Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The reflection is all wrong.

Many days ,weeks , months and years have now passed ,yet it is only lately we see the ravage of time etched on the Mccanns faces.

It is hard to believe that Madeleine ,presumed dead ,has been gone for almost three years. I have no doubt that the Mccanns have a PR stunt prepared for her up and coming birthday.

Her siblings, will be giving gifts and there will be an empty chair, Maddys chair.

The Mccanns interviewed in the days and weeks when Madeleine was first lost to them, seemed to glow, there seemed an inner peace.

The twins were once again placed in the creche so that the parents may jog and walk the wonderful beach of PDL.

The twins had a sister, what once were three ,then became two. The twins had lost their sister yet where were the parents to explain this loss to their remaining little ones? why were they not comforting them they must have wondered where their big sister had gone.

The McCanns claim their first born was 'stolen' by an abductor . They were watched said Kate, they must have been waiting for the window of opportunity she is heard to have said.

An evil predator had lain in wait to take Madeleine and yet knowing this man could still be in the area ,could still be watching Kates remaining children, what does Kate do? she places them back in the creche with strangers,the same strangers she did not want to leave them with at night.

Would any mother not fear for her tiny toddlers, would any mother not hold them closer, tighter , would any mother let them out of her sight?...the answer has to be NO..there is an evil man out there taking children from their beds...

Well is'nt there? and yet we have Kate and Gerry McCann without a care in the world leaving their children once more.

A parent would only be able to leave a child because they know there is no such threat ,an abductor does not exist..

The Mccanns in those early days shone with gleaming white smiles and bronzed athletic bodies. They did not look like parents suffering for the loss of their daughter, in fact they did not look like they had lost anything at all least of all the most precious thing in the world. Their first born.

Why and how the Mccanns could look so pleased with themselves remains a mystery.

Why the Mccanns look now the way they do does not. There is no mystery when you have lied , plotted and schemed and continue to do so. There is no mystery when your rich supporters seem to be slipping away.

There is no mystery as to their hatred for Mr.Amaral the man the Mccanns intend to destroy.

Mr.Amaral who guessed what really happened to Madeleine. The Mccanns faces reflect now the anguish of this torment .

he anguished torment that was never reflected for the loss of Madeleine.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

A Prayer for Madeira

Sometimes we forget how small and powerless we’re really are in the face of elements. Sometimes some higher power taps us on the shoulder, to remind us exactly of that. How fragile and so short-timed our lives really, really are.

Then and there, all our arrogance, all our importance are put in the rightful place. My heart goes out to the people of Madeira. I pray that you may find, as quickly as is humanly possible, the necessary strength and resilience to overcome this enormous tragedy.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Just a Few Thousand Words...

Oh Poor, Poor Us

McCanns attack police after they were forced into 'begging' for help to find Madeleine 

Mr McCann said: “You would hope that the parents of a missing child shouldn't have to be here begging for such assistance and that the authorities would actually do everything in their power in the first place.”

It seems a clear case of professional misconduct by the investigators of the Policia Judiciaria.

Have you filed a formal complaint against these perpetrators? Or are you using the media, ONCE AGAIN, to make accusations outside any Court against whomever you wish?

Aren't you just trying to apply Justice by your own hands, by judgmentally downgrading other’s professional ability?

Also, as I know you find it particularly disgusting, isn’t whatever revenue that this newspaper earns out of publishing this, a profit out of somebody else’s disgrace, namely your dearly beloved daughter?  

They said there were cases where their investigators had passed leads on to the Portuguese authorities and Leicestershire Police, their local force, only for them to be ignored.

So according to you, you hired investigators whilst REAL police from both Nations were working on the ground, trying to solve this horrendous crime.

Why didn’t you trust them? Oh, and you’re extending the incompetence accusations to your own Police… nice.

Do they know about that?
Thanks IRONSIDE for the link.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

About the Expected

There’s one thing I’ve not understood about the current economic crisis.

From what I was able to understand, it’s all basically due to “high-risk loans” gone wrong.

And I cannot understand what part of “high-risk” people overlooked or forgot to understand. It’s assumed by the expression itself that something could most likely have gone wrong.

The same thing is now happening with the outcome of the book ban trial.

I’ve already expressed that we’re facing very powerful people. And “powerful” is a very clear word. They’re not powerful because they’re tall or strong. They’re powerful because they can really, really influence things.

Even Justice.

So I’m surprised by the amount of “support” messages I’ve received.

What in “powerful” didn’t you people understand?

When I said I didn’t know which way things would go, I meant it. My reasoning side told me that the ban would be maintained, but my passion, looking at the guiltful expression of the McCanns and the hysteria of their lawyer, led me to, unwillingly, to lit up the flame of hope that it would be otherwise.

It wasn’t.

I said, and will say it again, that the opposite decision would mean unacceptable explanations, so the outcome comes as absolutely no surprise to me. Or even a disappointing one.

Let’s be honest here. Technically, as pure science, Justice was served. The system faced the fact that the adequate authorities had decided that the ignominious couple were not to be persecuted.

A wrong decision we know, but a sovereign one.

So it’s natural that a subsequent one should follow the same line of thought.

Something would be wrong in the kingdom of Denmark, quoting Shakespeare, if it wasn't so.

So Justice was indeed served.

However, Justice was majorly disserved. In the concept where a citizen is supposed to compensation, and accountability, of wrongdoing. That was totally lost today. But that is the Justice system that we have.

If a boxer is to fight a fixed fight, what is his worth worth? Absolutely nothing. But is he worthless? Far from it. The system has just rendered him as such. That's the hard fact. Should he stop fighting? The answer resides in YOUR conscience, not his.

How Justice has become the nemesis of Justice is something that we all have to question ourselves about.

So if you’ve come here for refuge, do go somewhere else. If you’ve come here for answers, please do the same.

Here, we’re convicted and convinced of what the truth is. And what and what for we’re fighting. I’ve seen convicted criminals outside the Court looking less somber and guiltless than the McCanns have.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to have a drink. Not to drown my sorrows, but to refresh myself and gather strength for the long fight I'm facing. Against the powerful.

Cheers. Here's to Maddie.

PS Went to peek at The Sun... they're not gloating. Now, that says much more than the Judge said today.

Friday, 12 February 2010

The Mystery of Rag Doll, by IRONSIDE

11th May

12th May Church Service Leaving Church

Criminologist Mark Williams Thomas has a thesis and his thesis is Madeleine was abducted after she left the apartment.

He thinks this happened after Madeleine was wandering around the complex looking for her parents.

MWT has said that publicly available evidence leads him to believe three year old Maddie arranged her toys on her bed and left through the unlocked patio door.

He also questions, is it unreasonable to presume Maddie woke up and after neatly tucking up her toys went in search of her parents.

MWT came to this conclusion after reading through 10,000 documents amassed by P.J.

He went on to describe how an abductor would not have arranged the toys on the bed as he would be in a hurry to escape.

Based on evidence provided by the files and a number of factors suggest that this the likely scenario. MWT explains his thesis well and I have trouble understanding why the McCanns insist that Madeleine was taken from her bed.

By their own admission the Patio doors were unlocked. The McCanns have never spoken of toys only Cuddle Cat and Maddies pink blanket.

Where then did MWT come to the conclusion that there were toys on Madeleines bed. Who told him?

He does not appear to have made this up as he claims there is evidence in the files to suggest this.

He also claims that Madeleine tucked up her toys before leaving. Again, how does he know the toys were tucked up? The first interview with the McCanns was May 4th. A young couple looking tense as Gerry McCann gave a short written speech. Kate, Madeleines mum ,clutched a soft pink toy we later learned was Cuddle Cat, Madeleines favourite toy. Cuddle Cat, who played centre stage as this abduction unfolded.

Kate was seen walking on the beach, standing on the balcony or evening posing for a photograph. Cuddle cat was always there, Kate used to inhale the sweet smell of her first born that lingered on the small soft toy.

We now come to the night of May 11th. The eve of Madeleines birthday, what a terrible day this must have been.The McCanns attended a church service . The good people of Portugal prayed along with this poor couple for the safe return of their child. This night ,the McCanns looked tense and nervous. The candle too large for Kate to hold in her fragile hand.

Cuddle Cat, Kates faithful companion had a little friend with him.A doll, a doll with long yellow hair.

Could this be Rag Doll ?The doll that Kate had bought for Madeleines birthday. But why would this doll be in Portugal ?

Madeleine would have been back home in Rothley on this special day had she not been abducted(allegedly). Madeleine would be enjoying her birthday party and her Dr.Who cake , opening her presents and seeing for the first time Rag Doll.

Could it be that Rag Doll was Madeleines favourite toy and not Cuddle Cat?

Could it be that MWT referred to Rag Doll who Madeleine tucked up in her bed?

Did the Mccanns manage to sneak away after the church service. Did the McCanns go to Madeleines secret hiding place and did her parents sit with her until the clock struck 12...

Did Maddies parents take her truly favourite toy Rag Doll to be with her forever?

Could this explain the truly bizarre behaviour of the McCanns on Madeleines fourth birthday when leaving the church.

We have all asked and been shocked by the sheer joy on their faces. More than any other photographs they have stayed in our minds. How can they look so happy when it should have been their daughters birthday.?

Much could be explained if the McCanns had spent time with Madeleine on her fourth birthday. If this did happen the McCanns took a big risk, a risk where they could have been followed and their secret revealed...luck was on their side.

The expression ,a picture tells a thousand words.How different the faces of the McCanns on eve May 11th to the following day May 12th. Madeleines birthday.

If those pictures could speak what would they tell us?

Of course this is only a thesis like so many. Rag Doll 'her one and only appearance. But the date is of GREAT importance.

 If Madeleines remains are ever found, will we also unravel the mystery of Rag Doll?  

Note: I would like to give my great thanks to TEXTUSA and PAMALAM whose help made this article possible.

Vultures & Vampires

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Black Hat Fest

As predictable as rats after peanut-butter, the Pro-McCanns had quite a fest with my previous post “Gonçalo Amaral is a Liar”.

Used as they are to read tabloid junk, and probably writing it, the Black Hatters felt quite satisfied with little more than the title to go and party on their corny little corner of the internet where with all the ignorant, frustrated and malignant smirks, smiles and giggles make Macbeth’s opening scene, witches around a caldron, seem a tale of feathery fairies.

Oh how they gloated over the fact that finally a White Hat had discovered and recognized that the Amaral thesis had more holes than a swiss cheese.

It’s fascinating to see how one can deduce that someone just for pointing out what in my opinion is an INTENTIONAL mistake by Mr. Amaral, has turned his back on him, stabbed him in the back and, for having sensed his downfall, basically had left him as if had the plague.

Let’s get some facts straight. If Mr. Amaral loses tomorrow, he is just beginning. With my total support.

If he wins, his smile will be a reflection of mine. I subscribe almost the totality of his book, because almost the totality of his book is based on fact.

Hard, stone cold objective fact. What I know is not true in the book is reduced to the where, how, when and why Maddie died.

That is a moment that fateful night. All that is written that happened before, during and after that night, days and weeks, exposing the many inexplicable contradictions by the McCanns, I subscribe entirely.

And what is not true, I do understand why he wasn’t truthful.

And so do the McCanns otherwise they would have contested the facts, not the book as an object like they are doing.

 Lastly let me lay out on very simple terms what your “holes in a Swiss cheese” really mean:

- Me questioning the validity of the abduction thesis, highlights the McCann guilt.

- Me questioning the validity of the Amaral thesis, highlights the McCann guilt.

Couldn’t you see this a mile away?

But you couldn't resist riding the wave, could you?

Please, do raise your guard and don’t make things so easy. I would call you dumbasses, but I’ve stopped being cruel to the fictitious animals.

The absence of the UK Press accompanying the Saintly Couple makes me wonder, since we’re on the subject of abandonment, who has abandoned who.

Not saying that Amaral will win, just saying that many already think that the McCanns are LOSERS.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Gonçalo Amaral is a Liar

The “Generals” who’ve been responsible for running the McCann Campaign in the Great Maddie War (2007 - ?) have done so quite successfully, I must recognize and compliment, using three basic tactics or main guidelines:

- erosion by time,

- creation and attack of a Center of Gravity,

- sanity.

 Logic would state that I should start with the first, follow it with the second and then the third. But this subject has proven to be completely out of logic, so I’ll start with the second: the Center of Gravity (CoG).

About the other two I’ll just use, for now, two examples: #1, the demise of the 3A Forum, and #3, The Madeleine Foundation.

Wikipedia says that the US Defense Department states that: “the definition of a CoG is "the source of power that provides moral or physical strength, freedom of action, or will to act." (Joint Publication 1-02, DoD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms), (Washington, DC:2008))

Thus, the center of gravity is usually seen as the "source of strength".

It’s easily understandable that the most crucial, or decisive, advantage that a party can have over the other is to identify and act upon the adversary’s CoG. That thing, fact or whatever that will make him topple. Fall. Give up. Be defeated and not willing to deny the fact.

In medieval times the CoG was the monarch. Once the King/Queen was toppled, the whole kingdom fell with him. A concept simple to understand.

The problem appears when the enemy’s CoG is simply impossible to conquer, either by the lack of our strength or by the surplus of his. In that there only are two options: avoidance, by concurrence or submission (much used in diplomatic fora), or, if you’re able to, convince the adversary that his CoG is other than the effective one.

If you’re able convince him that he withdraws his strength from something that you can control, you’re on the road to success.

If you can’t beat his CoG, create one that you can.

What are, in my opinion, the various CoGs in what I’ve designated as the Great Maddie War? For those on our side, it’s the public and official recognition of the truth. The McCanns rely on the fact that the establishment will NEVER recognize the truth as you know it to be.

That would mean the application of punishment upon those involved. Our CoG is the truth, the punishment is simply a consequence of its conquest.

For them, well there are the McCanns, the McCann and the McCann. For the McCanns, as in those in very high places who are protecting Kate and Gerry, the CoG is to be able to let the issue slide into forgetfulness by the average human being. Do a Big Brother on the whole thing. As if it never happened.

If they do that, they will be able to go on living their everyday life as they did before. This applies to David Payne who, in my opinion, killed Maddie most likely accidentally.

For the McCann, as in Kate, her CoG is to successfully create a time machine and never, ever set foot in Portugal. That being impossible, she’s invented one where she’s left alone to suffer the misery of repentance. The consequence, she dreams, is self-forgiveness. Hard luck, guilt has a tendency to stick harder than a starved leach.

For the McCann, as in Gerry, the CoG is simply to be a pr*ck. No, not in an insulting manner, but in a vain, arrogant mine-is-bigger-than-yours kind of pr*ck. The consequence? To be a worldwide recognized celebrity, which is the state he suddenly found himself in, and adamantly unwilling to let go.

Both Gerry and Kate are an immense burden amongst their troops. I believe that the couple have been much more cursed by those on their side than from all the curses and insults from our side put together. And there have been many…

Summing up, the CoGs involved are: ours, the truth, theirs, our forgetfulness.

Both #1 and #3 tactics/guidelines of the McCann Campaign (erosion of time and sanity) have the intent of imposing forgetfulness upon all of us.

The first by natural tendency that we remember most what we prioritize as important, and these priorities are permanently renovated, thus what is important today is not what was last year around about this time.

The second, or #3, is to label any opposing opinion as belonging to the odd, the abnormal, the perverted, the extremist or the lunatic. The so-called and self-assumed normal, sane and respected people will naturally antagonize these, together with the inconvenient said opinion, that due to this has now become exclusively theirs. Of the mad. The surreal. The despicable. Those that should be ignored.

And nobody remembers what it ignores. Forgetfulness is achieved.

Theoretically, #1 and #3 are enough to conquer the desired CoG, and win the war.

Why then did I come up with #2? Two reasons.

First, these two tactics only apply pressure and exercise an outstanding patience, but cannot take care of popularity. Truth is popular. If something is popular, there is NO way it can be pushed it into the “nutcase” category and can subsequently made to be discarded by the regular Joes.

Second, our CoG will always be there, theirs depends on our memory. The only way to “destroy” the truth is to carve its credibility away, so it becomes something else, then compared to how it was and nobody will ever believe what it was supposed to be.

The sardine eaters smearing campaign was and is designed to attack both the popularity and credibility of the Portuguese and the Portuguese police. All the racial and social slander we’ve read, unacceptable to all except to those who control the media that forces the message. But that is still not enough.

A Country, as poor, disgusting and subhuman as Portugal has been portrayed, is never responsible for a specific manslaughter. We’ll get there one of these days, but we’re not there yet.

The CoG is then impossible to conquer. A truth to slander, a Country to humiliate. Too much.

Next step, as per text-book, is, as I’ve said, to create a CoG.

In any self-defense class, if outnumbered by the threat and unable to run away, there’s a golden rule to be remembered. Only one. Attack whoever represents the biggest threat. If you lose, usually he has the right to the spoils, which basically means that you’ll be beaten solely by the character, but if you defeat him, you defeat the pack.

Why? Because he is the pack’s CoG, and once he falls, the rest go down with him. And who is the leader of our pack? Well, they’re done a pretty good job in making us believe that it’s Gonçalo Amaral.

Now you know why.

They’ve almost succeeded in making us think that if he falls, all our credibility falls with him. Words will be swept under rugs and ideas blown away into the wind. And I say almost, although I do sense some desperation from some when faced with the possible confirmation of the injunction.

That’s why the McCanns are centering everything on this man.

And it’s why that I need to remind all of something very important. A crime has happened, and Amaral did not commit it.

Independently of how much you smear his name, ONE thing remains a fact: he didn’t kill Maddie, the Tapas did.

Likewise, no matter how much is the saintly image of the McCanns pushed down our throats, the fact still is the same as was in the paragraph above: the Tapas killed Maddie, not Amaral.

So is prohibiting the sale of his book a useless exercise? Once again it’s a two-fold answer, the book and the man, but with one common denominator: it will have a boomerang effect.

About the book, it seems at first to be an apparent innocuous attempt of silencing of something that is already out there. I’ve said so myself. But if the book is forced out of circulation, then it cannot be used officially against the McCanns in any official forum, namely in the Courts or to re-open the process. So think the McCanns.

Also, my friend Ironside has pointed out something very, very important: the Gaspar episode. I’ll get to it later.

McCanns, stupid, stupid McCanns, what you to gain is so little to what you’ve already lost, and do you think this possible injunction will have any relevance when your pretty ass will be on the line? The powerful that’ve protected you, will be the one’s that will not rest until they see your blood spilled all over the Court-room floor.

Yes, then the book WILL be used. Then the injunction will just be an overlookable technicality.

About the man. You’ve run a good campaign smearing his name and reputation, Ill give you that. But all will go down the drain if he comes victorious, and he might. Do be careful. We all know is resolute and intelligent.

And is hurt, in his dignity and honor. But we, you and I, also know that he is a liar.

The theory in his book makes as much sense as your abduction fantasy tale. You see, he pinpoints Maddie’s death at 21:20, the exact time my good friend Jane Tanner sees my other good friend Gerald McCann talking to some Jeremy fellow.

According to Amaral, Maddie died, falling between the couch and the wall upon hearing her father in this conversation on the other side of the window.

What Amaral seems overlook is to explain the smell of dead bodies in two separate locations of the apartment, plus the body’s disposal, witnessed by a family, all under 40 minutes, time between the referred conversation and the alarm set off by St. Kate of Rothley?

The only plausible explanation would be by him bringing onto the scene your enormously talented abductor.
Also it’s outstandingly remarkable the Gaspar episode in the book. Completely misplaced and out of context.

If the book is to defend the thesis of an accidental death and the disposal due to social implications, why on earth put in a disgusting sexually explicit episode that had happened two years before?

And when in it the most despicable character is none of the parents, although the father isn’t exactly portrayed favorably, to say the least.

Was Amaral trying to tell you something, explicitly as well? Something like I got you by the b*lls and I’m going to squeeze? Oh, and here he’s not lying.  

Yes, he is a liar, but a very selective one. Not a desperate one like you lot.

The relevant question certanly is not if he’s lying, but why. He was at the scene, he coordinated a team that handled and analyzed all the information and all the misinformation.

Yes, please don’t forget that whatever all Amaral knows, all his team members know it too. If you ever are able to silence him who knows where from the next RELIABLE source will come from… But that is YOUR problem, not mine, and not even the intent of this post.

And you certainly don’t want to explain publicly why he’s lying.

You could have used what I’ve said above against him and you haven’t. You know your reasons. I do too.

The intent of this post is take some of the burden off the back of this man. It’s a big, big one that he is carrying.

We’re all falling into the trap that the McCanns have laid out for us: making Gonçalo Amaral our CoG.  

Our CoG, I repeat, is the truth.

Let’s let Amaral fight his battles without this burden. He is defending, quite correctly, the freedom of speech. His freedom of speech. He might win, or he might lose. I’m really divided on this one. I cannot foresee how this will end.

On one side, the need of the establishment of not losing ace, on the other the freedom of speech, an issue so dear to Europe. And Europe, although completely indefinable, is much wider than the UK and Portugal.

It comes to my mind the known lack of tolerance for bullsh*t of the Germans, just to name one other nation.

So I don’t know if he’s going to lose or win. I believe that he won’t lose faith in either case, because many a battle awaits him.

If he wins, the publication of the book in the UK, if he loses, exposing this entire charade to European courts. Maddie is dead.

The Tapas did it. Personally,

I’ve had my V-Day on that December morning (or was it afternoon?) when I came to the knowledge that the McCanns had cowardly walked into Court through the side door, running away from a non-existing mob.

That alone is the explicit verdict of “guilty as charged” from the fairest, most incorrupt and just Court of all: self-judgment.

Better than any hammer from any Judge in any Court, anytime, anywhere.

Sunday, 7 February 2010


I’ve been fortunate to have commenting my blog someone who not only is frank, direct in expressing his/her opinions as well as revealed to be an exceptional internet researcher, or better aid and understood, a net-digger.

 His/her links have been placed on the comments box.

I think they deserved a greater attention.

That way, the articles that s/he found interesting, others can feel the same way and add tem to their favorites. I’ve done so with some myself, and recently added one to my blog list.

This way, we’re contributing for the word to pass around, slowly but surely.

The more people that we can help notice or be noticed, the better.

Welcome then Ironside to this little corner.

Looking forward to this cooperative endeavor.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

What Happened to 'Victoria of Barcelona?'

What happened to Victoria of Barcelona?

The shocking news released by the Leicestershire Police one cold Monday morning was missed by many.

The news of the amount of money spent on the Madeleine McCann Investigation.....this DOES NOT include the money the McCanns have gobbled up for their FUND also assisted by the 'ever helpful' Leicestershire Constabulary with a PAYPAL button. 

Madeleine McCann hunt: Police spent more than £500,000 By Mirror.co.uk 13/02/2009 British police spent more than half a million pounds assisting the Portuguese investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance, it was revealed today. Leicestershire Police's part in the search for the missing little girl cost £548,477 in 2007-08, the force said. 

But it was reimbursed for most of this amount thanks to a Home Office grant of £525,069. 

The Policia Judiciaria - Portugal's CID - led the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance from the Algarve village of Praia da Luz on May 3 2007. 

Leicestershire Police became involved in the case as the home force of the child's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann. 

British officers, headed by Detective Superintendent Stuart Prior, conducted interviews of witnesses in the UK and passed possible sightings of Madeleine on to their Portuguese colleagues. 

After a lengthy delay Leicestershire Police responded today to a Freedom of Information request for information about its role in the case. 

It said: "The total additional expenditure incurred for 07-08 was £548,477 and Leicestershire Constabulary received a Home Office grant of £525,069." 

 The force refused to provide a breakdown of where the money was spent because this would reveal "operational, investigative and law enforcement techniques. 

No one but no one saw the significance. This had come straight from the tax payers pocket. Not only were the gullibe British public paying into the fund , they were also being taxed for the privilege. 

Something was needed to cover this 'bad day' news. A sighting? No, the public were used to them... it had to be something spectacular... 

PR Guru Clarence Mitchell , pulled out all the stops and came up with the most LUDICROUS idea he has ever had , even managing to tell the press with a straight face of this new important break through in the search for Madeleine Mccann. 

Along side him the McCanns top man Dave Edgar. Dave sat there with sweat pouring down his face as Mitchell went into his jargon. I think even Dave found it hard to swallow and was amazed as the spineless British press hung on to Mitchells every lie. 

Followed was a week-end , 48 hour coverage, in every single Sunday newspaper and the weeks to follow...for the search of a look alike...... Victoria Beckham,,, AND the most ridiculous story about the search for 'Our Maddie' was born. 

The words this woman had spoken were 'Vital' to the investigation said Mitchell. He could not possibly tell us what they were... Only to tell us days later 'Victorias' words..."Have you got my daughter". ANY Detective worth his salt , would know a woman, in Barcelona ,at 2 am in the morning . Alone....... .......walking the streets...is either, very foolish , a prostitute... or a drug addict looking to score. 

Barcelona, is rife with prostitues and drug addicts, muggers and any other night life of the criminal nature. It is not SAFE . ....... 'Have you got my daughter?'..damning words said Mitchell and yes she surely means Madeleine.. 

WHO else could it be ? It is known that 'Daughter' is rhyming slang for 'Quarter'...... A woman alone at 2am searching the streets to score.....is more probable, than a woman waiting to pick up Madeleine Mccann

Mitchell decided to add a bit of glamour . Rhonda Wyllie, one of the richest women in Australia and also known to Rupert Murdoch, was dragged into the story, she is now more famous for being involved in the McCann case than for her lavish lifestyle or her very generous donations to charity and cancer research. 

The whole story a fairy tale, but it achieved its goal. Everyone had forgotten about the previous Mondays news and the amount of money this investigation had cost the tax payer. 

Mission accomplished. Every single reporter who has penned his name to any newspaper article , should hang his or her head in shame.

Skys Crime reporter Martin Brunt.
The Daily Mails ,Vanessa Allen
The Suns, Antonella Lazzeri, who when one writes to her questioning her ethics when reporting on the Mccanns returns abusive e.mails with language I would not like to repeat here.
We then have the biggest disgrace of all....The BBC's reporter MIKE O' SULLIVAN, who due to his IGNORANCE of the Portuguese language , accused Dr.Goncalo Amaralo of using an abusive term when asked a question about the Mccanns.

MIKE O' SULLIVAN was wrong and the BBC were wrong in not checking with someone who understand the language before going to air.

Hundreds of people wrote to the BBC asking for a public apology about this SLOPPY reporter.....PROOF they had made a mistake? the footage was quickly removed....WE are still waiting along with Dr.Amaral for an apology.

I have named but a few.....the most disgraced honour however, must go to the Daily Mail's..... David Jones who went to PDL and reported back his supicions of the Mccanns and how their story did not seem to make sense.

Later, much later after talking with Clarence Mitchell , he made a public retraction...he apologised to the Mccanns and said he now knows they are innocent.

Shame on you David Jones for betraying your soul and the soul of three year old Madeleine Mccann.
Every single one of you have mocked and earned your money from this three year old childs death. Every single one of you have no thought for Madeleine and what she may have gone through, a frightened little girl who may have met her death in a brutal way or a simple domestic accident.

Instead of thinking of the Mccanns ,why do you not for once think about Madeleine and start asking WHAT really happened to her.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Another (Yawn...) Response to a Pinkie

Sometimes the McCs post a comment in a long gone post, so that I won’t go into the trouble of writing a reply.

This way, when history comes and searches these words, they had the last say, and my silence would be taken as an agreance.

Check this comment, put in today, Feb 5th, about the F-Word Slander Stunt, that I posted on Jan 15th:  

Anonymous said : Feb 5, 2010 6:49:00 PM Look, he said it, OK? You can hear it, even bleeped. The BBC checked with their sound technicians and would not have broadcast it if they had been in any doubt. There has been no retraction, there won't be. It hasn't helped that there are at least three different versions being put about of what he 'really' said. He screwed up, accept it and move on.

Dear A-hole (since you’ve not identified yourself and I have nothing to call you by, I decided to name you based on what my imagination sees you might look like),

Maddie was abducted.

"You can hear it, even bleeped. The BBC checked with their sound technicians and would not have broadcast it if they had been in any doubt."

Kate and Gerry are good parents.

David Payne is my hero. I wish he would do me like he did Kate. Blah, blah, blah.

What other cr*p do you want me to say?

When are you going to get through that thick skull that the simple fact of you saying something is okay, that it doesn't just mean that it is okay? Because, not only it isn't, as your bravado confirms IT IS NOT.

Even a dumbass brain like yours knows that this charade has gone the way it has due to your friends in high places, and these friends are not very loyal to others than themselves. Basically low-life people like you.

Your friend at BBC has made a big poo-poo, so don't push your luck, because there might not be any there for you.

“He screwed up, accept it and move on”. And take it like an adult.

About the versions, in your dreams, or nightmares since I imagine you sweating cold whenever you think of Amaral, but please, please, please do ask your BBC friend to put it somewhere on the net, bleeped, unbleeped, silenced, even doubled over, so that EVERYBODY can see it and make there own judgement.

Why won’t he do that?

A symptom of "missing" friends? How about, the absence of your famous friends at the “1000 days of Maddie Cash-In Celebration”? Didn’t that just send shivers down your spine? Of course not, it’s required to have one to start with.

Oh, I’m moving on. But in the direction that displeases you the most.