disgustingly worst.

It’s you and people like you that have deprived her of any and all dignity. Do go and wash your mouth

About the semi-useless idol of mine, why is his book so much feared in the UK? Are you afraid that he might convince the general public with his lunatic ideas? No, that would be underestimating the intelligence of the British by implying that they can’t tell a difference from the blabber of a semi-useless, alcoholic wife-beater and the truth.

So publish it, and if it’s so full of lies, laugh it out, and expose all his ridiculously invented allegations, completely ridiculing him, in a humiliation to the point of insult. That would certainly help your cause, the McCanns would regain their lost dignity and he would shut up his mouth once and for all.

Do go for it. How about it? Gonçalo Amaral is no Virginia Woolf, right? And it’s only a book. I mean, he is going to get sued anyhow, isn’t he? Isn’t he? Helloooo, please do confirm that he’s going to get sued, or was it just another piece of rubbish from the other guy? No, couldn’t be. I saw it on Sky News myself. On May 18th, if memory serves me right…  

But to persevere with the idea that Levy is batting for the other side - well, it's funny to be frank, in a rather creepy sort of way.

What is funny for some is completely humorless for others. Please do creep in anyway you wish, like or fantasize to creep in.  

It's also sad that a clearly intelligent person should be so totally sucked into the conspiraloon mindest.

It’s sadder to see somebody actively helping the attempted whitewashing of a heinous crime.

Yours respectfully,

Back to my holidaying.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Textusa’s Summer Thoughts.

A girl has died.

 Her parents didn’t give a sh*t about leaving her alone and went off and got p*ssed (not on the evening she died, but on the nights before).

Same parents that when they saw her dead, freshly diseased, didn’t give a sh*t about her or anybody else, except themselves.

Neither did they give a sh*t about burying her with a minimum of dignity or human decency.

They still don’t give a sh*t about her by doing all they can to make the general public think that their daughter is being repeatedly buggered blue by some sadistic pedophile since the day she was “kidnapped”, instead of thinking that she’s dead but in peace.

Fortunately, they are f*cking it all up.

The “friend” that probably killed her didn’t give a sh*t about her also or anybody else for that matter, except himself.

And he’s not giving a sh*t about getting away with it by making a mockery of Justice.

The “friends” that know where, when, how, why and who killed her, don’t give a sh*t to come with a coherent version of events.

That holiday was to f*ck, so f*ck the little girl, that’s their motto.

The country where she was killed didn’t give a sh*t about her.

Nor does it give a sh*t in serving Justice to those who deserve it.

A country that cowardly just gave a sh*t about the only one who gave a sh*t about her, by trying to make sure that he didn’t f*ck up this conveniently subservient sh*t.

Bad luck, he didn’t give a sh*t about those that didn’t give a sh*t about her but gave about him, and wrote a book.

The country where she died still doesn’t give a sh*t about her or its own dignity by allowing a lunatic lawyer with a head full of sh*t to use its courts, and it’s Lawyer’s Order, for his delusional and delirious crusade against the only man who gave a sh*t about her.

Her own country didn’t give a sh*t about her.

Just gave a sh*t about protecting the image, and ass, of those who didn’t give a sh*t about the girl.

Her country also doesn’t it give a sh*t about a couple toddlers who live with the parents that didn’t give a sh*t about their sister, and will have to live with that sh*t of weight for the rest of their lives on their innocent shoulders.

Nor does it give a sh*t about the instatement of a fraudulent fund that has inhumanly profited, is profiting and seems to continue to profit, solely based on her supposed misery.

If she were to be dead, the abovementioned fund wouldn’t be worth a sh*t.

The media didn’t give a sh*t in putting out all the lies, knowing that they were lying, with the same circumspect faces in which they announce a death of a valiant soldier who gave his life for the country. Not comparable, but, in effect, compared, that’s sh*tty this sh*t is.

Her country doesn’t give a sh*t about the contradiction between the fact that they read in the news that she’s “missing”, “abducted” or “kidnapped” and that their police doesn’t give a sh*t about it.

Her country didn’t give a sh*t that it calls itself a democracy by using its own legal system to “censor” a book that has just some, not all, truth in its pages.

A girl has died. She, like the Unknown Soldier is an expendable casualty, in the bigger set of things, so those that do give a sh*t, should, for higher reasons than reason itself, look the other way and pretend that no sh*t has happened.

Those, like me, who just won’t let the sh*t dry up are expected to shut up or take their sh*t somewhere else.

The whole western civilization doesn’t give a sh*t about the truth just because it’s inconvenient, or better said, has become inconvenient, or even better said than before, has been made to become inconvenient.

Yet, its the same civilization that has reached its pinnacle by making an author place a “*” in the place of whichever incovenient vowel so that the most sensitive of eyes may not be feel offended, although, the same pair of eyes knows fully well what exactly has been written and flimsly hidden.

Exactly like with all the sh*t around the girls death.

 Is it just me, or does something smell awfully foul about all this?

Sometimes it hits the fan, but most of the time its all around you.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

A golf story – when one is confronted with one’s ugly self

Bill and I paired up to play a best-ball tournament, stableford scoring. Our adversaries were two Danes with one heck of a sense of humor which made the whole afternoon one enormous pleasurable memory.

We come to the 14th, a short 130 yd par-3, with a very small green on the other side of a pond. They had the honors, so one of them takes an iron, tees it up and hits it beautifully. The ball flies as it should, but, surprisingly to all, ends right in the water, 3 yards from the grass.

 His partner follows, also with an iron, and lets that ball have whatever it deserved, because it cleared the water and fell on the green, about 3 yards, this time from the hole.

It was my partner’s turn. One inconvenience of being a lady in this sport, is that you get “discriminated” and have to tee off from somewhere else than from where the guys do. So the men do "their" thing first, and then we do "ours".

Bill, picks up his iron and away he whacks the ball. A repeat of what had just happened: one perfect stroke, one perfect flight, had it not this this minor flaw of falling into the water.

I also chose an iron, a 5, with which on a normal day carries me over that distance. I hit the ball and watched it fly, in that awe of the moment in which all of us who play golf incarnate into a Tiger and an Annika all at once, until... yes, you guessed it, right into that so much dreaded water.

Since I was on my tee-box, I took the next shot for the team, and yes, I was stubborn enough to maintain the same iron. And coherent enough to repeat the whole shot. Coherence is my middle name, and water is my game.

It’s what all golfers know as "feeding-the-lake-mode". you just keep doing it until you either run out of balls or the lake runs out of absorbing capability.

Amazing how stupidly stubborn the human being can be, so I do thank that we were in a pair’s game and couldn’t just tee one ball after another as it has happened so often. So Bill walks to his bag and changes irons. Tees up the ball, and looks at his club again. His eyes fiery with rage. Walks back to the bag, and this time takes out a wood. And like a raging bull he swings that club smacking that ball as if his life depended on it.

All out eyes went right on to the green to see if it landed there, or if it would just ignore it and fly over. But the ball fell on the fairway on the right side of the pond. Unexpectedly to all, but to Bill. Only sissies play there. It landed right of the green, about thirty yards from the flag.

What a brilliant play! What emotional control and rationale in a moment of enormous stress! We all applauded the decision, and Bill silently whispered to me that if I ever told a soul about how he had ran away from a 90 yd pond with a shameful 3 wood, he would use it again to bang my head with it. Don’t worry Bill, your secret is safe with me! I won't tell a soul!

I chipped onto the green, a yard from the hole, and Bill sank it with the graceful ease of the hero of the moment that we all made him feel like.

The other guys 2-putted for par, and we all walked off with huge smiles on our faces, marking the pars on both cards. Yes, we all overlooked the fact that Bill and I had sank 3 balls.

It wasn’t a par, but a double bogey. But the excitement of the moment, or for whatever reason, it simply didn’t occur. The game ended, checked the scores, handed in our cards and waited for the final results.

We came around about half-way down, which is pretty good, said our good-byes and off we went our way. Two days later, Bill's brilliant stroke crossed my mind again, and I smiled thinking of how that big man had taught me such a nice lesson, when it hit me: we didn’t take the penalty!

I immediately called Bill and told him what I had just remembered. Damn, you right, he said, we all just got caught up with the moment and unconsciously just compared their 1 ball in the pond with our 3, and if they had made par, we didn't! We have to call the club and have them rectify the whole thing! But then again, he said, only WE know about this,. MAYBE the other guys might have thought about it also. But that's a big MAYBE. If we go and tell the club now, they will look really bad, because they were our markers and should have been paying attention. If we say anything, it’s not confessing, it's telling! Showing everybody else that they didn’t give a hoot about what they were doing. A long silence followed.

Yeah… I said, I guess we best just shut up. I mean, it’s not like we won prizes or what. The truth will only bring us a couple of places down and THEIR reputation will be seriously harmed. But, what if they have remembered it like we did, and are now thinking what a couple of cheats we are?!?

We could call them, but if we do, we will be forcing them to confess, to come public and do the club calling themselves, being branded as sloppy. And if they don't say we told them, WE will be branded as cheats. Yep, if we call, they will come out indeed as sloppy, if they call, they continue to be sloppy and we become cheaters. If we remain in silence, then our consciences will eat our hearts away, and every innocent look from anybody at the club will seem guilt-filled. This is totally a lose-lose situation. What do we do Bill?!?

No, I haven’t called the club. Haven't confessed my crime. Only to my accomplice. Don’t know if I will, or not. Most likely I will, but that is not is relevant here.

The important thing is that I know that I’m wrong, and although I quite clearly know what the only rightful option is, I’ve up to this moment, CONSCIOUSLY taken the wrongful one.

And we’re talking just about a golf penalty, not a dead child.

And I do have my vacations to continue with…

Friday, 10 July 2009

Textusa's Fall Season - A preview

My absence has nothing to do with stupid, mean and meaningless comments from stupid, mean and meaningless people. Simply to do with a very good reason: summer laziness. Which I recommend.

After I arrive home from a good pleasurable afternoon activity, and honestly, after a nice shower, meal and story reading to my grand-children, feel not very much like writing. Yes, I’m lazy. And proud of it.

I do have many subjects in my head that I wish to write about before closing this blog. Consider this as a preview for “Textusa’s” next season. For the Fall. Summer is for re-runs.

- Platforms of powers, the difference of political correctness and capability and how honest people sell their souls so cheaply;

 - The luckiest unluckiest turd of all, the demystification of a bogus media expert but a brilliant media nincompoop;

- Amaral, the biggest McCann mis-antecipation (on a request from a reader);

- An open letter to Kate (a long due promise to another reader), where I try to ask that monster where, and why, she decided to abandon motherhood, on an early May evening (and Joana, still thinking if I censor it or not...);

- Two absurd theories, a bullet and a snatch; the continuation of the absurdity of the McCann saga;

- Kate’s tits, assets or ass bits?; about how we all fell in love with the McCanns;

- The Portuguese Judicial Obnexity; about whatever because about this so much could be written;

- An open letter to Paulo Sargento and Hernani Carvalho; two people I respect, and hopefully never have to write it;

- An homage to a reader; whom I call, privately; Maddie’s real granny.

- Horse-riding, a power game when ill-played is a boomerang; about those who think they are powerful,

- The Thing, already written in a Portuguese blog a long time ago, in Portuguese, about what is Power.

As you can see, a lot to write about. If I have the strength and stamina. And imagination. No, it’s not a 24-photo promise, because I’m not promising that I’m going to write any of the above.

Just loose ideas running around this filthy mind of mine.

Hopefully (although I don't give it much of a chance) the McCanns will be brought to Justice, saving me a lot of time before this screen.

Now, it’s time to golf, sail, cards and gourmet food and drink. To dedicate my whole self to my most passionate of hobbies: collecting memories.

Above a picture, created, out of various snapshots of this blog. All flags are real. Obviously not all on the same day.

I get 30/50 hits on a bad day, around 200 on a good one. Imagine how the World would look like with all the flags that Joana gets.

Before leaving, just some food for thought: which has a more important reach, Joana’s blog, that reaches thousands worldwide, or “Tardes da Júlia” that reaches hundreds of thousands?

I know you know what I think, but just loose a second in thinking why.

When I write, I imagine I’m doing it for those 10/12 faithfull readers that I do have.

As if they were sitting around me, or behind me, reading every word that I write, smiling with each grammar error or spelling mistake, or hte shake of the head of each deletion or correction of an idea.

It’s to you that I write.

And thank the patience.
Be back here once in a while, but please don't expect much.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

An intermission, following advise from friends of mine.

I'm the one in the middle

Re: Back to Reality- The Failure of the 3As
by Jayelles
» 2:35 pm Mon Apr 27, 2009  

Who/what is Textusa? It wisnae me. A big boy did it and ran away...  

Re: Back to Reality- The Failure of the 3As
by preciousramotswe
» 2:46 pm Mon Apr 27, 2009  

Jayelles, if I tell you who Textusa is you won't thank me
'Working from deep inside the McCann Machine'  

Re: Back to Reality- The Failure of the 3As
by Jayelles
» 2:56 pm Mon Apr 27, 2009  

Oh come on. Now I need to know! I'm asking because I think I've come across the hat on another forum.

Re: Back to Reality- The Failure of the 3As
by preciousramotswe
» 3:01 pm Mon Apr 27, 2009  

She is a mad Portugeeza who turned up on 3AS. She has a thread there now I think. She also has her own blog but at one time her stuff was turning up on joana morais/xclamation's site, too. She is a bit of a hanger-on of hers. Completely bonkers, and with a nasty line in vivid, filty imagination. (you will notice her blog followers are other rabid females - sorry but it's a fact!!)  
'Working from deep inside the McCann Machine'  

Re: Back to Reality- The Failure of the 3As
by Jayelles
» 6:06 pm Mon Apr 27, 2009  

I had a quick look. It was enough. She needs to get a life.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A Response to a Response

NOTE : Toutes les informations publiées par moi sur ce blogue ou dans n´importe quel autre blogue, sans oublier les médias avec qui je continue à travailler, sont authentiques et ont toujours été vérifiées auprès de plusieurs sources comme il est requis à un journaliste. Il est évident que je suis toujours prêt à défendre en justice contre toute allégation contraire. En autre, toute question qui n’aurait pas un lien direct avec mon travail et qui relève de ma vie privée, en particulier les commentaires qui ont été faits récemment après la fin d’une relation amoureuse de plusieurs mois, ne mérite pas de réponse… en tout cas pas ici. (from Mr. Nuno Duarte's blog)

Mr. Nuno Duarte,

I, for one, haven’t once touched your personal life. I have questioned, question and will remain questioning until satisfaction, your work ethics as a journalist. Or as an alleged one.

I've accused you, amongst many other things, using the argumentation that I have, of not being anywhere near the Oprah show which the McCanns were invited to, and that you as a journalist (or as an alleged one), reported that you were.

 That, as far as I can tell, has nothing to do with your personal life. It’s got to do, exclusively, to your (alleged) professional one.

I placed in paranthesis "alleged" because I’m highly suspicious that you have a much different way of earning a living than the one you state you have. Time and truth will tell if my suspicions are consubstantiated.

About my accusation, I can give you a few suggestions on where you can prove me wrong:

- A still, showing that you were in the audience at the referred show;

- A self-taken picture, in the show, of yourself in the audience (I don’t remember reading anything about not being allowed cameras on set, but most likely that is the case, so, if that is so, ignore this one);

- The stub of the ticket you used to enter the premises;

- Any printed confirmation, from the Oprah show people, that a ticket was issued in your name for that referred show;

- A self-taken picture taken outside the premises, as any journalist with such a scoop would have certainly taken;

- A copy of the receipt from the hotel you stayed at;

- A copy of the page of the passport where US Customs placed their stamp allowing you into the country for that particular trip (and please don’t say that you got in on a forged identity and/or passport into the US in this day and age…);

- A copy of the airplane ticket stubs of your flights both in and out of the States, and of those in that country;

- Detail (in your blog, for example) which planes (airline, time of departure and airport) you took to get in and out of the States, as well as those that you may have used in the country, so that I, as an independent citizen, may ask the various airlines involved if your name was on the passenger list (I'm assuming with your authorization, because if you wanted for this to remain a secret, you wouldn’t have publicized it in the first place).

Don’t worry, I’ll fake that I’m a journalist. A list of simple suggestions that I’m providing so that you'll have the opportunity to contradict me, thus forcing me into a humiliating apology.

Which I'll give if proven wrong.

About the abusive involvement of personal life. From Joana’s posts, one can see that the accusations are about you lying about the Maddie case or about and your forged personal (read professional) involvement in it.

Professional business, quite clearly.

Nothing, as far as I can read, from a woman scorned.

You, sir, seem to be the ONLY one that's abusively using the “personal life” excuse to avoid explaining yourself.

Because it doesn’t merit your comments, you say. Could have been right out Gerry’s mouth. Or Clarence’s. But was from yours.

We begin to understand why. You are ready to defend yourself “in Justice”, you say also. Do you think yourself THAT important to merit the spending, on my initiative, of a single cent to prove your falsity, when you do a pretty good job all by yourself? Please do spare me the drama.

Also, where have I heard of avoiding explanations using the legal-system-as-the-right-battleground excuse to avoid any explanation on suspected wrongdoing ? Oh, from the McCanns. Congratulations, you’ve proven to be such a good pupil.

Mr. Nuno Duarte, don’t play the offended damsel here. Only you know where, when and how did you lose your “virginity” in all of this, and honestly, I don’t care.

The why, however, leaves me slightly curious.

The McCanns and Tapas are saving their asses. Clarence and team are doing their job. Poorly, but that’s pure incompetence. The friends and relatives of the McCanns are doing the same as Dr. Paulo Sargento (when he calls you a journalist with a capital “J”), and are defending them beyond any rationality.

And above any criticism, all of them declared themselves clearly on which side of the fence they stood (exception for Dr. Sargento who appears in the above paragraph only as an example and is one, if not the biggest, of your victims).