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Textusa Profiling: Jim Gamble

Jim Gamble has a strong background in counter terrorism and was Head of Special Branch Intelligence in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Here he was in charge of all counter terrorism and operations relating to Irish terrorism in the UK and overseas. 

Having joined the Police Service of Northern Ireland in 1982 (formerly the Royal Ulster Constabulary) he set about securing a wide range of command experience serving as both a uniform and detective officer in what was one of the most challenging policing environments in the UK. 

At the end of 2001, Jim took up a leading (…)

From the above, taken from the 3A Forum, I take that somewhere between 1982 and 2001, Mr. Gamble worked for the Special Branch Intelligence in Belfast.

This means that I might have met personally the gentleman, as I worked, in that timeframe and although very briefly, with a team of operating personnel from this exceptional service.

My opinion is solely “technical”, but I must say that to this day I'm still amazed with the professional capability and efficiency of these people. For a mighty foe, a mightier police. In hindsight, I learned so much in so little time.

As I said, it was a brief stint. Once the objective was achieved, we parted ways. I have a vague memory of all those that I was with, so by saying that I don’t remember Mr. Gambles, if he was there, I’m not being minimally demeaning to the man, just being reasonable with myself.

Having known these people I take Mr. Gambles to be the exact stereotype of an underestimated man, with surmount intelligence to fully perceive that particular fact and hate it with all his gut.

To have worked in that particular unit, and to have, apparently led it, Mr. Gambles demonstrates an exceptional emotional intelligence.

Unfortunately for him, his physique is that of a football hooligan. Or a fan at best. No matter how well dressed Mr. Gambles is, he will never look the gentleman that Dr. McCann appears to be in jeans. I know that I'm stereotyping the gentleman, and that’s being unfair, but the very word “stereotype” means exactly that the phenomenon exists.

It’s a common fact that tall people have a starting advantage in any environment than short people. Dark skinned black people haven’t a chance when competing with light-skinned counterparts. It’s as if they were of different races altogether, even if belonging to the same family.

It's unfair, it's unjust, but it's real. We all know that, and we all have either suffered it or inflict it by misjudging others solely on their appearance, or, most likely, have been on both ends. No immunity here.

This to say, that Mr. Gambles has certainly been all his life a victim of his burly down-to-earth aspect. Something that he has no responsibility for. Nor even his parents. But he hates it. He is always smartly dressed, however no matter how much he runs, his image will always pursue him.

Another indication of an obsession about the appearance is his haircut. Always very, very short, shaved almost, so as not to reveal, by contrast, a conquering baldness. This is a common behavior of men that have a problem with their own baldness. As if the loss of hair makes them lesser men, not realizing that it’s the result of excessive testosterone, which, of all things, makes them more of men than others. But also more aggressive.

Add this to the fact that, in school, being smarter than other kids is not at all an advantage but rather a handicap.

To have an eye in the land of the blind is not to be a king, but just an aberration.

If you don’t believe me ask any “geek” how much suffering they had to camouflage in their teens.

So we have, just from these facts, an angry young intelligent man who is desperate to prove his value to others. He thrives on other’s approval but has learned to defend himself by the power to subjugate others.

And he will, even if subconsciously, avenge fiercely what he perceives as life’s great injustice dealt upon him and that he has had to endure: his unappealing, as in non-Jeremy Iron, looks.

Any power that he’ll achieve he’ll hold on to fiercely. Any power he’ll have, he’ll use it with the same ruthless intensity. Do not, under any circumstances, underestimate this man.

But then again, my education to draw up a profile was gained in bars and other places of ill-repute. So, if you wish, just disregard it as b*llocks. However, something tells me that he was on the first people to learn the exact 4WsH for Maddie’s death: when, where, why, who and how.

The same voice also tells me that he did not stand still with that information.

Damn voices, those that I hear…



    Another one who has spat on the memory of Madeleine


    Jim Gamble invited Gerry Mccann to speak about sexually abused children.

  3. When Irish Eyes are smiling - a quick look at Irish figures in the McCann story

    Jim Gamble - Head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP). Former British Soldier and RUC Officer. Gamble was closely involved in Operation Ore, the controversial international police operation that linked 250,000 suspected paedophiles worldwide to a US website carrying images of children being abused. Earlier in his career he was head of the Northern Ireland anti-terrorist intelligence unit in Belfast.

    Sir Michael Rose - Director of Control Risks Group - Head of Special Forces - with whom he conducted a number of undercover operations in Northern Ireland. President of the Special Forces Club when Halligen was admitted.

    Alistair Clarke - University of Belfast. Political advisor. Alleged to have been called by Gerry McCann shortly after Madeleine McCann went missing.

    Rita Dwyer - Graduate of University of Dublin. Friend of Robert Murat and Michaela Walczuch in Lagos, Portugal. Employee at Century 21 estate agency.

    Kevin Halligen - Dunlin born. Alleges to have experience in Northern Ireland - but can only confirm that he worked at Inkermans on an MOD/Qinetiq prject called the 'Minerva Programme' (counterterrorism). Held a US Department of Defence pass at time of his arrest and a colleague of several counter-terorism experts.

    Conor Gearty - Co-founder (along with Cherie Blair) of Matrix Chambers, the London law firm who were representing Kevin Halligen during his intitial extradition proceedings. Born in Dublin and attended University of Dublin like Rita Dwyer.

    Peter Verran - Raymond Hewlett witness and former Scots Guard who had served in Northern Ireland.

    Major John Holmes - Came to Inkerman with Kevin Halligen in 2002 to work on the Inkerman/Qinetiq project, the 'Minerva Programme'. Like Verra - a former Scots Guard who had served in Northern Ireland.

    Dave Edgar: One of the two retired British detectives hired by Kate and Gerry McCann to track down their daughter. Former RUC officer.

    Source: The Sargeants

  4. Super tétrico este personagem. Leio,como posso, tudo.

    Comentar, não pois há aqui peritos excelentes; nem me atrevo.

    Fico a pensar que tipo de criança terá ele sido para se tornar no pior que há.
    Parece um manequim da Rua dos Fanqueiros (do antigamente) . ( façam como eu, usem o google tradutor).

    Muito bom,Todos e Todas, explicarem-nos tudo.



    Jim Bates v Jim Gamble


    Jim Bates wins review

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  8. TEX: great video,very emotional song,THANK YOU!
    Did you really work for the intelligence in Belfast?
    XO Claudia from Berlin

  9. Anon.

    Removed two repetitive comments. It seems you had a problem posting... thanks for the effort, though and hope you don't take offense.


    You're welcome. No Claudia, I didn't say I worked in Belfast. I said I worked with the SBI.

    Language is a wonderful complex thing, one thing is what you think you're saying, the other, sometimes completely different, is what the other person thinks he/she hears...

    Oh, didn't I tell you that I was a pathological liar? It's the only thing I'm truthful about...


    How interesting Operation Ore has been removed from this very CLEAN image of Jim Gamble.

  11. Haleigh Cummings...No evidence of a crime, no body or remains found,no one charged but police believe they are NOT looking for a 'Living' child.They are looking at a homicide.

    Jim Gamble I wonder what you would think of this information?...Or would you think the family are innocent just like you think the Mccanns are..

    Two stories very much alike...the only difference no Goverment protection and people like yourself to say the family have been stitched up by poilce.


    Standing near the woods and waterway that investigators have been searching since Tuesday, Hardy said it’s a “good possibility” the 5-year-old died there.

    He said no one has been arrested, but investigators have several people of interest and more people are now cooperating.

    “We just don’t believe we are looking for a live child,” said Maj. Gary Bowling of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. “The facts are we are here 14 months after the incident.”

    At one point at least 40 divers plumbed a waterway that Bowling compared to a “sand-filled washing machine” for evidence in the troubling case.

    Hardy said divers were out there each day pulling in “alligator toenails to you name it.” He said some items have been recovered for testing, but would not elaborate.

    No murder weapon or human remains were found, however, Bowling said.

    The February 2009 night Haleigh disappeared, she had been at home with her younger brother and Misty Croslin, whose then-boyfriend Ronald Cummings is the children’s father.

    Cummings was at work and came home from his night shift about 3 a.m. to find his daughter missing and his 17-year-old girlfriend calling 911.

    Since then, Croslin has been a central figure in the case and one who the Sheriff’s Office said has consistently kept information from detectives.

    Hardy said Croslin has “come to realize she is in trouble.”

  12. Tweeting... Dec. 2007 British Diplomats had been ordered to "avoid offering support" to Robert Murat reports Mundo "specific nature of the case"

    Robert Murat is the man Gamble and CEOP said is the most likely to have taken Madeleine.


    'HIMSELF' never short of a word or two...Tells Gamble his point of view.

  14. Quote:
    Doubt over conduct of local police

    Thursday, May 10, 2007

    By Jonathan McCambridge and Victoria O'Hara

    The Ulsterman who leads the UK fight against child sex abuse yesterdaycorrect confirmed that he had sent officers to Portugal to help in the hunt for missing three-year-old Madeleine McCann.

    Bangor-born Jim Gamble - the former RUC head of Special Branch - leads the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) which has sent two officers experienced in dealing with paedophile crime to the Algarve, to assist the investigation.

    Top Premiership footballers Cristiano Ronaldo, John Terry and Paolo Ferreira have also made appeals to find the toddler, amid mounting concerns over the conduct of the ability of the Portuguese police in the investigation.

    Madeleine, from Rothley, Leicestershire, disappeared from an apartment in Praia da Luz six days ago.

    CEOP is designed to protect children at risk of sexual abuse and track down predators.

    A spokesman for Jim Gamble said: "We have put some officers out there to help the Portuguese authorities."

    Police in the country have already followed up 350 different leads, interviewed 100 people and taken hundreds more calls from the public, but their response to Madeleine's disappearance has been criticised.

    The little girl's great uncle, Brian Kennedy, said: "It took the police a long time to get things moving. The early stages could have been much quicker."

    Cathy Morris (32), a freelance journalist from Bangor who is based in the Algarve, told the Belfast Telegraph that the Portuguese penal code prevented clear information being relayed to the public.

    "There is a real feeling of shock here. And there is a feeling of desperation," she said.

    Belfast journalist Len Port (65) has been based in the Algarve for 25 years.

    "The mood here is one of increasing despair and utter sadness," he said.

    "The Portuguese police and people are very family orientated, and from their point of view, this is a desperate and terrible crime. The community in the village are used to experiencing petty crime, but not on this level.

    "They have a tremendous empathy for the family and genuinely believe the police are doing the best they can."


    The TRUTH engulfed by the McCann story.

  16. totallyconfused18 Apr 2010, 15:27:00

    Afternoon People...
    May I add my analyse of Gamble. (And for someone who made a comment- many of us call him 'our paedo-finder general'and a particular government minister 'queen of denial'- cleopatra wasn't the only one)

    Now here is my attempt to be 'fair and balanced'. When my youngest started school, the headmaster bore an amazing likeness to Gamble..our hearts sank. We were right, he took over and tried to ban my husband from school grounds, plays, etc. I had a 'pleasant' meeting with him, and he changed his 'tune' fast. He is now one of our biggest supporters and thinks social services and the media are misrepresenting people and is now embarrassed by his 'zealotry' and 'bigotry' about Ore and the SOR. At least this man has learned.

    I have two sons as I have said before and I worry about their futures just because of what is supposedly between their legs. My boys (and my daughter)know the truth about what is going on. Of course social services take their answers and behaviour as 'having no respect for the child protection industry' which they then take to mean my children lack 'self protection skills'. Social Services are very upset that my 8 year old is considered 'Gillick Competent'; that is he is able to express himself at the level of a 12 year old. (social services have had a go at me for things like I never did 'baby talk'- my children are people not dogs- and are majorly pissed that an 8 year has to explain to them complex concepts- it is apparently 'unnatural')

    Both my sons are artistic. (blame my child genius father- who had his art on display in the Hague by age 9). My boys are academic but artistic. (My daughter earns extra money at uni by doing work in the West End as a chorus dancer)By the way, I can barely draw a stick figure!

    Anyways, my boys think of this when it comes to Gamble:

    Listen to the words...My oldest boy found it...'why are they trying to make us ordinary? We aren't mum- you always taught we are special and unique people-isn't that what life is about?'

    Gamble- can you answer?

  17. With many thanks to TC ...

    Transcript from Opereation Ore TC...SKY NEWS


    It was almost three years ago that this womans life was changed forever by a knock at the door.


    I went downstairs to find a detective on my doorstep, to tell me they had a search warrant for my house and I looked over his shoulder, all I could see was Police in full gear. Lots of Police vehicles and that was the moment I found out. The children were just saying 'Daddy, where are they taking you ? Whats going on ? Daddy, where are you going?'


    Her husband was arrested on suspicion of down loading indecent images of children, it was part of Operation Ore, a huge investigation by British police to track down paedophiles and access child pornography sites in America. Over 7.000 names were supplied , so far there have been almost 1.500 convictions in the U.K.


    Did you for a second think my husband could be a paedophile?


    Regrettably, I have to say ,yes I did and the reason I have to say that is because there were media reports all over the place from the Police, saying these people are dangerous paedophiles and they knew what they had done. They had purposely accessed these sites on the Internet.

    I had Social Services telling me these things and I just did'nt know what to think,it just did'nt make any sense to me. I thought well, there the authorities, they, why would they make it up?


    How concerned were you for your children?


    I was terrified for my children. I was terrified,it was a seconf marriage and my first concern was 'Oh my God, what have I done to my children, what have I potentially exposed them to. Who is this person?'


    But, when she tried to find out exactly what her husband was accused of doing she says she was given no information.


    Was it children, small children or was it something idiotic like a Sam Fox picture from the 1980's, and no one would tell me.

  18. cont...


    And have you since managed to find out ,has anybody told you what these images were?


    Yes, I found out now ,they were older teens 16, 17,18 years old.


    Thing is, perhaps a lot of people would think a very different thing, than people who had viewed very small children.




    Her husband was eventually charged with ten counts of possessing indecent images and was placed on the sex offenders register.

    But the methods used in Operation Ore are now being questioned. Those targeted are accused of having used their credt cards to pay for images, but theres doubts over the reliability of the records on the site....and theres a link between the operation and the current row facing the Education Secretary. Paul Reed the P.E. teacher who sparked the forore was placed on the sex offenders register as part of Operation Ore, he too was accused of accessing banned images on the Internet.


    In the case of the P.E. teacher I understand why he took a caution.


    Why would somebody take a caution if they were not guilty?


    Because thats the way it worked, because if you did'nt plead guilty. If you said you were innocent you were in denial of your problem and if you plead guilty they said you could keep your children...if you refuse...

  19. cont...


    ...And thats what your husband was told?


    We were told both of us, separately, if we did not plead guilty they were going to take our child. No ifs or buts...and I know we are not the only people that was said to, it was said to a lot of other families.


    So ,what do you feel, when you see these different cases being shown in the media of people affected at the moment?


    Witchhunt, because people 1) dont really understand what the sex offender register is and ..2) they don't understand what Operation Ore was.


    Her husband is appealing against his conviction, but the impact on his family has been extreme.


    We were asked to stop taking the children to Church youth Club and I was asked to leave the PTA...people would'nt let their children come and play with my children. My children stopped being invited places. It was very isolating.


    And of course you were'nt implicated in anyway in what your husband was accused of?


    The attitude I got was , well, I must have known , that was what people were treating me as... surely this could'nt have been happening in your house without you knowing?


    There now in hiding and her husband is still only allowed supervised access to his child.


    No picking up from school. No going to school plays. No Dad taking him to the beach on his own. No Dad taking him to the cinema or McDonalds, nothing like that is allowed.


    One of the hardest things to deal with has been the loss and recovery of possessions.


    We got back our DVD Videos, but unfotunately again the spectre of Ore does'nt just go away...because every time my son wants to watch one of his DV you pull it out of the case the first thing you see indelible BLACK PEN is a giant X with 'No offences found' written over Pinochios face.


    And what about family photos?


    We did'nt get them back. How do I explain to him that there are hardly any pictures of him as a baby?

    Please don't misunderstand me . I think child abuse is horrendous and paedophilia is a horrible,horrible thing but I can't think of a single family that have been through this, where their children are better off afterwards.

    Its impacted on my children , scarred them, I have no doubt , for life. Its desicrated our family. Our family is torn apart, in pieces and will never be fully rebuilt and its just a shame that out of some MISTRUTHS and LIES, so many people have been destroyed.



    Link to above article.


    Another brave woman

  22. Hello TC, I have to say this was hard to type. Hearing your interview was very different to reading the words, seeing them on paper is heart wrenching.

    I cannot make any sense of what has happened to you and many other families.

    I only hope that this Court case leads to Justice.

  23. totallyconfused18 Apr 2010, 16:51:00

    Thank you Iron. I have to say, reading my own words, which are verbatim what I said, is hard. I have just sent this email to someone:
    Happy Sunday Friend...hope you and yours are well on (what is here) a sunny day.
    I will not be able to attend the High Court on the 27th and 28th. Conveniently, social services have decided to place Silent Me and myself on trial on those days. While everything we have been accused of criminally was NFA'd/no evidence, in the family court it is 'balance of probability'. Therefore social services want a single judge to determine:

    1) Did we put our son at risk of sexual harm by virtue of being members of particular websites and online MSN chatting to members of those particular sites?

    2) Both parents have suffered emotional trauma due to Operation Ore/Father's conviction. Does this make the parents unable to meet the emotional needs of the child?

    3) Was our son put at direct significant risk of sexual harm by allowing 'James Jordan' into the family home as he is an 'unregistered sex offender'? (the social services are of the belief 'fully being cleared and never charged in Operation Ore does not mean he is safe to be around children')

    4) Given the parents clear links to individuals such as (names removed)- among others- are the parents able to teach the child to respect authority and work with appropriate authoritative child protection specialists?

    5) Do the parents accept that on the date in question (aug 27, 2009) they took the child on 'holiday' to London, within a 40 mile proximity of a paedophile whom they knew to be on the SOR and he requested to 'babysit' for them? Do parents accept that they never gave a definitive NO answer to this person and therefore by virtue put the child at significant risk of emotional, sexual, physical and mental harm?

    5)Will mother accept that her attitudes towards Operation Ore, minimise the significance of child sexual abuse in the UK?

    Welcome to the nightmare.
    TC and Silent

  24. TC as I thought they are doing everything in their power to make sure this Court case does not happen...or have as few wheels as possible...It is Election time and nothing will be allowed to rock the boat. Thats what concerns me...Even the Mccanns have been told to keep their mouths shut, they have NEVER been this quiet.

    TC just know you have many more supporters and All McCann blogs to my knowledge are now carrying Operation ore.


  25. totallyconfused18 Apr 2010, 19:29:00

    I am pleased to hear that the 'truth' about 'child protection in the UK' is 'coming out'. But I am not holding my disrespect intended.

    I do not wish to be difficult or 'political' or 'extremist' BUT Silent Me...his father is senior in Liebore circles....he did nothing to help his own child or grandchild. Indeed, when I got the phone call telling me why the sentence 'was manifestly excessive' (which the Court of Appeal agreed with)my 'powerful' father in law abandoned his own child and grandchild. We have never heard from them to this day...almost 6 years later.

    My husband tried to speak to his father once after Ore... he was told 'politics- have to deny you and your son- sorry I want my pension'.
    I don't know about other readers, but that attitude makes me sick.

    Given that I am about 5 foot 2.5 inches(at a push) and 8 stone (at a push) and my husband is about 6 foot and 2 inches and about 18 stone (10 years of military and mulitple decorations)why is the UK government so worried about me? 'Loose cannon'. There is not a shred of evidence I have ever 'abused' my children. Do I have rules? yes. Do I believe in no TV in bedrooms? yes. Do I believe in children having chores to earn 'pocket money'? yes...after a certain me is 12 by the way.

    All three of my children have had to be 'police interviewed/video interviewed'. The worst they came up with was my daughter 'my mum just had the baby so my stepdad had to help supervise the school embarrassing...he convinced all the other parents to dance to 'YMCA'... talk about a 'I want to die minute'.

    Don't we sound the worst of the worst?

  26. Regarding the article above (Doubt over conduct of local police/May 10, 2007) some observations:

    "Cathy Morris (32), a freelance journalist from Bangor who is based in the Algarve, told the Belfast Telegraph that the Portuguese penal code prevented clear information being relayed to the public."

    Cathy Morris is the same woman interviewed by the Leicester Sound" team who they called "Cathy Landau."

    "Day 4 - Tuesday 9th October
    Today we drove about forty miles to Albufiera to interview Cathy Landau, a journalist resident in Portugal... She also gave us an insight into the police investigation and their reputation. Cathy was one of the first journalists on the scene the morning after Madeleine went missing and she described how the staff reacted and how she saw Kate and Gerry for the first time..."

    Here is part of the documentary (Leicester Sound) - interviewing Cathy "Landau". Clearly, she is the same woman as in the photos labeled "Cathy Morris"

    She talks about Kate being distraught, etc. (TTW4 covered this on his blog not long ago.)

    If I am understanding this correctly, then Cathy Morris, like Gamble, is originally from Bangor in Northern Ireland. Perhaps she knows Jim? One might wonder if she does.

    Morris/Landau was one of the first reporters on the scene after Maddie went "missing". Did Gamble have anything to do with that?

    The confirmation that Morris/Landau are the same person comes from her history with Kiss FM, as well as by simply comparing photos of Cathy Morris and this "Cathy Landau" in the video:

    Benefactors Theatre Group:
    Morris: Kiss FM (note photo) (scroll down to Cathy Morris)

    Algarve Resident: Landau Kiss FM

  27. McCann was in Albufeira in 1994

  28. Agree Cathy is one and the same...

    Luckily we had a couple of mutual friends between us and I got a great interview in with Photo Journalist for The Mirror Alban Donahoe who’d been working for the Daily Mirror He’d been out there on and off since 10.30pm on May the 3rd, the night Madeleine went missing.

    Now this is also a puzzle...what was he doing there, on holiday? also alleged to be a good friend of Lori Campbell who fingered Murat.

  29. "McCann was in Albufeira in 1994" !!!???

    Have you got more information about this?

  30. Good morning Anon...

    This information is from McCanns statement given on May 4th.


    When asked, he said that he had already been to Portugal in 1994. He stayed in an apartment on the outskirts of Albufeira. He has only returned to Portugal on this occasion.
    The desire to get to know Portugal in 1994 was due to the fact that he plays golf and the country is known for its excellent facilities that practise. The present journey was made at the suggestion of a friend that accompanied him, DAVID PAYNE, who made a reservation at the Ocean Club, following an internet search, for the deponent, his wife and the rest of the group, in a total of nine adults and eight children, including the missing minor, Madeleine. The group was made up of people the deponent has known for five or six years.

  31. Take your time JIMBO we are in no hurry....

    'Hackers for hire'

    Computer security expert Ajay Ghosh said hackers in other cases had gone as far as planting child pornography on victims' computers so that authorities had a reason to seize the computer.

    "So once you've infected the computer the hacker has full access to that computer. So the first thing they can do is to browse files on that computer. They can copy the files from that computer to their own computer," he said.

    "They can also insert files on to the travelling executive's computer and a common thing to do is to insert compromising material, perhaps it's a photo of that executive in a compromising position. Perhaps it's child pornography.

    "Inserting child pornography has the benefit that later on the authorities can come knocking on the door and seize the computer legitimately because it has child pornography on it."

    Mr Ghosh said hacking was increasingly becoming big business.

    "There are multiple reasons that your computer might be compromised," he said.

    "Increasingly, there's a recognition that national security agencies and hackers for hire are being used to gather economic information."

  32. totallyconfuse21 Apr 2010, 23:25:00

    Exhausted after will leave this link here:

    Off topic I know, but too exhausted about how to put it somewhere else.

    Iron or Text....any chance of exchanging email addies?

    *If people read that site, the state of UK child protection is awful.
    * And the link to all of this to do with our family directly links straight to Gamble's desk/door/bunker (take your choice)

  33. TC

    Drop in a comment with a "NOT TO BE PUBLISHED" with your e-mail.

    By the way, If I don't answer, it's because they blocked my mail. Had a pretty hard time this morning.

    It could have been coincidence, luck or a fluke...

    Anyway, do hurry and drop that comment.

  34. TC

    Drop in a comment with a "NOT TO BE PUBLISHED" with your e-mail.

    By the way, If I don't answer, it's because they blocked my mail. Had a pretty hard time this morning.

    It could have been coincidence, luck or a fluke...

    Anyway, do hurry and drop that comment.

  35. Good morning may have mine with pleasure. Get some rest or you will burn yourself out.

  36. totallyconfused22 Apr 2010, 19:06:00

    As per my previous post/rant (reader take your pick)to clarify....
    this thread may complete the thread:

    Followed by:

    this particular thread can be summarised by the Judge which I quoted in a letter to the SS:

    As Judge N directed on Feb 1, 2010, ‘O deserves to know the truth- why he is being kept from his parents. The person who loves him the most and unconditionally will not bow to threats. O deserves to be with the person who will teach him how to have principles and stand up for the truth to be told’. (and as you know he was staring at me the whole time)

    I suggest you re-examine your own principles and conscience.TC

    A friend sent this letter directly to the Judge:
    To whom it may concern
    I have never met TC but have corresponded with her on occasions. I know however that since her partner was ensnared in “Operation ore” TC has been a vigorous campaigner against miscarriages of justice. She offered me advice and support in my successful endeavour to clear my name and she has done the same for others.
    I also know that her tireless work of support for the oppressed has on occasions irritated some in authority and she feels she has been targeted in cruel ways in response.
    Regarding her son O, should he grow up to be half as compassionate and dedicated as his mother then he is destined to become a valuable citizen of this country. Whatever the verdict of the X Court I hope he learns that he has a mother to be proud of.

    Oree (C.Chem MRSC)

  37. Hi TC have just read your links and am horrified. Many would say it is hard to believe this is going on in England , but it is.

    This is outrageous.


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