Friday, 1 December 2017

Red card

(with thanks to Michael Shaw)

1. Introduction

This week, once more we see ourselves with the need to ‘procrastinate’ the analysis of the NPIA Operation Task debrief document which we published 2 weeks ago.

Last week it was because of the demise of the Woman-in-Purple, a fact that we deemed of the utmost importance to the case.

Scratching her from this sick play makes the Maddie case come down to only one of 2 possible outcomes: truth or shambolic archival.

2. The RNICVI Museum

The Woman-in-Purple can now be seen in the Royal National Intelligence Challenging and Vomit Inducing Museum, which is exclusively dedicated to the Maddie case.

She’s now there together with the Bungled Burglars and the European Human Trafficking Gang in the Intelligence Challenging and Vomit Inducing Invented Characters section, next to the Pimpleman, Crèche Dad, Burgundy/Sagresman and cloth-footed Summers & Swann’s Bungleman.

Next to this section there’s the Intelligence Challenging and Vomit Inducing Stories from Real People.

That’s where visitors can appreciate the likes of the Tapas 9, Stephen Carpenter, Neil Berry, Raj Balu, Pamela Fenn, Jeremy Wilkins, TS, Derek Flack, Robert and Jenny Murat, John Hill, the Mark Warner Nanny Girl’s Band, the Tapas Choir Group and the Ocean Club orchestra. Lot’s to see there.

Then there are the 2 separate pavilions that are highly recommended: one dedicated to the bogus sightings and the other for the finger-pointed poor and powerless, used and abused.

The museum also has a library. Filled with only books, written by Danny Collins, Kate McCann and Summers & Swann.

The bulk of this library is made up of tabloid articles, signed by Lazzeri, Kandohla and Lawton, just to name 3 of many, many others.

There are too many others to list here but it would be undoubtedly interesting to have them all listed so all can see.

They have sold their souls, the least they deserve is to be remembered.

But the biggest attraction to visit there is the Internet Dungeon. Where the darkest and sickest human-like creatures are exhibited.

The dungeon has many, many names, many known to us all but most of which will be unfamiliar to those who have only started to follow the case after Operation Grange started.

Many handles have gone, some of which are still around but only have lost all importance and have gone unnoticed by the new generation, but for those of us, who had to put up with their very real threats, the names of these creatures or aliases, are very familiar.

And it is this dungeon that made us postpone the post about the Operation Task debrief and that was what we found out recently about one of these varmints, a foot soldier, and which we deem to have been be of the highest of pertinence to the case.

We are obviously talking about Nigel Nessling AKA Vee8, being sentenced by an Ipswich court for downloaded over 40,000 indecent images of children.

As we’ll see, it was a very hard blow to the shambolic archival option. Meaning, a good thing for the truth.

3. Maddie and paedophilia

Unlike other so-called truth-seekers who do all they can, pretending to ignore the elephant in the room, to avoid touching even with a 20-foot stick, anything that relates swinging with the Maddie’s death, we do not ignore the presence and relevance of paedophilia in this case.

We simply don’t accept that it was the direct or indirect cause of Maddie’s death.

However, we don’t just say “we’re not seeing paedophilia justifying the cover-up, so it isn’t paedophilia”, we try to present our arguments of why we think that way.

About that, on one hand it seems inconceivable to us why would so many who are fully aware of the exact details of what has indeed happened in Luz on that night, would go out of their way to lie for a nepiophile, or many of them, who raped a 4 yr old child to death.

Using the sex-pest list as an example, and taking out of it all the consensual stuff that should never have been there in the first place but only focusing on the inappropriate behaviour of those listed, it’s realistic to think there are many people who were aware of what was happening and covered it up.

A pretty uncomfortable situation for people to find themselves in. After all, they are aware they have covered for despicable and criminal behaviour.

However, there’s no comparison in ignominy between paedophilia and sexual harassment, and let’s be clear, the latter is absolutely repulsive.

And if Maddie was killed as a result of sexual abuse, it wouldn’t be paedophilia but nepiophilia, something ranked much higher in a scale of abhorrence.

Unless in the UK paedophilia is considered acceptable social behaviour, which we don’t think it is, then it would be impossible to have so many involved in the cover-up.

Not talking only about those listed in our the Museum we have just invented, but also about people with respectable jobs, reputations to uphold and most importantly, consciences to appease.

We are speaking of people like the ones who worked or work in the Home Office, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, like the policemen of the Met and of the Leicestershire Constabulary, the ones of CEOP, scientists who gave their names alongside John Lowe in the FSS report and so many others who are respected in their professional and personal circles and feel absolutely comfortable with their consciences in having participated and in participating actively in a cover-up.

And of course we are also speaking of those in the Praia da Luz area, British immigrants and Portuguese, who also have participated and are participating in the hoax:

As implied by the “amaral underestimated all the persons involved at the case of Praia da Luz”, on the tweet above, it seems some pro-McCann (who we have reason to believe was Nessling or one of his supporters) is of the opinion, with which we fully agree, that many in Luz were involved in making sure Mr Amaral didn’t get to the truth.

Would that be so if at the bottom of this was the death of a 4 yr old from sexual abuse? We don’t think so.

One just has to see as an example what is happening in the pro-camp because of Nessling. The flak they are getting on social media because of their association with this convicted paedophile. They are being mercilessly taunted.

(picture from here)

To be seen associated with a paedophile is like having a repulsive contagious disease.

And these are people we know to be evil. Evil people now struggling with the fact that one of them has been proven to be a paedophile.

One just has to look at how social media has flamed up with this Nessling thing and how it is making sure that all those ‘near’ him receive an enormous amount of judgement and criticism, to immediately understand that all those we have listed in having participated in the cover-up would have never agreed to help a nepiophile or nepiophiles, in covering up his/their crime in the way we have seen so many agree to help out in the Maddie hoax.

There’s simply no such power in this world capable of subjugating such a collective to agree to such a forbidden thing.

We do, however, see as very realistic having all the people listed in participating in a cover-up to protect people who would be caught in something that a very judgmental society deems to be highly immoral and reprehensible even though it’s between consensual adults and absolutely legal: swinging.

Like covering up for a friend’s affair. One knows one shouldn’t but one does it out of friendship.

If that ‘friend’ happens not to be a friend at all but a boss or someone who holds something that is of one’s interest for whatever personal or professional reason, one does it not out of friendship but out of interest, fear or both.

In this case, and that is the reality of life, one even allows oneself to cover-up for reprehensible things like sexual harassment or other reprehensible things.

It all boils down to the question each one asks themselves when in such a situation: if I do this, will I be able to justify myself to myself? If the answer is yes, then one does it. Those who say they don’t are simply lying.

We’re not seeing so many people, the ones we have listed above answering affirmatively to that question if all revolved around the death of a sexually molested little girl.

That’s why we say “we’re not seeing paedophilia justifying the cover-up” not because it wouldn’t be strong enough to justify it but because it would be way too strong to have people so engaged as we have seen.

But the reader may ask, why, if it is swinging, would people accept to be paedos just to avoid being outed swingers?

The answer to that question is simple: only one person is being implied of being one and that is David Payne.  No other one, out of hundreds present there is. That means that these hundreds remain with their reputation intact.

Why has Payne accepted without a known reaction to have a paedo shadow looming over him?

It shows how unbalanced the power imbalance between him and whoever told him to accept that heinous fate and be quiet, is.

We’ve never said an individual couldn’t be subjugated to do what he’s told to do however unpleasant or even disastrous for him that may be, what we’re saying is that it’s impossible to subjugate such a collective made up of a wide variety of respected people who would lose so much if it was proven they helped a murderous nepiophile escape justice.

But we can only speak for ourselves, the only thing we can do is present our arguments which we have done.

If then people continue to disagree with us, in peace with their conscience, we have only to respect that.

If people disagree just to disagree, we’ll simply ignore.

If they disagree only to pursue an agenda, to protect some over others of those involved, that makes them as much as a criminals as all those we have listed above who have participated in the hoax.

A half-truth is never the truth. A truth with part of it intentionally hidden, is not truth. A half-truth is always a lie, a hoax.

People with an agenda are ultimately only helping perpetuate the hoax, no matter how genuinely they wish to see the McCanns punished, as they are merely pursuing a ‘truth’, one that has to exclude those they are protecting, so just a half-truth.

And please note, when we say “we’re not seeing paedophilia justifying the cover-up” we’re NOT saying that paedophilia has nothing to do with the case.

We not only think it has, as we think it has played a relevant part in it.

To be clear so we’re not misunderstood: we don’t think paedophilia has anything to do, directly or indirectly, with Maddie’s death or with anything that was happening at the time of her death in Praia da Luz but we do think paedophilia has a lot to do with the cover-up that followed that same death.

4. The paedo planting

In our opinion, evidence points clearly towards paedophilia, specifically in the terms of it being directly related to Maddie’s death to be something planted into the case.

Via the Gaspar statements – strangely tardy and suspiciously introduced into the case – and via the Yvonne Martin statements – which have so many discrepancies that show very clearly that she and truth are not exactly well matched.

The empty CATS file only proves nothing was put in it because if someone went into the trouble of removing compromising documents from it, they would either make the entire thing disappear or then fill it up with innocuous stuff. There was certainly time and ways of doing either without it being publicly known. As we said, it was empty because like a kitchen jar we meant to fill up with strawberry jam, remains empty because we never got to buy the strawberries.

5. The usefulness of paedophilia

Paedophiles are people with a very high moral debt to society.

A debt so high that even the paedophile knows he cannot ever repay it and that places him in a very vulnerable position to be blackmailed.

Having information on paedophiles is very powerful information indeed and which many powerful use it in modern societies.

And we have no doubt that such kind of information has been used in the Maddie case.

If the paedophile is a powerful man, then the blackmail makes him do what is required of him, being it in favours or in exercising his influence wherever it’s needed.

If the paedophile is a powerless man, it makes his commitment in accomplishing the most shameless and disgusting tasks that he’s told to do to be absolute.

6. Nessling the foot-soldier

Nigel Nessling is a pro-McCann supporter using the handle Vee8, among others.

Nigel Nessling was not nor is a powerful man.

His participation was certainly not due to any favours he could fulfill or influence he could exercise. However, his commitment and shamelessness were precious to the defenders of the hoax.

A nasty and turgid piece of work who was used to ward people off the case with his extremely vicious verbal violence which implied a physical one.

Someone who was never there to debate but always to be aggressive.

Someone who fueled being considered deranged and making his derangement feared.

His home base was the Stop the Myths forum in which he as an admin however he was present in all pro-McCann sites, where he made his unpleasant presence felt.

The link between Nessling and the McCanns was always transparent and public, as Adrian Upshon (AKA Deuce is from Chaosraptors) has said in his blog “Angel 4 the Lost”:

“I have been involved with raising funds for children's charities for many years through a car club I belong to. However, the chairman of the club, Nigel Nessling and myself became further involved at a deeper and more personal level since Madeleine McCann disappeared. We both followed the case on-line in support of the McCann family's plight.

The reaction to our support was profound. Both myself and Nigel were stalked and intimidated by those who disliked McCann supporters at a level neither of us would have ever anticipated anyone would sink to. This of course only scratched at the surface of what the McCanns receive beyond the hurt and pain from not knowing what happened to their daughter.

Since then we became active for a UK charity supporting the parents of missing and exploited children and a support group helping the McCanns find Madeleine.”

We, like others, are find it very strange for the McCanns not having put out a statement detaching themselves from this particular supporter after his conviction.

One certainly cannot help or choose who supports us, but one can certainly choose whose support one does accept and endorse.

By omission of a clear rejection, the silence of the McCanns can only mean they accept and endorse the support of this convicted individual.

7. Gamble and Nessling

Before we get into the facts of Nessling’s conviction by an Ipswich court, let us say that something is pleasing us immensely.

And that’s how Jim Gamble’s name is gaining importance in this case in direct proportion with which Mitchell’s is finally fading away as it should.

Mitchell the pink shirted puppet was so transparent to spot that it hurt to see how all these years so many credited this individual with the capability of managing such a politically sensitive matter.

Fortunately, as we have been witnessing lately that is something that is ending, if not having done so already.

We have been exposing what we see to be Gamble’s importance in the case for years and finally we are being heard.

And in Nessling’s case we think there’s total reason to link him to Jim Gamble and we would go as far as even saying that theirs is a relationship of proximity.

First because it seems that pals Adrian Upshon and Nigel Nessling have been endorsed by CEOP as per tweet pictured above:

Laffin@Mirror again

(link:… Upshon and Nigel Nessling endorsed by #CEOP ? #McCann #scam

10:09 PM · Nov 28, 2017”

Besides that we also base the opinion that this proximity, between Gamble and Nessling, on a post published by Vee8/Nessling on Stop the Myths forum in a thread titled “That Summers and Swan book” on Sept 7 2014.

In our post “News pieces, Same game” published on Oct 10 2014, we transcribed, after censoring, what Vee8 had written in the Stop the Myths forum into the comment section of that post.

(screengrab from here)

We will now transcribe it here without any censoring:

That Summers and Swan book
Posted by Vee8 – Sun Sep 07, 2014 9:37 am

A note to the anti-Madeleines.

You are going to hate this book, you are going to hate it with a burning passion bordering on the volcanic. Because it is going to destroy your fantasies, tear down your houses of cards and show you all to the general public as the rabid, drool-spilling trolls that you are. I know what your reaction will be. Just as with Kate’s book, on Amazon you will leave turgid, libellous and ignorant one star reviews, all in an attempt to scupper sales.

Don’t bother, Summers and Swan are Pulitzer-prize-winning authors with a fan-base that spans the known world. They will swamp your pathetic little attempts to tell the authors to ‘Read the Files,’ or ‘Google the Gaspar statements.’ A few dozen hater reviews will have ZERO effect on the sales next to the flood of five star reviews that will follow.

Actually, on second thoughts, yes. Do it. Leave your downgrading reviews. Your ignorance of the case, together with your hatred of the parents of an abducted child will serve to confirm, beyond any reasonable doubt, whatever the authors have written about you. Next, for sure, there will be a TV documentary, based on the book, where the leading scum will be fully exposed to ridicule from the Great British public, whose sympathy and support the McCanns always enjoyed, and whose disgust at your antics will only grow exponentially. Some of you will be publicly named and shamed. I hope your friends and neighbours get to read about you, and spurn you in the street.

Oh, yes, the wheels are about to come flying off your rotten apple cart, and it’s going to be a spectacular mess. I can only say, it’s about time.”

 This “early-bird” entry in the Stop the Myths forum came between two events at the time:

- On Monday, Sept 01 2014, we had the “Sky News Report – Madeleine McCann, the Secret Report”, by Martin Brunt and in which starred Jim Gamble. In it, for no apparent logical reason, Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan make the “public debut” of their book “Looking for Madeleine”. We did a post on all this, “Sky News – The Clarifying Report”.

- On Thursday, Sept 11 2014, 10 days later, we had Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan publishing their book “Looking for Madeleine”, sales of which broke all known negative records. The reaction to this book concentrated all attention from blogs/forums in the following 2/3 weeks. We also did a post on this, “Summers by Summers”.

And it happened before on Thursday Oct 02 2014, we were literally bombarded with the “Sky News Special Report – McCann Trolls” by Martin Brunt announcing that SY was investigating internet trolls who tweeted against the McCanns.

This, as we know, led to Brenda Leyland taking her own life 2 days later.

When Vee8/Nessling says “whatever the authors have written about you” shows he knew beforehand the contents of that shameful book by Summers & Swan, as it does indeed contain a chapter about those seeking the truth about the case on the internet.

And by saying “Some of you will be publicly named and shamed. I hope your friends and neighbours get to read about you, and spurn you in the street”, he shows clearly that he also knew, and also beforehand, about Brunt’s piece – the “TV documentary” he mentions – and how viciously Brenda would be named and shamed by the Troll dossier.

Brunt’s piece is indeed not based on the book but as we now know was just slab stone of that campaign path, which began with the Sky News piece on Gamble’s report, followed by the book and then the Troll dossier.

That campaign stopped abruptly with Brenda’s death, so we don’t know where else it would have gone.

A campaign we believe to have been set up by Jim Gamble.

For someone to have said on Sept 7, 4 days before the book was published and 6 days after it got nationwide publicity of its launch by the hands of Martin Brunt on the piece about Gamble’s report that the forthcoming documentary on the Troll dossier was “based on the book” is a natural mistake to make as then the book was the focus of attention in said campaign.

What Vee8/Nessling makes very clear is that there was a foot-soldier, himself, with privileged information beforehand.

We would say that not many would be part of the inner circle of this collusion.

One we believe was coordinated by Gamble and one that used a relevant media outlet as Sky News.

This proximity between Nessling and Gamble is evidently to be taken into account when analysing Nessling’s Ipswich court sentence.

The fact that Nessling was a very important foot-soldier for the other side, is further enhanced by the fact that the Missing Persons Bureau of the NPIA (National Policing Improvement Agency) considered the Forever Searching charity to which he raised funds, to be one of its 2 relevant partners (the other being Reunite International):

Forever Searching, a charity that praised and valued very much the advice from CEOP.

But we’ll deal with CEOP and NPIA when we get to finally write our post on the Operation Task debrief.

8. Nessling’s conviction

We first got to know about Nessling’s conviction from a post from Ben Thompson in the FB group “Justice for Madeleine” on Nov 26 2017 at 21:48

“McCann supporter convicted of downloading 40,000 indecent images of children.

Some of you may recall a blog I wrote in response to lies, smears, and false accusations against Goncalo Amaral, by one of the McCanns' number one supporters - Nigel Nessling:

Nessling was recently found guilty of downloading over 40,000 indecent images of children.

Nigel's name can now added to an ever growing list of sinister criminals who actively supported the McCanns. These crimes (Nessling aside), include:


Death threats

Stalking and harassment (relating to a survivor of a London terror attack).

As well as the rape of a minor, and sexual assault.

Add to that the active support of convicted child killers, and a desperation amongst many pro McCann to cover up child abuse on the island of Jersey, and the picture we're left ain't a pretty one:

Details of Nessling's conviction on the link below:

This was also published on Nov 16 2017 at 14:01, updated at 14:02 in the Ipswich Star article by Jane Hunt “Ipswich man avoids prison after downloading over 40,000 indecent images of children”:

“When the equipment was analysed it was found to contain 804 still and moving images in the most serious level A category, 818 still and moving level B images and more than 40,000 still and moving images in the lowest level C category.

There were also 3,000 prohibited images of children,.

Nessling, 59, admitted three offences of making indecent images of children and possessing prohibited images of children.

He was given a 16-month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, and ordered to do 150 hours unpaid work in the community.”

The title is quite misleading. It does throw at us the blinding number of 40,000 but to us what matters is that there were the 1,622 pictures involving serious level (B) and very serious level (A).

And if we are to add the further “3,000 prohibited images of children”, that totals having almost 5,000 criminal pictures.

Naturally, people have reacted to the leniency of this sentence, especially taking into account what is validly questioned in the following tweet:


Karen Mathews' partner Craig Meehan had 49 indecent #CSA images on his computer & he was jailed for 5 months. Nigel Nessling had 40,000. Today's maths question: How long should Nessling be serving in prison?

 - Why isn't he?


12:05 PM · Nov 27, 2017”

We will address this apparent leniency later in the post.

One very interesting thing to notice is that the raid in Nessling’s residence happened on April 11:

“The court heard that police officers went to Nessling’s home in Larchcroft Road, Ipswich, on April 11 and seized items including two laptops, a hard drive and a tower unit.”

March/April this year was that period of time when the other side was desperate and doing all it could to force the government to continue funding Operation Grange after the Portuguese Supreme Justice Court had thrown out the window, on March 21, the pathetic complaint made against it by the McCann legal team.

Then, the interest for the case was significant.

We wrote the post “Oh no, NOT him!”, which got 431 comments and the blog had a record of 96,517 hits that month.

It was at that time that someone, somewhere decided to raid and seize the computers of one of the most notorious and vile pro-McCann supporters.

That ‘somewhere’ must have been high up on the British hierarchy if one simply takes into account the sensitivity of the matter and the amount of protection and immunity that all pros have enjoyed over the years.

That protection, dear readers, ended on April 11. Or, evidently, a few days or weeks before.

The fact is that it ended.

And that is the first important fact that one must take from this episode: someone from the other camp was given a red card and kicked off the game.

9. The strange time lapse

Another thing to be noted is that this Nessling affair didn’t hit the MSM.

Nor the April 11 raid nor the Nov 16 sentencing. However, the Nov 16 sentence got picked up and only then did we get to know about the raid back in April.

However, there seems to be an exaggerated time lapse between the raiding and the sentencing, 219 days, or over 7 months.

The crime is without a doubt a very serious one but it’s also quite a very straightforward one.

Plus, there seems to have been an early admission: “However, he [the judge] felt able to pass a suspended sentence because he [Nessling] had admitted the offences at an early stage and there was sufficient prospect of rehabilitation in his case.”

We’re not seeing then the reason why forensic analysis of his computers took that long, so why we say we think there was an exaggerated time lapse between the raid and the sentencing.

By coincidence a similar case and in the same jurisdiction was reported by the Ipswich Star in its article by Colin Adwent, on April 12 2017 (the raid of Nessling’s house was the day before) “Ipswich man accused of making nearly 50,000 indecent images of children”:

“Joseph Caddick, of Park Road, (…) 36-year-old is charged with distributing an indecent image of a child via a What’s App message on May 10 last year.”

Although the crime happened last year, it was around about April that the police acted on it, otherwise why would a newspaper report something only April 12 if the crime had been reported months before?

The article ends with “Caddick’s case was sent to Ipswich Crown Court for May 9. He was released on conditional bail.”

That means just slightly less than a month after he was charged.

The Ipswich Star updated its readers on this issue in the article published on June 23 by Jane Hunt “Ex-medical student from Ipswich caught with 40,000 indecent images of children” (with thanks to Sade Anslow of the “Justice for Madeleine” FB group) where it’s said that:

“A former medical student who downloaded more than 40,000 indecent images of children has been jailed for two years.

Police officers went to speak to Joseph Caddick after receiving a complaint that he had sent a man in Anglesea Road, Ipswich indecent images of children via a WhatsApp message, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

The man found the images distressing and when police officers examined his phone they found 31 indecent images that had been sent to him by Caddick, said Hugh Vass, prosecuting.

When police officers went to Caddick’s first floor flat they could hear things being thrown out of a window into a car park and when they went in they found he was growing cannabis in a tent.”

Apparently, it took 31 images and several months for the complainant to find the material sent by Caddick to be offensive.

But what we would like to highlight from the above is that Caddick was not as co-operative as Nessling is said to have been.

Yet, the uncooperative one took 72 days to sentence, while the other, who co-operated from the start, took 219 days for that to happen, or 3 times longer. Why?

There’s a difference of treatment for the exact same crime by the exact same court and by the exact same judge, tells us there were 2 separate intents.

It’s as if the Nessling case was after the raid was ‘suddenly’ put on hold, waiting for a better decision, which came in the October/November time period.

10. The leniency

Let’s now look at the apparent leniency of Nessling’s sentence.

Reading only what the Ipswich Star has written about both Caddick and Nessling one cannot conclude there was any leniency

The difference between Caddick and Nessling is that Caddick had been subject to suspended sentence for similar matters before custodial sentence for present offence, whereas Nessling had no previous convictions.

So, although it still raises questions about a lenient sentence for Nessling, compared to others with no previous convictions, it does explain different sentencing for these 2 men.

And if one takes into account that the same judge gave the same suspended sentence to an Essex Police officer for a similar crime, then the leniency issue between Caddick and Nessling seems not to be an issue.

This sentence was reported by the Daily Gazette/Essex County Standard on March 23 2017 in the article “Paedophile Essex Police officer walks free from court... but is then fired”:

“A PAEDOPHILE police officer has walked free from court despite downloading 1,600 indecent images of children.

While his colleagues were carrying out extra patrols to keep the county safe PC Clive Hansen was in court apologising after being caught with some of the most vile and despicable images of child sexual abuse imaginable.

Judge David Goodin referred to the Essex Police officer's "exemplary" conduct previously and urged him to stop looking at this type of "stuff" as he sentenced him to four months in jail, and then suspended the sentence for a year.”

Just for comparison, Hansen was “caught with 17 images at category A, the most extreme abuse, 26 at level B and 1,576 at level C as well as another prohibited image.”

With Caddick:

“Officers seized computer equipment and when it was analysed it was found to have 5,633 indecent images and movies in the most serious level A category, 11,212 level B images and movies and 31,363 images and movies at level C, which is the least serious category.

Caddick, 36, of Park Road, Ipswich, admitted three offences of making indecent images of children, distributing indecent images of children”.

About Caddick’s 2008 suspended sentence, we know it was for similar offences but we don’t know the details, or to be specific, the number of photos of each category he had in his possession then.

With Nessling:

“When the equipment was analysed it was found to contain 804 still and moving images in the most serious level A category, 818 still and moving level B images and more than 40,000 still and moving images in the lowest level C category.

There were also 3,000 prohibited images of children.

Nessling, 59, admitted three offences of making indecent images of children and possessing prohibited images of children. possession of cannabis and producing cannabis.”

But back to Hansen, the article says:

“On November 2 the force received a tip off one of their officers was downloading child abuse images.

Officers went to his home and, when he returned from shift, arrested him and seized a laptop from the married father.”

So, in Hensen’s case, raid on Nov 2 2016 and the sentence on Mar 23 2017. That’s 141 days with the Christmas period in between.

Just below half of the 219 days it took to sentence Nessling, confirming the unexplained time lapse we have already mentioned.

But, in terms of leniency, by reading ONLY what is in the papers, the leniency seems to be similar in the 3 cases, so it can’t be said, knowing only this, that Nessling was given any favour.

11. Aggravating circumstances

However, there are aggravating circumstances to Nessling that differentiates him from the other 2.

Nessling admitted to the court of having started being interested in pictures of unquestionable criminal nature: “Nigel Nessling told police he initially saw an image of an eight-year-old girl and thought she was “pretty and cute” and became obsessed with viewing indecent images of children over a period of seven or eight years, Ipswich Crown Court heard.”

A period of 7 or 8 years would make this initiation to be around 2009/2010. One must remember that Vee8 was a handle used by a very vile character before that:

We wouldn’t be surprised if we were to find out that Nessling was on the paedo radar long before he admitted to the court having started viewing absolutely criminal images.

And if one takes into account, as one should, his proximity with Gamble of CEOP, we really would not be surprised at all if that ‘long before’ happened many years before Maddie disappeared.

All speculation, of course.

The Ipswich court presented the following reasons to be lenient to Nessling:

“Sentencing Nessling, Judge David Goodin said: “You plainly have it in you to be a decent, responsible member of society.”

He told Nessling, who is a father and a grandfather with no previous convictions, that the offences he had committed clearly crossed the custody threshold.

However, he felt able to pass a suspended sentence because he had admitted the offences at an early stage and there was sufficient prospect of rehabilitation in his case.

Roger Thomson, for Nessling, said his client had taken part in a course to address his offending behaviour and was determined to put what he had done behind him.

He said Nessling had a good work record and was taking anti-depressants.”

Let us repeat some of the words above, said by a legitimate member of the British justice system, in a legitimate court of law when about to sentence Nigel Nessling: “You plainly have it in you to be a decent, responsible member of society.”

We have here before disagreed with legitimate decisions of a justice system, that of the Portuguese one.

However, even in disagreement and after making an effort, we explained how it could be understood how they came to be.

To be specific, we disagreed on 2 occasions: with the archiving  decision of the process in July 2008 and with the acórdão of the 1st Instance Court on the McCann v Amaral Lisbon trial.

About the first we said it could have been due to the fact that no new element was introduced to the interim conclusions that favoured a prosecution.

Being the Sept 2007 decision and the interim one, that by definition meant it required further confirmation.

But the only relevant new element introduced in the process was the FSS report that although not exempting the McCanns it did not condemn them with sufficient clarity.

With that, we think the prosecutor interpreted that this ‘lack of updating’ to the interim decision meant the process did not possess the required solidity required for an effective prosecution, and so dispatched for it to be archived. Archived, not closed.

About the second decision, the 1st Instance Court judge came up with a possibility – him being bound to professional secrecy when he wrote it – which she legitimately could and which, according to her made Mr Amaral’s book an illegality and so decided in favour of the McCanns. We disagreed with her but could see a legitimate reason for her decision.

What we cannot find a reason for is for the Ipswich court to have found in any way that Nigel Nessling could PLAINLY have it in him to be a decent, responsible member of society.

We’re not only speaking about him having in his possession the 804 still and moving paedo images involving penetrative sexual activity, of images involving sexual activity with an animal or sadism:

Because those are what Category A paedo images are. The kind of images Nessling confessed to possess.

What we are talking about is what had to be added to that by the court and evidently wasn’t.

Something that had to be found on his computers, impossible to have been missed.

Obviously, they were subject to a detailed forensic analysis and so impossible for the police to have missed all the vitriol and repugnant bile that this man certainly had on his laptop as the result of his active and repulsive participation as a contemptible and horrid pro-McCann supporter.

We simply cannot see how the contents of a computer of a man obsessed with paedophilia and the contents of his computer pointing towards him having heinous and hateful behavioural nature against others for him to have been considered by the court to PLAINLY have it in him be a decent, responsible member of society.

In our opinion, Nigel Nessling did not deserve the leniency given by the court. He’s even more odious than the other 2 and that’s quite an abominable achievement taking into account we’re comparing him with 2 individuals possessing Category A child indecency images.

The arguments presented by the court to justify the leniency shown are either detached from reality or, as is most likely, this information contained on his computer was withheld from the judge.

Having said that, let us be very clear that although we don't agree with the lightness of the sentence given to Nessling nor are able to find a justification for it, it doesn’t mean we don’t recognise it as legitimate. We do.

We think that’s up to the justice system of a sovereign country to regulate itself and correct whatever it thinks is wrong.

We simply give our opinion but we’ll always abide by what is legitimate.

The leniency shown to Nessling, either because of the court’s detachment from reality or because relevant information was withheld from it by the police, only makes sense if the idea was to soften the blow that the man was due.

To have him only sentenced and not exactly to have him punished.

And from what we know from the case, the political implications it has and the high level of the people we can only imagine are involved, Nessling only faced that court because he was dropped.

The people protecting the pro-McCann people would never allow for Nessling to have faced charges.

If he faced them, as he did, it was because someone threw him into the arena.

12. The internal memo

Having set out extensively what we wanted let’s then give our interpretation of what this Nessling episode means to the case.

We think it had internal and external objectives.

Please note that with Nessling 2 things happened: one was the raid, which happened back in April and the other the sentencing now in November.

The first, was totally unreported and unnoticed. Do note the Ipswich Star reports on April 12 that Caddick had been charged but says absolutely nothing about what had happened to Nessling just the day before.

We didn’t get to know about it. Nor did we get to know what motivated the raid on Nessling.

With Caddick and Hansen we got to know what originated them having the authorities entering their homes but with Nessling we were just told the police raided his residence. No reason given how they found out he had paedo material on his computers. If it was a complaint or if was already under surveillance.

The raid on Nessling’s home was not meant to be noticed. It was meant to be a message sent on an ‘internal memo’. To be consumed internally, not for the public to know.

And internally we think the message had 2 sub-objectives.

The first was to show to the other side, with no publicity but with clarity that paedos were no longer no longer off-limits.

That day it was foot-soldier Nessling’s turn, tomorrow it can be another foot-soldier or it can be a ‘ranked’ someone.

It served as just one more warning to all other little people who have helped the hoax all these years that they are to be consumed if anyone playing the game finds the need to do so.

We have seen this warning before with Jane Tanner, with the Ghoul Tour blogger and with recently with Pillowman and his Woman-in- Purple.

Little people will always be seen as really tiny by the powerful and each one of them must realise that there’s a bus with their name on it.

The only question they must ask themselves is if their bus leaves the parking lot, a decision that is taken without their knowledge. If it does, then best is to be prepared to feel the push on the back.

But we digress, the first internal sub-objective was to show the other side that paedophilia was now game.

13. Target Gamble

The second internal sub-objective was to target Gamble.

By choosing someone close to him, it was like showing a red-card to a player on the bench while looking in the eye of the manager sitting next to him.

And this is not done to confront or affront the manager but to make sure the owners of the club see the referee kick the player (Nessling) off the field while looking at the manager (Gamble).

The player and the manager are mere tools used to ‘speak’ to those who matter, the club owners. They are the ones witnessing what is going down on the pitch, absorbing all while sitting in stands and drawing their own conclusions from what is happening on the field.

A manager may conceive the tactics and decide who plays and how they play. He may even be the face of the team, the one accountable for the club’s failures and the one praised for its successes but it’s the owners who own the club. The ones who hire and fire the managers.

Please do take into account that we think this targeting in April wasn’t meant to be known to the public. We believe that the decision to make the Nessling thing available to be picked up and propagated all over the social media was recent.

By hitting too close to Gamble for comfort, the government has put the other side in serious difficulties.

And it’s been quite effective. We are no longer the only ones mentioning Gamble. His name is now being associated by many with background games being played in the Maddie case.

14. The external objectives

As we have said, there were two Nessling-related events, the raid and the sentencing.

The first was unreported and unnoticed. The second, although not in the MSM, was left where it could be found and it was found.

The time between the 2 events, the Nessling case lay in a limbo as we have said.

We believe that if the June snap-elections had gone according to plan, nothing would have been found on Nessling’s computer.

The case would have been archived and the man would continue to enjoy the protection and immunity that we think he has had for years.

But the elections didn’t go the way May was made to believe they would go. We have in our post “Summer Games” shown why we think the government and the other side parted ways since then.

Now, someone has decided to take Nessling out of limbo and make the case public.

Note, not too public, just where it could be found.

If it went too public then the road of no return would have been taken.

Just imagine the attention the unfortunate Brenda Leyland got for being reported as an anti-McCann, which was nothing that can even be remotely compared with the grotesque Nigel Nessling if the MSM was told to unleash the dogs on him.

The tidal wave would be unstoppable. If the MSM showed to have only half of the fervour for Nessling that they showed to have for Brenda, then there would be nothing able to stop the general public from demanding the truth, or else.

But the fact that MSM has not picked up the issue yet doesn’t mean it won’t.

The threat is there. Very clearly there. The pressure on the other side colossal.

Plus, by ‘leaving it around’ to be found, whoever decided to have Nessling sentenced in a court of law, thus making it all so subtly public, relied on the social media to propagate it.

And the social media did just that.

The intended effect was by conjugating the reinforcement of the paedophilia in the case, with the apparent leniency of Nessling’s sentence what the public would capture is that when it comes to the Maddie case, children are simply irrelevant and what matters is that her parents must be protected.

To deepen the idea in society’s brain that the McCanns and their friends are child abusers and the whole protection racket is about hiding such an ignominious crime.

Is this bad? No, because it means that under such circumstances to archive the case without conclusion would be not only assuming all we said last week but now also an assumption of protecting paedophiles.

The other side being shown that all is one MSM story on Nessling, or any on other paedo, making it unsustainable to archive the case now, even shambolically.

15. Conclusion

The other’s side edifice has been eroded blow after blow and this Nessling blow was quite the blow.

It was too close to home for comfort and has now left all other foot-soldiers having to worry about their own backs as they don’t know if they are to be the next turkey to be chosen to be served for Christmas. Or for any other ‘event’ that may simply just pop up before or after that will require a bird on a silver platter to be carved

It has made Gamble lose a relevant asset to use tactically as Nessling has definitely been kicked off the game without parole.

And it has made Gamble fragile in the eyes of his masters, not because they are surprised that he recruited from the bottom of the barrel – that was expected – but because he has now lost once and for all the status of untouchable, as one of the sides of the game has now shown not to fear whatever he thought they would.

This Nessling blow was one we think has made all just be ready to be tipped.

And because of Nessling and his paedophilia which has deepened significantly the link between it and the cover-up, this toppling is not towards the shambolic archival but the truth.

In fact, the outing of the truth would now be a relief, as it will let the public see that it was all about adult hanky-panky and no children were sexually harmed.

Except those exploited by Nessling and the likes of him.

But that is the cover-up using paedophilia to help and not paedophilia being the reason for the cover-up.

Although highly condemnable, it’s one thing to use a paedophile to help, but to be used to help a paedophile, or better said a nepiophile, is a completely different degree of heinousness.

And only truth is able to clarify that.


It seems fate has pushed us to write the post about the Operation Task debrief to after Christmas.

We would like to believe that it is fate wanting us to receive a big Christmas present that would make us not have to write it.

After all, the way we see things, if the truth about Maddie was allowed to celebrate Christmas we would have to rethink if there is really the need to write about that debrief.

Maybe wishful thinking on our part but, we hope, also food for thought for some.

We wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018.


  1. Clever clever girl Textusa.

  2. Very interesting, you pick up so many clues that are missed, this is why I love your blog.

    The home video's only show a happy child to me and proud parents which is why I have never believed that something more awful could have happened I still believe an accident occurred. I was thinking as I was reading your post that whatever happened on that holiday that nothing could be worse than being exposed as someone who has an abnormal interest in children. The McCanns have been put under even more public scrutiny by the internet by the outing of the pro-McCann, I agree, to show them how bad things can get for them if it does hit MSM, I think the game is up and the government is saying we'll either do it the hard way or tell the truth, as this has gone on for over 10 years I suspect the hard way will be taken.

  3. The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is. Winston Churchill.

    Come on Prime Minister May, cry freedom and let slip the dogs of justice.

  4. Please remove my partner's name from this blog within 24 hours or I will be proceeding with legal action .Contact asap

    1. Anonymous 1 Dec 2017, 12:01:00,

      Could you please tell us who your partner is, so we can understand what you are asking?

    2. No need to answer, you have already identified yourself.

  5. Hi this is Fiona Ryan, I’m requesting that you remove my name, photo in the screen shot from your blog, you are connecting my name to a convicted peadophile, and it is causing me distress, as a victim of child abuse myself.
    I’m taking this matter extremely seriously.
    Please remove it,
    Thank you in advance

    1. We have now taken knowledge of this:

      “Fiona Ryan Let's clear the air
      14 mins

      It has come to my attention that the twitter account The ponce of Dubai ( we know who you are ) the textusa blog spot, are posting screenshots publicly, associating my name alongside a convicted peadophile... I am giving them, and anyone who has shared it 24 hours to remove, before I take legal action and recontact the police.

      As a survivor of child abuse, I am finding this extremely distressing. People need to realize, that none of us had seen this coming, any low life that abuses children is the lowest form of life, and to use anybody's name, as if they knew and supported him, is disgusting Please feel free to share in your groups.

      Thank you. Fiona Ryan”

    2. We have censored the picture where Fiona Ryan’s name appears.

      We have not done so because of the legal threats as we have simply reproduced a public Facebook page, which reproduces a tweet, which in turn contains only public messages.

      We have censored simply out of courtesy and because we don’t play the game at the same foul level as the minions from the other side do.

      We have the utmost respect for victims of child abuse, for ANY victim of child abuse, regardless of how much contempt we feel they deserve for their participation in the Maddie case.

      About that, we are not aware of what messages Fiona Ryan has sent about Mr Amaral but we do know she fully supported those who have used utterly disgusting language against the man.

      Then, she seemed to not have spared a thought to Mr Amaral’s children to whom so much distress caused.

      We just hope that any comments she herself has made about Mr Amaral or others in the case don’t come back to haunt her.

      Lastly, Fiona Ryan has proven our point how loathsome and distressing it is to be associated with a paedophile.

      She’s not in any way, being accused by us, the tweet or the FB page of helping him in his vile activities, but for simply having praised the man’s participation in the Maddie case.

    3. lie down with dogs and you get fleas. fiona and all of the other pro mccanns supported nessling to the hilt with his vicious attacks on any of the anti mccanns he felt like. she also joined in with calling others pedophiles so she has nothing to complain about. nessling was the darling of the pro mccanns until he got caught. maybe the police should look at their computers too

    4. I have followed your lead and done the same, Textusa. I did not do it because of possible legal threats either. In any case that lady's comments over the years are very likely somewhere on the Internet and would definitely show her in a less than favourable light.

      Great post as always. Thank you.

  6. Proverbs 13:20

    He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

  7. This is certainly what I would call a Streisand moment.

  8. The twitterers who dismiss swinging miss the point. It wasn’t what went on with the T9 (or T8 if DW went off to stay elsewhere) but what was going on with Mark Warner guests at OC and the reputation of the resort as family friendly, in the eyes of those who would be repulsed by the idea of sharing a resort with such people.
    If MPs can be named and shamed for consensual activities, who would be the first to put their head above the parapet and admit to being a swinger?
    Yes, it’s made a joke of until someone important does it, someone who hasn’t told their wider circle of friends and colleagues, when the press get hold of it

    1. Hi Anon 14.48.00,If it is"swinging"that was being practised at Mark Warner Complexes and the need to"Cover Up"the event after an accidental/incident involving a Three year old child?
      Doesn't this show how"Vanity"has overtaken the demise of a an innocent child,that they still profess and hide behind a"Mask","Where is the Child"after Ten Years of claiming innocence of themselves,could they be described as"Psychophants"?
      The MSM are very quite about the recent activity of"Cover Ups" from the 1960's,from JFK to child abuse by notorious gangsters from in and around London,MP's,Lords,"Profumo Affair",Lord Dennings report only released in 2064,eh dodgy Dave,protecting Lady Astor,the Mother In-Law,eh Dave?
      Stephen Ward linked to JFK,procurement of young nubile ladies,Miss Davies,"Well he would say that wouldn't He" Profumo affair,linked to Mossad?
      The UK Establishment do not need lessons in Cover ups,they have been complicit in enough of them,MI5/6,Churhill?

  9. The pillow man and Nigel seem to have been deserted by their friends. Do they deny that they cheered every libellous lying comment these clowns made against G.Amaral and those that don't believe the abduction story?


    1. Page has been "whooshed" as they we get the jist from link or was there anything else to read?

    2. Anonymous 2 Dec 2017, 16:51:00,

      We checked and can open page.

      As we agree with Anonymous 2 Dec 2017, 15:00:00 that this is quite important for the Maddie case (and no, it's not about it but the wider 'Brexit game' being played, we're bringing it over:

      David Davis defends Damian Green over porn claims

      The UK’s Brexit secretary said Theresa May should not sack her de facto deputy.

      By Giulia Paravicini
      12/1/17, 4:16 PM CET

      Brexit Secretary David Davis on Friday warned No.10 Downing Street not to sack Damian Green, the U.K.’s first secretary of state, over allegations he watched porn on his office computer, saying the claims were the result of a “wrongful attempt by former [police] officers to do him down,” the BBC reported.

      Earlier in the day Theresa May’s de facto deputy again denied claims he downloaded or watched porn movies on his work computer.

      Green told reporters camped outside his home in Ashford in Kent that he “still maintains it is the truth,” adding he will wait for the Cabinet Office to complete its inquiry before making any further comment on the allegations against him.

    3. To explain succinctly the importance, it's interesting to watch the relentless effort of pinning Green with the porn stigma.

      Porn, which is totally legal and which we are certain there are more people watching than there are swinging, seems to be made a reason for someone to resign from public office.

      As we have said before is of improper use of a work computer, then it's that which should be focused and not bringing up at every opportunity the word "porn".

      Also, let's remind our readers that nothing about porn was related to Damien Green in the sex-pest list.

      So, basically we have on one side, someone keeping reminding people that Green is supposedly a porn watcher (please do note that if no breaching of work policy happened then it's a TOTALLY private issue)and on the other someone saying that not only they don't care as they consider Green to be a "de facto deputy".

      Interesting bout to keep on watching.

  11. We now have a former chief constable stepping in to the row.

    "However the leaks have been widely condemned, with Sir Peter strongly rejecting suggestions the men had been acting in the public interest.
    He said officers had a duty to protect confidentiality of information uncovered in the course of an investigation, even after they had retired.
    The ex-police chief told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: “It is very dangerous territory for a police officer to be making judgments about whether a politician is lying or not."


    When Malinka was heard in the PJ facilities on July 2014, it was the FIRST time he was heard under Operation Grange.

    He was only heard under a PJ investigation in 2007.

    If he didn't give an interview, it must have been his friend David who did because the Mirror seems to be quite certain of what is in the book.

    David S Jones who, by sheer coincidence, lives in the resort.


      "Sergey Malinka: Hello Zoe, this is Sergey Malinka I see you made an article about me, I never gave my consent for that article. The in the beginning taken out of content is wrong and misrepresent what I have said in my video. “I was forced into false accusation” as other accused me of something I haven’t done. Please amend or remove this article or i will forset to place liability lawsuit for defamation and misrepresentation. Thank you

      Zoe Forsey: Hi, I didn’t actually write this story but it looks like my byline has been put on it by mistake. I will contact the reporter who wrote it first thing in the morning.

      Sergey Malinka: Thank you”

      Because of this exchange, we are bringing article over to the blog.

      However, before doing that, we would like to say that we cannot help but notice that Sergey’s English is quite good and he seems not to need to have a ghost-writer help him out with the language.

      We had already noticed that he was very reasonably fluent in English when we heard him in the video.

      If it wasn’t him who wrote the above, then we cannot help but notice that he has friends who are fluent in legal and who are willing to help him out late at night.

    2. The article in question:

      Innocent man questioned by police after Madeleine McCann vanished reveals that it 'wrecked his life'

      Sergey Malinka was questioned by Portuguese police shortly after Madeleine vanished in 2007 and said he was 'forced' to make 'false statements'

      20:31, 2 DEC 2017UPDATED20:51, 2 DEC 2017

      A Russian quizzed by Madeleine McCann cops has written a book claiming his life was wrecked after he was “forced” to make “false statements.”

      Sergey Malinka, 32, was questioned by Portuguese police shortly after Madeleine vanished in Praia da Luz in 2007.

      The computer expert was said to have swapped texts with another suspect and to look like a man seen near the hotel she was taken from.

      They quizzed him again in 2014 with British cops sitting in, before he was told he was no longer under suspicion.

      Sergey says his book reveals “the difficulties, threatening, blackmailing, defamation and just general aggravation” he endured.

      He said: “I was forced into false statements and accusations.

      “I lost everything – job, friends and hope. I’m trying to rebuild my life from the wreckage.”

      He got help writing it from author friend David S Jones, 72, creator of kids’ hero Fireman Sam.

      David – who lives in the resort – said: “He got involved in the McCann situation through no fault of his own.”

      Sergey, about to become a dad, hopes to publish it with cash raised on crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

    3. The authorship of the article has since been changed:

      Innocent man questioned by police after Madeleine McCann vanished reveals that it 'wrecked his life'

      Sergey Malinka was questioned by Portuguese police shortly after Madeleine vanished in 2007 and said he was 'forced' to make 'false statements'

      By Patrick Hill
      20:31, 2 DEC 2017
      Updated07:15, 3 DEC 2017

      A Russian quizzed by Madeleine McCann cops has written a book claiming his life was wrecked after he was “forced” to make “false statements.”

      Sergey Malinka, 32, was questioned by Portuguese police shortly after Madeleine vanished in Praia da Luz in 2007.

      The computer expert was said to have swapped texts with another suspect and to look like a man seen near the hotel she was taken from.

      They quizzed him again in 2014 with British cops sitting in, before he was told he was no longer under suspicion.

      Sergey says his book reveals “the difficulties, threatening, blackmailing, defamation and just general aggravation” he endured.

      He said: “I was forced into false statements and accusations.

      “I lost everything – job, friends and hope. I’m trying to rebuild my life from the wreckage.”

      He got help writing it from author friend David S Jones, 72, creator of kids’ hero Fireman Sam.

      David – who lives in the resort – said: “He got involved in the McCann situation through no fault of his own.”

      Sergey, about to become a dad, hopes to publish it with cash raised on crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

    4. Has S Malinka complained to Patrick Hill as he did to Zoe Forsey?
      The difamation and misrepresentation are the same!

    5. Anonymous 3 Dec 2017, 18:41:00,

      Good question.

      If he hasn't, why hasn't he as content of article remains the same?


    Maddy probe suspicion left me in despair

    A RUSSIAN computer expert who was made a suspect in the Madeleine McCann case has written a book which he claims contains sensational revelations about the investigation.

    By James Murray
    PUBLISHED: 00:01, Sun, Dec 3, 2017

    Sergey Malinka, 32, says it will include claims about “blackmail and bribery” and give details of threats made against him.

    At one stage he became so depressed he was pushed to the “edge of despair”.

    After Portuguese police named him as an arguido, or suspect, his Audi car was firebombed and the word Fala – which means speak in English – was scrawled in red paint outside his apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz.

    Pressure on him became so intense that he moved away from the area for a time because he feared for his safety.

    But now that his partner is pregnant he wants to set the record straight with a book which, he hopes, will finally lift any cloud of suspicion.

    Portuguese detectives made him a suspect after they discovered he had allegedly called a local businessman at about 11.30pm on May 3, 2007 – about an hour and a half after Kate McCann had raised the alarm over the disappearance of Madeleine, then aged three, from apartment 5a of the resort’s Ocean Club.

    Mr Malinka’s computers were seized but after lengthy investigations he was cleared and his arguido status was lifted.

    However, in 2013 Mr Malinka was briefly made an arguido again because Scotland Yard detectives trying to locate Madeleine wanted to ask him some questions.

    The impact of being wrongly suspected has hung over him for a decade and has affected his business and personal life.

    Mr Malinka said: “I was 22 years old when it happened, a young man alone in a foreign country."

    “The shadow of this horrible event continues to disturb my future.

    “I was forced into false statements and accusations concerning her disappearance. I’ve lost everything – jobs, friends and hope.

    “I have been driven to the point of dejection, being involved in a web of lies, betrayals and threats. The deceits of others have driven me to the edge of despair, sometimes to the point of no return, but time heals even the deepest wounds.

    “Now I am trying to rebuild my life from the wreckage left by this event. Ten years later I am about to become a father for the first time. My family is my life. I will no longer allow the lies of others to poison our future.”


  14. (Cont.)

    Mr Malinka says he was slandered in media reports and wrong information was published about him.

    His book, Collateral Damage, contains a lot of “sensitive” information about a very “difficult and painful” time in his life.

    He added: “You will find out the most revealing details about my story – all the difficulties, the bribing, the threatening, the blackmailers, the defamation and just general aggravation from the public.”

    Mr Malinka moved to Portugal in 2000 with his father, a carpenter, and his mother Svetlana, a cleaner, and now runs a property company on the Algarve.

    During police interviews he said he was at home with his family when Madeleine disappeared and knew nothing about it.

    British author David S. Jones, joint creator of the Fireman Sam children’s television series, helped Mr Malinka write the book, which is due to be published next year.

    Mr Jones lives in Luz and as a teenager Mr Malinka worked in a restaurant he owns there.

    Explaining why he got involved in the project, Mr Jones said: “Out of the blue he got himself involved in the McCann situation through no fault of his own.

    “He got embroiled in the whole thing. A lot of bad things happened to him and it was very wrong.

    “He came to me and asked if I would work with him, co-author a book he wants to write to let people know the truth about what happened. He wants his child to grow up not being named and blamed as the child of the Russian guy who was involved in the McCann saga.

    “I think when you read the book you are going to be able to draw your own conclusions as to what happened to this guy and how wrong it was. Let’s see if he can go forward with his family and have a normal life.”

    1. Please note:

      "Mr Jones lives in Luz and as a teenager Mr Malinka worked in a restaurant he owns there."

      That means that Mr Jones would have been fully aware of the unusual number of middle-upper and upper class guests who populated Praia da Luz completely off-season.

  15. We would also like for our readers to know that we have found to be very interesting seeing how a pro-McCann has come forward to defend Malinka:


    Replying to @Tealtraum and 3 others
    He may have asked nothing of you or indeed McFadden. Not many who would believe she'll ask nothing of him. Bias is all she knows. Her desperation is such that she's already putting out details he's trying to keep a lid on. #mccann

    11:20 PM · Dec 2, 2017”

    1. How does this pro-McCann know what details are in the book and that Malinka trying to keep the lid on?

      Why are the pros defending him?

      On a first impression, it doesn’t seem that this is a well-coordinated effort... all a bit messy?

  16. Was Malinka an Arguido in the archived investigation or merely a witness?

  17. Saw this on a thread on JH which no longer seems to exist.
    Malinka was responding to questions put to him by members of the forum.
    This is the gist of what I recall reading.
    He blames parents for not paying babysitter.
    He’s blaming PJ for “stupid” way they handled the investigation.
    Accusing British police for being posers.

  18. WIP is no longer,time to roll some one else out.
    desperate times.


    MADDIE PROBE FAILURES: Madeleine McCann’s parents suffer fresh heartache as ex suspect claims investigation is ‘web of lies and blackmail’

    Russian computer expert Sergey Malinka has slammed the 'flawed' inquiry as being riddled with 'blackmail, bribery and threats'

    By Tracey Kandohla
    3rd December 2017, 6:59 pm
    Updated: 3rd December 2017, 9:19 pm

    MADELEINE McCann’s parents are facing fresh agony after a former suspect claimed the probe into her disappearance was riddled with “blackmail, bribery and threats”.

    Russian computer expert Sergey Malinka, who was cleared of any involvement, has slammed the “flawed” inquiry.

    He said: “I will no longer allow the lies of others to poison my future.”

    The news is sure to devastate Maddie’s parents Kate and Gerry, who are facing their 11th Christmas without their daughter.

    British and Portuguese detectives are still carrying out searches across Europe but are no closer to solving the mystery surrounding Maddie’s fate.

    Mr Malinka now intends to “reveal all” in an explosive book after being pushed to the “edge of despair” by a bungled police operation

    But McCann spokesperson Clarence Mitchell warned: “Beware! If any defamatory claims are made Kate and Gerry’s lawyers will be assessing them, as they do with any book which has any potential defamation against their clients. Other than that they have no reason to respond.”

    A source close to the family added: “Sergey was made an arguido, an official suspect, as others were but after being questioned and having his home searched and computers seized police were satisfied he had no involvement whatsoever and he was released.

    “So why is he now writing a book and trying to heap more misery on Kate and Gerry especially at Christmas time? It beggars belief and causes more distress for Madeleine’s parents.”

    Mr Malinka has teamed up with British author David S Jones, co-creator of popular children’s TV series Fireman Sam, to write “Collateral Damage” about his ordeal, which is due to be published next year.

    The former suspect told the Sunday Express: “I have been driven to the point of dejection, being involved in a web of lies, betrayals and threats.

    “The deceits of others have driven me to the edge of despair, sometimes to the point of no return, but time heals even the deepest wounds.”

    Mr Malinka moved to Portugal in 2000 with his carpenter dad and cleaner mum, and now runs a property company on the Algarve.

    Writer David, who lives in Praia da Luz where Maddie vanished aged three in 2007, said he teamed up with Malinka because “a lot of bad things happened to him and it was very wrong”.

    Malinka was the first suspect to be quizzed over Maddie’s disappearance but was released without charged.

    He was questioned again in 2013 by British cops as part of Operation Grange but was never charged.

    Over the past month the Op Grange team, down to four officers from 31 at its peak, had been criss-crossing Europe hunting an evasive “woman in purple” who is key to their inquiry.

    Their budget had been due run out in September but the Home Office, which is funding the probe launched in May 2011, agreed to an extra £154,000 to continue until March next year.

    So far the £12million investigation has failed to unearth any new clues.

    A Scotland Yard spokesperson today refused to comment on any claims being made by Mr Malinka, saying: “We cannot discuss anything about the investigation whilst it is on going.”

    1. The blatant, transparent and shameless (not to say originality lacking, which is very revealing) “Colin Sutton” manoeuvre:

      First let’s show how we dislike Malinka: “But McCann spokesperson Clarence Mitchell warned: “Beware! If any defamatory claims are made Kate and Gerry’s lawyers will be assessing them, as they do with any book which has any potential defamation against their clients. Other than that they have no reason to respond.””

      BEWARE!!! Could it be more vicious? Or better said, could they show more fear for the man than this? No, they couldn’t.

      Remember Colin Sutton saying that is was told Operation Grange was to exonerate the parents, so we could gain our sympathy?

      Malinka, shown to feared by the McCanns then that must mean that whatever Malinka says MUST be true.

      And what does Mr Malinka say?

      “Mr Malinka now intends to “reveal all” in an explosive book after being pushed to the “edge of despair” by a BUNGLED POLICE OPERATION” (our caps)

      So, if the man the McCanns fear so much is reported – we will wait and see if this is confirmed by him – to have said that the Portuguese investigation was a bungled one, then it must be a bungled one because the man is against the Mccanns, right?

      Remember how Colin Sutton after having ‘gained’ our sympathy, went on to say Operation Grange was useless and so should be closed?)

      We have said before, NO ONE, gets to appear on the MSM and say ANYTHING about the Maddie without having a purpose, an objective.

      We would like to know is how Mr Malinka, supposing he’s an ‘innocent bystander’ as he alleges he is, knows the Portuguese investigation was a bungled one. Based on what does he emanate such a certainty?

      And who threatened him? The PJ? Why? Why single him out? The McCanns weren’t threatened, Robert Murat wasn’t threatened, why would he be?

      Very interesting to note how the people close to Robert Murat are actively trying to perpetuate the hoax.

      First, it was his mother with the WIP. Or should we call her WTF, as in Woman-the-Frankenstein, so many times she’s been tried to be revived?

      Now, it’s Murat’s little helper, Malinka.

      Someone should tell whoever is managing the other side’s campaign, that they are doing a GREAT job in… throwing Robert Murat under the bus.

      It’s becoming more and more difficult to the Murat supporters, supposedly on this side of the fence, to sustain their position. It’s really becoming embarrassing.

      Finally, we welcome back Kandohla after a long break, showing that unlike WIP (or WTF) she’s alive and well.

    2. Since the book hasn't been published, yet! how do the Sun know what Malinka has written. I read a typical Sun aka TM response to any threat, ATTACK. And what better way than to put words into Malinka's mouth and imply he is saying a bungled investigation by the PJ and other threats. It might actually be something entirely different and threats being from the British media, TM's PR or private investigators. Who knows. I don't think Malinka knows anything to expose the McCanns, but I also believe they will not like what he is going to write.

      What he needs is some sound advice on publishing, PR and in particular to wise up to the McCanns, their media guru's.

      The Sun is only a taste of what the future might hold, it's a pity he couldn't get five minutes alone with GA - he'd point him in the right direction. Or just someone. Telling the truth, wanting the truth and GETTING the truth could be a hazard he'd not counted on. As GA found out.

      For god-sake, someone help this guy out.

    3. Anonymous 4 Dec 2017, 14:47:00,

      As such a cloud of suspicion looms over Malinka, all he has to do is to publish his book in a blog and if he needs the money, then he can put a donation button in it.

      If the book is indeed genuine, we are certain that people who follow the case will donate, as many are to this waiting for the opportunity to pay Mr Amaral's book if and when it's published, even though they have read its translation many times.

      If he doesn't wish to do that, then he has another option.

      As he seems to be a prolific Twitter user, all he has to do is say with total clarity: "In my book I don't say that the PJ investigation was a bungled one".

      Quite simple.


    A good way to promote sales to those who believe Malinka will expose McCanns, when it will be a criticism of PJ operation?


    Strangely distracting from Nessling. Coincidence?

  22. By now everyone on the Mc camp knows what the content of the book is.
    If it had anything that questioned the Mc version, the Sun/Kandohla wouldn't have reported it.

  23. I wonder who else they've got lined up after Malinka - the ghost of Pamela Fenn..? It's all getting so desperate and obvious.

    They've really got very keen on using this formula though haven't they? (Gaining our confidence through appearing anti-Mc Cann and then dis-crediting the facts)
    Bilton, Gamble, Sutton, Sergey... they must feel it's giving them a good chance...

  24. Textusa, a while ago you said you might do a post about the ' Maddie Make Up Photo'... will that still go ahead? I can understand you may wish to make it known you are holding back on certain posts that will really hit the mark....

    1. Anonymous 4 Dec 2017, 09:50:00,

      That is a post we only intend to do after Operation Grange concludes not to our satisfaction.

      Unless, of course, we are convinced by 'the game' that we should do it before.


    Is it written or isn’t it?
    Is Jones an editor or is he a co-author?
    Are the PJ bungling or not?
    Is Malinka’s video to promote the book or isn’t it ? (he’s threatening to sue press for using it without permission)
    Is he being used or is he using others?

    1. These are interesting questions that need clarification.
      Usually, when you need a publisher to finance your yet unwritten book, you show at least a complete chapter. If it's really good the publisher might finance it, if it's interesting but badly written, the publisher might choose to pay a ghost writer. If it's not interesting, the publisher will not invest a dime in it.

  26. I'd heard on the grapevine that the book supported the abduction hoax, in doing so he's just towing the line so much for revealing the truth for your kids, he's just another pawn in the game of longest playing chess in history. I just wish May would let the cat out of the bag now the political tit for tat has become as tiresome as the never ending hoax stories that are kept in the pres. All parties have proved they couldn't run to front garden never mind run a country parliament is an absolute joke.

  27. At least Colin Sutton didn't try to scam people out of money...


    Malinka’s page started in April it seems.

    1. Interesting coincidences….

      April 11 – Nigel Nessling’s home raided.

      April 12 – Malinka’s crowdfunding page opened (to be confirmed).
      “Lee Meadow
      Replying to @AndyFish19 and @artist_mystic
      Kickstarter page was created (looking at the properties) 12th April 2017 - so tells us nothing. my history shows I linked to kickstarter 30th Nov. Nessling 16th Nov local paper, 26th Nov (link: #mccann gnats hair in it
      12:39 PM · Dec 4, 2017”

      Nov 16 – Nigel Nessling was sentenced by an Ipswich court. On that day the Ipswich Star published the story.

      Nov 23 - We got to know through the YouTube video that Malinka was going to publish book.

      Nov 26 – We got to know via FB of Nessling’s sentence.

  29. Finally answering Anonymous 3 Dec 2017, 13:38:00’s question about whether Malinka was an Arguido in the archived investigation or merely a witness.

    First, our apologies for only replying now but times have been busy.

    We also take the opportunity to have readers note that both James Murray and Tracey Kandohla say he was.

    In his express article, James Murray says:

    “After Portuguese police named him as an arguido, or suspect, his Audi car was firebombed and the word Fala – which means speak in English – was scrawled in red paint outside his apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz.


    Mr Malinka’s computers were seized but after lengthy investigations he was cleared and his arguido status was lifted.
    However, in 2013 Mr Malinka was briefly made an arguido again because Scotland Yard detectives trying to locate Madeleine wanted to ask him some questions.”

    In her Sun article, Tracey Kandhola says:

    “A source close to the family added: “Sergey was made an arguido, an official suspect, as others were but after being questioned and having his home searched and computers seized police were satisfied he had no involvement whatsoever and he was released.”

    The answer to Anonymous 3 Dec 2017, 13:38:00’s question is NO.

    There were only 3 arguidos (thus the name of the very popular forum at the time, the forum 3Arguidos, AKA 3A): Murat, Kate and Gerry.

    To be constituted an arguido, one has to be notified of that fact. That notification, as it involves the granting of rights, has to be part of the files.

    That said, these are documents that mean people were notified they constituted arguidos:
    - Robert Murat:
    - Kate McCann:
    - Gerry McCann:

    Sergey Malinka was heard as a witness on May 16 2007:

    The possible question about his computers having been seized, was answered in our post “Why Swing?” in the comments section:

    “Anonymous 4 Apr 2014, 11:02:00

    Just thinking about Malinka's computer being seized without him being declared arguido. Malinko was heard as a witness. Can a witness have things seized even if signing an authorization?
    Could it be because it was on RMs property? Why would it be there?
    How do you tell who a computer actually belongs to?
    If a number of people use it, how does one identify the owner?

    Anonymous 4 Apr 2014, 21:57:00
    Of course they can - police can get a warrant to search if they think there might be evidence on there. You can tell who has administrator rights on a computer - they are usually the owner.

    What is the point of this post - nothing suspicious was ever found and Malinka was never charged with anything.”

    It is said that he was heard as an arguido in July 2014. If that was the case, it was under Operation Grange and him being constituted an arguido, was a technicality: OG thought of him as a suspect, so the PJ under law of the Portuguese Justice System had to make him arguido. Not because it thought he was suspect but abiding by the suspicion of him being so by the British justice system.

    In case he was heard as an arguido, as that remains to be confirmed.

    1. Thanks for that,much as I thought.

  30. Hello Textusa,

    Another great post that really helps understanding this very sick game. If I understand well, the ex-boss of a child protection agency, the same guy who recently went on TV to advise the Police to recruit paedophile hunters, was using paedophiles to try and manipulate people in the Maddie case... This is more and more impressive!

    About paedophilia, do you think that "assumed paedophilia" could have been an additional motivation for the cover-up in the very beginning? I mean: if swinging was going on while children were present in the resort, and if one child died violently, then it would have been difficult to keep the general public from making an association with paedophilia, even if it did not happen. The people present in the resort would then have been exposed as swingers and possibly suspected of paedophilia... probably all too much. Just an hypothesis.

    1. Anonymous 4 Dec 2017, 17:38:00,

      We do not believe Maddie died as a result of any sort of continued violence inflicted on her.

      We believe that she was projected from the couch into the wall on her right.

      The scenario we have as the most likely – please remember that this is pure speculation – is that this projection was due to the body of an adult falling on her. A body of an adult being pushed by another adult on to the couch in the heat of an argument, that fell on a Maddie standing on the couch.

      We also do not discard the possibility of one of the adults lashing out at Maddie while she was standing/jumping on the couch. If that was the case, then it would be the result of a violent act but of one singular in time and place.

      In both scenarios we believe that Maddie was projected of 4/5 feet, from couch to wall, and that fact could not be explained by she falling off the sofa by herself.

      The problem they faced was that the lesions resulting from that projection could also not be explained by a casual, or friendly visit of a man-friend to a woman married to another man.

      Why would 2 friends get into such a heated discussion that would involve such physical contact? Why would, let’s speculate again, David Payne have enough intimacy with Kate for him to feel that he could push her away? And what reason could there be for David Payne to have pushed Kate at all in her own apartment? After all he had come in to help her out (in what no one to this day knows).

      If they wanted to get a paedo to charge, they would have. As we said in our post “The Saint of Salem I”, quoting a friend:

      “Or as our Facebook friend Vikki Scott has told us: “but are they too stupid to see that if paedophilia was the reason for her death the easiest thing in the world would be to find a culprit. Blimey, they could even pin it on Payne, how could he fight the security services and govt?””

      But one thing is to simply raise suspicions on an individual who isn’t, as part of the clutter campaign, another completely different is to accuse someone of being when they aren’t.

      No one has ever accused Payne of being a paedo. Not even Yvonne Martin.


    So Murat, accused by tapas gang of being there on the night, then made arguido, with Malinka questioned and property taken, wouldn’t know if G knew RM!!!
    Either Murat said to Malinka, 'I wish I’d never set eyes on these awful people' or 'I didn’t think G would do that to me' and have a rant about him!!

    1. It would have been a topic of conversation between them by now, surely?


    Malinka is back-pedalling quickly
    He can’t handle what’s being thrown at him!

    1. Anonymous 4 Dec 2017, 23:21:00,

      Thank you. Transcribing for the benefit of our readers, what is written in the picture:

      Re: ‘Sunday Mirror’, 3 Dec 2017: “Innocent man”, Sergey Malinka says “Madeleine McCann case ruined my life”
      By doisgaloes Today at 18:43

      Right its just came to my attention that Mr. Bennett used my words taken out of context. Are you working for British media by any chance, because reading the thing from they Sunday news and other hack pieces and seeing you being super quick on copy/paste news I assume that was you who wrote this articles or at least helped to write it?

      Let's make something straight - I was never a suspect only a witness in Portugues police investigation and despite the fact they overstepped the boundaries in interrogation I have made my peace with them. I understand now the pressure was from above and they needed to produce results

      I posted here in faith that my words would not be taking from content and used for personal promotion as Mr Bennet did, so my conclusion is that he just wants to reel important by taking my words, twisting them and making a name for himself.

      I don't take any sides in this story, merely want to let people know what has happened to me.

      Mr Bennet in my point of view you already in this short days created more damages to my name then 10 years of British media.

      I will not share anymore with you Mr Bennet, shame on you for using my words for achieving your personal gains."

    2. A few points:

      1. “I don't take any sides in this story” says all about its author. Mr Malinka seems unafraid to have dissed the PJ but seems unwilling to take sides when it’s evident to everyone, even to those unfamiliar to the case, which is the right side and which is the wrong one.

      2. We see that his fluency in English has significantly diminished in this message. Maybe using a co-author not only in his book but also in his tweets?

      3. The damage to Robert Murat has been done. Irreparable. Back-pedalling now is just too late. Someone should have coordinated with the “Murat fans” who are around. They give their best and were made fools of.

      4. Nigel Nessling may have seem to have fallen off the radar. He hasn’t and he won’t. His outing has blown to smithereens the tactics used on the battlefield by the other side. Nessling may not be mentioned (may even be obfuscated by Malinka for now) but whenever a foot-soldier from the other side dares pop his or her head over the trenches, will be hit with a “say hi to Nessling for me, will you?” deadly shot. At least in this site, Nessling will remain as the opening picture until 2018.

    3. His English varies greatly in competence. Lol

  33. I've seen a couple of references on a couple of sites relating to FOI regarding flights to Portugal this year involving OG officers,one was in March with three officers the other in May with two,they certainly weren't scouring Europe for the WIP,could have been looking at some scrubland that wanted clearing though.

  34. I don't post on the twitter #McCann tag but I do go on the tag to gage what is going on, this morning it seems another pro has gone missing, there is speculation about a certain pro account which looks to be mid way through deletion as user not found anymore. Very Interesting.


    Malinka's book isn’t getting much support on Kickstarter - only €1,076 pledged so far. Far from reaching the €30K goal. I think he may abandon project as he’s only got 13 days until December 19.

    1. Anonymous6 Dec 2017, 10:50:00,

      If he drops the project because of lack of money, then the reason for this project is not for his son as he’s stated, because there are many ways for him to “clear his name” for free.

      We must remember that he’s been adamant that it’s not for the money:

      “DOISGALOES‏ @doisgaloes
      Replying to @katetricker
      I am not here for cash, my name is more important. If i wanted cash i would made my goal 500k instead of 30k on kickstarter!
      12:08 PM - 4 Dec 2017”

      This lack of support seems to contradict on what he said on a video posted on 3:20 PM - 24 Nov 2017:

      “Ah…just wanted to record a quick message and thank everybody who followed me on Twitter and who supported ah… my project on Kickstarter.
      Thank you so much guys, ah… really, thank you because ah… for the certain amount of time I thought I was alone in all this and I was quite afraid that I will have a lot of negative impact ah… doing what I’ve done and actually putting my word out but I see a lot of support and I see a lot of people actually taking my side and understanding what I’ve done it, so ah… thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

      This, we hope, has touched the hearts of his 29 backers, the number of them the last time we checked.

  36. Sergey Malinka needs to be debunked. We do think that has already happened as he seems to have been abandoned by some of his most staunch supporters in this sick project.

    However, for historic (yes, the word is being used literally) reasons we believe that all should be registered for posterity.

    We will not be writing a post on Malinka. Malinka does not have the importance of Nessling to the case and we prefer to maintain Vee8 as the front cover of the blog at least until next year.

    So, we will be posting comments here about him, as we find time to do them. Mini-posts so to speak.

  37. Our Malinka comment #1 (to add to all of the above we have already said):

    The transcript of the David S Jones’ video in the Kickstarter page. Food for thought and analysis.

    “To introduce myself, my name is David S. Jones, I’m an author, published author. My claim for fame is that I’m the creator of a television series, a children’s television cartoon character called Fireman Sam, which I created a long time, 30 years ago.

    I’ve lived in Praia da Luz for 30 years, I have employed in my restaurant dozens of local people and also had a building company here and I employed a lot of people during that time, so I think I’m a pretty, I’m I pretty, I know, I know this place quite well. So, I believe that my understanding of this village is pretty thorough.

    The reason I’m talking to you is that I met Sergey, something in the lines of about 17 years ago, he came to work in my restaurant as a very young man. And, later on he became an IT specialist and I used him to fix my broken computers and not only I but my family and all my friends use Serge for quite a long time to fix our, fix our… our computers.

    And then out of the blue he got himself involved in the McCann situation. Through, through no, no fault of his own but he got embroiled in the all, the all thing.

    A lot of bad things happened to him, and it, it was very wrong because he did nothing, nothing to, to create anything from his angle. So, he came to me and asked if I worked with him as a co-author on a book that he wants to write, or has written to let people know the truth about what happened.

    There’s been a lot of media nonsense that’s been put out on all angles, and this is to, to try and put things right and Serge came and saw me because he’s about to become a father, and he wants his, he wants his child to grow up not being blamed and named as the child of the Russian guy who was involved in the McCann saga. He just wants to have a normal life. He’s finding, he finds it hard to get a job because of the left overs and the mud that is stuck to him that was slung by the media and it’s gone on for over 10 years and he just wants his life to be calm and a normal life.

    So, I’ve agreed to work with him, on the book, obviously his, his first language is Russian, and as an author I’ve, I’ve worked on what is written and just…, I haven’t changed the content, I’ve just put it correct grammatically and I think if you read the book you’re going to be able to draw your own conclusions to what happened to this guy and how wrong it was and let’s see if he can forward with his young family and have a normal life.”

    The transcript of Malinka’s video in this Kickstarter page is already in our post “Operation Task”.

  38. Our Malinka comment #2:

    This is either David S Jones or someone trying VERY HARD to impersonate him.

    If it's him, why hide his identity? If it's not him, why try to impersonate him?

    Fireman Dave
    This guy deserves a chance to tell his story and clear his name #McCann
    (picture of book)
    "Madeleine McCann" Collateral Damage

    Are you the retired firefighter, Malinka's ghost writer? #VestedInterest #McCann$

    Fireman Dave
    All i can say is that i previously worked for the fire service and i am an author

    Replying to @FiremanSave
    OK. Thanks
    7:39 PM · Dec 5, 2017

  39. Our Malinka comment #3:

    Malinka followed only 2 people on Twitter. Of these 2 he deleted one which is his right but then tried to convince people that he didn't know who he deleted.

    Funny thing is that he apparently was indeed able to be convincing:

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Interesting that McCannCaseTweets & @Doisgaloes are no longer following each other on #McCann.
    3:25 PM - 5 Dec 2017
    3 replies 0 retweets 0 likes

    @Mandie_brammer 11h11 hours ago
    Wow! Did you find Madeleine whilst searching for that nugget (eyes looking above emoticon)is it really a big thing in the pro #McCann tent who follows who? Most exciting (wink emoticon)
    1 reply 0 retweets 0 likes

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog 11h11 hours ago
    I noticed he was only following one person now rather than two so I looked to see who'd been deleted. No big deal to me but it may be to others. (sunglasses emoticon) #mccann
    1 reply 0 retweets 0 likes

    DOISGALOES‏ @doisgaloes 11h11 hours ago
    I deleted newspaper journalist
    1 reply 0 retweets 0 likes

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog 11h11 hours ago
    OK. So McCannCaseTweet isn't Isabelle, that's what you are saying?
    1 reply 0 retweets 0 likes

    DOISGALOES‏ @doisgaloes
    Replying to @FragrantFrog @Mandie_brammer
    I am saying that I have stopped following journalist.
    5:19 PM - 5 Dec 2017
    1 reply 0 retweets 0 likes

    New conversation
    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog 10h10 hours ago
    Replying to @doisgaloes @Mandie_brammer
    I don't understand you. You were following Ben & McCannCaseTweet but now only Ben.
    (picture of a screengrab)
    1 reply 0 retweets 0 likes

    DOISGALOES‏ @doisgaloes 10h10 hours ago
    1 reply 0 retweets 0 likes

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog 10h10 hours ago
    Isabelle is NOT a journalist.
    1 reply 0 retweets 0 likes

    DOISGALOES‏ @doisgaloes 10h10 hours ago
    I was talking with some dude to amend articles from Sunday express, he amended it and I stopped following him. Maybe I deleted Isabelle by mistake! Now I am following you and her! I hope this clears the confusion!
    1 reply 0 retweets 0 likes

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog 10h10 hours ago
    Fair enough. I was just curious. If you want people to believe in you & your story it is important not to create confusion or be influenced by people you have only "met" via the internet, as most have their own personal bias.
    1 reply 0 retweets 0 likes

  40. Our Malinka comment #4:

    On the video promoting Malinka’s book, David S Jones, says the following:

    “He’s [Sergey Malinka] finding, he finds it hard to get a job because of the left overs and the mud that is stuck to him that was slung by the media and it’s gone on for over 10 years and he just wants his life to be calm and a normal life”.

    Sergey Malinka has a real estate business called Live Algarve, of which he’s co-founder, together with Eva Krauland.:

    In his profile there it is said:

    “Sergey Malinka
    Founder Live Algarve • Worked at @Bloomberg, @Unilever • Studied at @Moscow State University
    Lagos Moscow State University”

    The man who started the Kickstarter page is an employee:

    “Dmitry Laier
    Project Management: Agile practice. Knowledge Management
    Product Management, Strategic Planning - Innovation games, Business Model Generation, Business Games
    CTO Lagos Taganrog Institute of...”

    Malinka’s professional life was mentioned by the Ghoul Tour blogger about a year and a half ago, on May 10 2016:

    “Mr Malinka has been a peripheral figure in our lives recently. He is working from a base near Lagos, with his girlfriend, in a upmarket estate agency that he owns. The average property he deals in is perhaps €3 million, and Mr Malinka appears to be doing well. The property market seems to be recovering here in general. The government has an incentive scheme in place for anyone spending €500,000 plus. So the top end of the market is doing particularly well again.

    We happened to be in touch with a group of foreign investors who want enough land to build an entire urbanisation, and Mr Malinka was able to come up with a suitable large plot of land instantly. These type of deals seldom go through straightforwardly. The investors have the whole world to pick from, so whether they choose Portugal is anyone’s guess.

    In brief, Mr Malinka appears to be well-established in a well-paid line of work, and is getting on with his life without concerning himself with Madeleine.”

    Mr Malinka, a year and a half ago was doing pretty well financially. He wasn’t looking and we find odd for him to be looking for one as he owns a business that, at least half a year ago, was doing pretty well.

    David S Jones words make no sense.

    When he wrote these words, the Ghoul Tour blogger was much a Praia da Luz resident as David S Jones.

    1. On May 10 2016, the Ghoul Tour blogger says this:

      “We happened to be in touch with a group of foreign investors who want enough land to build an entire urbanisation, and Mr Malinka was able to come up with a suitable large plot of land instantly.”

      But then on Oct 26 2016, the same Ghoul Tour blogger has this to say (our caps):

      “From my blog, Mr Bennett selected an obscure reference to Sergei Malinka. I HAVE NEVER MET OR COMMUNICATED WITH MR MALINKA. A while back, upon learning that Mr Malinka was still in the area and was now working in property, I managed to find on the Internet some material about his estate agency. That is the closest I personally have got to Mr Malinka. Once posted on my blog, Mr Bennett promptly lifted it and re-posted it on CMoMM. So Mr Bennett is as close to Mr Malinka as I am.”

      Which is it?

  41. Our Malinka comment #5:

    On May 17 2007, the media reports that Sergey Malinka was 22.

    “A Russian man questioned in Portugal over the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has denied any involvement.

    IT expert Sergey Malinka, 22, was taken to a police station in Portimao and computer equipment was removed from his flat in Praia da Luz, Algarve.”

    David S Jones says: “I met Sergey, something in the lines of about 17 years ago, he came to work in my restaurant as a very young man. And, later on he became an IT specialist and I used him to fix my broken computers and not only I but my family and all my friends use Serge for quite a long time to fix our, fix our… our computers.”

    That would be the year 2000.

    The legal age to work in Portugal is 16 and one has to have the minimum education (which is 9º ano)

    Did David S Jones hire a 15 yr old?

  42. Our Malinka comment #6:

    As per our Malinka comment #4, Sergey Malinka on his business estate website says that he “Studied at @Moscow State University”

    In the PJ Files, Sergey Malinka’s mother, Svetlana, says:

    “The witness [Svetlana Malinka] has been in Portugal since August 1999, having always resided in Praia da Luz - Lagos.”

    That means they moved to Portugal when Sergey Malinka was 13/14.

    As we saw on our Malinka comment #5, David S Jones hired him in 2000, when he was 15.

    So we ask Mr Malinka: when and what did you study at Moscow State University?

    A very simple and non-controversial question to ask and to which we are not seeing other than a very simple and straightforward answer.

    1. Moscow State University competes with the most talented students from different countries. As per the statistical data, less than 10% applicants are selected which says on the extremely high challenges. In view of that, prior to arrange an interview with you, you have to show your relevance by submitting well prepared and completed package of application documents to submit to the Admission Board

      If Malinka was accepted here, he did very well in the face of stiff competition!

  43. My opinion:
    I think Malinka wants money to put into business.
    If the book ever sees the light of day, it will be a general moan about everything that happened to him and some businesses in Luz.
    It has chapter heading teasers, which suggests it’s already written.
    In no way will the Mcs be blamed for anything but neglecting the children.

    1. Anonymous 6 Dec 2017, 18:41:00,

      You've stolen one of our comments!

      It's about whether the book has been written or not.

      We think David S Jones clarifies that question.

      He first says "So, he came to me and asked if I worked with him as a co-author on a book that he wants to write, or has written to let people know the truth about what happened", which we interpret the past tense "written" as a correction to the present tense used just before in "wants to write".

      He is a self-assumed co-author, so if the book didn't already exist, he would never use the past tense.

      Also he lays the question to rest by saying: "So, I’ve agreed to work with him, on the book, obviously his, his first language is Russian, and as an author I’ve, I’ve worked on what is written and just…, I haven’t changed the content, I’ve just put it correct grammatically and I think if you read the book you’re going to be able to draw your own conclusions to what happened"

      It's quite clear that the book supposedly exists and supposedly has already been written.

      So, supposedly, the only obstacle between it and the eyes of the public is simply Mr Malinka's ambition and/or greed.

      We say supposedly because we find it very strange that Mr Malinka intended to raise €30K in less than a month, when we witnessed how much engaged people were in supporting Mr Amaral, and that 4 month long process generated just over €50K.

      The impossibility of the objective proposed, let's us nit discard the possibility of the book being only a cover, covering blank pages.

      Not saying it is, just saying we're not discarding the possibility.

      These people are beyond anything.

      Mr Malinka has one simple way to prove us wrong: he can create a blog and publish it for all to see.

    2. I bet the book isn't yet written, and if so might never be. To attract subscriptions there's nothing like publishing a dozen pages.
      "Before launched the book I have approached all major tv channel and all wanted my interview about the book. After careful consideration, i have launched my campaign only through online means not to create too much fuss."
      Approach the media, get positive reactions, consider the consequences and finally run away reveals some kind of recklessness.

    3. Anne Guedes,

      We also don’t believe there’s a book.

      The video and the proposed objective do tell us that.

      The video tells us that whoever was able to muster that level of production (aerial and underwater high-quality imagery, elaborate scripting and near perfect lighting) could very easily get €30,000 to fund the project.

      The proposed objective was perfectly impossible to reach and whoever started it knew that as well.

      We believe the idea was to distract the ‘Maddie world’ from Nessling who became yesterday’s news.

      We have already explained that he will always come back to haunt the pros, but fact is that he has fallen out of the hot-topics to discuss.

      Malinka replaced Nessling in that category. With Malinka gone out of the discussion, people don’t return to Nessling, they will just stay put and wait for the next topic to be discussed.

      The Malinka book was very successful in its primary objective. We have done our best to avoid it by not writing a post about it and keep people looking at Vee8’s picture whenever they visit the blog.

      It also had another objective and that was to make truth-seekers look bad.

      The idea is for Malinka to announce on Dec 20 that the book will not be able to go ahead due to lack of funding.

      So, just before Christmas, the internet would be shown not to be interested in the truth about Maddie after all.

      That will be the angle the tabloids will pick the story to denigrate us all and to further pressure the government into archival, as the public opinion doesn’t care about the case anymore.

      We all remember how Kate struggled to reach £10,000 with her cycling stunt, and she only reached it because she suddenly saw herself in direct competition with Mr Amaral’s GoFund.

      Kickstarter allows 60 days, and yet Malinka chose less. Why?

      Note, Malinka did all he could for us not to fund him.

      By dissing the PJ and Mr Amaral, it was a guaranteed nullity, it was certain he would never reach the proposed goal.

      This was a project intended to distract and fail.

      The first, it has achieved by taking Nessling off the radar.

      The second is a certainty but we do think that all of us have a word on what the effects of this pursued failure are.

      This comment, for example, is meant to mitigate whatever they intend to do after the 19th.

    4. Please note how on a tweet (which we have already published in a comment above) Malinka makes it seem that €30K goal is perfectly achievable:

      “DOISGALOES‏ @doisgaloes
      Replying to @katetricker
      I am not here for cash, my name is more important. If i wanted cash i would made my goal 500k instead of 30k on kickstarter!
      12:08 PM - 4 Dec 2017”

    5. Fireman Dave proving Textusa right in saying that what they want is to prove the internet is not willing to help Malinka out:

      Fireman Dave‏ @FiremanSave

      The book reveals many irregularities and peoples concerns with the police investigation. Can we count on your support?
      We hope so #McCann
      9:37 PM - 7 Dec 2017

  44. Our Malinka comment #7:

    Bringing over 2 Comments from the JH Forum, so readers can draw their own conclusions about Mr Malinka’s intent.

    One by Malinka (our caps):

    Re: 'Sunday Mirror', 3 Dec 2017: "Innocent man", Sergey Malinka, says "Madeleine McCann case ruined my life"
    by doisgaloes on 03.12.17 13:20

    The Mirror and Sunday Express wrote about me without my consent, I am dealing with them. I don't tell you how to run a forum, why you criticize how to rum my Kickstarter campaign.
    Before launched the book I have approached all major tv channel and all wanted my interview about the book. After careful consideration, i have launched my campaign only through online means not to create too much fuss.
    I want to clear my name, but only a few people out of many actually ready to listen. I am truly sorry to see that.”

    And a comment by poster Philo Beddoe of that forum. The caps are in the words that the poster put in italic and also underlined by him/her:


    “ Re: 'Sunday Mirror', 3 Dec 2017: "Innocent man", Sergey Malinka, says "Madeleine McCann case ruined my life"
    by Philo Beddoe on 04.12.17 13:46

    So far he's mentioned:

    After I have been HARASSED BY PORTUGUESE POLICE over a missed call from Robert on the night when Madeleine disappeared my life turned to s**t very fast.

    Regarding his call: I only understood that he called me after POLICE TORTURED ME FOR THE WHOLE DAY asking me about his call.

    A chap apparently called Dmitry Laier has posted on Mr Malinka's Youtube video the following comments “I saw the Russian version of chapter 2 and I’m sure that YOU CAN’T IMAGE WHAT YOU WILL FOUND INSIDE ABOUT GONCALO”. Following this comment Doisgaloes responded with “As I have said this is only the tip of the iceberg I am planning to release at least 1 video every 2 weeks after the campaign is finished, no matter the outcome”.

    The UK media, whilst ignoring the Nessling saga, has ran with an article about Mr Malinka stating “A Russian quizzed by Madeleine McCann cops has written a book claiming his life was wrecked after he was “forced” to make “false statements.”
    He said: “I was forced into false statements and accusations.” Those words are taken from Sergey's Youtube video description, which the media have already spun into their own anti PJ interpretation.
    Question from here: Are you now also telling us that Amaral had you locked in a car all day, without food and water, and had you beaten up?
    "Not him, but his colleagues did. The OFFICER WHO GOT PHYSICAL WITH ME was called Pereira. AMARAL WAS BANG OUT OF ORDER AS WELL AT THE END OF THE INTERROGATION, to be honest.

    Quite a pattern of PJ and Amaral bashing there which in the UK media's hands, well we can all see what they would do with quotes like that and it wouldn't be pretty.”

    1. Malinka wants to clear his name, but since he proclaimed that idea, it appears that he has been busy darkening his name. "A bad manner spoils everything, even reason and justice; a good one supplies everything..." (Baltasar Gracián).
      Was the intention to make sure that everybody would be aware that Malinka exists ?

  45. Our Malinka comment #8:

    We ask our readers to watch this video promoting Malinka’s book:

    It proves that he’s supported in this project by many others with much more technical resources than just David S Jones.

    Only a good technical support explains the aerial images, the underwater ones and the pretty elaborate script.

    Also, please note that no one besides Malinka, show their faces. Why? What are they scared of? Retaliations? Again, why? And by who?

    We have previously noted the importance of not showing a face in our post “Person of Interest”, in the case of Euclides Monteiro’s wife not wanting to show her face as well.

  46. Interesting comment from 3 years ago on this video about Malinka

    MS1S3 years ago
    I have heard that he is writing a book. It should be
    interesting to know his point of view!

  47. IMO Malinka is a decoy and what better way to find out the ID of anti's than by crowd funding...

    1. Anonymous 7 Dec 2017, 15:17:00,

      Respect your opinion but disagree.

      People who have any problem with their ID's being known to the other side will simply not donate.


    1. Anonymous 7 Dec 2017, 17:53:00

      Thank you. Bringing this tweet exchange over to the blog:

      Fireman Dave@FiremanSave
      I knew many of the ocean club staff, went searching with them on the night, many of them had seen the family together earlier that day. Just a normal family then hours later the poor girl was gone #McCann
      6:35 AM · Dec 7, 2017

      Replying to @FiremanSave
      Do you believe Madeleine #McCann was abducted by strangers...?

      linda lee@lindaweryhur
      The only person to remove her was her father!

      Fireman Dave@FiremanSave
      any other explanation is implausible given what we knew at the time. Literally one minute she's there and everything's fine then 2 or 3 hours later she's gone never to be seen. Hard to do when you're on hols in a strange place and no one saw anything odd

      So you're both pro #McCann... You and Sergi.. Thanks for clearing that up...

      Fireman Dave@FiremanSave
      Very few people round here have time for the McCanns or their entourage so I certainly not 'pro' them but it's clear to most who were close to the situation that despite no love being lost they are not involved.

      To know that as fact you would have to have been there... You're either fake or have an agenda..

      Fireman Dave@FiremanSave
      All it takes is some perspective and objectivity, something that people lose when they let their emotion get in the way

      Emotions doesn't come into it..

      Replying to @FiremanSave
      Oh dear. Does Sergey Malinka not realise you're a liability? You're not doing an innocent man any favours. #PoliceFiles: #McCann$ #FakedAbduction #HidBody #Fraud

      Fireman Dave@FiremanSave
      Why do you say this? He's an innocent guy whose life was turned upside down #McCann

      JillyCL @JillyCL
      If you can't see you're a liability to Sergey Malinka, I'm not going to tell you. #Chancer #McCann$ #FakedAbduction #Fraud

      Fireman Dave@FiremanSave
      Well if you dont explain yourself there is little point in continuing this conversation

    2. And to add to the above, we’ll also bring over this pearl:

      Fireman Dave@FiremanSave
      Dec 6
      Finally this poor guy gets to tell his side. He's been through hell (link:… #McCann
      Russian reveals 'threats and blackamail' he faced as Maddy suspect

      Lee Meadow@Meadowuk
      Dec 6
      He has every right to tell his side & I for one look forward to reading it. I take it you are his 'mentor' then you need to be aware of engaging with MSM: UKMedia. Promote. But do not divulge specific content or discuss. Good luck & TCx #mccann

      Replying to @Meadowuk and @FiremanSave
      This account is not David Jones, i have spoken with David this morning and he says its not him. #McCann #mccanns
      1:10 PM · Dec 7, 2017


      According to this site, it says about David S Jones:

      “He later returned to London and joined the London Fire Brigade Service, serving for a further eleven years. It was during this time that he had the idea to develop the children’s character Fireman Sam, now an international success as a children’s TV series. After sustaining a back injury David had to leave the Fire Service. It then became necessary for him to make a living by doing something which did not require physical involvement. This led to him developing his writing skills. Upon his departure from the fire service he returned to his beloved Portugal, eventually building and managing a highly successful bar/restaurant complex in the Algarve.”

      So, we have a Twitter account of someone who has been a firefighter, is an author and lives in Luz for years BUT is NOT David S Jones, according to Sergey Malinka, who in turn is inexplicably (or then maybe not) still considered to be an innocent man by some.

      Why did Sergey Malinka not say immediately that tweeter wasn’t Jones?

      He and Jones are, as recognised, in touch.

      Wouldn’t Jones have told him if he was going to tweet? If he didn’t, wouldn’t Malinka check as soon as he saw the tweet promoting his book?

      Wouldn’t one and hasn’t expect to see an immediate reaction from Jones on seeing someone blatantly impersonating him?

      Why isn’t Malinka protesting – as he firmly states he has no sides – against a tweeter who is promoting the McCann innocence via his book?

      They are all making fools of themselves.

      Please do note. ON PURPOSE.


      Weirder than any sci-fi plot

    5. Anonymous 7 Dec 2017, 19:55:00

      Thank you. Bringing that tweet over to the blog:

      “Madeleine CaseTweets@McCannCaseTweet
      I've spoken on phone with author David Jones This is a fake account impersonating him Mr Jones would not put his personal opinion on McCanns in public These games are just embarrassing in the name of Madeleine #McCann
      5:30 PM · Dec 7, 2017”

      Fascinating how some people seem to have magical phones as they apparently are able to call and speak to anyone, anywhere in the world.

      This does not add anything to what Sergey Malinka has already said in his 1:10 PM · Dec 7, 2017 tweet, as per our comment 7 Dec 2017, 18:33:00.

      That means that all the questions that we made in our 7 Dec 2017, 18:47:00 remain valid.

      But it’s good to know that David S Jones can be contacted so easily because we have a lot of interesting things still to say about him in more “Our Malinka comments” that we will be making.

    6. I think "author"in the loosest sense....what is she up to?

    7. "Fascinating how some people seem to have magical phones as they apparently are able to call and speak to anyone, anywhere in the world.

      This does not add anything to what Sergey Malinka has already said in his 1:10 PM · Dec 7, 2017 tweet, as per our comment 7 Dec 2017, 18:33:00."

      It adds nothing except to say "Look at me. I am very important and have connections." Ditto her many alleged phone calls to high ranking PJ and Scotland Yard officers, FBI officers etc ....

    8. "So, we have a Twitter account of someone who has been a firefighter, is an author and lives in Luz for years BUT is NOT David S Jones, according to Sergey Malinka, who in turn is inexplicably (or then maybe not) still considered to be an innocent man by some."

      AND he owns a restaurant business!

      Fireman Dave
      Replying to @BoKadeHar and @lindaweryhur
      I have a lot of life experience, employed many many people in my restaurant business, fought some of the largest fires ever, written many books. Trust me i know #McCann
      6:09 PM · Dec 7, 2017


      How does she know that Fireman Dave is a woman??? Or is he really?



    Some links ....above and this one mention Mr Jones!

  51. And this......

  52. Did he write it or just help conceive it??

  53. And finally....his perhaps ...only book

    Read first review by Jan

    1. Anonymous 7 Dec 2017, 20:56:00,

      Thank you. Bringing that 1-star review over to the blog:

      “Feb 06, 2014 Jan rated it did not like it

      I picked this book because I live in Praia da Luz where some of the story is set and was interested to see would I recognise any of the characters. Anyway it is the story of a guy called Nick Trevelyan who enters Sandhurst to train to be a military officer, he does really well but crosses swords a few times with an uppercrust twit called Tristram who tries to spoil his chances, he graduates and goes on to spend a few years with a Scottish regiment but at the Edinburgh Tattoo they meet again and Nick is goaded into hitting him and breaking his jaw and has to resign his commission. His wealthy girlfriend dumps him and he heads home to lick his wounds and is invited to spend some down time in the Algarve at the invitation of a friend of his fathers. He discovers a book about hypnotism and discovers he is extremely good at it. He devises a plan to pull off a victimless crime after meeting a man who runs a bank vault in Chancery lane in London who tells him after 65 years they open boxes that have not been visited and give the proceeds to the government, Nick feels he is owed and decides to hypnotise all the relevant people and help himself to the boxes. I don't want to give anymore of the plot away incase anyone wants to read it and have as good a laugh as I did. I found the sex scenes hilarious in the extreme, the writing was like paint by numbers and as for the plots, well they were just unreal, I haven't laughed as much reading a book in ages and that is the only reason it got 1 star. If this booked was proofed whoever did it should be sacked, there were so many mistakes in spelling and extra words and missing words and the timelines definitely went askew a few times but I just could not be bothered going back to check. It was like a cross between a Mills & Boon and the Famous Five, his description of getting through faro airport without a ticket was so farcical. Needless to say I would not read anymore of Nicks adventures but I did laugh so it was not a total waste of time.”

    2. It seems Malinka’s editor needs an editor himself.

  54. Thanks for all the updates explaining what is going on.

    What are the other side expecting 19/20th, I suppose time will answer this question, it's shocking the tactics that are being played out by the other side.

  55. As an aside from what the blog is about,May has strengthened her hand with the EU agreement, one may or may not like the outcome but nonetheless its been agreed,what now for OG? truth one hopes.

  56. I've just spent upwards of an hour of my life I'll never get back looking at the Bilton Panorama programme from May just gone,strangely not one word of mention about Malinka,now wouldn't you expect some one whose life was supposedly blighted by the case to have made himself known and that he intended to write a book about it!
    Just an observation,
    Murat arguido to the PJ interviewed in the presence of SY as a witness!
    Malinka witness to the PJ interviewed as a Arguido in the presence of SY.
    Wood for the trees.
    I'll go driving in my Car its not quite a Jaguar.

  57. Our Malinka comment #9:

    David S Jones is not only the owner of A restaurant but the owner of the Mirage restaurant in Luz:

    - The Portugal Resident in its article by Natasha Donn “New book by low-profile Algarve hero”, published on Nov 29 2013, says: “David Jones, a “London Welshman” who owns the Mirage Restaurant in Praia da Luz”.

    - On TripAdvisor, ACM_Lammas strongly recommends S Jones’ restaurant: “The Mirage has it all. Lets not forget that the site is owned and run by the British Author - David S Jones famed for the childrens series Fireman Sam,”

    The importance of this?

    The Mirage bar was where, it seems or is alleged, the Mark Warner nannies relaxed at night. In fact, of the 14 nannies, on the night Maddie disappeared, half of them used the Mirage as their alibi that night:

    - 3 at the ‘Mirage bar’: Susan Owen, Shinead Vine and Stacey Portz;

    - 2 having gone out of apartment, we suppose on the way to the ‘Mirage bar’: Kirsty Maryan and Sarah Williamson;

    - 2 unclear: Leanne Wagstaff and Emma Wilding. Leanne says she’s going to the bar with Kirsty and Sarah but at same time Catriona baker places her inside apartment; and Emma who is placed by Catriona Baker inside the apartment at 22:30 already knowing about the disappearance and by Susan Owen at the ‘Mirage’ bar at 22:45 ignorant of what had happened.

    Of the rest, 3 were allegedly at the crèche (Amy Tierney, Jacqueline Williams and Charlotte Pennington), 3 were allegedly in their apartments (Lyndsay Johnson, Catriona Baker and Rhiannon Fretter) and 1, Pauline McCann doesn’t say where she was.

    Unless Pauline McCann was doing some babysitting, and she doesn’t say she was, NO NANNY was doing any babysitting that night which we found very strange – the neglect defenders blame the McCanns for not using this service, when apparently NO guest used it that night – as we wrote in our post “Luz’s Secret Service”.

    We also showed the significant link between this restaurant and the Maddie case in our post “Imagining things”, where we showed how nanny Susan Owen was not being truthful when she describes how she went from her apartment to the Mirage: “the deponent refers that she walked the indicated path, having done it by the beach and later taken the route on the road that ends in the referred bar, thus not having crossed the interior of the mentioned resort nor near Madeleine McCann’s residence”

    It turns out that Luz does not have any road that links directly the beach to the Mirage.

    It’s as if, it seems it was felt by the Mark Warner staff that they could mention the Mirage freely in their statements because whatever they said they knew would be confirmed, independent of being truth or not, by its owner in case he was asked.

    We remind readers, that “downtown Luz”, if one can call it that, is where Dolphins is located, near the nanny apartment building and in the opposite direction of where the Mirage is located.

    As far as we know, David S Jones was not part of the Ocean Club or Mark Warner staff, so saying the Mirage, besides being located just down the road from the Mill, has any connections to either institution would be incorrect.

    Also, being so near the Mill, and the Mill being so out of hand – reason why the T9 allegedly got a special booking at Tapas – it seems quite odd for us how young people found it to be their place of relaxation, one that was so out of hand and near their work place.

    Like leaving work, going home, getting ready for relaxation and then heading back to work. One would think one would seek a place furthest away from where one spent the working day.

    Just highlighting the relevance of the Mirage restaurant in the Maddie case and that its owner is David S Jones, the case’s most recent star.

  58. Our Malinka comment #10:

    The Mirage, the restaurant owned by David S Jones is for sale:

    “In the beautiful village of Praia da Luz, just a few steps from the beach, lays this unique tourist resort named "Mirage". The new owner has the choice whether he would like to run a boutique hotel, hostel, restaurant bar with living area or a club ... the space is considerable. An initial phase of extensive modernization and renovation work was carried out in 2016, in accordance with the highest standards. The property consists of a…” bla, bla, bla.

    Guess what real estate agency is selling it?

    If you said Malinka’s Live Algarve Real Estate, you would be right!

    Now guess who is the agent?

    It wasn’t hard, was it?

    “Contact Agent
    Sergey Malinka
    Sergio is the co-founder of the Live Algarve, over 8 years in Portuguese Real Estate market Sergio has always made sure that every client is well taken care of.”

    Very strange for a man to say he’s helping a poor soul he’s hired years ago because “he’s finding, he finds it hard to get a job because of the left overs and the mud that is stuck to him that was slung by the media and it’s gone on for over 10 years” when he has a property selling in that man’s owned business.

    Did we say that it was very strange? Apologies, we know that by now readers do not find anything strange about what is found about David S Jones and Sergey Malinka.

    And yes, there’s more to be found.

    1. My word! One wonders what good use they'd put the €30,000 to...! Another business, perhaps?


      Fireman Dave demands to know where you got this info from!
      If he’s not Jones, what does it matter to him?

    3. Anonymous8 Dec 2017, 15:19:00,

      Thank you, and agree. If he's not Jones, why is he so upset?

      Bringing it over to the blog:

      So Sergey is the agent selling David S Jones restaurant while Jones claims Sergey's job prospects are tainted by #mccann case & asking for funds to write a book. Another decoy, another "big name". There will be no book. @doisgaloes & @FiremanSave both here to deflect & shill.

      Fireman Dave@FiremanSave
      Replying to @nunoetal and @doisgaloes
      I demand you reveal where you gained that information from! #McCann
      2:53 PM · Dec 8, 2017”

      The link is in the comment. We have screen-grabbed it in case it’s ‘lost’.

      Must say that Fireman David uses the same style as our ‘departed’ friend, has the same sense of self-importance, the same short-temper and the same egomaniac trait of thinking the world is to abide by his command.

      We wouldn’t be surprised if it was him (it would explain him not being David S Jones but knowing so much about the man to impersonate him) as he is out-ranks both Malinka and Jones in the other side’s hierarchy and so is able to usurp their names as he wishes.

    4. So you want to put your business up for sale but don't want any one to know who your agent his,is this the best that they can do?

  59. Unpublished Anonymous at 8 Dec 2017, 12:00:00,

    We're not publishing your comment simply because that is our next Malinka comment :)

    Thank you for understanding.

    1. Okey dokey,on the same page I think.

  60. Our Malinka comment #11:

    Comment we have received and not published:

    “Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Red card":

    I wonder if the seeds of a staring role were sown when Netflix were on their scoping exercise,its believed that they had him on a to do list.This is picked up from another blog,the ghoul one.

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 8 Dec 2017, 12:00:00”

    Unpublished Anonymous was the second person to call our attention to this. The other did it via e-mail. Thank you to both.

    And it seems that it’s true that the Ghoul Tour blogger has made a link between David S Jones and Netflix. On Oct 22 2017 he wrote:

    “The owner of the Mirage is David Jones, co-creator of Fireman Sam. The Mirage has been closed since 2014, because it was losing money. Mr Jones was in the Carib recently, and the locals do enjoy a good gossip when they socialise.

    Mr Jones said that he had indeed been in touch with Netflix. He told them that he had no significant knowledge regarding Madeleine’s disappearance. In my opinion, he is in error on that point, but I assume he does not know the slivers of gold he is sitting on, like many a person in this incident.

    His interview with Netflix was restricted to whether Madeleine’s disappearance had an impact on his business. Since I was not at Bar Carib to hear his story first-hand, I will simply say he does indeed think there was a Madeleine effect, a very detrimental one.


    Since Mr David Jones is prominent in the Netflix gossip and will probably pop up again, here is a photo of him (on the right).

    For more bio, go to [David S Jones being supported by the Sun, not exactly a surprise]”

    Netflix apparently is planning to make a documentary about Madeleine as is said in the Sun article By Richard Wheatstone, published Sept 9 2017, 11:03, updated that day at 16:05 (as if this was true) “NETFLIX MADDIE DOC. Netflix is making a Madeleine McCann documentary with new interviews with key investigators – but parents REFUSE to be involved.”

    The link between Netflix and the Maddie case has been, up to now, Nick Pisa who wrote the Sun article “MADDIE 'LIE' BATTLE: Madeleine McCann’s parents Kate and Gerry make final appeal in battle against shameless ex-police chief” on Sept 9 2017 and “MADDIE HUNT TWIST Police investigating Madeleine McCann disappearance travel to Bulgaria in search of paedophile’s widow” on Nov 4 2017.

    Nick Pisa produced a documentary for Netflix about Amanda Knox.

    Now we have linking Netflix and the Maddie case, David S Jones. And the Ghoul Tour blogger for knowing about this. The Maddie case seems to show that its British immigrant community is really closely knit together.

    Please note the McCann’s “disgust” about the Netflix project.

    Very much like the one shown for the Malinka book: by publicly distancing themselves with it they intend to inject truthfulness into something that supports them.

    By the way, now knowing that Netflix was in Luz, could that explain the extreme professionalism with which the Malinka promo video was produced?

    1. I've only just watched the u-tube video and, apart from the rather sickly sentiment, I too wonder at the high production values. Drone shots, underwater shots with Malinka 'drowning,' then surviving; being reborn! Then Malinka, is slow motion listening his child's heartbeat in his partner's womb. The sentimental music; the rather film school-diletante aspect. One wonders what's it all in 'aid' of; unless it's exclusively 'self-aid'. Either way, there's something very fishy and suspect about the whole enterprise, especially as Jones only believes in the abduction scenario. I'm inclined to say that these are 'two chancers,' on the make.

    2. It was a lot of work on no budget, including the editing!

  61. Our Malinka comment #12:

    “Lee Meadow@Meadowuk
    Replying to @McCannCaseTweet
    So whoever Fireman Sam is or isn't, whatever the gameplay, the account's date is October 2017, which IMHO points to an orchestrated to WHAT !! discredit\support #mccann or Malinka, or both?
    8:57 AM · Dec 8, 2017”

    Only a person knowing Malinka was advertising his book would set this account up in October.

    Speculating, was this account created when it was known that Nessling’s process was being sent to court to be judged?

  62. Kickstarter encourage their creators to keep their donors updated and use videos to do so. If Malinka and Jones want to clarify exactly what they want to say and avoid impersonators saying it for them, the easy way is to appear together on video to promote the book and make statements about what it’s all about.
    The way it’s being handled at the moment risks bringing Kickstart’s own reputation into disrepute, as it seems to have clear rules about how it expects its creators to operate.
    The fact that Malinka and Jones have left the chaos intact so far speaks volumes and may account for the pitiful amount raised to date.
    Donors can pull out at any time.

  63. Interesting how this blogger who tweets about Knox also started tweeting about mccann.

  64. A few more in the vein of last night...links to ponder....

    Mentions the O.C. workers....


  65. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Anonymous 8 Dec 2017, 18:06:00,

      We have removed your comment, as having researched this man is not Praia da Luz's David S Jones, as their ages are different.

      We don’t think this director’s details should be linked in any way to the Maddie case.

  66. Mentioned in this....

  67. Our Malinka comment #13:

    Very interesting comment on the JH Forum (our caps):

    “Re: 'Sunday Mirror', 3 Dec 2017: "Innocent man", Sergey Malinka, says "Madeleine McCann case ruined my life"
    Cammerigal Yesterday at 10:41”

    Malika and his book is a distraction. He pops out of the ether at the same time as Nessling the Mcann supporter is convicted of owning and compiling a hoard of paedophile images,after 10 years of silence. The mainstream media have a new story, missing the real issue of the unsolved death of an innocent child, a cover up on a grand scale and perverting the course of justice.
    Malinka and his book, as a ‘linked person’ have no added value to the MM abduction theory, and neither does his ghost author ‘fireman sam’, apart from further saliciously undermining the PJ and Detective Amaral.
    If you want to know more, pay €30k. Oh how convenient, Jam tomorrow.
    Oh and He still won’t answer the forum questions, however well phrased.

    We known on the day of the simulated abduction that he was privy to multiple phone communications plus a face to face with R Murat (arguido). He had expertise in computers and the web, but did manage to ensure his own personal hard drives were ‘cleansed’ despite his implied work WITH THE KNOWN SWINGER AND PORNO PLAYER FAZAKERLY. So yes, he is a minor player in the conspiracy jigsaw.
    This muppet is on message, with a definite agenda of disruption. Let him sink back into obscurity and answer to his conscience.”

    1. She is married to MATTHEW FAZACKERLEY, British citizen, who lives in England. She does not know when he may return to Portugal…


    6. He [Sergey Malinka] was a partner of her husband for about two years, in a computer store called "INTERNET", located in xx, Avenida dos Descobrimentos, in Lagos;

    7. That company was dissolved in August last, and the shop was closed;

    8. That one of the reasons why this happened, in her opinion, was because SERGE is not an honest man, withdrawing money and values from the firm without her husband’s knowledge, leading to bankruptcy;

    9. He always showed great interest in money;

    10. She would also like to say that this was her principal motive that led her to go to the police…”

    It is very clear that Kelsie Harris does not like Sergey Malinka.

    If what she says is true, then we wouldn’t like him either, as she’s making serious accusations against him regarding him taking money from a business which he was a partner together with MATTHEW FAZACKERLEY.

    Sergey Malinka’s business partner up until August 2006, MATTHEW FAZACKERLEY, or FAZAKERLY as Cammergirl from JH calls him is, according to this same poster, a “known swinger and porno player”.

    Need we join up the dots?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Bampots,

      On second thoughts we decided we prefer not to publish what we can’t check the way we feel we must.

      If we reach a conclusion that we should republish, we will.

      Thank you for understanding and apologies to our readers for this confusion.

    3. Just to clarify, we think it’s possible Malinka worked with Fazakerkey on other projects and that project may have been one.

      But for now all we need to know is that Kelsie said he worked with Malinka in Lagos business as a partner and we have that connection in the PJ files.

      We don’t need another link that we cannot fully guarantee its veracity.

  68. By the raising of his head as a mainstream media distraction from Nessling’s paedophile conviction, Malinka may become the linking piece in the conspiracy jigsaw to the local BH players, who were lurking in the shadows.
    We can now at last see fireman Sam. More of these secondary links and players need to be GM’s Rothley Park golfing club connections to PDL. real estate sales. Rental Car hires. Computer & web page development. Thank you Sergey and keep up the good work Textusa.

  69. So they have exposed Jones as a key player in the charade while trying to use him to avert attention from Nessling? Own goals dont come more fatal than that !


  70. @doisgaloes & @FiremanSave have suddenly gone silent on Twitter

  71. Our Malinka comment #14:

    To those surprised about Malinka’s claims that he was beaten up at the hands of the PJ, we will inform our readers that it’s nothing new.

    On March 21 2008, it was reported that “He strenuously denies having anything to do with Madeleine's disappearance, and has claimed that he was beaten up by police during the interrogation to try to get him to admit involvement.”

    He’s said it before, only people didn’t notice it.

    It’s a press report available for all to see, so he can hardly change his story now, if he’s already accused the PJ.

    However, it’s not a direct quote in the article. If he says in his book he wasn’t beaten up, he’s indirectly accusing the press of inventing this story. It was repeated in other papers, including the Star

    That is if he has written the book, which as we have said, we very much doubt he has. Whoever produced that video could easily come up with the cover of the book in the photo he uses to promote the alleged book.

    In this article, a detail not noticed by many:

    “It is believed to be the third time a vehicle has mysteriously been set alight close to his house in the middle of the night, one of which was a van belonging to Mr Malinka.

    Both the previous apparent arson attacks were before Madeleine's disappearance.”

    So, it seems that this was not the first time Mr Malinka was a victim of arson, so, speculating, could this criminal act be related to something completely different to the Maddie case, only whoever committed using it to pass a message?

    This seems to tells us that this act, we repeat a criminal one, was not a cry from someone within Praia de Luz wanting the truth about Maddie to be outed, but rather someone targeting specifically Mr Malinka.

    By torching his car, we think someone, through world-wide shaming by demanding from him something they knew already knew he wouldn’t be able to deliver even if he wanted to (and as we’re witnessing now he wouldn’t even want to deliver), was simply putting pressure on the man about an issue completely unrelated to Maddie’s disappearance.

    If anything can be taken away from this Malinka/Jones exercise, is that it’s very clear that Praia da Luz does NOT want truth to be revealed about Maddie.

    Praia da Luz didn’t want the truth outed in 2008 and still doesn’t want it out in 2017.

    Malinka, David S Jones, Jenny Murat, the Ghoul Tour blogger, John Geraghty, the yet unidentified man who pretended to be Geraghty in video, the late Pamela Fenn and many others show us that very clearly.

  72. Textusa, on what basis do you extrapolate from "Malinka/Jones exercise" that "it very clear PDL doesn't want the truth to be revealed" ?

    1. Anne Guedes,

      We thought we answered that question by saying "Malinka, David S Jones, Jenny Murat, the Ghoul Tour blogger, John Geraghty, the yet unidentified man who pretended to be Geraghty in video, the late Pamela Fenn and many others show us that very clearly."

      Can any other conclusion be drawn other than that when witnessing how so many from Praia da Luz who supposedly had absolutely nothing to do with Maddie or the McCanns and are willing to go out of their way to help in the hoax?

  73. Well, some of those might rather have a certain idea of human condition.
    Would Pamela Fenn have open her mouth if Mark Harrison hadn't insisted after Eddie's findings in the 5A ? I find it very plausible that she remained quiet, not wanting to add to sorrow.

    1. Anne Guedes,

      About Pamela Fenn, we can only recommend you revisit the following posts, and if at the end you still disagree with us, we have only to respect as we are certain you respect our opinion about her:

      #1. Published Saturday, 20 November 2010, “All Paths Lead to Rome”

      #2. Published Tuesday, 23 November 2010, “Praia da Luz, Why Have You Forsaken the McCanns?”;

      #3. Published Wednesday, 24 November 2010, “Untouchables?”;

      #4. Published Thursday, 25 November 2010, “My Thanksgiving Turkey to ALL of You”;

      #5. Published Saturday, 11 February 2012, “Colouring Hats With A Crayon”

      #6. Published Saturday, 25 February 2012, “A FOAF Told Me That There's A Angry Panda Out There”

      #7. Published Monday, 27 February 2012, “Famous Last Words...”

      #8. Published Monday, 27 February 2012, “Famous last Words... (Full Version)”

      #9. Published Wednesday, 29 February 2012, “Magic Is In The Air!”;
      #10. Published Friday, 2 March 2012, “Wide Open”;

      We have here to quote the following from this post, as the webpage mentioned no longer exists (it didn’t exist at the time of post), and the fact it whooshed away is telling, taking into account how the Met would years later pick the burglar story up:

      “As you can read on our Thanksgiving post, on August 18th, 2007, exactly 4 days before this video was shot, The Sun reported Mrs Fenn having said ““Expat Pamela Fenn, 73, told them she disturbed a burglar at her apartment about three weeks before Maddie vanished.”
      Unsurprisingly, the link to this article in The Sun is no longer available:”

      #11. Published Sunday, 4 March 2012, “Food For Thought.... With Appetizers”;

      #12. Published Tuesday, 22 March 2011, “Mysteries of a Non-Cryptic Photograph”

      #13. Published Friday, 23 October 2015, “The Narrative of Negligence”;

      #14. Published Friday, 12 May 2017, “Woman-in-Purple”.

      In this post, we have highlighted the fact that Jennifer Conroy ‘remembers’ seeing a Jane Tanner doppelganger in Bulgaria, at about the same time Pamela Fenn remembers she heard a child cry.

      Besides these, we remember having published as a comment someone from Australia, we think, who wrote an article in support of the McCanns, in which he claims he rented the apartment above 5A that summer.

      Did Mrs Fenn seemed to you to be the sort of person who rented her own apartment in the summer? If she did, then she didn’t do it in August (the most profitable month to do so) because she was filmed entering the apartment above 5A.

    2. I'll read all this in due time, Textusa, and if I do have something relevant to add, I'll certainly let you know !

  74. Ooh Fireman Dave being mean!

    Replying to @FiremanSave and @OddEyedLady
    It's floating around information that Murat was involved in British intelligence service. Do you something about this?
    10:01 AM · Dec 10, 2017

    Fireman Dave
    Replying to @SwedeNews and @OddEyedLady
    One thing poor Robert lacks is intelligence, i think he is more likely to be working at MFi than Mi5 #McCann

    1. Anonymous 10 Dec 2017, 11:28:00

      We have to say we were surprised.

      Insane was able to maintain a polite composure for 12 hours and 14 minutes. From 10:44 PM · Dec 9, 2017 to 10:58 AM· Dec 10, 201710:58.

      Last night Fireman Dave made a comeback. Very polite and far from his usual self.

      But the other side cannot allow a play with a big trump like Malinka go to waste, especially in times of despair.

      There aren’t many ‘big trumps’ left to be played after throwing under the bus Jenny Murat and Sergey.

      So, Insane was told to proceed. Issue must be kept alive until the 19th and that is still 9 days away.

      Like the Portuguese say, he had to swallow a frog and continue the ‘let’s prove that the internet is mean and doesn’t want to help Malinka, the poor collateral victim’ campaign:

      “Fireman Dave@FiremanSave
      This is a great guy who has spent the past 10 years of his life battling against being wrongly accused. Please support him to clear his name #McCann #CollateralDamage
      10:44 PM · Dec 9, 2017”

      By the way Insane, we know you know that Malinka was never accused of anything, so very hard for him to have been wrongly so.

      This is to maintain the issue alive. Too much has been invested and it cannot be lost.

      And it cannot be lost because this is all they have to cling.

      He tried being polite, it didn’t work.

      Now, he’s being his old self again, trying to provoke.

      We strongly recommend that people on Twitter avoid any further interactions with this particular character made up by Insane.

    2. Unpublished Anonymous to at 10 Dec 2017, 11:49:00,

      We're not publishing your comment because we don't want to feed the distraction made by Insane.

      Please understand and thank very much you for your contribution, as it contains very interesting information which we will analyse and use in a future post.

      We also inform that we have followed the case of the person you refer to, so if you wish to provide us with more information, which we would welcome, please submit it in a DO NOT PUBLISH comment.

    3. Unpublished Anonymous at 10 Dec 2017, 12:11:00

      We we’re not publishing your comment for the same reason we gave to Unpublished Anonymous to at 10 Dec 2017, 11:49:00.

      We inform readers that we will not be publishing at this specific point in time any comments related with the British intelligence services.

      Not that we don’t believe they were used and deployed, we do. If we believe the higher echelons of the British government was involved, then to be coherent we also believe that the UK’s intelligence service was present in Luz.

      The problem is that intelligence services are secretive by definition, so what is said about them can easily deride into mythically supported falsehoods.

      We don’t believe any of the names mentioned in your comment are British intelligence services.

      The close and strange relationship between Martin Brunt and the Murats is shown in our post “The Murat/Brunt Get-Together”

      About the other individual, if you read our blog you’ll know we consider him to be a pathetic clown, definitely not an asset and certainly a liability.

    4. Is this a way of trying to distance Murat from Malinka, now the project is going pear-shaped?
      Malinka becomes bad cop, Murat good cop.

  75. I have a few questions for Fireman Dave/Fireman Imposter/Malinka
    Do you know why 3 previous vehicles were set alight, before the M case?
    Were they reported to the police and what was the outcome?
    Did Sergey ever attend Moscow State University or any University?
    The nannies who used the Mirage that night were later described by Jones as gap year students, but were they already studying at university?
    Was the alleged fraud reported by Kelsie Harris reported to the police at the time and if so, what was the outcome?


    Max Clifford dies in hospital aged 74.

    1. Another sex-offender working for the hoax.
      Why would Murat need a PR? And why did Clifford work for him for free??


    Another Freudian slip. #McCann
    (Picture attached)
    1:06 PM · Dec 10, 2017

    Attached to this tweet is a screengrab with a tweet from Mr Twitter:
    “Michael Walker@walkercan1000 – 2h
    Because Madeleine was a human being.”


    Is Insane losing qualities?

    It seems that it’s being hard to recover from the Nessling blow.


      "Michael Walker@walkercan1000
      Replying to @anna_forensics and 7 others
      Because Madeleine was a human being.
      10:07 AM · Dec 10, 2017"


    Max mentions people at Leveson: McCanns, Murat, Murdoch...

  79. A lovely, heart-warming comment we have just received from our 'departed' friend:

    "Not Textusa has left a new comment on your post "Red card":

    I see time has not improved your mental health, Textusa.
    I am not ''Fireman Sam'' or any of the other loons you have crossed swords with. In fact, I do not have a Twitter presence at all.
    Kindly remove any reference you have made to me in your comments. And then go and take your tablets.

    Posted by Not Textusa to Textusa at 10 Dec 2017, 20:23:00"


    Is that really you or is someone impersonating you, like you so much love to do?

    1. The fact that you felt the need to comment tells us SO MUCH.

      Oh, and do say hello to Nigel from us, ok?


      Insane proving he's Mr Twitter:

      "Michael Walker@walkercan1000
      Hilarious seeing the #McCann Bum Trolls trying to connect fifth columnist Nessling with the family’s campaign. They just don’t get it. Losers.
      10:36 AM · Dec 11, 2017"

      And proving that being associated with a paedo really messes one up.

  80. I think this may interest you

    1. Anonymous 10 Dec 2017, 22:06:00,

      Thank you! :)))

      Waiting to see how Fireman Dave answers this.

      Bringing it over to the blog:

      Replying to @FiremanSave and @OddEyedLady
      Thank's. And do you know if Sergey was one of the organizers for a VIP swingersparty in pdl that week?
      12:45 PM · Dec 10, 2017”

    2. Hasn't FD just admitted there was a swinging event in PDL??

      Replying to @SwedeNews and @OddEyedLady
      It was a great party but Sergey wasn't involved in organising it #McCann
      7:57 AM · Dec 11, 2017

    3. Anonymous 11 Dec 2017, 10:13:00,


  81. Text, you do realise that this 'Fireman Dave' twitter account isn't actually David Jones and just some idiot taking the p!ss..


    1. Andy,

      Yes, we do. Just disagree that he's "just some idiot".

      We are preparing a comment about what we think of this "swinging admission".

  82. About the “swinging admission” by Fireman Dave,

    We think Fireman Dave Twitter account is a mischief maker and there must be a reason why he’s doing this.

    We think this account is trying to get us to use his info as proof of swinging, then continue to make provocative statements which make anyone relying on him to look stupid.

    It’s a hoax account, set up to make swinging connection, then make anyone believing it seem as mad as him.

    We’d never rely on Fireman Dave to support our theory as he’s clearly set up to discredit it.

    Why no reaction from Sergey (on @doisgaloes) or from Jones (via McCaFadden or Malinka, if he doesn’t want to set up a Twitter account) to the allegations Fireman Dave is making about them?

    Only 8 days before Malinka’s project and his 29 backers are put out of their misery. Unless an anon benefactor steps in to back it at the last minute. If that happens, then it will look very suspicious indeed.

    Finally, a word of advice to those interacting with these people on Twitter, don’t be surprised if there’s an attempted repeat of the Dossier Troll dossier this Christmas.


    Mr Twitter says he knows how Nessling was outed. Does he have inside information?

    Michael Walker
    Replying to @paultessterry
    Not true Ducky. Nessling was a fifth columnist, one of your own. What better place to hide and pretend. You’re a devious bunch but not as clever as the police. Want to know how he was outed? #mccann
    2:36 PM · Dec 11, 2017

    1. Hi Textusa,now we see how many people are finally being"involved"in some type of Hoax/deception?
      With the likes of Kennedy,Murats,Malinka,Geraherty,Brunt,Mitchell,Jones,what is it that so called Top investigators do not see or turn a blind one to,eh A/C Mark Rowely,Operation Grange?
      Why would Dr's take a"Relatives"medication on holiday,when that person is not travelling with the holidaying parties or is it OK for Dr's to use other persons proscribed medication?
      Now perhaps that might have been one of the 48 Questions that wasn't answered?
      One thing you can be certain of in Madeleine McCann's disappearance is that the Pro McCann's all ways make reference to the"whereabouts of the child" yet make No reference to"criminal Evidence"as proof of an Abduction,finger prints,fabrics transfered to bedding from clothing,etc?

      In regard to comments on Max Clifford's death,RIP.
      I state this as here in the UK child abuse has been"Systematically"carried out by Social Care Homes set up by the Government to take care of"Vulnerable kids" not use them for their own cronies,Bryn Alyn,Estyn,Kincora Boys Home etc.
      The UK Government have used the Police forces throughout the UK to investigate these Crimes for the past fifty to sixty years with an alarming rate of "Guilty Convictions" yet 1400 young girls from within the UK became prey to nefarious people within their local vicinity and the Yorkshire Police force were unaware they were being abused?
      It is true that Media moguls,Clifford,Hall,Harris,King are have served sentences for them being found guilty in a court of Law.
      Max clifford was appealing his sentence and perhaps we will never know for certain of his Crimes,but just suppose that would have happened if they were released from"Custody",then decide to spill the proverbial beans of what has been covered up for so long,are they pre-warned to keep quiet on release or a quick return to Jail awaits?
      Yet the MP's,Lords,Smith,Janner,Thorpe,Boothby,remain a flawless lot from Criminal convictions,amongst their cronies from the House Of common,Lords den of eniquity,with UK Police,Forces Officers unable to pin any charges against them,Cover UP?

    2. More false flags - Walker/Insane things he's 'in the know' but never comes up with anything factual. Just a lot of guff and hot air (Nessling is an anti-mccann 5th Columnist, etc). He's prepared to go to any disgusting depths for his pay cheque.

    3. Did police find Nessling on Insane’s computer? Lol

  84. Keep an eye on the ECHR website,it must be coming up to the time whether their case is to be heard or rejected,look over there not here.Somethings in the wind,not just the cold weather either.

    1. Anonymous 11 Dec 2017, 18:19:00,

      We won’t hear if the case is accepted or rejected unless Mcs choose to tell.

      It makes no difference to the acórdão of the Portuguese Supreme Justice Court (SJC).

      It can’t reverse that decision. The money the McCann have to pay is still due to this court.

      The ECHR is not a court of appeal which suspends any judgement of the SJC.

      The ECHR is to handle human rights issues in which the complainants complain against an EU state member, in the case Portugal, and not against any individual.

    2. I doubt that the MCs will tell if, as very likely, their request is rejected. Within 1 year of silence we'll be able to deduce it.

  85. Now that things are eerily quiet on the Malinka front, please don’t be fooled this front is inactive.

    The investment made by the other side on this, and which is shown in the human, technical, financial and material resources used to produce the promo video, as well as the throwing onto the table the Malinka card – a card once played is a card wasted as it cannot be played again – tells us that this Malinka book thing is but a piece of a huge big something in the making.

    What we know this far:
    - Nick Pisa, who has produced previously a documentary for Netfilx, has written pro-McCann articles in the Sun;
    - Netflix has announced that it is going to produce a documentary on Maddie;
    - Netflix was, according to the Ghoul Tour blogger, in Luz to talk with David S Jones;
    - David S Jones has assumed being co-author to Malinka’s book;
    - Malinka has alleged that he was tortured by the PJ in 2007.

    Putting all the above pieces together, one can only come to the conclusion that the Netflix program is to sell the PJ as a violent police and Mr Amaral, the Maddie investigation coordinator, as a torturer.

    To do that, we think they are going to exploit Mr Amaral’s suspended sentence.

    It will NOT be shown that Mr Amaral had nothing to do with the alleged torture.

    It will NOT be shown – we have mentioned this before – that IF this torture ever happened and from it resulted Leonor Cipriano’s confession, then that means Portugal has held prisoner a victim of torture. She should have been released immediately and wasn’t.

    That it will NOT be shown that not only Leonor Cipriano was not released immediately as she should have been, as she saw her sentence being extended due to having lied in court.

    What will think will be highlighted is that PJ inspectors were convicted of torture and the man heading that particular investigation was Mr Amaral.

    The same Mr Amaral who then led the Maddie investigation.

    The same investigation, from the same torturing police force and led by the exact same man who is now said, in the first person, to have tortured a “collateral damage”.

    See where this is going?

    The PJ are the baddies, so the McCanns, however negligent they were and were, the goodies.

    Portugal, pictured as the country with torturing police, will once again be slandered and its image within the EU further damaged by the Maddie case then it already is.

    It’s up to the UK Government to see if this best serves the UK’s interest at the moment.

    We are making this comment so that later on we won’t have to say that we saw it coming and we said nothing. We are saying it now.

    If this in any way helps foil their intentions, we’re happy.

    If they insist on proceeding and we’re right, we’ve done what we could when we could do it.

    If they insist on proceeding with dishonesty but we’re off-mark, then we have acted in accordance with our conscience and have called it the way we saw it.

    If we’re really, really off-mark and it turns out to be a genuine truth-seeking exercise, then we will be very, very happy.

    1. Correction (important!) to the comment above. Where it reads:

      "The PJ are the baddies, so the McCanns, however negligent they were and were, the goodies"

      It should read:

      "The PJ are the baddies, so the McCanns, however negligent they were (and they will sell they were), the goodies".

    2. The "torturous police" card reminds me of a "documentary" on Maddie broadcast in October 2007 by "13e rue", a French TV channel owned by NBCUniversal. I remember that the program, presented by the locally (in)famous sensational journalist Karl Zéro, heavily emphasized the Cipriano allegations and presented M. Amaral as a tough cop to say the least. Very partial journalism but more subtle a card to play than the plain stupid police card, which was UK media's favorite at the time.

      I do wonder, however, how this will play out in 2017 knowing that since then Leonor Capriano was condemned for false accusations (if I am not mistaken). Everything would rest upon Malinka's claim... but not sure torture allegations against the Portuguese Police best serve Portugal's interest at the moment.

  86. It seems that once one myth is destroyed up pops another myth to be annihilated.

    If the program is about what you suspect it is about then it might actually work against them as more people will come across the PJ files.

  87. Lots you might want to know about Nick Pisa who was interviewed, as a talking-head, on the Amanda Knox/Meredith Netflix documentary. One of the Directors is of similar vein, it seems.

  88. They could do a fictional series inspired by the MMC story but occurring in an undetermined country, the little girl would be a little boy, names would be different, etc. Otherwise it would be begging for defamation complaint.

    1. Textusa13 Dec 2017, 15:21:00

      Anne Guedes,

      Let’s look at facts, in terms of what were the sentences in the case of Leonor Cipriano v PJ:

      - Mr Amaral was sentenced to a year and a half in prison, suspended for that same period for falsification of statement;

      - António Nunes Cardoso sentenced to two and half years in prison, suspended for that same period for falsification of document;

      - Leonel Marques, Paulo Pereira Cristóvão e Paulo Marques were acquitted of the charges of the crime of torture.

      It’s factual that no one was found guilty of torturing Leonor Cipriano.

      However, “the jury found as proved that there was no falling down the stairs, as the defense alleged, and that Leonor was beaten inside the facilities of the PJ. However, he could not prove who the perpetrators were. According to the judge Henrique Pavão, this is a particularly serious act, being that it’s the authority of police.”

      So, no one Leonor Cipriano pointed her finger to, including Mr Amaral, was guilty of torture but the court gave as proved that she had been beaten inside the PJ Facilities.

      As it wasn’t any of the 5, it could have been another detective of that investigation (we don’t know if there were any more), another PJ Officer, the janitor or just someone who happened to be alone with her inside the facilities at a certain moment in time and seized the opportunity.

      Agression, yes. Who did it? Who knows, says the court. Those saying they know who did it, are alleging they know more than the court does.

      All of the above is factual, even if one may agree with It or not.

      Now let’s speciously pick from the facts above as we think Netflix intends to do:

      It’s factual that Leonor Cipriano filed a case against 5 inspectors of the PJ investigation that resulted in her conviction;

      It’s factual that said investigation was led by Mr Amaral;

      It’s factual that the court found as proven fact that Leonor Cipriano was beaten up inside the PJ facilities;

      It’s factual that Mr Amaral was sentenced in result of this trial (yes, we’re omitting on purpose that the sentence had nothing to do with torture);

      It’s factual that Mr Amaral led the investigation on Maddie’s disappearance;

      It’s factual that Sergey Malinka was questioned in this investigation;

      It’s factual that Sergey Malinka alleges being tortured (even names who did it and implies Mr Amarla was complicit) in this investigation.

      Nothing we have said above is defamation. It involves:

      - A half-truth (not mentioning what Mr Amaral’s sentence was for – remember us saying that a half-truth is the same as a lie?);

      - Omission, by not referring that no one charged was found guilty of torture;

      - What we believe to be a falsehood, the allegation by Malinka that he was tortured.

      The only civil action that we can see being taken is that of Mr Amaral against Sergey Malinka for what he has said on CMOMM but we are fully aware that he can say that Doisgaloes on that forum wasn’t him.

      Just trying to expose the game before it’s played.

    2. Hi Textusa article 15.23.00.
      Didn't the PR spokesperson for Kate,Gerry(CM) Metodo 3 have full knowledge of what Mr Goncalo Amaral had taken part in the Leonor Cipriano's daughters Murder case,that was investigated as an"Abduction" of a child from her Home?
      So as you state,who would benefit of keeping on repeating"Mantra"that the Lead Investigating Officer was held accountable for the part he had connections to the person(S),who had broken the protocol of the investigation-The,Team McCann's specialist group of cohorts(Green Ink)being funded from the"Find Madeleine Fund"for services rendered?
      Perhaps that is the only dirt they have found,but they will be determined to sing it high and loud from any"Roof Top"to try to bring down the Lead Officer from Portugal PJ on Madeleine McCann's disappearance 3 May 2007.
      Sling enough mud at a Wall and eventually some s**t will stick,then it will become layered on top,with sugar on top for good measure,just good PR aka Leveson £500,000 to keep them in the Red Tops for Twelve months?

    3. GA was CLEARED of torture charges.
      The Mcs were NOT CLEARED at all.

    4. @18:14
      Agree, to say that Amaral is a torturer is libel!

    5. Anon,18.14.00. That's a fact,yet we have all the people,Police,MI5 from successive UK Governments of the involvement within the UK,World looking for a Three year old little girl?
      Certain parties,do an awful lot of squirming,nose,ear touching on video,when a certain Portugal Police Officers name is mentioned,"Ask the dogs Sandra" classic?
      Then you have the scenario at a Portugal Police station,Leicestershire Police,(Kidnap Plot,money transfer)where,Gerry is cracking jokes and discussing"Football,Sport" Sucking on a"Lollipop"(Kojack moment)So who is the Hoax on,Portugal PJ?
      Who still needs protecting Ten Years on,the perpetrators or the Non suspects from DCI Andy Redwood,A/C Mark Rowely,Tapas 7/9,Kate,Gerry,Operation Grange,Malinka cleared?

    6. Is the decision of this trial online?

    7. There's a fact that cannot be omitted : the forced substitution of Leonor's lawyer by medium Aragao Correia, whose only objective was to have Gonçalo Amaral condemned in order to discredit him as a PO.
      AC was paid by Metodo3 who was paid by MF and BK.

    8. Anonymous 13 Dec 2017, 19:43:00,

      Here it is:

      And the Anne Guedes translation of it:

  89. Identified “do not publish” at 13 Dec 2017, 20:29:00,

    Thank you for the information but it doesn’t invalidate what we have said, as it’s not about a particular but of the overall end product that made us say what we have said about it.

    We’re not sure who you mean by ‘their’, as it cannot be the McCanns because the cleaner who cleaned their apartment was Portuguese.

    1. Identified "do not publish" now at 13 Dec 2017, 22:05:00,

      Thank you for the clarification. Quite the coincidence, one must note.


    1. Anonymous 14 Dec 2017, 08:02:00,

      Thank you!

      Bringing it over to the blog to be registered for history:

      I am canceling my Kickstarter campaign tonight. Thank you all who supported me in this venture. I will continue to write the book by myself for now and keep you all updated. Kickstarter would no charge any of backers credit cards. Thank you all for your support. #mccann #mccann
      1:20 AM · Dec 14, 2017"

    2. "I will continue to write the book by myself for now"

      So, what was that book pictured in the Kickstarter page?

      Apparently just a prop like we said, a cover (with remarkable quality) with blank pages inside.

      Nonetheless, quite the production. Just like the video.

  91. And also bringing this over to the blog:

    "Fireman Dave@FiremanSave
    It's a sad day when a man who wants a chance of putting his side of the story is hounded out by a bunch of nasty individuals. People have let the Madeleine #McCann case take over their lives and ruin once decent people.
    9:14 AM · Dec 14, 2017"

    1. "...once decent people."

      So they were decent but no longer?

      Fireman Dave, pray tell, when did, according to you, the ruined stop being decent?

    2. The day Madeleine wasn't abducted and were not taken in.

  92. So, now we have had 2 pawns of the Malinka/Netflix move being played.

    The first, Sergey Malinka withdrawing from Kickstarter. The second, Fireman Dave/Insane putting out a message in support of Malinka.

    The first was a surprise. Not that we didn’t see it coming as we said it was a certainty, but because it came 4 days earlier than we expected and it was without a bang.

    It would be good news if it wasn’t for the second play, in which the Fireman impersonator says “a man who wants a chance of putting his side of the story is hounded out by a bunch of nasty individuals” which goes in line with the script of making Malinka the victim of internet followed up with him having been a victim at the hands of the PJ.

    If one play tells us that there was a concession, the other could be that the game is still on.

    However, it could simply be a desperate man imploring his masters not to give up when they have done so. Time will tell.

    If the game continues, as the reader will see, it’s not that bad of a news.

    We have indication that things were kicked off in May. When both David S Jones and the Ghoul Tour blogger are mentioned in the following articles:

    If the article is from May, the Pulse one is also from May BUT was refreshed on Aug 31, just 8 days before Broadcast announced on Sept 7 that Pulse was going to do a Maddie 8-part documentary for Netflix in this article:

    So, the Malinka/Netflix project is something that has been going for a while now. We believe that the intention was to launch it around the February/March timeline to convince government not to continue funding Operation Grange, using the that Malinka was a victim at both the hands of a careless internet in 2017 and the cruel and torturing PJ in 2007.

    This was launched before Christmas. Terrible timing, as nothing decisive is really happening at the moment (or is it, and we’ll be surprised before Christmas? We don’t think so, but we’ll be wishful) and smack in the middle of the 2 funding decision periods: August/September, for an October decision and February/March for an April one.

    Launching this before Christmas means it was a waste of a complex and intricate move. It could only have happened for a strong reason: Nessling. It was needed to divert the discussion away from the paedo, so they wasted this Malinka/Netflix project on this instead of when it was meant to happen.

    Hopefully, by exposing its content we have emptied out this Malinka/Netflix thing. The lack of a bang from @doisgaloes and his early withdrawal, seems to indicate that. But we know that these people, will fight until their last breath, so we have to keep alert.

    But let’s look at things with optimism. They have thrown Jenny Murat under the bus with the Woman-in-purple thing, to stop funding in October. Now, out of need they’ve thrown prematurely Malinka.

    By throwing Jenny and Sergey under their respective buses, they also threw Murat and his supporters under a fleet of them as well. Too many trumps wasted in so little time.

    We honestly cannot see what other trumps they can use.

    The names of “Ron Clark, a 68-year-old retired British soldier”, “John Payne, 76, a member of the Anglican parish” and “Jo White, a 38-year-old Briton with a big smile” appear alongside Jones’ name in the pro-McCann article. Maybe they will appear saying they saw something suspicious back in 2007? Who knows, but if they do, will it have any impact? No.

    From our analysis, the other side has now run out of trumps. Nessling is away from the spotlight but like an ankle bracelet is forever there to remind those who sided with him that they did so.

    As far as we can see, they now only have the Nessling/Malinka thing, which now is very close to nothing.

    1. Correction, above in the final paragraph where it reads “As far as we can see, they now only have the Nessling/Malinka thing, which now is very close to nothing” it should read “As far as we can see, they now only have the Netflix/Malinka thing, which now is very close to nothing.

      Netflix is what they still may have and what we say now amounts to close to nothing.

      About Nessling the patching that could have been done was done but it came with a heavy price.

      The fact there were so many casualties just confirms how hard a blow to the other side Nessling was.

      Ironically, in minimising damages from Nessling’s fall, there were a lot of collateral damages, including a book called ‘Collateral damage’.

    2. Hi Textusa,Now we have the Murdoch empire doing a deal with Disney over the Sky Corporation,who are Netflix backers,Disney,Murdoch,who has his smudged finger prints on every aspect of Madeleine McCann's disappearance,via Rebekah Brooks,her lover Andy Coulson and one ex Prime Minister David Cameron,(Present)Theresa May?
      slimey Ruperts tentacles are heavily associated to an Unsolved Murder 30 yrs ago(DM)?
      So if you can contain aspects of Evidence for over thirty years of controlling the auspices of power,you must be able to do just about everything you want in a corrupt system!?

    Now is not a good time to provoke the Portuguese police. Op G should beware

  94. "Do not publish" Anonymous at 16 Dec 2017, 19:16:00,

    Thank you for such a perceptive comment with which we agree.

  95. If paedo was the big secret to hide, would Mr Twitter promote it? Don't think so.

    Michael Walker
    Michael Walker
    Talking of Peds, imagine living in a country where is was endemic, the norm? #mccann
    11:12 PM · Dec 16, 2017

    1. Walker likes to re-heat that article from 2007.


    2. Walker who ever he is ought do a bit of reading concerning the cover up of abuse in by the catholic church around the world.

    3. Walker never mentions what’s happening on his own doorstep.

    4. Insane, is in his Walker persona as helpful as he's always been all these years for the uncovering of truth: very.

      The fact that he regularly highlights how a “paedophiliac” country is, the more he is promoting that paedophilia may be the huge secret in hiding about the Maddie case.

      Like Anonymous 16 Dec 2017, 23:53:00 has said, if it was would he be promoting it? No.

      One just has to watch the difference in reaction between paedophilia and swinging in the Maddie case.

      Mention swinging, and one gets an immediate reaction of ridiculing it, of insulting the mere thought of it, people finding the most preposterous arguments to have it seen as absurd.

      Mention paedophilia, and the discussion is fed.

      It’s evident which between the 2 makes the pro-defenders more uncomfortable. It’s as if they had something to hide about it.

      And which of the 2 do the Murat supporters defend so vehemently.

      Swinging gets Murat involved, paedophilia doesn’t.

  96. Textusa ... was hoping for another post from you before Christmas! Have a happy and restful time and all the best for New Year x

    1. Lesly,

      We fully realise that the objective of keeping Nessling under the headlights has been achieved.

      He won't go away ever now.

      However, the next post we are writing is about the Operation Task debrief.

      It's a complex and intricate one due to its importance and the importance of its content.

      It will likely have to be more than one post. This and with Christmas and New Year affairs, it's very unlikely that we will be putting anything out before next year.

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