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Oh no, not HIM!

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1. Introduction

Immediate heads-up – the title of this post has a twist, it’s not exactly what readers will probably think it is about, in fact it may be far from it.

This has been an extremely positive first three months of the year, with the other side suffering 3 major blows: the Portuguese Supreme Justice Court writing that the McCanns had never been cleared, the government saying they have a key-witness – worth a further £85,000 for Operation Grange and so binning the vague European Human trafficking gang and the Portuguese Supreme Justice Court deciding in a record time to reject the complaint from the McCanns.

And now, this week we had a gem from the other side, one reeking with despair, so much so that if sweat were carats, this diamond would be put the Koh-I-Noor to shame.

That gem being, of course, Dave Edgar, the “detective” who recently “broke his silence for the first time to open his files”. The first time since last time. The many last times.

2. Stunned

We warn readers that we will be quoting ourselves frequently in this week’s post, and the reason being that we have every reason to believe that our reading of this game has been correct.

Not only in these last months but for years.

We will start to quote ourselves from last week’s post – “The 3rd BIG surprise” – and its opening paragraph: “The other side was again stunned.”

Note that we got to know that the Supreme Justice Court had rejected the McCann complaint on Tuesday March 21 2017.

The first reaction was the pathetic story of someone claiming the honour of almost being the mother of the next Maddie.

The incident is supposed to have happened on Feb 28 in Cyprus but certainly by sheer coincidence, only saw the light of day on the night (21:45) of the day we got to know the McCann complaint had been rejected.

Playing a sympathy card for the McCanns without mentioning their names.

No other media echoed this. We called it a wet firecracker on our last post.

The reaction of the media to the rejection came the next day March 22, the Daily Star on March 23 was a bit late.

The articles related to the rejection could be characterised by their shortness. Or, was we said in our “The 3rd BIG surprise” post “the reporting of the rejection when compared with the one done when announcing it [the complaint] it’s as if the British press took this as an own defeat.”

The silence from the British media on the issue was so awkward that Portugal Resident had to point it out on March 24 with the article “Silence settles over McCann’s “costly” court defeat” by Natasha Donn.

Then, only on Sunday, March 26, to take attention away from the awkwardness the rejection had caused the new Lazzeri, Tracey Kandohla stepped in and presented us with the article in the Sun “'IT'S A CONSTANT REMINDER', Kate McCann endures tenth Mother’s Day without Madeleine”. published 16:41 and updated 16:52.

Note the subtitle “Kate is believed to have attended a special church service with husband Gerry and their 12-year-old twins today”

Is believed? Wouldn’t Kandohla’s privileged contact with the family have been able to confirm that by 16:52? After all the article was updated, or was it?

In the article we had the quite strange “Former GP Kate, 49, in a previous TV interview to mark Mother’s Day, vows to “get through it like any other day.” She said: “I am still Madeleine’s mum and always will be. I just want to bring her back into the warmth and love of our family.””

Why a previous TV interview? This article says “The brave mum said the occasion would be painful for her and “a constant reminder that one of my babies isn’t with me”” so why go fetch past quotes and not only just ask her then what she had to say presently?

The way the article is written one may even be led to think Kate McCann said nothing and words to comment on a ceremony that Kandohla believes she attended were put in her mouth that she didn’t say.

No other media echoed this.

This was a distracting thing and cannot be considered as a reaction to the rejection.

It was something like what the Portuguese describe as “punching the card” (picar o ponto), meaning someone just doing what they are expected to do when it is expected for them to do it.

It was Mother’s Day and Kandohla had to pull a sympathy card, however lame, in such critical times.

Using another Portuguese expression it was just “keeping up with schedule” (cumprir calendário).

Totally meaningless.

The other side was stunned by the fact that the Supreme Justice Court had decided so quickly and so foiled their plans to prolong things, they hoped, to the second semester of the 2017/2018 fiscal year.

3. The reaction

The reaction from the other side came on March 26.

It took 5 days for the other side to react. Again time to quote ourselves, and again from last week:

“The problem with firing successive volleys of artillery fire, which we have watched in the past 2 months – Gerry the NHS saviour, Gerry the lifesaver, Kate the Marathon sponsor, Piers Morgan as… Piers Morgan and the League of Minor celebrities – is that there’s only so much ammunition until it runs out.

The Sun’s Cyprus episode was just a wet firecracker. Signs the arsenal has emptied out?”

Guess who the other side came up with when their nails were scraping the bottom of the barrel? None other than the lead actor of the 2009 Mockumentary, Dave Edgar.

He appeared in the Mirror article “'Someone is protecting Madeleine McCann's kidnapper' claims cop who spent years hunting her” by Paul Byrne and Martin Fricker, published Mar 26 2017 22:11, updated 22:21.

This article was echoed in the following media:

#1 - The Liverpool Echo: “Detective who spent years hunting Madeleine McCann claims 'someone is protecting kidnapper'” also by Paul Byrne and Martin Fricker, published Mar 26 22:46, updated 22:57.

#2 - The Daily Mail:  “Who is protecting Maddie's kidnapper? Detective who spent three years probing the disappearance claims her abductor has confessed to a friend and McCann may still be ALIVE” by Fionn Hargreaves, published March 26 2017 23:34, updated the next day March 27 at 01:45.

#3 - The Sun: “'SOMEONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED', Madeleine McCann investigator claims her kidnappers are being ‘protected’ as he speaks for first time” by Jon Lockett, published Mar 26, 23:55, updated TWO days afterwards, Mar 28, 12:04.

#4 - The Metro: “Madeleine McCann ‘could still be alive – and her kidnapper has probably confessed’” by Rob Waugh, published Mar 27 2017 07:33.

#5 - The Express: “Someone is protecting Maddie McCann's kidnapper, detective sensationally claims” by Joey Millar, published Mar 27 2017 09:29, updated 11:17 that day.

#6 - UK Yahoo: “Someone is 'protecting' Madeleine McCann’s kidnapper, top detective claims” by Anthony Pearce, published Mar 27 2017 at approximately 10:00.

Clearly, the British media gave much more importance to what Edgar had to say than to the decision from the Portuguese Supreme Justice Court to rejecting the McCann complaint.

One cannot help but notice the number of so-called journos who continue to willingly participate actively in publishing what is evidently fake news.

The British media has no self-respect and it seems populated by many who being unable to afford a backbone, sell themselves.

We would like readers to note that of the 7 articles mentioned, only 1, the UK Yahoo one did not require an update. It seems that the art of copying and pasting is becoming more complex with time.

And do note that the Sun’s article was updated 2 days later after, allegedly, being first published.

One may even think that someone, somewhere realised on the 28th that this particular rag was not yet part of the platoon and came up with a way to pretend that it was there from the start, on the 26th.

Unfortunately for the Sun, we were paying attention on the 26th and saw no such article.

Lastly, as we noted in the comments to our last week’s post, it was interesting to see that the UK Yahoo article ended with a video of the Ben Needham searches in Kos with the following title: “Forensic experts from McCann case help in the hunt for clues”.

This video was later removed.

Funny to know that the only article that was supposedly NOT updated was the one we know was!

4. ‘2017’ Edgar v ‘2009’ Edgar

When we read what Edgar had to say, it became evident that the man must suffer from double personality.

To make our point we shall call one personality ‘2017’ Edgar and the other ‘2009’ Edgar.

This is what ‘2017’ Edgar had to say to the Mirror on March 26 2017:

“One of the top experts on the case, he also believes:


- It was a well planned abduction.

- The motive for taking three-year-old Madeleine was sexual.”

And this is what ‘2009’ Edgar said to the same paper, the Mirror, on May 18 2009 in the article by Rod Chaytor “Maddy is alive, believes ex-cop hunting missing Madeleine McCann”:

“Madeleine McCann is still alive and was snatched by someone who wanted a child to love, claims the ex-policeman hunting her.

David Edgar today reveals why he is convinced the youngster is not dead – while dismissing all other theories so far put forward about her disappearance.

The 52-year-old dad-of-two believes Madeleine was simply “in the wrong place at the wrong time” when she was kidnapped from her holiday flat at Praia da Luz on May 2007, aged three.


He said: “Everybody hopes she has been taken by someone who wanted a child to take care of. That’s also my theory because it is supported by obvious facts.”

He said other claims about what happened do not stand up.

- Taken by child traffickers: Former RUC and Cheshire officer Mr Edgar, who has more than 30 years’ experience investigating murders, kidnappings and sex crimes, said: “There has been a huge reward offered. One of the gang would have broken ranks by now and come forward for the money.”

- Abducted by paedophile: “Most child-abusers dump the body quickly and near the scene with little or no attempt to hide it. It’s a statistical fact. No trace of Madeleine, or her clothing, was found in a search.”

- Wandered off and fell down a hole:“The Portuguese searched the drainage tunnels. Again, no body.”

- Stumbled into the clutches of a paedophile: “A three-year-old is out in the street and comes across an abductor who happens to be walking by? It doesn’t happen. Most people seeing a child out in nightclothes take them to look for the parents.”


Mr Edgar added: “There are good grounds for believing Madeleine is alive. I can justify it by the evidence.””

‘2017’ Edgar says “it was a well planned abduction” while ‘2009’ Edgar says “Madeleine was simply “in the wrong place at the wrong time” when she was kidnapped”

‘2017’ Edgar says “the motive for taking three-year-old Madeleine was sexual” while ‘2009’ not only states that Maddie “was snatched by someone who wanted a child to love” thus discarding any sexual nature to what may have happened to her as he also debunks being either planned by a paedophile or her possibly having “stumbled into the clutches of a paedophile”

Note that while doing it he also debunks the Danny Collins/Mark Williams-Thomas theory of Maddie wandering about.

And also, oh dear, debunks the European Human Trafficking gang.

And ‘2009’ Edgar must be furious with ‘2017’ Edgar when he, Edgar, explicitly contradicts Edgar:

“He has heard dozens of theories about Madeleine – that she had wandered off, and been run over, become the victim of a random burglar or taken by someone wanting to raise a child for themselves.

He believes it was a planned operation by a lone kidnapper or a gang.”

At least now, we hope, ‘2017’ Edgar knows where the “someone wanting to raise a child for themselves” absurd theory originated from: it was ‘2009’ Edgar.

There are 2 things that both ‘2017’ and ‘2009’ Edgars agree on: that Maddie is alive – however neither present any evidence as to why they think it is so – and that the McCanns are completely innocent.

5. Edgar, the representative

Now, we would like to ask the reader if any very significant ‘something’ of their lives were at stake and suddenly realised that Dave Edgar had been nominated to be the one representing the reader in that, what would be the chances the reader would feel the defense of the reader’s interest would be safeguarded? We would say minimal to none.

To see Dave Edgar fight in our corner is a synonym of throwing in the towel before the fight has even begun.

For him to be used by the other side at this critical time shows either despair or no choice, probably both.

We won’t go into detail about his previous offerings such as the Beckham look-alike with Australian links or the lair within a 10 mile radius of Luz.

It’s all too ridiculous to be bothered and it’s out there if people just google his name with McCann.

We won’t detail the many movie clichés he uses in the article nor will ask him for what possible reason would a cruel and ruthless nepiophile who kidnapped a 4 yr old to satisfy his unqualified sexual appetite for raping infants, would keep the victim alive until she was 14 as she would have largely outgrown the age of his interest.

And when after being stated that “during his probe, paid for by the Find Madeleine Fund” he has the audacity to say “if I found any evidence against Kate and Gerry I would have given it to the police immediately. Kate and Gerry would expect no less” we will refrain from asking, for God’s sake Edgar, can’t you at least make the effort of hearing the words you utter?

We can only say that if Edgar was given the task of convincing the world’s children there was a Santa Claus, Christmas would be part of history so obviously and stupidly unconvincing he would be.

The consensus of opinion on blogs and twitter so far is that the man is a buffoon, who made a complete fool of himself.

Like when giving evidence supporting the McCanns in their court case against Goncalo Amaral:

GP – Did you have access to the criminal process?

DE answers that he read parts of the files in the translation that the McCanns asked to be done.

GP – How did you manage to conduct an investigation without analysing all the process? Whom did you contact in Portugal?

DE says he contacted an informant who passed information to both the UK and Portuguese authorities. He doesn't want to say to whom he spoke, but says he spoke to someone from the PJ.

GP – Do you know that the McCanns initiated a private investigation?

DE knows.

GP – Was there private investigators before you?

DE says yes but adds he was the first professional one.”

For a man to recognise under oath in 2013 that he only “read parts of the files” to say adamantly in 2017 that the files don’t refer to Euclides Monteiro as a suspect is nothing short of amazing.

It’s true that they don’t, as far as we have been able to see, but if Edgar had any integrity he could never say anything similar to what he did.

And as we have said, if files were archived under the premise as they were that they could be reopened upon the arrival of new evidence, seeing that they were indeed reopened, then logic dictates it would have been because of NEW evidence and so not possible for Edgar, or anyone else, to have read in the files that are publicly available what has to be NEW evidence.

Edgar was part of a 2-man “company” linked to Brian Kennedy, which has long since been dissolved and he ceased to be employed by them in 2012.

As we said, he was also involved in the making of the documentary “Madeleine Was Here” better known as the 2009 Mockumentary, by Emma Loach, another witness for the McCanns during the Lisbon trial, which had the actor re-enacting the part of the man seen by the Smith family carrying a child in the same strange position – across the arms – as the man allegedly seen by Jane Tanner.

Completely at odds with the description of the man seen by the Smiths, carrying a child with her head resting against his shoulder.

So, given his antecedents, his absolute lack of credibility, the very negative perception people have of him and the scope it gives for ridicule and disbelief, why has he been wheeled (or pushed) out to propose yet another theory?

6. The Edgar ‘suspects’

To understand what really happened and its importance one has to understand how Edgar makes the effort of equating at the same level and importance the two people he names as suspects: Raymond Hewlett and Euclides Monteiro.

Note that we by calling them the “Edgar ‘suspects’” we are helping him to do exactly that. But we are doing it to prove a point, he’s doing it for a totally different reason.

Raymond Hewlett is an absurd suspect. Absolutely ridiculous.

If in a fictional novel, please note the fictional as we’re not implicating anyone with where we’re going with this but just delineating a storyline, the fatally ill murderer riddled with guilt signed a confession to the crime pivotal to the plot and on his death bed he passed it to his son who for whatever reason decides to destroy it but then boasts publicly of having destroyed it, would that be minimally realistic or would the writer be invited immediately to choose another career because of the incomprehensible ridiculousness?

Reading the above one could be tempted to say that no one in their right mind would write such nonsense.

It’s true that no one, in the fictional world has done it. But they did do it in the real world, more specifically in the Maddie case as that is what Hewlett’s son allegedly has done. So said the papers that he said he did it.

Laughable is all that can be said about that and it’s important that the reader retain the word laughable about Hewlett being a suspect.

Now let’s see what Edgar has to say about each one of his ‘suspects’, Hewlett and Monteiro:

“During his probe, paid for by the Find Madeleine Fund, Mr Edgar’s small team of investigators examined a number of potential suspects, including two of the most high profile names on the list, Raymond Hewlett and Euclides Monteiro.

Convicted UK paedophile Hewlett was living near the resort in 2007. He died, aged 64, of cancer in Germany in 2010.

Mr Edgar, 60, said: “He was high on the person of interest list as far as the press were concerned but he was someone who we just wanted to speak to and look at. In terms of fitting the profile, Hewlett would probably come as close as you would get to a main suspect.

But he added: “There was no hard and fast evidence because, if there had been, he would have been arrested.”

Monteiro, 40, a drug addict and ex Ocean Club worker, who died in a tractor accident in 2009, was also ruled out.

“Yes, he was a suspect but on the files that I saw there was no evidence that he was involved to the level that the Portuguese police thought” said Mr Edgar.

“My understanding is that they were convinced he had done it. They decided it was him. On what basis?”

Can the reader see the pattern? According to Edgar Hewlett and Monteiro were suspects and, again according to him, neither had reason to have been.

If Hewlett is a laughable suspect then by association Monteiro also is, implies Edgar.

Please note, if Hewlett fits the profile and the reason he wasn’t a suspect was because there was no hard evidence, with Monteiro, Edgar goes to the point of raising questions about whatever basis would he be considered a suspect.

Or, in other words, if Hewlett is laughable, then Monteiro as a suspect is even much more so. Or so Edgar seems to say.

Edgar is spot on about Hewlett as we know him to be a laughable suspect. So why also try to make Monteiro equally one?

7. Euclides Monteiro

We wrote about him in our post “Person of Interest” on May 2014.

A post that we decided then to let stay an extra week and justified that by saying “the reason is we want to be inconvenient. Very inconvenient. We think it is inconvenient because we think it [the post about Euclides Monteiro] is an important piece of the puzzle.”

To clarify then readers, we also said as a BLUF (Bottom-line up front) that the objective of that was that because of “the fact that PJ considers Euclides Monteiro a person of interest to the Maddie case means PJ is looking into Ocean Club, or some of its personnel, as active participants.”

Evidently, we recommend readers read that post because it is very opportune.

In that post we noted that there was a significant effort by the British to downplay the possible role of Euclides Monteiro.

We even compared him to Hewlett. This is what we wrote then:

“So, we like you, racked our brains to understand why on earth Euclides’ name had popped up by the hand of the Portuguese press.

Unlike the British press, namely the tabloids, the Portuguese press is not prone to throwing names about. The Portuguese by nature are very respectful of the individual's privacy.

So there had to be a reason for the Portuguese press to report Euclides as linked to the case and that reason could only be one: the PJ had indeed found Euclides to be a person of interest to the case.

But why? Why did a nobody become a person of interest in the most globalised crime ever?

With time one thing struck us as odd: Monteiro’s name just wouldn’t go away. And that happened with a twist. On close analysis, the British press, after the initial news surge about him, have never linked Tractorman to any subsequent story put out by SY. In reality or allegedly.

In fact, they have been careful to say that Euclides is a suspect only to the PJ, not SY.

When SY presented Binman to the world, and his exclusive Super-Bock shirt which we all mistook for an Arsenal FC jersey, it ran a parallel campaign “dropping” Monteiro as a suspect and saying that he was only a person of interest to PJ.

All the linking made between Euclides and Binman or with the updated version, SuperBockman, has been done on the internet or only by the Portuguese MSM.

Didn't the Brit press report that SY was suspicious about an evil gang of 28? Why not include Euclides in this list? Why shy away from him?

SY was trying to get rid of all suspicions surrounding Monteiro but the Portuguese MSM didn't let him go.

Sandra Felgueiras' RTP's Sexta às 9 of 02May14, even went to the point of saying “PJ já tinha interrogado Euclides por abuso sexual de menores em 2008” which translates into “PJ had already questioned Euclides for sexual abuse of minors in 2008”.
Although in the entire report this suspicion is only mentioned in this caption, it is right up the alley of the latest sex-assault craze launched by SY.

But did the British press pick this up? No.

Why didn't it fill its headlines with “Maddie's Tractorman Suspect of Sex-Assaults on Minors”?

On the contrary, they went out to show how innocent Euclides is.

On 03May14, Mail online says: “Madeleine McCann suspect Euclides Monteiro was quizzed about a string of sex assaults linked to her disappearance before he died, his widow revealed last night.
Luisa Rodrigues said Portuguese police investigating Madeleine’s abduction questioned the convicted burglar about a spate of sex attacks at Algarve holiday villas in 2008, the year after the three-year-old vanished.
She claimed DNA tests had put the recovering heroin addict, a former worker at the Ocean Club holiday complex in Praia da Luz that Madeleine vanished from seven years ago yesterday, in the clear.”

On 09May14, 7 days after Sandra Felgueira's program aired and only after the massive public humiliating blunder that was the “let’s-dig-up-PdL-up-from-the-sky-with-a-helicopter”, Euclides was mentioned by the British press, in the Mirror.

A single paragraph clarifying how innocent Euclides is.

In an article about how the the Met is looking into a British Paedo ring, in which the names of Britons Raymond Hewlett and Roderick Robinson were brought up in the middle of SY wanting to interview “eight people of varying nationality, including an intruder linked to a spate of sex attacks there” (meaning they know who the intruder is), the Mirror had this to say about Euclides: “Porto-based detectives who led a cold case review into the seven year old mystery which led them to dead former Ocean Club worker Euclides Monteiro, are said to have concluded there is no evidence the Algarve sex attacker snatched Maddie.”

British sex-attackers become immediate suspects in the Maddie case simply because they have a criminal record and its deemed perfectly reasonable to expose them publicly and link them to the case just because they happened to have been within a 100 mile radius of PdL. It's completely irrelevant to the British media that PJ has not considered either as being of interest to the case.

And then there's the eight yet unnamed other people who may be linked to a paedo ring in the Algarve and who SY wants to talk to. Again, irrelevant if PJ has not considered any of them to be of interest to the case.

For the British media, PJ's opinion matters only when it comes to Euclides. Euclides is to be left alone because PJ has concluded there is no evidence that links him to Maddie.

But who says PJ has found no evidence linking Euclides to Maddie?

And why leave Euclides alone but continue to persecute Hewlett? Has far as we know, PJ also found no evidence linking him to Maddie.

But the day after Mirror published that article, the Portuguese press responded in kind. On 10May07, Correio da Manhã subtly but effectively keeps Euclides in the public's eye by reminding all that it was because of him that the process was reopened in Portugal: “after the process of the disappearance of the child was reopened based on the similarity with five cases of children allegedly victim of abuse – and in which Euclides Monteiro, meanwhile deceased, appeared as main suspect – the authorities now believe that Maddie’s disappearance was a single case.”

The British press doing it's best to minimise Euclides’ relevance in the case and the Portuguese press insisting in highlighting it.

The McCanns, if you remember, dismissed from the start the story as speculation and didn't want to comment. 

It became very evident that it is not in the interest of UK to speak about Euclides the Tractorman.

That told us that Euclides must really be an IMPORTANT piece of the puzzle. There had to be a reason for the British not wanting to divert any attention his way. Could it be just a racial issue? Having, like we said, a black patsy would be going a little too far in terms of the politically correct?
The tolerant Portuguese MSM didn’t seem to give much importance to that. His name just kept appearing.

8. Edgar and his “Mission Monteiro”

As we saw, in 2014 the UK did all it could to take away any suspicion that could involve Euclides Monteiro. In our opinion they had reason to do that as we explained then.

In 2017 we have Dave Edgar making an unsolicited attempt to discredit Monteiro as a possible person of interest to the case.

So now, we hope, the reader can understand the true intention of having Edgar appear recently in the press: to discredit Euclides Monteiro as a person of interest to the case.

It’s just Edgar saying “Oh no, not HIM!” – the reason for the title of this post.

‘HIM’ being Monteiro and not Edgar.

Having Euclides Monteiro as a suspect is very inconvenient to the other side, so they sent Dave Edgar to do his best to debunk the suspicions about the man.

Did it work? We think the reader is the best to judge that.

We can only say that as already shown in his brilliant (NOT) participation in the 2009 Mockumentary, Edgar’s capability is to make his best to be a huge trump against whoever on the other side is paying him. And on the entire other side as well.

In this case, he helped show how the other side is significantly worried about Euclides Monteiro being a person of interest.

And one only worries if one has reasons to. And if one needs to come out publicly to fight against that same worry, as the other side has just done, then it means they REALLY think that Euclides Monteiro being a person of interest is really a threat to them.

And if they really think that and they are really worried about it, maybe they know that Euclides Monteiro may indeed be a person of interest to both Operation Grange and the PJ.

Do they know something we don’t? Are they feeling the first winds of the upcoming storm and are desperately trying to steer the ship away from it?

Our speculation about who the key witness is in the post “Extreme Backfiring” has yet to be confirmed.

If we are correct, it shouldn’t be too difficult for Operation Grange to find him.

In 2013, he was happy to provide his CV on social media, working in the hospitality sector in the UK.

As it no longer seems to be available, we won’t share publicly what we noted in any further detail at the time.

We will simply quote ourselves from the post “Extreme Backfiring”:

“The importance of the key witness is immense for the truth and wraps up all very nicely.

That staff member can very easily join up all the dots and even the one represented by Euclides Monteiro, who we spoke of in our post “Person of interest”.

If that is done, then Operation Grange joins up with the PJ investigation and all is well when it ends well and it has all the conditions to end well.”

Need we say more? We think all is quite clear.

9. The role of Euclides Monteiro

So readers are clear about what we think was the role Euclides Monteiro played in the events let us repeat here what we wrote in our post “Cadaverine”:

“We believe that Maddie died between 18:30 and 19:00 in the evening of Thursday May 3 in apartment 5A.

We also believe that she was taken around 21:15/21:30 by Gerry McCann from apartment 5A.

Here we have a dogmatic question. Many people do not believe in the existence of Tannerman, the man carrying a child that Jane Tanner alleges she saw crossing the street in front of her that evening.

We happen to believe that Tannerman is very real. That what Jane Tanner describes is indeed what she saw. Where she lies is from where she says she saw both Gerry and Jez talking and later Tannerman.

As we have explained in 2 posts “Tanner's abductor, a tale told by a special friend” and “The way I see what Tanner saw”, we think that the Tannerman episode is what Jane Tanner really saw that night from inside apartment 5A, where she is with her sedated daughter waiting for Gerry to take the body to a safe house and for him to come back, pick her daughter up and begin what would be known as the Smith Sighting.

She describes what she has really seen, which explains the very unusual, to say the least, the way in which the child was being carried (please revisit our post “A human being is always human”) but fails to realise that for her to say she saw what she did indeed see she would also have to have been seen by Gerry and Jez.

She did, in our opinion, see Gerry talking to Jez and then saw Gerry carrying Maddie and disappear in Rua Agostinho da Silva, heading East towards Murat's property.

In our opinion, the body was taken by Gerry McCann, on foot, to Murat’s property where it was kept up until around 04:00, when body was moved by car from there to the next location.

We believe that this location was the water treatment station located on the EN537 road that heads East to Lagos from Luz.

We believe this for 2 reasons.

The first it's because for us it's the only logical explanation for Euclides Monteiro to be considered a person of interest. As we explained in our “Person of Interest” post Euclides could only have become a person of interest to the case because of a phone call he must have received from someone from the Ocean Club where he had worked.

The second, as we explained in our post “Class Acts” the only logical reason for us for SY to have moved from the show it was putting on in the West of Praia da Luz in June 2014 to a single day search on the other side of town was to show to PJ that the water treatment station was a place of interest.

In our opinion, Euclides Monteiro received a call from the Ocean Club that night to allow the use of the building that night, most probably not knowing what would be stored there.

In our opinion the body was moved from Murat's property to the water treatment station at around 04:00:

This means that the body remained in apartment 5A for about 3 hours (18:30 - 21:30) after death and that when body taken from Murat's property 9.5 hours (18:30 - 04:00) had passed since time of death.”

10. The petitions

Edgar was an evident and embarrassing blunder. Just like in 2009, he repeated his performance of hindering the other side significantly.

Albeit due to the effort of the media, no one took notice about Monteiro.

Edgar spewing out clichés and pathetic appeals hallucinating he’s a detective in some second rated sordid police-movie, together with all his evident contradictions against himself lacked the credibility needed to pass that message.

The spectacle was just too cringe making to watch.

At least someone should have told him to put emphasis on the plural, as in kidnappers, instead of using the singular kidnapper. Vagueness is what is intended, Mr Edgar, do at least make an effort, will you?

It could be said that Edgar was an unfortunate choice but one must ask, who else have they got they can use?

The other side has used all these years lame soulless sold out ducks, so now they are only reaping what they have sowed. Invest in dung, expect crap in return.

So, to distract away from this Edgar blunder, attention was turned to the petitions.

The first to have the McCanns charged with negligence – again, need we say more? – and the second to have them have a lie-detector test.

Why? Lie detector tests are fallible.

And if whoever is named to do this lie-detector test on the McCanns is as reliable as the FSS, then fallible is the certainty.

Besides they have already been subject to 2 infallible lie-detector tests and have failed grandly on both of them: test #1 – Eddie and test #2 – Keela.

We urge people to stop signing these ridiculous petitions and if possible seize the opportunity to educate those who are signing it in the best of good-faiths as they have been misled by Katie Hopkins and the Minor Celebrity League.

Negligence is their alibi. They are now fighting desperately to make sure it’s ingrained in stone.

Probably the reason why it’s now ‘respectable parenting’ instead of ‘responsible parenting’. Respectable is just so much more negligence than responsible, isn’t it?

However, what pertains to this post is that attention has been driven away from Edgar but we are here to inform that it didn’t go unnoticed as it was quite pleasurable to see it.

11. Australia

This was spawned by a friend of ours who asked offline:

Friend: “Hi there you, hope all is fine. A quick question if I may? Australia being the one credible feeder of information as opposed to the UK Msm bull... why Australia?”

Caught by surprise and not having thought about it the reply was:

Me: “Don't know, courageous reporter, and the tentacles of the octopus not there?”

But after a minute of thought, continued with this:

Me:“You have given me food for thought. Maddie has always been taboo, no doubt about that. Wouldn't be surprised if Australia is using Maddie against the UK, as leverage for future negotiations, showing clearly that not on same hymn sheet.”

As we have said before many times and we think this to be completely consensual, the Maddie case is political.

We have no doubt that no editor in the entire world, and we mean that literally, will publish anything about Maddie without thinking twice.

They fully understand the political ramifications of what they are doing and strategic implications it might cause between their country and the UK.

Since late Sept 2007, no media in the world has published anything TRUTHFUL against the McCanns, or to be precise linking the McCanns to Maddie’s death, until now, in Australia.

With Brexit, we have understood that the UK seeks to strike deals with 3 main partners: the US, Australia and Turkey.

Please note this is a personal perception and we may be totally wrong and are certainly aware that there are more than these, but we feel these to be the 3 priorities.

The point we are trying to make is that because of this TRUTHFUL reporting about Maddie in Australia, UK’s position is much, much weaker.

The Australian public is looking at the UK as a nation that protects a ridiculous farce. A sickening one as it involves the death of a 4 yr old.

The Australian media has voiced it, it has made clear that it thinks the Maddie is a farce and other countries may not voice it but are certainly thinking it.

Maddie is political, so has political implications. To be very clear, we think the Maddie farce is very prejudicial to UK’s political interests. The more it persists the more prejudicial it is.

12. Conclusion

The other side is extremely worried about Euclides Monteiro being a person of interest. We think they have every reason to be.

We in no way think he’s being thought of as a possible abductor. He only fits into the story in its truthful version, that’s why the other side is so scared of him being of interest.

We seem, week after week, to be contradicting ourselves. We say we are on birdwatch watch and keep coming back week after week.

Let it be clear that we are on birdwatch watch.

We have, for one reason or another, been ‘forced’ to get off the perch (or porch) and come back. This week was Dave Edgar, last week it was the quick decision on the McCann complaint.

We are now waiting patiently for any developments in April and to see what further information Goncalo Amaral’s next book will provide.

The book about which Kandohla spoke of yesterday in the Sun in the following terms:

A source said the McCanns are defiant over the book, insisting no British publisher "would dare to touch it"


But Kate and Gerry McCann said retired detective Goncalo Amaral’s “poisonous lies” will never be published in the UK because “no publisher will dare to touch it”.


A family source told The Sun Online: “Madeleine’s parents know that no publisher will dare to touch it in this country under our defamation laws or they would face legal action. Publishers have legal responsibilities.


“If he repeats any allegations that he has made before Kate and Gerry’s lawyers will be looking at it.
“They have said before that their lawyers are watching.

“If Mr Amaral’s attempts to get his current book or his new one about Madeleine is published in the UK lawyers will take immediate action.”

So much fear is so palpable that one could just grab it and spread it on toast.

Unless there are further developments, we will just wait and watch.


  1. Hi there,brilliant post,but one thing with the water works and OG do you think that they went there with two of the four dogs at the time of the digs?

    1. Anonymous 31 Mar 2017, 11:10:00,

      Assuming that when you say "at the time of the digs" you mean the PDL 2014 Circus, as far as we know he Water Treatment Station was not searched. Just the area Southwest of it as shown in a picture in our post "Class Acts".

    2. Anonymous 31 Mar 2017, 11:10:00,

      Could you please clarify if you are asking about the dogs being used in the Water Treatment Station specifically or on Praia da Luz digging sites?

    3. Sorry I should have made myself clearer, yes those digs,but as can be seen in the blog "Class Acts" it was ground opposite from the treatment station and not the treatment plant itself,SY knew of its importance then but only because of Mr Monteiro and just what the PJ knew,it seems as if after all this time SY are finally waking/catching up! but for what resolution remains to be seen.

    4. ‘Anonymous’ above refers to the four dogs. I believe we only ever saw two in 2014.

      Did anyone ever receive confirmation that four actually went and if so were two deployed ‘on the quiet’ away from the press?


      ‘Meet Badger, Spud, Muzzy and Tito - highly trained specialists and crime fighters.
      The quartet have what from the outside seems like a grisly job - searching for evidence in rape and missing people investigations and for body parts.

      But their handlers, PCs Michael Newman, David Brake, Sally Richards and Sgt Andrew Patterson say it is a vital job bringing closure to families in their darkest hour.’

      ‘All four of the team went to Portugal in June last year, working with the Metropolitan Police.

      But what is it that makes these springer spaniels so skilled? Partly, it’s because their olfactory glands - in their noses - are 400 times more powerful than a human’s.’

      Mike Stapes made a Freedom of Information request in 2014 and got the following response:

      1) How many officers from UK police forces went to Praia da Luz – and how
 many of those were from the Metropolitan Police.

There were 29 officers in total, 14 from the MPS and the remainder from 
other UK forces.

      2) Can you please provide a breakdown of the role of every officer who 
went to Portugal. (ie Dog Handlers, Family liaison officers, scientific 
support staff, etc )

      Not answered on basis of:

      ‘adverse effect upon International Relations’ and ‘investigations where its release would or would be 
likely to, have an adverse effect upon other investigations or the 
prosecution of offenders.’

      Answering (1) but not (2) made no sense at the time and still doesn’t, unless they were trying to keep a secondary search under wraps, but I have never seen any confirmation that this did in fact occur.

      Doug D

    5. Doug D,

      This article says "All four of the team went to Portugal."

      We presume this means 4 dogs, not 2 dogs with their 2 handlers.

      As only 2 of these 4 dogs, Muzzy and Tito were seen in the media searching in PdL, both on camera and in the press, the article has led some people to believe 4 dogs were used in PdL, with Badger and Spud being used at a secret location.

      We can't confirm that 4 dogs were used as we have no idea if the press got it wrong.

      It may require a FOI request to find out, but there is no guarantee that will produce the answer.

      If 4 dogs were actually used, it would suggest that 2 were used at an unspecified location.


    Full translation of the rejection by the Supreme Justice Court with full thanks to Anne Guedes.

  3. Thank you, this is very interesting, I haven't been following the case for very long but I had my doubts that something was not right from the very beginning. I've had a lot of reading up to do and your blog joins all the information up to make it easier for someone like me to understand.

    Like anonymous 11:10 said it would be interesting whether the dogs have found some evidence perhaps new DNA evidence, I suppose time will tell if some new evidence has been found.

  4. You believe Maddie's body was taken to Murat's home but didn't the dogs fail to signal when they were taken to Murats?

  5. Anonymous 31 Mar 2017, 13:13:00,

    Please read our post "Cadaverine" which was written to explain exactly that.

  6. Thank you Textusa, I am feeling extremely positive after reading this post. I am very hopeful that things are moving in the right direction. Did his death /accident provoke ant questions? In a way it is quite convenient he had a farm accident. I remember his wife hid her back to the camera when interviewed - what was the significance of this- sorry you may have already explained. Thank you!

    1. Anonymous 31 Mar 2017, 14:54:00,

      No. Unfortunately tractor accidents are very common in Portugal and especially in the region where he lived, the Northeast.

  7. PJ & OG have always had an excellent relationship​ imo and know exactly why each has thrown out a ruse or three...Think Old Bailey and all becomes clear

    1. Matthew,

      We disagree with you in the sense that this affair is being handled at a political level so way above OG and PJ.

      The relationship between them, good or bad, is totally irrelevant.

      We believe the case holds little secrets for either force for a long, long, long time ago.

    2. If the two police forces have known what happened for a long time, what have SY been spending the money on? Or is it just hypothetical money which hasn't really been spent? And are the McCanns still in this country? They have not been photographed in public for at least a year. Sorry, that is three questions in one.

    3. Anonymous 31 Mar 2017, 20:55:00,

      It's not up to us to answer your first 2 questions.

      About the 3rd, we do not know nor want to know what the McCanns do in their private lives nor where they are. However we have absolutely no reason to believe that the couple's silence has anything to do with them having left the country.

  8. Unpublished Anonymous at 31 Mar 2017, 15:20:00 and at 16:08:00,

    Please feel free to create a blog in which people can read your theory or theories which involve who you wish and in the way you wish to involve them.

    Thank you.

    1. Ambiguitas verborum patens nulla verificatione excluditur! Audi alteram partem!

  9. Of course it's political...A crime committed in one country and charges brought in another involves all coming together at every level... it's best if it looks like both governments, police forces and prosecutions look completely at odds with each other for various reasons. The strategy for this was done long before GA let the cat out of the bag when revealing it wasn't going well for the McCanns. All imo of course.

  10. All this cover..............swinging??? I just don't get it,.

    1. Textusa 31 Mar 2017, 16:39:00,

      These posts show why we think swinging is being covered up. Please do read them.

      If you are to reply that “swinging is legal, so no one has reason to hide it” please precede or follow it with the following “I for one, won’t mind that my neighbours, my work colleagues, my priest and parish, my kid’s school teachers and the parents of the other kids there, my grocer and my butcher know that I’m having legal sex with strangers every once in a while”.
      So you know, we in the blog if we were swingers would mind very much and would do anything within legality to avoid it being known by those who share our every day lives.

    2. Also recommend reading the comments in the post which we mention in this post: "Person of Interest"

  11. What was in it for Murat? Why would he get involved?

    1. Anonymous 31 Mar 2017, 17:59:00,

      The same "in it" that motivated the other T9 who weren't present in the incident that caused Maddie's accidental death?

  12. So if Tannerman was actually Smithman, why did it take him 3/4 hour to make a 10 minute journey? Am I missing something here?

    1. Anonymous 31 Mar 2017, 18:03:00,

      If Tannerman/Smithman is Gerry as we think it is, then one has to discount the time for the conversation between him and Jez, Jez to leave, him allowing for Jez to get out of sight, him going back to pick up body, him carrying the body to Murat's property, the time to make sure body is well conditioned and clarify last details, get back to apartment, pick up the decoy child, get out of the apartment and walk towards the Smiths.

      None of the above had any reason to have been done in a hurry.

    2. ...and remember Gerry was the only person to suggest that it was hot that evening, even though the temperature would have made things chilly, Tanner had to borrow a fleece...but if Gerry was running around like there's no tomorrow...

    3. Anonymous 31 Mar 2017, 19:33:00,

      Can you please provide a link to where Gerry says it was hot that evening?

      The only person we're recollecting at the moment who said it was hot that evening was Mark Williams-Thomas in his latest TV escapade.

    4. Didn't he imply this was why Madeleine slept uncovered?

    5. "With respect to the bed where his daughter was on the night she disappeared he says that she slept uncovered, as usual when she was hot, with the bedclothes folded down."

    6. Did Gerry not say that maddie was lieing on top of the covers as it was a warm night

    7. Thank you Anne Guedes,

      Off topic, one must then ask why was corner of bedcovers folded back. If she slept on top of it, without cover because of heat, then it shouldn't have been folded.

      By the way, another inconsistency is that if it was that hot that justified Maddie sleeping without any cover, then logic says that widow would have been left open with shutters down so as to refresh room within what was possible to do.

      About bed and bedcover, we recommend readers to read our post "Mistaken Identities" where we show why we think Maddie never slept in the bed the McCanns say she did.

    8. Imo MMC didn't start her nights in her bed. I don't find plausible that all of a sudden she would tolerate to go to bed at the same time as her siblings and in a common bedroom. Apart from that, as I do trust Pamela F's sagacity, I don't think that MMC could have cried and called her Dad without waking up her siblings.
      Those people, though doctors, seem to have no idea that inside air has to be renewed, especially if 3 persons rejected quite a lot of carbon dioxide every night : they said they never opened the window !

    9. Such a warm night...and Jane Tanner was shivering all wrapped up in her partner's fleece coat, during her check on her daughters!
      Well, maybe she was coming down with the flu...NOT!

    10. Anne Guedes,

      We certainly do not trust a single word Pamela Fenn has said. Here are some reasons why:

      We think Pamela Fenn was doing in 2007 what we are witnessing others doing now: pushing neglect.

    11. In Gerry's statement above as quoted by Ann Guedes he says Madeleiene "slept uncovered, as usual, when she was hot, with the bedclothes folded down". Doesn't this imply that she did not sleep on top of the covers but rather just on the under-sheet and pillow with the bedclothes pulled back off her.

    12. I've read the first link, Textusa, and I'm afraid I still trust PF. Why would she lie ?
      She likely would have never told anything if Mark Harrison hadn't solicited her. And he did it because Eddie alerted to death.
      A terrace is roofless, hence "terrace" would only name the space in front of the MC bedroom and the covered structure (loggia). Leaning, PF could spot people standing on that uncovered space. Her asking what was going on would have brought people towards the uncovered space, imo.
      I don't know, Textusa, what made you say that the whole group entered the flat. Why would they ?
      DP was the only one who suggested he did, but he strangely didn't see the open/jemmied window/shutters.
      The emergency was to search around as fast as they could.
      How do you know that KMC didn't scream "we've let her down" when PF could hear it ?
      PF didn't say she saw the GNR, she heard them arrive.


    Very interesting article that accurately sums up the whole sorry business and why some lawyers here earn more than the Prime-Minister.

    It may explain why no media will tackle the Mcs although doesn't explain those writing articles in praise of them when they could just ignore them.

    It probably explains why nobody here will publish Mr Amaral's book, because even winners can lose a lot of money.

  14. What more can be said about desperate times, desperate measures.

    Edgar as with all in contact with the McCanns have been bound by confidentiality agreements, so he was given permission.

    End of. Else he would write a book. Now that would be a laugh.

  15. I suppose Edgar is the one to thank for bringing Monteiro up again so Textusa could write this post

  16. Textusa,so,are we really to believe that even if someone,however "high up" in this investigation decides the burden of being part of this horrendous "cover up"is so despicable "they" decide to "tell all".who on earth would they "safely"be able to unburden themselves to? In that case,it upsets me to say,unless Mr Amarals second book really unlocks Pandora,s Box,a lot of dishonest people will have achieved ,the biggest cover up in my lifetime!!

  17. So ,was Murat and his mother lying ?

    1. Either they or Stephen Carpenter are lying, or all of them are as is our opinion as we have shown in the following posts as to why we have that opinion:

    2. thanks for these specific links textusa. I have spent the day reading them all and their comments. What do you think of the idea that Robert Murat was actually an asset of the British intelligence services?

    3. Anonymous 1 Apr 2017, 21:30:00,

      We have absolutely no reason to believe that was the case.

  18. I'm confused . Murat was cleared by the PJ wasn't he ? Does this mean he and his mother were lying ?

    1. Snowy,

      Saying that Murat was cleared is as wrong as saying the McCanns were cleared. The Supreme Justice Court has made that very clear: no one was charged and no one was cleared.

      However it must be said that Murat was much more extensively investigated than the McCanns, who were simply not.

      Murat was named arguido and investigated while the McCanns the moment they were named, fled.

      But it must also be said that the PJ was completely unaware of what it was really up against (nor could it be).

      So Murat was then investigated under conditions that obfuscated the investigation by almost all present.

      Murat was investigated under the suspicion he could have been the abductor or eventually the accomplice of an abductor. He was never investigated in the possibility he helped the parents fake an abduction.

    2. I think it also must be said that the PJ never opened another investigation they reopened the original one.

  19. If Tannerman/Smithman was GM, why didn't the dogs signal on his clothes as they had done on KM's clothes?

    1. Aileen Peebles1 Apr 2017, 12:11:00

      Because he was carrying a live child.

    2. Anonymous 1 Apr 2017, 06:33:00,

      Could be a number of reasons starting with the all clothes he wore whenever he was in physical contact with the body were appropriately disposed of, unlike Kate's and the kid's t-shirt.

      However, there was one object which we think was mainly used by Gerry if not used by him exclusively, to which there was a death scent alert: the key fob.

    3. Thank you for your replies. But..
      "He was carrying a live child" Could you expand on that scenario please as i can't make it fit?
      "Clothes disposed of" Can agree with that.
      "Key fob" Wasn't the car hired about 3 weeks later? So assuming he's carrying a body to the car as well as the keys (scent on key fob), has he then had to dispose of a second set of clothes do you think?

    4. Also if he(they) have had the forethought to dispose of his clothes why didn't they dispose of Kates and cuddlecat?


    5. Anonymous 1 Apr 2017, 13:43:00

      We think you are mixing days.

      First time in question is the night of May 3rd/dawn of May 4th. In our opinion Maddie’s body was carried by Gerry from apartment to Murat’s residence and then he came back to pick up decoy, and alive child, to go and have a man carrying a little blonde girl be seen.

      The clothes he wore then, we suppose were contaminated as was the living-room, the closet and the backyard. These clothes were either disposed of or are in the blue bag that we think contained, or contains, the clothes and other materials used to clean the blood from the apartment. We think the blue bag exists and is very possible to be “found”.

      Second time is from that night until the body was disposed of, and in that period is included the time in which the Renault Scenic was hired.

      Then we don’t know how many sets of clothes were destroyed but if one imagines being in their shoes and knowing that a cadaver dog was coming, or was already in town, one would try and destroy all clothes that had been in contact with the body.

      We can only imagine that the clothes which gave reason for alerts escaped that clearance.

    6. Anonymous 1 Apr 2017, 14:09:00,

      That is a question you have to ask every single criminal who has ever been caught as to why they made the mistakes they made.

    7. Sorry but I don't think I'm mixing days but that's pretty much irrelevant to the point I'm trying to make anyway. If they'd known or had been advised to deep clean the apartment, and dispose of Gerrys contaminated clothing then surely they would have realised that they needed to do the same with Kates. Burning/disposing of clothing would have been a deliberate action like deliberately deep cleaning the apartment. I can't believe they just happen to forget that Kate had handled Madeleine's body as well.

    8. I agree with you, Anonymous 19:59. GMC might have changed clothes either on May 20 or (rather) on June 19, when he went back to Rothley (he was aware of the Drogheda Independent's June 6 article about a whole family who crossed a man carrying a Maeleine alike). Not to hide any scent (how would he suspect?), but because of the Smith sighting or simply summertime. The fact that his famous beige pants with side buttons never more appeared on photographs supports imo that idea.

  20. Textusa what you say makes absolute sense about what happened that night. The only thing that troubles me is that GA suggested that the body had been frozen. How do you think that happened and also wasn't it a theory that the body was somewhere that Kate was able to visit it. Surely she couldn't have visited in a water treatment plant

  21. "Since late Sept 2007, no media in the world has published anything TRUTHFUL against the McCanns, or to be precise linking the McCanns to Maddie’s death, until now, in Australia."

    I assume that you are you excluding the Portuguese media from this statement as I would think fair to say that they have been quite supportive of the PJ theory over the years (e.g., TVI).

    Outside Portugal, I can remember Mr Amaral being interviewed in 2009 on a show broadcast on "Europe 1", a national French radio channel (English transcript can be read here: In this show was also Georges Moréas, a famous former chief police officer who has been writing openly pro-PJ stuff for years in a blog hosted by the journal "Le Monde" ( This is way too little, but not completely insignificant. I don’t know about other countries but these shy attempts at counterbalancing the official truth suggest, IMO, the embarrassment and sense of bad conscience that the Maddie case has created in the world of mainstream journalism...

    Regarding Australia, I must confess that I am ignorant about what the media are currently saying. It feels great to know that the brainwashing is coming to an end in some regions of the world! Could you please suggest some links on relevant press releases?

    1. Jacques Pradel is very clever and friendly, also ironical concerning the MC story telling, but he got unfortunately a lot of wrong facts, which discredits his program.

    2. Not discussing the quality of the program, the point is that Mr Amaral was given the opportunity to expose his views on the Maddie case on a leading radio channel in a country other than Portugal, and that happened in 2009. You seem to imply that the program was aimed to discredit Amaral, I see no reason to think so.

      By the way, could you be specific about the facts you say are wrong? I am not an expert on the Maddie case. The only thing that disturbed me was the suggestion that Smith came forward straight away, while we know it took days. For the rest, the story was IMO a good digest of Mr Amaral's book. Of course, negligence was promoted but that was consistent with Amaral's opinion (back in 2009, few people were challenging negligence I believe).

      As a side note, I am not Doug D.

    3. I wasn't at all trying to imply that JP's program "aimed to discredit GA". "L'heure du crime" aims to present objectively all sides of crime cases and does it rather well usually. But Jacques Pradel invited twice a certain Karl Zero, who insisted in suggesting that the MCs had been the victims of a rotten cop, GA. JP didn't conclude in this sense but got the wrong infos all the same.
      Another French program, a TV one, was dedicated to the MC case and invited GA. Paul Lefèvre treats GA as a cop obsessed with an implausible theory.

    4. I don't want to sound like I am trying to defend the French media. Generally speaking, I think that they have been appalling in the Maddie case (that obviously includes Karl Zéro and his empty TV program on "13e rue" back in october 2007 - but what do you expect from someone who is not even a journalist?).

      I only pointed out some facts showing that the French media did not collaborate 100% on the hoax. I also believe that the Portuguese media played a key role to prevent the truth from being buried forever, despite also being filled with fake news.

      No question that we were all failed (and many were actually fooled) by the worldwide MSM in the Maddie case. I guess that is the reason why we are here today.


    1. April’s Fools Day? Bringing it over to the blog:

      Madeleine McCann's parents relieved as Portuguese cop axes controversial new book on case

      By Patrick Hill
      22:31, 1 APR 2017
      Updated22:53, 1 APR 2017

      Goncalo Amaral, who made vile claims about Maddie's ¬disappearance in his 2008 book The Truth of the Lie, was said to have been planning a follow-up
      The parents of Madeleine McCann have been told the policeman who made vile claims about her ¬disappearance has shelved plans for a second book.

      Goncalo Amaral, who led the hunt in the Algarve when Maddie vanished aged three a decade ago, was said to have been planning a new book on the case.

      The Portuguese ex-detective’s 2008 book – The Truth of the Lie – claimed the McCanns faked an abduction. It was never released in the UK and sparked a legal battle between the former officer and Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry.

      Amaral, 57, was planning a controversial follow-up but the Sunday Mirror can reveal the project has been axed.

      His publisher and friend Manuel Fonseca – head of Guerra e Paz Editores, the firm which published Amaral’s first book – told us: “There is no book. It doesn’t exist, even as a draft. It may be he would like to work on a book some time, but for the moment that book doesn’t exist.”

      A McCann source said: “It will be a huge relief for Kate and Gerry.”

      Sources said the proposed book was to focus on Operation Grange, the £10million Metropolitan police probe into Madeleine’s disapperance. Amaral’s first book was published three days after Portuguese authorities closed the inquiry into Madeleine’s disappearance in 2008 and cleared Kate and Gerry of any wrongdoing.

      The pair said Amaral’s book sparked a “massive tidal wave of lies” against them and last week they lost a third and final appeal to silence him in Portugal’s Supreme Court. They could now face a six-figure legal bill. Kate and Gerry, both 48, of Rothley, Leics, had sued Amaral over his book and he was ordered to pay them £360,000 in damages in 2015. .

      Madeleine vanished from her parents’ Praia da Luz holiday flat on May 3, 2007.

      This week a senior detective who carried out a three-year private probe revealed he believes an abductor will have confessed to a friend or relative. Retired Detective Inspector Dave Edgar said: “If anyone confided in you, now is the time to come forward.” He believes Maddie, who would now be 13, may still be alive.

    2. It seems that the Mirror thinks Guerra & Paz is the only publisher in Portugal.

      Let's wait and see how this develops.

    3. Cleared of any wrongdoing???

    4. Certainly a casting mistake for senior detective, but like master, like man, on the belief topic. Why would it be the time, after 10 years, to come forward ;) could be a mystery if DE used his brain to think.

    5. I read this as 'tired detective'...! -- Retired Detective Inspector Dave Edgar said: “If anyone confided in you, now is the time to come forward.” He believes Maddie, who would now be 13, may still be alive.


    1. Two gems from this article (from Tracy K again, who else)

      /Mr Edgar, 60, says the controversial £13 million Home Office funding given to Scotland Yard during their six-year investigation is “not nearly enough for a crime of this complexity and scale.” He added: “It sounds a lot but it’s not!”
      When the Met Police finally shelves its inquiry, rumoured to be this autumn, and if Maddie is still missing her parents have vowed to continue paying for private eyes.

      /But he doesn’t believe the lure of a reward will tempt anyone to tell, saying: “It’s not going to be solved by money. A fair amount was on offer in the past, and whoever is responsible for taking Madeleine or any of their friends are clearly not motivated by cash. “These are the type of people who would sink their grandmother for money. But their conscience after all this time may be the key.”

    2. Edgar also says he'd work again for the McCanns (I assume for a fee).... and would start all over, as it from scratch, like a cold case. *Another exclusive from Tracey who must have been introduced through, err.

    3. Bringing this over to the blog:

      Former top cop who spent three years searching for Madeleine McCann says he wants to ‘come back on board’ hunt

      Ex detective Dave Edgar believes the three-year-old was snatched by a child-sex gang and insists her parents had nothing to do with her disappearance

      By Tracey Kandohla
      2nd April 2017, 9:10 am
      Updated: 2nd April 2017, 12:15 pm

      A FORMER top cop who spent three years searching for Madeleine McCann has offered to “come back on board” the hunt if needed by her parents.

      Retired Detective Dave Edgar, giving renewed hope to Kate and Gerry, said today: “They have no intention of ever giving up looking for their daughter. I believe Madeleine is still alive and the case can be solved. I would strongly consider coming back to help as a private investigator if required. In fact I would be happy to come back on board.”

      Mr Edgar, 60, says the controversial £13 million Home Office funding given to Scotland Yard during their six-year investigation is “not nearly enough for a crime of this complexity and scale.” He added: “It sounds a lot but it’s not!”

      When the Met Police finally shelves its inquiry, rumoured to be this autumn, and if Maddie is still missing her parents have vowed to continue paying for private eyes.

      Mr Edgar believes the three-year-old was snatched by a child-sex gang and insists her parents had nothing to do with her disappearance.

      He spoke to The Sun Online shortly before the body of a girl of six who vanished from her bedroom in eerie echoes of Maddie’s disappearance was discovered in America yesterday.

      Maddie vanished from a holiday apartment in Portugal’s Praia da Luz during a night in May 2007 while her parents were dining in a nearby tapas bar with pals. Her horrified mum discovered her missing as she made a regular check on her left-alone daughter and younger twins.

      Isabel Celis was last seen being put into bed in Tuscon, Arizona, in April 2012. When her dad went to check on her in the morning, he discovered she had gone. Police revealed this weekend that human remains found in a remote area that matched Isabelle’s DNA.

      Ex GP Kate, 49, and heart doctor Gerry, 48, of Rothley, Leics, are clinging onto a glimmer of hope that Maddie – who would now be aged 13 – could still be alive. They are bracing themselves for the painful milestone 10th anniversary of her disappearance in just over a month.

      Mr Edgar, speaking for the first time about the case since stepping down when the police inquiry codenamed Operation Grange took over in May 2011, said: “Someone knows what happened and it’s time they came forward.”

      He thinks Maddie’s kidnapper or his accomplices will have secretly confessed to the appalling crime to a close friend or relative.


    4. (Cont.)

      Echoing Kate’s previous plea to her daughter’s abductor, he urged: “If anyone confided in you, now is the time to come forward.”

      But he doesn’t believe the lure of a reward will tempt anyone to tell, saying: “It’s not going to be solved by money. A fair amount was on offer in the past, and whoever is responsible for taking Madeleine or any of their friends are clearly not motivated by cash.

      “These are the type of people who would sink their grandmother for money. But their conscience after all this time may be the key.”

      Mr Edgar was hired by the McCanns as a private investigator in 2008 co-leading a small team and funded from the Maddie pot made up of public donations and celebrity handouts.

      He told how it was much harder trying to crack the case as an investigator than a detective.

      He said: “My hands were tied to a great extent and I could only do so much. I had no access to intelligence to do even simple checks and could never go outside the law. I can’t help Kate and Gerry now because Scotland Yard don’t want me trampling on their path. But when their operation is finally wound down and if I’m ever needed in my role as an investigator it would go back to square one. It would be a cold case and I couldn’t just pick up from where the police had left off.”

      Mr Edgar revealed that the Yard, who he lost regular contact with 18 months ago, had "some very good lines of inquiry to follow."

      The ex detective, who has had more than 30 years experience with Cheshire Police and the Royal Ulster Constabulary, added: “I firmly believe this case will be solved eventually - it is not beyond the realms of possibility.

      “Every few months you hear of cases of missing people around the world that are solved. Children are taken as infants and years later are found alive.”

    5. “Mr Edgar, 60, says the controversial £13 million Home Office funding given to Scotland Yard during their six-year investigation is “not nearly enough for a crime of this complexity and scale.” He added: “It sounds a lot but it’s not!””
      Is to be read, sorry for having offended you when we humiliated you by showing everyone how you (gov) were wasting £85,000 with that extra funding of Operation Grange. Look how now we are saying that £13 million is TOO LITTLE. Sincerely hope our U-turn pleases you.

      “When the Met Police finally shelves its inquiry, rumoured to be this autumn”
      Is to be read, hey let’s take the £85,000 up to its limit in October, no need to do anything hasty meanwhile ok?

      “When the Met Police finally shelves its inquiry” and “I can’t help Kate and Gerry now because Scotland Yard don’t want me trampling on their path. But when their operation is finally wound down and if I’m ever needed in my role as an investigator it would go back to square one. It would be a cold case and I couldn’t just pick up from where the police had left off”
      Is to be read, it’s expectable for the Met to not come up with anything so best archive. Really, really best is to archive. Seriously, the only reasonable thing to do is archive.

      “has offered to “come back on board” the hunt if needed by her parents” plus “They have no intention of ever giving up looking for their daughter” plus “I would strongly consider coming back to help as a private investigator if required. In fact I would be happy to come back on board.”
      Is to be read, ARCHIVE and we already have a name and how to continue. So, ARCHIVE!!!

      One just has to wonder… where has the key-witness gone and where is the compelling evidence that has convinced Whitehall and Home Office to cough up extra £185,000 since last summer?

      Edgar speaks of the will of the McCanns as if he has personal knowledge of it. Has he maybe signed already a contract of some sort which would allow him to speak with such certainty?

      Lastly, UK, really? Is Edgar really the face you want the world to se be handling the Maddie case? The case that is already making you the laughing stock of the entire world and which is causing you damages with every single passing day?

      Is it your objective to send people to hospital with torn stomach muscles from laughing so hard or to have them wear neck support from shaking their heads in a bowed position for exaggerated long periods of time?

    6. “Mr Edgar revealed that the Yard, who he lost regular contact with 18 months ago, had "some very good lines of inquiry to follow."
      The Sun, by Tracey Kandohla, 2nd April 2017, 9:10 am, Updated: 2nd April 2017, 12:15 pm

      “When the Metropolitan Police took over the search in 2011, Mr Edgar handed his files to the force. But he has kept in contact with the probe and believes a new appeal could finally solve it.”
      The Mirror, by Paul Byrne and Martin Fricker, 22:11, 26 MAR 2017, Updated 22:21, 26 MAR 2017

      Ms Kandohla, at least please do read what your colleagues have writen.

  24. One cannot but ask, how is it possible for the supposedly bankrupted McCanns, as was reported last summer, to afford paying the forthcoming legal costs of their Lisbon legal adventure, the Carter-Ruck watchdog duty and the salary of Edgar for an undetermined period of time, as he says he's going to start from scratch?

    Have the McCanns won the Euromillions and no one has told us?

    1. That's a good response to the horse shoe menders latest

  25. I have spent hours and hours reading old posts and comments on your blog this weekend well done on your fabulous blog. Your blog convinces me that OG will bring a conclusion to this case along with PJ, you've successfully shown how the cover-up won't work with only truth or archived as the only options(hopefully the truth), it's really interesting to see how you've been able to point out via various sources how the government and the other side are not singing from the same hymn sheet.

    What I never understood was why the Mccanns pushed for a review in the first place, I can only imagine they pushed for a review to maintain the innocent look and initially they had friends in high places protecting them but when those friends disappear e.g different Prime Ministers then the game changes something they probably could never had envisioned when they first pushed for a review and perhaps they always thought they'd have support from powerful people.

    For everyone who is involved this needs to be brought to an end, it can't be good for anyone's health to carry this massive secret because everyone knows there is a secret. I can't imagine how it is possible to live a normal life carrying this secret especially with public opinion so overwhelming and against.

    1. What would parents who said the truth do, had they some support in powerful areas ? Push for a review. Hence pushing for a review would be the best way to appear as having said the truth.
      Of course this would work only under the condition that the remains couldn't physically be recovered. Imo the MCs couldn't live a normal life if they weren't sure that the remains materially don't exist anymore.

    2. Agreed, maybe Grange needs to check the 'urn' in the shrine to Madeleine in Rothley towers...

    3. Anonymous 3 Apr 2017, 15:25:00,

      It would be of the utmost stupidity and arrogance if the McCanns displayed publicly Maddie's remains in their fireplace mantelpiece.

      One thing is for something to be accidentally photographed but we don't think that anything that is publicly displayed from inside the house can be considered accidentally photographed.

      It's a moneybox. There's a tiny slot for coins and one has to smash it to get money out.

    4. They pushed for a review because they were told to do so. A very opportune move to convince part of the public that they are innocent, and another part that they are so influential that they can get the UK government to order a case review. Hence, no matter the glasses people are looking through, no one would expect them to be charged! Just powerful. So powerful that I sometimes wonder if the SY review was not ordered to officially convey the message that the McCanns will indeed never be charged.

    5. Unpublished Anonymous at 5 Apr 2017, 12:28:00,

      We have already dealt with the issue in our reply on 3 Apr 2017, 16:02:00.

      Maddie's name is in wooden letters, and we find that completely normal as kids like their names made out in letters.

      They are sometimes given as Christmas gifts.

      We don't find anything strange in that photo.

    6. Remains don't have to be incinerated to stop existing physically. Drying (extracting water, about 75% in a young child) pressure would do.

  26. We think whoever sent Edgar to go and compare the Maddie case with that of Isabel Celis, has made a huge mistake.

    If he decided to do that on his own, then his shoes are a very unpleasant place to be.

    They already were before this, only much more so after it.

    1. The Mirror and the Sun recently linking this case as the ‘US Maddie’ is either stupidity- not realising the full background or done deliberately to cause max publicity against McCanns when somebody finally charged.

      Taking into account the posture of these 2 papers on Maddie, we would say first.

      The Mirror:

      “Remains of 'America's Maddie McCann' dramatically FOUND five years after little girl vanished from bedroom


      The disappearance of Isabel Celis in 2012 made international headlines and bore a chilling resemblance to the Maddie McCann case.

      The Sun:

      “He [Edgar] spoke to The Sun Online shortly before the body of a girl of six who vanished from her bedroom in eerie echoes of Maddie’s disappearance was discovered in America yesterday.”

    2. McCanns won't like this:

      “Isabel Mercedes Celis case: Family asked to leave home after FBI dogs find clue “

      Police asked the family of missing 6-year-old Isabel Mercedes Celis to leave their Tucson home on Monday after search dogs found clues that could shed new light on the little girl's disappearance.

      Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villasenor didn't say what the FBI canine unit found during the overnight search, only that the evidence required "more followup," ABC News reported.”

      “The family of a 6-year-old girl who disappeared from her bedroom was being kept away from their home in Tucson after an FBI dog search early Monday turned up information that required a follow-up, investigators said.”


      “The dogs began searching at the home around midnight, said police Sgt. Marco Borboa. "We have deployed the dogs and they're working at the residence," he said Monday.

      Investigators found "suspicious circumstances around a possible entry point" at the home, Sgt. Maria Hawke said. She wouldn't comment on whether the entry point was a bedroom window or a door.”




      All so familiar.


      “Blood Found In Isabel Celis’ Bedroom, Stains Found On Shower Curtain: Report”


      At one point in harrowing phone calls, father laughs.

  27. Hi Textusa...

    Huge blow against the Edgar PR manoeuvre - expecting an interesting week ahead. 'Happenstance' indeed.

    The British press seem have tee'd up to play but they probably won't take out the driver. Hope I'm wrong again. :) I expected something more from them on the complaint rejection and find it hard to predict their plays only the obvious fact that they aren't leading anything.

    Busy times, thanks for this week's post, great as usual.
    RIP Isabel.


  28. They wanted a review (a central database of info they said) in which they'd have full access to all the files held on them by the various law enforcement agencies in the UK & Portugal. They probably expected all the files to be handed over to them but had already tried this in 2008 when they took Leicester Police to court in an attempt to get their hands on LP files but they lost. In his statement, Leicester Police Assistant Chief Constable said, "While one or both of them may be innocent there is no clear evidence that eliminates them from involvement in Madeleine's disappearance.” Very much the same as ruled by Portugal's Supreme Court.

    STV Feb 2010
    Asked about how Leicestershire Police and other authorities responded to requests for a full independent review of the case, Mr McCann said the couple had encountered "reluctance". He said: "It's a very serious case and there's lots of information that's being held currently by different law enforcement agencies. The information isn't even on a single database that people can search. "We don't think there's been a systematic review of all the information and the leads, and that's something that would be automatically done in the United Kingdom. I think for a missing British citizen, that's what we're looking for.
    "We want the authorities to work together. It is an international case, and always has been. We feel that it is fundamental to try to find Madeleine for a systematic review to take place."
    Mr McCann said the authorities had done hardly anything to look for Madeleine since the Portuguese investigation was shelved in July 2008

    1. Mean while in the UK"Karen Mathews"story to be told screened by the MSM,watch this space?

    2. 20.56,Yes Matt Baggott came to his conclusion,Sir Bernard Hogan Howe has a different perspective on Kate & Gerry,not withstanding his"Faux Pah" on Madeleine's demise,LBC broadcast,was the Faux Pah an Honest mistake eh Bernard?

    3. How they loved hearing and saying that the Portuguese shelved the case, a fact that made them double victims for good.
      Never ever a single journalist suggested that 1) they had a responsibility in the closure of the investigation and 2) they could have gone further and be active, as arguidos, in an inquiry under the control of the judge, culminating in a contradictory debate that would give them the opportunity to stake their abduction claim.


    "She must therefore decide who is her boss — the Home Secretary or the people of London."

    Worth a read
    Mentions M case briefly
    Sets out political reality re Met and Home Secretary

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Anonymous 5 Apr 2017, 13:09:00,

      We have deleted you comment until we are certain we are not giving free publicity to something we don't wish to.

      In case we understand that the author which you have linked to is on the right side of the fence, we will republish your comment.

      Thank you for understanding.

    2. As far as we have been able to see, the author is pushing for the McCanns to take a lie detector test.

      Not liking what we have found so far.


  32. Another campaigner, another cover:

    Collins cashing in?

    1. Danny Collins wrote a new book... give us strenght, all the little ugly insects are surfacing... He also seems to be slightly senile. MAdeleine and the parents were on the beach on Thursday and went to Paraiso restaurant. Don't you know, they are even on CCTV.... Rachel now suddenly has 2 children instead of one and KAte McCann builds sand castles.... you could not make it up. ALT facts, fake facts , can we sue him for libel lol?

    2. It will be interesting if he claims as his Mark Williams-Thomas' theory.

      They should meet and decide who is really the brain behind it.

    3. ..... yes, they could certainly put their heads together and make a half-wit.

  34. Have a quick question, in your summary of your theory on the main page of the blog it says the following ‘On Thursday night they did use Tapas but that was simply part of what was to be"negligence" that was required to allow Maddie to be "abducted."
    I’m just a little confused, I thought that the Tapas bar didn’t have a big enough table to have them all around it at the same time? So where the Tapas 9 all there at the same time on the Thursday night? Or where just some of them? And where the other kids just in one apartment together being looked after by a babysitter or one of the tapas others in the group? You’ve probably explained this before and I’ve just forgotten!

    1. Anonymous 7 Apr 2017, 13:54:00,

      Our apologies for the late reply but family and private life have a priority over the blog.

      We have never said that the group could not have sat at Tapas. What we have stated with absolute certainty is that there is not a single round table that has been shown in any photographs of the esplanade with the furniture that existed at the time that would have sat the group.

      And it has been 10 years that table has been elusive. Tapas did make an effort to put up a big round table in a picture – ironically in a documentary by Mr Amaral – but the furniture shown was not the one existing on that week of April/May 2007, as we showed in our post “The proof that Ocean Club reads Textusa”.

      Tapas certainly had tables that when joined up could sit groups larger than the Tapas 9.

      Only problem with that is when square tables are joined up they do not make up a round table.

      And when one joins up round tables, it also doesn’t add up to a round table.

      Jane Tanner says that is possible and we would like to see it done: joining up tables (square and/or round) to make one big round one.

      We have said that the group used Tapas on Thursday night (May 3) but nowhere have we said they used a Big Round Table that night.

      They used the tables that were there that night.

      The Big Round Table comes from Kate McCann when asked to draw the sitting scheme of the group on the fateful night, she drew a Big Round Table.

      A table big enough to sit 9, and which we would later find out it could even sit 10.

      From that moment on, it HAD to be THAT table – one that never existed – the one to be used in the official storyline. No way to go back without exposing the truth.

      That mistake tell us that she was never in full consciousness even when she was there.

      On the nights before, she had not been there, and on Thursday we believe she was sedated to be kept under control and certainly she didn’t pay attention to the table(s) the group sat around.

      To go specifically to that night, we believe that once decided to go for the hoax-abduction it was decided that the only way for that hoax to be real would be to create a window of opportunity, and so a hoax-dinner nearby was created.

      On Thursday evening, during the decision period, things were certainly very confusing and they had no idea of knowing that the Tapas staff would be on full board and all they needed was for a large group to be seen having dinner nearby, and the only nearby place was Tapas.

      To have 7 people sitting around a table (made up by joined up tables) or 9 would be similar to anyone not paying particular attention to the group as no one naturally would.

      So we think, the group, with the exception of Gerry and Jane went to dine at Tapas on May 3.

      Gerry stayed behind to take the body to Murat’s property and come back pick up decoy child and walk around Praia da Luz until he was seen and Jane to take care of the children who were sedated and asleep nearby – we don’t know which of the other apartments they were put in and don’t think that to be a relevant detail.

      We don’t think anyone left the table(s) at Tapas with the exception of Kate who we think felt the need to see her daughter’s body at a certain point in time that night.

      The group allowed her to do that, probably no one dared contradict her because she was the critical person needed to be under control when authorities came.

      When she arrived in the apartment she expected to find Maddie’s body, Gerry and Jane there and was surprised by the emptiness. Gerry was walking around and Jane was with the sleeping children.

      In angst, she returned to Tapas and raised the alarm.

      We think that when she said “They’ve taken her”, she was referring to Gerry and Jane and that she was expressing more than an outrage because in her opinion they took he too early rather than out of surprise, showing very clearly that all was unplanned and uncoordinated.

    2. I've read, I don't know where (but it explained why the group managed to have a table every night), that the table was in fact oval. It's very easy to transform a round table for 4 into an oval one for 6, 8 or 10.

    3. Wow.
      You know, this could be 100% accurate.

    4. Anne Guedes,

      We fail to see the difference between a table being oval or round in its capacity to seat 6, 8 or 10 people around it.

      Both are either designed for large groups or not. There are millions of round and oval tables that can seat large groups. One just has to google images of weddings to see many an example.

      If not designed for large groups, than they simply can’t seat large groups, be them round or oval.

      If designed for large groups, it can be 1 of 2 cases:

      - fixed structure, so large in size and no table has ever been photographed at Tapas there that fits that discription, round or oval.

      - small structure with the possibility of having extensions added on, so making it bigger. In the case of a round table, it becomes an oval one. We have not heard of any extensions being used, and only ONE person speaks of joining up of tables: Jane Tanner.

      We don’t think you have read anywhere that it was oval as we believe you may be recalling an oval table shown by Martin Brunt at Tapas.

      We showed very clearly that the images were doctored and Brunt tried his best to make a round table seem much bigger than it was.

      We showed this in our post “Swan Lake – Act 3”

      The only person who has ever photographed the alleged table was Mr Amaral. As we are certain that you are familiar with his book, we ask you: do you think the table photographed and signalled by Mr Amaral in his book sits 9/10 people?

      By the way, for the group to have dined there every night, as we are certain didn’t happen, they would have to have managed to have THE table every night and not managed to have A table every night.

    5. Well, you might be right, if no large oval table was seen under the pergola :
      - small structure with the possibility of having extensions added on, so making it bigger. In the case of a round table, it becomes an oval one.
      I can find no reason to suspect that the group hadn't dinner every night at the Tapas. Some people even complained about what they thought was, and it was, a privilege. I think that it was then explained to these people that the big table was for a group of guests, which seems to suggest that this table was a fixed structure after all.
      A round table for 10 persons requires a large diameter. An oval table, narrower, is easier to fit in a room.

    6. Anne Guedes,

      As far as we can recollect - and please correct us if it's the case - the only person to express the discontentment on the part of other guests was... Kate McCann.

      And no reason for anyone to be discontent, as on a closer look at the documents known as the Tapas booking sheets, there were ALWAYS tables available EVERY night, as we showed in our post "Tapas Quiz Night, Question #6/?"

      For example, during the time the Tapas group was there, the following tables were NOT occupied:
      -May 1: 201, 202, 204, 208 and 212
      -May 2: 205, 207, 208, 210 and 212
      -May 3: 203, 207, 208, 209 and 212
      -May 4: 201, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211 and 212.

      So plenty of empty seats.

    7. I agree with your account of what is likely to have happened that evening. I have always thought Kate's 'They've taken her'
      was said in anger / resentment / dismay that Madeleine' body had been removed from the apartment and it really hit Kate hard. Your suggestion that Kate was sedated when she went to Tapas makes sense -although I wonder that they let her go back to the apartment on her own if that was the case.. I have always wondered whether all of the TAPAS 9 knew what had happened (including FP's mother).. Jane played a key role as you have described - also in the mockumentary when there was a staged dispute with Gerry! Great analysis -thanks.

    8. Textusa,
      I'm impressed by your data. I confess I never studied that question, I'll try to find who complained about the TP9 having adquired the right to have dinner at the Tapas every evening.
      I have a feeling that the limited number of guests for dinner was more depending on the kitchen's ressources than on the number of seats and tables, related to the many guests having a drink in day time.

    9. "They've taken her" imo indicates that the narrative had been discussed before KMC uttered this sentence. "They" are the unidentified paedophiles who jemmied the shutters and window, seized the kid and went away. KMC was supposed to raise up the shutters and slide the window, but when she was about to do it she remembered John Austin's "How to do Things with Words"..

  35. Its amazing how the analysis of the little things exposes the big lie, it's no wonder the PJ were so anxious to have a reconstruction done and the Tapas so determined not to. It's was said that actors could do it but how could actors have clarified this small but vital price of the puzzle.

    It's ridiculous anyway how 9 people tried to suggest that they sat and eat hot meals on cold nights around a pool, the pool area in itself would have made the night seem even colder

  36. Thanks textusa, you've explained my queries brilliantly. Just my memory forgetting things!

  37. Mr Edgar again,either OG aren't saying a thing or its soon to be announced that person/persons unknown removed Madeleine from 5a,you pays your money and takes your choice.

    1. Bringing this over to the blog:

      Madeleine McCann IS alive but hidden in plain sight, says top detective

      MADELEINE McCann could be living in an isolated property just miles inland from seaside towns on the Algarve, a detective who has worked with her parents believes.

      By James Murray, Exclusive
      PUBLISHED: 00:01, Sun, Apr 9, 2017 | UPDATED: 09:45, Sun, Apr 9, 2017

      Dave Edgar believes Madeleine could be being held captive, hidden in plain sight and unaware of the massive international hunt underway to find her.

      Mr Edgar, who was hired by Kate and Gerry McCann for three years to try and find their missing daughter, has disclosed he handed over seven lines of inquiry to Scotland Yard when they launched Operation Grange in May 2011.

      Mr Edgar said: “There is every possibility that Madeleine is still alive and could be being hidden somewhere.

      “When you get up beyond the main strip of the Algarve there’s countless isolated properties where Madeleine could be being held.

      “Obviously we had a number of lines of inquiry and some of those lines did lead us to properties which we followed up and handed over to the authorities.”

      As the 10th anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance approaches next month, Mr Edgar, 60, is certain that somebody, possibly living in Portugal or Britain, knows what happened to Madeleine after she was abducted from apartment 3a of the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz on May 3 2007.

      He said. “In my experience they (perpetrators) always confide in someone else for whatever reason and that person needs to come forward and speak to the authorities.

      “I would suggest that 10 years, while it seems a long time, would not feel like that to that person with information. What happened on that night would still be fresh in their mind.

      “It is not too late to come forward and tell the truth. We have seen in a number of cases recently where people have come forward and given evidence of events which took place many years ago.”

      The Sunday Express revealed last month that Scotland Yard’s four strong Operation Grange team have been given a further £85,000 to continue making inquiries until the autumn.

      There has been speculation officers are interested in an individual who has proved difficult to trace internationally but it is not believed the detectives are on the brink of a breakthrough.

      Mr Edgar said: “It does appear that the Metropolitan Police investigation is coming towards an end.

      “So now really is the time to come forward, whether it is here in Britain, in Portugal. or anywhere in the world.”

      “I think someone has the information that will break this case.” Mr Edgar, had a 30 year career with the Royal Ulster Constabulary and Cheshire Constabulary, before retiring as a Detective Inspector.

      Anyone considering breaking a 10 year silence should be reassured they will be dealt with professionally and courteously.

      “British police are very experienced in dealing with witnesses,” he said.

      I can guarantee they will be well treated well and the information they give would be in complete confidence.

      “There is absolutely nothing to fear from coming forward. I would suggest it would ease their conscience to do socome forward, please.”

      If Scotland Yard shelve the investigation later this year, Kate and Gerry McCann, of Rothley, Leicestershire, will face the dilemma of whether to launch a new private investigation.

      If they do, speculation is mounting that they would ask Mr Edgar to support their efforts to discover what happened to their daughter.

      Kate and Gerry are expected to give a TV interview to mark the anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance later this month.

    2. "There has been SPECULATION officers are interested in an individual who has proved difficult to trace internationally but it is NOT believed the detectives are on the brink of a breakthrough." (our caps)

      So, the Key-witness - reported by the same Express - who Whitehall and Home Office were convinced was the break-through to the case was just... speculation?

      Whitehall and Home Office just squander away £85,000 - not to speak of last year's £100,000 - on speculation?

      Quite the insult, we would say.

      Why write "it is not believed the detectives are on the brink of a breakthrough", instead of coming clean and writing please, please, please, PLEASE ARCHIVE!

      This is becoming REALLY pathetic.

    3. Express are making a clown of him!
      Someone must know what happened - what a revelation!
      Whoever confesses will be dealt with courteously - before they serve their prison sentence presumably?
      All that money in the "search" fund and no search for M in this 10 mile radius. In spite of K's supposed agreement that she's in the area.


    M may look different now! Doh! I think she will look very different if interred 10 years ago

    1. Bringing this over to the blog:

      ‘Maddie is hidden in plain sight’: Detective who spent three years probing Madeleine McCann's disappearance thinks she is living in the Algarve with no idea who she really is

      Former detective Dave Edgar has offered to help find Madeleine McCann
      He was hired to investigate after Portuguese police archived the 2007 case
      Edgar, 60, said: 'I believe Madeleine is still alive and the case can be solved'

      By Mail Online Reporter
      Published: 09:49 BST, 9 April 2017 | Updated: 09:54 BST, 9 April 2017

      A detective who spent three years looking for Madeleine McCann says he believes she is 'hidden in plain sight' and could still be on the Algarve.

      Former Detective Inspector Dave Edgar, 60, is convinced Kate and Gerry McCann were not involved and said the disappearance was intricately planned by a gang of paedophiles.

      Madeleine McCann disappeared from Portuguese resort Praia da Luz in May 2007 as her parents were dining at a nearby restaurant.

      If she was still alive she would turn 14 in May and may look very different from the little girl on the Missing posters.

      Edgar told the Sunday Express: 'There is every possibility that Madeleine is still alive and could be being hidden somewhere.

      'When you get up beyond the main strip of the Algarve there’s countless isolated properties where Madeleine could be being held.'

      Edgar, who runs Alpha Investigations Group, was hired by the McCanns to look into Madeleine's disappearance.

      The Metropolitan Police took over the case in 2011.

      Edgar told the Sun last week the £12million Home Office funding given to Scotland Yard to pay for the inquiry was 'not nearly enough for a crime of this complexity and scale'. He added: 'It sounds a lot but it’s not.'

      Scotland Yard’s Operation Grange team have been given £85,000 to continue their inquiries until the autumn.

      Edgar says there is no evidence to arrest paedophile Raymond Hewlett or Euclides Monteiro, two suspects in the inquiry.

      Hewlett died in 2007, aged 64, while Monteiro, 40, died in 2009.

      Edgar once said he believed Madeleine was being held in an underground cell or dungeon, like the victims of Josef Fritzl.

    2. "Edgar, 60, said: 'I believe Madeleine is still alive and the case can be solved'"

      The PJ didn't solve it in 2007/2008

      The Met supposedly can't solve it 2011/2017

      The PJ supposedly can't solve it 2013/2017

      But Super-Edgar can! Wow, James Bond, please step aside!

    3. When I was a kid (a long time ago) DE would have been known locally as 'that daft lad who lives up the street'. I'd say a bit like Forrest Gump but that would be doing Mr. Gump a disservice.

  39. I often wonder if the Dave Edgar articles have a slant on them and they are a silent message to the McCanns and the Tapas friends "never too late to come forward and tell the truth" and pointing out they will be treated with respect etc.

  40. I think Murray is doing the job of making Edgar look an idiot, judging from Twitter:
    JillyCL‏ @JillyCL
    Replying to @McCannCaseTweet
    I think James Murray's having a laugh at doofus Dave's expense. #LeavingNoTurdUnstoned #DaveEdgar #McCann #FakedAbduction #Fraud
    8:33 AM · 9 Apr 2017
    ann-kristine‏ @fiorifan
    More Dave Edgar bollocks in the papers I see. Desperate times. #McCann
    9:57 AM · 9 Apr 2017
    InEz ShOoTa!‏ @CaroleShooter
    I am thinking that by now only the most complicit are desperate to defend #mccann now.
    12:36 PM · 9 Apr 2017


    Edgar's defunct company.
    Wasn't exactly a roaring success was it?
    He'd earn more as a supermarket shelf stacker. At least that's an honest and worthwhile job.

  42. That poor child.Madeleine!How can the likes of Edger etc look at themselves in a Mirror,or their Familes in the eyes knowing how they make their money!Absolutley Exasperating!!!!

    1. DE isn't the only one to have succumbed to the fairy tale, but on top he could expect, unlike Brian Doubleglass Kennedy, a way out of anonymity.

  43. Edgar the clown:
    ann-kristine‏ @fiorifan
    Replying to @Fitz11Fitz e @RoadrunnerA
    He is a clown without make up, love. A bloke with a bad suit and strangler's hands. A sad clown. Wishing he was relevant. #McCann
    7:47 PM · 9 Apr 2017


    When clown Edgar (together with co-clown Cowley) pointed the finger at Hewlett.

    Now clown Edgar says there is no reason whatsoever to consider Hewlett a suspect.

    1. I just watched that YouTube video, it's the first time I have seen it. It made me laugh out loud. Taking pictures of Hewlett from the 70s to try and make it look like their photo fit. Seriously would you not have preferred to have spent 10 years in jail than make your family and you the laughing stock of the world. " the dingo stole my baby" joke will have nothing on how people wil laugh at the McCann story for years. The Brits have nobody but themselves to blame for allowing this joke to go on for so long


    Something we FULLY agree with Pat Brown:

    "An awful lot of people believe the "Last Photo" is the key to what happened to Maddie. I disagree. Furthermore, I don't believe it is even very important in the analysis of this case. Worse, it is a huge distraction which has lead to a very complicated theory of Maddie dying on Sunday which lacks the support of solid, credible evidence."

    1. And where we FULLY disagree on concerning that particular photo: "First of all, the "Last Photo" is not photoshopped. It is a real photo."

      We showed why we believe it is photoshopped - and quite a poor job - in our post "Non-post":

    2. Textusa10 Apr 2017, 16:25:00

      As per above we consider the photo as the “Last Photo” as a useless piece of information, something that was created to create the idea of a family holiday when one hadn’t happened.

      There’s no comparison in importance between the Smith Sighting and the “Last Photo”. One is important and the other has no importance at all.

      We have dedicated quite a few posts to the Smith Sighting:

      However there are other pieces of HARD evidence that we consider as important if not more than the Smith Sighting.

      Like the tampering of the Ocean Club’s booking sheets, for example.

      Like the information that can be obtained from the documents known as the Tapas booking sheets.

      Like the fact that the table pictured by Mr Amaral in his book cannot possibly sit 9/10 people around it and by coincidence no one else has been able to photograph it or film the table around which the group is supposed to have dined with frequency.

      Like the typed letters and variable templates – as well as the information they contain but about which we haven’t spoken about yet – of the documents known as “Crèche Sheets”

      Like the discrepancies in the statements of the MW childcare staff.

      Like the discrepancies in the statements of guests Stephen Carpenter, Neil Berry and Raj Balu.

      And the list could go on…

    Here it says investigation team were commended by the Judge. Edgar claimed in a press article that he had been commended.
    He was not even the officer in charge of the investigation!

    Edgar didn't explain it was the team, not him as an individual who received a commendation!

  48. It seems BBC is doing a 4 part doc on Missing People.
    Rumours are BBC have been in PdL and questions as to whether these 2 events linked
    Another rumour is that Heriberto has been interviewed by BBC. Interviewing the pillow snatching stalker?!!
    First 2 parts of doc nothing to do with M but nothing known about second 2 parts. As doc concludes on May 3, people are putting facts together and assuming part 4 may be about M.
    It's supposed to be about UK cases so why M should be involved I don't know.
    Does anyone know anything more?
    IF it's true Hairy Bert being interviewed then it's a disgrace.

    1. Anonymous 11 Apr 2017, 21:32:00,

      IF, as you say, ‘Hairy Bert’, as you call him, is used then it shows that the other side is really going deep with their nails into the woodwork of the bottom of the barrel.

      That man doesn’t even have any credibility among the ‘pros’.

      The wave of disgust/ hilarity re Edgar would be surpassed by the pillow snatcher.

      He claims qualifications which he doesn't appear to have.

      One the other hand, it must be said that IF they use him, it would be good because the ridiculousness would be unsustainable.

      We are looking forward to some entertainment with soft furnishings!

    2. I agree totally, the pillow snatcher is just another believer whose purpose is to hammer that the MCs are as white as snow.

  49. Unpublished Anonymous "For your information, please don't publish" at 12 Apr 2017, 10:12:00.

    Thank you for the information. The person posting on FB has absolutely no credibility whatosever.

    We have, as you might have expected, read what is in the PJ Files concerning that post.

    About Australia, if true, we're glad to know something more is coming at the end of April.


    Simon Cowell tips Missing People's Choir with Kate McCann as Britain's Got Talent winner

    Madeleine McCann's mother Kate is a choir ambassador on series 11 as it returns to ITV this weekend.

    By Lucia Binding
    Updated April 11, 2017 11:52 BST

    Britain's Got Talent has not yet returned to TV screens and one act has already got tongues wagging – The Missing People Choir.

    Madeleine McCann's mother Kate is a choir ambassador, though not a singing member, and the troupe's first audition reduced onlookers to tears earlier this year.

    Speaking about the moving audition, Simon Cowell claims they could be this year's BGT winners.

    e said: "We've had a lot of people coming on to highlight different causes this year. We had something this year called the Missing People Choir, which was very emotional. They've got a shot at winning, I think. I remember on the day thinking that it was special."

    Cowell, 57, also claimed that acts with sad background stories like The Missing People's Choir are not "sob stories" and instead human interest.

    He added: "What's quite interesting this year though is a lot of the stories I heard, they didn't come on and shout about it, it was me asking questions and finding out about the story.

    "Some of the stories we heard were really quite incredible, they were about real things that have happened in their lives and I think they were sincere. They weren't necessarily sob stories, they were human interest and for me, that makes it more interesting."

    The choir touched the audience during secret auditions in February when they sang I Miss You. Among the singing group is Peter Lawrence, 75, whose daughter vanished on her way to work at the University of York in 2009, along with the father of missing Lee Boxwell who disappeared in 1988.

    Cowell has been accused of softening in his old age, especially since becoming a father to son Eric, with fellow panellist Amanda Holden teasing him about visiting a hippy retreat.

    Responding to the accusations, Cowell said: "I've always been interested in people, if I'm being honest with you. It's important to me, even as a head of a label that I get to know as much as I can in a short space of time. So I do ask a lot of questions."

    The media mogul also spoke about how son Eric, now three, has a future ahead of him as a judge. He said: "He does enjoy coming down to auditions. The first time I brought him to Britain's Got Talent he thought it was scary because of the big red Xs, but then after a few months I said, 'What does Daddy do when he goes to work?' and he said I pressed buttons – it's a little more than that!

    "Now, he understands the show so I watch him and I'm like, 'Eric do you like it? Don't you like it?'. He's got a really good eye and ear for it, so yes, he's going to be doing this one day," he added.

    The 11th series of BGT gets underway this Saturday 15 April, with judges David Walliams, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon joining Cowell in the nationwide talent search. Ant and Dec will be back to hosting duties as members of the public give a chance to show off their signature skills to the UK.

    Britain's Got Talent airs at 8pm on ITV on Saturday.

    1. The other side closing ranks and fighting fiercely as expected.

      If the Gov and the other side were a couple in a domestic situation we would call this emotional blackmail.

    2. It must be noted that the expression 'tongues wagging' is negative and usually related to gossip about people which is unfavourable.

      If the Missing People Choir continues to allow its connotation to Kate McCann and the Maddie Hoax, as it seems it is, then it's complicit and should accept all the consequences of being so.

    3. Choir will win. It's Simon Cowell's company and he can decide how to influence the votes.

  51. Scotland Yard could put an end to the nonsense,it seems as if the other side are confident its not going to happen any time soon,if at all.

    1. Yes - what are they waiting for now?

    2. The moment when they can finally expose the McCanns, keep the high level "photography" club and it's past and present members covered up and explain to the world how/why it's gone on for so long and cost so much money. I guess they'd also like to maintain some modicum of integrity but I think that ship has long since sailed.

  52. Is this true??
    Dave‏ @Askthedogs
    Why would #mccann ask for Madeleines profile to be removed from the missing persons abroad website ? # Gobsmacked !!!
    19:47 - 12 Apr 2017
    Dave‏ @Askthedogs
    19:58 - 12 Apr 2017

    1. This is from 2007:

      “The day Madeleine was reported missing we offered our services and we did run a profile of her for a while, however the McCann’s staff contacted us to take it off the site as they had their own campaigns and didn’t require our help” – Missing People Abroad

      It seems that they were only interested in being the face of “competing” campaigns years later.


    There are only 3 episodes and not on May 3, according to this.

    The original reference to 4 episodes has gone.

    Whether a 4th episode was intended and if it could have been about Maddie we’ll never know.

  54. Dogs again. Please see the similarities between this and the Maddie case:

    Evidence in Chesterfield 'no body' murder case includes blood and 'alert' from a cadaver dog

    By MARK BOWES Richmond Times-Dispatch
    Apr 11, 2017

    A Chesterfield County judge denied bail Tuesday for a former Midlothian physician charged with murder in the disappearance and presumed death of his girlfriend, after the prosecution outlined much of its evidence, which included a blood sample found in the trunk of the victim’s car.

    After Zulma L. Pabon’s white Nissan Altima was found abandoned in a mobile home park in Chester 10 days after her June 6, 2014, disappearance, investigators examining the vehicle found blood on a piece of paper in the trunk, Chesterfield Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Larry Hogan told the court.

    A DNA profile developed from the blood matched the familial DNA of Pabon’s parents and sister, which indicates the blood in the trunk could be Pabon’s, the prosecutor added.

    In addition, a cadaver dog that police used in examining the vehicle “alerted” to the presence of decomposing human flesh, Hogan said. Cadaver dogs are trained to locate and follow the scent of decomposing remains.

    Highlights of the largely circumstantial evidence outlined by the prosecution for the judge are:

    - Pabon’s relationship with Dr. John E. Gibbs II was deteriorating, and she told him she was going to leave him. Pabon had signed a lease for another apartment and was set to move on July 11, 2014.

    - Pabon, 26, had developed a “friendship” with a man whom she met while working out at a Gold’s Gym. The unidentified man had invited Pabon, and she accepted, to attend a Memorial Day gathering with the man’s family in Powhatan County.

    - Pabon, a licensed practical nurse, had arranged to meet that man after work on Friday, June 6, 2014, the last day she was seen alive. Her co-workers reported her missing the following Monday, after she failed to show up for work that morning at Commonwealth Fertility and Women’s Health at Bon Secours St. Francis Medical Center, the same complex where Gibbs formerly worked.

    - Pabon’s co-workers drove to the condominium she shared with Gibbs in the 5300 block of Terrace Arbor Circle in search of her and encountered Gibbs, who told them that he last had seen Pabon on Saturday morning, June 7.

    - On the day Pabon’s car was found abandoned in Greenleigh Mobile Home Park off Jefferson Davis Highway, about 16 miles from the couple’s condo, Gibbs left work and returned home before driving to a construction site on Woods Edge Road off Interstate 95. Investigators had placed Gibbs under surveillance and were following him. They observed Gibbs get out of his car with a bag and throw it into a dumpster. Detectives recovered the bag and found a bedsheet, a comforter and a Comcast remote control inside.

    - A cadaver dog that police used in examining the comforter “alerted” to the scent of decomposing human flesh on the quilt.

    - At some point after dumping the items, Gibbs drove to the mobile home park where Pabon’s car was found. He was observed slowly driving by the area but didn’t stop.

    - Less than two weeks after Pabon disappeared, investigators who placed a tracking device on Gibbs’ car learned he made an unscheduled trip to Flagstaff, Ariz., and the Grand Canyon.

    - After Gibbs returned from the trip June 29, he made two trips to Lowe’s home improvement stores, where he purchased 23 bottles of drain cleaner and a 64-gallon trash can.


  55. (Cont.)

    - In an examination of Gibbs’ personal computer with a search warrant, investigators found that internet searches had been conducted using the words “ether knock out,” “ether clothing” and “how much ether to make someone pass out.”

    - After Gibbs moved from the condo he shared with Pabon to another condo, Gibbs rented a dumpster and threw out many of Pabon’s belongings, including her jewelry, makeup, clothing and photos of her and Gibbs together.

    - Surveillance images police obtained show Gibbs walking back to the couple’s condo at 6:39 a.m. June 7, about 13 minutes after a vehicle believed to be Pabon’s can be seen in another surveillance photo leaving their condo. The car’s occupants are not visible. Gibbs changed his clothes and shoes after returning.

    Hogan told the court that after Pabon disappeared, her cellphone went dead, activity on her bank account ceased and her car loan went into default for nonpayment.

    Before Hogan’s outline of the evidence, defense attorney Craig Cooley asked the judge to set a “reasonable” pretrial bond for Gibbs on the murder count, in addition to a separate “appeal bond” while Gibbs appeals his conviction for felony child neglect involving the couple’s son.

    Circuit Judge David E. Johnson denied both.

    Gibbs, 39, was sentenced March 28 to serve six months in jail for an incident in which the couple’s 5-year-old son was found wandering alone in a busy commercial area after being left unattended at home on Feb. 22, 2016. Johnson found him guilty of the charge in November.

    Gibbs’ trial in the murder case has been set for one week, beginning July 31.
    (804) 649-6450

  56. Cadaver Dogs alerts (yet no dead body in situ). Timelines askew. Computer searches that give away possible motive and intent. Yet perpetrator being tried for possible murder without a body, yet on substantial circumstantial evidence. Ticks a lot of McCann boxes.

    It's this sort of case which convinces some that M case is linked to paedo cover-up. But cover-ups don't always last forever.
    Janner was a vile abuser but not of small children.

  58. No mention of Kate McCann:

    Who are the Missing People Choir and when are they appearing on Britain’s Got Talent? Here’s all you need to know

    The choir are set to get the audience crying with their moving performance

    By Joanne Kavanagh
    14th April 2017, 8:25 pm
    Updated: 14th April 2017, 8:32 pm

    MISSING People Choir are already being tipped to win Britain’s Got Talent.

    The new series kicks off this weekend with a batch of new hopefuls – we take a look at the Choir and what they’re all about…

    Who are the Missing People Choir?

    The Missing People Choir is made up of individuals and families of people who have vanished, and is led by the Missing People charity.

    Other members include:

    - Peter Boxell who’s son Lee, 15, who vanished in Sutton, South London, in 1988 after a football match.

    - Peter Lawrence who’s daughter Claudia, 35, was reported missing on March 19, 2009, after failing to turn up for work in York.

    - Rachel Edwards who is the sister of missing Manic Street Preachers guitarist Richey Edwards – he mysteriously vanished from a London hotel on February 1, 1995, on the eve of the band’s US tour.

    When will the Missing People Choir be on Britain’s Got Talent? What will they perform?

    The Missing People Choir recorded their Britain’s Got Talent audition back in January.

    They performed the tear-jerking song I Miss You, written by Peter Boxell, and were immediately tipped as possible BGT winners.

    It includes the lyrics: “I never thought I’d be without you.

    “I always thought you’d be here safe with me.

    “Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up to find you.”

    An audience member in London said: “Images of some of the missing people they were linked to also flashed up on the screen which had everyone in tears.

    “Judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon were particularly moved.

    “Amanda said they were an inspiration.

    “The choir said they had only performed together about seven times.

    “You could tell in their voices how much it means to them all.”

    It’s not yet known which episode the audition will be screened on, but it will be shown once the show kicks off on Saturday 15 April 2017 at 8pm.

    What does Simon Cowell think about the Missing People Choir?

    The choir has already got the seal of approval from head judge Simon Cowell.

    Simon told the Huffington Post: “We had something this year called the Missing People Choir, which was very emotional.

    “They’ve got a shot at winning, I think. I remember on the day thinking that it was special.”

    1. Watch "KATE MCCANN - Britain's Got Talent - CORRECTION" on YouTube

    2. This farce really is getting into everything... like a computer virus. I appeal to Theresa May to please disinfect us all as soon as possible.

    3. From the one comment which has been published it looks as though the article originally referred to Kate McCann as ambassador, and has since been "corrected"!


    Maddie trademark cancelled, ahead of due date.

  60. To take things this far they must be innocent of causing direct harm.

    I always thought this case was more about panic, embarrassment and fear of public perception than anything else.

    At the bottom of it all it is bound to be simple.

    1. "About panic, embarrassment and fear of public perception", yes, la peur du qu'en dira-t-on (fear of what people will say, think, etc.), as revealed by the frenetic calls in the night of the disappearance.

  61. Article to counter the Mark Saunokonoko’s articles:

    Maddie McCann disappearance 10 years on

    April 16, 201712:08am
    ELLEN WHINNETT Stellar Magazine

    NEXT month, a family in rural England will mark a heart-wrenching milestone. It will be 10 years since their daughter and sister, Maddie McCann, disappeared from their holiday villa in a beachside town in southern Portugal.

    The search for Maddie would run the length and breadth of Europe, destroy the careers of investigating police officers, ruin the reputations of those on whom suspicion fell, damage the local economy, and spark a $20 million UK police investigation.

    For Maddie’s parents, Kate and Gerry, it has been a decade of pain, of false accusations, false leads and false hopes. Ten years of tears for their beautiful little girl, who went to bed in her pink pyjamas and was never seen again.

    The disappearance of Madeleine Beth McCann, aged three, on May 3, 2007, is a well-known story around the world.

    When her father, a consultant cardiologist, checked on her and her then two-year-old twin siblings at 9.05pm, she was sound asleep with her soft toy, Cuddle Cat.

    At 10pm when her mother, a GP, went to check again, she was gone.

    Standing outside the whitewashed walls of the villa a decade later, it’s still impossible to understand how someone could have smuggled a small child out of this sleepy little town.

    Praia da Luz is clean, quiet and set on a steep slope down to the beach. It draws so many British tourists, mainly on the EasyJet cheap flights to nearby Faro, it’s sometimes called Little Britain.

    The local pub, The Bull, shows English TV in the bar, serves Tetley tea and has Guinness on tap. The only way you would know you’re in Portugal is because you can smoke inside.

    João Mira Godinho is a crime reporter with newspaper Correio da Manhã, and has covered Maddie’s disappearance for the past 10 years.

    His phone rang early on May 4, 2007, startling him from sleep.

    “I had a friend in the British press. He called me and said on May 3 a little girl had gone missing from Praia da Luz,’’ he tells Stellar.

    “Then the phone calls started all through May 4 and from May 4 to September. I went to Praia da Luz every day, every day, every day.’’

    There was something about the little blonde English toddler lost in a strange country that struck a chord. The media came from around the world. The Maddie McCann disappearance became one of the most reported missing persons cases in history.

    “The British had all the information from the parents and Clarence Mitchell [the McCann’s high-powered media spokesman]. We had the information from our sources in the PJs [Portuguese Polícia Judiciária],’’ Godinho says. “It was like a turf war.’’

    No one really wins in war. The police were unable to find any evidence a stranger had broken into the villa and stolen Maddie. So they began to look closer to home.

    “The Portuguese police started to look towards the theory that the girl had been killed by the parents — I’m not saying that is right, I’m saying it was a theory,’’ Godinho explains.


  62. (Cont.)

    The McCanns were officially named as suspects in September 2007. The status was revoked just a few months later, but the damage to their reputations was done. Online, blogs and websites started to spring up from people pinning the blame on the McCanns.

    The family’s Portuguese lawyer, Rogério Alves, tells Stellar it was a “serious mistake’’ by the police to name the McCanns as suspects.

    “Later on, the main officer of the Judicial Police testified that it had been a mistake to have those suspicions about them and make them become defendants. There was nothing in the file that could sustain the incrimination. The inquiry finished and the public prosecutor decided there was nothing against them.’’

    Despite this, the McCanns have been subjected to a vicious decade-long campaign of abuse, much of it on social media.

    A study by England’s University of Huddersfield earlier this year found that the McCanns were still bombarded with an average of 150 critical messages a day, every day, posted on Twitter, Facebook and various online message boards.

    While the main victims of the mystery have been Maddie and her family, the case has also caused much damage to others who came into contact with it.

    Guilhermino Encarnação, who was the head of police in the Faro district, had the first responsibility for the McCann case. He died in 2010 from stomach cancer, his career overshadowed by the failure to find Maddie, and an earlier controversy involving another missing girl.

    Then there was Gonçalo Amaral, the detective who led the field investigation into Maddie’s disappearance.

    He was later stood down from the police force over interviews he gave to the press, and went on to write a book, Maddie: The Truth Of The Lie, accusing the McCanns of involvement in Maddie’s disappearance. The McCanns sued him for libel, but after three court cases the Portuguese courts this year dismissed their case. But by then the former cop’s career and health were destroyed, his fledgling security consultancy failed to take off, his book was pulped and he was out of money.

    He left the district and moved to the capital Lisbon, where he is avoiding the media and, through his lawyer Miguel Cruz Rodrigues, declined to comment to Stellar, saying the case was in the “judicial secrecy phase’’.

    Robert Murat was another person who became collateral damage.

    The ex-pat British-Portuguese man lived just down the road from where Maddie’s villa was, and volunteered to translate for the McCanns, who didn’t speak Portuguese.

    Suspicion fell on him and, although he was never arrested, he was interrogated several times, including under caution, and his yard was dug up in an ultimately fruitless search.

    At the walled villa he used to call home with his mother, the place is now barricaded shut with roller shutters on the windows. At the local supermarket and shops, people believe he has left town, saying they haven’t seen him, or his elderly mother, for years.

    Godinho says Murat became a suspect on an anonymous tip simply because people were so desperate for a solution.

    “He was an odd guy. He had a glass eye and he lived 50 metres to 100 metres from the villa. He became a suspect because an English journalist thought he was strange,’’ Godinho explains.

    The publicity it brought to Praia da Luz drove tourists away, damaged the local economy and cost locals their jobs as the hotel rooms, restaurants and coffee shops sat empty for several years.

    The locals are now reluctant to revisit those times, and are apprehensive about the 10-year anniversary.

    One woman, who’s worked in a bar in Praia da Luz for 17 years, says that people came for years asking questions about the villa, and the church where the McCanns would go to pray.

    Now, she adds, it’s just journalists who come around asking questions.


  63. (Cont.)

    The idea that the McCanns might have had involvement in their daughter’s disappearance continues to fester in Portugal. For many people, it’s based on nothing more than discomfort that the McCanns left such young children sleeping alone in their unit while they ate with friends. The restaurant was only 55 metres away, but the front door was out of line of sight, and involved a walk around the pool, onto the street, and up a handful of steps to the door.

    Money matters little when a child is missing, but the economic impact of Maddie’s case was significant.

    The owner of villa 5A where Maddie went missing, retired teacher Ruth McCann (no relation), tried for years to sell it, eventually letting it go to another Englishwoman recently for just $185,000, less than half the original asking price of $419,000.

    The hotel and villa complex has changed its name from Ocean Club to Luz Ocean Club. The local councillor for Praia da Luz, Victor Mata, tells Stellar that locals believe it’s now time for the case to be “erased and forgotten”.

    “It did have an impact not only on the village but also on the whole country,’’ he says.

    “Back then we noticed there were fewer tourists for a while, but now we have fully booked hotels at this time of the year.’’

    In England, the Metropolitan Police launched their own inquiry in 2011. Operation Grange was recently given a funding boost, taking the cost of the probe to more than $20 million. It’s due to wrap up in September this year. Its main focus has been on whether Maddie was taken by a European human trafficking gang.

    The McCanns declined to comment for this article. Over the years, they have made frequent trips to Portugal and to Praia da Luz, chasing leads, dealing with legal issues, sometimes just to pray at the picturesque church on the waterfront, a few hundred metres away from where Maddie disappeared on that fateful day.

    Alves meets them whenever they come to Lisbon.

    “The case is like being asleep, waiting for someone to wake [it] up and say, well, we have a clue, let’s go [chase] that clue,’’ he says.

    “The most important thing would be … what can we do now, what can the police do to find Maddie?

    “Nobody really knows where Maddie is at this moment. We don’t know if she’s dead or alive.”

    Alves is also thinking about her parents and siblings.

    “I think everybody will understand that for a father and a mother who are still suffering about what happened 10 years ago, they will fight until the end.

    “They are suffering for the past 10 years. They are suffering something that everyone understands is terrible, one of the most painful things you can imagine that may happen to a child.

    “This is not a legal matter, a judicial matter, this is a human matter.’’

    Maddie McCann disappeared nine days before her fourth birthday. If she’s still alive, she will be almost 14 years old.

    Praia da Luz means “beach of the light’’ in Portuguese, but a dark shadow will forever fall on the quiet little village so inextricably linked with one missing little girl.

    Originally published as Maddie disappearance still haunts village

    Original article, from April 12, which no one seems to have noticed:

  64. By neglecting that beyond the eternal pain in the MCs' souls for the lost of their daughter, there is another one that will never be cured, though largely depending on them, the doubt about their guilt or innocence, Ellen Whinnett reveals she can't be treated as a journalist, a fact that exceeds her quite a lot !

  65. A friend PM’d us this article at 03:01 this morning, feeling absolutely disgusted:

    'he wants to squeeze every penny'
    Cop who led initial hunt for Madeleine McCann shamelessly vows to ‘clean out’ her parents by suing them for damaging his reputation

    The McCanns won a libel case against Goncalo Amaral in 2015 after he claimed they covered up Maddie's death, but the decision was later overturned

    By Alex Diaz
    15th April 2017, 11:41 pm
    Updated: 16th April 2017, 8:56 am

    THE detective who led the initial hunt for Madeleine McCann has shamelessly vowed to “clean out” her parents by suing them for damaging his reputation.

    Goncalo Amaral, 57, wrote a book claiming Maddie died at the McCanns’ holiday home in Praia da Luz and Kate and Gerry covered it up.

    The grief-stricken parents won a libel case against the now-retired cop over his allegations in 2015 — but the decision was overturned on appeal and later upheld by another Portuguese court.

    It means the McCanns are now unable to take the case any further and Amaral is able to counter-sue the couple for damages.

    The dad of three has already put in a claim for 10,000 euros , around £8,500, to cover legal costs.

    His publisher and a firm behind a DVD on the case also want 5,000 euros each.

    But the ex-cop, who was out enjoying a beer in the sun on Friday, could claim tens of thousands more.

    A source said: “Amaral holds the key to making life financially very tough for the McCanns.

    “He has told friends he intends to do just that. He wants to squeeze every penny he possibly can out of them, clean them out. He has no shame at all.

    “He doesn’t believe they need the money to fund the search for Maddie as he is certain they know what happened to her.

    “He is looking to deplete the Maddie fund at a time when they need all the money they can get.

    “On top of all that, Kate and Gerry will be asked to pay a large legal costs bill for their case that ended in defeat for them.”

    The financial blow for Kate and Gerry comes as they approach the tenth anniversary of Maddie’s disappearance next month.

    And in a further twist, The Sun on Sunday can reveal Amaral is still working on his second book on the case despite claims to the contrary.

    The source said: “Amaral says the second book will be even more explosive.

    “Since writing the first his mind has been working overtime coming up with all sorts of wild theories.”

    Approached in Lisbon, Amaral said: “I don’t have to explain anything to anyone.”

    But he added that he may do interviews on May 3, the anniversary of Maddie’s disappearance.

  66. Please note the lack of a journo’s name to this article:

    Grubby profits made by the odious Goncalo Amaral over Madeleine McCann’s disappearance turns the stomach

    The grubby individual who ran the investigation has now sworn to bankrupt the grieving McCanns

    By The Sun on Sunday
    16th April 2017, 3:39 am
    Updated: 16th April 2017, 3:56 am

    MADELEINE McCann’s parents had suffered more than enough even before the odious cop Goncalo Amaral set out to make their lives yet more hellish.

    They will never stop grieving for the little girl abducted from their holiday flat in 2007.

    But the Portuguese ex-police chief who ran the investigation has now sworn to bankrupt them too.

    His men’s rookie errors may be one reason no trace of Madeleine was ever found.

    How might her life, and Kate and Gerry’s, have been different had fate put a decent cop in charge?

    One not consumed by a baseless suspicion that they somehow covered up Madeleine’s death without leaving a trace?

    It is incredible that Portugal’s legal system overturned their libel win against Amaral for his slurs on them.

    It has given him licence to cash in — through his first book, the second even more fanciful one he is writing and the damages with which he intends to “clean out” the McCanns.

    On May 3, ten years exactly will have passed since Madeleine ¬vanished.

    It is heartbreaking that after all that time this is where the multi-million pound investigation has led:

    A dead-end, the child still lost, her ¬parents still traumatised, her siblings growing up without her.

    And one grubby individual shamelessly and vindictively profiting from it all.

    It turns the stomach.

    1. Oh dear does that mean that OG can't just can't no matter where they roam produce an abductor,this bird watching is good innit Textusa��

  67. Beyond words, yes. It is the article that "turns the stomach". But I wander if being so rudely outrageous, it does not aim to push "au faux-pas" those it denigrates.
    Thanks for all Textusa.

  68. What faux pas ? The article does worse than denigrate, it is all based on gossip, that's what defamation is.
    10 years of crying for the MCs (for sure were they proved guilty, many would regret their crying) and 10 years of hatred against GA (are they so many those who get a kick out of reading those wretched vociferations ?)

  69. Scrapping the barrel, again?


    What REALLY happened the night Madeleine McCann disappeared as nanny breaks her 10-year silence

    'Gerry frantically looked under cars while Kate paced up and down crying: "they've got Maddie"' says child-carer who worked in the Praia da Luz resort where Maddie vanished

    By Matthew Young
    22:00, 17 APR 2017
    Updated22:06, 17 APR 2017

    A nanny who looked after Madeleine McCann has told how the youngster’s parents were plunged into despair and panic when the ¬horrifying truth she had vanished sank in.

    The former child minder said she is still haunted by the image of dad Gerry desperately trying to find their missing daughter while she tried to comfort weeping mum Kate who cried: “They’ve taken her.”

    Breaking her silence after 10 years, the witness also claimed the resort from which Madeleine vanished was considered so unsafe nannies were handed rape alarms and told to not go out alone.

    And she slammed the Portuguese police’s handling of the disappearance, insisting their -blundering scuppered any chances of finding who had snatched three-year-old Madeleine.

    Speaking of that dreadful night in May 2007, the ex-nanny –who looked after the girl several times – said: “A parent came to me and said there was something going on, and said someone’s looking for a child, I didn’t instantly think it was Maddie.

    "A couple of minutes later I walked into Kate crying, friends comforting her, Gerry looking under cars, and it just blew up. I don’t even think she saw me. I just stood next to her and tried to comfort her.

    “She was pacing up and down. The worst possible thing had just happened to her.

    “I think I said something like, ‘She’ll be found, these things happen all the time.’

    “She was crying, but almost in a catatonic state, and Gerry was very distressed. That’s the one thing I really remember from him, looking under the cars. I can’t forget that.

    “We were told to start looking in bins in case her body was in there. It was at that point we realised this was serious.”

    Along with other staff, the ex-carer, who worked for travel firm Mark Warner at the the Ocean Club resort, sifted by hand in the dark through industrial-sized bins and piping leading into the sea in their hunt for Madeleine.

    They also walked Praia da Luz’s small, winding streets searching for the missing girl until they were told, against their wills at 5am, that it was time for bed.

    But the woman, who we are not naming, said she is still furious with local police , who she claimed took 90 minutes to arrive on the scene.

    And she told how people were in and out of the apartment where Madeleine vanished from – contaminating a ¬potential crime scene.

    The former nanny added: “I know I didn’t step into that apartment but pretty much everybody else did. So, evidence gone, nothing. There was nobody there to say, ‘We need to lock this off now.’ The police didn’t get there for ages, maybe an hour and a half, so we were looking for her. And at the end of the day, no matter how much you’ve been trained with ¬children, we were children, mainly ¬teenagers, we’re not police.

    “That’s why police were trying to get everyone’s timelines, because they weren’t there.”

    She also told how she was interviewed by officers in the wake of Madeleine’s disappearance and later detectives from ¬the Met’s Operation Grange handed her two pages of statements they had retrieved from their Algarve compratiots.

    Her original statement was four to five pages long, but the one the Portuguese had been working from was only two pages long – missing a number of details from her interview. The woman claimed “whole chunks of information were missed out”.


  71. (Cont.)

    She added: “I think a lot of things should’ve happened differently. ¬Unfortunately the effects were catastrophic.”

    And the carer told how she was astonished Kate and Gerry were ever deemed suspects in their own child’s ¬disappearance. She is still constantly quizzed by people about the case who ask if “the parents did it”.

    She said: “I tell them no, there’s no way at all. A, timings and B, where it was, their r¬eactions, the whole thing. Not a chance.”

    The woman also told how Madeleine was a favourite among the child minders. Her allocated nanny was Catriona Baker, but others also got the chance to look after her. The carer added: “I remember her character and ¬temperament. She was slightly shy, very sweet. Not loud or precocious.

    “We obviously give the same care to all the children, but she was a real cutie and a real sweetheart. If you asked her, ‘Can you just pass me that?’ She’d be like, ‘Sure.’

    “She was easy for us, and you were happy to sit and help out this pretty little girl who’s really nice.”

    While the Ocean Club was clearly popular with British holidaymakers like the McCanns, from Rothley, Leics, the former child minder claimed it was considered an unsafe place for those who worked there.

    After she arrived she was stunned when a fellow nanny passed on a message from hotel staff to never venture off the site alone.

    She added: “I just couldn’t get over how different it was to other Mark Warner resorts.

    “We were told, ‘Here’s a rape whistle, don’t go anywhere by yourself, ever.’ There’d been a girl attacked the year or so before in Praia da Luz. It didn’t sound like a family resort to me.

    “I just got the feeling the locals didn’t want us there.” It emerged in 2014 that 11 years earlier a 10-year-old British girl had been sexually assaulted “in the heart” of Praia da Luz.

    The victim came forward three years ago after a Scotland Yard appeal revealed a string of potentially linked sex assaults on young UK girls across the Algarve between 2004 and 2006.

    Mark Warner, which operates in resorts all over the world, quit Praia da Luz in 2015.

    Madeleine vanished as her parents ate with friends at a tapas bar just 40 yards from where she slept next to twin siblings, Amelie and Sean.

    But the former nanny, who couldn’t face child minding again after the Algarve horror, said dining while kids were in the apartments was “really normal” in such resorts. And she insisted there was no evidence Kate and Gerry would ever neglect their kids. She said: “I remember thinking, even before I knew them, how they were the picture perfect family.”

    Asked if she thinks Madeleine is still alive, the woman said: “Think possibly is the wrong word, but hope. I hope she is still alive.

    “It’s probably very naive, but the best case scenario of a very horrible situation, is that she was procured and taken for a rich person who didn’t have children.

    “I can’t go anywhere else in my head. I can read it about other people and know how horrible that seedy world is where children are sold. But my brain won’t go there with her. I just switch off.

    “But I think the only person who knows exactly what happened is Madeleine. Can I believe it’s 10 years on? Yes and no.

    No because 10 years seems like a really long time, she’d be nearly 14.

    “And yes, because sometimes, when I talk about it, it feels like I’m right back there again.

    “I wonder if she’s alive. Does she even remember? Does she remember her parents?

    “I’m probably less harrowed by it now, but that’s just because, although it’s awful, it’s become accepted.

    “‘It’s Madeleine, she’s gone missing but it would just be the best day ever if I could be told that she’s been found.”

    Operation Grange, which was last month given £85,000 of Home Office funding to extend its probe until September, still speaks to witnesses.

    1. Could this be the nanny?

      She mentions being approached by a woman tourist (Dawn Bullen who we did post on) so seems to fit description of Mirror article nanny.

      Dawn Bullen, the mysterious woman, about who we said - among other things - in our post "Luz's Secret Service":

      "So, Dawn Bullen, is at Tapas restaurant, has a son who attended Toddler's 2 group during the day and is not with his parents at dinner, so can only be at “night crèche” and the Bullens return on May 05 2007.

      There can be no doubt. The woman guest who, between 22:05 and 22:15 warns the “night crèche” can only be Dawn Bullen when she goes to pick up OC from the “night crèche”.

      We have found the mystery woman: Dawn Bullen.

      However there seems to be a slight problem of feasibility in terms of time for Dawn Bullen to be able to be at the “night crèche” at the time the nannies say she was."

      And the same Charlotte Pennington, the nanny who did a 'Kate McCann' was we showed in our post "Doing a Kate McCann".

      Rumoured that she or her family knew Mcs from their time in N Zealand.

    2. We’re sure it's Pennington because Cat Baker is mentioned as another nanny.

      It isn’t my Amy Tierney as Anon nanny says she didn't set foot in 5A and Amy says she went in.

      Rape alarms given to staff who are told not to go out alone - ridiculous story!

      Why rape alarm only to the staff, what about the guests? Were they just left exposed to marauding rapists?

      Didn't Crosland mention this to the PJ when interviewed? His staff were warned not to go out alone! Silvia Batista doesn't say anything about PdL being a place of danger.

      An Anon in 2013 commented that PdL was the "Village of the Damned" and no one remembered to add rape to the list of horrors:

      “PdL - What a place. Why does anyone holiday there?
      It's populated by black heroin addicts, people who rob apartments, gypsies who steal scrap and wood, scruffy moustachioed lurers of children, bogus charity collectors, suspicious street musicians, men lurking near phone booths, glasses man lurking in stairwells, blond men suspiciously lurking outside apartments, soothing couples entering apartments without permission, mysterious gangs of cleaners, men taking photographs of children on beaches... And to top it all, you have to queue for a table booking.”
      Anonymous 11Nov 2013 12:22:00

      “Maybe because you can always enjoy an ice-cream in the rain?
      And a dip in an icy pool on arrival always attracts a crowd.”
      Textusa 11Nov 2013 12:28:00

      “I like the Tapas fragile chairs and tables. They wobble nicely when cutting thick grilled steaks spilling the drinks all about! It's fun for the whole family!”
      Anonymous 11Nov 2013 13:08:00

      “And how about the number of men seen carrying little blond girls in the street in the middle of the night?”
      Anonymous 11Nov 2013 14:04:00

      “PdL - where families take it in turn to vomit each night, dog packs pursue and bite joggers, guests fall off catamarans, damage tendons playing tennis, have shaving accidents and stagger around apartments bleeding, domestic appliances need repair, shutters jam, baby monitors won't function at restaurants, travel cots can't be assembled.. sounds like THE VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED.”
      Anonymous 12 Nov 2013 12:37:00

    3. Who are the readers whom those red tops target for brainwashing ? People who can afford a holiday week in a resort without the glamour of St Tropez or Cadaqués but will choose a peaceful Greek island instead ?


      This is a photo of some of the nannies. It's been around for a while but very appropriate now.

  72. The first name that came to my mind was the Pennington nanny, but after all was it for Mr Young necessary to really question a nanny ? Wasn't it faster and cheaper (because no nanny would sign this without being very well paid) to invent all that rubbish, inspiring himself with old articles, in plain anonymity ?
    Who is going to be the next unnamed but suggested one ? Ricardo Oliveira ? Helder Luis, Amy Tierney ?


    I just knew there would be something when I looked this morning -
    'the resort was considered so unsafe nannies were given rape whistles'

    and on and on it goes

  74. Rehash from 2007.

  75. General Election on June 8th - announces TM. How will this affect things in terms of timing, I wonder. Will she be able to use the furore around the election to kick something else off

  76. Text, What's your take on The General Election recently announced?

    1. Anonymous 18 Apr 2017, 11:37:00,

      We are certain that first and foremost on Theresa May’s mind is Brexit.

      If she called for an election, it must be because she wants an electoral legitimatisation – Brexit did legitimately win but those now running it were placed in power by, shall we say, procedural means

      She may want it for 2 reasons.

      Externally would be because she feels she will have an easy win with the public vote, and so cement her hands on the driving wheel.

      Internally, she may be doing a David Cameron. Winning the popular vote to get those in her party who she feels are opposing her to quiet down.

      In terms of the Maddie case, we would suggest get closure with the TRUTH before then. That will be a popular vote-winner.

  77. This is naturally a press release by the McCanns machine, this time with the consent of Charlotte Pennington under the condition she would remain anonymous. The machine is working both in the UK and in Portugal. Either Portugal gets fed up and puts these lying criminals where they belong or this will go on forever . MAde up rapes, fake police response times, fake witnesses and all allowed under the anonymous source of all press releases.

  78. The Daily McCann
    "Management in PdL fought back against allegations that the resort was a dangerous place.
    The beach is now regularly checked for unexploded hand grenades and the shark attack that left a man with life-changing injuries was a freak occurrence.
    "In response to the criticism that only staff were equipped with rape alarms, all groups will be given a free alarm as part of their package.
    "Queues to book the tapas restaurant have been eliminated by a tombola system. Those guests with lucky tickets ending in zero or five are guaranteed a table.
    "It's a fair system, even though some guests never get to eat there" said Mr Brown from Essex.
    "There are lots of pubs which do excellent Sunday roasts and all have blue plaques saying - Clement Freud never set foot in here-which is reassuring."
    A spokesman for the company said he was confident guests would continue to enjoy their holidays and that the recent tsunami warning was a press invention.

    1. Any measure in case the abductor, a maniac of number 10, strikes again ?


    Odin Podin‏ @OdinPodin1987
    So according to the nanny they were looking for a body from the get go #McCann (link:…
    10:34 PM · 17 Apr 2017

    Interesting word chosen by Anon nanny Charlotte Pennington in the article:

    “We were told to start looking in bins in case her BODY was in there. It was at that point we realised this was serious.” (our caps)


    'They've taken her': Nanny who looked after Madeleine McCann reveals despair of Kate and Gerry when they discovered she had gone missing at Portuguese resort which was so unsafe child minders were given rape alarms to walk home

    - Nanny who looked after Madeleine McCann has broken her silence after 10 years
    - Said she is haunted by the image of Gerry McCann desperately trying to find her
    - Child minder said Madeleine's devastated mother Kate cried, 'They've taken her'
    - Claimed the resort was considered so unsafe nannies were given rape whistles

    By Amie Gordon For Mailonline
    Published: 22:34 BST, 17 April 2017 | Updated: 12:02 BST, 18 April 2017

    A child minder who looked after Madeleine McCann has broken her silence nearly ten years after the three-year-old went missing.

    The witness, who was working at the Portuguese resort where Madeleine vanished on May 3, 2007, said she is still haunted by the night's events a decade on.

    She said Gerry McCann desperately tried to find his missing daughter as his wife Kate wailed, 'They've taken her'.

    The woman, who has not been named, reportedly looked after Madeleine several times.

    She told The Mirror the resort Madeleine vanished from was considered so unsafe nannies were given rape whistles and told not to go out alone.

    She also criticised how Portuguese police handled the incident.

    She said: '[Kate] was pacing up and down. The worst possible thing had just happened to her.

    'She was crying, but almost in a catatonic state, and Gerry was very distressed.

    'That's the one thing I really remember from him, looking under the cars. I can't forget that.'

    The woman also claimed police missed out 'whole chunks' of information during their investigation and took some 90 minutes to arrive at the scene. She said there was 'no way' the McCann's had any involvement in their daughter's disappearance.

    Madeleine's allocated nanny was Catriona Baker, then 20. On the day Madeleine disappeared Ms Baker had spent nearly six hours with the toddler.

    Ms Baker was not with the McCanns when the alarm was sounded over Madeleine's disappearance just before 10pm. However, she joined the search shortly after 11pm after completing her duties as a night babysitter.

    Police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine were last month given an £85,000 ‘last throw of the dice’ after identifying a new ‘person of interest’.

    The hunt had been due to end within weeks but extra cash was found to explore a lead in the investigation, which is nearly a decade old.

    An insider said police had found a person who was close by when the three-year-old went missing while on holiday in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz in 2007.

    The source said: ‘There is just one person who detectives want to speak to, who was near the area where Madeleine disappeared almost ten years ago. An international search has been under way to find them.’

    The Portuguese press reported that ‘police are understood to have clues pointing to the existence of a new suspect’, but it was not said whether it was a man or a woman.

    A report in newspaper Correio da Manha read: ‘This new suspect is believed to be Portuguese and was apparently seen near the Ocean Club, where Kate and Gerry McCann were staying with their children when Madeleine disappeared.

    ‘British police are understood to be preparing to question this new suspect.’


  81. (Cont.)

    Kate and Gerry McCann were said to be ‘very grateful’ for the continued funding amid fears the £11.1million investigation into Maddie’s disappearance, which is codenamed Operation Grange, was about to be shelved.

    Senior Yard officers see the development as the ‘last throw of the dice’.

    A family spokesman said: ‘Kate and Gerry remain incredibly grateful to the Home Office and the Met Police for the continued work into the search for their daughter.’

    A close friend of former GP Kate, 49, and heart doctor Gerry, 48, said: ‘They have never given up hope of finding out what happened to Madeleine, and believe she could be alive.

    ‘They appreciate the Met Police’s help and know they are doing everything possible for a resolution.’

    This week, the Portuguese detective who led the search for Madeleine McCann has promised to 'clean out' her grief-stricken parents by suing them for damaging his reputation.

    Goncalo Amaral, 57, claimed in a book that Madeleine died at the McCann's holiday house in Praia da Luz and Kate and Gerry covered it up.

    The McCanns won a libel case against Amaral in 2015, but this was overturned on appeal and that decision upheld in another court.

    This means Amaral is now able to sue the McCanns for damages potentially totalling tens of thousands of pounds.

    1. Two interesting snippets from this article:


      "The Portuguese press reported that ‘police are understood to have clues pointing to the existence of a new suspect’, but it was not said whether it was a man or a woman.

      A report in newspaper Correio da Manha read: ‘This new suspect is believed to be Portuguese and was apparently seen near the Ocean Club, where Kate and Gerry McCann were staying with their children when Madeleine disappeared."

      So, if it is the Portuguese press report to have reported, then it was when it was revealed that the PJ thought Euclides Monteiro was a person of interest.


      "The McCanns won a libel case against Amaral in 2015, but this was overturned on appeal and that decision upheld in another court.

      This means Amaral is now able to sue the McCanns for damages potentially totalling tens of thousands of pounds."

      Isn't this the DM implying, not to say stating, that it's a given that Mr Amaral will succeed if he decides to take on the couple?

  82. Is it wise or rather backfiring to point out to nanny service (even "after 11pm after completing her duties as a night babysitter" as said in the article above) if you are still trying to push neglect?

    If nannies were really (?) given night alarms, was it to protect them in a ressort for swinging activities - if mistaken for a consenting person instead of staff member?

    1. Anonymous 18 Apr 2017, 20:04:00,

      You comment seems to imply that swingers are rapists.

      Please clarify that is not the case. The golden rule for swinging is everything happening MUST be consensual.

      Sex with absolute strangers (and again ALWAYS consensual) is called dogging and not swinging,

      In swinging, when a swinger engages, CONSENSUALLY, with a person who is a stranger to oneself, due to the rules and restricted access one is assured that the stranger is not someone who just dropped out of nowhere but is rather well-known and trusted to someone else there.

      Rape is the one of the antonyms of swinging.

    2. Could you develop, Textusa, about rape as an antonym of swinging ? As a rule a word has only one antonym, whenever there's one (as strictly speaking there's no accurate synonym). For instance nonce words don't have antonyms.

    3. Anne Guedes,

      Entertaining visitors, will reply tomorrow xx

    4. I am Anonymous 18 Apr 2017, 20:04:00, I am sorry, I did not mean that swinging is rape. There is a clear difference between consent and non-consent. In fact, I rather thought of being in the same area (e.g. hotel ressort) implies being also part of consenting, anyhow, as you have clearly shown in your answer, it was a rather stupid thought. I did not want to cause any confusion about that and thank you for your immediate clarification. I admit that I did not think about the possibility to understand my posting in that way - seems I have taken the bait of the newspapers, looking rather stupid. Once again, sorry.

  83. On May 3 the Parliament is dissolved if vote is carried. Coincidence?


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