Thursday, 18 February 2010

About the Expected

There’s one thing I’ve not understood about the current economic crisis.

From what I was able to understand, it’s all basically due to “high-risk loans” gone wrong.

And I cannot understand what part of “high-risk” people overlooked or forgot to understand. It’s assumed by the expression itself that something could most likely have gone wrong.

The same thing is now happening with the outcome of the book ban trial.

I’ve already expressed that we’re facing very powerful people. And “powerful” is a very clear word. They’re not powerful because they’re tall or strong. They’re powerful because they can really, really influence things.

Even Justice.

So I’m surprised by the amount of “support” messages I’ve received.

What in “powerful” didn’t you people understand?

When I said I didn’t know which way things would go, I meant it. My reasoning side told me that the ban would be maintained, but my passion, looking at the guiltful expression of the McCanns and the hysteria of their lawyer, led me to, unwillingly, to lit up the flame of hope that it would be otherwise.

It wasn’t.

I said, and will say it again, that the opposite decision would mean unacceptable explanations, so the outcome comes as absolutely no surprise to me. Or even a disappointing one.

Let’s be honest here. Technically, as pure science, Justice was served. The system faced the fact that the adequate authorities had decided that the ignominious couple were not to be persecuted.

A wrong decision we know, but a sovereign one.

So it’s natural that a subsequent one should follow the same line of thought.

Something would be wrong in the kingdom of Denmark, quoting Shakespeare, if it wasn't so.

So Justice was indeed served.

However, Justice was majorly disserved. In the concept where a citizen is supposed to compensation, and accountability, of wrongdoing. That was totally lost today. But that is the Justice system that we have.

If a boxer is to fight a fixed fight, what is his worth worth? Absolutely nothing. But is he worthless? Far from it. The system has just rendered him as such. That's the hard fact. Should he stop fighting? The answer resides in YOUR conscience, not his.

How Justice has become the nemesis of Justice is something that we all have to question ourselves about.

So if you’ve come here for refuge, do go somewhere else. If you’ve come here for answers, please do the same.

Here, we’re convicted and convinced of what the truth is. And what and what for we’re fighting. I’ve seen convicted criminals outside the Court looking less somber and guiltless than the McCanns have.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to have a drink. Not to drown my sorrows, but to refresh myself and gather strength for the long fight I'm facing. Against the powerful.

Cheers. Here's to Maddie.

PS Went to peek at The Sun... they're not gloating. Now, that says much more than the Judge said today.


  1. Bom dia Text,caso seja possível. Para mim ontem também foi um dia ,que infelizmente não se pode esquecer e com total incompreensão mais uma revolta tremenda. Fiquei altamente deprimida com o que se passou e se passa neste pequeno país.

    Ontem fiquei sem acção.

    Só agora de manhã procurei o consolo nas Suas palavras. Tive de ler o texto quase a correr,devido a compromissos para daqui a bocado.

    Se tem o meu apoio? Claro que tem.É das Pessoas que mais gosto de ler. Obviamente há mais leituras de outros das quais também gosto.

    Tristeza infinda!


  2. Pasmo também com a má educação e os insultos públicos (tenho o 24horas de uma semana atrás)com vampiros,abutres,brincos e mais do género. Tenho os arquivos do forum do Sol com a causídica; tenho a página do blasfémias onde a mesma repete e convida à devassa da vida de um Cidadão e,por extensão à devassa de qualquer Cidadão já que colocou o sítio onde se pode ir vasculhar.

    Pasmo com as palavras da dita ontem à saída: um aviso para quem ganha dinheiro à conta das desgraças dos outros.É preciso ser descarada e tortuosa.Só me lembrei de todos os criminosos que vão a tribunal e daqueles que nem lá vão.E se são perigosos!

    Ontem apenas vi,não me lembro onde,um comentário na rede(sapo)mais votado: justiça na lama.



  3. I bring 'Good News'...there will be a press conference with Dr.Amaral this evening 19.00GMT. this will be covered by a reporter with BALLS Mr.Rupial.


    McCanns bad mouthing PJ..Nothing new there then.


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