Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Just some words to keep a promise

A promise is a promise, and I promised I would be back on the 6th.

Must inform that I’ve been through 3 sleepless nights, trying to the best of my ability to make my small businesses survive.

Portugal is, if anything else, a mighty opponent.

About our little girl, during my absence, I’ve seen a lot of noise, but of little importance. The injunction of Amaral´s book, just another sign how unjust is the Portuguese justice (small letter intentional) when, recognizing it’s own inaptitude to provide justice either in time or in a fair manner, comes up with the legal term of “injunction” which basically means absolutely nothing, except to be unnecessarily coercive.

The legal attack on Joana’s site. Unless law has become borderless (by the way the only world where legality really works as is ruthless) cannot see the objective, unless, as is my opinion, someone is desperately trying to rid themselves to any linkage to the infamous ones.

The unfortunate support of MPT to Amaral´s cause. Real politik at it’s best. The man deserved better, interests determined otherwise.

What else? The McCs coming to Lisbon? Kate’s hand is so up Gerry’s crotch that she’s so scared shitless that doesn’t even realize how ridiculous that rehearsed pose has become.

Just a couple of crooks trying to stay alive by keeping themselves on the news.

The withdrawal of Maddie’s page from The Sun says much, much more.

The bed is calling, the eyes are starting to acquire a very acute hearing.

See ya.