Saturday, 1 May 2010

EastEnders, WestEnders & NoEnders

Ocean Club, Tapas, Millenium Restaurant, Kid’s Club, Baptista Supermarket and Paraíso Bar, are names that have become too familiar due to Maddie’s tragedy.

As was the name of a little Portuguese fishing village, Praia da Luz, that has even achieved the rare notorious status of an acronym: PdL or PDL.

The only other two that come to mind are NY, and LA.

Today, as in 2007, fishing is no longer the village’s main activity. Its tourism and ONE main attraction: the beach.

It’s privileged to be located near Lagos, a city where all can be found, but sufficiently detached so that it’s not minimally affected by it.

Ocean Club, Tapas, Millenium Restaurant, Kid’s Club, Baptista Supermarket and Paraíso Bar, seem to be the ONLY locations, in PdL, known to the Tapas Party during their whole vacation.

At least they are the only one’s mentioned by the group when referring to anything before “Maddie”.

After that, the only other location they seemed to have learned is the PdL Church.

It even seems that the whole Tapas Party was confined to the grounds of the Ocean Club, quarantined due to some sick and strange disease.

Allowed only to an occasional escape to beach…

To which, unlike the other children, Maddie was taken by her father only once, and had the bad luck of having that sole fatherly visit spoiled by clouds.

Of all the names mentioned, only Paraíso Bar and the Baptista Supermarket are outside the facilities.

And the latter was to buy food to eat inside the apartment.

Other places mentioned, are included in “Ocean Club”: the tennis Courts and the famous Apartment 5A.

It seems that only AFTER Maddie was “abducted” that the McCanns & friends found the courage to venture “outside”.

But not even on the night the abductor took her.

That night they stayed indoors. Just to be safe.

The McCanns say they arrived on Saturday, 28th, at 14.30; the others, before them.

Plenty of daylight left. So what did they do? Go to the beach? Walk around and check out the surroundings, see a little of the little town they were going to spend their holiday?

At least, that is what I would do. I would check-in, just place the luggage in the apartment without unpacking, and take hubby and the kids to see the Ocean Club, the village and the beach.

And if all hurried, put on the bathing suits and head for the beach.

After all, holidays are al about novelty, aren’t they? But, that’s me. Yes, I know I’m weird.

So, for me, if you’ve arrived at 14:30 on a sunny day at PdL, by 15:00 you’re on the beach. Maybe not in a bathing suit, but certainly you’ve walked and checked where it was in relation to the hotel, what is the best path to get there, etc...

Naturally, if you’re new in town, you want to know the town. But the McCanns, on that first day, checked-in, unpacked THOUROUGHLY, and then went to the Tapas Bar (how they would just loooooove that place…) to hear a lecture about all the activities; and would you believe it, when it was over, it was dinner time.

Time flies when you’re listening to a lecture, everyone knows that.

For hours on ALL the activities for the forthcoming days. For hours.

All they wanted to hear about was tennis and… well, tennis.

Was there any other activity? You know, tennis is that unknown and complex sport that has so many interesting details that require hours to explain, and then hours to listen to.

Very, very interesting stuff. You have the service, the backhand, the grass, which makes tennis faster, then you have…

No, too, too complex, it would take me hours to explain.

Seriously. Ask the McCanns.

So, naturally, they were surprised that it’s was already dinner time.

So you’re on holiday and it’s your first meal out, what do you do?

If you take a poll at hotel receptions to what is the most often asked question after a check-in, you’ll get 50% stating that it’s “do you know any good restaurants around?” and the other 50% that it’s “which restaurants nearby do you recommend?”

I’m obviously exaggerating. They’re also asked, although not as frequently, “what is interesting around here to visit/go?” and “where is the most lively area around?”.

If you take another poll, this time to hotel customers about what is the expected reaction to the most frequent asked question, you’ll get a 100% answer which is what anyone who has walked into a hotel has already experienced: the receptionist whisks up a photocopy of the town/city map, proceeds to scribble, mechanically, and circles around various spots.

Usually in ink, so it ruins the paper, and none of the circles fall at the hotel they’re working at.

Oh, and I’m forgetting, they were in a restaurant!

The Tapas. One they were to use so, so often.

But, unfortunately, it was closed for dinner. Closed on a Saturday.

On a Saturday, I repeat, in an activity and location that lives off tourism.

But closed is closed, you can’t do anything about it.

That can only mean one thing, and one thing only: lack of clients. And that, in turn, means that they go somewhere else...

Apparently nobody at the Ocean Club would recommend a restaurant other than the Millenium.

About a 500 metres walk, so we can only assume that there was no other near, or most likely, the only one open that night.

Well PdL is not Manhattan, we know that. But it’s not Radiator Springs, a single Avenue town.

Let’s first understand the distances we’re talking about, with this picture with concentric 100 metre circles around Apartment 5A:
Easily, you can see that ANYTHING is available to Apartment 5A, in 500 metres or less. Most, under 400 meters. Four football pitches. Less than from Piccadilly Circle to Trafalgar Square:

The whole area is around 1,000 square metres, even less. Why go to the Millenium?

Because, say you, The Tapas was closed.

Then, say I, was there any particular reason to choose the Millenium specifically?

Say thee, it was the nearest and the only restaurant open that Saturday. And I say:

Wow, that's a lot of restaurants for such a small place!

Pubs, Bars, Cafes, Takeaways, it's all there.

And the Millenium Restaurant doesn’t even appear on the map!.

It’s near, or as per Jane Tanner’s statement, where Mirage Restaurant (d) is, right there, all alone, on the top-right hand corner of the map.

Does it make sense any at all, in a beach town, to head Northeast, to the farthest restaurant of all, when most of the restaurants are in the exact opposite side?

I had a hard time finding the thing. You try and google it. Even asked for help from the readers. This is the only thing I found with the location of the Millenium Restaurant:

It’s like booking a hotel in Las Vegas and heading, on foot, for the desert for dinner, without as so much getting a single glance at any of the neon…

Ok, so after one fascinating lecture, you were directed to eat at the Millenium.

Let’s be naïve and believe that you’re convinced to go there and new no better. But did you have to have whined all the way there? If it was THAT far, which we know it isn’t, wouldn’t have been wise to go to the room and get a stroller?

No, you had to submit yourself to a torturous five football pitches of carrying your own child. After all, unlike you've led us to believe, it's about the same distance as the Paraíso Bar, and your friends, at least on May 3rd, made the distance, on foot, and no complaints.

But it must have been a terrible, terrible pain that must have had to endure. Before then, I’m sure the furthest you had carried your children was from your doorstep to your car.

And didn’t any of your friends help? There were another seven grown-ups, and none, witnessing your heart-wrenching pain offered to carry one of the kids a couple of yards?

Not even David Payne, that a few days later would be so concerned, for no reason whatsoever, with Kate’s well being?

I honestly don’t know, after that ordeal, how you found strength to play tennis. And play it over, and over again for the next days…

And your jogging after your daughter was supposedly kidnapped?

I’m being unfair… you just ran all the way to the Baptista Supermarket and back, and that must have been an effort, especially the uphill bit…

Or were just trying to pass to the public, forcibly, the message that the McCann family was during their whole holiday basically quarantined “Ocean Club in-walls” just because they had ONE more child than the others?

Why on Earth would you that for? But that was one night. Five other to explain.

I know you said that you had ALL the other dinners at the Tapas Bar. Unfortunately for you, Ironside has already proved that to be false.

What really is going on here is that the McCann wanted, with these "subliminar" messages, to convey the idea that most of PdL was unknown to them, that they knew only the immediate surroundings of the Ocean Club and a direct path to and from the beach.

The Southwest part of PdL, for some reason, was completely off-limits to these people.

Completely out-of-bounds.

For the McCanns & friends, it was the infamous “PdL Red Zone”, to be avoided at all costs, as if it was plague, prostitution and drug-trafficking territory.

Let’s then see what lays in this so ill-reputed area of PdL:

Fascinating. all the Pubs and Bars are located in that area.

ALL of them.

It's where PdL's night life is located.

Now, why would an English group not want to be linked to Pubs and Bars?

We know the McCann like to drink, at least New Zealand wine, which is perfectly natural and healthy if done in moderation, and you both are Doctors. So it’s not got to do with booze problem.

And these establishments do sell sodas and other non-alcoholic drinks.

Let's leave that unanswered for, and move on. There are two commercial establishments I would like to call your attention to: Kelly’s Bar and Chaplin’s Restaurant.

I call to your attention Kelly's Bar not because of Mr. Smith, but because of both Drs. McCann: “Kelly's Irish Bar, three minutes' walk from the Mark Warner Complex where the McCanns stayed, is -- allegedly -- one of the places visited by Gerry and Kate McCann during their brief stay on the peninsula.”

Kelly’s is managed by a Mary from Donegal, and the father of her son worked at Chaplins. Once again, pure coincidence. But looking at these two establishments one discovers what seems to be, after tennis, the second most popular activity in PdL: Quiz Night!!!

On Kelly’s:Despite the Irish sounding name, Kellys is actually a Welsh owned bar. Nice friendly staff. A good sized bar with plenty of outside seating ( a good afternoon sun trap ). Crisps and nuts only. - ‘ Two Sky T.V.'s for football. - Lively Quiz nights Mondays and Fridays. A popular haunt of the English residents especially on the quiz nights.”

On Chaplins: “An English Restaurant great for traditional British dishes when you want to go for 'home cooking'. Good value for money. Fish & Chips, Bangers and Mash etc.. Large portions, well prepared and nice service. They do a Cataplana for one which is unusual ( normally only for two persons ). The rack of lamb is probably the best we've ever eaten. The steaks are more than substantial. 3 course Sunday Roasts from €12 - ( 12.30 to 21.00 ). Take away service for fish & chips, curries, bangers and mash. - Quiz night every Tuesday at 22.00 (seasonal). Be sure to say hello to Analise when you visit"

It seems that Quiz nights are also held on The Duke (s) (twice weekly Quiz nights (Saturday)) and the Luz Tavern (I) (A full program of entertainment during the 'season'. Cabaret, Live Music, Quiz night, Karaoke).

How stupid of The Duke to be open on Saturdays… Oh, they had, what are they called, again? Clients, they had clients, on Saturday nights, unlike Tapas... (but you should see Tapas on Sundays, and Tuesdays, it's packed... Quiz Night, remember?)

And about Quiz Night, of course… we couldn't forget the Tapas Bar where Najoua worked Sundays and Tuesdays.

So, on Tuesday, by coincidence, we have two Quiz Nights going on at PdL, one in Tapas and the other at Chaplins.

Separate entertainers one hopes, as ubiquity is not a gift for many.

You could argue that she would be finished at Tapas, and then rush to Chaplins. But, then, would she stayed and chatted with the Tapas at Tapas?!?

Wouldn't be more natural to chat with clients at Chaplins, where she finished, and in my opinion started, the night?

We hope, honestly, that whoever was the Quiz Mistress that May 1st Tuesday night at Chaplins made a more memorable appearance than Najoua did at Tapas that night.

We all remember how she was NOT remembered...

Or, is it possible, that on THAT Tuesday, the the McCanns were at Chaplins and not at Tapas?

And if that be the case, how many nights did the McCanns really dine at Tapas?

And, oh, how about throwing in a Happy Hour at Chaplins?

That, for the English is not exactly “bait”, it’s more like an irresistible magnet…

On this site, if you click on the Chaplins link: “Later on in the evening, once the food has finished, Chaplins swings into Bar mode and is soon full of people enjoying the music, the great company and perhaps most of all the Happy Hour (11.30pm - 12.30pm) when all drinks are half price.”

There is one easy way to find out: credit card statements.

Oh, I forgot they don’t exist… or, apparently, they hold big no-no state secrets or whatever.

In PdL there aren’t many things in which you can use a credit card. Basically in two things: restaurants, as in meals and bar tabs; and lodging, when checking-in or on your way out.

What else can you buy with a credit card in PdL? A beach towel?

The credit card statement tell exactly where and when it was used.

No abductors, no pimpleman, no New Zealand sightings.

And I'm sure that if ever we're able to look at those statements we will be able to take out the "-- allegedly --" from the places visited by Gerry and Kate McCann.

No state secrets, just that, and for that to be a secret in itself tells us a lot.

Yes, there is the possibility of stolen identity, as we unfortunately took awareness of that major problem with Operation Ore.

But, what a huge coincidence it would have been to have your identity stolen by someone in PdL and you NOT having reported any stealing of any card.

But coincidences are your speciality aren't they? So, its CLEAR that the McCanns have PURPOSEFULLY hid the fact that they were familiar with the Southwest part of PdL.

By lying about having ALL dinners at Tapas, by hiding their credit card statements. But why? After all, it’s a perfectly innocent piece of information…

Because somebody knew, before anybody else did, that someone was seen THERE holding a child, and that that somebody also knew that that someone had gone THERE in that specific direction because that someone knew VERY WELL that it was there he was most likely to be seen:

Now, you may tell me that even though nobody confirmed in any way that they didn’t know the area, NOBODY from the McCanns or the Tapas has ever, ever denied knowing it, so all I’ve stated above is all BASELESS.

Beg to differ. Gerry, asks, on the night of 3rd, the GNR Officer Rui Sergio Lópes Silva , if he knew a church nearby (“He only had direct contact with the couple and their friends at about 04.00 when Gerry McCann approached the GNR group of which he was a member to ask whether there was a church close by. He replied to him in English, giving the directions to a nearby church.”)

By doing so, Gerry McCann is EXPLICITLY and INTENTIONALLY denying ever being near to the PdL Church, situated in the heart of the “PdL Red Zone".

Why? Because Gerry McCann knew, before anybody else did, that he, Gerry McCann was seen THERE holding a child, and that that he, Gerry McCann, also knew that that he, Gerry McCann, had gone THERE in that specific direction because he, Gerry McCann, knew VERY WELL that it was THERE he was most likely to be seen.



    The McCanns, as we approach the third year of Madeleines death continue their circus.

    1st May propaganda

  3. Sigh. More nonsense.

  4. Anon,

    Please, if you will, explain where it doesn't make sense. And, if that be the case, I'll gladly rephrase the whatever dubious statement or statements.

    Otherwise, just saying nonsense for nonsense sake, is the usual modus operandi used by you, and your scum, in a futile attempt to damppen enthusiasms. No luck there, buddy.

    My friend, that is as futile as linking me to "loony" blogs or repeating how tiresome my writing is. If it is THAT tiring, please be informed you're excused right after the first paragraph. or first phrase. I won't feel offended. I'll be grateful, it saves the cleaning up after you leave.

    And about me saying, apparently, the same thing all over again, that is how you build a house, brick, by brick, so that big bad wolves, like yourself, can come and huff and puff and blow their own heads off...

    And the house is getting bigger. And a solid one it is.

    But you know that, don't you?

    Now, fetch, boy!

  5. Sigh is something else for you to sigh about.

    Daily Express forum..Tues. July 24th...Poster DUMBFOUND.

    This post remained for a while on the DX and was then deleted...The comments from this poster predate any information from the media.

    The McCanns dined out every night of their holiday while their poor children slept alone. They are lucky that this happened on the night they chose to dine in the tapas bar and not Tuesday for example when they dined in Chaplins, below their beloved church, near the beach, 8 times the distance away. They never once checked on their children as they claim, ask the staff! Talk to elderly Mrs. Senn [sic] who lives above and she’ll tell you on that particular Tuesday night she had to sit listening to one of the children “screeming [sic], crying” from 22:30 till 23:45. They went to dinner around 19:00h. Those poor, poor children. Yes, they should be prosecuted. How DARE they preach to other parents and try to teach us safety measures to ensure our children are safe from predators? How DARE they take the positions of heroes? How DARE they commit this crime upon poor Madeleine? Yes, they did it.

    DUMBFOUND, who ever he or she was had the night, the time and the date correct ...therefore I also believe this person also had the fact the Mccanns were in Chaplins highly probable.

  6. Some Thoughts

    What is interesting about the Chaplins story, if true, is what hangs from it. From the point of public relations, were it to become media mainstream, it could be extraordinarily damaging to the McCann cause.

    The suspicious minded may also ask whether anything more serious than crying occurred.

    Kate McCann claimed she and Gerry checked twice each on the night May 1st Tuesday...9...9.30...10...10.30...Both Mccanns deny Madeleine cried this evening...Therefore is Mrs Fenn a liar?..I think not.


    Independent careful with words...Mary, manager of Kellys Bar


    'They could have brought their children with them to Chaplins....'

    Is Mary saying she has knowledge they were in sounds very much like it...


    August 2007

    The Big Scam by Ben

  9. Snippet from above link.

    If 'Team McCann' have nothing to hide, why all the lies and disrepancies?

    The apartment was 300 yards , 150 yards, and now, according to Kate - 20 yards, away from the Tapas Bar. It is in fact about 100 yards, and that's as the crow flies, and crossing a swimming pool.

    Even though Gerry appears to think he can walk on water, this still leaves a good 200-yard walk to the apartment.

    'We could see the room from the Tapas Bar' - a Portuguese reporter tried trhis out - he had to climb onto a plant container outside the Tapas Bar, and even then he could only see the upper apartments, NOT the room the child was in.

    'Everyone else does it' - what an insult to British parents! I don't know ANYONE else who has left their tiny children for 7 nights running, alone ,whilst they drank the night away.

    On the Tuesday prior to the 'abduction' the McCanns were drinking in Chaplins bar - 800 metres away, and down a hill. They didn't tell us that, did they? Why not?

    'It's just like having a meal in the garden' - what? How big is their garden?

    'We were just a little naive' - two trained doctors, naive? And Gerry has since stated in the TV interviews 'we are not naive'. It seems they can be 'naive' when it suits them, then.

    'We checked on them every 20 minutes, 30 minutes.15 minutes' - yet staff at the Tapas Bar said no-one left their table all evening.

    Read more:

  10. The first call found in Gerald’s mobile memory was timed at 00.30 on Friday 4th May 2007. Again matching antenna records to memory suggests that by the time he gave the handset to the PJ the records of 24 calls or SMSs had been erased, including the one from him found on his wife’s handset and timed at 23.17 on Thursday 3rd May 2007. It appears that he had deleted details of the four calls he made to her that night and she deleted just three. It was this simple discrepancy that first led the PJ to suspect interference with the handsets.

    If the deletions were deliberate (and it is an “if”) it implies the McCann’s were both “forensically aware” and crafty and wanted to hide something from the PJ. For this reason, it is important to explore the call record data and to match it against other evidence.

    On Saturday 28th April 2007, after their arrival in Luz, Kate McCann’s mobile triggered the antenna 9 times. It is not possible to say, from the available records, whether these were incoming or outgoing calls or SMSs or for how long they lasted. The last activations were at 20.55 and 20.59 when (based on their statements) the Tapas 9 returned for an early night after eating at the Millennium Restaurant with their children. All of these records were erased from the memory of Kate McCann’s mobile. Gerald McCann’s mobile did not activate any of the Luz antennae that day.

    Source: Paulo Reis

  11. At around 8.45pm on Tuesday 1st May 2007, Miss Nejoua Chekeya, the Ocean Club’s busty Aerobics Instructor, held a “Quiz Night” and was later invited, allegedly by Gerald McCann, to join his table which she did sometime between 9.30pm and 9.50pm. She did not say how long she had remained with them, but she is not the sort of woman men would wish see to leave too quickly. Miss Chekeya stated that one dinner setting was unused and that she could not remember seeing Kate McCann.

    However, both Jane Tanner and Russell O’Brien have stated that he did not go to the Tapas Bar on the “Quiz Night” (ie Tuesday 1st May 2007), but had stayed in their room looking after his sick daughter. Jane Tanner took his dinner to the room; thus explaining the unused plate setting. Russell O’Brien was not asked by either the Policia Judiciaria or Leicestershire Police whether he had heard Madeleine crying!

    Source Paulo Reis


    Expresso...Mccanns claim to be in Portugal to ask for the case to be reopened...they claim they have NEW leads for the police to follow...



    Sandra interviews the McCanns in Portugal

  14. I'm sorry, I know I am being really dense and you have been patient with me before, but I really don't understand why G McCann would have wanted to be seen by anyone carrying Maddie, or whoever he was carrying. Did he want to be recognised, or did he just want a man to be seen carrying a child matching her description, and was she supposed to be dead or alive? I do apologise and assure you I am as far as it is possible to be from a McCann apologist, but I just can't get my head round this.


  16. Anon. @ 12:55 pm,
    The room the children were supposedly in is on the front side of the apartment, the rooms (windows) that can be seen( sort of) from the pool and the Tapas are the living-room and the parents room. The only way they could claim they could see the children's room is if they were like Superman, with X-ray vision!Oops!...unless...the children were in the parents room, or at least Madeleine was. There have been many questions raised about the "true" sleeping arrangements...


    Panorama transcript..Tanner describing the abductor and how she walked past Gerry Mccann BUT he did not see her.Has anyone seen how narrow the lane is?

  18. Anon 6.27...I have had discussions with Tex about the sleeping arrangements. The cleaner saw one cot in the Mccanns room and another cot in where Madeleine is supposed to have slept the morning of May 2nd....And yet the night of the 'abduction' both cots were in the same room.

    Madeleine had sleep problems we know this because of an observant policeman who noticed a star chart on the fridge in Rothley. Madeleine would receive gifts if she stayed in her bed.

    I have thought the cot was possibly for Madeleine..Hiring two would make you think they were for the twins...

    Mccanns blog...he said they had planned for the twins to have beds when they returned from holiday but Madeleines abduction delayed this...The police noticed there were no cots...No Madeleine, No cot longer required...

  19. Anon 5.50..I am sure Tex is wearing her white hat and answering you this very moment in time.

    May I also put my tuppence worth in.

    A child, any child disappears from her bed. The Mccanns are not stupid , they knew they would be the first suspects this is how the police work...inner circle first and when satisfied the police look further afield.

    A parent INSISTS their child was abducted from her bed without a shred of evidence. Therefore Gerry Mccann decided to supply evidence...once again a group member saying she had seen Madeleine with a man still looks very odd....BUT a group member with an OUTSIDE witness gives Tanners sighting credibility.

    Yes Gerry needed to be seen and he was by several people walking along..Gerry did not know these people were him they were holiday makers walking along the road. He was seen or rather the child was seen.

    Tanner was only needed to plant the 'seed' of a man seen walking with a child wearing pink pyjamas in the head of the police that night...her job was finished,... who would have thought after the publicity not one person from a whole group of people would not come forward and say they had seen a child in pink pyjamas with bare feet... It was too late Tanner had opened her mouth ...The Mccanns pushed and pushed looking for people in the Irish community for help...Why?...because Gerry Mccann knew those that had seen him were Irish 'Is she asleep' he was asked...Mccann could not answer his accent would have given him away.

    We have all seen McCann he believes he can walk on water...clever so clever that he will never be caught...Well maybe he won't..but I am convinced it was Gerry Mccann supplying evidence of an abductor walking with a child in his arms on May 3rd 2007.

  20. GM:"in medical training, the first thing you get taught in an emergency situation is to call for help"


    This was Gerrys reply when Sandra asked Kate did she not think it dangerous to leave the twins AGAIN when going for help.

    Strange how they both start to remember their medical training Kate said on GMTV how the Medicine couple use their training..

    Seems Gods out of it and medicine womans in..

  21. Ironside, thank you from Anon 5.50. I had not taken into account the well-known cockiness of G McCann, and had assumed he would be worried about being recognised and identified later. But of course he was confident that his cast iron alibi would just make anyone claiming it had been him carrying the child look mistaken at best, and ludicrous at worst. Thank you, I understand now.


    New photo released of Madeleine

  23. Mr McCann said: ‘Sean talks all the time about finding Maddie and what he will do to the person who stole her.
    ‘They know they went to sleep and when they woke up she had disappeared. But they still don’t understand that somebody took her.
    ‘When they become aware of this I think they will want to know where we were. And we will have to explain to them that we were having dinner in the restaurant next door.’

    Read more:


    I don't believe it but I know I should...Cooper has been wheeled back out.

  25. Joana Morais Blog

    'Madeleine, we're still looking for you. Tell someone who your mummy and daddy are'

    Posted: 01 May 2010 12:17 AM PDT

    By Rod Chaytor

    Kate and Gerry McCann last night made an emotional appeal to their daughter Madeleine to mark the third anniversary of her disappearance.

    Her father, now 41, reassured the little girl: "Madeleine, we're still looking for you. Tell someone who your mummy and daddy are, who you are."

    His wife said they would not stop searching for their child, who was nearly four when she went missing from the family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in 2007 while her parents dined with friends nearby.

    Kate, 42, said: "We love you very much, Madeleine, and we're not going to stop what we're doing."

    The couple, from Rothley, Leicestershire, will mark Monday's anniversary in private but revealed they now feel less guilty about enjoying themselves in her absence.

    Kate said: "I'm able to look at it now and think it's positive we're functioning. It's positive for Madeleine and for Sean and Amelie (her five-year-old twin siblings) and unless you're in this situation you have no idea how you cope."

    Gerry said that laughter and happiness were essential for living a normal life.

    "The guilt, where you feel 'Madeleine is missing so how can you enjoy yourself?' is much, much, much less than it was," he revealed. "If you're going to have some sort of normality, you've got to have some laughter and some joy."

    He also said that there were new leads to follow. He added: "Our private investigators have identified new information that needs investigating and other areas where we think there could be further meaningful information.

    "But we have to be realistic. We do not have the same ability to follow up lines of inquiry that the police do."

    However, the authorities, he complained, had hardly been providing a "Rolls-Royce service".

    He said: "The key test is, 'Has everything that could reasonably have been done, been done?' And the answer to that is no. There's no law enforcement that's been pro-actively doing anything for 18 months."


    Transcript and Video many thanks to 3As

  27. Anon 5:50,

    I replied yesterday, but it seems that the comment didn't "stick".

    I could come up with an abductor that took my post, but, the answer was probably at the tip of my fingers... or, also possible, I'm using a mouse that is a rat in disguise...

    Iron replied with the usual clarity, so I abstain to rewrite it all... lolol

    Please feel free to post your questions as frequently as you must. It's our duty to answer them interely. And we aim to satisfy our readers!


    Cooper police statements...I know women lie about their age but if Gail is fifty then I am twelve and not allowed to post on adult blogs.


    Twitter buzzing about 'Lolita' photos...


    Paul Grover and the 'Lolita' shots....


    Mass for Madeleine

  32. totallyconfused2 May 2010, 10:04:00

    ‘When they become aware of this I think they will want to know where we were. And we will have to explain to them that we were having dinner in the restaurant next door.’

    The unmilitigating nerve of these people!!! Reducing their neglect, abuse and abandonment of their children to the equivalent of 'we popped next door to borrow a cup of sugar'.....So much for wanting justice for their child.

    The UK social services have a mechanism for removing children on the grounds of 'likelyhood to suffer future emotional harm'. I suggest that S and A fall into this catagory. (But what do I know- I am only a mother with almost 19years experience)

  33. Anon 5.50...This IS Gerry Mccann and reading from this he would have enjoyed the 'chase' the excitement of being seen and then denying. Gerry Mccann has never had so much fun in his life.

    Traits of the Narcissist

    The Narcissist feels grandiose and self-important (e.g., exaggerates accomplishments, talents, skills, contacts, and personality traits to the point of lying, demand to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements). Is obsessed with fantasies of unlimited success, fame, fearsome power or omnipotence, unequalled brilliance (the cerebral narcissist), bodily beauty or sexual performance (the somatic narcissist), or ideal, everlasting, all-conquering love or passion. He is firmly convinced that he or she is unique and, being special, can only be understood by, should only be treated by, or associate with, other special or unique, or high-status people (or institutions).

    The narcissist requires excessive admiration, adulation, attention and affirmation - or, failing that, wishes to be feared and to be notorious (Narcissistic Supply). He feels entitled. Demands automatic and full compliance with his or her unreasonable expectations for special and favorable priority treatment.

    The narcissist is "interpersonally exploitative", i.e., uses others to achieve his or her own ends. He is devoid of empathy. Is unable or unwilling to identify with, acknowledge, or accept the feelings, needs, preferences, priorities, and choices of others. He is constantly envious of others and seeks to hurt or destroy the objects of his or her frustration. Suffers from persecutory (paranoid) delusions as he or she believes that they feel the same about him or her and are likely to act similarly.

    The narcissist behaves arrogantly and haughtily. Feels superior, omnipotent, omniscient, invincible, immune, "above the law", and omnipresent (magical thinking). Rages when frustrated, contradicted, or confronted by people he or she considers inferior to him or her and unworthy.

  34. Rages when frustrated, contradicted, or confronted by people he or she considers inferior to him or her and unworthy.


    Remember Sandra when she asked him a question he did not like when in Lisbon...he all but spat in her face 'Let me finish'

  35. Good morning TC , the Mccanns have brainwashed the twins since the death of Madeleine , who knows they may have even witnessed what happened..had the twins been one year older the Mccanns would have had two little time bombs on their hands. I would have then feared for their things stand the Mccanns have done a good job in making them forget and only remembering what THEY want them to remember.

    I would have removed the twins and frozen the fraudulent FUND until the Mccanns had been fully investigated..

    But as you say who are we?

  36. TC

    Power in the hands of fools hath no boundry.

    Power in the hands of psychotic deranged fools, is cruel and ruthless.

    Not talking about The Couple, as you know.

    Useless to call in reason.

    Understand your words.

    We're only left with our tenacity and dignity. Both depend on us, EXCLUSIVELY.

  37. Very funny,was meant to be humerous,right?
    Completely "organised" someones holiday to their own itinery!
    Weird and weirder.


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