Monday, 3 May 2010

Las Mañanas de Cuatro

"There she was curled up against me. Then she took my engagement ring... She used to do this many times and put it... She put it as we read the story.... She is wonderful, what can I say. " So Kate McCann recalls the last moments spent with her daughter.

Next Monday marks the third anniversary of the disappearance of Madeleine. Three years in which her parents have not stopped looking for her.

Las Mañanas de Cuatro celebrates its 750 programs on the air with an exclusive worldwide interest. Concha Garcia Campoy has gone to Rothley (England) to interview the McCanns and know how is their day to day without Maddie.

Kate and Gerry have responded, without censorship, to all our questions. They talk about the doubts that still surround the case and their relationship with Gonçalo Amaral, the Portuguese police who was in charge of the research who has always considered them suspects.

"In my mind it is very clear that a man took Madeleine and we have to find him to know where my daughter is. That the police don’t search for that man but suspect me and Gerry ... That hurts me. " Kate and Gerry McCann tell us each point of their version of what happened that night.

They categorically denied they had medicated children ("It's a shame that this was published. It has no basis. It’s a lie") although they admit they could have made a mistake leaving them alone to go to dinner with a group of friends.

"The guilt will never leave us, we made a mistake and we repeated it several nights in a row ... We never thought our children were in danger."

They say that the have never hidden to Sean and Amelie, Maddie’s brother and sister; what happened. "A psychologist told us to answer honestly all their questions ... We explained them about the kidnapping, saying that if we want something we should not take it if it belongs to others. And they understood it. As a robbery.

" Three years after the disappearance of Madeleine, the McCanns do not give up. They say they will continue to fight "the time it takes."

Currently, they are intending that the British police reopen the investigation. We celebrate 750 mornings together ... with new and interesting stories.


  1. Good morning Textusa, Ironside and other fellow readers of this outstanding blog!

    I read about this interview and program in Mercedes blog, and got the idea that the program has a live audience in the studio, and also some sort of "pannel of commentators" that would pose questions and debate the issue.
    Am I stupid or what?! How silly of me to believe that Kate and Gerry would agree to do an interview in a tv studio, facing an audience, with no pre-arranged questions, taking the risk to be asked inconvenient questions by the public! The interview was made in the safety of their own town, inside their home, I wonder what "questions without censorship" really means...



    Video of McCann interview

  3. Roseanne: we must wait by 12:45m

    I think we have a debate after they ( pannel of commentators) watch the vídeo. I think they , the Mcs, are not there and we will listen a " debate post-entrevista".



    To Text. and Iron. : the best all days.And I thank You by all texts here.

  4. Because You both write and think very nice.

    " Mãe Coragem Solidariedade total."


  5. Good morning everyone I am looking forward to the debate. I have arranged to have it copied for me by a friend as at the moment the channels are changing their system. I am not going to make the same mistake as before, something was said , not recorded and lost for ever.

    People are...
    Tweeting and placing together 'Lolita' photo of Madeleine and Gaspar David Paynes comments about Madeleine in his Rog.letter..

    Tweeters are new (unknown to me) and many are from those that defend abused children...they are not happy, not happy at all with this latest video or photograph...some are asking for it to be removed and asking what were the Mccanns thinking of.

  7. That is a really truth. The RTs do twitter e os utilizadores estão escandalizados com tudo o que I. diz.

    Boas atitudes cívicas no Twit.


  8. Does anyone else find the images (particularly three of them)of Madeleine in the latest video disturbing?I know little girls like to dress up in mummy's clothes and makeup,i did myself many moons ago,but this photograph was creepy and looked staged,and the other two images are not right,if you haven't seen them please take a look,even the McCanns friend Mark williams Thomas has condemned the make up photograph.Are the McCanns sending out a warning message to certain people i wonder,or is that to farfetched?.


    A beautiful Classic for all TEXTUSA readers.


    Links for Spanish TV programme...Many thanks Karen 3As


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