Friday, 19 February 2010

Oh Poor, Poor Us

McCanns attack police after they were forced into 'begging' for help to find Madeleine 

Mr McCann said: “You would hope that the parents of a missing child shouldn't have to be here begging for such assistance and that the authorities would actually do everything in their power in the first place.”

It seems a clear case of professional misconduct by the investigators of the Policia Judiciaria.

Have you filed a formal complaint against these perpetrators? Or are you using the media, ONCE AGAIN, to make accusations outside any Court against whomever you wish?

Aren't you just trying to apply Justice by your own hands, by judgmentally downgrading other’s professional ability?

Also, as I know you find it particularly disgusting, isn’t whatever revenue that this newspaper earns out of publishing this, a profit out of somebody else’s disgrace, namely your dearly beloved daughter?  

They said there were cases where their investigators had passed leads on to the Portuguese authorities and Leicestershire Police, their local force, only for them to be ignored.

So according to you, you hired investigators whilst REAL police from both Nations were working on the ground, trying to solve this horrendous crime.

Why didn’t you trust them? Oh, and you’re extending the incompetence accusations to your own Police… nice.

Do they know about that?
Thanks IRONSIDE for the link.


  1. 2ª tentativa:

    "quero,posso e mando" as palavras e actos preferidos de seres como aque(i)los!

  2. This photograph shows the almost 3 years of strain etched on their faces. Kate looks more like 51 than 41. However, lets not fool ourselves here ,this ravaged look is not for Madeleine .

    We all remember well, the look on the faces of the Mccanns as they walked on the beach, laughing in the sunshine, taking photo shoots.

    Madeleine had been missing just a few short days and the Mccanns were glowing.

  3. There is an ugly rumour that Cameron may support the Mccanns and Mitchell may run as a candidate for the Conservatives. I hope that is all there is to it , an ugly rumour.

    Esther Mcvey (Conservative) lied when she was a Director of the Fund she claimed 80.000 had been used for a Campaign in Spain. A campaign that never happend.


    One week after the dogs had visited ap.5a...

    Mccanns trying to convince us that Maddy was alive when taken from the apartment.

  5. Transcript for above link..

    Its an encouraging thing that um they are looking at all possibilities and being very thorough and err its an excellent example of collaboration, between both the British and the Portuguese police...working together ultimately to try and solve the case of Madeleine and whats happened to her.

    Yeah,I mean we've got an excellent relationship with the Portuguese Police and we need to keep that link um and the flow of information has been great actually,its been very reassuring.

    We very much know that you know, they like frank information and its much easier for us to deal with when they do that and err we were well aware that these developments were going to happen. We were informed in advance but naturally this length of time we're desperate to find Madeleine. Thats the key thing. Of course um its difficult but we expect the same thoroughness and be treated the same way as anyone else who has been in and around us.I mean we would'nt expect it any other way. We're not naive err but on numerous ocassions the Portuguese police have assured us that they were looking for Madeleine alive and not murdered..being murdered and I don't know of any information thats changed that. Of course, the information and the way the investigations going is about thoroughness and making sure that everyone is as confident as possible..that...that is the case um Kate and I strongly believe that Madeleine was alive when she was taken from the apartment. Obviously what we don't know, is what happened to her afterwards , whose taken her and what the motive is and we are desperate to find that out.

    And as Gerry just said (inaudible)

    Police said they are looking for a living child and they have said that a lot.

  6. The McCanns PR team Lift Consulting...explaining the LAW...

    Executive Director of Lift Consulting

    "There are two kinds of freedom: the false, where man is free to do whatever, and the true, where man is free to do what they must."

    Charles Kingsley

    Freedom requires us some limits: the duties. As the main respecting others. In its integrity, its reputation, your good name. Because if we impose limits should protect from attacks or unsubstantiated, the sad fate of many, without evidence. Because a Democratic Country represents a rule of law. There can be worth it all: citizens have to be innocent until proven otherwise. And they must have the right to preserve his good name. Any one of us, if you imagine yourself in the role of defendant, recognized these values as immediate.

    A case of this type of abuse is Gonçalo Amaral. This ex-cop is a bad example of professionalism. And a bad example for non-compliance to the limits of freedom. Is used to getting what they want. Is a man convicted of mistreatment of witnesses. He is a man who weighs about a complaint against their actions (bad, by the way, since no one can accept an animal that literally start their witnesses to the confession you want ...) the European Court of Human Rights. The same one that he says who is to appeal the decision today, a Court of Lisbon.

    Remember that Goncalo Amaral has written a book that claims to be a copy of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, but classified as your opinion of what happened. The accidental death, Gonçalo Amaral adds implausible concealment of the corpse by the parents. A simple opinion. Nothing earth-shattering and therefore almost (he wants to make us believe), innocent.

    And this is the man who calls himself wronged. The man who does what it should. This is the man who, hiding the values of liberty of a democracy, failure in essence, by failing to accept democratically other readings of the same theme. And above all this freedom by prostituting her want to convince us that it can do (and say) what you want.

    Because Gonçalo Amaral feels wronged? Not being able to do what he wanted: 'start' Confessions of an English couple struggling with the disappearance of her daughter? Because he had to deal with external pressures that have demonstrated the poor performance of the coordinator of the PJ? Why not accept other points of view than their own?

    So Gonçalo Amaral is the first to circumvent the Freedom. It is the first to fail when what is expected of a police officer is to do its work. To proceed with research strategies. To coordinate their teams. The easiest way is down the road coverage. Waving to the public with the utmost freedom that allows us to do what we want and we understand. And at a time when others have done and done well with it until some believe.

    Fortunately, there are still lawyers who discuss the topic in the right place and the way the Constitution provides objective, and accepting at the outset and whatever their belief, that any outcome is possible. And judges who, in the course, decide that freedom is simply too much value.

  7. Lift Consulting managed to miss the best part...No mention of Gaspar statement.


    Footage of UK Journalists at the McCann conference.

  9. From day ONE its all been about them ,and ironside the drained look is what you should expect from keeping such a vile secret as they have CHOSE to keep for all this time

  10. Hi Anon they both look dreadful. But I believe that ONE day they will get a big shock.


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