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Jill Renwick - "SHUTTERS on the Hotel room had been BROKEN"

Transcript, by IRONSIDE (now with the video, thanks to Himself)  

Kate McCann: Madeleine is a beautiful, bright, funny and caring little girl. She is so special. Please, please do not hurt her. Please don't scare her. Please tell us where to find her.  

Voice off: Police are investigating the disappearance of a three year old Leicestershire girl in Portugal amid fears she has been abducted. Madeleine Mccann went missing.... (Radio transmission) Yvonne Radley (News Editor): The story broke May 3rd 7.30 in the morning, we heard on the radio that a British girl had gone missing about 8 o'clock that morning; we knew it was a Leicestershire girl. For the last six months now we've covered the story every single day, and it got to the point after four or five months, pretty soon after Kate and Gerry became arguidos, there was a lot of rumor, a lot of speculation and the fact was getting separated from the fiction, so we thought it was important to come and see it to Praia da Luz. Male voice off: This is where the story started and this is where probably the story will finish. Male voice off, Portuguese accent: In every movie you need a bad guy and the bad guy here was the Portuguese police. Male voice off, Portuguese accent: Portuguese land and Portuguese system is different from other countries. Cathy Landau (Reporter): She was crying. She was distraught.  

Klara Lethbridge (Journalist): You speak to people out here and you start to see that there is another side.

Owen Gee (Retired Detective): Whatever, whatever the outcome they have got to live with this for the rest of their lives.  

Reporter asks Klara Lethbridge: Do you think while you have been here, your views have changed?

Klara Lethbridge: Yes.  

Reporter: In what way?  

Klara Lethbridge: Again, I feel I have to be careful now...  

Owen Gee: The laws here are pretty damn tough.  

Klara Lethbridge: Oh God, I have to be so careful about what I am saying... It’s not as straightforward as it seems.  

Yvonne Radley: It's almost like people are trying to forget.  

Reporter, voice off: Madeleine McCann went missing last night while her parents were having a meal while on holiday in a resort in the Algarve. This family friend speaking on GMTV earlier says the family is frantic: “They've been looking themselves, they've been on hedgerows and they've been out shouting but there's nothing else they can do unless they get support from the police over there, or the police here”. 

Reporter: That’s Jill Renwick she told GMTV the SHUTTERS on the Hotel room had been BROKEN and the family believe their daughters been taken.  

Jill Renwick, voice off: Well as you can imagine, as a mother, its the worse thing for anything to happen. She's been taken, I mean, she's been taken , that’s all they know.  

Cathy Landau: Nobody knew six months ago exactly what kind of Global impact this was going to have, and it was a scary place to be because we were all aware that morning of the distress these two parents were under...and on arriving on the scene there were a lot of bleary eyed residents still walking around, they hadn’t even been to bed. They'd been involved in this fingertip search on the beach the night before. The Hotel manager, was just exhausted, shattered, he was beside himself giving a few interviews early that morning. The Police were just sealing off the area, starting to dust for fingerprints. The family were still there when I arrived, and Mrs.Mccann was being led out of the apartment flanked by two females. I can't say if they were family members or if they were friends but if they weren’t family members, they were obviously very, very good friends. She was crying, she was distraught, just distraught, and as you can only imagine she didn’t know where to start to put her faith or her trust...errm...because when you're removed from your familiar surroundings and from a Police force that you know and trust and from a Judicial and legal system that you know and trust...and even from things like Child Protection Services that you know and trust...you don't know where to begin and that is exactly the shape of what I saw that morning. I just caught a shadow of a woman who didn’t know where to begin.

 Klara Lethbridge asking Owen Gee: Over in the U.K. there has been a lot more, lately, over the last few months, there’s been a lot more focus on the investigation; it seems to be moving away from actually worrying about Madeleine ...how she is… what’s happened to her...what’s going on. Over here, what would you say, do you think that people in the forefront of their minds are still thinking of Madeleine or... ?  

Owen Gee: Oh, I think they are.

Klara Lethbridge: Has the investigation eclipsed that?  

Owen Gee: I don't know if it's only by virtue of what I do for a living but people are always approaching the subject and frankly, I'm talking to you now, but now after six to 3rd of May I'm getting a little bit tired of people asking the same questions, because the truth remains, have to say that, we don't know, and If you ask the Chief of Police they don’t really know, and if they do, by the secrecy laws here, they are not allowed to tell you anyway. I think what you've got to accept is, we are here in Portugal, they chose to come here, it’s a very safe place, and it’s a great place to be. Look around, the climate is fantastic, the people are very honest, respectful, polite and we're not used to this sort of thing and we need an answer.... we need an answer ...and I repeat from that someone, who knows… and the sooner the better, lets all get back on with our lives. Rothley can return to being from what we've seen, and I've not been there, a really nice Leicestershire village ...we think we're the same.  

Reporter: BREAKING NEWS this hour.... Kate Mccann the mother of missing Leicestershire girl Madeleine Mccann expects to be made a formal suspect today.  

Justine..PR for McCanns: Kate and Gerry are happy to help the Police in their investigation to help find their daughter Madeleine, as they have been since she was taken.  

Kate McCann: Please, please do not hurt her. Please don't scare her. Please tell us where to find her.


  1. That one simple lie proves there was no abduction.There is no more to be said.

  2. Clarence Mitchell...

    Being forced to deny the McCanns’ initial claim of a break-in

    On the evening that Madeleine was reported missing, the McCanns claimed an abductor had broken into the children’s room by ‘jemmying open the shutters’. They repeated that claim many times - a claim the media reported extensively. But the managers of the Mark Warners resort where the McCanns were staying, and the police, soon discovered that the shutters had not been tampered with. This forcing the McCanns to dramatically change their story - one of many changes of story - to say: ‘the abductor must have walked in through an unlocked patio door”. Asked about this discrepancy, Mitchell was forced to concede on the record: “There was no evidence of a break-in. I'm not going into the detail, but I can say that Kate and Gerry are firmly of the view that somebody got into the apartment and took Madeleine out the window as their means of escape. To do that they did not necessarily have to tamper with anything. They got out of the window fairly easily”. It is however most unlikley that an abductor could have ‘got out of the window easily’ leaving no forensic trace.

  3. You people are arrogantly discarding the Disney's Co-Production "Peter Pan & Monsters Inc."

    That hasn't been given YET the importance it deserves...

  4. Cathy Landau / Morris featured in this article..A little information on Cathy.

    Cathy Morris, known as the early morning voice on Kiss FM
    Radio for several years, is still active in Broadcasting here, in
    the UK and Ireland. With television contributions to the
    Overseas Property Channel, RTE, GMTV, BBC and Sky News,
    Cathy is at home on camera. She is equally adept on stage.

    Cathy is well known to Algarve audiences as a versatile player
    most notably in Pantomime and Old Time Music Hall. She
    delighted audiences at a number of locations when playing two
    roles in BENEF*ACTORS’ production of “Love, sex and Other
    Disasters”, early in 2008.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVCk83Rv4jA&feature=youtu.be&a

    Haleigh Cummings ...another simulated abduction. Instead of an 'OPEN' window... we have an OPEN door.

    Pat Brown Profiler.

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGiXPKN4KvI&feature=youtu.be&a

    Pat Brown on also another 'abducted' three year old.

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUBIrT59h9U&feature=related

    Pat Brown on Robert Murat when he first became a suspect.

  8. Não sei o que dizer,principalmente após ter ido ver mais um vídeo deste autor/a:


    e, assim coloco 1 dos comentários:

    " cmrc201 this is hilarious, this is not madeleine's apartment. this is palm bay, (which is a different area to where she stayed) and she was staying at the garden phase. i know the ocean club very well."

    A nice day to all.


  9. Hi Text!

    Mandei um email pra você uns dias atrás. recebeu? Não obtive resposta!

    Grazie mille :)


  10. Hi M...the location in this video you have shown is very hilly and green..Ocean Club very flat...The windows also are very different..this is a luxurious apartment way out of the McCanns price range...until the Fund of course.

    Thank you

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YWCVSjIJk8

    So, Mrs.Jill Renwick..your friends did also not search....Two BLATANT lies they have told you. Can you not find it in your heart to now come forward for Madeleine, as what would have been her seventh birthday approaches?

  12. http://nancygrace.blogs.cnn.com/2010/04/21/haleighs-family-told-to-make-funeral-arrangements-did-cops-find-a-body/

    Haleigh Cummings.

    Police need to build a strong case without a body.

    This is the little girl the British press called Americas Maddie...'Abducted' from her bed.

  13. Wednesday July 25, 2007

    The father of missing Madeleine McCann has been forced to defend himself during a series of interviews with American journalists.

    Gerry McCann told Sky News that the real crime was committed by the person who had taken his daughter, but he was asked on CNN whether he would face prosecution over the decision to leave his children alone.

    "We have been assured by the authorities that what we did fell within the boundaries of good parenting," he said.

    "Madeleine was targeted by a predator and we shouldn't have to be worrying about people getting into our homes and gardens and playgrounds. That is the real criminal act here."

    During an appearance on Good Morning America, he was told many US parents are "puzzled" why they did not make use of a babysitting service during their holiday in Portugal.

    Mr McCann said: "We were dining 50 yards away. We could see the apartment where we were. It was almost like dining in our own garden.

    "The kids were sound asleep and we were checking on them regularly. We didn't think we needed a babysitter."

    Mr McCann was in America to keep his daughter's disappearance in the public eye and to meet police who deal with child abduction.

  14. http://www.islingtongazette.co.uk/content/islington/gazette/news/story.aspx?brand=ISLGOnline&category=news&tBrand=northlondon24&tCategory=newsislg&itemid=WeED21%20Apr%202010%2012%3A18%3A25%3A723

    Every life matters but a childs life is more precious, because it has yet to grow. Jessie...R.I.P.

  15. http://www.lorryspotting.com/newsArticle.asp?nID=1123959833

    Thanks to 3As...

    Searching for Madeleine.

  16. http://pjga.blogspot.com/2010/04/goncalo-amaral-at-lisbon-book-fair-on.html

    1st May Goncalo Amaral at Lisbon book fair.

  17. http://gerrymccan-abuseofpower-humanrights.blogspot.com/2010/04/eddie-stobart-joins-search-for-missing.html

    Someone, somewhere knows where Madeleine is...
    But this Eddie found Madeleine first.

  18. Anon@7.59....I have sent them an e.mail with a link to the police files. I could not let this pass.

  19. Tex, float your cursor over the 360 bottom right of video frame, right click, on drop down menu move cursor over "copy embedded code" left click, now paste straight into your blog page.

    I would have sent it you, but the comments won't accept all that code, anyway it's time you learnt.

    I did this post by the way, on those that gave it the broken shutter piel.

    They're only details

  20. Himself,

    I'll try it, just because the help came from where it came. Cannot do it right away, it's dinner time.

    If I can't I'll be the first to assume...lolol

    Thanks a million!

  21. Hi 'HIMSELF' I am glad someone understands your post for me it is as clear as 'mud'...lol

    Have just tweeted your article so you may get a few visitors.

    Evenin all...

  22. http://goodqualitywristbands.blogspot.com/


    Trust us we are the BBC...

    (Still no apology for Dr.Goncalo...)

  23. Hard to believe this is a Doctor speaking.

    Snippet from David Paynes rogatory interview.


    1485 ”And what sort of time would you generally put them to sleep?”

    Reply ”Err I mean we would, so they, I mean they had the you know if they ate at the err kids club you know and again it’s just difficult what happened after, you know for the weeks after because we ate at the kids club then, did we eat before, how often did we eat, ours were a bit fussy on the eating and from what I can remember sometimes we ate you know in the, in the room, but that could’ve been mixed up with my recollections of you know what we did after. Err but that was generally around five, five thirty so we wouldn’t certainly get back to the room till six, we often went to the play area you know that seemed to be quite another time of the day where we, you know most people would be there and the children were there err you know played, sometimes you know there was a social tennis bit in the evening err certainly we tended to watch a little bit of that if we hadn’t played, you know, ourselves and then from err from there you know say right okay it’s time to go up, so perhaps you go up around six thirty, seven o’ clock, then they’d have you know the, most nights we liked to give ours baths because you know we just felt that we liked to get them into as much of a routine in a strange environment as possible. Err you know so probably we’re looking at trying to get them down about seven thirty, somewhere around there.”

  24. http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/podcasts/2007/08/audio_kate_mccann_talks_to_ste.html

    Madeleine missing 100 days..

    Kate ' The person that was watching us and BROKE IN'

  25. http://hubpages.com/hub/Madeleine-McCann---Lies-True---Book-review

    McCanns TRUE LIES

  26. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/article-23427580-madeleine-witness-breaks-her-silence-i-am-certain-that-kate-mccann-is-innocent.do

    BOD clears the Mccanns..

  27. Evening Standard today:

    "A former GP will appear in court today on suspicion of carrying out a series of indecent assaults on young girls over an eight-year period".

    I wonder who he is...no it can't be

  28. Hi Archimedes...if it is will we will never hear bout it...Although I noticed they mentioned Lady Dis old Headmaster up on some charges yesterday..Name and photograph.

    Nice to see you posting here by the way, have missed you and 'H'...but only so many hours in the day.

  29. http://twitpic.com/1hr08c

    The Tapas 9...the last supper

  30. The Pink Ribbon when you click on to this blog is very impressive and shows where Textusa readers hearts are.


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