Friday, 24 November 2017


1. Introduction

Last week we left for analysis and consideration a debrief about Operation Task, which was, if we are to believe that document, a Gold police operation set-up to handle the Maddie Case.

We published the debrief without comment to allow our readers to form their own opinion about it.

In the comment we have said that “this report [is] not only interesting but also one very important document to be understood in both its intent and meaning”.

So, it was our intent to write this week about it.

However, we think it’s more opportune at this point in time to register here what we consider to have been a very relevant event in the Maddie case: the demise of the Woman-in-Purple (WIP)

WIP’s erasure is present and pressing, the debrief, however important and it is, is past and can wait for another week.

2. Background

We have dealt now with WIP in two posts, one called “Woman-in-Purple” and the other “Fat-shaming”.

In the first one, in May, we showed not only the lack of credibility of Jenny Murat but as we said that then the idea was also to separate the waters between WIP and Jane Tanner.

Tanner was supposed to be at Tapas when Jez Wilkins says he saw her outside the building where apartment 5A is located wearing a purple top, so a story had to be made up that he didn’t see her but a completely different woman, one who was, according to Jenny Murat, slight and with a plum, not purple, top.

We would like to note that this personal commitment to perpetuate the hoax by Jenny Murat is something we have yet to see addressed by some of Murat’s supporters on the internet.

We would really like to know if they think Jenny was being truthful or not.

If they think she’s being truthful, then did she see WIP when she was heading for the supermarket or when she was returning from it? If they think it was on the way there, why do they think she says it was when she was returning and if they think it was on the way back, then why do they think she said it was on the way there?

And since she thought this woman was suspicious as she even took notes, why didn’t she report this woman to the PJ when giving her statement?

And if they don’t think she’s being truthful, then why do they think that is so?

The honest ones will answer, the others we know will pretend they haven’t read this.

In the second post, two weeks ago, we showed how the WIP had been upgraded into wanting her to look like Jane Tanner.

This upgrade relied on the Tapas staff guaranteeing her alibi, and that in turn would ‘force’ not having seen her but her doppelganger who would also be the woman Jennifer Conroy had seen at the Varna Airport on May 25, together with a child she alleges looked like Maddie.

Note that Jenny Murat continues to be used to corroborate the existence of this fictional character, only now nothing is said about her being slight or she was wearing plum.

Purple, the colour described by Jez Wilkins, is the one that must now be driven into people’s mind.

We said this happened because the other side was trying to show government how, in their opinion, there was a way to archive the case based on what was in the PJ Files.

3. The WIP and the Todorovs

After having made her debut in May, the WIP resurfaced with the Daily Mail article by Neil Tweedie, published Nov 03 2017 at 22:05, updated Nov 4 2017 08:27 “The TWO vital Maddie questions: Why didn't the Met quiz the McCanns again and who was the woman in purple?

People will remember that then all the public attention was focused on the sex pest list (does the reader still remember it?) and in our “Fat-shaming” post, published on Nov 10, we made the association between it and the WIP.

To be clear, we think that the sex pest list had nothing to do with the Maddie case but we do believe that the resurfacing of the WIP was a consequence of the sex-pest list.

Then, in our researches we found the Todorovs by checking OC staff list for Bulgarian employees.

We immediately discarded the possibility of the WIP being Luísa Todorov. For the reasons we have expressed in a comment in our last post:

Textusa 19 Nov 2017, 13:51:00

About Pillowman's fantastic detective work, let us just say that we came across the Todorovs the minute we started doing research about Woman-in-Pink.

It was an easy process to look at the only Bulgarian on OC staff list.

We didn't think then they would be named for the reasons we have expressed above: naming them kills the Woman-in-Pink [my mistake, why I wrote pink instead of purple escapes me] theory.

We remind readers that Pillowman has been given by the British Broadcasting Service, via Richard Bilton, the same credibility that BBC has given to Sir Paul Stephenson, Simon Foy, Jim Gamble, Clarence Mitchell, José Sócrates and Robert Murat, just to name those who came immediately to our mind.”

But to our surprise, a satisfying one we must say, we saw that Luísa Todorov was said to be the WIP.

Note, we consider to have been a satisfying surprise the fact that WIP was given a name and certainly not by the fact that another powerless person was dragged into the case.

We evidently weren’t happy for Luisa Todorov, who has to face her neighbours in Almadena. Hopefully, they will dismiss the story as the rubbish it is.

But it is factual that James Murray has named the WIP in his exclusive Express article “Madeleine McCann: Police hunt waitress believed to be mysterious 'woman in purple'”, published, Sun, Nov 19, 2017:

“Waitress Luisa Todorov, 58, is believed to be the mystery woman seen by two witnesses standing outside apartment 5a of the Ocean Club from where Madeleine was taken 10 years ago.”

4. Scratch WIP

Please note that Murray confirms that this resurfacing of the WIP had to with what we said as he also links her with the Varna airport sighting:

“In August 2007 a British woman reported seeing a child who looked mile Madeleine at Varna airport in Bulgaria, but the information was very sketchy and did not check out.”

This is rather specious as it implies that this sighting happened in August 2007, when it happened in May and was only reported in August. Completely different to see and report something immediately from seeing it and then reporting it 3 months later.

But what is relevant is that this Varna sighting was considered to be “very sketchy and did not check out”. Or in other words, not credible to put it plainly.

With giving WIP an identity – invented just like the character itself, we would ask Luísa Todorov to not even bother to go look in her wardrobe to see if she has any purple top – and with the Varna sighting dissed, the WIP is now officially dead.

Plus, taking into consideration the age difference between Tanner and Todorov, no one now can even think of suggesting they could have been mistaken one for the other.

So, whoever Jennifer Conroy saw, thought she saw or dreamed of seeing, is simply not the same woman Jez Wilkins saw loitering about outside building 5 on the evening of May 3 2007.

One relevant consequence with have scratched the WIP character out of the plot is that it leaves things before May 2017, when WIP appeared: Jane Tanner outside building 5 alone in the chilly May 3 evening when she says she was at Tapas.

5. The response

The other side responded with 3 articles:

- The Mirror article by Martin Fricker, published Nov 19 2017 at 17:48, updated at 19:47 “Mystery 'woman in purple' sought by Madeleine McCann police identified as waitress” where it is said:

“A criminologist claims to have identified a mystery woman being sought by British police in connection with Madeleine McCann’s disappearance.


Now criminologist Heriberto Janosch Gonzalez claims to have identified the woman as Bulgarian waitress Luisa Todorov.


Spanish criminologist Gonzalez, who has investigated the case for 10 years, is convinced Luisa is the mystery woman.

He said: “I have been combing through all the police files trying to identify who the woman in purple could be.

“It has been widely reported that Yard officers are in Bulgaria.

“Examining all the known statements it seems highly likely the police are seeking the Todorovs.

“They are the only known people with a clear link to Bulgaria.

“I have been unable to trace them in Portugal and believe they could have moved away.

“It is widely known that many workers at the Ocean Club were made redundant so it is possible they went to Bulgaria seeking work.””

- The Daily Mail article by Gareth Davies and Thomas Burrows, published Nov 20 2017 07:30, updated at 08:05 “Police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are scouring Bulgaria for a waitress they believe could be the 'woman in purple' last seen outside her apartment”, that says:

“Heriberto Janosch González, who has been investigating the case for 10 years, is convinced Mrs Todorov is the mystery 'woman in purple'.

He said: 'I have been combing through all the police files trying to identify who the woman in purple could be.

'It has been widely reported that Yard officers are in Bulgaria.

'Examining all the known statements it seems highly likely the police are seeking the Todorovs. They are the only known people with a clear link to Bulgaria.'”

- The article in the Mirror by Martin Fricker, published Nov 23 2007 at 22:04 and updated at 22:10, “I'm not Madeleine McCann case "woman in purple" insists waitress after criminologist's claim”.

“After a criminologist identified Luisa Todorov as the mystery women police are said to be searching for, she claims to have "no idea about" any such person


A criminologist claimed to have identified Luisa Todorov as the mystery person police are said to be searching for.


Criminologist Heriberto Janosch Gonzalez recently named the woman as Luisa, who now uses her maiden name Camara on social media.”

Note how all 3 articles are very clear in stating that the link between Luísa Todorov and WIP has been made solely and exclusively by the ridiculous and embarrassing Pillowman. His foolishness.

Not, according to them to be mistaken for the real WIP, the one seen at Varna airport, the one who looks really like Jane Tanner, the one who was seen by Jez Wilkins and Jenny Murat in Luz.

The latest article by Fricker even goes as far as showing a picture of Luísa, which we will not reproduce here out of respect for her, and one can see that she’s not fat or wobbly. So, clearly a different person, they’re saying. Or begging.

What they seem not to have realised is what we have already mentioned, and that Murray is quite specific in saying the Varna sighting is useless: “In August 2007 a British woman reported seeing a child who looked mile Madeleine at Varna airport in Bulgaria, but the information was very sketchy and did not check out.”

Time to quote Monty Python on the parrot sketch: “'E's not pinin'! 'E's passed on! This parrot is no more! He has ceased to be! 'E's expired and gone to meet 'is maker! 'E's a stiff! Bereft of life, 'e rests in peace! If you hadn't nailed 'im to the perch 'e'd be pushing up the daisies! 'Is metabolic processes are now 'istory! 'E's off the twig! 'E's kicked the bucket, 'e's shuffled off 'is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible!! THIS IS AN EX-PARROT!!”

All the other side has to do is replace the he for a she and parrot for WIP and the above is quite correct.

Begging to bring back to life something that is so clearly dead just shows despair. The lack of any other options. The WIP is their last line of defense.

It is not up to the other side to decide on whether the WIP is dead or not. If whoever has the capacity to decide has decided the WIP is dead, then the WIP is dead. That simple. 

6. Archival variations

Having understood the case and seeing the impossibility of coming out with any different solution we have repeatedly maintained that Operation Grange could only have one of 2 outcomes: archival or truth.

A scapegoat was never an option.

Putting the blame on anyone, no matter how poor and powerless they may be, would always indicate that facts could be checked and any path outside the truth cannot afford any kind of fact checking.

Archival has two options, the mythical or the shambolic.

The mythical archival is what the other side has pursued relentlessly.

Explaining it, it would be to find a vague someone who cannot be found and put the blame of taking a dead Maddie with him/her/them.

That’s why we had the bungled burglary. Burglars who took Maddie and albeit with the best efforts of the British police, could not be found. No one would be pinpointed; no fact could be checked (outside what is in the PJ Files) and a “mythical someone” would have been the whodunnit.

That’s why we also had the human trafficking gang who, let us repeat the above, took Maddie and albeit with the best efforts of the British police, could not be found and, yes you guessed it, no one would be pinpointed; no fact could be checked (outside what is in the PJ Files) and a “mythical someone” would have been the whodunnit.

And that’s why we had the WIP. A Jane Tanner doppelganger, seen by Jez Wilkins at Luz on the evening Maddie disappeared and allegedly by Jennifer Conroy at Varna airport – please forget Andy Redwood said there was reason to believe Maddie never left apartment alive – and could not be found. Again, no one would be pinpointed; no fact could be checked (outside what is in the PJ Files) and a “mythical someone” would have been the whodunnit.

The bungled burglary has been discarded, the human trafficking gang as well and now the WIP has met her doom.

With the falling of the WIP, the last of the “mythical someone” has gone.

That’s the relevance of having killed the WIP theory.

That leaves, in terms of archival, only one option: the shambolic one.

The option that means Operation Grange would close without any conclusion.

No conclusion whatsoever after having spent so many years and so much money, after Whitehall having been being convinced of the existence of compelling evidence and of the importance of a key-witness who would finally solve the case.

A conclusion without a conclusion except the one that concludes that Operation Grange has chased windmills, has made a mockery out of Scotland Yard and a fool out of the nation.

It would be the UK pretending that the entire world doesn’t know that they’re protecting the McCanns. Including the British public who have paid for this farce and who will bear this shame.

It would be officially accepting that Britain has the most incompetent and over-spending police in the world.

To knowingly erode the credibility of the UK in times when the exact opposite was not only convenient but an absolute necessity.

Oh, and it would also be assuming that the UK is willing to accept the shameful exposure when truth finally arises.

The exposure of all those now involved in the hoax and which history won’t fail to register because the evidence will continue to be available for all to see and not stored away in some secret safe somewhere.

People lose importance with time, and the stranglehold will have to loosen up sometime. It’s inevitable, and one has to look back and learn from history that for each one who is remembered for having done good, a hundred rotten apples pass the test of time.

With the loss of power comes the loss of influence.

Then people will read and not be threatened by the libel menace we were acutely subject to back in 2008/2009. Strength will come in numbers and people will comment more and more and even if they continue to insist wrongly on negligence, there will be one common denominator: the shameful UK.

And pages like Wikipedia will start to lose credibility if it continues to perpetuate evident and blatant falsities that everyone knows to be lies.

History is cruel, as it usually ignores all the good one has done or tried to do, to focus on what one has messed up. And the Maddie case is one huge mess that will forever be associated with the UK.

Which names will be associated with that utter disgrace, is now being decided by those who through their current and present actions will determine on which side of the fence they will fall, if the good or if the evil.

The irony will be that those who will be exposed for wrongdoing – in case truth is now not outed – most of them were not even in Luz on May 3 3007.

Let’s take Hillsborough as an example. Were those exposed the ones at the stadium or the ones who covered up for them?

But, they are now the ones shaping their own heritage, so they will be the only ones they will be able to blame for the way they will be remembered by history.

David Cameron, to mention a name, has missed his opportunity and we all know on which side of the fence he was sitting and will be remembered for when this case is studied by criminal and law scholars as well as debated and commented on by the public in the future as the result of the natural curiosity that famous crimes always generate.

7. The sex-pest list

A little over 20 days have passed since the sex-pest list made its appearance. And as it came, it went.

That tells us that in these days sex scandals sell a whole lot less than they used to.

The current political volatility is absorbing our attention totally. 2 weeks ago, Theresa May was hanging on by her fingertips and she’s still PM and showing no signs of leaving just yet.

Never the expression of what is true today may not be true tomorrow has been more apt than presently.

Also, outside politics, with so many and such serious sex-harassment allegations coming forward, the sex-scandals involving consenting adults have taken a back seat. No one is really paying attention to them.

And lastly, the rhythm we get fed information is such that it’s really hard to keep pace with it all.

This to say that the shooting-star that was the sex-pest list in the scandal sky was just a stripe among so many others that appeared momentarily.

The sex-pest list has shown that if the Maddie sex-scandal was to be outed, people would be infuriated but in terms of personal damage would be like a wave washing up on the shore. It would come, wet feet, some would gasp in surprise how cold it was but the reaction would be gone to be followed by another brought by the next wave.

The near-circle of those outed would be the only ones remembering but we imagine that this same circle we imagine already knows the truth and has likely gone out of their way to stop it from being known by others.

We don’t think that it is because of outing swingers that the truth in the Maddie case remains hostage.

We think it has much more to do with what is contained in the Operation Task debrief than anything else.

8. Conclusion

The Maddie case now seems to lack PR and spin with its story presentation and is rapidly becoming a national bad and sick joke.

The Decision Makers need to act quickly to end the farce and the only decision being to prosecute all those involved and risk the almighty repercussions, or archive and face ignominious and severe criticism for wasting time, money and precious police resources on wild goose chases.

It’s been like watching a snowball rolling down a hill, picking up in size and momentum, or the unravelling of a knitted sweater by a playful cat.

When the likes of Bell Pottinger and Hanover conducted their PR, the stories could be spun, but by the time we got to the 3 Bungling Burglars, the show became like a tragic opera performed badly by an amateur company, as the audience began to titter when they were supposed to cry.

The opera company being the media.

And now we have the Non-Bulgarian woman in purple, the audience is becoming hysterical with laughter.

With her death on stage, the play has simply run out of characters.

Taking the opportunity of the remake of the Murder on the Orient Express, maybe now is a good time for a Hercules Poirot to summon all to the restaurant carriage?

Note, WIP did not die of natural causes. Someone very clearly has announced that this character stopped having any place in this play.

About Sergey Malinka’s book we will wait and see on which side of the fence it will fall, and then and only then will we see if he’s a man of integrity or just another Colin Sutton.


  1. Great summing up -more than great, actually. Thanks Textusa

  2. Two days after the Budget (and its said the saving of the Chancellor and more importantly May),the WIP is laid to rest,Mays hand as been strengthened and I'd like to believe that of the truth as well.
    You wrote:"It would be officially accepting that Britain has the most incompetent and over-spending police in the world".
    Lets not forget just who was made up to be commissioner of the MET,a woman who was in charge of an operation that lead to killing of an innocent man on the London underground whilst going about his lawful business.

  3. Textusa look forward to reading this. Recently I joined a reading and we examined various types of media and were asked to define which type over the years had peaked our interest and why. Your blog was my choice and the reason was factual information on a subject which will prove not only to be the crime of the century but one of the greatest hoax played on the British people

    1. Indeed. The only voice of sanity in the case of Madeleine.

  4. ''No conclusion whatsoever after having spent so many years and so much money, after Whitehall having been being convinced of the existence of compelling evidence and of the importance of a key-witness who would finally solve the case.''

    No they (MET & establishment) were never convinced of compelling evidence, the review had been TURNED DOWN three times, before May & Cameron were hoodwinked into taking this on, by Brooks\Sun. Not to mention the former McEvy director of the FUND & friend of Kate McCann, who incidentally having lost her seat in the general election, is now back at the right hand of May, via a safe seat by-election.

    Goncalo Amaral's title ''The Truth of the Lie'' the mere title is as near the truth as one can ever get.

    The British establishment does look foolish and the British will always been remembered for the family of Doctors who went on holiday and their child (allegedly) abducted whilst they were out dining. Which they had done all week, with the doors (note: DOORS & windows) unlocked.

    If Madeleine was to return tomorrow, the McCanns will never leave this hell hole. And their friends? ........... friends who wouldn't participate in a reconstruction and when asked for further information (as seen in the PJ files) would decline to answer, referring to the previous statements.

    1. Anonymous 24 Nov 2017, 10:26:00,

      The media reported that reason Operation Grange was funded for the second semester of the 2016/2017 fiscal year was that Whitehall was shown by Scotland Yard that it had "compelling evidence".

      If you know any better, we would be glad to know.

      Saying Maddie returning home alive, even if said sarcastically, is disrespectful to the memory of the little girl.

      Saying "abducted whilst they were out dining. Which they had done all week, with the doors (note: DOORS & windows) unlocked" is disrespectful for us and our readers.

      We don't know how many times do we need to repeat our belief that dining/qualified neglect was their alibi but we will do so as many times the times we need.

      Your comment has given us opportunity to do it yet again, so we thank you.

  5. The management of information to the sheeple By professional spin doctors, providing fabricated stories to the Murdoch owned media to shape the thinking of the people is well and truly over. The myth of madeleine McCanns ‘abduction’ has been Killed off by social media, internet and you tube videos. Fake news is dead.
    Scotland Yard know it. MI 5 knows it. The UK politicians all know it. The gullible and manipulated UK public all KNOW it, This conspiracy and cover up now has to end and the guilty plus the fabricating liars all have to face up to their crimes. It is the Denouement time.
    It is now time for the Portuguese PJ to step up and end the farce. Extradite the McCanns. There is nothing left to stop them in the bankrupt HMG armoury.
    It is now time for MBM’s burial with a form of dignity and respect that she at last deserves (RIP)

  6. “It has been widely reported that Yard officers are in Bulgaria."
    Yes, Clarence is good at getting the words of one paid liar into all the papers. There really should be some kind of award because he'd win it hands down. An interesting read thank you.

    1. Jim Beam,

      The power that Clarence Mitchell is supposed to have, or have had, is as mythical and false as are the Tapas dinners.

      The dinners are an absolute necessity for the abduction to happen, so they were invented.

      Likewise, someone was needed to lend a face of all the Machiavellian machinations that has happened for the last decade and this pathetic man was chosen, Clarence Mitchell.

      That’s all he is, a name to append whenever the people who are really pulling the strings are pulling them.

      We recommend you read our post “Clarence Mitchell - The Luckiest, Unluckiest Turd of All”

      This post is from Aug 15 2009 and that’s how long we’ve been showing how unimportant this man really is.

      Giving this man any importance is to play the game the way the other side wants it to be played.

    2. Hi Textusa,another good post,WIP.
      As I had previously stated,the UK Police invited themselves into the Madeleine McCann disappearance,then invented Operation Task,quickly followed by Operation Grange. So for the past ten years,the UK Police forces,(Smudged Finger Prints)Gold Group have been involved in the determination of Madeleine's case?
      Kate,Gerry McCann, began a civil claim against Mr Goncalo Amaral 2008/09,which the Portugal Supreme Court over ruled against Kate,Gerry,now appealing to ECHR,January 2017?
      Person's can be described as cynnical and state as what I have wrote,that it would seem as though the UK Police had been "Hired"as a fiefdom(Establishment) to protect unknown sources from being revealed in Madeleine McCann's disappearance, described as a "Conspiracy Theory" to all Non Believers?
      But the UK Police Force have revealed how involved they have been in this case,if you combine all Police cost to the UK Tax payer,it must be about £20 Million pounds or more?

      What has or is to become the outcome,Truth or farcical shelving,leaving the case"Unsolved" on the Top shelf?
      Your post 2008/09- Clarence Mitchell the Luckiest,Unluckiest Turd of All!
      The Luckiest,Unluckiest people have been the Millions of people throughout the world to have been"Conned"by the MSM,led by Clarence Mitchell,Justine MaGuiness,MI5 and the UK Government collusion in Madeleine McCann's disappearance as an Abduction,as quoted from the Parents lips and their family members,Even Carter Ruck had to explain to the UK Courts,that they were"Acting on what Kate,Gerry Told Them"with No Proof of an Abduction?
      Surely Mr Mark Rowley would be the latest"Commissioner"thrown to the Wolves for the MSM to consume, be accountable for failures in UK Policing,oily Bernard soon left early didn't you,eh Bernard,Jennie Jones Phone Tapping,well you can just sit next to her now Sir Bernard,hot from the Horses mouth,£300 a day,ker ching?

  7. Note than no newspaper asks about Luisa's allegedly dead husband or accusation of paedophile behaviour.
    Not after she’s been identified


    She was born in Funchal, Madeira, not Bulgaria!

  9. Great post, Textusa. Poetic. Truthful.



    This story started in Metro newspaper, available in London and rail stations, then taken up by other papers, so not from Mail originally.
    The audience has started laughing hysterically but the tragedy is real.
    This is all getting sicker.
    It’s becoming common to see mocking stories in press now, like someone on Amazon selling tasteless M mug depicting her as a skeleton.
    She’s passing into folklore territory with young people who were kids themselves in 2007.

    1. anon @ 23:30

      Harsh but true, especially the last line.

  12. Somebody could put an end to this pretty damn quickly

    1. Anon 14.09.00,this could be stopped "if" the pact of silence decide their fate,but they won't?
      They made their choice over Ten Years ago,so they suffer the consequences of their actions and any questions that arise from their off springs relating to the"Disappearance" of Madeleine McCann?
      Perhaps it is too late for the,"Genie Out of The Bottle"that if what they can reveal,it would cause a decimation of who can you "Trust"when the Establishment has chosen to stand back and not wash it's hands to the public of the need to"cover Up"something that happened during the period 28th April to 3 May 2007,when Madeleine was reported missing,by her parents Kate,Gerry?
      The next questions needed to be asked is,the necessity of the Gold group and Metropolitan Police Force, Operation Grange,Leicestershire Police,of the"Ten Year acquaintance"to this disappearance,alongside a"Civil" claim in Portugal 2008-09,ECHR refferal,Jan 2017?
      Civil claims do not take precedent over Criminal Prosecutions?
      Time to come clean,Metropolitan Police Service,Operation Grange,"Hold Them or Fold Them,Time"whose got the"Deadman's"hand?

    2. My post 19.07.00,perhaps this is why,Alison Saunders,CPS,had spent so long trying to decide,which Horse to back in a Two Horse race,Operation Grange v Portugal PJ Evidence? Civil case V Criminal case?
      If the ECHR find in Favour of Mr Goncalo Amaral,will Portugal try to Extradite certain persons for a Court appearance?
      If it is proven,that certain parts of the UK Establishment figures,have helped a due process along to evade"Justice"where will it leave their credibility?
      You only need to look at a certain MP/Lord of Lecestershire from Mrs Saunders acts of responsibilities that were Not undertaken,even the UK Police wished to proceed with charges,but Ma Learned friend had degenerated in Mental capacity to stand Trail, but still served time in the House of Lords,amending Acts of Parliament,just like a lot of their cohorts had previously done,I rest my Case?

  13. No one should be above the law of the land and shame on those in power that have allowed and continue to allow this despicable farce to go unchallenged. No one, I repeat no one, should be protected when an innocent life is involved. Wake up Teresa May and do the right thing.

  14. The issue isn't an unfortunate child ("innocent" is pleonastic), but attempting to have people gob that surrealistic abduction story supported by the British authorities and police !

    1. AnneGuedes, I do get what the issue is - I was referring to the reason for the cover-up story of abduction. I believe it is about protecting someone's reputation; the British authorities are clearly putting this before justice for an innocent little girl. Shame on them.

    2. Hence you believe MMC was murdered by somebody whose reputation was protected thanks to the abduction tale ? And the British authorities imposed this camouflage to their Portuguese counterparts ?

    3. I did not say I believe the mystery person murdered Madeleine. I believe that this person (or persons) is being protected by the abduction saga but am not sure of the reason for this. He or she must have something to lose. My research continues .....

    4. If not murdered, if not abducted, what happened to her ? A domestic accident ?
      Your research could be too far fetched... Things are usually simpler in real life.

    5. Anne Guedes, are you saying that a murder/abduction is simpler than a domestic accident?

    6. Not at all, of course, the MMC case itself is basically simple imo. A very bad choice was made for various reasons after the tragic but ordinary death of a child. Suggesting connivance as well as insisting on neglect only serves the interest of the responsible ones which is to stray the attention from them.

  15. Very important to the Maddie case:

    Ipswich man avoids prison after downloading over 40,000 indecent images of children

    PUBLISHED: 14:01 16 November 2017 | UPDATED: 14:02 16 November 2017
    Jane Hunt

    An Ipswich man who became obsessed with child porn and downloaded more than 40,000 images has walked free from court after a judge decided not to send him straight to prison.

    Nigel Nessling told police he initially saw an image of an eight-year-old girl and thought she was “pretty and cute” and became obsessed with viewing indecent images of children over a period of seven or eight years, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

    “He said he needed to find more material to grow his collection and gained a thrill from forbidden fruit,” said Michael Crimp, prosecuting.

    The court heard that police officers went to Nessling’s home in Larchcroft Road, Ipswich, on April 11 and seized items including two laptops, a hard drive and a tower unit.

    When the equipment was analysed it was found to contain 804 still and moving images in the most serious level A category, 818 still and moving level B images and more than 40,000 still and moving images in the lowest level C category.

    There were also 3,000 prohibited images of children,.

    Nessling, 59, admitted three offences of making indecent images of children and possessing prohibited images of children.

    He was given a 16-month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, and ordered to do 150 hours unpaid work in the community.

    He was also ordered to take part in a 35 day rehabilitation activity programme and ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for ten years. He was also made the subject of a
    sexual harm prevention order.

    Sentencing Nessling, Judge David Goodin said: “You plainly have it in you to be a decent, responsible member of society.”

    He told Nessling, who is a father and a grandfather with no previous convictions, that the offences he had committed clearly crossed the custody threshold.

    However, he felt able to pass a suspended sentence because he had admitted the offences at an early stage and there was sufficient prospect of rehabilitation in his case.

    Roger Thomson, for Nessling, said his client had taken part in a course to address his offending behaviour and was determined to put what he had done behind him.

    He said Nessling had a good work record and was taking anti-depressants.

    1. Hi Textusa,according to Big Jim gamble in his previous statements had reiterated(Indecent Images)were not the highest priority in Child abuse,CEOP?
      Judge David Goodwin must have mixed with similar"type minded"person's to pass the sentence he did in this case?
      150 hrs unpaid community work,who would want a person viewing these images working in and around your community,surely this is taking the proverbial *iss(could volunteer in child minding services)?
      Perhaps Judge David Goodwin could entrust Nigel nestling to work in and around his home as part of the 150 hrs unpaid community work,First and formost,as he clearly recognises,"You plainly have it in you to be a decent,responsible member of society"?
      Mr Goodwin would you Trust this man(Nigel) with looking after your families Children?


    3. And another....

    4. Hi Textusa,Judge David Goodwin handed out a four Month sentence to PC Clive Hansen,"suspended for 12 Months" March 2017,after being found with over 1,600 images of children from group A-C,seems as though Mr Goodwin must rub shoulders with a certain set of people,maybe with funny"Handshakes"?

    5. Anonymous 29 Nov 2017, 19:46:00,

      We will be dealing with all Nessling related things on our next post, Friday.

    6. I look forward to your next post, thanks for your take on WIP, you explain everything so well.

      The things I have noticed are the silence of the MSM, now the MSM often remind the general public about abduction and to not believe in the abduction and to post your views you must be a troll but yet the silence for a pro McCann, the question is why. Also, the pro's seem to be even more vicious at the moment on Cristobells blog just because she has a theory and also on Twitter. I don't post on twitter about the mccanns but last night I did notice that one particular account was threatening to expose accounts who do not believe the abduction story, surely this would bring even more attention to the mccanns but not in a good way.

    7. Anonymous 30 Nov 2017, 08:56:00,

      The media silence will be something we'll deal with in tomorrow's post.

      We also noticed it. :)


    Katie Hopkins leaves Mail Online by 'mutual consent' as column dropped after two years

  17. I'm not sure whether getting one's knickers in a twist over this Nessling is worth the effort,are things being being blown out of proportion for the sake of it? I know of another case where a man escaped a custodial sentence after admitting making over (the police stopped counting)250,000 yes 250,000 images,2,000 of which were said to be classed as the most serious.This was back in 2016,now tell me who can remember one iota of this case?Look over there not here.

    1. Anonymous 30 Nov 2017, 13:57:00,

      If we didn't think it was important we wouldn't be publishing a post about it tomorrow.

      Interesting you use the expression "getting one's knickers in a twist", one that was often used by a former 'friend' of ours who we'll pretend we haven't seen for a long time.

      Thank you for your comment, anyway.

    2. I can assure you,that I'm not that friend.
      After reading your latest,I can now see the importance.

    3. Anonymous 1 Dec 2017, 10:58:00,

      We all make mistakes, and when we make them we have to apologise.

      Please accept our apologies.

    4. No worries.


    If he says he doesn’t know who Metodo 3 were, his book is worth diddly squat

    1. Anonymous 30 Nov 2017, 23:08:00,

      Thank you for your comment and will clarify that you mean Sergey Malinka to our readers.


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