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Mr. Amaral Thanks You, Kate McCann

Kate McCann, on July 21st, 2008, two days before Mr Amaral's book was published, reacting about having the arguido status lifted:

Kate: We welcome the news today… although it’s no cause for celebration… It’s hard to describe how utterly despairing it was, to be named arguido… and subsequently portrayed in the media as suspects in our own’s daughter’s abduction… and worse…
Equally it has been devastating to witness, the detrimental effect that this status… status had on the search for Madeleine.
We look forward to scrutinizing the police files and see what actually has been done, and more importantly, what can still be done, as we leave no stone unturned in the search for our little girl.
We do once again urge anyone with relevant information, who has not yet come forward to please do so.
Please contact our hotline number on +448458384699 or visit our website on
Finally we would like to thank everyone that has supported us and stayed with us in this particular difficult period, we can assure that we will never give up on Madeleine.
Reporter: Yes, can you tell me, please, how much bitterness or resentment if want to name it, having been left as arguido for this great length of time has been distracting from the search for Madeleine?
Kate: It’s like I said in my statement really it’s been devastating because I truly believe it had a very negative effect in the search for Madeleine.
Reporter: Gerry, now that the arguido’s status has been lifted and you have the opportunity to look at the police files, do you have any plans to return to Portugal?
Gerry: We don’t very have immediate plans to return to Portugal at the minute, we obviously want to digest the statement and also get access of the files to see what still can be done…
Reporter: It is a possibility but…
Kate: The search is still going on.
Reporter: Do you have any plans to take any legal action whatsoever against the Portuguse authorities?
Gerry: Our priorities is always to see the search for Madeleine and that will be what will be very much prioritizing what we do in the coming weeks and just see what can still be done everything else will be considered in due course. 

Thank you

An enormous and heartfelt thanks for the comment from Anon at 30 Sep 2013 06:52:00 to our Thank You, Gerry post.

That comment was deleted as we had to secure the video due to a probability of it being whooshed, something that BBC has done before, namely with the F-Word slander involving Mr. Amaral.

It will now be republished as the first comment of this post.


  1. Comment deleted and now republished as explained:

    " Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Thank You, Gerry McCann":

    I hope Amarals team mention the following comments from Kate

    30 seconds in, Kate McCann appears to me to blow their current claims out of the water. Speaking of the arguido status, she says:

    ''Equally it has been devastating to witness the detrimental effect this status has had on the search for Madeleine''

    Dated 21st July 2008, and prior to the publication of Amaral's book.

    At around 1'45'' onwards she is then asked a question by a journalist, and responds ''I truly believe it has had a very negative effect on the search for Madeleine''

    What greedy fools the Mccanns are. The other factor is the public do not believe their story and are not willing to give anymore of their hard earned cash to a none search. Some of the public will not even have heard of Amaral or his book its not avaialable in UK bookshops we have just grown tired of the Mccanns they have had so much publicity and money its truly unbelieveable and they feel entitled to more. Greedy, greedy vile parents.

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 30 Sep 2013 06:52:00"

    1. What a little gem, this video! I too send a big thank you to the person who searched for it and posted it here! Oh, dear...isn't the internet a damned nuisance? An archive that keeps forever and ever what was said and's a bugger!

  2. No need for Kate to come and testify, then.

  3. The past comes back to haunt.

    To garner sympathy and support they express everything in the most serious terms. But their words catch up with them. No doubt all the “whooshing” is because of this. They want it all ways, sympathy then, demands now.

  4. “Kate and Gerry do not have to give evidence so they do not need to be here. I am confident of winning.”
                                                                 Isabel Duarte, the McCanns lawyer, Express, September 30

    Source Joana Morais blog

    1. Oh yes, according to Isabel D., as seen on the recent video outside the court, Gerry has NOTHING to say to the court and the judge. A reporter asked Gerry what did he want to say to the judge (the court), Isabel immediately replied "nothing", followed by a sarcastic giggling.
      Gerry and Kate did not come to testify, they're here for the media circus, for the "oh how devastated we are" photo opportunities!

  5. What? The bad clowns showing again their true face. Now, enough time passed for Gerry to speak at the court as a witness, but guess... HIS LAWYER SAID "NO NEED FOR GERRY AND KATE TO BE HERE". 5 minutes of media stage on the last hearing and mission accomplished.
    The judge needs to be very incompetent to eat and digest all that parodia and make you winning the game, dear ID. But who knows up to which lenght you brought your influence and corruption?

  6. If Gerry goes into the witness box they should play this interview back to him and then see what he has to say. The Mccanns blame everybody else for their mistakes then they want compensating for the situation they find themselves in. The press have gone silent they are not printing any more mccann fairystories, perhaps this is the lull before the storm and the mccanns are finally brought to justice.


    Watch who really damage the searches for Madeleine. Gerry Mccann in Lisbon, very arrogant and upset, going round and round to not answer simple questions from a portuguese journalist " you are in Lisbon, why you don't you reopen the case today?" " why don't you voluntary for the reconstruction with your friends?" " did you don't think that this could help?"
    Gerry running from hot questions. Why the british media don't publish that video to show the public who were the real obstacles on that investigation?

  8. As we say in Portugal, "cada cavadela, cada minhoca!" (in each dig of the spade, a worm), meaning they bury themselves deeper and deeper...
    Mr. Amaral's book was not the main cause of distress, anxiety, etc, the arguido status was (according to Kate) and Kate was never suicidal (according to Mitchell).

    (Ricard) "Paiva also informed Amaral of Kate McCann's angry reaction when she was told she was going to be made a formal suspect in the case.

    When he told the couple they were going to be named as suspects, Kate McCann acted angrily, he said.
    She asked him 'What are my parents going to think? What is the Press going to say when they find out?'"
    "She allegedly added: 'But the Portuguese police are being pressured by the government to end the investigation!'"

    "But the McCanns' spokesman was forced to deny that Mrs McCann was suicidal after the magazine headlined the article: "Kate's mother fears she will kill herself."
    Clarence Mitchell said: "It is beyond offensive to suggest Kate is suicidal. She is not."

    Mr. Amaral's defense should summon Mitchell to testify...

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    Until we have that we had to remove your comments as we don't want our readers to be accused in any way of plagiarising.

    Once you provide us with the link, your comments will be republished.

    We're sure you understand.

  10. JH is back and wishing GA happy birthday!

  11. Best wishes to Mr Amaral for tomorrow. May Truth prevail.

  12. My thoughts and prayers are with you at the trial on your birthday tomorrow Mr Amaral. Let justice be done.

  13. Happy birthday Dr Amaral. The McCanns main problem now is that they've courted the media so often and made so many comments and accusations on record that it's coming back to haunt them. Give them enough rope. Foul couple. Why do some people say they're photogenic? I find both of them ugly inside and out. I couldn't begin to count the lives they've poisoned with their selfishness and narcissism.

  14. Unpublished Anon at:
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    As far as we know, anyone can comment in whatever blogs/forums s/he chooses to do so as is the right of every poster to repeat, ipsis verbis or edited, his/her comments wherever s/he posts.

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    We do wonder if you make the same kind of comments on other blogs or just focus on us.

    If so, how interesting!

  15. Is this a new disrupting technique to say that comments posted here are copied? Sure would like to know which are those that bothers most..

  16. Anonymous 2 Oct 2013 09:51:00

    Someone is indeed accusing other commentators of plagiarism.

    If they claimed THEIR comment had been plagiarised, they have a right to do so, and state where it was posted originally. then it can be checked.

    Otherwise it's a good disrupting technique.

  17. Anonymous 2 Oct 2013 09:51:00

    As a compliment to our precious comment, we are still waiting to hear which blog the so-called plagiarised comment was taken from. And whether the original comment was an anon or had a blog name.

    It would also be useful to know which blogs our disruptor follows. But perhaps he doesn't want to reveal this, for reasons of his own.

    Maybe the person making the original comment objects to disruptor taking up the issue on their behalf.

    We would like to know so that we can make an apology to the offended party, or establish that the offended party was indeed offended.

    A previous disruptor spoke for the OC guests. Was he mandated to do so, or took it upon himself?

  18. Happy birthday Dr Amaral you stand for truth and justice against a corrupt system and the Mccanns that have spent so much of the fund money on malicious litigation cases. Have a great day Sir xxx

  19. I understand that this book could disrupt the lives of McCann ... But it contains nothing new, nothing that has not already been published before. Why do they persist media to a single story?, Has protested to the press Vitor Santos Oliveira, Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer.

    Dropping his usual reserve, Mr Amaral, backpack shoulder, briefly answered reporters to tell them he wanted to speak much in this case.

    I hope that the court will accept. I attend all the hearings, he said.

    MC the genuine.

    h t t p : / / w w w . r o m a n d i e . c o m / n e w s / n /

  20. TRIAL INFORMATION from Anne Guedes:

    October 2nd
    Henrique Machado (journalist of Correio da Manhã)
    Eduardo Dâmaso (political analyst)
    Mrs Cameron
    (Mrs Healy probably won't be heard now)

    October 5th
    Paulo Sargento
    Moita Flores
    (Two persons related to Guerra&Paz)

    October 8
    Inspectors Tavares de Almeida and Ricardo Paiva
    Luis Nunes, the head of the Central unit against organized crime
    Manuel Catarino, editorialist in the CdM (who seems specialised in juridical issues)
    Journalist and writer Hernani Carvalho (who is doing a PhD on criminology)

  21. Mirror says Duarte dismissed all other English witnesses other than Trisha and forgot Mrs Healy! When Duarte then asked Judge if Mrs H could be heard, judge refused to allow.
    What a complete shambles. An omnishambles by Duarte

  22. Trish has ‘dropped another b****ck’ as we would say! Her description of depression is way off the mark with all the activities she was spending a lot of time doing , including sleeping! It sounds as though Kate just did what SHE wanted and let the family do all the menial tasks.

    "Kate was in a very low mood, she was not coping with daily things," she said.

    "She was doing solitary things, almost like torturing herself, out running long, long distances by herself.

    "She was going to church and praying on a daily basis, and she was sleeping for a long time too.

    "She wouldn't go out socially at all, she would not go to a shop.

    "We had to help with practical things like the shopping and cooking and looking after the children to help her."

  23. The problem with Kate'ss depression is that anyone who says their child has been taken by a paedophile would be strange if anything other than depressed.
    Trish says book is lies, but to do that you need to pick a lie/s in the book and provide refutation. Saying it's all lies doesnt do it.
    It's not blood because it isn't!

  24. The 2013 Portuguese don't seem to be as submissive as the 2007/2008 Portuguese

  25. Anonymous 2 Oct 2013 20:03:00 but Kate wasn't too depressed to help Susan Hubbard, her husband and their 3 chldren settle in Luz, was she?

  26. Worth a read:

    1. Isabel Duarte must be really desperate and fed up with the whole thing! To create such an uproar because of a picture taken outside the court! It's outside the court, in the street, a public place (it is of free access to the public, as far as I know), pictures can be taken of people in public places, whoever they might be, no permission needed! Funny how she has no problems being photographed and filmed by the UK media alongside Gerry and protests there and no demands to have her photos removed! She seems on the verge of a nervous breakdown!
      Karma, Mrs. Duarte...

    2. Forgot to add that I hope that the person who took the photos will reply to Duarte and her assistant in the way Paulo Reis replied to Mari Olli Pollard, when she demnded her picture taken out of Reis' site:

      (in a nut shell, as we say in portuguese, I hope they say to Duarte "vai dar banho ao cão"- go bathe the dog, meaning "get lost")

  27. My, how her cage is rattled. All the other photographers don't bother her?
    Not the behaviour of a lawyer who declared her confidence in winning.
    Even if she got Anne barred, it's an open court for anyone to take notes.

  28. Also watched a video of G and Trish coming to court on another blog. I'm sure G will be asking for it to be deleted as it shows an increasing bald patch on his crown.

  29. Others have reinforced my belief that according to the portuguese law anyone can be photographed in public places by reporters:

    Taken from :

    (as I don't want to be accused of plagiarism...)

    Posted by LUZ:

    "In Portugal it is legitimate to take pictures of public spaces and whoever are in them, as long as the use of such pictures is not for illegal or criminal purposes.

    The definition of public space in the Justice Palace, as well as in any other Tribunal, is every space outside of the court rooms (corridors, lounge, etc) and obviously in the exterior of the building.

    Anne did nothing illegal and she is free to use Mrs. Duarte's image in any piece of information she is composing about the case, which is also public.

    Mrs. Duarte's assistant threats are illegal and if Anne wishes she can prosecute him for harassment."

    "Even if it had not been decided to make the trial accessible to the Press, by definition, all areas outside a Court room are public - that's the law."

    And this posater, LUZ made another very important and relevant comment:

    "This whole trial is a parody, it should never have been accepted in a court room, when in a previous trial it was considered that the basic rights of the applicants had not been harmed.

    Recently a similar case about a book, Blood Diamonds, was immediately dismissed. The angolan generals, identified in the book as having tortured, enslaved and killed workers in the diamond mines, attempted to sue the journalist that wrote the book, Rafael Marques. The portuguese Public ministry dismissed it because it was considered that the book was covered by the freedom of expression right."

    I ask: - are the McCanns and their "personnality rights" more important/valid than those of angolan generals:..??? Are Mr. Amaral rights less important/valid than those of a journalist (Rafael Marques)???

  30. Paper tigers!!!!! Who would ever be afraid of coming up against this woman in future? Although it has been said she is retiring soon but she won’t be going out with a flourish, more likely she will be skulking away quietly.

  31. Didn't Duarte fight over Amaral for the whole event to be public?

  32. You all want to know what this tells me? It shouts out how accurate Anne Guedes' transcriptions are and how their public knowledge irritates ID.
    Brilliant job Anne!!!

  33. Day 6 at the McCann vs Gonçalo Amaral and Others libel hearing in Lisbon couldn't have been much worse for McCann family lawyer Isabel Duarte and her faithful assistant Ricardo Alfonso.

Kate McCann's mother, Susan Healey, was scheduled to testify on day 2 of the trial but the Judge never made it back to the Court for the afternoon session. Worse was yet to come as an oversight by Mrs Duarte meant that although Mrs Healey again returned to the Court yesterday she was refused the opportunity to take the stand. Third time lucky perhaps you might say but that is not how the Portuguese Justice System works. Truth is that Mrs Healey may not now have an opportunity to give evidence to the trial.

For his part, Gerry McCann has now appeared at the hearings over two days, he attended last Friday and again yesterday accompanied by Mrs Healey and his sister Patricia Cameron. Gerry never intended to testify but following a change in the Law (a plaintiff can now give evidence in a libel case) he decided to do so. Off course all of this might well be academic since it is the Judge who interprets the rulebook as to who will or will not give evidence and she appears to be becoming increasingly irritated at events. Whether Gerry McCann will ultimately be allowed to testify is as yet still to be determined.

And as if it wasn't complicated enough, it now appears that former PJ Coordinator, Gonçalo Amaral, also wants to get in on the act and has applied to testify on his own behalf. Whether the good Judge will allow it is akin to so much in this case, an unknown quantity.

Finally, it seems the action is not confined to the courtroom if events outside the Palace of Justice yesterday are anything to go by with McCann lawyer Isabel Duarte launching a screaming tirade towards our own correspondent. The reason? Simply because she dared take a photo of the disheveled Duarte and her assistant Ricardo Alfonso.

It wasn't to end there though. Several hours later this exchange of words took a sinister new twist with Alfonso posting an ominous threat against our correspondent on twitter. One has to wonder is this really the conduct one would expect from professionals involved in such a high profile case?

The McCanns have been plagued throughout their search for Madeleine by incompetents and unprofessional conduct by those they have contracted. By the looks of it they have managed it all over again


  35. Some people are overlooking the historic importance of this case. They may achieve many other things in life but history will remember them only for their role in this. I think they ought to think about that for a minute before lending their name to this shame.


    Madeleine McCann case: Police launch huge trawl to trace phones of people who were in Praia da Luz when she went missing in 2007

    Police are attempting to trace mobile phones linked to 31 countries to identify thousands of people who were in the Algarve town of Praia da Luz when Madeleine McCann went missing six years ago, Scotland Yard said.

    The scale of the huge trawl emerged as police said that they had identified 41 people of interest, including 15 Britons, during an investigation by the country's biggest police force after an appeal by the family to Home Secretary Theresa May in 2011. The girl, then aged three went missing from a holiday apartment on May 3, 2007 as her parents Kate and Gerry dined at a nearby tapas restaurant with friends.

    “What we're trying to do is to use every route available to us to identify as many of them as possible and the phone data is one route into that,” said Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Andy Redwood, the senior investigating officer on the inquiry. “If you were in Praia da Luz at the time, you may get a routine phone call from the police.”

    The girl's parents are to make a new television appeal in light of “fresh, substantive” material unearthed as part of a British police investigation. In the week Crimewatch airs, equivalent programmes made in Holland, Germany and possibly Ireland, are expected to be broadcast.

    Detectives have issued 31 international letters of request to mostly European countries in relation to some of the persons of interest as well as accessing phone records. A large but “manageable” list of phone numbers identified as being present in Praia da Luz - though not necessarily used to make phone calls - has been drawn up by detectives with a “significant” number unattributed to any named person.

    And significantly, police officers are now able to create a log showing calls being made at the time of Madeleine's disappearance. Mr Redwood said his team could never say for certain that it knew everybody who was in Praia da Luz when Madeleine disappeared. He said 99% of the phone numbers are likely to belong to “completely unaware and innocent individuals”.

    Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' spokesman, said: “Kate and Gerry remain very grateful to the Met for the work they are doing in liaison with the Portuguese authorities.

    "Their forthcoming appearance on Crimewatch is an important stage in that ongoing process. Naturally, they hope it will lead to information that will provide the breakthrough to finding Madeleine."

  37. " 41 people of interest, including 15 Britons,"

    well, last time there was a total of 38 including 12 Britons.

    So, the 3 new suspects are British.

    On Sky News just now :

    3 of the 41 on verge of being eliminated.

    No arrests made yet.

    Ian Woods re McCanns.........suspects no more, now they have the police on their side.

  38. Sy tracing the mobiles of thousands who were in PDL? Another strategy to divert the attentions of the British Public and take it out from the portuguese courtroom where the Mccann's are having a hard time.
    I don't need to go further on that article to undesrtand the "b....shit".
    There was no THOUSANDS people in PDL in April/ May. There is no thousands people anywhere in Algarve at that season of the year. Which megaevent was going on to attract all that people? The Swing perpetrated by a closed group who decide to get together under a controlled environment ( the OC)?
    Sy, you are the new clowns on that circus. Soon, the British police, who use to be a reference, will sink on Mccann's boat with all the damages/ consequences this could cause to their reputation an the safe of the citizens. If you become clowns, the criminals will not respect or be affraid of you.
    The Mccann's tried very hard to pass a clown image of PJ. With intelligence and cleverness, the portuguese police manage to leave the Mccann's dancing their own tango and make fools of themselves. SY, seems to enter the circus and play pathetic parts,
    The only mobiles that need to be traced are the mobiles of the Tapas 9 plus the real guests and managers of the OC and some british expats, wvho without any logical reason become friends of the Mccann's or tried to help them in a so big proportion that become suspicious, and Murat and Malinka. A dozen...not thousands.

  39. "Eduardo Dâmaso (deputy editor of Correio da Manhã) who, despite being a witness for the McCanns, tells the court that Amaral's book was a 'legitimate defence' of the former detective's reputation and that 'the book doesn't bring any extraordinary revelations'."

    Source Mccannfiles.

    What a Karma for ID and the Mccann's. Even the editors they managed to corrupt can't lie in court and were forced by the circumstances, to tell the truth
    On the same source ( Mccannfiles) we can see, few articles above, pictures of the Happy Mccann's in Holland, showing their anguish and despair regarding Amaral book. And the book was translated and sold in Holland. Somebody with courage to send that pictures to the judge? 2 pictures that talk more then thousand words.
    Mccann's, your pass and your attitude, are your major enemies. You can't erase what thebpublic already knows, delivered by yourselves in prime hand.


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