Sunday, 29 November 2009

Caption the McCann Photo - the results

I confess I had a riot. 

The pics started to pile up, and I began to face a problem that was that I was looking in having an enormous post just with images. 

 The solution was to create a blog just for this relaxing exercise: 

This way, I can keep on updating it, with my own creations and with those received, voluntarily or not. Enjoy. 

Or, to some of you, not. 

That would please me.

PLACE A CAPTION, Textusa’s FIRST Online Contest

For me this picture is where the Infamous Couple is most unfortunate in their portrayal.

Look at their expression. How many adjectives can you find appropriate? So many, I’m sure, as I’m sure also that none benefit the couple.

To add to their misfortune, they hold a piece of paper right in front of them, as if asking please “please erase its insides and place your own caption on it”.

I’m thinking of some myself, and will probably use this picture with them many a time in posts yet unwritten. Do feel free to have a go.

Remember, it’s got to fit in that piece of paper:

Friday, 27 November 2009

DUMBVILLE LANE - From Rothley to Everton FC

I was "offline" at the time, but was completely surprised and totally astonished with the sad, sad spectacle that the Everton FC fans gave in Lisbon, when their club went there to play SL Benfica.

Still haven't figured if those people really believed in what they were doing or if they were trying a marketing ploy thinking that Maddie is a popular-heart-breaking-heart-warming theme amongst the Portuguese, and thus creating some positive empathy out of the stupid, ignorant "sardine-munchers".

Either case, my opinion is the same: DUMBASS STUPID.

I even thought that God had a finger on that final humiliating result. If angels could be heard, I'm sure Maddie's giggle would have been heard all the way to Rothley.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The McCann Road to Punishment

Do me a favor and picture a road in your mind. Not the one above, just any road that pops up in your brain. Although a simple request, clear and to-the-point, it has endless possibilities for an answer.

You may come up with a seaside route, or a curvy road running through mountains like wild spaghetti. You may line it with trees or simply run it through a desert. Might even throw in a sunset, or spoil it all by sprinkling it with potholes.

The point is that each and every one responds correctly to what was required: to be a picture of a road. All diverse, all correct.

What has this to do with the McCanns? Well, basically what each one of us pictures “guilt” and “punishment”.

The more purists state that one is ONLY adequately punished for a committed crime AFTER, and only after, being sentenced by a rightful Court-of-Law.

Theoretically correct, flawed simply by assuming that the Justice system is, well, JUST, and most importantly, that is able to punish ALL crimes.

So, all those that have committed a crime and are not sentenced by abovementioned Justice, are “unpunished”, or as some even say, have “got away with it”.

I’ve already written about what I think about the “innocent until proven guilty” concept. So I’ll summarize it here just by saying that it’s as naïve as misused. A person, according to it, that has committed a crime and is not sentenced, is not “unpunished” but INNOCENT.

I hear some voices saying that I should leave that to the rightful Courts. I would, if I could. If I believed in them, or, I would if they made themselves believable to me. But they don’t even try. They have, unfortunately, become just a mockery of what they were created for.

The whole gag thing on the Amaral’s book is quite a good example.

If the book, or what is written in its pages, were full of lies, or full of slander, still there is no justifiable reason that I can see to place a cloak over it, exclusively against British eyes. If lies and slander were to be valid reasons for censorship, why haven’t the authorities acted upon the British tabloids?

We, who have read it, know it lieless and slanderless.

So the reason lies not with the lies in it, but with all those surrounding it. Reasons stated by a British Judge, at least. Out of a system that I’m supposed to deposit ALL my trust on guaranteeing that all punishable are punished and all innocent are freed. Imagine that. Me telling you a blatant lie and in turn DEMANDING from you that I be treated, and looked upon, as Honest Jane. Pretty insulting, wouldn’t be? Not to mention what a show of stupidity as I wouldn’t be able to pull it off, or of arrogance if I could.

Back to the McCanns and the picture of the road. Are they guilty? In my opinion, yes. Have they been punished? In my opinion, again, yes. They are human disgust.

Reading news about Maddie is getting tiresome. People know for a fact that she’s dead. Nobody buys the McCann act anymore. Everybody has stopped caring, because they know that that pair isn't fooling nobody anymore, and are just one sorry pair of sods that, had they ANY shame, should present themselves in the nearest prison and ask, plead, beg, to be locked away for life.

And that is exactly what their state is: locked away for life. Locked in a lie, for the rest of their lives.

Locked in the fact of having played a relevant role in a fraud that involved millions, pounds and people, for the rest of their lives. Payback won't be tardy. At least on the "pound" bit.

Locked in the conscience of being guilty, for the rest of their lives.

Locked in the knowledge that each stranger is just another anonymous accuser, for the rest of their lives.

Locked in the stare of a society that knows that they are simply a couple of “unpunished”, far from innocent, for the rest of their lives.

Locked in the terror felt about the moment when Sean and Amelie will find the truth. How each of them will find it and how each will react. Will it be Sean first, or will it be Amelie? Should they be the ones to go through the hell of telling or should they trust chance to escape from this inferno? Can anything be worse than never being able to trust your own children’s stare for the rest of your life? Honestly, I can't imagine anything worse. But I can imagine the anguish it's causing. About that, the only certainty is that each day passing is one day nearer to this horrific CERTAIN reality. Amelie and Sean, drugged one night, growing maturity by the day, for the rest of their life.

Locked by Maddie’s remembrance, praying each and every day for her forgiveness, but dying never knowing if they ever got it.

I call that a sentence for life. I call that punishment.

 I will not get into Divine Justice. They may be non-believers, as, for all I know, all their church-going may be a farce as is the remainder of their lives.

As a believer, I believe that a sentence will be pronounced. But this one, not for life. A sentencing in a rightful earthly Court would be mostly a “coming-to-peace” for the couple, not to me.

I’m pretty much satisfied with their self-sentenced punishment. They have a big enough burden on their shoulders. Why then, do I keep writing?

Because, as I said before, a rightful Judge decided, purposefully, in my opinion, wrongly. Or rightly so, according to interests strange to Justice but certainly not strange to some in some strange places.

Because this particular Judge is only one of many official “players”in this absurd “game”.

Because this whole lie is so evident that only very powerful “players” may have kept it going for as long as it has been going on.

Because very powerful “players” make up a very powerful something, and when something is this powerful it affects society itself. All of us, but most important to me, me.

For all those that will read me in the future, yes, we do live in absurd, but interesting, times these days. I do hope that our humanity has finally been able discover some common sense.

If not, don’t worry, wisdom has always been built with blocks of absurdity.