Friday, 27 November 2015

Cinderella of Luz

1. Introduction

ALL – except for us in this blog and for our supporters – interested in the Maddie case have to agree on one thing: the Tapas bar was an exceptionally good restaurant.

So exceptional that we know of no other in Portugal where people queue to make reservations to have dinner there.

Friday, 13 November 2015


Update Friday 20Nov15: We inform readers that we won’t be posting this week. We thought best to keep the current post for another week. At least.

1. Introduction

This week our post will be a non-post. The content it will have is about a non-issue: the photo known as the last photo.

We consider that the only importance the last photo has is that it supports our theory: it was faked to show a family time that didn’t exist within a family supposed to be enjoying a week long family holiday.

Friday, 6 November 2015


In the comments section in our post “The Narrative of Negligence” we mentioned that there had been 2 very interesting articles published about Maddie.

The first one was the Mirror article of October 24 “Madeleine McCann detectives examine former suspect's pictures of children after Sunday People probe” about Wojciech Krokowski and about who we wrote our post “Sagresman”, explaining why we thought that it was a very important message to all those interested and able to understand it: the exposure of swinging was now on the table.

The other article of interest was the Sun’s article of October 26 “‘£100,000 fraud’ on Maddie fund” about a huge fraud of £100,000 concerning the Find Madeleine fund, as its title explicitly states.