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UK Crimewatch - Discrepancies I

About BBC's UK Crimewatch, we said here that its content had the unique quality of not having a single truthful reconstruction and that is according to both White Hat and Black Hat versions alike.

True to our words, we are now exposing discrepancies found.

And we're talking exclusively about the UK Crimewatch and is the only one we're focusing on for now.

Today we are posting the first 8 discrepancies.

Why there was a UK version and a German one, or why we have different reconstructions for different countries, is a matter to be analysed under a different context.

UK Crimewatch is the only version that has Scotland Yard's explicit seal of approval on it.

We are an investigative blog.

We, as we have said before, like to act, never to react.

However, we couldn't ignore this call for arms and we presented ourselves for duty, and contributed the best we could in stopping this farce.

The amount of information influx has been simply staggering so we would like to apologise upfront for not acknowledging readers, whenever the case, for information that we may be posting.

And this non-acknowledgment is, in our opinion, the very real importance of this Crimewatch episode: we, in the internet, have made history.

You may have not realized it, but we, all of us, have changed forever the face of the internet.

They thought that they could come out and just say that Bundleman was Crèche Dad and that the general public, where we're included, would just moan and groan, throw a bad face and end up accepting it as fact.

Why? Because it has been so for all time. The Establishment determines and the populace follows.

So if Britain's top Police force, Scotland Yard said Bundleman was Crèche Dad, then as of Oct 14 2013, Bundleman was to be wiped out of history books and replaced by Crèche Dad. So determined the Establishment.

Very simple and straightforward and the way it has always been done.

Sure, they expected a fierce reaction from the internet, but those armchair conspiracy theorists detectives could howl as loud as they wanted but it would just be noise that would eventually dwindle down into habitual silence and conformism.

But what happened this week is that we all showed the Establishment that this part of the internet is a civilized place (sure we have our fair share of lunatics and evil people) where lies are debated in a logical, reasonable and determined manner.

Plus, the percentage of those of us who write and comment is very small compared with those who read us and, very importantly, are able to think for themselves.

They expected a fierce, emotional reaction, but they got a firm and substantiated one.

Just like the quote from The Guardian (04Jan12) that we have on the blog's front page: "Once information networks become social, the implications are massive: truth can now travel faster than lies, and all propaganda becomes instantly flammable. Sure, you can try to insert spin, but the instantly networked consciousness of millions of people will set it right: they act like white blood cells against infection so that ultimately the truth, or something close to it, persists much longer than disinformation.

Our collective response surprised them. Caught them completely off-guard.

The fact that up to today there are absolutely no new developments on Scotland Yard's part, after announcing that they had the suspect named and basically having given, in a crescendo since the beginning of this month, the general public the impression that an arrest would be coming very soon, means that we stopped them short.

Not only stopped them, as we have shown how they've painted themselves into a corner.

They have one of three options:

One, choose to continue with whitewashing. It's the only way to keep, somehow, Scotland Yard's credibility alive. The credible, civilised internet is this option's biggest enemy and this week we have shown how strong and resolute we are.

Two, let the issue dwindle away. Very difficult to achieve as they created all the hype themselves and this issue needs closure. We must remember that this was a task assigned to Scotland Yard by the British Prime-Minister himself in May 2011.

Three, apologise for the farce and tackle the truth. Painful. Very painful indeed, but, to us, the only viable option.

We are fully aware that currently we are all deliberately being confused.

We all need to work together for the true facts to be presented, so we welcome all good-natured corrections to anything we say about this.

That has always been our modus operandi but now more than ever as we are all under a massive disinformation and misinformation campaign.

Here are the first 8 discrepancies we found in UK Crimewatch:

Discrepancy 01 - The Buggy

The buggy, or the fact there wasn't one on the first day, Sat 28 Apr 2007, is the the starting point of all Neglect Theory

It was because of its absence the T9 decided, according to what is written in their statements in the PJ Files, in solidarity with the enormous effort made by the McCanns to carry the twins from apartment 5A to the Millenium, to no longer eat there and get a week's special reservation for dinner at Tapas.

There, at Tapas, they were, as is commonly understood wrongly, neglectful.

Either no buggy, and that means dinners at Tapas and neglect OR there's a buggy, like UK Crimewatch has shown, and that means no dinners at Tapas and no neglect

No neglect, no abduction. That buggy shouldn't have appeared.

Discrepancy 02 - The First Swim

This afternoon swim only appears in Kate's book in 2011, 4 years after the events

In the statements (note the plural) that both parents gave to the PJ, where they did detail the best they could all the family's activities during that week, they didn't mention this swim.

None of the three families that settled in the resort with the McCanns speak of this first swim.

Both Kate and Gerry McCann describe these first hours at the Ocean Club, in the PJ Files, as the whole family listening to a sort of lecture at Tapas about tennis, after which they went to dinner (without any buggy) at Ocean Club's restaurant, the Millenium.

If they remembered the lecture, they would have certainly remembered this swim as it could be exactly the first time Maddie could have been seen by their concocted abductor.
Yes, it's absurd and that's why, 4 yrs later, Kate comes up with this afternoon swim

More absurd is Scotland Yard echoing this.

The importance of this discrepancy is very high because it clarifies that from the outset that UK Crimewatch is not about truth but about something else entirely. 

Discrepancy 03 - The Shoes

In the controversial picture of Maddie in the tennis courts she appears to be wearing socks and sandals.

In UK Crimewatch, it's clear that the girl that plays Maddie appears to be wearing trainers, more suitable to run around and pick up balls.

From the PJ statements it's not possible to determine when this picture was supposedly taken, as one is made to assume that Maddie and the twins hardly had any time outside the crêche, lunch and bathtime with their parents.

With the exception of a single stroll to the beach, which we spoke of here and here, the impression is that the T9 children were literally deposited in the crêche at every opportunity during the day so that the adults could enjoy... tennis.

Obviously this "tennis court reconstruction" was meant to give the impression to those unaware of details, that Maddie spent lots of time with her parents, which we believe not to be true.

In fact, there is no proof that the "sandals" picture was taken in Praia da Luz. There are some that have substantiated that it wasn't.

Discrepancy 04 - The Reflection

Scotland Yard has unwittingly debunked one the biggest tear-jerkers from the McCann propaganda machine: the last photo.

UK Crimewatch only shows the obvious: horizontal patterns produce horizontal reflections.

Discrepancy 05 - The Living-Room Corner

Scotland Yard seems to have found an apartment very similar to 5A with the exception of the furniture and the absence of the corner of the living-room where the dogs signalled the existence of blood and cadaverine:

The same corner of the living room, where FSS says that stain #9 was made up by CG, a 2 yr old little boy, as we showed here, and where other stains also with DNA were also found as we showed here.

In the digital reconstruction presented in UK Crimewatch of the interior of the apartment, this corner, which we consider of  pivotal importance to deteremine Maddie's fate that evening, isn't shown.

Discrepancy 06 - The Door

Even Emma Loach got this detail about the kids' bedroom door right in Mock - The Pimpleman, when filming, in Rothley, the reconstruction of  the "how-we-had-left-it", as we showed here, but it seems that prestigious Scotland Yard wasn't able to.

They put Maddie in a room where the door opens to the left instead of the right.

This door has been, according to the Black Hats, the "abductor's hiding place" while Gerry was in the apartment where he supposedly saw Maddie alive for the last time. There's absolutely nothing in the PJ Files that substantiates this thesis.

The fact that the door opens to the left, invalidates completely Matthew Oldfield's statement of  checking on the McCann children but above all takes away the "proud father moment" that Gerry so much relished on, in Mock.

It drastically shortens to an impossibility the time window in which the Black Hats have maintained possible all these 6 years for the abductor to abduct Maddie.

He was, as we have just said, according to the Black Hats, supposedly hiding behind the door while Gerry went to the toilet, something that is not referred him doing in UK Crimewatch.

With the door opening to the left, Bundleman has nowhere to hide, so there's simply no window of time for him to abduct.

As per PJ Files, Gerry comes out of the toilet and walks out of the apartment via patio doors.  Encounters Jez Wilkins and engages in a 5 minute conversation. In the middle of these 5 minutes, Jane Tanner walks by them and sees Bundleman crossing the street.

No time for Bundleman to get in, grab Maddie and get out in time to be seen at that crossing.

And without Bundleman, where's the evidence of an abduction?

Scotland Yard, by explicitly saying that Bundleman is Crèche Dad, obliterates the only shred of evidence the Black Hats had to justify an abduction.

Discrepancy 07 - The Big Round Table 

Finally we witness an attempt in replicating our dearest friend: the Big Round Table (BRT).

As UK Crimewatch was filmed in Spain and not Portugal, Scotland Yard can always have the excuse that any discrepancies we may point out are because they didn't film the original BRT.

So the BRT, the true BRT, remains as illusive as Pimpleman, the differrence being that everyone knows where the BRT supposedly is but no one is willing to go find it and photograph it.

And is that photograph important? Of course it is. 

Without the BRT, there are no Tapas dinners and without these, the desired negligence is unchievable which, in turn, is essential for the abduction to have happened.

But it's not only because of this is the BRT important

It is indeed important because if it doesn't exist then it implicates both the Ocean Club and the guests who said they dined with the T9 at Tapas that week. Their names are on the "reservation sheets".

That said, we would like to thank Scotland Yard for pointing out something that we hadn't noticed: the ridiculousness of Kate's seating plan:

If the Paynes arrived later than all others, then it would be logical for them to have sat together.

Exactly like it's played out in UK Crimewatch. But that is not what Kate said happened at Tapas on May 3rd, is it?

In between the Paynes we see Gerry and Matt. Were there marked places?

There could indeed be marked places because, as UK Crimewatch shows, Tapas was NOT, after all, the alternative to the Millenium but apparently Ocean Club's "Executive Class Restaurant"! Very, very posh indeed.

Impecable linen tablecloths, glasses for water and wine and even, do be amazed, a vase centrepiece!

No wonder people queued up to get a reservation!!

Imagine paying the same for having to walk up the road and eating at the Millenium that is located at the far end of the complex and being poshly served at Tapas, just outside your apartment, which one would you choose? Tapas, of course!

Would you queue up? I would!

Such a posh restaurant and hardly mentioned in the reviews, as we showed here. Isn't that just unbelievable?

The Mirror, on Oct 13, the day before the UK Crimewatch aired showed this picture as being the Tapas Bar:

Very posh indeed! Pity it isn't Tapas.

The fact that the chairs do have the same shape (we're sure that Tapas outdoor chairs weren't custom made for Tapas) and the tables are similarly small, the beams are not right and those stone walls don't exist.

Google Maps above, suggests that the Tapas esplanade remains an open space.

The Mirror image is only important in terms of showing how in synch and in closed ranks is the Establishment acting.

What matters is that Tapas in May 2007 was as pictured below:


We would also like to thank Scotland Yard for showing that we were right all along: the table shown is of significant size, would cause a visual impact and its presence make a memorable impression in the middle of Tapas:

We, like we said in our post here, we don't see any table with similar, or even approximate, dimensions at Tapas:

And that's why we have questioned, and question, BRT's existence, at Tapas, in May 2007.

Do note that the chairs at Tapas are wider than those used in UK Crimewatch.

And we do have confirmation from Martin Brunt, as we showed in our here and here, that the furniture where he's sitting below is the one actually used by the T9 at Tapas:


There's an optical illusion that wasn't noticed but was presented to us by the BBC/Crimewatch team: by placing a tree in the foreground they deliberately have diminished both BRT's dimensions and visual effect:

Even so, what is visible is still significantly big to cause visual impact

Why would a restaurant own a single table completely different from all others, when joining up tables is a much simpler and practical solution?

Then we have that beautiful centrepiece. A vase with a plant. Another optical illusion, that is used worldwide to compensate the void that always exists in the centre big round tables:

And would Gerry describe the UK Crimewatch BRT in the same the way he did in Mock, as below?

Lastly, it was rather unfortunate to put Gerry with his back to the apartments. Because when he says this:

He's saying he was looking at something he wasn't.

The shape and size of the BRT are very important because, as we have said and are now emphatically repeating, no dinners took place at Tapas Bar by the T9.

Their presence there for dinners is a fabrication. Except on May 3rd but even on that night they didn't sit around a BRT because that particular object never existed.

There is no proof of its existence in any photo, independent or otherwise, and its size defies logic taking into account both the remainder furniture as well as the snack-type purpose of the bar.

It can't be the table photographed in Mr Amaral's book, nor any of the other tables that also appear.

A table so significantly different in dimensions from all others would have been pointed out to him and he would have photographed it.

Dianne Webster says she's the only one that took pictures of those dinners (so supposedly of the BRT too) but we're yet to see them.

We, back in 2011, even defied, here, Kate to publish them in her book. The question was explicit: will Kate's book prove Textusa wrong?

Although we know Kate reads our blog, as we showed here, she didn't accept our challenge and didn't publish any photo with the T9 sitting around the BRT that fategful week.

Being a fabrication itself, as it is, all other things related with the BRT, like the seating arrangements, are too.

The Tapas bar may have been the mustering point for swinging activities, although there are other possibilities for that.

Discrepancy 08 - The Discrepancy

One thing that every one remembers about Mock is how humiliated Jane Tanner was by Dave Edgar and Gerry McCann when she was literally told on what side of the road she saw Gerry and Jez Wilkins talking to each other:

Even though both Tanner's and Wilkins statements in the PJ Files are clear as to where this conversation took place (on the Tapas side of the road near 5A's backgate) and that in none of  Gerry's statements is this location specified, it's Gerry's version that is upheld in Mock, like we showed you here:


UK Crimewatch maintains and even reinforces this discrepancy. Not only is the conversation between Gerry and Jez on the right side of the road if you go up (the apartment and Tapas would be on the left) as Jane is seen walking completely alone in the street.

No sign of Gerry or Jez.

One thing Scotland Yard doesn't explain, is that when it says "at about the same time" that Gerry and Jez are talking, Jane gets up to do her checking, so, logically, they should have crossed paths somewhere.

It isn't shown. Gerry had vaporised into thin air

See also UK Crimewatch - Discrepancies II


  1. Excellent article

  2. have you sent this to sy to point out the discrepancy's. Good post by the way

  3. I am mesmerized by your article.

    I must say I am absolutely blown away with the amount of past assertions that they managed to leave out, pass over and change in the programme. But also that every other CW episode in each Country is different, with different discrepancies.

    I think, from my own experience I was expecting this to be as Matthew Amroliwala said, the truest account of what happened on the evening of May 3rd, not just because he said that it was but I wanted it to be for Madeleine. But what I saw was just an extraordinary "make-over" job.

    A lot of it was actually trying to remedy what is discussed on the web on a daily basis like the buggy and the sandals. But the Last Photo - well thank you so much for this - its proof once and for all that we are witnessing a very determined and vigorous opponent.

  4. DCI Redwood surelly must have APPROVED the german version too...he is present in the interview with Kate and Gerry, in the last part of the show. He's not being interviewed on his own, he is there with Kate and Gerry, supporting them! He must have been involved in this one too!

  5. This has got to be one of the biggest cover up in crime history.

  6. É realmente vergonhosa esta adulteração da verdade.
    Se no meu país, estão 6 PJs alocados para fazerem de conta que investigam e fecharem os olhos à vergonha que vai sendo desenhada em Inglaterra, gritarei para sempre " malditos impostos, os que pago, para alimentar os salários destes corruptos.
    Portugal não pode deixar humilhar-se assim por um grupo de criminosos que sabem onde está a criança, em que circunstancias desapareceu, e que mentiram e mentem sempre que vêm a público. Vivem em campanha para se safarem e têm a benção da SY.
    Portugal, até quando vais deixar este circo andar sem o desmascarares abertamente. Podiam começar com as 3 TVs a unirem-se e fazerem um comunicado conjunto informando que quiseram passar o filme da Crimewatch e até proposeram pagar direitos de transmissao( o que acho um absurdo porque se é um apelo devia ser distribuido gratuitamente) mas a BBC e os pais recusaram. O comunicado devia ser divulgado nas agências internacionais em várias linguas. É tempo de desmascarar as jogadas deste grupo e expo-las internacionalmente para que todo o publico possa formular uma opinião. Em vez disso, continuam a soprar para o lado e a deixarem-se insultar. É revoltante.

  7. Who they want to fool that time? Not PJ I believe... The British public, once again.

  8. "The Maddie Files The Sun
    Special report ... what happened to Madeleine McCann?
    Published: 18 October 2013

    IT'S the terrible mystery that has gripped us all – what really happened to Madeleine McCann?
    In tomorrow's 12-page special pullout, The Maddie Files, we reveal:
    - The bungled investigation into her abduction
    - How Maddie's twin siblings are getting on
    - How Kate and Gerry manage to keep strong
    PLUS – the full Maddie story in an exclusive ebook ONLY for Sun+ members."

    Unbeliverable until where that shameful paper takes that story. Maddie still a good marketing plot. How much are the Mccann's going to cash in with that campaign? Will be interesting if the figures were revealed or they want us to believe that all that is for free?
    We can see how the Mccann's look devastated. Is that the reason why you ( The Sun) used the name Maddie instead of Madeleine? Was she not only Madeleine for her parents and Maddie for the portguese journalists, who like their " bungled investigation" invented the name Maddie? Now, you using a name from tbe bungled portuguese?
    Shame on that poor paper because there is hundred or thousand other children missing in Britain and they should all have the same rights. If they still missing, means their case is also a mystery, involving pain and despair. Why, just remembering Maddie? Because, that is the only case which is financially profitable for both parts, the papers and the parents ins't it? And if you insult the portuguese police is even more profitable. What a xenophobe paper...
    Here the answer from The Guardian:

    "By Roy Greenslade
    Friday 18 October 2013 11.15 BST

    Maybe I'm being unusually sensitive, but I find The Sun's latest promotion for its website unbearably tasteless:
    "It's the terrible mystery that has gripped us all – what really happened to Madeleine McCann? In tomorrow's 12-page special pullout, The Maddie Files, we reveal:

    The bungled investigation into her abduction... how Maddie's twin siblings are getting on… how Kate and Gerry manage to keep strong.

    PLUS the full Maddie story in an exclusive ebook ONLY for Sun+ members. If you're not already a member, join now."
    Am I alone in thinking that this lure to attract subscribers amounts to an intrusion into grief for commercial ends?"

    Is that the beguinning of a war between papers? I hope so, to emerge the truth.

    If you're not already a member, join now.

  9. Segunda opinião
    "Onde está Maddie?
    Passados mais de seis anos desde que Madeleine McCann desapareceu sem deixar rasto, na Praia da Luz, que sabemos nós de ciência certa?
    17 de Outubro,
    Por:Rui Pereira, Professor Universitário

    A bem dizer, rigorosamente nada. Não sabemos se a criança, que se preparava para comemorar o seu quarto aniversário, foi sequestrada, assassinada, sofreu morte acidental ou foi vítima de um homicídio negligente. Os excêntricos que acreditam nas visitas furtivas dos extraterrestres até poderão sustentar que ela foi abduzida por um ovni em trânsito no Algarve, naquela fatídica noite de 3 de maio de 2007.
    A ausência de respostas prova a incompetência da polícia? Nem tanto. A ideia de que uma polícia de investigação pode deslindar qualquer crime é exagerada. Um criminoso que aja premeditadamente tem a vantagem da iniciativa e pode escolher as circunstâncias de tempo, lugar e modo do crime. Se o seu plano for bem delineado e a execução não tiver falhas, é possível escapar impune. Todas as polícias do mundo, incluindo a britânica, se confrontam com enigmas que não conseguem resolver, nomeadamente no âmbito do desaparecimento de crianças.
    Sendo impossível fazer a autópsia do crime, é necessário dissecar um processo que morreu precocemente. Aí sim, é fácil reconhecer falhas. Foram desconsiderados indícios de um crime de exposição ou abandono que pode ter sido cometido contra três crianças de dois a três anos de idade confiadas à sua sorte. A constituição de Robert Murat como arguido com base num perfil desvinculado dos factos foi precipitada. A coabitação no inquérito de arguidos incompatíveis (Murat, suspeito de sequestro, e os pais de Maddie, suspeitos de homicídio) foi absurda.
    Sem os erros processuais, nem por isso estaria assegurado o êxito desta investigação. Aliás, não me parece que a Polícia Judiciária tenha dispensado qualquer esforço ou desprezado qualquer pista. De todo o modo, os erros fragilizaram a imagem da Justiça portuguesa, num processo sujeito a um escrutínio mediático internacional nunca antes visto. Essa pressão foi responsável por uma "pressa" que se revelou má conselheira. A pressa deve ser confinada à investigação. Na constituição de arguido e na acusação, tudo tem de ser ponderado com critério."

    Atencao que Rui Pereira é um ex-ministro. Os erros de que fala, não são erros da investigaçào policial, sao erros de estrategia politica. Foi um erro a investigaçao paralela com a policia inglesa. Foi um erro mandar os vestigios para analise em Inglaterra, foi um erro ceder a pressoes diplomaticas, foi um erro arquivar o processo precocemente.

    1. Apetece-me dizer ao Exmo. Sr. Rui Pereira, "TARDE PIASTE, PAJARITO!"

      Com que então agora acha que o "processo morreu precocemente"! Pena que na altura do "falecimento", ou melhor, do assassinato da investigação, não tivesse levantado a voz ...até parece que não aconteceu durante um governo do qual fazia parte, num alto cargo, o de ministro da ADMINISTRAÇÃO INTERNA, que tem a tutela das polícias...
      e o que é isso de "arguidos incompatíveis"?! Por supostamente não se conhecerem ou não terem ligação aparente? Será que o Sr. Ex-ministro não foi informado (ou não se informou) das ligações a Exeter/ Leicester, das idas e vindas misteriosas de Murat entre Portugal e o UK na semana das férias, da enigmática resposta de Gerry McCann à pergunta se já conhecia Robert Murat anteriormente...? "No comments"!

      Pois é...agora vem falar em erros...que foram cometidos pelos responsáveis políticos de um governo, do seu governo! Ao falar de "erros processuais" cá para mim, está a sacudir a água do capote, e a "molhar" o Ministério Público e por portas e travessas a PJ!

  10. "Ao fim e ao cabo
    Mais iguais que outros
    O que veio de Inglaterra sobre o desaparecimento da menina Maddie não pode ser confundido com investigação criminal: é uma interessante produção televisiva da BBC – com o alto patrocínio do governo britânico e a inestimável colaboração da polícia de Londres – que serve como uma luva às conveniências do casal McCann.
    17 de Outubro
    Por:Manuel Catarino, Redator Principal Correio da Manhã

    Gerry e Kate abandonaram apressadamente o nosso país dois dias depois de terem sido constituídos arguidos. A investigação, que até aí se centrara no rapto, passou a admitir a morte acidental da criança. O casal voa para Inglaterra sob o ferrete dessa terrível suspeita.
    A Polícia Metropolitana de Londres, ao insistir agora no único caminho do rapto, afasta a desconfiança que os McCann carregam desde o Algarve. Nunca um governo britânico se interessou tanto por uma criança desaparecida. Gerry e Kate contaram com solidariedade de três executivos: dois trabalhistas, um conservador. Valem mais do que tantos outros pais britânicos com filhos desaparecidos. Talvez mestre John Le Carré tenha opinião sobre este mistério."

  11. Brilliant Textusa, and your analysis is there for all to see included DCI Redwood. I also note that with the BRT the groupappear to be drinking only water, no signs of all those wine bottles and wine the waiters said they consumed. What a cover up. In trying to rewrite event SY have made the Mccanns look guiltier than ever, now there can be no question that this group of swingers lied. SY have stated the time line that they hastily evented was wrong. The reconstruction also attempts to make the Tapas bar and apartment look a lot posher than it actually was and that the Mccanns spent family time with their children again contradicting the tapas groups feeble statements. SY have done a wonderful job in exposing itself as a corrupt force and they did it themselves as mentioned earlier the truth can spread quicker than lies thanks to the internet. Can only be a matter of time now before the mccanns and their group face a court trial for all their crimes and wasted pj time.

  12. Just stumbled on this:

    Who is Textusa and what are they all about? (Subject drifts to the ScotlandYard Investigation)
    Loopdaloop on Thu 23 Aug 2012, 11:03 pm

    Who is 'testusa' and what are they all about? I've just realised my posts on here are being quoted on a blog by them. All very flattering.

    However, this person is evidently an ardent Mccannian, so therefore we must interpret their posts through that lens.
    By doing so we must try and understand the motivations of their posts and the eagerness to discredit / disinfo certain aspects of certain discussions.

    But here is an interesting thing.... given their slant on issues, why are they trying to discredit the Scotland Yard Investigation
    This is a very old blog post by textusa, but it is new to me

    For an ardent Mccann supporter to try and discredit the investigation and to call it a whitewash before they knew any information about it, leads me to think even more positively that they will investigate this in the same manner as they did the Stephen Lawrence killing. Independently.


    Stupid woman! Stupid article!
    DO read the comments, please ! "They" have lost the UK !

    1. "So I cannot, for the life of me, understand the motivation of those who so virulently attack Gerry and Kate.

      What kind of a kick do they get out of their holier, better than thou – or at least holier and better than the McCanns – sanctimonious rants?"

      Joan Burnie, you asked the question and the "sickos" have politely answered you directly through their comments to your article.

  14. Just an appetizer of the comments in the Daily Record:

    "Tracey Guy
    12:07 AM on 19/10/2013

    48 un-answered questions! Victim Recovery and Human Blood Dogs alerted to areas in the McCanns apartment, the hire car, Kate & Madeleines clothing and Cuddle Cat! The dismissal of this evidence by the parents despite the dogs being successful in 200+ cases. The DNA evidence (15 out of 19 good odds), the ever changing stories, the locked/unlocked door, the forced/closed window, the broken/undamaged blinds, the 'airing' of the hire car, jetted home for support from Gordon Brown and Clarence Mitchell..I could go on! All this Joan I sourced in a couple of hours, all from credible/official sources. Call yourself a journalist?
    Leaving a 6 month old while you take a trip to the supermarket! Call yourself a mother?
    Comparing the Bulger case to the McCann case! Call yourself a human being?!
    Your P45 should be in the post!
    As you like to call everyone that's not pouring out sympathy and towing the party line a 'Troll', maybe you would like to take a 'trip trap trip trap over the bridge' of balanced journalism and re-write your biased tale once you've enlightened yourself.
    While you have pen in hand, if you have an ounce of dignity left you may like to apologise to the Bulger family for your truly vile comparison."

  15. Anyone wants to take a bet on how long it will take before that article or those comments are "wooshed-clunked" from the Daily Record...?

  16. I don't think TM are going to give up any time soon. The fact that they had different CW programmes all with differing amounts of truth and lies means that they want "confusion". The aim I think was that every Country was to be brainwashed with different information. 

    This is what Gerry said, "confusion is good". 

    It divides and conquers ! 

    Without Truth nothing moves forward. 

    They want us to spend our time discussing over and over again till we tire of fighting. I very much doubt that we will ever know the Truth.

    SY are corrupt and have been corrupted by whomever it is that is determined the people will not know the Truth.


    Kate and Gerry's 'great hope': Mystery blonde girl found living with gypsies gives boost to Madeleine McCann's parents
    19 Oct 2013 08:12

    GREEK authorities requested international help to identify an 'abducted' four-year-old girl found living in a camp with a couple and 13 other children.

    THE parents of Madeleine McCann were given ‘great hope’ after a mystery blonde girl allegedly snatched from her family was found living with gypsies.

    Greek authorities requested international help to identify a four-year-old girl found living in a camp with a couple and 13 other children.

    Police believe up to 10 more of the youngsters may be the victims of an international trafficking ring.

    The girl, known only as ‘Maria’, was found on Wednesday near Farsala in central Greece during a nationwide crackdown on illegal activities by Roma, also known as Gypsies.

    The case bears similarities to theories about the disappearance of Madeleine who vanished aged three on a family holiday in Portugal on May 3, 2007.

    It raises the possibility that Madeleine could still be alive six years after she disappeared.

    Speaking to The Mirror, a spokesman for the McCanns said: “This gives Kate and Gerry great hope that Madeleine could be found alive.”

    Dad Gerry said this week that statistics showed the younger a child is when abducted, the more likely they are to be found.

    He said after Monday's BBC Crimewatch: “There are cases over the last few years of children who have been found after they’ve been taken for a long time. I think that’s what the public needs to think about tonight.”

    Scotland Yard said new evidence adds further weight to claims the three-year-old was snatched in a pre-planned abduction from her holiday apartment.

    DNA tests confirmed yesterday that the mystery blue eyed girl is not related to the Greek couple who have been remanded in custody.

    A 39-year-old man and 40-year-old woman have been charged with abducting a minor and remanded in custody.

    A source said the youngster is believed to have been with the couple for at least two years and speaks only Roma. She is currently being assessed by child psychologists.

    He said: “Police are examining a wider network of child traffickers across Europe. This girl couple have been snatched to order or sold by east european criminal gangs. We know these networks exist.”

    Police are trying to establish why the girl was living with the couple, who are also accused of falsifying identity and birth certificates.

    The mother claimed to have given birth to six children within a total of less than 10 months. She is accused of illegally claiming benefits for the children.

    Police say they also found drugs and unregistered firearms in other parts of the settlement, which is about 170 miles north of Athens.

    One police officer questioned the couple after spotting that the blonde, pale-skinned and blue-eyed girl stood out from the rest of her family.

    She bore no resemblance to the Greek couple and DNA testing confirmed that they weren’t related.

    Her features suggest she might be from an eastern or northern European country.

    Police have notified Interpol for assistance.

    Larissa police chief Vasilis Halatsis said: “We have taken the gypsy parents into custody, and the child is being taken care of in hospital.

    “We are getting information from all over Europe which shows that this problem, of children going missing and falling into gypsy hands, is a problem throughout the continent.”

    The suspects allegedly offered conflicting accounts - that the girl was found in a blanket, was handed to them by strangers or had a foreign father.


  18. (cont.) (different article from link in comment submitted before but related IMO)

    Greek Officials Investigating ID of Girl Found in Roma Camp
    By Evangelia Kagelidou on October 18, 2013 in Crime, News

    New evidence has been disclosed regarding the unbelievable story of the little girl who was kidnapped by a Roma couple in Farsala (Greece).

    The Greek police have now shared the girl’s photographs publicly in hopes that someone will recognize her, and help find some answers as to where she comes from and who her parents are.

    An anthropologist has been summoned to examine the girl in order to identify her place of origin by analyzing the structure of her bones.

    The four-year old girl, whose name is Maria, does not speak (except for a few words and sounds), and is not as mature as an average girl of her age, and very attached to the roma woman who claims to be her mother.

    In the beginning of the investigation, the 39-year-old man and the 40-year-old woman claimed to be her natural parents, but their features had nothing to do with the girl’s characteristics (blond hair, green eyes, light skin). Subsequently, a DNA test was performed, officially confirming what the police thought from the start- the child is not biologically theirs.

    While being questioned by authorities, the couple answered, frequently contradicting themselves. They first stated that the girl was given to them for adoption by a woman who gave birth in the camp, then disappeared; then, the 40-year-old woman said that she found the baby outside a super market. Her next story was that the girl’s father is a Canadian man whom she had an affair with. In the end, she said that they had bought the little girl from a Bulgarian man.

    It was finally proven that the couple had kidnapped the girl in 2009, right after she was born. According to official announcements from the police, the couple managed to not only take the girl from her natural parents, but they somehow managed to obtain her birth and baptism certificate from the Municipality of Athens birth department.

    Although it is still unclear what exactly took place, the police assume that the child was initially set to be illegally adopted.

    The psychologist of the General Police Directorate of Thessaly, has undertaken the psychological support of the child.

    Meanwhile, the child has been taken from the Roma couple and currently under the safe care of the organization “The smile of the child”.

    The national and international police investigations are still in progress, while Interpol is cooperating with Balkan countries in the effort to expand the investigation.

  19. If anyone seriously believes that the McCanns hid Madeline's body for 3 weeks and then moved/disposed of it under the eyes of the Police, then surely, logically you would have to question the capability of the Police invesitgators?

    If the Police in Portugal were so inept why on earth would you beleive them in the first place?

    1. Anonymous 19 Oct 2013 15:12:00,

      Believe me that if I blew continually a trumpet into your ear you wouldn't be able to tell me, or anyone else, if the Royal Symphony Orchestra was playing Schubert or Mozart even if we were watching a concert in the middle of Royal Albert Concert Hall.

      But the fact that you couldn't tell me (and you couldn't because I made sure you couldn't hear what the orchestra was playing) it doesn't mean, in any way, that the orchestra wasn't playing Shubert or Mozart, or even both, one after the other.

      In this case, it would be rather unfair on my part to qualify your hearing capabilities as inept, wouldn't it?

      By the way, do refrain from using the word "seriously" when you're not being serious.

    2. "If anyone seriously believes that the McCanns hid Madeline's body for 3 weeks and then moved/disposed of it under the eyes of the Police"

      I'll tell you one person who seriously believes that the McCanns hid Madeline's body for 3 weeks and then moved/disposed of it under the eyes of the Police: Tavares de Almeida.
      That's why he signs the 10Sept07 PJ Report that says:
      A) The minor Madeleine McCann died in the apartment 5A of the Ocean Club resort, on the night of 3rd May 2007
      D) Kate McCann and Gerald McCann are involved in the concealment of the cadaver of their child Madeleine McCann
      F) From what has been established until now, everything indicates that the McCanns, by virtue of self preservation, don't want to deliver immediately and voluntarily the cadaver, even though there is a strong possibility that the same was transported from the initial place of deposition. This situation consequently raises questions about the circumstances under which the death of the minor occurred.

      This is a report from the police you say inept but clearly believed that the child was indeed moved under their noses.
      The lead detective of the investigation at the time, Gonçalo Amaral, would later write in his book:
      1. The minor, Madeleine McCann died inside apartment 5A of the Ocean Club in Vila da Luz, on the night of 3rd May 2007
      3. Kate Healy and Gerald McCann are suspects of involvement in the concealment of their daughter's body

      The head of the PJ's operations on the ground also clearly believed that the child was indeed moved under his nose.
      Is he to blame or are all those MANY that helped the body of the child to be moved unnoticed under his nose?
      When he did notice, he wrote it down. And because he wrote it down, he was kicked off the case.

    3. "Believing" and "Being able to prove" are two different things entirely. Scotland Yard detectives and many other experts will tell you that it would be nigh on impossible to hide a cadaver for 3 weeks or more. The smell and the release of body fluids, gases allied to the build up of maggots and flies would be apparent to anyone. If a cadaver (as has been suggested) was transported in the back of the McCann's car) then there would be massive amounts of trace evidence including Maddie's DNA. None was found despite what was reported (due to leaks by the Portugese Police) in the press.

      As for Mr Amaral, i'm afraid his opinion is moot, I refuse to accept the word of a convicted perjurer. I'm old fashioned that way.

    4. Are you Danny Collins by any chance?

      Because the ridiculousness of your words are in all identical to his in his book Vanished. Leaving a body to rot in an open air during three weeks during Summer heat. Yes, if it wan't an absurd idea, it would in fact leave massive traces of evidence.

      Th eonly difference is that you take it a step forward. You say that it was been suggested that stored in the trunk of the car during those 3 weeks.

      As well as attract a crowd, and there's no evidence of that, and health authorites would be called in, and there's no evidence of that too.

      So we agree with you. The fact that there wasn't MASSIVE evidence denotes, or even proves, that Maddie's body wasn't left lying around in the Summer sun, nor (otherwise the sense of smell of many reporters has to be questioned) was it stored in the trunk of the car for three weeks.

      Your opinion of Mr Amaral has nothing to do with fashion. It's more to do with what we have stated in our "Dead-End post"

      If you people think it's easy to disprove Mr. Amaral all you have to do is to confront him, in Court, and prove him wrong.

      In the libel trial we haven't seen, up to now, the prosecution discuss facts. In fact, we witnessed that it didn't.

      There's still the possibility that the prosecution will use Gerry, Kate (if they're allowed to testify - one wonders why they left this decision up to the judge when they had ample time to put their names up to testify) and Marinho Pinto to discuss fact and prove Mr. Amaral, the perjurer in a case of a victim who has been convicted to effective prison time because it was proved to have lied in that case in court, is credible or not.

      We will wait and see.

      We will also wait and see what will be the prosecution's reaction if the defense decides to bring fact proving into discussion in said libel trial.

    5. Anonymous 20 Oct 2013 11:18:00

      You are really evil, aren't you?
      On what basis do you associate "If a cadaver (as has been suggested) was transported in the back of the McCann's car)" with "it would be nigh on impossible to hide a cadaver for 3 weeks or more. The smell and the release of body fluids, gases allied to the build up of maggots and flies would be apparent to anyone."
      What has one to do with the other? The body was transported in the trunk of the car and DNA evidence has shown it. FSS says it's not enough to determne it's Maddie's but is the same FSS that says that a 2 yr old boy leaves DNA where it's not possible for him to leave.
      FSS may not have been convicted of perjury but I trust Amaral over FSS any day.

    6. In relation to this, maybe it's worthy revisiting the Huelva trip on the 3rd August 2007: (by Petermac)

      The PJ was interested in the "unjustified" kilometers made by the hired car, the unexplained gap between the expected hour of arrival in Huelva and the real time of arrival, over 1h15' later.

      I believe there's much more on this Huelva trip than has been told...-

    7. The McCanns were NOT (unfortunately) under 24 / 7 police surveillance ... I bet the PJ wanted to do it, but it certainly was not "allowed" due to the early on diplomatic pressure! Lots of people driving the hired car to all sorts of places, the testimony of a neighbour of the hired villa, saying that she saw the booth of the car opened for nights and days in a row! The need to explain away the rotten smell by weird reasons, like the dirty nappies and rotting meat!!!
      And as for the constant media presence, well, the media were only interested in following the McCanns moves...I bet that whenever anyone else drove away in the Scenic they didn't blink an eye or move an inch!
      Plenty of opportunities to do some movings...and I don't mean furniture...!

  20. Su 19 Oct 2013 15:15:00

    We're not publishing your comment at 19 Oct 2013 15:15:00 as we prefer not to link to the blog you mention as it does have some anti Semitic comments and we don't want to be associated with that in any way.

    But about what you say, if we have stated as we have, out of absolute conviction, that we are certain that M died on May 3rd inside apartment 5A, that means we don't believe that Maddie was abducted.

    Not by Bundleman, not by paedo or paedos, not by gypsies, aliens or even by a gang of Matrix Clarence Mitchells.

  21. How on earth could crimewatch show creche-dad walking the WRONG WAY!

  22. Nào passaram mais do que poucas horas até vermos o casal maravilha colado ao caso de Larissa, a menina loira encontrada num acampamento cigano na Grécia.
    Esquecem-se que o tráfico de crianças é uma triste realidade e que na maioria das vezes são os proprios pais ou familia próxima quem as trafica ainda bébés.
    Tèm sido inumeros os casos de tràfico associados aos romenos que vendem e traficam os filhos para casais inferteis ou para outros casais que os usam como pedintes.
    Mais uma vez, apressaram-se a colar-se a um triste caso, como no caso da Mariluz. Vamos ver se Larissa não foi voluntariamente vendida pela familia.
    Se tivesse sido raptada ou desaparecido misteriosamente, teria sido procurada pelos pais e muito provavelmente os seus dados estsriam nas bases de dados das policias, não era preciso vermos a policia grega a apelar ao paradeiro dos pais.
    Madeleine não terá a mesma sorte porque os cães infaliveis já descobriram o que lhe aconteceu- morreu em Maio de 2007 e andou depois no carro alugado pelos pais. Mas para se safarem, colam-se a tudo e trazem para o seu circo a tragédia de outras crianças.

    1. She's possibly been handed over by impoverished family as economic situation in Greece is dire and more so for eastern European immigrants. Or part of extended family clan.

      But nobody reported her missing or lost in 4 years?? Tests can reveal her origins and likely background.

    2. But if nobody comes forward to claim her, then she can't have been taken without agreement.
      If somebody does claim her, DNA will have to match. And an explanation as to why not reported missing

    3. Why would a DNA test be done on a child and 2 parents? Why gypsies as they are extremely private people? Did some dodgy PIs pay a family to get some hopeful news for Mcs?

  23. Complementando o meu comentário anterior- a unica semelhança entre o caso Maddie e o de Larissa, é o facto da policia ter suspeitado dos falsos pais de Larissa por estes terem apresentado diferentes versões e depoimentos contraditórios que levaram a policia a concluir que mentiam. O ADN, provou que Larissa não é filha deles.
    Do outro lado temos o casal Mccann e os Tapas 7 com diferentes versoes do desaparecimento da filha. Agora até têm a lata de apresentar diferentes reconstituiçoes, adaptadas aos paises a que se destinam e....UM MAR DE INCONSISTENCIAS DEIXADAS NA INVESTIGAÇÃO DA PJ, ALEM DE 48 PERGUNTAS SEM RESPOSTA.

  24. Maria e não Larissa, a menina encontrada com ciganos na Grécia. Peço desculpa pelo erro.
    Serà que a libertação agora, desta história pela policia Grega, não tem o dedo da SY e do team Mccann? Ele há coincidências muito vantajosas para o casal Mccann, ou será que não såo coincidências?

  25. How could you get documents if you snatched a child? Short of shouting. Please arrest me for snatching her!
    How do parents explain not reporting her missing?
    The Mcs may have been too quick to jump on this if parents did hand her over for financial reasons
    That's what some Bloggers accused them of doing.

  26. How did Mcs find the perfect type of ‘abduction’ to suit their cause? A child taken by gypsies who love her!!! I feel convinced that this was set up by their team. G even implied in CW young children found he and made a comment as though he could be expecting this news. If so this is the sickest thing they have done.
    If they associate themselves with this they will be lynched! I noticed recently that there are more comments than ever from bloggers who are fired up against the McCanns!

  27. Marietta Palavra, lawyer of parents told press association in Athens that a foreign stranger handed a mystery girl to them through an intermediary who claimed that the birth mother could not support the child.
    "Just because ( the suspect) had forged documents, it didn't make her a kidnapper."

    I suggest waiting until the facts are known before jumping to abduction as the only scenario

  28. I think it may backfire to be associated if impoverished parents handed her over shortly after birth.
    Her place of registration shows where parents lived. Or maybe mother was single parent struggling with money.
    And no snatch of a baby from hospital at that time?
    No distraught mother saying her baby had gone?
    Having been to Greece annually for many years, I've never heard of any news about this.

  29. Tonight SY was in the "flop 10" of Laurent Ruquier's pouplar talk show on France 2, for providing that incredible e-fit that everybody notices looks like Gerry McCann. The rest of Europe is starting to laugh at this farce...

  30. I think there is a greater relevance to the pics showing this greek girl wearing pjs to make a connection with M being abducted in pjs. I don’t believe this case is coincidence. G mentions this scenario on CW with a ‘wait and see’ comment. The raid of the camp was on 17th and by 18th the DNA tests were done and confirmed. As Wendy says....I’m not buying it. The camp was raided for arms so no-way would they be taking notice of kids belonging to certain people.

  31. Whatever scenario started :
    The girl is 4 and isn't M
    She was registered at birth- her parentage is known? in Greece.
    She was with her gypsy family from 2009
    There are no reports of babysnatching.
    She has special needs
    She may have been handed over for money by her parents.

    It's not good to be linked if this is scenario.

  32. Colleague of lawyer for Roma family
    Konstantinos Katsavos
    No kidnapping, no trafficking, no buying of child

  33. Textusa there seems to be some sort of misunderstanding at JH about your discrepancies about BRT. Lots of newcomers may not be understanding the relevance of this table.

    1. Anonymous 20 Oct 2013 00:10:00

      Thank you for your comment.

      We have added the following words to our "Discrepancy 07 - The Big Round Table":

      "The shape and size of the BRT are very important because, as we have said and are now emphatically repeating, no dinners took place at Tapas Bar by the T9.

      Their presence there for dinners are a fabrication. Except on May 3rd but even on that night they didn't sit around a BRT because that particular object never existed.

      There is no proof of its existence in any photo, independent or otherwise, and its size defies logic taking into account both the remainder furniture as well as the snack-type purpose of the bar.

      It can't be the table photographed in Mr Amaral's book, nor any of the other tables that also appear.

      A table so significantly different in dimensions from all others would have been pointed out to him and he would have photographed it.

      Dianne Webster says she's the only one that took pictures of those dinners (so supposedly of the BRT too) but we're yet to see them.

      We, back in 2011, even defied, Kate to publish them in her book. The question was explicit: will Kate's book prove Textusa wrong?

      Although we know Kate reads our blog, she didn't accept our challenge and didn't publish any photo with the T9 sitting around the BRT that fategful week.

      Being a fabrication itself, as it is, all other things related with the BRT, like the seating arrangements, are too.

      The Tapas bar may have been the mustering point for swinging activities, although there are other possibilities for that."

      We hope that it clarifies things for newcomers.

    2. Yes, isn't strange that there were never any pictures from the holiday in the media? Wouldn't those pictures have made perfect headlines? Wouldn't they have made a "perfect marketing ploy"? "The happy moments before the tragedy", sort of thing? The perfect proof/example of the McCanns and friends enjoying quality family time with the children, what best tool to silence the criticism of those who accused them of dumping the kids in the creches all day every day and wondered why they ever bothered to take the kids on holiday with them? Most of them (if not all) had cameras, Kate says in her book she ran to the apartment to get her camera to take the "tennis balls picture", Rachel Oldfield says Jane took it, so Jane had a camera, I think that Jane in her rogatory mentions Russel and his video camera, Dianne Webster had a camera, David Payne had is mobile phone with a camera, the one he supposedly used to film the airport bus footage (Gerry's f***-off, I'm not here to enjoy myself), EVERYBODY had cameras, but not one single photo out of any of those cameras ever saw the light of day!
      The police asked for those cameras/photos...none were produced!
      Only two exceptions, if I recall correctly, Madeleine tennis ball picture and Madeleine playing in the playground, near the Tapas bar picture.
      Why are those two pictures the exception...what was the purpose of publishing those pictures and none others? Because there has to be a purpose...proof of Madeleine alive and well at a certain time...?

  34. I also don't buy that greek girl as an innocent coincidence. A lot of gypsies have blond children. Then, her physical appearance could not be what catch the eyes of the police.
    Another small detail " the police found on the same camp/ same family(?) another 13 children and the mother claimed to gave birth to them in 10 months. Why, no DNA tests from the other children? Why no pictures from the other children. For obvious reasons, not all the 13 children are from that mother ( she could not have them in 10 months). This children don't deserve the same treatment? Why, there is no appeal to locate their parents?
    That story has the finger of the Mccann's. The world knows how easy they try to corrupt polices and maybe some money was passed also the gypsies and the real family of the girl, if the girl was not from that family, BECAUSE SEVERAL BIOLOGIC CHILDREN FROM GYPSIES LOOK LIKE THAT GIRL. Remember the girl spotted by a spannish lady in Morroccos( blond, Belgium origin).

    1. Gosh! If now the police is going to target parents who don't look like their children I'm in big trouble! I'm fair skinned with light brown hair and green eyes, my husband is even lighter skinned, really pale, with dark brown hair and grey eyes, but our son is black-haired with brown eyes and lovely light caramel colored skin, he looks like someone who's got a permanent sun tan! We always say in jest, that there must be gypsy or arabian blood in our family from some unknown ancestor!

  35. Another discrepancy- the lenght of the hair of the girl playing Maddie is very different then the lenght of Madeleine hair. A reconstruction to be credible, needs to stick to facts. If hair was found on the crime scene, the lenght is also one of the parametres to see to whho belong that hair. Then which one is the correct? The actress, the picture with tennis balls, the last near the pool or the one picked by the mobile on the airport transfer?
    Madeleine on the pool looks younger then Madeleine on the Tennis and her hair on the pool looks shorter with a clear franje. A hat, on the tennis, with the child running to pick the balls, could not hide her franje if the franje was short like on the picture near the pool.
    And what is that white spot on Maddie hair near the pool? A "téréré"? Where did it go on the tennis picture? Or Maddie had a haircut with "téréré" work in PDL and her parents did not report it?

  36. About the Greek girl let us remind our rearders of what we said in our "Textusa´s Non-Random Ramblings" post in Sept 2012:

    "Rest assured that this awkward silence will now become a trademark which we can call as the “McCann Curse”.

    From now on whenever a child disappears the foul play will be either from those near the child, which will always be most likely, or the child will have been genuinely abducted.

    If the foul play is from the family, the McCanns can’t help but remain detached and silent because it will be much too embarrassing and compromising for them when truth is discovered and people start to add up the two and two and the similarities of it with the Maddie case. In this instance the evil doers would welcome the McCann support but the McCanns won’t dare risk providing it.

    If the child has been really abducted, then the McCanns can’t help but remain detached and silent because it will be much too embarrassing for the child’s parents to want to see the McCanns in any way related with their case. They'll want to have the couple as far away from them and their sufferance as possible. In this instance the McCanns would love to provide support but no support from the McCanns is minimally wanted or welcomed.

    Let us make it absolutely clear that we’re NOT casting or wishing for any sort of curse upon the McCanns. That curse was cast upon them by themselves. Both when they decided to commit the crime we’re absolutely certain they did, which was obstruction of justice to cover up whatever happened beween Kate and David in the apartment that resulted in the death of Maddie, as well as when they decided to become the most visible faces of the case. This last decision may not have been theirs or theirs alone but it’s known a fact that the spotlight centred almost exclusively on them.

    We call it the “McCann Curse” just because it befalls solely on the couple. All others involved live with their dark secret and nightmare of the inevitable day the truth shall surface but until then go on with their lives like any other human beings…"

    About the Greek case itself, we would qualify it as another unfortunate victim of the McCann propaganda.

    If it wasn't for the "Maddie Affair" and the recent cul-de-sac in which Scotland Yard put themselves in with UK Crimewatch, this would never have had this much publicity.

    Let's hope reason prevails and the little girl is handed back over to her "foster" family who loved her.

    The tragic circumstances on which she was given away to this family should really concern us all and make us reflect (and reflect, for example, on the amount of resources, financial and others, already spent and to be spended on the "Maddie Affair" farce) but what should be most important at this moment is the happiness of that little girl.

    Please let reason prevail.

    1. We would like tp make it perfectly clear that we're in support of the return of this child to her "foster" family only if it proves she hasn't been trafficked by her natural parents.

      We dont want to suggest, propose or recommend that she is returned to "foster" parents if she was either trafficked or abused when in their care.


    Scores of people are thought to have made nuisance calls to the inquiry following a fresh appeal for information on the BBC's Crimewatch show.

    Many boasted on Twitter about their time-wasting stunts, with some claiming they told the police new e-fits released on the programme looked like Madeleine's father Gerry, 44.

    Twitter user LadyReeve wrote: "Awks when the e-fit is Gerry McCann! I'm going to ring in and name him just in case the police haven't got it yet #Crimewatch."

    Another user called KCAEC said: "Who's gonna be the 1st person to phone in and say they recognise the e-fit......its Gerry McCann!"

    Someone called Jont-o'-Lantern Gore also tweeted: "Chain smoking pack after pack of cigarettes to change my voice so that I can prank call Crimewatch."

    Others on Twitter confirmed that police had been sidetracked by a spate of misleading calls.
    Trevor Allman, a former London councillor, said: "Apparently a lot of people have pointed out to the police that the e-fit photo on last night's Crimewatch looks like Gerry McCann."

    So far the Crimewatch appeal has generated 2,400 calls and emails to police with information.

    The sick phone calls emerged amid growing support for hate-filled opponents of Gerry and Kate McCann, 45.

    Detectives are monitoring the internet for vile messages about the couple after a Facebook group targeting the pair attracted 11,000 members.

    Madeleine disappeared from the McCanns' holiday apartment in Praia de Luz, Portugal, in 2007."

    eh, eh, not good publicity, is it...? Although the article might seem to be sympathetic for the poor parents, who are targeted by all those lunatics making phone pranks, the message it passes the most is precisely the one to be avoided, that the E-fits LOOK LIKE GERRY! LOL!!!

  38. All the recent publicity given to the Mccann has shown how the contempt the general public feel towards them, sites where comments are allowed posters that are not familiar with this case are asking the first obvious question of why they have not been charged for leaving children alone night after night to go out consuming large quantities of alcohol and why social services have not become involved. Those of us who have followed the many other blogs questioning the Mccanns version or the pj files or Dr Amarals book on the case and Textusa's excellent blog are familiar with the duplicity of this couple, and either way 'The Truth of the Lie' has been read by more people. The Mccanns have dug a hole for themselves with their many lies, changing stories, and libel cases and it has now become impossible for them to convince the general public of their innocence, the more they shout ' we have done nothing wrong' the more obvious it becomes that they have hindered this search. They could have requested the reopening at any time but they did not. This is not the behaviour of innocent parents, and why did they need to engage Carter Ruck, or refuse to answer 48 of the simplist question pj asked?
    This publicity blitz has backfired, same as the courtcase in Lisbon has backfired on the Mccanns both cases have shown the dodgeyness of this couple, Kate wanting to make a written statement to be read out in court rather than face cross examining, if she had nothing to hide she would have been only too keen to take the witness stand, and Gerry flying in at the last minute thinking he's a knight in shining armour wanting to take the witness stand, this couple have had months to request that they take the stand and speak out but neither wanted to risk the cross examining. The public have lost patience with this couple they have dragged the BBC to a new low and along with it DCI Redwood, if he is in charge of a crack team of detectives I feel sorry for them to have such a corrupt character as their boss. No doubt when this all comes out all these people will have excuses as to why they did what they did to save their sorry skins but in the meantime we can wait.
    Thanks Textusa and sisters.


    At around 1:30' into the video, interview with Gonçalo Amaral: - ..."keeps mantaining that the main suspect is the father"..."if you take the photos with the E-fits and place them over the father's face I feel it leads to the same person"...and that "the only thing he regrets is not having made the McCanns suspects (arguidos?) from the very start"

  40. Observer today, not mention of the M word. What a relief
    But this on page 46 needs a banner headline.
    By Henry Porter
    " Police corruption is now so rife that radical reform is thr only answer"
    Plebgate is just the most high-profile example in a litany of shocking cases of police malpractice.
    ... We must now consider that the rot has spread, that the police service in England and Wales is so infected by a culture of dishonesty, expediency and outright corruption that radical reform is the only option....since the election there has been a slew of really shocking stories... In front of me I have a 330 page file, dealing with scores of reported cases.... collectively these newspaper articles that involve the fabrication or destruction of evidence. ...framing of suspects...provide a much more accurate portrait of the police than is generally available. ... The cumulative effect of these recent stories plus the scandal of Andrew Mitchell's nightmarish case makes us all far less likely to believe the word of a police officer, which is the position that many lawyers who work in the criminal cases in the magistrates' and crown courts reached several years ago... If you talk to the solicitor Iain Gould, who has a national practice that brings cases against the police, he'll tell you that a lot of his clients won't bother with the IPCC's complaints procedure because they know their grievance will fail at an early stage.
    " There is a culture of impunity..a pervasive attitude that they can do what they want and get on with it."

    This is a terrifying assessment but at least the politicians now know that it can happen to them as easily as an ordinary personin the street. Time for that royal commission."

    For those who believe the review team is playing a long game, I sincerely hope you are right. But on the evidence to date, I fear Henry Porter's assessment may be prophetic.
    The path has been set, whatever it might be. For our future, but more importantly, our children, let it be the that of righteousness .

  41. Mail Today
    Crime Tsar savages "feral" police forces
    An elected Crime Commisioner has accused Britain's police forces of being feral.. Christopher Salmon of Dyfed Powys. An Oxford educated former army officer made the comment about Plebgate.
    SY ordered a review but refused to make it public.
    Dominic Raab, Tory MP for Esher said " The danger of not releasing this information is that it will fuel fears of another level of cover -up.
    I know how he feels

  42. Can the great British public no just ask to be heard, why don't they do a clear interview with the Mcanns and ask them again if now they will answer the 48 questions. Is there no way an article can be printed by Textusa or many of the professional people that have disagreed with the misinformation being drip fed??? Very worrying why the Met so keen to clear a cold case and in turn prove the Mcanns innocent. This has become something different from the disappearance of a child, it is some major cover up!


    "Greek police say girl found on Kos is not Italy's Madeleine McCann"

    You are absolutely right Textusa. Any case with the possibility of a child being missing/kidnapped will always be referenced back to Maddie. That is a fact set in stone,

  44. It’s strange that no-one else reported Smith man, is that what SY are hoping? If this sighting can also be dismissed after they publicise it and get nowhere does that indicate no abductors were spotted puts death in the apartment back on the agenda? No break in, nothing stolen and no sightings of abductors. Even if Smiths come back and say they are not 100% certain it was G then Smith man can easily be written off as no-one else can confirm it. Other people must have been out and about that evening but no-one has come forward to say they were there but didn’t see anything so it won’t be said he was lying.

    We know SY know what really happened and know people around the world know it too and the mass reaction if they whitewash will stop them doing that so if their conclusion is no evidence of anything we know it’s a cover up. A person can be deemed to be dead after being missing for 7 years so is that what Mcs are waiting for? Home and dry and the fund not questioned and life can settle down and everyone gets on with it.


    The Sun made a 'Maddie' joke but just look at the comments again, people are fed up with the lying mccanns and as one poster commented 'its a lawyers paradise' removing comments.

  46. textusa pointed out the BRT back in 2011 ( 2 years ago ) SY and others check these blogs, look at what other points Textusa has raised, they all deserve looking into, there are so many discrepancies surrounding this story from the mccanns and their friends, not just this blog but so many others raise valid points that should not be ignored. The mccanns need investigating, what makes them so special that they avoid any legal action against them. Todays press is full of comments concerning how the police have now become a corrupt service unfit for the uniform they wear, this needs to be addressed, two suspects such as the mccanns cannot be allowed to continue with this farce.

  47. Absolutely fantastic blog it everyday day...well done girls!

  48. Every crime ( and every fairy story ) has a beginning, middle and an end. We've had the beginning and the middle and now we are in the process of the end.

  49. Fantastic blog indeed!

    Textusa, I am not sure what you are trying to get us at with the last photo, beside the realization that is was forged (the waterline on the other side of the pool should reflect horizontally, am I correctly getting the point?). But do you understand why it ended up showing a vertical reflection? Did you write about this somewhere else in your blog?

    1. Anonymous 21 Oct 2013 09:27:00

      We haven't looked at that photo in detail but one doesn't have to look at it in detail to see that detail to jump out shouting "forgery".

      We don't attriubute this picture significant relevance besides trying to convey the inexistent time spent with the children outside the crèche.

      We agree that is too gross of an error to make. But sometimes the obvious is staring right at you and you can't see it. Whoever did the photoshopping could have been highly focused in fitting contourlessly Gerry's head into the picture and didn't realize the reflection wasn't right. We don't know.

  50. John Blacksmith's
    "Mr Redwood’s new rules"

  51. Unpublished Anonymous at 21 Oct 2013 00:22:00,

    Thank you for your comment.

    We're not publishing your comment because it's filled with myths and we don't wish to fuel any of them.

    Myth 1 – Paedophilia

    Paedophilia is a horrendous and ignominious crime-

    And because it is a horrendous and ignominious crime it’s the easiest kind of clutter to get an issue impregnated with.

    Very easy to impregnate but, because it is indeed a horrendous and ignominious crime, it’s very difficult, almost impossible, to get rid of such clutter once it has impregnated.

    We believe that our readers do trust us sufficiently to know that we wouldn’t, in any way, protect horrendous and ignominious criminals or overlook evidence that could possibly indicate a horrendous and ignominious crime.

    So it’s not lightly hearted that we say that we’re absolutely convinced that Maddie’s death is absolutely unrelated with paedophilia.

    The social worker in PdL first and then the Gaspars later, were used to instil this “virus” into the Maddie issue and as we can see have been brutally effective.

    Once impregnated, very, very difficult to get rid of.

    But is paedophilia absent from the Maddie Affair? No, we don’t think it is.

    First, because, statistically, we’re almost certain there were some paedophiles present in the big group that used the resort for swinging purposes.

    But, we repeat and emphasise that we have absolutely no reason whatsoever to believe these people, if there were any (in statistics, zero is also a possibility), did not seek to satisfy there, among many other adults, their gratification for this particular horrific sexual deviation.
    The adults there were swinging, an activity we don’t pass judgment on as it’s a choice that belongs to each one’s personal intimacy and as such we should be respected.

    But we’re absolutely sure that paedophilia has nothing to do with Maddie’s death and we’re absolutely sure that she, or any other child in PdL, wasn’t a victim of such terrible abuse.

    But paedophilia may be playing a big role in the Maddie Affair and that is in favour calling.

    Because it is a horrendous and ignominious crime, paedophiles are easily subject to blackmail and are most permeable to commit illegalities if “asked” to do so.

    So, it is likely and probable that one of the reasons that would justify both the cover-up of such dimensions and the apparent incapability of the UK Government to move forward in the direction of truth may well be linked to the protection, or at least non-exposure, of paedophiles involved in the real crime that happened in PdL: the obstruction of justice.

    But let’s us be very clear of what we are saying.

    We are saying clearly and adamantly that there was no paedophilia in any of the events that led to and culminated in Maddie’s death but we’re convinced that on the large picture of the humungous cover-up there may be paedophiles involved, somewhere up the chain of corruption.


  52. (cont.)

    Myth 2 – The fridge

    A 4 yr old body would not be accommodated in a fridge.

    It would have to have been a horizontal freezer with enough to accommodate such a body.

    Myth 3 – The Tennis bag

    Exactly for the same reason as the fridge, a tennis bag does not accommodate the body of a 4 yr old, much less transport it.

    But even if it could, why use it, if you could transport the body in your arms, like we believe that’s it was, out of the apartment?

    Plus, as you correctly say, the bag was photographed in the closet.

    So, to say that the tennis-bag was used to transport the body then Maddie’s body was in that closet when they called the police. Does that make sense? No, it doesn’t.

    That photo debunks completely the body-in-the-bag theory.

    But that blue bag has mysteriously disappeared. Why? Because, in our opinion, contained (and still contains) clothing and other items with massive evidence compromising to anyone denying Maddie’s death.

    Finally, we agree with you when you say:

    “Concerning some of the comments above regarding cadaver's decomposition and its highly noticeable effects.

    May I point out there are other options to get rid of a small child's body - from dumping it into a garbage pail to incineration and many other possibilities in between.”

    1. Textusa, a regular sized fridge (the kind of one with two doors, small freezer on top, fridge bellow), if emptied of the shelves and vegetable boxes, could indeed store a body, if positioned vertically, in a fetal position. Gosh, it's a terrible thought, but I suppose it's possible.
      I'm not saying I buy the dumped fridge myth, but if I'm not mistaken, the police (Gonçalo Amaral in his book?) believed that the body had been refrigerated/frozen at some point, I remember reading some mention to a metal slab, maybe in relation to the fluids found in the hired car. There was a fridge/freezer involved... but more likely one from an "helper" in the Luz area, in some rural villa, it's quite common to have an horizontal freezer in those kind of places, usually placed in the basement or garage, to store large quantities of food to avoid the inconvenience of frequent shopping trips to the nearest town. (my in-laws case, small "aldeia" in central Portugal)

  53. The Anne Guedes transcriptions for Tavares de Almeida, Manuel Catarino and Luis Neves have already been published.

    You can read them all here:

    The Crimewatch circus, or how we like to call it, Scotland Yard’s Painted Corner, has diverted our efforts in updating the ongoings at the libel trial.
    For our registry, we have published today, in our McCann v Amaral Libel Trial blog, the transcription for Tavares de Almeida.

    You can read it here:

    We will publish the other two in the following days.

    We reiterate our gratefulness to Anne and her hard work. A citizen can make a difference.

  54. "Testemunha chave identificou pai de Maddie
    Gonçalo Amaral revela que depoimento-chave foi desvalorizado na altura do desaparecimento"
    Por:Sara G. Carrilho- Correio da Manhã 
    "O depoimento de um dos elementos da família Smith que identificou Gerry McCann como o homem que viu na noite do desaparecimento de Maddie a transportar uma criança ao colo a caminho da Praia [da Luz] foi desvalorizado depois de eu sair do caso. É mentira que o retrato-robô que a polícia britânica divulgou agora seja baseado no testemunho da família Smith."

    As declarações são de Gonçalo Amaral, ex-coordenador da PJ que investigou o desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann, ao Correio da Manhã. E surgem na sequência da divulgação de retratos-robô por parte da Scotland Yard apontando um dos desenhos como sendo o do principal suspeito pelo presumível rapto da criança inglesa, a 3 de maio de 2007 – que afirmam ter sido feito com base no testemunho de uma família irlandesa que passava férias na Praia da Luz quando Maddie desapareceu.
    "A família Smith contou-nos o que viu naquela noite. Um homem, estrangeiro, porte atlético, cara queimada pelo sol, como a dos turistas, e que escondia a face para não ser visto, com uma criança loira ao colo", contou Gonçalo Amaral. "Pouco tempo depois, quando a família McCann ‘fugiu’ para o Reino Unido, e foram recebidos no aeroporto pela televisão, um elemento da família Smith ligou nos, muito aflito. Gerry [pai de Maddie], que estava a sair do avião, era o homem que o senhor Smith tinha visto a transportar uma criança naquela noite", explicou o ex-coordenador.

    Para Gonçalo Amaral, "houve uma identificação positiva, que foi posta de lado". "Os McCann contrataram detetives que fizeram um retrato, um homem parecido com Gerry, para desvalorizar o depoimento", concluiu."

    A verdade tem de ser exposta e a própria SY tem de ser desmascarada nesta operação de lavagem que tem sido a revisão- um embuste para ludibriar o publico e encontrar falsas explicações que ilibem os Mccann.
    GA e Pat Brown, acham que os retratos robot foram feitos com um unico objetivo- desviar o testemunho dos Smith para um sósia de GM. Por isso se apressaram a desvalorizar o depoimento de JT.
    Espero que GA não ceda e que a PJ tenha gravado o telefonema dos Smith e que o público exija a apresentação do sosia de GM, por parte da SY. Cabe ao publico não nos calarmos. Queremos ver até onde vai a vergonhosa participação da vão ter a coragem de prender e condenar um inocente para safarem estes pais.
    Interessante, a votaçåo no Correio da manhã. Mais de 90% dos leitores acredita que GM está envolvido.

  55. Mail today
    Maria the child with gypsies said by parents to be child of Bulgarian cotton picker left with them at 2 months.
    Greek charity says she looks Scandinavian, but has anyone heard of a Scandinavian baby being snatched? It seems she has been with them from at least aged 2.

  56. Thank you Textusa for commenting on the "Express" article I quoted.

    Your arguments are as persuasive as ever and I have no counter-arguments to offer. That would be besides the point, anyway.

    It did struck me to know (the possibility) that members of the UK government could have been involved in pedophilia (as the Express article suggested). The other thing is, I have read (very recently) that Dr. G. McCann (quote) "worked for the (British) government and would have aspirations of integrating the executive." (Andreia Vale CMTV on 14 October 2013). Posted very recently on JM blog.

    The latter being true (Gerry working for the British government), would definitely help to explain the political strings and the PR surrounding this case thus clarifying the existence of the Clarence Mitchell/Freud Communications & Burson-Marsteller, Matthew Freud/Elizabeth Murdoch, Charlie Brooks/Rebekha Brooks, Chipping Norton Set and David Cameron-Scotland Yard setup.)

    Concerning the fridge... you got me thinking. I have no idea of the dimensions of the fridge in question or whether there was an exchange of fridges in the first place but I am looking at my under-the-counter fridge (sitting right next to it as I type) which measures: 74x47x43. The height is actually 55 cms when we discount the freezing compartment at the top .

    Madeleine's height at the time was given as "approx. 90 cms". She would not fit in the fridge if in a standing position but would fit perfectly if placed in a fetal position or simply sitting, with knees bent and her head bent forward. Too macabre, I know but hey! desperate measures for desperate situations.

    The other thing is, freezing (i.e. cooling) a body would come naturally to doctors. Same for a "dissecting kind of autopsy" - again too macabre to even think even allowing for the fact those involved (if any) would have the necessary anatomical knowledge and dissecting skills.

    True the parents do not exactly come through as Hannibal- types yet they look to me (subjective) cold enough for all kind of dramatic scenarios.

    We know for certain they lie and are full of schemes. Also when one remembers Gerry immortal line: "F### off! I did not come here to enjoy myself!" (or words to that effect) we seem to be face to face with someone who lacks basic empathy even when dealing with close friends. OK. He may have been upset but, still.

    It occurs to me you may have other arguments about the impossibility of a fridge being used which I am not aware of. I am not as knowledgeable on this case as you obviously are but that is what my fridge is telling me right now: "Yes I can".

    Concerning "the bag".

    I have just checked the dimensions of my holdall and is about 60 cms but I have seen bigger ones. Of course a surgically prepared body would fit in but again to messy and macabre to even think of. I do not know the width of that wardrobe (...) but you are probably right anyway. The bag might have been used to dispose of forensically compromising stuff.

    1. Anonymous 21 Oct 2013 15:29:00,

      Thank you for being understanding.

      So that we don't keep the rest of the readers in the dark, here is the link you submitted in your unpublished comment:

  57. Read the liable trial links, does is look good for Amaral against witnesses? Looks like book was factual from what I can see, what is the problem? It is about time the truth came out. I have read that much more important in identification is body language, and Mr Smith stated in his statement, Gerry was the man based on how he held his head, the child etc. All this will be ignored, it seems the men in prison that stayed with the 'Good Samaritan'( newspaper headline), will be guilty, one of them has a look of Gerry, job done!

  58. In today's Daily Mail, the little blond girl, Maria, filmed dancing in a gypsy camp party, in 2012.
    Scroll down the page to VIDEOWATCH: TODAY'S TOP VIDEOS

    Maria is dancing with a young couple, look at the woman, long BLONDE hair! These could be Maria's mother and father, God knows what happened, maybe the young woman died, or handed over the girl to family or friends, this has to be deeply investigated by the police, they should not come out shouting ABDUCTION without solid proof!
    No blonde gypsies, uh...?

  59. The problem with the Smith sighting is the timings. Man seen at around 21:55, when Gerry McCann was still supposedly sitting at the table of the Tapas. He is said to have reminded Kate it was time for her to do her check, at 22:00. He has his Tapasmates covering up for him, swearing he was there.
    What is badly needed here is an independent witness saying that Gerry absolutely WAS NOT at the Tapas at that hour, or no where near! We need a witness saying he was away from the table between 21:30/21:45 to 22:15/22:30.
    I think the police should have a word with Jez Wilkins, and squeeze him till he tells the truth, has he really been talking to Gerry on the street? Wilkins is Gerry's alibi for his "long absence" from the table when he went to do his 21:00 check (Kate worried/annoyed with his long check, complaining to Tanner he was bound to be watching footbal on tv).
    Without concrete proof that he wasn't at the Tapas at that time it will be difficult to validate Mr. Smith's conviction the man he saw was Gerry McCann, it's his word against the Tapas9 word.
    We NEED a witness! A Tapas bar waiter, maybe...?

  60. The plastic bag said to have been found near Faro airport containing jeans, a pencil case and a quoted DNA match..
    In PJ files Police officer Teresa Almeida in a report says the bag was a media invention and therefore is no record of it in PJ files, because it was never handed to them.
    I wonder whether it did exist and the media report was a warning?
    Or was it spoken about in a conversation overheard by a reporter - hacking?

    Key witness identified Maddie's father

    GA says 2 face e fit wasn't the one made from Smith description and confirms it was done by Mc PIs - M3 presumably.

  62. mau negócio para o casal Mccann:

    -Já preenche as páginas dos media, especialmemte dos media ingleses, retirando protagonismo ao casal maravilha e sobre Maddie, apenas uma frase de quando em vez, porque Maria afasta-se a passos largos de um rapto.

    - Se Maria fosse um rapto ou sequestro, à velocidade a que circula hoje a informação, já teriam aparecido familiares, vizinhos, amigos a tentarem saber se lhes pertencia.

    - Se fosse vitima de uma rede de tráfico de crianças à nascença, não estaria por certo nas mãos deste casal. Estas redes são bem organizadas, envolvem hospitais e gente com dinheiro que dificilmente cometeria o erro de se envolver com ciganos.

    - Se foi doada pelos pais biológicos, como acredito que tenha sido, claramente um mau negócio para o casal Mccann que em desepero de causa se apressou a colar-se a um caso onde os pais ficam muito mal na pintura.
    Maria será provavelmente também de etnia cigana, de um dos paises do leste e terá sido cedida com boas ou más intenções, pelos pais biológicos. Até pode ter havido troca de dinheiro, mas está longe do rapto que interessa ao casal Mccann.
    Vemos em muitos paises europeus, ciganas romenas com crianças assim e a história destas crianças é uma incógnita que merecia ser devidamente investigada. Invariavelmente são exploradas como pedintes nas ruas das nossas cidades. A grande maioria explorada pelos pais que vêm nisso uma fonte de rendimento e não um crime- usam-nas para aumentar o agregado familiar e obter mais subsidios e para tocar o coração daqueles a quem importunam pedindo esmolas.
    Se Maria foi doada, os pais biológicos não våo aparecer com medo de serem presos. Se forem ciganos e de leste, como penso que serão, dificilmente farão parte de uma base de dados de ADN, dificultando o trabalho da policia.
    Mas há o outro lado da história- e se foi doada com boas intenções, pensando num futuro melhor para a criança? Imaginem que os pais biológicos são de um desses paises de onde chegam aos molhos emigrantes para os paises da Europa comunitária, que pensaram que uma familia também cigana na Grécia tinha mais condições de dar um futuro melhor à criança? Pode ter sido um crime com um bom fundo moral e não a ficção diabólica e maquiavélica de um rapto organizado por redes de pedofilia ou de tráfico de crianças, que interessa a SY e ao casal Mccann.
    Diz a policia grega que a criança estava suja e era negligenciada. Está a cometer o erro de analisar o caso com os olhos de um ocidental educado num mundo com outros padrões que não são os padrões da cultura cigana. Os ciganos são nómadas por natureza. Vivem em condições limites e dizem-se felizes assim. Não é negligência, é cultural. São as sociedades ocidentais que numa tentativa de os controlar e aproximar da cultura ocidental, tentam sedentariza-los e moldar-lhes os costumes. Mas não podemos exigir que todos absorvam e vivam segundo os nossos padrões. Portanto, é importante que a policia analise bem este caso, porque Maria podia ser uma criança feliz no seio desta familia e o grande trauma ser toda esta parafernalia ligada à separação. O crime maior, pode não ser o que aparentemente envolve a criança, mas o outro que está a ser relegado para segundo plano e que apresenta evidências preocupantes- as armas, a droga e objetos ligados a furtos. Se este casal está envolvido em assaltos e tráfico de droga e se as crianças são usadas como ingodo, então todas as crianças deveriam ser retiradas e não apenas Maria.
    O caso de Maria, tem de ser muito bem gerido pela policia grega para saber que futuro dar à criança e para evitar uma onda de xenofobia contra a etnia cigana.
    Fatalmente, os Mccann em desespero de causa, tendem a colar-se a esta etnia. Haja paciência....porque acho que o "Pink Man" também já a perdeu e saiu da Ribalta. Já não conseguem pagar-lhe um salário principesco.

  63. Anonymous 19.17 - I think you might be onto something regarding hacking.
    All those incriminating stories that came out at the same time, the info was coming
    from somewhere - interesting.

  64. The more I hear of Maria’s abduction the more I’m not buying it.Nothing stacks up.

    A drugs/arms raid reveals one blonde 4 year old who turns out to be 6.
    That family have 5 other kids ‘born’ within a 10 months period so similar ages so where are they? Are they in care too?
    No other family mentioned or any other children
    The child seems to have been with the family since a toddler at least therefore 4 years at least
    DNA tests done within 24 hours so the agency who did the testing was either prepared or told to rush the results
    Why is it all over the UK news and only about 1 child? Child stealing Roma gypsies again.
    No reporting of results of arms raid or who requested it

    M was said to be taken by Romas, blonde and 4 years old.

    1. Strange no media were allowed in court! Not! So the media can now go on speculating all they like.
      The child’s privacy has been thrown out of the window, surely Interpol would have searched quietly and only asked for help identifying her when all else failed?

    2. The Greeks are used to begging Romas. I know Athens quite well and have seen begging children, but not dancing. A fair skinned child would stick out and if abducted, would be the last thing you would do.
      Roma kids used to come to tables with flowers or playing accordions.
      Lawyers are in court and can report at a realistic level.
      As you say, what about other kids?

    3. 09:36, agree totally with you!
      The privacy of this little girl has been totally disrespected! What right did they have to expose her face like that?
      In the Kampusch, Fritzl, Dugard and Castro cases when were the victims faces made public? In some cases, like in the Fritzl case, never.
      The media was very careful to protect these victims privacy until they were ready to come forward. And they have never shown the face of any of the MINOR victims. And that is the absolutely correct way.
      Why aren't they doing this now?
      It’s absolutely sickening what they are doing with this little girl.
      Plus they’re abusing all gypsies negative stereotyping. Just like they did with the sardine-munchers.
      I'm furious. Evil people.

    4. WOW !!! DNA results in 24hours! Where's that SUPERLAB?! A lot faster than FSS...maybe the police forces all over Europe should start using it !pity it's too late in the Maddie case...samples destroyed!

  65. Coincidence?

    Blonde girl removed from Roma family in Dublin

    Gardaí have removed a seven-year-old girl from a Roma family in Dublin and taken her into care.

    Officers called to a house in Tallaght yesterday afternoon.

    They spoke to a Roma family living there and saw a number of children, including the seven-year-old girl who has blonde hair and blue eyes.

    The parents told gardaí the child was their daughter, but gardaí were not satisfied with the explanation or with the documents that were produced.

    Gardaí used their powers under the Child Care Act and removed the child from the family.

    It is understood she is now in the care of the Health Service Executive.

    It is believed the HSE will make an application to the courts for a temporary care order.

    The development comes a day after a Roma couple in Greece were remanded in custody for allegedly abducting a four-year-old girl.

    The couple claimed the girl's biological mother willingly gave her to them as a baby because she could not look after her.

    The discovery of the girl, known as Maria, has prompted thousands of calls with leads from across the world as authorities try to track down her real parents.

    DNA tests have shown that the girl was not born to the Roma couple.

    1. Will this "blonde girl returning" become a fad like the Maddie sightings in 07?

      Ireland: Blonde Roma Girl Taken Into Care

      A blonde girl thought to be aged around seven and living with a Roma family in Ireland has been taken into care, Sky Sources have revealed.

      Police are understood to have swooped on the family after a tip off from a member of the public.

      The girl, who also has blue eyes, was taken into care after officers called to a house in the Dublin suburb of Tallaght on Monday afternoon.

      Concerns were raised after the member of the public saw the blonde girl being looked after by the Roma family.

      Sky Sources have said that the parents were unable to prove the identity of the girl.

      It follows the taking into care of a four-year-old blonde girl called Maria and the arrest of a Roma couple in Greece last Friday.

      The youngster taken from the family in Dublin is now being cared for by Ireland's Health Services Executive.

      Sky News has been told the couple who were looking after the girl are being questioned by police in Dublin.

      Ireland's Sunday World newspaper reported that the couple were asked by police to produce a birth certificate but, at first, could not find one.

      The parents, according to the paper, then claimed the girl was born at Dublin's Coombe hospital in April 2006, but inquiries with the hospital resulted in no record being found of the girl being born in the hospital at that time.

      After two hours in the house, the parents eventually found a birth certificate but the Gardai were not satisfied that it matched.

      It is understood police may seek to take DNA samples to determine if the girl is related to anyone in the Roma camp.

      More follows...

  66. I thought the Maria story odd especially coming so close after the Crimewash show. All the newspaper coverage the Mccanns have been given suggest that papers are afraid of printing anything other than pro mccann abductor stories and these stories now look rather stupid, so they try the Roma abduction saga as Crimewash didn't bring forth any new sightings of missing maddie. I have lost confidence in our press and journalists they run after the mccann story knowing its a load of b***s*** in their attempts to increase newspaper sales. It has the opposite effect on me whenever I see the smug mccann couple posing in any paper I turn the page or refuse to buy the paper, and I believe most people feel the same as I do. To put it bluntly I'm sick and tired of the Mccanns continually bleating on about how we need to find the missing piece of the jigsaw etc etc,(could that missing piece be the 48 questions Kate refused to answer, or their deleted phone calls, or the hastily set up fund to 'give us a couple more quid for our non search'. We all know they are involved and they know that we know. SY has no backbone and neither does the BBC to get involved with what has now become pure stupidity. The papers are full of how the British police have become a corrupt force (pot calling the kettle black I think)but it is a pity because it is probably only a few officiers that ruin it for the majority of decent police.
    The mccann circus has become the modern day Emperors new clothes fairytale!

  67. Years ago i went into the market in my town with my mother,a girl of about 19 came to sit with us she began telling us how she had nowhere to live nothing to feed her baby with a sob sorry came out that broke your heart she then asked me if i would take her baby so she could go aroud her family and see if anyone would put them up.I ageed stupid i know but i believed her and felt so sorry for her We exchange numbers and i was left with a baby whose mother i had just met the following day the girl still had not got in touch iand i could not reach her i telephone child services they sent someone to take the baby. Seven weeks later i was contacted by the services to say they had traced the mother and she did not want the baby she said she had left it with me and my mother bacause we looked nice and she thought we were kind. So believe or not it can happen

  68. Jane Tanner siting was all in her head i dont think Tanner ever saw anyone she just wanted to be in on everything be the centre of attraction good stuff for the Mccanns only they knew she was telling little porkies,so they jollied her up she could never have backed away from it ,so the mccann keep the secret tanner keeps the secret what else could Tanner do she wanted to be in the lime light and now shes got it

  69. Andy Redwood has vouched for Jane's honesty it seems. She was there, according to him, but Gerry and Wilkins didn't see her!

    Crèche Dad just didn't realise that he was the person passing by, in spite of being a guest carrying a girl in pyjamas, walking near the McCann apartment at the critical time.

    He managed to avoid any exposure to this reported sighting. He obviously never discussed the Maddie Affair with anyone.

    Now all the crèche dads have been questioned, the Smith sighting can't be another amnesiac dad.

    Son Peter Smith described the man as 35, with brown hair and sun exposed face. Not 20, not 40. He gave his statement on May 26th.

  70. Channel 4 news with Jon Snow did a very good piece on myths about gypsies stealing children. A good debate and an explanation of the tradition of informal adoption in the gypsy community. Also a video of Maria happily dancing at a family party.
    Latest news is that island of Evia is being suggested as a possible place of origin
    The Irwins are saying that Maria may be their daughter. Their name always crops up with the McCanns, who may not be very pleased.

  71. IMO the media are trying to plant the idea that maddie was abducted by gypsies, normally this story would not have been reported on, Clarence Mitchell is behind this latest publicity stunt.
    Are they preparing us for the emergence of 'maddie' found in a gypsy camp? They cannot do that because dna would prove that maddie is not maddie.
    This sorry saga is disgusting beyond belief, what of genuine missing persons like Ben Needham his mum must be devasted at the amount of publicity the mccanns have been given and Ben has been given none, yet every story about Ben or Maria or any abducted child the mccanns latch onto, are we the only people that see the mccanns for what they really are?

    Kate and Gerry now look pathetic and washed out their lies can be seen in their faces, to cover up and hide the truth is so clear for everybody to see, none of their Tapas friends has stood up in their defence, nobody has spoken out for them, they are a disgrace as parents and they have manipulated and abused those people that were helping them, inparticular the people of pdl.

    I have also noticed how the page views on this site has increased since this latest mccann publicity stunt, people want answers, why has this been allowed when others are prosecuted, what makes Kate and Gerry so special that they are above the law.

    1. DNA would prove...? I'm not so sure...with all the evidences of a MAJOR cover-up we have seen in this case, coming up with fake DNA results would be easy peasy! If Madeleine was "found", where would she immediately be taken to? The UK, of course! And once there she would be out of reach from the only foreign police force entitled to ask questions, the PJ. Let's not forget that, as far as we know, Madeleine is still a ward of court, even if we don't hear much about it. At the moment of her finding, the court would step in and take over, ensuring that Portugal would never "set hands" on Madeleine and would have to accept any results from any tests done under the directions of the court. I have always felt that the decision to make Madeleine a WOC was done to prevent/assure that in the event of her body ever being found in Portugal it would have to be handed over to the UK immediately, on the court's order, no post-mortem or forensics done in Portugal. But, this scenario could also be applied to the finding of an alive "Madeleine", the perfect way to keep "things" within the UK's control.

  72. I believe the gypsies when they say the baby was given to them, there is so much poverty and teenage pregancies that it is highly likely what they are saying is true, there is no need ever to abduct a child because sadly the world we live in some mothers are prepared to give away their children believing that they will have a better life!

    How many children have been abducted from the quiet tranquil holiday resort of pdl? I believe the answer is none.

  73. Anon 15:37,
    I think Jane Tanner saw Gerry Mccann and part of the descriptions of the abductor clothes were correct, mixed with some fabrication to create a smoke of uncertainnity to who could spot him on his way to the beach. Now we know their hability to plant scenarios and play on it a methodic roll. She was planted there, exactelly to see Gerry and deliver her story on the more appropriate moment. The story was not delivered straight away because they had the hope of GNR buying their abduction story on minute one. The police did not buy it, then they enter the B plan ( organized by them with a lot of weak details, but they had no time to create a consistent story, well based). The B plan, was one of them spotting the abductor with a girl. Jane Tanner played that roll, probably with her husband controlling the risks.They thanked God when appeared on the news that an independent witness ( the Smiths)  saw a guy ( matching some of  her clothes description) with a child heading to the beach. Mission accomplished. The problem start in September, when the Smiths recognized Gerry as the man they saw carrying a girl to the beach. From then until now, the sight of Jane Tanner fade on Mccann's multiple appearances in the media. Become more relevant the way the abductor enter the flat and their campaign against PJ. They were waiting for something to come up and discredit both sights. SY, was the entity ellected to do that job. Who else could do it, fool the public and try to controll again the movements of PJ? Now we have Jane Tanner sight as an innocent parent, no matter how ridiculous was his way to carry the child and without any explanation to justify why he took the wrong direction to go home( side effects of the cheap alcohol at the OC?) and WE HAVE THE SMITHS SIGHT, USED AS THE BASE FOR A MAN WITH 2 DIFFERENT E-FITS WHICH LOOKS LIKE GERRY MCCANN, BUT IS NOT GERRY MCCANN BECAUSE THE MCC PAPERS QUICKLY TOLD US THAT THOUSAND OF CALLS FALL AFTER THE CRIMEWATCH MOVIE AND THE E-FIT SUSPECT WAS NAMED. If he was arrested, we don't know. That part of the message convenniently was kept out of the public eyes for everyone to make his own conclusion. But what is certain, is that Gerry was not arrested. Then, SY is telling us that the guy the Smiths saw, was not Gerry, was a sosia but again we were left out of the rest of the story because the sosia was not presented to the public for us to see and compare. The all story was made and delivered "QB".
    Great that following the latest circus on the saga, appear the Greek Roma's with a blonde girl and now another Roma in Ireland. Is there an infection with Romas? The story is spreading so quick with the same syntoms that must be affected by a kind of contagious infection.
    Romas don't register their own children. Then no suprise if they don't have birth certificates or documentation from the children living with them. Romas don't usually go to hospital to deliver their babys. No suprise they don't find a registration in the hospital. Only Romas well integrated with the local comunnity sent their children to school and register the children as the result of an effort made by local authorities to integrate them and give them the same facilities/ oportunnity gave to locals. Cont

    1. Jane Tanner: -"I was carrying"

      Dave Edgar told that Bundleman could be a Bundlewoman instead...
      Bundleman/woman can have been constructed as a mix of Tanner's plus Gerry's features and the true actions carried out by both of them in the taking of Madeleine out of the apartment. Oh the complexity of human psychology, only Freud could explain...or not!

      And this is also interesting:

      Gerry: ..."PROBABLY carrying a child" (talking about the "suspect" seen by Tanner)
      PROBABLY ???!!! So, not sure then...?

  74. Cont:
    Romas gave birth to blonde children even in Portugal where most of the population is tan. We saw blonde Roma children in places near the beaches and they are their bilogical children. Romas, also due to their strong gregary way of living with a patriarche family always taking the roll of being the lider, tend to raise all the children together. Then is not a surprise if you get in one family children from another family, sometimes the real family lives in another town or country but they will reunit one day, normally in festive days.
    Now, we will get stories of Romas until we feel nausea. The stories will survive along GA trial and will fade after, without producing any result to any children really in danger.  
    I feel nausea when I read the excuses of the police to not act regarding Ben N, no matter his parents saying he was spotted at the Romas camp in Greece. The " no action" of the police on that case, prove how they believe on a traffic ring involving the Romas. The all Maria /Romas story is full of oportunism to suit the Mccann's / SY game.

  75. Gypsies promote pre-agree marriages. If a teenager fell pregnant without been married it is a problem and her family will find a way to solve the problem. Normally they contact friends from other camps to raise the child and the child kept in contact with the biological family only in festive events. It is their normal way of living, because is a big shame to be pregnant out of the marriage. The all family could be Banned from the group or the girl killed in an attempt to clean the honour.

  76. Next thing the papers will be printing is that back in 2007 there were loads of gypsies around PDL and how some mothers almost had their children snatched by all these gypsies, and that madeleine must have been taken by gypsies. Oh but wait...I'd almost forgotten about the cadaver in the apartment and on Kate Mccann, did DCI Redwood mention the sniffer dogs findings ? This abductor fairy story gets more bizaar by the day!!!

    Is nobody going to stop the Mcs?

  77. there will be a spate of abducted little blonde girls being found all over the world. Where will the next abducted Maddie emerge from ?

  78. I suppose the Irish Roma sighting (reminds me of an Irish folk song) is an advert for the Irish CW programme. What better way to get people on side to accept abductions!

    1. We think the Irish thing was an overreaction by police and somebody responding to publicity.

      If anything, it may help to discredit Gypsy myth.

      We don't think Irish girl was part of the set up. If she's at school, parents have to show school birth certificate and surely school would have alerted to doubts.

      We think the McCanns will find the association with Lisa Irwin case, now in the press, an embarrassment.

      In short, although Greek case suspicious, Irish case is more likely the situation getting out of control.

      The police could be in big trouble if lawyer finds they got it wrong. Comments about kids dying and abused in UK, like baby P, when all the agencies were visiting and noticed and did nothing.

      We mentioned in our "It's All Baloney" post that "On March 4th 2010, press reports emerge of a young girl in a black wig, seen with two female gypsies, dirty and unkempt, in Carvoeiro . This was in September 2008" , so this Greek girl might well be an attempt to link it to that.

      If it is, it will backfire. As will backfire any other attempt to whitewash. Too many well informed people on the internet ready to react.

  79. How come the Irish child’s DNA result is taking so long to be confirmed unlike the Greek child? Were we fed the Greek story so the Irish one didn’t come a bolt from the blue? It was a warm up for CW? Who is the person sacrificing innocent children for the sake of Mcs? his whole thing stinks!

    I wonder if the ‘news’ is working up to finding a DNA ‘match’ with M from some family member in Ireland.....some cousin becomes M? The sort of ‘match’ FSS can come up with! It can’t get any more ridiculous than that ....or can it?
    Whoever is being protected in this cover up must be someone so prominent the shock of discovering who it is would enrage the world.

  80. IF Maria turns out to be an informal adoption with parent' s agreement
    And IF Dublin child is their child, it will put an end to Hewlett scenario. As it will look like a racist myth.
    The UK is alarmed at prospect of Romanians being able to enter legally soon under EU law
    And some Greeks are making immigrants scapegoats for their economic disaster
    These stories feed into that mood


    Robert Murat back in praia-da-luz


    read all about Goncalo Amaral, a brave man that has stood up to the Mcspinners.

  83. If a black woman with a white child had police on the doorstep, asking for identity documents, what would happen?
    There would be a national outcry of racism.
    Did the Irish police check with school or doctor, did they seek a warrant? What if a racist group decide to make malicious allegations to the police?
    Are gypsies the only group subjected to this intervention?

  84. Second Irish girl taken into care today, said to be 8.
    Speaks better English than her siblings and blonde.
    Not a good hair colour it seems.

    1. A second one?!?
      Wow... open season on blonde girls?!?

    2. 2 year old boy taken from Roma parents in Athlone, Irish Republic on Tuesday night has been returned to his parents.
      This is becoming mass hysteria

    3. Second girl Istoria Vaduva, 8.
      Her baby photo looks like a typical Roma, but light colour eyes
      In Mirror today.
      It reminds me of Germans removing Aryan looking children from Jewish parents during the war

  85. As we said, the Anne Guedes transcriptions for Tavares de Almeida, Manuel Catarino and Luis Neves have already been published.

    You can read them all here:

    For our registry, we have published today, in our McCann v Amaral Libel Trial blog, the transcription for Manuel Catarino.

    You can read it here:

    We will publish the Luis Neves transcriptions in the following days.

    We reiterate our gratefulness to Anne and her hard work. A citizen can make a difference.

    1. It just occurred to me that only Correio da Manha is involved in this trial.
      Why hasn't Isabel Duarte called anyone from Expresso or SIC who were always favourable to the couple? And why not Miguel Sousa Tavares who has a lot of influence in his comments on SIC (Monday night's news commentary)?
      As a Portuguese, I would like to express my thanks to Correio da Manha to all support they have given Amaral lately. This support is just allowing him to speak and show his views and not be gagged like the rest of the press is.

    2. Miguel S. Tavares is a "scalded cat" when it comes to dealing with Mr. Amaral. He had just started hosting a new interviewing show in the McCann friendly SIC and he invited Mr. Amaral to be his guest on one of the shows. He treated Mr. Amaral abominably! The public reaction was to his unbelievable rudeness and agressiveness was quite bad, SIC was inundated with email and phone calls protesting about it. As Joana Morais called it, "o monólogo de MST" (MST's monologue)
      Maybe you were alredy familiar with this interview, but I leave the sites here all the same:

    3. Também sou de Portugal e também estou a apreciar, finalmente o apoio do C da M e à CMTV ao Cidadão Gonçalo Amaral! Pois nem sempre este tabloid se portou bem.....

      O Anon esqueceu-se do semanário SOL onde alguém com o nick em maiúsculas, AADVOGADA, escreveu tudo o que quis .

      Quanto ao comentarista da SIC, procure MST insulta PJ ( ou diz mal ou difama) .

      Eu achei um horror a " ignorância" e uma determinada palavra que um grupo restrito gosta de usar para fazer o pior a GA.

      Se o comentarista não deu ordens para apagar.... deve encontrar. Não precisa de ir à golden premium da SIC on line para ouvir aquela desgraça.

  86. Textusa,

    Rereading your post (once again) and looking at discrepancy 1, the swim, I don't remember Kate mentioning the twins during this afternoon. She says that Maddie wanted very much to go to the pool so Gerry stayed that afternoon in the apartment with the twins? Or did he take them and looked over his wife and daughter having fun? If it was like that, it would be natural to take the opportunity to take pictures of a lovely holiday that was at its start, wouldn't it?


    "Note to the 'interview' aka Miguel Sousa Tavares monologue - MST performance as a journalist evidenced that he never read the process, that he does not know anything factual from the investigation made by English and Portuguese authorities to the mysterious disappearence of Madeleine McCann. Like the McCanns he tried to bring Joana Cipriano's case as a parallel to Maddie's, not knowing that the appeal made by our favorite character in this affair, the psychic lawyer Aragão Correia - the same one who bluffed [by his own admission] João Cipriano into signing a fake confession - was dismissed by the STJ - Superior Court of Justice. The 'interview' was abhorrent, Miguel Sousa Tavares made the questions and gave the answers based on his own opinions, opinions which as one can read in his column articles [in weekly newspaper Expresso, obviously] are filled with an odd and perhaps personal hatred for the Judiciary Police and Gonçalo Amaral. A significant result of this interview is the vast amount of Portuguese and foreign residents who expressed their utter disgust to the biased conduct of the interviewer in several places, from emailing SIC to leaving comments (more than 150 190 395 negative comments till now) on the TV program page, or in Facebook or twitter - the general consensus is that Miguel Sousa Tavares behaviour was nothing short of shameful to the journalist profession."


    "It was the McCanns who conformed with the archival of the process," he said. [Gonçalo Amaral said more, he stated that the McCann couple pressured for the archival]

    Insults from the English

    At the end of the interview, Gonçalo Amaral, who had brought with him a paper where he had noted down all of the offences to which he was a target from the English media, read them justifying thus the polemical book "as an exercise of his right of Freedom of Expression" : "I was called 148 times of 'torturer'; 45 times of 'bungler'; 37 times of 'incompetent'; 23 times of 'imbecile cop', and 220 times of 'sacked'."

  89. Girl 1 is their daughter!!!
    She has been returned

  90. BBC news now
    Gypsy girl 1 in Ireland is child of family.? I'm waiting to hear a repeat to make sure I heard correctly
    (2 year old boy returned already)
    Next Gypsy girl 2 will be returned?
    This is a disgraceful ,hysterical, racist moral panic.

  91. "Polícia vai assumir hipótese de rapto"
    PJ quer reabrir caso Maddie
    In CM

    Com base no retrato robot ....vai investigar o rapto perpetrado por Gerry Mccann? Nada bons, os ventos para os lados de Rothley.


      PJ quer reabrir caso Maddie

      Polícia vai assumir hipótese de rapto

      Autoridades portuguesas investigam nova pista que deverá levar à reabertura do processo do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann.

      Hoje, 18h19
      Nº de votos (0)

      As autoridades portuguesas ponderam reabrir o processo de desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann, na sequência da análise feita pela PJ do Porto ao longo dos últimos dois anos.

      A investigação deverá ficar a cargo da PJ de Faro e consistirá, para já, na inquirição de mais testemunhas. O Correio da Manhã sabe que a tese seguida será a de rapto e poderá haver diligências comuns às que foram pedidas pelos ingleses.
      Acha que caso Maddie está perto do fim?

      Na última semana o caso conheceu novos desenvolvimentos, principalmente com a divulgação do retrato robô do principal suspeito e a nova pista que, tudo aponta, deverá levar à reabertura do processo para saber o que aconteceu a Maddie na noite de 3 de Maio de 2007, na Praia da Luz.

    2. I only hope SY and Portugal aren't working together to undermine libel hearing by pursuing abduction!

    3. Seems they will also consider accident and concealment, so maybe they've got to also say abduction lead strongest?
      I'd like to believe Portugal won't cave in to UK pressure.
      If they go for abductor, they have got to find one. And an answer to where M is. So not an easy cover up.

    4. Tex, if I may quote you and remind fellow readers what you have said on THIS post:

      "We are fully aware that currently we are all deliberately being confused.

      We all need to work together for the true facts to be presented, so we welcome all good-natured corrections to anything we say about this.

      That has always been our modus operandi but now more than ever as we are all under a massive disinformation and misinformation campaign."


      Polícia vai assumir hipótese de rapto


      Autoridades portuguesas investigam nova pista que deverá levar à reabertura do processo do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann.

      As autoridades portuguesas ponderam reabrir o processo de desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann, na sequência da análise feita pela PJ do Porto ao longo dos últimos dois anos.

      A investigação deverá ficar a cargo da PJ de Faro e consistirá, para já, na inquirição de mais testemunhas. O Correio da Manhã sabe que a tese seguida será a de rapto e poderá haver diligências comuns às que foram pedidas pelos ingleses.

      Na última semana o caso conheceu novos desenvolvimentos, principalmente com a divulgação do retrato robô do principal suspeito e a nova pista que, tudo aponta, deverá levar à reabertura do processo para saber o que aconteceu a Maddie na noite de 3 de Maio de 2007, na Praia da Luz.


      Police is going to assume abduction hypothesis


      Portuguese authorities investigate new clue that should lead to the reopening of the process of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

      The Portuguese authorities ponder reopen the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, following the analysis by Oporto’s PJ over the past two years.

      The investigation is to be in charge of Faro’s PJ and is to consist, for now, in the inquiry of further witnesses. Correio da Manha knows that the thesis followed will be abduction and there may be common diligences as those requested by the British.

      In the last week the case knew new developments, especially with the release of the e-fit of the main suspect and the new clue that, as all points, is to lead to the reopening of the process to know what happened to Maddie on the night of May 3, 2007, in Praia da Luz

    6. Redwood will have to share his creche dad info with Portugal. Will he?

    7. Ponder... An interesting word. Not a decision yet? Is SY pressuring them to find Smith man who they're deciding is a named patsy or dead one?

    8. "In the last week the case knew new developments, especially with the release of the e-fit of the main suspect AND the new clue that..."
      What new clue?
      And Oporto investigates and hands it over to Faro? Why? Why doesn't Oporto pursue the investigation it is being doing for the past 2 years? Is Portugal divided in 2 now and Lisbon watching?
      For me this is stalling and attention diverting....

    9. Just a thought... how about considering PJ is simply calling SY's bluff?

      PJ in saying PJ wants to play SY's game exactly the way SY says SY wants it played, SY will have no excuse to NOT share ALL info with PJ...

      Is SY up for that?

    10. Is what i begin to think.
      A game UK/PT or PT /UK .
      If is ..... Is a good one game. Well done!

    11. I would like to see SY explanation for "Creche daddy" silence over the past 6 years...maybe he's been living under a rock or in Edgar's Luz wilderness lair together with Madeleine...and how his coat keeps changing in colour? In the E-fit made from Tanner's description it was dark brown, then in the Panorama documentary it got llghter to a camel colour, and now it has that coat had a mood swing and decided to go...dark BLUE !

  92. Will tabloid headlines tomorrow read:
    "Child abducted from family by police"
    Child had different coloured hair from parents. Non" Maddie" of Ireland" ?

    I doubt it. More like a deafening and embarrassed silence

    1. I hope that the family will make a fuss about their ordeal and demand compensation from the Irish state! I know I would!


    ...more pre-arranged stories from team mccann ...yawn!!

  94. Textusa

    Neste jornal não há referência a qq tese...
    "Autoridades portuguesas ponderam reabrir investigação ao caso Maddie"

    "A confirmar-se, o pedido de reabertura será resultado do trabalho de mais de ano e meio de reanálise do processo levado a cabo por uma equipa da PJ do Porto. Um grupo de quatro inspectores liderados pela coordenadora de investigação Helena Monteiro – que nunca haviam contactado com o inquérito evitando assim qualquer contaminação na apreciação – terão identificado testemunhas que nunca foram inquiridas enquanto o processo esteve a decorrer, até Julho de 2008.

    O PÚBLICO sabe que os elementos da PJ do Porto já se deslocaram várias vezes ao Algarve para recolher elementos e realizar diligências informais, que permitirão sustentar a necessidade de reabrir o caso. A reabertura do inquérito é a única forma de que a PJ dispõe para inquirir formalmente essas testemunhas.

    O trabalho destes inspectores não se confunde com o de outra equipa de seis inspectores da delegação da PJ de Faro que está há mais de um mês a realizar as diligências solicitadas pelas autoridades britânicas, no âmbito de um pedido de cooperação internacional."

    1. "Portuguese authorities ponder reopening investigation in Maddie's case"

      "If confirmed, the request for reopening is a result of one and half years work undertaken by a team of Oporto’s PJ. A group of four inspectors led by the investigation coordinator Helena Monteiro – who never had contact with the inquiry thus avoiding any contamination in the appreciation – are to have identified witnesses who were never inquired while the process was ongoing, up to July 2008 .

      PUBLICO knows that the elements of Oporto’s PJ have travelled several times to Algarve to collect elements and conduct informal diligences, which will support the need to reopen the case. The reopening of the inquiry is the only way the PJ has to formally inquire these witnesses.

      The work of these inspectors does not overlap with the one another team of six inspectors of the Faro’s PJ delegation is doing for more than one month in carrying out diligences requested by the British authorities, with regards to an international cooperation request."

  95. Jon Snow on channel 4 pointed out that e fit had only been released after 5 months
    Why if so important, wait for 5 months before Crimewatch.?
    Anything to do with libel trial?

  96. Anon 22:46

    The new clue is the Man seen by Mr. M. S.

  97. Didn't 2 people name 2-face man after CW according to press report?

    E-fit in press - Looks like E-fit in Kate’s book. Man without glasses.
    Not 2 face e-fit.

    GA on JM latest post says SY lied about e-fit.
    It wasn't Smith e-fit. It was Mcs PIs, so M3?
    Is GA is referring to Peter Smith, the son who gave statement on May 26th about 30 yr old with sun exposed face?

    1. As far as I'm aware there was never an E-fit made from the Smith sighting, not by the PJ, or the Gardai, Leicester police, etc.! Gonçalo Amaral was in the process of arranging for the Smiths to return to Portugal for further inquiries when he got removed from the investigation, and Rebelo forgot about the whole thing, never went through with it. Also, Mr. Martin Smith said to the Gardai that he was approached (harassed, more likely) by Brian Kenned who wanted him to do an E-fit for the McCanns private investigators, but that he refused.

      16-Processos, Volume XVI, pg 4134 to 4139
      "He has been contacted by numerous tabloid press looking for stories. He has been contacted by Mr Brian Kennedy who is supporting the McCann family to take part in a photo fit exercise. He has given no stories or helped in any photo fits. He sent a solicitor's letter to six papers in relation material that was printed that was misquoted. The Evening Herald paid his solicitor's fees and all papers printed an apology. His photograph appeared in another tabloid paper and this matter is being pursued at the moment."

      (all of the Smith family statements, including Peter Smith's, who said the man was 35 or older. Both Martin and Peter Smith described the man as 30 to 40 years)

      Curiously, there isn't a statement from Mary Smith in the PJ files, although this appears in Mr. Smith's additional statement of 30 January 2008:
      "His wife does not want to make another statement."

  98. No reference to abduction hypothesis, and is based on what PUBLICO reported:

    Judiciária pondera reabrir caso Maddie

    A Polícia Judiciária (PJ) poderá estar a ponderar reabrir o processo sobre o desaparecimento de Maddie em 2007, na praia da Luz, no Algarve.

    A informação é avançada por alguns órgãos de comunicação social. De acordo com o "Público", fonte da direcção nacional da PJ não confirma nem desmente e também a Procuradoria-Geral da República (PGR) se mantém em silêncio.

    A confirmar-se, o pedido de reabertura será resultado do trabalho de mais de um ano e meio de reanálise do processo levado a cabo por uma equipa da PJ do Porto.

    Em causa estará a identificação de testemunhas que nunca foram inquiridas enquanto o processo esteve a decorrer, até Julho de 2008.

    A polícia britânica divulgou na semana passada dois retratos-robô de um homem, que foi visto no dia do desaparecimento da menina inglesa por duas testemunhas, alegadamente, com uma criança loira ao colo.

    A Renascença tentou contactar a Polícia Judiciária sem sucesso.

    1. I can't believe it! Had to get up really early today, and was watching the RTP1 6:30am news when they showed today's Correio da Manhã front page and there it was:
      "pista de rapto - valorizada pela equipa de inspectores do Porto que há mais de um ano analisa a investigação"
      (Abduction clue - valued by the team of Oporto inspectors which has been analysing the investigation for over a year)


      Reopening the process based on the McCann abduction theory?! And what do they mean by "analysing"
      the investigation? Does it mean that the Oporto team is not investigating, but only "analysing" the original(shelved) investigation...only a review?
      The long arm of british corruption and cover-up has taken over the PJ?
      In my heart I hope not...oh how I hope that this playing along with the SY's abduction investigative line is just a clever maneuver to get the case reopen and then pick up the investigation at the point where it was when Mr. Amaral was removed...but I'm afraid this is just wishful thinking from my side...

  99. Goncalo Amaral makes it clear that SY are using 2 face e fit produced by McCanns private investigators, in an attempt to discredit Smith sighting.
    Not the e-fit produced by PJ- see Joana Morais latest post.. Channel 4 news with Jon Snow pointed out that these e-fits had been available for 5 months before Crimewatch. - so no urgency then?
    BBC late news last night very briefly referred to Portugal re opening the case, but nothing this morning.
    Seems to me that SY and Portugal are not working in harmony and that the Portuguese re opening, if it happens after their pondering, will be working as a separate entity. I sincerely hope so.

  100. Afinal a menina Irlandesa era mesmo cigana e filha dos pais a quem foi retirada. Até onde vai a loucura desencadeada pela máquina de propaganda dos Mccann, no desespero de quererem transformar em verdade, as mentiras ficcionadas que apregoam.

    Comungo da opinião deste leitor do JN:
    "Abriu a caça aos ciganos... Agora os desgraçados ja não podem ter filhos louros de olhos azuis... Ja foram retiradas duas crianças na Irlanda que se provou serem mesmo filhas dos ciganos. Discriminação tem limites... Ha crianças louras de olhos azuis até na raça negra!... Tanta coisa à volta duma noticia para chegarem depois à conclusão que os ciganos gregos afinal ficaram com a menina por caridade. Estas noticias so tiveram mérito numa coisa: tirar o protagonismo aos McCann."

    Agora só falta mesmo descobrirem que Maria foi voluntáriamente cedida ao casal que está preso por ter cometido o crime de aceitar tomar conta de uma criança que de outra forma teria sido abandonada, já que a interpol confirmou que Maria não faz parte da lista de crianças desaparecidas. Portanto, nenhuns pais a procuraram. Deram-na voluntáriamente e entre ciganos nào há documentos nem adopções legais- a palavra tem o valor de contrato e honra.
    Preocupa-me o titulo do CM- PJ à procura de pedófilos estrangeiros para o caso Maddie. Volta a tese de rapto.
    Uns dias após a estadia do nosso ministro das finanças em Londres, à procura de investidores ingleses? Será que uma vez mais Portugal vendeu a sua dignidade para tentar remediar a crise e os erros deixados pela governação Sócrates? 6 anos mostram que Maddie tem sido usada como um produto de troca de favores entre os 2 paises.
    Que vergonha para a nossa história e para a nossa democracia.
    Que criminosos usem todas as armas para escaparem, é aceitavel ( embora repugnante). Agora que um país soberano se dobre numa prestação de vassalagem, é completamente inaceitavel e insultuoso para os seus contribuintes.
    Os unicos que tem de ser investigados aprofundadamente no caso Maddie, são os pais, Tapas 7 e alguns clientes/ empregados do OC que se envolveram na história. O desaparecimento de crianças está maioritariamente relacionado c/ o seu ambiente + próximo- familia e amigos.
    Os target de pedófilos, são escolas onde podem estudar rotinas e controlar as vitimas sem serem notados. Até este target existia próximo do OC. Então porquê uma turista inglesa recém chegada e sem rotinas? Os depoimentos mostram que não havia rotinas no grupo.

  101. Eduardo Damaso speaking about this last night on CMTV:

  102. No missing children on Interpol list match with Greek child. If your baby had been snatched, you would make sure it was on this list!
    Only yesterday in Express, the Mcs were saying Irish girls gave hope Maddie was still alive. What a blunder!

    1. Will McCanns now express their sympathy for the Gypsy families in Ireland, saying they know the anguish they must have felt? Of course not!
      If ever the Hewlett gypsy abductor story had legs, they've been cut off at the knee.

  103. Interessante... 2 equipas da PJ, espacialmente tão distantes, a investigarem o mesmo crime- É porque o crime é muito sério ou porque uma equipa policia a outra?
    Não vejo qualquer sentido lógico na presença da equipa do Porto, sobretudo porque o passado desta equipa judiciária, não é glorioso- quantos meses levaram a descobrir o carro e o cadaver da rapariga de Lamego que se despistou sózinha e teve morte imediata? Deviam ter sido processados pela familia da jovem e por todos quantos importunaram com histórias fantasistas de raptos e fugas involu ou voluntárias.
    Posto isto, só vejo um motivo para ter esta equipa no jogo- a sua incompetência. Dá jeito para policiar a equipa competente de Faro, sobretudo se o arranjinho tiver o dedo dos advogados portugueses com a benção da SY e das altas chefias inglesas.
    Pensei que GA tinha sido substituido pelo supra- sumo da investigação - Paulo Rebelo. É que na altura até a chefia da PJ foi mudada com a entrada do Super inspector de Coimbra que desvendou o mistério dos desaparecimentos de Sta Comba e pôs na prisão o Cabo Costa. O que é que Paulo Rebelo nos provou pelas imagens passadas em vários media na altura? - que sózinho, nem ele conseguiu passar pela janela com um boneco ao colo e dar assim consistência à tese do casal Mccann. Portanto concluo, a sua investigação ( de topo) não alterou uma virgula à investigação de GA e o Ministério publico marcou isso de forma bem clara no dia em que arquivou o caso justificando o acto, não com a incompetência dos seus investigadores ou com a inocência dos suspeitos, mas com "A FALTA DE COOPERAÇÃO DOS INGLESES PARA OS PASSOS DA INVESTIGAÇÃO QUE ERA PRECISO DAR NOS UK". Significou... " não gastamos mais dinheiro dos contribuintes portugueses com uma investigação que não avança nem se conclui porque os ingleses a travam". (Cont)

  104. Cont:
    Portanto, esta jogada SY/PJ, só pode ter o dedo da propaganda Mccann baseada no lema" dividir para reinar e desinformar". Espero que as verdadeiras raposas da PJ, estejam atentas e deixem a lebre deslumbrar-se no seu egocentrismo para lhe desferirem o ataque fatal. Agora já temos um retrato robot libertado pela SY, baseado no testemunho dos Smith ( dizem eles). Smith esses que são testemunhas crediveis para a PJ. O retrato robot, quer queira a SY quer não, é de Gerry Mccann p/ 90% do publico, para muitos analistas e para os Smith. Portanto já há uma pedra no sapato da SY. Agora a PJ só tem que lhes dar espaço para cairem noutras esparrelas.
    Entretanto, os jornais portugueses avançam com o regresso à tese de rapto porque foram feitas análises aos vestigios da janela na altura. Não sabemos que mais encontraram, mas 2 dados são públicos: a impressão digital de Kate em posição de abrir a janela de dentro para fora e o depoimento de Gerry a dizer que puxou o estore para cima ( estore esse que por força do tempo, estava dificil de movimentar e ao mesmo tempo frágil). Portanto, se não há impressão digital de Gerry, este mentiu. Se há, exames de dinâmica mostram o sentido do movimento, como aconteceu com a esposa e são estes detalhes que revelam grandes verdades e abrem auto-estradas nas investigações criminais, sempre tendo em mente 2 grandes epistulos da criminologia- " o criminoso volta sempre ao lugar do crime" e " deixa sempre neste, vestigios da sua passagem".

  105. Espero que a PJ seja realmente uma raposa a espreita na sua toca, até porque do lado inglês não é a SY( embora a a campanha tente passar essa ideia). É a policia metropolitana de Londres condensada numa figura ( Redwood) que foi escolhida para queimar. Vai acabar sem glória mas com uma boa reforma, como é próprio dos servidores mediocres.

  106. As we said, the Anne Guedes transcriptions for Tavares de Almeida, Manuel Catarino and Luis Neves have already been published.

    You can read them all here:

    For our registry, we have published today, in our McCann v Amaral Libel Trial blog, the transcription for Luis Neves.

    You can read it here:

    We reiterate our gratefulness to Anne and her hard work. A citizen can make a difference.

  107. Gonçalo De Sousa Amaral


    Ao fim de 5 anos no arquivo poeirento do tribunal, o processo onde se investigou o misterioso desaparecimento de uma criança parece que vai finalmente ver a luz do dia.
    Neste momento, não é relevante saber quem concordou com o arquivamento e sempre se opôs à reabertura da investigação fundada em todo o conteúdo do processo, o que interessa é que a investigação continue, seja a partir do ponto em que foi interrompida, seja a partir das convicções de quem analisou os factos posteriormente.
    Mas, é preciso recordar que uma investigação criminal não pode ter como preocupação o politicamente correto, nem ter o seu objecto limitado por interesses pessoais, institucionais ou outros, nem ser alvo de intoleráveis pressões e actos coercivos, o que está em causa é apurar a verdade e o destino da criança, de modo a que os responsáveis pelo misterioso desaparecimento sejam levados à Justiça.
    Se a reabertura da investigação der lugar à realização de todas as diligências em falta, se tiver em atenção todas as linhas de investigação ainda em aberto, e responder a todas as questões, poderemos então dizer que a investigação foi livre e objectiva, alcançando-se a verdade material, podendo então fazer-se justiça à criança misteriosamente desaparecida.

    1. From Mr Gonçalo Amaral’s FB page, as was submiited by mc in the comment above:

      Dearchiving ...

      After 5 years in a dusty court archive, looks like it will finally see the light of day the process in which it was investigated the mysterious disappearance of a child .
      At this point , it is not relevant to know who agreed to the archiving and always opposed its reopening of the investigation based on all content of the process, what matters is that the investigation continues, either from the point it was interrupted, or from the convictions of those who later examined the facts.
      But we must remember that a criminal investigation must not have as a concern the politically correct, nor have its scope limited scope by personal, institutional or other interests, nor be the target of intolerable pressures and coercive acts, what is in question is to ascertain the truth and the fate of the child, so that those responsible for the mysterious disappearance are brought to justice .
      If the reopening of the investigation allows the realization of all missing diligences to take place, if it will take into account all investigation lines still open, and answer all the questions, then we can say that the investigation was free and objective, reaching the material truth, then doing justice to the mysteriously disappeared child.

    2. YES!!!! GO AMARAL!!! GO TRUTH!!!!

    3. yes... lets find the truth. It's been buried beneath plenty of clutter for long enough!

    4. From what I've heard, this reopening is based on new evidence of...abduction! So, no going back to the possibility of death, accidental or not. Not the Tanner "abduction/abductor", but something else...I wonder what? The Smith's family "Gerry lookalike night stroller"? Madeleine abducted by Gerry and taken to the beach? Does making a corpse disappear qualify as an abduction...?

  108. Espero que seja realmente para apurar a verdade e não para branquear um crime e lavar a cara dos verdadeiros criminosos. Até porque haverá consequências gravosas para vários inocentes, se os criminosos forem deixados impunes. Desde já, se os Mccann's não forem responsabilizados, ainda que apenas pela neglicência mesmo que falsa e parcamente assumida, vão ganhar asas para processar GA e o Estado Português. Atrás virá Murat.
    Uma vergonha para um Portugal democrático que apregoa igualdade e a defesa de valores fundamentais.

    1. Eu também desejo que se consiga apurar a verdade " verdadeira" ( entre aspas por ser redundante mas porque tem sentido) .
      Portugal apregoa mas do apregoar ao fazer.......... vamos vendo........

      No entanto eu espero que a sua opinião não se confirme de todo com mais maldades ( que termo tão suave) para com Portugal e os seus Cidadãos . É que ler o que escreveu, assusta-me. O comportamento e acções daquele grupo alargado não deveria ficar impune.

      Desejo que a Justiça de Portugal funcione para bem de todos nós.

  109. The truth about Maddie is like Textusa on the internet: everyone knows but most pretend not to see it.
    If we do that where all say they seek the truth, how can we expect the authorities to do the right thing?
    Big fan of yours, Textusa!! Simply amazing the amount of brilliant work you and Sisters have put in here.

  110. Agora mesmo no jornal da RTP leram uma nota da PGR a dar conta de que a PGR aceitou um pedido da PJ para reabrir o processo Madeleine Mccann, atendendo a que chegou nova informação à PJ. A PGR, aceitou alargar o prazo de segredo de justiça. Nem uma palavra sobre a linha de investigação, portanto espero que desta vez os media portugueses se comportem e não entrem na onda começando a especular e a alimentar a contra- informação que já me parece ser a capa do CM.
    O comunicado da PGR deixa claro que foi um pedido da PJ. Vamos ver quanto tempo leva a desinformação inglesa a dizer que foram os pais.
    Espero que a PJ não ceda a mais pressões.

  111. It's official, the process is reopen in Portugal! RTP1 1:00pm news! However, one detail is worrying the press release from the Public Ministry it is mentioned that the process secrecy must be under secrecy of justice immediately, does this mean the process from now on, the new evidence and the investigative steps from now on, or the whole process ? But if the archived process is in the public domain, how can it be under secrecy again? I hope this does not mean that the "old" process cannot be mentioned or discussed from now on, for instance, in court cases! My goodness, can this be a trick to prevent the contents of the process from being brought up in Mr. Amaral's court case?!
    I wouldn't be surprised...everything is possible with this case!

  112. Caso Maddie reaberto pela PJ.
    Só a minha opinião, mas acho que é uma consequência do processo que moveram a GA.
    A juiza já deve ter somado 2+2 e concluido as jogadas e mentiras deste grupo.
    Agora só falta trazer os Smiths e aceitar o pedido de Gerry para testemunhar. Vai fugir outra vez?

  113. "Sky's Martin Brunt said: "This of course is what Madeleine McCann's parents - Kate and Gerry McCann - have always wanted."

    "They were very disappointed when it was shelved after 15 months."

    Really, Bruntie?! So disappointed that they did not lift a finger to prevent the shelving...missed the deadline, too busy travelling the world, visiting the Pope, and so on...

    Let's just see how long it will take for the wonder couple to express their delight with the reopening of the process, either by themselves or by one of their many "sources close to..."!

  114. "Ministério Público reabre caso Maddie"

    "O Ministério Público resolveu reabrir a investigação ao caso do desaparecimento da menina inglesa Madeleine McCann, por proposta da Polícia Judiciária e "atendendo à apresentação de novos elementos indiciários que justificam o prosseguimento da investigação".

    "No inquérito, a correr termos na Procuradoria da República de Portimão, por se entender que se impõe o regime de segredo de justiça, foi requerido ao competente Juiz de Instrução Criminal o adiamento do acesso aos autos por prazo objectivamente indispensável à conclusão da investigação", lê-se no comunicado da Procuradoria-Geral da República."

    "Água mole em pedra dura tanto dá até que fura". Ainda há lugar para a esperança!
    Resta-nos esperar que seja aquilo que, desde o início, deveria ter sido: uma investigação séria e isenta.
    Estou desejosa que chegue o dia em que possamos felicitar a Polícia Judiciária Portuguesa e reabilitar o nome do Dr. Gonçalo Amaral.

  115. Anon. 24 Oct 2013 13:25:00

    "I hope this does not mean that the "old" process cannot be mentioned or discussed from now on, for instance, in court cases! My goodness, can this be a trick to prevent the contents of the process from being brought up in Mr. Amaral's court case?!"

    No that cannot be right. They would have to trash all Court Records and never mention them again.

  116. Este último comentário parece-me bastante cínico ...
    Haverá alguma hipótese de tal situação poder vir a acontecer?... O julgamento está a decorrer e o visado tem, não só o direito como o dever de se defender... Seria uma aberração e parece-me que ainda não chegámos a tal ponto...

  117. The McCanns have reacted through a press report saying they were satisfied with the reopening of the process.

    A press report?!?!? They have asked, pleaded, begged that the process be reopened and now it is they send just a press report?!? Shouldn't the Brit TV be live right now in Rothley?! Like they were when they arrived after being arguidos and lke they were in the various press reports at the gate fo their house with Clarence speaking and the couple behind him!
    Where is Clarence?

    1. Yes, the least one expects is the couple, hand-in-hand, of course, giving a speech in front of Rothley manor, grinning like Cheshire cats!

  118. Production Process of Laundry about to complete the wash...

  119. Ao anon. 24 Oct 2013 15:11:00,

    O meu comentário de 24 Oct 2013 13:25:00, garanto que não tem nada de cínico, nadinha mesmo, foi feito com a total sinceridade. O que acontece é que tem-se visto tanta pouca-vergonha e tanto atropelo à justiça e ao bom-senso nesta saga, que já não consigo evitar a descrença e até alguma paranóia! Diz bem, seria uma aberração! Mas quantas outras aberrações já vimos neste caso, a começar com o tribunal/juíza que decretou a injunção temporária do livro de G. Amaral, sómente com base nas razões dos proponentes (McCanns) e sem ouvir as outras partes interessadas; o arresto dos bens do Dr. Amaral, da confirmação da proibição da venda do seu livro (entretanto revogada, graças a Deus!), das difamações a que foi e continua a ser sujeito, sem que as chefias da instituição à qual dedicou grande parte da sua vida, com brilhantismo, sequer pestanejassem ou viessem a público defender o seu bom nome e mérito profissional?
    Não é também uma aberração o ignorar os resultados do trabalho dos cães Eddie e Keela, tanto pela SY e agora também pela PJ ?(até prova em contrário, também a PJ parece preparada para "deitar fora" tudo o que não seja rapto por estranho(s) )
    Este caso tem sido aberração, atrás de aberração, atrás de aberração!!

    1. Tem razão. Peço desculpa pela interpretação errada que fiz do seu comentário.
      Sei bem o quanto magoa sermos mal-interpretados... Afinal, caí no mesmo erro!
      Vivemos tempos e situações tão complicadas como inacreditáveis em que parece haver uma variável constante: o mundo está às avessas; o desconforto resultante de uma segurança que já não existe mais e a total ausência de "referências" com a qual tropeçamos no dia-a-dia acaba por interferir nos nossos comportamentos.
      Interferiu no meu... desculpe.

    2. Tudo bem! Não se preocupe, não era preciso desculpar-se, não respondi ao seu comentário motivada por despeito ou indignação, foi mesmo só para explicar, esclarecer as minhas intenções. É o que este caso nos faz...agita-nos os ânimos, por vezes um bocadinho para álem da conta!
      Mais uma vez, "no hard feelings"!

  120. Espero que isto seja a luz que faltava para uma conclusão isenta, expondo a VERDADEIRA VERDADE. o mundo quer saber o que foi feito à criança e quem fez.
    A única coisa que me preocupa, é que Portugal está mergulhado numa crise profunda e há poucos dias o nosso ministro da economia esteve nos UK a tentar angariar investidores. Espero que os ingleses não tenham proposto lavar o caso Maddie em troca de apoios a Portugal. Este caso está cheio de coincidências singulares. Esta pode ser mais uma, e inocente.
    Depois de 6 anos e de tudo o que li em jornais e nas files da PJ, só pode haver um caminho para concluir este caso, investigar quem teve acesso à criança nos dias 2 e 3 de Maio- a familia e os amigos. Sem condicionalismos, com chamadas telefónicas, movimentaçòes bancárias e registos hospitalares devidamente analisados. A PJ nào ia levar 6 anos para desacreditar a investigaçào inicial.

  121. Re-opening at last! Justice for Maddie - but I hope this is not another stunt, the fund has dried up there is no more nmoney left to pay lawyers is this what they planned I'm sceptical about this farce, I dont trust the Mccanns or SY but I do trust the pj and they have been insulted again on TV tonight - how Theresa May can believe the rubbish she says about the pj needed to learn lessons and all that, and she said how terrible this has been for Madeleines family NOT how terrible it was for Madeleine and Kate in the Crimewash show speaking looks so guilty, I cannot believe they will get away with this, I hope justice is served.


    Theresa May speaking about re-opening.


    Using Google to translate, I get the idea that the McCann's were informed or even in Portugal on 17th OCTOBER. So whatever the PR \ spin on this is, or judicial secrecy they are not saying much, are they. Perhaps all the razzmatazz of Sketchman alleged JT's sighting merry dance for six years, probably a low profile is the order of the day.

    Now it's not that easy to read 'google' translations, but my take on it, is there has been a very robust effort in Portugal over a long period of time. With an independent review taking place, others also working out of the original centre & even more assisting the MET. Those assisting the MET & the METs leads .. totally separate. And it's the review team's new information that has been successful in reopening the case.

    The mind boggles that the McCanns could be made assistants now - although I don't fully appreciate the legal difference between that and arguido's. But it would seem they are not required, or there is no mention of the 48Qs and reconstruction either. As assistants I presume they are privy to all information.

    But my view, I have to say is based on a google translation & reading between the lines.

    It's a the way forward now, it's make or break time for this case. Let it not become some sort of race, either.



    this is on the justice forum link above...

    'Rogerio Alves, one of the Portuguese McCanns' lawyers, said he was pondering making them assistants in the process, a statute that, like the arguido one, gives access to the investigation. '

    if this is true and they are made 'assistants' this is what they have always wanted access to the pj files, I'm not holding my breath on this re-opening!!


  125. Now I'm truly disheartened! I've just watched Rogério Alves in RTP Infomação (RTP's news dedicated channel) saying the McCanns were assured that the new portuguese investigation excludes them from any responsability in their daughters disappearance!!!
    There was also a news piece about the secret meetings between the PJ and SY, the last one was on the 17th October, Redwood and other SY inspector met with other two top PJ inspectors to discuss the reopening of the case in Portugal (!) and learn what new leads the PJ is working on, and that Kate and Gerry jat one point, were present at that meeting and were informed about what was discussed !!!???

    WHAT THE F***?!

    They are treated like royalty! Never a parent of a PORTUGUESE missing child was allowed or invited to be present at meetings with the investigators, not that I know of! Quite on the contrary, from what I've read and heard, the parents are almost ignored, they have to "pester " or beg the PJ for mere scraps pf information on the progress of the investigations on their children disappearance! Those poor parents were/are left with no news whatsoever for months in a row! And now, this pair of self-confessed child neglectors are part of police meetings?! This is a disrespect, total contempt for each and every portuguese parent who has the misfortune to have a child missing!
    I'm nauseated, despaired, angry, revolted at my country, at the MP and PJ ! I can't imagine how Mr. Amaral must be feeling right now, what might go through his mind in relation to the PJ and his former fellow investigators...
    I'm sure I won't be able to sleep much tonight!

  126. If the Mcs are made assistants, it proves that this is all one great big cover-up.There should be a re-opening of the 'cover-up', why is the Smiths sighting is never mentioned now JT sighting has been dismissed by SY. The tapas friends went to great lengths to convince the public of Jane's sighting we all knew it was not possible especially as Gerry and Jez never saw Jane. The Smith sighting is important to this case, Kate did not mention it once in her book but it was a 'supposed sighting of her daughter' she should have mentioned it. It could have been somebody (maybe not Gerry) but definitely not Murat as Smith knew Murat, removing the body on behalf of the mccanns he was heading towards the church. The Mccanns asked for the keys to the church, what date were these keys returned? as there was cadaver found in the scenic 3 weeks after Maddie disappeared did the Mccanns still have the keys to the church.

    They knew they would not be filmed in the church and it was ideal for their publicity stunt, two God fearing parents using religion and the Pope to influence the public that they were innocent decent folk when they were anything but decent.

    Nothing the tapas friends said in their sworn statements now has any credability, it has all been dismissed, the whole story is nothing more than fiction made up by a desperate group determined to fool the public into believing their abduction story. Their lies can be seen by everybody.

    Re-open the case, but investigate it fairly, do not attempt to clear the parents because we all know they are involved, their body languages and guilty faces are there for all to see.


    Dr Amaral, justice at last.


    PJ will find it difficult to work with SY - SY are only looking into an 'abduction' whereas pj know it is more than that.

  129. I hope I'm wrong, but I think this is the beginning of the end of the Maddie afffair. The case will be reopened, new leads investigated, an abductor will be found and a "Maddie" will be produced. A convenient end of story, everybody happy, no dirty secrets leaked. The truth, the REAL truth will never be known.

    1. You are right of course. I doubt a proper Maddie will ever pop up alive! Holography is not quite there yet. Place your bets on Eddie & Keela..

      Oh! No doubt, a scapegoat will appear. One is already in the process of being produced (Amaral), well, they are trying hard (...) The other, like you anticipate, they will find in due time - one way or the other (...)

      The poor bastard will be incarcerated without Carter-Ruck (or Isabel Duarte for that matter) lifting a single finger in their defence. Clarence Mitchell much less, since he is himself the one who, through NLP led the pack to the "abductor".

      Puppet-on-a-string Redwood and his errand girls & boys in Oporto, will have earned their medals (if any) and that will be the end of that.

      "That's it folks!"

  130. Infelizmente acho que Portugal comprou um carregamento de Skip porque está em marcha um grande processo de lavagem a favor do casal inglês.
    A verdade não interessa, o que realmente aconteceu à criança pouco importa, desde que se lave a cara dos pais.
    O advogado português, que renasce em momentos vitais é o novo "spin man" e vai dando largas à contra- informação. Podia ter dito qualquer coisa de positivo em relação à possibilidade de se encontrar a criança, mas não. O seu tempo de antena foi inteiramente dedicado à cassete " os pais não estão a ser investigados, bla,bla..."
    Em paralelo, vemos um ex-inspector da PJ dizer que o caso só foi reaberto para dar cumprimento às cartas rogatórias e Sá Fernandes dizer esta coisa extraordinária " um caso como este, com fortes indicios de rapto e onde a PJ se precipitou a constituir arguidos os pais, nunca devia ter sido arquivado", embora simultâneamente nos informe que não conhece o processo. Se não conhece o processo como é que pode dizer que há fortes indicios de rapto? Mais um a pôr-se a jeito para entrar na saga a favor dos pais. Deve ter andado a ler outras files que não as libertadas pela PJ.
    Só Pragal Colaço disse a verdade. Foram feitas milhares de diligências, algumas a dizerem que a criança estava em lugares muito diferentes ao mesmo tempo( impossivel) e o problema reside apenas no facto de todos serem ingleses e do resort ser um resort inglês em Portugal.
    Está portanto já em marcha o programa da contra-informação em Portugal. Hoje vi a nota da PGR na RTP 1 e não dizia nada que a linha de investigação era o rapto, nem que os pais não estão a ser investigados. Mas já nada me admira porque o casal anda aflito e precisa de ajuda para se vingar de GA, enquanto o processo a decorrer no tribunal de Lisboa não termina.

  131. Textusa, please accept my apologies for this ex-cathedra comment. My own silly, idiosyncratic perspective.

    IMO the "political correctness"; "interference"; "special treatment"; "reputation management"; mainstream media misinformation; the payment, as it were, of "psychological tributes" (Portugal to England), the all Madeleine McCann circus can only be fully understood if we bring some political theory to bear on the affair.

    Althusser's concepts of ISA's and RSA' and Michel Foucault concept of the "episteme" come to mind but then my knowledge of Theory is rather limited.

    I suggest those who are puzzled with political and other VIP support afforded to the McCanns' consider revising their basic Theory readings as I just did.

    Both K. and G. McCanns are qualified doctors (thus part of the ISA) also VERY important to realize Gerald McCann was working for the British Government at the time of the Madeleine's "dematerialization".
    (see link provided therein).

    British government equals Ideology par excellence!
    Note in the sequence below how the ISAs are interacting with the RSA (where SY = high/PJ=low)





    (1)+(2)+(3)+(4)+(n) = this point in time
    (1)+(2)+(3)+(4)+(n) = the inner works of Ideology

  132. How can the Mccann's not be part of the reopen investigation? From Luis Neves statement at court:

    "LN says he only remembers clearly one or two chapters, about dogs and about an Irish family. He says that anybody who at the time was aware of this case knew all that was in this book. He explains that the Public Ministry had the files digitalised in order to make them available.

    SO – Have you any knowledge about how the "death" theory came about?
    LN says there was no such theory in the beginning; he even remembers that Guilhermino Encarnação talked of abduction. But with time this idea had to be contemplated. He says that Madeleine's parents were the first to talk of death. It occurred in the British Consulate when the parents wanted a South African ex-policeman to come with a machine supposed to find bodies from hair samples (Note: Matter Orientation System or MOS).
    He remembers there were a lot of problems at the customs because of this device. The witness says that later, the British police officers who were collaborating in Portimão started speaking of special dogs that could discover bodies in a field. He says that it is where the initiative of sending for the dogs originated. Through the help of the dogs the investigation evolved. Death appeared a serious possibility. It led to the examination of telecommunications. From the end of 2007 on, the "death" theory became a distinct possibility.

    SO – Was the investigation limited to the facts that are in the book?
    LN Independently of the main theory, all lines of inquiry kept on being investigated. The witness adds that the dogs (Eddie and Keela) resolved many cases, they arrived with an impressive curriculum vitae and a lot of certificates that of course carried a certain amount of prestige."

    Rogério Alves, can only be a "bluff" or that must be the most shameful cover up for Portugal. I just highlight a situation not related to that case but involving also a serious diplomatic issue where Portugal maintainned hisvposition and did not follow the pressures- the casevrelated with people in high positions in Angola being investigated in Portugal. The MP refused to shelve the case. Now is going to follow british pressures in a case where 100% of the public had access to the contain of thebofficial investigation and know the parents are the strong line to pursuive if they want to solve the case and find the truth?
    I don't buy RA spin. He is trying to interfere with the investigation and is trying to involve again the media.

  133. Mais um balde de água fria na fogueira "rapto por ciganos" dos Mccann. Maria é cigana bulgara e terá sido vendida pelos pais biológicos ao casal romeno, por 80 a 500 Euros.
    Os pais biológicos têm 10 filhos e acharam que nào tinham condições para tratar dela.
    Condenável a venda, mas a meu ver, preferivel do que abandoná-la. Pelo menos sabiam com quem estava e provavelmente poderiam visitá-la sempre que quisessem.
    Condenável, mas muito condenável mesmo é a atitude do team Mccann que sem provas ou indicios tenta colar o desaparecimento da filha a um rapto envolvendo ciganos, estereotipando os ciganos e contribuindo para a xenofobia. Mas parece que o publico é o único a ver isso. Quem investiga e está em cargos de chefia onde pode mudar o correr das águas, assiste impávido e sereno numa cegueira incompreensîvel.

    Bem Haja Textusa. Espero que se mantenha neste caminho de expor as pontas soltas do caso Maddie.

  134. "PJ reconstitui tese de rapto no caso Maddie" in CM

    Atenção, "reconstitui" não é "segue" como os ingleses dizem.
    Se a PJ "reconstitui rapto" , facilmente concluirá que não era possivel, de acordo com os depoimentos deixados na altura, de acordo com as condições da cena do crime, de acordo com todas as circunstancias.
    Portanto, quem esteve com a criança nos ultimos dias mentiu e continuou a mentir durante 6 anos. Em Portugal diz-se que " quem tem cu tem medo" , ou seja se alguém mente é porque tem algo a esconder. Mas também se diz que "a mentira tem perna curta" e " é mais fácil apanhar um mentiroso do que um coxo".
    Está na hora de pôr Redwood a provar o impossivel e desmascarar este " cover up" em que os ingleses andam envolvidos.

    1. Pois, até agora só se ouviu dizer que os McCann não são alvo da investigação pela boca do Sr. Rogério Alves e pelos media...ninguém da PJ ou do MP veio a público fazer um comunicado com esse teor, que eu saiba! E como já se sabe, Rogério Alves tem que pintar de côr-de-rosa a imagem dos seus clientes, mesmo quando isso obriga a "faltar à verdade" (aqui estou a ser gentil...eufemismo para MENTIR). Lembro-me bem deste senhor a declarar enfáticamente perante as cãmaras de tv, que sim senhor, os McCann vêm a Portugal para fazer a reconstituição pedida pela PJ, quando já todos estavam cientes que isso nunca aconteceria (e não aconteceu até hoje!).

  135. What a farce to say the parents are not involved in criminal activity - what about the internet the exchange of information, the pj files, we know they are involved. From the beginning this group has lied and lied but still they were given preferential treatment, allowed to set up a fund, despite all the rumblings about their behaviour and lack of emotion. They have a following of rude illiterate internet abusers who can barely string two words together, all this is ignored. This pair will certainly go down in history how they managed through the aid of media manipulation and litigation to twist this case in their favour. If a case is being re-opened, it needs to be re-opened from the beginning and find out way Kate and Gerry lied so much about shutters, deleted phone calls, fact finding trips to Europe, fraudulent fund. What about genuine missing persons how must they feel.

    We all know Kate and Gerry are involved, SY have dismissed JT sighting and their timeline, proving the tapas group lied, to reopen the case but involve the Mccanns as 'assistants' is pure madness. I'm disgusted with those that could have done something to halt this money making circus yet they have done nothing. Next we will have a joint agreement from pj and SY that Madeleine was abducted by gypies or whoever and the case will be closed and the Mccanns have got off scot free.


    Tanner's bundleman, the one SY says they know it's an innocent "creche daddy", a man that they have positively identified and photographed, is still being shown in the McCanns site as one of the possible suspects!?
    And the "new" E-fits, "two-faced man" were not added to the site!
    Does this mean that they don't agree with SY new theory or is just a case of "we don't give a damn, don't even bother to update the site" (despite having spent a bundle from the fund's money on creating it...oh well, it wasn't money from their own pockets, it's ok then!)

  137. Se o caso foi reaberto para olhar para tudo desde o inicio, então todas as hipóteses têm de voltar a ser postas sobre a mesa, incluindo a investigação aos MCcann e amigos.


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