Friday, 16 April 2010

The Sound Of The Ore Tree

Foreword: This post his dedicated to totallyconfused and her fellow Orees.
One much debated question is “'If a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one to hear it, does it make a sound?'”

After thought, those that like to base themselves on reason say that if a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, then it does NOT make a sound as sound is something that is heard.

But reason also tells us, for a fact, that there was a sound, as no tree breaks in silence. We don’t know, and might never know, what the pitch of screech was or if it was only just whimper, but nature and all the historical background humanity has accumulated on tree falling; it’s undeniable that there was effectively a sound.

To silence this sound as nonexistent is simply stupid.

To forfeit the tree of its existence is of the most profound of injustices. More specifically, it’s a miscarriage of Justice. To inflict this injustice intentionally is to be insanely evil for it reveals intent to deny on other the basic and worldwide constitutional, right to a quality of life that one DEMANDS for oneself.

We seem to be witnessing lately more, and more of this exercise of power by those elected to provide the exact opposite.

No, it’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s stating one very well known but rarely stated disease: power addiction. And those that are addicted to it have, in these modern times, mastered the art of getting their daily fix, or, as we watch every single day nationwide and across nations, of guaranteeing they remain in power regardless of values. Be they social, be they ethical.

They tame the masses. I’ve said it before, and will say it again, by manipulating fear. Like a good marketing ploy, they create the need, and then explain how they’re the ONLY ones that can defend YOU from it.

Racism, religion, safety, the three mostly used. If the fear is real, then the task is facilitated. How many parents that adamantly didn’t believe that Maddie was abducted, even laughed about it, but have spent the last three summers holidaying in Algarve scared that Pimpleman might come lurking in the night and take their kid away?

The fear of possible absence of safety explores our basic instincts and is almost as much exploited as the McCann’s Holy Fund.

We, in this blog, condemn, in the most vehement and clear manner the crime of pedophilia. Nothing extraordinary in the feat, as any normal human being should.

Just a little bit off-topic, of the bad vices a person can have the one I consider worst is gambling. Many have ruined their lives because of it. But also have so many others due to drugs and alcohol. But the biggest difference between the people caught in these disgraceful situations is that a gambler looks just like you and me.

A gambler that has just lost absolutely all can only be characterized, physically, by the utter sadness of his bodily expressions. No other physical indication as to his consummated disgrace. But there are much more sad people on this Earth than gamblers.

A pedophile is like a gambler, an honest-Joe chameleon living with the darkest of sins.

None of us know, or even guess, how many pedophiles we have until today shaken hands with or even kissed, shared a joke, helped in a time of need, or contacted with in other many human natural interactions.

They simply look like just like any other person.

The reverse to this, is that anyone can be branded a pedophile. And it will stick, to anyone. I had that shown to me just yesterday. At dinner, Fred looked straight into my eyes and said: “What if I told you that I was a pedo?”

At first, the thing didn’t hit me. It wasn’t funny, so it wasn’t a joke, but I guess my brain faced with THAT just took it as such. He didn’t laugh, he didn’t smile. He just looked at me. “That I have been one for the last fifteen years and that I’ve molested some very, very young boys and girls?”

My heart sank. Plunged. I don’t exactly remember what I was doing but I remember that I stopped half way. “I’m so sorry… I’m just telling you because I think the cops are onto me, and I expect them to come here any day. Maybe even tomorrow…” 

I cannot begin to describe the waves of disgust, physical and mental that I felt.

Before me the man I loved turned, in a second, into a repulsive monster. The one that I trusted, that I offered by body and soul to was as repugnant as imagination can conceive. Vomit went up my throat. They say in a situation like this, you just want to run. I prayed for something to strike me there and then. Something fulminating that would take me away from there right away, right now. Quickly, quickly.

My brain filled with the faces of my children, my family, my neighbors… of the shame that I was about to face before all I knew. “You see, honey, how easy it is to condemn someone?”, he just went on with his soup, you’ve been reading about that Operation ORE thing and all those people falsely accused of being pedos… and you even write in their defense, but when it came knocking at your door, what was your reaction? You really thought that I had done all those things that your mind just come up with, didn’t you?” 

It’s stupid to ask a boxer who has just been knocked cold out what he thinks about Global Warming because his mind is somewhere else. Nowhere, to be exact. So I just said what I could, nothing.

“Thank God that nobody has EVER accused me of that, because if they did, all I could have was your gut. I know that if I told you I was innocent that you would be behind me, I know that, but that is because you know me. But in the back of your head there would always be that question… is he?”

Honestly, at this point, if I had a gun I would have shot his head off. Then I would calmly put it back on his neck and shoot it off again.  

“Yes, that question would always be there… Now imagine with what I could count on from all others. ALL OTHERS. Be they friends, be they strangers. No pity from them. No pity from them on me, no pity from them on you… Can you now understand what those people have suffered?” 

“Some weren’t able to take it… no, not some, many,” said I...

“I don’t know if I could, or would,” he finalized the conversation.

Last night I didn’t sleep.

But, what if Fred was really a pedophile? Would I stand by him? Let me clarify right away that issue. No, I wouldn’t. And before turning him over to the authorities I would hurt him. Physically.

I think that all guilty pedophiles should be stigmatized. Locked away for life and treated like the animals they are. They shouldn’t be allowed EVER to walk amongst civilized society. In my opinion, they are NOT, by own choice, part of it.

I’ve already had the opportunity to state, at the height of the Hewlett-Maddie framing, that I don’t agree, with the stipulated sentences by the law, for excessive leniency, for this crime.

But that is me disagreeing with the actual law, not with the application of the law. And that’s exactly why I keep on hounding the McCanns. I just want the law to be applied to them in the same manner as it has been applied to others.

Careless if that means they get a ridiculous slap on the wrist or an adequate life sentence. It is to be whatever the law determines, independent of me agreeing, or not, of its severity.

As I also said at the time, if Mr. Hewlett served the sentence handed out to him by the adequate judicial system, that he had paid fully, officially, his debt to society.

That means that he no longer should he be persecuted PUBLICLY for that crime.

But would I want him near any of my children or my grandchildren after, as I stated, he paid his debt to society? Obviously, and absolutely not. Should I, as a citizen, be warned that that particular person is a pedophile? Certainly, yes.

Yes, I know that would mean, once again obviously, stigmatization. And that wouldn’t even tickle my conscience. Tough luck, Buddy. You knew already knew that that was at stake when you messed with kids. So take it like an adult that you never were able to be.

But I’m talking about a GUILTY pedophile. Let’s now talk about Operation Ore.

From what I’m led to know, the Police were following a child-porn website. They have my blessing. This following led to a list of people who paid for content from the above said website. This list was based on credit card payments, the most common way for payment in the internet.

They moved on them. Here they have, and don’t have, my blessing. They have it, because all those that REALLY bought the content in question should be accountable for it. They don’t have because identity theft is one of the most common crimes known to occur in credit card payments.

The Police should have checked BEFOREHAND on whom they should have moved on, and those that should have been warned that they were being used. But they didn’t, and as far as I can see, it’s a problem that could be easily overcome, as long as the privacy of those in question remained intact.

Now, here is what seems to be where the system went wrong, knew it was going wrong, and persevered in the wrongfulness. Just the UK System… not all systems, mind you. It seems that almost immediately red alerts sounded that most persecuted were co-lateral victims of a heinous crime.

So, the police revised all their investigations and proceeded to prosecute only those that we’re guilty of the crime charged. Correcting a mistake, a most transparent and reasonable procedure. Those that are guilty are to be, and were, prosecuted and condemned; the others should be allowed to go on, unaltered as possible, with their lives.

All polices? No. Only the great majority, would even dare say, all but one.

That’s why there’s no Operation Ore Scandal in the US, and there seems to be one in the UK.

So, we have INNOCENT people falsely accused of being pedophiles. I hope you now understand, as Fred taught me, the violence of this accusation.

The forthcoming hearing on Operation Ore, is simply about these people recovering what should not have been taken from them: DIGNITY.

It’s not about persecuting or about exposing anybody. It’s about Justice It’s not about persecuting anybody, although whoever is responsible for this situation should be accountable for his action. That’s nothing more than Man’s Justice.

It’s not about exposing, although to all those that have cornered "the animal", expect him to use all his claws and fangs mercilessly and in whichever he chooses to do so. You don't want him to? Don't corner him then. Oh, it's too late? Tough luck, Buddy. That’s nothing more than Nature’s Justice.

The sound made from a falling tree, in this case the proud Ore Tree, independent of witnesses.



    James Jordon. Eleventh-hour casualty.
    At 2pm, April 13, 2010, only 14 days before the Operation Ore group action appeal in London, James Jordon, the man more than any other responsible for the group action and the appeal, was himself summoned to appear before Cardiff Court. He did not show and it is rumoured that a warrant has been issued for his arrest. In early 2003, the South Wales police raided James Jordon’s home and seized his computer and files under Operation Ore. After finding nothing, but not before leaking the raid to the local media and ruining him, the police returned his equipment.

    For seven years since, he has been a thorn in the side of the police at all levels up to the IPCC, and, in the coming days now, the Appeal Court. The fight has almost broken him mentally and physically. With weeks only to go before the High Court appeal, the police managed to change his status from that of a plaintiff to that of a defendant. They had recently raided him for a second time and seized his laptop. Once again they failed to find any images of child pornography, but they have since produced a single image of ‘violent porn’, apparently relating to an act that could damage one’s private parts (which gender is unclear at this stage). The new violent porn legislation has made such a charge possible.

    What is not widely known is that James Jordon has been seriously ill and has been in the care of a benefactor, far from Cardiff and not fully aware of the details of the court hearing. He sacked his solicitor for what he perceived to be gross incompetence and he claims that neither that solicitor nor the court replied to his questions about hearing dates.

    There are two other Eleventh-hour casualties within the action group, neither of whom may be able to attend the Appeal Court.


    Because he has never given me permission to use his real name or publicly acknowledge the part he has played in the fight back against Operation Ore, and out of fear for his physical and mental safety, I have not yet used James Jordon’s real name. Recent events have sorely tempted me to do so. If anything further happens to him, such as arrest or trial, I will publish the full story using his real name.

    While his story is important, it is part only of a fuller story, which includes hitherto unpublished information about the origins of Operation Ore, the obtaining by the action group of the key withheld evidence and the subsequent police intimidation. Once the Appeal Court’s findings are announced, this full story, in book form, will be published openly and freely on this web site. As things still stand, James Jordon’s key role will be told using his pseudonym, but if, as feared above, events decide otherwise, it will be under his real name.

    Brian Rothery

    Created on 04/15/2010 10:40 AM by Editor
    Updated on 04/15/2010 12:28 PM by Editor

  2. Offer to publishers

    Publishers or agents are invited to discuss a finished manuscript, which tells the inside story of Operation Ore from the 1999 Landslide raid to the coming High Court appeal in London. An Epilogue is prepared and will be completed immediately after the result of the appeal is known. The author of the book is experienced writer, Brian Rothery, who is the co-ordinator of the Operation Ore Group Action. Interest, already expressed by TV documentary makers and newspaper editors, should help the book’s promotion.


    30th Sept.2005


  4. What point is this Blog trying to make with Operation Ore? Just for me to understand, no criticism implied.
    I was not aware of this operation and had to google it to know what it was about.
    While not really having a stand point on it, it seems to me it is better to do something to stop child pornography than nothing. As I understand the questionable thing are the methods using to handle the operation, right?
    Is the Maddie case allegedly a sort of minor Operation Ore? Is that the point?

  5. Anon.

    The first point is that this blog does not have an agenda, or goals. It seeks decency and justice.

    Yes, it is mainly about Maddie but certainly isn't about Maddie.

    I think that the McCann couple could only have been able to call us stupid the way they have, if they have been having a significant cover-up from SIGNIFICANT powerful ones.

    Operation Ore has the involvement of the same kind of people.

    Nothing is about Ore or about Maddie, its about YOU, ME and all like us who deserve respect, and don't get it.

    Thanks for your question.

  6. Hi Anon.

    If I may also answer your question.

    For me the dates are interesting,May 4th 2007 a programme aired with Simon Bunce who told his story about credit card fraud. A credible newspaper the Herald had a list of names involved in Operation Ore, this list contained members high up in Blairs Goverment. Newspapers were ready to go to press. Blair stepped in and placed a complete blackout on any coverage . His reason, we were about to go to war.

    May 10th 2007 Blair resigns.

    Brown an unelected Prime Minister takes over. Asked by Martin Brunt why he involved himself in the Mccann case 'Friends in common' was his reply.

    We always say when there is news, also look for what is being covered up .

    The Mccann story could not have come at a better time for Blair . We all remember May 4th 2007 it was the day after we heard about Madeleine Mccann...What we all missed from May 4th, Operation ore was about to break.

    Operation Ore was buried and we had wall to wall coverage of the Mccanns.

    Coincidence? Maybe....

  7. TC. Whats happening are you around? Its Friday night and am ready for a girls night out. Just wanted to wish you a great week end and know I am thinking of you as the Court day comes closer.


  8. SANDY: thanks a lot for the awesome video!
    IRON and TEX: wie geht´s euch?(how are you both doing?)

  9. Quote

    Tony Blair's closest confidante's is a practising paedophile, are even suggesting that this particular scandal, and not Blair's repeated lies and fabricated reports in regard to Iraq, may well prove the downfall of a government mired in sleaze and corruption.

    The Sunday Times is reported to have obtained an FBI list of Labour MPs who have used credit cards to pay for internet child pornography, and Blair has responded by imposing a massive news blackout, failing however to stop the arrest of one of his most important aides, Phillip Lyon.

    Lyon used his computer "to pursue his interest and perhaps curiosity in this type of material. He searched for it on the internet and, when found, downloaded it for his delectation later", said Ms Karmy-Jones.

    Lyon, 38, from Stanford le Hope in Essex, denies 12 specimen charges of making an indecent image of a child between October 2001 and April 2002. "It is like a drug, you try one and you want to try something harder, and it has a snowball effect," he is alleged to have told officers when arrested.

    Lyon worked in the Upper Table Office, where he met MPs, the Speaker, and Deputy Speaker while checking parliamentary questions and administering early day motions. "He needed skills in computing and the internet," said Ms Karmy-Jones. "He is an intelligent individual, and knew full well what he was doing." When first interviewed, he allegedly told police he did not distribute material - "I just look at pictures."

    Ms Karmy-Jones told jurors: "This case is about child pornography - what others might call photos of child abuse. When I say child abuse, it may sound harsh, but it is the nature of these images which is central to the case. They are unpleasant and disturbing."

    She said the issue might be whether it was Lyon who downloaded the images. "We say it is clear he was that man."


    Easy to see how an agreement was made to cover this up. Murdoch owns The Times, Murdoch also a good friend of Blairs.

  10. Good morning Claudia...I am glad you enjoyed it. A sense of humour is vital when dealing with Cancer. I hope you are OK and have a great weekend. I would imagine it is a little early for Tex and Iron LOL

  11. Claudia,

    Good morning to you too. Don't thank me.

    Iron is the net digger here! Credit where credit is

    But, so that partner doesn't have the last word on this, let me dedicate to you and all those fighting, with head up high, the Big C:

    Artist: Tim McGraw
    Album: Live Like You Were Dying
    Song: Live Like You Were Dying


    He said I was in my early forties
    with a lot of life before me
    when a moment came that stopped me on a dime
    and I spent most of the next days
    looking at the x-rays
    Talking bout the options
    and talking bout sweet time
    I asked him when it sank in
    that this might really be the real end
    how's it hit you when you get that kinda news
    man what'd you do

    and he said
    I went sky diving
    I went Rocky Mountain climbing
    I went 2.7 seconds on a bull named FuManchu
    and I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter
    and I gave forgiveness I'd been denying
    and he said someday I hope you get the chance
    to live like you were dying.

    He said I was finally the husband
    that most the time I wasn't
    and I became a friend a friend would like to have
    and all the sudden going fishin
    wasn't such an imposition
    and I went three times that year I lost my dad
    well I finally read the good book
    and I took a good long hard look
    at what I'd do if I could do it all again

    and then
    I went sky diving
    I went Rocky Mountain climbing
    I went 2.7 seconds on a bull named FuManchu
    and I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter
    and I gave forgiveness I'd been denying
    and he said someday I hope you get the chance
    to live like you were dying.

    Like tomorrow was a gift and you got eternity to think about
    what'd you do with it what did you do with it
    what did I do with it
    what would I do with it'

    Sky diving
    I went Rocky Mountain climbing
    I went 2.7 seconds on a bull named FuManchu
    and then I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter
    and I watched an eagle as it was flying
    and he said someday I hope you get the chance
    to live like you were dying.
    To live like you were dying
    To live like you were dying
    To live like you were dying
    To live like you were dying

  12. totallyconfused17 Apr 2010, 12:34:00

    Howdy People
    You thought you got rid of me....not yet! As for The Sound of the Ore Tree, I want to make something very very clear. If someone abuses children, get them the F!!! off the streets.

    I will explain why I am in the 'pickle' I am in now. A 'gentleman' (and I use that term very loosely) convinced a number of Orees that he was one of 'us'. It turns out- having given us all a false identity so we could not confirm he was an Oree- he is one of the UK's most notorious P....I don't even want to type the word. As we took our son on a holiday and were within 40 miles of this person, we were arrested. (Apparently he had been having online fantasy chats about what he wanted to do to my child if he ever found a way to get him alone) We were accused of taking our son on holiday to sell him to this man. When the police told us in interview who this man really was, our first reaction was 'what the Fukc is he doing even allowed to walk the streets?!'

    All accusations from the police against us were dropped- we did nothing wrong and it was clear we were doing exactly what we said-taking our boy on a pre- start of school holiday. But social services will not drop the matter.

    Now our question:
    We have never ever left our child unsupervised with anyone but close family members. By the grace of God, this sicko never got near my child.

    Given that
    1) The McFrauds clearly left their small children unsupervised- why are they not being investigated by social services or charged by the police?

    2) Sara Payne- let her 6 year old wander a mile away supposedly 'supervised' by a 10 year old while she was getting legless in a pub- why has she never been investigated for child abuse or neglect? And why is a 'mother' who couldn't be bothered to look after her own child now the 'UK Victims Champion'?

    But we...because of Ore, my husband the victim of credit card fraud (2 years before I met him by the way)must automatically be assumed to be a) less able to protect children and b) be pro child abusers.

    (and yes I really have that amount of hair and it really is that colour!)

  13. Hi TC!

    I know that when you say “You thought you got rid of me....not yet!” you’re not only not addressing us, Iron and me, nor the Textusa-friendly readers, as we sincerely desire that you’re really, really distressing those that your words are intended to.

    I hope that each time they see here one of your comments here they, time after time, cannot avoid hissing a “why the f*ck doesn’t she shut up, why doesn’t she just go the f*ck away, why can she not let go and let this thing just die?!?!”

    It’s a tough subject TC. As you can see, either by malignancy or ignorance, people tend to link the support we give you to being supportive of pedophilia.

    It’s seems useless to spell it out for them. No matter how plainly and simplistically you tell them otherwise. No matter how gross you find it to be, how supportive you are of those who EFFECTIVELY hunt these sickos down.

    This blog has even been accused for having as objective to stop police from investigating pedophilia in the UK. Thank God that that accusation came from a lunatic who nobody with a minimal sane mind takes seriously.

    Jim Gamble has created an image of child defender, hunter of pedophiles. If you’re against him you’re not against the man but against whatever he represents.

    It’s a difficult journey TC, you better than all of us know that. All I can say and offer is that we stand by you and with you.

  14. TC Permission to post this video on other blogs . I also know about Sarah Payne and her drinking habits. I however feel for me at this time to say more, as Sarah is still in hospital recovering from a stroke would be unfair..But I do know TC and we will discuss this at length..

    The dates TC LOOK at the dates..

    Madeleine and the 'alleged' abduction 3rd May 2007...

    Simon Bunce programme airs May 4th 2007...

    Blairs resigns 10th may 2007

    ...Operation Ore was about to break...they needed a story ...the Mccanns came a long at just the right time. Madeleine died in apartment 5A , for me there is no doubt.

    John Mccann, Gerrys brother has contacts in the Goverment, he openly admitted he had 'Called in a few favours'

    Somehow Operation ore and the help the Mccanns received from the Goverment go hand in hand I am not sure how but together maybe we can find out.

    The Mccanns were not investigated for neglect TC because neglect did not happen.

    Madeleine died but not because of neglect.

    I will await you permission before posting your article.

    Tex and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your trust in us. We will not fail you TC.
    To ADD:
    A story of a dead child while on holiday would have been a short story BUT an abducted child while a group of Doctors were holidaying in Portugal...could run and run...and it did TC,all with the help of Clarence Mitchell and Rupert Murdoch.

    No one was interested in Operation ore...Although...Operation Ore would have sold as many papers if not more therefore ..Madeleine was handed on a platter.

    Sixty pieces of silver...we all know how little value the Goverment and Gamble price on a childs life.

  15. totallyconfused17 Apr 2010, 15:12:00

    Thank you Text for your kind words.

    I 'do what I do' because I believe in REAL child protection. I am fed up of hearing stories of children suffering abuse even death with a smug 'lessons will be learned' from social services. But they are so fast to point fingers and investigate people over the silliest of things. (I think their best accusation was an anonymous report that I was seen walking away from a local shop- having apparently bought a pack of cigarettes, a Hello magazine and a bottle of Earnest and Julio- I am assuming the concern was the Hello magazine)

    As you said, Gamble and his mates are desperate for me to go away. I tear up their emotive scaremongering words with a calm 'but look at the facts'. Gamble actually won't look at the facts- because otherwise his playhouse will collapse.

    I am also one of those hyper vigilant mother's who believes our children are being over sexualised in our society and the media has a lot to answer for. When my daughter was 10, my ex mother in law thought it was 'cute and trendy' to buy her a T-shirt with 'Hot Babe' emblazened over the front. (some how it never re-emerged from the washing machine- I guess whatever that gremlin who steals a sock each time took the shirt as well....)

    Regrettably there are people out there who would like to take advantage of our children- as parents it is our job/responsibility/obligation to minimise that risk as much as possible.

    to be continued

  16. totallyconfused17 Apr 2010, 15:12:00

    The reason I bang on about Gamble is his empire is built on the 'success' of Operation Ore. Now consider this: the Landslide list of USA names was 63,000. How many people did they arrest? 100 and all were guilty as sin.- Lock them up and throw away the key I say. The USA authorities warned the British 'don't assume guilt just because of a name- cross reference- make sure the name and the credit card add up, make sure the IP matches the address, etc.' They did none of this- they rounded everyone up hoping for 'a result'. And if nothing was found on your computer- hey, we are going to make you plead guilty anyway- because if you don't, we will make sure you never see your kids again. Something 'dodgy' found? 'You have to plead guilty- we refuse to show you what you are accused of, but we are telling you it is there. No you can't have your own computer analysis done. Oh, so you were a victim of credit card fraud- so what! We think we found something to make you look bad- so just plead guilty or you will never see your kids again.'

    And that is how it worked. Gamble doesn't want the public to know that- just like he doesn't want the public to know that around 85% of computers have data on them that the user/owner doesn't even know is there. Now that is what I call an inconvenient truth.

    Gamble has no interest in protecting children- he is only interested in money and power. He is accountable to no one.

    One last point. Are people aware that just by virtue of being male, in the UK the assumption of the 'authorities' (whomever the hell 'they' are) believe ALL men are potential child abusers- there is actually a belief that there is no such thing as a 'zero risk to children man'. Now as the mother of two sons- that makes me worry for their future. How do I know this? Because of Ore I forced my husband to go for a risk assessment with a very famous organisation. (See how fast as per your article a person will get that 'what if' doubt in our heads?) The assessment? 'There is no such thing as a zero risk man but his risk of offending against a child is no greater than any man riding the train.'

    And one last last point. I hate that the sex offenders register in the UK is assumed to be the 'paedophile register'. People don't realise how easy it is thanks to Jimbo to be placed on this register. (Some hints: Don't get caught peeing in the bushes on your way home from the pub-it can get your name on the register. And remind your 18 year old son not to have sex with his girlfriend who is 15 years and 364 days old- or he too can join Jimbo's club of social outcasts-oh, and just so I am not seen as sexist, same goes the other way around- warn your 18 year old daughters too.)

  17. totallyconfused17 Apr 2010, 15:15:00

    Publish anything by me wherever you wish. If there is anything about me I don't wish to be public knowledge then I don't put it on the internet!

  18. And to add TC...Operation Ore would have brought the Goverment down...

  19. Thanks TC...we need to get this information on the Internet. Sadly there are people who think Jim Gamble is out there to bring justice for Madeleine and have the Mccanns caught in some kind of 'Sting'. How very wrong they are. Jim Gamble....pfffff

  20. I know I do not post very often but I love to be around when you hit those BIG O's

  21. Phoebe,

    Since Iron joined the statcounter went crazy. I remember that we were on the 26.000 when TC appeared (fortunately for all). That was just the other day.

    Thank you all for visiting!

  22. That Iron Tex is one crazy guy, LOL

  23. Wish the whole world suffered the same mental illness, Phoebe...

    No, Iron, you're not supposed to read this, so please close the comment box.



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