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Kate and Gerry McCann were attributed the status of arguido in September 2007 in the case involving the disappearance of their daughter Maddie McCann.

That made them very, very unhappy.

On Thursday, September the 19th 2013, the judge presiding over the McCann vs Amaral Libel Trial explained, in our opinion, quite well what being an arguido meant exactly:The judge now explains that "suspect" is different from "arguido". "Arguido" means there are indications that will lead a person to have to defend her/himself. It's a statute created for the defence of the person. "Suspect" means a hypothesis is formed about someone”

In July 2008, an archiving dispatch dispatched by João Melchior Gomes (JMG) then Évora’s District Public Prosecutor and José Cunha de Magalhães e Meneses (JCMM), then Portimão's General Prosecutor, determined that Kate and Gerry McCann were no longer arguidos in that same process.

That made them very, very happy.

A happiness that wasn’t to last long

Just out of curiosity, JMG signed the dispatch and JCMM didn't although his name does appear at the end of it.

That same month, July 2008, Goncalo Amaral, the PJ inspector responsible for the investigations of the missing girl from when she disappeared and dismissed of all his responsibilities in the case in October 2007 for having given an interview to a newspaper where he was sufficiently brazen to say that UK had influenced the investigation, published a book, “A Verdade da Mentira”.

In this book he concluded that Maddie had died inside apartment 5A of the Ocean Club in Vila da Luz, on the night of 3rd May 2007, that there had been a simulation of abduction, that Kate and Gerry McCann were suspected of involvement in the concealment of their daughter's body, that the death could have occurred as a result of a tragic accident and that there were clues about the parents’ negligence concerning the care and safety of the children.

That made Kate and Gerry very, very unhappy.

Very unhappy, very happy, very unhappy, a mood swing as fickle as the weather in May in Praia da Luz, back in 2007.

So they decided to sue Mr. Amaral for having spoiled their fun.

They must have sulked more than be furious about the book as it took them several months to react against its author.

The Guardian, reports the couple's return to Portugal with the main objective of "Parents try to convince locals daughter is alive" and, taking the opportunity that they happened to be there, "Visit also used to finalise plans to sue police chief" on Sept 23rd, 2009, one year and two months after Mr. Amaral published his book.

They must have been far too busy being starlets catapulted to celebrity status to sit down with one of their many lawyers the moment they saw the book and say “Make this man apologise at once for all the outrageous things he’s saying here and if he doesn’t sue him immediately!”

One of the excuses, if you remember, was the time it took to translate the files into English at a cost of £100,000. Now we have found out, directly from the witnesses’ mouths that this translation either wasn’t read or was only read in part. What a waste of time and fund money.

Anyway, in 2009 they went ahead and sued Mr Amaral for a staggering and inexplicable 1,250,000€ or £1,055,000 at current rate.

That’s enough to translate the PJFiles 10 times over, that’s how much it is! Mr Amaral really, really made them throw a hissy fit because of his book.

But let’s, like the Portuguese say, put our hands in the dough and see what this is all about.

The PJ, as was its job, did an investigation and came to conclusions.

Here many make a “minor” mistake, some intentionally, others innocently, of thinking that the conclusion of the PJ Files is the archiving dispatch.

And this “minor” mistake is in reality a very big one to make.

A report is a report, a dispatch a dispatch.

A dispatch determines what actions are to be taken from the conclusions of a document, be it a single page or a report.

When you take your broken down car to a repair shop and the mechanic investigates what is wrong with it and produces a report, a cost estimate, you make decision about it, dispatching it, on whether the car is to fixed there or not.

A dispatch is a conclusion about conclusions of facts and not about the facts that led to those conclusions.

If you question the cost-estimate, thus not validating the conclusions and/or the investigation done on the car, you simply tell the mechanic to redo his investigation or take the car somewhere else for a totally different and new investigation.

When one dispatches, favourably or otherwise, a document without questioning either the conclusions or the investigation that led to them, then one is validating both.

For example, and continuing with our mechanic analogy, the estimate may be over the budget and you may refuse to have the car fixed there and then. It’s a decision completely independent of both investigation and the report. Neither being wrong in themselves.

Simple and straightforward sequence: event (car breaking down), investigation (mechanic looking at car’s engine), report (repair shop’s cost-estimate) and dispatch (your decision on repairing the car or not).

In the legal world the phases involving the report and dispatch are not that linear.

While in the repair-shop analogy the replacement of a screw has a fixed cost, so it’s easy to set a price for that in the cost-estimate and present it for the client for decision, in the legal world many factors to go into such a "cost-estimate".

Continuing with the screw, in the legal world, its replacement cost will vary if the screw was broken intentionally, if it was due to normal wear or if it happened accidentally.

In the repair shop the price is always the same in any of the instances referred but in the legal world it isn't.

The process of clarifying of how the said screw broke is, in legal terms, the determination of the “matter of fact” of the event under investigation. In simple terms, precisely the what, the where, the when and the why a certain event happened.

Once that is done, then it has to be determined which and what existing laws has the  matter of fact concluded by the investigation infringed and what says the existing legislation are the consequences for such an infringement.

A judge when pronouncing a sentence is simply applying what is legislatively applicable to what has been determined that the matter of fact has infringed in terms of law.

A dispatcher is dispatching an issue, not reporting about it.

The conclusion of the PJ Files is not the archiving dispatch.

The archiving dispatch, as a dispatch that it is, only determined what legal actions were to follow based on the conclusions the PJ investigation came to about the matter of fact in Maddie's case.

The first document that concludes about matter of fact in the PJ Files is the Conclusion to the Investigation Report dated 10th September 2007 which is within the files that were released (Vol X, p. 2587-2602) and it says, as was read in Court, that:

"A) The minor Madeleine McCann died in the apartment 5A of the Ocean Club resort, on the night of 3rd May 2007;

B) There was a simulation of abduction;

C) In order to make it appear impossible that the death of the minor occurred before 22.00hr, a system of checks on the McCann children while they slept was created;

D) Kate McCann and Gerald McCann are involved in the concealment of the cadaver of their child Madeleine McCann;

E) At this moment, there is no evidence that the death of the minor didn't happen due to a tragic accident;

F) From what has been established until now, everything indicates that the McCanns, by virtue of self-preservation, don't want to deliver immediately and voluntarily the cadaver, even though there is a strong possibility that the same was transported from the initial place of deposition. This situation consequently raises questions about the circumstances under which the death of the minor occurred."

This report, on Sept 10th 2007, came to the above conclusions taking into account:
  • John Lowe’s mail to Stuart Prior, dated Sept 4th 2007, with the highly complex explanation about how the DNA in the Scenic, that anyone could understand it belonged to Maddie could, after all, not belong to her;
  • the FSS preliminary Forensic Report of Sept 6th 2007, signed by the same John Lowe.

Then we have a second report, the Final Report, of June 30th 2008, signed by inspector Joao Carlos.

In terms of matter of fact, what happened in this period, between Sept 10th 2007 and June 30th 2008?

Not much. After all, Mr Amaral was kicked off the case to assure that much else wouldn't happen, wasn't he?

In our opinion, only two relevant things occurred: the rogatory interviews and the FSS Final Forensic Report.

About the first, we see no reasons for them to alter any of the conclusions of Sept 10th 2007, as they only highlight and underline the various discrepancies of the witnesses that were heard. If anything, the rogatory interviews further confirm the conclusions.

About the second, in our opinion, the only relevant difference between the FSS preliminary Forensic Report of Sept 6th 2007 and the FSS Final Forensic Report signed June 18th 2008, is that stain 9, on the East wall and crime stain 1 on the bedspread from the kid’s bedroom has been positively identified as belonging to CG, the 2 yr old son of Paul Gordon, the father of the family that occupied apartment 5A just before the McCanns.

Again we see no reason for the FSS Final Forensic Report to alter any of the conclusions of Sept 10th 2007.

So it's perfectly logical that the June 30th 2008, Final Report only concludes the following about matter of fact: “In conclusion, it results from everything that has been done, despite the efforts that were made and all investigation lines being explored, that it is not possible to obtain a solid and objective conclusion about what really happened that night, and about the present location of the missing minor.”

It doesn’t contradict any of the Sept 10th 2007 conclusions and if that was the case, it would have to explicitly say which and justify as to why, and it doesn’t.

And by not contradicting any, it confirms them all. She's dead but it just wasn't possible to determine really how it happened.

The dispatchers seems to agree with us. In their substantiating arguments on their archiving dispatch (or the AG Final Report as they are calling it) they say: “Despite all of this, it was not possible to obtain any piece of evidence that would allow for a medium man, under the light of the criteria of logics, of normality and of the general rules of experience, to formulate any lucid, sensate, serious and honest conclusion about the circumstances under which the child was removed from the apartment (whether dead or alive, whether killed in a neglectful homicide or an intended homicide, whether the victim of a targeted abduction or an opportunistic abduction), nor even to produce a consistent prognosis about her destiny and inclusively - the most dramatic - to establish whether she is still alive or if she is dead, as seems more likely.

From where else, but from the Sept 10th 2007 conclusions, could the dispatchers assess, as they do, the highly unlikely possibility of an abduction and the highly likely possibility of Maddie being dead?

All conclusions of matter of fact within the PJ Files are those of Sept 10th, 2007.

But it's not only the dispatchers who agrees with us. Isabel Duarte also does.

To which documents in the PJ File did Isabel Duarte refer to when confronted, in court, with the fact that JMG, one of the dispatchers of the archiving dispatch, had not read Mr.Amaral's book? To the June 30th 2008 Final Report or to the Sept 10th 2007 Conclusion to the Investigation Report?

The dispatchers, JMG and JCMM, in their archiving dispatch, dispatched only matter of law about the matter of fact concluded in the Conclusion to the Investigation Report dated Sept 10th, 2007.

They dispatch the following on July 21st 2008, determining:

"a) The archiving of the Process concerning arguido Robert James Queriol Eveleigh Murat, because there are no indications of the practise of any crime under the dispositions of article 277 number 1 of the Penal Process Code;

b) The archiving of the Process concerning Arguidos Gerald Patrick McCann and Kate Marie Healy, because there are no indications of the practise of any crime under the dispositions of article 277 number 1 of the Penal Process Code."

Basically they determined a single and very simple action: archive the process until new evidence is presented that justifies its reopening.

Yes, it does say that the dispatchers found that there are no indications of the practise of any crime by Robert, Kate and Gerry but that is only the substantiation of the the action they have determined: archive it.

And yes, it also meant that Kate and Gerry were no longer arguidos as, as far as we know, no one can be one in an archived process, the resulting action determined by the dispatch.

To sum up, the dispatchers, JMG and JCMM, read, certainly with the adequate attention the matter deserved, the Conclusion to the Investigation Report and, for them, in terms of matter of fact contained in it, there was not sufficient evidence that would enable the legal system to charge Kate and Gerry with anything so the process should be archived until new evidence is presented that justifies its reopening.

Because of this archiving determination, both Kate and Gerry stopped being arguidos.

This, as we said, made the McCanns, very, very happy.

For them, according to the Black Hat propaganda, it meant that the couple had been totally and absolutely cleared and even that it declared them innocent of all possible suspicion of any crime related to Maddie’s disappearance.

Very good and justifiable reason to be very, very happy.

Mind you, just for Kate and Gerry to be happy because there’s absolutely no reason or justification to substantiate the Black Hat's interpretation of the dispatch.

But then came along nasty and mean Mr. Amaral and spoiled all this happiness and puts them back into a very, very unhappy mood. What an evil man, this Mr. Amaral… such a spoilsport.

How did Mr. Amaral spoil the McCann’s fun?

In two ways.

The first, is that he comes to the conclusion in his book that Maddie had died inside apartment 5A of the Ocean Club in Vila da Luz, on the night of 3rd May 2007, that there had been a simulation of abduction, that Kate and Gerry McCann were suspects of involvement in the concealment of their daughter's body, that the death could have occurred as a result of a tragic accident and that there were clues about the parents’ negligence concerning the care and safety of the children.

The second is that the Black Hats attribute the book “A Verdade da Mentira” with a sort of mass influencing capability that lies somewhere between Karl Marx’sDas Kapital that influenced the communist worldwide “nation” and Adolf Hitler’sMein Kampf that influenced a single country, Germany.

To the Black Hats, Mr Amaral’s book has basically hypnotized two countries, Portugal and the UK (although “banned” in the latter) making, as said in court by the prosecution witnesses, most people believe it to be the truth, if for nothing else because of “the style of the book – agreeable and easy to read – and the simplicity of the proposed answers” as says Emma Loach, or because “GA's book can be read in a day” as says Michael Wright.

Susan Hubbard says “that everybody in Portugal believed the book and Michael Wright says “a great number of people know it [Gonçalo Amaral’s theory]. Any person who knows about the McCanns know the theory of Gonçalo Amaral and that most people think that Gonçalo Amaral's conclusions are true.”

Michael Wright confirms that the documentary and the book are very well known everywhere in Portugal and in the UK.

Amaral’s “evil” hypnotic powers had also, apparently, a significant influence in PdL against the McCanns.

Michael Wright says the fact that people in Praia da Luz believed the conclusions of the book was terrible for them… and Susan Hubbard, who lived in that particular town when the book was published and continued to live there for the following years states that only a minority of PdL’s population believes in the couple when she says “that in PDL some people believe Kate and Gerald, but outside they don't.”

We don’t know about you, but, without wanting to criticize or minimize Mr Amaral’s literary abilities, we think his book is being attributed with mass hysteria capabilities that it simply doesn’t have.

What turned the tide definitely against the couple was the dogs.

It was wearing thin from the moment Kate read in that emotionless way from a paper a message to Maddie’s alleged kidnapper,

The subsequent arguido status for the general public was only the official confirmation of the evidence sniffed up by the dogs.

As The Guardian says on April 19th 2008: "The missing person posters came down almost overnight, says Thompson, when the couple were named official suspects in early September. Though the continuing value of a picture of the child a year on is perhaps debatable, it is striking to see so few visible reminders of Madeleine in a village that was once overwhelmed by her image."

This article is 3 months before Mr. Amaral’s book was published.

But let’s look attentively at the first reason, what Mr Amaral has said in his book that made the McCanns to be very, very unhappy since it was published and up to this day.

Michael Wright says “The thesis that Madeleine died and the parents concealed her body contradicts the AG Report which led to the lifting of the arguido status. His understanding is that the PJ Files say that Madeleine could be dead but there was no evidence that the parents were involved. This is contradictory with the conclusions of GA's book.”

First, as we said, the “AG” hasn’t produced a report but dispatched one and is clearly mistaken about what the conclusions of the PJ Files saying that that Madeleine could be dead but there was no evidence that the parents were involved because they say “the minor Madeleine McCann died”, twice “the death of the minor occurred”,  and “Kate McCann and Gerald McCann are involved in the concealment of the cadaver of their child Madeleine McCann”

No “ifs”, “coulds” or “eventuals” in those sentences but “died”, “death” and “are involved”.

Emma Loach says she “doesn't remember a passage (of the final Report) in particular but considers the final Report disagrees with GA's thesis. She says the book wasn't written in the Report's language but as an account, the conclusion of which being totally different to that of the Report.

So let’s put one against the other, Mr Amaral's book's conclusions against the Investigation Report's (IR) conclusions, so that we can see the differences:

The book says “1. The minor, Madeleine McCann died inside apartment 5A of the Ocean Club in Vila da Luz, on the night of 3rd May 2007
The IR says “A) The minor Madeleine McCann died in the apartment 5A of the Ocean Club resort, on the night of 3rd May 2007
The book says “2. There was simulation of abduction”
The IR says “B) There was a simulation of abduction”

The book says “3. Kate Healy and Gerald McCann are suspects of involvement in the concealment of their daughter's body”
The IR says “D) Kate McCann and Gerald McCann are involved in the concealment of the cadaver of their child Madeleine McCann” and it also says “F) From what has been established until now, everything indicates that the McCanns, by virtue of self preservation, don't want to deliver immediately and voluntarily the cadaver, even though there is a strong possibility that the same was transported from the initial place of deposition. This situation consequently raises questions about the circumstances under which the death of the minor occurred”

The book says “4. The death could have occurred as a result of a tragic accident”
The IR says “E) At this moment, there is no evidence that the death of the minor didn't happen due to a tragic accident”

The book says “5. There are clues about the parents’ negligence concerning the care and safety of the children 
The IR says “C) In order to make it appear impossible that the death of the minor occurred before 22.00hr, a system of checks on the McCann children while they slept was created”

Well, we don’t know about you, but we do think the PJ’s Report’s conclusions are much more damaging to the McCanns than the ones from Mr. Amaral’s book.

Can you now see Isabel Duarte’s unsolvable “Dead-End Dilemma”?

Let us explain.

Without passing any sort of judgment on the archiving dispatch by JMG and JCMM, logic would dictate that if they had to produce a similar document about Mr Amaral’s book, they, JMG and JCMM, would have to conclude after reading the book, certainly with the adequate attention the matter deserved, that, just like they concluded with the Conclusion to the Investigation Report in terms of matter of fact contained in it, it didn’t present enough evidence that would enable the legal system to charge Kate and Gerry with anything so the case should be archived and because of that, both would have to stop being arguidos.

The exact same thing they dispatched about the Conclusion to the Investigation Report dated 10th September 2007 which is within the files that were released (Vol X, p. 2587-2602) which was read in Court on Sept 19th 2013 in Lisbon because it speaks of basically of the same matter of fact

So when McCann Team attacks Mr. Amaral’s book, they haven’t exactly realized that they aren’t attacking Mr. Amaral but fundamentally questioning JMG and JCMM and their dispatch!

To say that the JMG and JCMM dispatch is applicable to the Conclusion to the Investigation Report and not to Mr Amaral’s book is to say that one presents different conclusions from the other, which isn’t the case, although, in all fairness, the first is much more damaging to the arguidos than the latter.

If that was to be said then the reason could only lie in the dispatchers themselves and their capability to interpret differently two things that basically say the same.

Only after proving this, that JMG and JCMM would (not could) dispatch differently two things that basically say the same, can Team McCann start to prove that Mr. Amaral’s book was malicious and have had any sort of responsibility in the McCanns’ current state of distress and despair.

Behold that this requires factual substantiation. It simply wouldn’t be enough for JMG or JCMM to come and just say “The PJ Files and the book are different. Why? Where? I don't care... I just have the "feeling" that they are different”, as some people who apparently have used their "feelings" in court to substantiate their opinions.

Each would have to explain where the differences between the two were and why it would be valued more what was written in one, the Conclusion to the Investigation Report, to the detriment of what was written in the other, Mr. Amaral’s book.

If they didn’t do that, then their dispatch had to be applicable to Mr. Amaral’s book.

And their dispatch made Kate and Gerry very, very, happy, as we said.

So if the Conclusion to the Investigation Report made Kate and Gerry very, very, happy, so should Mr. Amaral’s book make Kate and Gerry very, very happy too!

So what did JMG, one of the authors of the dispatch and crucial prosecution witness say in court?

“Says he didn't read the book nor did he watch the documentary.”

JMG didn’t read a book that according to Michael Wright “can be read in a day” and that dealt with one of XXI’s Century’s most mediatic cases in which he, JMG, was directly involved and played a significant part in its development.

The least we can say is that JMG is not a man with curiosity.

His answer caused the most embarrassing moment to date in this Libel Trial: A momentary silence envelops the court room. ID [Isabel Duarte] then states that, if that is the case then she will refer to the PJ Files 2587-2602 (Vol X) dated 10 SEP 2007 (Report by Inspector Tavares de Almeida). She doesn't have a copy of the documents however and neither does the Judge. The Court clerk hurriedly exits the Court in an attempt to find them.

The prosecution’s main witness surprised the prosecution! How humiliating is that?

And the only other person, JCMM, as the other dispatcher, who could hypothetically say, and and explain the reasoning as to why he would, again hypothetically, have dispatched differently about the book’s conclusions than he would have about the Conclusion to the Investigation Report, hasn't testified yet nor is it foreseeable for him to do so.

It’s just left for everyone else, that means you and me, to read both conclusions and conclude if and why they would or would not dispatch differently both documents.

We, on our part, conclude that he would as there’s nothing in Mr Amaral’s book conclusions that isn’t explicitly referred in the Conclusion to the Investigation Report, as shown above.

You, on the other hand, may conclude differently. It’s totally up to you. If you do, please explain

What is important to understand is that Isabel Duarte is in a Dead-End alley without the possibility of backtracking.

She can either show how unfair, unjust, malicious and evil are the conclusions of Mr. Amaral’s book without discussing facts and contents and that is the same as saying that JMG and JCMM should have also said that the conclusions the Investigation Report were also unfair, unjust, malicious and evil, instead of writing what they wrote, thus making the McCanns very, very unhappy.

By doing that she’s undermining completely the basis as to why the Black Hats have been saying that the McCanns have been cleared.

Or she can say that the conclusions of Mr. Amaral’s book indicate clearly that there was not sufficient evidence that would enable the legal system to charge Kate and Gerry with anything so the process was correctly archived and because of that, both would stop being arguidos, thus making the McCanns very, very happy.

But then why are the McCanns suing Mr. Amaral in the first place if they agree with him?

But we do know that what they are doing is attacking the book, without realizing they are, in turn, also attcking the PJ investigation, as both come to the same conclusions that Maddie is dead and that the McCanns concealed her body, so what the McCanns are really asking for is that the Portuguese Justice revoke the archiving dispatch from JMG and JCMM, because, according to the McCanns, they wrongly interpreted the matter of fact within the files.

If the McCanns are in disagreament with something then it's with the dispatch that has said that there was not enough evidence to charge them. By disagreeing with it then it means that they think there is enough evidence in the files to charge them!

What they really are seeking (and have failed to see it)  is to have the dispatch changed and that means that the McCanns should therefore be charged with obstructing justice.

And who is seeking for the McCanns to be charged? It's the McCanns! Isn't that just so ironic?

If they argue, which they in effect and unwittingly are doing, against the archiving dispatch, which concludes not enough evidence, then they are left with only a document that accuses them of a number of possible offences, which is worse for them.

And they've put themselves into this position before the onslaught that will be coming from the defence side and that is an unquestionable extraordinary achievement on the part of the prosecution, to say the least.

Not only are things not going well for the McCann team, and that is an understatement, they are, in our opinion, in real trouble.

And we are not talking about the various embarrassments and blunders that the prosecution has made so far.

Isabel Duarte has, in our opinion, as the British say, painted herself and her clients into a corner.

And publicly, against Mr Amaral's wishes to have it all away from the media.

The McCann distress comes from the PJ Files and only from the PJ Files.

The archiving dispatch was supposed to bring "closure" to the case for the Black Hats.

The release of the PJ Files and the publication of an agreeable and easy to read book that could be read in a day sabotaged that completely.

What they really want to punish Mr Amaral for is for him having made the PJ Files' matter of fact conclusions known worldwide through his book.

But can't. And are in court running around in circles trying to find a way out and there simply isn't one.

At least one thing that can't blame themselves for is having been hasty in taking Mr Amaral to court as one year and two months after he published the book, they still were "finalising plans to sue police chief".


Post Scriptum:

This morning, we woke up with a media frenzy that we hadn't witnessed equal since 2007/2008: 

The Times: “Madeleine police scour thousands of telephone records” 

The Guardian: “Madeleine McCann inquiry focuses on mobile phone data”

The Telegraph: “Madeleine McCann detectives appeal for help from 31 countries in mobile phone trawl”

Sky News: “Madeleine McCann: Police Probe Phone Records”

The Mirror: “Madeleine McCann: Police using phone data to track EVERYONE who was in Praia da Luz on night girl disappeared” 

Chanel4: “Madeleine McCann investigation to target phone records”

Let’s read these news with our other set of eyes.

Scouring of thousands of phone calls in 31 countries? Basically that is saying that they are looking for a needle in a barn filled to the roof with hay and they aren’t saying if it's decisive or not even if they find it.

In a world full of coincidences, there is one corner of it where, as we have seen, there are absolutely no coincidences: Maddie's world.

So there must be a reason for this blatantly coordinated massive media manoeuvre.

We see two options.

The first, and easiest to believe in, is that it's to distract attention away from how badly the trial is going for the McCanns. A decoy of humungous proportions required for a disaster of equal size, as shown in present post, now that the defense is to start its offensive.

The second, would be to call the attention of the public to the subject, heightening the interest of many, now that the McCann’s tide is at its lowest.

We're not talking about tabloids but mainstream media.

Internet searches will increase. Knowledge will spread. Eroding public's opinion against the McCanns.

Increasing the pressure on those protecting them (we know Black Hats aren’t protecting the McCanns but themselves). Making the rope burn in their hands and forcing them to let go.

Just three final notes on this.

First, the Correio da Manhã says “Cameron força investigação a caso Maddie”

This translates to “Cameron forces investigation in Maddie’s case”, explicitly saying that in Britain, Government does influence directly police investigations.

Second, the Express says about Crimewatch that “The programme, which will be screened on October 14, will ­feature a reconstruction of events in the Portuguese resort on the night of May 3, 2007. And it will highlight a series of new leads found by the team of 37 Yard detectives.”

So it has already been filmed.

Duarte's behaviour, and we would add, Gerry’s and Kate’s expressions, don't suggest the Crimewatch programme has cheered them up.

Third, The Sun is, up to this moment, strangely quiet on this matter.


  1. Brilliant and accurate as always, Textusa. Thank you!

    Just read this - one more log on the fire - Has this lady been also sued?...

    "Disliking the McCanns"
    by Anne Enright

    "(...)There are problems of active and passive throughout the McCanns’ speech. Perhaps there are cultural factors at play. I have no problem, for example, with Kate McCann’s reported cry on the night of 3 May: ‘They’ve taken Madeleine.’ To my Irish ears ‘they’ seems a common usage, recalling Jackie Kennedy’s ‘I want the world to see what they’ve done to my Jack’ at Dallas. I am less happy with the line she gives in the interview when she says: ‘It was during one of my checks that I discovered she’d gone.’ My first reaction is to say that she didn’t just go, my second is to think that, in Ireland, ‘she’d gone’ might easily describe someone who had slipped into an easy death. Then I rewind and hear the question, ‘Tell us how you discovered that Madeleine had gone?’ and realise that no one can name this event, no one can describe the empty space on Madeleine McCann’s bed.

    Perhaps there is a Scottish feel to Gerry McCann’s use of ‘done’. The word is repeated and re-emphasised when he is asked about how Portuguese police conducted the case, particularly in the first 24 hours. He says: ‘I think, em, you know, we are not looking at what has been done, and I don’t think it helps at this stage to look back at what could and couldn’t have been done . . . The time for these lessons to be learned is after the investigation is finished and not now..."

    and a reference to the situation:

    "McCann family hits back at Enright attack"

  2. Unpublished non-Anon at at 4 Oct 2013 09:46:00

    We are unable to return the compliment because we totally disagree with your theories and serious accusations against certain public figures such as them having given life-taking orders. So we prefer not to give publicity to you.

  3. Absolutely, Textusa!

    So, of course they resort to the lastest round of spin aided and abetted by Redwood and the UK media. The "substantive and substantial" new leads and the examination of mobile phone records, the Crimewatch appeal being aired in several countries .......... It is all past comment now. Except to say: how about the mobile phone records of the McCanns themselves? Deleting all their messages and calls from May 3rd and 4th erases them from the mobiles, does not remove them from the records.

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  5. Concerning dogs work and Mr. Amaral is interviewed:

    McCanns - Their Best Moments

    1. Anonymous 4 Oct 2013 11:15:00

      Very interesting snippet from the interview from the vídeo you have sent:

      03:17 to 03:27

      Gonçalo Amaral: Um dia estávamos a ultimar diligências para uma testemunha muito importante vir a Portugal

      Repórter: Essa testemunha chegou a vir a Portugal?

      GA: Que eu tenha conhecimento, não… acho que nunca veio...

      Repórter: E era mesmo muito importante?

      GA: Muito importante.

      GA: One day we were finalizing diligences for a very important witness to come to Portugal

      Reporter: Did this witness ever come to Portugal?

      GA: That I am aware, no ... I think [the witness] never came...

      Reporter: And was [the witness] very important?

      GA: Very important.

  6. We would like to inform our readers that we won't allow ourselves to be distracted from the trial.

    We have decided to create a blog where we have posted all Anne Guedes transcriptions that we have done in our 3 Historic Registry post:

    The link has been posted on the blogs front page under the headin "The Anne Guedes Transcriptions" and will be updated accordingly.

    1. Thank you, Textusa and Sisters! I really admire your work capacity and commitment to this cause, I don't know how you manage to do all that you do! You make me feel ashamed of myself, I struggle just to keep up with my housework and attending to the needs(demands, really) of a son, husband and cat, lol!
      Many, many heartfelt thanks,


  7. Very appropriate that the Mcs should appear on Crimewatch.
    Maybe someone will point the finger at them.
    Talk about a major distraction.
    Media Circus now required if libel claim fails

    1. That's what they've always wanted, isn't it? A Crimewatch style reconstruction instead of a police (PJ) controlled one, which would have no cameras, no media circus. Now they're getting what they wanted! I hope they're "delighted" (NOT!)...when will we see the pair in the UK media saying how pleased they are with it...?

      (just some snippets here, not the entire article)

      "Kate and Gerry McCann had already decided not to return to Portugal for the reconstruction of the night of their daughter went missing.
      The couple said the re-enactment would do “absolutely nothing” to help find their daughter, who was three when she vanished from the family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in May 2007."

      “Kate and Gerry have had grave reservations about the value of it. If the reconstruction was going to help Madeleine, nothing in the world would stop them taking part."

      “But Kate and Gerry and their friends cannot see the point of all the disruption it would cause to their busy work schedules and families if, as they believe, it will do absolutely nothing to help find Madeleine.”

      "Mr Mitchell said that if the reconstruction was televised with the chance of bringing in new leads the McCanns and their friends would agree to do it.
      He went on: “They would welcome a Crimewatch-style reconstruction which is properly broadcast for millions of people to see and could generate important new leads and fresh information.”

      "But Portuguese police said they did not want the reconstruction to be filmed."

  8. I would like to bring over here a comment I just read on JH from Tony Bennett (hope he doesn't mind):

    "Operation Grange has been going for 2 years and 5 months now, and the cost of this investigation, on their own figures, has risen to not far short of £6 million.

    To that must be added the costs of writing to 31 countries asking all their mobile 'phone companies for records - and those countries then sending them over to Belgravia Police Station, where Grange is located.

    Following all that lot up may mean that Redwood has to recruit even more staff within two years of their police retirement date.

    Add on the cost of obtaining these shoals of data, processing them, and then ringing everyone up and maybe visiting some of them - not forgetting visits to the 41 'persons of interest' already named - and surely the total costs of this SY Review will sail past £10 million before very long?

    All to be funded by the patient taxpayers of the U.K."

  9. Many thanks, yet again to you and so many who give us this translated and explained information

    May I just ask you to kindly clarify this point:

    E) At this moment, there is no evidence that the death of the minor didn't happen due to a tragic accident;

    >>I read it a few times, and finally understand you really have to give emphasis in your mind the word 'death'

    And finally, as much as GM was taken off the case, it has actually become a plus. On reflection it actually exonerates him, supports him and give's almost another 'independent\REVIEW of the investigation and case work.

    The banner wavers saying: he (GA) did this, didn't do that, said that, said the other etc, in the current times of the Lisbon hearing FAIL to acknowledge that there was a full case review by officers and the process to archive.

    Considering the MET's Crimewatch programme must have been in the planning, as was the hearing in Lisbon one can't just dismiss this as coincidence. If one had to draw the line - it's there for all to see, particularly at this time...........! And the UK (and I'm British) expect un-conditional support from the Portuguese Judiciary, have totally chosen the wrong time and opportunity to appeal for information. Particularly as the hearing unfolds, that NO ONE it seems read or understands the archiving documentation.

    It is curious to note that the MET now have 41 people of interest, one presumes this totally excludes ALL (and I mean ALL) previous witnesses and witness statements. To add to that all the pre - post disappearance witnesses like the Australian lady etc waiting at some port, off some yacht that looked like Victoria Beckham.

    Again with thanks

  10. Meadow,

    If I understood correctly your request for clarification has been anwered by you!

    While Mr Amaral is slightly more adamant on the death having resulted as consequence of an accident ("The death could have occurred as a result of a tragic accident) than the IR (At this moment, there is no evidence that the death of the minor didn't happen due to a tragic accident").

    Both are adamant on Maddie being dead.

    The IR leaves in the air the idea that the death may have not occurred as result of an accident, a thesis much harmful to the McCanns.

    We believe that Maddie's death happened as a consequence of a tragic accident, as we have said many times.

    Thank you for your comment.

  11. The Pj fileshave a vast number of phone calls made.
    Redwood must be using those!
    He has no other source. Making it look like he is doing something
    The pj were not allowed to use some phone intercepts as evidence.

    1. Pop over to & keep an eye on (save the link) for Joana, she had a snip on the point.

      Scroll down to HER comment @4.


  12. More harassment of people in PdL. Someone may snap and reveal all

  13. The media says new evidence has been found so why can’t the PJ use this to re-open the case? If they don’t there are 2 reasons, it isn’t new evidence or the pressure from above will not allow it to be re-opened.

    I find this whole thing quite scary as it shows the case is far bigger than we think and McCanns have knowledge of something that could expose it, that would explain how they have been protected but this recent news tells me a lot of high powered, well known people are the real issue. McCanns are mere pawns and probably paid a substantial amount of money to keep qiuet and get on with the circus. That’s a possible reason why they have supporters in 2 groups, those who are involved and those who genuinely feel sorry that McCanns have been dragged into a cover up.

    The news might not be what we think, it could be SY are not really investigating Maddie’s disappearance at all, they are going after what is behind the McCanns' involvement. If this is not the case I will never again trust any police force.

    1. No, don't go down the conspiracy route not worth your time and effort. Just think how things can be kept under the radar like Jimmy Savile (not for his crimes but the vast amount) or how someone like Dr Harold Shipman operated or even Fred West with an IQ of a dead gnat. In the open, keeping their cool. This is all about a game of nerves, bloody expensive though!

      I've no idea currently what happened that night in PDL - but my main pre-occupation is IT DIDN'T HAPPEN THE way they said it did. Also the very fact that the issue of all the homealone children got swept under the carpet.


    2. Meadow,

      Apologise in publishing your reply only now. It got lost in blogger and only saw it now.

  14. We now have the name of assistant SY Commissioner Mark Rowley at the top of the review and Redwood and McCanns appearing together on Crimewatch.
    The establishment of the UK supporting the McCanns. Just what is at stake here? It's more than just the T9 and entourage. This is a cover up of significant proportions.
    A terrifying thought for anyone who really thought they lived in a democratic and relatively uncorrupt country

  15. New leads and THEORIES about what happened to her
    I thought only 1 theory allowed?

  16. It seems a theory is going to be proposed on Crimewatch.
    Will it be based on pimpleman?
    That would be plain stupid.

  17. Can UK access phone data of anyone on Portuguese soil? Not just Brits but Portuguese citizens? Or other nationalities. Surely only the PJ could ask for authorisation to do that.
    We've had enough phone hacking scandals in the UK

  18. "Assistant Commissioner Rowley said three of these British citizens are on the verge of being eliminated from the inquiry.
    It is a huge undertaking requiring extensive international cooperation."

    What a very odd thing to say let alone announce! To me that reads as though the police have almost fund a suitable alibi to get British citizens out of the mess they are in.

  19. "What they really want to punish Mr Amaral for is for him having made the PJ Files' matter of fact conclusions known worldwide through his book."

    That's why they had the injunction against GA's book and only his. His reflects the files while all other books published about Maddie only reflect the personal opinion of their authors.
    Why isn't the book published in UK? C-O-W-A-R-D-I-C-E
    I propose the greenwich meridian by painted yellow where it passes in Britain.

  20. Could all this latest news be because SY is using phone data that the PJ was not allowed to use? I seem to remember the info the PJ held was not allowed because of the way it was obtained. I have a strange notion that the libel trial really is a deliberate farce and only went ahead because of the current news but I haven’t worked out what the connection could be.

    Reading between Redwood’s words he doesn’t say Mcs will take part in the reconstruction just that they will be interviewed.

    As for them making an appeal! Is this to set them up on camera to show the world the act they are putting on so the general public will react like they did to people like the Philpotts and Karen Matthews?

  21. Why not just wait until the inquiry is completed and announce they are cleared?
    Or , is this a message to the worried people who know who he's talking about?

  22. Meadow,

    I think it's very clear.
    It says there's there is no evidence that the death of the minor didn't happen due to a tragic accident, it doesn't say there is no evidence that she's dead and if she is that the death of the minor didn't happen due to a tragic accident.
    Death of the minor is clear. If it was or not due to an accident is not.

  23. Crimewatch doesn't use the actual victims in reconstructions, it uses actors, but the actual victims are sometimes interviewed about what happened to them. Either with identities concealed, like rape victims, or as they are. Sometimes family and friends speak about victims, particularly if they are dead.
    Will Pimpleman and the table be part of reconstruction and just how big will the table be? I hope they remembered that it is round and not the joining up of square tables that the media has shown other times. They will have to make it as small as possible for 9 people, otherwise it will stick out like a sore thumb amongst the ordinary tables.

  24. There is something odd about all this. On the face of it, a complete whitewash, but an extraordinary effort to achieve it. SY could just say we think it was more likely to be abduction than anything else, but we haven't got any leads, as the trail has gone cold.
    Are SY implying they have checked out Hewlett, Barrington Norton and orphanage collection man and cleared them?

  25. Please people, don't let this media circus drive attention away from the trial!
    Let's continue to support Anne Guedes and her transcriptions!
    Anne, if you're reading this, I'm anxious to read what Trish and Damaso had to say!

  26. Anon @ 14.09.00 Good point.
    Anne fully support you. Hope you will be able to continue at the future hearings.

    Like everything to do with this case, it has never been an easy and simple ride.

    But where would the we\public be without all the very hard work done by so few, for so many.

    Again, with thanks

  27. Guardian talks of SY interviewing 8 PIs
    Who can they be?
    CRG - Keenan and Farrow
    Edgar and sidekick Cowley
    M3 Noel Hogan Peribanez and another man mentioned on another site, who I hadn't heard of Gary ...?
    Kevin Halligen
    Nonwomen it seems.
    No Cagney and Lacey?

  28. Is Crimewatch the REAL reason both Mcs in Portugal???? They were being filmed for Crimewatch? Would it explain the strange choice of witnesses?

  29. Reconstruction will have to stick to timings given in statements and forensics of K being only fingerprint on the window. And it will have to show so called checking and sitting at the Big Round Table.

    Will the BRT be the star of the show?

    Will it become a celebrity and be interviewed by the media?

  30. I am Anonymous 4 Oct 2013 15:23:00
    Can I apologise as it wasn't The Guardian who wrote about the 8 PIs?
    It was another paper but there was so much different information it all got confusing.
    Can anyone say which paper reported this?


    Maddie 'was snatched by Algarve-based paedophile ring', Portuguese paper claims as police contact ALL tourists staying in Praia da Luz when she disappeared

    Correio da Manha says new inquiry 'points to paedophile ring in Algarve'
    A team of six Portuguese detectives are now said to be working on theory
    Met officers now plan to make a list of everyone at resort at the time
    Anyone at Praia da Luz resort in 2007 may get a call from officers
    A £5m case review lead to a 'new theory' about to be aired on Crimewatch
    Appeal on October 14 will be first time McCann's and Portuguese police have stood side by side since parents were named as suspects in case


    Exclusive: Inside Scotland Yard's new Madeleine McCann hunt incident room

    Lol, lol, lol

  33. The Anne Guedes transcriptions for Trish Cameron have been published.

    You can read them here:

    We all are very grateful for Anne's hard work. A citizen can make a difference.

  34. Anonymous 4 Oct 2013 15:50:00

    You may be right with your suggestion of the reason they went to PdL

    But doesn't sound like they are actually in reconstruction.

    Are SY going to use the BH video abductor we all found hilarious? That one of the man taking a pillow out of the windw? Is that a Crimewatch preview. Lol

  35. Anonymous 4 Oct 2013 16:12:00

    It was Sky News
    Talked of 8 different teams of private detectives
    Never knew there were that many teams!
    The actual quote from the Guardian is
    "Cross referencing witness statements from 8 private detectives"
    Sky refers to 8 TEAMS of private detectives.
    I think we're all getting confused because I didn't realise there were 8 teams. That would mean a minimum of 16 private detectives. Who are they all?
    I have a hard copy of Guardian in front of me which I checked.
    But 8 teams would be very very expensive.who paid them?
    And what did they ever produce?

  36. "ID – Did they stop socialising after the book was published and why?
    TC says they have resumed a social life only a year ago or so, but adds that they don't go out much. They feel better when they are in friend’s homes."

    They only socialized in 2012?!?
    How many pictures needed from the internet about all the social events they participated?
    And how did she become friends with Emma Loach, Susan Hubbard, Claudia Nogueira and Isabel Stilwell just to name witnesses? From osmosis?

  37. "ID – Do they know of the book and its conclusions?
    TC says that some pupils mentioned it at school. Last week Amelie told that somebody had spoken about it at school.

    ID – Have you heard her say this?
    TC says "no". "

    And continues as if she did!!!

    "ID – What did Amelie say?
    TC – People were speaking about her.

    ID – Was she more specific?
    TC – No, and Kate tried to minimize this. She says that in the past Sean asked his father, "Are you famous?", because a friend told him he had seen his father on TV. Gerry said he wasn't famous, that all this was because of Madeleine."

    And doesn’t stop there:

    "SO – Last week, Amelie mentioned that they were talked about at school and that previously it had never happened. Does it have something to do with this trial?
    TC – Yes, it does."

  38. Just watched on Channel 4 News
    SY say it's just speculation they are looking at a paedophile ring
    On Monday 14 th. Crimewatch, we will hear NEW THEORY

  39. Textusa,

    THANK YOU, for the transcription in your reply to Anonymous 4 Oct 2013 11:15:00.

    I wonder who that witness might be. Smith had bcaktracked and Gaspar wasn't yet part of the picture. Important enough to have GA kicked off the case! Someone from inside the investigation in UK?

  40. Brilliant article Textusa, this case has so many twists and turns I find it incredible that newspapers are still prepared to print what is handed to them by team Mccann and not do any proper investigative journalism, public support for the Mccanns is rock bottom and this media publicity is because the court case is not going their way. The public are not silly and do not accept the abductor version that the press keeps printing. Well done Textusa for all your amazing work one day the truth will come out.

  41. it puzzles me that these two parents who know the fate of their daughter, yet for the past 6 years they have kept up this pretence. It's really horrible to think that they have done this, but they have done it, and we all know they have everything points to their involvement, the dogs, their weird behaviour, how they turned their daughter into a business and made money from her, there is so much suspictions against, why could they not be honest and tell the truth and give the poor little girl a proper burial and still they continue with their lies. It must have been something else that needed covering up just like Textusa pointed out years ago the swinging, and because of the swinging they all covered and lied for each other and higher people were involved and now these people are being protected but at such a high cost, SY now look ridiculous puppets. Theresa May, Gordon Brown and now Cameron do these people really believe its worth protecting the likes of the Mccanns when public opinion is so against Kate and Gerry and everything they stand for?
    Dr Amaral stands for the truth yet he is being villified by the media just what are these people so afraid of?

  42. This whole trial farce makes me think it’s all a cover to get Mcs back to Portugal OR they were requested to come so it’s ideal cover. The quality of witnesses is crazy in a real trial. Is this smoke and mirrors? This way the Mcs are not prejudiced in a forthcoming trial? It just doesn’t stack up especially in light of the latest developments.

  43. Well done, Textusa and team, this puts us in the picture after a day of spin by the usual parties; taking note of the blog with the postings of the transcriptions of Anne Guedes. ; as you wrote : ".. McCanns.. they are, in our opinion, in real trouble" Good to know as they have tried to control this case all along and it's about time that 'the tide turns' Now the trial continues...

  44. Trish fudged the reply when asked if she read the book so didn’t say she had read it yet can declare it’s different to the files.
    "TC says she wishes to say something. She states that Kate studied the PJ files and the process and said it was very different from what is in the book"
    Speaks in the name of Amelie and in the name of Kate. Is she the new McCann spokesperson? I thought that was Clarence's job. Anyone seen him lately?

  45. Trish:
    “ID – Had Gerry just been made aware of the book? Was it translated?
    TC thinks he had a translated version”

    “ID – Do you know who did the translation?
    TC answers her husband found it on the internet.”

    Not according to Michael Wright:

    “ID - When did they read the book and watch the documentary?
    MW – They read the book when I sent them the translation that was on the internet in August 2008. They heard about the documentary in March/April 2009. There was a big campaign in Praia da Luz, they needed people to support them and the documentary had a negative effect on that.”

    Can’t these people get their act together before walking in the court room? The transcripts have been online for everyone to see, including you, Trish!

  46. The judge wasn’t impressed with TC. "A senhora pode ir à vida" is a very rude way of dismissing someone. Basically it's only said to people who are wasting our time. I guess it would be the same in English. Imagine a judge dismissing you with an "ok, you can go on with your life"...
    This shows the judge was quite annoyed. A judge hears a lot in court. To lose patience like this is unusual. A judge would usually use a polite “Obrigado, pode sair” (Thank you, you may leave)

    1. Wow! Yes, you're absolutely right, that was a very coloquial/vulgar way for a judge to dismiss a witness, not at all professional or legal language! I think the usual for is "a testemunha está dispensada" (the witness id dismissed). That expression, "vá à sua vida", when it it is said to someone, it usually means we are annoyed with that person, we are telling her/him to go away, we are not interested, stop bothering me! It's an expression with a bad connotation, not very nice.

  47. Now the Mcs are back in the spotlight they appear uglier both inside and out than they appeared back in 2007 when some of us believed their lies. So much information is available concerning this case, so many people have opinions why do they persist with their lies they have become an embarrassment to those protecting them.
    This judge is not putting up with their nonsense and media spin - good for her!

    A TEAM of Portuguese detectives have claimed Madeleine McCann was abducted by a professional paedophile ring based in the Algarve area where she vanished, according to reports.
    SEIS SUSPEITOS ESTÃO NO ALGARVE « Correio da Manhã Canadá
    Diligências pedidas a Portugal irão incidir sobre estes indivíduos, de nacionalidades inglesa e portuguesa, que já foram investigados.

  49. This burglary thing just makes me smile.... with sadness.
    It's pitiful and pathetic to what SY has been reduced to.

  50. Have I woken up in a parallel universe?

  51. EXCUSE ME?

    "Madeleine McCann's parents yesterday demanded their names be cleared amid reports that Portuguese detectives have ended a 14-month investigation into her disappearance."

    Didin't they say their names were COMPLETELY cleared when they stopped being arguidos in 2008? What do they want to be cleared of now? Or is this accepting that they weren't cleared at all?

    Read more:

  52. The tabloids are certainly living up to their name of the 'gutter press' where the mccanns are concerned, recycled old abductor non-stories. Come on press grow a backbone and start printing the truth, or you will be forever remembered as the 'gagged' press, or if you can't print the truth then don't print anything at all.

  53. I can't see many people falling for this.
    Can you think of a single case in UK where burglars have taken a child? Ever?
    The only rare cases are when people steal cars and find a child in the back, usually panic and abandon car.
    So they broke in 5a, after G's check, whilst he was outside chatting, took no valuables and woke M, who made no noise, as the Moyes sat above, hearing nothing. And left no trace of forced entry. Were they supposed to have a key? If they did it was inside job, so they would also know 3 kids inside, with chance of all waking
    so they went prepared with sedatives.?
    They had a trial run before?
    However you try this story, it gets more ridiculous.
    If MW warned about burglaries, why would you leave kids alone in unlocked apartment? Why would they just have a listening service at the door if they were also warning people to take care?

  54. Can't see them arresting as there is no evidence to do so if they haven't even agreed to reopen the case.
    I think Crimewatch plan was to get GA to agree to a settlement which involved a gagging clause, then go ahead with Crimewatch without any fear of him responding to any theory put forward and his book not spoken of.
    GA unexpectedly didn't agree, so it's messed things up


    National PJ Director Almeida Rodrigues and Attorney General Joana Marques Vidal comment on the Maddie Case

    For about about a month and a half the Judiciary Police of Faro is carrying out the requests asked in the rogatory letter sent by the British authorities in the scope of the Maddie case. Although elements of the English police have already attended meetings in the Algarve, their presence in the investigations on the field is something that, at least for the time being, is out of question.


    Há cerca de mês e meio que a Policia Judiciária de Faro está a dar cumprimento a uma carta rogatória enviada pelas autoridades britânicas no âmbito do caso Maddie. Apesar de elementos da policia inglesa terem já participado em reuniões no Algarve, o acompanhamento das diligências no terreno é algo que, de momento, não se coloca

    1. I was about to post here a link to the SIC video, thank you for doing it.
      It made me very uncomfortable to hear at the end of that video that the MET police and the McCanns will be making a public appeal with the BBC on the 12th October!
      This says to me cover-up, cover-up, cover-up!!! They are all in cahoots with each other!

  56. For me the saddest thing about this whole case is it has made it very clear to me the disdain with which us, the people are held by those in power.
    That people know the discrepancies involved in this case and yet because of the total corruption and stench of their activities involved in getting into power will do anything to protect themselves - including lying to us in the most blatant way imaginable.
    I can't imagine what it is like for your readers living in the UK to feel when they read this.
    The powers of might and rule and law are printing absolute lies which we all know and yet there is not punitive action for this.
    We are truly living in a lawless society when something of this scale can go on for so long and not be outed.

    What kind of a hydra are we actually looking at here?


    Caso Madeleine McCann: Red de pedofilia una especulación

    Channel 4

    4 octubre 2013
    Simon Israel, corresponsal de asuntos de interior de Channel 4, desmiente la información pubicada por O Correio da Manhã

  58. Textusa
    Acidentalmente descobri este blogue num arquivo esquecido e deparei com este post. Desconheço se tem, ou não, alguma relevância e, por isso, partilho. Não tem de ser publicado mas poderá ser aproveitado.

    Missing Maddie – Latest News Case Shelved July 21,2008

    "The McCanns’ legal team expect the book to amount to pure speculation, and have said that they are more interested in being given access to the police files

    The decision to close the case could also lead to the strict secrecy laws being lifted and would also open the files to public scrutiny as well as allowing Mr Amaral to publish his book."

  59. Mais uma opinião que penso poderá ter interesse.

    "These police belong in the dock, not the McCanns"

    "(...)The steep clifftops moments from the McCanns' apartment are riddled with cracks and gullies. A child could easily have fallen there, or her body been disposed of. Yet in a 15km hike my group passed only three young National Guards..."

  60. Textusa, it seems Guardian has joined The Sun. Also finds it unbelievable as nothing about it today.


  61. Scenarios for alive
    - caring couple with key, who have lived since 2007 with the most famous blonde little girl since 2007 away from everyone's eyes, taken unnoticed by Moyes and Fenn and stumbling on Tanner, Gerry and Jeremy Wilkins.
    - paedophile ring, dismissed by SY as speculation.
    - wandered off and taken by gypsies totally dismissed in Kate's book
    - "Edgar's lair" somewhere in a 10 km radius of Luz

    For dead
    - burglary, unless burglar took her home and said to his wife, Look what I found.
    - solitary paedophile - wouldn't keep her for long.

    What fits best with the mockumentary, paedophile ring, dismissed as speculation by SY

  62. From Trish Cameron testimony:

    ID – Do you have something more to say about the effect of the book and the documentary?
    TC speaks of the internet, the fact that the files are public and very easy to access even by children.

    The files again!!! It's what really is on their minds, isn't it? That's what really bugs them the files, not the book...ID asks about the book and the doc, and TC answers with the files being easy to find online!!!
    "The FACTS of the FILES", eh, eh, eh...

  63. Trish Cameron's testimony:

    "SO – Last week, Amelie mentioned that they were talked about at school and that previously it had never happened. Does it have something to do with this trial?
    TC – Yes, it does."


    And who's to blame for that? Who made this trial happen? Who is suing Mr. Amaral?
    So, can we assume that your brother and sister-in-law are damaging the twins...?

  64. Now there's an established paedo ring in the Algarve! if that is so, then why haven't they targeted any other children since 2007, why haven't any other children been taken by that paedophile ring...? Why only Madeleine...?

  65. "The Judge – A senhora pode ir à vida = The lady may go back to her life"

    "TC says she wishes to say something. She states that Kate studied the PJ files and the process and said it was very different from what is in the book.

    (SO protests and ID even more.
    The Judge overrules saying that it falls to the Court to compare the book and the investigation process and she does not need the intervention of the witness to do so)"

    Isabel Duarte protests about what TC said???? Goodness gracious me! No wonder, she knows TC has just said a big fat LIE! TC should have talked to her brother Gerry about "the facts of the file", shouldn't she...?

  66. Interesting comment in Jill Havern'sn site, topic LIbel trial day 6:

    "Re: Libel trial day 6 witness 1. TRISH CAMERON
    Post jeanmonroe Yesterday at 3:26 pm

    ID – Had Gerry just been made aware of the book? Was it translated? TC thinks he had a translated version
    ID – Do you know who did the translation? TC answers her husband found it on the internet.

    Only got this far...................

    TC answers HER husband found it on the internet.

    Must be going ga-ga here,

    I thought it was M 'grass' Wrong that found it on the internet and gave it to GM.

    (Patricia Cameron née McCann) Trish Cameron. Divorced and a nurse by occupation.

    Hope they have put enough dosh aside to keep Sandy C 'schtumed'!

    'Fund' set up for 'wider family assistance' and all that.

    What did Gamble say?

    "Relationships change, people divorce, and that could lead to the solving of this case." "

  67. The Mccann spin is flooding our (corrupt) media attempting to reinforce the opinion that the parents are victims in all of this. This mess is of the Mccanns own making they blame everybody else but themselves they created the media monster spreading false stories. Fact is no one believes it anymore we've got the internet and freedom of speech and information we know for a fact that Kate and Gerry did nothing but hinder this so called search. Lied about everything from day 1 broken shutters, deleted phone calls we know that they should have been investigated years ago, all those descrepancies in their statments, refusal to answer pj questions or take part in a reconstruction, the endless litigation cases. This pair are sick and I am sick of them their smug and arrogant faces and their lies. They have single handedly reduced the reputation of the Met to zero when once I was proud of our police force I don't trust them now. The mccanns are taking part in a crimewatch programme this is another programme that will loose all credability after this pair of clowns appear on it thanks to the curse of the Mccanns are they going to mention blanket man and all the other ficticous characters or how Kate called the pj f****** t****** and refused to answer questions, will Eddie and Keela the sniffer dogs get a mention, or the fact that the Mccanns never searched for Maddie on the night she vanished because it was too dark, where is the pink blanket or blue hold all what happened to these items? Why did they leave the boot of the Scenic open for long periods, cadaver found only on items handled by the kate, stating the twins loved sea bass after the dogs alerted to the scenic If a child had not died it would be laughable the lengths this evil pair have taken to keep out of jail all paid for from the public purse after they quickly set up a fraudulent fund and online shopping store. This latest episode is a media blitz to whitewash a couple of crooks into making the public accept them as victims when they are anything but victims. Where comments are allowed they are all anti mccann we've read the files we suspect the parents involvement in madeleines disappearance we want the truth not this pile of rot they keep dishing out. One day somebody will slip up and the truth will come out. There are rumblings that the mccanns have separated so how did they manage to keep that out of the papers?

  68. Even people sympathetic to Mcs are deriding the burglary story.
    I think some press are trying to flush out a theory from SY, by getting them to deny each cock and bull story in turn, eliminating possibilities.
    I think the burglary story is even crazier than the caring couple.
    Even alien abduction seems realistic after this.

  69. Not only has ID driven herself and her clients into a dead-end as SY is doing exactly the same.

  70. I don't know if I've made this comment in this blog or somewhere else so I apologise if I'm repeating myself but I can't help but think of the children involved in this.
    The twins realizing their ENTIRE family has lied about their sister's fate.
    TS realizing that her parents allowed her to lie about what she saw
    Tanner's daughter realizing that she impersonated a dead child to deceive others about what had happened.
    CG realizing that he has "donated" his DNA to a farce.
    I just hope they all realize that they are faultless and aren't to blame for anything and will find within themselves forgiveness to all those they put all their trust in.

  71. This media frenzy is what the Mccanns instigated back in 2007 when Madeleine first 'disappeared' it detracts from the proper investigation and enables them to get their message across to the public before opinions are formed.
    They are doing the same with this court case another media frenzy, mention of Crimewatch and burglary all the usual Mccann ingredients of spin, spin and more spin. This would suggest that the Mccanns are worried about the courtcase and it is not going their way.
    This is good news for Dr Amaral firstly the publicity for his excellent and informative book is now out in the public domain, many people out of curiosity will be reading it online whereas before they would not have known about it. Also it proves the Mccanns have much to hide if they were innocent they would cooperate and why bring this case in the first place if they were innocent. They have shown contempt for the courtroom and the judge with their 'odd' choice of witnesses and contempt for the British justice system at how easy they have been able to manipulate it through friends in high places.
    Its one thing lying to a faceless public but another lying to family and close friends, when the twins are older they will research this case and make their own decisions, unless of course in the meantime the Mccanns are found guilty and Madeleine can be given closure and peace. RIP Madeleine.

  72. Unpublished Anon at 5 Oct 2013 12:38:00

    We don't believe in curses, but we do believe this case has taken its toll on many relationships.

    We haven't published your comment because we want to focus on the testimony of this witness, rather than her personal life.

  73. Such media frenzy and... no Clarence Mitchell? Figure that... a silent, invisible spokesperson. If Edgar earns his investigator salary without doing any investigation then I suppose it's alright for Clarence to earn his keep by not saying a word.

  74. It think it's being overlooked the coincidence that Gerrya and Kate haven't set foot together for this trial. The twins aren't a excuse because during the injunction trial someone took care of them back home and they're older now. A possible break-up in their marriage is also not an excuse. It should be about their daughter so they should show up together even if they aren't anymore (not saying they aren't just putting the possibility). Take Filomena Teixeira for example, The parents of Rui Pedro have long divorced but they have both always shown up together when it comes to their son.
    Why one and then the other? Why not show closed ranks?

  75. Six years on and all the money, publicity, interviews, holiday packs, wristbands, stickers, worldwide media coverage, time, effort man hours spent by countless police forces, private PI's - isn't it time SY started looking at the obvious alternative as to what happened to Madeleine?

  76. At least the Mccanns did not make the front page of the Daily Mirror today (they have been relegated to page 7 ) and as I'm currently toilet training my puppy he can do his business on page 7 because that's all it's good for!

  77. The Anne Guedes transcriptions for Henrique Machado has been published.

    You can read it here:

    We reiterate our gratefulness to Anne and her hard work. A citizen can make a difference.

    1. Many thanks for the links Textusa - this judge is doing a good job no wonder the Mccanns are panicking.

  78. Revisitando fontes de informação.

    Madeleine McCann: DNA Jigsaw, Torture And The Twilight Zone
    MADDYWATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann


    British forensic scientists “are said to believe tests on fresh clues support earlier findings that led to the McCanns being declared suspects”

  79. Duarte makes fundamental errors.
    Forgets/doesn't know that journalists' sources are protected.

    Asks witness a question he isn't qualified to answer- why was GA dismissed? How would he know, other than by reading GA book or listening to GA interviews, but that is the same as anyone who has done this. Only PJ who dismissed him could give evidence as to why.
    So why didn't Duarte call the person responsible for dismissal?

    I could have done a better job

    Witnesses unused to being in witness box like Trisha don't realise the intimidation and tendency for the brain to disengage. If witnesses tell the truth, it's not a big problem as knowledge will carry them through, but it's very different to sustain a consistent story if you're not.

    1. "So why didn't Duarte call the person responsible for dismissal?"

      She has! Alípio Ribeiro! He was the national head chief of the PJ at the time. But he was not asked much and not much to say...

  80. Talk on other blogs saying theory might be that burglar might have killed her then taken her, but who in their right mind would take a body with him? He didn't go in to kill but to steal, so presumably panicked when M woke, but nobody heard her scream. Whilst chatting outside, so why would he panic and kill her? If a getaway car was nearby, how did Smiths see him running down the street

    Pro twitter apparently saying JT must have seen a decoy, presumably burglar's helper, who took a dead body as a decoy? If a burglar killed in panic, how could a decoy be arranged so quickly? Makes absolutely no sense

  81. With the statement of Henrique Machado, the prosecution has practically done it’s job.

    - Michael Wright, family, no added value

    - Trish Cameron, family, no added value

    - David Trickey, psychologist, had just two contacts with the family, hardly a credible proximity to present in court.

    - Alan Pike, a Crisis Counsellor with some competences in psychology (psychology was one of the elements in his degree), not qualified as a professional witness

    - Angus McBride, lawyer from the UK. Why was this witness called?

    - Emma Loach, friend Mockumentary maker. Sinced it aired after GA’s documentary (and could and should have contradicted it) shouldn’t have had a more lasting effect? Apparently not.

    - Susan Hubbard, Mockumentary participant, no added value.

    - David Edgar, Mockumentary participant and a mockery of all retired police officers

    - Claudia Nogueira, friend, responsible within the company responsible for McCann’s propaganda in Portugal, Lift Consulting. If she wasn’t able to defeat GA’s book effect, then either GA’s book is truthful or she’s incompetent.

    - Henrique Machado, journalist, ran the story in CdM that documents revealed by Wikileaks pointed the finger to the couple’s guilt. Why did the prosecution summon this witness?

    - Isabel Stilwell, journalist/editor, evident dislike for GA, absolutely no added value. Again one has to ask, Why did the prosecution summon this witness?

    - João Melchior Gomes, as one of the dispatchers of the archiving dispatch, could have established the link between GA’s book and hypothetical effect on the search. Surprised prosecution by saying nothing.

    - Alípio Ribeiro, PJ Director at the time Maddie disappeared. He could have said something but we’ll never know as he said nothing.

    Summing it up:

    - No reference as initially proposed to personality rights or book profits.

    - Proved that McCanns are distressed. Absolute no proof that it was caused by GA’s book, which publication was preceded by dogs, arguido status and release of PJ Files.

    - No proof that the book says different from the PJ Files. All those who said there was a difference only stated their opinion without specifying exactly what were they.

    - It’s not understood why is TVI being prosecuted.

    Prosecution case is, to say the least, pitiful.

    Can Marinho Pinto, if he’s to testify, or Gerry McCann, if he’s allowed to testify, do anything to revive it?

    Seeing Pinto adding very little, so no scope for GA lawyers to contradict him and seeing Gerry only saying what is expected of him.

    If we were the judge and, by absolutetely absurd speculation, wanted to convict Amaral to payment, she would have a really hard task, even an impossible one.

    The defense rests. No, we’re not saying it has concluded its case and rests. We’re saying that it starts its job with absolute no stress.

    1. Assuming the defence has submitted a witness list and papers, they must participate. But at this moment in time, probably the defence should rest it's case.

      Mr McCann can only reinforce his displeasure, his anxiety and distress but if the content is the same as the official conclusion, who should it really be aiming it at.

      And this is where is worthy of flagging up, if he was so displeasured by the official conclusion, why didn't he as an ARGUIDO challenge it and keep the case from be archived.

      I did read somewhere, someone giving excuses that they couldn't have done that since they didn't understand Portuguese and needed it to be translated. REALLY. Such a legal document in any language, needs a LEGAL OPINION


      Many thanks.

  82. Will team mccann allow the public to phone in when their Crimewatch programme is aired, because if they do the TV company should employ extra staff to man the phones this will show the public's outrage at the preferential treatment afforded to the mccanns. The government has thrown millions at this case and to no avail, the public have given millions to their fund. They have had so much publicity for Madeleine never has there been a case like this where the parents are suspected of their involvement by the general public yet nothing is done about it by any higher authority. Is it because they are middle class doctors. I will be phoning Crime Watch when they come out with the usual recycled rubbish about abductors and now burglars I want to know why the truth and the facts are never reported, will this court case be mentioned on the programme or how the Mccanns have wasted so much money on litigation cases. I'm starting to write up my list of questions first one being why did Kate lie about the shutters and then delete her phone messages and why are we never allowed to comment on articles concerning this dubious couple, why are the press gagged, no doubt all my questions will soon be answered by the Crime Watch team.

    1. "(...)The government has thrown millions at this case and to no avail, the public have given millions to their fund. They have had so much publicity for Madeleine never has there been a case like this where the parents are suspected of their involvement by the general public yet nothing is done about it by any higher authority..."

  83. Abduction, possibly by an european paedophile ring operating in the Algarve, this is the only investigative line of the MET?! WHAT ABOUT THE DOGS?! How can they dismiss / ignore the dogs' work? They should at least come up with a convincing explanation to why they do not consider relevant the reactions of the dogs in the apartment, the hired car, cuddle cat, Kate's clothes an so on! It's as if those dogs findings never existed! I know, I know, the dubious forensic reports, not 100% match, bla, bla, bla...but the fact remains that there was cadaver scent on those places and items, and NO record of any deaths related to them, but ONE MISSING CHILD, enough to make any police worth its salt wonder...instead it's like : - "oh, inconclusive forensics, that's ok then, those silly, incredibly unreliable dogs, Gerry McCann said so, forget about the dogs!"

    I despair, I truly do!!!

  84. "Madeleine McCann's death 'covered up by parents who faked kidnap', court hears"

    “She died in the apartment as a result of a tragic accident and the parents simulated an abduction after failing to care of their children,” Tavares de Almeida, former chief inspector at Portimao police station during the initial months of the investigation, told the court in Lisbon.

    “These were the conclusions of a police report signed by me on September 10 2007,” he added.

    "...Mr de Almeida, who worked under Amaral and was also taken off the case in September 2007, said the decision to designate the McCanns 'arguidos' was made by police after sniffer dogs brought to Portugal from England had carried out their searches.

    Giving evidence, Mr de Almeida said that the dogs had identified blood and the scent of a human corpse inside the childrens’ bedroom and the dining room of the McCanns’ holiday flat.

    The animals also reacted to traces on a piece of cloth in a villa rented by the McCanns after they left the apartment and in the boot of a rental car hired by the family several weeks after Madeleine disappeared.
    Mr de Almeida also complained that Portuguese police efforts to investigate the McCanns had been frustrated by their British counterparts. “We were told that the UK would not accept any investigation of the McCanns – there was a lack of cooperation,” he said.

    But later he said that the theory that the parents had covered up Madeleine’s death as outlined in Amaral’s book was one reached by British police on the ground in Portugal too.

    “This wasn’t something invented by Amaral,” he insisted.
    “It was a conclusion reached by the team of Portuguese investigators as well as British police.”
    A third witness said the turning point of the investigation came following a tearful call from Mrs McCann who, after a dream, told police where to search for her daughter’s body.

    Police Inspector Ricardo Paiva, who acted as a liason between the McCanns and Portuguese police in the days following their daughter’s disappearance told the court he had received the phone call in late July 2007.

    “Kate called me, she was alone as Gerry was away and she was crying,” he said. “She said she had dreamt that Madeleine was on a hill and that we should search for her there.

    “She gave the impression that she thought she was dead – it was a turning point for us.”

    The senior detective said the land was searched but nothing was found. “That is when we decided to send the specialist dogs in. British police informed us about how they could detect the scent of death.”

    He admitted that the police had been suspicious of the McCanns from the start of the investigation. “They disobeyed our request to keep quiet about the details of their daughter’s disappearance while we conducted our investigation. Instead they turned it into a media circus and that gave rise to some suspicions.”

    He said that the McCanns should have faced prosecution for leaving their children alone. “They should have been pursued for neglect. People have been arrested for far less – even in the UK.”

  85. The McCanns Did Not Physically Search for Madeleine

    What parent doesn't search for their missing child?... not functioning?...
    What about the calls done and the ones deleted as well as the messages, in the meantime?!...
    We´ve heard about the significant amount of kind and caring people who gave up their own time and own holiday to search for your daughter. Why didn´t you?!...

  86. "The Judge – A senhora pode ir à vida = The lady may go back to her life

    TC says she wishes to say something. She states that Kate studied the PJ files and the process and said it was very different from what is in the book.

    (SO protests and ID even more.
    The Judge overrules saying that it falls to the Court to compare the book and the investigation process and she does not need the intervention of the witness to do so) "

    Source- transcription of the trial by Anne- Day 6

    The whole Mccann's witnesses were damaging ID strategy to frame and persecute GA on what we can see is a witch hunting, 15th Century style, when people were chased in public by the Inquistors.
    I love particularly the intervention of the judge and the lack of mannieres of ID. The Judge seems to be tired and fedup of Mccann's witnesses. ..." A sra pode ir à vida"... Well, in fact what was the real contribuition of that lady? Nothing relevant. Through her words, we can see, she " parroted" what her brother, sister in law and a pile of advisers told her to say. Nothing experienced or seen live by her. Amelie story was just the cherry on top of the cake, well served by the lawyer SO. If people at her school talked about her and her parents, was because of the trial in Portugal ( demanded by her parents, then her parents fault) and not because of the book, which in fact, was never published in UK and had little publicity in UK, due to the censorship that was meticulously applied to all the information regarding Madeleine.
    Then, the interview done by HM, was proposed by CM and not by GA and no money involved or pre- agree questions. No manipulation. What a difference, if we compare with what is public known, were the interviews of the Mccann's. Almost all demanded by the couple to suit their campaigns and strategies. Some payed, and almost all with pre-agreements and a very bad behavior from the couple, if a journalist tried to step the risk and go over what was the pre-agreement. The spanish TV interview( available at Internet) and the reaction to a question made by a Germain journalist on their europeen trip, are just examples of what I'm saying.
    Amaral as a free man, was intitled to his opinion which, according to HM, was made because of what he achieved hrough the investigation, as a coordinator, and because of what was going on in the investigation, and was public. He didn't break any judicial secrecy, he did not lie, he have done nothing wrong.
    That trial, has to be named with his real name" A HUNTING WITCH, TYPICAL FOR THE INQUISTION". a British couple is trying to revert a portuguese court to the 15th Century. They should pay more then 1, 250 M Euros to Portugal for that insult on their democracy.

  87. Then, Mitchell ( a very relevant person to testify) was not proposed as a witness by ID or her clients. Why? Because he has to swear before stating and he can't lie in court. His job, as a spin man, is not protected by the right " to keep is sources secret".
    Susan Healey, not relevant for the process. Another Parrot to repeat lies... Better she stays in UK and save the money of the flight.

  88. TC,
    works as a nurse
    Arrived to PDL on 5th of May 2007 and stayed 3 months.
    What? Did she got a " sick leaving", a " job leaving", "a long term holiday"? Did she got her salary during all that months or she gave up her salary? Did she lost her job after all that time out? Questions, that need an answer to start understanding the participation of all that characters in Maddie fate.
    Michael W, seems to have done the same. Who payed the live expenses of all that people in Portugal? And if all that people were in Portugal, including the grannies, why the Mccann's kept using the services of the OC creche for the twins? With a theory of an abductor acting inside the OC to take their sister, why they insisted on the same behavior and kept the twins under the same risk? Why that behavior did not ring bells on TC, MW and the grannies? What was going on on Mccann's closed environment that forced them to keep the twins away and inside the creche? Something that, they should not see or heard because could be even more shock then go everyday to the same place from where a bad guy took their sister? Remember that the twins at this age already start developing their memory. Better to keep them away of suspicious stuff.
    And what about TC and MW children? They don't have children? They left their own children in UK for so long, to help the Mccann's ? Help with what, if they never have beem seen on any search? Maybe, they were helping with the boxes, the Mccann's distributed in some hotels in Algarve to fool tourists and rase monney.
    Papers reported Kate Macc and TC trying to stick posters of the Findmadeleine at Lisbon aeroport. The police at the airoport did not allow them, probably knowing already all the lies delivered to PJ.
    That trial is revealing alot of new information regarding the behavior of the helpers. PJ are not stupid. I believe, they will add that information yo their files to clsrify some points. Not good for the Mccann's.

  89. In todays Sunday Mail page 27. october 6th. found this article about the Mccanns forthcoming crimewatch programme.
    '..however kate and gerry have banned the re-enactment of their daughters disappearance from taking place in portugal through fear of angering the country's police. instead they have allowed filming to go ahead in neighbouring spain with actors playing the roles of the anguished couple'
    No doubt the Tapas group will not be appearing either. How manipulative of the mccanns cannot even do the programme where the crime happened. This proves beyond doubt that they have much to hide. I doubt it will be shown in Portugal either the Portuguese people along with most of us British people are sick of the Mccanns.

    1. I read about it in Jill Havern's forum, I can't believe that Gerry and Kate are being given a choice in this matter! Who's in charge of the review, the MET or the McCanns?! It will be another Mockumentary, no doubt! It will be done in Spain (in a resort similar to the Ocean Club, I suppose) with actors playing the golden couple and a child actor playing Madeleine, yes, yes, yes, it's another Mockumentary!!!
      Let's see if this time the actress who's to play Kate will not be wasting her time and talent...last time (McCanns documentary), Lisa Canning, the actress hired by the McCanns to portray Kate, never appeared in the program, the scenes she took part in were cut out of the show...according to Duarte Levy's reports, it was because those scenes did not make sense, were not convincing...I suppose it was the scenes were Kate finds Madeleine missing at her 10pm check.


      Ladies and gentlemen, I give you THE KING AND QUEEN OF HOLLAND,

      The McCanns
      ! Step aside, Willem-Alexander and Maxima !

      (Holland, 2011, how destroyed and devastated they look, don't they?)

  90. Did I understand well? The coming fake reconstruction ( crimewatch with actors) is going to be filmed in Spain? Is that a bad tasted novel to help the Mccann's cash in? Yes, because, that couldn't be to search their daughters and refresh the memory of who could hand any information
    That will be one more epysode of the charade they have transformed the disappearance of their daughter. In Portugal, fake reconstructions done by actors without the intervention of the official police, are fiction and not allowed. They go to Spain to broadcast a fictionary story that suits the only theory they accept- the abduction. To try to suit the events on their theory, I believe many previous statements will be twisted again. But who cares, the circus allows everything and SY and Mr. cameron let it to happen.
    Just a single fact to think: imagine, the all story had happen in UK, involving a foreign group. Did SY allow Crimewatch to do the reconstruction in a neighbour country and accept it as the official reconstruction? And did Mr.Cameron stays on the side, watching the circus going on? NO..... THEN, WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? THE BRITISH AUTHORITIES ACT LIKE IF PORTUGAL IS ONE OF THEIR COLONIES. SHAME ON THEM.

  91. Crimewatch reconstruction? Mccann's, you are bringuing the tragedy of your daughter down and down again. You really leave no stone unturned to disrespect her memory and let her down. Who are you trying to convince with a fake reconstruction? You, your closed family and the pathetic abductor you created?
    Psychologists said that is common for somebody who lies too much, to start believing that their lies rally happen. You already crossed that point long ago, but up where did you take the lies and the fantasy? When, are you going to stop and say " we went already too low, it is enough?".
    Your children, really deserve more respect, specially the one that disappear in PDL with you knowing well what happen to her.
    The game is already at the bottom, but you insist in taking it, lower and lower.
    PJ and the Judge are watching the boat sinking. If your government still supporting that circus, that says alot about what was going on in PDL on the fatidic May. Something very embarassing for many people. I can see, only a sexual scandal because no terrorist connections with the Algarve.

  92. Why do the reconstruction in Spain?
    There are only two locations possible to reconstruct. Praia da Luz or England.
    Why not Praia da Luz? Not to offend the Portuguese police? Won't they be offended when they see the documentary? It's not the filming that is offensive, it's the outcome of the filming that is, isn't it?
    If GA had written the book in Spain or France, would the McCanns be less "offended"? It is about the book they're complaining about and not where it was written...
    And if it can't be in Praia da Luz, why Spain? What happened was at night, involving a restaurant (?), an apartment, and a street. No sea or southern european sunshine needed. All that is needed, if they want it to film elesewhere, is a replica of the restaurant, street, and apartment. I'm sure that the British film industry has sufficient means to do that if BBC doesn't.
    Remember when Kate did the reconstrution of the how she found the door (not the way WE had left it) in the Mockumentary? It was done in Rothley not in Spain. And we all saw that she wasn't reconstructing anything because it was done there but because she was lying.
    Why do it in Spain then?

  93. They do the reconstruction in Spain, because is too danger to do it in Portugal and Uk. In Portugal and Uk, something could be seen as a new revelation and lead the real characters to be arrested.
    The judge said about the witnesses in the trial, that any new witness with relevant information will be immediately accepted as a witness. The same is appicable to the reconstruction. They know, everybody knows, they lie for 6 years. They know, both police knows that- PJ and SY. I believe, spannish police knows aswell. Lets see if they are not going to regret the mocckery they are trying to broadcast in Spain. Spannish police, may also be fedup of Maddie case, which become an inspiration for some crimes in Spain.

    1. They could do it in Portugal, no worries! As the case is still archived and the PJ (port.police) is not involved in the making of this "reconstruction" they are in no danger at all! In my book they are worried about the reaction of the Luz population, they fear them, they know they are not welcome there and would be treated accordingly...

  94. The Crimewatch program is the UK Gov (Cameron pressing directly the justice applied to a criminal case), SY (gave up the role of being a police force and took up a new career in puppeteering) and BBC (Britain's national broadcaster being obedient to its masters) telling Britain this:
    "Listen Britain, look at how we can tell you to pull your pants down, then tell you to bend over and have our way with you while demanding you smile through it all.
    And why do we do it? Because we can. Oh you want a reason? Please don't be foolish you ignorant peasants.
    Just be happy about it and smile because we tell you to."

  95. Why do they need to go to Spain, the crime happened in Portugal for goodness sake, why Spain are they all in need of some spanish sunshine courtesy of the tax payer. This farce gets sillier by the day, oh how the Mccanns have dragged everybody involved in this down to their level, I did not think they could go any lower, but guess what - they just have. None of this is about Madeleine anymore its about Kate and Gerry trying to look innocent and passing the blame onto anybody that they can. This reconstruction is going to be a new fairystory from the mccanns.
    What a waste of BBC time running another fictious mccann story. We do not accept their version of events and this proves that it did not happen how they said it did or they would have taken part in a proper reconstruction in pdl. SY and Andy Redwood and Co you should hang your heads in shame you bring discredit to the uniform you wear.
    The public will be shouting at their TV screens when this is viewed - we know the parents are involved, why won't you take any action against them.

  96. Anonymous 6 Oct 2013 13:34:00, rather brutal but well said.

  97. I wonder if Jane Tanner and Matthew Oldfield will particpate with the same enthusiasm as they did in 2009.
    And hope all the actors that will be part of this do realize that their faces will forever be linked to the farce. Everyone it is one so don't make up excuses later that you didn't know. Especially the parents of the child that is to portray Maddie. You're making your child an accomplice of a crime. Hope you realize that.

  98. Anyone remember what happened to the kidnap the twins threat? No answer required. A distraction was needed, so one was created.
    One a much larger scale in 2007 a distraction from a girl's death was needed, so an abduction was created.

  99. Textusa detailed how the big round table was not possible for all the friends to sit around in the small tapas bar so if the reconstruction was filmed at the scene of the crime viewers would see how impossible this would have been, also they would see that it was not 'dining at the bottom of the garden' as Gerry stated but in fact quite a walk back to the apartments, they would also query why Jeremy and Gerry did not see Jane when she saw them both. In short it would appear the Mccanns are running this investigation if they are not happy with filming in Portugal then they chose a different location and everybody goes along with it. Why is Crimewatch being dragged into this farce?
    Why are they doing this (fake)reconstruction when there is so much information available on the internet that points the finger of suspicion at the Mccann couple. The parents should have been investigated years ago. Is this their plan B to detract from the court case because it is not showing them in a favourable light?

  100. One paper saying Mcs didn't want to participate in reconstruction because it was too upsetting!
    The BRT cannot be located. A Spanish Table will be asked to play the role. Hard to find an actress that big. And round.

  101. It's rumoured that Señora Mesa Grande's scene has been cut from the reconstruction. The main focus will be on Burglar Bill. She's said to be furious about being upstaged after the pivotal role of the original actress, as described by the T9, is no longer regarded as important. Crimewatch producers are said to have told Señora Mesa Grande that she must understand that as with the McCanns all is very dinamic. For example, in 2009, Kate McCann's character was also decided to be not important and the actress was sent home pronto. Also seems like that BBC has denied any intention in contracting "Tearful Barrister" to play Burglar Bill but a man from BBC who is not to be named, has assured that contacts with him were being made.

  102. In my modest view, the ONLY place for a proper reconstruction to be made is the place where the events happened! It has to be in Luz, at the Ocean resort, the Tapas, the street where Tanner passed by Gerry and Wilkins, the street where she says she saw "bundlleman" carrying Madeleine, at around the same time of the events, from about 8pm to 10pm. It is imperative to have as similar conditions of weather and lighting as possible to those of May 2007. How/where on earth will they find a "twin resort" of the O. Club, with a Tapas bar within the same distance and position of the apartment? Will they recreate the Tapas tarpaulin, the bushy wedge, that obscured a clear view of the apartment back entrance? Will they recreate the kind of brightness provided by the street lights of Luz, which it has been said many times, were far too dim to allow Tanner to spot the small details on Maddie's pijamas and its real colour?

    If any of this is not being considered relevant and crucial by the MET and Crimewatchers then we're in for a work of fiction, a theatrical play, not a serious police reconstruction.
    Maybe the MET shares Dave Edgar's view that those are just small details, it's not important:

    "When making/directing the documentary...Dave Edgar announced that it did not matter where certain people, key players were positioned, it did not matter if they were not in the positions they were on that night?"

    "Is not the point of a re-enactment, to do exactly that, to have those involved, those key players assume the positions the correct positions?"

    "Dave Edgar:-

    There are inconsistencies in every major investigation

    Jane Tanner:

    Okay, that is fine!

    Dave Edgar:

    Obviously the most important thing is what you saw Jane it’s not important where Gerry and Jez were actually stood, because they didn’t obstruct your view of the man you saw."

    Extracts taken from:

  103. A propósito de Espanha:

    Las Mañanas de Cuatro - Spanish TV Discussion & McCanns Interview

    .A propósito da reconstrução dos factos:

    CGC: Me gustaría hacerles dos o tres preguntas sobre dudas de la investigación, yo comprendo que es un poco doloroso, se dice que no han colaborado en la reconstrucción de los hechos, tampoco sus amigos.

    Gerry McCann: Si analizamos la forma en que fueron tratados, ellos pensaron que esa reconstrucción no iba a ayudar a encontrar a Madeleine. Se iban a filtrar cosas a los medios, nuestros amigos no querían un circo mediático.

    Kate McCann: Nadie preguntó sobre la posibilidad de hacer la reconstrucción con actores. En Reino Unido hay un programa llamado Crime Watch que utiliza actores para reconstruir crímenes porque es perjudicial pedir a las personas que han pasado por una experiencia tan traumática volver a vivirla.

    CGC: Estas son algunas de las dudas más notables ¿qué os ha parecido? Quizás la parte de la reconstrucción... ¿por qué no quieren reconstruir? A mi particularmente me pareció de las más débiles, yo creo que en un momento dado hay que estar ahí ¿no? Aunque hay un circo mediático que no lo ha montado nadie.

    JB: No, no. Sí, lo han montado los padres, lo han montado ellos. Esto es una desaparición mediática y global porque los padres, de entrada cuando desapareció la niña, presuntamente, la primera llamada que hacen es a Sky News no a la policía. A partir de ahí todos sabemos que...

    CGC: Ellos dicen que eso no es verdad.

    JB: Es verdad porque hay un registro de llamadas. Pero vamos a analizar el tema de la reconstrucción. El tema de la reconstrucción cuando hay determinados testigos que no coinciden en la narración de los hechos, es absolutamente necesario hacerla porque la policía y los jueces van a saber sobre el terreno lo que ha hecho cada cual y además se lo va a relatar. El hacerlo con actores es absolutamente imposible, estos Srs. no tienen claro que esto es una investigación policial y judicial, no una cuestión mediática, dicen que allí hay un programa de televisión, pues que hagan toda la televisión que quieran.

    La policía necesita que hagan esto para encontrar las evidencias de que están mintiendo algunos de los testigos y por otro lado, ya un poco para terminar, llama la atención que se hayan negado ellos y se hayan negado los amigos y sin embargo si fueron para hacer una reconstrucción para un programa-reportaje que hicieron para la TV, en eso sí que participaron.

  104. Anonymous 6 Oct 2013 17:57:00

    Agree, the English children's book character Burglar Bill fits like a glove the children's book story that the SY review/investigation has become.

  105. DO NOT PUBLISH Anon at 6 Oct 2013 22:49:00,

    Information received.

    However we cannot understand the link between the first and the second link. Could you please clarify?

    About the first link. It has not come as a surprise. Its first part we already knew and the second is absurd clutter that some are making a noticeable effort to worm it in the internet, fortunately with little success.

    1. DO NOT PUBLISH Anon at 6 Oct 2013 22:49:00,

      Thank you for your clarifying response at at 7 Oct 2013 11:26:00

      We aren't publishing it as we're supposing that the "DO NOT PUBLISH" status is to be maintained.

  106. So Crimewatch airs and someone phones in with relevant information that points to death in the McCann's apartment in PDL, triggered by the scenes they've watched - what to do? Say "you must mistaken because the environs are not these, this was filmed in Spain, don't you know, what you think you are recognising must be from a holiday you had in Spain." ??

    I don't understand the point of carrying this very elaborate deception on for so long - even taking into account swinging at the highest level and counteracting the court case and the fact that GA's book may be on British shelves soon.

    It makes no sense to me and I'm hoping (probably in vain), that it's some sort of double bluff by SY.

    And ID's motivation? It hardly sounds like a carefully researched and compiled case. I mean - if you're going to work with clients this sensational, wouldn't you attempt to at least not appear incompetent? Doesn't she care any more - i.e. she's getting paid, she knows their claim is nonsense so she doesn't bother making an effort and her reputation has possibly already been sunk anyway?
    Or is she so used to them getting away with everything/someone fixing things, she somehow believes this will be another round to the McCann's, the work isn't to be done in the courtroom, so don't waste time getting a semi competent case together?
    I wouldn't think she'd be that deluded - I can see that Kate and Gerry could be.

    1. Excellent post - I totally agree.

    2. I have always had the feeling that Isabel D. was "convinced" (coerced) to take on the Rogério Alves. This man has political ambitions, he's no fool, he knows that the portuguese public opinion is against the McCanns, their "story" does not fool us and he was getting tainted by the association with the couple, he needed to pass the hot potato into someone else's hands (portuguese saying, passar a batata quente, transfer the problem to another person), and ID was the
      "lucky winner", maybe paying back past favors or promised some future reward, being appointed to some official capacity, having important clients directed to her law firm, who knows...?

  107. Have a nasty feeling that they may have found a Maddie look a like.
    With all the lies they have told about her who is to say that the powers that be
    introduce a look a like - papers fill with the happy reunion of the family.
    Case closed.
    My very worst fear.
    And not something that would be beyond the powers that be.
    Sorry to lose my rationality at this stage of the game but I think this
    is a likelihood.
    Mind control is a very advanced subject nowadays.

    1. With such McMachine , I always have thought about that.
      And without DNA

      The McMachine who likes a lot fiction and lies can feel inspired by this film:

      Changeling (A Troca, no Brasil e em Portugal) é um filme norte-americano de 2008 dirigido por Clint Eastwood e escrito por J. Michael Straczynski. Baseado em eventos reais que ocorerram na Los Angeles de 1928, o filme é estrelado por Angelina Jolie como uma mulher que reencontra seu filho desaparecido, logo percebendo que ele é um impostor.

    2. Yes, It could come to that scenario...nothing is too far fetched or unthinkable in this case anymore, we've had example after example of how "they" will go to any lenghts to prevent the truth from coming out, so, it's not too far fetched to imagine a sensational "finding" of Madeleine, "a Madeleine", being held captive somewhere and miraculously rescued thanks to an anonymous tip or a "sighting".
      A very well coached child, brain-washed, presented to the world as Madeleine. All backed up by faked DNA test results, made in some british lab, of course!

      A spectacular and emotional return, "Hollywood" style, as in the movie "CHANGELLING" (2008)

    3. Olá MC, que engraçado, tivemos a s duas a mesma linha de pensamento, o filme "Changelling". O único pormenor destoante entre o possível cenário de uma "Madeleine" reencontrada e devolvida ao "seio da família" e o filme é a desconfiança da mãe, a absoluta recusa em "aceitar" aquela criança como a sua criança desaparecida. No caso que aqui discutimos não haveria qualquer rejeição, bem pelo contrário...
      Ponto em comum nos dois casos, o embuste montado pelas autoridades, no filme contra a mãe da criança, e no "outro" caso contra o público mundial

      Como é que se diz...? " a realidade supera a ficção"?

  108. Anonymous 7 Oct 2013 07:22:00

    For this scenario you suggest to happen, many things would have to occur to make it minimally credible:

    - Find a 10 year old with physical characteristics of Maddie, now at 10. With the coloboma, or without it, a reasonable explanation as to why it disappeared. We all grow up and obviously change but do retain characteristics that allow others to recognise us as toddlers in family photos for example.

    - Find this 10 year old girl, with Maddie’s physical characteristics, in a family willing to give her up for the rest of their life.

    - Find this 10 year old girl, with Maddie’s physical characteristics and in a family willing to give her up for the rest of their life, whose friends from school and other people that she would have contacted publicly thus far, would agree to remain silent for the rest of their lives.

    - Find this 10 year old girl, with Maddie’s physical characteristics, in a family willing to give her up for the rest of their life and with friends from school and other people that she would have contacted publicly pretend not to know her, who could give a consistent and convincing account of her last few years in captivity.

    - Find this 10 year old girl, with Maddie’s physical characteristics, in a family willing to give her up for the rest of their life, with friends from school and other people that she would have contacted publicly pretend not to know her and who could give a consistent and convincing account of her last few years in captivity who could not ever have her DNA collected (an easy task for those with access to her to get a DNA sample) as Maddie’s DNA profile is in the PJ Files for all to see

    A non starter as a possibility

    mc and Anonymous 7 Oct 2013 08:53:00, the movie you refer, refers to an event that happened in the 1930s.

    And what happened? The mother recognised at once that it wasn’t her child.

    Maddie, in the lack of having had a decent mother, has been “adopted” by many who would at once recognise the fake for the fake the child would be.

    In 1930s there was no internet and photography wasn’t even widespread.

    In 1930s no DNA tests either.

    The “lookalike child” is, and has been, one of the most pernicious pieces of clutter that this case has ever known. It has been used with precise intents as we’ll show, hopefully soon, in a post.

  109. Textusa, it was me who wrote that comment.
    Why would they need to prove the disappearance of the colomba - they have not had to produce any proof of anything. They have got away with whatever they want to get away with.
    We have all been fed an image of what Madeleine would look like now.
    Maybe that image has not been based on ageing Madeleine but on "the Madeleine" about to be presented to us.

    What I have learnt in this case is that the British Government is a rogue terrorist organisation. Nothing would surprise me and they will not answer to anyone.

    A thousand or more people can know the truth and it will not make an iota of difference.
    Look at the cases that have been silenced:
    David Kelly
    Princess Diana
    And if the above two could not bring the government down with all the knowledge that had come out then it just shows how well sewn up this scam is.
    They have sunk to lower than this - this is their only option - their only way out.

    It is not that they think everyone is a fool - but what they do know is knowledge is one thing
    having the ability to use that knowledge to effect change can be controlled and thwarted.

    I pray I am wrong but this feeling is unassailable.

    1. Su,

      Never forget that in Harry Potter's world kids do fly in brooms while playing Quidditch in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry while in Maddie's world there aren't coincidences.

  110. That is why I hang out here.
    You reign in that aspect that is easily manipulatable.


    The many faces of Madeleine...always is the public supposed to look out for Madeleine?! Which Madeleine?! I cannot help the feeling that it is intentional! Confusing people...Gerry was once quoted as having said something in the lines of "confusion is best"?

    Su, 11:32:00, wrote:

    "Maybe that image has not been based on ageing Madeleine but on "the Madeleine" about to be presented to us."

    So many different images of Madeleine, they could all be of entirely different children, lookalike children, but not the same, slightly different, what a confusion in our minds, and that's convenient.
    I once saw a PJ officer, I think it was Carlos Anjos, but I'm not sure, in a tv program where they were discussing age progressed pictures of missing persons, and Mr. Santos, along with other experts on the technique said that in the majority of cases the pictures created later revealed to be very off mark, not at all like the looks of the person when she/he was found. Of course, this was in cases where the missing person was found alive, usually kidnap cases within the family, by one of the parents, etc. Not a very reliable tool, the age-progressed pictures.

  112. I don't think, the end of the game was "finding Madeleine look alike" and give the girl to that fake family.
    But the other scenary I'm thinking about is very possible: SY trying to be allowed with a fake investigation in portuguese soil, just to secretly recover the remains of the body and transfer it to UK soil, where a fake lab test could end the all story and clean the Mccann's- the report of the test just needs to state that she died under the hands of an abductor which was not possible to identify and incinerate the remains to eliminate any prove forever.
    The Mccann's once again will be allowed to play their last victim performance and ask more financial compensations for all the damages caused, but never ever by suing PJ. That is the story end, SY, the Mccann's and their legal team, are looking for.
    Unfortunately for them, PJ did not allow SY to play in portuguese soil. They were not allowed to do any investigation inside Portugal. PJ take care of it, exactely to avoid the interference made at the beguinning.
    I hope, GA keeps his strenght until all that characters sink on the mud.

  113. Burglar took live screaming child?!!
    Burglar took unconscious child? Burglar had sedatives with him, just in case? Time to minister them in dark?
    Burglar took dead child? Why not just leave her? Because marks on her body could identify him? Why make a signature mark on a body and then take it?
    Nothing works as a scenario

    1. Yes, where does that leave Jane Tanner's sighting?! Have the McCanns now dropped their "favorite" sighting of the abductor, Tanner's bundleman?! In an interview to Sandra Felgueiras, Gerry McCann says about the abductor: - "There was a small window of opportunity...t was a high risk strategy, and that person almost got caught"

      Sandra asks: - "by who?"

      Gerry: - "by Jane!"

      Now it was a burglar that Tanner saw?! A burglar that had just killed Madeleine?
      Wow, what a very relaxed and cool headed burglar, he breaks into the apartment to steal stuff, kills a child in the heath of the moment and decides to carry the dead child with him, not in a hurry and avoiding being seen, walking in the shadows, but by calmly walking through the streets of Luz, under the street lights with a dead body in his arms!

      You just couldn't make it up!

      Anything to keep the public attention well away from what's been happening in the Lisbon Court...

  114. The longer this mccann saga continues the more disappointed and let down I feel by the establishment/government. Their job is to protect citizens from this type of crime/scam and they have done nothing but encouraged it, and with the latest publicity Crimewatch blitz there will be those people that will say they have seen Maddie here, there and everywhere and what good will that do to this investigation. Somebody should stop it now. Gerald Mccann has controlled this from day 1 when he stood lying outside their apartment with Kate by his side looking ever uncomfortable with his lies. His sucking on a lollipop whilst speaking to police about Maddie and all the other stuff that we have read over and over, how they are still free to peddle this trash is a crime in itself.
    Through their media manipulation they have brought out the worst in some people, those people that call others trolls and haters whilst using vile language, those people that pour scorn on us for wanting to know the truth, they flood society networking sites with their hate, there are so few of them now, just the same old names over and over very sick and sad characters. How anybody can support the Mccanns is unbelieveablde after 6 years even if people believe in the neglect theoryand then support the mccanns they must be awful parents to think it acceptable to treat small children in this way. Maybe this is way we are called 'broken Britain' allowing the vulnerable to be mistreated. After six years Madeleine is long gone, all the publicity and money in the world never found her, and her parents know far more than they admit, they should be investigated and so should the fund.

  115. It seems that this has become a lottery of "what theory will Crimewatch come up with?".
    Ive read some intersting, some funny, some hilarious and some downright stupid. What I would really like to know is what is Textusa's team bet.
    Could you tell us? Please...

  116. Dear Anonymous 7 Oct 2013 18:20:00,

    Thank you for your comment.

    As you certainly know, and we hope our readers do to, the timing and content of our opinions are determined by us and not by anyone else.

    Not saying your question is implying that (we're taking it as pure curiosity on your part), just reinforcing that we don't react to media frenzies no matter how fierce they may be. And this one is being fierce indeed.

    We prefer to work with tangible things.

    So we will wait patiently to see what will be shown on Crimewatch and what theories/scenarios will be defend and then reflect, digest and, if it merits, give our opinion about it.

    But have you considered that the lucky numbers for the lottery you suggested are... that it has become a lottery?

    That all may be just to highten public interest and putting them guessing, expressing their opinions (or guesses) openly and publicly, and in that way pressure some people that need pressuring?

    By using BBC for that purpose?

    We know that BBC isn't exactly a "serious and respectable lady" when it comes to Maddie, and it has shown that it "doesn't" mind being "used"... you know, if you can't cast your own stones then just get yourself some arms who can.

    The more, the merrier...

    1. bonsoir Textusa et tous les autres,
      Merci d'être aussi "sage" Textusa, j'admire votre sens de l'humour, votre intelligence immense et la tranquillité de vos réponses ! vous ne vous précipitez pas à hurler avec la meute, vous réfléchissez et en tirez des analyses toujours plus pointues.
      Je lis quelques forums, mais je ne laisse un mot ou deux que chez vous, parce que je m'y sens comme dans un hâvre de paix et de bon sens !!Ne changez pas Textusa, vous êtes quelqu'un de rare ! et merci pour tout !

    2. Merci nous, Anonymous 7 Oct 2013 20:56:00!

  117. Textusa
    A minha Esperança é enorme, que se faça justiça.Sinto-me muito mal quando vejo a incapacidade para lutar contra esta "gente". Agradeço o seu esforço brilhantíssimo e de alta inteligência nas análises que vem postando.
    Mas, Textusa , sinto-me(e todas as pessoas de bem) muito desiludido.Deus Queira que outras mentes continuem um trabalho que possa desmascarar este insidioso "Acidente"

  118. Gerry Mccann was on the six o'clock news this evening and I just changed channels when I saw his smug, arrogant, ugly face, he makes me feel physically ill, and he is the only person on this planet that has that affect on me, nor have I ever changed channels because of someones appearance! Gerry Mccann ugly inside and out (ugh).
    This is all being done to stop us talking about the court case, underhand tactics by any standards, Dr Amaral should win this case standing for justice and freedom of speech. He was involved in the case and has every right to write about it more so than the rubbish Kate Mccann wrote. Why are they doing the reconstruction in Spain, whats Spain got to do with it?

  119. Textusa - this blog is priceless thank you

  120. Personally I do not believe they are going to do a crimewatch programme, all this publicity is because they are losing big time the court case in lisbon. The mccanns are a pair of fools and so are those supporting them. At the last minute this crimewatch programme will be cancelled and replaced by something else typical mccann tactics. Who really believes they are going to film crimewatch in spain when the crime happened in portugal - it is all a bluff.

  121. ... "The disappearance of Madeleine will be the subject of a Crimewatch appeal next Monday." - latest at Sky News

    Then, will be an appeal and not a reconstruction... If will be an appeal, why hiring actors and do it in Spain?

    And Gerry, as usual, looking forward for the sights thevappeal could generate. A vey good job to distract people from what is going on atbthe trial in Portugal.

  122. Let's see what the court deserves for today. It is a novell where the public start looking already for the next epysode. And if comments on the papers are a reflexion of the general opinion, the film is not going well for the accusation team. Something that start bothering the Mccann's and they have to do everything they could to take the attention of the public out of the courtroom. Reconstructions, appeals, revive of the matter of Lev Enq, etc, etc.
    If they could, to revert all the mess, they will start saying " was an illusion from PJ. We have never been in PDL, Madeleine never existed". But, they couldn't.... They have to carry on with their lies until the all world feel nausea...they have no choice. Any divertion from the lie route, is too danger and will be seen by experts ( the police) as a confession. Then, they go round and round with more lies, the most ridiculous strategies to support such lies and the most nonsense witnesses for the whole saga.
    Let's see if the judge allows Gerry to testify. I hope so, because will be very interesting to see which music is he going to dance to avoid the real tango. Up to each point is he going to take the whole farce. Just a premonition... He will be victim of another burglar, who strategically will stole all his documents and credit cards giving him a Macc excuse to not travel to Lisbon. Specially, if GA will be allowed to testify, since he request that aswell.
    The most interesting day(s), according to my point of view, will be the day(s), Francisco Moita Flores, Hernani Carvalho and Paulo Sargento will appear in court. This witnesses could not be compared with any of the Mccann's witnesses. They were invicted by TVs, newspapers or the official investigation to give their opinion about the case, based on their experience as experts on the matter. They gave their opinions and because the opinion did not suit the Mccann's theory, they were persecuted, vilified and hunted by the Mccann's or their lawyers. They will not lost that oportunity to show the world, who are the real Mccann's and where that gang waste the monney earned under their daughters name, instead of searching her or answer the many questions they left open at PJ desk.

  123. Just about everybody in the world who has access to computers,books, newspapers and media has heard of madeleine mccann, we all know she disappeared from apartment 5a in pdl PORTUGAL, why insult the knowledge of general public by having a reconstruction in SPAIN, then claiming the parents have forbidden it to take place in Portugal (not very cooperative parents!!) because they will make the pj angry, what about the insults Kate showered on the pj in her book and her name calling of the pj, did she feel that would not make pj angry? If the met do not have suspictions of the parents after that behaviour then they are dafter than we thought.
    What about the Tapas 7 why are they not taking part in the reconstruction, they were involved, they all know better than anybody what happened that night it will be something they will never forget.
    The media will be handed scripts from team mccann about what to print the day after the reconstruction (appeal for money) goes out and no doubt maddie will have been spotted on all continents (again). All this money wasted on the mccanns when they refuse to cooperate with any investigation unless they are running it, what about genuine missing children, mccanns have no cares for anybody except themselves.

    1. t's a lame excuse indeed! If the McCanns themselves are not taking part in that reconstruction, if they will be replaced by actors, then why not do it in Luz?!
      I wonder about the "appeal"...will the McCanns do it, with the usual fake sadness faces, or will it be done by the actors...?

  124. On On Jill Havern Forum is open letter to BBC about Crimewatch, signed by poster Petermac with his full police credentials.

    It's very detailed and well constructed.

    Refers to all source material about the case.

    The BBC had a reputation as a reliable source of information throughout the world. Its handling of the Savile affair has that tarnished somewhat, along with other more recent controversies.

    The F-word slander episode against Mr. Amaral shows impartiality not always maintained.

    We hope Crimewatch will be conducted according to the BBC code of impartiality and will take into account the issues raised in this letter.

    1. Excellent letter from Petermac - Crimewatch is going to be inundated with letters and complaints about the Mccanns I'll be phoning in for sure and the BBC cannot afford another Saville type cover up. Could be Crimewatch was a step too far for this dodgy couple.

    2. Mr. Petermac is a jewel, just like you Textusa! Two great minds and two great human beings!

      Thank you to both!

    3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We just cannot thank you enough for all the great work! I have just read Mr. Petermac's letter, it's a masterpiece! I think it should also be sent to Mr. David Cameron, who put this SY farce in motion. I hope that Mr. P. reads this blog, as I cannot thank him directly, I am not registered in J.H.'s blog.
      This letter has made my day!

  125. Textusa thank you so much for that link - Petermac's letter should be spread all around the internet and in the media, it is a brilliant letter. Hope BBC take the time to consider its contents and realise we cannot take anymore Mccann abduction nonsense or waste anymore tax payers money on this scam.

  126. I saw the TV interview with GA supposedly saying the F word and I remember the fallout from viewers.
    Crimewatch will spark a much bigger response.
    I really would like to see what they wanted to show.
    Now I'm having serious doubts they'll air it.
    I hope they do otherwise we will be left with speculation about what it was supposed to be and there are enough myths about Maddie

  127. Thank you for the link Tex I have also been reading the e-book that Petermac mentions at the end of his fantastic letter, that is also very telling.
    I would also like to thank Petermac, hope he reads this blog xx

  128. The Anne Guedes transcriptions for Eduardo Dâmaso has been published.

    You can read it here:

    We reiterate our gratefulness to Anne and her hard work. A citizen can make a difference.

  129. pls see twitter feed from journalist Jerry Lawton on todays libel trial defence witnesses

  130. From the testimony of Duarte Dâmaso:

    " Santos Oliveira (GA lawyer) questions again the witness, this time for the Defence

    SO - What effect did the book's publication have in relation to the investigation, did it hinder it?
    ED says that he doesn't think so. He says the book was, in part, Gonçalo Amaral's legitimate defence because he was permanently hounded, with unpleasant things published about him. He says he was badly treated institutionally.

    SO - In this context your conclusion is that the book is against the institution or against the McCanns?

    (The Judge overrules)

    SO - His legitimate defence is the one of somebody who...
    ED (finishing the sentence)... defends the work he did with sincerity."

    THANK YOU for that, Mr. Dâmaso! And for a lot more! His whole testimony was quite unhelpful for the plaintifs...I wonder why/how Isabel Duarte called him as their witness, and asked the questions she asked! The answers Mr. Dâmaso provided to her questioning only reinforced the non.existence of a case against Mr. Amaral.

    Own goal (yet again ), Dra. Duarte...?

  131. "Madeleine, where have you gone?"
    Rita Panahi
    From: Herald Sun
    September 12, 2007

    "MISPLACED sympathy is a common symptom of those afflicted with bleeding-heart syndrome.

    These poor folk will defend the indefensible, make excuses where none exist and generally forgive any behaviour no matter how abhorrent and irresponsible.

    They are out in force again, lining up to support Kate and Gerry McCann, who are now considered suspects by the Portuguese police in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine.

    Leading the charge in Australia are those quick to connect the case with that of Lindy Chamberlain, despite the circumstances being world's apart in just about every way.

    In the UK, the McCanns, who by their own admission repeatedly left their young children all alone while they ate and drank with friends, have been practically sanctified.

    Whether the McCanns are responsible for Madeleine's disappearance is for the Portuguese police and judiciary to determine, but from what we already know they should be charged with neglect for leaving a four-year-old girl and twin two-year-olds alone and unprotected in a hotel room for up to 30 minutes at a time.

    Any decent parent can tell you a lot can go terribly wrong in that time, even without an intruder.

    Now there is some dispute about whether the kids were checked on at all during the dinner the McCanns were enjoying at a nearby tapas bar.

    Some members of the McCann party, who also left their kids alone in their rooms, said they "checked" on the children.

    But only by listening at the door to see if any were crying.

    Unfortunately, children that have already been abducted tend not to be heard.

    The McCanns maintain they left the children to fend for themselves because they did not want strangers looking after them.

    This excuse was exposed for all its absurdity when it was revealed they had been using the hotel's child-care program on every day of their stay in Portugal.

    Which begs the question: why take the kids on a holiday with you if you have no intention of spending any time with them?

    Across Europe, many children go missing everyday but no case has received the amount of coverage the McCann disappearance has generated.

    Yet, despite every micro detail of the events leading up to the disappearance being scrutinised, there has been virtually no critical analysis of how two wealthy, well-educated parents could be so reckless as to leave their children alone in a foreign country.

    Instead, the bleeding hearts would have us believe many parents regularly do this without any such consequences.

    I'm sorry, did I miss something?

    Since when have parents been leaving four-year-olds alone?

    If the McCanns were a couple of simpletons who'd left three kids on their own so they could go down to the pub for a pot-and-parma, the press would've shredded them for their selfish conduct and demanded the twins be removed from their care.

    But the McCanns have somehow escaped any real scrutiny from the media and the public at large.

    This may be largely due to the formidable PR machine they have in place. They have recruited everyone from David Beckham to the Pope to pray and plead for Madeleine's safe return.

    One can only wish they showed a fraction of this devotion to their children before their daughter's disappearance.

    In the coming months, we are likely to learn more about what really happened on May 3 in that idyllic little corner of Portugal, which will forever be linked to a beautiful little girl with the haunting, blue-green eyes.

    Whether Madeleine was abducted by a stranger or is a victim of filicide or accidental death is a long way from being determined, but what we can say safely is that her fate was sealed by her parent's gross negligence on that tragic night."

  132. I feel this is a VERY important post. Thank you, Textusa!

    Do you think that the release of the PJ files was some sort of "resistance act" by the Portuguese PJ? As you very clearly demonstrated, it sabotaged the McCanns strategy in the long run, and put GA in a relatively safe position to deal with libel attacks. Can we assume that whoever let the files go public knew that GA would write a book and was trying to protect him? I am realizing now how tactical and decisive this move was.


    1. The PJ had no say in the releasing of the files, it was the decision of the MP (Public Ministry) and the public prosecutor in charge of the case. In Portugal, criminal investigations are commanded /owned by the MP, the police forces (PJ, PSP; GNR) only have investigative functions, the decision of what to do with whatever comes out of the investigations, for instance, going on to court or not, archiving the cases, extendidng legal deadlines for further diligences, etc., it is all decided by the MP and the MP alone.
      I too was surprised when I learned that the files were to be made public. I feel that many in the PM (and of course, in the PJ foremost) were not at all happy with the political interference and the pressure to archive the case prematurely, by lifting the secrecy and releasing the files they got a sort of revenge, it was a veiled protest.
      And it worked...

  133. As coisas no tribunal em Portugal vão de mal a pior para o Maccgang. Não admira que encetem um voo extra- planetário para evitar que o que vai sendo dito no tribunal transpire para os media internacionais
    ED foi mais um "shot" muito bem servido:
    -quem convidou GA para a entrevista? - O CM ( ED e HM)
    -porquê?- porque o caso tomou proporções mediáticas nunca antes vistas, com a mãe a usar as TVs para fazer apelos diretos ao raptor, e com os pais a viajarem pela Europa e a encontrarem-se com o papa, numa campanha de angariaçào de fundos( angariação de fundos, quando deviam estar a ajudar a policia a localizar a filha).
    - o que é o livro de GA?- um direito de resposta de um homem livre que estava a ser caluniado diariamente. Foi uma resposta sincera em defesa de uma investigaçào que não era só dele, era de portugueses e ingleses, mas a instituição portuguesa não teve txxxxx para defender um dos seus homens. Uma vergonha..... E a cada dia que passa.... UMA VERGONHA AINDA MAIOR.
    - o livro prejudicou a investigação? - Não. Não trouxe nada de novo. Toda a informaçào contida no livro era do dominio publico, Os jornalistas do CM ficavam até tarde para verem as capas e as manchetes dos jornais ingleses e estavam impressionados com a quantidade de informação que os jornalistas ingleses conseguiam ( parece que os ingleses tinham uma fonte mais priveligiada e a lingua não era uma barreira. Como para bom entendedor meia palavra basta, deduzo que havia alguem de dentro da investigação a passar informação aos jornalistas ingleses. Só podia ser a policia inglesa).

    ID vai ficar completamente "queimada" com este caso e só uma juiz corrupta e manipulada pode dar razåo aos Mccann nesta vergonhosa caça às bruxas.
    Aposto em como Gerry já retirou a vontade de testemunhar. A ribalta pode ser afinal, o poço de lama em que está a afogar-se.
    Imaginem que se prova que o rapto foi uma farsa. Poucas horas depois do desaparecimento, Kate e Gerry estavam nas camaras de TV para todo o mundo, a dirigirem- se ao raptor( sabendo que não eistia). É o mais vil dos crimes. Não admira que fujam da reconstituição como o diabo da cruz. E os amigos também, porque neste caso " tão ladrão é o que vai às uvas como o que fica à porta".
    Bem haja GA, por dar algum sentido as cores da nossa bandeira e ao nosso hino nacional. O poder tenta tramá-lo mas o povo está consigo e há -de fazer-se justiça. 90% dos comentários nos jornais portugueses são a seu favor.
    Estes foram por certo, os piores 6 anos da sua vida e por ter sido competente e não se ter deixado manipular. Um exemplo para todos nós.

    1. "(...)Bem haja GA, por dar algum sentido as cores da nossa bandeira e ao nosso hino nacional. O poder tenta tramá-lo mas o povo está consigo e há -de fazer-se justiça. 90% dos comentários nos jornais portugueses são a seu favor.
      Estes foram por certo, os piores 6 anos da sua vida e por ter sido competente e não se ter deixado manipular. Um exemplo para todos nós.!

      E muito obrigada por ter despertado, em nós, a memória da fibra de que, em tempos, fomos feitos e parecia estar esquecida.

  134. I think, the releasing of the files was meticulously studied by the MP, knowing exactely the lenght/ effect of that act. A " poisonous gift" , ( presente envenenado) to the British and specially to all the suspects, who at certain point managed to control the investigation.
    While doing that, the MP was preventing any action against Portugal. They did not hide anything, contrary to Mccann's theory, who at certain point start to say that PJ was under pressure to end the case and they were the victims of that. They tried to excuse the " aura suspects" with some incompetence from the police and not with the existence of real evidences against them. Clever, but not intelligent. On the other side, there was a team of experient and intelligent police, who just by coincidence, had spend the most huge bill for the country, in a single investigation. Their answer to the Mccann's accusations, was the release of the files to the public- cold served, with a lot of intelligence.
    If a statistic is applied to the files, they were maybe the information most downloaded in the Internet and the one that catch the attention and was discussed by the largest amount of people across the world. Was a phenomenom which should be a case study. A poisonous gift to the Mccann's. Any step they try to do in Portugal, will fall on that files. The only way to diminish the power of the files, is doing an official reconstruction and prove their theory was possible and what is in the files was an assumption of the police based on weak evidences. They refused the reconstruction. By doing that, they miss an oportunnity to prove their innocence and they empowered even more the files.
    Quem disse que a PJ anda a dormir? Calados falam bem mais alto que toda a desinformação dos tabloides ingleses. Deixa o lobo andar que ha-de ser caçado na toca da raposa.

  135. All the publicity the court case is generating has shown the Mccanns in a very bad light - all over the internet there are valid arguments and facts about why have they been allowed to continue with this farce, the release of the files into the public domain has shown the public that the mccanns should be investigated and their libel cases brought to a swift end. There has never been any proof of an abductor but evidencde to prove somebody died in 5a. If you dismiss all the mccann spin all that remains is somebody did die in 5a and cadaver was found only on mccanns clothing and in their apartment and car. Their statements do not add up full of inconsistencies etc etc.
    Also if the BBC do go ahead with the proposed Crimewatch programme in Spain taking into consideration the contents of Petermac's great letter can the BBC afford another Saville type coverup on their hands, because it can only be a matter of time now with all things considered and there are far too many rumblings in the public sector for it to go away. The public cannot be silenced forever.

  136. The newspaper headline Kate begs to clear her name is disastrous. Even substituting ‘asks’ for ‘begs’ makes it obvious the witnesses so far haven’t helped their case so it’s a desperate attempt to rescue the failing trial otherwise she would have been on the original witness list. I can’t understand why neither she nor Gerry were advised to appear in court in the first place to give a show of raw emotion. How could anyone, even a psychiatrist, say how someone else feels? They can only relay what they have been told and the treatment prescribed.

    Why does Kate need to clear only her name? Their earlier claim was they case was closed, they were no longer arguidos and therefore according to them cleared. So what has changed in the last few days that Kate admits she has not been cleared?

    1. Anonymous 9 Oct 2013 10:05:00
      What about Gerry's name? She seems to be admitting she is the main person whose position is in doubt.
      Referring to officers in plural in one press report. So trial not about the book?
      Referring to wanting to use evidence from SY review, so they are sharing evidence with her?
      Begs is a desperate word. Demands would have been better.
      As you say, they have told the world they were cleared.

  137. As the trial is about the book any new evidence from SY is irrelevant as GA wrote about what was in the files. IF there is new evidence then Kate could ask (beg) for the case to be reopened, she is playing with fire with this one.

  138. 'Kate McCann was desperate to give evidence in her own defence' and that she hoped to win the case agaisnn Dr Goncalo Amaral in two separate ways:
    1. By quoting to the judge 'new evidence' which DCI Andy Redwood and his Operation Grange team would be supplying via the BBC Crimewatch programme on Monday [14 October]
    2. By making a heartbreaking, emotional appeal to the judge - which would help sway the judge's opinion.’

    All the evidence had to be submitted before the trial. I doubt new evidence which didn't apply when the book was written seems irrelevant.
    New evidence should be submitted to Portugal with a request to reopen the case.
    If it's a burglary gone wrong theory with a burglar taking an alive Maddie, because SY said she may be alive, even Mark Williams Thomas tweeted that wouldn't happen.
    Who would swallow that idea?

  139. IF there were burglaries in PdL why would anyone SAY they left the kids alone or leave doors unlocked? For a start they would invalidate their insurance if goods were stolen.

  140. martinbrunt ‏@skymartinbrunt 11m
    #madeleine Scot Yard to issue e-fit of new suspect in McCann case, man seen near holiday flat. New appeal for witnesses

    Madeleine McCann Police Probe Possible Suspect

    British detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are releasing a new picture of a possible suspect.
    More follows...

    Pimpleman 2.0?

    Funny no-one is saying who has waited this long (withholding evidence) to give NEW information.

  141. reports in press that SY have distanced themselves from this e fit story

  142. What a rubbish that e-fit. One have to wonder why SY waited for the most convennient moment to deliver what could only be seen as a RUBBISH.
    There is no coincidences on that case. The probability to have that special coincidence is 0,00000000000000000000000001.
    How low is SY going to go on that dirty game? How the e-fit looks like? Hewlett (???!!!!!), the pimpleman, the egg man, the Vict Beck lookalike or Gerry Mccann( the only real guy kept on the site by an independent witness, heading to the beach with what could have been a decoy to credibilize the abduction)?

  143. The court case has rattled the Mccanns, never seen them act so desperate. Dr Amaral has stood firm against the Mccanns and for justice.

  144. The timing of all this latest MaCaan drama was to be expected ,its the way they play it,.When they didn,t get their way with their latest libel fiasco, diversion tactics had to brought in ,no way do they want attention focusing on any thing other than their version of "events".Even their demands to have their chance in the witness box .will be used to their advantage,if the Judge refuses them ,the headlines are predictable!!!!!..

  145. Regarding the SY e-fit, if CM got it right, what a comedy- "SY, will release in few days the e-fit of the new suspect".
    - If the release will be in few days, why announcing it in advance?
    - if they have a e-fit of a strong suspect, why they did not release it straight away?
    I'm just comparing with other cases. Again that exceptional case, lead a exceptional SY team to behave exceptionally. If they apply the same methode to other cases, they never ever catch any suspect.
    All that it is only to help the Mccann's and distract the public from the disastrous libel that is going on in Lisbon. Now, also kate wants to testify in court. Is it to answer the 48 questions she left unanswered at the PJ desk?
    Shame on all the characters, special on SY, who, through the latest developments on Maddie saga, show no respect for the children rights. How many childs still missing in UK? Where are the e-fits of the suspects for that missing children? Did they allocate also a team to re-investigate the disappearance of Ben N in Greece? Why, should Madeleine have more rights then the other british missing children? What a discrimination....

  146. Are you the abductor? Take it easy, man. We won't spoil your weekend. Go see a movie with Maddie or something like that.
    Why we're not publishing your e-fit now? Can you imagine if someone recognised you BEFORE we aired Crimewatch? Wouldn't that spoil ratings?
    So don't worry, enjoy your weekend, the girl has waited six years to return, just one more weekend we're sure won't matter to her.
    Hope you enjoy yourself and please don't get caught before Monday. Thank you.

  147. Predictable:
    -this weekend the nonsense story of the e-fit of an abductor. Where? In Portugal...must be.
    - next weekend, hundreds of sights of Maddie across the world, from China to the undiscovered piece of earth.
    AND SY + MACC TEAM, well seat at their homes, watching the circus going on and on again, WHILE ENJOYING A SHOT OF OPORTO OR "AMENDOA AMARGA". Who cares...Crise? Where is that Europe that is sinking their citizens with a crise? It is allover around us. ONLY THE BLESSED MACCANN'S AND THEIR ARMY OF HELPERS CAN

  148. Temos tido Maddies e raptores para todos os gostos. Quem quiser representar a charada um dia, vai ter de gastar muito dinheiro só em figurantes para desempenharem o mesmo papel.

  149. This case has shown just how easy it is to corrupt people, those people in high positions of authority that should be safeguarding the public have been brought down to the scheming level of the mccanns. Years ago before the internet Mccanns would have got away with it, but the internet has a voice, it's the voice of freedom of speech and information and public opinion and we can see ourselves being lied to by Polititions, the police, the media all those institutions that are supposed to provide truth and justice are corrupt, and they continue to make fools of themselves by going along with the abductor story. The abductor story is pure fantasy thought up by desperate swingers who's only thought was to protect their careers and reputations as Gerry once said 'we are finished' when he was made a suspect, and he was right he is finished. The whole group should be taken back to pdl for a proper reconstruction and then the reopening of the case those guilty charged and then finally closure for Maddie, and stop wasting tax payers money on what has become the biggest worldwide scam in history. The BBC are still suffering from the fallout of the Saville case can they really afford to let history repeat itself with the Mccann case, because one day the truth will come out, theMccanns have made themselves world famous with their media manipulation people in all countries want the truth, we have lost patience with their publicity/money making machine.

  150. "googlenglish"

    From GA:
    Pressure on the court ...

    In recent days, we have witnessed another attempt at disinformation and poisoning of public opinion, which no longer surprises.

      The surprise, if one may call it, is the reaction of the Portuguese press that seems unable to discern the main motivation of such a campaign and make it real news.

    The advertising campaign underway has as main objective the Portuguese court press who should decide.

    What is at stake is the independence of the Portuguese courts to decide objectively, freely and grounded in law.

    In general, the Portuguese media have not noticed or did not realize what is at stake, but the ordinary citizen, thinking for themselves and with common sense, is constantly aware and has realized what is happening.

  151. Once again, when that round of torment ( the court) settle down, they will fade like magic, into their quite life to reapear again in November , when the next round starts. They will reapear with new nonsensical stories, completly ignoring the ones they are delivering now.
    How many promises, how many abductors, how many sights, how many fairy stories have they delivered up to now, without giving even an answer for any one?
    If they found a new suspect and advertised that to the public, they need to do the next step. Tell What happen to that suspect, was he investigated and dismissed? Was accused? Remain a person with interest?
    That team seems to always start and never ends. What a stupid way to drive anything. They start then go nowhere. And don't even get bothered with what the public would think about that behavior. What the lies made to them...the most stupid people, no matter how educated they are and which degrees they are holding.

  152. As far as I'm aware, until now NO portuguese tv channel has been contacted to air the upcoming Crimewatch show. Why is it aiming at the UK, Germany and Holland only? Madeleine disappeared in Portugal, the SY and the McCanns say she was "abducted" here, and also it was suggested she might have been immediately taken across the border to Spain or by sea to Morocco, then why is Portugal not included, and Spain and Morocco?
    Didn't the Mccanns PI, Dave Edgar, say that the key is in Luz, in a 10 mile area around Luz, that Madeleine is in a hellish lair somewhere in that 10 mile area? Don't the McCanns trust/believe in the expertize of their PI??? Why isn't the SY demanding the portuguese authorities to search that area with a fine tooth comb?
    Why is Portugal being left out of the appeal...? I bet the "McCann friendly" SIC will be more than willing to broadcast the program!

  153. I think it's the first time in history that suspense is held about a crminal lead. Wouldn't be of the interest of the interested parties that this information is quickly put forward to the public? Can Maddie suffer for just a few more days because of commercial interests? If I remember well in 2009 as an appetizer to the Mock, the made up photo af an aged Maddie was put out before they aired it. Why not show the face as soon as it was drawn up?
    This beggars the chicken and the egg question only this time we know what has come first. If the Crimewatch show gravitates around this e-fit and it already has been filmed, for how long has this "vital" piece of information been in the hands of SCOTLAND YARD (friends already calling it SCOTLAND F*RT because of Operation Grange) without being released to the public just because of programme scheduling?
    When it came to the twins' supposed kidnap threat (I've already asked this... where has it gone?) it made the news right away. Now that we have a burglar / abductor, let's wait.
    How stupid is UK being on this? Do they think that an e-fit will justify the millions of pounds already spent?
    At least the Portuguese only fiddled with it for less than a year. Counting after GA was kicked off, because before then real investigative work went on.

  154. this has all been planned before to take the heat of the trial and of the people beloning to the and all the other high profile people involved in the swinging. the Mccanns can do no wrong because they could bring a very important person or persons

  155. 522,928 page views - well done Textusa and how many times do Carter Ruck and Team Mccann visit ?
    Thank you for a fantastic website and all your work.

  156. "Maddie" case is the subject of ""Aktenzeichen XY... ungelöst" ["File Reference XY... unsolved"] Hamburger Abendblatt

    10.10.13, 17:10 ZDF-Programme

    Six years ago, the then three-year-old Madeleine "Maddie" McCann disappeared. In the ZDF programme "File Reference XY... unsolved" the mysterious case will be taken up. A trail could lead to Germany.

    2007 when little Madeleine McCann disappeared (archive picture)
    Hamburg. More than six years after the disappearance of little Madeleine "Maddie" McCann hope once again grows that the missing person case can be solved. The parents of the then three-year-old Maddie, Gerry and Kate McCann, indicated in a statement that they were "greatly encouraged" that the whereabouts of their daughter could be located. The new investigation by Scotland Yard has seen "pieces of the jigsaw now fitting together," according to the opinion of the pair of British doctors.

    On 14 October the British BBC television show "Crimewatch" - comparable to the German show "File Reference XY... unsolved" - will show a reconstruction of the case. The parents and police are hoping for more information. The presentation will also be seen on German and Dutch television. "We now believe we have the most complete picture to date of the events surrounding her disappearance," said Andy Redwood of Scotland Yard. "We are making targeted and new appeals for help from the public," he said. It may well be the case that there is someone who has key information, and they are completely unaware of that fact.

    "Maddie" case on "File Reference XY... unsolved"

    On the German show "File Reference XY... unsolved" there will be a programme on the mysterious disappearance of little Madeleine. In the 30 minutes longer XXL edition the case will be investigated. The precise analysis of the documents has provided new evidence for the first time and could also reveal a trace to Germany. In the programme, two e-fit images of men are shown, who apparently spoke German and have not yet been the focus of the investigation. Scotland Yard had approached "File Reference XY... unsolved" with a request for cooperation with the broadcast.

    The girl's parents will be guests in the studio in Munich and talk about the tragic event. "For six years we have not given up looking worldwide for our daughter. Now there is new information, new hope," Madeleine's parents said in a preliminary meeting with Rudi Cerne. The show is on Wednesday 16 October, at 20.15, broadcast on ZDF.

    Source: Mccannfiles
    They are applying the same recipe they applied in 2007. The only thik that is right is, this is a SHOW. The Circus must go on with the parents being guests in the studio, I believe with pre-agreed questions to fit their SHOW.

  157. ......"Scotland Yard is planning to release a computerized sketch of a possible person of interest in the case.

    Former prosecutor Wendy Murphy joined America's News Headquarters to discuss the development.

    "I'm not buying it. I think this is more PR than anything," Murphy said. "I think this is all related to a civil suit now underway in Portugal."

    The McCanns sued the former police chief for defamation because he wrote a tell-all book.

    Alisyn pointed out that the McCanns claim the Portuguese police never took the case seriously."

    At Mccannfiles

    Then, things not going well in America... They don't buy fairytales.

    1. "Then, things not going well in America... They don't buy fairytales."

      ...they do! The reporters, I mean!


      Wendy Murphy, in FOX NEWS, I can't get the video to play! (other videos all ok...)
      And it seems there was a comments page too, being deleted at the speed of lightning, but I can't find that comments page))
      It seems Ms. Murphy's performance has back-lashed already...

  158. Someone posted this in Jill Havern's site:

    It's great! Bravo to Wendy Murphy! Just look at the reporter's annoyment and embarrassement, she desperately tries to defend the McCann corner, but Murphy won't be silenced, she speaks her mind and oh how she does it!!!

    Textusa, if others have alredy posted on this subject, please feel free to not publish this comment, no need to have several comments calling attention to that video link.

    Thank you!

  159. Wendy Murphy telling it like it is, also in Joana Morais's site:
    (completely in tune with Mr. Amaral's words, see comment above, 10 Oct 2013 11:23:00)

  160. Gosh, I must be really daft! I've just realized that FOX NEWS belongs to News Corporation!


    click in "post a comment" to read the comments, or post one!

    Here are some, for future memory, before they get whooshed by a gush of wind:

    Lisa Edington · The Big Boss at Full Time Mummy
    OMG! I can't believe that America has also been duped by the 'story' that has been spun about Madeleine McCann!! Yes Kate, why not answer the 48 questions?? Please join us here if you want to see the very thorough police investigation files which are available for everyone to see, but are not published by the media here in the UK or in the USA! search Facebook for Hideho Controversy of Madeleine McCann

    Helen Mcmahon
    at last some one who see thru it

    Waleed Al-Uzaizi · Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
    Nice someone in the USA isn't buying the bull .. sadly in the UK we are force fed it by our useless press .Well said Wendy Murphy

    Hugo Downey · University of Life
    Finally someone who isn't afraid to speak the truth

    Kirstie Sheena MacLeod · Llanover, Monmouthshire, United Kingdom
    Wendy you were fantastic standing up for Madeleine not the PR spin that the UK are force fed daily , so as to protect this rotten pair

    Dan Gleebitz · Remand
    We need you in the UK where the media are gagged to only eulogise about two very guilty doctors.

    Paul Rees · London, United Kingdom
    Well said bud we are experiencing cover up of the century here, so many cowed into

    silence by legal might and police/legal complicity - Wendy Murphy is a breath of fresh air.

    Beverly Stacey
    Everyone in the UK is under very real threat of vexatious litigation if they dare question the 'abduction' story. Media won't do anything, will the police? The new sighting of maddy, the new photofit, all the stuff that the mccanns have in the news here is headlines while the libel trial is nowhere near our media, like it's not happening. Seems they're not doing very well at all, by all accounts. Hence the deflection and media embargo, maybe? It's incredibly frustrating. Please read twitter #mccann to see the threats their supporters make and understand what those of us who dare to speak out are suffering during our drive to get the truth for the little girl. In the court it became clear the mccann's have people monitoring the internet. Could this be the small group who hack us, post our addresses online, put photos of us and our children online, run websites to 'name and shame' those who 'wish maddy dead' (because of the non-existent 'hate campaign' we're supposed to be running). We've had them contact our employees and clients to impart we're all paedophiles. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Please read the court transcriptions, gaspar statements, smith statements. You'll be surprised at how huge this really is.

    Glen Wilson · Auckland, New Zealand
    Thanks Fox News, it seemed it went against the script but glad it is out there. Well done Wendy for having the guts to say it as it is. If anybody wants to follow the case further may I suggest : All you wish to find about the case is there, unless of course your name is Kate or Gerry McCann.


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