Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Pythia Syndrome

“You keep saying that you were all, your blog included, masterfully used, abused and exploited, so I suppose when you realized that it made you angry…”

“On the contrary, dear, you know, one should never cease to recognize excellence when one happens to come across it, even if one sees it in one’s adversary, which was the case. I must say, the way we were manipulated neared perfection.”

“You almost sound like you enjoyed getting beaten…”

“There’s no shame in losing as long as one has fought with all one’s strengths and one’s convictions, and when one is defeated on such terms then one can claim the laurels that time will reward one with.

History is filled with heroic defeats and in most of them the victor has little or no relevance.

Besides, we didn’t lose anything as I’ve told you it was a war that was never ours to lose. The Great Maddie War (GMW) was between the BHs themselves and between the whole lot of them and time.

Besides, if you insist on interpreting me saying that I was manipulated with me saying I lost, is there any shame losing a game to a chess grandmaster? No, it was a privilege to have been able to play against him.

We were the pawns in that game and it was just a sheer delight to see how well we were played!”


“Never underestimate the power of the pawn as there’s no other piece on the board that is as selfless and that can change the outcome in just that moment when it transforms and becomes something else including the powerful Queen.

A pawn is the most often sacrificed piece on the board and always for higher interests than its own so that makes it simply the noblest piece of all.

Like the pawns we are, we citizens, should never, ever, lose sight of our dignity and our importance, and sometimes we do just that.

At Textusa we’ve tried to remind people of that fact.

What differentiates people is their spine verticality and not the colour of their blood, which, by the way, is red in all cases, although some do think wrongly that money or a family name alters that fact.”

“Now I’m really confused. You say you were pawns in trenches filled up with deceiving BHs in a war that wasn’t yours to win?!? Where is the sense in that?!?”

“First get your analogies right, you either say soldiers in trenches with BHs right next to us and using an identical uniform or say pawns in a chess game where “white” pieces were black ones with just a coat of paint.”

“But that means you were being fooled most of the time!”

“Yes, that is correct. Not most of the time but up to a certain point of time. No shame in admitting that.”

“When was that?”

“That’s something I have to still decide if I’m ever to reveal. But I can tell you it was much before the “Last Call” post.

As I told you yesterday, Textusa was a late comer.

I was quite confused when I started reading blogs in the early days, as they seemed to hate each other more than the McCanns, who I thought were the supposed wrongdoers!

I soon became suspicious of them, but couldn't work out who were what we call BHs.

Then reality dawned on me but having that knowledge did me no good as I couldn’t use it, so I played the dumb blond.”

“Why couldn’t you use it?”

“Because they had glorified the fake WH to a point that if one went even slightly against their dogmatic truth it was considered that one was committing nothing short of the worst possible blasphemous heresy.

Look how much flak the blog took in exposing Mrs Fenn, and it didn’t come from the expected sources. Remember how many “I just can’t see why she…” did we read?

And because they “couldn’t see IT”, IT couldn’t be. That simple and dogmatic.

There was an overall deceit. It had to be that way to have us all convinced into pointing our guns to empty trenches like we did for so long!

You say we were fooled, I say we were masterfully played.

Once understood what really was going on it became quite amusing to watch.

I grew quite fond of the word “pretendy”. As in “pretendy” friends, “pretendy” enemies, “pretendy” fights, “pretendy” fall outs… you name it and you just had put a “pretendy” behind it to quickly understand the developments of the game.

My favorite? The “pretendy” ego-fight.

Delicious to watch people seemingly fighting for importance and recognition and then “falling out” when it was all but a justification for a change of “status” of one of the parties.

A true world of make-belief because it was indeed to make you believe in it!

But you know what? At the end of the day, it all comes down to how each one of us manages our own conscience.

Each one of us is only able to act according to what each one’s conscience dictates.

We all carry our burden of sins but if there’s a thing we all know is that person who we all see on the other side of the mirror will never go away.

In my case, as that person and I share the same conscience, I try to keep it as clear as possible.

Doing some things only denotes lack of conscience and, honestly, we’ve come across some people who sure seem like they’ve forgotten to pick up that particular item when they came into this life.”

“You seem to have spotted many…”

“Well, we do hope we’ve spotted them all, or at least the most relevant ones. We keep our opinions to ourselves on who our opponents are and enjoy observing their tactics.

Many, I’m sure, are wondering today if they have been caught out or not, but that’s their problem, not mine.”

Their problem?”

“It’s a matter in the area of personal conscience. Waiting for a person with no conscience to gain one through your words is as intelligent calling someone stupid.

The stupid, because they’re stupid, don’t know they’re stupid and will fail to comprehend, irrelevant of the ways and times one explains and the “pretendy” stupid know it to be a false statement so one is being stupid just for having said it.

The same, or almost, goes with people with no conscience. It won’t be by one’s words that will make them have one.

On the contrary, when you tell a conscienceless person s/he has no conscience what you end up doing is triggering a defensive mechanism whereby s/he will come up with the most shameless of explanations to justify having done what they did when they knew very well how wrong they were when they did it.

People with no conscience will never be sorry for what they’ve done. Sorrow is a sentiment they’re only able to feel when they’re caught out and that’s because they regret not having been able to fly under the radar and not because the harm they have eventually caused.

But not all BHs are devoid of conscience, much to the contrary, it’s what has tormented them all these years into being resilient BHs.”

“Explain please…”

“Well, you have to understand the diversity and the heterogenic nature of what constitutes what we now call BHs.

I’ve taken 4 days to explain to you the macro-picture of the Maddie Affair, right?”


“Now within that big overall picture you have hundreds of personal stories and different kinds of motivations.

For starters you have two major groups within the Black Hats, the defensive and the offensive groups.”

Offensive, defensive?”

“Ok, let’s look at the players involved. You have basically two sets of people, the T9 and the others.

The difference between them is that it’s within the T9 that lies the secret as to how Maddie died. We know that, but most importantly the “others” do too.

Let’s be really benevolent with all involved and let’s suppose all of them want to do right thing. Note the present tense, please.”


“So imagine that within the Tapas 9 whoever had responsibility for Maddie’s death had wanted to own up on that night, could they have done so?”

“See no reason as to why not… no wait, if they did that the risk of exposing the apple tree would be too great, so, no, they couldn’t!”

“That’s right! Not saying that is what happened mind you, just raising all reasonable possibilities because that is what we must continuously do.

The others, or the Guests, Ocean Club and the Event’s Organizers, “forced” the forging of the child’s death because “higher interests”, theirs, were at stake.

They knew that what they were doing in that week wasn’t illegal It just wouldn’t be “accepted” by the general public if it ever happened to be known. But they knew that to assure that didn’t happen what they decided to do was illegal.

So you have these two groups, the first, even if it wanted, couldn’t own up because the other wouldn’t allow it.

As I’ve repeatedly said in the blog, swingers are absolutely normal people who find pleasure in expressing their sexuality in a different way which they’re absolutely entitled to. They’re not perverted or evil.

Due to the exclusive nature of the event happening in Praia da Luz, this particular group of swingers was of made up of upper class people.

That’s a very important characteristic about this particular group. If society was a cake made up of a hundred layers the people in this group belonged to the top-half of the top layer.

We’re talking about 0,5% of the population of any country, around 310,000 people in Britain, 50,000 in Portugal, although as far as we understand there weren’t any Portuguese involved in this particular swinging event.

This means many things.

First of all that they’re people who’ve succeeded in the cruelest world of all, the world of success. They’re used to having their own way and in getting what they want. The concept of hearing a no for an answer is unknown to them.

Secondly that their success makes them look at the rest of society as one enormous unhygienic herd whose sole purpose in life should be to look up to them in permanent jubilation about their success. This success, which may have the most diverse origins such as commercial, intellectual or artistic, is always translated in worldly possessions, or in a clearer terminology, as material wealth. We should bow at their passage and aren’t even worthy of breathing the same air they do. Literally the XXI’s Century’s nobility.

Thirdly that this class-centric, or elitist, aspect in the way they look at life makes them tend to overlook the sins of their own "pack", finding these little “peccadilloes” to be quaint or even amusing. All of them know some sort of little secret about everyone else but these excesses are not only tolerated but accepted.

Fourthly and last but not least, that they’re people with the right and powerful connections, for all them share, as I said just now, a commonality of sinfulness. Not saying they all sin the same way but that they all do sin so more than just accepted the sins are defended.

They tend to protect their own kin, fiercely. They very quickly close ranks and protect each other in the best “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” style.

Now you have this particular group of upper class people, who have on their conscience that the death of a little girl is to go without justice. It’s one heavy burden to carry around, especially when one is witnessing the glorification of those who should be constricting themselves!

What has happened is that to appease their own guilty conscience they, and their friends, have set on crusade to bring the McCanns to justice.

A very fierce and determined crusade. They are the BH on the offensive. The Tapas, including the McCanns but not limited to them, are the ones defending, literally, their lives. 

BHs fighting for their lives against other BHs set on the fiercest crusade against them.

“That’s good, no?”

It would be if they sought justice. By wanting only an amalgamated collation of specifically selected parts of both justice and truth they not only achieve neither but hinder further the finding of both.

It’s a common fact that the worst lie is a half-truth and they certainly don’t even want half the truth to come out. 

They just want the part that incriminates the McCanns and the Tapas. Which, by the way, we believe it have been the whole truth back in the early evening of may 3rd, 2007, but that at the end of that same evening no longer was with the “abduction” decision.

They want the best of two worlds, truth and justice, but only the best as in their best interest. It’s a greedy want…”

“You can’t be on good terms with the devil and God simultaneously they say…”

“Exactly, they don’t seek justice as they don’t want the whole truth to be revealed but only those parts that interest them, which they think will cleanse their soul and wash away the “blood” from their hands.

But it won’t as it’s a task with as much chance of success as the SY Review as no matter how much they wash it away there will always be traces of guilt.

They have the Apartment 5A as an example. It was meticulously cleaned, maybe too meticulously, and still the dogs found compromising traces.

It’s one stain impossible to remove because they’re overlooking the fact that the only crime it proved to have happened is the one they committed, together with the McCanns and the remainder T9, a crime with implications and ramifications well beyond the crime scene.”

“The Apartment 5A?”

“Oh no, not only the apartment. The crime scene was all over Praia da Luz. That’s where we’re certain the crime of perverting the course of justice by unlawfully disposing of, destroying or concealing a body was committed.

The only crime we’re certain to have happened inside Apartment 5A is that of obstruction of justice which was what the meticulous cleaning was in reality.

We’re not even sure if it was there that the abduction theory was concocted and about Maddie’s death, fatal accidents are an unfortunate often recurring reality worldwide.

And what has happened now is that you have a group of people who never in their lives thought of becoming what they’ve become: criminals. Obstructing justice is a crime and we all know it is.

And this group of people, albeit their collective class-centricity and their multiple egocentricities, have collectively gone bad, some even to the point of evilness.

They’ve made their crime worse with each passing day by involving more and more people and institutions into the mess.

And worst of all, they’ve resourced the public persecution of two people, Goncalo Amaral and Tony Bennett. I don’t know if it was the result of a scare-tactic campaign that went out of control but whatever it was, a lot of money has been spent in deliberately harming two people who all know are just believers of truth and justice.

And because we at Textusa have worked on unveiling the whole truth to seek justice without absolutely any restrictions we’ve been cast with a kind of Pythia Syndrome.”

“The what?”

“The Pythia Syndrome. Something I have just invented. Like Pythia we’re said to be, by the “out-of-the-closet” BHs, tin-foil hatted, barking mad and under effect of hallucinogenic mushrooms and by the other BHs, or as we like to call them, “WH”, to be rogue with a writing style that is but an incomprehensible, infinitely long and pointless gibberish.

For example, check out this comment we've just received:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Fearless":

Your obsession with the non-existent "Insane" is symbolic of your obsession with a non-existent "cover up of unseen proportions and scope".

I'm not the poster in question, but I remember the post from which you started calling the person "Insane". It was clear from the context that "insane" was a comment on one of your batty posts, not a signature, but now you have devoted a considerable proportion of your home page building up this non-existent persona. Someone somewhere must be laughing their a**e off.

Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Feb 22, 2013, 11:38:00 PM

You can't imagine the times we've been threatened by that terrible threat that a group of unknown people will be laughing at us. I think only kids at school are affected by that taunt. We sometimes get a version of - my dad's bigger than your dad too!

The Pythia of Greece delivered Oracles. The usual theory has been that the Pythia delivered oracles in a frenzied state induced by vapors rising from a chasm in the rock, and that she spoke gibberish which priests interpreted as the enigmatic prophecies preserved in Greek literature

Basically she was considered bonkers, a fantasist, very much like Textusa has been considered by many renowned “White Hats”. A basic but powerful tool to subconsciously implant a negative image of us, keeping people from coming to read the blog and those who do to have a bad impression before they even “set a foot” in our blog.

People use those derogatory adjectives for some reason, which I think are personal. They don’t want the whole truth out there but do want to see "justice", their justice, served.”

Truth can’t be tailored to one’s desire!”

“Try telling them that. Anyhow what they forget is that labeling us with a sort of a Pythia Syndrome they’re actually paying us a huge compliment.”

“By transforming insult into a compliment?”

“No, we don’t need to transform anything. Their insult is really a compliment. A big one at that.

Pythia was said to be mad, but a mad seer. It was indeed said she spoke gibberish but it’s also a commonly accepted fact that she was a very important Oracle to the Greeks.

Some recent scholars maintain she spoke coherently. What may seem gibberish to some but makes perfect sense to others.

In our case the fact they make an extra effort in shouting as loudly as they can into the seven winds, as the Portuguese say, that we speak nothing but gibberish only tells us what they’re trying to do is give their best to avoid others seeing the perfect sense we’re making.”

“You, an oracle… never thought I was marrying one! And what does the “oracle” foresee as the outcome of all this mess?”

“Well, I don’t know. As I’ve been saying, the Maddie Affair has had the following crucial milestones:

- May 3rd, 2007, in which Maddie died and in which the decision to go for the abduction theory was taken;

- Uncertain date, most likely in June 2007, in which Maddie’s body was disposed of and in which it was “decided” to go after the McCanns;

- September 17th, 2007, in which it was reluctantly accepted that it was impossible to bring down the McCanns without involving others and in which it was decided to launch the largest demotivational campaign the world has ever seen, using all platforms through which communications flowed.

- May 12th, 2011, on which the decision was implemented to go after the McCanns again. Notice I don’t say it was a renewed attempt as the only thing in common with the decision made in 2007 is the McCanns, as those who took the decisions and the motives with which they made the decision were completely different in 2010/2011.

- Uncertain day, uncertain month, uncertain year, in which SY will present the results of their Review..

The last milestone will be, obviously, the most important one and the one history will register.

We believe that the presentation will be more of an anti-presentation, something of the sort that the 195 new leads lead nowhere and the case is to remain archived and due to its sensitive nature the SY report will not be released publicly.”

“That will be a scandal!!”

“What do you want me to tell you? Haven’t you noticed how the whole world has turned upside down on Maddie’s world?

Not all ethylene gas emissions from all geologic chasms in the earth that supposedly caused the Pythia's state of inspiration to "connect with the divine" could anyone see any sense in all of this or be able to predict with probable causality the future on this matter besides what I’ve just told you we think will happen.

Anything different from what we,  the "Oracle", predicted on Feb 17th, last year, will surprise us.”

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Update: Please check at the end of the post on how you can help Mr. Bennett.

We have to confess that about tomorrow's Mr Bennett’s Trial's outcome we are absolutely divided about our desire on what the verdict is to be.

If Mr Bennett is to win, he won’t be able to go on to the full libel trial. That happening it would mean that the McCanns would be off the hook, so winning will be losing.

On the other hand it would mean that Mr Bennett’s freedom and/or possessions would no longer be at stake and Carter-Ruck would have suffered not a defeat but a humiliating one, so winning will be winning.

If Mr Bennett is to lose, it would mean that he would have the requirements to take it to the next level. That happening it would mean that the McCanns wouldn’t be off the hook and their legal nightmare, of their own doing, with Mr. Bennett wouldn’t be over. Losing will be winning.

However it would also mean that Mr Bennett’s freedom and/or possessions would still be at stake and pursuing the fight might mean human and material resources beyond the man’s capabilities. Losing will be losing.

We believe that if Mr Bennett is to lose, any sentence will be suspended until after the libel trial.

If Mr Bennett’s hypothetical loss is to mean his immediate and effective loss of freedom and/or possessions that would take the BHs down the worst possible path. In this specific possibility, independently of the hardships that Mr Bennett will have to go through and which we certainly don’t desire, losing would be, in our opinion, a decisive victory.

As you can see, the expression “to win” and “to lose” when it comes to Mr. Bennett’s Trial verdict are not of a linear and simple interpretation, it’s a true dilemma of winning or losing.

Mr Bennett has to lose to have a chance of winning the next round, the really important one. This hearing should be treated like the warm up bout.

Let us make quite clear that if it wasn’t for a human factor, we would fully support a loss by Mr. Bennett as the verdict for this Trial because we’re fully aware for it to be the only way towards a decisive victory against the McCanns on a full libel trial.

As we’ve said, only by losing can he undertake that fight.

And that is exactly what human factor is in question: Mr Bennett’s reserves to fight on.

If the verdict exonerates Mr. Bennett then there’s nothing to be decided. It all boils down to is his decision in case he’s to hear a sentence tomorrow.

If that is to happen we, in this blog, will not in any way pressure Mr Bennett on what to decide. Besides being an absolutely personal decision to make, and whatever it will be it will be respected by us, we would like to show respect and gratefulness for all Mr Bennett has achieved up to now.

The best way to not to pressure Mr. Bennett is to downplay tomorrow’s outcome and highlight what has been unquestionably victorious and that’s to have opened the seas to “Truth’s” sister ship, “Fearless”.

If, by ”defeating” the Adamastor, Bartolomeu Dias opened the seas to allow Vasco da Gama to follow him and conquer the Sea Route to India, Mr Bennett, by defeating the “Libel Adamastor”, Carter-Ruck, the only real loser independently of the outcome tomorrow, has opened the seas that have been blocked by fear until he had the courage to face the beast.

And with “Fearless” out at sea, many other ships will soon join up to make up a mighty fleet.

On Monday we heard the unsurprising and easily predictable news that the McCanns failed to reach an agreement with Goncalo Amaral.

For us, the only surprise, if you can call it that, was the speed with which the lack of agreement was reached. It only goes to show how much Mr. Amaral is really resolute.

If Mr. Bennett had to face the mythical monster, the seas in which Mr Amaral has been the man at the helm have constantly been with a hurricane-strong turbulence, if one just looks at the resources that have been put against the man, and for how long and in how so many different ways those resources have been put to use.

Both VERY courageous, both guided exclusively by principles.

So taking into account their deserved merits we would like to dedicate to both Mr. Amaral and Mr. Bennett, something also suggested by two of our readers in our "Man at the Helm vs The Monster" post, the music “Man at the Helm” (O Homem do Leme) written by the Portuguese band “Xutos &Pontapes”:



Alone in the night
a boat heads wherever it goes
a light in the dark shines outright
obfuscating all others.

And more than a wave, more than a tide ...
They tried to imprison him, impose him a faith ...
But, drifting at will, breaking the longing,
goes who now nothing fears, goes the man at the helm...

And from within is born a will to laugh
and a will to go, travel the world and depart
life is always a loss...

On the bottom of the sea
lie the others, those who there remained
in grey days
eternal rest there they found.

And more than a wave, more than a tide ...
They tried to imprison him, impose him a faith ...
But, drifting at will, breaking the longing,
goes who now nothing fears, goes the man at the helm...

And from within is born a will to laugh
and a will to go, travel the world and depart
life is always a loss...

On the distant horizon
blows the murmur of where it's going.
In the bottom of time
flees the future, it's too late ...

And from within is born a will to laugh
and a will to go, travel the world and to depart
life is always a loss...”

Thank you, Mr Amaral and Mr Bennett. It’s good to see that principles still serve to guide good people, as it’s good to see stumble those who’ve turned against you

Post Scriptum:

We're in no way acknowledging or endorsing Mr. Bennett's points of view about the circumstances in which Maddie died, nor are we seeking in any way acknowledgment or endorsement from him about ours.

As we have said before, we apparently have different opinions as to what exactly happened but we have said also that personal differences are to be set aside and support 100% Mr. Bennett in his legal struggle in the exact same way and amount we support Mr. Amaral in his. 

We aren't dogmaticly implying that ours and Mr Bennett's theories are poles apart but clearly stating that even if they were we would still support him 100%.

What is at stake is two men fighting for their beliefs. We may not agree with their theories but agree fully that one should stand for what one believes in and we all share a common belief in justice and truth.

The lyrics of the music in Portuguese:

Sózinho na noite
um barco ruma para onde vai
uma luz no escuro brilha a direito
ofusca as demais.

E mais que uma onda, mais que uma maré...
Tentaram prendê-lo, impor-lhe uma fé...
Mas, vogando à vontade, rompendo a saudade,
vai quem já nada teme, vai o homem do leme...

E uma vontade de rir nasce do fundo do ser.
e uma vontade de ir, correr o mundo e partir,
a vida é sempre a perder...

No fundo do mar
jazem os outros, os que lá ficaram.
em dias cinzentos
descanso eterno lá encontraram.

E mais que uma onda, mais que uma maré...
Tentaram prendê-lo, impor-lhe uma fé...
Mas, vogando à vontade, rompendo a saudade,
vai quem já nada teme, vai o homem do leme...

E uma vontade de rir nasce do fundo do ser.
e uma vontade de ir, correr o mundo e partir,
a vida é sempre a perder...

No fundo horizonte
sopra o murmúrio para onde vai.
no fundo do tempo
foge o futuro, é tarde demais...

E uma vontade de rir nasce do fundo do ser.
E uma vontade de ir, correr o mundo e partir,
a vida é sempre a perder..."


Mr Bennett has lost. We will abide by our words and will not provide any sort of opinion on the matter besides what already stated.

It pleases us to see recognition of our respect and consideration for those who we believe to unquestionably deserve public recognition for all they have done and been unjustly subject to.:



A support fund has been set up to assist Tony and his family. If you can help financially it would be very much appreciated, no matter how little. If you cannot assist with a donation, there are other ways that you can support, for instance, by helping to promote the cause, sending a message of support or offering advice. We would be very grateful for any assistance.

The fund is set up at "COLD", the "Campaign for Oppressed Libel Defendants".

Please also feel free to Join the support group on Facebook!/groups/351808264842678/

Many thanks to all who support Tony and his family at this time 

Friday, 15 February 2013

Surprise "Attack"

No, I did NOT pose for the picture.

“Where were we on the Great Maddie War?”

“In "Textusa’s Pearl Harbour".”

“No, that’s what said I was going to speak about. The question was to know if you have understood what I’ve said so far.”

“Before the monkey experiment you explained how you were in some sort of trench warfare kind of war but trenches were filled up with both all you people and BHs, side by side, and that you people were doing all their fighting for them because the objective was to centre the attention on the McCanns and anything else was off-limits and made untouchable either by making people be afraid of being sued or by making them feel they were ridiculous.

“Very good! I see I passed aside a brilliant teaching career!  Do you still remember what was it all about?”


“What was the objective of the war?”

“Didn’t I say it just now? The objective was to centre the attention on the McCanns.”

“That was the objective of the fighting but winning the war meant making hundreds of thousands  stop being interested in Maddie or the McCanns.

The GMW had to take place as a consequence of the BHs having blown sky high the McCann as the sacrificial lambs for the death of their daughter, a status they were forced to recall by recalling “The McCann Hunting Party 07”.

The idea was to slowly erode away that idea. To slowly ride down the McCann tidal wave and bring it down, if possible, to a ripple or, better yet, to a smooth plane of water…”

“Oh yes, I remember it now… to avoid any newcomers and to drive people away as fast as they could.”

“Also I said that after 1,000 days of conflict the topics discussed, by around only 5,000 people, had basically strayed away from the McCanns to “WH” intra-fighting; that there had been a power shift, from the “scientists” to the “monkeys” so that those in the BH Centres of Decision weren’t the same people who were there at the beginning of the conflict; that we had a change of Government in the UK that meant that the Nepotistic Network had to adapt quickly and the connections between the BHs and the politicians changed or were in process of changing; that the BH Camp was crumbling from the inside with bitter fighting between the various factions and that Britain was tired of the Maddie issue and was really looking forward for it to end."

“Yes, that’s what you said and that was when you said you launched "Textusa Pearl Harbour’s" which, you said, changed the outcome of the conflict.”

“Well, in our opinion, it contributed significantly, if you pardon the immodesty…”

“Could you just cut to the chase and tell me what was that “Pearl Harbour” thing?!?”

“It was our “Last Call” post in July 2010. That’s what the equivalent to Pearl Harbour was in the GMW.”

“Why that post in particular?”

 “I call it the “Textusa Pearl Harbour” as, like the military operation that took place on December 7th, 1941, it caught everyone by surprise and the adversary’s reaction to it turned out to be decisive in the outcome of the conflict in which it happened.

However there was one major significant difference between both cases.”

“And it was?”

“In the case of the Japanese, they were “forced” to attack as a result of the fuel embargo set on them by the US after having occupied Indochina, while no one forced Textusa to “attack”, which we didn’t… I mean, in reality, it wasn’t even an attack or meant to be an attack… it was just taken as such… you know, a gross “operational” misunderstanding…”

“Huh? What? Say again?”

“You know how when two parts communicate that there are always three points of view?”

Mine, yours and the real one? Is that it?”

“Yes, that’s exactly it.

When someone says something, there is what the person thinks has been said, what the other part hears having been said and what the person really did say.

With that post I thought I said something, but the BHs read it differently and, in hindsight, neither part was right."

“Say again, please”

There was what the blog thought it said and there was what it said, and in this case the blog thought it was saying something and the BHs heard a different thing when the blog was actually saying something else!"

“Please, please, make some sense about you just said…”

“Let’s start by what I said, then, if you would just be a little patient, I’ll explain how it’s different from what I thought I said.”

“Yes, go ahead by all means…”

“So, what I said was: Black Hats, I’ve worked enough on the couple and their friends and when I come back from holidays I’m going to post about other people who were there in that particular resort during that particular week.

This, if you read the post, is what I said.”

“Right, go on.”

“Next, what I thought I said.”

“Go on.”

“To understand what I thought I said you must know what I thought I knew at the time.

Direct Link vs Reality

I was an absolute believer of a direct link between the T9 and London via Jim Gamble.

That meant that I thought that it was just the T9 and Gamble that called ALL the shots.

I knew the whole table thing was ludicrous and the Tapas sheets were as real as a Black Hat with a peaceful mind.

But the fact that the Tapas dinners were accepted as fact meant that the appearance of Guest’s names on Tapas sheets meant the involvement of both Tapas and Guests.

The difference of what I thought then and what I’m certain of now is that then I thought that this involvement was forced, or passive, and now I’m certain that it was an active one.

I thought that the names of the Guests that appeared in the Tapas sheets were there because they were people who wanted or were convinced by the T9 to help out a couple with already enough trouble on their hands and certainly didn’t need anymore problems by being known that they hadn’t been anywhere near Tapas, or the apartments, in those evenings/nights.

About the Ocean Club, I thought the management had been coerced to go along with the abduction story by the British who flew in on Jim Gamble’s orders, and had instructed their staff to lie accordingly.

So, to sum up, I was absolutely convinced that the T9 were indeed the ONLY bad guys and the names that appeared on the reservation sheets were just gullible or forced participants in the cover-up.”

“Following you…”

“Have to confess that then I was absolutely intoxicated by the BH propaganda. I was absolutely within the nice and neat white picket fence that they had masterfully manipulated me to be in!”

“Yes, I can see that!”

“So, this is what I thought I said: “To all those who were in that particular resort during that particular week, I understand your current predicament and know you were dragged into all this, but to explain exactly what happened I have to show that the Tapas dinners are fake and to do that and show how phony the McCanns are I must bring your names up. If you can, have them confess before I return from holidays, because that’s exactly about what I’m going to post when I return from them.”

“A little bit too naïve, yes? It’s totally not you…”

“Yes I was and was absolutely heartfelt. I really thought that the swinging was only between the T9 and that they had, together with Jim Gamble, shunted a connection to London that had forced London to act.

And if one could force London to act one would obviously be able to force the OC into doing anything!”

“Well, it has its logic… and have to say that what you said and what you thought you said are rather different indeed… so, what did the BHs think you said?”

“This: BH’s, I’m on to your game. I know you were swinging and have nothing against it but I know that the McCanns and their friends didn’t have any sort of power to influence things they way they were manipulated. I’m not after you but I want the McCanns and their friends to own up to what they did. If when I come back from the holidays the T9 aren’t confessing I’m going to start writing about all that is outside that nice and neat white picket fence all the way to the apple tree!

And this is basically what was common between our “Textusa’s Pearl Harbour” and that of 1941, with all due respect to the lives that were lost that day of WW II.”

“Explain, please.”

“In both cases the attacked were surprised as they never thought they could be attacked where they were and in both cases the reaction to that attack proved to be decisive.

In the WW II, the fact that the US entered the conflict was decisive for it to be won by the Allies.

In our case, we believe that we, unwittingly, catapulted the events into following the directions they did and which culminated with the Armistice of 12 May 11.”

“The what?”

“Never mind… I’ll get there in a minute.”

“Ok, go on.”

“To understand the exaggerated reaction on the part of the BHs to this post you have also to understand what prefaced it, and that was the The Stroller posts.

You know, the ones where we demonstrated that the man Smith had seen was none other than Gerry McCann wanting to be seen with a blonde little girl that although very similar to his just deceased daughter, wasn’t. The girl he was seen carrying was sedated but very much alive.

“Yes, I remember them…”

“With these posts we got the BHs confused on how to react because although we were clobbering Gerry we were also going into hazardous grounds: the body,

If Gerry was carrying a live girl where then was Maddie’s body?

So most BHs remained silent throughout these posts but some understood the danger and started to put up a fight.

Some even risked their construed “WH” persona in the effort of not allowing us off that nicely built white fence around the McCanns.

Their efforts proved to be completely unsuccessful, as today it’s a given that it was Gerry with Tanner’s daughter that was seen by the Smiths.

However this BH reaction made me realize two things, one right then and there and the other in hindsight.”

“And they were?”

“There and then was that the grass was greener on the other side because on this side, our side, our grass was all dull and brown not because it lacked quality but because it had its roots set in soil filled with maggots and moles.

In hindsight, to understand how seriously they took the “threat” to jump the fence that they thought they had read with the Last Call post because the The Stroller posts showed what, and they saw it, Textusa was capable of, just based on the PJ Files and local geography. This proved two things, both very, very dangerous to the BHs.

First it showed that Textusa could think outside the box and not go with the flow just because the rest of the pack went that way and second that it could READ in the PJ Files what could be extrapolated from them and that was what the BH had worked so hard to distract from.

With our Last Call post, we, I must again confess, unwittingly, moved the spotlight from the centre of the stage, or the apple, and showed that there was a whole apple tree behind it!

Although the blog’s only intention was just to widen the spotlight maintaining the focus on the McCanns and at the same time illuminate the rest of the stage, the BHs thought that I was just about to point that light directly into their faces.

After about 1,000 days of war, and over 1,150 days after Maddie died, someone had, for the first time, explicitly threatened the “sacred” grounds so carefully and arduously built around the apple tree!

Alarm bells must have rung in BH HQ. Something had to be done!

So they reacted.”


"Freddie Mercury sang, as only he could sing, A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, but what seemed to persecute the BHs was certainly something called A Crazy Little Thing Called Fate.

Remember those five things I said happened in the first 1,000 days of the GMW? Well, as fate would have it it was about that time, 1,000 days, that it was when we published that fateful post.

The “monkeys” were at the helm busy with what wasn’t important and the “scientists” were home trying to see the best way to connect with the new Government.

So, as had happened on the fateful evening of May 3rd, 2007, where someone wrongly suggested and where someone else wrongly accepted the abduction story as the best way to get out of the hot water they were in, this time, somewhere, some “monkey” took the absolutely wrong decision of bringing back the “The McCann Hunting Party”, now in its version of 2011.

Remember this was a decision made by the “monkeys” who knew not why they were defending the “apple tree” but only knew that no one was to go near it.

They thought that slamming the McCanns was the objective while the real one was to mitigate the tidal wave caused by the launching of the campaign against them in 07.

If they didn’t know what had caused it, how could they know that it was what they should have focused their attention to?

Slamming the McCanns was just a secondary objective and not the desired end-state. More like a long-term diversion maneuver to keep the attention away from the “apple tree”.

The real objective was to control that mob by dampening their enthusiasm until bit by bit they would get tired of the subject and go home.

And when they finally went home all that was needed was to let the subject die and be absorbed by the entrails of the internet.

And people were leaving because besides Textusa I don’t recall any other blog or forum putting up new stuff out there. The discussions grinded intentionally over and over on the same topics and the only novelties on the various blogs and forums were those that were being printed by a very biased media.

The complicit media recycled clutter and the blogs and forums chewed it as if it was a new recipe freshly out of the oven!

The tabloid “monkeys” were controlling completely the game! They set the rhythm and determined directions! Every single time they threw a “bone” out there, one could almost see the enormous dust cloud formed by all those chasing it!

As you can see, at those 1,000 days the “monkeys” had their foot literally on the pedestal of victory and didn’t know it! They were so, so near… and they blew it.”

“But how? If they were so near, why would they do something that stupid? I mean, whatever they did because I still haven’t figured it out what they did do wrong yet…”


Ignorance?!? Now you tell me they were ignorant?!?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. More precisely that the 2010 “monkeys” were completely ignorant.”

“The 2010 “monkeys”?!? Make sense woman!!”

“As I said, the “monkeys” that had any linkage with the 2007 events, namely the “McCann Hunting Party 07” and the start of the GMW, were too busy with their in-fighting than with the “business” at hand, leaving that to the “monkeys” that had nothing to do with the events of 2007 other then feed the public as instructed.

The “high-rank-BH-belts”, as I also said, were more worried in reestablishing the Nepotistic Network in accordance with the new government meaning that the Maddie case was, at the time, the least of their worries.

With all this in a cauldron of confusion, cross-interests and lack of real awareness added to the lack of engagement on the subject by those who could make the difference it could only end up in disaster!”

The “07 Decision Board” who had decided on the “McCann Hunting Party 07” and on the start of the GMW had after these 1,000 daysdisbanded” leaving the “monkeys” in business as I explained yesterday.

I’m as sure that no one from the Tabloids was part of the “07 Decision Board” as I’m sure they were the biggest presence in the “11 Decision Board”.

And what were the tabloids interested in? Sales! For them the McCann saga had been a very profitable one and they were certain that they would only let go of it after squeezing the last penny out of it!

“No doubt about that! But still not getting the “Pearl-Harbourness” of all this…”

“As I said, after our Last Call post, a decision by the BHs had to be taken, but which one?

After all, for the first time someone was stepping on forbidden territory, on out-of-bounds ground on no-man’s land as in land that no man, or woman, was supposed to tread!

To the uninformed it made perfect sense to move in on the McCanns before this Textusa character exposed what was there for all to see in the PJ Files!

The popularity of the couple, by their doing, was so low that it was becoming an embarrassment to be in any way linked with them.

The whole “Maddie thing” was like a rusty nail continuingly pricking UK’s dignity and credibility to the point of not only causing a wound but infecting it.

People were expecting that the new Government to put an end to this embarrassment.

The timing was perfect!

And by bringing the McCanns down they had two added bonuses: the solution to the Tony Bennett problem and the solution the Goncalo Amaral problem!

With the arrest of the couple and their friends these two legal processes would crumble without reaching the Courts!

It was time to pounce on the McCanns!

So before this “Textusa” started to do whatever it was she going to do that could compromise the integrity of the apple tree they slowly but steadily started to pull the rug from under the McCanns’ feet.

But there was a problem that they weren’t aware of…”

“And that was?”

As there was no one there to tell them about the GLITCH, or how important it was not to have Maddie's body to be stumbled upon, that had literally forced the 07 campaign to stop dead in its tracks, they simply didn’t know."


"One GIGANTIC ooops, you can say that again! That vital piece of information had been LOST with all that had happened in those first 1,000 days.

So they can’t be blamed for launching “Operation Dumbass”."

Operation Dumbass?!?”

“That’s the name I gave it. And it went as planned by the BHs. Exactly the way they had planned it.

The plan, I must say, was quite audacious and if pulled off right it would restore Britain’s credibility to its merited status!”

“And what was the plan?”

“Well, I wasn’t there so I can but speculate, but I think it went along the following general lines: make the McCanns scared so they would squeal and whine, then go to them and offer “help”. That “help” would culminate with the British Prime-Minister summoning the prestigious Scotland Yard who would, as they always do, solve the case brilliantly: the McCanns did it!

So they fired Jim Gamble and the McCanns sensing that the new Government was becoming too unfriendly for comfort came out to say that the Fund was running dry… remember that?”

“Yes, in fact I do.”

“That was the expected squealing and whining from the dastardly pair as they were clearly saying if you don’t continue to help us we’ll spill the beans!”.

So the BHs "compliantly" reached out to “help” them by giving the idea of Kate of writing a book with her version of events.

And they even gave extra help by providing someone to “help” her write that book!

 Understand now the name of the Operation?"

“Yes, I must say I do”

“They even convinced the McCanns to sign their own prison orders by writing that letter to Cameron!"

"I think I found a glitch in your theory!!"

"How so?"

"Well The Sun had the world's exclusive on the serialization of Kate's book, so what you're saying is that they were killing their own golden egg goose! If the McCann's got arrested, down the drain would go that so much profitable serialization, right?"

"See? That's another example of miscommunication! Only this time it was intentional."

"Intentional? How so?"

"Have you read the book?"

"You know I have! Not something I'm really proud of, but yes I did read the thing."

"Don't you think it was little bit self-incriminating?"

"Not a little bit! Completely and utterly self-incriminating!!!"

"So when The Sun said they were going to serialize the book after its publication they meant every word they said, they just, deliberately, didn't say all the words they really were meaning to say."


"They left out the words "and after the arrest" which makes the whole difference. When they said "we're going to serialize the book after its publication" they really meant to say "were going to serialize the book after its publication and after the arrest." 

But they couldn't exactly say it then, now could they?

"They had the world's exclusive to the most self-incriminatory document to what would have been the arrest of the century!!! Can you just imagine how BIG a gold mine that was?!?"

"No question about that!" 

"So on May 12, 2011 the SY Review was pompously announced by Britain’s Prime-Minister himself!

That is what I call the Armistice of 12 May 11 which marked the end of the Great Maddie War and the ill-fated start of “The McCann Hunting Party 11”."

“So, who won the GMW?”

“No one, my dear, no one. Look at it this way, it was like in the Balkans when NATO came in. SY waltzed in as the interposition force for this war. The war ended and no one officially won.

But I can tell you who lost it: Cameron and Scotland Yard."


“As I said, the GMW ended and the “The McCann Hunting Party 11” began not only with the exact same glitch, which meant it was destined for disaster from the start, but with one other major difference from the 07 version!

“What difference?”

“The McCanns

“The McCanns?”

“While in the 07 version they never knew they were being hunted, in the 11 version they knew at once they were prey!

SY had to produce the expected results quickly so most likely they didn’t beat about the bush and went straight for the McCanns.

Only in May 2011 did the McCanns realize in what a cesspool of snakes they had been standing in for the past 4 years!

All those would had been there to “help” them were just there waiting for the first opportunity in having them take the fall alone to pounce on them!

Imagine how painful it must have been for that idea to sink in...”

“I can only imagine their despair, confusion, anger…”

“And I can only imagine the paleness of those who had decided to stop the game in 07 when they realized, at once, what a predicament Cameron had unwittingly put SY in…”

“One thing I’m sure and that is that I wouldn’t like to be in the shoes of whoever convinced him to do that!

Especially when you look back and see how that they had the GMW won and that stupid decision compromised it all.”

All they had to do was to close the tap slowly and the stream would become a trickle and the trickle mere drops until it dried up completely

“Please make sense…”

“They would just shut down the forums and have their "White Hat" bloggers start to “lose interest” in the issue or start to get "tired of blogging" and the issue would simply die away.

The McCanns would have had their punishment: a stigmatized life for the rest of their days and the issue would be forgotten."

“And the McCanns would just take it silently?!? What about their threat of spilling the beans?”

“That just goes to show how misguided that couple was of their self-importance…”

“How’s that?”

“Dear, all that had to be done was to do what was already done in 2007 and maintained since: issue a “gagging order” to the Press.

The only difference is that this time it would be against anything that came from the McCanns.

They could even replicate the “Libel Terror Campaign” parody this time against the couple instead of for them as it has been all these years.

If no-one hears a tree falling does it really fall? If the media was told that nothing from the McCanns was to see the light of day, then the light of day wouldn’t see it, would it?

Have you heard much of the McCanns in the Tabloids since the May 11 Armstice?”

“No, in fact I haven’t

“And I believe that if there wasn’t a SY Review pending right now, no one would be speaking about Maddie this following May.

Maybe just an oddball or two… in some unread blog in the entrails of the internet.

But there's a positive side to all this.”

"There is?"

"Yes, I believe that by now Scotland Yard can have their name on the Guinness Book of Records by claiming that they have set the record for the Police Force, in the whole world, with the longest time with the Maddie case on their hands."