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Maddie Mystery Solved, Three Years To The Day She Was Abducted

Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a condition in which a person displays multiple distinct identities or personalities (known as alter egos or alters), each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment. In the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems the name for this diagnosis is multiple personality disorder. In both systems of terminology, the diagnosis requires that at least two personalities routinely take control of the individual's behavior with an associated memory loss that goes beyond normal forgetfulness; in addition, symptoms cannot be the temporary effects of drug use or a general medical condition.  

FINALLY, three years to the day, here is the TOTAL clarification to the events that occurred in the evening of May 3rd 2007, in Praia da Luz, Portugal. A much needed full stop to the issue: Maddie’s Abductor suffered from DID.

His two personalities: DUMB ABDUCTOR and SMART ABDUCTOR.

All different traits as you’ll be able to see, but, by pure sheer coincidence, both wanted to kidnap a little girl. DUMB ABDUCTOR wanted just any 4-year old, whilst SMART ABDUCTOR had set his sights on Madeleine Beth McCann.

Let’s analyse this poor sick man’s behavior that night. We don’t know how many times he changed personalities that day, but, from our analysis standpoint, we know he started this as the SMART ABDUCTOR:
1. SMART ABDUCTOR has the capability to go inside a strange apartment, not forcing the door, thus we deduce a feat achieved surely by brilliant telepathic capability, walks inside and hides behind the bedroom door. The tight timelines in which he had to act, the immobility achieved in such a small space while the father of his intended target uses the toilet a couple yards away, shows how above-average this individual is. A master in abduction.  

2. DUMB ABDUCTOR takes over. He finds himself, not knowing how, in a dark strange room, with a 4-year old sleeping peacefully in front of him. Bingo! Picks up the little girl, and does a really amazing obstacle-avoiding-gymnastics, completely unaware that SMART ABDUCTOR had used the front door, and, with the child on his lap, runs up the shutters, opens the window, and without so much of a balance, jumps outside, without him or the girl coming to any harm.  

3. DUMB ABDUCTOR still in charge. Here he does one huge dumb move. He is dumb after all, isn’t he? What does he do? He throws in a Red Herring: he jammies the window. So that people would think that he was abducting instead of… abducting. Try to explain that to a dumb idiot.
4. Just in time SMART ABDUCTOR moves in. Surprisingly, he has Maddie in his arms. He hears voices on the street next to Apartment. Two men are talking. One is Gerry, he knows that because he’s been following the family since Rothley. He’s happy. He’s got what he wanted and he doesn’t have to watch tennis never again in his life. The obsession that that family had with the sport, completely insane. Anyhow, he must move quickly. Another check any minute, so he moves stealthily using the darkness of the parking lot.

5. DUMB ABDUCTOR assumes once again. Finds himself on the street. He doesn’t remember where he’s supposed to go. He hears voices. Best ask them, they might help him. So he turns right. But as he turns down the street, he sees, coming behind the men, a woman. A grown-up woman. He doesn’t like those. He only likes little girls. So he just keeps on walking straight ahead.

6. Over to SMART ABDUCTOR. He realizes he has Maddie, but is going the wrong way. So he goes around the block to where he was supposed to be in the first place.

7. When everything was going fine, DUMB ABDUCTOR decides to appear once again. He hears voices. Instead of turning left and avoid being seen, he heads on ahead.  

8. DUMB ABDUCTOR still, he sees the people ahead. It seems they are many. He could turn right. But it’ too dark. So straight he goes.

 9. DUMB ABDUCTOR at his best, he just crossed with 4 adults, one of which spoke to him. There are people on the stairs playing, and he wants to play too. Instead of turning right he goes for the stairs. So excited he almost forgot he had a barefoot girl in pyjamas in his arms. But when he arrives there, the young girl looks at him. Too old, she’s already twelve, at that age almost a woman, by his standards, so he moves on. We don’t know how many personality changes occurred afterwards. But I’m sure that it ended with DUMB ABDUCTOR sitting on a small rowboat out to sea, with Maddie, drifting away... because if he had had money for a yacht, even he would have been smart enough to have hired a car and made the whole thing simpler.



    Spot the abductor...


    Not forgetting his accomplice

  3. Iron,

    I go for Dingbat #2. The idiot with the blue polo.

  4. Good morning Tex, I trust you are well, having not spoken for such a long time I like to ask. Just out of interest I wondered if anyone else had thoughts about this Doctors state of mind. I googled Gerry Mccann DID Disorder and this came up.

    Great minds Tex just takes great minds

  5. Iron.,

    Wikipedia refuses to publish anything on Gerry McCann's mental diseases. They say that they don't have enough disk space on all their servers.

  6. I don't blame them that guy has one hell of a 'virus' any nun would say it could become a 'habit'


    Posted for comments section


    Tweeting possible framing of Hewlett...gutter press claim there is footage of man unloading a white van..Witness Cooper plus Tanner said the photo of Coopers looks like her man..

    Lolita pictures released of Madeleine making her look attractive to a paedophile..also being tweeted

  9. Jon Corner on Maddie #McCann (Vanity Fair) :"So beautiful, astonishingly bright (...)very charismatic. She would shine out of a crowd.


    Hard to believe we are talking about a three year old child

  10. Jon Corner on Maddie #McCann (Vanity Fair):So God forgive me—maybe that’s part of problem.That special quality.Some *** picked up on that.


    For you Maddie and I am sorry but no one in your family gives a damn about you. The richest little IVF baby in town.


    McCann interview

  13. Update 08-22-07 Interesting request from June 3rd on Gerry’s blog for Day 111.

    Kate is keen to get in touch with a very nice mum, who she spoke with at the toddler pool in the Ocean Club on Sunday 3rd June. She is sure you will remember the conversation and Kate would be grateful if you could get in touch at with her at

  14. Genial!!! Textusa és brilhante!

    ps. queres como guest no blog JM publicar esta tese fenomenal!? :D


    McCanns ADMIT they do not know of Madeleine has been kidnapped...

  16. Joana,

    Please feel free, you know that. And thanks for the compliment!


    Mitchell propaganda


    Translation to follow.Owen Gee ex detective has a pretty good idea what happened as do we all.


    May 2nd 2007...according to Bridget O'Donnell her and Jez were invited by Mccann to sit at their table. O'Donnell spoke of her admiration to the fact they left children alone.

  20. bob the bluebird3 May 2010, 00:31:00

    I love it - dumb abductor jemmies the window 'so that people would think he was abducting instead of . . .abducting'.

    Red Herring - 'something that draws something away from the central issue'.

    Her Kateness must think we're all as daft as brushes. How are they still out there, walking about?

  21. Hi there, I've come back to the research on Madeleine - I've purposely kept away for a year because of the lies the Mccanns continually told was driving me up the wall so to speak! Congratulations on a great blog/site! I've noticed that ever since the Mirror board collapsed and 3A went awol the truth about Madeleine seems to have taken on a whole new dimension!

  22. Textusa, although I am not sure that I agree with your theory, I commend you for having the guts to put it out there! My theory I posted on 3A in 2007 which I've modified in light of the new developments and 'facts' that have come out. Also, today I finally decided to read Amarals book. I was avoiding it for reasons of my own. Now, I am 'convinced' that these so-called-parents are to blame, though I would like to always give a bit of hope that just maybe I am wrong and she is still alive somewhere out there.
    P.S. I know that Mccann read the 3A forum site site (was even a member) as I was the first person to post a theory that he went back to 3A to use the toilet and lo and behold he uses this in his b/s story to the police weeks later. There are other things we discussed which miraculously appeared in witness statements later this is why I know they are lying - I have a good memory of 2007!

  23. Marty,

    Welcome on board.

    I know what you feel. When I wrote the theory, I knew very little of the facts. But I was not off-target.

    The main ideas remain intact, although time has helped to clear up some facts, and, more than time, Ironside has been a precious help, precious help.


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