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Update: Please check at the end of the post on how you can help Mr. Bennett.

We have to confess that about tomorrow's Mr Bennett’s Trial's outcome we are absolutely divided about our desire on what the verdict is to be.

If Mr Bennett is to win, he won’t be able to go on to the full libel trial. That happening it would mean that the McCanns would be off the hook, so winning will be losing.

On the other hand it would mean that Mr Bennett’s freedom and/or possessions would no longer be at stake and Carter-Ruck would have suffered not a defeat but a humiliating one, so winning will be winning.

If Mr Bennett is to lose, it would mean that he would have the requirements to take it to the next level. That happening it would mean that the McCanns wouldn’t be off the hook and their legal nightmare, of their own doing, with Mr. Bennett wouldn’t be over. Losing will be winning.

However it would also mean that Mr Bennett’s freedom and/or possessions would still be at stake and pursuing the fight might mean human and material resources beyond the man’s capabilities. Losing will be losing.

We believe that if Mr Bennett is to lose, any sentence will be suspended until after the libel trial.

If Mr Bennett’s hypothetical loss is to mean his immediate and effective loss of freedom and/or possessions that would take the BHs down the worst possible path. In this specific possibility, independently of the hardships that Mr Bennett will have to go through and which we certainly don’t desire, losing would be, in our opinion, a decisive victory.

As you can see, the expression “to win” and “to lose” when it comes to Mr. Bennett’s Trial verdict are not of a linear and simple interpretation, it’s a true dilemma of winning or losing.

Mr Bennett has to lose to have a chance of winning the next round, the really important one. This hearing should be treated like the warm up bout.

Let us make quite clear that if it wasn’t for a human factor, we would fully support a loss by Mr. Bennett as the verdict for this Trial because we’re fully aware for it to be the only way towards a decisive victory against the McCanns on a full libel trial.

As we’ve said, only by losing can he undertake that fight.

And that is exactly what human factor is in question: Mr Bennett’s reserves to fight on.

If the verdict exonerates Mr. Bennett then there’s nothing to be decided. It all boils down to is his decision in case he’s to hear a sentence tomorrow.

If that is to happen we, in this blog, will not in any way pressure Mr Bennett on what to decide. Besides being an absolutely personal decision to make, and whatever it will be it will be respected by us, we would like to show respect and gratefulness for all Mr Bennett has achieved up to now.

The best way to not to pressure Mr. Bennett is to downplay tomorrow’s outcome and highlight what has been unquestionably victorious and that’s to have opened the seas to “Truth’s” sister ship, “Fearless”.

If, by ”defeating” the Adamastor, Bartolomeu Dias opened the seas to allow Vasco da Gama to follow him and conquer the Sea Route to India, Mr Bennett, by defeating the “Libel Adamastor”, Carter-Ruck, the only real loser independently of the outcome tomorrow, has opened the seas that have been blocked by fear until he had the courage to face the beast.

And with “Fearless” out at sea, many other ships will soon join up to make up a mighty fleet.

On Monday we heard the unsurprising and easily predictable news that the McCanns failed to reach an agreement with Goncalo Amaral.

For us, the only surprise, if you can call it that, was the speed with which the lack of agreement was reached. It only goes to show how much Mr. Amaral is really resolute.

If Mr. Bennett had to face the mythical monster, the seas in which Mr Amaral has been the man at the helm have constantly been with a hurricane-strong turbulence, if one just looks at the resources that have been put against the man, and for how long and in how so many different ways those resources have been put to use.

Both VERY courageous, both guided exclusively by principles.

So taking into account their deserved merits we would like to dedicate to both Mr. Amaral and Mr. Bennett, something also suggested by two of our readers in our "Man at the Helm vs The Monster" post, the music “Man at the Helm” (O Homem do Leme) written by the Portuguese band “Xutos &Pontapes”:



Alone in the night
a boat heads wherever it goes
a light in the dark shines outright
obfuscating all others.

And more than a wave, more than a tide ...
They tried to imprison him, impose him a faith ...
But, drifting at will, breaking the longing,
goes who now nothing fears, goes the man at the helm...

And from within is born a will to laugh
and a will to go, travel the world and depart
life is always a loss...

On the bottom of the sea
lie the others, those who there remained
in grey days
eternal rest there they found.

And more than a wave, more than a tide ...
They tried to imprison him, impose him a faith ...
But, drifting at will, breaking the longing,
goes who now nothing fears, goes the man at the helm...

And from within is born a will to laugh
and a will to go, travel the world and depart
life is always a loss...

On the distant horizon
blows the murmur of where it's going.
In the bottom of time
flees the future, it's too late ...

And from within is born a will to laugh
and a will to go, travel the world and to depart
life is always a loss...”

Thank you, Mr Amaral and Mr Bennett. It’s good to see that principles still serve to guide good people, as it’s good to see stumble those who’ve turned against you

Post Scriptum:

We're in no way acknowledging or endorsing Mr. Bennett's points of view about the circumstances in which Maddie died, nor are we seeking in any way acknowledgment or endorsement from him about ours.

As we have said before, we apparently have different opinions as to what exactly happened but we have said also that personal differences are to be set aside and support 100% Mr. Bennett in his legal struggle in the exact same way and amount we support Mr. Amaral in his. 

We aren't dogmaticly implying that ours and Mr Bennett's theories are poles apart but clearly stating that even if they were we would still support him 100%.

What is at stake is two men fighting for their beliefs. We may not agree with their theories but agree fully that one should stand for what one believes in and we all share a common belief in justice and truth.

The lyrics of the music in Portuguese:

Sózinho na noite
um barco ruma para onde vai
uma luz no escuro brilha a direito
ofusca as demais.

E mais que uma onda, mais que uma maré...
Tentaram prendê-lo, impor-lhe uma fé...
Mas, vogando à vontade, rompendo a saudade,
vai quem já nada teme, vai o homem do leme...

E uma vontade de rir nasce do fundo do ser.
e uma vontade de ir, correr o mundo e partir,
a vida é sempre a perder...

No fundo do mar
jazem os outros, os que lá ficaram.
em dias cinzentos
descanso eterno lá encontraram.

E mais que uma onda, mais que uma maré...
Tentaram prendê-lo, impor-lhe uma fé...
Mas, vogando à vontade, rompendo a saudade,
vai quem já nada teme, vai o homem do leme...

E uma vontade de rir nasce do fundo do ser.
e uma vontade de ir, correr o mundo e partir,
a vida é sempre a perder...

No fundo horizonte
sopra o murmúrio para onde vai.
no fundo do tempo
foge o futuro, é tarde demais...

E uma vontade de rir nasce do fundo do ser.
E uma vontade de ir, correr o mundo e partir,
a vida é sempre a perder..."


Mr Bennett has lost. We will abide by our words and will not provide any sort of opinion on the matter besides what already stated.

It pleases us to see recognition of our respect and consideration for those who we believe to unquestionably deserve public recognition for all they have done and been unjustly subject to.:



A support fund has been set up to assist Tony and his family. If you can help financially it would be very much appreciated, no matter how little. If you cannot assist with a donation, there are other ways that you can support, for instance, by helping to promote the cause, sending a message of support or offering advice. We would be very grateful for any assistance.

The fund is set up at "COLD", the "Campaign for Oppressed Libel Defendants".

Please also feel free to Join the support group on Facebook!/groups/351808264842678/

Many thanks to all who support Tony and his family at this time 


  1. A propósito do caso Metodo3:

    "El espía Paesa, la niña Madeleine y el ‘caso Malaya’" -

  2. Anon #1, from your link:

    Método 3 también participó, aunque sin éxito, en otra búsqueda de impacto mundial: la de la niña Madeleine McCann, desaparecida en un hotel del Algarve portugués. En 2007, los padres de la pequeña contrataron los servicios de la agencia para intentar localizarla. Marco afirmó en una entrevista que la niña seguía viva y que la encontraría en menos de seis meses. Siguió una pista que situaba a Madeleine en Marruecos. Pero no dio con ella.

    “Eso es muy de Paco: promete cosas que luego no puede cumplir”, opina un extrabajador de Método 3 que le acusa de “vender humo” a los clientes y fabricar “trajes a medida”. “Se adaptaba a lo que le pedían: si creías que tu socio era un corrupto, él cuadraba el informe para que lo pareciese”


    Metodo 3 also participated, albeit unsuccessfully, in another search of global impact: the little girl Madeleine McCann, who disappeared in a hotel in the Portuguese Algarve. In 2007, the child’s parents contracted the agency to try and locate her. Marco said in an interview that the child was alive and that she would be found in less than six months. He followed a clue which placed Madeleine in Morocco. But he couldn’t find her.
    "That's very Paco: to promise something that he certainly can’t keep," says a former worker of Metodo 3 accusing him of "selling smoke" to customers and make "tailored suits". "It suited what he was told: If you thought your partner was corrupt, he tallied the report so that it seemed so"

  3. I didn't read yet your post Textusa but thank you for posting the music from Xutos e Pontapes, 'O Homem do leme'. I'm one of the readers who suggested it on the post you mentionned.

    I still chocked with Pistorious and the tragic end of his girlfriend at his hands.
    Again the Mccann's fairy tale rases on another crime. Like them, it's clear that Pistorious lies and is trying to compose a very complicate story to explain something very simple and vulgar, which unfortunately happen many times on the history of domestic crime: the criminal lost self confidence and think the partner is his/her property. having real reasons or an imagination one, an argue starts and sometimes the end is very tragic.
    At this time seems the judge did not buy the fairy tales. I hope, the pressures, the money and the power did not reduce to nothing the rights of the victim and the dimension of the pain caused to the victim family.
    That case proves one thing: What a criminal in desperation and panic could build - an enormous lie supported by the most ridiculous stories. And on, and on... the criminal keep carrying his lies.

  4. Boa tarde!

    Para mim, também eu considero que GA e TB estão ao Leme do Navio.

    Sejam quais forem as diferenças,seja o que eu não saiba por não entender a mentalidade e a cultura de UK, T. Bennett é uma voz pela verdade para o caso de Madeleine. Penso que ele tentou tudo para que a imprensa de UK deixasse de ser unilateral- ProMcCompanhia. Esse objectivo não aconteceu.
    A imprensa de lá parece ser obrigada a esconder todos os segredos por de trás deste caso.

    Para mim, T. Bennet é um valente também. Fez ouvir a Sua voz. E, como tal foi esmagado sem piedade. Nem nas redes sociais as opiniões são unânimes. É uma coisa que não percebo! Um Cidadão de UK que pretende levantar o véu sobre as falsidades é apoiado por poucos concidadãos......... Não consigo entender isto.

    Senhor Anthony Bennet: o melhor de tudo para Si e Sua Família e, os meus desejos de uma decisão a Seu favor !

  5. The Mccanns are desperate now at the weekend they were on the Andrew Marr show complaining about press intrusion and Leveson but who is pushing the Mccanns along advising them and coaching them on what to say, what is this all really about? To me it all seems very political there is so much more going on than we are aware of. Their PI company Metadon 3 has faced some arrests, others that they employed Keven Haligan have been arrested in the past for different criminal offences, it seems many corrupt criminals have/are supporting and aiding the Mccanns and what purpose has the fund achieved what is its real function? Bennett and Amaral have stood up against the Mccanns and I hope they both win their cases in the name of justice, truth and freedom of speech. The UK has been made a laughing stock by celebrities and rich people with superinjunctions that believe they are above the law. The jury in the Vicky Pryce case have been dismissed because they simply could not understand what they were supposed to be doing, how frightening for an innocent person to face a jury like that.
    The Mccanns should have their time in court, their popularity has diminished the public feel nothing but contempt for them. Why is Gerry Mccann even allowed to be the main spokesman in requesting how the papers should operate when the Mccanns have manipulated the press from day one who is Gerry Mccann to take the moral high ground, or Kate Mccann to be an ambassador for a missing persons charity what a joke and embarrassment this pair have become. Who is it that keeps giving the Mccanns a platform to speak and demand justice and silence from the press and do they think we all suffer from short term memories where the Mccanns past activities are concerned?
    The media may be frightened of printing anything truthful or investigative about Kate and Gerry but the internet is full of information above them, there are hundreds of websites all questioning the Mccanns version of events, their conflicting statements and that of their tapas friends. The internet gives worldwide freedom to information where people are allowed to have opinions and free speech and access to the truth and its all just a click away and there's nothing team Mccann with their mega expensive lawyers can do about it !

  6. Why has the Mccanns farce been able to get this far taking Tony Bennett and Sr Amaral to court because these two people have opinions that do not comply with the abduction story. An abduction that has not one piece of evidence to back it up. Whenever the Mccanns are interviewed they never appeal to their mysterious abductor for the safe return of their daughter that has been captive for almost 6 years, but instead are always asking for donations, more sightings, missing piece of the jigsaw or trying to change the law, never once do they look into the camera and plead for Madeleines return !!!
    The Mccanns should be wound up now, we've all had enough of their lies if the fund is paying for Carter Ruck's then that is fraud on their part if a mysterious backer is paying then what has he/she to hide to foot such an astronomical bill as CR, and don't say they are working for free that is just another lie.
    Why should two innocent men Bennett and Amaral be taken to court for saying what we all think.
    The Mccanns and their Tapas friends should be brought to justice for their crimes, everybody suspects them their abduction story is pure rubbish. Why should anymore innocent people be made to suffer or used as a scape goat to implement their gagging orders.

  7. Bom dia !

    Por mais esforços que faça , eu não consigo perceber como se processam as manipulações de vários casos.

    Não há Homens ao Leme que cheguem! Os Homens ao Leme são os bons, os que não se calam pela Verdade e pela Justiça Real para com o caso de Madeleine.


    Quem pode, pode!

    Assim ( porque têm sido notícias últimamente na África do Sul:

    O‪scar‬ P‪istorius‬ : cujo Detective , com ou sem razão, já está a ser acossado e, talvez seja retirado do caso. Ainda não aprofundei as notícias de hoje.

    ‪AnniDewani‬: os presos são de nível social inferior e o ex marido parece estar em Uk, abrigado em qualquer lado.

    Pode ter " justiça" quem pode e, não a tem quem merece!

    É um " mundo cão" !

    Andei à procura do significado e, para já encontrei, via Brasil

    : " o termo mundo cão passou a ser utilizado para todos os programas de televisão que exibem de maneira crua e nua os problemas do povo na TV."

    Mas também a encontrei no Blog.

    Ou: " 5 abr. 2007 – A expressão "Mundo cão" ganha um novo significado e de repente passamos a ter que andar todos de gatas e a comer comida mastigada. "

  8. Oscar Pistorius PR machine has gone into overdrive, similar to how the mccanns did back in 2007. Pistorius defence calling the police incompetant and not fit for purpose and accusing them of blunders they all use the same tactics. Anni Dewani husband escaping justice claiming to be metally unstable even with such damning CCTV evidence against him he still evades justice and what of the hundreds of other cases that we never get to hear about.

  9. I told you before the best way to hunt down McCanns will be through their connection with other crimes (like metodo 3...) and not for the main crime done on May 2007. No matter how higher McCanns support goes they will never have a huge and strong organization behind them as Amstrong did. So, is not a great discover to say that McCann won't have a long life as Amstrong did. They know that. Mark my words!!!


  10. Bennett found guilty of contempt of court:

    Suspended 3 month prison sentence, plus costs:

  11. We would like to ask our readers to refrain from commenting on the Pistorius case.

    It is currently, as you know, under investigation so it's up to the adequate authorities to determine what happened and under what circumstances it did.

    Thank you.

  12. @9

    I think you may be partly correct insofar as there will be a cumulative effect - but I think this avenue you suggest will end up as a "dead end". They will simple say they signed them up in "good faith" - you see - everything has been carefully thought through beforehand.

  13. I think the sentence was very fair.
    It’s a fact that TB breached the agreement. If he was there to be judged just on that I think the sentence was very forgiving.
    What is also a fact is that TB shouldn’t have stood trial on this. The Judge cannot be blamed for having to judge TB. UK must look at its laws.
    I think that today there were three losers, McCanns, Carter-Ruck and Britain.
    McCanns because history will show that they pursued a man just for telling the truth.
    CR because they showed that their tactic is mainly based on threats and pressure outside Court. To have to say openly in Court that they can’t pursue bloggers just shows how much they rely on threat to win cases.
    Britain because this isn’t middle ages anymore but to have a man in Court for breaching an agreement signed under duress isn’t something I expected to have witnessed in the XXI century.

  14. Gosto do comentário 13 ! Como tal, nada a acrescentar.


    A news article on Tony Bennett court case which allows comments.

  16. In support of Sr Amaral I found the following link;

  17. "The judge said that Gerry and Kate McCann, who have not attended court, had suffered injury to their reputations and feelings and resorted to legal action not to punish Mr Bennett - but to put a stop to his repeated conduct. He agreed with lawyers for the McCanns that Bennett had played "cat and mouse" with them by complying with the undertakings some of the time. "

    It's only me or we can see a lack of impartiality on the words of the judge regarding the Mccann's V TB? If so, the veredict is a pre- ordered sentence

  18. Oh how he spins!It was a committal to prison hearing! In my book that means the Mcs were asking the judge to send Mr Bennett to prison.

    The words of CM.....

    "Contrary to press reports, Kate and Gerry McCann did not bring the action to punish Mr Bennett or to send him to prison, but simply to get him to stop."

    He added: "Kate and Gerry McCann are pleased with the Court's decision today and hope that it finally marks an end to Mr Bennett's campaign against them".

    As Mr Bennett is the only person in the world who is not allowed to speak about the official police files then silencing him will hardly get the allegations to stop. The rest of the world will carry on regardless. I would guess many others will now become more vociferous. This will achieve the opposite of what the Mcs say they want.

  19. The Tony Bennett court case is all over the net more and more people are reading about it, the Mcs have tried to silence the media but they are reporting on the Tony Bennett case, journalists were in court. Gerry Mccann tried to silence the media through Leveson but now the media is free to report on this court case. The only searching the Mccanns ever did was their search for more donations to keep paying litigation cases and now they are having the opposite effect to the silence they wanted now more people are reading about the manipulative mccanns, most comments are negative towards the parents questioning their abductor story. Soon we will have another sighting of Madeleine so they can bury all these court cases under new sensationalist headings. Tony Bennett is the only person in the entire world who is not allowed to comment/have an opinion on the Madeleine Mccann farce - what a circus they have made of it all !

  20. Love your blog Textusa - you are brilliant and thanks for all the research. Justice for Madeleine.

  21. We would like to inform our readers that only after the final decisions are taken, will this blog express its opinion on Mr. Bennett's hearing.

    Thank you for understanding.

  22. What final decisions? The Judge found him guilty of contempt of court, and pronounced a 3 month suspended prison sentence and payment of costs:

  23. Anon #22,

    Could you please clarify what "payment of costs" has been decided?

  24. Parece- me que o que está determinado apenas e, até agora são as custas do Tribunal. O mesmo acontece aqui.

    Quanto ao " preço" dos Mcs não se sabe.

    Aparentemente, o que eles pretendem é o silêncio !

    Esperar para saber acerca do que aquele par ainda precisa.

  25. Criminologists will use Kate and Gerry Mccann as a prime example of how criminals attempt to cheat the justice system. They will become infamous and her book will be used as an example of how a desperate couple attempted to convince people of their innocence by rewritting facts. Kate and Gerry were the fools that paid CR and others thousands in a futile attempt to keep them from facing justice. They now live with what they have done and I hope they feel it was worth it because if they had been honest from the beginning and not lied to the public or leaked stories to the media, perhaps if it was an accident maybe we would have felt some sympathy for them, but not now.
    I feel sorry for the twins living with all the lies and misinformation, sadly it is always the children that are affected in these situations. Gratuatous parents that only think of themselves, poor twins, poor Madeleine.
    Thank you Textusa for your very truthful blog I and many others that I know read it daily.

  26. I can appreciate that Tony Bennett broke his undertaking not to speak about the Mccanns, an undertaking that he should never have took in the first instance, and this is what the case was based around, but it does bring other issues into play such as why is Gerald Mccann the Spokesman for Leveson when there are others better equipted for that position but have been overlooked, who suggested that Mccann would be best placed for that job? Also the Mccanns brought the case to court originally hoping for an imprisonment for Tony Bennett then they quickly did a u-turn when headlines were against them such as '65 year old pensioner imprisoned' etc etc. So my question is this....why are the Mccanns afforded such special treatment when there is no evidence of an abduction even Clarence said an abduction was not factual. why is nothing further done to determine what happened to Madeleine. The Mccanns say they want the case re-opened so why is it not re-opened? after the amount of money the public have given in good faith why is the case not reopened? and the fund investigated. SY have 'wasted' 2.4 million of tax payers money, as a tax payer I want to know why was this case not dealt with professionally and properly. What of the recent developments concerning Metodo3 their PI, and Keven Haligin, why is nothing legal done about this? Why do the Mccanns need a spokesman or CR, if they were innocent they would have nothing to fear, why did they not assist in a reconstruction, why do they attempt to silence the media via Leveson? Just how far are the Mccanns allowed to go before they become so embarassing to the establishment and have to be stopped.
    Kate and Gerry Mccann are a living nightmare for themselves and all others.

  27. Textusa... Xutos and Pontapes Man at the helm very inspirational especially at this time, just love it, thank you.

  28. Anon #27,

    Do thank the readers who suggested it. I found the suggestion absolutely adequate and, as you say, very inspirational.


  30. The quantum of costs does not change what has been decided. Strange that you of all people can't formulate an opinion....

  31. Anon #30


    Wrong answer!

    The answer to "Could you please clarify what "payment of costs" has been decided?" is NOT "The quantum of costs does not change what has been decided."

    Care to try again?

  32. Anon #30, is Textusa's opinion THAT important for you?


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