Friday, 23 April 2010

Oh... What a Surprise!

Not one for telling you I told you so because I didn't, why didn't it surprise me not to be surprised to hear that the 27th Hearing is POSTPONED until date AFTER the General Election?
Is it because a stranger surprisingly squeezed himself into the lion cage, when the other two cats were already as tame as tamed can be?

Or are they once AGAIN showing how masters they are in mastering the law?

You be the Judge.



    Simon Bunce..Claim for Judicial review against Jim Gamble.

  2. totallyconfused23 Apr 2010, 23:46:00

    The Operation Ore appeal is delayed
    Posted by: Editor on 04/15/2010 10:45 AM
    Because of a last minute exchange between the two main parties in the appeal, the hearing has been postponed for at least one week. On Wednesday April 28 the judges are expected to announce the new date.

    How bloody convenient.....we have a hell of a farce of a day- while we are part of the 'operation ore action group' we also employ our own legal team locally. They tried to bang my husband up again because we would not give social services what they wanted.

    Now the kicker....I have the 'briefing document' sent to all social services in the Uk about Operation Ore.... and it is full of lots of false assertions and assumptions. (example to social services: assume these men are hands on abusers.) It is FACT that ONE hands on abuser was found in Operaton Ore- which given the numbers is below the national 'average/statistics' of chld abuse.

    In Scotland, not a single person investigated was charged. Doesn't that sound odd to people? But the raids and accusations still made the local press with their names, ages and addresses, occupations and number of children in the home made the local press.

  3. On Wednesday of next week the judges are expected to announce
    the new date.

  4. The date once again is interesting May 6th Elections...right in between the death of Madeleine Mccann and what would have been Madeleines 7th birthday. The Mccanns would be now planning events and their circus would be in overdrive. Instead they have been allowed one interview with a GMTV presenter who is as interesting as the bunion on my big toe.

    The hearing for the test case of Operation Ore also postponed.

    Very jittery politicians...I hope this also includes a very nervous Jim Gamble...

  5. TC have you ever come across a SS by the Name of DAVID DALE? he seems to be a nsty piece of works.


    Shy Keenan and Sara Payne voted in 2008 women of the year.

    Wheels within wheels..Esther Mcvey is running for Wirral a conservative....Esther also was a director of the Madeleine Fund..Esther left the Mccann Fund without explanation and removed all information from her web site.


    Shy mentions McVey here in her speech.

  8. Esther McVey ...... of London Police and Mr Keenan an ex-Superintendent from the Metropolitan Police with specialist fraud and investigative experience. ...

    Is this Keenan any relation to Shy TC?


    Our Heroes...How nice it would be to see someones name on a list like this who has come forward to speak for Madeleine Beth Mccann.

    It has not gone without notice ESTHER MCVEY is on this list. Esther Mcvey who will not answer questions why she left the FUND.

  10. I think you guys are too bright and I am very stupid, because I don't follow all the things you say. Of course I follow some of it, but sometimes what is written in between the lines I lose.
    And I agree with whoever said that the topic of the blog has changed a little. But then again, life goes on and it's not as if there is new things to talk about ref. the Maddie case.
    By the way, Textusa, you said you would explain why or how come the girl being carried that night was alive. I still don't get it. Maybe it is again due to my stupidity :=)
    Big hug to all :)

  11. Dear Anon, would never mean to make you feel less bright. Apologise sincerely.

    Has I told Bren, the Smith sighting had to take second place to the Operation Ore. In my opinion, and I cannot be clearer on this, James Gamble intervened directly that night, and has been pulling the strings ever since.

    The postponment of the hearing might give me time to conclude the Smith sighting.

    About the child being dead or alive, and I'll explain further, let me just tell you two things on the subject. First I believe Maddie was dead at the time. Second, the only time ALL muscles in a body relax. That means it becomes a bundle of meat, pardon the expression, hard to carry.

    That can be seen often on the daily news, when dead bodies are shown sprawled or carried. The image is usually gruesome, so most people don't notice the unnatural positions that they sometimes seem to have.

    Hope this helped clear a little about your questions.

  12. Hi Anon, don't worry about it Textusa has that effect on all of us LOL

    I think soon it will be come very clear that Operation Ore and the death of Madeleine Mccann are connected but not in the way we had thought.

    The dates Anon, the dates are very important in both cases. May 2007

  13. Trouble with the Internet is that God even lets the really stupid people use it - and most of them contribute to this blog

  14. Anon.,

    Taking into account that there are only two of us contributing to this blog, one has to conclude that according to you there are only three "really stupid people" in the world.

    If there were four, then the correct expression should have been "half of them contribute to this blog", and if there were five or more, "the minority of them contribute to this blog" would then be applicable.

    YOU wouldn't, by any chance, happen to be the third missing REALLY STUPID ONE, would you?

  15. Anon @9.42...How brave you are to post and not even leave a name. The cowards way of course is always the easiest. eh Anon.

  16. How brave you both are to post using the names "IRONSIDE" and "TEXTUSA"

    The cowards way of course IS always the easiest.

  17. Anon,

    I would like to have something to call you by other than "anon", but since it seems hard for you to comply with my request, I'll just call you idiot.

  18. Posting that you have over 30,000 hits and only little old me to talk to shows that you are just a bullshitter.

    Obviously nothing of consequence going on in your lives when you have to make up stupid statistics like that.

  19. Remember - do not allow any posts that you do not personally approve.

    It would not be good to have anyone questioning what you two muppets say would it?

    The 30,000 people who you say follow this blog might realise what a pair of prats you both are.

  20. Anon you are beginning to sound very familiar. Use a little of your brain cell and look to your right, there is a stat control where you can see WHO is on line and how many views there are per day.

    A LITTLE person who canot stand to be ignored.The only BS is coming from you and as I told you on another forum I will no longer be answering your inane questions.

  21. Oh a TROLL¡¡ well you know you have made it one one these appear.You guys must be doing something right to get up their nose.Congrats by the way on the hits, always thought this blog had what it takes. Big boy stuff. Keep up the good work.

  22. Congratulations on the hits guys, you are doing a grand job, especially now you have started the care in the community program and adopted anon.

  23. Thank you Bren, for your words.

    About the Troll, well, it’s like having a pet, but with the advantages that if you one day forget to feed him, you don’t feel guilty, and his whimpering is like music to your ears; and if you happen to forget him outside in the coldest of nights, then it will be just an unexpected booster to start that day better than expected.

    Not that I’ll ever let him in though… they’re extremely renitent to potty training and I certainly don’t want any messes in-house.


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