Sunday, 25 April 2010

Thank You

As this blog surpasses the 30K hits, I think that some gratitude is due on my part.

First, I would like to thank Joana Morais, for without her, this blog wouldn’t exist. Through her blog I started to understand the scandal. Through her person, I started to write, through her convincing and help, I started this blog. I should say “we”, for it was her enormous unselfish effort the making of this. My sole effort was to just put some words into it. Thank you, Joana.

Second, I would like to thank the two readers that supported me from the beginning, which allowed me to overcome the disappointment of writing without applause. They became the small audience to which I went on stage. Thank you Speak Your Mind, Thank you MariaC.

To the first, who has long been silent, I hope all is well with you. To the latter, who I privately called Maddie’s Grandmother, for if the little girl had a REAL Grandmother who fought for her with the intensity that MariaC has fought and still fights today, the parents would have been locked up right from the start.

Others came, slowly and steadely, to the point that whenever certain flags appeared on the counter it was like a friend saying a daily hello on the way to work, or back from it. From Norway, Sweden, Germany… and so many other Flags, that they became Familiar Flags. From Britain, Spain and Portugal, they were many, but some locations became, unaware to them, part of the inner circle.

Thank you, all of you that were my daily 20/30 readers.

Thirdly, a thanks to the people who run, read and comment the various forums who support the truth on Maddie, who’ve always supported me, and have made all worthwhile.

Fourthly, a special thanks to Ironside, who has so much supported me, and has brought in so many readers. It was a fortunate moment I had when I invited Ironside to be part of the team. He defined the blog as “exclusive”, “dark chocolate” and “over 21 only”, pardon the “breach-of-confidence”, my Friend.

These adjectives obviously have inflated my ego, so let me return the complimenting by saying that this blog significantly raised its quality standards with your inclusion. I believe that this blog was B.I. (before Ironside) around 19.000. Suddenly it went from 20/30, to 200/250 daily hits.

Not counting those we know that come hidden, nor those that come, snip a copy and go paste it somewhere else, like a pack of dogs feasting on a bone.

An enormous thanks, dear Ironside.

Lastly, a special thanks to the readers from all over the world. May you spread the word that in Portugal a heinous crime took place on May 3rd, 2007, and it wasn’t the death of a little girl.

To all those I’ve forgotten to mention, I’m sorry. For not mentioning you, that is, because I’m mighty grateful to YOU for having had to apologise for this memory lapse.



    We have to have a great song to go with such a celebration.

    I am now looking forward to 60.000 Stats...

    Congratulations Textusa and all who sail with her.


    There seems to be a party going on. This is a song for a very special 'Lady' and her high heeled red shoes. Congratulations. The drinks are on me.


    Himself has a few words to say.....

  4. To all: a nice day, if possible, all days!

    To Text: Yes! That ´s truth what You had write. In all words I recognize the story´s Textusa

    I remember her/his brilliant comment in Joana´s blog.
    That is why " all had beginning"

    ( You all need a googlês special tradutor to my words).

    From me, I recognized me here ,I must say a big thanks!

    Because You not forget nobody

    And Text.mostra ser um ser humano com enorme sentido de Justiça e não se coíbe de partilhar todos os sucessos, desde sempre, e de agradecer a TODOS!

    Obrig.,Text pelo enorme sentido de justiça para connosco leitores e pela busca permanente dos meandros do crime cometido em Portugal, por volta de 3 de Maio de 2007 e, como muito bem diz, não foi só a morte da Menina.

    Os tentáculos deste crime são enormes como aqui ficou bem ( e continuará) esclarecido.

    Text.: obrig. e saudades dos 1º.s tempos;

    Text. e Iron. : muito obrig. pelos "novos tempos";

    Para T.C. a big,big, big hug and a BIG thanks also,because without You.......and if possible: all the best!

    One of us!

  5. Maddy cops £22K bill for 196 jet trips

    Posted: 25 Apr 2010 11:36 PM PDT

    A british police force took 196 flights to Portugal costing £22,000 in the first year of the search for Madeleine McCann.

    And it ran up 709 days supporting her parents, Gerry and Kate, and helping Portuguese cops.

    Flights to Portugal by Leicestershire Constabulary from May 2007 to July 2008 cost £22,055.

    The force said: "Officers used budget airlines."

    Madeleine, from Rothley, vanished from Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007, aged three. Revealed under the Freedom of Information Act, the total cost of the first year of the probe to the force was £500,000, most of which will be met by the Home Office.

    in: Daily Mirror, 26.04.2010

    Source Joana Morais

  6. Madeleine McCann hunt: Police spent more than £500,000 By 13/02/2009 British police spent more than half a million pounds assisting the Portuguese investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance, it was revealed today. Leicestershire Police's part in the search for the missing little girl cost £548,477 in 2007-08, the force said. But it was reimbursed for most of this amount thanks to a Home Office grant of £525,069.

  7. And the fund money went to 'Hanover 'to clean up the Mccanns image after they were made arguidos.Plus, two mortgage payments that we know of.

    Are people aware the tax payer coughed up the bill plus giving money to the Mccann family to live from via the Fraud/Fund?

  8. Textusa and Ironside, Congratulations.

    May I take the opportunity to say something to MariaC.

    Maria, being Dutch I recognize your English language problem, but I'm sure everybody understands your messages.
    You're a woman with a heart of gold.

    I wish I could read Portuguese (?), I'll try google translation.

    Maren NL

  9. Gerry McCann, speaking on June 3rd, 2007: "Later this year (...)" LET'S HOLD A MADELEINE DAY FOR THE WHOLE WORLD Sunday June 3,2007 ...


    Maddie did'nt cost THAT much.


    A single mum in Switzerland.

  12. Greetings from Mexico!


  13. Greetings to Mexico!

    A friend wrote that she felt that in fact we were nearer to the truth that she ever thought possible. She then asked me, if I could ever explain all, what I do then?

    Told her that I would do the only thing that I could: keep on the pressure.

    I felt robbed of Justice. I am a victim of Maddie's Scandal, so it's my duty, and right, to fight, until I feel that Justice has been restablished.


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