Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Beginning of the End of an Institution

We thought and still think that the "Maddie Affair" is a high-stake level game.  

It should then be played by intelligent people. Apparently it’s not.

We always thought that powerful people, who rose to be powerful, had, besides ambition and ruthlessness, the ability to surround themselves by smart and intelligent people both in their rise as in their maintenance of conquered status.

Last night we were proven wrong.

The Mockumentary 2 – The Two-Face, is nothing but full of air. We haven’t had time to fully digest this very hard to swallow pill, but we can say, without any hesitation that it is filled to the brim with exactly that, just pure hot air.

Its content has the unique quality of not having a single truthful reconstruction and that according to both White Hat and Black Hat versions alike.

We now have a Scotland Yard version.

It's the result of a secretive investigation after interviewing around 440 people and that will obviously remain conveniently secret.

If you notice Mock 2 doesn’t say anything.  And what it says, it doesn’t say.

For example, Redwood says that it bears the hallmarks of a pre-planned abduction but doesn’t say on what is that opinion based on.

We now have Tanner’s Bundleman with Maddie to be a caring father carrying his son (daughter?) from night crèche, but certainly drunk as he couldn’t find his way home, because only if he was lost and looking to find where his apartment was can explain him walking in the opposite direction of what would have been logical, taking into account the location of said crèche.

Redwood says this gentleman has been ruled out as an abductor but doesn’t say why he came to that conclusion.

Apparently the man has said that he believed that it was him that Jane saw but believing he is, is not exactly the same as saying he was. Because if he had said he was then he would have to tell us where his apartment was and why was he walking in the opposite direction as he was expected to be.

And if he believed so, why has it taken him, and his family, 4 to 6 years to come forward and testify? It isn’t said.

Then we have Two-Face from the Smith Sighting that Redwood says in explicit terms that it could be just an innocent sighting. So it's basically saying it could be and nothing more than that. 

And one never knows if Two-Face doesn't end up being crèche dad, or Tanner's "former-Bundleman-now-caring-father", walking the scenic route to the apartment he apparently didn't remember where it was.

Lastly we have the 4 sightings of Pimpleman.

- One we have proven to be false, TS’s in many posts

- Another by Carole Tranmer, Mrs Fenn’s niece, completely misrepresented in Mock 2, that we dealt with in our My Thanksgiving Turkey to ALL of You post

- Another of two men by the Jensen sisters that we spoke of in the 60 of Us post:

- And the last one, the laundryman sighting, or Mario Marreiro’s Improved Memory Syndrome that we spoke of in our "Clean Party Floor" Phenomenon post.

Strangely, or then again not, it isn’t said about any of the Pimpleman sightings shown in Mock 2 if the witnesses who reported them found any sort of resemblance about the Two-Face e-fits.

We’re supposing that they are among the 440 people interviewed as there are, comparing with Mock 1, some new sightings.

Two we know that are unmentioned. Derek Flack and JW’s. Has Kate lied when she speaks about them in her book? Or Emma Loach when she includes both in Mockumentary 1 – The Pimpleman ?

But, back to what matters, where are the hallmarks of a pre-planned abduction? Fail to see.

Then we have what we must call a really, really amazing theory, the kidnap by abduction. A burglar who seeing himself interrupted in his business by a 4 yr old, decides to take her instead of, for example, the digital camera that was on the table.

In a house that adults kept on supposedly entering every 15 minutes

It all boils down to what was supposed to be a highly revealing documentary about the Maddie mystery that reveals, in fact, absolutely nothing.

It raises the possibility that Two-Face could be a person of interest and nothing else.

If anything it undermines the possibility of abduction by ruling out, inexplicably as we said, Tanner’s Bundleman as an abductor.

And that may have been the whole point of the documentary. Without Tanner’s Bundleman the probability of an abduction is significantly reduced, not to say nullified.

The abduction theory now resides solely in a sighting of a man carrying a child half a mile away that the prestigious Scotland Yard says may be completely innocent and unrelated.

Add to this the remarkable resemblance between Two-Face and Gerry McCann.

As we’ve said time and time again there are no coincidences in “Maddie’s world”. We have a missing girl, we have no abduction and we have a Gerry lookalike seen with a child in Rua da Escola Primária, half a mile away from apartment 5A.

Do you want us to join the dots?

We said at the beginning of the post that we thought and still think that this is a high-stake level game that should be played by intelligent people.

It isn’t. It is indeed a high-stake level game but the people playing it on Scotland Yard's part leave much to be desired.

First, let’s understand the intention behind Mock 2. For that all we need to know is its timings. When it was conceived, filmed and aired.

We’ve heard that it was filmed six-months ago.  That takes us back to April. Allow a month or so for its conception, or reason to conceive it, and its preparation.

That puts us in February/March timeframe.

What happened then? Mr Amaral said clearly to the McCanns that he would see them in court, that’s what happened.

If our counterparts were sufficiently intelligent we would be saying right now that it was a brilliant move but from what we saw last night they aren’t and what could have been a masterfully well played move, turned out to be a disastrous one.

They had their chance and blew it.

As the Portuguese say, “the best is good’s biggest enemy”. How many times have we in our lives spoiled something just because we wanted to make it just a little bit better when it was good enough the way it was?

In this case it was the attempt to isolate the McCanns and protect everyone else.

Revisit the Mock 2 and overlook all its ridiculousness.

See how it exempts completely David Payne who isn’t even mentioned.

How it exempts Jane Tanner by giving a perfectly innocent explanation to her sighting.

How it exempts the Ocean Club by supposedly confirming that the Tapas Dinners existed, and even showing a version of our beloved friend, the Big Round Table!

How it exempts any and all guests from any participation in the events.

It exempts everyone, except the McCanns. That’s why they were so gloomy in Lisbon.

But Mock 2 failed entirely its objectives, except one which was to draw worldwide attention on to the subject

And for some very stupid and illogical reason, has literally thrown Scotland Yard’s credibility out of the window.

It came up with a version, again quoting the Portuguese, which is “neither meat nor fish”. It’s simply… ludicrous.

No way back now.

Scotland Yard, by a humungous mistake of its own, has now forced itself hopelessly into the arms of whitewashing.

It’s on film and has been seen by millions worlwide that they, Scotland Yard, have concluded after INTENSIVE investigation that Tanner DID see something but that through brilliant work from elite detectives, it has a perfectly honest explanation, though we haven’t been given one.

It’s on film and has been seen by millions worlwide that they, Scotland Yard, have allowed and supported inexplicable discrepancies from what is documented in the PJ Files.

It’s on film and has been seen by millions worlwide that they, Scotland Yard, have allowed and supported inexplicable absences from what is documented in the PJ Files, like David Payne’s visit and what was signalled by the dogs.

Much the same way that what is on film and has been seen by millions worlwide cannot be changed (how much Scotland Yard will wish for that in the future) so the PJ Files cannot be rewritten.

Scotland Yard has compromised itself to a lie

And by doing that has proven one thing with Mock 2 and that is the UK, at its highest levels, is deeply and directly involved in the management of that undefinable thing we call the “Maddie Affair”.

What Scotland Yard has said, done and decided yesterday will have consequences. We even think irreparable ones.

Up to now only Portugal had suffered "officially" a humiliation from the "McCanns". Now it's official. It's official that the "McCanns" and Maddie's death have humiliated, publicly and worldwide, Britain.

Finally, we’re curious about the public reaction. Not about how they will react but if they will be allowed to react.

We’re not seeing any other country where Mock 2 could have happened but in Britain. And that’s a sad comment to make.

George Orwell was a genius. He was the one who said “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”, referring, may we remind you, to pigs among other animals.

What Orwell didn’t envision was that the “Big Brother technology” would be so widespread and not just in the hands of a few.

Those few are still in perfect denial. They still can't understand that they, the pigs, aren't that much different from the rest of us animals.


  1. Textusa

    Thank you so much for being part of Planet Earth!
    Genial article and wise words.
    Muito obrigada por trazer luz e esperança aqui, onde a escuridão persiste em reinar.

  2. Excellent article Textusa. I cannot bare to watch the rubbish Crimewatch and Sky news are babbling on about, all this covering up and the BBC have still not learn't lessons from the Saville case. Soon this circus will implode on these institutions and the truth will come out. Right now so many people feel betrayed at being lied to and taken for fools by SY, BBC and ultimately team mccann, but in reality they are the fools, because we see through all the spin and lies and this latest action confirms this is a conspiracy and cover up. Why is Madeleine given such preferential treatment what about Ben Needhams mother and other genuine missing children, for the past six years Madeleine Mccann has never left our newspapers or media and neither have her parents, she is nowhere on this earth or she would have been found due to the worldwide media coverage afforded only to this one child. There is not one piece of evidence to back up the abductor theory, six years later and still nothing it is all a disgrace.

  3. What did hit me was not only millions of people saw mock 2 but it cost £millions. AND it’s all a game! It’s not a genuine police inquiry. It’s shocking whether or not it’s to trap suspects. Criminals don’t usually have a pantomime in their honour before being arrested.

    1. Indeed. So anyone who hopes any of this can lead to a McCann exposure hopes in vain. The plan was to make the world believe there was after all the "revelation" of a rational explanation. They achieved the opposite effect. People who really knew very little apart from the pro McCann media spin are now taking notice and looking into what has really been going on. But the high stakes mean hope is in vain, and while it springs eternal, anything that is finally revealed is going to come from another source. The twins? A Tapas relative? After how haggard KMcC has looked recently, it'd be a fitting end if she cracked mid "erm.....to be honest ......uh ........" on live tv!

  4. http://jillhavern.forumotion.net/t8036-bbc-reconstruction-tapas-seating-plan-3rd-may-2007

    The tapas seating plan according to Kate at the above site.

  5. On JH transcript of CW , Redwood says the man Smith saw heading towards the beach was in his thirties
    Smith in his statement in January 2008 says in his forties.
    Can we trust the opinion of a policeman who gets his basic facts WRONG?

  6. I'm a little confused, Tex. Yea the CW thing was nothing but expected nonsense, but you seem to imply that the SY are rejecting the Mc version of abduction. Could it be a cunning plan? No I don't believe so for a moment, but that's what it seemed you were implying at times.
    How come Portugal allows this crop of crap to continue without question when it contradicts so blatantly the findings of the originall investigation?

    1. It also puzzles me why the Portuguese pj do not say anything, the Mcs are walking all over Portugal by not showing the programme and calling them sardine munchers, incompetant, they call Dr Amaral a 'drunk' in our papers they are being very insulting not just to the pj but to the people of Portugal. The police criticise the pj and there is never any response from Portugal. Are the Portuguese pj and people aware of how much they are being insulted, firstly it is not very professional of the police to act in this manner but the silence from authorities in Portugual considering how Dr Amaral is being treated I find very odd. The people and pj all helped in the searching and if Madeleine was to be found they would have found her, some Portuguese did not go to work as they were searching, businesses have been ruined in pdl because of this, people have lost their jobs. Collection boxes were put up around pdl by Mc's the Portuguese gave money and time. Why is nobody standing up for them in Portugual for how they have been mistreated, or are SY trying to make the Portuguese authorities so angry by calling them incompetant and insulting them daily that Portugal re-open the case? It really is a puzzler this silence, or is it just kept out of our media?

  7. http://www.itv.com/news/
    Portuguese cop: Met has finally caught up on McCann

    The man in charge of the Portuguese police investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance has said that Scotland Yard is at the same stage he was at in 2007.

    Gonçalo Amaral, who was removed from the case after accusing the McCanns of involvement in their daughter;s disappearance, told ITV News that the latest e-fits are promising.

    "Every one of us on the investigation at the time found that lead important – as we see now that it is," he said.

    ITV News' Europe Correspondent Emma Murphy reports from Praia Du Luz in Portugal:

  8. Why would anyone keep pyjamas for 6 years? If he did, it must be because of their enormous significance, but he didn't bother to come forward.
    I thought the reconstruction picture of crèche dad wearing clothing as seen by Tanner was so exaggeratedly presented and hammy. As if Redwood knew how unconvincing it all was. Why not just give an account of why the dad didn't come forward?
    It's cringe making. The journalists having to present this must be questioning how to sell it to the public.

  9. The pjs that look nothing like M’s? The pic is cut off so you can’t see the bottom of the trousers, M’s were supposed to be cropped to knee length. JT’s description is nothing like Innocent Man’s child’s pjs. What was he keeping them for? Not polishing cloths as they were in one piece. Subsequent children in a big family of girls....or boys?

    1. I could see the bottom of the pijamas trousers, it ends with a straight orange band (solid colour) contrasting with the main fabric (printed), not at all like the rufflled finishing in Maddie's pjs,which was made of the printed material of the entire trousers.
      Who are they kidding?!

  10. Jez Wilkins partner contradicts how the couples arrived for dinner in an article she wrote,
    See McCann Files , Jez Wilkins Bridget Odonneli she states the men men came first to dinner the women later

  11. If I were an innocent father carrying my daughter home from the creche and shortly thereafter found myself to be the focus of a possible abduction of the most famous missing child on the planet, I would report to the police straight away and also keep the clothes as evidence should this be required in any future elimination process.

  12. Textusa...I could not have phrased it better!

    Amaral seems to agree with you when he comments and I quote:

    "It took them (SY) two years to reach the same conclusion we arrived at in six months..." (smiles)

    (Thank you Anon 23:22:00 for the tip)

  13. Goncalo Amaral interviewed on British ITV tonight! He said that SY have now finally arrived (after 2 years) at the same conclusion as his investigation had concluded in 6 months - regarding the Smith sighting! He also mentioned how he was taken off the case at the time the Smiths were to be brought to Portugal to be formally interviewed and that his successor did not follow up on the Smith lead.

  14. Where are the big revelations? After all, we have been innundate by advertising spots announcing big revelations inside the Crimewatch movie. There was none. All, old stories. PJ knows since the beguinning, the sight of Jane Tanner was a lie, the all timeline was a lie. Not because she saw an innocent parent taking his children from the creche, but because she saw nothing, she was not on that street that night and the same could be applied to all the events they described for that night. Why? Because of the amount of inconsistencies they delivered to PJ, related with the last hours of Madeleine. 9 people could not have a single matching story, to the point of having their PR person forced to excuse the all mess by saying they had no watches.
    6 millions of Pounds + a team of 36 top polices to come up with that piece of garbage? Well, that should leave on us, honest citizens, a very uncomfortable feeling: if top police use that methode to clean criminals, did they apply the same recipe to frame innocents? Then the all ethical issues related with justice need to be redone. Britain could not go more low then what they have done last night.

  15. For Textusa, only one word:

    BRAVO !

  16. Fallen institutions...first went the FSS... BBC and SY will follow...?
    All caught in by the Mccann curse...?

    1. I agree. Britain is swirling around in a pigswill of corruption. I wonder if, when these traitors at the FSS, the BBC and SY studied Orwell at school, a shudder went through them at the thought we could become a society as sinister as that. Could they imagine, in that state of youthful innocence, actively bringing into being a dystopia of frightening proportions themselves?

  17. ITV interviewd Gonçalo Amaral:

    and in:
    (page 4)

    It didn't take long for the abuse to start...on Twitter, B.Hats already attacking Mr. Amaral for appearing smoking in the video ( despite him not being smoking during the actual interview, only as he was walking through a park on his way to meet the interviewer)

    1. Pity they don't remember Gerry McCann sucking a lollipop and cracking jokes while waiting at Portimao police station for confirmation or otherwise about a possible sighting of his missing daughter

  18. TotallyConfused16 Oct 2013, 05:18:00

    I thought it was just me......

    Add to this the remarkable resemblance between Two-Face and Gerry McCann.

    I thought this was just me who thought this!!!!! That was my immediate reaction!!!

  19. Well I am pleased that I spent more time in the garden yesterday than online.
    The sunbirds were in abundance as well as a pair of paradise flycatchers.
    From this space of peace I had an insight.
    Redwood was told to cover this up. He had no choice.
    So he covered it up in a way that made the guilt obvious.

  20. Mccannfiles has very good articles, revising and analysing the all game.
    How far this Mccann's and SY takes that mockery? How can they all, insult the memory of their child and the intelligence of the big majority of the public across the world?

  21. Anonymous 16 Oct 2013 07:05:00

    We just wrote the way we saw things to be. If SY had a plan that was cunning or not, we don't know.

    The abductor theory has two pillars: Negligence and Bundleman. Of the two, the latter is much more fundamental. They could have been has neglecting as they could have been but no Bundleman, no abduction.

    Redwood basically comes to the exact some conclusion as Mr. Amaral (as I believe Mr. Amaral has confirmed this): Jane Tanner did not see and abductor, the only accountable witness accounts are the Smith Sighting ones.

    Redwood with Mock 2 intended to bring down just one pillar, the Bundleman, while protecting the other, Negligence.

    To bring Negilgence down, he would have to involve Ocean Club and Guests. He, or someone for him, decided not to do that.

    And that would be feasible as on this side of the world, the internet, he would get help from the pretendy White Hats, that we know abound, to push this theory forward.

    The general public would be appeased as they would receive a "reasonable" explanation to what happened from an official and prestigious source, the Scotland Yard.

    The truth, the one about obsructing justice, would be left to be discussed by loony "conspiracy theorists" as we would be dismissed as.

    But Mock 2 went too far in its protective umbrella.

    By excluding, blatantly, the T7, it took out completely all reason from any eventual "reasonable" explanation to be given later to the general public.

    But that, with an extra effort, could be overcome by adding them as extras later.

    The whole problem was the way the abduction theory was eliminated.

    Mock 2 says specifically this was a result of Scotland Yard’s work. It’s not a witness that has come forward but something that SY dug out from a conversation with one of the 11 families that left the children at night crèche.

    A moment of revelation, says Redwood. A moment of disgrace say we.

    By making sure that Tanner is not seen to be lying (protecting one of the T7), Mock 2 has linked itself to the easily provable lie (something that has been done extensively in the internet for the last 6 years) which is where Jane says she was and what she says she sees (by the way, we’re the ONLY blog that says that Tanner did see a man carrying a child) by, and that is what is REALLY serious, linking itself to another easily provable lie, the crèche dad.

    Add to this the Mock 2’s distortion of facts well documented in the PJ Files.

    What is the SY to say later? That they were playing a game? What game? To catch a criminal? Is that the way police go about their business nowadays? Playing games and spending millions to catch criminals that they know to be criminals and have been under their noses all the time?

  22. http://www.cmjornal.xl.pt/detalhe/noticias/nacional/portugal/policia-ja-tem-nome-para-retrato-robo-de-raptor-de-maddie

    Revelada a fonte de informação para o retrato Robot- familia Smith. Portanto o nome do suspeito só pode ser Gerry Mccann. Foi ele q/ eles identificaram com 60 a 80% de certeza e é ele que a maioria do publico vê num dos retratos robot. Era impossivel que os milhares de telefonemas, que fizem ter chobido na TV, conhecessem o suspeito pelo nome, a não ser que fosse uma figura pública. Portanto, só pode ser Gerry Mccann.
    Se a SY, vier com outro nome, que não o de Gerry Mccann, ou com mais uma historieta duvidosa e ambigua, então teremos a certeza de que está metida no maior escandalo do seculo- o encobrimento de um crime contra uma das suas crianças e a lavagem de imagem de um grupo de criminosos. Aí, começaremos todos a acreditar que o desaparecimento de Maddie foi muito mais do que uma morte acidental...e se foi, quantas outras crianças do grupo e de outros envolvidos, estiveram/ estão sujeitas aos mesmos riscos.
    Com a Internet, o mundo é pequeno e global. Podem fechar a informação dentro dos media ingleses, mas ela escapa em cada ecran de computador que é uma janela para o mundo, para a liberdade e para a livre circulação de informação, em várias linguas. Basta vermos os comentários do publico nos media que são livres e nos blogs. Ninguém acredita nos Mccann nem na revisão da SY. E não é porque a PJ e GA nos moldaram o pensamento. É porque a mentira tem perna curta e os Mccann mais a sua policia não podem continuar a tentar enganar um publico inteligente que sabe somar 2+2 e retirar as devidas conclusões.
    Chamem o Gerry Mccann a Lisboa para explicar o que é que ele fazia aquela hora da noite a caminho da praia e quem era a criança que levava ao colo. Perguntem-lhe porque apagaram as chamadas dos tm e a quem pertencia o Tm de onde ele fez a chamada para Kate. Nessa viagem para a praia, encontrou-se com alguém que lhe emprestou um tm. E a pessoa desse encontro não era portuguesa. Por isso temos aalguma comunidade inglesa da PDL enterrada até às orelhas nisto? SINISTRO E UM FILME DE TERROR, NO MINIMO.

  23. It hit me moments ago that SY not mentioning the dogs etc shows that they want the public not to be influenced now the net is closing in. That any feedback they get will be based on factual knowledge. If they had mentioned the dogs they would be declaring Mcs guilty on national TV.

  24. "Comentário feito por:vitinho08h26
    O sentimento comum da maioria dos Portugueses é que altas esferas tentam limpar a imagem dos pais para a nação não ficar mal na foto, até o retrato robot com uns ajustes parece o pai dela, prendam de vez esses dois e deixem de atirar areia aos olhos da opinião pública para continuarem a engordar com milhões de euros o fundo criado para tal .. expliquem de vez o sangue e odor a cadáver no carro que alugaram entre outras coisas á data .. chega de gozarem com a inteligência do Povo Português!!!!"

    Comentário mais votado no Correio da Manhã. Bem haja pelo comentário. Comungo da mesma opinião. Basta de nos insultarem e até o Rogério Alves Ressuscitou para continuar a insultar-nos, quando se tivesse ética, devia abandonar de vez o caso e anunciar essa decisão publicamente.

  25. CW stripped down was about who last saw M and who saw G walking around. There is no possibility of recreating an imaginary abduction scene because of total lack of evidence, SY couldn’t even use anything from statements or they would have had to choose only one of them then all the others would be highlighted as lies. All that could be used was snapshots which are from Mc version (G denies seeing JT as well) and could be seen as CW produced by them. Did Redwood allow the Mc production to be seen on TV to let the public see the inconsistencies? He definitely distanced himself from them both physically and in words.

  26. In my comment at 16 Oct 2013 10:12:00, when I said "we’re the ONLY blog that says that Tanner did see a man carrying a child", this is what I meant:


  27. If this transcript is accurate, this is the conversation between Kirsty and Redwood on CW

    Kirsty- " Let's focus on 10pm. Let's focus on the sighting. You tell me what's important and what people watching need to concentrate on tonight."

    Redwood-" Well, at 10pm we can see a man walking down towards the sea- a White man in his THIRTIES with brown hair and in his arms is a child, 3 to 4 years of age, blonde hair, wearing pyjamas. Very close description to that of Madeleine McCann. 2 e-fits that have never been in the public domain of this one individual. It's really important to understand who he is."

    Can CW confirm we should be looking for a man in his THIRTIES?
    Can CW confirm that Mr Smith in 2008 described a man in his FORTIES?
    This is really important. if CW has been "swamped" with calls, how many are reporting a younger man?

    Can Redwood explain why McCanns PIs held onto them for 5 years and didn't forward them to SY or the PJ?

    Why important to UNDERSTAND who he is, rather than DISCOVER who he is?

  28. The Plebgate scandal escalates
    Teresa May - Home Secretary states:
    " The police need the trust of the public. These sorts of incidents will strike to the heart of that issue of trust."

    My heart has been struck by Crimewatch

  29. After the not-naming of the Paynes and Dianne Webster in the Crimewatch "reconstruction" as part of the Tapas dinners, my instincts told me they cannot be named by the media, quite probably due to an injunction...today my instincts were reinforced, because I made several comments on the Daily Mail's articles and all got through, EXCEPT those were I mentioned David Payne, his wife and mother-in-law!
    (my comments were in relation to others asking about the time Madeleine was seen by someone other than her parents, and I replied with the Payne 6.00pm visit to the apartment, all quite innocent and non controversial comments, and yet, other comments were I dared to mention controversial and damning points for the McCanns got published!)



    Yes, there must be a legal reason...by the way, have a look at this in Joana Morais (old article):


    1. The Pj arranged a meeting on July 11th between RM and 3 of Tapas group.
      GA book
      " On July 11th at 10am, a confrontation is organised between the witnesses Rachael Mampilly, Fiona Payne and Russell O 'Brien and Robert Murat. Nothing comes out if it. The former persist in stating that the suspect was definitely in the area on the night of the disappearance. Murat denies the whole thing and even accuses them of lying. Each side stands its ground. The only positive aspect of this meeting : the McCann's friends undertake to return to Portugal for the purpose of the investigation. That will not happen."

      If any ever wanted to change statements, it didn't happen at this meeting

  30. Since the day that e fit wa spread by UK media for the world, all of us identified Gerry
    Today the tabloid D Star write that is GA who smears jerry. What a bad UK machine.

  31. http://patbrownprofiling.blogspot.ae/2013/10/crimewatch-and-scotland-yard-team-up-to.html

    Pat Brown point of view on SY strategy.
    If that is the objectif of SY, this is the most scandalous way to solve a crime. But who cares, they believe and act like if they were God or the Great Emperors. We still not knowing what was behind the dead of Lady Di and the Russian Spy. Who is Madeleine compared to that?

  32. Textusa, if I understood you correctly, IF SY hadn't come up with the crèche dad, kept Tanner's absurdity for fact and just focused entirely on the importance of the Smith Sighting they would be on the right road right now! Am I reading this the correct way?
    The world very quickly picked up that the e-fits were Gerry. If we still let the Mccs to claim abduction, we still have G somewhere he shouldn't have been and that would be the start of his downfall!

    1. Anonymous 16 Oct 2013 13:32:00

      Thank you for your comment! And my answer is… exactly!

      What added value did crèche dad bring? According to Redwood, it allowed a different analysis of the time between 21:15 (Tanner’s Sighting) and 22:00 (alarm raised).


      So what did SY discover about that 45 minute period? Absolutely nothing.

      So why all the fuss about Bundleman being or not the abductor? The only novelty, in fact, was that he, according to SY’s extenuating work, was not the abductor. That’s it.

      Why? To justify the 45 minutes he took to go from apartment 5A to Rua da Escola Primária? One can invent many theories on that without committing SY’s name to that fact.

      We can only see one reason for crèche dad: get Jane Tanner off the picture.

      It’s always that little too much of salt that spoils the whole soup.

  33. Just had a thought maybe DP is not spoken of because he has had a change of heart will give you info providing myself my wife and my mother in law are kept out of the frame and not to print anything about the Gaspers statement,because guilty or not i do not think that Gerry or Kate would like to go to prison with this hanging over their head. They will find it hard going as it is without being pedos.So i am sure the Mccanns will not make that much of a fuss when they are being at her majesty pleasure

    1. The blog thinks that the Gaspars' statements are CLUTTER intended to bring paedophilia into the events and throw a shadow of suspicion over David Payne for the wrong reasons.

      K Gaspar interpreting witnessed gestures about behaviour between adults is not compatible with her own, and that of her husband, posterior behaviour.

      The Gaspars continued to have contact with the McCanns after this.

      For anyone suspecting paedophile behaviour, lacking the courage to confront it and then socialising without ever raising any doubts is completely bizarre.

      And no mention of reporting it to Social Services, the duty of any citizen and more so of a GP.

    2. I may be way off base, but I've always wondered if the gestures K Gaspar witnessed were actually referring to breast feeding.

  34. Has anyone asked crèche dad why he carried his daughter like this?
    Have you ever seen anyone carrying a child like this? And over any distance.
    The more I look at this , the more phoney it seems.
    As a child I remember a lifeguard carrying me out of the water like this when I cut my foot on some glass under the water, but I had one arm round his neck to support myself.

    1. Anonymous 16 Oct 2013 14:53:00
      Reading your comment made me think. This man didn't go to the Police in 2007 when everyone was complimenting PJ's work so he can't claim that he didn't trust the bungling Portuguese police. I'm supposing he didn't go because he didn't make the connection about carrying his child that night with possibly being seen doing it the night Maddie disappeared, so I'm also assuming that evening didn't mean much to him. A poster has asked and I'll ask again, why then keep the pjs all this time? But I have a new question, what is the reason he remembers the clothes he wore 6 years ago? I don't remember, does anyone? In my life, besides my wedding, there are details that I can't recollect. I remember watching the second 9/11 plane hit the Twin Towers as if it was yesterday. Where I was, what I was doing, who I was with. But I can't remember the clothes I wore that day. If Scotland Yard asked me what I had worn that night today I wouldn't be able to say! Even if with limited amount of clothing that happens when on holidays, I wouldn't remember like I don't remember what I wore in any day of my holidays in 2007.
      So keeping pjs for no logical reason and rememberng clothes worn on a particular day years ago are signs that we are before someone who isn't saying the truth.
      In case he spoke to the SY. I wouldn't be surprised if it was just an SY agent posing in that photograph. If crêche dad is a real dad (only 11 families used teh night crêche says Redwood) then at this moment he's praying that he's never found out.
      Never in my life did I think seeing the Met playing this sort of game. Yes, I beleive that in SY, like in any other police force or large corporation, there are and always be corrupt people. But that corruption is doing nothing when they should do something. This is not the case. Shame on SY.

  35. http://www.itv.com/news/2013-10-13/mccanns-last-hope-of-finding-madeleine-through-police-work/

    Mccanns 'last hope' before they disappear into the sunset with Sr Amarals 100 million euro.

    1. Anonymous 16 Oct 2013 16:26:00

      It's 1,250,000 €, not 100,000,000 €, and the public hasn't been informed of how much Mr. Amaral has to pay, in the highly unlikely conviction, as he is on the stand together with TVI and Guerra & Paz.

  36. CW has triggered debate in the most unlikely places. My husband is on a music business related forum/blog daily and discussions opened up the next morning about the case which has never happened about a non music topic before to his knowledge. Some got very heated and none are taken in by the recent programme, in fact the opposite, it has made people ask what the heck is going on. Of course most haven’t followed the case so many are angry that Mcs ‘left their kids alone’ which is understandable when not in possession of facts. There is yet to be a person in the debate who accepts the abduction now.

    A friend up north watched it too and her immediate reaction was disbelief and saw it as a farce and she had no opinion at all before watching it. She is now an abductor sceptic so it does look as though the programme set out to do what it hoped to achieve?

  37. Could the emptiness of Mock-2 be an unavoidable consequence of SY trying to pursue two highly incompatible objectives: continue the cover-up and come up with a diplomatic solution that could be acceptable for Portugal?

    It’s a sad but obvious reality that the reputation of Portugal has been seriously damaged in this story. The release of the PJ files might have been decided as a compensation measure and, I imagine, after quite some negotiations at government level between Portugal and UK. Then came the SY review, which certainly raised concern in Portugal and must have led the Portuguese government to warn its British counterpart that trashing the publicly available PJ investigation was not an option. This is at least what I expect. And let’s not forget that Portugal is a country with quite significant diplomatic influence.

    So, what can SY possibly do? Take as many characters off the picture to strengthen the cover-up. Of course, as many as possible. But there are two characters they cannot remove without getting in significant conflict with the PJ investigation: G&K. So, shine the spotlight on them, at least for now.

    I can’t see any piece of evidence presented in Mock-2 that contradicts the facts established by the PJ in any way. The “new timeline” is just a teaser. We have Crèche-Daddy as a rather fascinating add-on, but this leads SY to the same conclusion as reached by the PJ back in 2007, namely that Tanner did not spot an abductor.

    And we now have GA interviewed on ITV as a respectable man, politely saying that SY have followed the same path as PJ.


  38. http://videos.sapo.pt/OBMLIZBOZbHKZgtNyrBT

    Estúdio: Gonçalo Amaral, ex-inspector da Policia Judiciaria e autor do livro Maddie, A Verdade da mentira, diz que os novos factos sobre este caso são uma manobra publicitária dos pais da menina desaparecida

    Repórter: Boa tarde, comigo tenho Gonçalo Amaral ex-inspector da Policia Judiciaria que escreveu o livro Maddie, A Verdade da mentira para comentar também este caso que está a marcar a atualidade, pergunto-lhe em primeiro lugar como vê estas notícias de que há novos suspeitos, de que Maddie pode estar viva numa ilha do Mediterrâneo, como vê isto tudo?

    GA: Olhe vejo como nada de novo… vejo como nada de novo, é… parece só uma campanha publicitária de… de intoxicação e de desinformação, nada mais

    Repórter: Porquê?

    GA: Porquê? Porque está a decorrer o processo cível em que esses senhores são autores, os pais dessa criança, e em que eu sou réu com outras pessoas, é só isso… é para influenciar o tribunal … é uma forma ignóbil de intervir, de fazer um julgamento na praça pública, e nada mais do que isso.

    Repórter: Como vê… se se confirmar que esta tese, que a sua tese é realmente falsa, porque a polícia britânica está neste momento a investigar o caso com novas pistas, o que vai fazer?

    GA: Olhe.. essa da tese é falsa é assim… uma investigação tem um começo, um meio e um fim, esta foi um investigação que não deixaram chegar ao fim… enquanto não for aberto o processo não se sabe o que aconteceu, enquanto não for feita uma reconstituição, pelos suspeitos da altura, pelas outras testemunhas que lá estavam… uma reconstituição séria e não uma encenação, não se sabe realmente o que é que aconteceu. Quanto ao resto, é folclore..

    Repórter: Pergunto-lhe também o facto da Procuradoria-Geral da Republica ter arquivado o processo e de agora estar a ser também investigado este processo agora já… no Reino Unido, como vê isto, o que é que falhou nesta investigação aqui em Portugal?

    GA: Olhe, não está nada a ser investigado nesta investigação no Reino Unido. O que está a ser investigado, foi feita uma reavaliação de avistamentos e outras coisas, foi lido o processo… foi enviada para Portugal há tempos uma carta rogatória, foi a terceira tentativa para essa carta entrar…. Isso já foi dado notícia há mais de que… dois meses dessa carta rogatória e hoje essas coisas foram reavivadas, digamos assim, nada mais do que isso. O processo cá mantém-se arquivado, infelizmente, devia estar de facto reaberto e quem se poderia ter oposto na altura a esse arquivamento, que eram os pais da criança porque eram arguidos, podiam-se ter oposto ao arquivamento, não o fizeram, por isso não estão interessados em que se saiba a verdade.

    Repórter: Muito obrigado

    GA: Obrigado

    Repórter: É portanto declarações de Gonçalo Amaral que mantém a tese de que foram realmente os pais da criança, Madeleine McCann que estão por trás deste desaparecimento de criança que chocou o mundo.

    1. http://videos.sapo.pt/OBMLIZBOZbHKZgtNyrBT

      Studio: Gonçalo Amaral, former PJ inspector and author of Maddie, The Truth of the Lie, says the new facts about this case are a publicity stunt from the parents of the missing girl

      Reporter : Good afternoon, I have with me Gonçalo Amaral former PJ inspector who wrote the book Maddie, The Truth of the Lie, to comment on this case that is marking the news, I ask you in the first place how do you see these reports that there are new suspects, that Maddie could be living on a Mediterranean island, how do you see all this?

      GA : Look, I see it as nothing new ... see it as nothing new, it’s ... like just a marketing campaign of... of intoxication and disinformation, nothing else.

      Reporter : Why?

      GA : Why? Because of ongoing civil case in which these people are the authors, the child's parents, and I 'm defendant with other people, it’s just that ... it’s to influence the court ... it’s an ignoble way to intervene, to have a judgment in the public square, and nothing more than that .

      Reporter : How do you see ... if it’s confirmed that this thesis, that your thesis is really false, as the British police is at this moment investigating the case with new clues, what will you do ?

      GA : Look .. that about the being is false it’s like this... an investigation has a beginning, a middle and an end, this was an investigation they didn’t let to come to an end ... as long as the process is not opened what happened is not known, as long as a reconstruction is not done by the suspects at the time, by the other witnesses who were there ... a serious reconstruction and not a staging, it’s really not known what happened. As for the rest, it is folklore...

      Reporter : I ask you also about the fact that the Attorney General's Office has archived the process and now is also being investigated this process now... in the UK, how do you see this she sees it, what failed in this investigation here in Portugal ?

      GA : Look, there is nothing being investigated in this investigation in the UK . What is being investigated, was a reevaluation of sightings and other things, the process was read... some time ago it was sent to Portugal for a rogatory letter, it was the third attempt to get this letter in.... This was in news for over… two months about that rogatory letter and today these things were revived, so to speak, nothing more than that. Here, the process remains archived, unfortunately, it should in fact be reopened and those who could have opposed the archiving at the time, who were the parents of the child because they were arguidos, they could have opposed the archiving, did not, and because of that they are not interested that the truth be known.

      Reporter : Thank you very much.

      GA : Thank you

      Reporter : This is the declarations of Gonçalo Amaral 's who maintains the thesis that it were actually the parents of Madeleine McCann that are behind the disappearance of the child that shocked the world .

    2. Thank you very much for the translation Tex, it is terrible how badly Dr Amaral and anyone that oppose the Mccanns version are treated, he sums it all up perfectly this is all nothing more than PR but it must have been planned months ago by team mccann something like this does not happen overnight. The judge will not be influenced by Crimewatch attempting to gloss over facts and whitewash the parents, the facts are out there for all to see. Dr Amaral stands for justice no matter what our papers say about him to the contrary. I do not read the papers anymore they are full of lies and PR.

    3. "Repórter: Como vê… se se confirmar que esta tese, que a sua tese é realmente falsa, porque a polícia britânica está neste momento a investigar o caso com novas pistas, o que vai fazer?"

      ...este deve ter cursado jornalismo no UK...mais um mal-informado, que não se dá ao trabalho de fazer os TPCs! "ESTA TESE, A SUA TESE", é a tese da investigação arquivada, que não mudou nem debaixo da coordenação de Paulo Rebelo! Não sei se se estava a referir à tese da investigação ou à tese apresentada no livro pelo Dr. Amaral, mas também pouco importa, porque são ambas uma e a mesma coisa!

      "Repórter: É portanto declarações de Gonçalo Amaral que mantém a tese de que foram realmente os pais da criança, Madeleine McCann que estão por trás deste desaparecimento de criança que chocou o mundo."

      Pois sim senhor, até prova provada que mostre sem sombra de dúvida o contrário, o que é válido é o que vem no processo! Porque carga d' água haveria o Dr. Amaral de se desdizer?! O Dr. Amaral é integro e coerente, não o confundam com os Redwoods da vida!

  39. Listen carefully, there will be NO cover-up! No can do, think about it, cover ups can only succeed when they can have a reasonable chance of success. This case is too public, too much info on net, two European member states involved, etc etc, tick tock

  40. The police are not looking very good on the news tonight firstly Plebgate where they lied, now Savile, where they lied, in the past we have Hillsborough, Dr Kelly and now SY are attempting a rewrite of facts with madeleine, I agree the cover-up cannot work, too much info on the net, too many people want justice, people have lost patience with mccanns, and with the ongoing lisbon trial mccanns wanting more money. Their support has dwindled to nothing only a matter of time before they are found guilty. RIP Madeleine.

  41. http://aninspectorcallsyou.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1

    Fascinating reading, all entries, from top to bottom of the page!

  42. http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2013/10/goncalo-amaral-irish-familys-testimony.html

    An interview with Gonçalo Amaral:

    "Why was that e-fit only made now and which criteria are behind that arrest? Do you believe that it has any veracity and is it important for the investigation?"

    "- I believe I have already answered partially to your question. If we are talking about the Irish family's testimony that I have referred to, then it has an enormous relevance to the investigation. We only hope that their initial statements aren't misrepresented and "rewritten"."

  43. This "new" E-fits are from 2008, a Metodo3 creation!
    It's in the Daily Mail!


    "Metodo 3, a detective agency hired by the McCanns, produced two e-fits of the man in 2008 based on the Smiths’ account."

    "The images were made public this week when Scotland Yard revealed the mystery man is now the prime suspect."

    "The detective leading the Metropolitan Police investigation is expected to travel to Ireland in the coming weeks."

    Humm, Redwood going to Ireland...I suppose to interview the Smiths...

    Mr. Amaral said: "We only hope that their (the Smiths) initial statements aren't misrepresented and "rewritten."
    (see interview in Joana Morais)

    I hope Mr. Amaral's words won't be proved prophetic...

  44. http://thesmithsighting.blogspot.pt/


    Aoife Smith : Description Of ' The Abductors' Beige Trousers Possibly With Buttons
    The trousers he was wearing were smooth straight-legged trousers, light beige in colour, of a cotton type material, thicker than linen, possibly with buttons and without any patterns.

    (picture of Gerry McCann in beige trousers, WITH buttons on side of the legs, enlarge picture to see the buttons!)

  45. http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2013/10/maddie-english-look.html

    Oh dear...those buttons in plain sight, again!

  46. I think people must now realise after watching the ludicrous Crimewatch and Listening to Redwood of the yard that the McCanns will never be charged with anything,they will never do any jail time,Redwood was exactly the right copper to see to the McCann case,he's done and doing what ewas asked of and expected of him,corruption at the yard.A pox on all their houses.R.I.P little Madeleine.

  47. The german version:


    Der Fall Madeleine McCann in Aktenzeichen XY ... ungelöst 16.10.2013

    I wish I hadn't such a very, very limited knowledge of the german language...

  48. Redwood traveling to Ireland? What? Was he not supposed to travel to the place where the suspect is, since they got already his picture and his name, identified by thousands of witnesses?

    Or the incoming calls were not exactely what they expected? Witnesses, like the Smiths, identified Gerry Mccann and now they need to frame the Smiths before they get in touch with International media and start talking too much. We will see if the British media, on the coming days, will be not filled with passages of the Smiths saying the guy was not the father of the girl, they got mistaken by all the information that was on the media in 2007 and in fact what the papers reported at the time was not exactely what they mean.... All off course, delivered trough the Lazzerys, Murrays on the behalf of Redwood, who seems to be the new Spoke Person for the Mccann's and not a police from SY.

    Since the e-fit did not lead to any arrest on the following 48 hours, that was a campaign to promote the parents and divert the attentions from Lisbon- Exactely like GA said. It is a disgrace for Madeleine, but the Portuguese police got the true picture again. Unless, they physical destroy him, they cannot compete with his intelligence. Only the manipulated British media and the BH & WH prefere to play a ridiculous roll instead of accepting a fact- GA IS A VERY INTELLIGENT AND SKILLED POLICE. HARD TO DEAL WITH....IT WILL BE MUCH EASY IF HE WAS A CORRUPTED POLICE LIKE REDWOOD.

    1. Exactly! and why does Redwood need to go to Ireland, this is all smoke and mirrors to divert from the Lisbon case. I noticed that the media have not had the usual flood of Maddie sightings this time around. SY have stated that the time line was wrong and that is exactly what Amaral stated 6 years ago. The Portuguese know what is going on with the Mccanns hence the programme not being shown in Portugal shame the British media do not follow Amarals example and start searching for the truth. The Mccanns abductor fairy story is based on lies and now Jane Tanner's sighting has been discredited what is stopping the police from demanding a reconstruction, its obvious the mccanns and friends have lied from the beginning.

  49. German version of Crimewash
    Redwood says man seen by 12 year old, commonly known on blogs as Pimpleman, is now blond.
    The blond men seen near 5a are shown as dark haired and the table is oblong. But what is the same in both programmed is Smith sighting is in his thirties. Which isn't what Mr Smith
    said. Messing with witness statements.

  50. A very good article at Mccannfiles:

    " The man who never was"

  51. Até onde vai a vergonha da "desinvestigação ao caso Maddie" - agora foi um rapto planeado e Redwood anda concentrado nums alemães e dinamarqueses que andariam disfarçados de pedintes a rondar o OC dias antes. Não seriam antes ALLIENS?
    Redwood começa a ficar encurralado pela encruzilhada em que se meteu e agora basta dar asas à imaginação e preencher as páginas dos jornais com historias bizarras.
    Os ladrões, sejam lá quais forem os bens que pretendiam roubar, escolheram o pior dos alvos, mas Redwood tem os neurónios demasiado ocupados pelas mentiras que também ele está encarregue de vender, que não vê o óbvio: se os ladrões queriam jóias ou dinheiro, não era de certeza num resort de férias baratas que os íam encontrar. Se queriam crianças, mesmo atrás do Resort há uma escola primária quevem Abril devia estar povoada de crianças, era só escolher. Mas os ladrões, que pelas horas/eventos da nova timelin, terão de ter estado 2 ladroes dentro do 5A ( atrás da porta onde nunca coube 1) entraram para roubar as joias de Kate( hi?hi?) e a carteira recheada de Gerry( hi? Hi?) mas decepcionados decidiram levar o corpo de Madeleine. No estado em que o corpo se encontrava, seria realmente um bem precioso para qualquer ladrão( facilmente transacionavel).
    Já para não dizer que o suspeito Gerry do retrato robot, tem a fisionomia de um alemão ou dinamarquês.
    Só não sei como estes Redwoods, Tapas 9 e etc, conseguem conviver bem com aqueles minutos que todos temos, em que somos só nós e o silêncio ou a escuridão da noite... Nenhum remorso, nenhum fantasma os atormenta? Ou a revelação da verdade é um fantasma muito maior?

  52. ...."Another Portuguese news channel, TVI, told The Portugal News that it had contacted the British national broadcaster prior to the airing of the show, as it sought to "acquire the programme for Portugal, which was denied."

    "Should the BBC change its position and should TVI continue to show an interest, it is certain that we will look at transmitting the programme in question.

    "TVI has also requested the BBC clarify this situation with British media to avoid more erroneous interpretations, such as those claiming Portuguese television channels are not interested in transmitting the programme."
    In Portugal News at Mccannfiles

    The true face of the BBC/ Crimewatch charade is emerging.
    Then, we have BBC and SY working side by side with suspects to protect them and cover up a crime against one of the British children. And the British public still watching that scandal goes big and biguer without reaction? The same way they protect criminals, they frame innocents... With impunnity and without shame. That isbthe most scary conclusion to retrieve from that.

  53. Alguém sabe dizer-me se o Blog da Joana Morais está ativo? Há dias que tento aceder mas a página não abre.

  54. In the german version, NO big round table! Not available? Was it Miss Round Table's day off, lol?! Replace by along rectangular table, probably composed of several of the Tapas small square tables joined together.

  55. NO Paynes in the german reconstitution either...

  56. Well, then whe have different reconstructions for different countries. Reconstructions served "a la carte" . Amazing, how down SY goes with Madeleine fake revision.
    Nothing new, e- fits that fit a suspect who was under their nose all the time, and a new manipulation of timelines and the crime scene.
    The next step, will be to say that who stated to PJ what was stated and signed in 2007, were sosias, not the real characters?

  57. Joana Morais' blog working just fine for me at:



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