Monday, 23 February 2009

My Apologies

Life, fortunately, involves the 6 senses that the human being has been enabled with. Other than these, it also involves basic requirements such as food, sleep and sex. This to say, that my absence from here is due to the fact that my thoughts have been focused on my own problems, which, in these days of crisis, have taken to stupid proportions.

Not wanting to reveal much about myself, but I do own some businesses and am responsible for the lives of those who work under me, who, unquestionably deserve my attention. Not undivided, but in its utmost.

Out of the profound respect that I have for them (you), I owe this explanation to all those who have come here to read my words, and have found day, after day, the same posts.

I have written thus far texts that deserve to remain open to the public and that is why I'll keep the blog available to all.

About the McCanns, I believe that the outcome of this will wait for my return, as I think justice, in this case, will be served outside the judicial system with a more harsh and violent manner than it would be in any official prison. Kate and Gerry know that perfectly well.

Had they given themselves up on the 4th of May, in Portugal, the whole issue would have today, been done over with and forgotten.

Just try to remember the details of that drunken mum who abandoned the kid also in the Algarve shortly after. Who, you ask? Exactly.

They in 2009, after having been charged and convicted with the accidental death of their child, would, most likely, be walking free amongst us, and the case would have been just another news-bang in the British tabloids.

Pretty stupid and arrogant people, as they have, consistently, proved since.

See you around, promise to be back as soon as possible.