Friday, 30 April 2010

Madeleine : a big sister.

Thursday May 3rd 2007..a date that changed all our lives ,for better or for worse, we are linked to the Mccanns and their 'alleged' abduction. 

The McCanns have achieved much since the death of their daughter. Money, fame and celebrity status. 

They are now linked with the rich and famous. Gerry only days ago said 'When one has celebrity status one must accept criticism'. He was of course speaking about himself. 

Gerry speaks as though he is a Movie Star, longing for the day when people ask for his Autograph. 

Yes, Madeleine your parents have done very well for themselves since they 'Lost' you. 

Maddie you were the big sister to Sean and Amelie,lost, childhood years you would have shared,secrets you would have promised in the dark. 

Whispering and giggling at bedtime 'Don't tell mummy' Memories of sharing a bath,bubbles and splashing and squealing when the soap got in your eyes. You had something in your lives that no one else could share,every child needs a big sister, a brothers OK....but a big sister ,is so special. Madeleine you have now missed many birthdays. 

On what would have been your fourth birthday your mum bought you a Rag Doll,she had long golden hair just like yours,your mum even took her to Church on the eve of your birthday. 

A Doctor Who cake waited for you in Rothley with four candles you would never blow out. 

A star chart on a fridge telling of the nights you were a good girl and stayed in your own bed. 

Madeleine, there would be no need anymore for a chart, or stars. Time stood still Maddie for you May 3rd, when or how you died we will never know. But we do know you are gone forever. Maddie for your brother and sister there will always be a space, a space that only you can fill. 

A school, a coat peg, a desk and chair ....your laughter, your voice, all gone. Sean and Amelie have their own lives now and in many ways different from your short time here on earth. 

They have both outlived you even at such a tender age. For you Maddie there will be no laughter, no tears,no secrets and no growing up together. 

There will be no memories to stay with you for life. Your siblings will have many friends through out their life but they will only have ever had one big sister. 

Madeleine Beth Mccann....who tripped on a step boarding a plane and no one went to help her.....

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Significance Of Significant Time

Every time I start to write my “Gerald “The Stroller” McCann” post, I keep find myself forced to explain some facts in a detail that start to make the post too long and cumbersome.

For these interruptions, I ask for your forgiveness and understanding.

The explanations of these details have, in exclusive, to do with allowing well intentioned readers to follow my line of thought, and certainly not for trying to bring to reason the "Stilldontcees” or the “Thick-Skinned-Lion Watchers”.

The first are the one’s that permanently retort to every explanation with an “I still don’t see how/why/what…” in a dilatory and deviant effort to waste one’s patience.

The latter are those that when showed a picture of a hippo do reply with the usual hypocritical “it proves nothing, as it could well be a grey thick skinned lion that happened to shave that particular morning…”

For both I have no patience or consideration.

Please don’t mistake the “Stilldontcees” with people who, in good faith, ask to me clarify something I said.

Disagreement is, obviously, accepted.

Questions are welcome and debate is the helm through which is steered downstream the ship of truth.

To exemplify, the comments that I'm posting below, from people who seem to disagree with me, and are entitled to do so, and respected by me for that.

But when you, exhausted of explaining the obvious, get a sudden urge to bite off a bit of your computer screen, then you know that you’ve just made contact with a “Stilldontcee”.

On my last two posts, I tried to get acroos two main ideas.

In the first one was that the Stroller wanted to be seen.

Even though it seems to be a commonly agreed idea, this detail, by which the Stroller could have EASILY avoided ANY contact, is OFTEN OVERLOOKED when questioning facts that occur afterwards.

I seemed not to have made myself as clear about the second one. It seems to some “resistance” in the fact stated by me that the Stroller stopped, and stopped for a significant time, as per following comments from the 3A Forum:

Post subject: Re: Three Little Words, Ten Huge Facts - Textusa
Posted: Tue Apr 13, 2010 10:51 pm
I am not sure I necessarily agree with this. The Smiths are Irish and in my experience the Irish are friendly towards strangers and tend to be talkative, more so than the English at any rate. Secondly the were leaving a bar. Alcohol makes most people more friendly and outgoing. I think in the circumstances the Smiths could well have addressed a passing stranger even if he didn't stop. I realise though that this does not invalidate the main thread of your argument.


Post subject: Re: Three Little Words, Ten Huge Facts - Textusa Posted:
Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:59 am
A fascinating analysis and I agree with the majority of it, except as Kamikaze says, there are people in the world who'll try and impose themselves on others by making conversational gestures for no reason other than that that is what they want to do - similar to someone saying 'cheer up' as you walk past them completely minding your own business. It's an odd thing to say, though, 'is she asleep?' it would almost make me want to say 'No...she's dead' if caught in the wrong mood. I need to re-read the OP again and very carefully - it's intriguing.


Post subject: Re: Three Little Words, Ten Huge Facts - Textusa
Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 5:02 am
I always find Textusa's writings interesting, but I must say that I am not in full agreement with this one. I don't think it necessarily follows that the man carrying the child stopped to talk to the Smiths. He could have merely slowed down for a minute to allow someone else to pass him on the steps or in some other narrow part of the street. There were several of the Smiths, probably some of them walking abreast, and rather than rudely push through them this fellow, whoever he was, may have merely hesitated to allow them to pass as a group. Perhaps the Smiths are merely chatty and friendly. "Is she asleep?" seems to me a rather odd question to ask, because what's the alternative? On the other hand, though, reading the statements made by Martin, Peter, and Aoife Smith in May 2007 does not indicate that any of them expressed to the PJ at that time any concern that the child might have been comatose or dead. I believe that Martin Smith is an honest fellow, and I think it possible that the man he saw was Gerry McCann. But as he cannot be sure of that, neither can I. If he had been able to say in his first statement that he was 80% certain the man he saw was Gerry McCann, then this might be an entirely different case. But that's not where we are.


As you can see these comments basically contest that the Stroller stopped, much less for a significant amount of time.

This post has sole purpose to clarify this question so that we can proceed with sustainability

The key is to understand the meaning of “significant”.

For a professional sprinter, a tenth of a second is the difference between glory and disaster. One second, for him/her, is a certain passage to oblivion.

Ask any woman who has given birth, the significance of a minute, or a prisoner what a day means to him.

Time is as significant as it’s relevant to each one.

In this case, the fact of just slowing down in the presence of strangers when holding an abducted child is, for me, to stop significantly.

To just slow down in the presence of strangers, holding an abducted child, when you could have avoided the strangers altogether, is to stop for an eternity.

He stopped for an eternity, and then some, when he walked towards the youngsters.

This is important to be clarified so that the second main idea becomes also clear: that the Stroller had a direct contact with the Smith family, in proximity and terms that allowed him to become fully cognizant that the Smiths were Irish.

This is reinforced by the expression “the Smiths are Irish and in my experience the Irish are friendly towards strangers and tend to be talkative, more so than the English at any rate” from one of the above comments.

It wasn't only the three words that gave their accent away, but the various verbal exchanges between themselves.

Personal name calling for one, come to mind as a way to identify the nationality of a group of people, especially if they are outspoken and extroverted as the Irish are known to be.

In the next post, which I’m already writing, I intend to explain a Doctor’s strange apparent allergy to certain areas of town, and how this very peculiar and localized disease increases the interest, even further, of the Smith’s sighting.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Thank You

As this blog surpasses the 30K hits, I think that some gratitude is due on my part.

First, I would like to thank Joana Morais, for without her, this blog wouldn’t exist. Through her blog I started to understand the scandal. Through her person, I started to write, through her convincing and help, I started this blog. I should say “we”, for it was her enormous unselfish effort the making of this. My sole effort was to just put some words into it. Thank you, Joana.

Second, I would like to thank the two readers that supported me from the beginning, which allowed me to overcome the disappointment of writing without applause. They became the small audience to which I went on stage. Thank you Speak Your Mind, Thank you MariaC.

To the first, who has long been silent, I hope all is well with you. To the latter, who I privately called Maddie’s Grandmother, for if the little girl had a REAL Grandmother who fought for her with the intensity that MariaC has fought and still fights today, the parents would have been locked up right from the start.

Others came, slowly and steadely, to the point that whenever certain flags appeared on the counter it was like a friend saying a daily hello on the way to work, or back from it. From Norway, Sweden, Germany… and so many other Flags, that they became Familiar Flags. From Britain, Spain and Portugal, they were many, but some locations became, unaware to them, part of the inner circle.

Thank you, all of you that were my daily 20/30 readers.

Thirdly, a thanks to the people who run, read and comment the various forums who support the truth on Maddie, who’ve always supported me, and have made all worthwhile.

Fourthly, a special thanks to Ironside, who has so much supported me, and has brought in so many readers. It was a fortunate moment I had when I invited Ironside to be part of the team. He defined the blog as “exclusive”, “dark chocolate” and “over 21 only”, pardon the “breach-of-confidence”, my Friend.

These adjectives obviously have inflated my ego, so let me return the complimenting by saying that this blog significantly raised its quality standards with your inclusion. I believe that this blog was B.I. (before Ironside) around 19.000. Suddenly it went from 20/30, to 200/250 daily hits.

Not counting those we know that come hidden, nor those that come, snip a copy and go paste it somewhere else, like a pack of dogs feasting on a bone.

An enormous thanks, dear Ironside.

Lastly, a special thanks to the readers from all over the world. May you spread the word that in Portugal a heinous crime took place on May 3rd, 2007, and it wasn’t the death of a little girl.

To all those I’ve forgotten to mention, I’m sorry. For not mentioning you, that is, because I’m mighty grateful to YOU for having had to apologise for this memory lapse.

Textusa’s Blogeditorial Communiqué

There are too many children dying all over the world, due to famine, thirst, war and so many other unjust and cruelest of reasons.

To have a blog, like this one, about the death of a single child, blonde and English, seems to be unacceptably unfair and biased.

We, in this blog, are completely aware that we cannot save the world. But we can do our part. By helping to clarify what happened with that child, in a “civilized” world where it shouldn’t have happened, we are, at least we think we are, contributing in the establishment of a minimum allowed behavior of power abusers at “home”.

Then, hopefully, we can start to export decency. And other similar values, brick, by brick, saving one life at a time.

If we try to save them all, we’ll end up saving none.

This to say that with the postponement of the Operation Ore Hearing, supposed to have taking place on the 27th, this blog will go back, or continue, in exploring the details of the events that took place on the evening, night and days after little Maddie died.

We will continue to post updates on Operation Ore, whose victims of indescribable cruelty deserve to have our unconditional support in having their cause publicized.
The Social Service in the UK is sick. It needs treatment. We here appeal to those with responsibility to act swiftly and quickly to restore justice.

Nothing can be crueler than to tear apart a family.

Yes, children do need protection, no question about it whatsoever.

However, the subject is too serious to be left in the hands of those who only seek to achieve objectives, be them career or moneywise.

Do not let the Nation go down “Sick Av.”
For now, we will leave aside Jim Gamble’s ruinous quest for power. When we take knowledge of the new date, then we’ll decide on we will return to the subject.

For example, we’ll have to wait and see how the new PM will act on these issues.
But remain certain that we will continue to make clear what we perceive to be Mr. Gamble’s important, even crucial, role in the Maddie's events.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Wherefore Art Thine "Great", Britain?

Operation Ore Greatness #1

This blog does not, in any way, to encompass the entire Social Service in the portrayal made in the above picture, as we consider that the Service has the noblest of objectives and the difficult of tasks, many times misunderstood, which we here recognize and applaud.

The picture is aimed at all those that, although integral part of the Social Services, serve the opposite purpose of that for which the Services were created for.

This is done by a ridiculous subservience to those who abuse the power they have been empowered with. These people are tarnishing completely the image and perception of this noble institution.

Unfortunately, the abuse of power is not limited to Jim Gamble. The Nation is full of them.

The picture portrays the "rotten apples" of the Social Services, but there are many other "rotten fruit" in many other, also noble, institutions that are having their names slowly desecrated.

The Judicial System for one. The postponement of the Operation Ore hearing reveals many things, but the most obvious is that it is vain in accusing but mighty careful when the shoe fits the other shoe.

What is there to be afraid of? Is the truth THAT hard? Or is it, as I suspect to be that shameful? If you are so righteous, why don’t just listen to what these people have to say?

Just hear them out and confirm the accusation if that is the case.

But no, you keep stalling, stalling to the utmost possible. Well, you may not want to hear these people, but we’re hearing you quite clearly: you mucked up, and want to protect those responsible.

That message is clear, regardless of how much pressure you put on through those you control in the Social Services.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Oh... What a Surprise!

Not one for telling you I told you so because I didn't, why didn't it surprise me not to be surprised to hear that the 27th Hearing is POSTPONED until date AFTER the General Election?
Is it because a stranger surprisingly squeezed himself into the lion cage, when the other two cats were already as tame as tamed can be?

Or are they once AGAIN showing how masters they are in mastering the law?

You be the Judge.

Just A Clarification

I've been asked recently on why I've changed the theme of the Blog, from Maddie's demise to Operation Ore. Let me clarify that I've NOT CHANGED ANYTHING. I've already stated that sometime during that fateful evening, somebody, from "London", changed their mind from whatever was planned to a a faked abduction. Kate wasn't informed of this change of plan, and that's the reason why she prematurely gave that odd alarm "we've let her down!". And before allowing Gerry to finish his job, and "jammie" the damn window, from the outside...
Why this change? Changing the plan into a fake abduction would, now we know, answer the question: under whose responsability would ALL the investigation fall under? Or, at least, who'd have TOTAL control and knowledge of the information investigated? Give you a clue... it's a 4 letter acronym, and it's not SOCA. If the child appeared dead, in Rothley, from an unknown virus from that filthy country where the couple had just been, some eyebrows might have raised... questions asked, and control of the situation lost. I hope that after this short clarification, you now understand that I'm keeping this blog right on track: the truth about the death of Madeleine Beth McCann, and what all means to us common citizens of the so-called democracies of the western civilized world...

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Power Grid

It’s always the little detail that makes the whole difference. 

A little thing that suddenly ignites the linking and connecting of events and people seemingly disconnected from each other. With the details with what had happened in Praia da Luz, on the evening of the 3rd, I was quite satisfied with what I was able to deduce. 

But it’s always been intriguing how these people could have manipulated and ordered around a whole country. Their power had to be based on them being able to leash out a scandal, and not just any kind of scandal. 

It had to be more than about money or “tame” sex. It had to be something big, really big. Big enough to answer those questions we’ve been asked over, and over again, as to WHY the McCanns have enjoyed the protection that they have had. 

When I read that Mr. Gambles had been a member of, and had led the SBI Branch in Belfast, a lot started to make a lot of sense.

 Finally. The more I read, the more the pieces of the puzzle started to fall in place. And this is what I read (hopefully I’ll read a lot more…): From the CV on Jim Gamble that I took from the 3A Forum, I left out some information that I thought to be irrelevant but is anything but that: 

 At the end of 2001, Jim took up a leading role with the National Crime Squad for England and Wales as an Assistant Chief Constable and, in 2004, as Deputy Director General. Jim was also responsible in this time for the UK’s National High Tech Crime Unit, co-ordination of Operation Ore – the UK’s largest ever investigation into online child abuse – and the national Paedophile Online Investigation Team.  

From Wikipedia on Jim Gamble:  

James "Jim" Gamble QPM is a senior British police officer from Bangor in Northern Ireland. He is chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), a police unit affiliated to the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) in the United Kingdom. 

Earlier in his career he was head of the Northern Ireland anti-terrorist intelligence unit in Belfast, then Deputy Director General(with the rank of Deputy Chief Constable) of the National Crime Squad which in April 2006 merged into the Serious Organised Crime Agency. 

Gamble led the National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) fight against child sex abuse, including initiatives such as the controversial Operation Ore

He led the work to set up the National Crime Squad's specialist response cell – the Paedophile Online Investigation Team (POLIT). 

He was awarded the Queen’s Police medal (QPM) in the New Year Honours 2008. 

Gamble is among five candidates shortlisted to succeed Sir Hugh Orde as Police Service of Northern Ireland chief constable.. Also in the running is Bernard Hogan-Howe, chief constable of Merseyside; Jon Stoddart, chief constable of Durham; Paul West, chief constable of West Mercia; and Matt Baggott, chief constable of Leicestershire  

From Wikipedia on CEOP:  

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), formed in April 2006, is a UK cross agency and cross business department of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), which is tasked to work both nationally and internationally to bring online child sex offenders, including those involved in the production, distribution and viewing of child pornography, to the UK courts.  

CEO Jim Gamble is Chief Executive of CEOP. A senior police officer of 25 years, he was head of the Northern Ireland anti-terrorist intelligence unit in Belfast, then most recently tackled organised crime as the Deputy Director of the National Crime Squad. 

In March 2010 Gamble called for a "panic button" - for the public to report suspected paedophiles - to be installed on the main profile page of every Facebook user. 


CEOP gained its first successful prosecution in June 2006, when Lee Costi, 21, of Haslemere, Surrey, was sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court where he admitted grooming schoolgirls for sex. 

Costi was caught when a Nottingham girl told her mother about his chatroom messages. 

Following this, in June 2007, Timothy Cox was jailed at a court in Buxhall, Suffolk, following a 10-month operation by CEOP Officers, as well as other Virtula Global Taskforce Members, leading to 700 new suspects being followed up by law enforcement agencies around the world.  

From Wikipedia on SOCA:  

The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) is a non-departmental public body of the United Kingdom government and a national law enforcement agency in the United Kingdom. 

A consequence of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005, SOCA formally came into being on 1 April 2006 following a merger of: 
- the National Crime Squad (NCS)
- the National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) (elements of which were incorporated into the Association of Chief Police Officers Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (AVCIS)) 
- the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU), 
- the investigative and intelligence sections of HM Revenue & Customs on serious drug trafficking, 
- and the Immigration Service’s responsibilities for organised immigration crime.  

Child protection  

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) is technically part of SOCA and its officers are SOCA officers. 

However, CEOP largely operates separately to the bulk of SOCA. The task of online child protection had previously been (in part) the responsibility of the NHTCU. 

CEOP recently announced the opening of the CEOP Academy, designed to be a centre of excellence in this area of law enforcement. 

CEOP works in conjunction with New Scotland Yard Child Abuse Investigation Command which has its own hi-tech unit.  

Computer crime  

Officers from the former National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) became SOCA's e-crime unit. However, the remit of this unit is much narrower than that of the body it replaced. 

In particular, the NHTCU had established a confidentiality charter to encourage victims of computer crime to contact the police in confidence, because many corporate victims in particular do not report attacks due to fears of bad publicity.  

The loss of the confidentiality charter has been widely criticised although similar protection is now provided by the same Act of Parliament used to create SOCA.  

From Wikipedia on Operation Ore:  

In May of 2002, Operation Ore was implemented in the UK to investigate and prosecute the Landslide users whose names were provided by the FBI. 

Police conducting Operation Ore targeted all names on the list for investigation due to the difference in laws in between the US and the UK, which allowed for arrest on a charge of incitement to distribute child pornography based solely on the presence of a name in the database. 

In all, 3,744 people were investigated and arrested. The charge of possession of child pornography was used where evidence was found, but the lesser charge of incitement was used in those cases where a user's details were on the Landslide database but no images were found on the suspect's computer or in his home. 

Because of the number of names on the FBI list, the scale of the investigation in the UK was overwhelming to the police, who appealed to the government for emergency funding for the case.

Reportedly several million pounds were spent in the investigations, and complaints mounted that other investigations were put at risk because of the diversion of the resources of child protection units into the case. 

Information from the Operation Ore list of names was leaked to the press early in 2003. In January the Daily Mail first led with a story implicating a "legendary British rock star." After obtaining the list, the Sunday Times stated that it included the names of a number of prominent individuals, some of which were later published by the press. 

The Sunday Times reported that the list included at least twenty senior executives, a senior teacher at an exclusive girl's public school, personnel from military bases, GPs, university academics and civil servants, a famous newspaper columnist, a song writer for a legendary pop band, a member of a chart-topping 1980s cult pop group, and an official with the Church of England

An investigation followed the leak, and police complained that the advance warning would allow suspected paedophiles to dispose of evidence. A police officer was reported to have lost his job for leaking the names. (…)  

CEOP and its Chief Executive were accused of using vague terms which do not have a recognised meaning within either child protection or law enforcement when they defended the operation.  

That is a whole lot of information. Tedious even. Let’s try and simplify things and timeline things: 

1982 – 2001 (Jim Gamble) Joined the Police Service of Northern Ireland in 1982 (formerly the Royal Ulster Constabulary) to Head of Special Branch Intelligence (SBI) in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in charge of all counter-terrorism and operations relating to Irish terrorism in the UK and overseas. 
1997 – Tony Blair elected UK’s PM 
2001 – (Jim Gamble) Assistant Chief Constable of the NCS for England and Wales  
2001 – 2006 – (Jim Gamble) Responsible for the UK’s NHTCU, in part responsible for the task of online child protection.  
2002 – Operation Ore was implemented in the UK to investigate and prosecute the Landslide users whose names were provided by the FBI. (?) – (Jim Gamble) Led the National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) fight against child sex abuse, including initiatives such as the controversial Operation. He led the work to set up the National Crime Squad's specialist response cell – the Paedophile Online Investigation Team (POLIT).
2003 – Operation Ore list of names was leaked to the press. It included at least twenty senior executives, a senior teacher at an exclusive girl's public school, personnel from military bases, GPs, university academics and civil servants, a famous newspaper columnist, a song writer for a legendary pop band, a member of a chart-topping 1980s cult pop group, and an official with the Church of England.  
2004 – (Jim Gamble) Deputy Director General of the NCS for England and Wales 
2006 – Creation of SOCA, merging among other agencies, the NCS and NHTCU 
2006 – Creation of CEOP, led by Jim Gamble  
2007 (May) – Madeleine Beth McCann dies in Praia da Luz, Algarve 
2007 (June) – Tony Blair resigns from UK’s PM 
2009 – (Jim Gamble) Among five candidates shortlisted to succeed Sir Hugh Orde as Police Service of Northern Ireland chief constable.. Also in the running is Bernard Hogan-Howe, chief constable of Merseyside; Jon Stoddart, chief constable of Durham; Paul West, chief constable of West Mercia; and Matt Baggott, chief constable of Leicestershire, who was appointed. 
2010 – (Jim Gamble) Called for a "panic button" - for the public to report suspected paedophiles - to be installed on the main profile page of every Facebook user.  

It’s easy to see that we have before us an individual who with an IMPRESSIVE experience in handling intelligence, with a particular emphasis in both in internet and pedophilia, areas which I assume him to be an expert

It’s a known fact that anybody involved in investigating the violent phenomenon that is pedophilia, should be in it for no longer than three years. 

If you’re exposing yourself to the graphical violence, that period should not exceed six months. 

It’s got to do with mental health, numbness to details, and possibility of irrational vengeful behavior. 

Since this gentleman has long exceeded any of these periods, one can only assume that he hasn’t been in direct investigative duties but coordinates the teams that do that. 

Much like Gonçalo Amaral in the Maddie case. Quite a coincidence, wouldn’t that be? 

To the intelligence people, who this man is certainly included, there’s no such thing as luck, coincidence or fluke. Any of situations happening and those circumstances, and they do happen, are by definition unforeseen. 

That means that somehow the analysis of that particular information could have been done in a more precise manner, or even in a correct manner. It means basically that they’ve failed. 

Let me try to explain this just a little better. An economist is a person who is able to tell you, quite correctly and justifying each and every statement, what went wrong, or right, with the economy, nationally or internationally, in a certain period that has passed and in which, as they explain you are suffering what you are suffering right now. 

Economists are information analysts who reach certainly valuable conclusions. But Intelligence doesn’t require economists, it wants to know what the future reserves, not explanations about the past, however correct they may be. If you can’t predict, you can’t prevent. Putting out fires is for firemen. 

So, please, when thinking about people as these, wipe out from your brain expressions like “it may have been that…” No luck, no fortune, coincidences, no flukes, just plain hard work. 

 I won’t get, at this stage, into what I think about the possible connections between this man, Operation Ore, the UK Government and Maddie’s Scandal. But they are, in my opinion, very much linked and intertwined.

My good friend Ironside has been feeding you some adequate information in his comments, as I’ve had valuable contributions from my readers, who I take the opportunity to thank. 

I want to focus Mr. James Gamble and pedophilia and his online capabilities. Not even hinting that he’s one himself, but if there’s a single man that is able to spot a pedophile even before that individual has even had his first dirty thought, then you’re before him.  

He’s a man who knows, as an expert that he is, that any pedophile is completely aware of his sick vice and will do anything to hide it, ashamed as he feels for the pleasure felt from such an abject need.  

He’s a man who knows, as an expert that he is, that pedophiles will always use other than their own identities to purchase or be officially linked to this disgusting activity, for they know they are committing the vilest of acts. The vast majority of credit card payments to purchase or view this type of aberration is obviously done through credit card fraud. That’s not experience, that’s common sense. Mr Gambles knows, as an expert that he is, that pretty well, I’m sure. 

He also knows, as an expert that he is, that the security systems set up by pedophiles to protect themselves is extremely complex in such a manner that to “progress” up the chain of trust. 

To reach some levels you have to perform these unspeakable acts before you’re accepted in the inner circle of these animals.  

He knows perfectly well, as an expert that he is, that child victims of online predators go VOLUNTARILY to the slaughter. Like innocent lambs they are. And it’s their innocence that is exploited to be conned, convinced or fooled into a trustful relationship. 

Nobody, not even a child, goes to meet a stranger that they suspect will harm them. To say that is being arrogantly malignant. No, not even a stupid idiot would say it. 

The filter has to be somewhere else and certainly not dependant of the victim who, Mr. Gamble perfectly knows, as an expert that he is, is totally unaware of the threat.  

He knows, as an expert that he is, that the push-button thing is pushing is a as a big and as vile marketing ploy as was Maddie’s eye. 

It’s stupid and useless to protect kids, but what a wonderful tool to persecute anyone you wish. 

You see, he also knows, as an expert that he is, and exploits that very well, that to be branded a pedophile is worse than wearing a David’s Star in Auchwitz, than being a black in Alabama when lynching was fashionable, than being a muslim in Sbrenica in 1995. 

It’s worse because you’re not branded with something that only a part of society hates, but of something that the WHOLE society hates. 

And if you’re innocent of the charges, you’re as much to blame for the branding as any of the persecuted groups I just referred. 

He knows all this, and much more, as an expert that he is,

Some I will discuss it later, but most important thing that he knows is what I’m about to say next. He KNOWS who the real pedophiles in the UK are. 

And outside UK, but that is not his jurisdiction. He may not know them all, as pedophiles, unfortunately for us all, don’t cease to appear. 

But he knows who’s on THE LIST. Not the Ore list, THE LIST. Let me just remind you what Wikipedia said about the Ore list: “it included at least twenty senior executives, a senior teacher at an exclusive girl's public school, personnel from military bases, GPs, university academics and civil servants, a famous newspaper columnist, a song writer for a legendary pop band, a member of a chart-topping 1980s cult pop group, and an official with the Church of England”.  

That, as we now know, is based purely on credit card transactions, so most of the names in it are of totally innocent people. 

But not the names on THE LIST

And this Ore List came from the US, whilst THE LIST that I'm supposing to exist, is homemade. And it doesn't exist only if UK assumes that only the US investigates these things. 

Mr. Gamble's curriculum states otherwise, but, for libel's sake, let's just SUPPOSE it exists. 

I imagine that average-Joe (and Jane, for pedophilia is not an exclusive male aberration, as much as Mr. Gamble tries to convince us that only whoever has a penis is a danger to children) that has ever been on that list, has been, correctly persecuted and condemned. 

But average-Joe’s don’t feed power. And there’s no more power than having in your hand the names of the nations’ notorious as the most perverts of perverts. 

As I said, I don’t have proof that THE LIST exists, but apparently there is proof that out all of the Ore List names not all were charged, as we hopefully shall see on the 27th. 

So there is a double standard in the British Judicial System when it comes to pedophilia. 

Also Mr. Gamble also knows, as an expert that he is, that if you have a foe, or if you need a name, well, just hack a computer, hide a couple of pictures in it, bring in the cavalry, and, voilá, you have yourself a certified pedophile, that you, and only YOU, know that he’s not. 

No, not saying he would ever do THAT. 

Didn't cross my mind for a minute. 

But, in any case all required is the adequate computer knowledge. Know anyone who has? 

Last, but not least, and completely off-subject for now, let me just go back to my timeline. 

2009 – (Jim Gamble) Among five candidates shortlisted to succeed Sir Hugh Orde as Police Service of Northern Ireland chief constable.. Also in the running is Bernard Hogan-Howe, chief constable of Merseyside; Jon Stoddart, chief constable of Durham; Paul West, chief constable of West Mercia; and Matt Baggott, chief constable of Leicestershire, who was appointed.  

Now ain’t that just luck, fortune, coincidence and a fluke, all in one?

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Jill Renwick - "SHUTTERS on the Hotel room had been BROKEN"

Transcript, by IRONSIDE (now with the video, thanks to Himself)  

Kate McCann: Madeleine is a beautiful, bright, funny and caring little girl. She is so special. Please, please do not hurt her. Please don't scare her. Please tell us where to find her.  

Voice off: Police are investigating the disappearance of a three year old Leicestershire girl in Portugal amid fears she has been abducted. Madeleine Mccann went missing.... (Radio transmission) Yvonne Radley (News Editor): The story broke May 3rd 7.30 in the morning, we heard on the radio that a British girl had gone missing about 8 o'clock that morning; we knew it was a Leicestershire girl. For the last six months now we've covered the story every single day, and it got to the point after four or five months, pretty soon after Kate and Gerry became arguidos, there was a lot of rumor, a lot of speculation and the fact was getting separated from the fiction, so we thought it was important to come and see it to Praia da Luz. Male voice off: This is where the story started and this is where probably the story will finish. Male voice off, Portuguese accent: In every movie you need a bad guy and the bad guy here was the Portuguese police. Male voice off, Portuguese accent: Portuguese land and Portuguese system is different from other countries. Cathy Landau (Reporter): She was crying. She was distraught.  

Klara Lethbridge (Journalist): You speak to people out here and you start to see that there is another side.

Owen Gee (Retired Detective): Whatever, whatever the outcome they have got to live with this for the rest of their lives.  

Reporter asks Klara Lethbridge: Do you think while you have been here, your views have changed?

Klara Lethbridge: Yes.  

Reporter: In what way?  

Klara Lethbridge: Again, I feel I have to be careful now...  

Owen Gee: The laws here are pretty damn tough.  

Klara Lethbridge: Oh God, I have to be so careful about what I am saying... It’s not as straightforward as it seems.  

Yvonne Radley: It's almost like people are trying to forget.  

Reporter, voice off: Madeleine McCann went missing last night while her parents were having a meal while on holiday in a resort in the Algarve. This family friend speaking on GMTV earlier says the family is frantic: “They've been looking themselves, they've been on hedgerows and they've been out shouting but there's nothing else they can do unless they get support from the police over there, or the police here”. 

Reporter: That’s Jill Renwick she told GMTV the SHUTTERS on the Hotel room had been BROKEN and the family believe their daughters been taken.  

Jill Renwick, voice off: Well as you can imagine, as a mother, its the worse thing for anything to happen. She's been taken, I mean, she's been taken , that’s all they know.  

Cathy Landau: Nobody knew six months ago exactly what kind of Global impact this was going to have, and it was a scary place to be because we were all aware that morning of the distress these two parents were under...and on arriving on the scene there were a lot of bleary eyed residents still walking around, they hadn’t even been to bed. They'd been involved in this fingertip search on the beach the night before. The Hotel manager, was just exhausted, shattered, he was beside himself giving a few interviews early that morning. The Police were just sealing off the area, starting to dust for fingerprints. The family were still there when I arrived, and Mrs.Mccann was being led out of the apartment flanked by two females. I can't say if they were family members or if they were friends but if they weren’t family members, they were obviously very, very good friends. She was crying, she was distraught, just distraught, and as you can only imagine she didn’t know where to start to put her faith or her trust...errm...because when you're removed from your familiar surroundings and from a Police force that you know and trust and from a Judicial and legal system that you know and trust...and even from things like Child Protection Services that you know and don't know where to begin and that is exactly the shape of what I saw that morning. I just caught a shadow of a woman who didn’t know where to begin.

 Klara Lethbridge asking Owen Gee: Over in the U.K. there has been a lot more, lately, over the last few months, there’s been a lot more focus on the investigation; it seems to be moving away from actually worrying about Madeleine she is… what’s happened to her...what’s going on. Over here, what would you say, do you think that people in the forefront of their minds are still thinking of Madeleine or... ?  

Owen Gee: Oh, I think they are.

Klara Lethbridge: Has the investigation eclipsed that?  

Owen Gee: I don't know if it's only by virtue of what I do for a living but people are always approaching the subject and frankly, I'm talking to you now, but now after six to 3rd of May I'm getting a little bit tired of people asking the same questions, because the truth remains, have to say that, we don't know, and If you ask the Chief of Police they don’t really know, and if they do, by the secrecy laws here, they are not allowed to tell you anyway. I think what you've got to accept is, we are here in Portugal, they chose to come here, it’s a very safe place, and it’s a great place to be. Look around, the climate is fantastic, the people are very honest, respectful, polite and we're not used to this sort of thing and we need an answer.... we need an answer ...and I repeat from that someone, who knows… and the sooner the better, lets all get back on with our lives. Rothley can return to being from what we've seen, and I've not been there, a really nice Leicestershire village ...we think we're the same.  

Reporter: BREAKING NEWS this hour.... Kate Mccann the mother of missing Leicestershire girl Madeleine Mccann expects to be made a formal suspect today.  

Justine..PR for McCanns: Kate and Gerry are happy to help the Police in their investigation to help find their daughter Madeleine, as they have been since she was taken.  

Kate McCann: Please, please do not hurt her. Please don't scare her. Please tell us where to find her.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Hardly Confusing, Certainly Not To Be Silenced

Transcript, by IRONSIDE, from Operation Ore TC...SKY NEWS:  

Reporter: It was almost three years ago that this woman’s life was changed forever by a knock at the door.

Totallyconfused (TC): I went downstairs to find a detective on my doorstep, to tell me they had a search warrant for my house and I when looked over his shoulder, all I could see was Police in full gear. Lots of Police vehicles, and that was the moment I found out. The children were just saying 'Daddy, where are they taking you? What’s going on? Daddy, where are you going?' 

Reporter: Her husband was arrested on suspicion of downloading indecent images of children; it was part of Operation Ore, a huge investigation by British police to track down paedophiles and access child pornography sites in America. Over 7.000 names were supplied; so far there, have been almost 1.500 convictions in the U.K. Did you for any second think: “my husband could be a paedophile”?  

TC: Regrettably, I have to say, yes I did, and the reason I have to say that is because there were media reports all over the place from the Police, saying these people are dangerous paedophiles and they knew what they had done. They had purposely accessed these sites on the Internet. I had Social Services telling me these things and I just didn’t know what to think, it just didn’t make any sense to me. I thought well, there the authorities, they, why would they make it up?  

Reporter: How, how concerned were you for your children? 

 TC: I was terrified for my children. I was terrified, it was a second marriage and my first concern was 'Oh my God, what have I done to my children, what have I potentially exposed them to. Who is this person?'  

Reporter: But, when she tried to find out exactly what her husband was accused of doing she says she was given no information.  

TC: Was this children, small children or was it something idiotic like a Sam Fox picture from the 1980's? And no one would tell me.  

Reporter: And have you since managed to find out, has anybody told you what these images were?  

TC: Yes, I found out now, they were older teens 16, 17, 18 years old.  

Reporter: Thing is, perhaps a lot of people would think a very different thing, than people who had viewed very small children.  

TC: Yes, yes.  

Reporter: Her husband was eventually charged with ten counts of possessing indecent images and was placed on the sex offenders register. But the methods used in Operation Ore are now being questioned. Those targeted are accused of having used their credit cards to pay for images. But there’s doubt over the reliability of the records of the site....and there’s a link between the operation and the current row facing the Education Secretary. Paul Reed the P.E. teacher who sparked the furor was placed on the sex offenders register as part of Operation Ore, he too was accused of accessing banned images on the Internet.  

TC: In the case of the P.E. teacher I understand why he took a caution.  

Reporter: Why would somebody take a caution if they weren’t guilty?  

TC: Because that’s the way it worked, because if you didn’t plead guilty. If you said you were innocent you were in denial of your problem and if you plead guilty they said you could keep your children...if you refused...  

Reporter: ...And that’s what your husband was told?  

TC: We were told both of us, separately, if we did not plead guilty they were going to take our child. No ifs or buts... and I know we are not the only people that was said to, it was said to a lot of other families.  

Reporter: So, what do you feel, when you see these different cases being shown in the media of these people affected at the moment?  

TC: Witch-hunt, because people 1) don’t really understand what the sex offender register is and … 2) they don't understand what Operation Ore was.  

Reporter: Her husband is appealing against his conviction, but the impact on his family has been extreme.  

TC: We were asked to stop taking the children to Church Youth Clubs and I was asked to leave the PTA... People wouldn’t let their children come and play with my children. My children stopped being invited places. It was very isolating.  

Reporter: And of course you weren’t implicated in anyway in what your husband was accused of?  

TC: The attitude I got was, well, I must have known, that was what people were treating me as... surely this couldn’t have been happening in your house without you knowing?  

Reporter: There now in hiding and her husband is still only allowed supervised access to his child.  

TC: No picking up from school. No going to school plays. No Dad taking him to the beach on his own. No Dad taking him to the cinema or McDonalds, nothing like that is allowed.  

Reporter: One of the hardest things to deal with has been the loss and recovery of possessions.  

TC: We got back our Disney Videos, but unfortunately again the specter of Ore doesn’t just go away...because every time my son wants to watch one of his Disney you pull it out of the case the first thing you see indelible BLACK PEN is a giant X with 'No offences found' written over Pinocchio’s face. 

Reporter: And what about family photos?  

TC: We didn’t get them back. How do I explain to him that there are hardly any pictures of him as a baby? Please don't misunderstand me. I think child abuse is horrendous and paedophilia is a horrible, horrible thing but I can't think of a single family that have been through this, where their children are better off afterwards. Its impacted on my children, scarred them, I have no doubt, for life. It’s decimated our family. Our family is torn apart, in pieces and will never be fully rebuilt and it’s just a shame that out of some MISTRUTHS and LIES, so many people have been destroyed. 


Comment from IRONSIDE to TC: 

Hello TC, I have to say this was hard to type. Hearing your interview was very different to reading the words, seeing them on paper is heart wrenching. I cannot make any sense of what has happened to you and many other families. I only hope that this Court case leads to Justice.


TC answer to IRONSIDE: T

hank you Iron. I have to say, reading my own words, which are verbatim what I said, is hard. I have just sent this email to someone: 

Happy Sunday Friend...hope you and yours are well on (what is here) a sunny day. I will not be able to attend the High Court on the 27th and 28th. Conveniently, social services have decided to place Silent Me and myself on trial on those days. 

While everything we have been accused of criminally was NFA'd/no evidence, in the family court it is 'balance of probability'. Therefore social services want a single judge to determine: 

1) Did we put our son at risk of sexual harm by virtue of being members of particular websites and online MSN chatting to members of those particular sites? 

2) Both parents have suffered emotional trauma due to Operation Ore/Father's conviction. Does this make the parents unable to meet the emotional needs of the child? 

3) Was our son put at direct significant risk of sexual harm by allowing 'James Jordan' into the family home as he is an 'unregistered sex offender'? (the social services are of the belief 'fully being cleared and never charged in Operation Ore does not mean he is safe to be around children') 

4) Given the parents clear links to individuals such as (names removed)- among others- are the parents able to teach the child to respect authority and work with appropriate authoritative child protection specialists? 

5) Do the parents accept that on the date in question (Aug 27, 2009) they took the child on 'holiday' to London, within a 40 mile proximity of a paedophile whom they knew to be on the SOR and he requested to 'babysit' for them? Do parents accept that they never gave a definitive NO answer to this person and therefore by virtue put the child at significant risk of emotional, sexual, physical and mental harm? 

6) Will mother accept that her attitudes towards Operation Ore, minimise the significance of child sexual abuse in the UK? 

Welcome to the nightmare. 

Regards TC and Silent

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Textusa Profiling: Jim Gamble

Jim Gamble has a strong background in counter terrorism and was Head of Special Branch Intelligence in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Here he was in charge of all counter terrorism and operations relating to Irish terrorism in the UK and overseas. 

Having joined the Police Service of Northern Ireland in 1982 (formerly the Royal Ulster Constabulary) he set about securing a wide range of command experience serving as both a uniform and detective officer in what was one of the most challenging policing environments in the UK. 

At the end of 2001, Jim took up a leading (…)

From the above, taken from the 3A Forum, I take that somewhere between 1982 and 2001, Mr. Gamble worked for the Special Branch Intelligence in Belfast.

This means that I might have met personally the gentleman, as I worked, in that timeframe and although very briefly, with a team of operating personnel from this exceptional service.

My opinion is solely “technical”, but I must say that to this day I'm still amazed with the professional capability and efficiency of these people. For a mighty foe, a mightier police. In hindsight, I learned so much in so little time.

As I said, it was a brief stint. Once the objective was achieved, we parted ways. I have a vague memory of all those that I was with, so by saying that I don’t remember Mr. Gambles, if he was there, I’m not being minimally demeaning to the man, just being reasonable with myself.

Having known these people I take Mr. Gambles to be the exact stereotype of an underestimated man, with surmount intelligence to fully perceive that particular fact and hate it with all his gut.

To have worked in that particular unit, and to have, apparently led it, Mr. Gambles demonstrates an exceptional emotional intelligence.

Unfortunately for him, his physique is that of a football hooligan. Or a fan at best. No matter how well dressed Mr. Gambles is, he will never look the gentleman that Dr. McCann appears to be in jeans. I know that I'm stereotyping the gentleman, and that’s being unfair, but the very word “stereotype” means exactly that the phenomenon exists.

It’s a common fact that tall people have a starting advantage in any environment than short people. Dark skinned black people haven’t a chance when competing with light-skinned counterparts. It’s as if they were of different races altogether, even if belonging to the same family.

It's unfair, it's unjust, but it's real. We all know that, and we all have either suffered it or inflict it by misjudging others solely on their appearance, or, most likely, have been on both ends. No immunity here.

This to say, that Mr. Gambles has certainly been all his life a victim of his burly down-to-earth aspect. Something that he has no responsibility for. Nor even his parents. But he hates it. He is always smartly dressed, however no matter how much he runs, his image will always pursue him.

Another indication of an obsession about the appearance is his haircut. Always very, very short, shaved almost, so as not to reveal, by contrast, a conquering baldness. This is a common behavior of men that have a problem with their own baldness. As if the loss of hair makes them lesser men, not realizing that it’s the result of excessive testosterone, which, of all things, makes them more of men than others. But also more aggressive.

Add this to the fact that, in school, being smarter than other kids is not at all an advantage but rather a handicap.

To have an eye in the land of the blind is not to be a king, but just an aberration.

If you don’t believe me ask any “geek” how much suffering they had to camouflage in their teens.

So we have, just from these facts, an angry young intelligent man who is desperate to prove his value to others. He thrives on other’s approval but has learned to defend himself by the power to subjugate others.

And he will, even if subconsciously, avenge fiercely what he perceives as life’s great injustice dealt upon him and that he has had to endure: his unappealing, as in non-Jeremy Iron, looks.

Any power that he’ll achieve he’ll hold on to fiercely. Any power he’ll have, he’ll use it with the same ruthless intensity. Do not, under any circumstances, underestimate this man.

But then again, my education to draw up a profile was gained in bars and other places of ill-repute. So, if you wish, just disregard it as b*llocks. However, something tells me that he was on the first people to learn the exact 4WsH for Maddie’s death: when, where, why, who and how.

The same voice also tells me that he did not stand still with that information.

Damn voices, those that I hear…

Friday, 16 April 2010

The Sound Of The Ore Tree

Foreword: This post his dedicated to totallyconfused and her fellow Orees.
One much debated question is “'If a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one to hear it, does it make a sound?'”

After thought, those that like to base themselves on reason say that if a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, then it does NOT make a sound as sound is something that is heard.

But reason also tells us, for a fact, that there was a sound, as no tree breaks in silence. We don’t know, and might never know, what the pitch of screech was or if it was only just whimper, but nature and all the historical background humanity has accumulated on tree falling; it’s undeniable that there was effectively a sound.

To silence this sound as nonexistent is simply stupid.

To forfeit the tree of its existence is of the most profound of injustices. More specifically, it’s a miscarriage of Justice. To inflict this injustice intentionally is to be insanely evil for it reveals intent to deny on other the basic and worldwide constitutional, right to a quality of life that one DEMANDS for oneself.

We seem to be witnessing lately more, and more of this exercise of power by those elected to provide the exact opposite.

No, it’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s stating one very well known but rarely stated disease: power addiction. And those that are addicted to it have, in these modern times, mastered the art of getting their daily fix, or, as we watch every single day nationwide and across nations, of guaranteeing they remain in power regardless of values. Be they social, be they ethical.

They tame the masses. I’ve said it before, and will say it again, by manipulating fear. Like a good marketing ploy, they create the need, and then explain how they’re the ONLY ones that can defend YOU from it.

Racism, religion, safety, the three mostly used. If the fear is real, then the task is facilitated. How many parents that adamantly didn’t believe that Maddie was abducted, even laughed about it, but have spent the last three summers holidaying in Algarve scared that Pimpleman might come lurking in the night and take their kid away?

The fear of possible absence of safety explores our basic instincts and is almost as much exploited as the McCann’s Holy Fund.

We, in this blog, condemn, in the most vehement and clear manner the crime of pedophilia. Nothing extraordinary in the feat, as any normal human being should.

Just a little bit off-topic, of the bad vices a person can have the one I consider worst is gambling. Many have ruined their lives because of it. But also have so many others due to drugs and alcohol. But the biggest difference between the people caught in these disgraceful situations is that a gambler looks just like you and me.

A gambler that has just lost absolutely all can only be characterized, physically, by the utter sadness of his bodily expressions. No other physical indication as to his consummated disgrace. But there are much more sad people on this Earth than gamblers.

A pedophile is like a gambler, an honest-Joe chameleon living with the darkest of sins.

None of us know, or even guess, how many pedophiles we have until today shaken hands with or even kissed, shared a joke, helped in a time of need, or contacted with in other many human natural interactions.

They simply look like just like any other person.

The reverse to this, is that anyone can be branded a pedophile. And it will stick, to anyone. I had that shown to me just yesterday. At dinner, Fred looked straight into my eyes and said: “What if I told you that I was a pedo?”

At first, the thing didn’t hit me. It wasn’t funny, so it wasn’t a joke, but I guess my brain faced with THAT just took it as such. He didn’t laugh, he didn’t smile. He just looked at me. “That I have been one for the last fifteen years and that I’ve molested some very, very young boys and girls?”

My heart sank. Plunged. I don’t exactly remember what I was doing but I remember that I stopped half way. “I’m so sorry… I’m just telling you because I think the cops are onto me, and I expect them to come here any day. Maybe even tomorrow…” 

I cannot begin to describe the waves of disgust, physical and mental that I felt.

Before me the man I loved turned, in a second, into a repulsive monster. The one that I trusted, that I offered by body and soul to was as repugnant as imagination can conceive. Vomit went up my throat. They say in a situation like this, you just want to run. I prayed for something to strike me there and then. Something fulminating that would take me away from there right away, right now. Quickly, quickly.

My brain filled with the faces of my children, my family, my neighbors… of the shame that I was about to face before all I knew. “You see, honey, how easy it is to condemn someone?”, he just went on with his soup, you’ve been reading about that Operation ORE thing and all those people falsely accused of being pedos… and you even write in their defense, but when it came knocking at your door, what was your reaction? You really thought that I had done all those things that your mind just come up with, didn’t you?” 

It’s stupid to ask a boxer who has just been knocked cold out what he thinks about Global Warming because his mind is somewhere else. Nowhere, to be exact. So I just said what I could, nothing.

“Thank God that nobody has EVER accused me of that, because if they did, all I could have was your gut. I know that if I told you I was innocent that you would be behind me, I know that, but that is because you know me. But in the back of your head there would always be that question… is he?”

Honestly, at this point, if I had a gun I would have shot his head off. Then I would calmly put it back on his neck and shoot it off again.  

“Yes, that question would always be there… Now imagine with what I could count on from all others. ALL OTHERS. Be they friends, be they strangers. No pity from them. No pity from them on me, no pity from them on you… Can you now understand what those people have suffered?” 

“Some weren’t able to take it… no, not some, many,” said I...

“I don’t know if I could, or would,” he finalized the conversation.

Last night I didn’t sleep.

But, what if Fred was really a pedophile? Would I stand by him? Let me clarify right away that issue. No, I wouldn’t. And before turning him over to the authorities I would hurt him. Physically.

I think that all guilty pedophiles should be stigmatized. Locked away for life and treated like the animals they are. They shouldn’t be allowed EVER to walk amongst civilized society. In my opinion, they are NOT, by own choice, part of it.

I’ve already had the opportunity to state, at the height of the Hewlett-Maddie framing, that I don’t agree, with the stipulated sentences by the law, for excessive leniency, for this crime.

But that is me disagreeing with the actual law, not with the application of the law. And that’s exactly why I keep on hounding the McCanns. I just want the law to be applied to them in the same manner as it has been applied to others.

Careless if that means they get a ridiculous slap on the wrist or an adequate life sentence. It is to be whatever the law determines, independent of me agreeing, or not, of its severity.

As I also said at the time, if Mr. Hewlett served the sentence handed out to him by the adequate judicial system, that he had paid fully, officially, his debt to society.

That means that he no longer should he be persecuted PUBLICLY for that crime.

But would I want him near any of my children or my grandchildren after, as I stated, he paid his debt to society? Obviously, and absolutely not. Should I, as a citizen, be warned that that particular person is a pedophile? Certainly, yes.

Yes, I know that would mean, once again obviously, stigmatization. And that wouldn’t even tickle my conscience. Tough luck, Buddy. You knew already knew that that was at stake when you messed with kids. So take it like an adult that you never were able to be.

But I’m talking about a GUILTY pedophile. Let’s now talk about Operation Ore.

From what I’m led to know, the Police were following a child-porn website. They have my blessing. This following led to a list of people who paid for content from the above said website. This list was based on credit card payments, the most common way for payment in the internet.

They moved on them. Here they have, and don’t have, my blessing. They have it, because all those that REALLY bought the content in question should be accountable for it. They don’t have because identity theft is one of the most common crimes known to occur in credit card payments.

The Police should have checked BEFOREHAND on whom they should have moved on, and those that should have been warned that they were being used. But they didn’t, and as far as I can see, it’s a problem that could be easily overcome, as long as the privacy of those in question remained intact.

Now, here is what seems to be where the system went wrong, knew it was going wrong, and persevered in the wrongfulness. Just the UK System… not all systems, mind you. It seems that almost immediately red alerts sounded that most persecuted were co-lateral victims of a heinous crime.

So, the police revised all their investigations and proceeded to prosecute only those that we’re guilty of the crime charged. Correcting a mistake, a most transparent and reasonable procedure. Those that are guilty are to be, and were, prosecuted and condemned; the others should be allowed to go on, unaltered as possible, with their lives.

All polices? No. Only the great majority, would even dare say, all but one.

That’s why there’s no Operation Ore Scandal in the US, and there seems to be one in the UK.

So, we have INNOCENT people falsely accused of being pedophiles. I hope you now understand, as Fred taught me, the violence of this accusation.

The forthcoming hearing on Operation Ore, is simply about these people recovering what should not have been taken from them: DIGNITY.

It’s not about persecuting or about exposing anybody. It’s about Justice It’s not about persecuting anybody, although whoever is responsible for this situation should be accountable for his action. That’s nothing more than Man’s Justice.

It’s not about exposing, although to all those that have cornered "the animal", expect him to use all his claws and fangs mercilessly and in whichever he chooses to do so. You don't want him to? Don't corner him then. Oh, it's too late? Tough luck, Buddy. That’s nothing more than Nature’s Justice.

The sound made from a falling tree, in this case the proud Ore Tree, independent of witnesses.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A Black Hat Assumes

In the 3A Forum:
Inspector Clouseau
Post subject: Re: Three Little Words, Ten Huge Facts - Textusa
Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 8:04 am
"The six facts do make sense don't they" Three little words; no they don't"

Sir, Were it not be for the pure goodnes and well intended ignorance of the character in question I would say that you’d have just have honored the nick you chose, as you both share the same sharp analytical mind.

But I won't. I respect Seller's memory too much to insult it.

The question to which YOU so promptly responded was addressed on quite clear terms to the “Anti-Justice Black Hats”.

I thank you for assuming such a difficult and lonesome opinion.

And loathsome.

I see you are seconded by Palmeras16 with her complimentary “At last, some commonsense” in reference to your “out-of-the-closet” comment.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Three Little Words, Ten Huge Facts

I know I promised that in the next episode of the Smith Sighting Saga I would prove that Dr. Gerald McCann was The Luz Stroller, and I do apologise for not doing so right now.

Because this episode is still about that episode at 10 p.m, on the night of May 3rd, 2007, Praia da Luz.

Not that I won’t or that I’m incapable of providing the proof, but, in the former episode I overlooked three little words, that I think are of the utmost importance, and wouldn’t fit in the line of thought that I intend to use in that post.

And I do enjoy so much the smell of sweat on the McCann brow.

From Sky News I got the following:

“Martin Smith, from Drogheda in Co Louth, was on holiday in Praia Da Luz with his family when they bumped into the man just before 10pm on May 3 last year. The Smith family's suspicions were aroused because the man made no response when they asked if the barefoot child was asleep. "He just put his head down and averted his eyes, which is very unusual in a tourist town at such a quiet time of the year," said Mr Smith.”


Three simple words that tell us so, so very much.

FIRST, they tell us there was proximity.

The Stroller was near enough for Mr Smith to think that he could start a conversation with the man.

SECOND, they tell us that The Stroller stopped.

One doesn’t start a conversation with a complete stranger that is passing by. Eventually one could, if one is of extroverted type, say an “Oh, such a pretty little girl” but expect no response other than a smile. But when one asks a stranger a question, one expects an answer, and as is said “suspicions were aroused because the man made no response”

The only other situation I see that one would address a passing stranger would be if the carried child presented visible injury or was carried in such a manner that that could be assumed.

But then the questions would be either a concerned “Is she alright?” or a samaritan “Can I help?” but not a peaceful “Is she asleep?”

THIRD, they tell us The Stroller stopped, and stopped for a significant period of time.

One only starts a conversation with a stranger in one of the following two situations; either one feels comfortable to do so, or one feels uncomfortable enough to use conversation to break the awkward silence.

Either way, a period of time must elapse. As per significant period of time, I mean seconds, for example, the time for a caring tourist father to have apparently lost his way, momentarily, back to his holiday lodging in a strange town, while carrying his sleeping child.

FOURTH, they tell us that the Smiths not only assumed that The Stroller was not local, as he was an English-speaking person.

Otherwise they wouldn’t have spoken to him, would they?

FIFTH, it tells us that there was a vocal interaction between The Stroller and the Smiths.

One of the Smiths spoke directly to him. As I’ve already said, he probably heard all of the family speak.

In my opinion, much before he crossed paths with the first of the Smiths. Or heard the Grandparents talking some silly granny stuff to their grandchildren, and certainly heard the youngsters yelling at each other in their games up and down the stairs. But all that is most likely.

Certain is the fact that he was talked to.

This, in turn, means that if he was a local, he got to know that that family before him was English-speaking; if he was a native English-speaker, he got to know that that family was Irish.

SIXTH, they tell us that the child was alive.

No man with a dead child in his arms would act as The Stroller did.

From three simple words, SIX very valuable pieces of information can be extracted.

If you’re an Anti-Justice Black Hat, you’ll probably consider that the six things I’ve just described as totally ludicrous.

Why? Just because you want to say they are, and because it suits you.

We’ve already grown used to that so please spare the effort of expressing it.

However, Mr/Mrs/Ms Black Hat, please be reminded that nowhere above have I said that it was Gerry McCann.

So do read it again, as it The Stroller MIGHT just be The Abductor.

Don’t worry, Ill wait.

The SIX facts do make sense don’t they?

Well let me then tell you that more can be extrapolated than those SIX facts.

SEVENTH, it reinforces the fact that The Stroller wished to be seen.

He was in no hurry, he seemed lost, and he not only did NOT avoid contact, as he practically forced it.

EIGTH, it clarifies that his heading for the stairs is far from innocent.

He has stopped. He has seen the youngsters on the stairs. He no longer needs to head for Kelly’s Bar, but he needs to be seen heading for the sea.

NINTH, with all the information abovementioned, only VERY RELEVANT facts would make the McCanns NOT consider this sighting as important as it is.

Not only have they not exploited fully this information, as they have been able to come up, all by themselves, with fact number

TEN: In their Channel 4 documentary, the McCanns have INTENTIONALLY DISTORTED the position in which the child is carried, explicitly explained in the various Smith statements in the files they so painstakingly and carefully took so long to translate, thus MISLEADING and minimizing its importance.

With this last fact, and this fact alone, one could almost tattoo “GUILT” on the McCanns forehead.

But almost is not enough.

No, I won’t promise that it will be in the next episode that I’ll prove that Gerry is The Stroller.

I do have that intent though. But I also had it when I wrote it the last time. You never know what surprises that might happen between now and then.