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The Significance Of Significant Time

Every time I start to write my “Gerald “The Stroller” McCann” post, I keep find myself forced to explain some facts in a detail that start to make the post too long and cumbersome.

For these interruptions, I ask for your forgiveness and understanding.

The explanations of these details have, in exclusive, to do with allowing well intentioned readers to follow my line of thought, and certainly not for trying to bring to reason the "Stilldontcees” or the “Thick-Skinned-Lion Watchers”.

The first are the one’s that permanently retort to every explanation with an “I still don’t see how/why/what…” in a dilatory and deviant effort to waste one’s patience.

The latter are those that when showed a picture of a hippo do reply with the usual hypocritical “it proves nothing, as it could well be a grey thick skinned lion that happened to shave that particular morning…”

For both I have no patience or consideration.

Please don’t mistake the “Stilldontcees” with people who, in good faith, ask to me clarify something I said.

Disagreement is, obviously, accepted.

Questions are welcome and debate is the helm through which is steered downstream the ship of truth.

To exemplify, the comments that I'm posting below, from people who seem to disagree with me, and are entitled to do so, and respected by me for that.

But when you, exhausted of explaining the obvious, get a sudden urge to bite off a bit of your computer screen, then you know that you’ve just made contact with a “Stilldontcee”.

On my last two posts, I tried to get acroos two main ideas.

In the first one was that the Stroller wanted to be seen.

Even though it seems to be a commonly agreed idea, this detail, by which the Stroller could have EASILY avoided ANY contact, is OFTEN OVERLOOKED when questioning facts that occur afterwards.

I seemed not to have made myself as clear about the second one. It seems to some “resistance” in the fact stated by me that the Stroller stopped, and stopped for a significant time, as per following comments from the 3A Forum:

Post subject: Re: Three Little Words, Ten Huge Facts - Textusa
Posted: Tue Apr 13, 2010 10:51 pm
I am not sure I necessarily agree with this. The Smiths are Irish and in my experience the Irish are friendly towards strangers and tend to be talkative, more so than the English at any rate. Secondly the were leaving a bar. Alcohol makes most people more friendly and outgoing. I think in the circumstances the Smiths could well have addressed a passing stranger even if he didn't stop. I realise though that this does not invalidate the main thread of your argument.


Post subject: Re: Three Little Words, Ten Huge Facts - Textusa Posted:
Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:59 am
A fascinating analysis and I agree with the majority of it, except as Kamikaze says, there are people in the world who'll try and impose themselves on others by making conversational gestures for no reason other than that that is what they want to do - similar to someone saying 'cheer up' as you walk past them completely minding your own business. It's an odd thing to say, though, 'is she asleep?' it would almost make me want to say 'No...she's dead' if caught in the wrong mood. I need to re-read the OP again and very carefully - it's intriguing.


Post subject: Re: Three Little Words, Ten Huge Facts - Textusa
Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 5:02 am
I always find Textusa's writings interesting, but I must say that I am not in full agreement with this one. I don't think it necessarily follows that the man carrying the child stopped to talk to the Smiths. He could have merely slowed down for a minute to allow someone else to pass him on the steps or in some other narrow part of the street. There were several of the Smiths, probably some of them walking abreast, and rather than rudely push through them this fellow, whoever he was, may have merely hesitated to allow them to pass as a group. Perhaps the Smiths are merely chatty and friendly. "Is she asleep?" seems to me a rather odd question to ask, because what's the alternative? On the other hand, though, reading the statements made by Martin, Peter, and Aoife Smith in May 2007 does not indicate that any of them expressed to the PJ at that time any concern that the child might have been comatose or dead. I believe that Martin Smith is an honest fellow, and I think it possible that the man he saw was Gerry McCann. But as he cannot be sure of that, neither can I. If he had been able to say in his first statement that he was 80% certain the man he saw was Gerry McCann, then this might be an entirely different case. But that's not where we are.


As you can see these comments basically contest that the Stroller stopped, much less for a significant amount of time.

This post has sole purpose to clarify this question so that we can proceed with sustainability

The key is to understand the meaning of “significant”.

For a professional sprinter, a tenth of a second is the difference between glory and disaster. One second, for him/her, is a certain passage to oblivion.

Ask any woman who has given birth, the significance of a minute, or a prisoner what a day means to him.

Time is as significant as it’s relevant to each one.

In this case, the fact of just slowing down in the presence of strangers when holding an abducted child is, for me, to stop significantly.

To just slow down in the presence of strangers, holding an abducted child, when you could have avoided the strangers altogether, is to stop for an eternity.

He stopped for an eternity, and then some, when he walked towards the youngsters.

This is important to be clarified so that the second main idea becomes also clear: that the Stroller had a direct contact with the Smith family, in proximity and terms that allowed him to become fully cognizant that the Smiths were Irish.

This is reinforced by the expression “the Smiths are Irish and in my experience the Irish are friendly towards strangers and tend to be talkative, more so than the English at any rate” from one of the above comments.

It wasn't only the three words that gave their accent away, but the various verbal exchanges between themselves.

Personal name calling for one, come to mind as a way to identify the nationality of a group of people, especially if they are outspoken and extroverted as the Irish are known to be.

In the next post, which I’m already writing, I intend to explain a Doctor’s strange apparent allergy to certain areas of town, and how this very peculiar and localized disease increases the interest, even further, of the Smith’s sighting.


  1. Hi Text!

    I was hoping you would also mention/explain/further reason, in your next post, the fact that the girl being carried was alive. That beats me.

  2. Anon,

    Have to describe as I see important for the understanding of what, in my opinion happened.

    I've already given you a hint the last time, and will give others running the risk of spoiling the surprise.

    However, as I consider this the least important factor for the Smith sighting (it's highly important to understand Murat's role in all this), I'll run the risk.

    Besides the fact that it's hard to carry a cadaver vertically, as i explained, there are two other reasons upfront: possible injuries, and death itself.

    Possible injuries, mean if she was bruised, had bled recently or had a broken neck, it would be too risky to be seen walking around with a child in that state without calling TOO much attention on oneself.

    The other thing is what a lifeless body looks like. There's a completely different physical aspect between a corpse or someone sedated or sleeping. Especially one that already been dead for about 4 hours.

    Lastly, why run around with a dead child if you have one alive who looks exactly like the one that you want to parade around. And with the parents of that child willing to cooperate.

    No, before you say anything, I'm not contradicting myself, by saying he wanted atention, but didn't want to call too much attention on himself. One thing is to seen, noticed. Another, completely different, is to make an unforgetable appearance.

    Hope I made sense.

    But next I have to cover this gographical problem that the Tapas seemed to have, or seem to appear to have.

  3. Hi Text,

    You are excellent, but I think I don't understand and will, therefore, shut up :)
    Thanks anyway.:)

  4. The significance of significant time is, or should I say was, a very real issue.

    A good point, well made.

  5. Hei

    Are you braainstorming that the girl being carried had been "lent" by somebody else to make it look like that was maddie, who was dead and already somewhere else?

  6. Yes, I am. Not brainstorming. Stating it.

  7. Text,

    I admire your statement and the inteligence behind it, but this sounds more like a Holiwood movie than reality. Cannot be. There's too much premeditation and I do not think there was so much time for it...

  8. Anon,

    Do not confuse excessive explanations with elaborate premeditation.

    The explanations have to do with the misinformation and counter-information, both excessive.

    The plot is basic. Very unhollywood.

    Girl dead, get me off the hook, or I’ll spill beans. Alright, we’ll take it from here. Somebody will pick the parcel up at 10.00 pm. (Later) Cannot pick parcel up tonight, and thought it better, let’s make it an abduction, easier for me to control. Take parcel to place X. Pick one of the children, dress her like the parcel and take her downtown. Make sure you’re seen heading for the sea. Return, break the window from the outside and go to the restaurant.

    Sound the alarm.

    The media will be there tomorrow. Our people will be there and take care of parcel. Window broken, witness(es) seeing somebody taking her towards the beach, its slam dunk. Done deal. Just play the grieved parents for a week or so, lose hope and come home.

    As you can see, simple not elaborate. Very, very easy. The only problems were…

  9. Lets not also forget little 'Miss' centre of attention herself Jane Tanner..who did not want to be the centre of attention at all.

    Mccann runs the show...McCann told Jane Tanner to 'PLANT THE SEED' into the head of the police May 3rd...that was all she had to do said sweet talking Gerry...by tomorrow the Irish family will come forward...BUT

    ...they did not come forward...... McCann big headed, arrogant, loves himself more than anyone else, always says and does too much, ALWAYS over plays his hand... thought he had pulled a hat trick, not just one witness but many , an entire group of people...for at this time he could not know they were family....

    All Mccanns scheming and planning for nothing. He was not about to let that happen.

    She had no choice ,Jane had opened her mouth about seeing a man with a child...why did she do it and whose child was it...???????

    Over to you Tex....

  10. Folks,

    What if all this if only fruit of your imagination?
    For example, what caused Maddie's death? What did she die from? And which parents would not become helpless with grief to stop and do all this? I see all your points, VERY well put, but how did she die? And what can be worse than your child's sudden death for a person to be able to concentrate to plan all this plot?

  11. I'm liking your thinking Tex, but how do you explain how the cadaver smell got in the hire car if some helpful soul whisked away the "parcel" on that night?

  12. http://blog.mlive.com/grpress/entertainment_impact/2009/02/large_Nik-Wallenda-453.jpg

    Sometime back I wrote an article called High Wire Acts.

    NOTHING but NOTHING is left to chance as will be explained in the next article.

  13. Someone asked Tex a very good question and Tex gave a very good answer. How would anyone be able to tell the difference from a living or dead child? I took a trip to a Forensics blog and asked that very question.

    Here is the answer. When reading think the Smiths were looking at a small child.

    Q : What does a dead body (before rigor mortis has set in) feel and look like? Grey, clammy, cold, peaceful, asleep, calm, pale, blood pooled in lower extremities, water comes to surface so no wrinkles?

    A : Bodies after they die are still soft (and heavy, awkward to lift). Rigor sets in about 2 - 4 hours after, and it goes stiff, (but still bendable if force is used). About 12 hours later the body gets soft again but never as soft. When a body comes out of the fridge after several days it is stiff but pliable. Dead people go a very particular yellow and grey colour, their mouths often hang open, their features are slack so they do not look peaceful as such. They look dead.


    Now, with this answer in mind, were the Smiths looking at a living sedated child, or a dead child?

  14. WARNING: Graphic pictures...But these pictures have one thing in common...they are parents carrying their dead children.

    The Smiths DID NOT see this... but Jane Tanner? ...this is her description of a man carrying a child.

    The reason... this is the ONLY way you carry a DEAD child.


  15. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/election/article-1269698/Gordon-Brown-Gillian-Duffy-gaffe-Prime-Minister-draws-line-bigotgate-ahead-debate.html

    Karma...for what you did or rather did NOT DO for Madeleine Beth There is nowhere to hide.

  16. A dead child and the scandal of a few nobody NHS doctors would have died down after a couple of weeks.An abduction as we have seen can run and run.

  17. http://twitpic.com/1jf96b

    The Superstar PRATT

  18. Anon 5:22,

    I have a pretty good idea how she died. That detail, however, I cannot prove, although I'll take a shot at it.

    Now, your question is not quite clear, especially when you ponder all this being our imagination. Do you believe she«s alive? Or are you only doubting my explanations of what went on?

    I'll answer both.

    If you believe she's alive, anon., then the perversity of the parents is beyond acceptance. Their passivity is cruel, their speech disgustingly demagogic.

    If she'e dead, let me tell you that I only realized how perverse these people REALLY were whan I saw Jane Tanner's face on the Channel 4 documentary. To call them hyenas would be cruel to the scavengers.

    Will explain that in due time. Yes, Tanner, I fully understood what went through yor head. And would have the same expression.

  19. Anon 5:30,

    I said that the plot was to whisk the "parcel" that night.

    Did not say it was, and can tell you it was not (obviously as the car was hired much later).

    Can also tell you that the smell on the car, was the sole responsability of Kate.

    Not because she messed up as she did, unwillingly, on the fateful night, but because AFTER that fateful night, nobody dared to mess with her. Again.

  20. http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2008/09/mccanns-cadaver-dogs-videopj-final.html

    The ever helpful family.

    Susan Healy,PJ PLANTED evidence.

    Brian Healy, the Evidence is THERE but it was planted.

    Mccann members...Kate was with six bodies before her holiday.

    The Mccanns left the boot of the Scenic open every night because it smelt of dirty nappies and rotting meat.

    No one would try to explain away the dogs findings if they believed in abduction. Family members would be asking all the right questions 'Is she dead??? would be the first...instead they are trying to cover up the dogs findings..A Red Flag in itself..

    Madeleine is dead and the family know it .

  21. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1269641/Its-time-Madeleine-McCanns-mother-Kate-finds-peace-.html

    I have met Esther several times, she is no ones fool.

    In other words McCanns stop begging for money. Your lucks out.

  22. Samantha, @8.21pm, and also Gerry McCanns american budy, Ed Smart (Elisabeth Smarts father, another very badly explained "abduction" story...), came up with that same "planted evidence" claim in an interview with Larry King, if I'm not mistaken.

  23. @Anon 9.53..Gerry told Ed in a private conversation that he would not be surprised if PJ did not plant something in the boot (or trunk) of the car. Now why did he say boot?Thank you I had almost forgotten this little piece of information.

  24. Ed Smart repeated this comment to Larry King,was he meant to? I think so.

  25. http://www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/news/Disgraceful-hate-group-poking-fun-Madeleine/article-2092028-detail/article.html

    Facebook let jokes about McCanns remain.

  26. Os significados e a importância dos " timings" e do tempo.....

    Não tem a ver com o texto:

    pesado; doloroso;tenebroso;terror.

    NÃO TEM A VER COM O TEXTO que Text. escreveu sobre.....


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