Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Pythia Syndrome

“You keep saying that you were all, your blog included, masterfully used, abused and exploited, so I suppose when you realized that it made you angry…”

“On the contrary, dear, you know, one should never cease to recognize excellence when one happens to come across it, even if one sees it in one’s adversary, which was the case. I must say, the way we were manipulated neared perfection.”

“You almost sound like you enjoyed getting beaten…”

“There’s no shame in losing as long as one has fought with all one’s strengths and one’s convictions, and when one is defeated on such terms then one can claim the laurels that time will reward one with.

History is filled with heroic defeats and in most of them the victor has little or no relevance.

Besides, we didn’t lose anything as I’ve told you it was a war that was never ours to lose. The Great Maddie War (GMW) was between the BHs themselves and between the whole lot of them and time.

Besides, if you insist on interpreting me saying that I was manipulated with me saying I lost, is there any shame losing a game to a chess grandmaster? No, it was a privilege to have been able to play against him.

We were the pawns in that game and it was just a sheer delight to see how well we were played!”


“Never underestimate the power of the pawn as there’s no other piece on the board that is as selfless and that can change the outcome in just that moment when it transforms and becomes something else including the powerful Queen.

A pawn is the most often sacrificed piece on the board and always for higher interests than its own so that makes it simply the noblest piece of all.

Like the pawns we are, we citizens, should never, ever, lose sight of our dignity and our importance, and sometimes we do just that.

At Textusa we’ve tried to remind people of that fact.

What differentiates people is their spine verticality and not the colour of their blood, which, by the way, is red in all cases, although some do think wrongly that money or a family name alters that fact.”

“Now I’m really confused. You say you were pawns in trenches filled up with deceiving BHs in a war that wasn’t yours to win?!? Where is the sense in that?!?”

“First get your analogies right, you either say soldiers in trenches with BHs right next to us and using an identical uniform or say pawns in a chess game where “white” pieces were black ones with just a coat of paint.”

“But that means you were being fooled most of the time!”

“Yes, that is correct. Not most of the time but up to a certain point of time. No shame in admitting that.”

“When was that?”

“That’s something I have to still decide if I’m ever to reveal. But I can tell you it was much before the “Last Call” post.

As I told you yesterday, Textusa was a late comer.

I was quite confused when I started reading blogs in the early days, as they seemed to hate each other more than the McCanns, who I thought were the supposed wrongdoers!

I soon became suspicious of them, but couldn't work out who were what we call BHs.

Then reality dawned on me but having that knowledge did me no good as I couldn’t use it, so I played the dumb blond.”

“Why couldn’t you use it?”

“Because they had glorified the fake WH to a point that if one went even slightly against their dogmatic truth it was considered that one was committing nothing short of the worst possible blasphemous heresy.

Look how much flak the blog took in exposing Mrs Fenn, and it didn’t come from the expected sources. Remember how many “I just can’t see why she…” did we read?

And because they “couldn’t see IT”, IT couldn’t be. That simple and dogmatic.

There was an overall deceit. It had to be that way to have us all convinced into pointing our guns to empty trenches like we did for so long!

You say we were fooled, I say we were masterfully played.

Once understood what really was going on it became quite amusing to watch.

I grew quite fond of the word “pretendy”. As in “pretendy” friends, “pretendy” enemies, “pretendy” fights, “pretendy” fall outs… you name it and you just had put a “pretendy” behind it to quickly understand the developments of the game.

My favorite? The “pretendy” ego-fight.

Delicious to watch people seemingly fighting for importance and recognition and then “falling out” when it was all but a justification for a change of “status” of one of the parties.

A true world of make-belief because it was indeed to make you believe in it!

But you know what? At the end of the day, it all comes down to how each one of us manages our own conscience.

Each one of us is only able to act according to what each one’s conscience dictates.

We all carry our burden of sins but if there’s a thing we all know is that person who we all see on the other side of the mirror will never go away.

In my case, as that person and I share the same conscience, I try to keep it as clear as possible.

Doing some things only denotes lack of conscience and, honestly, we’ve come across some people who sure seem like they’ve forgotten to pick up that particular item when they came into this life.”

“You seem to have spotted many…”

“Well, we do hope we’ve spotted them all, or at least the most relevant ones. We keep our opinions to ourselves on who our opponents are and enjoy observing their tactics.

Many, I’m sure, are wondering today if they have been caught out or not, but that’s their problem, not mine.”

Their problem?”

“It’s a matter in the area of personal conscience. Waiting for a person with no conscience to gain one through your words is as intelligent calling someone stupid.

The stupid, because they’re stupid, don’t know they’re stupid and will fail to comprehend, irrelevant of the ways and times one explains and the “pretendy” stupid know it to be a false statement so one is being stupid just for having said it.

The same, or almost, goes with people with no conscience. It won’t be by one’s words that will make them have one.

On the contrary, when you tell a conscienceless person s/he has no conscience what you end up doing is triggering a defensive mechanism whereby s/he will come up with the most shameless of explanations to justify having done what they did when they knew very well how wrong they were when they did it.

People with no conscience will never be sorry for what they’ve done. Sorrow is a sentiment they’re only able to feel when they’re caught out and that’s because they regret not having been able to fly under the radar and not because the harm they have eventually caused.

But not all BHs are devoid of conscience, much to the contrary, it’s what has tormented them all these years into being resilient BHs.”

“Explain please…”

“Well, you have to understand the diversity and the heterogenic nature of what constitutes what we now call BHs.

I’ve taken 4 days to explain to you the macro-picture of the Maddie Affair, right?”


“Now within that big overall picture you have hundreds of personal stories and different kinds of motivations.

For starters you have two major groups within the Black Hats, the defensive and the offensive groups.”

Offensive, defensive?”

“Ok, let’s look at the players involved. You have basically two sets of people, the T9 and the others.

The difference between them is that it’s within the T9 that lies the secret as to how Maddie died. We know that, but most importantly the “others” do too.

Let’s be really benevolent with all involved and let’s suppose all of them want to do right thing. Note the present tense, please.”


“So imagine that within the Tapas 9 whoever had responsibility for Maddie’s death had wanted to own up on that night, could they have done so?”

“See no reason as to why not… no wait, if they did that the risk of exposing the apple tree would be too great, so, no, they couldn’t!”

“That’s right! Not saying that is what happened mind you, just raising all reasonable possibilities because that is what we must continuously do.

The others, or the Guests, Ocean Club and the Event’s Organizers, “forced” the forging of the child’s death because “higher interests”, theirs, were at stake.

They knew that what they were doing in that week wasn’t illegal It just wouldn’t be “accepted” by the general public if it ever happened to be known. But they knew that to assure that didn’t happen what they decided to do was illegal.

So you have these two groups, the first, even if it wanted, couldn’t own up because the other wouldn’t allow it.

As I’ve repeatedly said in the blog, swingers are absolutely normal people who find pleasure in expressing their sexuality in a different way which they’re absolutely entitled to. They’re not perverted or evil.

Due to the exclusive nature of the event happening in Praia da Luz, this particular group of swingers was of made up of upper class people.

That’s a very important characteristic about this particular group. If society was a cake made up of a hundred layers the people in this group belonged to the top-half of the top layer.

We’re talking about 0,5% of the population of any country, around 310,000 people in Britain, 50,000 in Portugal, although as far as we understand there weren’t any Portuguese involved in this particular swinging event.

This means many things.

First of all that they’re people who’ve succeeded in the cruelest world of all, the world of success. They’re used to having their own way and in getting what they want. The concept of hearing a no for an answer is unknown to them.

Secondly that their success makes them look at the rest of society as one enormous unhygienic herd whose sole purpose in life should be to look up to them in permanent jubilation about their success. This success, which may have the most diverse origins such as commercial, intellectual or artistic, is always translated in worldly possessions, or in a clearer terminology, as material wealth. We should bow at their passage and aren’t even worthy of breathing the same air they do. Literally the XXI’s Century’s nobility.

Thirdly that this class-centric, or elitist, aspect in the way they look at life makes them tend to overlook the sins of their own "pack", finding these little “peccadilloes” to be quaint or even amusing. All of them know some sort of little secret about everyone else but these excesses are not only tolerated but accepted.

Fourthly and last but not least, that they’re people with the right and powerful connections, for all them share, as I said just now, a commonality of sinfulness. Not saying they all sin the same way but that they all do sin so more than just accepted the sins are defended.

They tend to protect their own kin, fiercely. They very quickly close ranks and protect each other in the best “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” style.

Now you have this particular group of upper class people, who have on their conscience that the death of a little girl is to go without justice. It’s one heavy burden to carry around, especially when one is witnessing the glorification of those who should be constricting themselves!

What has happened is that to appease their own guilty conscience they, and their friends, have set on crusade to bring the McCanns to justice.

A very fierce and determined crusade. They are the BH on the offensive. The Tapas, including the McCanns but not limited to them, are the ones defending, literally, their lives. 

BHs fighting for their lives against other BHs set on the fiercest crusade against them.

“That’s good, no?”

It would be if they sought justice. By wanting only an amalgamated collation of specifically selected parts of both justice and truth they not only achieve neither but hinder further the finding of both.

It’s a common fact that the worst lie is a half-truth and they certainly don’t even want half the truth to come out. 

They just want the part that incriminates the McCanns and the Tapas. Which, by the way, we believe it have been the whole truth back in the early evening of may 3rd, 2007, but that at the end of that same evening no longer was with the “abduction” decision.

They want the best of two worlds, truth and justice, but only the best as in their best interest. It’s a greedy want…”

“You can’t be on good terms with the devil and God simultaneously they say…”

“Exactly, they don’t seek justice as they don’t want the whole truth to be revealed but only those parts that interest them, which they think will cleanse their soul and wash away the “blood” from their hands.

But it won’t as it’s a task with as much chance of success as the SY Review as no matter how much they wash it away there will always be traces of guilt.

They have the Apartment 5A as an example. It was meticulously cleaned, maybe too meticulously, and still the dogs found compromising traces.

It’s one stain impossible to remove because they’re overlooking the fact that the only crime it proved to have happened is the one they committed, together with the McCanns and the remainder T9, a crime with implications and ramifications well beyond the crime scene.”

“The Apartment 5A?”

“Oh no, not only the apartment. The crime scene was all over Praia da Luz. That’s where we’re certain the crime of perverting the course of justice by unlawfully disposing of, destroying or concealing a body was committed.

The only crime we’re certain to have happened inside Apartment 5A is that of obstruction of justice which was what the meticulous cleaning was in reality.

We’re not even sure if it was there that the abduction theory was concocted and about Maddie’s death, fatal accidents are an unfortunate often recurring reality worldwide.

And what has happened now is that you have a group of people who never in their lives thought of becoming what they’ve become: criminals. Obstructing justice is a crime and we all know it is.

And this group of people, albeit their collective class-centricity and their multiple egocentricities, have collectively gone bad, some even to the point of evilness.

They’ve made their crime worse with each passing day by involving more and more people and institutions into the mess.

And worst of all, they’ve resourced the public persecution of two people, Goncalo Amaral and Tony Bennett. I don’t know if it was the result of a scare-tactic campaign that went out of control but whatever it was, a lot of money has been spent in deliberately harming two people who all know are just believers of truth and justice.

And because we at Textusa have worked on unveiling the whole truth to seek justice without absolutely any restrictions we’ve been cast with a kind of Pythia Syndrome.”

“The what?”

“The Pythia Syndrome. Something I have just invented. Like Pythia we’re said to be, by the “out-of-the-closet” BHs, tin-foil hatted, barking mad and under effect of hallucinogenic mushrooms and by the other BHs, or as we like to call them, “WH”, to be rogue with a writing style that is but an incomprehensible, infinitely long and pointless gibberish.

For example, check out this comment we've just received:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Fearless":

Your obsession with the non-existent "Insane" is symbolic of your obsession with a non-existent "cover up of unseen proportions and scope".

I'm not the poster in question, but I remember the post from which you started calling the person "Insane". It was clear from the context that "insane" was a comment on one of your batty posts, not a signature, but now you have devoted a considerable proportion of your home page building up this non-existent persona. Someone somewhere must be laughing their a**e off.

Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Feb 22, 2013, 11:38:00 PM

You can't imagine the times we've been threatened by that terrible threat that a group of unknown people will be laughing at us. I think only kids at school are affected by that taunt. We sometimes get a version of - my dad's bigger than your dad too!

The Pythia of Greece delivered Oracles. The usual theory has been that the Pythia delivered oracles in a frenzied state induced by vapors rising from a chasm in the rock, and that she spoke gibberish which priests interpreted as the enigmatic prophecies preserved in Greek literature

Basically she was considered bonkers, a fantasist, very much like Textusa has been considered by many renowned “White Hats”. A basic but powerful tool to subconsciously implant a negative image of us, keeping people from coming to read the blog and those who do to have a bad impression before they even “set a foot” in our blog.

People use those derogatory adjectives for some reason, which I think are personal. They don’t want the whole truth out there but do want to see "justice", their justice, served.”

Truth can’t be tailored to one’s desire!”

“Try telling them that. Anyhow what they forget is that labeling us with a sort of a Pythia Syndrome they’re actually paying us a huge compliment.”

“By transforming insult into a compliment?”

“No, we don’t need to transform anything. Their insult is really a compliment. A big one at that.

Pythia was said to be mad, but a mad seer. It was indeed said she spoke gibberish but it’s also a commonly accepted fact that she was a very important Oracle to the Greeks.

Some recent scholars maintain she spoke coherently. What may seem gibberish to some but makes perfect sense to others.

In our case the fact they make an extra effort in shouting as loudly as they can into the seven winds, as the Portuguese say, that we speak nothing but gibberish only tells us what they’re trying to do is give their best to avoid others seeing the perfect sense we’re making.”

“You, an oracle… never thought I was marrying one! And what does the “oracle” foresee as the outcome of all this mess?”

“Well, I don’t know. As I’ve been saying, the Maddie Affair has had the following crucial milestones:

- May 3rd, 2007, in which Maddie died and in which the decision to go for the abduction theory was taken;

- Uncertain date, most likely in June 2007, in which Maddie’s body was disposed of and in which it was “decided” to go after the McCanns;

- September 17th, 2007, in which it was reluctantly accepted that it was impossible to bring down the McCanns without involving others and in which it was decided to launch the largest demotivational campaign the world has ever seen, using all platforms through which communications flowed.

- May 12th, 2011, on which the decision was implemented to go after the McCanns again. Notice I don’t say it was a renewed attempt as the only thing in common with the decision made in 2007 is the McCanns, as those who took the decisions and the motives with which they made the decision were completely different in 2010/2011.

- Uncertain day, uncertain month, uncertain year, in which SY will present the results of their Review..

The last milestone will be, obviously, the most important one and the one history will register.

We believe that the presentation will be more of an anti-presentation, something of the sort that the 195 new leads lead nowhere and the case is to remain archived and due to its sensitive nature the SY report will not be released publicly.”

“That will be a scandal!!”

“What do you want me to tell you? Haven’t you noticed how the whole world has turned upside down on Maddie’s world?

Not all ethylene gas emissions from all geologic chasms in the earth that supposedly caused the Pythia's state of inspiration to "connect with the divine" could anyone see any sense in all of this or be able to predict with probable causality the future on this matter besides what I’ve just told you we think will happen.

Anything different from what we,  the "Oracle", predicted on Feb 17th, last year, will surprise us.”


  1. Just yesterday from a poster "The End is Nigh":

    "Quite: TextUSA is among a group of dedicated Bloggers who are adept (sometimes!) with words, and can be persuasive and convincing on occasion, but their theories are, in truth, no more helpful or realistic than the many others that arise from those of us seeking to form a view based on available information. Some are downright drivel."

  2. @1 Each to their own.

    I personally find this site extremely informative and I would query WHY if other sites do not, they bother to copy and paste and then discuss the posts from here at length.

  3. Eu venho aqui ler os posts ( ou tentar ler e, compreender também).
    Certamente a minha leitura e compreensão terão falhas. Pensar e raciocinar sem conversar com outros , leva-me a criar erros de interpretação.
    Conversar e trocar ideias pessoalmente é a melhor situação, pois corrige os erros de interpretação, pois os posts são especiais na construcção do texto.
    Eu sinto que os posts deste Blog nos fazem pensar e ver os factos ainda mais longe. Mas, isto que escrevo não é novidade.

    Hoje, eu senti que foi mais fácil ler. Pareceu tudo muito bem alinhado.
    Ter o privilégio de vir aqui e tentar assimilar o conteúdo faz-me bem.

    Desculpem escrever telegráficamente mas também é por causa do google tradutor. ( mas também por mim pois eu escrevo assim também)


    I've been reading the posts here (or trying to read and understand as well).
    Certainly my reading and understanding will fail. Think and reason without talking with others, leads me to create misunderstandings.
    Talk and exchange ideas personally is the best situation because corrects errors of interpretation, because the posts are on the special construction of the text.
    I feel that the posts on this blog make us think and see the facts even further. But I write this is nothing new.

    Today, I felt it was easier to read. It seemed all very well aligned.
    Having the privilege of coming here and trying to assimilate content makes me well.

    Sorry write telegraphically but is also because of google translator. (but also because me, i write like that)

  4. Anon #2, I’m Anon #1.

    My idea with my comment was to illustrate how Textusa was right on the mark with this post. The problem is not them discussing the issue away from the blog but to their best to slander the blog with not very appreciative comments. If they don't agree they either should say why, and they don't, or then shut up. They can't shut up because they have an agenda and because they can't contradict the facts Textusa is putting out the resort to veiled insult. Textusa has opened my mind to the complexities of the case. I haven't read anything here that doesn't make sense and some things started to finally make sense after I came here!

  5. #4 I am #2 Agree with everything you say.

  6. Textusa ciao
    je suis française et mon anglais (scolaire)m'oblige à m'adresser à vous dans ma langue maternelle !!
    il y a longtemps, je vous ai dit que j'adorais votre façon d'écrire, d'ailleurs, il ne se passe pas un jour sans que je vous rende visite même si je ne comprends pas tout !!!
    alors, je voulais vous dire que vos derniers articles me font penser à la façon de procèder d'Hercule Poirot, et c'est un compliment de ma part car j'ai toujours adoré Agatha Christie !!
    qu'il est plaisant de vous lire, vos analyses, vos déductions, un vrai régal !!!
    vous possèdez une grande intelligence, vous êtes une artiste des mots et une vraie Miss Marple !!
    continuez, je vous adore et comme nous tous, j'aimerais tellement que l'on finisse par punir ces odieux mac cann

  7. Anon #6

    Your comment was a wonderful ego rub! Thank you!

  8. Textusa, I share your point of view. Over the time became quite clear for me the involvement ( the roll) of Murat. There is no other conclusion.
    He and his girlfriend, probably shared the same adult activities at the OC. After all he travelled from Uk on the week the T9 were at the OC, probably knowing and being invited for the party. I remember early news saying that he use to go out and in from the OC quite often ( didn't need a special permission or be a guest to circulate). The husband of his girlfriend( quite weird to say that) was incharged of the swimming pool. Resorts offering swing activities are very tight with workers they contracted. Must be people, they feel confident, they will not open their mouth and ruin the business. That guy for any reason tolerate the affair between his wife and Murat and went along with them.
    For me those 3 were the smollest pierrots used by both groups, T9 and BHs, to deal with the real events related with Maddie body due to 2 simple hypothesis: were swingers like the guests and had the perfect location to hide Maddie on the early hours.

  9. Primal human survival instincts may be bring out the best in people but in most cases they only bring out the worst. That's what happened in Praia da Luz.

  10. De volta a Mccann's V TB a aparente vitoria dos Mccann, foi na realidade uma enorme derrota para eles e para Carter-ruck se considerarmos a fasquia em que colocaram a sentenca quando decidiram levar TB a tribunal: PRISAO EFECTIVA, BANCARROTA, DESGRACA TOTAL PARA O PENSIONISTA QUE OUSOU CONFRONTA-LOS.
    Nao sei o que se entende nos UK por pagar as custas. Em Portugal sao as custas do tribunal.
    Kate deve ter batido com a cabeca na parede quando soube da sentenca- 3 meses de prisao com pena suspensa, e uma derrota para quem sonhou com anos de prisao efectiva e o mundo acantonado a sombra do gigante Adamastor, completamente amedrontado.
    TB, so foi sentenciado porque o juiz nao teve alternativa perante um 'naughty boy' que sabe bem o que diz mas cometeu um pequeno deslize, o de ter publicado e distribuido os panfletos, que a luz da justica pode ser cosiderado uma actividade ilegal que so pode ser perpetrada por quem de direito, ou seja pela investigacao oficial. Porque e que acho isso? porque a dada altura no discurso do juiz, este faz alusao a ilegalidade de questionar e pedir respostas aos Mccann, coisa que so quem esta a investigar pode fazer. Na realidae, o problema nao foi questionar, foi o modelo escolhido para o fazer que foi um erro. Os panfletos foram um erro. Mas as vezes a indignacao e tanta que nao medimos as consequencias dos nossos actos. Se TB se tivesse ficado pelo Forum e pelos jornais, os Mccann saiam disto com as maos completamente a abanar. Ainda assim sairam muito derrotados, e foi antevendo essa derrota que na 1a audiencia resolveram dar uma de bons samaritanos e pedir aos seus advogados que se saissem com a 'misericannice' de nao querem TB na prisao, apenas que se calasse.
    Olha que ironia, a sentenca de TB acabou de legitimar todas as outras vozes que pelo mundo fora questionam tudo quanto os Mccann e seus compinchas fizeram/fazem. Podemos escrever livros, comentar nos jornais, escrever nos blogs porque a liberdade de opiniao e um direito conquistado. So nao podemos imprimir panfletos e distribui-los porta a porta porque isso e provocacao que ja estravasa a indignacao e cai na area criminal. Foi esta a licao que tirei deste julgamento. Portanto os Mccann perderam espero que TB recupere bem deste embate e esteja de volta em breve, com a mesma irreverencia mas muito mais cauteloso em relacao aos metodos usados.
    Em Rothley e na PDL, alguns bem podem ir pondo as barbas de molho porque segundo relatos da imprensa espanhola, a policia tera carregado muito material dos escritorios da M3 e esta vai ser escurtinada ao milimetro. A nao ser que o pink man contrate agum caruncho, ha-de haver material quente que sera passado a nova PGR de Portugal. Ainda mais quando se comecam a desvendar os metodos da M3. Li hoje no blog da JM que um dos colaboradores da M3 se fez passar por morto e fez circular a sua certidao de obito que ele proprio emitiu. Esta e uma prenda para si Marinho Pinto. Ao que chega a perversidade e o abuso. Ha muito que Maddie, a vitima, e um detalhe insignificante nos interesses de muitos, a comecar pelos que a levaram para a PDL supostamente para lhe proporcionarem umas ferias que poderiam ter sido memoraveis.

  11. Anon #10,

    What a very enlightening comment! Heartfelt and emotional but absolutely analytical.

    In Portugal the "costs" are only those related to the Court, or Judicial costs. One party never has to pay the other party's lawyers.

    In the UK the costs may include this expenditure. In libel you can end up with all the costs.

    It's very expensive and different to Portugal where the complainants have to prove they were libelled. In the UK the defendant has to prove he didn't libel the other party.

    The costs have to be independently assessed after the case. There is a process for that, to ensure the costs were properly incurred.

  12. Anon #10,

    Specifically about Mr Bennett's case, it wasn't a libel hearing as such but breach of undertakings. The complainants said the things being said were defamatory and breached the undertakings, as I understand it.

    It seems there may be negotiations about the costs. Once the costs have been assessed, if CR so desire he has to pay their bill.

  13. Great blog and a good piece on injunctions

    "And to any injunction lawyers reading this with a beady eye in the hope of conning more cash out of their clients: I wish you luck, because I haven't broken the law and you know it.

    Some of the people on the list have. The fact we are not allowed to know it, because they've got sucked into a flawed court system where the wealthy pay for their peccadilloes to be hidden, is an outrage."

  14. Obrigado Textusa pelo seu comentario. Se assim e, relativamente as custas, espero que prevaleca o bom senso, que e coisa que tem andado muito desequilibrado nos UK e quem va determinar aqs custas tenha um dado absolutamente inalienavel em mente: CHOVERAM MILHOES NA CONTA BANCARIA DOS MCCANN, VINDOS DE DONATIVOS DE PESSOAS QUE POSERAM A FILHA NOS SEUS CORACOES E JULGARAM ESTAR A CONTRIBUIR PARA O SEU REGRESSO A CASA.
    O mundo nao viu qualquer diligencia real que podesse resultar num qualquer regresso. Sabemos porque... porque provavelmente ja nao ha nada que possa regressar. Ainda assim, quem contribuiu merece ser respeitado, por isso devia ser exigido aos Mccann que pagassem a parte que lhes diz respeito, mesmo que para isso utlizassem o Fundo e que a seguir apresentassem as contas desse mesmo Fundo. Afinal nao sei o que e mais criminoso, se inquirir os Mccann com panfletos Porta a Porta ou induzir milhoes em erro, atraindo-os com publicidade enganosa e com artigos de jornais para contribuirem para uma conta que ninguem sabe o que e, chegando-se ao cumulo de ver o Porta-voz dizer que podiam mandar cheques ou dinheiro, en envelopes endossados ao casal e enviados para a sua morada. Isto e roubo, em qualquer pais do mundo.
    Andam agora a punir empresas que venderam cavalo por vaca e o que e esta fraude chamada Fundo Madeleine? Duas bitolas, numa europa cheia de convulsoes sociais e que precisa de mostrar que nao ha duas faces para crimes identicos.

  15. CR had 6+ people and hundreds of hours billed for trawling JH blog for all post and comments by TB so their costs are really high. The judge looks at how reasonable the costs are and reading his final judgement it looks a though he is saying CR were forced to do so much work because TB kept on breaching his undertakings. If Judge Tugendhat can’t decide he passes it on to a costs judge.

  16. The UK wealthy can hide from justice because only they can afford injunctions. Because they know this they will protect all that won't jeopardise the current state of UK Law.

  17. Carter-Ruck's costs?! But...didn't "foot-in-mouth" Kate write in her "truthful" book that CR are working pro bono...? If so, they are not charging lawyers fees, no way the costs can be what they claim to be!

  18. I wonder if they ever look in their mirrors and say" what have we actually achieved by stopping Mr Bennett,saying those nasty (BUT TRUE)things about us,when there are thousands of like minded people still saying exactly the same things,how are we going to control them???" one "down" but too many of us left,thanks to people like yourself Textusa.

  19. You witter on and on about only publishing things you have carefully researched, but publish some pure speculation from a reader about Murat and his girlfriend, without a single word of warning that there isn't a scrap of evidence to support it. Typical...

  20. Anon #13,

    We were waiting for Anon #8 to reply to your comment. As s/he hasn't done up to now, we feel obliged to do it ourselves.

    Anon #8 says "I remember early news saying that he use to go out and in from the OC quite often ( didn't need a special permission or be a guest to circulate). The husband of his girlfriend( quite weird to say that) was incharged of the swimming pool."

    It's not referred to which pool is Anon #8 is referring to. One one hand it seems to be implicit that it's OC's. However, OC has, as far as I know, 3 pools and not a pool. But unless Anon #8 corrects, it's a fair interpretation that Anon #8 is referring to the OC's pools.

    LUIS FILIPE DUARTE ANTONIO (Pj Files, pgs 1186 to 1191) states that:
    "--- He is married to MICHAELA WALCZUCH since 1995, both having a daughter called Cxxxxxxxx Sxxxxx Walczuch Axxxxxx who is 08 (eight) years of age."
    "--- Urged, he explains that he is the owner of a small firm of maintenance of swimming pools for 08 (eight) years, having only a part-time employee, providing services in an area of Barlavento Algarve from Salema up to Portimao.
    --- That the swimming pools he services are owned by individuals and condominiums, providing assistance in terms of cleaning and making minor repairs."

    So from Mr Antonio's words it can't be inferred that he was in charge the OC's pools' maintenance, although he wasn't asked to respond about such detail, so it's equally abusive, until proved otherwise, to say he wasn't.

    As you might imagine I have better things to do than to memorize each and every detail from the PJ Files. We count on our readers to correct us. You say "You witter on and on about only publishing things you have carefully researched" but have overlooked to say that we also "witter on and on about" having ourselves be corrected when there's reason for that to happen.

    Now it's your turn.

    You say "but publish pure speculation (...) Typical..." The use of the word "typical" implies that we've repeatedly incurred in publishing "pure speculation".

    Please exemplify, and like I just did, do justify.

  21. Textusa, are you being deliberately dense?

    It's not the fact that Mr Antonio looked after the pools which is in question - it's the complete speculation about Murat and his girlfriend which poster #19 was referring to.

    You are either incredibly stupid or being evasive

  22. To 19,

    The BHs back in town.... Very typical. Looks like 10 hit the nerve of somebody. Very relevant, you 19, commented in english a complaint against a post written in portuguese. Why not complaining in portuguese directly to the poster?
    BTW, 10 has a very sharp eye and that connection is really possible. Probably PJ made that connection as well. For any reason( out of only speculations) Murat was the third suspect.
    On the other hand what is:
    - an abduction theory without a single evidence to bake it? - Pure speculation!
    - the multiple sights of the girl around the world, which every time turn off as spin? - pure speculation!
    -Hewlett as Maddie abductor without evidences?- Pure speculation.

    From Mccann's and BHs side, that case is a pile of speculations which they want us to buy like an irrefutable truth.
    No surprise, they get nervous every time somebody think out of the box and point out a way that has real reasons to be pursuid by the official police.

  23. Anon #21

    Please control your language and temper under the penalty of not seeing any more of your comments published.

    The statement is there for all to read.

  24. I'm 22. Sorry 10. My mistake, 19 is referring to 8 not 10. The rest of my comment, I reinforce. 8( not 10) hit the nerve of somebody. And the comment of 21 just shows how 8 hit the nerves of important pieces on Maddie case.

  25. Anon #21,

    I suggest that you go back to the post and read, or reread, the paragraph about calling other people stupid. It "incredibly" fits you like a glove.

  26. Thanks Textusa for your words at 20. 
    I'm anon 8. I don't know how many pools the OC had/has but early reports in Portugal presented Mrs W partner as the guy incharged of the pool maintenance at the OC.
    Many reports were washed out already, but I will see if I can find the article/ interview or book where I read it. It was the fact of him being familiarized to the OC what call the attention of PJ and make him a person of interest to be interrogated and not the fact of being the Partner of MW.
    Any way, this is not relevant for the case. Only who wants to divert the attention from the main issue, makes this relevant. What is relevant is the over-reaction of 19 and 21 here. Too much for who pretends to be only an outsider reader/ poster like most of us. 
    Speaking of  speculation, from BHs and Mccann's what we see all over this 6 years, is nothing less then speculation. A very convennient speculation trying to make the abduction the only scenario when the crime scene and all statements delivered by the insiders and the witnesses, contradicts that speculation. 
    I'm not saying that my opinion is true. It's  just my interpretation  regarding what the media plus the PJ files delivered to the public. I believe  I'm not the only one remembering that and I'm not the only one having that opinion. For some reason, which could not be only the suspicions of Lori Campbel, Murat was made arguido along with Mccann's. People tend to reduce the qualities of PJ to a convennient point were they appear not only incompetent, but also irresponsible. Unfortunatly for that BHs, PJ was very competent and very responsible. 
    If the early reports were speculation, why no any of the 3 complaint regarding the papers? 
    PJ needs to go back to the early points and finnish the investigation.
    If Murat has nothing to do with case, he has no reason to worries. Then I don't understand why some bloggers have to worry and over react. If Murat is innocent he have to thanks the day he was dragged on that case because due to that he became millionnaire. Just ask how many innocent people will love to be wrongly connected to a crime if that results on earning a Jackpot? BILLIONS....then what is your problem 19 and 21?.
    Sent from Helena!

  27. #26

    You admit what you posted is your opinion, hence it is speculation

    So why is Textusa, who claims to have researched everything, publishing total speculation?

    Mind you, Textusa's central theory is pure invention, so I don't suppose we should be too shocked

  28. Anon 26, since you're nitpicking on this one comment, thanks to you can assume all other comments Textusa has published NOT to be speculation. By the way I've read the Antonio's statement and let me tell you that divorce or no divorce my husband wouldn't be living under the same roof as me while dating another woman. And one that had a house and was living there only with her mom! So I agree with Anon 8's "speculation".

  29. Anon #27,

    First let me congratulate you. After 2 unpublished comments, I see you finally saw reason, so well done!

    See how when you write comments without insulting language your difference of opinion is published?

    Could you please quote me on where I have claimed "to have researched everything"?

  30. 27, saying that my comment is speculation is really abusive. I based my opinion on information coming from the news crossed with information from PJ files. Most available in the internet for everyone to read. Unless you have other source of credible information that could contradict my point of view and can present it to us, you cannot say my opinion is speculation. If you want, is an interpretation ( mine) of what is available. And in 6 years no one of the 3 came forward to complaint against the papers or PJ, or to reopen the case and let the investigation reach the end and show us that having that interpretation is " speculation".
    As usual, every time somebody touches the wound of Mccann's & BHs, a group of posters run to the keybords to insult the owners of the blogs or just try to discredit valid opinions. It is a fact, that Mr Antonio was interrogated by PJ as a witness along with his wife and her boyfriend. The reason why he was interrogated may be because at certain point PJ connected all the 3 with Maddie affair. Why? I don't know.  could not be because of the love triangle involving the 3. That was a private issue which could indicate  a certain type of personality but was not mandatory to connect the 3 with a crime. Something else was found by PJ and raised suspicions. And the papers, looking for that link, reported on early days, Murat familiar to the OC and Antonio doing some work related with pool. 
    If I'm speculating feel free to show me the facts you know to support your opinion and leave Textusa out of that. I post here now, but could be in a newspaper or in any other place.
    Something is clear, Murat failed to clean his face on Maddie affair and even who hired Birch knows up to where they can play their game. There is a war between the BHs and the Mccann's.

  31. Helena,

    Independently of whatever you say, this person is just seeking disruption so any attempt to show him/her your reasons in support of your argumentation is useless and a pure waste of time. S/he’s not interested in any explanation much less is s/he interested to return in kind.

    S/he accuses you of speculation and yet from my question “Could you please quote me on where I have claimed "to have researched everything"?” is capable of deducing the following, in an unpublished comment:
    “I see you are not denying that your ''theories'' are mere invention, and thank you for confirming that you do not research anything. About lime you came clean to your lunatic supporters“

    I think this person’s intervention is very adequate for a post about Pythia, so I must be grateful, I guess.

  32. I agree that pj needs to go back to the early statements before Clarence and Co became involved and whitewashed everything, back then it was just the stupid mccanns and their arrogance Gerry blogging everyday but as soon as Clarence and the polished team became involved those blogs were removed! It is back at the beginning where the Mccanns made many mistakes that is why they persecute Sr Amaral because he is very close to the truth he was there from the beginning and so they try to discredit and ruin him. Their laughing when they left the Church just after Maddie's birthday and Gerry laughing in his apartment not being aware that he was being filmed, now they are careful they are in control of what photographs and stories are printed about them, they have terribly expensive lawyers that cost thousands of pounds and are expected to deliver so once CR became involved ...forget it. But before CR and Mitchell is where the truth lies and the Mccanns with their lies will be found out, for example Gerry lying about the wallet incident what was that really all about, it was before Clarence and CR were in control. His blogs, OC records will find them out, their very odd jogging along that beach, and going to church so often when her parents said they were not particularly religious! Attaching themselves to reputable charities in an attempt to make it look as if their 'charity' was a 'charity' when it was nothing of the sort thats the time when they made their mistakes, and these are mistakes that they cannot change. Kate attempted to change facts in her book what Kate gave significance to in her book and we deem not important is important thats why she wrote it.
    Also they have employed 'keyboard monkeys' that distrupt discussions and attempt to move away from something significant, but these people need to be ignored, they are insignificant and as Textusa would say they present 'clutter', we must focus on the facts and at present there are and only ever have been three suspects Kate Gerry and whatshisname, and thats all there ever was.... the parents!

  33. The more disruption you get on your bog Textusa means the nearer you and your posters are to the truth.

  34. What I find so good about Textusa is that she has such an international following, I must admit I struggle with some of the Portuguese comments as I don't understand the language but I am enlightened by them because we all seek the truth we all want the same and Textusa is our voice she has united us and together we will find the truth. Well done Textusa you have a cosmospolitan following from many countries xx

  35. 34 - Yes - I say the same - well done Textusa keep at it. Fantastic work. justice for Madeleine.

  36. I know Textusa, they are looking for disruption. Means my post at 8 touch a hot point.

  37. "6Time and Tide"
    By Dr. Martin Roberts at Mccannfiles,

    Specially dedicated to the BHs who come here to insult and claim that when we use our brains to see what some tried to hide is " speculation"....
    Now, when we analyse what BHs and Mccann's have delivered to the investigation and to the public, we can see the huge "misorganization" between the 2 groups. Mccann's where not fully aware of the activities of the BHs to cover up what happened and
    had to deal with the media and the police in a rush, delivering unconsistent explanations for events created by others to help them bake the abduction story.
    For me, Mrs Fenn was a BH creation which also surprised the Mccann's who were forced to fit her roll into their own fantasy. Without the help of big tuttors like Mitchell, the result was a disaster. same with creche records and the Tapas dinner. Mccann's and Bhs trapped on their own games. All to avoid a proper investigation which could expose the activities inside the OC.

  38. For all those who love this blog.
    How about you post under a name.
    That way we can come to recognize
    each other along the way.
    On a forum you have a name and it makes it easier.
    How about it?
    And even though the option is when posting is only for anon or your blogging name at the end of the post you could put a signature that we could come to know.
    Just an idea.
    And once again Textusa, brilliant post.

  39. MW printed brochures for the 2007 holiday season well before May 2007. In this brochure the half board/inclusive meal arrangements were ONLY at the Millenium restaurant.

    There is in the brochure, NO alternative with the tapas bar, this is one of the few easily proven facts.

    Even Scotland Yard can work this out.

    So the simple question remains, why would a group of Doctors pay for meals at the Millenium as part of the package then expect us to believe they paid extra every night to eat at the Tapas, doubling the cost of the holiday. Why would anyone do that? What was the real reason for them being there?

    The brochure is still available in print.

  40. No, guests could eat at either the Millenium or the tapas. Limited covers were available at the tapas. I'm afraid your attempts to rewrite history are pointless and only serve to make you look foolish

  41. Anon #40,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Do you have an explanation as to why there was limited covers in a restaurant (?) that had many covers to spare (

    And was it the 15 covers stated by Kate in her book, or 20 as per Ocean Club Staff?

    I'm afraid your attempts to rewrite history are pointless. If they serve to make you look foolish or not is up to you to know why the truth bothers you so.

  42. I would have thought the answer was quite obvious. I am surprised you have so little knowledge or understanding of this.

    The reason why limited covers were available to Mark Warner was because this was the arrangement they had with the restaurant. It meant that tables were still available for other diners from outside of the Mark Warner resort, which is important for a restaurant operating all year round which wants to be able to provide a service for its regular customers. It was 20 covers per night.

    I see that you didn't challenge the person making the claim that the tapas was not included. So you clearly have a completely closed mind.

  43. Anon #42,

    We're not here to waste time on recycled clutter. I think that 12 posts (for now) debunking the Tapas dinner sheets are enough to answer any of questions.

    You're welcome to question the specifics in any of the posts.

    As an appetizer to a future post, you can say that water is rock as many times as you wish, but water will never be rock even if you freeze it.

  44. To our readers, do observe the technique used by Anon #42. I will refer to it in a post soon. You«ll hopefully see how important and how revealing it is.

  45. Strange how all this completely escaped Mr Amaral, all the rest of the officers from the PJ, all the british police.........

    What's your explanation for that, Textusa that none of the officers noticed this huge conspiracy you reckon was going on right under their noses?

  46. Sorry to disagree Tex but Anon #42 isn't bringing old clutter. This is the first time I've heard that MW Guests queued up to reserve a place in a "restaurant" that had empty places every single night! And if they had eaten there they would have realized that, wouldn't they? It speaks loads about the intelligence of MW Guests! This is brand new clutter!!

  47. Anon #46, it's nice to see Kate being so openly contradicted!

  48. Anon #42,

    Goncalo Amaral started to see it, that's why your kind assured that he got kicked out of the investigation.

    About those in the PJ that took over, only they know what pressures they were subjected to and if and how the complied to it or not.

    The same can't be said about the British cops. It's evident that then, as today, they've complied fully to pressure.

    Don't stray off the subject. Stick to defending the Tapas dinners based on fact and not on what this or that party could have seen or not. Nepotism does wonders and you know that.

    Remember water will never be rock no matter how much you so desire and claim it to be.

    The same

  49. No he didn't.

    Point to anywhere at all, in his book or interviews where he gave any indication that he believed any of the nonsense you have come out with.

    And don't make the mistake of thinking you know anything about me. I assure you, you most certainly don't.

    Amaral has never given any indication whatsoever that he agrees with any of your lunatic theories. I do hear he regards you as a nuisance and distraction, though......

  50. To #40
    A very simple question.

    On what page of the MW holiday brochure 2007 does it state meals are either at the Millenium or the Tapas?

    Many things have been altered and whitewashed in this case since May3 but the original brochures are still out here,stating the meals are ONLY at the Millenium which brings the whole chain of events into serious question.

    Whenever this is mentioned panic seems to set in.I wonder why?

  51. "The reason why limited covers were available to Mark Warner was because this was the arrangement they had with the restaurant. It meant that tables were still available for other diners from outside of the Mark Warner resort, which is important for a restaurant operating all year round which wants to be able to provide a service for its regular customers. It was 20 covers per night."

    Good try. Who you want to fool with such rubbish? Never ever a restaurant in Algarve allocate spaces for hypothetical clients who could never turn up and prevent real clients to seat. That will be a disastrous business and was never a strategy followed by any restaurant, unless you want us to believe that the Tapas main business was not the food/ drink but other activities, like a good meeting point for couples to socialize with other couples and get more familiarized. Since over the time the suspicions around swing activities inside the OC grow and grow, was the Tapas part of swing business with a kind of quotes allocated to the two main supliers of clients, MW and TC?

  52. Anon #49,

    I'm curious. What were the reasons why, in your opinion, was Mr. Amaral pulled off the investigation?

  53. Textusa

    By your silence we can all see that nowhere in his book or in any utterance has Mr Amaral given any indication he agrees with your lunatic theories, or that there was any suspicion whatsoever amongst the PJ that the tapas meals never took place.

    So kindly explain why you cling to this fiction, despite the fact that you were never there, and did not speak to a single person involved, when none of the PJ, who were there and who did speak to the people involved, agree with you?

  54. Anon #53,

    The silence is not mine. Before asking, answer.

  55. Anon 53, "the PJ, who were there and who did speak to the people" who said there was an abduction means then we have to believe there was really an abduction, is that it?

  56. #40#42

    We are expected to believe the tapas and Millenium were both included in the MW inclusive package. The food was identical, how if both had separate chefs, separate kitchens and hundreds of metres apart. Now 15 guests for convenience could eat at the tapas per night, the rest would have to trudge up to the Millenium. The McCann gang were 9, leaving 6 other MW inclusive guests to make the 15. Although the food was the same and already paid for at the Millenium, many of the MW guests paid again to eat at the Tapas. Why would anyone do this?

    Check the MW guest sheets which categorically confirms this.

    When you realise the Tapas dinners were not a regular feature of their activities, many facets will fall into place.

    Strenuous efforts were made to locate every holiday maker in PdL who may have had a brochure but it was too late, most were recovered, but NOT ALL.

  57. "What's your explanation for that, Textusa that none of the officers noticed this huge conspiracy"(45)

    Who said that? Did you think the officers disclosed to the general public eveything they think?
    After 6 years the 3 first suspects remain the same for the officers. Not a single new one was find by the officers, no matter the huge effort the Mccann's PR machine have done to brought one. They remain the main suspects, that's why no one of the 3 want the investigation reopened.

    53, a little homework did not take so long: Few time ago, Dr. Paulo Sargento, while seating beside Dr. GA on SIC program " Querida Julia", said that we should pay attention to a blogger who becomes a reference on Maddie issue- TEXTUSA.
    That is the best compliment, the blog could receive. A little homework will had prevented you to appear so ridiculous.

  58. The food was not the same.

    The guests on an inclusive package could choose to dine at the Millenium or the Tapas. Covers at the tapas were limited

    Mr Amaral makes no reference anywhere to any suspicion that the tapas dinners did not occur. That idea is a total fiction concocted by textusa and endorsed by some who are unable to think for themselves or who are very easily led.

    There is no evidence Murat or his then girlfriend, now wife, nor her former husband, had anything to do with the disappearance of Madeleine. The fact that textusa allows claims of this nature to be published unchallenged indicates that she is not interested in the truth.

    Textusa's central theory is not supported by any evidence.

    Mr Amaral regards you as a nuisance, textusa. He can do without the support of people who spread lunatic theories; it doesn't help his case.

    What her followers do not see is the many posts textusa will not publish as they completely debunk her nonsense. But rest assured, they do not go unseen....

  59. Anon #58,

    Sorry to be repetitive but I insist. Could you please enlighten us as to what is your opinion about the reasons Mr. Amaral, a person who you seem to know so much about his opinions, was withdrawn from the case?

    By the way, we don't have followers. We have readers. We owe loyalty to no one except truth and in turn don't ask for loyalty from anyone.

    We're firm believers in the capability of self-thought.

    But don't let me distract you. Do answer the question about Mr. Amaral, please.

  60. "Do answer the question about Mr Amaral please."

    You asked that question in #52. The other person asked you in #49 to point out where Amaral has given any indication that he agrees with you.

    As you say yourself in #54, "Before asking, answer".

    They asked you first.

  61. Anon #60,

    Mr. Amaral has not given any indication that he agrees with us.

    Now let's see what excuse you'll find next not to answer what you were asked.

  62. #40 #42 #53 #58

    Please could you state on which page of the MW holiday brochure 2007 does it state meals were either at the Millenium or the Tapas.

    I suggest your bluster is because it is not there and that blows a massive hole in the McCanns story.

    Textusa I apologise for being repetitive but this is central to the events and whenever questions are asked about this it seems to engender panic and abuse in certain quarters.

    What could be the reason for this?
    Truth will out in the end.

  63. anon. 58 . I find it implausible that any restaurant would leave any places at a table empty on the chance that diners would appear. A sure way for a business to lose money.
    Nor do I accept that the OC would alienate clients by allocating a block booking to a group so they could be near to their children left asleep in nearby apartments, preferential treatment night after night,when others paying the same would have to do the walk to the Mill and back. That would guarantee that I would not return for another holiday, if I had seen a group of tourists favoured in that that they could neglect their children ! It is not credible, another part of the fairytale.

  64. "Now let's see what excuse you'll find next to answer what you were asked."

    You haven't asked me anything - as I made clear in #60, I am not the #49 poster.

  65. Anon #64,

    Then I ask you, Anon #64, what are, in your opinion, the reasons Mr Amaral was withdrawn from the investigation?

  66. You can ask (although I don't know why you would, as I only posted to point out that you were asking someone to answer you before you had answered their earlier question).

    I don't recall seeing any explanation for Amaral's removal other than what he states in his book, which I have no reason to doubt.

  67. Thank you Anon #66.

    Shortly being withdrawn, Mr Amaral gave an interview in which he said the case was tainted due to external British interference.

    By what you say, you agree that there was external pressure to remove Mr. Amaral. It's not anyone that is able to remove a PJ Officer from his job. It had to have, shall we say, some "muscle".

    This said, you agree, with us, that this case involved "muscled" external interference from the UK as is apparently the conviction of Mr. Amaral.

    Why this interference? Was Mr Amaral going into areas he shouldn't? Where, and fundamentally on who did the interference from the UK, big enough to oust Mr. Amaral, did effectively reach?

    I won't go as far as saying you're a Textusa follower, but you seem to share with us some points of view.

  68. "I won't go as far as saying you're a Textusa follower".

    Well, I'm relieved about that, and I certainly don't share your points of view, because I consider the last 2 paragraphs of your "Message to newcomers", which I assume summarises your position, to be (to put it politely) unsubstantiated speculation.

    Also, you said in #59 "we don't have followers".

    Anyway, Amaral clearly considers that his removal from the investigation resulted from his ill-advised reply to a journalist. He states "I realise that I have not only made a blunder, but I have been unfair towards the majority of the British police who have helped us throughout these difficult months. I drive on, certain that I have triggered a diplomatic incident with predictable consequences: as soon as these simple words are made public, I risk not being able to continue to direct the Portimão Department of Criminal Investigation."

    Anything beyond that, he himself calls "Rumours, of course, nothing more."

  69. Well again the Tapas dinner- a hot point for Mccann's and BHs, and the warriors at service run to their keyboards to divert/ distract/ insult and try to discredit logical inferences from what the investigation made available to the general public. What I find amazing is that recent twist- suddenly they seem to start respecting GA point of view. Is that related with his refuse to accept an agreement with Mccann's? I pull the string and go with my mad inference, regarding that special BHs- they hate GA and Textusa but what causes them a real urticaria is the Mccann's, if they are not condemned alone for what happen to Madeleine, on the grounds of 'negligence only'. Everything is OK with Maddie dead and that involving only the Mccann's and the Tapas 7. The problem starts when we start using our brain to see what 'a huge pile of pressures/people' so desperately tried to hide from public eyes- THE ABSOLUTE CERTAINITY THAT THE TAPAS 9 WERE UNABLE TO EVAPORATE MADELEINE WITHOUT EXTRA HELP.
    They are trying to create a myth with Mr GA believing that the Tapas dinner happened. He never said if he believe on it or not. He based his book on what was delivered to the investigation and what BHS and Mccann's delivered, was a Tapas dinner with so big wells that even with 15 or 20 BRT, they were not enough to cover them. He can't change the lies they delivered, but he also made the things very clear about the case- the investigation was interrupted at the beginning. Why? because he reached hot points, very dangerous if investigated till the end, but consistent enough to not be dismissed. Then, the way to dilute the troubles was Mr. Brown asking his portuguese colleague to remove the naughty boy. That was after the Huelva trip and when Amaral had almost everything prepared to bring the SMiths to Portugal, who had an important contribution to help PJ understand what happen on the break hours that go from the moment the Tapas 7 where seen at the Paraiso and the alarm.
    Any other explanation? BHS keep on your mind, the Mccann's were not alone on that and PJ knows it very well. That is what is causing you so much stress.

  70. Ah, Ah, Amaral removed due to his ill-advised reply to a journalist...
    That was the excuse used by Alipio Ribeiro but was not the real reason. The journalist used to interview GA was very suspicious because worked on the same paper as Socrates girlfriend at the time. The interview was a rattrap settled at the top, exactly to be used like it was.

  71. Para mim, os Quadros bem superiores submeteram-se ao domínio de UK.

    A "saída" de GA é mais uma das traduções da submissão da mentalidade de alguns portugueses a UK.

    As Hierarquias deviam apoiar os Seus! O Seu País devia ter apoiado SEMPRE o Cidadão Gonçalo Amaral.

    Agora é " novamente " o centro das atenções? Porquê?

    Medo, é?

  72. rumours? you 68, speculating.You saying that Amaral said any other interpretation was rumours? Is that the reason why he criticized the moment they choose to dismiss him, the day of his Birthday? Is because he thinks, other interpretation are rumours?How loughable you become when you pretend to rise your naif flag.

  73. It is strange the whole abduction relies on a "totally reliable witness", Jane Tanner, but when she states in her police statement that ONLY the Millenium was included in the MW package the BH's refuse to believe it.

    And when Vitor Santos, senior housing manager, of the OC states in his police statement the food was identical at the Tapas and the Millenium, the BH's refuse to believe it #58.

    And when the Daily Telegraph ran an article on the OC on the 21st April 07 (before Madeleine note) Melinda Libby, the reviewer, does not mention the Tapas in the inclusive deal.

    So stop blustering and prove the Tapas was included.

    Oh, thats right you cannot.

  74. "rumours" é usado em posts recentes por Dr.(?) M, no N.M. Blog e, pelo Cork

  75. #72 - "Rumours of, course, nothing more" - his words, not mine (that's why they had commas around them).

    I have read his book - it would appear that you have not.

  76. Censored comment:


    Jane Tanner said nothing of the kind. Quite the opposite

    ''4078 “And the holiday was all inclusive?”
    Reply “Yeah”.
    4078 “Does the Tapas come under that bracket?”
    Reply “Yeah, yeah, that’s, that’s did, yeah”.''

    Vitor confirms that the diners could eat at either

    ''For dinner the guests could choose between two options, the Tapas and the Millenium and although the meals are identical, the clients choose the restaurant according to its proximity to their accommodation.

    In this case in concrete, the rational choice for dinner would be the Tapas restaurant as it is 100 metres distance from the apartment, whilst the Millenium is situated 600 metres away.'' there's two instances where the tapas, despite your claims, is clearly described as part of the inclusive deal. Your third point is immaterial

    The tapas WAS included as part of the inclusive deal. End of story. Bye now.

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Feb 28, 2013, 6:51:00 PM"

  77. Censored Anon #76

    Luisa Coutinho’s statement on May 8th:
    “For dinner, customers can choose between two restaurants, the "Tapas" and "Millennium", in the first being an “á la carte” service, and in the second "bufett", the customers choose not only because of food but also for reasons of proximity to their accommodation."

    Sandro Silva’s statement, taken the day before, May 7th:
    “For dinner, customers can choose between two restaurants, the "Tapas" and "Millennium", in the first being an “á la carte” service, and in the second "bufett", the customers choose not only because of food but also for reasons of proximity to their accommodation."


    Vitor who?

    And taking JT's statement as reliable says about all.

  78. In 2007 a half board holiday package booked through Mark Warner, included breakfast and dinner at the Millenniun restaurant only.

    The Pop-up fine dining venue (poolside snack and drinks bar) known as tht Tapas restaurant CLOSED at 7:00 pm at that time of year.

    It also closed down in winter.
    At the height of the season the bar opened until 9:00pm (lighter nights and sunshine).

    No three course formal dinners have ever been available at the snack bar. The idea of continually insisting on this chilly and logistically punishing routine, is both prosaic and childish.

    A totally primitive idea at best and not to mention the high probability of stomach-churning indigestion if the Tapas dinners had really happened.
    Pull the other one, and remember this- Madeleine deserved a life too!

  79. No, the tapas and the millenium were both available to guests on an inclusive package

    Repetition of a falsehood doesn't turn it into a truth. Really, you people are seriously lacking in your ability to think for yourselves, aren't you?

  80. Censored comment:


    It was your fellow (censored) at #73 who referred to Tanner, and couldn't even get that right

    Vitor's statement is in the files - those files you claim to know and rely upon

    And you have quoted two further people who both say the tapas was available on an inclusive package.

    So what point are you trying to make? Because that's four statements now which disprove your lunatic theory

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Feb 28, 2013, 7:48:00 PM"

  81. Censored Anon #80

    Just noting that according to your "sane theory" either Vitor is lying about the food being the same at Tapas and the Millenium, or Luisa and Sandro are.

    If you have read the blog, you'll know that we think all of them are lying. But it's not about our point of view, but yours.

    Do tell who do you think are lying.

  82. #76

    Interview 3 8/4/08 Leics Police

    DC4078 what were the other options for eating?

    Jane Tanner: It was just the Millenium well in terms you wouldn`t have to pay extra for. it was the Millenium.

    You really do not like this being brought up I wonder why?

  83. #80

    The bit you seem to be missing is that they ALL state that the tapas was available to guests on an inclusive package.

    Now you can go back and forth on this all you like. Simple truth is that you are wrong. And the only reason you claim that the tapas wasn't available is because you need that to be true for textusa's lunatic theory to work.

    Why don't you grow a pair and have an original thought of your own, eh?

  84. The tapas has got Insane’s knickers in a twist! This could be THE new evidence to reopen the case even though it’s such a simple lie. Although I doubt there is any will to reopen the case by some or influence by others. All the tapas staff, chef and waiters, kitchen assistant are the tip of this iceberg as all the other OC/MW staff had to support their lies. Textusa, I think you did a ripple in a pond post a long time ago and this is exactly relevant to tapas as the ripple centre for 3rd starts to include others who are innocent of the original crime. It highlights how people had to stay in line with Mcs as they became involved so added to the weight of team Mc.

  85. @ Abbas

    tut tut, very naughty. Stop selectively quoting.

    Here is the whole passage. She was replying to a question about the alternatives to the tapas

    ''Well, I think, yeah, I mean, and we actually did have a conversation, it’s one of
    those ‘What ifs’ as well, I can remember on the morning of the, Thursday morning by
    the tennis, at the tennis, somebody in our tennis group had tried to book the Tapas
    and they couldn’t get in because it was already full. And I can remember thinking at
    that point, and I just felt, you know, ‘Good’, because they were bloomin’ awkward by
    booking it out. And they were sort of saying well it’s a bit ridiculous that they
    couldn’t have got in because they’d booked, they’d tried to book in, you know,
    they’d been there at nine o’clock to book in and they still couldn’t get in. So, we did,
    at that point, I can remember having this conversation was ‘Oh shall we go
    somewhere different’, but it never happened, but. And Kate was, I think Kate was
    there then, I can’t remember who else, but we did actually say ‘Oh shall we, shall we
    go somewhere different’. And I think almost at that point we had considered it, but I
    think the problem was the kids were so tired after having such full days, I think it was
    more ‘Well it’s worked every other night’. But I know definitely from my point of
    view I felt quite bad that we were taking this, you know, this block booking every
    night and it was affecting other people using it”.
    4078 “What were the other options then for eating, was there a good option close by?”
    Reply “No, it was just the Millennium, well in terms of ones that you wouldn’t have to pay
    extra for, it was the Millennium, which didn’t really start until, I think it was half
    seven or something, so, you know, by that stage it was, we could have, we could have

    gone there, so I think. And our kids are probably more, I don’t know, (inaudible) our
    kids as they are growing up, but we tend to drag our kids with us more, you know,
    they have never really had a certain bedtime as such, I think”.''

    Now stop lying and wasting everyone's time

  86. Censored comment:

    "No, poor (censored) at post #84

    They won't be reopening the case because, unlike you, they are sane, and know that the tapas meals did indeed take place.

    You need to seriously consider contacting your local mental health services if you honestly believe what you post.

    Textusa - it is about time you stopped your minions selectively quoting in an attempt to deceive. You tried it earlier with your lies about Amaral, now you are permitting others to do the same.

    Are you so dim that you don't realise they will be found out, and then be shown up as the deceitful people they are? Remember, there are people out here who have a much better knowledge of the case and the files than you.

    You will always be found out. Always.

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Feb 28, 2013, 10:21:00 PM"

  87. Anon #86,

    I'm getting a little tired of having to censor your comments.

    About me lying about Mr. Amaral. You, or you multiple persona in this post, asked me if Mr. Amaral has ever endorsed anything written on the blog.

    My answer was no, he hasn't.

    As far as I know, he hasn't endorsed any blog, but the question referred to ours, so I answered that he didn't. Where is the lie in that?

    As far as I can read, the only speculative words about Mr. Amaral were said by you, when you said he found me a nuisance and a distraction.

    Honestly I don't believe you. Not because Mr. Amaral may indeed find me a nuisance and a distraction, an opinion he's perfectly entitled to have if he so deems, but because I'm sure, even not knowing the man, that he wouldn't voice such an opinion about a blogger, any blogger, and much less to people like yourself.

    About misquotations, or selective quotations, I'll let comment #85 from abbas to speak for itself.

    About my knowledge of the files, I'm still waiting for the quote where I've said I know everything.

    About you knowing the case better, I have no doubt about that.

  88. Assuming you can read, textusa, and that you don't have to have words tapped out for you by a horse, you can clearly see that abbas, like so many of your posters, attempted to deceive by selectively quoting. It has been noted that you refuse to do anything about this, thus demonstrating that this is a blog which relies upon deceit to make it's point.

    You have notably refused to explain your comment to which I referred earlier, namely that Mr Amaral ''started to see it'', a claim which you had no right to make. You are not privvy to his thoughts or opinions, and he most certainly does not endorse yours. Trust me on this.

    You should know by now, Textusa, that there is so very much more to life than blogging; well, for most people anyway, even if not for you. Never assume that someone is ''merely a blogger'', like yourself. Some of us have lives you cannot even imagine :)

    So here's where we are.

    You and your minions have persisted with your ridiculous notion that there were no tapas dinners and that the Madeleine case is a massive conspiracy involving Mark Warners, the guests, the staff, local residents and a cast of thousands.

    According to you, this is not speculation - you claim to have proven your theory.

    So - who have you told? Because clearly, you must have done. How very irresponsible to have solved the case yet informed no-one.

    It's this simple. You have either proven your theories, in which case you would have no acceptable reason for not having informed the authorities....


    You haven't contacted the authorities because basically this is just a game for you where you see how many foolish people you can convince

    So which is it?

    Failing to solve a crime

  89. RE Censored comment.
    You say…….“They won't be reopening the case”
    Who won’t be reopening the case? The PJ or the Mcs by requesting it? How do you know this?
    “because, unlike you, they are sane, and know that the tapas meals did indeed take place!.
    Prove the tapas meals happened! Or is this like a libel trial where the defendant has to prove he didn’t commit libel rather than the claimant has to prove he did?

    “You need to seriously consider contacting your local mental health services if you honestly believe what you post”.
    This sentence is irrelevant. If everyone with a differing opinion was told they had mental health issues there could only be one political party or one religion so we would be living in a dictatorship.

    “Textusa - it is about time you stopped your minions selectively quoting in an attempt to deceive. You tried it earlier with your lies about Amaral, now you are permitting others to do the same”.
    So you think Textusa should stifle opinion? On a blog where readers choose to read who is trying to deceive who?

    “Are you so dim that you don't realise they will be found out, and then be shown up as the deceitful people they are? Remember, there are people out here who have a much better knowledge of the case and the files than you”.
    Found out for what, having an opinion? Found out by whom? What is deceitful about repeating what is in the official police files? Who cares about being found out, that’s the whole point, people who comment surely want their opinions heard?
    Are YOU one of the people who have ‘much better knowledge of the case files than the rest of us’? If so why? Because you were at OC at the time or are involved in some other way? Only someone with a vested interest would pay so much attention to a bunch of Textusa ‘followers’.

    Did Jane Tanner study any particular language course to learn Gibberish? It's not a language I'm familiar with. Even Google translate doesn't offer that option.

  90. #88

    Oh dear. if those knickers twist any more, you could lose a leg.

    There are dozens of statements from people with no vested interest and no previous association which show, very clearly, that the group dined at the tapas restaurant.

    No police force has claimed otherwise

    No detective has claimed otherwise

    No court has claimed otherwise

    No witness has claimed otherwise

    No newspaper has claimed otherwise

    No other forum has claimed otherwise

    Just this one. And why? Well, I think the answer is obvious. It's an IQ thing, girls. Only people who lacked intellect could fall in behind such an obvious fraudster

  91. Anon #88

    "You have notably refused to explain your comment to which I referred earlier, namely that Mr Amaral ''started to see it'', a claim which you had no right to make. You are not privvy to his thoughts or opinions, and he most certainly does not endorse yours. Trust me on this."

    So I have no right to make claims about Mr Amaral's opinion but you may? And rather much more privy than mine!

    I say, and maintain that Mr Amaral started to see the hoax for what it was, thus the interview prior to being pulled out. For some reason he was pulled out. He didn't leave out of his free will.

  92. Anon #90

    "No police force has claimed otherwise

    No detective has claimed otherwise

    No court has claimed otherwise

    No witness has claimed otherwise

    No newspaper has claimed otherwise

    No other forum has claimed otherwise

    Just this one."

    What a nice, wonderful compliment!

  93. Anon #86,

    "Remember, there are people out here who have a much better knowledge of the case and the files than you."

    Which people?
    Why do they know more?

  94. No, you can't claim that Mr Amaral ''started to see it'' because he most certainly didn't, nor has he ever given any indication that he agrees with you. Quite the opposite. You misrepresent his views in order to try to give credence to your lunatic ideas. You also insult him and his officers, by suggesting that none of them were aware of a massive conspiracy happening under their noses.
    It is strange that you would regard the fact that your ideas are so ridiculous that they are spectacularly easy to refute as something of which to be proud. By disagreeing with you they are not paying you a compliment, textusa, they are highlighting the nonsense which is your basic theory, and all the assorted junk you have attached to it. They see you for what you are - someone who has no scruples about bullying child witnesses and defiling the memory of dead ones in order to cover the yawning gaps in your nonsensical scenario.

    As to those who have a better knowledge of the case than you - well, that's just about everyone, textusa. You have to ask who witnesses are, even though their statements are freely available in the files; you ignore the fact that some of your posters are deliberately cropping quotes from statements in order to misrepresent their meanings, and you freely quote from witnesses whilst seemingly impervious to the fact that their evidence directly contradicts your mad theories.

    One thing you don't seem to have realised, textusa.

    The main reason why you have such a poor grasp of the case is because you are not very clever. You like to think you are - hence the ridiculously long, rambling verbose posts. But the truth is, you are actually a bit thick. The only thing you are good at is manipulating people. Sooner or later, however, they realise they have been manipulated by you, and away they go.

    You see, no-one of any real intellect fears dissent, or runs scared from any challenge to their theory. But you do.

    And I think we all know why.

    So in answer to your questions ''which people? and why do they know more?'' the answers are ''most people'' and ''because they do not have closed minds and because they are not attempting to deceive''

    One day, dear, you will have to come to terms with the fact that you are just a sad, insignificant blogger with a long-suffering husband. As far as the Madeleine case goes, you have contributed the sum total of nothing.

  95. Anon #94,

    Thank you!

    I could not write a more befitting post to "close" a post about the blog being labelled with a Pythia's Syndrome.

    As we think your comment about covers all mentioned in the post and way too good to see it go to "waste", we, for the very first time, have decided to "lock the comments" on a post, ending with yours.

    Well, in reality with this one but do consider this as a kind of "Post-Scriptum" post.

    To abbas, sorry for not publishing your latest comment and we sincerely hope you understand. We thank you for informing us that Scotland Yard have at least one copy of the brochure you mention and that it will be up to them to decide whether the brochure is genuine or not, but it does not mention the Tapas as an alternative venue.


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