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Madeleine : a big sister.

Thursday May 3rd 2007..a date that changed all our lives ,for better or for worse, we are linked to the Mccanns and their 'alleged' abduction. 

The McCanns have achieved much since the death of their daughter. Money, fame and celebrity status. 

They are now linked with the rich and famous. Gerry only days ago said 'When one has celebrity status one must accept criticism'. He was of course speaking about himself. 

Gerry speaks as though he is a Movie Star, longing for the day when people ask for his Autograph. 

Yes, Madeleine your parents have done very well for themselves since they 'Lost' you. 

Maddie you were the big sister to Sean and Amelie,lost, childhood years you would have shared,secrets you would have promised in the dark. 

Whispering and giggling at bedtime 'Don't tell mummy' Memories of sharing a bath,bubbles and splashing and squealing when the soap got in your eyes. You had something in your lives that no one else could share,every child needs a big sister, a brothers OK....but a big sister ,is so special. Madeleine you have now missed many birthdays. 

On what would have been your fourth birthday your mum bought you a Rag Doll,she had long golden hair just like yours,your mum even took her to Church on the eve of your birthday. 

A Doctor Who cake waited for you in Rothley with four candles you would never blow out. 

A star chart on a fridge telling of the nights you were a good girl and stayed in your own bed. 

Madeleine, there would be no need anymore for a chart, or stars. Time stood still Maddie for you May 3rd, when or how you died we will never know. But we do know you are gone forever. Maddie for your brother and sister there will always be a space, a space that only you can fill. 

A school, a coat peg, a desk and chair ....your laughter, your voice, all gone. Sean and Amelie have their own lives now and in many ways different from your short time here on earth. 

They have both outlived you even at such a tender age. For you Maddie there will be no laughter, no tears,no secrets and no growing up together. 

There will be no memories to stay with you for life. Your siblings will have many friends through out their life but they will only have ever had one big sister. 

Madeleine Beth Mccann....who tripped on a step boarding a plane and no one went to help her.....



    The McCanns who believe their own lies.


    McCann Propaganda


    The year 2007

    And.. nothings changed


    Our big sisters six and a half Blah blah blah.

    Kate Mccann

  5. Maddie,

    Will always be a shadow to them.

    A mistery they'll be curious about.

    A secret that the parents will tell them she was, and how they did what they did, because the Country required them to do it.

    But, above all, she'll be a child's life wasted by some loathsome adults, in a Country so easy to judge parenting when ONLT convenient to do so.


    Sunday May 20th 2007 a picture of happiness. On display a large blue plastic bucket. A begging bowl for the Madeleine 'Fighting Fund'

    Maddie had been missing just 17 days.

  7. a hymn to theM.´s memory and to everything she lost and what could be their lifetime.

    A question:

    If all they know - ALL - what have done the S.S. to K.?

    They went to the five o´clock tea with cakes, scones, sandwichs.....and they have said to K. to not work more to pretend to the world she is a protective mother? ( only this punishment?).


  8. "KATE McCann has admitted that after daughter Maddie disappeared there were times she wished she and her family were dead."

    Não seria isto que desejaríamos que nos acontecesse se um Filho/a; Sobrinho/a; Criança que estivesse ao nosso cuidado? MORRER também, por culpa, remorso,perda.

  9. Nice article Ironside, thank you.

    Shawn & Amelie will most certainly grow up and read it one day along with everything else written about the case. They cannot be kept under wraps for the rest of their lives.

    They wiil grow, they will ask questions, they will be told.

  10. Yes,I agree with Text ( thanks Iron.):

    "......... because the Country required them to do it."

  11. Ironside, you have the talent to move.

    I wonder how the McCann case would have developed if Madeleine didn't have siblings. I think that the existence of the twins caused some consideration, a sort of dilemma.

    The more horrible it is that the McCanns repeatedly use the twins to influence public opinion; emotional blackmail imo.

    Maren NL

  12. No one went to help Madeleine when she fell going up the steps to the plane,just like no one went to her when she cried for almost one and a half hours on the 1-5-07,as heard by Mrs Fenn,and just like those who should have nurtured and protected her then,have left her alone again.Poor Madeleine never stood a chance,and poor twins,being told at five years old Madeleine has been 'stolen'by the proverbial bogeyman,the stuff of children's nightmares.Will no one in authority put a stop the the McCanns circus and their(in Gerry's own words). 'celebrity status'.


    About Madeleine.

    Madeleine had a sun burnt arm when she disappeared. Is this to explain the marks on Madeleines arm in the tennis photo? Madeleine did not look sunburnt when sitting around the pool.


    Kate Healy witness statement May 4th...
    The cover was pulled back and the TOYS were on the pillow as usual.

    Well now we know where Mark WilliamThomas got the idea about toys..from Kate Healy.

    Helpful Kate on the 4th also tells Police about a person that Jane
    saw , a LONG HAIRED person wearing she thinks jeans with a child in his arms and walking very quickly. But it is better that Janes tells of this herself.

    Madeleine had sunburn on her right forearm when she disappeared.


    Red marks can be seen clearly on Madeleines right arm in the tennis shot. Or sunburn as Kate explains..


    I cannot believe they have Lorraine flogging their tacky online shopping goods on the show.

  17. Textusa

    Em primeiro lugar as minha desculpas
    por escrever em português.Outro idioma limitaria ainda mais a exposição as minhas "convicções".
    Tenho seguido desde o inicio a "saga"
    dos maccans.O seu blog representa sem dúvida a postura que este caso merece.DIGNO,JUSTO e acima de tudo LUTADOR pela JUSTIÇA que a todos nos é devida.
    Sendo"pouco mais que analfabeto", como um eminente professor me classificou no antigo 7ºano, não posso deixar cair as minhas esperanças quando leio os seus textos e análises sobre o caso.
    Sinto que está no caminho dos Mestres.Ajude-nos à descoberta da verdade.
    Não posso conformar-me que certa gente passe incólume abusando dos valores em que as pessoas de bem foram educadas.
    O meu querido pai,que Deus levou no passado dia 8 de Abril, ainda me disse :Oh filho isso é impossível!Um pai dá , se for preciso,a vida por um filho! a propósito de haver pais e pais e do exemplo desses ingleses.
    Peço desculpa pelo abuso e desabafo
    Se entender traduzir e publicar delego na sua competência.
    Ao seu dispôr

    Respeitosos Cumprimentos
    Raúl Raminhos


    Pop goes the Weasel..Dr.Martin

  19. Se me permitir, Textusa, um comentário dirigido ao Sr. Raúl Raminhos:

    Caro Sr. Raminhos, "tiro-lhe o chapéu"!
    Oxalá que grande parte do povo português fosse tão "pouco mais que analfabeto" quanto o Sr.!
    Expressa-se maravilhosamente! Tomaram os "doutorados" McCann e amigos ter uma décima parte da sua eloquência, do seu discurso limpo e inteligível( é inacreditável a "algaraviada" dos interrogatórios rogatórios dos Tapas 7 e o discurso atabalhoado da Sra. McCann nas entrevistas!).
    Permita-me também que lhe expresse as minhas condolências pela sua perda.
    Os meus respeitos caro Sr.,


  20. As requested by Anon 10:36, the tanslation of his comment:


    Firstly my apologies
    for writing in Portuguese. Any other language would limit even further the exposure of my “convictions”.
    I have followed since the beginning the "saga"
    of the maccans. Your blog represents, without question, the attitude that this case deserves. WORTHY, FAIR and above all a FIGHTER for the Justice that we all are due.
    Being "little more than illiterate," as an eminent teacher called me at old 7th year (old Portuguese school sytem, equivalent to the last High school year), I can’t let down my hopes when I read your texts and analysis on the case.

    I feel its on the Masters way. Help us in the discovery of the truth.
    I can’t resign myself to have certain people pass unscathed abusing the values on which good people were educated.
    My dear father, which God took on April 8th, was still able to tell me: Oh son that's impossible! A father gives, if needed, a life for his son! This about existing different types of parents and the example of those english.
    I apologize for the abuse and venting
    If you wish to translate and publish I delegate upon your competence.

    Very respectfully
    Raúl Raminhos"

    Mr. Raminhos, my ego inflated so much that I fear for the safety of this comment box!

    My humblest gratitude, and will do my best in assuming the responsibility of this challenge that I set to myself.

    Thank you.


    Kate McCann quote,

  22. Brainwashing started very early...The Mccanns however seem to have forgotten.

    McCann twins leave out food for Madeleine

    By Caroline Gammell in Praia da Luz
    Last Updated: 8:20am BST 04/09/2007

    Four months after her disappearance, the brother and sister of Madeleine McCann still insist on leaving a plate of food out for the missing girl, it was revealed yesterday.

    Two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie often ask parents Gerry and Kate to lay a place for their older sister at meal times at the villa where they are staying in the Algarve.

    The toddlers have also refused to unwrap some of the many presents from well-wishers – including a jigsaw and cuddly toys – so they can give them to Madeleine when she comes home.

    The poignant image emerged as the McCanns, from Rothley in Leicestershire, turn their attention to returning to the UK.

    The lease on their rented Portuguese home runs out in mid-September and soon they will have to make a decision about how long to stay.

    They are reluctant to leave until the results of forensic tests undertaken last month are known.

    Two weeks ago, they finally told Sean and Amelie that four-year-old Madeleine was missing and that “mummy and daddy were looking for her’’.

    The couple, both 39, have done their best to make life as normal as possible, taking the twins to the creche in the morning and swimming or going to the zoo in the afternoon.

    But despite the routine, Sean and Amelie are keenly aware that Madeleine is not there.

    A family friend said yesterday that the twins recently set aside a plate of pasta salad for their sister as they enjoyed their own food.

    “It has happened on a number of occasions – not every night.

    “The kids love potatoes, meat and sweetcorn. Sometimes when given a plate of food, they will say 'this is for Madeleine’. It always comes from them.”

    The McCanns have regularly taken advice from child psychologists about how to tell Sean and Amelie about their sister’s disappearance.

    Originally they told them she had gone on a “short holiday’’ but have gradually introduced the idea that she might not be coming home.

    The family’s spokeswoman said: “They have taken professional advice right from the beginning about how to handle this with the children.

    “They are loving parents and take their parenting responsibilities very seriously. They would never do or say anything that would cause them distress or hinder their development.

    “They have handled it extremely delicately over the four months, using careful language appropriate for their age given to them by experts to help the children understand why Madeleine is not with them.”

    But in Portugal, there was criticism of their decision to tell the twins about Madeleine.

    Clinical psychologist Louis Villas-Boas, director of children’s refuge Aboim Ascensao in Faro, told local newspaper Diario de Noticias that the couple had made an “error”.

    He said the toddlers would have “no comprehension of what the disappearance of a person means” and should not have been told until the age of three or four.

    “It is not necessary to use an adult language to communicate to the twins a situation which is strange or foreign to them,” he added.

    Yesterday, Mr McCann asked holidaymakers to continue putting up posters for Madeleine even though the couple is trying to play down their own role.

    The cardiologist said they had been advised by the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children that any signs highlighting Madeleine’s disappearance increased the chances of her being found.


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