Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Silly Season has Begun!

Back from holidays.

The problem with them is that when we get back, we find all the problems concentrated in one huge pile, welcoming you to the harshest of realities.

About my holidays. As you might imagine, a lot of ball-whacking, same amount of wave-riding, all added up with the mathematical impossibility of horse-riding, beach-going, dinner-having, and drink-swallowing, squeezing the meager 24 daily hours into something a little more.

Impossible as said, but what lovely stress!

Back into “business”, I would like to congratulate Algarve for going the second-year straight without having a kidnapped English-little-girl-daughter-of-serious-parenting doctors. That is an achievement if I say so myself.

On a personal note, had a bog row with my daughter-in-law, because although we were on a second floor apartment, she locked the windows in case Maddie’s kidnapper was about.

Yes, she also agrees that there was no kidnapping, but, in her own words, “better safe than sorry”.

Congratulations, McCann scum, your story has grown into hysteria. What once was a peaceful region, is now, thanks to you, an area where people are afraid of shadows.

Damn you. I thought that the illustrious couple were to cash-in, in every sense of the expression, on the plight of the woman found in the States. Nothing relevant from them, which confirms my opinion that they’re not taken seriously anywhere in this small planet of ours.

I heard that there was an article about smacking the ears of Brian Kennedy. Biting the hand of the hand that has fed you is fruit of only two things: you’ve either been mistreated, or you’ve realized that you’re about to be put down.

A desperate senseless move. If your owner has decided your fate, there is little you can do about it.

About Amaral’s book being censored in Portugal. That is one of the most brilliantly stupid attitude that I’ve ever had the privilege to witness.

Couldn’t anybody tell these jackasses that banning a book that has been on sale for over a year, that whoever wanted it to read it, has read it, is as useful as selling Christmas trees on December 26th?

Just brought back attention to it, you stupid, sad sods. Just one huge unnecessary nail in the foreseeable Socrate’s electoral coffin. I would laugh it out, or shake my head, but my jaw has dropped so low that doing either would be hurtful.

McCanns, let me tell you something really, really heartfelt: your NEXT dumb move has to be really, really well thought out and planned, to be able to surpass this one.

Even you have to exceed yourselves in all that stupidity in which you live every day single day of that self-damned life of yours. I’d almost dare you, but won’t, because I know that you won’t disappoint me.