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Wherefore Art Thine "Great", Britain?

Operation Ore Greatness #1

This blog does not, in any way, to encompass the entire Social Service in the portrayal made in the above picture, as we consider that the Service has the noblest of objectives and the difficult of tasks, many times misunderstood, which we here recognize and applaud.

The picture is aimed at all those that, although integral part of the Social Services, serve the opposite purpose of that for which the Services were created for.

This is done by a ridiculous subservience to those who abuse the power they have been empowered with. These people are tarnishing completely the image and perception of this noble institution.

Unfortunately, the abuse of power is not limited to Jim Gamble. The Nation is full of them.

The picture portrays the "rotten apples" of the Social Services, but there are many other "rotten fruit" in many other, also noble, institutions that are having their names slowly desecrated.

The Judicial System for one. The postponement of the Operation Ore hearing reveals many things, but the most obvious is that it is vain in accusing but mighty careful when the shoe fits the other shoe.

What is there to be afraid of? Is the truth THAT hard? Or is it, as I suspect to be that shameful? If you are so righteous, why don’t just listen to what these people have to say?

Just hear them out and confirm the accusation if that is the case.

But no, you keep stalling, stalling to the utmost possible. Well, you may not want to hear these people, but we’re hearing you quite clearly: you mucked up, and want to protect those responsible.

That message is clear, regardless of how much pressure you put on through those you control in the Social Services.



    Abuse of Power


    Parents cleared of abuse BUT cannot have children back


    Couple flee from Social Workers


    For anyone, anywhere who has a story to tell

  5. Quote

    Just look at the Franklin Abuse scandal. Some of the children were actually sent to prison for perjury, while others died in mysterious circumstances when they refused to withdraw their evidence. That scandal went right to the whitehouse and followed a similar pattern, the Washington Post reported about the teenage boys being taken to the whitehouse and then suddenly the story disappeared and 14 year olds were sent to jail for supposed lying. Truly sick and bizarre.

    But we are wasting our time here. They will defend these monsters til they are blue in the face.

    This was a documentary made by Yorkshire Television..Supressed by America.



    Did you know your husband was a paedophile? Threats to remove children if you did not plead guilty.

  7. Quote

    A visit to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre in Vauxhall, London in 2008 left me stunned. As the departments began to deal with cases that were thought to involve criminal behaviour, the gravity of the work began to unfold. Of all the departments, the people who work in the victim and abuser identification unit appeared to have the most challenging jobs. Identifying the people involved by minute scrutiny, for hours on end, of every frame of film, every photograph, often revealing the most horrific offences against very young children, must be severely taxing.
    The people work in pairs and, I understand, have to have regular counselling to retain their sanity. I asked if they ever became inured to the things they saw, and they said no. They felt it was absolutely necessary for them to retain the element of revulsion at these despicable acts so that they could maintain their focus and the will to catch the offenders.
    When I left the building, I sat on a wall nearby and didn't move for half an hour. I thought about the many images I had seen and the courage of the people who dedicated their hours to preventing as many children becoming victims as possible.

    If as CEOP maintain that every time an image is viewed it compounds the abuse of the victim then what on earth is CEOP doing providing conducted tours and displaying indecent photographs of children to visitors to their premises in Vauxhall?

  8. Anon,

    Another possible reading of "SS" could be, unfortunately true, "Sad State"...


    Tony Blair was in power with Ore and Madeleines death.

    He is a war criminal and still at large making millions of pounds.

    Tex we need a P in there. Sad Police State

  10. "The Times" article dated Apri13th 2010 !

    "Lord Justice Wall (The Senior family court judge) said that the determination of some social workers to place children in an "unsatisfactory care system" away from their families was "quite shocking".In a separate case on which Sir Nicholas Wall also sat, Lord Justice Aikens described the actions of social workers in Devon as "more like Stalin's Russia or Mao's China than the West of England" !

  11. Why do the "SS" act like they do?Well like most "public servants" social workers NEVER admit to the public that they have made a mistake!.

    Once they have decided to take a baby or young child away from its parents and into "care", no matter what new evidence comes out in favour of the parents, they still stick to their original decision . When possible they pursue their instructions from the government to increase the number of adoptions(in order to avoid the expense of paying thousands of foster parents an average of £400/week per child !).Their prime interest then, is NOT the welfare of the baby or child but WINNING their case in court against parents who dispute their decisions .The sad sequel is that the judges nearly always back them up regardless of the evidence of parents who more often than not, have never been accused let alone convicted of any crime! !


    Forced adoption 'Dont give up on me'

  13. Adoption system is UK's shameful secret
    Britain is the only country in Europe where children are routinely removed from their parents without consent, says Christopher Booker
    By Christopher Booker
    Sunday Telegraph 10 Oct 2009

    This week I return to one of the most disturbing stories this column has ever reported. It began on a morning in April 2007 when the home of a respectable middle-class family in Sussex was overrun by 18 policemen and two RSPCA officials, supposedly looking for guns. When the father, a professional dog breeder, volubly protested, he and his pregnant wife were arrested and handcuffed, to the horror of their watching five-year old daughter (whom I call, for legal reasons, "Jenny").

    East Sussex social workers were then called to remove the little girl. Her mother had a miscarriage while in custody and returned to an empty home, left in chaos. Jenny has remained in foster care ever since, and despite her parents pleading for her return through 74 legal hearings, the ruling by a family court judge last March that she be put out for adoption was upheld in July by the Appeal Court.

    Having now seen further documents relating to this saga, I can understand why the family's GP wrote that in 33 years as a doctor he had never come across "such an appalling case of injustice". The first document was her parents' careful chronology of every step in the story, including transcriptions of many of their telephone conversations and meetings with Jenny, invariably under strict surveillance by social workers or the foster carer.

    The dominant impression from these recordings is of Jenny's desperation to be reunited with her parents, and of an increasingly distraught child who cannot understand what has been done to her. The parents claim that pressure was put on her constantly to say that she didn't want to see them again. Why did the family court judge not allow this evidence to be heard in court, although she did admit accounts of these "contacts" by the social workers?

    A second document is the judgment by Mr Justice Bodey in the Appeal Court confirming that Jenny must be put out for adoption. No evidence had been produced that her parents ever caused Jenny physical or mental harm. His ruling centred on two points. One was evidence that her home was a mess on the day of the raid, although those who knew the house well testify that it was normally clean and tidy. The other was that, when the family's home was invaded by 18 policemen (a figure confirmed by one policeman in evidence), the father verbally abused them in colourful fashion (but didn't attack them physically). Are these really adequate grounds for tearing a child and her parents permanently apart?

  14. not sure you both have already seen this:

    XO Claudia

  15. McCanns: British Police to look for Madeleine McCann ?

    We read that while the rest of the countrys eyes are on the General Election, child protection officer Gamble has completed a investigation into the disapearance of Madeleine McCann for the Home Office.

    Gamble we are told has 'discovered' that the Portuguese Police did not look at all the evidence.

    Thats fine criticising the Portuguese Police, in the UK press it seems to be an ongoing sport. But its one thing criticising others, and quite something different actually doing something to remedy the situation after that.

    What chance of top child protection cop Jim Gamble finding Madeleine ? or is this yet another dig at the Portuguese that goes nowhere other than a few extra quid into somebodies pocket ?


  16. totallyconfused24 Apr 2010, 19:10:00

    Well, I have just had an interesting convo with my parents. Try and fathom this:

    SS are claiming we are either 'too united as a family' or 'estranged':
    their evidence:
    1) before my parents came to the UK to assist, our phone records show that for years we have gone the longest without telephoning each other a max of 72 hours. (yes, they asked for our phone records)
    2)since my parents arriving in the UK our contact is 'almost non existant'.

    They have SEIZED upon a family JOKE as EVIDENCE- 'we get along great as long as we live on separate continents'. Somehow, this is now 'deep seated intergenerational issues'??????

    With regard to forced adoption, I will say this:
    Look at the Walton and Brookes and Webster cases- frightening as hell.

    My mother and I left a 'child protection review meeting' together. The social worker and her manager obviously did not realise we could hear their banter. My mother and I literally froze in place, both felt our blood run cold and stared at each other when we heard these words 'He is such an attractive, intelligent, personable child- easy adoption, we can get our bonuses out of him.' The social worker said, 'yeah I need it- I want a new kitchen'.

    I was then told 6 weeks later to 'show committment to my children- that you will not have anymore-we will not take your word for it-we must have proof that can be independently verified.' So to me, I was forcably sterilised by the State.

    Gee, and they wonder about why I am so against them?

  17. Hi TC, I know of a case and have mentioned this to Tex. I at the time thought my sister was going over the top. What I am about to tell you is the truth and I know you for one ,will believe this. One day my sister heard a noise outside her home..There were police and two women (she later learned from the SS)..The police handcuffed my sisters neighbour and the women SS took the children away...both screaming.

    To cut a long story short, someone reported the children were being abused . The mother was not told who made this accusation. There was a Court case and the mother was allowed to see her children once a week. There was another Court case where the Judge said it was not good for her son (4 years old and baby six months)because the trauma of when she left them..the Judge said it would be best to put them up for adoption.

    This mother has never seen or knows where her children are and there is not a thing she can do about it.

    There was never any sign or proof of abuse.


    Murdochs sleaze and the Goverments sleaze...Craig giving it some 'Welly' on twitter..


    Lyndamac...Corruption in Closed Court...

    Lynda explains the system.

  20. Martin Brunt on Sky News this evening asked Jim Gamble what he thought of the recent upsurge from Bloggers about his involvement in Operation Ore.

    This is what he had to say.

  21. totallyconfused25 Apr 2010, 00:35:00

    I have not had a chance to read the Brunt blog but will make sure I do.

    Now, I have always loved this song...and in reasonableness...listen to the words.

    Today we were informed as a family that we can't see our boy for two case his 'attachment' could impact on 'fact'.

    Iron and Text...via personal mail...I will send you pics and info to prove what I say...regrettably, my boy is 'the spit' of mum. (Okall three are clearly my children, except my daughter has her dad's nose- and I am the JEW- which my ex mother in law thinks is 'a disadvantage in life'. ( sorry I gave birth to him and her- get over it)

    For anyone here whom has not been aware, my older boy has CF and my younger boy has CPD. (it is not CF but appears that way and has to be treated the same.

    My parents got to spend time with my youngest today and my mother expressed concerns...she just said it to intentionally NOT make a big deal of it. The social worker said, 'oh so you are listening to HER now....@ My mother said, well as a parent, she is right to question'. She was then ignored.

    Because of the way they said our boy would be with my parents asap,I gave my parents all his meds. Social Services refuse to allow me and my mother to take my boy to the family doctor for a check up.

  22. totallyconfused25 Apr 2010, 01:24:00

    I posted the link to that YouTube because I have a chlid with CF. The words' don't tell me because it hurts'... that was what it was like. 'Don't speak...I know what you are saying, so please stop explaining, don't tell me because it hurts'. (In fairnes and Lord bless them, when they told me they also said, 'you really can't hear a word of we are coming to your house to tell you again in three days')

    I did in the end divorce my first husband because he would not accept a 'defective child'- plus was a boy- he wanted 3 girls. I suffer from a rare vascular disease...somehow my ex convinced himself that it was all linked.

    I will never forget an occasion. Because of my genetic disease, I had concerns (among others)about my older boy. We went private. The doctor said, mother is correct- he doesn't have mother's disease, but his gait can be improved. My ex made a big deal of 'any nohting perfect is down to her- not me'. The consultatnt calmly said, Yes Mr. X...I am sure you being almost bald is a symbol of ethnic and genetic purity...what about your child?' (The ex of course stormed out)

    I did get a 'boost today'. My mother rang me and said, 'you are so strong- we didn't make you that way as parents-we would like to think we helped- but you are just YOU!'

  23. totallyconfused25 Apr 2010, 01:37:00

    Are you trying to make a is of a camel spitting?

  24. totallyconfused25 Apr 2010, 02:01:00

    HI i know I have posted before...but that link about Brunt just doesn't work.

    As for Hollie G...I pray she gets the justice she needs and more importantly DESERVES!!!!

    And again, small world. I met her once- at a conference. I told her, 'wow, I was sitting right in front of you and we didn't realise who each other were'. She said, 'were you the one's with that nice polite little boy who wasn't running around like a maniac?' I said, yes, that sounds like us'.

    LyndaMac has been horribly 'done by'. She is a nice dignified wonder they hate her! To use 'street slang' (does even that show my age?!) the lady deserves RESPECT. Like so many of us, we have done the best for our children...including 'being in peoples faces'.

    I had no 'satisfaction' or 'triumph' that my concerns were 'real' and my boy was ill. I just thought' thank god someone is listening now and might help me help my child to live'.

  25. The McCanns have been told to shut up ..the test hearing for Operation Ore has been put on hold. The open debates we have seen on our screens...the audience have been told before they watch the debate live they must not open their cheering, no jeering, no clapping...but they are allowed to take the occasional breath.

    News is out that Cameron just like Blair has done a deal with Murdoch.

  26. Above link mal function...maybe it is just as well it was a photo of Murdoch.


    The McCanns thanks to their contacts in the British Goverment were able to get away with a crime. They also are living from a FUND which is fraudulent.

    It can never be acceptable for the ELITE to harm their children, even causing your own childs death and be allowed to go free. To hide their childs body in a place where they know she will never be found.

    To create a fraudulent FUND drawn up so you and your family may live from it for the rest of your days.

    If this were you or I we would be in prison, there is enough evidence to charge without a body. Fraud also has a very lengthy stay at her Majestys Pleasure..

  28. Jim Gamble while you continue to protect the Mccanns and their friends , heres a question for you

  29. No comments from Jim Gamble or CEOP on the Express and their latest article.


    The latest photo released of Madeleine Mccann as her parents prepare for the third anniversary of her disappearance.

    The Sunday express asked American expert Jovey Mae Hayes to produce an image that may provoke new information for the up and coming seventh birthday of Madeleine.

    Sna. Hayes said 'This is an age when the structure of the face changes. Three years later the face is more elongated the same with the nose. She has the same high cheekbones as her mother.

    Madeleine would have grown upto seven inches since her (ALLEGED) abduction on May 3rd 2007 in an apartment in the resort of Praia da Luz.

    Her parents Kate and Gerry of Rothley, Leics, will ask for new information this week on GMTV.

  30. Good afternoon TC and thanks for all the information .I am going to look more into Linda and her work . As always your information to this blog is so important, to have people know the TRUTH of what is going on in England.

    Many thanks.


    Flee forced abduction... Police State..


    Gordon Brown 'Every child is precious'

    Every child it would seem but Madeleine Mccann...who is not allowed Justice.

    Hollie Greig...Gordon Brown has received thousands of requests as has George Galloway...Both have refused to answer or help in anyway.


    Dr.Christian Ludke talking about the McCanns.


    Lynda Mac this lady needs some well deserved publicity.



    All articles TEXTUSA



    U Tube Forced Adoption


    Thank you TC I have just found the Webster story. I cannot believe what I am reading. I think we have just opened one hell of a hornets nest. No one has a clue what is happening.

  40. Thank you for alerting me to the Webster story. It is a huge miscarriage of justice.

    The 3 oldest children were taken from the Websters because one of the boys had broken bones the idiot doctors diagnosed as having come from parental abuse.

    The child suffered from a genetic disorder that had shown up for generations in the family - a problem that caused brittle bones.

    It was recently determined that there was no evidence that the Websters had abused the children HOWEVER the courts decided the 3 older children were not to be returned to their parents as too much time had passed and the 3 children had bonded with their new families.


    If anyone, and I mean ANYONE can justify this, then to HELL with you.

    Those children are not the PROPERTY OF THE STATE - They were born to a loving family and never mistreated. How DARE the BRITISH JUDICIAL SYSTEM ACT LIKE COMMODITY BROKERS and decide that those children - LIKE INANIMATE OBJECTS now belong to their adoptive families???

    And what will be said to those children when they are adults and realise that their parents were BEGGING for them, LOVED them, would care for them because they were THEIRS - that every day that went by the Websters GRIEVED for their children?

    The United Kingdom is one fucked up country - far worse than the regimes they send their young soldiers to fight against. They are wolves in sheep's clothing; pretending to be a Free Country, when in fact, there is NO JUSTICE in the United Kingdom and NONE OF YOU ARE SAFE FROM THEIR CLAWS if they decide to act against you.

    The UK has a corrupt Forensic Science Service - an arm of the Home Office that will PLANT evidence, HIDE evidence, DESTROY evidence and smile while they do it.

    They run agents in Northern Ireland and allow innocent civilians to DIE in order to protect their informers and police handlers.

    They cover up for guilty people like the McCanns and they remove children from innocent people like the Websters.

    They release paedophiles from jail if those paedos agree to inform to the police and they PROTECT paedos in the government - thanks to the efforts of people like Jim Gamble.

    They bomb cities and blame the IRA, knowing as they do that innocent civilians will die but using it as a tactic to end any support the IRA might have had.

    They change the rules - disallow low copy DNA to be used in court decisions TEMPORARILY - long enough to ensure an innocent verdict for Sean Hoey in the Omagh bomb case and then they REINSTATE the admissibility of low copy DNA after Hoey is acquitted.

    They murder people like Pat Finucane and David Kelly while harping on about "civilised England".

    Well, as far as I'm concerned, nothing short of a people's uprising is going to change this, and the people had better rise up soon.

    As in Germany, British citizens stay quiet because it is not THEIR children being taken, THEIR husbands murdered, THEIR sons sent to prison based on LIES told by forensic scientists, and as in Germany, a brutal, self-protecting, totalitarian regime is taking over.

    Good luck to any of you unfortunate enough to live there. I would NOT want to be in your shoes.

  41. The Websters...SOBBING FATHER.

  42. Correction to link above:

    (Apologies - link was cut short)

  43. Anonymous in one of the first comments here said,

    "If as CEOP maintain that every time an image is viewed it compounds the abuse of the victim then what on earth is CEOP doing providing conducted tours and displaying indecent photographs of children to visitors to their premises in Vauxhall?"

    The aim is to scare people. There is a conspiracy to create panic and to cause as much consternation about the subject as possible. This is an element of a wider aim to gain control of the population including the constant monitoring of the UK population by CCTV and the chipping of children for their "own safety".


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