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Person of Interest

UPDATE (23May2014 09:00):

We inform our readers that we will be keeping this post for another week.

The reason is we want to be inconvenient. Very inconvenient. We think it is inconvenient because we think it is an important piece of the puzzle.

To those who we are not inconveniencing, we hope you understand our decision.


BLUF: The fact that PJ considers Euclides Monteiro a person of interest to the Maddie case means PJ is looking into Ocean Club, or some of its personnel, as active participants.

Who is Euclides Monteiro?

And the answer is: nobody.

And that, dear readers, is of the utmost importance and we hope to show you how really important is this fact that Euclides is simply a nobody.

Let’s get our facts straight about what we know about Euclides.

He’s a Cape Verdean. He’s slim, tall and black.

He liked to write poems.

He worked for the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz and was fired/left about 6 months before 03May07, the night Maddie departed. It is not clear the motives as to why he left the resort as it seems to us that the theft of 5€, as it’s reported, not to be sufficient enough. But we won’t question that as it’s perfectly irrelevant. What is important is that on the night of 03May07 he was not an Ocean Club employee.

On that same night of 03May07, according to his widow, he was home, at a distance of around 2 Km (in a straight line) from the resort. That night, again according to his widow, he saved a poem on his computer at 21H00.

He had a criminal record for petty theft and burglaries. For that he served prison time. He was pardoned by Portugal's President Jorge Sampaio in 1996.

He had a drug-addition problem. Not clear if after his prison time this problem persisted. Widow does say he had no drug problem after coming out of prison.

He died in a tragic tractor accident in 2009. This fact has led him to be known as Tractorman.

These are the facts.

There are things, although we have been told, we don’t know. For example, we don’t know where Euclides/Tractorman died. Initially we were told by SOL, 01Nov13, that it was in Bragança but recently we have been told by Brendan De Beer in Portugal News Online, that Euclides died in a tractor accident on a golf course in Lagos, near Luz, back in 2009.

There are three golf courses that can be considered near Luz: Onyria Palmares Beach & Golf Resort, Boavista Golf & Spa Resort and Parque da Floresta.  

Quinta da Boavista, where Euclides is reported to have worked there in 2008 is the nearest to Luz so more likely to be the one where it is now alleged for him to have had the fatal tractor accident.

A golf course is a very unlikely place for a tractor accident. In Bragança, in Northeast Portugal where Euclides initialy resided when he first arrived in Portugal from Cape Verde, would unfortunately be common.

A fatal tractor accident in a golf course in the Algarve would have been news.

One important fact about Tractorman is that he hit the stands from the Portuguese side of things. It was the Portuguese media who first spoke of him, revealing his identity to the public by saying that PJ had linked him to the Maddie case.

Euclides, as far as we know, is the only “Maddie suspect” originating from the Portuguese media.

He appeared in the Portuguese media in early November 2013 after UK CW and before the CMTV’s Maddie special.

We were all baffled. We asked ourselves what on earth could this man, this nobody, possibly have to do with Maddie? Absolutely nothing, we all said. There simply was no reasonable linkage between the two.

It was said that he PJ considered him a person of interest to the case due to his cell phone use.

If one recalls, SY started to say that it had 3,000+ records of cell phone calls on that night in Praia da Luz.

Then, out of these 3,000+ calls, it elected 3 numbers, of what was to become the very brief notoriety of the 3 Burglars, who, apparently were said to have been 3 Ocean Club workers if we’re not mistaken.

And then out came Euclides’ name. A former Ocean Club worker. Almost the logical conclusion of 3,000+ phone calls – 3 Burglars – 3 Ocean Club workers1 Ocean Club worker: Euclides Monteiro.

But Euclides stands out like a sore thumb in this logic: he’s the only one named from Portugal while all other come from Britain.

Portugal reopened case because of Euclides’ phone pings. Apparently that was the reason.

Apparently, again, he had used his cell phone near the Apartment 5A on that night.

All, including us, thought that to be ridiculous. With the actual GPS technology on smartphones, a cell phone can have, we suppose, its location pinpointed. However, the technology available then simply reported whatever retransmission antenna the cell phone activated.

Red - triangulation (live tracking) / Green - intersection

If a cell phone activated more than one antenna than a triangulation was possible to be obtained but only if one was doing live tracking of the call. To do that, one has to know beforehand what number to track.

If the number wasn't tracked live, then the best that is able to be obtained is a general area by intersecting the ranges of all antennae the cell phone activated.

Antennae do not register the azimuths of calls and to do a trilateration one needs at least 3 azimuths.

To be able to know where Euclides had used his phone, he would have to have been a person of interest to the authorities that night. As far as we know, he wasn’t. Not that night.

All that could then be determined from phone pings as to where Euclides used his cell phone would be a general location around Praia da Luz. Or as SOL, 01Nov13, stated “according to the news, the Oporto PJ would have arrived to the former employee through the triangulation of cell phone signals which were activated in the night of May 3, 2007 in the area of the tourist resort, and they would have understood that the suspect was in the vicinity in the night when Maddie disappeared.”

He could have been next to Maddie when he used it or he could have been sitting comfortably in his living-room in his home, watching TV or writing poems.

Vicinity is vicinity and on RTP his widow stated clealy that he was in his house with her.

He could have been anywhere in the range of the antenna his cell phone activated, and like him, there were certainly hundreds of other “nobodies” within it too.

So, we like you, racked our brains to understand why on earth Euclides’ name had popped up by the hand of the Portuguese press.

Unlike the British press, namely the tabloids, the Portuguese press is not prone to throwing names about. The Portuguese by nature are very respectful of the individual's privacy.

So there had to be a reason for the Portuguese press to report Euclides as linked to the case and that reason could only be one: the PJ had indeed found Euclides to be a person of interest to the case.

But why? Why did a nobody become a person of interest in the most globalised crime ever?

With time one thing struck us as odd: Monteiro’s name just wouldn’t go away. And that happened with a twist. On close analysis, the British press, after the initial news surge about him, have never linked Tractorman to any subsequent story put out by SY. In reality or allegedly.

In fact, they have been careful to say that Euclides is a suspect only to the PJ, not SY.

When SY presented Binman to the world, and his exclusive Super-Bock shirt which we all mistook for an Arsenal FC jersey, it ran a parallel campaign “dropping” Monteiro as a suspect and saying that he was only a person of interest to PJ.

All the linking made between Euclides and Binman or with the updated version, SuperBockman, has been done on the internet or only by the Portuguese MSM.

Didn't the Brit press report that SY was suspicious about an evil gang of 28? Why not include Euclides in this list? Why shy away from him?

SY was trying to get rid of all suspicions surrounding Monteiro but the Portuguese MSM didn't let him go.

Sandra Felgueiras' RTP's Sexta às 9 of 02May14, even went to the point of saying “PJ já tinha interrogado Euclides por abuso sexual de menores em 2008” which translates into PJ had already questioned Euclides for sexual abuse of minors in 2008.

Although in the entire report this suspicion is only mentioned in this caption, it is right up the alley of the latest sex-assault craze launched by SY.

But did the British press pick this up? No.

Why didn't it fill its headlines with “Maddie's Tractorman Suspect of Sex-Assaults on Minors”?

On the contrary, they went out to show how innocent Euclides is.

On 03May14, Mail online says: Madeleine McCann suspect Euclides Monteiro was quizzed about a string of sex assaults linked to her disappearance before he died, his widow revealed last night.
Luisa Rodrigues said Portuguese police investigating Madeleine’s abduction questioned the convicted burglar about a spate of sex attacks at Algarve holiday villas in 2008, the year after the three-year-old vanished.
She claimed DNA tests had put the recovering heroin addict, a former worker at the Ocean Club holiday complex in Praia da Luz that Madeleine vanished from seven years ago yesterday, in the clear.”

On 09May14, 7 days after Sandra Felgueira's program aired and only after the massive public humiliating blunder that was the “let’s-dig-up-PdL-up-from-the-sky-with-a-helicopter”, Euclides was mentioned by the British press, in the Mirror.

A single paragraph clarifying how innocent Euclides is.

In an article about how the the Met is looking into a British Paedo ring, in which the names of Britons Raymond Hewlett and Roderick Robinson were brought up in the middle of SY wanting to interview “eight people of varying nationality, including an intruder linked to a spate of sex attacks there” (meaning they know who the intruder is), the Mirror had this to say about Euclides: Porto-based detectives who led a cold case review into the seven year old mystery which led them to dead former Ocean Club worker Euclides Monteiro, are said to have concluded there is no evidence the Algarve sex attacker snatched Maddie.”

British sex-attackers become immediate suspects in the Maddie case simply because they have a criminal record and its deemed perfectly reasonable to expose them publicly and link them to the case just because they happened to have been within a 100 mile radius of PdL. It's completely irrelevant to the British media that PJ has not considered either as being of interest to the case.

And then there's the eight yet unnamed other people who may be linked to a paedo ring in the Algarve and who SY wants to talk to. Again, irrelevant if PJ has not considered any of them to be of interest to the case.

For the British media, PJ's opinion matters only when it comes to Euclides. Euclides is to be left alone because PJ has concluded there is no evidence that links him to Maddie.

But who says PJ has found no evidence linking Euclides to Maddie?

And why leave Euclides alone but continue to persecute Hewlett? Has far as we know, PJ also found no evidence linking him to Maddie.

But the day after Mirror published that article, the Portuguese press responded in kind. On 10May07, Correio da Manhã subtly but effectively keeps Euclides in the public's eye by reminding all that it was because of him that the process was reopened in Portugal: “after the process of the disappearance of the child was reopened based on the similarity with five cases of children allegedly victim of abuse – and in which Euclides Monteiro, meanwhile deceased, appeared as main suspect – the authorities now believe that Maddie’s disappearance was a single case.”

The British press doing it's best to minimise Euclides’ relevance in the case and the Portuguese press insisting in highlighting it.

The McCanns, if you remember, dismissed from the start the story as speculation and didn't want to comment.

It became very evident that it is not in the interest of UK to speak about Euclides the Tractorman.

That told us that Euclides must really be an IMPORTANT piece of the puzzle. There had to be a reason for the British not wanting to divert any attention his way. Could it be just a racial issue? Having, like we said, a black patsy would be going a little too far in terms of the politically correct?

The tolerant Portuguese MSM didn’t seem to give much importance to that. His name just kept appearing.

Then Monteiro’s widow showed us an essential piece in Euclides' puzzle: she didn’t show her face during Felgueira’s RTP’s Sexta às 9.

One only doesn’t show one’s face on TV because one is afraid. And with an alias for a name.

Euclides’ sister is not afraid to show her face.

Someone defending someone else’s honour and innocence should not be afraid to show their faces. Especially about a nobody and Euclides was simply that.

To defend the innocence of an innocent only shows nobility, friendship and loyalty.

If there's no reason for Euclides to have been singled out then we see no reason to hide one's face in fear when defending him and see many to show it openly and proudly just like his sister does as well as everyone else who speaks about him in the report. All except his widow.

On 02Nov13, she didn't seem to be afraid to pose or reveal her name and face on the Mirror online article of : “Madeleine McCann key suspect was heroin addict who burgled holiday flats to get fix” and nor again in February this year on the Huffington Post online article “Madeleine McCann News: Luisa Rodrigues, Widow Of Dead Suspect Euclides Lopes Monteiro Insists He Is Innocent” (17Feb14).

So what has changed since then? Well, we did have SY's “Bin-Super-Bockman” in March and “18-sex-assault-spree” in April.

So what could Euclides’ widow now be afraid of? That PJ is to lock her up for publicly defending her deceased spouse? What other reprisals can there be if Euclides has nothing to do with the case?

She said she had lost her job because of this. So she’s known to whom matters in the job world who may “fire” her again but that can't be a real fear as the remainder job providers in the market do not remember the face of a nobody who has appeared in a report talking about a nobody.

So, for us, Euclides is indeed a person of interest to the PJ. In our opinion, not a patsy but someone with some sort of connection to the case.

So first we had to determine why PJ had made a connection between Euclides Monteiro and the Maddie case.

The answer, in our opinion, was given by the press: his cell phone.

Not by triangulation, which would be absolutely ridiculous but by calls made and received by him that night.

Let us make a parallel with another known character in this affair: Malinka.

Why was  Malinka considered a person of interest for this case? Because PJ determined that Murat called him late night on 03May07. Murat, a person of interest, calling Malinka at odd hours on the night in question made him a person of interest also.

That simple.

From then on, all Malinka’s phone records were of the interest to the case.

Malinka, by the way, another nobody.

So imagine that records do show that a phone number of a person of interest called Euclides’ number that night. At late hours.

Imagine that it’s on record that Euclides received or made various calls that night from and to numbers of people of interest.

That would make Euclides a person of interest to the case.

But let’s continue, let’s presume that our imagination is right this far.

Let’s list all possible people of interest to the case who may have called him that night.

We can only see the following: one of the T9, Murat, Malinka, an ex-Pat or someone from the Ocean Club, management, a worker, such as a receptionist or an Ocean Club worker who had Euclides’s number

Anyone else, for example a local friend, would not fire up a red flag on Euclides and make him to the PJ a person of interest.

And this is where the fact that Euclides was a nobody is very, very important.

Only the Ocean Club management and possibly an Ocean Club worker friend would have his number. Not seeing any reason for any of the T9, Murat, Malinka or an ex-Pat to have the number of Euclides, a nobody.

And why would Ocean Club management, or the hypothetical Ocean Club worker friend, call him late that night? Weren’t all Ocean Club’s available hands engaged in searching the area for Maddie?

Why call a nobody who wasn't their employee on such an eventful night?

If Euclides did receive and make calls from and to people of interest to the case we are sure that PJ is very much interested in knowing why.

If we say he became a person of interest to the PJ because of calls received and made that night with a person of interest in the case, we obviously don’t think Euclides had anything to do with Maddie’s death. We think he was simply an innocent middleman

The most important thing about Euclides being considered a person of interest to the case is not, obviously, Euclides.

As we said, for him to be considered a person of interest means that someone who the PJ already considered a person of interest called him.

Someone, who is considered a person of interest by the PJ but isn't any of the T9, Murat ou Malinka.

See how important to the case Euclides is after all?

We could not but note the following:

SOL mentions Euclides worked at Quinta da Boavista in 2008.

Euclides was said initially to have died in North, now likely to have been in Quinta da Boavista. Why call attention to this golf course now?

Quinta da Boavista has links to Ocean Club and has strong links to John Geraghty

Geraghty got church keys and stored the hire car and returned it to hire company.

But if Euclides is a person of interest to the PJ because he received a call at odd hours that night, who could have called him?

We know Euclides, within the Ocean Club, worked at the Millenium.

Could it have been been Virginia Monteiro? Virginia, like Euclides, is Cape Verdean and shares with him the surname and work place. Virginia is a Millenium’s kitchen worker and married. We don't know if they're related in any way, just pointing out the coincidences.

It could have been Nelson Rodrigues? Nelson, a barman and waiter at the Ocean Club for two years, who worked alongside Monteiro in 2006.

Nelson is the same “former Ocean Club worker” who on 31Jan14 “told Sky News, told Sky News Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt that employees at the complex would have had the perfect opportunity to snatch a child.”  

Nelson Rodrigues shares the surname with Euclides’ widow, Luisa Rodrigues, but Rodrigues is a very common surname in Portugal. Again, we don't know if they're any relationship between them, just pointing out the coincidence.

We know by Nelson that he searched for Maddie until 05H00. He apparently searched one hour after the McCanns stopped their search at 04H00: “He heard about the child's disappearance on Thursday night. Shortly after he heard the news, a Mark Warner tennis instructor arrived at the Millenium and they went to search for the child together by the swimming pool and tennis courts. As they did not find Madeleine he phoned Luis de Barros, the head waiter who was on his day off to inform him. The latter arrived shortly afterwards and together they searched until about 05.00 AM.”

His girlfriend Alice Silvestre, says, “she knows about the facts being investigated through her boyfriend Nelson Rodrigues who works as a barman at the OC and who phoned her at about 23.00/23.30 on 3rd May telling her that he would be home late as a girl was missing and he was helping to look for her. Her boyfriend arrived home at 04.00 the following day.”

According to her, Nelson arrives home at 04H00. For that to happen we would say he could only have searched until 03H00 at the latest. A 2 hour discrepancy on a critical night. A night all remember its details to the finest.

From these statements we get to know he made two phone calls. One to Luis de Barros, the head waiter and we suppose his direct boss, and the other to his girlfriend. Neither were in the resort at the time of the calls. The first in a restaurant with his family and the other home.

Luis de Barros confirms (and also confirms the search until 05H00) but clarifies that the call came from the resort’s fixed line phone: “he was dining with his wife, son and friends in a restaurant in P da L, before 24.00 he received a call to his mobile from the fixed network phone in the Millenium restaurant, informing him about the disappearance.
It was his colleague Nelson who contacted. He was not asked anything in particular, just informed, however he felt that he should go to the resort, which he did immediately, making himself available for whatever was needed. He remembered that there was great panic amongst all the people looking for Madeleine. He helped search, remaining at the OC until 05.00, searching the entire resort.” 

David dos Santos waiter at the Millenium says “Concerning the events being investigated, when he was working his normal shift from 16.00 to 24.00 an individual, tall and of British nationality, appeared in the restaurant at about 22.30/22.45, who asked him whether he had seen a little girl who had disappeared, describing her as blonde and three years old and that she was probably wearing pyjamas.” 

Gustavo Campos confirms the time the alarm reached Millenium “When questioned, he says that when the events occurred he was working in the restaurant and heard about the disappearance at about 22.30 - 23.00 from a Mark Warner employee (he doesn't know his name, but he is of English nationality) who, at that moment asked to use a telephone in the bar to make a call as he had received information about the disappearance of the girl on his mobile.”

According to Nelson, David and Gustavo news of the disappearance reaches the Millenium at 22H30/23H00 via a tennis instructor.  

Wouldn't have been more logical to have used phones instead of sending someone to go to the Millenium and warn that a child was missing? It wasn't overnight that the resort became spread all over PdL so we're assuming that the most used means of communication between the various areas would have been the phone.

Logic would dictate that once aware of the disappearance and the search plan activated, calls would be made to the various areas of the resort where personnel would be available to help: Reception, Millenium and Adult pool.

In the case of the Millenium it would be expected it would be ordered to reduce all services to the minimum possible - even close for the night as due to the late hour little or no further clients would be expected - and have all availabe help head down to the Tapas area so they could help the search starting from there, where the little girl had gone missing.

Apparently that wasn't the case. Nelson and the tennis instructor went on to search the Millenium premises. It doesn't seem to be that large of a place especially taking into account it's a one entrance/exit only place.

A 4 yr old would have had to exit the apartment, walked the long and tortuous path uphill which she had only walked once 5 nights before and about which her parents had so much complained, enter the restaurant unnoticed and access the pool area or tennis courts all by herself.

But however unlikely that may seem to have happened to anyone, they apparently searched the premises thoroughly (something which we fail to see having been done similarly by the Tapas staff at the Tapas premises much more near to the disappearance).

And they searched it quite well, for almost an hour and a half, because only around midnight was Barros called - which was after the search - and the call is from the Millenium. 

Barros had to pay, say goodbye to his family and friends, leave the restaurant and head for the Millenium where, it seems, Nelson was waiting for him.

At midnight Gustavo becomes also part of Nelson’s search party: “when his shift ended he joined in the searched with his colleague Nelson. He searched until 03.00 AM.” Around about the time Nelson's girlfriend implies Nelson did search.

Being Barros the head waiter, one would expect for him to take leadership but from these statements it is Nelson who appears to have taken some sort leadership role that night.

Barros remembers the group who ate breakfast EVERY DAY at the Mill, but he didn’t serve them. He also says that it was his boss Steve (Cova) who authorised Tapas Dinners - only 20 provided (Kate says 15 in her book) so they could be close to the children.

Why are we picking on Nelson?

We aren’t. He seems to be the person in Ocean Club who best knows Euclides. It’s he who tells the media that he worked with Euclides in 2006 and that he was a drug addict and thief who stole from apartments.

Doesn’t seem to us Euclides is the kind a person Nelson would call in the middle of the night to help out in the search. Doesn't seem to have a great opinion about his work mate.

And if he did call Euclides, for whatever reason, then why had the PJ to find out from records? Why didn't he just say so when he made his statement?

And wouldn't Euclides’s widow notice that call? He spent, according to her, the night writing poems.

So who could have called Euclides?

We don't know but does it really matter? No, it doesn’t.

What matters is that PJ considers of interest to the case a call to Euclides that night. And because of that call, PJ is likely to consider also of interest other calls he made and received that night. That is what matters and what is important.

To consider that initial call of interest it means that PJ already considered whoever made it to be a person of interest. We don't know who it is but we're sure PJ does.

It makes sense that the case would not be reopened just because Euclides made phone calls that night, as many people would be doing so, unaware of the drama. He had to be making calls to somebody else the PJ considered relevant (the basis of the 3 Burglars episode?).

His criminal record would be investigated and nothing relevant to sex crimes of any sort. So not seen as the abductor, although earlier press articles about him say PJ looking for where he buried her.

So apparently PJ was linking him to Maddie directly at this point.

So who has PJ considered as person of interest and who would make Euclides also one? Is it Virginia Monteiro? Or is it Nelson Rodrigues? Or is it someone else from the Ocean Club?

Irrelevant isn't it? What matters is the fact that PJ seems to be subscribing to some of our theories, doesn't it? After all, aren’t we the only ones saying that the Ocean Club is actively involved?

It seems that PJ has joined us. And not recently but at least since it has reopened the case. Or already back in 2007 as we showed you in our “Why Swing?” post (04Apr14).

We hope you now understand now how great a desperation is SY in to be able know what REALLY is PJ investigating. And why it will do all it can, independent of shame or pride, to know. To get inside that investigation.

That’s what Euclides, indeed a nobody, represents to this case.

To sum up, if you don’t believe, like we don’t, that mobile phone providers do not have azimuth information for all the calls from each of their antennae and if you believe, like we do, that Euclides Monteiro is indeed for the PJ a person of interest to the case, then you have to believe, like we do, that PJ thinks that the Ocean Club is involved and is doing something about it.

And that is scaring the living hell out of Britain.

But what do we know? As our critics would and will certainly say.


Early chronology of Euclides in the media:






(first time, although completely unidentified, Euclides is referred to)

ITVMcCanns: Hotel worker reports are 'pure speculation

Mirror (11H25) – Madeleine McCann 'kidnapper' was 'hotel worker who snatched her after being sacked then DIED in tractor accident'
(article also says PJ planning to reinterview several Ocean Club employees)


MirrorMadeleine McCann kidnapping suspect 'had received a presidential pardon after theft conviction 


(first time fully named as Euclides Monteiro)

(not identified) 

SOLWidow contradicts PJ
(first time named in Portugal but only by “Monteiro”)


(referred to as immigrant)

 (referred to as immigrant)

(fully named and widow, Luisa Rodrigues, appears claiming Euclides is a scapegoat) 


(full name appears)


(full name in Portuguese media – sister speaks out)


  1. Thanks once again Textusa - step by step - it highlights how much can be revealed through observing the games being played. It also seems to indicate or verify that SY have an intention to cover up certain aspects of this case

  2. If Euclides DNA taken in 2008, it could only be compared with UK samples from 5A as Potuguese database was only established in February 2008 and would have very few people on it.

    1. Which means SY had EMs name if he had DNA tested in UK!

  3. If PJ had found no evidence linking EM to Maddie then it would have re-archived the process by now.
    It either wasn't because of EM the process was reopened or they have evidence linking him to the case.
    Agree this not convenient for cover-up objectives. It's no longer the "crazy people of the internet", it's PJ.
    Nice sleuthing!

  4. Very interesting Textusa.

    However, I don't think John Geraghty owns the Boavista Golf Resort. It is owned by the Emerson Group and I can't find any link between Geraghty and the Emerson Group. Geraghty is believed to have a property on the resort as well as being a member of the Boavista Golf club. And that picture that is all over the internet of John Geraghty, is NOT John Geraghty, but someone else who possibly shares the name John.

    1. Anonymous 16 May 2014 12:09:00,

      Thank you for your comment

      You seem to be right. It’s Emerson group who owns Boavista

      We aren't sure what Geraghty's precise role at Boavista Golf is/ was. You are sure that he’s linked to the golf course.

      So what was in the post “Quinta da Boavista has links to Ocean Club and is owned by John Geraghty” has been changed and now reads “Quinta da Boavista has links to Ocean Club and has strong links to John Geraghty”

    2. Yes, I am 100 % sure he is or was a member of the Golf Club. Can I contact you in any way as I am not ready to put anything on a public forum since I'm really not sure what exactly his role was in this saga (innocently trying to help or is there more to it?). Many thanks.

    3. Anonymous 16 May 2014 18:08:00,

      About your DO NOT PUBLISH comment, Facebook is a platform we have abandoned a long time ago. So much so we now don't even remember the e-mail account we used to create the page, so no way to recover password.

      Best way to contact us is to leave your mail in a DO NOT PUBLISH comment and we will contact you.

      Thank you

  5. Unpublished Anon at 16 May 2014 16:16:00,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Your comment is not published because of ref to FM. Not saying it's false, simply stating, as we have repeatedly, that we don't think the Freemasonry, as an institution/organisation, played a relevant part in this.

    We are sure, statistically, that there were freemasons among those involved.

    However, let us say that your comment confirms many details we already have, although there is an inaccuracy with one of your connections - TS Ltd

    1. Hi - thanks for update and no, I also dont FM has a role in this either - thanks for not publishing due to inaccuracies - I was just trying to highlight the connections ...
      Thanks again

  6. Did Euclides really died in a tractor accident or is this being spreaded to cover the real cause of his dead? Just questionning, because up to now, any tractor accident appears on the newspapers. That pass unnoticed. Very strange.
    Did he die after or before Malinkas car was burned with the word " fala"?
    If he was a drug addicted and unemployed, he could have been easily seducted with money to help get ride of the body or of some clothes, even without fully knowing what he was doing. A poem saved on his computer that night, is not an alibi for him. Just proves he was not the abductor, but as Moita Flores said, the Tapas 9 could be up to 12. Means 3 more people are of interess. One was made suspect along with the parents. PJ just need to join the dots. Very scared, the Tapas 9 and SY.

    1. Anonymous 16 May 2014 22:25:00,

      If Euclides passed away in Bragança region, it wouldn't be news, unfortunately. These sort of accidents are very common there.

      We don't think anyone would risk homicide on this case. It would aggravate the seriousness of all. Up to now we only have an accidental death and multiple obstruction of justice.

      If Moita Flores there were 3 more "Tapas", we say that number went well up into the high tenths...

  7. You said Monteiro was reported to have died on golf course. Can you give a link to the article? Many thanks.

    1. Anonymous 17 May 2014 13:05:00,

      These are the reports about Euclides' accident:

      Initially, SOL said it was in Bragança.

      It is Brendan de Beer who says that Euclides had his fatal accident in a golf course near Luz.

      Both links are in the post.

      We are used to have people saying we have said/claimed things we have never said. Distorting our words won’t get you far. They are written where they are written.

      Those who say cannot read us but then provide opinions about what we have said simply contradict themselves, not us.

      Here is a link, also in the post, with all articles about EM.

    Joelson Fabio Soarez Santos Lucio, a Tapas waiter:
    “On the date when the events happened, he was working when he was informed by a colleague who was helping him - given the amount of work they had at that time - about the disappearance of a child - a girl. At the time he thought she must have got lost and did not give much importance to the events.
    At about 24.00, when he left, he noticed the police presence and many people, who had gathered near to one of the apartment blocks, which he cannot name. He then went home accompanied by his girlfriend, who is also an employee of the resort.”

    Didn’t engage in searches. He speaks as if all is happening away from him and he’s detached.
    So guests help search and Tapas employees go home calmly?

  9. Thia post has everyone stunned. This wasn't supposed to be picked up. The implications this all means is simply staggering. Congratulations on such a courageous post.

  10. The dead of Euclides is só strange as the excuse to fire him from the OC. Hard to believe on both.
    Most of the employments in Algarve, for restaurants and hotels, are temporary. He was probably, one of this temporary workers hired when is needed and dismissed after, without contract. Hard to believe he was fired due to stealIng 5 Euros from tips.
    Who said, he was fired 6 months before Maddies night? The media or PJ? I think, was the media. For PJ, anyone that had worked in the OC and is not working there at moment, is an ex - worker. I tend to believe, he was working at the OC when Maddie disappeared and due to his condition, was called and payed to do what the portuguese call a " biscate". Probably not knowing in full what he was doing, if had to do with the body or compromised clothes. Later, when he realize the extension/ seriouseness of his participation, he got affraid/ pressure to shut up, but it is not easy to silence a "little mexilhão", who knows too much, for so long. Even, because I believe, he was under suspicions for PJ long ago, not as main suspect, but as part of the chain. And his employers know that. Remember M3 activities in Algarve, while working for the Mccann's, plus BK and Murat meetings?
    I go, with who question the dead of Euclides and everything that surrounds his employment, specialment the dates. After all, this case has already another dead not fully explained- Colin S. He and a coleague, were ex british army called to PDL on the early days by somebody close to the family, to help with searches. They were pictured in PDL ( available át. Mccannfiles) and months later, without a rasonnable explanation, Colin was found dead by his landlord. His body was cremated on a rush without autopsy and the cause of dead assumed as an overdose of drugs. Was a surprise for who knows him, because they don't know he was a drug dependent.
    Could be my imagination, but I never buy the reason they gave for the presence of such guys in PDL on the early days- voluntary search of Madeleine. Somebody payed their services, and I don't believe they were searching a girl, the parents spreaded the idea of being at the hands of a paedophile who look after her with care. The Paedo will not keep Maddie on the places where the guys were pictured. They could have helping with something else and pictured on the searches on propose to divert the attention of Who could suspect their presence. Thousands of people were involved on the searches, including many foreigners, why picturing that guys and release the pictures and their presence in Algarve to the british media?
    Over the time, odd pieces on the puzzle could finally being getting their real place.
    BTW, Redwood was not supose to be digging at PDL by now? Is he waiting for the hot summer, when the soil become more hard and the dust out of control? Mais depressa se apanha um mentiroso do que um coxo, é o que é. E este parece ter entrado em " modalidade desespero".


    Madeleine McCann cops 'allowed paedophile Brit to flee to Far East'

    More trash.
    Hewlett is dead and now Robinson "A paedophile hunted in the Madeleine McCann case has “slipped through the fingers” of British police, the mum of two of his victims claimed tonight."
    Shouldn't it be the "bungling Britis police"? Isn't it the way they call PJ? And who was hunting Robinson?
    this news is to try divert attention from the digging that went wrong and from EM.
    Wasn't the digging supposed to have been resumed after M's birthday? Why hasn't it started. They have pemissions from the judge but I see no hurry to go down to Luz and look for the body.


      Looks like CEOP didn't tell SY!

    2. Bailing him wasn't a very sensible decision, and CEOP missed their chance to catch M's abductor!
      What a load of tosh in the Mirror.

      Next headline
      "Paedophile Pensioner from Pattaya picks Portugal for prey"
      Thailand seems to be the country of choice for elderly paedophiles, but sadly, no need to take a victim with you, as there are many to choose from already living there.
      With rising ages of recent suspects, expect the next one to be in his eighties.

    3. My, these pensioners are fit! Able to scramble through windows, leg it carrying a child, then dig a big hole nearby.

      If SY wait long enough, one of these elderly paedophiles, kindly granted bail, will die and provide a suspect. But maybe they will all live to a ripe old age if they are all as fit as this?

  12. About EM being "in the clear by PJ" and "no evidence found by PJ", it doesn't make sense. If it had come from a Portuguese paper then it could have been a leak from PJ but as it's in the tabloids it goes against what SY claims: little or no cooperation from PJ. So if PJ isn't telling SY, how do tabloids know what PJ is thinking about EM? Unless the tabloids have a source inside PJ, this is false.

  13. This puts into a completely different perspective the visit of head and deputy of CPS - Crown Prosecution Service to Portugal in April 2013. Does it suggest that UK citizens involved?
    Not that it means SY are going to pounce, but could be CPS went for other reasons like to explain the repercussions of certain actions by Portugal?

    1. Anonymous 18 May 2014 10:48:00,

      Thank you for your comment!

      Very interesting questions indeed!

  14. There were a lot of nobodies involved in helping the T9. Some may now be asking themselves if it was all worth it.
    Looking over their shoulders for the rest of their lives and unable to discuss their guilty secrets beyond a tight circle.

  15. A mother from Brighton, very angry with the British police who let a Paedo run away from UK.
    What stands up is the word "Brighton". Wasn't Mitchell, a candidate for Brighton circle? All explained.


      Robinson was NO stranger to CEOP!!

    2. Robinson was issued with a UK passport in 2009, so no concern in the UK about him being an abduction suspect.
      Interpol, also involved in the investigation into Maddie's disappearance obviously felt the same.
      This article suggests the UK felt there was no basis for prosecuting him for anything.
      That doesn't stop the UK press from playing the usual xenophobic game of Let's blame Portugal.

  16. We would like to inform readers that we have now placed an ADDENDUM at the end of the post with the early chronology of Euclides in the media.

    Thank you

  17. Então foi o CdM que começou a divulgar a suspeição da PJ sobre Euclides?
    Apesar do CdM ser cada vez mais um tabloide sensacionalista, neste caso acho que estará próximo de fontes crediveis por isso tendo a acreditar q Euclides tem interesse p/ a PJ.
    Além disso, os Mccann acusaram o CdM no mesmo processo q/ GA e o editor disse publicamente que o jornal investigaria tudo o que fosse possivel na procura da verdade.
    Há mortos que não interessam aos Mccann. Este é um deles.

    1. What I found interesting was the Star pointing out right away that he wasn't there!
      Hewlett who was much farther away than EM was pointed for having been there but totally different treatment for EM right from the beginning.
      Not comparing EM to Hewlett just pointing the odd different treatment between what were suspects of abducting Maddie.
      BTW I think the press has been very unkind and unfair to EM. He had a drug problem in before 96 and no criminal record since and he's been painted as a druggie, a thief and a possible child molester.


    ""At saying this, I saw the man. Who I knew later to be Madeleines father, running to the pool and to the childrens play area in the Tapas zone as if looking for someone. It immediately hit me that after talking to the older woman, that the little girl had not been found. I offered to alert the workers at the Milenium Restaurant and the man agreed. He then left again running to continue searching. I believe that this was between 21H30 and 22H00 but do not remember with certainty.
    I went to find Ze and Ricardo to give them the news and to get their help in searching for the missing girl. I saw the head of the Milenium Restaurant in the Tapas and asked him to telephone the restaurant."

    So, was Barros at Tapas or in a restaurant with friends and family?

    Salcedas asks Gerry if he wants him (Salcedas) to call the Millenium restaurant? Was this the way the "search plan" worked? Ask guest if he's okay in calling help?

    If he phoned Millenium, why only half an hour later does word get to the Mill via a tennis instructor?

    If Barros, asked by Salcedas, phones the Mill, why does Nelson call Barros later that night?

  19. As our readers know well by now, we don’t believe there was any sort of negligence related with Maddie or with any of the remainder T9 children.

    It’s our absolute conviction that negligence was route chosen to enable the abduction that never took place. Only by creating a scenario in which Maddie was left on her own would allow her to be taken.

    Negligence did not exist but the scenario of negligence did. And that is the only reason we agree a parallel should be made between Maddie and the case of the Irish baby in Albufeira.

    The authorities acted swiftly, effectively and CORRECTLY in this case.

    It would be easy to say that is what they should have done in the Maddie case. However, in Albufeira, the authorities didn’t face the immediate collaboration and corroboration of lies by both friends and Hotel staff.

    Nor the reinforcement on the next day of both the “7th Cavalry” disguised as media and the Irish ambassador.

    If those 4 things – friends, staff, media, ambassador – had come together again, again the authorities would have been stopped short of doing their job.

    That, for us, is the only relevant comparison to be made between the cases.

    1. Well,the most missing-abducted children are taken from the street or mall, playground beach.
      So .. If Madeleine was missing on the beach, the story was more convincing to me.
      So why?? do the mccann claim to left their children alone?
      ( A foreign newbe in this forum)

    2. Anonymous 20 May 2014 14:01:00

      We think the answer to your question is in expressed in our words above "Only by creating a scenario in which Maddie was left on her own would allow her to be taken."

      If they hadn't been "negligent", the "abductor" would never have the opportunity to take Maddie.

      The reasons as to why the negligence scenario was created is written in our "MESSAGE to NEWCOMERS" on the top of the right column in the blog's front page.

      Welcome to the blog.

  20. Saw this on JH:

    From the Times:

    Sir Hugh Orde said an historical inquiry squad should be set up to ease the pressure on other units Dave Thompson/PA
    Sean O’Neill Crime Editor
    Published at 12:01AM, May 19 2014

    The growing number of historical cases that the police are investigating is taking hundreds of officers away from present-day threats, one of the country’s top police officers has said.
    Sir Hugh Orde, president of the Association of Chief Police Officers, said that an historical inquiry squad should be set up to ease the pressure.
    The unit would deal with exceptional cases in a consistent way, instead of the ad-hoc responses to major inquiries such as the Hillsborough disaster, abuse at north Wales care homes and the activities of undercover police in the Stephen Lawrence investigation.
    Sir Hugh said that the police faced “increasing pressure” to conduct historical inquiries that could not be ignored. “To police the future you have to police the present and the past — it’s all about public confidence,” he said.
    However, the nature of those inquiries was that they demanded significant commitment of officers, time and money. Some cases were “drawing, without question, specialist officers from current inquiries to do historical inquiries”.
    Police numbers in England and Wales have fallen by 16,000 since 2009, while there has been a growth in calls for inquiries, especially in the specialist area of child sex abuse cases.
    Sir Hugh said: “The question here is do we have to set up an independent historical inquiry team to deal with the emerging issues, which I don’t think will slow down. It would have to be of sufficient size to be competent, but it would take the pressure off everyone who is suddenly having to find loads more experts from current, reducing forces who are fully employed dealing with current issues.”
    He added: “The issue really is how does one protect the decreasing front line from being dragged away from its primary function of keeping people alive.”
    Sir Hugh said that historical cases demanded high levels of resources to find papers, locate witnesses and decide how to handle victims, who might not always want to be reminded of the past.
    Police chiefs are also looking with concern at Northern Ireland, where half the major crime team resources are devoted to inquiries into past events during the Troubles. Sir Hugh, a former chief constable in the province, said there was much to be learnt from the historical inquiries team there, despite criticism of it by inspectors.
    He added that criticism of the team was “ill informed and ill judged”, because it failed to recognise that it was an independent unit set up with the priority of giving victims and families “maximum disclosure” and a form of resolution without guaranteeing trials and prosecutions.
    Cost of investigating the past
    North Wales care homes The investigation into alleged child abuse between 1953 and 1995 has 26 officers and staff and cost £1.3 million in its first year

    Madeleine McCann The Met has 37 officers and staff investigating HER MURDER in Portugal in 2007. The Home Office has met costs to date of £5.35 million

    Yewtree The investigation into past sex crimes, which developed from the Jimmy Savile scandal, has 30 officers and cost £2.7 million to date

    original link:


    1. Gerry McCann once said in an interview, 'There is absolutely no evidence that Madeleine is dead, and there's no evidence to implicate us in her death.'

      HER DEATH?

  21. The problem nobodies have is that they know they can be used and can't do anything about it. However bad their situation becomes, they know it can become even worse if they speak out. It's clear to everyone that the McCanns have been protected by governents so they know that they have no assurances if they decide to speak. From reading this site I see that there's a lot of nobodies who know exactly what happened and know exactly what is being covered up But they can't speak and if I was in their place I wouldn't speak too. Those who say they would are lying.

    1. So... some swingers in UK are "super-rich". And there are DOZENS of them

  22. - We are slowly being prepared for the swinging revelation. Second story.

    1. Textusa, I'm anon 18:49
      Pressed the wrong reply! My reply was to Su's comment:
      "So... some swingers in UK are "super-rich". And there are DOZENS of them"

  23. The colateral damage of the Mccann's fabricated negligence is the number of children really neglected in Algarve, by tourists. Because everything worked well for them, some believe they can do whatever they want, there will be no consequences. Parents get drunk leaving their children wondering by themselves on the streets or behave very badly.
    The good thing is, hotel staf and other tourists are more Alert and call the police, leaving no space for any interference. The police also, after Mccann's vaccine, act straight away on what is most important for the children- health and safety.
    Good decision from GNR , on the Irish child. Tested for alcohol and drugs with a negative result. If the same had been done on Mccann's twin, the result most probably will have been positive and the fake negligence will had die on the first hours, together with the illusionist abduction.
    The behavior of GNR now, give us a strong clue about what the portuguese police, as an organization, believe regarding Maddie case. They don't believe Maddie was abducted. They don't believe on any negligence on Maddie or on any other children, priori the T9 decide the alarm- but the twins and probably JT daughter, have been sedated that night to allow the adults to act free and to prevent any traumatic memories on them. That's why PJ wanted the twins tested in the hospital and that's why, after the Mccann's, GNR immediately act on the children to protect them and get the right picture of the incidents.

  24. @ Textusa Thank you.
    To cover up I really think they took a risk claiming abduction from the apartment.
    (Instead missing from the beach )
    I do think they were dining and wining as (a fact)
    I do think most likely she died before and carefull hidden she reported missing.
    The Mccanngroup is indeed very close.
    Most relationships are down by such a big drama.
    Well..this story is raising more questions than answers.
    But I dont think there is nothing left to find of that girl anymore.

    The twin are being told the abducter came in while they were sleeping?
    Gerry says: "If we could turn back the clock we would. Of course we wouldn't do something like leave the twins alone like that now."

    Hmmm, They do make a lot of strange comments..

    1. Anonymous 20 May 2014 15:56:00,

      On the basis of our utmost firm and convicted belief that there was no negligence is the FACT that there were NO dinners at Tapas during that week.

      NO DINING and NO WINING at Tapas. They did that elsewhere and when they did that the children were tended to by adequate proffessionals.

      One of the reasons why we’re positive there were no dinners is because there was no Big Round Table at Tapas. Why we think it is adequately expressed in our “The proof Ocean Club Reads Textusa” post (07Mar14).


    60 guests in orgy at Gogglebox mansion

    Sex romps in telly stars' Kent pile

    Last Updated: 20th May 2014

    GOGGLEBOX stars Dom and Steph Parker hired out their mansion for an upmarket masked orgy.

    More than 60 guests from a private swingers’ club drank champagne before romping all night.

    1. Anonymous 20 May 2014 20:49:00 and su at 20 May 2014 14:57:00

      Thank you for the links!

      A few notes.

      It seems GOGGLEBOX stars Dom and Steph Parker HIRED out their mansion for an upmarket masked orgy. A commercial trade-off. Facilities made available for swinging purposes.

      It seems that swingers who went to the mansion to swing were “super-rich”.

      It seems that there were dozens of “super-rich” swingers. The Sun is more specific and says they were “more than 60 guests”. 60, an interesting number. We’re reminded of our “60 of Us” post (17May2013)

      We are absolutely sure that all those who keep saying swinging is no reason for a cover-up because it isn’t illegal and people would accept it without paying much attention, agree with all of us that Gogglebox stars Dom and Steph Parker are very (NOT) HAPPY with and (NOT) welcome all this media attention and publicity.

      Their careers and popularity will now (NOT) be boosted.

      The “swinging minimisers” will also think that expressions such as “sex romps” are poetic ad-libs on the part of reporters. Who doesn’t love to see their names publicly involved in sex-romps?

      However, we foresee legal action ahead. It seems that some people were seen drinking champagne.

      Remember, according to some, not us, Tommy Sheridan raised a libel action against the News of the World which claimed that he had visited a swingers club where he drank champagne and took coke and the libel action was in respect of the claims of champagne drinking (he doesn't drink) and cocaine taking.

      Drinking champagne… what pervs!

      But maybe Gogglebox stars Dom and Steph Parker don’t agree with the “swinging minimisers” as they’re claiming they didn't know what was going on. We’re sure they will be not be happy. It's a very upmarket area and their reputations are at stake.


      In a more respectable paper.

    3. Anonymous 20 May 2014 21:57:00,

      “About 60 guests descended on the sprawling manor house last Saturday for a private swinger’s event hosted by Killing Kittens, a company run by Emma Sayle, a former school friend of Kate Middleton.

      We will abstain to comment on the implications of this paragraph, except to say the "60" is again mentioned.

  26. Textusa,
    The next time your pet troll Insane/Not Textusa threatens you and your readers with legal action, you just quote him from his own blog:

    "And in case you hadn't noticed, ''here'' is my bit of the internet. I can spread whatever I like, lavishly and with considerable vigour, on my own site."

    That’s his words on a comment made by him about his blog on 20May2014 09:21:
    What applies to him, applies to you!

  27. Já tardava, "Maddie vista em final do Benfica" relata o CM.
    A mesma história foi enviada logo a seguir ao jogo para o Forum de Jill por alguém que claramente tinha um objetivo. A menina da foto, veste o equipamento do Benfica e a pessoa que enviou a foto pretendeu passar a idéia de uma Maddie viva nas mãos de um português. Cometeu 2 erros monumentais:
    1- O Benfica é um clube planetário c/ milhões de adeptos por todo o mundo. Ser do Benfica não significa ser português.
    2- A criança do Benfica aparenta ter 3, 4 anos e n/ os 11 que Maddie teria se fosse viva.

    Isto para nao falar do coloboma que não se vê na imagem, mas que o autor do post reclama para o olho contrário ao de Maddie. Foi- lhe encomendado este servicinho e devia acabar no tribunal processado pelo pai da criança Benfiquista.

    What was discussed, apart from neighbourhood policing?
    An example of influence at work?

    Does this explain anything?

    1. Anonymous 21 May 2014 11:20:00,

      Well, we have found this:

      This is London, not Birmingham where Maddie case DNA analysed, but it is interesting timing. The FSS final report was signed late June...

  29. Textusa we just love reading your blog, from day one you have had it about right, just so pleased you continue with your hard work and research you have many followers and one day the truth will come out. SY now look like a bunch of incompetant idiots thanks to their corrupt leader Redwood. Undoubtedly some sort of swinging went on, something that kept this group quiet for all these years, something that they were all afraid would come out and so they have continually lied and buried their heads in the sand. They are all unfit as parents and they know it. Thanks Tex xxx

  30. Googlebox mansion swinging update
    Mail today
    Says 90 affluent swingers. Guests ranged from 30 to 60's. Some neighbours were hire as catering staff. Another neighbour says
    "Who would want to buy it when these sort of antics have gone on there?"
    Even the mansion has been condemned for swinging activities!


    How could Theresa May say all of this, and with real force in her voice, (as I heard her speak on the news) and then sanction a cover-up by SY?

  32. I can only imagine that when all of us were looking at EM's face back in November and asking what he had to do with the case, many just looked at his photo in dismay and said... "Oh, no!"

  33. Found this in a Portuguese blog from September 2007:

    Queimaram a Maddie?


    Officers from UK investigative team will be in Praia da Luz with Portuguese counterparts in next few weeks, Met says

    Sandra Laville
    Thursday 22 May 2014 10.52 BST

    The British police have appealed for media restraint as search teams begin work on at least three areas in and around the resort of Praia da Luz. Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

    Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are to begin searching on the ground in Portugal in the next few weeks.

    Officers from the British investigative team will be in the resort of Praia da Luz with their Portuguese counterparts for the start of what the Metropolitan police said was a "substantial phase of activity on the ground".

    But Mark Rowley, an assistant commissioner at the Met, warned that the operational activity did not amount to a significant breakthrough – but rather the "routine slog" of an ongoing investigation.

    The activities were, however, informed by the investigation so far, and the sifting and analysing of what has been uncovered by the British team.

    "Any actions we take are based on prioritising what is worth doing, whether it's about speaking to people of interest, looking at phone data or financial records, they are all based on prioritising," he said.

    "There are many potential lines of inquiry. If we didn't think there were any fruitful lines of inquiry we wouldn't be where we are today. The only way to get on is to work through these systematically."

    But for the first time Rowley admitted that the police investigation – which is being run with the Portuguese – may not result in any positive outcome. "We may go through every line of inquiry and all of them draw a blank," he said.

    The Met was called in to carry out a review of the Portuguese inquiry by the prime minister, David Cameron, after an appeal by Madeleine's parents.

    The investigative part of the Met inquiry began two years ago and has involved sifting through tens of thousands of documents, collecting phone data, identifying people of interest and identifying known sex offenders in the area at the time.

    The British police have appealed again for media restraint as search teams begin work on at least three areas in and around the resort of Praia da Luz. These areas are understood to include wasteground behind a church, an area where roadworks were being carried out when the three-year-old British girl disappeared, and an area near the beach.

    Madeleine went missing from her parents' apartment on the resort seven years ago on 3 May 2007 while her mother and father were having dinner with friends at a nearby tapas restaurant.

    The British police inquiry has uncovered a string of sexual assaults and attempted sexual assaults in western Portugal. Between 2004 and 2006 there were nine sexual assaults and three near misses in the Algarve involving British girls aged six to 12. These include a sexual assault on a 10-year-old British girl in 2005 in Praia da Luz, two years before Madeleine was abducted.

    Madeleine's parents are being kept up to date with developments in the investigation.

    Searches in the areas will at first involve the use of ground penetrating radar to detect whether the ground has been disturbed. Excavations of the area could then follow. But Rowley said this investigation was moving at a much slower pace than any inquiry carried out on British soil because of the need for legal requests to the Portuguese and the need for the two jurisdictions to work together.

    1. Anonymous 22 May 2014 11:53:00,

      Thank you for the link.

      "But for the first time Rowley admitted that the police investigation – which is being run with the Portuguese – may not result in any positive outcome. "We may go through every line of inquiry and all of them draw a blank," he said."

      We recommend readers revisit our post "Non-Psychic Prediction Of An Outcome: The SY's £2M Review", written on 17Feb2012, more than 2 years ago.

  35. Concerning this DM news:
    «Dozens of super-rich swingers in masked orgy at Gogglebox 'posh couple's' £3.5million mansion (but red wine was BANNED to protect the carpets)»

    Read more:

    I found quite interesting and revealer some of the selected comments:

    "Swinging parties are far more common than the average Joe & Josephine realise. Even swinging holidays are a common occurrence. VIPs often take part, and people with prestigious careers, too. They need to keep these consensual activities secret though, due to the stigma attached to 'swinging.' They will go to 'any lengths' to keep their swinging habits a secret."

    "A fine tradition, I was a safe swinger for years in London a collection of fond memories of lovely consenting people enjoying exciting times. We always had red wine though !! In fact it is very much alive and well and coming to a town near you ....The internet means you do not need the Daz box in the kitchen window to signify your intention as you did in the 60's!!"
    "What is a Daz box?"
    "Daz....A former brand of washing powder that when the box was placed on view in the kitchen window signified your willingness to swing."

    "It's not only the rich that swing. We poor folks can do it too. It's nothing new either, fifty years ago you made contact through certain restricted papers sold under the counter at seedy newspaper shops. (every town had one.) Most people in those days didn't have a phone and it could take up to a month to make a firm contact . Today with the internet you can get to a swingers party easily within a day or so. The best places for swinging is the west midlands around Manchester, the swinging capital of Britain. After swinging for 50 years I never even caught a common cold never mind any social disease. Always with consenting adults never any teenagers. No professional ladies either."


    Polícia britânica anuncia "fase de actividade substancial" na investigação ao caso Maddie

    Londres, 22 mai (Lusa) - A investigação britânica ao desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann vai entrar numa "fase de atividade substancial nas próximas semanas" em Portugal, a qual a polícia receia que seja perturbada devido ao interesse mediático.

    "Nas próximas semanas vamos entrar numa fase de atividade substancial no terreno", adiantou hoje em Londres o comissário adjunto da Polícia Metropolitana Marc Rowley, ao mesmo tempo que tentou moderar as expetativas quanto a um possível grande desenvolvimento.

    "Esta é uma fase significa de atividade normal em qualquer grande investigação. Queremos investigar todas as hipóteses credíveis, mas não quer dizer que tenhamos todas as respostas pretendidas", vincou.

    Rowley reiterou o desejo de testar "várias linhas de investigação", mas não avançou detalhes sobre o tipo de diligências que serão feitas e deixou entender que o número de agentes britânicos a deslocar para o Algarve ainda está em discussão.

    A imprensa britânica noticiou no início do mês a intenção de a Scotland Yard enviar especialistas forenses e usar radares de penetração no solo e fazer escavações, bem como o desejo de interrogar várias pessoas, mas a polícia britânica não comentou.

    As diligências foram discriminadas em três cartas rogatórias, enviadas para a Procuradoria-Geral da República em Portugal entre outubro e fevereiro.

    Marc Rowley manifestou "compreensão" pelo interesse mediático no caso, mas pediu contenção para evitar "cenas caóticas" de repórteres de imagem e jornalistas seguirem os agentes em Portugal ou publicarem antecipadamente notícias de diligências.

    O comissário adjunto enfatizou que a operação em Portugal é "conduzida pela polícia portuguesa" e que a Polícia Judiciária pediu aos homólogos britânicos que deixem de informar os jornalistas sobre a evolução da investigação.

    "Nenhum de nós quer que a investigação seja perturbada por dicas antecipadas ou notícias prejudiciais que atrapalhem", justificou.

    Marc Rowley admitiu que, "se fosse no Reino Unido, o ritmo de investigação não seria tão restritivo", mas manifestou compreensão pela exigência das autoridades portuguesas.

    "Sei que é frustrante, mas é uma forma diferente de funcionar. O processo legal tem sido desafiante, mas o facto de estarmos a avançar mostra que a relação está a funcionar", disse.

    Madeleine McCann desapareceu poucos dias antes de fazer quatro anos, a 03 de maio de 2007, do quarto onde dormia juntamente com os dois irmãos gémeos, mais novos, num apartamento de um aldeamento turístico na Praia da Luz, no Algarve.

    BM // SO



    Update on Madeleine McCann disappearance

    22 May 2014
    New Scotland Yard

    Today, Thursday 22 May, Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, head of Specialist Crime and Operations, met with media at New Scotland Yard to update them on Operation Grange, the London based investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    All UK based media outlets were represented at the meeting, as well as media organisations from Portugal, America, and others.

    The meeting was held to outline the Metropolitan Police Service position in relation to the ongoing investigation given the speculation and numerous stories that have been running for the past few weeks. AC Rowley confirmed that in the coming weeks there would be specific police activity in Portugal led at all times by the Portuguese authorities (under the auspices of an International Letter of Request or ‘Rogatory letter’), with officers from the Metropolitan Police Service working alongside.

    Following a meeting with the media Assistant Commissioner Rowley said:

    "DCI Andy Redwood, the senior investigating officer, and his team will be in Portugal carrying out various lines of enquiry.

    "“Thorough serious crime investigations work systematically through all credible possibilities and therefore it should not be assumed that this substantial upcoming phase of work in Portugal will immediately lead us to the answers that will explain what has happened.

    “What you will see is normal police activity you would expect in any such major investigation.

    “Similarly, this should not be seen as a sign that the investigation is nearing a conclusion. I fully expect that there will be much more work to do when this particular phase of activity comes to an end. It is helpful that any reporting of activity in Portugal is set in this context.

    “We will be updating Mr and Mrs McCann throughout the activity as we have been throughout the investigation.

    “We will not be giving information on when this activity is to occur.

    "The very fact that we are in the position of moving towards substantial activity in Portugal shows that the relationship between the MPS and Portuguese colleagues is working."

    AC Rowley issued a letter to media on 6 May 2014 stating that the advice he was receiving from Portugal was that their approach to media handling was different and they do not brief the media on current investigations.

    They clearly stated that if the MPS provide any briefings or information on the work they are undertaking on our behalf, or if reporters cause any disruption to their work in Portugal activity will cease until that problem dissipates.

    Assistant Commissioner Rowley reiterated that position today:

    "We have made it clear to colleagues in Portugal that we will not be giving operational updates. I appreciate this will be frustrating to you (the media) especially given the help you have provided to us with public appeals so far which has added significant evidence into our files. However, if this was an investigation in London I would not be making public details of operational investigative activity that we were planning or how it might link in to the investigation.

    "Of course complications are added when an investigation is taken abroad.

    “My letter last month did map out where we stood in terms of how we could manage the media demand in this investigation. If media interfere with police work, that work will stop. I suspect that the boundaries around what that is will be apparent and I asked you to cooperate with the requests of the Portuguese authorities as the most important thing is to make this inquiry go as smoothly as possible.


  38. cont

    “On a recent visit to Portugal DCI Redwood was surrounded by a large media group asking for comments from him.

    “I appreciate that media group may not solely be UK agencies, and other media may state they are unaware of our repeated requests.

    "DCI Redwood and his team will not be giving comment.

    “Please allow them the room to manoeuvre and work on what is a live investigation into the disappearance of a young girl. If you get any information ahead of our actions do not publish anything that may give suspects advance notice.

    The family have also made their wishes clear about allowing us and the Portuguese the room to carry on with our work and this was reinforced this publicly by Kate McCann when Andy and his team were last in Portugal.
    “In my initial letter I asked editors to think twice - that advice stands. We all want the same outcome - to do everything possible to try to find answers for the McCann family.

    “It is only fair on you I am upfront with you about what you can get and how the media might impact on the investigation.

    “I am well aware that updates may help control this investigation and I am committed to doing this in a transparent way but mindful that nothing we do will damage the integrity of the investigation or the best possible chances of bringing it to a conclusion.”

  39. Another historic fact about the Maddie case: no criminal has ever been given so many warnings and updates as to what the police is going to do concerning his crime.
    It would be comical if it wasn't at the expense of the taxpayer. YOU are paying for this farce,

    1. ... and I want my fricking money back!

  40. Never mind finding answers for the McCann family and keeping them informed, what planet is Redwood on? they should be told nothing. As far as I'm concerned they are still in the frame until proved otherwise.

  41. TVI said tonight that it would be PJ agents doing the search. SY has been authorised to accompany. And to pay. What a joke.

    1. What is ''a joke''?

      That's how the system works - the country seeking assistance, in this case the UK, asks the host country, in this case Portugal, to carry out investigations on it's behalf. They don't get to wander in jackbooted fashion all over someone else's turf. And of course they pay for it. Would you ask someone to pick up something for you while they are out shopping then refuse to pay for it?

      So what's the problem?

  42. I am speechless!!!!!


    - James Moreland and Lee-Ann O'Donoghue 'handcuffed by armed police'
    - Accused of throwing 14-month-old daughter into pool on their first holiday
    - Couple claim allegations are unfounded, and say Mr Moreland was beaten
    - Police told them heavy-handed response was due to 'Madeleine Effect'

    By Rebecca Evans
    Published: 21:51 GMT, 22 May 2014 | Updated: 06:06 GMT, 23 May 2014

    A British couple whose baby girl was seized by police during a holiday in Portugal have furiously denied being too drunk to look after her.

    James Moreland and Lee-Ann O’Donoghue said they had been handcuffed by police with guns, who told them their heavy-handed response was because of the ‘Madeleine McCann effect’.

    The couple’s 14-month-old daughter, who we have been asked not to name, was taken into emergency care on Sunday after reports they had drunkenly thrown her into a pool and staggered around with her on an eighth-floor hotel balcony.

    Miss O’Donoghue and Mr Moreland, on their first family holiday together since the baby’s birth, said they were at a loss as to why their daughter was placed in a hospital, and branded reports of their antics as ‘ludicrous, downright lies’.

    They also claim Mr Moreland, 29, was beaten by police and £500 – all of their holiday spending money – was stolen during the assault.

    Miss O’Donoghue, 34, who is on maternity leave from her job as a hospital personal assistant, said: ‘We are so scared and shaken up.

    ‘The police told us they had acted like they did, that they had been heavy-handed, because of the Madeleine McCann effect. They said the case had been very bad for them and that they had to be very careful when it came to the welfare of British children on holiday.’

    The family were staying at the Hotel Paraiso in Albufeira – 40 miles from Praia da Luz where Madeleine vanished in 2007 – as part of a week-long Thomas Cook package trip.

    Their story first emerged in the Portuguese press, which quoted unnamed hotel guests as saying that while sat by the pool, they had seen Miss O’Donoghue on the balcony behaving dangerously.

    The reports also said the daughter had bruised legs after her mother dropped her and that a drunken Mr Moreland hurled her into the pool in front of horrified holidaymakers.

    But both parents vehemently deny any of this took place – especially as their room, which they showed to the Mail, does not overlook the hotel pool but a car park, from where Miss O’Donoghue could not possibly have been seen.

    Looking drained, she said: ‘You can see from my daughter’s legs there are no bruises. I did not drop her, I have never dropped her and I was not drunk.


  43. cont

    ‘She is my first and only baby and I adore her. I am such a protective mother. I just can’t believe the lies I am hearing.’ Mr Moreland, who is covered in bruises he says were inflicted by the police, said: ‘To say I threw my daughter in the pool is just ridiculous.’

    Their ordeal began on Sunday afternoon when they joined friends at a bar in Albufeira. Miss O’Donoghue said: ‘I had three cocktails and was merry, not drunk by any stretch.’ At 8pm, after they returned to the hotel, police knocked on the door.

    ‘They said they wanted to check on the baby,’ said Miss O’Donoghue. ‘My daughter was crying because she is teething so I gave her some Calpol (a brand of paracetamol for children).

    ‘The police saw the bottle and said that it was an “illegal drug in Portugal” and they were taking her to hospital for tests to see if we had sedated her. They were very brusque and had guns.’

    Miss O’Donoghue was allowed to go to the hospital too. But when medics ‘started sticking needles’ in her baby for drug tests, she protested and was handcuffed. Soon afterwards, Mr Moreland arrived at the hospital but was refused entry.

    He claimed: ‘I did get angry and started to shout and swear as I wanted to see my baby. A group of about seven policemen started hitting me, they put me in handcuffs and threw me on the floor in the back of a police car.

    ‘They yanked my arms up behind me until I screamed. They checked my wallet for ID and when I got home I saw that all of our spending money had gone.’

    The couple, from Belfast, were not arrested but the case was referred to the local equivalent of social services.

    They were finally given their baby back on Tuesday.

    A Portuguese police spokesman said: ‘We were called to the hotel because of reports of a drunk and disorderly disturbance.’

    1. Ontem. Yesterday with vídeo.
      Will be today RTP 1 Sexta às 9

    2. CALPOL !!! Once again Calpol...
      and...police in Portugal ALWAYS carry a gun, but can only use it under a quite SEVERE set of rules.

    3. The parents are desperate they fear that social services will take their child away for good, so they brand themselves the victims of the Portuguese authorities. With social services keeping an eye on them they now can't afford not to be sober.

  44. The readers comments on that D: Mail article are not good for the couple, not good a t all...they are fooling no one!
    Another "loving" mother, also on maternity leave (a 14 month old long does maternity leave last for in the UK?! all we get here in Portugal is 3 months!) and Calpol in the holiday luggage...

  45. Any parents travelling to another country and not taking Calpol or an equivalent with them are completely stupid and irresponsible.

    It's liquid paracetamol. Not Smack.

    1. You need to research the non-paracetamol contents of Calpol to understand why it is banned in some countries and in others not recommended for children. It has potential adverse effects on children with pre-existing health problems.

    2. Are you completely stupid?
      Just read my post again
      ''Any parents travelling to another country and not taking Calpol or an equivalent with them are completely stupid and irresponsible.

      It's liquid paracetamol. Not Smack. ''

      No drug of any description carries a blanket licence to be used for any patient, anytime, anywhere. If a drug is not suitable for a patient because of a contra-indication then that does not render it unsuitable or dangerous for others - do you understand that?

      What I SAID was that every parent travelling with young children should ensure that they carry with them a product like Calpol ''OR AN EQUIVALENT''. In other words an antipyrexic/pain reliever which is suitable for their young children to take. Or would you suggest they wait until their child is taken ill, in a foreign country, and then have to try to find a suitable treatment locally?

      Do you get that?

      You clearly don't have a clue what you are talking about, but hey, that's hardly unusual around here.

      Yes, there are different Calpol products available. Most of them contain Paracetamol. There is also an iboprofen version available. There are versions which include an anti-histamine. There are line extension products to sooth coughs and congestion. You also need to understand the difference between ''banned'' and ''not licenced for sale''. Calpol is a brand. It is a brand of products developed for children. No one product can simultaneously be suitable for every child of every age and in every circumstance - that is why there is a range available. Is any of this getting through to you?

      Now - with that information, can you kindly explain the ridiculous, hysterical response every time Calpol is mentioned? Like yours, for example.

    3. To our readers,

      We have no issues about Calpol, as friends we know have used it, sparingly and only when necessary but we don't feel that it's appropriate to call parents irresponsible in not taking medication with them to European countries, who are usually civilised enough to be able to supply suitable medication if required.

      And no further discussion on Calpol, which is another distraction technique.

    4. Censored comment received from Insane:

      “Not Textusa has left a new comment on your post "Person of Interest":


      This is an example of a professionally recommended essential travel first aid kit for travelling with babies and small children

      Baby First Aid Kit - What You'll Need

      A first aid manual
      Infant thermometer
      Infant paracetamol suspension such as Calpol or Tylenol
      Antiseptic cream
      Any prescription medications
      Plasters/Band Aids
      Infant insect repellent
      Rehydration powders in case of diarrhea
      Cream or spray for sting relief
      Assorted bandages
      Surgical tape for holding dressings
      Sterile gauze
      Mild soap
      Safety pins
      Calamine lotion
      Alcohol wipes

      You can ignore this, but it will go up on my site anyway, then people will wonder why you are neglecting an important matter of child safety in order to attempt to score points.

      It is irresponsible to travel without any required prescription medicines and/or essential medications such as calpol and rehydration sachets.

      Stop being irresponsible and encouraging others to be.

      Posted by Not Textusa to Textusa at 24 May 2014 12:02:00”

      To any irresponsible reader who needs advice on first-aid kits, consider yourself reprimanded.

    5. Thank you Insane/Not Textusa for such good advice.
      I would like to apologise to my children for having travelled with them without a first-aid manual and all the other essential stuff like sterile gauze and surgical tape for holding dressings.
      And also apologise for not taking their prescription medication - it never crossed my mind taking it! If only I had read this at the time.

    6. Hilarious to think Textusa can influence childcare. So people now say - Textusa says don't bother taking Calpol, so I won't!

  46. A propósito disto " The reason is we want to be inconvenient. Very inconvenient. We think it is inconvenient because we think it is an important piece of the puzzle."
    A Vossa Equipa parece ter razão .É o que me parece devido às visitas do not.


    Episódio n.º16

    Episódio 16 de 43
    Duração: 30 min

    Uma criança de 18 meses foi colocada em perigo num quarto de hotel algarvio por um casal de turistas britânicos.
    O Sexta às 9 entrou no quarto.
    E ouviu a única testemunha que assistiu a tudo!


  49. Vergonhoso o artigo do D Mail e a atitude do casal Irlandês ( em Portugal e UK). Será que continuam convencidos que nada transborda para lá da Ilha e que os seus concidadãos são tão estúpidos que acreditam nestas historietas? Em Portugal, a policia não usa violência e tem sèrios problemas quando fere criminosos, ainda que em legitima defesa. É famosa por capturar criminosos usando pouca violência e por os apresentar vivosvà justiça.
    Se levaram a bébé, é porque havia sérias razões para isso. Ainda bem que o fizeram. Talvez agora os pais sejam mais responsáveis e bebam menos quando tiverem a filha com eles. E o jornal, faz um péssimo papel como veiculo de formação de massas. Em vez de contar a verdade e aconselhar o publico a ser responsavel, nào resistiu à xenofobia de sempre, provando que sofrem de um enorme complexo de inferioridade, mas nào o admitem.

  50. Ih! Ih! The Irish couple, on their ridiculous way to justify their poor parenting, opened another wond on Mccann's saga - police acting on them because of Maddie.
    If the police act on them because of Maddie, that means the police believe their was sedation on Maddies night and she was not abducted. ...and why the Irish couple Pulled that string? Because they too, don't believe Maddie was abducted.

  51. The testimony of the hotel manger on duty that night:

    So...the mother DEMANDED that the hotel called the police accusing the father of ABDUCTING their daughter !!! They were both drunk, were having words and he took off with the child to the hotel bar, she stayed back in the room and decided to accuse the partner of abducting the child, maybe under a drunk delirious spell. The man was drinking mugs of beer with the child on one arm, then got back to the apartment and carried on the verbal fight with the woman, and in the meanwhile he placed the child in the balcony, inside an inflatable children's pool, this at around 9pm, on a cold night (despite quite hot days, the nights have been cold in Portugal for the last week) until the police arrived and decided to take the child to the hospital, because the little girl seemed apathetic and undisturbed by all the commotion inside the room. The "loving and concerned" father returned to the bar and drank some more while the child was in hospital for observation!
    Quite a different song from the one they sung for the Daily Mail !

  52. The Irish couple is absolutely right when they say they are under the “Maddie Effect”.

    They are NOT right about that meaning them being wrongly persecuted by the Portuguese authorities but ARE RIGHT about it meaning them being wrongly persecuted by the British ones. These are being too lenient on them exactly because of Maddie.

    It’s expected for them to slander the Portuguese police, or at least find fault in other than themselves once outside Portuguese territory. One tends to flee from one’s responsibility when one has done something seriously wrong.

    The problem is Maddie. Once the British authorities and media jumped on the negligence wagon by accepting as an acceptable behaviour the one reflected in the evidently neglectful scenario put forward, it hindered its capabilities to act in similar cases.

    If it wasn’t for Maddie, this couple on arrival home, the authorities would have to assess whether it was necessary to take the child into care and do it swiftly and the media would jump on this couple’s throat viciously.

    Anything they would have to say against the Portuguese authorities would be ridiculed and their act put to rightful shame.

    But there’s Maddie and that parenting decision and all that propaganda of the McCanns being wrongly persecuted by the dastardly Portuguese police.

    That’s the legacy that the Maddie case has left: a very serious case of negligence treated in the most casual of manners.

    Even if the child is, as we hope it will be, taken away from these irresponsible parents, the message put across to others is that you can do it, all you have to do is invoke the McCann’s name afterwards and you’re safe.

    Please do get drunk and mistreat your children, if the McCanns did it you can do it too, that’s the message. And that’s the message UK is bound to because of Maddie.

    Once again we repeat that we believe there was absolutely no negligence involving the Maddie case but it’s an undeniable fact that there is a much publicised “negligence scenario” about the case that the vast majority of the population takes for real.

    1. I agree with the Team Textusa about this ( and much more) .

      Now, but in portuguese: mix lol

      Não esquecer que no vídeo deparamos com duas opiniões antagónicas,supostamente: do Procurador ? para a infância e do responsável do Refúgio A.A. Antagónicas ou complementares? No que diz respeito ao factor da hospitalização de qualquer criança. Talvez a menina após a observação pudesse ter sido acolhida num ambiente normal, no Refúgio A.A.

      E também sobre o turismo das happy hour com duração de 24 horas ,existindo casos de progenitores que "cuidam das crianças" guardando-as no interior do carro.

    2. Bom dia cara mc n,

      também me pareceu que o programa não esclareceu devidamente o aparente conflito entre a posição do Coronel Villas-Boas e o procurador. Pareceu passar a mensagem de que o director do refúgio Aboim Ascensão estava contra as acções tomadas pelas autoridades e a favor dos pais, o que acho de todo impossível ! Creio que o senhor só pretendia fazer ver que haveria alternativas mais adequadas ao internamento da criança, uma vez confirmado que não tinha qualquer problema médico, podendo ter sido colocada no refúgio que dirige.ou noutro semelhante.
      As autoridades aparentemente só quiseram assegurar a segurança da criança, mantendo-a afastada dos pais, mas talvez não tenham poderado bem o melhor local para a manter...por vezes há descoordenação e falta de comunicação entre serviços e instituições, e até falta de preparação e informação por parte do pessoal médico, polícia, enfermagem, assistentes sociais, etc.
      Agora, o casoe stá fora das "nossas" mãos...resta esperar que os serviços sociais no UK levem o caso a sério...suspeito que sim, afinal os paizinhos parecem ser um casal de "nobodies", dos "social estates", e com esses os "social services" costumam ter "mão pesada"...

    3. Será mais perspectivas diferentes quanto ao factor hospitalização na generalidade.

      Penso que também houve urgência em resolver a situação. A hospitalização permitiu a presença dos progenitores e o rápido regresso deles a Belfast. Prolongar a permanência de criaturas indesejáveis seria o objectivo a atingir. Dizendo com isto que não era necessário ficarem cá um ano ou ano e meio à nossa conta como o outro casal.

      Coronel? Penso que diz isso no mau sentido. Será apenas uma questão de personalidade forte ou mais alguma coisa? De qualquer modo o trabalho lá realizado é feito por mais alguma instituição no Algarve? Nesse caso um viva ao " Coronel" .

    4. Não, de todo! O senhor é mesmo Coronel ou Capitão, patente militar! (Peço desculpa se me expressei de maneira a levar a interpretações erradas.)

      E não o disse, nem digo, depreciativamente, tenho a maior consideração e respeito por este SENHOR, um grande amigo e defensor dos mais indefesos: -as crianças.

      ..." Luís Villas Boas, o capitão de Abril que saiu da guerra em África para a psicologia e há 28 anos quis revolucionar a resposta a crianças em risco."

  53. Desculpem! Onde " Prolongar a permanência de criaturas indesejáveis seria o objectivo a atingir." A EVITAR.


    por Helena Sacadura Cabral, em 24.05.14

    Ao contrário de Manuel Palito, Maddie não foi encontrada. Desaparecida há sete anos, a história desta menina inglesa trouxe à baila outros desaparecimentos que não foram resolvidos e de que o exemplo mais conhecido é o de Rui Pedro.
    O que me surpreende nesta história não é, claro, a imensa persistência dos pais que não desistiram de a encontrar. O que me surpreende é a sua capacidade de mobilizar as forças policiais do seu país que, ao fim destes anos todos, estão em Portugal para, a expensas britânicas e sob o olhar da polícia nacional, fazerem todas as diligências que forem necessárias para interrogar pessoas e prospectar terrenos no Algarve em busca do corpo.
    O caso havia sido, entre nós, encerrado por falta de provas credíveis. Que enorme poder político não têm os McCann para não só conseguirem reabrir o processo, como conseguirem que as autoridades do seu país possam investigar em Portugal?!

  55. The sex-assault spree was already news back in 2009. Then it was “only” seven sex-assaults


    At least 38 convicted sex offenders were living nearby when Madeleine McCann was snatched, say detectives.
    By Jerry Lawton/Published 28th May 2009

    The Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz was a “magnet for paedophiles”, many of whom were British.

    Private investigators searching for Madeleine, who disappeared days before her fourth birthday in May 2007, think she was abducted by a sicko living as close as 500 yards from her holiday apartment.

    A spokesman for the investigators said: “There are 38 known sex offenders in the Algarve. The area is a magnet for paedophiles.”

    Last night they were on the trail of five child abusers considered “suspects”, including four Brits.

    The detectives plan to quiz Raymond Hewlett, 62, who served a string of jail sentences for sex crimes on kids, in the German hospital where he is recovering from throat cancer surgery.

    Hewlett, who once abducted and sexually assaulted a 14-year-old paper girl at knifepoint in the UK, was staying an hour away from Praia da Luz when Madeleine disappeared.

    He denies he was involved and has agreed to help the McCanns’ private eyes.

    They also plan to quiz a second Brit paedophile living nearby at the time.

    Both men were questioned and ruled out by Portuguese detectives.

    Ex-RUC detective Dave Edgar, 52, is convinced that Portuguese police have already quizzed her kidnapper and let him go.

    He said: “I believe there is a real chance the police have spoken to him during their inquiry. There is a very strong possibility that Madeleine is still within that area.”

    The McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “Investigators continue to follow up four to five credible leads but for operational reasons I cannot divulge any details.”

    The investigators say there have been seven sex assaults involving tourists’ children in the Algarve in four years.

    They have narrowed their search to a handful of predatory paedophiles, two of whom still live in Praia da Luz.

    One is of “significant interest” as investigators suspect his alibi is “a bit shaky”.

  56. Maybe Edgar was onto something when he spoke of a lair within 10 miles. Not a place where an abductor took her, but a resting place for remains, en route to somewhere else?

  57. "Oh Lordy, Lordy, where do you begin with the McCanns, and what has got to be the the biggest load of baloney ever?

    Where do you begin in dissecting their far fetched tales, inconsistencies, proven lies, change of stories, or as some might describe it - their con?

    Yes, cons, like con artists come in all shapes and forms, they don't have to involve money, often they do, but a lot of the time the purpose is simply to make someone believe 'something' by being untruthful, using persuasion as Rebekah Brooks would say, to make others believe the tale you are telling."

    read rest here:

  58. Just like most people on here I've read vast amounts of theories, and watched the many videos of this cunning couple, but just lately, when I've studied their latest interviews they look less cocky and self assured than previously. I think they know their luck is running out, and not many intelligent people believe the abduction story! When the Met have done their supposed dig and come back with zilch I just hope the Portuguese have enough evidence to bring this unfathomable case to a satisfactory conclusion, and give Madeleine the justice this poor little girl deserves. God bless Madeleine xx

    1. Put yourself in their shoes. You know that the police is on your side, you have been assured of this, and that all this activity is part of an elaborate scheme to discredit the original Portuguese investigators, however wouldn't you feel awkward, uncomfortable in realizing that despite the facade that the police most likely know that your guilty?

    2. I suppose I would feel awkward/uncomfortable if I was in their shoes, but not being an obsessive liar, I don't think I could keep up the pretense for 7 long years, I would be a nervous wreck and probably end up in a mental home.

    3. Or, not really.

      If you had been promised immunity for life even though things would get tricky now and then, you would always have this in the back of your mind when doubts occur to keep the "terrors" from taking over.

  59. Textusa, found this gem from 2007:


    “Madeleine police trace EVERY phone call made on day she vanished


    Last updated at 08:46 20 December 2007

    Thousands of Portuguese telephone records have been seized by police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    Detectives are trawling through the paperwork looking for unusual patterns of calls around the time she vanished.

    Head of the inquiry Paulo Rebelo ordered the check across Praia da Luz, Burgau and Lagos - a region which has a population of 27,000.

    He has gone back to old-fashioned policing methods after forensic evidence failed to provide any breakthroughs.

    The operation indicates the team believes a local accomplice may have been involved in aiding Madeleine's abduction.

    Detectives have begun the process of contacting up to 1,000 locals whose records or mobile signals show they were in Praia da Luz on the night of May 3.

    Officers are particularly interested in the time between 9.30pm and 10pm, when they believe Madeleine disappeared.

    One resident said two detectives visited her on Tuesday, armed with two sheets of paper containing hundreds of numbers.

    They asked her to confirm her mobile number and then asked her who she had called at 9.50pm on May 3.

    She identified the number as her husband's mobile and said the officers told her: "We are investigating all calls made within Praia da Luz from 9.30pm onwards on May 3."

    She said four of her neighbours had also been contacted by police about calls they made.

    Detectives can use the "triangulation method" to pinpoint users who were in Praia da Luz on May 3. Mobiles give out signals every time they make or receive a call or text message, and when they are switched on and off.

    Those signals are logged by phone masts and from measuring the strength of the signal to local masts, experts can identify precisely where a phone was used.

    Kate and Gerry McCann were said to be "encouraged" by the police work.

    "Any information could prove vital," their spokesman said.”

    1. PJ was checking unusual patterns of calls because they believed about a local accomplice. So was EM the accomplice?

    2. Anonymous 26 May 2014 10:41:00,

      There may have been many links in the chain and we can't say where he may fit in.

      All we know is that he's considered by the PJ a person of interest to the case. As to why, we can only speculate.

    3. Textusa,

      Interesting for you ta have said links in the chain. Have re read interview with EM widow, on JM site, before he was named and something called my attention.

      “To the woman it is a mystery - six years after Maddie's disappearance - the reasons behind PJ sudden U-turn: «It is very easy to responsibilize someone who can no longer defend himself. They can't, in the absence of something better, blame the weakest links. He would never harm a child.»”

      She refers to him as a weak link. Ref clearly to a chain. Weakest links, plural, means connections. End of a chain. Why any chain at all?
      Why not say he had nothing to do with anything?

    4. Chain of OC/MW:
      McCouple; Staff Pedigree;Tapas; OC helpers,ex pats helpers

      But you think that " nobody" is the only person

    5. Anonymous 26 May 2014 16:21:00,

      We don't know to what extent he was involved, but if he was, he most certainly was not the only nobody amongst somebodies.

  60. Just noticed that post has made all time top 10!

  61. Pat Brown's words that reminded of Textusa the moment I read them:

    " I think these volatile responses (and I am not talking about well-reasoned arguments to my analyses which I think are a good thing as it gives all of us more to think about and I, myself, learn a lot from opposing opinions) are an angry backlash that comes from fear - fear that I am right. And I get it. If I am right, it sucks."

  62. EXCLUSIVE: Madeleine McCann bogus super-spy 'will crack case'

    A BOGUS super-spy hired by Madeleine McCann’s parents could solve the case.

    By Jerry Lawton/Published 27th May 2014

    A new TV shock documentary tells how he identified the prime suspect in the mystery.

    A year after the then three-year-old’s 2007 disappearance, Irishman Kevin Halligen, 52, signed a £500,000 deal to locate her.

    Boasting of connections with MI5, MI6, the CIA, FBI, and the White House he planned to use hi-tech surveillance techniques.

    But his contract was terminated after organisers of the public fund set up to find the youngster decided he had failed to honour their agreement.

    Halligen was then arrested and extradited to the US where he was jailed last year for 44 months after admitting defrauding a different client out of $2.1m.

    Madeleine’s doctor parents Kate, 46, and Gerry, 45, were understood to be considering suing Halligen over his Operation Omega probe into their daughter’s disappearance.

    But according to a new Channel 5 documentary Halligen’s operatives may end up solving the mystery. They identified as the prime suspect a man seen heading towards the beach in Praia da Luz, Portugal, clutching a sleeping blonde girl around 10pm the night Madeleine vanished.

    Halligen’s investigators convinced the Irish family who saw her to help produce an e-fit. That man is now the Metropolitan Police’s No1 suspect.

    Detectives believe he may be a serial sex attacker who targeted a string of other Brit girls on the Algarve.

    In the documentary, The McCanns And The Conman – due to be screened on June 4 – recently freed Halligen will speak for the first time about his theory.

    A spokesman for Channel 5 said: “The McCanns trusted Kevin Halligen to bring her home.”

    Halligen was allegedly spending significant amounts of the cash meant to help find Madeleine on his luxury lifestyle.

    Channel 5’s Emma Westcott said: “This is the extraordinary story of one man’s claims, and how he exploited the nightmare of a missing child.”

    1. Just some little details left out of the article, just some small details, nothing much...
      the description of the man spotted by the irish family (the Smiths) heading towards the beach with the sleeping child fits Gerry McCann to a t, in fact, Mr. Smith later said he was 70 to 80% sure the man was Gerry. And, it was also left out that when Halligen presented the McCanns with their "prime suspect", the McCanns and their lawyers ordered Halligen to forget about it, and never mention it again, or else...

    2. @20:54
      And he wasn't pot-bellied. And didn't have a Super-Bock shirt on.

  63. Just submitted a comment... forgot to send the link, sorry

  64. That Kevin Halligen must be a genius. For half a million quid he came up with a suspect who any one of us could have pin-pointed as a suspicious kind of character.

    I must be in the wrong job!!!!

    1. Anonymous 27 May 2014 17:05:00,

      The whole thing is pathetic isn't it?

      Hope "George" doesn't turn out to be Gail Cooper's George Harrinsonman... but we wouldn't be surprised.

      Just shows how some said to withhold so much power have so little of it.

      Anyhow, just silly.

  65. On a lighter note, I dare say everyone on here has heard the song confusion? by ELO! well, when I heard Jerry Mc'cann say confusion is good, it reminded me of this song.

    Just something that I find really odd is why you would take clothes on holiday that smelt of death? Kate says she came into contact with six dead bodies before going on this holiday! surely you wouldn't take work clothes on holiday with you, if that was the case. Maybe Maddy died in the UK and is buried somewhere over here??? Just a thought.

    1. Anonymous 27 May 2014 19:08:00,

      The cadaverine was detected by the dogs at the end of July 07. When parents were in Portugal.

      To entertain the idea of Maddie was already dead in UK and pants were contaminated before the holiday fits perfectly in the concept of a STINK BOMB.

      To have her shipped dead to Portugal is beyond a STINK BOMB.

      Don't bother answering. No, not just a thought. Don't do it.

    2. We received this comment in response to our reply, although we asked explicitly for none.

      “Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Person of Interest":


      Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 27 May 2014 21:34:00 “

      We have published it so readers can see for themselves the kind of people who try to disrupt the blog.

      A very fast learner of spelling we note. As well as accusing the McCanns of premeditated murder! That's pretty libellous. And T7 of complicity.

  66. Caso Maddie Ingleses escavam em 3 sítios por Maddie Buscas para procurar corpo começam para a semana. Ingleses defendem tese de assalto.

    Ler mais em:

    1. Assalto?! E nada foi levado, excepto a criança?! Os McCann até facilitaram a vida ao assaltante, deixaram para trás os telemóveis, os relógios, etc., quando saíram para jantar...eta ladrãozeco estúpido, ou pitosga!

  67. About today's CdM paper edition:

    Front Page:English dig in 3 places for Maddie

    Page 13 – Main Article:

    Uptitle: Madde Case – Rogatóry Letters should arrivethis week to Faro PJ


    Subtitle: Searches to find the body start next week. English defend burglary thesis.

    Tânia Laranjo/Ana Isabel Fonseca

    A SY wants to excavate on 3 terrains, in Praia da Luz, looking for Madeleine McCanns mortal remains. The English have already sent the rogatory letters – requesting two more searches – but they haven’t yet entered the PJ of Faro. Only after will the dates in which the excavations will start will be decided, although all points that they will start at the beginning of next week.
    The three terrains are in the proximity of the resort in Praia da Luz, from where the English child disappeared, on 3 May of 2007. The English believe that the girls was killed during a burglary and that the body was later abandoned near the Ocean Club.
    Dog specialised in detecting cadaver odour will participate in the searches. The animals will come from England and have already been used with success in the recovery of other bodies. From the same country will also come the sonars that will be used to understand if there is any foreign object under the ground.
    The CdM knows that the excavations will be done by the English Police. The PJ will only be on location for question of bureaucracy, once it is who holds the jurisdiction of that area.
    There were also issued the warrants that allow the searches – as the terrains are privately owned. Any discovery will be communicated to the Portuguese Authorities and will become part of the process, reopened at the end of last year, and that runs currently against unknowns.
    Still according to what CdM has found out, the diligence of the English should last between four and six days. The cost of the operation will be fully supported by the English police, who is already providing the hire of retro excavators and other equipment necessary to the excavations.

    Another translation, by Astro:

    Insert 1:
    Diligences should take between four to six days

    Insert 2:
    - Places of Interest
    SY intends to excavate near the Ocean Club. Another of the places of interest to the authorities will be a street that on May 2007 was under works.
    - Aerial Photography
    At the beginning of this month, SY was in Portugal. At that time aerial photography was done over the first terrain where it intended the searches be done.
    - Weakened Thesis
    The thesis that Maddie’s disappearance could be related with cases of sexual abuse committed that year has lost strength

    Secondary Article 1, same page:

    Title: Eight Suspects heard.

    SY has identified eight Portuguese who may have been involved in Maddie’s disappearance. The English authorities intend that the suspects be heard officially, which should happen already in the following weeks-
    It is unknown on what basis SY has made up the list of eiight suspects, but the thesis now investigated is that the English girl was killed little after being taken from the room where she slept alone.
    CdM also couldn’t find out under what status the eight Portuguese will be questioned: as witnesses or already under the status of arguidos.

    Secondary Article 2, same page:

    Title: Ex-Worker investigated

    The reopening of the investigation in Portugal happened after suspicions against an Ocean Club ex-worker, who has meanwhile died.
    The man would have been fired a little time before and at the location on the day of the crime. That hypothesis has been, meanwhile, disregarded by PJ.

    1. If you killed in panic, you would flee in panic. Where would you get equipment to dig a hole, carrying child? Leave the body and rush off to find a pick. Then go back to the body with 60 people searching.
      How can anyone buy this?
      In panic, would you think about the roadworks anyway?
      Williams-Thomas even dismissed this theory

    2. If SY say she died in apartment, why no forensic evidence of death? Or is FSS material now going to be revisited? No disturbed bed, no screams heard,and if a panic burglar, he didn't take drugs to sedate. Or are they going to say he over sedated her whilst he burgled, then she died, so panic/ Smithman ran through the town with her, deposited her, found a pick and then went BACK to bury her NEAR 5a.
      Smithman now inconvenient- will now have to be another innocent dad? Or wandering Crechedad, losing his way home.
      Or keep Smithman/Superman who managed to do all this, between G's visit and K's alarm and bury her under the noses of the searchers? And remembering all the people who gathered at 5a immediately after K's alert.
      Nobody said quiet folks, I can hear a pick striking hard ground!

    3. I see it says killed after being taken from room, so making sure dog evidence from 2007 isn't relevant!
      So he didn't panic and kill her until he got her out.
      If she wasn't crying loudly, why did he take her? If she was crying loudly, he wouldn't take her out hollering. Why did he need to take her alive? She wouldn't be able to identify him, given apartment was dark and her age.
      No sign of rummaging through drawers or ruffled bed.
      So he took her alive and killed her, rather than risk... what? Burglary charge. He would avoid that by murder!
      That's what happens when SY try and shoehorn facts to fit abduction theory, which has to make sure dog findings in 2007 are given zero credibility.

    4. Even if they "found" anything, it would all have to be recorded and stopped immediately for forensics from geologists, botanists, PJ crime scene investigators. Just as any archaeological dig must be recorded. Then the real questions would start.

    5. They are also using dogs. If SY need all this equipment to dig, how did the abductor/murderer manage it?

    6. Textusa,
      Nice of you in acknowledging Astro's translation and thank you for completing it. At least you don't use other people's words as if they were your own unlike I have seen your words used in other blogs without you being acknowledged there.

    7. Anonymous 28 May 2014 16:41:00,

      Thank you for such kind words. We prefer not to engage in any sort of inter-blog fiqhting because that only benefits those not interested in having truth known.

      What really matters is the word is spread independent of messenger and source. We have no qualms or reservations in recognising the work by others. If others have about recognising ours, it's their problem, not ours.

  68. 2007,2008,2014 Os cães de PT e de UK


    Soldados da GNR com a ajuda de cães pisteiros conduzem as buscas durante a noite.

    06 de Setembro 2008:

    A utilização dos cães britânicos foi defendida pelas próprias autoridades inglesas, habituadas a esta técnica de inspecção no Reino Unido,

  69. So EM has been discarded by PJ. If so why is the process still open if he was the reason to reopen? If CdM is saying the truth then PJ has to have other suspects. The LOR from SY for PJ to question the 8 Portuguese is for Operation Grange, not PJ process. Are the PJ now saying EM isn't a suspect because the link between him and OC is too close for comfort?

  70. Look at the comment from Luis Arriaga put today to the Correio da Manhã article:

    "Comentário feito por:Luis Arriaga 09h04

    Mas porque será que a Scotland Yard não "escava" naquilo que o ex-Inspector Gonçalo Amaral já sabe há 3 anos? A criança foi incinerada e está em Ferreira do Alentejo! Prendam o casal McCann e ponha-se um ponto final.

    Ler mais em:

    1. It may be significant that he repeats it. Wasn't it from DN he had a similar comment wooshed? Arriaga may feel more confident now that a search for a body is announced.

    2. Yes, I remember this name and the same kind of comment, where it was claimed the PJ knew where the body was. However, Mr. Amaral has never made any reference to the matter, not in his book , not in any interview, as far as I know. And, I don't believe for a moment that the body was left behind in Portugal, in fact, I don't believe there still is a body to be found, long destroyed, I'm afraid...

    3. Kate McCann:
      "I know the situation we were in that night,"
      "I know that what happened is not due to the fact of us leaving the children asleep. I know it happened under other circumstances."
      "I was sure immediately that she didn't walk out of that room"

      Well...Kate seems to know a lot ! Shouldn't the Yard start by "digging" Kate...,?

    4. Sorry, not quite a comment on this topic, but I found it interesting:

      (in)famous McCanns, and others, quotes:


    Buscas por Maddie autorizadas só num terreno

    PJ esteve no local a ultimar detalhes das escavações na praia da Luz, em Lagos, que avançam no início da próxima semana

    Marisa Rodrigues | 2014-05-28 22:00

    É uma notícia TVI. A Polícia Judiciária (PJ) esteve esta quarta-feira na praia da Luz, em Lagos, a ultimar os detalhes para as buscas e escavações do caso Madeleine McCann. As diligências estão autorizadas para apenas um terreno. Sete anos depois do desaparecimento, a polícia britânica acredita que pode vir a encontrar o corpo da criança.

    São os passos que faltava dar para acertar os últimos detalhes. A equipa da Diretoria do Sul da PJ, com a tarefa de cumprir as diligências pedidas pelos detetives britânicos, voltou ao terreno. O único para onde estão, até agora, autorizadas buscas e escavações na praia da Luz.

    Tudo está pronto para que a carta rogatória seja cumprida. Será num terreno baldio, junto à rua 25 de Abril. Uma área extensa, com trabalho para vários dias. O início está previsto para a próxima semana.

    Ali são esperados elementos da polícia metropolitana de Londres e peritos forenses, que trazem cães pisteiros e um georradar, para analisar o terreno. Numa operação planeada e coordenada pela PJ, depois de ter recebido luz verde do Ministério Público.

    Os mais recentes passos da investigação britânica indiciam que a possibilidade encarada como a mais forte é de que Madeleine McCann está morta. Sete anos depois do desaparecimento, suspeita-se que o corpo pode estar numa zona que, na altura, foi alvo de buscas feitas pela GNR com o auxílio de cães pisteiros.


    Madeleine McCann's parents vow not to return to Portugal unless new search finds daughter's DNA

    Kate and Gerry McCann have “no intention” of being in Portugal’s Praia da Luz while forensic archaeologists and sniffer dogs scour the area

    1. McCanns VOW not to come back to Portugal.strange choice of word.
      What about the trial?

    2. And aren't they defying SY? If I thought there was any chance of remains being found, as a parent, I would be out there, no matter how painful.
      They are showing they know nothing will be found.

    3. Perhaps they have another birthday party

    4. There was a time Kate vowed never to leave Portugal without Madeleine...then came the "arguida" status and she had a quick change of heart...

      "Kate McCann: 'I'm not going home without Madeleine', 29 July 2007"

      "McCann parents face loss their own way Herald Sun (no link)" (in McCann Files)

      "Gerry, who is on unpaid leave from Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, has spoken about returning to Britain.

      But his 39-year-old wife refuses even to countenance leaving Praia da Luz.

      Whenever the subject is broached, her response is always the same."

      "I'm not going home without Madeleine"


    Madeleine McCann: UK police search in Portugal could begin next week

    'Substantial phase of activity' in search for missing girl could begin as early as Monday if technicalities permit, sources say

    Brendan de Beer in Praia da Luz and Josh Halliday, Wednesday 28 May 2014 18.51 BST

    Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are expected next week to begin searching on the ground in the Portuguese holiday resort where she went missing seven years ago.

    Officers from the British investigative team could begin examining areas in Praia da Luz as early as Monday once a number of technicalities are resolved, Portuguese police sources told the Guardian.

    Scotland Yard said earlier this month that it would begin a "substantial phase of activity on the ground" as part of the renewed investigation into Madeleine's disappearance.

    That operation gathered pace in the last few days, according to Polícia Judiciária sources, who said that an official request from British police to examine one site in Praia da Luz had been granted and that the work could "in principle" begin on Monday.

    "There are a number of details which still need to be ironed out before full approval of this request is granted," said a police source in Lisbon. "We asked for supplementary details from Scotland Yard and, while they have been received, police in Lisbon and Faro are still studying the information."

    The ground-level searches are expected to focus on three parts of the resort where Madeleine went missing on 3 May 2007 while her mother and father, Kate and Gerry McCann, were having dinner with friends at a tapas restaurant near their holiday apartment.

    A team of British detectives flew out to Portugal earlier this month ahead of the searches, which are expected to involve the use of ground penetrating radar that will detect whether the ground has been disturbed. Excavations of any site could then follow.

    Metropolitan police assistant commissioner Mark Rowley said earlier this month that the operation in Praia da Luz did not amount to a significant breakthrough – describing it as the "routine slog" of an ongoing investigation. He said there were many fruitful lines of inquiry being explored but conceded: "We may go through every line of inquiry and all of them draw a blank."

    Rowley also appealed for media restraint ahead of the searches, a call that was echoed on Wednesday by a Polícia Judiciária source in Lisbon who insisted the investigation would not be "transformed into a media circus".

    "The moment we feel our work and movements are being undermined or restricted by cameras or satellite trucks, we will immediately order the cessation of all field operations until normality has been restored," the source said. "While we cannot expect television cameras and journalists to stay away, we ask them to respect our work and our space."

    The investigation has in recent weeks moved at a much slower pace because of various International Letters of Request from Britain to Portugal and the need for the two jurisdictions to work together. The attorney general's office in Lisbon had not disclosed on Wednesday whether a new set of letters had arrived concerning the searches in Praia da Luz.

    A Portuguese police source said: "While we will do everything within our power to assist British police in their investigation, we will do so by abiding strictly to Portuguese law. We are aware that Scotland Yard wish to search other sites, but this information will need prior approval from prosecutors here in Portugal."

    A Metropolitan police spokesman said they would not be giving a "running commentary" on the investigation.

  74. Hasn't Mr Amaral said there may be material which could provide DNA evidence, retained by the Portugese authorities? Shouldn't this material be tested BEFORE starting "digging"?

  75. Anonymous 29 May 2014 20:31:00,

    Yes he did and yes that should be priority - to check if the hair samples Mr Amaral says is under Portuguese custody belong or not to Maddie.

    Please read following posts:

    If Death is Kind (03May2014) - our interpretation of hair evidence

    Political Courage (18Mar2014) - what GA said on TV programme in Porto Canal

    But who says that these hair samples aren't being tested? We, like SY, don't know what indeed is PJ investigating and what diligences it has made or intends to make.

    All we know is there's an ongoing open process about the disappearance of Maddie McCann.

  76. Dear Textusa,
    Please adress to any evidence you have found regarding swing at the Ocean Club. My concern is we will be forever on a fantasy trail to nowhere. It's simply not enough, and certainly not fair game, to build a theory based solely on assumptions, when facts should be the centrepiece of the narrative you're trying to build. Let me be crystal clear, theory should fit the facts, not the opposite. Nothing in the PJ Files points to swing. Statements are coherent if you exclude contradictions arising from the 2008 rogatory letters from the nannies. Tapas 9 statements do have contradictions, so that is a lead combined with the rogatory letters, but the timeline provided by others is solid, and since there were plenty of calls that night the PJ was able to check the times given by witnesses, and which ones were most reliable. There are swinging clubs in Portugal, some in the Algarve, and although guests could always take part in whatever activities they wished - and I will not argue with that 0,01% chance - there is simply no way the Ocean Club were organising that sort of event... Because everyone in town would know, and speak!! Please forgive me for sharing this view, you are certainly entitled to post your theory, and I can accept there's a chance it's right, but it is not based on the facts, only built "around the facts". As for Euclides, as you put it, he is nobody, an excuse to re-open the case without showing the other cards. No mistery regarding his death, lived in bragança, died in Algarve, in a very common kind of accident in Portugal. 29 people died in tractor accidents just in the municipality of Viseu last year, it was on the news today. Mostly because 45% of tractors are more than 20 years old, and also because drivers don't use the safety bar, which would save them when the vehicle capsizes...

    1. mrb,

      Posts from the blog that might enlighten you: (19Jan2011) (02Apr2012)

      In the PJFiles, PJ searches computers with keyword “swing” as shown in our post Why Swing. So don’t say "nothing in the PJ Files points to swing".

      If you think the search for the word “swing” is not related with swinging, please do tell us what then you think PJ was looking for with that keyword

      You also have JOSE BARRA da COSTA, Former Policia Judiciaria saying “There are people who guarantee that this is a couple who practice 'swinging' - i.e. sexual relationships between couples and then changing partners, and that this practice would allow in this type of...”

      This was reported in 24Horas in Portugal:

      And in Britain by the McCann’s favourite rag, the Daily Star:

      “Former police inspector Jose Barra da Costa urged detectives to investigate rumours that the couple indulged in wife-swapping.”

      You may say Da Costa apologised later, he may have done, but why? If swinging is not something to be hidden, why apologise if he wasn’t being offensive?

      But now over to you. Please answer the question we put in our Swinging Evidence post:

      “First one must ask exactly what kind of evidence of swinging is one expected to find?
      A brochure saying “Welcome to PdL’s Swinging Week - April 28/May05”?
      The Ocean Club publicly saying Maddie was abducted because they were distracted while organising sex between the guests?
      A “confession” of swinging by some witness without being asked about it?
      We would really like to know when people say “there's no evidence” what evidence they were expecting.”

      Or, in other words, imagining just for a moment we were right in our assumptions and indeed swinging happened please tell us clearly and explicitly what would convince you? If any of the above or something else. But please do answer. We're curious.

    2. Textusa,
      "mrb" has all trademarks of Mr Null Hypothesis, He has tried to demonstrate his technique on another blog. Without much success.

    3. Anonymous 29 May 2014 22:17:00,

      Yes, he could be. After he answers our question he can continue his debate with them there.

    4. I didn’t know about the Daily Star article! Very informative.
      To those saying there was no reason to hide swinging because it’s not illegal and would be generally accepted if outed, some quotes from article:
      “Orgy Fury”
      “MADELEINE McCanns’ parents were seething”
      “Kate and Gerry are extremely angry”
      “that anyone could cast such an obscene, entirely false slur”
      Or, as CM says in article:
      "The couple’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “This is extremely offensive, deeply hurtful and completely ludicrous. It is not true to suggest they are or ever have been swingers.
      “It is obviously defamatory and he – and all those who spread rumours like this – had better be aware that our lawyers are watching.”

    5. About Barra da Costa, we recommend that the following comments in our “DNA is… DNA” post (06Sept2013) be read:

      - Anonymous 9 Sep 2013 15:46:00 (Swinging, part 1)
      - Anonymous 9 Sep 2013 15:48:00 (Swinging, part 2)
      - Anonymous 9 Sep 2013 15:48:00 (Swinging, part 3)
      - Textusa 10 Sep 2013 10:07:00 (our translation)
      - Textusa 10 Sep 2013 10:09:00 (our translation continued)

      Link to the post:

    6. Textusa,
      I have no intention of disrupting your blog with my views, I cannot simply agree with you, after having read the files.
      I'm aware of your previous posts.
      Just to clarify things I'm not on the jill havern forum, altough I am aware of null hypothesis, as I try to keep up with joana amaral blog, your own and the forum. I wasn't aware of a war between you and the forum, as you seem to have both supporters and people who disagree with you there.
      Anyway I do think your theory is valid, just not supported by facts, you're drifting. PJ using the term "swing" doesn't mean their search was later supported by evidence found and linking the results to the events on May 3rd. I have read about that search before. (And why wouldn't they have in mind all sorts of scenarios and eliminate them one by one?) I think they've gone that alley and found nothing - which again, of course doesn't mean your theory is wrong, just not supported by facts.I do think you're wrong when claiming the OC had something to do with it, as I stated before.
      It would be boring to contradict your every point of view in a single post, and difficult to synthesize, but I will reply in the near future in a longer, more elaborate missive so you can better understand where I'm at.
      I will read the comments and articles suggested, and stand corrected if those convince me - although for me it's not a matter for belief, the McCs have already provided all the fiction for a lifetime.
      Best regards

    7. I apologise for not having answered your question.
      Yes, I would have expected statements on swinging at the OC, but I agree with you, although hard to contain in a town like PDL it is also possible no one would talk - I'll say it's an unlikely possibility.
      But the PJ would have investigated the Ocean Club in-depth, to look for past or future swinging events. Doesn't need to be advertised, the police isn't stupid and this is the 21st century, there are ways to check communications, the background of guests, employees, etc.
      Also, if swinging clubs exist and they do, if OC wanted to work that side of business they wouldn't need to hide it since it's legal. That doesn't shift the responsibility of the parents to the OC, the parents would still be parents (altough not very bright to take kids on swinging holidays, with so many plausible explanations for some alone time).
      I know you disagree with what I've stated above, so let's agree to disagree for now...

    8. mrb,

      Thank you for your reply.

      We are not at war with anybody. It seems that some, and only some posters are in war with us. It's up to them to know why.

      As well as other "Mainstream Blogs" who pretend to ignore our existence. It seems "political correctness" affects those who allegedly claim they fight it.

      Will be anxious to read your arguments

  77. As escavações vão acabar como as buscas pelo avião da Malásia- muito alarido e no fim vão para casa como se nada tivesse acontecido. A vitima é sempre o elo mais fraco, irrelevante. O que interessa é jogar o jogo e ir a jogo à media das necessidades. Tudo, para que nunca se desvende a verdade.

  78. Perhaps other ''Mainstream Blogs'' have the right idea, to ignore those that won't accept any other views but their own. Spouting a load of tosh day, after day, and hoping to get some sort of recognition for it really is quite amusing. You might learn something by visiting some of the other forums, that are much more informed than yourself.

    1. Anonymous 1 Jun 2014 07:55:00,

      Can you recommend a good blog or forum which we should read?

    2. I could but er, um, you know that would be telling, besides I've had to do my research it's up to you to do yours. After-all you don't tell your enemy what your next move is going to be, now do you?

    3. Anonymous 1 Jun 2014 08:57:00,

      Sorry, you misunderstood. We don't have the slightest interest in your secret blog of the BH variety.

      We just wanted to know which Mainstream Blogs you recommend reading. We can then share this recommendation with our deluded readers, so that they can be enlightened.

      If they are mainstream, logically, they can't be a secret.

    4. You're contradicting yourself again, you asked me "Can you recommend a good blog or forum which we should read" to which I replied, so you obviously need an appointment to see an optician, as I never mentioned it being secret those are your words. END OF.

    5. Pity. Our readers' chance of enlightenment seem to be slim due to the lack of your help.


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