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Paedo v Nepio

BLUF: If Maddie's death had anything to do with paedophilia then Maddie would have to have been a victim of a nepiophile. In turn, nepiophilia is absolutely incompatible with any sort of cover-up.

In our post “Speed”, we received the following comment:

Anonymous 15 Apr 2014 19:42:00

I don’t subscribe your swinging theory. It makes sense, it’s possible and I agree it would warrant a cover-up. I happen to think there’s something greater to cover-up than swinging: paedophilia.
You have called it a Stink Bomb and I’m curious about your explanations why you think that.
I don’t think it’s a Stink Bomb at all and think it’s the big secret behind the cover-up.
You point the finger at Payne in having to do with Maddie’s death (I recall you being the first to do that in Joana’s) but have minimised all possibility of all this being the lid being kept on a a paedo crime committed by Payne.
He was identified by Yvonne Martin as paedo, or involved in paedo processes in UK. He was very rude to her.
The Gaspars identify clearly paedo behaviours in his conversation with Gerry when talking about Maddie.
Gerry has an empty CATS files.
He bathed other people’s little children during the holiday where the Gaspars were present. He bathed Gaspars’ daughter, for example.
He was the last person to see Maddie alive and describes the situation in very strange terms of white angels and all so peaceful.
There are also other things that make me thing that this is all about paedophilia:
He is the one that suggests and organises the holiday and he is the one that says who stays in what apartment
He is the one that doesn’t need to check his children because he has a baby monitor that works great distances and because of this is the only male of the group who doesn’t leave the dinner table.
He is the one who filmed that moment with Gerry swearing in front of all including children on an airport bus and I think he was the one who uploaded the video on YouTube.
He was the one that was heard in the rogatory statements after the Portuguese cops had left the UK. All others were heard when they were there. Also I think he says that the right forum is not to be there answering the rogatory questions.
I think all this points much more to paedophilia than to swinging. So why call it a Stink Bomb like you have?”

Dear Anon,

Thank you for your comment. Paedophilia is a very sensitive issue to talk about.

Not only due to the sick characteristics of this horrific pathology in terms of human behaviour but also to explain how very effective it is unfortunately a way to distract, as we will try to show.

We think we both share the certainty that there’s a Very High-Level Cover-Up (VHLCU) concerning the circumstances surrounding Maddie’s death.

Where we think we differ is in what we perceive to be the “big secret” that justifies this VHLCU.

You seem think that all this is due to Maddie may having been the victim of a paedophile who you suspect was David Payne.

From your words, you also seem to suspect the direct or indirect consent on the part of the victim’s father, Gerry McCann, in the physical contact that would have happened between Payne and Maddie which resulted in her death.

Just writing these words sends chills down one’s spine but one mustn’t avoid any hypothesis, however gruesome it may be, in the quest for the truth.

Reason must guide all of us and not personal moral standards or sensitivity of stomach.

We, on the other hand believe that the VHCLU was (and is) all about hiding the swinging activities and the participants present in PdL at the time Maddie died in the result of an unfortunate, although violent, accident.

That accident happened in the sequence of David Payne and Kate McCann being engaged, or in attempted engagement, in some sort of ADULT sexual intimacy.

This accident could have been the snowballing of a reaction of having been unexpectedly interrupted by Maddie because of only having closed the bedroom door without locking it or simply because of Kate's possible resistance to Payne's inopportune advances having developed into a heated discussion between them and in which Maddie unfortunately got involved.

In either scenario the context is sexual. A man being, or wanting to be, intimate with another man's wife with his knowledge and consent. A context of swinging.

In our opinion, no plausible explanation could be given to the lesions that Maddie’s body certainly presented as a domestic accident.  An aggression, even if not intended to be fatal is an aggression and leaves its marks.

No plausible explanation, as was proved, could be given to explain David’s presence in the apartment at that time with Gerry absent.

As David and Kate had indeed, in our opinion, been engaged in some sort of sexual activity, consumated or not, with each other there was the immediate perception that this consensual behaviour could present a risk for rest of the “swinging community” present in PdL in being outed and have their lewd behaviour exposed with the serious repercussions to their reputations, careers and personal lives that would mean.

The sexual nature of Payne’s presence in the McCann’s apartment had to be hidden to hide the swinging, and to hide the reason of Payne’s presence there, Maddie’s death had to be hidden.

You believe in paedophilia as the reason for Maddie’s death and for the cover-up, we believe in an unfortunate accident as the cause of her death and in swinging as the cause of the cover-up.

But we have reasons to believe that paedophilia had nothing to do with what happened in the night of May 3 2007 in PdL.

We would sum up our reasons into 3: nepiophilia, cover-up and implantation.


Before we say why we did call paedophilia a STINK BOMB let us first try to explain why we think it has absolutely nothing to do with Maddie’s case.

In fact we want to make it very clear that we think that no child present that week in PdL suffered any harm, much less sexual molestation.

Paedophilia cannot be disregarded light-heartedly. Much less be discarded.

We would like to believe that our readers trust that we have thought about it profoundly before coming to the conclusions to which we arrived.

Wikipedia has the following definition for paedophilia: “is used for individuals with a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children aged 13 or younger. Nepiophilia (Infantophilia) is pedophilia, but is used to refer to a sexual preference for infants and toddlers (ages 0–3 or those under age 5). Hebephilia is defined as individuals with a primary or exclusive sexual interest in 11-14 year old pubescents.”

Although nepiophilia is paedophilia, we would divide this disgusting pathology into 3 categories:

Nepiophilia – ages 0–5;

Paedophilia – ages 6 –10;

Hebephilia – ages 11 –14.

The younger the victim the more horrendous the crime is. If for a hebephile the words “sick pervert” come to mind, for a paedophile, in this scale, the words “sadistic” and “cruel” must be added.

Please speculate what words are applicable to a nepiophile because we can’t. Or won’t for the sake of own sanity.

For Maddie to have died in a paedophile context it would mean that David Payne was a nepiophile and that Gerry and Kate McCann were accomplices to the heinous ordeal and horrific fate of their daughter.

It would also mean that the McCann family closed its ranks to protect a murderous nepiophile who isn’t even part of family.

Nepiophiles, or infant-rapists do not get sympathy from anyone.

Not even from their own families, who unable to avoid the highest shame that is possible to bear, will do the best they can to separate themselves from that disgusting creature and are usually on the forefront in condemning him publicly.

If infant-rapists understandably do not get any sympathy from their own families much less will they get any from the victim’s family.

It would be completely incomprehensible to expect a murderous infant-rapist to draw sympathy from acquaintances or total strangers to him.

Apparently, according to those who believe that paedophilia is the reason for Maddie’s death and for the cover-up that is exactly what is happening: they believe that David Payne, to them a murderous infant-rapist, enjoys the sympathy from his family, from the whole family of the victim, Maddie, and from all those involved in the cover-up.


The fact there’s a cover-up is for us the biggest indicator that paedophilia had nothing to do with Maddie’s death.

It’s a known FACT that paedophiles have been protected in VHLCU by the Establishment. The most recent being Jimmy Savile. 

Cyril Smith, MP, also a prolific sexual abuser of young boys, knew Savile. Smith was protected by the Establishment, in spite of Private Eye magazine reporting his behaviour in 1979, when he was still alive.

Wasn’t it in the ancient Greek society that such phenomenon was not only accepted but public and encouraged? In modern days this is taken by the  powerful as their peers little peccadilloes and so a bizarre, if not even “quaint”, behaviour known by all.

John Hemming, MP, suspects that the Establishment is still inclined to protect people in high placed, even in this kind of case.

No wonder many bloggers believe something similar has taken place in the McCann case. However, all known paedo-VHLCU, are about hebephiles, preying on victims ages 11 – 14.

Jimmy Saville was a hebephile (victims ages 11 – 14) and not a paedophile (victim ages 6 – 10). Much like Max Clifford, subject of our Oh, Max! post (06Dec2012) who was sentenced to eight years for his crimes. Hebephiles NOT paedophiles.

The covering-up for paedophiles (victims ages 6 –10) is much rarer. It is circumscribed to a very restricted circle of trust.

In this case, the protectors are fully aware that it is a heinous crime but prefer to look the other way, for fear, favour and/or a very close friendship.

The paedophile’s activities are frowned upon, “internally” within the restricted circle of trust, but his inability to control his sick urges is accepted as inevitable.

The biggest example of such a cover-up is the Catholic Church and is paying a heavy price for having covered-up this behaviour in the past.

To be part of a hebephile  cover-up (victims ages 11 –14) is “acceptable” if the paedo is of “correct” social status but one has to have very strong reasons to allow oneself to be involved in a paedophile  cover-up (victims ages 6 –10) regardless of the social status of the criminal.

Any kind of paedophilia is not tolerated by society and generates harsh social stigmatisation but the younger the victim the harsher that stigma is.

A good example of this is the Casa Pia case.

Carlos Cruz had an assitant called Carlos Mota. When Cruz was arrested in 2001, Mota became famous for saying “Se o Carlos Cruz é pedófilo, eu também sou” (translated, “If Carlos Cruz is a paedo, so am I”).

It turned out that Mota was indeed a paedophile accused of raping 2 girls, one 7 yrs old and the other of 8.

While Carlos Cruz was a hebephile (a crime for which he was sentenced), Mota was a paedophile, accused of a crime so serious (meanwhile prescribed) that he felt he had no other choice but to flee the country.

Carlos Cruz faced, for more than 10 years, the courts for his crimes. In that time it was witnessed many coming forward to support him. Much of the Portuguese Mainstream media made a significant effort to descredit the witnesses and evidence against Cruz.

Not one finger was lifted to help Mota. And Mota was a paedophile, not a nepiophile.

We know not of a single nepiophile cover-up (victims ages 0 – 5). Not a single one.

That would be covering up for an infant-rapist. A hebephile finds a peadophile absolutely disgusting. A nepiophile's acts are beyond known words to qualify its degree of repulsion.

As Maddie would have been a victim of a nepiophile, then every single person involved in the cover-up would be participating in cover-up of a murdering nepiophile, or to put it bluntly, a murdering infant-rapist.

The question is not whether a murdering infant-rapist would seek help to try cover up for his ignominious and repulsive crime (he might be stupid enough to try) but about who would be willing to take part in covering-up such hideous and dreadful crime.

Answer is no-one.

Not even close family.

A nepiophile’s acts are too horrific and repugnant.

No one would ever accept, for whatever reason, risk being in any way associated with such abhorrent and detestable acts.

So what possible secret could a murderous infant-rapist hold that would be so powerful and have enough strength to force the British and Portuguese governments on their knees?

What secret that could hold information so sensitive that would drive 2 governments to hide the murder of a little girl at the hands of a nepiophile?

What sort of favours could even begin to compensate a dead raped toddler?

Cannot see any.

Not even when mustering all powers of imagination.

And we’re talking about just a urologist, David Payne.

Levels of Cover-up

But the strongest indicator is not the fact that there’s a VHLCU but that there are other levels of covering up in this case.

We assumed, at the beginning of the post, that we both agree that there’s a VHLCU.

Let’s first define what we perceive to be the different levels a cover-up may have:

1. Very High-Level Cover-Up (VHLCU): involving the full commitment of state infrastructures such as governments and judicial systems as well as the full commitment of Mainstream Media (MSM).

2. High-Level Cover-Up (HLCU): involving the full commitment of tabloid media and the sympathy of state infrastructures such as governments and judicial systems as well as the sympathy of MSM. Involvement of significant commercial corporations such as multinationals.

3. Medium-Level Cover-Up (HLCU): no involvement of state infrastructures, involvement of local press and sympathy from other media and the involvement of local structures, which in Maddie’s case, the Ocean Club would be an example.

4. Low-Level Cover-Up (LLCU): involvement of locals apparently independent from events, which in Maddie’s case, the ex-Pats would be example.

5. Very Low-Level Cover-Up (LLCU): involvement of participants, families of participants and those vulnerable to direct pressure, which in Maddie’s case, the Ocean Club workers would be an example.

We think it’s safe to say that you and we both agree that in Maddie’s case we are in the presence of both a VHLCU and a HLCU.

Where our blog differs from all others, and maybe from you and all those genuine White Hats (WH) who seek the truth as to what happened with Maddie but happen to disagree with us, is that we state clearly that in our opinion there are also MLCU, LLCU and VLLCU present.

In other words we say that the Ocean Club, ex-Pats and Ocean Club workers are also involved in the cover-up.

The guests, who we also say are involved, fall under the categories of VHLCU and HLCU.

We don’t say this from the top of our heads.

We have demonstrated why we believe that the Ocean Club is involved by the inconsistencies about the dinners that it has confirmed it reserved for the T9 at the Tapas Bar for 5 nights in a row.

A meal that was supposed to have taken place at a table that all documentaries and news reports have been unable to replicate.

A table, the BRT, We have demonstrated why we believe beyond doubt that it didn’t exist:

We have demonstrated why we believe that the Ocean Club is involved by it having handed over to the PJ a series of papers, under the designation of “Tapas Reservation Sheets” which are absolutely meaningless besides being a frustrated attempt to prove that the Tapas dinners took place.

The fact that those “Tapas Reservation Sheets” are phoney makes all guests whose names are on them to be involved in the cover-up.

The fact that the there was no BRT and so no T9 Tapas dinners, proves that those who state seeing the group sitting around a big round table are lying, namely the Quiz Mistress and Jez Wilkins.

The Quiz Mistress who hosts, twice a week, a very popular British contest that only she remembers.

We have shown how Mrs Fenn’s “Maddie’s crying episode” is more than questionable.

We have demonstrated why we believe that the invention of Pimpleman, a pivotal character in 2009 whose use has been outlasted by the Black Hats (BH) themselves. He was materialised by Derek Flack, TS (a minor who is NOT responsible for the lies she was told to tell) and JW in stories which we showed had more holes in them than a Swiss cheese.

We have shown how the Tapas staff were conveniently singing from the same hymn sheet less than 24 hours after Madeleine disappeared.

It’s this melting pot that crosses all statuses and professions involving guests, Ocean Club management, Ocean Club workers and ex-Pats that rules out, in our opinion, paedophilia, or to be more precise, nepiophilia, in Maddie's case.

Whatever could possibly motivate these people in covering-up for a murderous infant-rapist?

Absolutely nothing.

The fact that there a not only VHLCU and HLCU but also MLCU, LLCU and VLLCU, indicate, to us, that nepiophilia is in no way related with Maddie’s death.

No way would so many people let themselves be involved in protecting a murderous-infant rapist.

There’s no secret big enough or powerful enough to enable that.


Note that up to now we have not said if we think David Payne was a paedo or not.

We have only analysed things in the hypothesis that Maddie died in his hands, him being a paedophile. Only in that hypothesis would that make him a murdering nepiophile or murdering infant-rapist.

The hypothesis of David Payne just being a paedo and that having nothing to do with Maddie’s death makes cover-up absolutely unnecessary for reasons of paedophilia as nothing would reveal his sick pathology. There wouldn’t be a need to hide it as Maddie’s death wouldn’t reveal it.

Again, not saying he is or he isn’t. The truth is we don’t know. Unfortunately paedos don’t look any different from other human beings so Payne, like anyone else, could be a paedo. 

Statistics dictate that there may have been some paedos at the time in PdL.

However, swinging is a factor against those statistics as swingers abhor violence and enjoy adult pleasure while paedos enjoy inflicting suffering and are sexually stimulated by minors.

It could be said that statistically it would be less likely to find paedos in a swinger group than in any other.

But what we’re certain of is that independent of Payne being a paedo or not, Maddie’s demise had absolutely nothing to do with any sort of paedophile molestation.

However, it’s a reality that a peado shadow does loom over David Payne. That is unquestionable.

This is due, in our opinion, because of:

1. The statements from Yvonne Martin, a social worker;

2. The statements from Katherine and Arul Gaspar, a couple of doctors who went on holiday in Majorca with the Paynes and the McCanns;

3. The fact that Gerry McCann has a mysteriously empty CATS file. This becomes relevant taking into account that Gerry McCann is the person Payne has the disturbing conversation in a possible paedophile context.

4. The fact that David Payne uses the expression of “little angels dressed in white” to describe the McCann children during his visit to the apartment 5A on May3, early evening.

These are the 4 things we say have been used to implant in the general public's mind the idea that David Payne is a paedo. And if he killed Maddie, a nepiophile, a murderous infant-rapist.

Those who believe neglect and/or paedophilia have to realise they have been led there by skilled BHs.

Many believers are genuine WHs. People who genuinely seek the truth. People who genuinely want to know exactly what happened with no other agenda but that.

We repeatedly denounce those who have planted STINK BOMBS. These are planted by some and picked up as genuine by others.

We criticise fiercely those who plant them but have never criticised those we see genuinely believing in them.

We have always tried to tread a careful path in order not to alienate the genuine. To believe is not to be stupid but only to be victims of expert manipulators who know very well the tools of their trade.

We will address Yvonne Martin’s (#1) and the Gaspar’s (#2) statements in separate posts.

If we isolate #4, the “angels” moment, it can be taken as moment romanticised by Payne in the exact same exaggerated terms as Gerry’s “proud dad” moment that would allegedly happen a few hours later.

So let’s address, for now, only #3, Gerry’s CATS file. CATS stands for Case Administration and Tracking System.

The only fact we know about it is that it’s empty. Anything else about it is pure speculation.

If we say that it was always empty and it only exists because it was an immediate reaction to the events in PdL to anticipate a probable inquiry with the father of the missing child that would (should?) happen but never did, it’s pure and simple speculation.

If we say that it was filled with damning paedo information concerning Gerry McCann, it’s also pure and simple speculation.

We simply don’t know why it exists or what it contained if it ever contained anything. Anything said about this specific CATS file is, we repeat, pure and simple speculation.

But would Gerry McCann, or David Payne, be allowed to practise in a general hospitals, without restrictions if they had a history of paedophilia known to the relevant authorities?

In next posts we will speak of Yvonne Martin, Katherine and Arul Gaspar and why we think paedophilia in Maddie's case is a STINK BOMB.



Post Scriptum:

What we think about SY and its digging activities due to start at the beginning of next week in PdL are expressed in our PdL - The Game Board post (09May2014) and nothing that has come up since presents any reason for us to change our opinion.

In fact, we think time elapsed (almost a month after authorisation given, certainly spent with "backstage negotiatons") confirms all we have said.

We are indeed curious as to what SY may do that hasn't already been done by Mark Harrison in 2007.


  1. Agree. Too many people to be involved in covering up the molestation and death of a 4 yr old. Now I'm curious for the follow-up YM and Gaspars. With SY antics and all concentrating attention I hope you're still able to post them soon.

  2. I remain unconvced that this is not the case.
    But time will tell.

    1. I agree. I'd imagine the majority of these people don't know the true story of what they are covering up for. Who knows that they were'nt all threatened by the powers that be, that all rushed to PDL in an instant. They must have had some reason to go there! Look at Richard Halls Video No4, to see all who did race to their aid. What possibly did they all go there for?

  3. Agree wholeheartedly with this post. Interested in your comments regarding a possibility that KM may not have been inclined to engage in sexual activities with DP at that time. I favour that scenario over one in which M discovered them actually in mid-sexual activities for the reason that if DP was very keen but being somewhat thwarted then it would increase the frustration and volatile atmosphere which may have led to a heavy slap or push.
    Thanks again for this post.

    1. Didn't Kate have visible bruises, which were attributed to her banging on the walls in desperation in the hours after Madeleine was reported missing?
      Maybe the bruises happened "under other circumstances"...and much earlier!

  4. I'm with Su on this one. GA clearly points finger at DP, consuders YM's statement as very relevant as well as the Gaspars. As far as I can see, GA favours a paedo scenario.

  5. Anonymous 30 May 2014 10:57:00

    Agree that Mr. Amaral points finger at DP but that doesn't mean, in our opinion, that he favours the paedo scenario.

    What he is demanding, and we agree with him, is for a clarification on the subject. To investigate that hypothesis, which, obviously, we think should be FULLY investigated.

    But, mind you, a clarifcation is not a confirmation of a suspicion but just a confirmation in itself.

    If it confirms that there is no basis for the paedo's suspicions over Payne, then the next things to clarify/investigate is why YM and the Gaspars said what they said.


    Respect your disagreement. Hope with time we will be able to convince you.

  6. True that GA seems to favour a situation involving DP and paedophilia, and a situation occurring around 6.30 to 7 pm.
    If so, and the theory is M died around this time, then the group must have cleaned up, disposed of her body - either before or during dining - and agreed on an action plan; including what they would all tell the police, then order food and drink around 8.30 and eat their meals without appearing agitated or upset to any of the witnesses at the Tapas.
    The timing doesn't seem to fit with Tapas dining, but would fit with a simulation of Tapas dining, to allow for an abductor.

  7. I think we are down to the two last serious and plausible hypothesis for what happened and would have warranted the cover-up: paedophilia and swinging.
    You make a strong case against the first on this post.

  8. It is plausible that both swinging and paedophilia are both factors in this case. They may or may not overlap; i.e., one does not necessarily exclude the other, imho. Even if paedophilia was going on, it may have been a separate event and not the cause of M's death. There is enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that both swinging and paedophilia are at play here, although the links between them (if any) are unclear at this time.

    To address textusa's comment regarding there being no cases of coverup of nepiophilia. Please refer to the case of Ian Watkins, and the involvement of Welsh police in that case. That's one case of attempted coverup that we finally know about now


      Anonymous 30 May 2014 15:08:00,

      Thank you for sending us into one of the most disgusting researches we ever had to do. Ian Watkins is indeed a repulsive and abject creature.

      IW assumed the rape of a baby (nepiophilia). This, as far as we could read, based on a text message sent by him to the victim’s mother, who was an accomplice and sentenced as such.

      It seems police were warned. Unfortunately hypocritical moral values clouded justice’s eyes: the denouncer was a prostitute.

      Morally thwarted minds immediately associate any behaviour, for whatever reason, outside the sexual norm, as a reason to strip completely away all “citizen-traits” any human being has. She was a call-girl and so her word meant nothing to the police. Because she was a prostitute.

      We saw the same with Rui Pedro where also a prostitute’s account wasn’t taken into account due to her "evident" lack of morals.

      As far as we know, call girls are human beings and have like anyone else a moral compass, and have eyes to see and a mouth to denounce like everyone else.

      But to the point.

      You bring in IW’s case to contradict us when we said nepiophile’s cover-up don’t exist.

      We see, fortunately, no such cover-up in the case of IW.

      We see incompetence on the part of the police and we see also participating accomplices and above all we see victims.

      We don’t see where did the police corroborating any other version of facts. It, apparently, denied the existence of nepiophilia but didn’t come up with another version of events to protect IW. Nor it endorsed in any way any version put forward by IW. Nor it came out publicly to say IW wasn’t a suspect.

      Nor has it spent millions of taxpayers’s money doing all of the above.

      Do note in IW’s case, besides the police incompetence and the participation of accomplices who else has supported him?

      Has the press, including tabloids, been lenient on the man? Have they propagated how sorrowful the tears of IW were?

      And that is very relevant. Because if you believe that paedophilia is the cause of Maddie's death, than what the tabloids have done all these years was to sanctify the tears of accomplices (Kate and Gerry) of an infant rapist like Ian Watkins (Payne).

      Exactly because we believe that note even the scum we call tabloids would even consider doing such a thing, is one of the reasons that lead us to believe with the utmost conviction that paedophilia has nothing to do with the Maddie case.

      Again, we thank you for bringing us a revolting case that helps us prove our point.

      Lastly, you association between paedophilia and swinging is simply insulting to swingers. It’s comparing Jupiter with a meatball.

      They are both round but have nothing to do with one another.

  9. The McCanns assumed M had been taken by a paedophile - not a solitary person, but a part of a ring. How could they possibly have known about paedophile rings that night? If they had known, would they have chosen to leave 3 children plus friend's children allegedly unattended?
    OK, let's accept they assumed a solitary paedophile had taken her, and knew nothing of rings.Surely they would assume she could have been assaulted and dumped locally, not spirited away across borders, to be abused/lovingly cared for.
    So why no searching until they dropped with exhaustion, rather than retiring for a sleep?
    But no! They KNEW she had been taken alive, to be used by a ring. Kate assumed abduction from curtain whooshing and ran out, leaving the twins, without even checking to make sure they were still breathing.
    Now the searches for a body - for what else could they be searching with dogs - are confined to the area, we know the paedo ring is nonsense.
    Any such abduction would have been carried out methodically.
    There were no paedophiles or rings.

  10. For the sake of sanity

    Swinging is legal, and swingers can engage each other anywhere.
    Because it is impossible to identify who is a swinger or not prior to engaging in a conversation, swingers gather at certain places or during certain events organised for that purpose.
    Although swinging is legal, it is not perceived has a “normal behaviour” by the majority of people, at least in Portugal, thus the need for some sort of discretion.
    Think we agree on all this.
    Discretion meaning low profile, not top secret. This is where we start to disagree.
    In a town like Praia da Luz, any event with the proportion of a swinging event promoted by a big resort would not go unnoticed. It would in fact turn in the biggest subject of chats amongst residents of PDL and employees of the Ocean Club. Unless it has been accepted, become part of normality, repeated over time.
    In either case the authorities would be aware of such events. (I guess some officers might even give it a go!)
    I’ve been many times to the Algarve and Alentejo, as my holidays are always there.
    There is no reason for a cover-up of major proportions as suggested, because :
    1. It is legal.
    2. People would know and talk. (too many locals to be kept shut and why should they?)
    3. The police would also already be aware of such events or would easily find out.
    4. Parents are ALWAYS responsible for their children, no matter what activities they engage in, therefore no need for anyone else other that the parents plus any people directly involved in criminal behaviour to be accountable.
    Four good reasons to think it can’t be swing, IF there is a cover-up involving the government, can’t be mixed with the general incompetence, lack of common sense, and unprofessional behaviour from the british authorities – not at all what I had imagined, being a big fan of british culture.
    And it’s a child we’re talking! Life of a child versus Ocean Club reputation!
    But let’s suppose you’re right for the sake of debate and not the usual whitewashing from mainstream media...
    There is a VHLCU, protecting the guilty party to protect themselves.
    That still leaves the PJ’s work out, at the time and up to now, and the residents coming forward, some of which were also employees, who didn’t comment on the subject of swinging during these 7 years! There is absolutely no way the Portuguese authorities would let that slip by, the only reason why the parents weren’t charged then for neglect resulting in Madeleine’s disappearance was sympathy towards two people who just lost a child and keeping a possible more severe charge to be taken forward later in time. No abduction, no cover-up, a crime perpetrated by a person close to Madeleine, a very tight group of people aware, using the media to control perception of the case and put pressure on british authorities.
    The main questions are, what was the nature of the crime, in which circumstances has it happened, and where is the body?
    Swinging doesn’t explain this, specially feasibility wise. If there is/was a cover-up must be for a dead serious reason – nature of the crime or someone involved.
    Abduction only became a fairytale due to the parents odd behaviour and contradicting statements over time, combined with the tight timeline and the dogs findings. You say no neglect, no BRT, but disregard statements otherwise, proving there was a BRT or BST (Big Square Table) or AT (Adjoining tables), and there was neglect - even if that didn’t necessarily and by itself mean parents were involved in the disappearance.
    My best to all bloggers who don’t quit searching, including Textusa who is a prolific writer and causes debate and awareness for this case.

    1. Na mouche Tex. Tic Tac e a banda continua

    2. Road-runner,

      Of the 4 reasons you present for swinging not being part of the cover up:

      - One is an irrelevant truth – that it’s legal. Google bizarre sexual fetishes and you’ll get dozens of sexual activities, all legal, and those who practice them would NOT like their family, neighbours, bosses, colleagues, fellow church-goers, school teachers and school masters of their children, etc imagine them being into it much less know they are. Not saying swinging is bizarre, just stating that legality has absolutely nothing to do with transparency. You may indeed forget completely about an outed swinger but let us assure you that their family, neighbours, bosses, colleagues, fellow church-goers, school teachers and school masters of their children will never forget and will never let it go. Branded as sexual criminals without ever having committed a crime.

      - One (the last one) has no relevance to swinging, paedophilia or neither but with accountability. We totally miss your point.

      - Two of the reasons are based on assumptions by the use of the word “would”. But would they or wouldn’t they?

      Well, for your first would – people would know and talk - I can tell you that they wouldn’t. Portuguese don’t denounce. It’s in the culture. And much less about personal sexual indiscretions (legal ones as you remind us so correctly) of others.

      But let us add this imaginary scenario: imagine that you happen to be where a known and dangerous mobster is having a “party”. A mobster of the kind who doesn’t threaten to kill because he simply doesn’t threaten corpses. Something goes wrong, one person dies. The mobster turns to you and says “You didn’t see anything, capicce?”. Wouldn’t you suddenly go blind? I would.

      But that is an imaginary scenario, a film. What is the connection between the imaginary mobster and Maddie? Replace the mobster with someone who may have been at PdL – we shall call him the Unmentionable One – and throw in two national governments actively participating in the cover-up. No one is pointing a gun to anyone’s head but the pressure not to see is very similar. Thus the blindness and muteness of many nobodies.

      Your second would. The police would know. This one we will answer after we receive mrb’s promised comment on the swinging subject. But can tell you upfront that nothing points to them not knowing.

      Of the 4 reasons, none support your argumentation. And we haven’t just said they don’t. We have briefly explained why we think so.

      Lastly, about the shape of the tables. Do not play with shapes. That’s for 2 yr olds and we’re supposing you’re older than that. Three people state very clearly the shape of the table. Two of them on file: Jane Tanner and Kate McCann. Another in the Mockumentary: Gerry McCann.


    3. cont

      The table where the T9 said they had their successive dinners is round. The fact that it is round is exactly what it makes it so cumbersome for those who defend the negligence theory via Tapas dinners.

      But if you say that the table is NOT round, then you’re explicitly saying that the Ocean Club are liars. You see, they have shown the BRT. They have shown a Big Round Table. It is big and it is round. Not oval, not square, not triangular, not anything but round. Circular. Big enough to seat 10 people. Are you saying the table shown by Ocean Club on CMTV is not the BRT? We say it isn’t and we’re curious if you also say so.

      But our contention is not based only the fact that the BRT never existed (the one shown by Ocean Club for the CMTV documentary is nothing but a reaction of the resort to our blog) but also due to the inconsistencies of statements from the various Ocean Club workers and the Tapas Reservation Sheets that are nothing but sand thrown into the eyes of the police to “confirm” the fictitious Tapas dinners and so bring to life the negligence thesis so fundamental for the abduction.

      By the way, you gave yourself away with the first line. You trying to sweeten your comment with your closing paragraph is unbecoming and an insult to readers’ intelligence.

      Can we have the benefit of your theory as to what happened?

    4. Part I
      Last thing first, I wasn't throwing sand at your eyes, or the readers for that matter, regarding the title of my post. I was letting off steam after reading your post, because I disagree with your arguments. But I do think you honestly believe what you're writing, and I think it's important having people discussing the case. No irony there, just plain honesty.
      I can tell you your general view on the portuguese is not correct, portuguese do talk, and can be very judgemental on other people's behaviour, foreign or not, and especially in business context. But I can see your knowledge of the Portuguese doesn’t come from a first person experience, but from the idea you have of a sneaky, moustached Portuguese, lurking behind the trees – a bit of a mccannished point of view, which the british media so kindly spread to the four corners of Earth.
      In small towns, like PDL, most residents are close to police forces, that’s called proximity policing in Portugal. Not an exclusive, other countries have the same policies regarding communities and their authorities.
      Any rumour becomes common knowledge in a place like PDL and worthy of talks to exhaustion. The local police is not oblivious of rumours, and knows when there's truth in them. (They do check things) But this is getting quite subjective, and you can argue these are my assumptions.

    5. Part II
      So getting to the table issue. What I meant was, regarding your theory, it does not matter if it was the King’s round table, or a square table, or several tables. They had dinner at the Tapas. Statements say the group was there having dinner. I’m not saying all were there, all the time, at the same time, or that one or two were missing for long or didn’t even attend. I’m talking about statements, not my imagination.
      The table existed, being there or not after the events, being televised or not. Restaurants move the furniture quite often, even daily from my experience. The resort also had several restaurants, it seems pointless (for me it is pointless) to discuss the existence or the characteristics of such a table.
      Tell me honestly, am I’m missing your point? (I feel I just opened a door for some follow-up posts) From my reading, your theory would still be possible if there was a table. Why would a table hinder your efforts in proving there was no neglect? No neglect or neglect cannot be proven by a certain table existing or not.
      For me the idea of the table exists. But the statements do to, I’m not 2 years old and I can read perfectly. I do not take for granted the information from a given statement, but layers of statements compiled it’s clear the tapas9 sat their butts in chairs around something that night.
      While your movie-like scenario is possible in a Hollywood set, reality shatters any chance of so many employees agreeing. If it was one weak character, I would consider the odds, maybe he or she would be convinced by the mobster to keep quiet for 7 years. Maybe that’s what happened to Charlotte or Catriona (although the most intriguing for me are Hailey and Amy for different reasons), but certainly not the whole Tapas crew on duty. If you read the statements of employees you understand how damaging they are to the Tapas9 statements. Not at all looking like a cover-up.
      The events of May 3rd are not a white canvas, if your theory doesn’t consider any of the statements and you have no facts extracted from there, as well as from pictures, phone records, the whole PJ files, than what’s the point? Are you honestly saying the employees all lied? Or some didn’t, and if so, who didn’t? (Sorry don’t need a list, just an example if you’d be so kind) Because there were calls between several employees and places, and those calls link statements and provide a very straightforward timeline. If all were lying, then there’s no timeline and no data to start with, just the white canvas and we can assume anything.
      My theory up to now was that it was an accidental death and I do not believe in a VHLCU in most scenarios. The only scenario where this could have happened is paedophilia. I just don’t discard it as a possibility because of some connections being mentioned, and as a possible reason to hide the body – other than the obvious one. I know this is not much against all your work, just wanted to state the different reasoning.

    6. road_runner,

      The question is not who, among the OC staff is telling the truth or lying. The question is why would just ONE of them lie? Or why would TWO lie? Or THREE... or FOUR?

      Is there any reason, within a paedo scenario for ANY member of the staff to lie or to be inconsistent?

      The following posts show how VERY SUSPICIOUS it was for various OC Staff statements to tally with each other to an exceptional degree. Really too exceptional:

      If the numbers would tally up honesty, then you must be an abduction believer. So many and important people have shown that's what they believe in, so, if it's numbers you fancy then abduction is your game.

      About time to spread the word. It seems that it didn't take long to get out that a girl was missing and that a search had to be done. Don't try to say that they have manuals on what to do under such circumstances and together with drill exercises it's all on automatic. No hotel/resort drills for missing children. If word got around with that message easily, as it is understandable it would, then other messages would have spread as easily.

      There's, besides understandable fear being before the presence "governmental forces", also a simple explanation as to why OC staff lied: economics. Plain and simple economics understandable to all. Those special guests represented a significant income to the resort. This meant that employees knew that the Brit indiscretion was none of their business but it was in their business that it remained that way: no one's business but theirs. Theirs as in "special guests".

      To expose the swinging would be to bite the hand that was feeding them so to speak.

      About the Portuguese and their culture, all you need to know is that we are very familiar with both and your experience with them seems to be very different from ours

    7. Thank you for replying, but from what I understand what you have interpreted from the OC staff statements, is that they should have been 100% accurate, like frames in a film, and some are too synched - they were working together. I think most discrepancies can be worked out through context, and understanding how people interacted. I read the OC staff statements as being very damaging to an abduction cause. (I never believed in abduction, and I believe in the dogs findings so that would be impossible now.) Statements do constrain the available time for other scenarios, but they also narrow the chances of people outside Tapas9 being involved, that’s my opinion.
      And if a VHLCU took place, why did the OC call the police?
      Correct me if I’m wrong:
      M. accidentally dies .
      VHLCU with the purpose of hiding swinging event at the OC.
      McCs hide their behaviour and the death of their child and her body with the knowledge of OC (and maybe their help then?).
      The accident happens before the alleged dinner at Tapas Restaurant.
      Dinner never happened, so doesn’t matter if a BRT existed, it only matters the OC came across your blog and produced a table to pre-empt (in this case post-empt) your claims.
      Because the dinner never happened tapas waiters are lying in their statements, but why lie in the first place if they didn’t see anything? They didn’t see, no need to lie, no need to be gagged by OC management or government, waiters out of the way for a successful cover-up.
      Then, the OC calls the police, twice. Ok, but wasn’t the OC well connected? Very high up? But still, GM and JH and SB are at the reception and decide, hey, this isn’t challenging enough, let’s play SHRCU (Super High Roller Cover-Up) and bring in an assortment of polices forces, maybe they will even bring sniffer dogs and the whole PJ with forensic teams. I see no point.
      You see, unless, KM and GM are far away from 5A at OC facilities meeting strangers for swing, there’s no purpose in even considering a cover-up. If it is a cover-up then makes no sense to call the police, since high connections would provide a fake burial at home, so the McCs could explain M. not returning home alive. No need to bring the police in, no one would find out if the parents were willing to cover-up. There would be of course, no money coming in later, for them, not the OC.
      And you must agree, it must have been a crazy night with all the OC staff memorizing their statements for next day, they were lucky they didn’t have to go to Portimão immediately after the events! They couldn’t foresee the police behaviour!

    8. road_runner,

      We suggest you start your own blog if you haven't already. There you can explain to your readers how you believe in the dogs findings, nepiophilia (or whatever you believe in) and the reasons for a cover-up thereof.

      Do not distort our words nor assume our opinions.

      We believe the group used the Tapas bar on the night of the 3rd. We believe that only 7 went there, while Gerry and Jane Tanner stayed behind to fulfil the script written in haste.

      They did not have dinner around the BRT because the BRT didn’t exist. They sat around some table, or tables put together. It’s irrelevant. We believe that on their minds was everything but remembering the shape of the table.

      Later, when getting together they decided they had sat around a round table. Completely unaware that no such table needed to be of dimensions that would compromise the whole story (a detail that only a lone blogger would point out years later and that escaped every one else). For them, then and there, what mattered was that they would say they had the 5 dinners there and that the Ocean Club would back them up.

      Ocean Club says it reserved 20 covers. Kate speaks of 15. We showed that there were more than 40 available. Ocean Club seats a family of 4 in a table big enough to seat 9 when there were other tables available. Why? The list of a trip to a Waterpark coincides with the list of names in one of the nights, Why?

      If you cannot (or most likely will not see) the evident suspicions that the statements from the Ocean Club Staff arise then it’s up to you. We will not entertain you.

      You ask why did the Ocean Club call the police? Why shouldn’t they? A child goes missing but the parents don't ask anyone to call the police? By the way, do you know who really called the police? It seems that it’s not clear on who did what that night. Rather strange when that night was one that everyone should remember.

      Was Barros, Millenium head-waiter with his family in a restaurant or was he at Tapas? If he was in the restaurant, then who was the head of the Millenium that was at Tapas and if he was at Tapas, why does he say is at a restaurant?

      All rhetorical questions. End of conversation. We’re putting an end to your attempt in making the comments section a tedious argument to put readers off.

    9. Your comment about the group being at the tapas and inventing the BRT in a moment of haste tells me they didn’t know the tapas bar at all as they would have known there wouldn’t be a big dining table available and the set up was not for fine dining only poolside snacks. I am beginning to think none of T9 ate there at any time of day but maybe used it as the venue for 3rd for obvious reasons.

  11. I go with Textusa, Swing explains all levels of cover up for that night. If was usual inside the resort( which I believe was, due to the amount of guests who booked for a low season which was not even public holidays) there was no reason for residents to denounce or talk about it. Became normal and accepted and will remained like that if the fatal events on Maddie did not shadowed that night. I even believe, the local GNR knows about the swing activities inside the resort, that's why the first comments made on TVs by known people invited by journalists, pointed that way. Barra da Costa was an example of that. Almost all first comments pointed to swing inside the resort and a swinger context to explain all. Quickly, the machine of the cover up set the engine to start silence this mouths while IMPLANTING PAEDO SHADOWS, to distract the attention of the public and the foreigner media. The Gaspar statements are a strong example of what I'm saying. Their statements did not appear immediately after May 3, but when was needed to discredit the swing. ViP, must have been part of the groups who swing in PDL that forced the Gaspars to state against their own friends, the Mccann's.
    Over the time we tend to forget some facts which for me are relevant - the known helpers of the Mccann's after May 3. British lawyers, politics and business mans, which the investigation of some forums revealed they use to holiday in PDL every year. Probably being part of the events provided by the OC and not interessed in having that activities disclosed to the general public.
    About the swing not being illegal, then no reason to cover up. Yes, is not illegal, but we know that all issues related with sexual activities are very sensitive and covered, when they follow a pattern which desviates from the big majority. You want and example? Homosexuality- they got the legal right to get married, to have their rights legally recognized when they share the same home, even without being married, but most of them still hiding their Sexual orientation from close family, friends and from the general public. Only the most brave assume their condition and the ones who assume it, know straight away that for a while, fingers will be pointed to them by people knowing them and will take some time until all accept the situation and stop talking about.
    In the case of the swing inside the OC, I believe PDL passed already that point of having all the town talking about it. Was a surprise, a shock for some maybe, but they get used with the idea and the local residents locked the situation under the label of " British issue" while the British users became confident that this will never transpire to outside because they were there only on holidays.

    1. If I was a swinger and worked within the NHS, I certainly would not want it to get out.
      It may be legal but it has a stigma attached to it, more especially if the swinger has young kids. I certainly think it is a feasible reason for a high level cover up. If a board member of a global company was outed as being a swinger the media would go to town and the guy would lose a lot of credibility - justified or not.

  12. The Tapas 9 stated the BRT was round and Gerry in an interview reinforced that idea by making the movement of a circle table with his hands.
    That was off course before they even dreamed that bloggers will debunk their lies. Now is to late to say the BRT had other shape and was made of square tables organized side by side. We know, that big tables made with square ones, existed and were usual used at Tapas, as we can see on their video. The problem is, that table, was not the Tapas BRT, and there is no way to fit 9-10 people with the wide tapas chair on any BRT and there is no way to magically transform a "rectangular joined Table" in to a BRT.

  13. Road_runner,

    Your apparent sweet way to contradict Textusa seems to hide an agenda.
    If the dead was an accident and the Tapas dinner a reality, why who have been close to the crime scene lied? No matter, if was one person or the entire town. Even, if one lied, why "he", " she" lied?
    The same statements, who seems to be the base of your arguments, are the facts that kill the defense of all witnesses. And is PJ, prosecutors, criminal investigators from across the globe who are saying, there is inconsistencies on that statements. " inconsistencies" is just a polite way for them to say, there is lies. And what is amazing is that the inconsistencies seems to be transversal to all people, who have been around the resort that night. When you see that, you cannot pretend you are blind and ignore the obvious- somebody must have been commanding the orchestra, not with a fine tone because panic and time was working against, but with all effort to jeopardize the truth. Who commanded the orchestra tried the best to hide the truth, to the point of having a non priest delivering the keys of the church In the middle of the night, when they should be searching a girl, which could be only wondering around by herself. Or, they want us to believe that Maddie alone or a PAEDO took her to the church?
    No matter how many lie or what was the extension of their lies. If one lied, even on a small lie, that damaged already their defense, because an accident did not justifies a lie under any condition, and specially, did not justify a lie to the police in charged of the Search of the girl.
    Yes, Portuguese, as other nationalities, do talk about what they think is "odd", but they are known for their peaceful way to deal with everything. They talk, but they don't denounce. They talk to neighbors and friends, but they retain their feelings to strangers. They talk, when the case is new, after assuming it as fact, they accept and give up.
    I believe, the swing was classified by residents, as a British issue, a tourist issue and if that brings tourists to the town, was Ok. The problem just starts with Maddie events. Up to that night, everything was OK.

  14. Unpublished anon at 31 May 2014 12:15:00

    We will say it again that we will not feed any sort of fights inter-blogs, namely with JH fórum. We consider the forum as a whole as a very relevant and valuable contribution to the quest of truth.

    The fact that some posters dislike us, is a simple reality of life. One cannot please all and those who try fail simply because they have gotten distracted from the message they originally intended to convey.

    We are glad that the majority of the criticism we get is about form and not content. Content may be debated, form is subjective and, again, one can simultaneously please some and produce the opposite effect on others.

    We have assumed upfront that we are an “over-21 blog”. We accept that we don’t produce a “fast-food” product. Using that analogy, someone whose diet consists of greasy hamburgers and pizzas cannot be expected to appreciate the full complexities involved in a gourmet meal. That lack of appreciation is not the result of the chef’s fault but of the mouth of the critic.

    But what fascinates us is the inability of people reading our long, long obfuscated literacy but are able to sift through thousands of pages of boring and complex information that is in the PJ Files. It’s like whenever “Textusa” appears on the screen a “duh” switch toggles on in their brain. Once “Textusa” is off, it toggles off and all their intelligence returns.

    What some have failed to understand is that when some, specifically, move against us, that attitude is to readers of the case something that only strengthens our position and not weaken it.

    And within JH they have one of the biggest example of what we’re talking about: Tony Bennett. The man has taken criticism from left and right and sometimes in a vile and absurd manner. Has that strengthened or weakened his position before our eyes? You answer that.

    It’s an honour and a huge compliment to be criticised by some.

    About the retro-fitting you mention. Obviously any retro-fitting done in relation to the meals at Tapas bar only prove our point. It wasn’t only the McCanns who invented these dinners. The Ocean Club is part of the invention from minute one. It’s not the case of McCann’s change their statement but that of Ocean Club confirming outright an invented story. In the much the same way, the retro-fitting would mean the cooperation of Ocean Club in the doing.

    Saying that they never sat all 9 at the table at one time so it wasn’t that big as is ridiculous as it comes. The reservation was made for 9 and not we’re 9 but only will be at most 7 at the table at one time. In fact, according to their statements, on the night of the 3rd, at the beginning of the evening, all 9 sat around the table.

    1. 800,000 plus hits seem to show there are more who appreciate your gourmet dishes than those who say they don't.

    2. Before linking to other blogs, the person suggesting the link should be aware of the opinions contained in the linked blog. To recommend a blog that supports an abduction and the work of the FSS, by posters who profess disdain of the abduction camp seems a perverse thing to do.
      But maybe they only read to see criticisms which they feel are valid, without seeing the bigger picture.
      Each to their own, I suppose.

  15. NOT TO BE PUBLISHED anon at 31 May 2014 11:58:00

    Thank you for the info. With regard to big size fish, we prefer to let them swim in the deep waters they like to prey in.

    Not saying person referred is, or is not.

    But up from a certain level of things we prefer to avoid our gaze.

  16. I think it is really strange that people find disgusting for Dianne Webster to accept her daughter and son in law were swinging with her near by but find it natural for her to accept David Payne has raped Maddie and continues her life if that is ok. Speaking about DW but the same goes to Rob, Matt, Fiona, Rachael and Jane.
    Swingers, for sanity’s sake, impossible!!! Won’t hear it. Too gross. Child rape, that makes perfect sense for everyone to be involved in the cover-up.

    1. Anonymous 31 May 2014 17:00:00,

      Let us make it perfectly clear that we it's our firm belief that David Payne did NOT molest is any way Maddie.

      The objective of current post is exactly to highlight this belief of ours.

  17. Has Mr Amaral said anything about swinging?

    1. Anonymous 31 May 2014 18:47:00,

      No, he hasn't.

      On the other hand he has defended that Maddie died by falling off couch at the time Gerry had the conversation with Jez, a thesis he seems not to defend now.

  18. Unpublished anon at 31 May 2014 21:49:00,

    Will not help propagate the news of a 22 yr old aggressor simply because he decided to utter Maddie's name while committing a crime.

    It's a police case and is in nothing related to the Maddie affair.

    Hope you understand.


  19. I am relatively new to textusa and i have to say find her amazing. I hardly did any work for a week reading her after i discovered her blogs.Yes the blogs are long but easily understood abd wriiten in such a style that i get so excited that i know the further i get down the greater the revelation is going to be. I find when im reading some of them i,m like of course that makes absolute sense for example the fact that she rightly identified that a lot of us are terified even to like her facebook page incase we get hauled of to gaol for daring to speak out against the mccanns. I don,t know how many videos i watched of them on youtube that i wouldnt like incase it was traced back to me. However there was one great revalation moment that came from textusa blogs that is that there was no neglect. I needed no convincing on that. When the story first broke in 2007 i never believed abduction and still don,t. I didnt believe neglect either because i just couldnt believe that 4 different couples would leve small children on their own even for 5 minutes never mind to wine and dine. I have 2 grandchildren and their parents wouldnt leave their children even to sit in their back garden (to steal a phrase) never mind to go out for a meal. Thi is what i believe is the thinking ofthe vast majority of parents of young children regardless of their social background. So to get 4 couples and a grandmother none of which fall into the category i describe i thought at the time was just too unbelieveable. Then i did believe it and now having read textusa blogs i realise now why that happened. In those early days everytime you turned on the tv it was being pushed down your throat how they done this everynight of the holidays, how they were spotted in the bars outside the complex, how they done this on a previous holidays. Even the why did you not come when sean and i cried, i thought at the time why would they tell people this, this makes you look very very bad, but i see now i was just another way to drive home neglect theory without which there is no abduction. Then you had people who i know to be good protective parents almost doing the mccann work for them and telling me that they fully understood why they left them. Repeating at times things that the mccanns said in their defense such as they were asleep at 7.30 and why would you want to keep them up to dine with you at 9. There are good friends of mine who won,t even speak to me about, the case because i refuse to see the mccann as worthy candidates for parents of the year.cosequently this constand barage of not only neglect but understandable neglect lead me to accept neglect happened just as textusa so brillantly explained

    1. when the lid's finally blown off this case there'll be a great many people, like those you've described, who have always been weirdly supportive of the McC's behaviour, and completely blind to their lies and bullying left with bucket loads of egg on their sanctimonious faces. Step forward: Glenys Kinnock (a woman I once greatly respected), Lorraine Kelly, Tony Parsons, my mother-in-law, her sister Edith, etc etc. The oily McCanns did a great PR number on such people who, for whatever reason, refused and refuse to accept any criticism of the sainted doctors. Oh yea, Everton FC, them 'n all. Good health PJ SY. God Speed.

  20. Swinging might not be illegal...but would leave many with "egg on their face" if found out and exposed by the media, particularly when you're "someone" in society and even more if you're catholic...spouse fidelity is mandatory in the catholic faith, a sacrament... swinging would equal adultery, wouldn't it...? A big sin!

  21. Isn't it tomorrow that SY is to start to search PdL? I'm finding strange the silence about the subject today on the media. Shouldn't they be on a crescendo about the whole circus right now?


    Ward of Court: Decision issued by Judge in Libel Trial
    1 Jun 2014

    Judge rules that Kate and Gerry McCann do not possess the authority to sue Gonçalo Amaral in their daughter’s name.

    The judge at the Civil Court of Lisbon who is trying the ‘libel’ case which Kate and Gerry McCann have filed against Gonçalo Amaral and 3 other parties has issued a decision concerning the matter of Madeleine McCann being a Ward of Court.

    On the 3rd of January 2014, Gonçalo Amaral had argued before the Lisbon Court that Madeleine’s parents do not possess the necessary power to represent their daughter in this action, since the child had been made a Ward of Court in the United Kingdom.

    The judge decided that Mr Amaral should present a certificate of the relevant British judicial ruling. That certificate was delivered to the Court on the 2nd of May, after a lengthy, expensive process.

    The judge then had to decide whether or not Madeleine’s parents were entitled to represent their daughter in this lawsuit. In the judge’s recent ruling, it is mentioned that “within the 'Wardship', the High Court holds ultimate responsibility over the child, but it does not suppress or annul the exercise of the parental responsibilities”. The High Court takes control over “the most important decisions for the life” of the child. The judge further considers that “the decision to file a judicial action in the name of the child” is a decision “of the magnitude that is demanded for the agreement or consent of the court”.

    The judge’s ruling further notes that the matters that have been brought before the High Court that holds the Wardship have been matters of an “eminently judiciary nature, like the revelation of confidential information and documents, that are related to the child’s disappearance and were in the possession of the local police”.

    The text continues with the consideration that because Madeleine was made a Ward of the Court on the 2nd of April of 2008, her parents did not possess, in 2009, “the necessary capacity of representation of their daughter to file the present action without the authorization from the British court”.

    Nevertheless, the judge has decided that the final court session, which will include a statement from Gerald McCann and the presentation of closing arguments from all sides, should take place regardless of the matter of the Wardship.

    After that hearing is completed, the proceedings will be suspended for 30 days. During that period, Madeleine’s parents “shall arrange for the collection and documentation in the records of the British Court’s authorization for the bringing of this action on behalf of the minor Madeleine McCann”. If they fail to do so, the defendants will be “acquitted of the proceedings concerning the requests that have been formulated on behalf of the latter”.

    The judge has proposed the date of 16th June for the final session, but each of the lawyers involved have the possibility of declining said date and suggesting alternative dates.

    WoC decision also being discussed here

    1. What a brilliant move by the judge! The ball is on the UK side. She says Maddie WoC but gives chance to Mcs to still prove different. Because of that she says she'll continue trial on 16th. Then depending on the Mcs and only on the Mcs, they either show their claim on behalf of M is valid or have to concead publicly defeat!
      The Mcs can only try to have Court allowing them to represent M in Lisbon but if Court does that it opens up a serious precedent!

    2. Bem, como nunca aprendi inglês na minha vida e apenas utilizo o meu não inglês, deduzo que este texto traga boas notícias.
      É que no "meu tempo" nós aprendíamos a Lingua Francesa .

      Alguma ajuda em português, por favor?
      É que com o não inglês , é costume perder-me na tradução e interpretar tudo mal.


    3. Why didn't Judge Hogg stop them?
      Is she unaware of what's happening? Some legal guardian !!

    4. If they acted without authority, then it seems to me that they should not be able to apply retrospectively.
      If UK say they didn't but we agree it's ok now, it would look very wrong. And would Portugal allow the case for M proceed? Sounds like the Judge is suggesting not.
      What a mess! G won't appear in person (unless DNA found lol) to make his statement. What about K?
      Considering how she tells us in her book that PJ tried to get HER to confess.
      Nothing in this case is normal or predictable. So who can say. It's uncharted territory

    5. Aunque "en líneas generales" el texto está bien, me gustaría tener acceso al dictamen en portugués sin traducir, ya que creo que hay algún error en la traducción al inglés que he intentado hacer más comprensible.

    6. Que falta de respeito pelo contributo dos portugueses que na medida do possível têm correspondido aos apelos do pjga.blogspot
      Anónimo sentindo-se triste

    7. Why didn't GAs lawyer simply ask Duarte if M was still a WoC and whether her clients had authority to act? She could hardly lie in court. If she said no, then all the time and expense could have been avoided. If she said yes, then she should have been asked to produce this evidence. I doubt she would say yes if it wasn't so.


    Julgamento: Decisão Da Juíza Sobre 'Ward Of The Court'

    Juíza considera que Kate e Gerry McCann não detinham autorização para intentar acção contra Gonçalo Amaral em nome da filha.

    A juíza do Tribunal Cível de Lisboa que julga a acção que os McCann intentaram contra Gonçalo Amaral e 3 outras partes emitiu uma decisão sobre o estatuto de Madeleine como ‘Ward of Court’.

    A 3 de Janeiro de 2014, Gonçalo Amaral havia argumentado perante o tribunal que os pais de Madeleine não possuíam a autoridade necessária para representar a sua filha nesta acção, pelo facto de a criança ter sido colocada sob a tutela de um tribunal britânico, ou seja, uma ´Ward of Court’.

    A juíza decidiu que Gonçalo Amaral deveria apresentar a documentação relevante sobre a decisão judicial britânica. Esse certificado foi apresentado ao tribunal no passado dia 2 de Maio, após um processo moroso e dispendioso.

    Cabia então à juíza decidir se os pais de Madeleine tinham ou não o direito de representar a sua filha nesta acção cível.

    A decisão recentemente produzida pela juíza menciona que “no âmbito da "Wardship" o Tribunal toma sobre si a responsabilidade máxima pela criança, mas não suprime ou anula o exercício das responsabilidades parentais”. O High Court britânico assume o controlo sobre “as decisões mais importantes para a vida do tutelado”.

    A juíza considera ainda que “a decisão de instaurar uma acção judicial em nome do menor, como é a presente, deve considerar-se, salvo melhor juízo, uma decisão da magnitude exigida para o acordo ou consentimento do tribunal”.

    Esta decisão nota ainda que os assuntos que foram trazidos perante o High Court que detém a custódia têm sido assuntos “do foro eminentemente judiciário, como foi a revelação de informações e de documentos confidenciais, relativos ao desaparecimento da criança e que se encontravam na posse da polícia local”.

    O texto prossegue com a consideração que pelo facto de Madeleine ter sido constituída como ‘Ward of the Court’ no dia 2 de Abril de 2008, os seus pais não possuíam, em 2009, a “necessária capacidade de representação da sua filha para, sem a autorização do Tribunal britânico, intentar a presente acção”.

    No entanto, a juíza decide que a audiência final, que irá incluir um depoimento de Gerald McCann e a apresentação das alegações finais de todas as partes deverá ter lugar independentemente do assunto da tutela de Madeleine.

    Após a conclusão dessa audiência, a instância será suspensa por 30 dias. Durante esse período, os pais de Madeleine “deverão providenciar pela obtenção e documentação nos autos da autorização do Tribunal britânico para a propositura da presente acção em nome da menor Madeleine Maccann, sob pena de não o fazendo, os réus serem absolvidos da instância quanto aos pedidos formulados em nome desta última”.

    A juíza marca a audiência final para o dia 16 de Junho, mas os representantes legais das partes podem sugerir datas alternativas, caso se encontrem impedidos de comparecer.

  24. Obrigado Tex

  25. We recommend readers read Mr Tony Bennett's assesment of WoC on the following link:

    Like us, he recognises the fact that this case is unique and that normal procedures cannot be assumed.


    A picture with the 3 dig sites

    1. And for this they flew over PDL with a helicopter?! What a joke

    2. not a joke at all if you were watching the news which explained how zooming in from the air helps identify and organise the best likely zones of each proposed search site. They are mapped, divided into smaller sections and worked through systematically.

  27. It would be ridiculous if Mcs were in court now pursuing GA for damaging the search for M when all the latest digging search is going on. Even searching with a helicopter! How could they possibly claim searching wasn’t still on-going?

  28. ... and they claim Amaral's book was hindering the search for an ALIVE child when everything suggested that Madeleine was not alive.

    And now the police are digging for the child's remains. So as you say, how can they go into that court and pursue the original claim?

    Or maybe the police are digging for the invisible 'jemmy' used to force the window shutter by the imaginary abductor!

  29. Interesting on this page where the search for Madeleine is written about there is this article on Saville abusing children as young as two. So he is both a nephiophile and a pedophile and look how many people turned a blind eye and protected him, even arranged victims for him. So now a cover up of this sickness is possible in my mind still.

    1. I see that but I tend to believe that this headline (which the article makes not mention of the who and when) was put there in response to textusa's blog

    2. Su,

      Indeed, TODAY (and you’ll see that this is relevant), the media has reported that “Jimmy Savile abused at least 500 people as young at two years old, according to an NSPCC study.”:

      They do say this also – “The report said the scale of Savile's offending inside Broadmoor is higher than previously thought and found the MOST COMMON AGE GROUP for Savile's victims was 13 to 15 – with the youngest alleged victim being just two-years-old.”

      This, we suppose, is the NSPCC report we have found, signed January 2013:

      We read it and found no reference to a 2 yr old baby having been, allegedly or effectively, a victim of monster Savile.

      In the executive summary of the report, it says:

      “2. Executive Summary


      2.14 Of reported offending by Savile, 73% was against those aged under 18 years. The total victim age range of those who have come forward was between eight and 47 years old (at the time of abuse). Of those, 82% were female and most were in the 13 to 16 age group.”

      No reference to nepiophilia in general terms or to a 2 yr old baby in particular. This paragraph is repeated later on in the report:

      “7. Summary of victims’ accounts


      7.10 Of reported offending by Savile, 73% is against those aged under 18 years. The total victim age range of those who have come forward was between eight and 47 years old (at the time of abuse). Of those, 82% are female and the majority was in the 13 to16 age group.”


    3. cont

      The accusation against a baby seems to have come from the following paragraph in the report:

      “8. Support for the victims


      8.22 Example quotes about / from callers to the NSPCC Helpline in relation to Operation Yewtree.


      - A neighbour called the NSPCC about suspected abuse of a baby, prompted by the Jimmy Savile story: ‘The mother is verbally abusive to the children, and a while ago I heard an almighty slap, then the baby stopped crying. The slap was hard enough that I heard it through the open window. Do you know, if it wasn’t for this Jimmy Savile thing, maybe I would have still been trying to turn a deaf ear to what’s going on. It’s really made me feel bad that I didn’t report it earlier.”

      So, a woman heard about the Saville story and then, and only then called. Besides appearing to be completely unrelated to Savile, even if it was, it is “post- cover-up” and not during the time this monster’s deviations were being “ignored”. No nepiophilia in the Savile cover-up.
      It also says “a baby” and not a 2 yr old baby.

      In the #7 of the report, the age of the victims is detailed

      7.14 Offences by Police Force Areas:

      Under 10 – 18
      10 to 13 – 23
      13 to 16 – 63
      16 to 18 – 17
      Over 18 – 52
      UK – 1

      Under 10 – 10
      10 to 13 – 15
      13 to 16 – 10
      16 to 18 – 5”

      This means, in total:
      Under 10 – 28 (13 %)
      10 to 13 – 38 (18 %)
      13 to 16 – 73 (34 %)
      16 to 18 – 22 (10 %)
      Over 18 – 52 (24 %)
      UK – 1 (0.5 %)

      If there were any victims under 5 (nepiophilia) wouldn’t the age group “under 10” have been subdivided like all other? Even if same age goups could be filled with zeros, we consider that the molestation of a 2 yr-old would deserve a separate mention by all means.

      So the fact that no “0 to 3” , “3 to 5”, “5 to 7” “7 to 10” categories appear let us assume that the youngest of this monster’s victims were in the vicinity of 10 year olds.

      If we isolate the number of paedo crimes, one can see that 20% of his crimes were, as per terminology used in post, of paedophilia while 80% were of hebephilia. None of nepiophilia.

      To note 25% of his crimes were against adults – considering 16 as an autonomous age for consensual sex engagement. If one considers 18 as that age, then it’s 25%.

      And why is this relevant?

      Because of the fact that independent of having been nepiophilia victims of Savile (there’s no proof there ever were), making him indeed a nepiophile (there’s no proof the monster was one) the perception of those covering up his crimes was that he was a sexual pervert with some hebephile tendencies and not that of a nepiophile.

      We have no way of proving but can make an educated guess that only a restricted group knew of those 10% crimes of paedophilia.


    4. cont

      Lastly, and to establish a parallel between Maddie and Savile, one would be a cover-up of an isolated crime while the other was indeed a cover-up of a monster’s sexual rampage over the years.

      The difference? In case Maddie was victim of a nepiophile, no one who has participated in the cover-up can allege ignorance of nepiophilia while with Savile many can use the excuse they “only” knew of his “adult deviations”.

      I hope you don’t think that we are defending in any way “David Payne, the nepiophile”. We aren’t because we believe that there isn’t a “David Payne, the nepiophile”.

      But, and this is very important, David Payne is clearly pointed in the PJ Files as nepiophile. First, implicitly, by Yvonne Martin and then, explicitly, by Katerina Gaspar.

      He was, according to himself, the last one, besides the parents, to have seen Maddie alive and his visit to the McCann’s apartment is filled with inconsistencies.

      This has to be clarified by an adequate investigation. We, like Mr. Amaral, want David Payne investigated for nepiophilia. A similar NSPCC report done on David Payne. An official explanation as to whether he is, or isn’t a nepiophile.

      Then, if he isn’t one, clarify why Yvonne Martin and Katerina Gaspar have said what they have against the man.

      As we have said, we are not protecting David Payne. If anything, we are contributing to his outing if it is the case that he is a nepiophile.

      What we refuse to do is to participate in a witch-hunt against the man.

      Back in Salem days, a witch was much persecuted and hunted as today is a paedo/nepiophile. That’s why those suspected of being witches they were burned alive. Today, we know how just those executions were.

      Should the paedo/nepiophiles be hunted down and persecuted? Unquestionably. But we should never lose reason or be blinded by repulsion.

      Lastly we cannot but note the amazing coincidence of this report, signed January 2013, being reported on the news on 02June2014, just 3 days after we posted current post on 30May2014.

      The Huffington Post reported this story in 24feb2014 and made no mention of the alleged 2 yr old baby victim.

      So why link, today, nepiophilia to Savile?

      Could it be because of us, as Anonymous 2 Jun 2014 11:58:00 pointed out?

      You, like us, seem to disagree with anon. It certainly is just a coincidence. We're not that important. At least we don't think we are.

      Otherwise we would have to interpret this MSM reaction as the "Establishment" requesting for this post to remain another week.

      We usually don't abide on such short-notice to requests but on the other hand they know how we love to be inconvenient.

      We'll see what we can do.

    5. Thanking you kindly for your infinite patience and I respect the way you avoid sensationalism and witchhunts. Peace.
      I saw some images of the tents set up in Luz and my heart just broke.
      Madeleine suddenly became extremely real - such sorrow.


    A polícia selou uma área à volta do aldeamento turístico na Praia na Luz, no Algarve, onde desapareceu Maddie. As buscas e escavações arrancam esta segunda-feira com a presença de investigadores e meios britânicos.

    No terreno, junto ao empreendimento Ocean Club, vão ser usados utensílios técnicos e cães pisteiros, segundo noticia a BBC.

    A operação, coordenada pelo Ministério Público, conta com elementos da Polícia Judiciária, inspectores britânicos e técnicos especializados, como geólogos e arqueólogos.

    Durante dois dias este é o local de intervenção, mas os investigadores têm outros dois terrenos, mais afastados do aldeamento, em vista para novas buscas.

    A imprensa britânica noticiou, no início do mês, a intenção de a Scotland Yard enviar especialistas forenses e usar radares de penetração no solo e fazer escavações, bem como o desejo de interrogar várias pessoas – informações que a polícia britânica não quis comentar. As diligências foram discriminadas em três cartas rogatórias, enviadas para a Procuradoria-Geral da República em Portugal entre Outubro e Fevereiro.


    Madeleine McCann: Police in Portugal search scrubland
    2 June 2014 Last updated at 07:28 GMT

    Police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have sealed off a large area of scrubland in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz.

    The British girl was three when she went missing in the resort in 2007.

    On 22 May Scotland Yard said a "substantial phase of operational activity" would start in Portugal in the coming weeks.

    The BBC understands that has started, with Portuguese police at the scene and UK officers expected to join them.

    Police are expected to use "ground-penetrating radar" to search the area, as Tom Burridge reports from Praia da Luz

    Police are expected to use dogs and "ground penetrating radar" to search the area, looking for disturbed earth.

    The scrubland is being searched after a request from the Metropolitan Police. Similar requests have been made for two other locations in Portugal.

    The BBC's Lauren Turner said the area was surrounded by flats and villas, many of them holiday properties.

    A 77-year-old man who has lived near the area of scrubland for 13 years told the BBC the latest search was "ridiculous".

    "The police have been here before," said the man, who did not want to be named.

    "We all helped search this area three or four days after it [Madeleine's disappearance] happened.

    "I walk my dog every day and no one was digging holes."


    Maddie: escavações começam hoje
    Local onde serão efetuadas as buscas fica a 100 metros da linha do mar e a 300 do apartamento de onde a menina desapareceu
    Por: tvi24 / PP | 2014-06-02 08:30

    No caso Madeleine Mccann, começam hoje as buscas e escavações na praia da luz. As diligências estão autorizadas apenas para um terreno.

    Para o local são esperados esta manhã elementos da Polícia Metropolitana de Londres e peritos forenses.

    Fica a cerca de 100 metros da linha do mar e a 300 metros do aldeamento onde a criança inglesa estava com a família quando desapareceu.

    É uma operação planeada e coordenada pela Polícia Judiciária, depois de ter recebido luz verde do Ministério Público.

    Sete anos depois do desaparecimento, a polícia britânica acredita que pode vir a encontrar o corpo da criança.


    'Come and dig up my garden' says mother of cleared Maddie suspect

    She added: “They won’t find a thing but if they need to do it as part of their investigation they’re welcome.

    “That poor girl’s parents need some answers after seven years.”

    British ex-pat Jenny, 78, lives just 100 yards away from the holiday flat in Portugal’s Praia da Luz where Maddie vanished. She said Scotland Yard had not been in contact yet.

    She was speaking as British and Portuguese police prepare to dig up parts of the resort.

    She added: “I’ve had it all before when my son Robert was living here and now I’m thinking: ‘Not again.’

  34. Praia da Luz wasteland where detectives search for Maddy - YouTube


    Madeleine Cops Seal Off Praia Da Luz Scrubland

    By Tom Parmenter, Sky News Correspondent, in Praia da Luz

    Police investigating Madeleine McCann's disappearance have sealed off a search area as they prepare to begin excavations in Praia da Luz.

    A team of Portuguese police officers and at least four vehicles have been stationed on a mound to the west of the town since early this morning.

    They are expected to be in the area for days, rather than hours, as they work to identify anomalies in the terrain which may merit further investigation by digging.

    Officers from the Metropolitan Police team that has been spearheading the new investigation are not currently at the site.

    The development marks a significant new phase of the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance while she was on holiday with her family in the Portuguese resort in May 2007.

    The latest police activity is taking place at one of several areas in and around Praia da Luz identified as potential search sites.

    They include another area of scrubland close to the apartment in the Ocean Club resort where the McCanns had been staying.

    The land which had been earmarked for development is now fenced off but was an open area on the night Madeleine vanished.

    Her parents Kate and Gerry McCann have not travelled to Portugal but will be kept up to date with any developments.

    British expat residents in Praia da Luz confirmed to Sky News that they had recently seen a military aircraft flying for long periods possibly conducting aerial reconnaissance.

    Former Metropolitan Police search adviser Keith Farquharson told Sky News: "They wouldn't just be identifying that part by plucking it out of thin air they have obviously got hard information and the evidence trail is leading to that particular area."

    Mr Farquharson explained what is likely to happen next: "The area will be properly mapped with GPS coordinates for each one of those sites.

    "Those areas will then be broken into smaller areas which will be easier to search, then you would send in the ground penetrating radar which will look for anomalies below the surface.

    "Once those anomalies are identified then in my experience you would deploy victim recovery dogs to those particular areas."

    As they are working alongside the Portuguese authorities the Metropolitan Police are giving out very few details about the new phase of the investigation or how long it will last.

    1. We would like to point out that the picture with the caption "The search area is to the west of where the family stayed on holiday" signals an area at the West end of Rua 25 de Abril that is a novelty.

      We have read lately that "Rua 25 de Abril" was an area of interest and didn't exactly understand why as the terrain shown by the media is located between Rua da Escola Primária and Rua Primeiro de Maio.

      This new location is about 300 metres West of the crossing between Rua da Escola Primária and Rua da Escola Primária, the general area where the 3 locations of the Smith Sighting occurred.

      We have been informed up to now, that ONLY one location has been authorised to be searched. Request for other two are pending the entrance and analysis of 2 LORs.

      Yesterday we were shown, also by Sky News, that the three locations were:
      - terrain between Rua da Escola Primária and Rua Primeiro de Maio
      - crossing betwen Rua Dr. Franciso Gentil Martins and Rua Direita
      - beach area in front of Av dos Pescadores

      As always, information about this case appears in a contradicting manner, even within the same media agency.

  36. CdM, paper edition, 02Jun2014, page 14

    Topheader: LAGOS: SY arrived at the Algarve on the weekend.


    English will use dogs and probes to look for Madde’s cadaver in Praia da Luz

    Tânia Laranja

    Seven years after Maddie disappeared from the resort in Praia da Luz, Algarve, the English police returns to the searches on the ground. Now looking for the English girl’s cadaver, after the investigation changed course: at this moment, they defend that Maddie was killed on the night in which she disappeared, in 2007, and that he body would have been hidden in the vicinity of the residence in which she was on holiday with the family.

    The motive for the crime would have been a failed burglary. Something went wrong, defend the English, who believe the little girl would have woken up and cried when she someone strange.

    Afraid the cries would have alerted the family – who dined less than 500 metres away – the suspect killed Maddie. And later removing the body from the house, to hide it in terrains that existed in the vicinity of the resort.

    SY should start the excavations tomorrow, being closely accompanied by PJ. The objective is to check the whole area, in order to find any trace that confirms the homicide thesis.

    The English arrived at the weekend and today will only analyse the terrains and proceed to delimit the area.

    Still with what CdM found. Both the probes and the dogs that will be used are English. The animals have already been used in other similar situations – and SY has guaranteed they were successful.

    We recall that the same dogs were used at the beginning of the investigation, having detected cadaver odour in the trunk of the car rented by Madeleine McCann’s parents. out

    It was in fact based on this clue that the Portuguese authorities advanced to constitute Kate and Gerry as arguidos, defending that they had, accidentally, killed little Madeleine.

    Insert 1: The same dogs were used in the investigation

    Photo Caption: During the course of today, the English police will analyse the terrains and proceed I n the delimitation of the area to begin tomorrow doing the excavations in Praia da Luz

    Insert 2: Details
    - Costs assumed
    SY has assumed fully the costs of these diligences. Any discovery will however have to be communicated to PJ.
    - Case was reopened
    The process came to be archived for lack of evidence but was reopened at the end of last year, based on suspicions that the crime had been committed by a man that had already died.
    - More than a year
    The Porto PJ analysed the case for more than a year and it was that team who defended the immediate reopening of the case.

    Sub-article 1: PJ defends different thesis.
    PJ’s theory is different from the one followed by the English. Although all scenarios remain open, at this moment PJ is looking for a foreigner who left the country little after the crime was committed. The exhaustive analysis of the process makes the investigators to defend that the crime was committed by someone who acted in an isolated manner and not did not repeat any attack to children. The hypothesis of Madeleine having been killed is also followed, but based on the assumption that it was an accident. Truthfully, however, PJ has followed other leads that have been abandoned through the years.

    Sub-article 2: Helicopter makes analysis
    About two weeks ago, the English used a helicopter for aerial photography in one of the terrains that will be object of searches. The objective was to understand if there had been recent excavations and levelling in the ground that could indicate where the body was buried. Nothing of relevance was found.

  37. As PJ requested no media circus I’m surprised by the coverage the digging is getting on the news! Is it done as Petermac said on JH Forum that police do that to keep the public attention away from where the real search is like they did with April Jones? In her case it was said it was so the public didn’t destroy any evidence that may have been out in the open or even to prevent an untrained person finding something that would traumatise them.


    Area shown on video doesn't seem to be terrain near apartment.


    Buscas por Maddie começam terça-feira


    Começaram diligências para encontrar Maddie McCann

    Situado a cerca de 800 metros do local onde a menina desapareceu, em 2007, a área conhecida como miradouro da Praia da Luz foi delimitada, previamente, pela Guarda Nacional Republicana para que se iniciassem os trabalhos de alegadas escavações requeridas pela Scotland Yard.

    No final da reunião, o diretor da Polícia Judiciária de Faro, Mota Carmo, escusou-se a prestar declarações sobre o tipo de intervenções que serão efetuadas no terreno.

    Para o local assinalado, onde cerca de duas dezenas de elementos se preparam para dar início aos trabalhos, as polícias deslocaram diverso equipamento de prospeção.

    Na zona estão cerca de três dezenas jornalistas de órgãos de comunicação nacionais e internacionais para acompanhar o caso de um dos desaparecimentos mais mediático de que há conhecimento a nível mundial.

    Madeleine McCann desapareceu poucos dias antes de fazer quatro anos, a 3 de maio de 2007, do quarto onde dormia juntamente com os dois irmãos gémeos, mais novos, num apartamento de um aldeamento turístico na Praia da Luz, no Algarve.

  41. Credible sources say that some Portuguese Judicial Police officers in the Algarve are among those ridiculing the search operation.

    Madeleine: what's behind the search?

    Many people with a keen interest in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are hopeful that the latest phase in the investigation will reveal vital evidence that will lead to the solving of the seven-year-old mystery. Many others have already written it off as a waste of time – or maybe worse.

    A prevalent view is that the Metropolitan Police Service must have good reason for mounting an extensive ground search to which they have committed a forensic team, ground-penetrating radar equipment, specialist dogs and with heavy earth-moving machinery on stand-by.

    The reason must have been strong enough to persuade the Portuguese authorities to allow the search on a piece of private land near the centre of Praia da Luz during the summer holiday season.

    The British detectives have been understandably cagey about what they expect to achieve, but it seems unlikely they would have gone to such legal and bureaucratic lengths, and agreed to pay the search costs, only to confirm there is nothing of interest buried on the site.

    No one will be more surprised if the police do find a body or any other evidence than Praia da Luz residents who know the site well. They point out that countless walkers and their dogs have crisscrossed the scrubland interminably over the past seven years.

    The area comprises bedrock and soil so hard that a kidnapper or anyone else trying to dispose of a body there would have needed a JCB himself. That anyone unfamiliar with the area could have buried evidence at nighttime or unseen is all the more improbable.

    Credible sources say that some Portuguese Judicial Police officers in the Algarve are among those ridiculing the search operation.

    Seasoned sceptics suspect it may be just “a fishing trip,” or even a “whitewash,” part of a plan to try to bring the investigation to a dignified close.

    As ever, speculation is rife. Let’s hope for some clarification in the days ahead.

  42. Textusa, sorry to bring over Insane/Not Textusa over here but I couldn’t let this one pass.
    He quotes this passage from your post
    “And within JH they have one of the biggest example of what we’re talking about: Tony Bennett. The man has taken criticism from left and right and sometimes in a vile and absurd manner. Has that strengthened or weakened his position before our eyes? You answer that”
    And has this to say about Tony Bennett:
    “Well, he's floundering about like a turd in a shipping lane at the moment, Text, after his almighty f*ck up on the FOI front, so yes, he's looking a bit of a tw*t, thanks for mentioning it.”
    I’m sure JH Forum readers will be really pleased to know an opinion that has been highly recommended by some of their posters!!!

    * Taken the initiative to censored some of his words to be consistent with your blog

  43. Oh.......the answers may not be here...
    British taxpayers watch your money being "droned" away...

  44. A melhor parte da palhaçada das escavações, no CM - A policia inglesa acredita que Maddie morreu fruto de um assalto falhado. A criança chorou e o assaltante para a calar matou-a e deixou o corpo no apartamento, voltando lá mais tarde para o buscar e enterrar nas imediações. Ah! Ah! Tinham de arranjar uma justificaçåo para a cadaverina, nem que para isso precisem de nos apresentar o mais espetacular dos assaltantes, com tanto de inteligente quanto de estupido. Entrou 2 vezes no apartamento e não deixou qualquer rasto. Se a isso adicionarmos a timetable dos T9 no controle das crianças Mccann, não foi só um Superhomem, teve também o dom de ser invisivel.
    Para rematar tudo isto, o CM serve a sobremesa fatal- cães ingleses ajudam nas escavaçoes, realçando o talento e sucesso dos cães e o facto de serem iguais aos usados no inicio da investigação, quando Kate e Gerry foram constituidos arguidos.
    Nasceu um novo tipo de assaltante- Assalta, mata crianças, não as leva imediatamente, volta ao lugar do crime para resgatar o corpo e NÃO LEVA QUALQUER BEM MATERIAL. Hilariante, nào fosse a morbidez de haver uma criança que realmente perdeu a vida e que aguarda justiça há 7 anos.

    1. Excelente comentário, nem mais!

  45. Helena Figueiras em direto da PDL, na RTP, avança um dado que considero relevante, do cruzamento de informaçåo de geografos, topografos, cães, etc e da ANALISE DAS IMAGENS DE SATELITE RECOLHIDAS NA ALTURA DOS ACONTECIMENTOS, resulta um mapa no terreno já marcado com bandeiras, que delimita as zonas com interesse e que våo ser escavadas no final da semana.
    Helena Figueiras estava na varanda de um 3 andar para nos mostrar o terreno e salietou o facto deste mesmo terreno ter sido batido pelos caes da GNR em 2007. Significa que se algo ali for encontrado, foi lá posto depois das buscas da GNR.
    Afinal sempre havia imagens de satélite.
    Nåo conheço a PDL, mas o terreno parece-me familiar, a partir das observações dos Mccann sobre os sitios onde faziam jogging e do facto de Kate dizer que ali ( na PDL) se sentia próxima de Maddie e se via o mar. Este terreno corresponde à descriçao do sitio que desperta o sentimento de proximidade em Kate

    1. WHAT?! Satellite images, gathered at the time of events?! The same satellite images that were requested by the PJ, but that were denied with the excuse that the satellites were all focusing on Morocco?! These people have no shame? Do they think we're all stupid or have no memory?!
      Grrrr !

  46. Suzanne Pilley - on CW tonight. Showed how cadaver dog detected odour in home and car boot of killer Gilroy in Scotland.
    Mobile calls also analysed.
    Disposed of her body, never been found, but David Gilroy got life sentence.
    Parents interviewed and showed real grief

    1. .... ah, but the McCanns can go one better than all that. On their Crimewatch programme, there was an e-fit of the prime suspect that looked more like Gerry McCann than Gerry McCann himself - yet they are still walking around scot-free crying 'abduction.'




    THE hunt for clues to find Madeleine McCann ¬gathered pace yesterday as ¬British detectives began work on Portuguese soil.

    Officers with spades and ground-¬penetrating radar moved in on wasteland 300 yards from the apartment where Madeleine was staying when she vanished in 2007.

    Within hours of arriving at the scrubland near the sea in Praia da Luz, the Metropolitan Police team had identified key spots of interest and covered them with forensic tents.

    The site is thought to have been chosen as the starting point of the operation because it is close to where a man was seen with a little girl in his arms on the night Madeleine disappeared.

    An Irish family returning to their holiday apartment reported seeing the man, who has never been identified or come forward to clear his name.

    Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, are being kept fully updated on developments.

    The cold-case review by ¬Scotland Yard has brought together detectives, forensic archaeologists and geologists using mechanical diggers, sniffer dogs from Britain and specialist radar equipment.

    Madeleine was three when she ¬vanished on May 3, 2007, while on a family holiday to the Algarve. The ¬latest operation is the most significant police activity on the case in years.

    About a dozen Scotland Yard detectives, headed by Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, flew from Heathrow to Faro in Portugal on ¬Sunday.

    The team were yesterday driven in a convoy of five vehicles, including two vans with British number plates, to the hillside site overlooking the Atlantic.

    The officers were seen unpacking large amounts of equipment, including spades, before beginning to section off the huge area into squares ready for the groundwork to begin.

    By mid afternoon, three white tents had been erected over plots to shield the officers’ work from the public.

    It has been reported that the sites were picked after detectives compared satellite photographs of the land taken in 2007 to others taken this week by military aircraft.

    Officers wearing rucksacks carried equipment around the wasteland – which is about the size of three football pitches – and were seen hammering marker posts into the ground.

    Pickaxes and spades will be used first. Mechanical diggers will then be brought in if necessary.

    Excavations are expected to last two days. Officers could then move to two other nearby locations.

    Roads surrounding the land had been sealed off by Portuguese police overnight. Work began at dawn with local officers scouring the area with ¬binoculars and a ¬telescope, while ¬colleagues patrolled the land with dogs.

    Mr and Mrs McCann, from Rothley, Leicestershire, have not travelled to Praia da Luz for the operation.

    Their Portuguese lawyer Isabel Duarte yesterday said she believed police had “very good information” to be carrying out ground searches.

    She said: “I do not know what it is, or even if Kate and Gerry are aware, but I believe there is data in the ¬criminal file which has led to this operation because, if not, police wouldn’t be performing this very drastic task.


  48. (cont)

    “Kate and Gerry have not been given any information that Madeleine is dead, and until this happens they have to believe she is still alive. But they think police will come up with some significant news. It is such a stressful time for them and my heart goes out to them.

    “It has been so long, and the investigating officers now have new information and there may finally be some answers.”

    Ms Duarte spoke to former GP Kate, 46, and heart ¬specialist Gerry, 45, last week. “I don’t need to ask them how they are feeling. It is very clear. But it is not for me to say if they fear the worst,” she said. The unprecedented investigation by ¬British police on foreign soil follows months of negotiations between Scotland Yard and Portuguese authorities.

    All the work will be carried out under the watchful eye of police and officials from Portugal’s equivalent of the Crown Prosecution Service. ¬British and Portuguese officers have been given an office in a civic building to use as a base.

    A local police source said: “The Policia Judiciaria has the resources needed for this work but despite this they have preferred to bring all the technical resources from England, including archaeologists, sniffer dogs and a ground-penetrating radar. The Portuguese resources are pickaxes and a digger.”

    The search has provoked anger among local business owners who fear it will drive away tourists. Other areas of interest include a site near the beach and roads by a church.

    The estimated £6million cold-case review, codenamed Operation Grange, was set up in 2011 after David Cameron ordered a review of evidence.

    The Met has refused to comment on its work, saying it will not provide a “running -commentary” on the inquiry.

  49. For today's CdM paper edition please check Joana's blog:

    Maddie Case: Searching for evidence of death in Luz

    1. "They admit, however, that the body could have been removed, at a later time, from the location where it was hidden and that it is now possible to detect any clues that were left on the ground."

      Excuse me?!?
      So Smithman takes dead M from apartment walks over 1 km to bury her in that field. In the next few days autorities with dogs search that area and find nothing. Later (when?) he comes back and takes takes the body out and goes and places is it somewhere else. Why and what for? If they didn't find it after searching it for it then why move it afterwards?
      Did abductor move after SY announce it was going to search ground? Then abductor had to be local and one asks why did SY announce it? No one needed to know SY suspected that place. This could all have been done in secrecy.
      If SY thinks they are looking only for vestiges of a body that is o longer there, why not start with the dogs? They don't need mapping or markers. They just need to use their noses.

  50. the springer spaniels are out today

    1. A complete waste of time. According to Gerry McCann, these dogs are 'so unreliable.'

  51. All this money spending HAS to come to something.
    I bet that right now SY is smearing cadaverine on some rock so that dogs will signal the spot and they can say look here was a body, see we were right that Maddie was killed and then taken?
    The story will then wiil be M killed and taken from apartment - Smiths seeing Smithman with body - terrain up the road with body. Sorry we can't tell you who did it but we can tell how it was done. And it could have been binman who after his first mortal victim continued the sex assaults for a while.
    All this money has to come to something. They can't just say it took us three years and millions for nothing.

    PJ to dig 2 more sites - 12.38 news

  53. I see the McCann team of puppets eg SY are now digging up PDL, well one things for sure she won't be buried anywhere near where they are digging. The Mccanns know what happened to Maddie and this digging act is just selfish PR all they are doing is damaging the reputation further of pdl, who would go there for a holiday with all that digging and noise. Mcs disgust me, selfish lot all of them. If they were going to do any digging then they should have it started years ago, this is one big cover up into a little girls death, and now we are also witnessing the death of pdl as a tourist location. Mcs attempted to ruin and destroy Sr Amaral they have no conscience, if they did they would have been honest and old the truth years ago. I cant believe the media and officials lie to the public so much, this case has proven what a corrupt lot our officials and police have become, we do live in scary times where propaganda is printed and no one bats an eyelid but thank goodness for the internet and least we question the b***s*** that they try to feed us.

  54. Carlos Anjos: "Terreno na Praia da Luz já foi batido por toda a gente" - SAPO Vídeos


    Police scan a large area of wasteland in a search for clues. ITN's Martin Geissler reports.
    Published June 3rd 2014, 2:40 pm

  56. SY knows very well where is the body and who did what. All information was passed to them by the people directed involved on the events. This is just a circus to justify the money they have wasted all this years, not to look for Maddie but to build the game they are showing now.
    I hope PJ did not bend their knees again, because this is the biggest scandal in Europe, after Hitler.
    The recover of a body of a child which deceased 7 years ago doesn't justify the length of effort british police is showing now. That looks like a meticulous game, prepared to close the investigation without having to charge anybody.
    I'm not surprised if they end up recovering the body. They know where is it since the beguinning.

    1. Totally agree with your comment you are spot on and also all the millions of £ of tax payers money being wasted on this PR stunt is a crime. SY look idiots and Redwood should be sacked for incompetence.

  57. There is no perfect crime but there is corrupt police. That's Maddie in a nutshell.

    1. Anonymous 3 Jun 2014 16:06:00,

      A very thought provoking phrase. Thank you

    2. NI's chief constable is being taken to court over claims he obstructed Police Ombudsman investigations into allegations against the police in 60 murders.

  58. I feel sorry for the SY Officers in Praia da Luz today. They know they're actors in a play not written by them but in which they have to take part. They have families to feed and cannot tell AR to f-off.
    The spectacle is SY pretending, humiliating themselves to sift through earth they know contains nothing. If there was any suspicion that they had found something we wouldn't be seeing other Officers carrying equipment to other spots.
    The dogs being paraded. The dogs are not compatible with show-offs. They either smell or they don't. They are quick about their business. They only provide a couple of minutes of air time.
    And the PJ Officers looking on and keeping a distance so not to involve themselves in such degrading activities.
    First time in history we see Brits working the ground and local natives overlooking what they're doing!

  59. Which missing person in Uk mobilized such circus we see in PDL today? That ring bells in our minds. British police put morE effort on a fake search in Portugal, then on the search of real people, which still missing , on their own soil.

  60. Why isn't Martin Brunt reporting this from Luz? Isn't he Sky News Maddie's expert? Where is he?


    McCanns suffer setback in million euro libel suit against Maddie cop

    As Praia da Luz is once more dragged into the media spotlight, Kate and Gerry McCann have suffered a legal setback in their long running campaign to sue the former police chief Gonçalo Amaral who originally led investigations into their daughter’s disappearance.

    Kate and Gerry McCann instituted legal proceedings for €1.2 million worth of damages after Amaral wrote the book “The Truth of the Lie”, in which he set out all his reasons for believing that Madeleine was dead.

    It is a belief that now seems to be shared by the police teams painstakingly searching scrubland outside the village from which Madeleine went missing seven years ago.

    But at the time they began their legal fight, the McCanns were adamant that there was no proof that their daughter was dead.

    They claimed they suffered “permanent anxiety, insomnia, lack of appetite, irritability and an indefinable fear” as a result of Amaral’s book.

    They further described themselves as “irreparably damaged and totally destroyed from a moral, social, ethical, emotional and family point of view” and thus the lawsuit, which finally came to court in September last year after endless delays.

    Now, a tactical attempt by Amaral to query the McCanns’ power to represent their daughter in the court action has been upheld by a Lisbon judge.

    It now means that the McCanns effectively have to get permission from the British High Court to represent their daughter in any legal action.

    Nonetheless, the Lisbon court has said that a final session can go ahead on June 16 - although all the lawyers involved have been given notice that they can “suggest alternative dates”.

    The final court session will include a statement from Madeleine’s father and “the presentation of closing arguments from all sides”.

    As Amaral’s defence lawyer has told the press on numerous occasions, information that formed the basis of “The Truth of the Lie” can be found in police records of the original investigation.


    a hole/lair was found

    1. Anonymous 3 Jun 2014 20:56:00,

      They do look like they are reacting to something, but it could be a dead animal smell. If it was a body, a tent or some visual barrier would be covering the area, And Andy Redwood would have been seen rushing towards the scene.

      Where is evidence that this finding is being videod, to have it properly recorded, by the police team? 

      Body language conveys surprise and a reaction, rather than expectation. For us this was a surprise for all. Weren’t they looking for a body?

      They are talking of looking at 2 other sites, aren’t they?

      Let us tell you it would be anti-climactic to have Maddie found in a hole covered by what looks like a sheet of corrugated metal (that was inexplicably only lifted late in the afternoon although flagged early in the day) in a terrain that was certainly checked thoroughly in 2007. 

      If that hole existed then, it was checked, if it didn’t then Maddie cannot be there,

      When one sees a pig flying it doesn’t mean that pigs have started to fly. It means that pig was made to fly and one has to understand how.


    McCanns 'not braced for significant developments'

    7:05pm, Tue 3 Jun 2014 Madeleine: Scrubland search enters third day Last updated Wed 4 Jun 2014
    Kate and Gerry McCann are being kept up to date on the latest news in the hunt for their daughter in a wasteland near where she disappeared in Praia da Luz, but are not braced for any "significant" new developments, due to the complicated nature of the search.


    For anyone interested in watching the C5 programme on Halligen, Mr Bennett on JH has done a lot of research and has some good questions which C5 need to address.
    This link from Winnower site gives an overview and shows who paid Halligen


    McCann search lacks Commitment and Direction expert claims

    Maddie McCann search "lacks direction and focus", claims cold case expert.

    Officers searching scrubland around the Praia da Luz resort for the body of Maddie McCann or clue to her whereabouts are still shooting in the dark, cold case specialist Alan Bailey told the Sunday World.

    The former head of the Irish Cold Case unit claims that the Metropolitan Police search is far to wide and lacking direction and demonstrates a lack of commitment to the case, exclusively claims today.

    “A four day search on three sites totaling 17 or so acres, lasting four days shows a lack of commitment. Either you are going to search the area fully and completely, or you are not. If you can exclude the scrubland and potential burial sites or areas where clothing of evidence may have been discarded within a square kilometer of the apartment where she was last seen, then it becomes a very different type of crime”, Bailey an eminent cold case investigator, told the Sunday World.

    The specialist says that if she was abducted by a fixated preferential paedophile in an opportunist way, then local scrubland would be a place to abuse and get rid of evidence.

    “Most of these kind of abductions are really wrong place, wrong time, and so, an opportunist predator could have spotted Maddie leaving her apartment searching for her mother, and snatched her immediately. These offenders don’t need much planning because they are always looking for an configuration of events to make their escape and snatch”, he said.

    “An offender needs the child to present themselves, be lost and alone, for example. The environment must be suitable with a lack of CCTV cameras, and a lack of witnesses or potential witness is the third requirement of the opportunist snatch. If a full search of these sites were conducted then we could exclude this and concentrate on the more planned kidnap and snatch by a gang of paedophiles which is always the more unlikely scenario”, he said.

    The investigator says that the Gardai would not have opened up the possibility of a breakthrough on the basis of such a wide search over such a short time. “We would have simply had an open ended search and not finished until we were confident that all the work was done and it cannot be done in four days after a gap of nearly seven years”, Bailey said.

    The experience of the Gardai and the PSNI in the search for the disappeared from the troubles, has given these forces an expertise in searching for missing bodies and lost evidence.

    “ We know from the disappeared that even when there are tip offs about the locations from those who actually, perpetrated the crimes then it is still very hard to find the bodies so this seems a very unrealistic and overly ambitious search by the Metropolitan Police", he said.

    Despite indications of a breakthrough in the case, it is quite clear that the use of spades, pitch forks and some ground penetrating radar across three sites, one of which is over 15 acres, can only suggest that the Police are looking for a needle in a haystack.

    One source close to the new investigators spoke of the concern among the team that the Met has made very little breakthrough despite the investment of more than 30 full time officers and nearly €10m in the investigation which was kick started last July after the intervention of the British Prime Minister.


  66. (cont)

    Police sources say that search locations have been pinpointed by geographic crime profilers.

    The sites were based on the distance that a child could have walked from apartment 5a where she disappeared from, or the distance where she could have been carried by a predator, and then perhaps abused or killed.

    The investigators will be looking for either a piece of clothing or a body.

    This line of enquiry suggests that the new investigators are unhappy with the quality of the original search but also that the new investigators, along with the original Portuguese Police team, believe that Maddie is no longer alive.

    The McCann’s have long ignored this possibility understandably, but statistically; victims of child abductions are likely to be killed within days of kidnap.

    “Victims of child abductions statistically are unlikely to survive the first 48 hours and the younger they are the more likely they are to be killed earlier. Those rare cases where abductees survive to be sex slaves are typically much, much older”, Professor David Wilson told the Sunday World.

  67. Mail today says Mcs" bracing thrmselves for significant news"
    The opposite said in other papers - they are not bracing themselves..

  68. According to Anne Guedes' tweets, the 16th has been cancelled and hasn't been replaced with a new date yet. Some of the lawyers had commitment for those dates.
    She also says G won on appeal the right to make a statement, which I read he wil be doing so and GA not

  69. Hello Textusa!
    I wouldn't "read" too much into the sunday world "reporting",it is Irelands answer to the News of the world!We here in Ireland,take it with a pinch of salt,hence Mcintyre's involvement!


    OPINIÃO Moita Flores comenta as buscas do corpo de Maddie Mccann 15:11 Francisco Moita Flores comentou as buscas levadas a cabo pela Scotland Yard na Praia da Luz, Lagos. De acordo com o comentador as buscas e escavações são uma encenação da polícia inglesa.

  71. IMO SY have been told to 'wind up' the maddie saga, 7 years on and she can officially be declared 'dead'. The fund must have dried-up. they will say maddie's body was buried in pdl but has since been removed, there will be scientific reports and again front page headlines blaming somebody for snatching maddie this person has probably died since so cannot answer. The whole case has been a whitewash and cover up from the beginning but its reached the point now where it has become an embarrassment to the establishment and a waste of tax payers money, the majority of the public are bored of the mccanns and the people of pdl have been treated disgracefully being blamed for something that was nothing to do with them especially when all they did was to help the scheming mccanns.
    Kate and Gerry are the epitome of evil, greed and all those other traits that belong to their type, thankfully Kate and Gerry are a minority, the majority of the public are caring, hence this blog and many others questioning the mccann version of lies.
    I feel ashamed of our British justice system it is nothing more than a corrupt sham which protects the rich and evil in our society. Why innocent children have to suffer at the hands of such abhorrent adults that are protected is in itself the biggest mystery.

  72. Estou apreensivo.Por um lado tenho presente o post "Ratts" , um de entre outros brilhantes de TEX. Por outro lado, penso que o MSM pretende que, de uma vez por todas, não há evidências de a menina ter morrido, após a aplicação das mais modernas técnicas forenses e cientificas por parte da insuspeita SY.
    Para consolo, talvez me reste a utilização actual dos cães que em tempos foram tão desvalorizados.Ainda não esqueci aquela resposta à Sandra Felgueiras numa entrevista "Ask the dogs"

  73. That was a bizarre programme! Halligen came across as a sleazebag, not even Walter Mitty!!! I need to watch it again to get a better perspective. Halligen as the undercover priest was too comical for words, I could picture Rowan Atkinson playing that role!

    1. He may be a sleazebag - there are lots of them in this affair, but he probably knows too much about what went on. The McCanns probably didn't dare to sue him.

  74. The second day of searches went by without any significant find. I read somewhere the terrain where they are searching was an area local residents got rid of the remains of their pets. Read in some papers that even cow bones had been found there! But that was on the first day.
    Second day, nothing to report.
    Halligen didn't even provide a distraction. The whole thing was so ridiculous that it can't even be used against or for Mcs. TV waste. Congratulations C5, now you're at the Star level of quality.

    1. The only 'good' thing to come out of C5 documentary (if it can be called that - it was more like a magazine piece) is that 'Publicly funded investigation' was mentioned over and over. Jane Tanner's sighting was dismissed as totally unreliable. And the Smithman E-fit was held back 'til the very end - the coup de gras, as it were. Otherwise, it was just a lot of puff and padding.


    Chamo à atenção para este comentário:

    Luis Arriaga

    Aqui de longe, em Sydney, tenho-me farto de rir com as reportagens que a RTP dá do local! Anda a bófia inglesa a escavar e a limpar o terreno urbanizado já e o dono a esfregar as mãos de contente com o espectáculo... No fim, vão-se embora depois da trabalheira feita à borliu e mais uma vez fica por se revelar que os restos mortais em cinza da garota estão em Ferreira do lentejo depois de terem sido mandados incinerar pelos pais - pergunte-se ao ex-inspector da PJ portuguesa Gonçalo Amaral! Confesso que também não percebo porque o Gonçalo não toma a iniciativa de desmascarar esta fantochada de uma vez por todas!

    1. The newspaper article link says inorganic material was found. Very vague and no reference to bones or DNA but what happened to the media black out until searches completed?


    actualizado: Thu, 05 Jun 2014 12:47:04 GMT | de Cristina Fernandes Ferreira, Lusa

    Caso Maddie:Polícia britânica centra atenções no sistema de esgotos no 4.º dia de buscas

    A polícia britânica está hoje a vistoriar o sistema de esgotos no terreno previamente assinalado junto ao miradouro da Praia da Luz (Algarve) com o auxílio de equipamento tecnológico na procura de indícios que possam levar ao paradeiro de Madeleine Mcann.


    Lagos, 05 jun (Lusa) - A polícia britânica está hoje a vistoriar o sistema de esgotos no terreno previamente assinalado junto ao miradouro da Praia da Luz (Algarve) com o auxílio de equipamento tecnológico na procura de indícios que possam levar ao paradeiro de Madeleine Mcann.

    Ao quarto dia de trabalhos, que se iniciou pouco depois das 09.00, a polícia britânica tem várias equipas em pontos distintos do terreno, situado a cerca de 800 metros do apartamento de onde Madeleine Mcann desapareceu a 03 de maio de 2007.

    O terreno com uma área de vários hectares, equivalente a três campos de futebol, tinha sido batido por equipas cinotécnicas da GNR imediatamente a seguir ao desaparecimento da menina iglesa. Contudo, a Scotland Yard insiste nas buscas numa área muito perto do mar e que era habitualmente frequentada por casais de namorados, sobretudo durante a noite.

    Sete anos depois do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann, as autoridades portuguesas e inglesas regressaram no início desta semana à Praia da Luz, no concelho de Lagos, para vistoriarem terrenos adjacentes ao aldeamento turístico onde a família se encontrava alojada de férias.

    1. Are they done with the work in the scrubland? I thought they asked for an extra week to continue to work there.

  77. Supremo Tribunal de Justiça confirmou condenação de Afonso Dias no caso do Rui Pedro

    Finalmente alguma justiça. Pena ridiculamente leve. Mas pelo menos foi condenado pelo que fez. Vergonha ter passado tanto tempo

    Court confirmed sentence against Afonso Dias for crime against Rui Pedro!

  78. Pena ridiculamente leve e diminuida MAS ainda com possibilidade de recorrer ao Constitucional..... triste,triste tanta manobra,tanta tortura lenta e tanta ansiedade para cima da Família Teixeira Mendonça.

    Supremo Tribunal de Justiça encurtou em seis meses condenação de raptor de rapaz desaparecido em 1998
    Único arguido do processo ainda pode recorrer para o Tribunal Constitucional.

  79. Madeleine McCann: former suspect Robert Murat still plagued by suspicion -- video - YouTube INFORMACAO

    Robert Murat, previously a suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, says that despite being cleared in 2008, some people continue to link him to the case. Robert Murat was the first person to be named as an official suspect in the inquiry into Madeleine McCann's disappearance. More than a year later, he was cleared. He won a substantial libel payout from several British newspapers
    Robert Murat, previously a suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, says that despite being cleared in 2008, some people continue to link him to the case. Robert Murat was the first person to be named as an official suspect in the inquiry into Madeleine McCann's disappearance. More than a year later, he was cleared. He won a substantial libel payout from several British newspapers
    Robert Murat, previously a suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, says that despite being cleared in 2008, some people continue to link him to the case. Robert Murat was the first person to be named as an official suspect in the inquiry into Madeleine McCann's disappearance. More than a year later, he was cleared. He won a substantial libel payout from several British newspapers


    In the vice-grip of Madeleine media circus, seaside village asks “Why now?”

    As the rest of the world follows every spade-thrust of police searching for Madeleine McCann in Praia da Luz, the white heat of fury among locals is palpable. It’s not that people don’t want closure. Everyone wants to know what happened to Madeleine McCann on that fateful family holiday seven years ago. It is simply that no one can see any reason for the high-profile police search being called now, just as the tourist season gets underway.

    “Holiday bookings have been cancelled” ... “People are staying away” ... “The village is being crucified” ... These are just some of the comments from residents and business people alike, who all say: “If the official line is ‘there are no guarantees, why the heck didn’t they come here in the winter?”

    But the worst of it is that no one feels “strong enough” to come out on full record.

    “It’s too political,” said one resort manager. “I am sorry, I don’t want to say anything.”

    It is always like this, in this particular case where the official line has been the only line since the very beginning.

    But perhaps things are changing ... One local resident, who came out fighting weeks ago but at the time asked to remain anonymous, seems to think so.

    She has at last agreed to have her first name published. “Businesses are beginning to fight back,” Nana told us on Wednesday. “You should have heard the lady at the kiosk at Baptista supermarket yesterday. She’s fuming.”

    Nana has seen herself become something of a celebrity for speaking out since police teams alighted on the village at the beginning of the week. She has appeared on Sky News, BBC and was being interviewed by a German reporter for German TV as we went to press.

    “Luz is on the turn,” the Dutch long-time resident told us. “People are starting to ‘take back control’ and say: How dare they? How dare they come here and tell us that this needs to be done now - just as the village tries yet again to celebrate the best of what we have: the summer.

    “It cannot be because the ground is soft. It is as hard as a rock! In the winter it would be softer - but no, of course, they come now. Why? We have to ask why?”

    Business people who invariably ask to remain nameless complain of “crucifixion” as the world’s media follow police operations on the ground in various sites around the village.

    According to press reports on Wednesday morning, search teams are planning to move on to the drainage system around the Ocean Club, which was being excavated at the time Madeleine went missing.

    All these sites were investigated during the original police search but Scotland Yard’s crack team have said that nonetheless they need to go over old ground in order to rule things out.

    Talking to reporters before the search began, London Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said: “I want to keep expectations down. You shouldn’t read into this that this is necessarily an end game or about to be a breakthrough of anything like that.”


  81. (cont)

    Intriguingly, the Portuguese press publicised a “new theory” in its update on the excavations on Wednesday.

    “Scotland Yard has moved on to the belief that Madeleine was killed in the apartment and her body hidden in the area around the Ocean Club,” writes Correio da Manhã.

    “This is exactly what that poor policeman in charge of the original investigation thought,” Nana told the Resident.

    “I have never met Gonçalo Amaral, but it is time people realised that seven years on, his original police work appears to have been solid.”

    Amaral won a legal round in the ongoing defamation case brought out by Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann against him last week (see story on this page), meantime, police efforts around the little village in the sunshine continue, with another tent being erected around one area of digging mid-morning on Wednesday.

    According to the press, so far various animal bones have been dug up, but that appears to be the only ‘news’.

    PJ police accompanying the Met are said to be “without expectations” that a body will be found.

    Thus the village’s silent query “why now?” hangs steaming in the early summer heat.



    Polícia britânica com dificuldade em encontrar pistas de Maddie

    Helena Figeuiras/Paulo Alves Pereira/Cláudio Calhau05 Jun, 2014, 20:37 / atualizado em 05 Jun, 2014, 20:37
    A polícia britânica está a ter dificuldades em encontrar pistas de Madeleine McCann. Os investigadores estão a escavar um terreno na zona da Praia da Luz, mas o mato denso e muitas pedras estão a dificultar os trabalhos.

  83. The simplest explanation is that the blood splatters on the wall, couch, and floor are from a high impact splatter. I think Mommy Dearest lost control when Madeline was found to not be asleep. Mommy had successful drugged the twins, but Madeline's refusal to sleep infuriated her. The neighbor would once again hear Madeline screaming and God forbid these narcissistic parents be embarrassed by anything. Mommy Dearest lost control with precocious, loud Madeline and slapped or punched her in the nose. The nose bleeds very easily and profusely and could easily make such blood splatter.

    1. Anonymous 10 Jun 2014 05:40:00,

      The scenario you suggest means that Maddie was killed AFTER the McCanns returned from dinner. The alarm was given at 22.00. At what time was this “return from dinner” in order to allow them time to come up with something and set it up?

      Your scenario also means Tapas staff lied about the dinner. They clearly say the alarm happened DURING dinner and not after it.

      Our blog doesn’t believe that any of the Tapas children were sedated that week, with the exception of the night of the 3rd, AFTER Maddie was killed. Then, yes, that whole evening and night all the living T9 children were sedated but only that night.

      On the other nights in PdL we believe all T9 children were tended to by professional nannies.

      The crying episode was reported only by 2 people: Mrs Fenn and Kate McCann. Very strange for the latter to provide a self-condemning testimony without being asked (Mrs Fenn only came forward months after, on 20AUG07).

      We have shown why Mrs Fenn’s testimony about the crying episode has for us no credibility:

      And also shown our opinion about Mrs Fenn’s credibility as a witness:

  84. the Public would like to know why the Mccanns are afforded such privileges in a case with so much controversy surrounding the parents version of events. Why have 7 years later SY decided to start digging up pdl? Why are the Mccanns given so much publicity? there was no neglect the neglect has allowed for an abductor to be introduced but why did the child authorities not question the neglect side of the stoy?. It's as if the Mccanns are above the law, they are allowed to sue and do as they please, nobody is ever allowed to properly question them, they are riddled with guilt, just looking at their faces on TV yesterday they came across as very uncomfortable.IMO The bottom line is yes they do know what happened to their daughter but they have somehow been able to get away with it and take millions from the public and tax payers with no questions asked and that is what is most puzzling.

  85. If I was a swinger (and I'm not) I wouldn't take the kids along, in the first place. While realising that there would be a bit of a stink, if discovered, it hardly compares with the enormous amount of time, money and scandal that his case has generated so far, so I don't buy into this theory, there has to be something more or someone didn't play by the rules.

    1. Unknown,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Firstly, we find it fascinating how some people – we’re not only speaking about you – say they are not swingers, that they have never crossed paths with such a lifestyle yet are able to postulate with absolute certainty about what swingers would or would not do.

      We have talked with some swingers (or some swingers have talked to us) and from what we have been told, our scenario is not only plausible but very likely.

      Yes, we have talked to swingers. They are not monsters or sick depraved people with serious mental problems but absolutely normal people who have chosen, out of free will, a certain lifestyle.

      Secondly, one cannot say “if it was me…” and have that constitute a certainty because what is relevant is not what one thinks one would do but what the circumstances were which made people to act the way they did. To say “if it was me…” to substantiate a conclusion about the Maddie case, then one must assume that whoever says that is someone who is willing to lie about the death of their own child, because that is what happened with McCanns. To say “if it was me…” is to establish a plausible comparison between oneself and the McCanns.

      If a large group of people of the age of OC guests were on holiday with no children in sight, wouldn't that look strange?

      Would it not draw unwanted attention, rather than be seen as ordinary families on holiday?

      Children would not be involved in these activities. Children would not be at risk in any way.

      Children were taken care of by the unusual number of nannies present at the time, who we believe were hired for that exact purpose.

      It seems you totally disagree fully with those who believe paedophilia was at the heart of this holiday, because how likely is it that a large number families would meet to share their very young children for such an odious purposes?

      And governments of different political parties would cover up such activity, given that it was recent and not historical child abuse?

      We suggest you read our following posts:


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