Friday, 11 October 2013

Watching Crimewatch

Sometimes one has to sit back and watch.

This week we won’t post as usual.

We will just sit back and watch.

We just hope the watch is worth the wait and that Redwood, who worked alongside former Jill Dando's  SY team investigators, until their departure from the Review, won’t have us just revisiting the 2009 Mockumentary with a tuned-up 2013 Pimpleman now maybe seen by yet another witnessess.

For starters it's off on the wrong foot as it isn't going to air where potential witnesses are supposedly located, Portugal.

One has to wonder if it's the Portuguese who don't want to watch the British, (in case they received a proposal to that effect) or if it's the British who don't want to be watched by the Portuguese (in case a proposal wasn't made).

One could ask where in BBC one able to apply, under the principle of equal opportunities, to have a  shameless public laundering of one’s crime on national television. If that is an exclusive just for Black Hats.

But is it really a laundering? Well, one thing we're sure, if it isn't aired in Portugal, it's not meant for Portugal.

We're reminded of one fish saying to another "Isn't that worm so fat and scrumptious? Just stay there and watch me gobble it up!!

While we all wait to watch Crimewatch, it is worth watching this that was put in Jill Havern last night:

(Video link and transcript at Jill Havern, also posted in Joana Morais and in McCannFiles

Post Scriptum (14 October 2013 - 19:00 GMT):



  1. I am 53. I have NEVER BEFORE seen the release of an E-fit 'trailed' like a Pixar movie. Ludicrous. It is obviously being held back ready for the moment when the libel case all goes pear-shaped. What they haven't realised is, it already has.


  3. N

    Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:18 pm by PeterMac
    They have New Evidence.
    They have used this New Evidence to make a reconstruction,
    This reconstruction may have been made as long ago as 6 months.
    During that time neither the parents, their PIs, nor the Police in any country have acted on the New Evidence, to try to find the abductor
    During that time neither the parents, their PIs, nor the Police in any country have acted on the New Evidence, to try to find Madeleine

    Do we really believe this ?
    Are we really expected to believe this ?

    Do you not remember all those court-room dramas where the detective said "acting on information received I did . . . ."
    IF Grange had any useful information they would have acted on it the same day, Detectives would have worked long hours of overtime - possibly for no pay,
    and brought in the abductor and rescued Madeleine.
    I have seen it.
    One of the most difficult tasks for an SIO is to get the lads to Go Home !"

    Mr. PeterMac knows what he's talking about, he's a former police officer! It's a disgrace, more, it IS CRIMINAL to sit on, as they say, NEW EVIDENCE and do absolutely NOTHING with it...just saving it for a tv show!!!
    The McCanns and their lawyer Duarte have accused the PJ of not acting on new tips and evidence, of ignoring it and letting it gather dust in some drawer ( during the court case of the book injunction), now, the SY is doing exactly the same, but it's all ok for the McCanns and Duarte, so it seems...

  4. Also see Wendy Murphy's article from 2009 posted below the transcript of the news clip on McCann Files Latest News, and remember those photographs of little Madeleine, posted by the parents, made up in blue eye shadow. I also remember the theories about the parents possible reasons for publishing these.

  5. Loved the picture! Brilliant!!!
    Yes, we really "are watching to report suspicious behaviour from" SY!!

    1. I know you're referring to SYs computer generated "suspect" and not the one I've just referred to in my post above. Wanted to make that distintion clear.

  6. Well, if I read it well at Mccannfiles, the performance gets even more odd while information is being disclosed. BBC will broadcast the fiction which is going to pass as well in a Germain TV ( not in Portugal, wonder why) and the Mccann's will be guests ( not for BBC) for the Germain TV.
    Few days ago, the Media was fed with SY having 38 persons of interest, british and portuguese. Now the BBC show points to a suspect speaking Germain? They can't get one right? Contraditions, after contraditions, misinformation to try to fool a wide public.
    Are we going to see SY and the Mccann's going even more lower on their spin, then that?
    How do you say pimpleman and eggman in germain?

  7. The Anne Guedes transcriptions for Ricardo Paiva has been published.

    You can read it here:

    We reiterate our gratefulness to Anne and her hard work. A citizen can make a difference.

  8. Anon 4,i read Wendy Murphy's article from 09,& it certainly makes me wonder now you've mentioned those photos of Madeleine.It doesn't bear thinking about.

  9. Espero que as minhas duvidas sejam apenas duvidas sem sentido, mas não gostei de ler as perguntas da Juiza a Ricardo Paiva. Porquê insistir na hipotética publicidade enganosa da capa do livro? E o livro Madeleine, não teve até uma pre-apresentação novelesca no The Sun, para moldar consciências?
    Começo a achar que a juiza sofre pressões para levar o julgamento num determinado sentido, mas as testemunhas nào ajudam e cada dia enterram mais os Mccann. Começa a transparecer essa pressão.
    O livro nào prejudicou em nada a investigação. Todo este caso é uma charada.
    O que prejudica realmente a investigação, são as multiplas jogadas dos pais e dos seus acessores, para distrair e tentarem obrigar o publico a acreditar no rapto como um facto inquestionavel. Rapto esse, para o qual nào conseguiram apresentar qualquer evidência convincente.
    É a atitude dos Mccann e a aura de nevoeiro que circunda todas as atitudes que alimenta suspeitas. Deste julgamento só podem sair 2 veredictos: a absolviçào de GA e a reabertua oficial do caso Maddie com os Mccann e todos os envolvidos a serem obrigados a reconstituir a noite do crime, NO OC E SOBRE A BATUTA DA PJ.

  10. Regarding the Crimewatch programme.

    "“The BBC will run 30-second clips of Kate and Gerry throughout the day and night to promote the Crimewatch re-examination of the Madeleine case" Jerry Lawton, The Star."

    They have already started these "trailers" - what does anyone make of this?

  11. Anonymous11 Oct 2013 12:32:00

    Thank you very much for your remark because, besides the situation you refer, it also allows to clarify many misunderstandings that exist, at least in our opinion.

    The judge, upon reading the back-cover of the book, reads very clearly “Contém revalações únicas” or “Contains unique revelations”

    As we wrote in our Dead-End post, in theory the libel trial is only about the differences between Mr Amaral’s book and the PJ Files.

    Well, if it does state that it contains unique revelations then the judge, rightfully so, has to exploit this because this is exactly where the differences may reside between the two documents in question.

    The judge did the role the prosecution should have done but didn’t because it already knew the answer: there aren’t any significant differences.

    So why did Mr Amaral write that?

    Do put into context that phrase. The dispatch is from July 21, the book was published July 23.

    When GA wrote that sentence, nor he, nor anyone else, knew the files were to be released publicly the way they were.

    So, if the Files hadn’t been released, the phrase “Contém revalações únicas” would be absolutely truthful and appropriate in comparison with the existing information then and there.

    Information that was being put out by a very biased press as we all know.

    So, the judge, being impartial as she should be, helped prove Mr Amaral’s point: there aren’t any differences between what Mr Amaral has stated and what is in the PJ Files, so, as we said in the Dead-End post, the archiving dispatch must be applicable to one and to the other.

    Mr Amaral’s book clears the McCanns as much as the PJ Files do.

    About the release of the files, we feel we have to correct peoples’ perception on the issue.

    That, I think I have said that also sometime, it took a very courageous person to release the files publicly.

    I was wrong. Or at least I think I was, and if I’m wrong please do correct me.

    It happens that in Portugal there’s the secrecy of justice applicable to all ongoing processes. We know how effective in reality it is. But that is the theory’s model and we shall abide by it.

    That same secrecy of justice ends with the dispatch. That means that then the process becomes public, anyone may have access to it.

    In the vast majority of cases only the interested parties, those directly related to the process in question, ask to do that, and usually only ask for the copy of the final dispatch.

    What happened is that there were many, many "intereste parties" about Maddie’s case, namely the journalists. The biased journalists.

    The Public Ministry anticipating this pressure of a great number of requests, made several digital copies and distributed them.

    No second intention, just as it is now public let’s distributed it publicly.

    So, it's not a courageous individual but the biased media that has the main responsibility of the dissemination of the PJ Files.

    They took and tried their best to distort it's content in favour of the McCanns.

    But then the blogosphere was decisive in its truthful dessimination.

    And it’s been a hard but interesting fight since.

    1. We could also imagine that this pressure created a momentum that some people purposely used to go one step further. I like to think that it took at least a bit of courage and intelligence to say "just as it is now public let’s distributed it publicly", which unavoidably triggered quick reactions ( But this is a matter of interpretation.


  12. The paper that Wendy Murphy wrote in 2009 in the Patriot Ledger exposes, even if presented as speculation, the most devastating theory for the McCanns that I have ever come across. Even some of the fiercest anti-McCanns may hope that none of this is true.

    So, when Fox News invite her to comment live on the latest clutter release in the Maddie case, do they REALLY expect her to go about saying: "yes, that's great news, at least some hope to find Madeleine alive, remember the Castro case, bla bla"?

    I would speculate that they don't - because it would take so much incompetence to make this mistake that it seems impossible not to do it deliberately.

    Does that mean that we are witnessing the beginning of a new media war in this case? It's probably too early to tell, but this does not appear to be an uncontrolled incident. What role is Ruppert Murdoch now playing in this?


  13. "McCanns face child neglect charges for leaving Madeleine alone on night she disappeared"

    "...Investigators are interested in 18 text messages allegedly sent from an unidentified number to Mr McCann between May 2 and 4 last year. Madeleine vanished on May 3. Police also wanted details of calls made between April 28, when the group arrived in Portugal, and September 9, when the McCanns left the country to return to their home in Rothley, Leicestershire..."

    Judge Fernando Ribeiro Cardoso refused the request for the calls and texts, and in his written judgement revealed the directions of the continuing investigation.

    He wrote: 'In the case files pending in the Public Prosecution Services... they are investigating the disappearance of M.M. and the eventual carrying out of the crimes of abduction, homicide, exposure or abandonment of a child and concealment of a corpse.'

    "If there is any suggestion of neglect charges being considered that will be vigorously denied because the legal advice that Kate and Gerry have received both in Portugal and Britain is that legally speaking everything they were doing that week was well within the bounds of responsible parenting."

  14. An article that worth be read:

    "Missing Madeleine McCann"
    by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Oct 17, 2007

  15. Team McCann knew coming into this trial that their chances of success were next to nil. There hope was that the judge, dare I say it, might value the testimony of an English person over that of a Portuguese person and therefore let her decisions be governed by emotion rather than facts. This judge is an intelligent strong willed person and because of that I believe team McCann have already resigned themselves to losing this case. So what is the contingency plan?

    The contingency plan is to trash the Portuguese justice system or perhaps I should say trash everything that is Portuguese. Showing a made to order reconstruction in Portugal would not be as effective as in the chosen countries in which the media can be more easily controlled and the public censored, so claiming that the Portuguese didn't want to broadcast the reconstruction is the wiser alternative. It fits perfectly into their plans of attacking everything that is Portuguese.

    The Scotland Yard PR campaign has to have an ending, a result and it will. It must reach a conclusion on how Madeleine died and it must identify the person responsible for her death. The most likely candidates are someone who is deceased or is incarcerated.

  16. I agree Guerra. SY is desperate to end that game. They can't keep it going forever. Somebody in prison or death is the best choice. Again Hewlett, no matter how strongly he dennied the crime.

  17. All this spinning shows how bad the lisbon court case is going for the mcscammers, the truth is spreading Petermacs brilliant letter to Crimewatch and Wendy Murphy's comments, all the comments from the public that are banned are coming to the surface, the lid is about to blow on this saga. Saw the Crimewatch clip last night on TV and the Mccanns look uncomfortable, do they really believe people are still falling for the abductor scam. They have made SY look like a bunch of idiots or to quote Kate F****** t****** and Cameron the puppet prime minister. They have gone too far with the lisbon courtcase they have shown themselves up in a very bad light, and given Dr Amaral plenty of free publicity for this factual book. I just can't believe production company's can go along with such a fake story for Crimewatch we are all so much more knowledgeable than back in 2007 when we were force fed their stories. It can only be a matter of time now.

  18. SY could try and blame it on a dead person but we all know different, as Wendy Murphy stated Kate refused to answer 48 basic questions, if she was innocent why would she do this? Crimewatch will roll out hundreds of Maddie sightings and abductors but its all spin and we're not buying it.

  19. Has anyone thought the press are playing a waiting game the Mccanns have said and done things to the media that has not been favorable to them could they be waiting for the court case to end then big head lines,then the truth will come out,PAY BACK and even carter ruck will get involved they only have to report the truth of the files. Its become clear the Mccanns have very few friends left and very little support. the Mccanns see them selfs like teflon this will not be the case people are fed up with the Mccanns the MCCANNS are fed up with Mccanns and HEALYS so let the Mccanns do their job going again around europe look at me do you feel sorry for me THEN LET THE MEDIA DO THIER JOB REVENGE.

  20. the mccanns once had a cast iron grip and total control over what was released into the public domain but they are losing that grip, some newspapers are staying silent on the mccanns story not publishing anything. In 2007 they were front page headlines everyday. Top celebrities like David Beckham I doubt would make an appeal for them now or J K Rowling, or Richard Branston and the Pope would not have them use him for a photo opportunity as they once did, the Papal website were quick to disassociate itself from the mccanns once the suspictions and whispers started. Support for the mccanns has dwindled. The public have become tired and bored of the mccanns, they have done a great injustice not only to Madeleine but to any genuine missing children, Madeleine has overshadowed all missing children through the Mccanns greed. If SY admit she is probably dead and blame some dead person what will happen to the fund, Kate and Gerry will be unable to keep touting for money, so its in their interest to claim she is still alive. The whole thing is a disgusting mess, the pj should have been allowed to continue its investigations without the involvement of the British media.
    The public have moved on we no longer accept ' fact finding trips' to the USA by Gerry posing outside the White House or cashing in on other charities, or staged and scripted interviews with pre-arranged questions, we are fed up with the lies of the Mccanns. Also when Gerry said 'WE are finished' after he was made a suspect the 'we' implied they were both involved, he didn't say 'I am finished' if Kate was innocent and just gone along with it he would have said 'I' am finished. The pair of rogues deserve all that is coming to them, their legacy is one of lies and deceit.

  21. Is Redwood's revelatory vision that M's abductor may have been a WOMAN, a soothing woman, who would care for M, not a Victoria lookalike but stronger, unnoticed by anyone
    else? Who may have had a key? And visited her before? Nothing would surprise me any more in this bizarre charade.
    The need for an alive M is paramount to fundraising. It might be the last desperate throw of the dice.

  22. Aztec, by accident I deleted your comment, so I'm reproducing it here, My sincere apologies.

    "Aztec has left a new comment on your post "Watching Crimewatch":

    Apologies if this has already been mentioned somewhere:
    I read (on jillhavern) a post about SY summoning the Press to a briefing (in August?), stating there isn't a shred of evidence to prove Maddie is dead, so they're assuming she's alive.
    Why would they do this? i.e. summon the Press to update them in this manner and then update them with an unusual scenario?
    Most police forces would work on the assumption that with a child gone this long, it is most likely that the child is dead.

    I'm probably being optimistic, but I do wonder if (and hope that) SY are using the Press as cover while they work intelligently and thoroughly with proven factual information.
    This promoting of Crimewatch with trailers is very bizarre.
    Why show in Holland and Germany? Some people have commented that the connection is to the sightings of Scandinavian types near Apt. 5A.
    What if it is to jog memories/consciences of some of the McCann's acquaintances in Holland - I believe they lived there for a year or so?

    Re Anon 12 Oct 08:09 - this wouldn't surprise me - ie the Press report what's in the files if the libel case against Amaral is lost.
    With the views of Wendy Murphy being well known (dead little girls + drugs) - what did they expect her to say? Either the researchers had an off day in engaging her for interview - or someone was expecting her to say something like she did say.

    No need to publish this bit -
    I've posted once before (Dead End Anonymous 7 Oct 00:27) but I thought I'd give myself a username to make it easier for people to follow, although I understand why everyone wants to be anonymous.

    Posted by Aztec to Textusa at 12 Oct 2013 12:43:00"

  23. I believe it is possible to understand all the PR surrounding this case if one considers who has been using it to further his career - Mr. Clarence Mitchell.

    Who is Mr. Clarence Mitchell?

    In case you did not know (and you do) Mr. Mitchell was the Head of the Media Monitoring Unit during the governments of Tony Blair ("Iraq has weapons of mass destruction!") and Gordon Brown.

    The latter dispatched him to Portugal to represent the McCanns' soon after the "curious incident of the dog in the night time" (metaphor).

    At some stage, Mr. Mitchell must have realized he could use the Madeleine McCann case to further his career. He called it "the perfect storm".

    Soon afterwards, he leaves his post with the Labour government but stays with the McCanns - presumably not because it paid more than Her Majesty government did, but "for personal reasons" - whatever that meant.

    Well, one has to live and some brands of champagne are prohibitively expensive.

    Anyway, Mr. Mitchell then joins Freud Communications, which by the way is owned by Matthew Freud (google him out for all kinds of interesting details), who is married with Elisabeth Murdoch, second daughter of media magnate Rupert Murdoch, head of News Corporation....

    Tip: Start thinking Rebekha Brooks and add to it the fact she is friends with the Camerons - but more of it in a minute!

    Mr. Mitchell then leaves Freud Communications and joins Burson-Marsteller as director (wow!), a global PR and reputation management company with "a seamless network consisting of 69 offices and 80 affiliate offices, together operating in 107 countries across six continents." BTW until very recently Lift Consulting (PT) was associated with Burson-Marsteller.

    Incidentally, Burson-Marsteller has recently promoted the ambitious Mr. Mitchell to the chair of "Public Affairs Practice" which he accumulates with that of "Director", but that is besides.

    Other details one should keep in context.

    Rebekha Brooks (disgraced ex-Chief Editor of News International) is known to have cajoled David Cameron into bringing the Scotland Yard into the Madeleine McCann's bandwagon - that much she admitted to Lord Leveson.

    What the public might not know is that she has close social ties to Prime Minister David Cameron via her husband Charlie Brooks, who has been David Cameron's chum since their days together at Eton. Everything starts to fall into place, right?

    But where does Mr. Mitchell fit in all these allegations (as it were)?

    Well, for a start Mr. Mitchell has just been earmarked by David Cameron to represent his Party at the next general elections! Clarence Mitchell - the McCanns' spokesperson, is the new Conservative MP candidate for Brighton and Hove! Small world, right?

    No wonder Mr. Redwood looks as if he is wearing donkey ears!

    Does all this explain how Scotland Yard becomes a branch of Burson-Marsteller? Who am-I to tell? In my opinion not entirely but... it does help (immensely!).

    Oh! Another detail you might find fascinating. Have you heard about the "Chipping North Set"? Read all about it here:

    So, to cut a long comment short (sorry for taking so much space) what public prosecutor Wendy Murphy is saying above is the truth, nothing but the truth. I think.


  25. In relation to the testimony of Ricardo Paiva and the mentioned "Expresso interview", for those interested in reading or re-reading the whole interview it is available in McCann Files:

    Relevant bits to the court case of that interview

    "Mr Amaral's behaviour is a disgrace"

    "They have not read the book that is a best-seller in Portugal. And they don't spare the author and former PJ inspector"

    "Q – Former inspector Gonçalo Amaral remains convinced of your involvement in Madeleine's disappearance. Did you read 'The Truth of the Lie', the book that he wrote?

    Kate and Gerry – No.

    Kate – Why would I?

    Gerry – I won't learn anything from reading it.

    Q – It was a success in Portugal.

    Gerry – Was it? How many copies did it sell?

    Q – Approximately 200 thousand. Next week, it is released in Spain.

    Gerry – That is what can be called illicit enrichment.

    Q – Your English lawyers already have a translated copy and they are analysing it. Do you intend to sue Gonçalo Amaral?

    Gerry – At this moment we are focused on what we can do to find Madeleine and not in suing anyone.

    Kate – All that I am going to say about this – because I'm not going to waste any time on Mr Amaral – is that as a professional and as a person his behaviour has been a disgrace.

    Q – Aren't you curious to know what the book says?

    Kate – What for? It must be nothing but a load of rubbish. It is so secondary… It certainly won't help to find our daughter. My consolation is that on the cover he calls her Maddie, the name that the media have invented. We never called her anything like that."

    (from page 2 onwards)
    Discussion pointing out the discrepancies in the Crimewatch promotional clip! I's just a small sample of images from the program and it's already an ocean of errors! LOL !
    It's worst that the "Mockumentary", so it seems"

  27. Received a reply from Lucia Fortucci BBC Complaints today as I had complained about CRIMEWATCH using the term abduction.They confirm that SY have confirmed to Crimewatch it is an abduction.

  28. I really cannot understand why SY and Crimewatch are going along with the abductor scenario, there is no evidence whatsoever to back up the abductor story that the mccanns and their friends invented six years ago. There must be people within Crimewatch and SY who are not happy with this situation knowing full well they are being used to put out a fake story covering up for two individuals who the public know are involved in madeleines disappearance. Its a bit like standing outside in the puring rain and telling everybody we are having a heatwave and then expecting people to believe it. We know its all lies so why do they persist in continuing with it?

  29. Thank you anon 17:51:00 for sharing with us that information.
    It is really a shame to see the british police covering up a crime where the victim was a british little girl.
    They announced to the world that they want to investigate the phone calls of everybody that was around PDL at the time. May I suggest them to start this investigation by analysing the mobiles of Gerry and Kate because the only call Kate did not delete from her mobile, was from Gerry with a small detail, that call was not made from Gerry mobile. Means, Gerry used the mobile of somebody else ( I believe it was from somebody out of the known group, otherwise the police will know who was the owner of that mobile).
    It's time for that pair to start being forced to disclose their secrets on Madeleine affair. If was an abduction, they know how happen and who was the abductor and they have to explain to the world how cadaverine and pieces of DNA matching Madeleine DNA appear on their belongs, special on the car they rented 20 days after the event.
    The mobile used by Gerry to call Kate on the night of the crime could be an important piece to solve the case. The owner of the mobile could be the person who helped with the body that night.

    1. And also that mysterious Swansea phone number registered on Kate's mobile phone...she deleted all phone calls on her mobile, all but that number, from a call she received but justified to the PJ as being a mistake, a wrong number call. Strange how she deleted all contacts but decided to keep precisely that "wrong number"...why? I bet it was a very important number instead...
      Curiously, that same Swansea area number was called by a mobile phone in Luz, on the very afternoon of the 3rd May! This mobile phone did not belong to any of the McCanns or friends (or at least not from the groups mobiles the police knew about, they could have been provided with "secret" sets, for all we know!).
      Even weirder, later on, in September, between the 12th and the 15th that same mobile phone that called the Swansea number on the afternoon of the 3rd May, appears in the PJ's telephone calls register as having been used to make and receive calls to the UK, Luz and to the british embassy in Lisbon, in the most unexpected place a desolate area near the border with Spain, the Ribeira do Vascão area. This area became linked to the case because of some photographs of that area and papers which were aledgedly left behind, under a sofa, by Justine McGuiness, in the McCanns hired villa on the day they all fled to the UK.


      Here we go again...the evil, cold blooded and uncaring sardine-munchers WON'T air the Crimewatch show"! Now it's our (the portuguese) fault, it's by our doing that the program is not being aired in Portugal!!!
      GRRR...this makes my blood boil! What a load of bullshit! Have they, McCanns, BBC, SY approached any of the portuguese tv channels?! I don't think they did, at least one, SIC has confirmed it was not contacted, and I'm sure SIC would do it !(somewhat McCann biased)

  30. SIC not contacted. TVI, for ovious reasons related with the Court, I believe was not contacted aswell. RTP, payed by the portugueses taxes and targeting the world with his International channel, must have not been contacted. If so, Sandra Felgueiras will not miss that oportunity to show up after her maternity leave.
    Then, no Portuguese TV contacted for an appeal to locate a girl that went missing in Algarve and according to SY, the prime suspects were "bungling " in PDL and were quite alot( 38 or 48) between portuguese and english. Strange way to shake and wake memories. I think the target is the pocket of the Germain, the only country which may pass at the side of the European crisis.
    Shame on BBC and SY, for all the damages they do their country and the rights of the unprotected children.

  31. WHAT? NOTHING SURPRISES ME ANYMORE ON THAT SAGA ( sorry to write it in capitals):
    "Investigation significantly changes timeline, says Yard
    EXCLUSIVE: Events and timings on night Madeleine McCann vanished under 'intense scrutiny' Sunday Express
    THE known events surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are wrong, Scotland Yard sensationally announced last night.
    By: James Murray
    Published: Sun, October 13, 2013
    In another bombshell development they also said the "timeline" of key events relating to the abduction is also incorrect.
    For years it was thought Madeleine was taken at about 9.15 pm from her apartment 5 a of the Ocean Club complex at Praia da Luz on the Algarve in Portugal on May 3 2007.
    However, Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood said last night: "Our work to date has significantly changed the timeline and the accepted version of events that has been in the public domain to date."
    Scotland Yard declined to give details of their new timeline, but his remarks provoked the question-just when was Madeleine abducted?
    DCI Redwood said: "Primarily what we sought to do from the beginning is to try and draw everything back to zero if you like, try and take everything back to the beginning and then re analyse and re assess everything."
    Source: Mccannfiles,

  32. Cont:
    Well, now we see SY changing the timeline delivered by the suspects, voluntarely, on the first hours after the events to the official police incharged with the investigation? Since when, is that possible and acceptable? That timeline is exactely the big stone on Mccann's shoes because on that timeline they cannot fit an abductor. Now, guess what? SY IS CHANGING IT TO ADAPT THE EVENTS TO A TIMELINE THAT COULD MAKE THE ABDUCTION POSSIBLE. ARE THEY GOING YO LOW THE WINDOW OF THE 5A TO ALLOW AN ABDUCTOR TO PASS IT ALONE CARRYING MADELEINE? Are they going to manipulate the rental papers of the Scenic to coincidental put the abductor inside the SCenic before the Mccann's rented it? And what about the Villa rented by the Mccann's where the dogs signalise her presence and Kate clothes? Be prepared, that burglar story  and the message Kate tried to pass on her book, about an intrudor with a key, is going to have is glory time with SY saying that the introdur went inside the 5A and on the Villa, easily, because he had the keys. Was he wearing Kate clothes?
    NOTHING SURPRISES ME. If SY changes the timeline of the events, big questions raise my mind? Why now? Why they took 6 years to do it if british police was inside the investigation since minute 1? An error, if was an error and not a matter of fact, must be spotted immediately by top polices as PJ and the first british police? Why bringuing specialised dogs and wasting time and money on a LCN tests, if the Mccann's just mistake they timeline accidentaly? Well, accidentally, they also wrote it on Maddie book? 
    SY, you are a shame.... The british citizens deserve more respect and not that brush with a stamp of stupidity. After all, are the british citizens who are paying your salaries.
    We know, many years of a review and thousands of Pounds, gave ennough rope for you to play all the possibilities that could make an abduction possible. You just need to apply a computer program and wait for the most convennient momment to deliver such rubbish. But you can't erase what was seen on the crime scene and what was first delivered by the people involved to the police. Can you??? If so, you need to give the same oportunnity to all the criminals you have in prison in UK at momment. What, if they all were intitled to change the timeline of the events? Will they be chsrged or cleanned from the crime. Start with April Jones, recent and solved without a body.
    Teach the Spannish police to do the same: the evil father from Huelva, who killed his 2 Children could have a chance if timeline can be changed. The same with the evil parents who killed their adopted chinese daughter. What a shame, without precedents.
    And HERE WE GO WITH PICTURES OF HEWLETT ALL OVER THE MEDIA, TRYING TO FIT THE LONG KNOWN "COMIC ABDUCTOR". I hope his gost haunt the Mccann's and Redwood forever.I start believing, maddie fate was not only the Swing in PDL, maybe children pornography, as the USA expert said. I was trying to refuse to accept that possibility, but really the Mccann's attitude did not help and SY even reinforce an odd behavior on that case. If was also pornography, NOTHING SURPRISES ME. 

  33. Ah, ah, Crimewatch can't make the movie under the fairytale delivered by theTapas 9 to PJ. Guess, what SY have done instead of targeting the suspects and give them a tight questionnary? They changed to timeline to allow the movie to be possible.

    All the shame available at Mccannfiles delivered by the multiple MccMurrays, who work at british papers.

    PJ and GA enjoying the sink of SY. Are the british citizens so stupid to buy that story? SY, really don't respect the population that feed them.


    Michael Wright has aso been a witness in the recent trial - this man IMO is very involved in Madeleines disappearance, reading comments above about deleted phone calls, Michael Wright is never mentioned by this pair and its the people that they don't mention that should be checked over.

  35. Questions for Crimewatch
    Who took the tennis balls photo? Kate in her book page 57 says it's her. Rachael in her statement says it was Jane Tanner at the 10.30am tennis session.
    I thought M was at the beach that afternoon.
    GM statement on 10/5/07
    "During the afternoon of that day, the rest of the group including the children were at the beach, having returned at 18.30., the time he saw DAVID PAYNE next to the tennis court. David went to visit Kate and the children and returned close to 19H00... at around 1900 he made his way to the apartment , finding Kate and the children playing on the sofa.
    But if Crimewatch only concentrate on the period from 8.30- 10pm, then all of this is neatly avoided.
    But I also thought M was supposed to be doing watersports at the beach that afternoon.?
    If the time period examined is between 8.30 and 10pm, this is all neatly avoided, as is the supposed frenetic checking regime.

  36. Who proved it was Justine McGuiness who left a document under the sofa? I'm sure she didn't leave her signature. Textusa, is this another myth that has made its way into the blogs? I haven't seen her name in the PJ files.

    1. Justine McGuinness IS in the files, her rogatory interview:
      Justine McGUINNESS: Witness statement, 12 May 2008

      Maybe it was inferred those papers were left by McGuiness either because she was in charge of all the documentation gathered by the McCanns or because it was her handwriting or even references to her name on those same papers:

      "The documents left behind ... were found underneath a sofa and they had, besides the identification of a quite precise geographical zone, countless inscriptions that the PJ never managed to interpret."

  37. On the above link concerning Michael Wright he also mentions about visiting rubbish tips in pdl with Gerry disposing of 'garden waste' and he was also a named driver of the scenic. He has recently come forward as a witness for the lisbon trial where the mccanns have struggled to find any credable witnesses and if I recall correctly his statements have been questionable (lying) in court. Maybe he is very involved with the cover up hence his current involvement.


    Now they are saying the timelines were all wrong !!!

  39. No wonder they don't want the show to air in Portugal! No wonder they did not want to film it in Portugal, in Luz! They said they were afraid it would anger the PJ, oh boy, I bet they did, if the whole thing is a charade! How would they dare to film a "reconstruction" with completely different timings from those that were given to the PJ by the McCanns and friends, under sworn statements, which are in the official files of the process?! The SY is supposedly working in colaboration with the Oporto PJ, how will they justify this new timeline? A significant change in the facts which are in the files must raise questions, which is true, the timeline given to the police in May 2007, or this "new" timeline? If this"new" timeline is the real timeline, then we must assume that the timeline given to the PJ by the McCanns and friends in 5/2007 is FALSE???
    If the SY discovered that the original timeline is wrong and now they have a new timetable they consider to be accurate, then, shouldn't Redwood have immediately informed the Oporto PJ team about it and put it to the test with a reconstruction in locco (Luz) with the real participants of the events, not actors in a fictional location?!
    The Crimewatch show will be a monumental mockery, a fictional tale, endorsed by the SY, which is reaady to ignore the data of the official portuguese investigation! Now there is a different timetable... and how did the SY come up with the new timetable...? Does this mean the SY re-questioned the McCanns and Tapas friends, the Ocean Club's workers, other guests? It must have, because those are the only people who could deliver timings for the events of that nightI
    But didn't the SY state that the McCanns and friends are out of their investigative radar, not people of interest to the investigation?! In my book, if there were no new questionings/statements done by the Tapas9 and others present on the night of the events, then the "new" timeline is a BIG FAT LIE !

    Wake-up, Oporto PJ team! Demand explanations from the SY!

  40. Just now I saw the advertising of the Crimewatch Mccfiction on Fox News.
    Murdoch doing his part on the game to save his face and the face of his mccjournalists, who at certain point helped the cover up of a crime. God knows, if was only due to the good incomes headlines and front pages could generate to the papers, or if was something more dark.
    If the timeline of events changed under the "BOSS REDWOOD", all the interviews, statements, stories, etc, the Mccann's, their PR machine and close sources, delivered to the media and PJ to credibilize that timeline, need to be changed. Good job mr. RED.... Enter the time machine and drive back to the pass to redo it. It is the only way you can change the present. Isn't it, what we got from fiction movies about that subject? The only problem it is...MOVIES ARE FAR FROM REALITY.

    About MccGuiness, I don't know if was a myth or not, but I as anonymous who wrote the comment about her, read somewhere that story of her leaving papers behind. And on the portuguese book " Porque adoptamos Maddie", wrote by a portuguese credible journalist after interviewing colleagues from various media ( some being in PDL), Mccguiness has a bad picture with her deliberated lying to the portuguese journalists about things so simple as when/ why are the Mccann's leaving Portugal? She gave wrong information to keep the portuguese journalists out of the feet of the Mccann's, while SKy News was covering their ranaway like if they were the most famous popstars.
    As soon as she got in UK with her clients, she dismissed herself from her PR job. Mission accomplished but very hot to be carried on. Quickly team Mccann framed her while delivering to the public something that was not good for her image...she resigned due to money problems. She wanted more then what was being payed. Who believe that? Probably she was desperated to jump out of the all mud....but off course can't say that to the public.

  41. My consolation is that the Crimewatch fiction is going to fade soon. They will keep it for a week, but without any real developments to locate the girl, the story will fade, but the trial will continue in November with all the damages the first round cause already. Which strategy are they going to use in November to divert the attention from Lisbon? A speech by Obama about Maddie fate? Then, a trip to Mars or the moon? Pope Francisco searching personally Madeleine? God visiting the Mccann's, broadcasted by BBC and Fox? It was a tragedy for the little girl, who lost her life, but the way her parents behave, just deserve the world to be joking with their attitude. Wonder how much are they caching in from BBC and Fox News, to deliver once again, their lies.

  42. Will the new time lines be enough to re-open the case. The Mccanns and tapas invented the timelines in maddies book and Textusa picked up on this a long time ago with another one of her excellent articles. Will they be saying in the reconstruction this is not filmed in pdl ?

  43. They are inventing the new timelines because they know the original time lines did not happen, they were written down in a fairy story book and that's where they belong along with the fairy story abductor and all the other spin. Why does nobody in authority do anything, its so obvious they are trying to fit everything in to suit the abductor story to make it look plausable.


    more spin, the lies are coming thick and fast now.

  45. If the timeline delivered by the Mccann's to PJ was wrong, means they lie to the official police on the first hours, when their daughter could be located easily. The questions now are:
    - why they lied?
    -why 9 people lied about the same?
    - who lies to the police on a timeline about his own child which was abducted by a Paedo( according to their own version)?
    - why, they did never assumed their timeline was wrong and waited 6 years for an extra-person to disclose that?

    There is no good and logical excuse to explain to PJ or any other person with brain, why they had mistaken, lied or whatever, about the first timeline.... Other, then to cover up their involvement or to try to direct the investigation of the police in to a certain way.
    Now, Redwood need also a good explanation for for the shutters and the, closed, raised, not raised. And what about the bed from where the Mccann's said the girl was taken... Had no signs of anybody sleeping on it and no DNA from Madeleine found on it. Hair, is something so easily found in a bed where a child sleeps. But, magically, no signs of that on the bed. Was the bed also wrong? ( that, since the beguining, we know was a lie delivered to the police, as Maddie bed. In fact, evidences proved long ago, could not have been her bed). Why, the Mccann's lied about the bed? Again, they mistaque that? And what about the abductor passing through the window carrying the girl? That version was feeded until we got nausea. Don't tell me, that was a mistake and the Mccann's took 6 years and needed the eyes of Redwood to know that?
    Well, when you lie too much, you get to the point that your lies embarass you and work against you. Then you need a certificated cleaner to work on it... Redwood and Operstion Grange, are the best.

  46. They can change the timeline as they like. After all, is that what they have tried during all that 6 years, trough the Media and Mitchell, without success. Nothing can change the statements they delivered to PJ on the first days. And, their story is not possible under what delivered to PJ.
    They digg, again their own sepulture. That strategy of a " wrong timeline" could work for a media show and to deliberated misinform some public, but did not work for an official police. We will see, if PJ reopen the case on the coming days.
    If the timeline was really wrong, SY must pass that information to PJ and that information must be the new evidence PJ is waiting for to reopen the case and request the Mccann's to do the multiple reconstructions with the multiple stories they delivered during this 6 years. None fits an abduction with a stranger.

  47. ....."In the clip seen by the Daily Star Sunday, Gerry is asked whether there is a "Maddie-shaped hole" in the couple's lives.

    He says: "When it is a special occasion and you should be at your happiest and she's not there, that's when it really hits home.

    "I mean Madeleine's birthday goes without saying."

    Kate adds: "That's what it is, isn't it? It's the big family occasion. And you haven't got your whole family there."

    The reconstruction will show the couple playing tennis and Madeleine picking up the balls."
    As usual Daily Stwr and Khandolla ( mccannfiles)

    Ask other parents of missing children if they feel the absence of their children only on the happiest days, when big events happen? That pair still reinforcing their shameful behavior.
    If, she was my daughter, I will be living in pain all the minutes of my life, not only at party time. They are a disgrace.
    Off course they need to put Madeleine alive on May 3, during the day( picking balls, while her parents played tennis). How this matches the creche timeline. Are they going to manipulate again the manipulated creche records? Was the girl not supposedly to be in a boat with her creche partners? In fact, she was not seen in the boat that morning. God knows why.... Because she was picking the balls at the tennis court. How many people were interviewed by PJ, including the tennis teacher in charged with the timeline of the tennis court? Did they reported Madeleine picking the balls? NO. Were all that people wrong and mistaking the events, when they were interviewed by PJ? I believe, the last day of Madeleine was meticulously investigated by PJ, until all the windows become closed and Mccann's story was not fitting.
    Who took the pictures of Madeleine in the tennis court? Kate while playing or Jane Tanner?if was Kate, she stops playing to take the pictures? Why that pictures were not recorded on her camara if PJ seized her camara? If was Jane Tanner, why her daughter( same age as Madeleine and a good friend of her) did not appear on the pictures? Jane Tanner put her own childs on the creche during the holidays and waste her time picturing the child from her friend? What a mother. I think, people put children on the creche during the holidays, when they can't be with them. I see no reason for Jane Tanner to not having her daughter playing with Madeleine picking balls, if she was available to take pictures of Madeleine.
    I think, Redwood, you created what the portuguese use to say a " Embroglio"or " Sarna para te coçares". Now, you have to change everything to allocate the latest spins. PJ must be enjoying your miserable review. And have you wating thousands of pounds from the british taxes to come up with that rubbish. All for what? All with the only purpose of discrediting PJ investigation and cleaning the Mccann's without really searching the girl? After that, when are you planning to show us Madeleine sound and alive? I will shift my Channel immediately to BBC, on the day you show Madeleine alive, after all that fake investigation.

  48. Redwood need a good excuse to explain why the Tapas 9 got their timeline wrong, if was written before PJ arrived to the scene and when the Tapas 9 were free and not suffering any pressures. Wonder how long it takes for him to say, they were all drunk ( effects from the Tapas dinner) and the alcohol effect stayed on their blood the all week, because they keep lying and changing the events to PJ, desperated to fit the abduction scenario.


    More spin on the ever changing time line.

  50. Observe today

    Mercifully a McCann free zone but this on front page:

    "Police colluded in secret plan to blacklist 3,200 workers"

    Police involved in providing information to construction companies. Independent Police complaints Commission confirms this happened with special branches throughout the country.
    Operation Herne insists IPCC is incorrect and DI Steve Craddock says "he has seen no conclusive evidence that SY shared information with the blacklisters"
    The group fighting for blacklisted construction workers called it" a major human rights scandal and a conspiracy between the police and the industry"

    Some of the workers were blacklisted for highlighting health and safety hazards, including presence of asbestos.

    Can we really trust them with the review?

  51. Textusa, please correct my previous post.

    Meant "Observer today" and not "Observe today". Sorry!

  52. Hear that Maddie in the new timeline may have been abducted before it was believed up to now.
    That is what? 10 minutes before?
    Because any time before that then the "proud father moment" that Gerry had before going to the toilet, when he LOOKED at his daughter, didn't exist.
    Or who was lying or what was in Maddies' place lying in the bed he looked at?

  53. If police are saying there is a new timeline then they are accepting that the tapas group all lied because they were all quite adament about their timings. This whole sorry saga is falling apart its all built on falsehoods and misconceptions, and now SY are releasing SEVERAL e-fits of possible subjects, and they have the nerve to critisize the Portuguese police for incompetance. They insult the general public's intellegence with their charade of lies.


    Above link is interesting it points out TWO different tennis courts with regard to the last photo of Maddie. SY take note.

  55. Over here in UK we sometimes do what is called a sweepstake among friends. If it was a horse race each horses name would be written down and each person puts in the same amount of money and the names are shared out. The owner of the name of the winning horse gets all the money. I feel the theories about tomorrow are like options in a sweepstake.

  56. There seems so much confusion about at the moment, SY holding back with e-fits, wrong time lines, when was last photo of maddie taken and by whom that maybe SY are going to attempt closure on this case and a whitewash for the mccanns. The couple have now separated there will be new partners etc, I feel SY are heading towards closure, blaming somebody who will be unable to answer back (Hewitt). The fund has dried up, donations have stopped. The general public feel contempt for how we have been treated. The UK media are in lockdown only ever printing abductor stories, it cannot continue. I believe they are finding a way of closing the case, blaming the pj for incompetance. I'm not sure what will happen to the lisbon case with Amaral if SY say Maddie is probably dead taken by a German peado or whatever fantasy fits the scenario. They will try anything to get the parents off the hook.
    Whatever it was that the Mccanns were involved in it must have been such a big secret that it would have created a National Scandal to need to be covered up.
    It has proved that SY cannot be trusted and they are very corrupted.

  57. Could be the powers to be saw how bad the Lisbon case was going for the Mccanns and decided to intervene, so much publicity and spin currently for the Mccanns. This circus is not about Kate and Gerry its much deeper than that and it would appear that there are influences at work that are going to change the events of the night of the 3rd and invent new suspects via Crimewatch the public will be presented with a completely new storyline, one that is believeable because its been invented to be believed and in the following days there will be an admission from SY to state the possible suspect is now deceased and no further investigating is necessary pj will be blamed for 'missed opportunities'. Kate and Gerry will withdraw from the Lisbon courtcase if they are advised they will not win. If on the other hand they KNOW and have been advised they will win then they will walk away with one million euros and we won't hear another word from them.

  58. More on the Crimewatch programme at this link

  59. In promoting this new timeline Scotland Yard is telling the world that the contents of the case files are meaningless, that was and is the objective of this review / investigation. If the Portuguese had not placed the contents of the case file online this PR campaign would likely have never been undertaken.

  60. I think this case is a disgrace especially how the couple have been caught out with so many inconsistencies, Jane Tanners feeble sighting of an abductor, the hastily written out time line of 6 years ago in a childs book and still the police portray the Mccanns as the victims. BBC's Crimewashing programme is in itself a scandal, how they have the nerve to insult the viewers intellegence with such Mccann propaganda is Crimewashing at its worst.

  61. SY is playing with fire:
    - first I don't believe PJ disclosed everything they know on the PJ files.
    - second, SY didn't know how much and how impostant was the information that reach the desks of PJ during all this years.
    - PJ are not stupid and they realize long ago the big mistake of having the british involved on that investigation. They will not repeat the same mistake and they will not disclose vital information to SY. They smell all the rats inside that review.

  62. ..."
    O jornal britânico Sunday Mirror noticiou, este domingo, que a detenção de um homem, na semana passada, está relacionada com o facto de o indivíduo detido ter afirmado que viu Maddie McCann este verão, numa ilha do Mediterrâneo." em CM

    Terei lido bem? O suspeito foi detido por ter dito numa festa privada que viu Maddi neste verão? Nem sei o que diga sobre esta tragicomédia. Então vão ter de prender todos os que reportaram avistamentos de Maddie. Ou será que este só foi preso( ou dizem que foi, ninguém viu o preso para confirmar) porque convém apresentar alguns resultados( mesmo que falsos) para justificar uma campanha tåo mediática.

  63. Tapas group I believe were a wife swapping group and there are others involved that Gerry and Kate knew about and it is the other people that are being protected these people must be very high profile individuals involved with government, church or royalty. Whoever it is would create a scandal that needs to be protected. I|t's not the Mccann couple that are important or special its what they know or who they know is.

    Madeleine McCann Suspect's E-Fit Released, 14 October 2013

    You've got to be kidding me! The SAME man??? And two entirely DIFFERENT E-fits?!
    The one on the left reminded me of someone, but I couldn't remember who...then it came to my mind, he has some resemblance to Kevin Hallingen, one of the McCanns PIs, the one that supposedly got payed to do NOTHING and is now in jail due to other scams!
    And can anyone believe that any of those faces could belong to a 20/25 year old man?! Because the "witnesses" described the man as being anywhere in between 20 and 40!!! Whow! What good observers those witnesses are, everybody knows there isn't much difference in the appearance of a 20 and a 40 year old person, none at all! Hey, I ask all of you who are over 40, just look at youselves in the mirror, don't you look exactly like you did when you're 20?! NOT!!! Oh, how I'd wish that if someone looked at me now (I'm 51) and was asked to give an estimate of my age that person would say: "oh, anything between 20 and 40" !

    And, take a look at the frame of what I suppose is the McCanns at the Tapas table scene, look at the glasses, no wine in sight, only WATER!!! After so much complaining from the McCann witnesses in the trial about the way Mr. Amaral portrayed them as heavy drinkers, in his documentary, no way the Crimewashing (thank you anonymous above for this word, hope you don't mind me using it) would dare to hint they drank anything but pure fresh water!


    Anyone For Tennis?, 13 October 2013
    by Dr. Martin Roberts

    (the 3 different accounts of how the Madeleine "tennis picture" came to be, Jane Tanner, Rachel Oldfield and Kate McCann)

  66. The last part of Dr. Martin Robert's article "Anyone for tennis", in McCannFiles:

    "In short, Rachael describes how Jane took the photograph on Thursday, Jane describes the event taking place on Wednesday and Kate describes how she (Kate) took it on Tuesday. Imagine. 'Just hold that pose, dear!' 'How long for?' 'Er...tomorrow.'"

    "And yet the photograph cannot have been taken during a mini-tennis session on the Tuesday either, because there wasn't one. Mini-tennis took place, according to the 'kids' club' schedule, on the Monday morning. If, this photograph is construed as representing Madeleine McCann's 'last hours' therefore (as a recent Sunday Telegraph report would suggest), then these will have been spent on the morning of Monday April 30th, not the early evening of May 3."

  67. Still on the article "Anyone for tennis", in McCannFiles, cana nyone understand Jane Tanner's gibberish ?! What's wrong with the woman?! Is she brain dammaged?! It seems to me like she was highly tense and uncomfortable, someone who knows she is not a convincing liar, that people will see right through her and catch her in her deception:

    4078 "Okay. And can you remember what happened then for the rest of the day from your point of view?"

    Reply "No. Err the Wednesday, err again I think it would have just been a, Evie would have had a sleep and just round the pool or in the, each other apartments, until, until high tea but I think Ella, and Ella would have, Ella went to err, Ella went to the err the kids club. Actually that morning was the morning Ella and Madeleine had the tennis lesson I think on the Wednesday. You've got the picture of..."

    Evie had a sleep around the pool? Or in each other apartments?
    Poor Evie...sleeping all over the place!

    And, notice how Tanner never says she took the picture...she only says "you've got the picture"

  68. In McCannFiles:

    "The Amended Timeline... Notes from a Potting Shedder"

    Sunday, 13 October 2013 04:23
    "The accepted version of events are wrong?

    Investigation significantly changes timeline?
    Would this be changes to the Sticker Book timeline?

    Or changes to the Tapas statement timelines?

    Is it someone else's timeline? Maybe Erik, the ice cream man? Or Henry, the mild mannered janitor?

    The accepted version of events have been out there for over 6 years, mulled over and analysed by all. Who noticed that they were wrong? Didn't the McCanns ever notice? Kate has, after all, been working very hard and spent countless hours analysing the files. Their private dicks must be kicking themselves for not spotting such an anomaly.

    Maybe their watches were all out (just like the camera) and we really should have been following that alternative timeline which did indeed seem to start an hour earlier?

    If this is such a revelation!!! then surely it's enough to reopen the case in Portugal. No?...

    How many versions of events are there? Can we add this to the versions of the truth? Maybe we could have one big Spot the Difference competition, where all entrants have to circle and underline in green ink. The winner gets to add their own timeline into the mix.

    This is all so very intriguing but pointless speculating... Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    I can't help but thinking that everyone involved are callously playing with a child's life. Dribbling news to the press... waiting to release e-fit pictures... showing snippets of a programme yet to be broadcast... parading the parents as if they're celebrities. This is Crimewatch, not some 'coming soon to a screen near you'.

    Or maybe they know something we don't. Whatever, it's all been done in the worst possible taste."


    Images of the Tapas Bar, 01.42', ...still NO BIG ROUND TABLE, not one in sight!

    And, the SY has already spent close to 6 MILLION euros on the case!!!
    What a slap in the face of other missing children's parents (thinking of Ben Needham's case), the SY and the british government are spitting in their faces, "you children are trash, Madeleine is royalty"!
    If I were british I would be sitting in front of 10, Downing Street, rotten eggs in hand, waiting for Cameron to show his face!

  70. Ah, ah, all over the media SY disclosed 2 e-fit pictures from the suspect. One single suspect with 2 different pictures. One look like Martin Brunt from SKY News and the other like Gerry Mccann with some photoshot to enlarge his chin and bottom mandibula. Effects, of 6 years munching lies.
    But the worknof SY on the circus gos further... Last week in Manchester a guy was put in prison just because he saw Madeleine last Summer. Well, SY wants the circus but don't want to be bothered with the sights ( fake sights like always) that use to follow the circus. Then, if you saw Maddie, stay quite because you can go to prison. They want only sights of the suspects. Should we report that one is going to be in the TV studio where Crimewatch is going to play the fairytale.

  71. Just now I saw in the RTP ( jornal da tarde) a portuguese journalist showing the e-fit to different people in PDL and asking those people if they know him or have seen him. All people said "non". And when the journalist ask if anybody from the British police have been already there showing the picture or looking for clues, they all said "NO".
    I just remark that the people targeted by the journalist are workers in cafés and supermarkets and people living in PDL.
    What a big CHARADE, Redwood and SY didn't even get bothered and spent a pound to go to PDL and investigate in the terrain, where everything happen. This is the most scandalous cover up, the world ever had seen.
    What intrigates me is the apaty of the british citizens, who let all the circus going on without reactions on the street and in front of the nr 10. Did you realize that that gang, plus SY are mocking you all? Your taxes are being used to pay the salaries of that mccpolices, plus the nonsense games of the Mccann's.
    How many children still missing in UK? How much effort/ money the government/ police allocate to them? How can you let this goes untouched? This is the biggest insult a country ever have done to his own citizens, specially to all parents of missing children in UK.
    In Portugal and in PDL everybody is fedup of the Mccann's and nobody believe a single strategy from that gang. At least, in Portugal, people are free to express their opinion in papers and 99% of the comments discredit SY review. Papers go even far on that story. They set up a context to challenge the public and see how many believe on that saga. Again the percentage shows the big majority don't believe on any developments to locate Madeleine.

    1. Hi, yep, not all of us, but some realised long ago we are being duped. We are not all dimwits, but appears that the majority are. Great Britain, isn't great. It is like a soap opera, X factor, reality TV nation. All the MPs are stars and the pretendy Police. Teachers, Firemen, Police, Politicians, Doctors, Wankers so sorry Bankers, TV personalities, presenters, anchor men, think they are God. The rest of us have to work for a living, till 68. All the above get extortionate salarys and pensions. The rest of us are classed as minions. To do their bidding, don't step out of line. This is Great Britain. Corrupt, Greedy. There is no hope to find out truthfully what happened to Maddy McCann. The normal citizens are presented with shite from TV and papers. Utter Shite that suits all of the aboves agenda. You are not alone Portugal, I for one have always and do love your people. Many more are like me. The majority are given mis information. I am not anti McCann, I want JUSTICE, it's not looking good for them. They told l

  72. Somebody has to advise SY about their cheap and low quality computer program to generate the e-fit from the suspect.
    How can they get 2 so different pictures from the same suspect, both front view? And that did not ring bells on Redwood? If the review was done with same accuracy of the e-fit, PJ is MOCKING SY MILLIONS OF TIMES.

  73. At present the 6pm news is filming in pdl making reference to the Crimewatch programme they do not mention the Crimewatch programme is filmed in Spain. They have stated that the apartment was less than 1 minute from where the parents were dining!! this is just the start. Its sad really that SY and the BBC have played along with this farce. No comments are allowed on any online articles concerning the mccanns there is no debate allowed, what do the Mccanns think we are, stupid. Kate can hardly string a sentence together and as for Gerry his arrogance knows no bounds. In 30 years time when todays government papers are released to the public we will know what it was that was so important to cover up, if Kate dosen't crack first. The children of the Mccanns and Tapas friends will question why their parents treated them all so appallingly by putting their own adult fun first.


    Former Madeleine McCann suspect defends Portuguese police

    1. There's a thread on this subject in Jill Havern's site. Bravo to Robert Murat for making Lorraine Kelly sweat and look like a fool! It was the same situation as the one with Wendy Murphy, both presenters not getting what they expected, their guests backfired on them! LOVED IT!
      L. Kelly said it ws disappointing the E-fits were NOT shown in Portugal, but R. Murat corrected her by saying that yes, they were all over the media in Portugal this morning! LOL!

      Not surprisingly, ITV is not showing the full interview with Murat on their site...cut out the embarrassing bits, ooops!
      (scroll down for video "Former Madeleine suspect hopes case is resolved")


    So could this TV reconstruction end the distasteful slurs about Kate and Gerry?

  76. No final falam de Lisboa e do julgamento:

  77. Hi Textusa,
    I got confused, your Post scriptum 14 Oct 19:00GMT is an advise to us, your readers and posters on blogs?
    Thank you

  78. Anonymous 14 Oct 2013 19:56:00

    Thank you for your question.

    Neither to readers, nor to bloggers.

    Those who, tonight, in less than an hour, are about to contribute, or not, with needless, or not, clutter, or not.

    And we're not talking to builders but to architects. Builders ony follow plans.

  79. I am so angry after watching Crimewatch. The "revelations" seek to distance Gerry McCann from Smith's identification. The several blonde men seek to fabricate an explanation. And on it goes: "new" information will be "gained" from the tv appeal, and one way or another they intend to wrap this up, ignoring the facts and the evidence. I despair.

  80. That’s it! I’m cancelling my BBC TV licence. No-one should spend MY money on shite!!!!

    Everything was wrong even simple things like which side the bedroom door was hung, never mind JT sighting is now just an innocent dad taking his kid home from the creche! I’m fuming! Who the hell was this programme aimed at? Timeline stopped at abduction.....the dogs not mentioned.

    I’ve poured myself a brandy!

  81. So JT sighting is now discounted as man taking child home!
    Now snatch could be after 9.15.
    Now possible burglary, orphanage collector( Gordon sighting) or pre planned
    Who was the man they spoke to , to rule him out?
    This will cause more questions about JT.
    What a stitch up? Or is ruling JT sighting out a way of moving in on Mcs.

    Made them look guilty, photofit looked like G, same old same old

  82. Smith sighting clothes not mentioned ...and of course not who Smith thought the person was 80% chance of being! If this sighting meant so much every detail of abductorman’s clothes would have been highlighted. This is so bad it might be good. I have to admit I laughed at some things. At JH they are picking up on anomalies comment after comment.

  83. In the film JT doesn’t pass anyone, the street is empty. Some total prat on BBC news now saying Portuguese investigation was appalling! Shoot the idiot!

  84. That was bizarre. Nothing new apart from explaining Jane Tanner's sighting as nothing to do with an alleged abductor.
    No mention of blood and cadaver dogs.
    I'm not sure I can formulate a coherent opinion of what I think the purpose of it all is.
    Sometimes I think Andy Redwood is doing his poker face, other times I've no idea.

  85. I still have hope that this farce was meant to activate us into action to pull it apart. Staggering that JT was supposed to do her check and no G or JW in sight! It’s just not real.

  86. It’s now looking like a pre-planned abduction according to the BBC news.

  87. What a massive joke! Was anyone supposed to believe this cr*p? So much marketing for this? Where is the arrest?
    I still see that SY STILL has to come up with something. The difference between this and the Mock, besides 4 years and 5 months of fooling no one is that this one WAS SPONSORED BY THE STATE. MY TAXES PAID THIS PIECE OF BULLSH*T!!!

  88. I do not trust Redwood his mannerisms his looks everything about him, he is definitely a 'yes' man, weak to the core. Could be the crimewash programme is trying to discredit the pj files and invalidate them, nothing would surprise me now, SY have just sunk to a new low. It's all being done to detract from the Lisbon case and we know it is.
    It is a shame that the actions of one corrupted individual 'Redwood' brings a whole organisation into disrepute. Weak and feeble men Redwood is a prime example.

  89. JT abductor is now a father carrying his 2 year old SON from the who is this secretive man? It’s taken 6 years to find him?
    And for him to realise that he was all over the news in 2007? Mock 2 much more of a comedy than Mock1

    1. Son wearing pink girly pjs? Going where?
      A man who didn't come forward to eliminate himself.

  90. And just exactly how did the SY become sure that the Tanner's abductor is not "the" abductor?! How do
    they know it was a parent taking his child home? Has that man came forward to say, "oh, yes, that was me, sorry, I'm such a dingbat, forgot to tell the police about it for the last 6 years! You know, to much on my mind, busy, busy, busy, sorry...oh, and, no hard feelings, I hope, Mr. Murat, for letting you take the rap when Jane Tanner told the police she was sure you were the man she saw carrying a was me, oh the shame, sorry Mr. Murat for nearly destroying your life..."

    1. Well spotted!
      On what basis does SY rule this individual out? A man seen carrying a child 50 yards from where a child disappeared. Must have worn on his jacket "Father passing through with child from creche".

  91. No wonder the BBC and Crimewatch are not interested in airing the show in Portugal!!!
    They know we know the files, the testimonies, the timelines inside out, and that we would have a good laugh on their mockery of a reconstruction!
    Ah, but they seem to forget about the internet, youtube, fora and clever blogs/bloggers...I'm sure it will soon be available somewhere for the portuguese to watch, and all other countries left out by the BBC, SY and McCanns!

  92. I would like to remind Inspector-Chief Andrew Redwood that we are still waiting for results from his investigation. As it stands, it wasn't much the same message sent out by Mockumentary 2009: we have found a new individual to search for.
    In 2009 they didn't find anyone but that was a private venture. This time it's public money. Results are expected.
    We will be waiting for them. Based on this joke.

  93. I'm feeling much too angry for words!!!
    I only want/need to shout to the authorities of my country:

    1. I understand your frustration but half a dozen morons are not a whole nation. The British people cannot be blamed for what this group is doing - in fact their actions are a shameful attack on their own country and culture. As a Portuguese I express my solidarity with all the British people that have been paying with their taxes and donations for this circus, and especially with the families that have missing children and are not getting the help these have received. But more than material exploitation, it's the emotional blackmail the McCann have done to their fellow countrymen/women that I find more regretful.

  94. Well done, Britain.
    How many million quid have you put up for this?
    Fascinating stuff really.
    Literally forget the PJ Files exist, let’s rewrite this.
    And write it like a novel. Fiction
    Danny Collins, and his Vanished, was able to be more precise than the whole Scotland Yard!
    I propose the next Jackass movie be about SY.

    1. A portuguese tv channel, SIC, mentioned 6 million euros!!!
      And for what? A suspect that is a suspect no more, and a new one with two faces...
      How revolting! It makes me so angry when I read about old age pensioners freezing in their homes because they cannot afford the heating bills or forced to go into appallingly low quality care facilities because they can't afford to keep their houses!
      Shame on you, Mr. Cameron!

  95. The day the portuguese investigation was prematurely killed/shelved was a sad day for Portugal and portuguese, the day the SY and the BBC, two major british institutions once believed to be synonymous of competence, accuracy, reliability and independence, have presented the world with such a despicable mockery of true police work, it is a very sad day for Britain indeed! Even sadder than that day in July 2008...

  96. Seriously, was this the best that our best police minds were able to concoct?
    Have to take everything back everything I thought about Dave Edgar. At least his Mockumentary was much more adequate.
    Andy Redwood, tonight you've made your mother proud. You are going to be a famous man after all!! Not many can boast about being involved in both Jill Dando and Maddie McCann. Oh, you will be famous, don't doubt that for a second.

    1. Oh, yes...infamous, more likely!

    2. Anonymous 15 Oct 2013 00:21:00

      Thanks to your comment, we revisited our notes to confirm something we said in current post and saw that we weren’t at all correct.

      When we say “Redwood, also known as the "Jill Dando's SY detective", won't have us…” it simply isn’t correct.

      Friends Reunited post and the way it was written suggests Redwood was with original the Dando investigation team and we let ourselves be taken by our own words.

      He joined the Review team, working with Hamish Campbell and Simon Foy, who were part of the Dando team. They have now left the Review team

      Redwood was once said to have been the inspiration for the role of inspector Boyd in TV series Waking the Dead, a series about cold case murders BEING SOLVED.

      The post will now read, “Redwood, who worked alongside former Jill Dando’s SY team investigators, until their departure from the Review, won’t have us…”

      Thank you for your participation.

    3. Glad to help (?)
      Redwood will be famous because of Maddie, no doubt about that!

      Anon 00:21:00

  97. Interesting comment in Jill Havern's forum, thread CRIMEWATCH ON BBC***DISCUSSION

    Post ShuBob Yesterday at 9:17 pm

    "Are they letting the McCanns dig themselves in a hole first by recounting their version of events before Redwood tears their timeline apart?"

    Now, there's a thought...the Crimewatch farse is too bad for words, intentionally...?

  98. Well, Redwood jemmied open that window of opportunity by another 45 minutes. Just by finding an unidentified dad with a boy in girl's pjs, walking in the wrong direction. Missing for 6 years and popping up at the same time as the libel trial. How inconsiderate of him to derail the Portuguese investigation by failing to come forward sooner.
    Wendy Murphy was very far-sighted in her assessment.
    We're just not buying it!

  99. Ok, then the SY has aknowledged that the PJ was right all along for not wanting to publicize an E-fit of Tanner's "Bundleman"...and to think that it was Mr. Godon Brown himself who put the pressure on the portugues authorities to have that picture released...ooops, Mr Brown, you must be feeling really stupid now...

  100. This is BBC stating that PJ is utterly incompetent. About time someone in Portugal reacted to this insult!
    Textusa, as you can see, you still can't abandon us. Please keep up your brilliant work!

    1. Yes, I second that! We need you Textusa, you're the only one who can steer us straight ahead through a sea of clutter and misinformation. Sometimes I feel we take you for granted, and we don't thank you enough,
      Thank you, thank you, thank you

      (interview with Sandra Felgueiras)
      Kate McCann points out the man they believe is the man who took Madeleine, Tanner's Bundleman, around 3:55'
      At 3:36' Sandra asks:
      "do you still believe this is the oerson that YOU BELIEVE has abducted Madeleine?" (points at a picture of the E-fit of Gail Cooper's George Harrison lookalike man)

      Gerry goes on to say they never said that that was the man who abducted Madeleine, shows a picture that has Gail Cooper's man and Tanner's Bundleman, and Kate says, pointing at Bundleman:
      "we believe this is the man"
      Sandra: "the man that Jane Tanner saw"
      Kate and Gerry: "yeah"

      Well now, Mr. and Mrs. McCann, the SY says that is not the man who took Madeleine...Do you still mantain that Tanner's man is the "abductor", or has the SY made you change your mind...? Everybody is waiting to hear what you make of this SY "revelation"...

  101. Anyone who's watched the Crimewash, please, have they established the new time of Madeleine's disappearance? If it was not 9:15, then when? Did Redwood mention it? At what time exactly does Redwood think Madeleine "was taken"...? Don't tell me he never mentioned it!

  102. The whole thing was about trashing the Tanner sighting and emphasizing the Smith one. The McCanns might have hoped for a better outcome, I assume.


  103. ...."Os retratos foram feitos por peritos em 2008 a partir de testemunhos de uma família irlandesa e estavam na posse de detetives privados, cujos arquivos estão a ser analisados pela equipa da Scotland Yard responsável pela revisão do caso.

    "O avistamento é o de um homem branco, com cabelo escuro, que tinha nos seus braços uma criança com entre três e quatro anos, de cabelo loiro, possivelmente usando pijama, muito perto do apartamento. O homem estava a caminhar em direção ao mar", descreveu Redwood, em declarações à agência Lusa...." JN

    Eh,eh, afinal é mesmo o Gerry, a personagem num dos retratos robot. Foi ele que os Smith( Irlandeses) identificaram a caminho da praia depois de o verem descer o aviào em Inglaterra, transportando o filho e caminhando da mesma maneira. Até ligaram à policia a reportar a semelhança e todos os membros da familia disseram que tinham 80% de certeza de que era Guerry. Redwood, vais apertar com os criminosos já que sabes quem são e tens fácil acesso a eles ou vais continuar a insultar o povo ingles que paga o teu salário e os portugueses que a única coisa errada que fizeram, foi contribuirem para um fundo fraudulento?
    Até é insultuosa a recompensa para quem der informações sobre o raptor... 24000Euros quando tentam xular milhões a GA? Receberam milhões de Euros num Fundo q/ supostamente era para procurar a filha e oferecem migalhas a quem oferecer pistas sobre o seu paradeiro? Isto diz tudo....

  104. Then, from the 2 e-fits, the only guy with interest is the one that looks like Gerry.
    We know, Jane Tanner vision was a fabrication. PJ discovered that on minute one, without wasting 6 millions. That's why she was framed inside a car and to save her face, identified Murat. Now If you Murat have really nothing to do with the events of May 3, you must sue Jane Tanner.
    For me the all street scenario around the flat was a fabrication to give an alibi for Gerry to be near the OC and not near the beach, where the Smiths spotted him. Jeremy wilkins was another liar, necessary to credibilize the alibi.
    If you don't give a tight interrogation on the Mccann's and Jane Tanner, in few days, you Redwood, are a shame to your country.


    Well choosen the picture on that article. Compare the image of Gerry on the picture with one of the e-fits. Are the same person, the same expression.
    Well done. The portugueses papers picking very highlighting pictures.

  106. ..."Em Portugal, referiu Redwood, não está previsto realizar um apelo no mesmo modelo, porque no país "não há programas semelhantes e as rotinas são diferentes" JN

    Grande anedota... "as rotinas são diferentes".

    1. Ainda a jogar a cartada das "diferenças culturais"..."nós, os british, somos civilizados e avançados, eles, os mastigadores de sardinhas são uns atrasados 3º mundistas! Não deixam as crianças sózinhas em casa, deixam-nas estar acordadas até tarde, até as levam para o restaurante, onde incomodam a diversão dos adultos, e pasme-se, não fazem programas de reconstituição fantasiosa de crimes! "

  107. Agora o raptor esteve antes no apartamento ou mandou lá mensageiros, embora tiveseem " furtado coisas pouco valiosas". Interessante, ninguém reportou esses roubos e nem ladrão, nem raptor, deixaram vestigios. Tira outra da cartola AR porque estas já não pegam.

  108. A commentator above thanked you for all you do in the field of uncluttering.
    I am so easily taken in by it all that today I am going to refrain from going anywhere and reading anything about Crimewatch.
    I will wait for your opinion.
    I have felt so much rage and anger at the British over the years and I am not going to
    put my body, mind and soul through that anymore.
    So, I will continue to come here for your objective reason and brilliant insight.
    Allow me once again Textusa and Sisters to thank you for the clarity and light that you shine on this very dark and murky landscape.
    And to Truth - Please arrive soon.

    1. Well said Su - totally agree with your post. Thanks Textusa.


    "DCI Redwood said it was a "revelation moment" when police discovered that the man seen by McCanns' friend Jane Tanner at 9.15pm was almost certainly an innocent British holiday-maker collecting his two-year-old daughter from a nearby creche."

    (Note that Redwood didn't say the man could be A holiday-maker, but a BRITISH holiday-maker...and this is important, because Tanner said many times the man DID NOT look british or "touristy"!)

    So, no 100% certainty he was a father carrying his sleeping child, NO PROOF of that, just a Redwood theory, no one has come forward, no one was positively identified as being the man Tanner saw! ..."an innocent british holiday-maker"?! But, didn't Jane Tanner claim the man looked out of place, stood out, exactly because the kind of clothing he wore did not look the typical british holiday-maker attire?!

    Jane Tanner's PJ's 4th May 2007 interview:

    "Dark skinned individual, male sex, aged between 35 – 40, slim physical appearance, about 1.70m tall. Very dark, thick hair, longer at the back (she could only see him from behind). He was wearing linen type cloth trousers, beige to golden in colour, a "duffy" sic type jacket (but not that thick). His shoes were dark in colour, classic type. He had a hurried walk. He was carrying a child, who was lying on both his arms, in front of his chest. By the way he was dressed, he gave her the impression that he was not a tourist, because he was very "warmly dressed"."

    From her rogatory interview:

    "Reply “Yeah, that is, erm, and I think at that point I did think as well, the way they were dressed wasn’t quite touristy. As I say, I mean, I looked a right state because I’d got Russell’s big jumper on, cropped trousers and flip-flips and, yeah, it was quite, you know, sort of cold and, and they looked more like they were prepared for the weather, you know, sort of thing. And I think when Jez, I think Jez had probably got shorts on and, you know, a jumper or something, and looked more like. He just didn’t look quite like a, you know, a tourist, I suppose, or, so”."
    "Reply “Yeah, and I think it was just that factor was, it just didn’t look quite, you know, it just didn’t look quite like a tourist on holiday or somebody you would imagine on a MARK WARNER holiday carrying their kid home. As I say, this is all in hindsight”."

  110. ..""These cases can get solved and that's what the public need to think about tonight," said Gerry McCann.

    "We don't know what's happened to Madeleine, we don't know who's taken her. The best chance of finding her is by identifying (the person who took her)." Gerry Mccann

    Yah man, tell the truth... You are the guy the Smiths spotted carrying a child that night to the beach. You are exposed 6 years ago but instead of telling the truth you decide to pay high lawyers and a Spoke person to spread spin and misinformation. Not a single stone unturnnedbto locate your daughter.
    We notice that all that circus is foccus on targeting a suspect and very little on bringuing your daughter home. Itbis time to stop that charade and give a rest to Madeleine.
    I hope PJ reopen the case and call the Smiths and the all Tapas 9 to court, to solvevthat case and catch the suspect.
    Are you travelling to Ireland to frame the Smiths? It is all over internet that they were contacted in 2007 by the Mccann's . Why? It was because who they saw was a suspect out of the Tapas group? And did you wate 6 years for SY to come up with that?
    We don't need a big effort to see the face of Gerry Mccann on one of the SY e- fits.

  111. 6 millions to dismiss Jane sight of an abductor? something, PJ have done immediately, without wasting money. They know since the beguinning, she lied. Why she lied? The sight of this parent carrying a child, was investigated in the very biguinning ( I remember reading on papers reports about that father) but even after that dismiss, Jane Tanner insisted on her sight of a egg man. Then, she lied and she insisted on her lie. And why Gerry and Jeremy Wilkins did not see that father carrying his child?
    Wait a moment, since changes are allowed, did in few days we will be getting a revived memory on Gerry and J W and they will tell now that they saw the innocent parent? nothing surprises me anymore....

  112. Joana Morais is a darling! Here's the Crimewatch for the portugese people:

  113. Video in Joana Morais site, Crimewatch reconstruction:

    3:31'' - The McCanns after their arrival in Luz, walking down a path in the Ocean Club, Madeleine happily jumping and running in front of Kate and Gerry, and the twins in a DOUBLE BUGGY! Old on a minute...didn't the McCanns say they had NO buggies, and that was one of the reasons they did not go to the Millenium, had to carry the twins, too tiring...?!


    Esta noticia merecia ser traduzida para inglês.
    A PJ a desmascarar um pouco a jogada da SY?
    Com que então os retratos foram feitos em 2008 e com uma técnica muito arcaica? Quem os fez? Os detectives privados segundo informaçào usando a descrição dos Mccann de um homem com barba e cabelo comprido? E sairam estes dois dessa descrição? Os detetives privados não conseguiram isentar-se da verdade que sabiam e o resultado foi uma imagem parecida com Gerry. Foi por isso que retiveram esta imagem durante todos estes anos?
    A SY não questiona porque os detetives retiveram informação vital durante tanto tempo? Não prejudicaram com isso a descoberta da criança?
    E que dizer da SY que usa imagens obsoletas criadasbpor detetives privados? Só passaram umas horas desde o filme das mentiras e já estão a ser desmascarados pela PJ. Que vergonha ver a Inglaterra noutro escandalo vergonhoso parecido com o arsenal das armas quimicas no Iraque que afinal não existiam.

  115. In the Crimewatch reconstruction of the Tapas diner, they name Kate, Gerry, Matt and Rachel,Jane and Russell, but when it comes the moment of the arrival of the Paynes and Dianne Webster, they are NOT named, they are referred to as the "the remaining 3 people"(the remaining 3 people arrived)!? Also, there was NO scene of Payne's visit to Kate while Gerry played tennis! How weird how they are so down played in the show, considering the Paynes are supposedly the McCanns best friends within the group, and that David was the organizer of the holiday, one would expect them to be highlighted in the show.
    Can this mean there is a legal injunction that prevents the mentioning of their names...?
    What do you make of this...?

  116. Tanner's check: It is mentioned that Gerry stopped to talk to another guest (Wilkins) on his way back from his check, Tanner is shown leaving the table as Oldfield arrives back from his check, Gerry's chair is empty, but when Tanner is shown walking up the street where Gerry is supposed to have been speaking to Wilkins (not named, only referred to as another guest...another injunction?) we only see an empty street, NO Gerry and NO Wilkins in sight! Where's Gerry?! Walking across the top of the street carrying the fake Madeleine...? Eh, eh, eh...

  117. In Crimewatch, the man carrying a child, seen by Tanner is described as a father who had just picked up his child from the night créche situated close to the Ocean Club's main reception, but if that's the case, if that's what they believe, then the man was going in a completely WRONG direction! If we was coming from the créche he should have been going the opposite way! In the manner Tanner and the reconstruction describe it, he his going towards the direction of the créche, not coming from it!

  118. Gosh! It seems that the SY has indeed find "the man" carrying the child, they have photographed him in a position and with clothes they say is similar as the ones he wore on holiday! (in the Crimewatch, around 18:13') WHO is this man, and why has he kept SILENT for the past 6 years???

    1. Upon having seen that photo of the man in Crimewatch I felt it looked familiar, I had seen something like that beforee, the colour and style of clothing, and after some search I found it! It's Cooper's "stranger-on-the-beach man"!

      "THIS is the sensational picture of a suspicious man on the beach which could lead to a breakthrough in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann."

      Exactly the same kind of posture, the same built, and the same clothes!

      "Snapped inadvertently in the background of a holiday photo, the mysterious man strolls along after a rain shower, staring out to sea at Praia da Luz.

      The picture was taken at the Portuguese resort days before Madeleine, then three, vanished during the evening of May 3, 2007.

      Briton Gail Cooper was having lunch with family and friends in a beachside cafe and taking photos when she saw him wandering along the beach, apparently in a world of his own.

      “It was odd to see him walking around the beach alone in showery, cold weather.” she said.

      Mrs Cooper, 53, added that a few hours after the snap was taken, the same man visited her at her rented villa 20 minutes’ walk from the beach. The £2million holiday property was in a quiet road near the Mark Warner complex where Madeleine and her family were staying."
      "However, he does appear to bear a resemblance to a man the McCanns’ friend, Jane Tanner, saw walking with a child in his arms at about the time Madeleine disappeared."

      This new photograph of the "innocent holiday-maker" carrying his child from the créche is a falacy! It's a recycling of Cooper's charity collector man!

      Thank God for the internet! Every thing is recorded and findable forever and ever!


    I strongly recommend the article above, highlights all the truth.

    BTW, just saw on the Telegraph the other 4 e- fits. There is... all abductors we already know and all already dismissed. And there is aswell the abductor described by Jane Tanner. Then, that is to be dismissed or considered? Or will be used according to tge course of the public opinion?

  120. They mention the Smith sighting! It was the Smiths who gave the description of the man(men?) in the new E-fits! Redwood says they gave a description of the man they saw, and that the E-fits are very clear!!! Really? The Smiths saw ONE man, they describe him and the SY comes up with TWO different faces?! Redwood: - "if they(the public) know who THIS PERSON is, please come forward". Which one, Mr. Redwood, the one on the left, with a deformed chin, or the square jawed one on the right...? If you look at those E-fits and see the one and same person, then you're in bad need to have your eyes checked, Mr. Redwood!

    Who can believe this crap?!

  121. I would like to ask Insp. Deadwood Redwood if he would have been so keen to take part in such a PR stunt as last nights Crimewash if it had been a member of his family that had gone missing?

  122. After watching Crimewash in Joana Morais, I'm having a "Victor Meldrew moment" (One foot in the grave):


  123. I’m still waiting to see which rag got the scoop on JT’s bundleman saying ‘it was me, I was carrying my 2 year old son back to our apartment #? I couldn’t find his pjs to take him to the creche that night so we dressed him in his sister’s’.

  124. If they are convinced that the JT's man isn't related with Maddie, couldn't they at least get the position of the feet right?
    At least Tanner had the child's head turned to the right side, the left side of the adult, the one people most use.
    Why continue to insult Tanner? In 2009 she couldn't tell on which side of the street two people were and now she is said not to be able to say on which side of the of the man she saw the child's legs!
    What will it be in the next documentary? That the pjs were bright orange? That the man was wearing a Halloween mask and she didn't see it? Oh I know, they will portray her as she really was dressed that night, with a cane and dark glasses.

  125. Good morning, I have just started reading the news on the Daily Mail (UK) and am surprised to find this head line

    All I want to know is, why does 2 of the e-fits resemble Gerry McCann?


    Pior que o CW é este vídeo. USAM MENTIRAS e a palavra HOMICÍDIO que Amaral NUNCA utilizou!!

  127. We can see at the crimewatch video a good plan of the round table, with big different details from the real tables at the Tapas:

    - the Tapas tables are very different then the one on the movie.
    - even on the movie, we can't see the all Tapas 9 accomodated on that table.
    - to fit 8/ 9 chairs around that table, they choose chairs belonguing to an inside set. This are not chairs for outside. The Tapas chairs were most wider. No way, you can accomodate 9 people around that table if you use the Tapas chairs.
    - the Quiz lady was missing from the Crimewatch table. Even with special chairs she don't fit on the table.
    - why, that huge plan of the table on that video? Because is a stone on their shoes, well exposed by Textusa. They are affraid of what blogs disclosed about their lies.
    - And where are the other guests of the Tapas dinner? Could they be ignorated on a reconstruction if they played a vital part? How that video prove the Tapas was full and they have to be in cue at day time to get their table?
    - well, it is a video QB, with evidences made to suit a certain theory.
    - Madeleine bed was also not the same. Just pick a picture from GNR, took on the night she disappeared and compare it. On GNR picture, no signs that the bed was disturbed by the sleep of a child. Are they going to say that the GNR pictures are also not authentic?
    God give us patience to swallow all that comedy.

  128. Can Redwood tell us how the crimewatch video fits on the real crime scene? Can you do a reconstruction where nothing matches with the crime scene? How much is the salary of that guy?
    You insult every person with a pinch of intelligence.

  129. SY and Redwood are telling the world the PJ investigation is not valid, away with it, throw it in the bin! I just wonder what the 6 PJ officers that are supposedly working with the SY think of all this...

    (Note: I mentioned 6 PJ officers, because that's what I've heard in the lunch time news in a portuguese tv channel today, in a team of 37 SY investigators, 6 are portuguese PJ)

    1. Am I wrong in thinking that the so-called new timeline is nothing new at all? If I am not mistaken, this is nothing but the timeline exposed by GA in his book - based on the early PJ deduction that the Smith sighting is relevant and the Tanner sighting is not. It would seem that SY reached the very same conclusions as the PJ here, how ironical.

      Let's forget about the (obviously fake) justifications given in the show as to how they came to that point - they did come to that point and, by doing so, they distanced themselves from JT's abductor myth rehashed by the media over the years. They dare calling their timeline "new" because the entire show was based on the core assumption, apparently still widely accepted in the UK, that the PJ investigation was too "appalling" to be worth mentioning anyway.

      However, it's very unclear to me what SY are preparing with this "new timeline". Will they put it on a deceased paedo, as suggested earlier in this thread, possibly one with a "German connection" I guess? Or are they just testing public opinion before considering another type of move? Who knows.


  130. In Joana Morais, someone posted a comment suggesting that the man Tanner saw, and that is now being presented by the MET as simply another holiday-maker, carrying his child from the créche, and that is part of a family the MET has spoken to and that were also guests of the resort, probably is Stephen Carpenter. He is in the files.

    If it is the case, then why hasn't Mr. Carpenter come forward sooner, to say "hey, hang on a minute, that coudl have been me Ms. Tanner saw..."?

  131. The son has now become a daughter. I presumed it was going to be a boy so it couldn’t possibly be M. So using mclogic surely Mr Innocent might have been carrying M as it’s now a girl???? Although I suppose she has to be only 2 years old so she couldn’t be M.

    1. Hey! Anything is possible in this case, so it seems! We've been fed so much nonsense since 2007 that nothing is too far out... Bundleman could have been Bundlewoman (Edgar's theory), "abductor" turns "innocent holiday-maker" (Redwood's theory), why can't a sleeping boy turn into a girl or whatever? If they come along and say it was someone carrying their sick or too-lazy-to-walk pet I won't blink an eye!


    "The Metropolitan Police team refuses to be critical of the previous inquiry in an effort to foster good relations with Portuguese police.
    Six local officers based in Faro have been appointed to liaise with British police. But DCI Redwood hopes that ultimately the Portuguese investigation will be reopened."

    Concerning Redwood's hopes of the case being reopened in Portugal, I say: from your lips to God's ears, Mr. Redwood...even though I'm completely convinced you're being a total hypocrite!

    (in Joana Morais, a commentator dubbed him as Deadwood, lol! Very appropriate!)


    Crimewatch and Scotland Yard Team Up to pull One Big One over on the Public

  134. A huge change on the BBC studio, where the Mccann's where interviewed. No lovebird hands( as in 2007/08/09/etc) and no yellow and green ribbons. But we still feeling that Gerry did not look comfortable when Kate speaks. What is he affraid?
    At least SY achieved one goal, the main attention switches from Kate in to Gerry Mccann. After the release of the e-fits he become a person of interest to the investigation, like what British police and PJ suspected in 2007.

  135. I believe the 6 PJ are now mocking Redwood with the last Fairytale he came up.
    Did he realize that all witnesses in 2007 delivered their statements on police desks and signet it after reading them? That means, the statements were official and during 6 years none come up to change anything, including the Carpenters, the Berrys, etc. The problem was, after 6 years of spin they realize that their theory of an abduction was not fasable under the circumstances of the crime scene and the lies they delivered. But due to Internet, the case did not fade and the Mccann's have huge bills to pay to their lawyers and PR machine without a real source of money to pay them. The fund dried already. The book was a sale disaster and the assaults on others fundraising campaigns did not end up with much profits. Gerry salary is not enough to pay all that and I'm not talking on another scenary that needs to enter the equation- if the investigation shows they were involved, the papers, who payed them compensations in 2007, will demand that money back with incomes and TB will do the same. As Gerry said, was a disaster.
    Redwood is trying to help them survive the biggest heartquake, by overpassing the real and big waves. But there is things that you just can't overtake with a racional and logical excuse.
    The 6 PJ should have a celebration dinner today, and I can't wait for what the lawyers of GA, TVI, Guerra e Paz and VC, will come up on the next round of the trial in November. At that time, Redwood must have already Madeleine back and all the suspects in prison, including George Harrisson, who came back to life again. He is among the e-fits on Crimewatch... Redwood revisting old ghosts. Is that the reason why he look like the "Petit Calimero"?

  136. Has Redwood replaced Clarence Mitchell in this PR circus - no word from Mitchell on these latest startling revelations..... not even a whisper.

  137. Very interesting article from Pat Brown...

  138. Crimewash and Slimewatch indeed.
    I was struck by GMcC's referrance to new born Madeleine as "almost perfect". The fact that parents made her a ward of court, immediately after she went missing secured the secrecy of all medical records. I have long suspected there was something physical, that she was born with, that caused Madeleine to be difficult to handle at times. Or that IVF may conceal something that should be looked at. Also look at the photographs that were chosen for marketing compared to some of the others. She looks so different in many of them. Then there was the " good marketing ploy" (to quote GMcC) of the eye. I would not like to speculate on what this can mean, any more than I want to refer again to the several photos issued of this little child in questionable poses.

    I thought Kate McCann looked hellish last night and perhaps on tranquillisers. Between her own physical and mental health, the court case in Lisbon, and their latest rounds of interviews I wonder who it is that is providing care for the surviving children.

  139. I agree with Pat Brown someone will come forward and declare that he is the person Mr. Smith saw that night. There will be a perfectly innocent explanation as Mr. Redwood said, i.e it was just a man carrying his daughter. With this sighting out of the way and the troublesome Tanner sighting out of the way all that is left is to shoot the dogs or wait for them to die of old age.


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