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A Black Hat Assumes

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Inspector Clouseau
Post subject: Re: Three Little Words, Ten Huge Facts - Textusa
Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 8:04 am
"The six facts do make sense don't they" Three little words; no they don't"

Sir, Were it not be for the pure goodnes and well intended ignorance of the character in question I would say that you’d have just have honored the nick you chose, as you both share the same sharp analytical mind.

But I won't. I respect Seller's memory too much to insult it.

The question to which YOU so promptly responded was addressed on quite clear terms to the “Anti-Justice Black Hats”.

I thank you for assuming such a difficult and lonesome opinion.

And loathsome.

I see you are seconded by Palmeras16 with her complimentary “At last, some commonsense” in reference to your “out-of-the-closet” comment.



    Justice for maddie


    Libel Laws...many thanks to Joana.

  3. Sorry .... I must write in portuguese.

    Aprecio bastante a linha de raciocínio, inteligência e de pensamento bem pessoal que caracteriza este Blog.

    Destaca-se pela alta qualidade.Por isso continuará a ser um enorme ponto de referência, pela sua autonomia.

    Sorry, but in english I don´t know to write all.

  4. The McCanns continue to fool the World.

    I am reminded of Ernie Allen’s ( the president of NCMEC) words: ‘until
    you know who has taken Madeleine and why, you cannot give up hope’. We
    do not know who has taken her.

    John Walsh Gerry McCann sat down with AMW producers in Washington,
    D.C., revealing what his family has faced since the abduction of his
    4-year-old daughter, and discussing his attempts to find new resources
    in his quest to bring her home.

    Ceop Chief Jim Gamble "We know that there is someone out there who knows who's involved in her
    disappearance," "They may be keeping this secret out of fear, misplaced loyalty or even love. Keeping
    this information secret only increases the anguish of Madeleine's
    family and friends and increases the risk to other children. If you know
    who is involved and you're keeping this secret, remember that it's
    never too late to do the right thing. We urge anyone who knows anything
    about the whereabouts of Madeleine or who has information regarding her
    disappearance, to do the right thing now and give that information to
    their local police."

    Andy Cooper, director general of the Federation of Tour
    Operators, said:"All of our major members have agreed to support Code Madeleine and
    adopt the six-point plan to help make children safer while on holiday."

    Ed Smart A man whose daughter
    was missing for nine months has lent support to families of missing children, urging them to
    "never give up"

    MCCANNS' STAR-FILLED PARTY TO BOOST FUND The guests are people who have pledged their support to help find
    Madeleine, including celebrities and wealthy business people.”
    Half of the money raised from next week's event will go to the Find
    Madeleine fund; the other half will be split between the charities Missing People and Missing Children Europe.

    Martin Houghton-Brown, CEO Kate McCann Joins Charity Run in Aid of Missing

    "It is a really important day. It is not just about the families who have someone missing, it is
    about Britain as a whole recognising that this is an issue that can affect anybody. "When somebody goes missing the friends and family need a huge amount of support. Missing People is there 24 hours a day, seven days a week."
    The event has already raised in excess of £20,000.

  5. Bom dia Text e Iron!

    A nice day!

    Também eu escrevo na minha língua materna, já que sou Portuguesa (não é , de todo, crítica a quem sabe ou escreve na Sua língua materna, o inglês).

    Quero,então , salientar , que estou de acordo com as palavras de um/uma compatriota, anon. das 09:10 AM.


    tal como anon. não me posso atrever a escrever em inglês. Ler já é um problema com medo de interpretar mal . Daí que não deva comentar,para não errar, mas apreciar , tentar perceber ( cá para nós) acho que consigo de alguma maneira; nem que seja com "ajuda" do google tradutor.


  6. Buenas tardes Carmen, Anon. Puedo leer y entender el Castellano pero no puedo escrivirlo....Bienvenido los dos.



    Robert Green rearrested


    Big Brother plea for privacy...The Registar

  9. Gracias = muito obrigado ou muito obrigada!

    Em castelhano e em português.

    Espanha+Portugal= 2 Países= 2 Country=

    Península Ibérica.

  10. Robert Green released on bail.


    Claudia...I hope you are looking in. This is for you.




    Maybe Jim Gamble should be reminded of how a six year old looks. Had Madeleine lived I believe she would have looked something like this, with a toothy grin. And yet Jimbo allowed the release of a photograph depicting a child of around thirteen years of age with Asian skin.

  13. To both supportive comments, muito, muito thanks!

  14. I don't believe a word that come out of the McCanns mouths.
    That being said,coming from people who also detest the McCanns and their court cases against anybody who disbelieve their versions of events,I find it odd that anybody who casts doubt on your theories are subjected to name calling,extreme sarcasm or expletives. Then they are made out to be pro team McCann or even one of the couple themselves!
    I also think it bizarre that you constantly slate the media for lies and disinformation,yet use the same media for quotes as fact!


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