Sunday, 25 April 2010

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There are too many children dying all over the world, due to famine, thirst, war and so many other unjust and cruelest of reasons.

To have a blog, like this one, about the death of a single child, blonde and English, seems to be unacceptably unfair and biased.

We, in this blog, are completely aware that we cannot save the world. But we can do our part. By helping to clarify what happened with that child, in a “civilized” world where it shouldn’t have happened, we are, at least we think we are, contributing in the establishment of a minimum allowed behavior of power abusers at “home”.

Then, hopefully, we can start to export decency. And other similar values, brick, by brick, saving one life at a time.

If we try to save them all, we’ll end up saving none.

This to say that with the postponement of the Operation Ore Hearing, supposed to have taking place on the 27th, this blog will go back, or continue, in exploring the details of the events that took place on the evening, night and days after little Maddie died.

We will continue to post updates on Operation Ore, whose victims of indescribable cruelty deserve to have our unconditional support in having their cause publicized.
The Social Service in the UK is sick. It needs treatment. We here appeal to those with responsibility to act swiftly and quickly to restore justice.

Nothing can be crueler than to tear apart a family.

Yes, children do need protection, no question about it whatsoever.

However, the subject is too serious to be left in the hands of those who only seek to achieve objectives, be them career or moneywise.

Do not let the Nation go down “Sick Av.”
For now, we will leave aside Jim Gamble’s ruinous quest for power. When we take knowledge of the new date, then we’ll decide on we will return to the subject.

For example, we’ll have to wait and see how the new PM will act on these issues.
But remain certain that we will continue to make clear what we perceive to be Mr. Gamble’s important, even crucial, role in the Maddie's events.



    As we approach once more May 3rd and the ALLEGED abduction of Madeleine.A reminder of how her parents 'Searched'


    The McCann Infantile Memory

  3. “We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing (...) It wouldn't be a one-year anniversary, it will be sooner than that.” ...

    Gerry McCann June 3rd 2007


    Ever wonder how the Mccanns can see into the future?..they are able to predict Madeleine will not be found as they have already arranged a GMTV interview asking for new information next week.

    How can any parent not be wishing for next week but be ever hopeful of a knock at the door right this moment to tell your child has been found safe and well.

    The Mccanns are clever but also very, very stupid, to arrange such an interview is to know your child will not be found before the May 3rd because they know very well exactly where she is.

    Lorraine Kelly, GMTV do you never think??????

  4. totallyconfused30 Apr 2010, 21:37:00

    When it comes to any issue of great importance to society (especially children) my philosophy is this:
    To do NOTHING to stop an injustice, then you are just as guilty as those committing the injustice.

    another way of looking at it:

    'You have to stand for something, or you will fall for anything.'


  5. TC,

    When I wrote this comment you were certainly on my thoughts.

    Please try and understand the "tactics" that I think best to achieve OUR common objectives.

    Your reality is too harsh. When the body feels too much pain, it tends to numb, and stop the feeling, thus defending it self, whilst a toothache is forever irritating.

    We shall, brick, by brick, unmask all this shame. And ALL this shame includes you Orees.

    Please remain strong as you've been on your side, and we promise to remain resolute on ours.

    Gordon Brown is very unlikely to follow Gordon Brown. Cameron is bad, but far from the putrid that have humiliated you.

    There is hope.

    God bless.


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