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The pool photo

1. Introduction

The relevance of the so-called Pool Photo, best known as the Last Photo, has emerged again, with a theory sent to the Attorney General of Portugal by CMoMM group, authored by Peter McCleod, known in the Maddie internet world as PeterMac.

In terms of authorship, even though it’s said that it was from a group of unnamed researchers both British and Portuguese, the only other name that has appeared is that of Paulo Reis, although it’s uncertain if he was a researcher/translator or just a translator.

The article that caused the Last Photo to emerge again did not meet the expected impact or relevance its authors hoped it would have by far. For them it must be a huge disappointment.

Without entering into the full details about what has been written, one of the main planks of the theory is that this photo is genuine, but the date of May 3 2007 in the EXIF data has been altered. It is claimed the weather conditions on the day were inconsistent with the sunny day depicted in the photograph and that it was taken much earlier in the week. The stated intention is that the McCanns wanted to demonstrate that Madeleine was still alive in the early afternoon of May 3 when she had, in fact, died earlier in the week.

That, we hope, is a fair summary of that particular aspect of the theory.

2. Expert support

It is said to be supported by 2 expert witnesses, one of whom we are presuming to be Professor Hany Farid of Dartmouth College in the USA. We say presumably, as he was quoted on the Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann (CMOMM) Forum as one of the people who had given an opinion and verified that the photograph had not been photo-shopped. However, we accept that other experts may have been consulted since.

This is what was written at the time on the CMOMM forum – November 2015:

6 “ A top photographic expert, professor Hany Farid, carried out forensic evidence on the photo and found no evidence of photo-shopping and furthermore that all the shadows in the Last Photo were absolutely consistent throughout the photo.

7 Another top expert reached similar conclusions.”

Please note that the words “found no evidence of photo-shopping and furthermore that all the shadows in the Last Photo were absolutely consistent throughout the photo” do not come from any photographic expert but are from the forum.

The unnamed top expert has never been named, to our knowledge, but from what was written on the forum, we would hazard a guess it could refer to Darren Ware, who produced his own re-enactment of the pool photo.

It’s possible to be Darren Ware as this was said on the CMOMM Forum:

on 08.11.15 20:33 by Get'emGoncalo

Get'emGonGalo wrote:

@HelenMeg wrote:

Many of us, it is clear, believe the Last Photo is a 'fake' regardless of being scorned and told in no uncertain terms that we are 'wrong'. So we should simply agree to differ. We are told we are wrong because two experts' said they believed it was not photoshopped. Are we supposed to say' OK then'. I dont think so!!

So why scorn the McCanns for saying the expert dogs are notoriously unreliable?

Just to add a bit more to this post – I’ve asked PeterMac about his two experts and he said that one of them is the son of one of his visitors and “is a professional “photoshopper”. Peter said: “He lead the team which did the advert some years ago, where paint squirted down the side of a factory in Manchester, and a car popped out at the bottom.

It was real paint, and a real factory due for demolition. One take.

Their job was to take the film, and then to take OUT every gantry, crane, hose, nozzle ... making it look as though the paint was just squirting out from nowhere.

They are paid a LOT of money for doing it. And this is a short FILM, not a single photo image.”

Peter said the second expert is Professor Hany Farid and this is his website so anyone can contact him and make their own equiries:

One expert is named and the other all we know is that he’s “the son of one of his visitors and “is a professional “photoshopper”. Peter said: “He lead the team which did the advert some years ago, where paint squirted down the side of a factory in Manchester, and a car popped out at the bottom.”

This is the quote from 1st EXPERT Professor Harry (sic) Farid

“I have taken an initial look at the image. The artefacts alluded to in the pdf document you sent are simply JPEG compression artefacts as described here (link to his blogspot) If you magnify other parts of the image you will see similar artefacts. I also performed a forensic analysis to determine if the lighting and the shadows on the people and background are consistent-they are. I see no other anomalies in the photo. So, at first glance, I see no evidence of photo tampering.

I will add that it is fairly easy to change dates in an image’s metadata or for these dates to be wrong. As such these dates should not be solely relied upon


Professor Farid”

We note important words “initial look” and “at first glance” as hardly being conclusive evidence.

However, to give the benefit of the doubt, we are also presuming Professor Farid was invited to give the photograph more than an initial look and first glance before the letter was submitted to Portugal.

As for Darren Ware’s video, minus the employment of his child as a model, we doubt if that would be classed as expert evidence and make another presumption that a second expert witness was consulted, in order to have any credibility with the Portuguese Attorney General.

Darren Ware was unable to explain the curved reflections on the sunglasses he used on his video attempting to prove that a curved line could produce a vertical reflection on the lens of a sunglasses and said that their convexity was both unimportant (when convenient to ‘prove’ the vertical reflection) and important (when to ‘prove’ why the photographer didn’t appear reflected).

But he cannot be the second expert. Mr Anthony Bennett has said this recently:

Anthony Bennett‏ @zampos
Now that Darren Ware has shown … (131,000 views so far) that the vertical line on Gerry #McCann's sunglasses is natural & experts have ruled out photoshopping, the choice for the 'Last Photo' is this >> Taken on SUNNY Sunday? Or on CLOUDY Thursday lunchtime?
12:20 am - 20 Mar 2018

Mr Bennett, we believe, was part of the process involving contacts between the CMOMM and the photographic experts, so by saying “Darren Ware (…) & experts (plural) he’s separating Darren Ware from them.

As a side note, it was interesting to see the support shown by K9 to the Ware video:

Canine Truth@K9Truth
Replying to @zampos and @CarlaSpade
Yes, that's a very important video that debunks the "physics"-based theory about photoshopped glasses. The main Q is whether Gerry really did buy these sunglasses on Tuesday May 1st. #McCann
7:31 am · 20 Mar 2018

K9, we remind readers, is the self-proclaimed Gaspars’ statements expert who was unable to answer basic questions about the… Gaspars’ statements. One amazing feat K9 was able to achieve, which went unnoticed by most but not by us, was during the debate to resurrect Walkercan1000 for a brief tweeting period of 4H40 after 12 days and 15 hours of silence and then going back immediately to hibernation, where he has now been for 11 days and 09 hours.

And unsurprisingly K9 is someone who gives credibility to Simon Foy, Mark Rowley and Colin Sutton:

Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
Replying to @Heavy_Dave
As Foy, Rowley + Sutton have all confirmed, Op Grange has no intention of getting anywhere near the truth. Scotland Yard's flagrant/shameless abuse of public funds + its position of authority are now a threat to national security (ie likely 2 incite riots). #McCann #StopTheCircus
8:44 am - 21 Mar 2018

Shouldn’t someone who is literally obsessed with crimes of paedophilia in the UK and Ireland, and truly believing that Maddie is a case of paedophilia, want Operation Grange to continue?

It seems that is not his wish. He wants Operation Grange shut down. He doesn’t want the unknown powerful and protected British paedo who he says killed Maddie to be known and face justice.

Does anyone still doubt on which side of the fence K9 sits? What an insult and total disrespect for all the real victims of paedophilia referred to in the articles that this man has posted.

Operation Grange continuing is likely to incite riots? Really?  What on earth is K9 talking about? What riots? That’s a new one and something that not even Sutton has remembered to say and we know he’s a man able to state something and its opposite almost in the same breath. 

3. Textusa and the Last Photo

We explained what we thought in our post “Non-post”.


Our replication of the pool photo, above, which we put on our “Non-post” post was dismissed as the pool was not of similar size, the sunglasses are of the wrong type and the photographer is in the wrong position.

About the size of the pool, I have the privilege to be the only person that has knowingly been present in both the kid’s pool of hotel where team met and the Tapas kid’s pool.

We showed on our “Non-post” that both pools were of similar size. Having now been present, I was surprised. The Tapas kid’s pool seemed much smaller. But photos don’t lie and we trust the scale of Google Earth.

This was a picture taken there. In the pool a young girl who I estimated to be 5-7 yrs old, about 4 ft /1.20 cm tall.

We invite readers to try our experiment for themselves, using a circular pool of similar circumference and any sunglasses they have, with the photographer at different positions, to see what results they obtain.

Nowhere in this universe – and we cannot speak for other universes (our humble homage to Prof Hawking, RIP GREAT man) – can anyone sitting on the side of that small pool wearing sunglasses produce a vertical reflection on its lenses of the side of the pool.

To be clear, we do not consider ourselves to be experts on photo-shopping and give our opinions on other aspects of the photo in that capacity, restricting our strong view as to the physical impossibility of the reflection in the sunglasses worn by Gerry McCann.

A pig can’t fly and, in those circumstances, there can’t also be a vertical reflection on Gerry’s sunglasses. If one sees a pig flying it’s because he has been fired from a cannon, and if there’s a vertical reflection on Gerry McCann’s sunglasses, as there is, it can only be because someone “fired” that reflection into them.

Nothing to do with lighting and shadows. Simple and pure physics.

4. False positives and negatives

Even if one ignores when one shouldn’t the “initial look” and “at first glance”, and holds on for dear life to the words “I also performed a forensic analysis to determine if the lighting and the shadows on the people and background are consistent-they are”, we remind you that the word “consistent” isn’t conclusive wording. It’s like the dog signalling, it needs further proof.

Let’s look at an interesting question that was put to Professor Farid.

He runs a question site where in the heading it says:

“I am Hany Farid, a Dartmouth Professor specializing in photo forensics technology. Ask me anything.

u/HanyFaridFeb 6, 2014, 12:52 PM

The research in my lab for the past 15 years has focused on developing techniques for detecting photo tampering. I am co-founder of Fourandsix Technologies and the new website Ask me anything related to image forensics, our work on photoDNA, our photo authentication site, or anything else that you’d like.


Thanks guys for the good questions, and good luck to you during your studies and pursuits.”

This is one of the questions and the professor’s answer to it:

Mechroid Feb 6, 2014, 12:56 PM

Have you encountered any photos that pass all the tests, but you suspect is tampered with? What do you do to reduce the rate of false negatives?

HanyFarid Feb 6, 2014, 1:04 PM

The izitru site is new, so we don't have a big track record yet. That's one of the reasons we're introducing it to the reddit community now. We've designed our tests to be fairly conservative, so false negatives (an unmodified imaged tagged as “Undetermined") will be more common than false positives (a modified image tagged as “High Trust"). That said, there will undoubtedly be some false positives, which is why we include the Challenge button on the site. If we see many challenges on an image, we'll take a closer look and apply some of our more specialized, less automated testing techniques.”

There are “false positives” and “false negatives”.

So, saying that things are “consistent” after saying “initial look” or “first glance” can hardly be considered as solid evidence as some obsessively would like to have us believe.

According to the CMOMM forum, PeterMac contacted Prof Farid in 2014, so after the above stated:

“Textusa’s opinion is contrary to the clear opinions of two proven experts in digital photography whom PeteMac consulted last year. They both pronounced it a genuine photo, but possibly had the date and time data altered.

A majority on the ‘Last Photo’ threads here seemed persuaded from the evidence put forward by PeterMac and others, mostly about the weather conditions that week, that there was a good case for the photo having been a genuine taken on the Sunday, or possibly Monday. But some did not agree.

So for an update on what members now think about the ‘Last Photo’, I've added another poll

Last edited by Tony Bennett on 06.11.15 13:21; edited 1 time in total

Prof. Farid seems to be a controversial figure in the world of photographic analysis, as per following tweets, from someone who usually disagrees strongly with us:

Andy Fish‏ @AndyFish19
Replying to @Anvil161Anvil16
Hany Farid. More of him on the link. The other one doesn't exist and as for that nonsense from Darren Ware trying to replicate everything in his living room using a mannequin with a pair a shades stuck on, then Jesus Christ!!! #McCann
3:24 am - 20 Mar 2018

“Andy Fish‏ @AndyFish19
Replying to @ufercoffy @Anvil161Anvil16
Did i mention PeterMac? I just provided a link so folk could read up more about this "expert", Hany Farid! (If they wish to do so). #McCann Here's another good read. #Cheers …s-photo-is-a-real-fake-And-so-is-he
4:34 am - 20 Mar 2018

Andy Fish‏ @AndyFish19
Replying to @ufercoffy @Anvil161Anvil16
Yes, I do! I also know that the named "expert" is as dodgy as they come & the other one cannot be named under any circumstances! My own eyes tell me it's photoshopped. I've discussed this for years with knowledgeable folk who also believe its fake! Thats my opinion. Soz! #McCann
4:53 am - 20 Mar 2018

Andy Fish‏ @AndyFish19
Replying to @ufercoffy @Heavy_Dave @Anvil161Anvil16
I don't go along with everything Textusa says but I think their analysis on the LP is very accurate! To try & fit 5 years of 'discussion' on it in a few tweets is hardly a cop out! I think it's photoshopped & U think it's genuine! Fair enough! No problem with that! #McCann
6:41 am - 20 Mar 2018

4. Shadows and lighting

One other strong pillar of this theory is that it was impossible for the photo to have been taken on Thursday because it wasn’t sunny.

As to the weather conditions in Praia da Luz that afternoon, we have no quarrel with the data on weather conditions PeterMac has obtained for May 3, as our argument is not related to the photograph being taken on that day. Indeed, we agree with Professor Farid’s last paragraph and with PeterMac that is wasn’t taken on May 3.

But PeterMac has one strong opposer to this claim and that is himself.

On his blog, where he has an online book about the case, on Chapter 15, PeterMac has this photo to illustrate what was the weather on May 3:

As can be seen, lots of blue in between clouds. The Last Photo could have been taken when the sun was between the wide spaces between the clouds.

About that it’s impossible to photoshop or airbrush shadows, one must wonder in what world does anyone stating that live in. It’s common knowledge that the majority of, if not all, magazines that want to highlight the beauty of people to boost their sales have tampered with the images of those they have had on the covers, as well as the pictures shown inside in the articles.

Besides, getting the right shadows and right lighting all one needed to know was at what time the photo of Maddie on her own was taken, and take the one of Gerry and Amelie at approximately the same time of day and that is neither difficult nor complex to achieve. After all, those who believe that the photo was taken on Sunday at noon, have to allow for a window of time because that photo is supposed to have been taken, according to them, when Maddie is supposed to have been seen by the only witness they say is credible without explaining why over others, in building 5A.

Note, we repeat that we don’t believe that any of the 3 photos that were used to compose the Last Photo were taken on May 3. Just showing that the arguments presented by some to contradict this lack substance.

Both the lighting and the weather arguments to justify the picture was not taken on May 3 are ridiculous and as can be seen, easily disproven.

Holding on to the weather/lighting and untampered shadows to prove the Last Photo was not taken on May 3 is like having a ping-pong ball and a toothpick to cross the Atlantic. The ball floats but is not a boat and the toothpick is made out of wood but is not an oar.

5. Possible date

As we explained in our “Non-post” we believe that the Last Photo is a result of a composite of 3 other photos: #1, of Madeleine alone, #2 of Gerry and Amelie sitting by the pool nearby where Maddie had been photographed alone and #3, of Gerry’s sunglasses which on the original photo were hanging on the neckline of his T-shirt and were later superimposed on his face to avoid showing that the photographer was not Kate McCann, as the photographer appeared reflected on the original photo #2.

We DON’T KNOW when any of those 3 photos were taken. Anyone saying that we have is intellectually dishonest.

What we say is that photos #2 and #3 were taken after Maddie died and probably both in the same session.

We originally thought the photo session which we believe originated photos #2 and #3 were taken on May 19, but now believe it could have been taken as early as May 12, on the day Madeleine would have been 4.

We have no reason to alter our opinion that the purpose of the photograph was to show a happy Madeleine with her family, given the dearth of such photos to that point.

The playground photo where Gerry is playing with the children didn’t meet requirements of a photogenic shot as Madeleine’s face isn’t visible. It’s because its importance was only seen as a publicity shot that no great care was taken, other than to disguise the fact that the photographer using Kate’s camera was not Kate. Gerry was wearing sunglasses when the photo was taken, so sunglasses had to be replaced on the face in the pool photo.

The timing of the photo could be whatever the person altering the EXIF data wanted it to be, consistent with the time it was actually taken, if not the date.

To be equally clear, we do NOT believe it was taken to prove Madeleine was alive on May 3, although we agree that she certainly wasn’t at the time this photograph was composed.

The only account we have of Madeleine’s fourth birthday celebrations early on the day of May 12th comes from Kate’s book (pages 127-8):

“Saturday 12 May 2007: Madeleine’s fourth birthday…. We should have been at home, where we’d arranged a joint party in Leicester for Madeleine and two of her classmates at nursery……

John Hill had arranged for us all- Gerry, Sean, Amelie and myself, Trish+ and Sandy, and Fiona, David, Dianne, Jane and Russell, Matt and Rachael and their kids- to spend the day at a private villa

(Nicky left that weekend and Michael popped home for a couple of days)”

Nicky is Kate’s childhood friend and Michael is Michael Wright, Kate’s relative by marriage to her cousin.

“it was good to be away from the Ocean Club and the media circus, and the kids enjoyed themselves, playing in and around the pool with floats and toys……. The Mark Warner staff had brought over stacks of food for us. The men organised a barbeque and there was wine and beer…”

After attending a special Mass for her at the church early in the evening we were visited in the apartment by Cat, Madeleine’s nanny at Mini Club. She had some news for us: she and some of her colleagues were being sent to another Mark Warner resort in Greece. None of them wanted to leave, and to this day we do not fully understand this decision.”

Interesting to note that Kate wants us to believe that on that special day they didn’t spend it inside the Ocean Club but in an unnamed villa.

Having been inside the Tapas area and seeing how still to this day the access to it is restricted, we find it strange for the need of a villa for the kids to be able to enjoy “themselves, playing in and around the pool with floats and toys” as that could well be done in that area. The media circus was NOT inside the Tapas area and if a paparazzi wanted to photograph that party, s/he would have followed the family and invaded their privacy nonetheless.

By then, the McCanns enjoyed a VIP status big enough to restrict the access only to guests – and maybe not even to them on that day and they could have been directed to use the Millenium pool instead – the Tapas area for only the McCanns to use. The huge wave of public sympathy then generated for the McCanns would make the other guests understand and support such a generous gesture by the Ocean Club to the couple.

But they chose to use a villa arranged by John Hill, an important character in this saga. With food supplied by Mark Warner staff.

There is no indication in the book as to whom the villa belonged. John Geraghty was helping them at this point, so maybe he gave them the use of his villa and pool, or it may have been an empty villa for rental. Clement Freud’s property also occurred to us, but only those who arranged it or attended have the answer to this possibility. As well as Operation Grange maybe?

Why do we think May 12 could have been the day Gerry was photographed and the photo used for the Pool Photo?

The photographs taken from here, on their return from the barbeque may be a pointer. Amelie is clutching a pink balloon and wearing the pink version of the orange pool t-shirt.

These photos struck us because they have a peculiarity, they are the only photos we know of the McCann family as a family in Luz.

Yes, there are other photographs with all of them but these are poses. These photos from May 12 are of the family doing something. To try to clarify what we mean, all other photos are “news” photos while these are “paparazzi” ones even though they knew full well and accepted being photographed.

As if they wanted to be photographed coming from an activity OUTSIDE the Tapas area on May12.

In these photos Gerry seems to be wearing the identical outfit and sunglasses and the weather is obviously sunny.

Of course, it’s possible that he wore this combination of clothes and sunglasses on an earlier occasion, as he seems to be wearing the same above the knee, olive-green shorts in the playground photo where he is playing with Madeleine, Sean and another girl, said to have been taken on May 2 by the family, or perhaps even earlier, according to others.

Also, tweeter, Jules..., spotted something interesting, that Amelie may have been wearing a reversible top. Pink on one side and orange on the other:

Replying to @K9Truth, @ericson_niklas, and 2 others
Ameile's top is reversible too.. Pink on one side and orange on the other...
11:57 am · 19 Mar 2018

It’s not possible to see the shorts Amelie is wearing in the pool photo as her long t-shirt covers whatever she’s wearing.

We could agree that she’s wearing a reversible t-shirt. One of us bought very similar reversible t-shirts at the same time - around 2007, but I recall they were in pack of 2, of different colours, in one of 2 well known chain stores. Just ordinary t-shirts bought in a chain store or a supermarket.

We think Amelie appears with 2 different t-shirts whether or not if they are reversible because the one in the photo of Gerry holding her looks a lot shorter than the pool one. On reflection the sleeve trim would have to be in 2 different colours strips too so more fiddly for sewing to show each colour on the opposite side. Not that that really matters but in the pool photo it could be that Amelie was dressed in a larger t-shirt that belonged to Maddie.

We originally placed the photo of Gerry as having been taken around May 18. We based our estimation (and not certainty) on this photo:

However, here his shorts are longer, dark grey shorts.

It wasn’t the clothing that made us change our minds. The pointing out of not having been inside the Tapas are in Kate’s book, them wanting to be photographed coming from an outside activity on that day and the matching clothing on Gerry and Amelie suggest to us that May 12 is more likely as the date when photos #2 and #3 of the composite Last Photo were taken.

The family changed their outfits into something equally and jarringly casual for the Mass later that afternoon when it is still sunny and people in the crowd are still wearing swimwear. It is these photos which we are so familiar with, rather that the photos of the family returning from the birthday barbeque with their minders. The smiles of the McCanns on leaving the church, greeted by a supportive crowd.

Note, that we are not saying it’s certainty. A change of clothes is the easiest thing to do, and in the Tapas area there are toilets where that can be done with discretion and where they could have been waiting for them after having been put there by someone else.

We could have been right when we said it was on May 18, as we may be right now saying that we think it was on May 12. We can be totally wrong and the photos were taken on different day.

Fact is we don’t know and unless we get a confession, we will never know. We have presented to our readers our reasons and leave it to each one to see if they agree or disagree with us.

6. The Mr Anthony Bennett attack

As soon as we were able to understand that the content of the letter sent to the Portuguese’s Attorney General was about the theory of death before May 3, we dissociated ourselves from it as clearly as we could as our readers know.

We got the following request from one of our readers:

Anonymous 18 Mar 2018, 15:50:00
I would be very interested to read about your conclusion on this whole CMoMM / MMRG stuff is about, Textusa? As I'm sure all your readers would be as well.
Judging by your cryptic comment in regards to it, then I feel that you also believe that what they are doing is nothing to do with trying to find the truth about what really happened to Madeleine McCann.”

To this we replied extensively and in it we said this:

“- Why not quote names of digital photography experts? Why not, 11 years later and with much more recent technology, get the same (or other) experts to give a definitive and conclusive opinion – something we haven’t seen to this day – about the photo? This is not a minor crime but one that has grabbed the attention of the entire world and we are certain that these experts would welcome to see their names given visibility because of gained prestige and respect they would gain. Also, one would expect that a theory that wishes to “run past professionals from all walks of life, time and again” and that revolves around when was a photo allegedly taken or not would have as first priority the absolute certification by experts that photo in question as NOT photoshopped, as is claimed by many, we being among those sceptics.”

This, or something else which we are not aware of, sparked a fierce attack by Mr Anthony Bennett on our opinion about the last photo.

There, he summed up his opinion about our theory in 3 TwitLongs:

“1. Someone took a photo of Maddie on her own, by the pool, sometime between 28 April and 3 May. Textusa calls this PHOTO A.

2. It could have been Kate, but was probably one of the creche nannies.

3 That’s because the McCanns spent most of their time ‘swinging’.

4. After Madeleine was ‘gone’, the McCanns had to invent a photo which showed them spending family time together.

5 They would need to create a photo. They would have to choose a moment when it was very sunny.

6.The the shadows would have to match the shadows on Madeleine (which were very short, because the sun was very high when it was taken).

7.They waited and waited until it was sunny and warm enough.

8. Textusa says this was Thurs 17 May or Fri 18 May.

9. It was arranged that Gerry would go with Amelie for a special photo session at the Ocean Club. The time of the photos had to be very carefully chosen so that the shadow lengths on Gerry and Amelie.

10. Also the direction of the shadows must EXACTLY match those of Madeleine on the photo.

11. Amelie had to be seated just to the right of where Madeleine had been sitting Several photos of Amelie and Gerry sitting apart were taken.

12. Most of the photos were taken with Gerry wearing his sunglasses. But in one of them, he had his sunglasses clipped in his T-shirt pocket, hanging down vertically.

13 The photoshopping was done in a nearby studio.

14 The intention was for a new photo – to act as a ‘Baseline’ (background) photo, into which the photo of Madeleine could be photoshopped. Textusa calls this PHOTO B.

15 Textusa [his own words] “realised that with the angle (straight ahead) and height (almost the same as photographer) which Gerry is looking at the camera, the photographer had to be reflected in the lens”.

16. That…could only mean in the original photo it would be visible that the photographer wasn’t Kate.

17. In a studio, when doing the composition, it was realised that the photographer appeared in the reflection.

18. Another photo taken during that session by the pool where such a reflection didn’t appear was therefore needed.

19. The choice of photo was most likely conditioned with the photographer's reflection. But this photo didn’t.

20. That’s because the glasses were on his chest and the angle makes what is reflected to be beneath the horizon line of camera, thus the other side of the border.

21. So now the photographic experts [plural] altered the ‘Base’ photo (PHOTO B).

22. They did this by removing the sunglasses from the photo where Gerry was wearing them - and substituting the vertical sunglasses (Textusa calls this PHOTO C) from the photo where he had them dangling from his T-shirt. That is, PHOTO C was shopped on to PHOTO B.

23. They took the glasses from other image taken that afternoon where Gerry had them vertically on his shirt. So the reflection was of the opposite border of the pool from where he's sitting.

24. They cut the image by the middle of the frame of glasses from one picture.

25. Then they superimposed it over the image of the same pair of glasses from another picture.”

Of the above, we would like for Mr Bennett to show us, under the penalty of being a liar if he doesn’t, where have we said the following:

“6.The the shadows would have to match the shadows on Madeleine (which were very short, because the sun was very high when it was taken).”

“7.They waited and waited until it was sunny and warm enough.”

“10. Also the direction of the shadows must EXACTLY match those of Madeleine on the photo.”

“13 The photoshopping was done in a nearby studio.”

Of the above, we would like to clarify where Mr Bennett is incorrect:

“8. Textusa says this was Thurs 17 May or Fri 18 May.”

We have never said that it was on a certain date. We said we THOUGHT it could be. Again, if Mr Bennett doesn’t show where we have said that it WAS, then he accepts that he’s lying.

“9. It was arranged that Gerry would go with Amelie for a special photo session at the Ocean Club. The time of the photos had to be very carefully chosen so that the shadow lengths on Gerry and Amelie.”

It’s true that we said something similar to “It was arranged that Gerry would go with Amelie for a special photo session at the Ocean Club” but it’s absolutely false that we have ever said “the time of the photos had to be very carefully chosen so that the shadow lengths on Gerry and Amelie”. 

11. Amelie had to be seated just to the right of where Madeleine had been sitting Several photos of Amelie and Gerry sitting apart were taken.” 

The first part is correct although we have never said it, Gerry and Amelie had to be sitting nearby where they knew Maddie had been photographed alone and it makes sense having them seated where they appear. However, we have never said Several photos of Amelie and Gerry sitting apart were taken. We couldn’t have, the photo shows how that statement is absurdly false. Mr Bennett, please prove that we have said this otherwise it just shows you’re simply inventing things.

 “12. Most of the photos were taken with Gerry wearing his sunglasses. But in one of them, he had his sunglasses clipped in his T-shirt pocket, hanging down vertically.”

One falsehood and a correction to this statement. We have never said “Most of the photos were taken with Gerry wearing his sunglasses” because that is impossible to know, so again Mr Bennett, we ask for proof of having said it. What we have said is that we think the photo chosen to superimpose was one where Gerry was wearing his sunglasses. If he wore his sunglasses or not in many others, we don’t know as we don’t even know how many that many is.

The correction is on the second part of that statement. What we have said is that the sunglasses were hanging vertically from the neckline of Gerry’s t-shirt. The t-shirt worn on the photo does not have pockets. Inventing again.

“21. So now the photographic experts [plural] altered the ‘Base’ photo (PHOTO B).”

We have never said that there were “experts [plural]” with the emphasis on the  plural. We imagine that more than one person was involved in this process but usually when it comes to deal with such a technical task, it’s usually one person who does the deed because once started, only s/he knows what s/he has altered and for what reasons.

Then there’s this statement which is true but we have never said it:

“11. Amelie had to be seated just to the right of where Madeleine had been sitting Several photos of Amelie and Gerry sitting apart were taken.”

Again, Mr Bennett, prove that we have said it.

But, and to be fair, if one withdraws the falsities it can be said that Mr Bennett makes a quite apt description of our theory. Quoting as much as we can from him:

Someone took a photo of Maddie on her own, by the pool, sometime between 28 April and 3 May. Textusa calls this PHOTO #1. It could have been Kate, but was probably one of the creche nannies. That’s because the McCanns spent most of their time ‘swinging’. After Madeleine was ‘gone’, the McCanns had to invent a photo which showed them spending family time together. They would need to create a photo. They would have to choose a moment when it was very sunny. Textusa says this was on May 12. It was arranged that Gerry would go with Amelie for a special photo session at the Ocean Club. Amelie and Gerry had to be seated just to the right of where Madeleine had been sitting. The photo chosen to have PHOTO #1 superimposed on it was one taken with Gerry wearing his sunglasses. In another photo, he had his sunglasses clipped in his T-shirt neckline, hanging down vertically. The intention was for a new photo, the one chosen and where Gerry was wearing the sunglasses – to act as a ‘Baseline’ (background) photo, into which the photo of Madeleine could be photoshopped. Textusa calls this PHOTO #2. Textusa, “realised that with the angle (straight ahead) and height (almost the same as photographer) which Gerry is looking at the camera, the photographer had to be reflected in the lens”. That…could only mean in the original photo it would be visible that the photographer wasn’t Kate. In a studio, when doing the composition, it was realised that the photographer appeared in the reflection. Another photo taken during that session by the pool where such a reflection didn’t appear was therefore needed. The choice of photo was most likely conditioned with the photographer's reflection. But this photo didn’t. That’s because the glasses were on his chest and the angle makes what is reflected to be beneath the horizon line of camera, thus the other side of the border. Textusa calls this PHOTO #3. So now a photographic expert or experts altered Photo #2. He/they did this by removing the sunglasses from the photo where Gerry was wearing them - and substituting the vertical sunglasses (Textusa calls this PHOTO #3) from the photo where he had them dangling from his T-shirt. That is, PHOTO #3 was shopped on to PHOTO #2. They took the glasses from other image taken that afternoon where Gerry had them vertically on his shirt. So the reflection was of the opposite border of the pool from where he's sitting. They cut the image by the middle of the frame of glasses from one picture. Then they superimposed it over the image of the same pair of glasses from another picture. Textusa calls this PHOTO #2+#3.

Thank you, Mr Bennett.

Only forgot to say that PHOTO #1 was shopped into PHOTO #2+#3. If Mr Bennett. had said that we would say it was complete.

Very good! Mr Bennett, once falsehoods and YOUR nonsense about the weather, lighting and shadows is taken out of what you said, it shows quite clearly that you’ve fully understood our theory as your words explain it quite neatly.

If you wished to add in your personal inputs, you should have started with a “this is my opinion of Textusa’s theory about the Last Photo”. You didn’t, you implied that it was what we had said, so we will be waiting more in hope than expectation for your proof that you’re not a liar.

7. Textusa and Mr Anthony Bennett

Mr Bennett is used to saying whatever he likes in his forum and his supporters make certain that when he’s contradicted whoever commits such heresy is immediately banned from there.

In 2015, when we showed how very wrong he was when he accused the Portuguese justice system of being incompetent and corrupt, in our post “Dura Lex Sed Lex”, we crossed swords outside the forum but in an environment where he continued to be protected, the CMOMM Facebook group.

For example, how the policy of once you make others uncomfortable you’re out is equally implemented on FB as it is on the forum, I left that group because I found the deletion of comments made by Nuala Seaton asking Jill Havern if she had gotten authorisation from Prof. Farid to have his name revealed publicly to be unacceptable.

As seen on this post, we think a very pertinent question to ask.

Jill Havern first replied that she had got authorisation from PeterMac to do so but did not clarify if PeterMac had got or not the authorisation in question. Because Nuala Seaton did not get a reply and apparently Jill Havern didn’t want to answer, those comments were deleted.

We are still curious to know if that authorisation was given. Has Prof. Farid given PeterMac his permission for his name to be used publicly in relation to the Last Photo? It’s a yes or no question.

But before I left, in the 2015 crossing of swords, as we had answered in our post “Dura Lex Sed Lex”, point by point and in detail all Mr Bennett had claimed made the Portuguese justice system incompetent and corrupt, I decided to put him 17 questions about what we think happened to Maddie.

My questions (I could have asked about more subjects but this was what occurred to me to ask at that moment) his replies and what I had say about them were the following (note, copying and pasting to maintain all intact, including the fact that I got the numbering wrong and missed #5):

1. Did the Big Round Table exist? We don’t think it did.

YOUR REPLY: I read what you said about the ‘big round table’ a long time ago. I cannot recall now who said there was a big round table and why the issue was so important in your view. If you could kindly give me a link, I will happily go back and revisit what you say about this.

WHAT I HAD TO SAY: The issue is only important because it proves that the Tapas staff and guests listed on the days the Tapas dinners took place are lying. To me that seems important. Very important.

We wrote this post about it:

Before we had written the following on the subject:

2. Was there total non-negligence (the one involving Ocean Club (Tapas & management) and Mark Warner (nannies)) or only there was no negligence because of “one Tapas in apartment”? Yes we think there was no negligence whatsoever.

YOUR REPLY: I am not sure that I understand the question. The things that especially interest me in connection with your question are things like (a) the lack of photos of Madeleine on the holiday (b) the inability of the McCanns to supply any sample of Madeleine’s DNA and (c) the accounts that there was always one of the group away from the dinner table every evening, usually sick or unwell with something.

WHAT I HAD TO SAY: I will then explain the reason to my question. If there was no Big Round Table, then there were no Tapas dinners. There being no Tapas dinners there couldn’t be “was always one of the group away from the dinner table every evening, usually sick or unwell with something” because there would be no table to be away from.

The bit I have quoted from you is exactly what supports the “partial no negligence”. It states that those saying they were “sick and unwell” used that as an excuse because they weren’t neither sick nor unwell but staying in a designated apartment while looking after the kids while the rest ate and drank at Tapas.

The fact that there was no table nullifies this story. The fact that there was no table means they dined far away from the apartments. Either they abandoned their kids or someone was taking care of them. We say it was the latter: no negligence whatsoever.

3. Did the Tapas dinners take place? We don’t think they did.

YOUR REPLY: I am not sure. I would like to look at the evidence for and against. Where can I find it?

WHAT I HAD TO SAY: See answer to #1 and #4.

4. Are the Tapas Reservation Sheets genuine? We don’t think they are.

YOUR REPLY: I do not know. What evidence is there that they are forged?

WHAT I HAD TO SAY: Did not say forged because it’s completely unclear what they were for. What we say is that they were a creation meant to confirm that the Tapas dinners did take place.

Besides the posts about the BRT please see also:

6. Did Mrs Fenn hear Maddie cry for 75 minutes and why she only reported it over 3 months later? We think there was no crying episode.

YOUR REPLY: I agree with you that there is great doubt about whether Mrs Fenn’s story is true. She was a great friend of Jenny Murat and there seems to be to be a great deal of mystery about Murat and all those connected with him. Murat himself I believe claimed on one occasion that Mrs Fenn ‘phoned him about the crying episode. In my view, that creates added suspicion about Mrs Fenn’s; story. And I think she retracted, in front of the media, what she had said in her statement anyway.

7. Is Derek Flack lying about Pimpleman? We think he was.

YOUR REPLY: Probably.

8. Is TS lying about Pimpleman? We think she was.

YOUR REPLY: Probably.

9. Is JW lying about Pimpleman? We think she was.

YOUR REPLY: Probably.

10. Were there Quiz Nights? We don’t think there were.

YOUR REPLY: I think there may have been a Quiz Night. I am happy to look at any evidence that there wasn’t, if you would kindly send me a link.

11. Were there watersports? We don’t think there were.

YOUR REPLY: I think there may have been. One of the reasons I say this is because there are I think a couple of pictures of Gerry McCann and another man in wet suits on the beach in Praia da Luz amongst the grainy balc-and-white images on the computer disks handed to the PJ by Gerry McCann and Michael Wright on 9 May 2007

12. Is it the Gordon’s little boy’s DNA on the wall and bedcover (the latter containing semen and saliva)? No, we don’t think the DNA is from him.

YOUR REPLY: I have read about this but cannot now recollect the details. I am unsure how important this issue is

13. Why did PJ use the word “swing” to search Murat’s and Malinka’s computers? Because PJ knew swinging was going on.

(BTW it was a poster in the JH forum who pointed us this as can be seen in the post linked)

YOUR REPLY: I didn’t know that the PJ used the word ‘swing’. Is that in the original Portuguese, or is it an English translation somewhere of a Portuguese word. What was the Portuguese word used? IIRC the PJ searched these two computers for these 3 specific reasons:

1. Carlos Costa told the PJ all about Murat’s perverted sexual interests

2. An anonymous lady ‘phoned the PJ and said explicitly that there were child sexual abuse images on his computer, and

3. The PJ knew very well that Murat and Malinka were close friends.

I think later there was a story that Malinka was having a sexual relationship with a teenage girl and her mother.

WHAT I HAD TO SAY: I would ask you to refrain from using the word “perverted” freely, a term you have at least once used to qualify my theory by the way when requesting it to be immediately withdrawn from the forum.

The word “pervert” is subjective and judgemental. Maybe it’s exactly because of the widespread harsh use of very subjective and judgemental wording in the UK when it comes to describing other people’s “different” forms of sexuality the reason why we are where we are today in this case: a bunch of people afraid of what subjective and judgemental words will be said of them.

Manga, which you seem to call a perversion is totally acceptable in Japan. I personally find it very distasteful and nearing the paedophilia (only it isn’t). Not wanting to dwell much on the subject, schoolgirl and nurse role-playing are very common fantasies.

1. The computers were cleared by PJ of any illegal material. PJ like us, saw the Manga images and did not consider them illegal. Do you consider PJ equally perverted).

2. That anonymous call was made in a context of finger-pointing when a patsy was urgently needed, as we have explained in our post:

3. They worked together, didn’t they? The story about Malinka is completely unproven and was in our opinion made up within the finger-pointing context.

14. Were the booking sheets tampered with? We think they were.

YOUR REPLY: I do not know. What is the evidence?


15. Were the crèche sheets tampered with? We think they were.

YOUR REPLY: I think there is some evidence that they were.

WHAT I HAD TO SAY: I don’t know if you are, but we’re not talking only about bogus signatures but the tampering of them by Mark Warner and not by guests “fooling” Mark Warner.

16. Is Stephen Carpenter lying about almost all he says? We think he was.

YOUR REPLY: I have written a long article pointing out that Robert Murat gave two different reasons for his having become a a translator. One of those reasons was the Stephen Carpenter account of how he and Murat had a conversation over the hedge on Friday morning. To me, neither Carpenter’s version of that event, nor Murat’s, had the ring of truth about them.

WHAT I HAD TO SAY: It begs the question, why would Carpenter (who happens to also be named in the Tapas reservation sheets) a guest who supposedly knows neither the McCanns nor Murat go out on a limb for them?

17. Is Raj Balu lying about the travel cot? We think he was.

YOUR REPLY: IIRC Balu and Berry were both connected with the Jensen/Wiltshire sisters in some way. Then Jensen/Wiltshire sisters featured in a British mainstream press story that was preceded by them being interviewed by Metodo 3 man Julian Peribanez and by money-laundering expert Gary Hagland, who was also employed, like Metodo 3, by Brian Kennedy. If all the above is correct, and it’s some time since I visited this issue, then I would view with caution anything that he four of them said about events in Praia da Luz. IIRC a cot may have been asked for by them but not for the reason they gave. But I would have to revisit the story to give you a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’.

More generally I take the view that the statements by all witnesses in this most mysterious of cases, including those of the Smiths, need to be carefully analysed to see if the witnesses are witnesses of truth - or not.

WHAT I HAD TO SAY: Could you please clarify the “some way” in which Balu and Berry may be connected to the Jensen/Wiltshire sisters?

My questions had only to do with their statement.

18. Is Neil Berry lying about the travel cot? We think he was.

YOUR REPLY: See above.

One note, replying “Probably” is the same as saying nothing.

We could have added other things, like adding a link to our post “Super-Kid” to show the relevance of Gordon’s little boy’s DNA on the wall and bedcover as Mr Bennett was “unsure how important this issue is”.

Mr Bennett then thanked me, said he was going to read the information I had just given him and would come back to us as soon as he could. We’re in 2018 and still waiting.

We could not help notice, and find it strange, the amazing ignorance shown then by Mr Bennett about what we have written in our blog during years, when he has quoted us (and even complimented us!) and seen us quoted with some frequency in the CMOMM Forum.

We also must say that we found it surprising Mr Bennett executed this attack on Twitter instead of in the CMOMM Forum, from where it’s usual for him to execute his attacks.

The only reason we can find is because of the huge blow that Gemma O’Doherty’s article represented to his credibility when it shattered completely his absurd Robert Murat/Martin Smith theories, we believe it was decided within his Forum to “side-line” him away from this article. Keep his name out of it and by doing so let it have the credibility that PeterMac and Paulo Reis were supposed to give.

However, it would be totally out of character for Mr Bennett to be very far from the steering wheel on anything originating from that forum, so we don’t think he is side-lined, all of it being an act.

8. Conclusion

Gerry returned to the UK very briefly on Monday May 21, landing at East Midlands airport in the early hours of the morning, spending 24 hours apart from the family, returning on May 22, as per BBC News article published Monday, 21 May 2007 “Madeleine’s father returns to UK”. The Pool Photo was made available to the press on May 24 but was not amongst the photos handed to the PJ by Gerry McCann and Michael Wright on May 9th.

It does not appear in the greyscale photos, but more importantly, the last known photograph of Madeleine McCann does not appear in Kate’s book, although the description of the clothes Madeleine was wearing including where they were purchased, is given in great detail on page 65.

If, as we believe, the photo was intended to show a smiling Madeleine in her final hours before she went missing, why was it not included in Kate’s book to prove she was still alive on that day? Would that not have been the perfect place to make that clear to the world in the perpetuity of a book, rather than in a newspaper with a limited reading life?

Questions raised on blogs and forums, before we even began to take an interest in this photo, showed that questions were being asked about the possibility it was photo-shopped- the missing shadows, the odd composition of the subjects in relation to each other, the strange dark mark on Madeleine’s neck…

By the time Kate wrote her book in 2011, she may have decided that it was no longer advisable to draw any further attention to the photograph.

If we are proved to be wrong by the evidence of the 2 experts referenced in this case and Hany Farid agrees that the reflection seen in Gerry’s sunglasses can be explained by the laws of physics, then we will accept that with good grace.

However, it has not yet been confirmed whether our presumptions about the experts are correct and whether they have given detailed rather than “first glance” assessments.

We are also waiting to see if either of them is prepared to put names to their professional opinions in the public domain. To use an expression we have used previously – More in hope than expectation.


  1. Thanks for article, why so important for TB to prove one theory over another, at the end of the day the only theory that matters is the truth, I just don't understand TB's need to discredit other theories and it makes me question his motives.

    Interesting that K Mc never put that picture in the book you'd think it would be included wouldn't you.

    So the media are unusually very quiet, so close to the end of March, I find it very interesting how late its being left to report anything.

  2. My vote goes to May 12 as well

  3. My own eyes tell me the so-called last photo was clearly photo-shopped.

  4. The pool photo shows gerry's left arm to be tanned and the other pink.Lorry driver's arm.They said they didn't use a vehicle that week so how did he get it? Did he get it later than that week ?

    “Lord Spencer‏ @lordspencer
    Replying to @K9Truth @Meadowuk and 2 others
    I read today that only 17% of files were released - ONLY 17%
    3:49 pm - 22 Mar 2018”

    This is false.

    What there is a set, big or small, of documents which the PJ deemed as UNIMPORTANT and decided to not include them in the PJ Files.

    One thing people fail to understand is a methodology used by the Portuguese legal system when collating and compiling information to include in a process: the avoidance of repetition.

    That means if 2 documents say the same thing, one is excluded. To give an example, one document says that there were apples and another that there were apples and oranges, only the second one goes into the files as the issue of there being or not apples is covered.

    Let’s use an example that is in the files. There are 2 missing documents which we consider to be important but the PJ Files did not consider that to be so: Neil Berry’s initial statement and Mario Marreiro’s statement saying he saw Berry in the stairways of building 5A on the afternoon of May 3.

    In the files we only have Berry’s rogatory statement

    The fact that there are missing the 2 documents we have referred, means that the PJ upon reading the rogatory and saw it provided all the information necessary about Neil Berry.

    In his initial statement, Berry didn’t say anything that called the attention to the investigators. Him being in the building the PJ judged it to be clarified (in it is clear when and where it was alleged he was seen there, only missing the name of the person saying it and the PJ found it was a detail unnecessary to add another document to the files for) and so decided that by putting ONLY the rogatory all about Berry would be clarified.

    To the pile of UNIMPORTANT documents went his initial statement and Mario Marreiro’s one.

    In that pile there are also many of the originals of what we see translated in the files. The Gaspars’ statements being one of them.

    Legally, only what is in the PJ Files can be used. To be used documentation from the pile of UNIMPORTANT documents then there has to be a justification and which must be about something new that the PJ was not aware of when it archived the process.

    But, they are there. Not because there was something to hide. We think many are important, for example Mrs Fenn’s statement made when the PJ was going from door to door, and which we believe she said she saw and heard nothing relevant and so it went to the unimportant pile.

    We doubt very much about the accuracy or reliability of the 17% figure.

    But if the 17% figure turns out to be true, then it shows the amount of work that the PJ has put in this investigation. 83% of their work considered as unimportant shows that all that was possible to investigate (and that the UK, sorry, circumstances allowed to be investigated), was investigated.

    1. I really would be amazed if that speculation (17%) was proven true. Only conspiracy lovers imagine that the PJ concealed important facts. Imo what was suppressed was mainly due to respect of human rights and not important for the case. Alipio Ribeiro said this about the alleged PJ's leaks : lesser stuff (but enough for the starving media).

  6. As a child I loved it when my parents said we would probably visit the seaside or that I could probably have an ice cream as it removed the doubt of the word possibly.

    1. Paloma,

      Could you please clarify what is the point you're trying to make?

      Thank you

    I’ve had a look at Darren Ware’s video. It’s quite amusing. His photography is as good as his geography as Rayleigh was in Essex when I last looked, not Kent (@4:40)

    1. Have looked at Ware video again.
      Note the size of his bed! You were said to have used wrong size pool, so this is right size is it? Lolol
      And you used wrong sunglasses, so where can anybody buy these?
      The more I watch, the more laughable it is.


    He has time to discuss here but nobody has answered the question, why did they go to a restaurant with the Paynes present and why keep in touch with McCanns at birthday parties after this?

    To say they put their friendship to one side because of concern for Maddie means they kept up a friendship to that point, suspecting Maddie was being abused! Their friendship was more important than a child’s welfare?

    But K9 won’t say this himself.

    Quite a serious accusation against the Gaspars, turning a blind eye on an abused child.

    1. This is what infuriates me so on forums when the Gaspar's statements are brought up it's always brushed over.It's always excuses,excuses,excuses of how they probably didn't know what to say and didn't want to offend. Pleeeease give me a break no parent worth their salt would sit there keep their trap shut, they basically would not be able to hold their own water hearing a child spoke about in such a way let alone let them carry on bathing your own child and hey presto!!Let's me up again and pretend nothing happened and all is normal with child abusers, yeah right.This statement from the minute I read it has never sat right with me as it's neither credible or plausible that two doctors did nothing until Madeleine had gone missing then all of a sudden run to give a statement. I'm with you on this Tex K9 needs to clarify and give a proper answer, failing that the Gaspar's themselves need to step up and set the record straight themselves because if it was me I'd be pissed that the files read how I knew about abuse but let it slide.

    Jill Havern@abuseofpower
    Another way of looking at this: 5 or 6, out of 65 (9%) believe that this is a genuine photo taken on Thursday as the McCanns say. 59 or 60 out of 65 (91%) don’t believe them, either because its photoshopped or because they lied about the date. #mccann
    Anthony Bennett@zampos
    Now that Darren Ware has shown (link:… (131,000 views so far) that the vertical line on Gerry #McCann's sunglasses is natural & experts have ruled out photoshopping, the choice for the 'Last Photo' is this >> Taken on SUNNY Sunday? Or on CLOUDY Thursday lunchtime?
    7:48 am · 24 Mar 2018

    We don’t know how this poll is going as we don’t have Twitter. At this moment we only know that 77 people have voted.

    Jill Havern is trying to draw the line on this issue in a way so that those who believe that photo was photoshopped (like us) and those who believe it genuine but taken on Sunday (like Mr Bennett), fall on the same side of it.

    This is specious, not to say lacking intellectual honesty.

    The point is whether the photo was or not photoshopped. That is what matters.

    And as Anon XXX ahs said, we don’t need polls when we have eyes. Those who prefer to trust the opinion of a collective over that of their own eyes, count very little.

    The last poll Mr Bennett ran on his forum, if memory doesn’t trick us, only 35% of the voters in that forum (highly biased in favour of Mr Bennett) agreed with him that the photo was genuine. Even though it favours us, we give it little importance and have only pointed it out to show that Mr Bennett seems to be unable to accept unfavourable results of polls even when done by him and in a protected environment.

    From Jill Havern’s tweet we’re unable to see who defends the photo was photoshopped and those who don’t. That’s where the line should have been drawn, as the theory sent to the Portuguese AG states the photo as genuine, or to be clear, not photoshopped.

    We repeat, neither the poll on his forum (which was favourable to photoshopping) nor the one currently ongoing on Twitter (irrelevant if it is highly favourable to us or on the contrary), replace the human eyes nor the human capacity each one has to reach their own conclusions.

    We all rely on our eyes to tell us this photo looks fake.

    The only scientific fact is sunglasses reflection.

    Nobody has attempted a NORMAL reconstruction except us, so far. One that is scientific in that results can be replicated using same method and items.

    Why not?

    Same answer as why not answer the Gaspar question.

    2 elephants thundering around, trumpeting loudly.

  10. Hi textusa,there is a person on twitter(AW)who has submitted an article,first paragraph.
    Embedded Team McCann spinster,Clarence Mitchell boasted on stage at his Australia Comms-conn tour,"We have an ongoing relationship with Crime Watch which is the major criminal Investigative program which works very closely with the Metropolitan Police in the UK and if the Met want to do something for"Operation Grange" then they use Crime Watch as their vehicle of choice".
    They then quote various connections to Textusa in regard to the Madeleine McCann special 14 October 2013,DCI Andy Redwood,Revelation moment?
    Now in light of Gemma O Dohertys BBC Documentary,were there inaccuracies in the Madeleine McCann Special program used to appropriate certain events,Smithman/Creche Dad,JT moment?

    1. Anonymous 24 Mar 2018, 17:42:00,

      Do you have a link you can provide?

      Thank you

      I think anon 17.42 is referring to this tweet.

    3. Anonymous 24 Mar 2018, 18:33:00,

      Thank you.
      Andy Wolf@Andy_Wolf1877
      This prediction about the eagerly awaited Netflix Madeleine special was made months ago by the Textusa blog. Considering that only lies,spin& propaganda are allowed to be put out for public consumption when suppressing #mccann facts/evidence I wonder how close to truth it'll be?
      1:30 am · 23 Mar 2018
      We will wait for Anonymous 17:42 to confirm if this is the tweet, before giving any opinion.

      The picture annexed is a quote of a comment made by us at 12 Dec 2017, 18:11:00, in our post “Red card”.

    4. Hi Textusa,I can confirm that Andy Wolf 1877 -Mar 22,still has the Embedded post on his site.
      If you read the post and configure what, Australia Comms-Conn tour Embedded,Met,Operation Grange,Crime Watch, if True,epitomises just how involved one PR person is an MI5 spook all along?

  11. Who when writing a book about a missing child wouldn't include the last known picture of her.........brillant research Textusa


    1. K,

      And no Tapas dinner photos in the book as well? The memory of their last moments of peace and happiness and which would certainly show how the apartment 5A was visible from where they were, allegedly, having dinner.

      Mind you, we reminded Kate McCann in a timely manner to include a photo of those "elusive" dinners in her book in our post "Will Kate’s Book Definitely Prove Textusa Wrong?".

      From that post:

      "Very, very, very easy. All they have to do is publish Dianne Webster’s pictures.

      What pictures?

      Do read Dianne’s rogatory statement:

      "Person Interviewed: Dianne WEBSTER Number of Pages 34
      Place of Interview: Force Headquarters, Enderby Signature of Interviewing
      Date of Interview: 11.04.08 Officer producing exhibit
      Time Commenced: 1026 hours
      Time Concluded: 1156 hours Duration of Interview: 90 minutes
      Interviewing Officer(s) DC 4078 FERGUSON Tape Reference nos:


      PC: "Okay, so you've been back to the Tapas and you've collected bits and pieces that people have left lying around. You mentioned a camera, or cameras, had there been many photos taken that evening?"

      DW: "There hadn't, I don't think there'd been any taken that evening and I think I can't remember who, it was either, it was either Kate or err Rachael, it might have been Kate, who'd brought their camera because they hadn't taken any photographs at all in the evening. I think I was the only one that ever took any photographs in the evening and that was about the second night we were there, I just took pictures of everybody sitting round the table but I didn't get any of he surrounding areas but because we hadn't been really sat there that long no pictures were taken." (…)"

      You see, Dianne Webster, on April 11th, 2008, says she HAS pictures of a T9 Tapas dinner, taken during that fateful week. That was a long time after May 3rd, 2007, so any excuse of not having them now, such as deleting them since, is simply not credible.

      So all they have to do is publish Dianne’s photographs of “everybody sitting round the table” in Kate’s book. We'll finally get to see that BIG ROUND TABLE, with all the plates, the many free bottles of wine, and all the other stuff that must have been on the table... After all, for the McCanns, these pictures, according to the McCanns, replicate the evening of May 3rd, the very beginning of the whole sad saga that has since followed, as we so well know, so would fit very nicely in the context of the book."

    2. Mrs Webster has a great memory on her for the details about the dinner and conversations with other people which just happens to back up other parts of the hoax ( the near drawing episode) but forgets tribal things like the last time she saw a 3 year year old who went missing while on holiday with her.

      The idea of a 60 + year old sleeping for a week on a pull out bed while dining every night beside a cold pool ion a cold April night with only preplex cover opened at one end and not a mention of patio heaters which are common in venues like that even in warmer times of the year


    3. K,

      Sorry to correct you but... open on BOTH ends!

  12. We would like inform those who would prefer for us to not have, that we have noted this tweet. Very interesting one indeed. Filled with so much info.
    Anthony Bennett‏ @zampos
    Replying to @HiDeHo3
    Can you really sustain the idea that #CatrionaBaker 'mistook' Ella for Maddie? She met Maddie & the #McCann's on Sunday, see Kate's book 'madeleine', p.51: "Madeleine's nanny, Cat, I warmed to straightaway, as did Madeleine" + your own research on the 'High Tea' doubted Cat Baker
    10:36 am - 21 Mar 2018

    To be noted that this is not the first time that Mr Bennett quotes from Kate’s book to prove a point:
    Anthony Bennett‏ @zampos
    Replying to @CarlaSpade
    Your complete tripe about the Millennium breakfast witness is blown to bits by Kate #McCann's own words, 'madeleine', p. 55, quote: "THE FOLLOWING DAYS SETTLED INTO A SIMILAR PATTERN: WE'D HAVE BREAKFAST IN THE APARTMENT". Perhaps it's time you went and read her book, eh, Carla?
    4:43 pm - 17 Mar 2018

    1. Verdi on JH is arguing against the Cat B phone calls
      One would expect Verdi, a strong Bennett supporter, to be keen on anything which is consistent with their theory that nannies lied and RM was involved, yet Verdi not happy with this line of inquiry
      Why are they protecting this nanny in particular?

  13. And Kate McCann is a credible, objective witness????

  14. I believe both Amaral’s and Kate mcCann’s books are to be re-written? Apparently by two gentlemen who weren’t in PDL during those eventful days but who know more about what happened... because they say so... No book titles have been agreed just yet.

  15. KMC gained credibility after authoring a book, though most probably a ghostwriter did it. Books still have a kind of respectability. Lots of supporters have difficulty to become aware of performative utterance ("How to do things with words"). It's not necessary to open a window in order to claim that you found it open. Just say it !
    Baltasar Gracian wrote that a simple lie destroys an entire reputation of integrity. Remember the futile lie to the media the day the PJ came to the villa with the British dogs !

  16. Off topic -and no need to publish - but just reading Rachel Mampilly statement

    00.12.19 1578 'Just talk us through, talk us through the journey then from the Airport, over, over to, to the apartment''
    Reply 'Erm it was just on a coach, erm with some of the Mark WARNER staff, erm they kind of came round and talked about child care and we had various forms to fill in'.
    1578 'Sorry, were there any problems with the flight for example''
    Reply 'No, mmm no I dont think so, think it was all fine'.
    1578 'No issues with, with the flight out there''

    It just struck me that, for a group of people, who weren't going to use the childminding services - then why did they need to fill the forms in! I think this backs up your theory that the group did use the childminding services every night - despite their insistence that the children were left in the apartments and checked on.


    EXCLUSIVE: The hunt for Madeleine McCann CONTINUES as Home Office approves Met Police's request for cash to pursue a 'final line of inquiry' 11 years after youngster vanished

    The Home Office allocated an unknown amount to the Met's Operation Grange
    Detectives investigating disappearance applied for more funding in February
    More than £11 million has been spent so far on the probe to find the missing girl

    By Tracey Kandohla and Alex Green For Mailonline
    PUBLISHED: 21:23 BST, 26 March 2018 | UPDATED: 21:59 BST, 26 March 2018

    The Met Police has been granted more funds to continue its 11-year-long search for Madeleine McCann.

    The Home Office revealed today that it had allocated further funds to the Met's investigation into her disappearance - Operation Grange.

    The new fund is believed to be as much as £150,000.

    A representative of the Home Office told MailOnline: 'The Government remains committed to the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    'We have briefed the Metropolitan Police Service that its application for Special Grant funding for Operation Grange will be granted.'

    Detectives refused to discuss details of the 'important final line of inquiry' they are pursuing.

    A Scotland Yard spokesperson said: 'We cannot give a running commentary on the investigation while it is ongoing.'

    Kate and Gerry McCann are 'incredibly grateful' to the Home Office for approving Scotland Yard's latest cash request amid stringent Government cutbacks, family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said tonight

    'They are very encouraged that the Met Police still believe there is work left to be done and they are incredibly grateful to the Home Office for providing an extra budget for the investigation,' he said.

    'It gives them hope that one day they may finally find out what happened to their daughter.'

    Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann applied for more funding for the search in February.

    Government funding for the investigation has historically been agreed every six months, with £154,000 being granted from October last year.

    That funding is due to run out in just five days.

    More than £11million has been spent so far on the probe to find the missing girl, who vanished from the family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal in May 2007, aged three.

    She would now be nearly 15.

    A Home Office spokesperson added: 'The inquiry has not reached a conclusion and we're continuing with focus and determination. There are no immediate plans to reduce officer numbers further at this time.'

    Operation Grange has been one of the longest, most high-profile and costly police investigations in history.

    Launched in May 2011, officers have sifted (and translated) 40,000 documents produced by Portuguese police who conducted the initial investigation, and by the eight teams of private detectives who have worked on the case.

    Some 600 'persons of interest' have been examined and 'sightings' of Madeleine — in Brazil, India, Morocco and Paraguay, on a German plane and in a New Zealand supermarket — assessed.

    The Portuguese investigation of Madeleine's disappearance was criticised by the British authorities as being not fit for purpose.

    Scotland Yard began an investigative review into the disappearance in 2011, on the orders of then-Prime Minister David Cameron.

      “Michael Walker‏ @walkercan1000
      Hunt for Maddy McCann CONTINUES as Home Office approves Met's funding (3 laughing emoticons) XXX #mccann
      3:00 pm - 26 Mar 2018”

      Maddy? Now it’s Maddy? Seriously? Interesting.


    Madeleine McCann hunt set to continue as Met Police handed MORE funds to track down missing girl

    Kate and Gerry McCann have been waiting to find out if Operation Grange will receive more funding

    By Patrick Knox and Tracey Kandohla
    26th March 2018, 9:47 pm
    Updated: 26th March 2018, 10:01 pm

    MADDIE McCann's parents were tonight given fresh hope as it was confirmed cops would get extra money to find the missing girl.

    The Home Office confirmed Scotland Yard would get the funds to chase a vital “final line of inquiry”.

    Kate and Gerry McCann were tonight "incredibly grateful", a family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said tonight.

    He said: “They are very encouraged that the Met Police still believe there is work left to be done and they are incredibly grateful to the Home Office for providing an extra budget for the investigation.”

    The Operation Grange team have been granted an as yet undisclosed sum to keep the seven-year inquiry going for the next six months until the end of September.

    The current funding of £154,000 for the Maddie inquiry runs out in just five days.

    The Home Office confirmed tonight: “The Government remains committed to the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    "We have briefed the Mps that its application for Special Grant funding for Operation Grange will be granted.”

    Last month we revealed how the missing tot's parents Gerry and Kate were given fresh hope when Met investigators requested more money from the Home Office.

    ormer GP turned medical worker Kate, 50, and heart doctor Gerry, 49, of Rothley, Leicestershire, cling onto a glimmer of hope that Maddie could still be alive after nearly 11 years.

    She would be aged 14.

    Detectives have refused to discuss details of the “important final line of inquiry” they are pursuing.

    A Scotland Yard spokesperson said: “We cannot give a running commentary on the investigation while it is ongoing.”

    But the British force is determined to crack the world’s biggest ever child mystery despite just four officers remaining on the case.

    So far the investigation, launched in May 2011, has cost the taxpayer more than £11.2million. The inquiry, headed by Detective Chief Inspector Nicola wall, still has “important work to do and focused lines of investigation to be pursued.”

    The Scotland spokesperson added: “The inquiry has not reached a conclusion and we’re continuing with focus and determination.

    “There are no immediate plans to reduce officer numbers further at this time.”

    Mr Mitchell said: “Kate and Gerry appreciate everything the authorities have done and are doing to get a resolution after all this time.

    Scotland Yard has been requesting extra Government funding to continue chasing a vital “final line of inquiry".

    The fresh cash request comes after it was revealed parents Kate and Gerry McCann had more than £720,000 in reserves for their Find Maddie Fund.

    Three-year-old Maddie vanished from a holiday apartment in Portugal’s Praia da Luz in May 2007 while her parents were dining with pals in a nearby tapas restaurant.

    Kate and Gerry have never given up hope that their daughter could still be found alive. She would now be aged 14, nearly 15.

    Her twin siblings Sean and Amelie have just turned 13.

    1. Ok, let’s brace ourselves for the riots K9 anticipated are to happen in case Operation Grange continued to be funded!

      Remember, women and children first to the boats and do try to avoid the raging mobs to and from the pub.

      We wish people would stop:

      1. Being frustrated that Operation Grange continues. It may be a farce but it’s an open farce. The day it closes without conclusion, then all hope will be definitely gone. Stop, once and for all to support the closure of Operation Grange.

      Operation Grange SHOULD close with conclusions and not due to budget restraints.

      2. Stop saying the money is for the McCanns, because it isn’t, it’s for the Met.

      3. Stop saying that it’s a waste of money. It’s not. It’s to pay salaries and that money would be spent anyway. This only means one thing and one thing only: Operation Grange continues open.

      Yes, the best would be hauling the guilty to face responsibility. But outside that (and that is a political decision – meaning it’s convenient for Theresa May to delay such a decision) this is the best news.

      Those supporting the McCanns want Operation Grange closed because it's a waste of money, or in other words - close it without a conclusion. Please stop supporting those supporting that.

    2. To put it very clearly. We all want to put a final nail in the coffin of this case. No question about that.

      But bury the coffin (close Grange because of money) then we all can put that nail away because it has no use.

    3. The "money bringing fresh hope" idea makes finding MMC a question of pounds and time. Excellent way to put the case into brackets. Twice a year OG small team gets enough money to last six months, allowing everybody to think of something else until just before the deadline, when a little suspense occurs to turn the case more real. Except on forums of course..


    Martin Brunt‏Verified account @skymartinbrunt
    #Madeleine Home Office approves another six months of funding - around £150,000 - for Scotland Yard’s investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The probe has cost more than £11m so far.
    2:08 pm - 26 Mar 2018

  21. I totally agree. I can't understand those who complain about OG continuing. What would they prefer? That grange closes without a result? That would be the end. Totally pointless. The forums and blogs would rumble on pointlessly speculating and going over and over various aspects of the case but with no hope of an outcome.

    Hooray I say!


    Our caps:

    "Madeleine was first reported missing on the night of May 3, 2007, after she was ALLEGEDLY LEFT ALONE in the family apartment with her younger twin brother and sister while the McCanns were dining with friends at a nearby Tapas bar"


    We would like to highlight the following at the end:

    "Last month, it emerged that the McCanns have a £750,000 fund to pay for a private search for their daughter if the police hunt is finally axed.

    The money is in the Find Madeleine Fund, which is made up of donations and profits from mum Kate’s bestselling book on the disappearance.

    However, a sizeable sum – almost £65,000 – has been put aside by the McCanns to pay for a failed libel battle against a Portuguese detective who accused them of accidentally killing their daughter and hiding her body."

    Up to now, the only paper to the best of our knowledge mentioning up to now the Portuguese court costs. If true, they haven't been paid yet.

    Also, one has to add the expenses for the ECHR process which the McCanns alleged to have filed.

    1. The ECHR process is free of charge. Unless you hire lawyers, which at this stage isn't required.

    2. Anne Guedes,

      We hope never to have to use the ECHR.

      But we remember that one of the excuses given by the McCanns to concede defeat in July last year and not file an appeal in the ECHR was that it was too expensive.

    3. You're right, Textusa, that was the excuse given. But it is not true, the ECHR costs are taken in charge by the Council of Europe. In the first steps you don't need a lawyer and at a later stage, supposing that your request was considered admissible, you can't afford a lawyer, one is provided to you for free.


    Interesting that this article in the detailed timeline refers:
    “28 April 2015
    McCanns win libel case
    Former investigator Gonçalo Amaral is ordered to pay €500,000 to the McCanns for alleging in his book that they faked their daughter’s abduction.”

    No mention of them losing the appeal and the complaint to the Portuguese Supreme Justice Court, even though they do mention the 10th anniversary which happened after these definitive legal defeats.

  25. Worth remembering:

    They didn’t want Maddie’s name on this site.

    Says it all.

  26. Anne Guedes,

    We are censoring your comment because we think readers don't have to know who you have contacted. Hope you understand.

    Here is your censored comment:

    "AnneGuedes has left a new comment on your post "The pool photo":

    Publish only if you think it useful.
    Could 65.000 represent the court expenses ? What about GA ? I tried in vain to get information, (censored) replied without replying.. I don't know if the public has the right to have a look in the court's registers.

    Posted by AnneGuedes to Textusa at 27 Mar 2018, 15:00:00"

    1. Anne Guedes,

      We would say 65K€ is a reasonable amount just for court costs taking into account the amount the complainants asked for at the start of the process and the amount Mr Amaral had to appeal against.

      I think I read somewhere (so, don't take my word for it - meaning please don't ask to back it up) that Mr Amaral's legal team presented a 5,000€ bill as their legal expenses to receive for the process. If that is so, the amount in question would be 65K€, if it includes Mr Amaral's legal expenses or 70K€ if it doesn't.

    2. Logically the court costs are proportional to the amount the plaintiffs asked for. As this amount was 1.250.000 euros, that would be 5,2%. I thought it would be more, but I don't have any reliable source.
      What I'd like to know is how was GA compensated for the huge and not only financial prejudice created by the freezing of his assets.
      For some reason this seems to be a taboo issue.

    3. I agree there is a massive silence over whether Mr Amaral's frozen assets have even been returned to him, let alone court costs paid. As a donor to his defence fund I have tried in vain to find out, as I do actually care about him and what he has gone through. But no information is on offer even on PJGA blog that I can find.

    4. I've tried repeatedly. I guess that if many asked for information those responsible for PJGA would have to provide some kind of answer. Didn't they assure that donors would be told how money was spent ? They decided that eventually remaining money would go to charity, something that nobody required !
      Are this fund and another one teaching us to better abstain as soon as the word transparency is pronounced ?

    5. Thank you for your reply, Anne. But what if Mr Amaral needs the money in future, eg if McCanns refuse to pay his court costs or he can't get his assets released? Anything could happen. I am really shocked by what you say, Anne - I can't believe he would approve of us being ignored. Do you know what charity the money went to?

    6. Anonymous, I know nothing. Last time I attempted, thinking that the assets were the main issue, I asked whether GA got them back as well as the legal interests which are higher than the bank ones. I got a very nice reply but no answer on that topic, just a suggestion that the situation was intricate (without any clue) and an allusion to the remaining money supposed to be sent to charity. I had even forgotten about that. I replied on that point I was sure everybody would be happy, if money remained, it could help starting something positive. I knew that I wouldn't be told, so I did reiterate the issue of the assets, but not formulated as a question. As expected, I got no reply !
      GA isn't at stake because he wasn't the one who created the fund. Besides he never expressed himself on PJGA site, always by proxy (to the "dear friends"). There was a time where he was a victim (of his hierarchy), that time is over. Let's hope the best for him and better forget those details where the devil adores to be.

    7. Very wise advice, Anne. I will try to be reassured all is well with GA in the absence of any information to the contrary. Thank you.

    8. Comforting, realistic or cynical, I feel left with no alternative to imagining that in case we'd be needed for financial support, a letter to "dear friends" would pop up on PJGA site.

    Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
    Replying to @RealNatalieRowe
    Buy more time to prolong the mass deception that the poor girl is not dead + to justify an embargo on serious investigative documentaries, such as the one being made by Sonia Poulton. When Op Grange ends, the floodgates of truth will open. #McCann
    7:01 am - 27 Mar 2018

    Interesting tweet.

    Note, K9 assumes that Operation Grange will close without results as only AFTER it closes will the “floodgates of truth” open.

    He discards the possibility of Operation Grange revealing the truth.

    We would like to know in what way does K9 think, would the closure of Operation Grange bring truth. Would it be closed, truth emerge and then what will the UK government do? Open another “Operation Grange”? If so, why close this one? What factors are there that will make a new one come to the conclusions this one wasn’t able?

    Or will the UK government ignore the emergence of said truth – which we are incapable of understanding the relationship of it emerging and the closure of Operation Grange – and pretend that it didn’t emerge?

    Will the powers “blocking” now Sonia Poulton from putting out her documentary relax after Operation Grange closes? Why?


    Posted by PORTUGALPRESS on March 27, 2018
    Maddie cops get yet more cash to continue investigate “final line of enquiry”

    “Operation Grange detectives have refused to say what the "final line of enquiry" is”, affirm reports, but it continues to be used as justification for yet more British Home Office funding with a view to discovering what happened to Madeleine McCann - the little girl who vanished almost 11 years ago from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz.

    The new tranche of £150,000 will purportedly take Grange forwards for another six months.

    Coincidentally, a new thesis on the mystery - only last month mailed to Portugal’s Attorney General in the hope that it might change the status quo (click here) - appears to have fallen on stony ground.

    The theory, developed over the years by a number of professionals - including a former British police superintendent - challenges the starting point of Grange, which has consistently run-up against claims that its remit is far too narrow (click here) and that the £11 million and rising spent on it this far has been “an expensive farce”.

    Certainly, last night’s news regarding the new tranche of funding has prompted an outpouring of criticism from online readers - particularly in the Sun which is, as we write, allowing no-holds-barred comments through, apparently unmonitored.

    1. To be noted:

      "Coincidentally, a new thesis on the mystery - only last month mailed to Portugal’s Attorney General in the hope that it might change the status quo (click here) - appears to have fallen on stony ground."

    2. That bollox from Bennett & the JH forum, was expected! How PeterMac got roped into working with the loon, Bennett, then I'll never know! Although I absoulety know!

      Bampots - Top Man!

      Textusa - I appreciate the acknowledgement in that Photoshop nonsense!

      All - let's get justice & the truth shine! (I think)

      Andrew or A.Fish!

  29. So that we let our readers know where we stand on this Operation Grange funding.

    We expected this funding. As we will expect the next funding in September.

    But its publicity was a surprise. We sincerely thought that this time there wouldn’t be news about it. Above the surface things have been quiet (no major news, on newspapers or TV shows, about how Grange was useless) and with things progressing below surface very nicely towards truth (voices have been silenced, other voices have stepped up on their aggressiveness and some reputation cards have been played – as if it’s “now-or-never” time – and these reputations have taken serious blows) we thought Grange would simply continue on its right path.

    But someone though best to remind all that government doesn’t give much importance to being seen continuing funding Grange. That it doesn’t intend to close it.

    Without a result, more funding was inevitable as archiving would allow a free for all as people would be free to say what they liked about the McCanns as the Portuguese Supreme Justice Court’s Acórdão has taken away all defenses against that.

    About whether Operation Grange’s will come or not to a result, it seems to us that a cover up would have been done by now if that was intended. If there was the minimal possibility for a credible cover-up the “think-tank” would have come up with one by now. We have said in the past and will repeat it, that’s impossible.

    Result of Operation Grange can only be archival, making people like those who the likes of K9, Sutton and others serve very happy or it will be the truth.

    Note, with this we are not withdrawing anything we have said about Operation Grange. It has always been a farce. But we don’t shoot messengers without any willpower of their own. It was not up to Operation Grange or even the Met to decide on whether they would be or not a police operation. They are simply a tool created by the political power and which is used by it. Operation Grange moves according to the strings as they are pulled. What we are saying is that we sincerely think that the strings that will unveil truth are going to be pulled.

    No merit whatsoever on Grange’s part. However, as far as we can see, it’s the only tool that exists that will allow the truth to emerge officially. So, we support this funding, will support the funding in September – if things reach that far – and will support the funding next March and so on.

    One interesting question that one must ask, is if info is shared with Portugal, in case of archival does this mean material will be made publicly available as it was before on PJ files? Is that a risk the UK is willing to take?

    People by now have noticed that this has now become a 6-month cycle.

    What a few people are noticing is that with each cycle Theresa May’s position grows stronger and the other sides’ weaker.

    Maybe whoever has the deciding power now just sitting on the conclusion because of timing issues?

    At the moment we write this, McCann story about OG funding no longer trending on google search.

    No riots have been reported yet.

  30. Hi textusa,the Political decision was taken by Gordon Brown and cohorts to facilitate a "Cover Up" of what had happened to Madeleine McCann in April / May 2007,but it doesn't make it right,that they chose to take this action,decision on National Security,as stated in FOI's?
    These persons know full well what they have taken part in with special(Liars)PR to divert the publics gaze,(Bell-Pottinger)it is on video where(GB) openly asks(Socrates) for joint assistance from the Police forces of UK,Portugal,but perhaps the Portugal PJ did not want to facilitate to UK requests of a cover Up?
    I would ask anyone to define a Three year old child as a "Political task,request"especially if it means to condone the truth of what may have happened to that child,Madeleine McCann,they were or are,was a human being with feelings, Not some sort of chess Piece on a sixty four squared board!

    So are we to presume,that everything is Political in the world,if it is a necessity to Cover Up Acts of Murder,Sexual misconduct with collusion by Government Departments,Police forces,for the sanity or Safety of the public,Sex Crimes,Grooming in the UK,Rochdale,Rotherham 1400 girls,Telford and throughout the world,Rohingya,Haiti girls trafficked into Prostitution as a recent example?

    You state the"Truth" of Operation Grange as an investigation with a remit,"As if the Abduction had taken place within the UK"?
    The"Public" have to join rely on websites to provide evidence of what they have uncovered as to what may have happened in Broadcasts by a supposed unbiased Broadcaster(BBC, Crime Watch,DCI andy Redwood,Revelation moment) of True events such as the disappearance of Madeleine McCann,Richard bilton's Specials costing millions of pounds,what happens if it is proved that these Broadcasts were Not the truth in this (Fake News) era,but used as conduits by a Metropolitan Police Force, as alleged by a spin meister on his Australia Comms-conn tour,where is the truth then if it is fabricated?

    Even being gay is enough!

    1. Anonymous 27 Mar 2018, 19:22:00,

      Thank you, bringing it over to the blog:
      Natalie Rowe@RealNatalieRowe
      (link:… The REAL reason Theresa May refuses to sack #StephenParkinson is because the Second she does, he’ll be outing EVERY Tory Politician (a few) that he’s had relationships with & who are still in the CLOSET, and that’s a (turd emoticon) Storm she can’t afford right now !
      Robert Peston@Peston
      .@theresa_may says unambiguously that she will not be sacking her longstanding adviser Stephan Parkinson for outing Shahmir Sanni as gay without his permission
      6:02 pm · 27 Mar 2018

      It’s very sad that the word CLOSET is still valid but the reality is that it still is. We can only congratulate those who assume openly their sexuality and criticise harshly those, and there are many still, who think it to be their business to pass judgement on other people’s rightful choices.

  32. For the second time, the blog is going to speak about a current VERY controversial thing: the Skripal poisoning.

    The first time was to give our opinion about how we feel that the Maddie case has contributed to the general mistrust that the citizens have for what they are told by their government and the nation’s intelligence service.

    As we said then, we will keep our opinion about the Skripal subject to ourselves.

    What we would like to note is the Portuguese position on this issue.

    Irrelevant of being true or not, it’s a fact that the UK government accuses Russia for that poisoning.

    It’s also a fact that the various members of the EU have aligned themselves with the UK government and have expelled Russians diplomats from their territory. NATO and Trump’s US have taken a similar attitude.

    What about Portugal?

    It hasn’t expelled anyone. It says it’s watching and has noted the Skripal poisoning.

    Again, we are not judging whether those being expelled are rightfully being so, nor saying that Portugal should or not expel Russian diplomats.

    We are just highlighting that Portugal is not aligning with the UK on this very sensitive and controversial subject even after various EU members, the US and NATO having done so.

    Please make the appropriate transfer of this to the Maddie case.

    We are NOT taking any comment about the Skripal case as we have no intention to invite any debate on this subject, we just want for this non-alignment between Portugal and the UK to be noted.

      This is very relevant to your comment! Portugal not expelling!


    No riots, British public do verbal outrage rather than riots.
    It can’t affect the current funding decision anyway. But the McCanns days as popular national icons, sitting on TV sofas are over.

    Teddy‏ @TeddyShepherd
    Replying to @SadeElisha86 @K9Truth and 3 others
    Beware Blacksmith. #McCann And I'm not looking for a response.
    1:08 pm - 28 Mar 2018

    VERY INTERESTING (letters not big enough) tweet.

    1. Textusa, could you possibly explain a little why this tweet from Teddy is so interesting. Thank you.

    2. Anonymous 28 Mar 2018, 22:20:00,

      It seems to us that Blacksmith’s latest piece is rather adamant that Operation Grange is to come to some sort of result and, if we have read it correctly, centred around Smithman.

      We don’t know nor are we asking from where Blacksmith has gotten such a certainty as it seems odd to us that the Met would share such sensitive information with a blogger but fact is that the essence of his last post is that Operation Grange is nowhere near closing or being archived.

      On the contrary, he seems absolutely certain that it will come to something. Isn’t that what we all desire?

      We in the blog certainly do.

      When one warns against someone it’s because one disagrees with what that someone has said. So, it seems to us, unless we’ve read it wrong, that Teddy is warning against Blacksmith saying what we all desire: Operation Grange resulting in something.

      Why? To us, that makes this tweet particularly interesting.

      As a side-note, Teddy is a full K9 supporter, a paedo-theory (AKA as the unknown powerful and establishment protected British paedo who killed Maddie theory) pusher who in turn not only is unable to answer the most basic questions about the Gaspar statements as he finds Insane’s blogging a “hoot”.

    3. Blacksmith also said in November 2017: It's....all done. Goncalo Amaral is safe and the facts are now clear to see. The law can say the rest.

      I hope he really does know what is going on.

    4. Anonymous 28 Mar 2018, 23:00:00,

      We don’t think the criticism is about Blacksmith’s well-known inconsistencies or about him saying absurd things like that the PJ Files are “eleven year old, hopelessly out-of-date case files” but rather about Blacksmith’s current absolute certainty that Operation Grange is headed for a productive outcome.

      Tomorrow he may say the exact opposite and we’re not judging that. Nor are we judging whether he’s wrong or right about what he has said today.

      We have given our opinion about the current state of the case and that is that things point to the truth instead of archival but we do not discard the last as a possibility.

      From now until then many things can happen and many factors may influence what today the case is at. Gemma O’Doherty’s article, how valuable the end-result was and it was, taught us a valuable lesson.

      But, and that is the point we are trying to make, Blacksmith’s current optimism is saying that Operation Grange will result in something and we find it very strange how anyone could not support THAT.

    5. Well well,some one else was none to happy either,oh what a tangled web they try to weave.

      aleksandr orlov‏ @2for1Tickets · 45m45 minutes ago

      Blacksmith: "...conspiracy theories so dear to the heart of the under-educated anti-McCann "researchers".

      Well guess what Blacksmith? Fuck you and the horse you rode into town on and failed to re-shoe, properly". You arrogant pompous twat.

    6. Blacksmith derides the swinging theory, so he can’t believe the outcome will involve swinging being revealed.

    7. @07:23
      Isn't Orlov/Meercat the one who is always using Teddy cartoons in his tweets?

    8. I like to read Blacksmith, Textusa and Cristobell's opinion on OG as all you bloggers read and notice the signs of the current situation, you may all have different theories but you all watch and notice the signs and give your opinion which isn't an easy thing to do and I appreciate that, all three of you are mocked for saying that you believe OG is genuine.

      There seems to be a lot of game playing going on and most of those games you can see being played out on twitter, also, interesting to note how walkers last tweet was mocking but I only read it as bravado, I am glad OG is continuing with its investigation.

      In my opinion MSM have their plants on all Social Media platforms peddling the idea that OG is a whitewash, I've seen a lot of articles which start off well but then ends with cover-up whitewash etc etc, I then can not read any further articles by these people as they all seem to end the same.

    9. Anonymous 29 Mar 2018, 08:09:00,

      We have previously supported Pat Brown who defends neglect which is something we don’t think ever happened. However, Brown’s negligence links the McCanns to Maddie’s death and that is enough for us to see the ball starting to roll.

      We are in support of any result that identifies, or helps identify, what happened to M - how she died, if not where she was finally interred or cremated.

      We don’t support any result if it says taken by an intruder.

      And if we are proven wrong, that it wasn’t all because of hiding swinging, we will be the first to recognise being wrong. We pursue the truth, we don’t pursue being right.

      By supporting the message conveyed in his last post, doesn’t mean we support what Blacksmith as said over the years. That would be difficult, if for no other reason, he keeps deleting posts so we can’t confront what he is saying today with what he has said in the past.

      We are supporting this particular post, one where he says he’s certain (only he knows on what he basis this assessment) that Operation Grange is going to produce a result.

      That, we unquestionably support. We do NOT support Operation Grange closing without any palpable result.

      About what will be our opinion on said result, we will have to see what it is first.

    10. Anonymous 29 Mar 2018, 10:50:00,

      Thank you for your comment.

      A clarification. Unlike Blacksmith and Hutton we don’t think Operation Grange is genuine.

      In our opinion, it is not a police operation but the police being used by politicians to play… the police.

      But it is the ONLY tool available for the truth to emerge. That’s why we support it continues and will support that it continues until there’s political courage to out the truth through it.

      The Maddie case is politics, Operation Grange is politics, the decision to out the truth is politics.

    11. Anon 10.40
      Goes to show they want investigation closed and sealed tight, then they can go with their games and cynicism for eternity...
      They probably have the ‘we told you so’ and ‘a Paedo did it’ cartoons on standby.

    12. "We pursue the truth, we don’t pursue being right". That's very wise, Textusa, and this is exactly why I visit your blog. I wouldn't say the same about many others.

  35. The Murdoch owned London times has allowed open reader comments on their article regarding the extension of operation grange funding. 159 to date and many asking hard questions

    it may be subscription blocked. Let me know if you want a pdf of the comments

  36. In Perth, WA the news today is that a mother and step father are accused of abusing the women's daughter and sharing the child at swingers parties, that were advertised on-line in a case that will 'shock the local community'...Taskforce Mirzam was launched last month and it is said that dozens of adults were involved.

  37. More regarding the Perth case : 'Supt Sharon Leonhardt said swinging parties between consenting adults were not a crime and described the case as absolutely devastating. She added 'it never ceases to amaze me what human beings do to one another. Particularly when parents are involved.'



    3. This was reported on CNN, although link no longer working:

    4. auld battleaxe,

      Thank you for your comments.

      Swinging is consensual and between adults. This is absolutely not regarded as typical swingers’ behaviour as far as we can determine. No previous case of child abuse we are aware of, in the public domain, has been connected to swingers, but that’s not to deny it has ever happened.

      There are always people who will use whatever situations then can to do whatever they want.

      There may be other cases of such horrendous abuse where the parents are involved in relationships with other people, but that doesn’t in any way mean parents who are not in monogamous relationships are more prone to abusing their children.

      Our research of swinging and its strict ruling tell us the contrary.

      Many children may be abused by parents who are outwardly respectable and regular church attenders. Nobody would point to church attendance as being linked to their abuse, would they?

      We are not accusing anyone who may have taken part in swinging in PdL of abusing their children.

      Hopefully this story will show readers how absurd it would be for the Maddie case to be about protecting a case like this.

      It would mean that all those people we have referred to in our post “28 questions” would have knowingly been complicit with a crime even more horrific than this one, as it would mean the victim would then be an infant, Maddie.

    5. It isn't certain it was in a swinging party. It's whether:
      "Officers are investigating whether the girl was abused at swinging or group sex parties that were advertised online and held at a Perth home between 2011 and 2016.

      They have pleaded with anyone who may have attended those parties and unwillingly been exposed to the alleged depravity to come forward."

    6. Hi Textusa, I would hasten to add,elites in society Sexual Proclivities from the 1960's,Profumo Affair"that one former Prime minister had"Official release" put back to 2064,One Hundred years after the events had taken place,step forward former Conservative Prime minister David Cameron,related to the Astor Family,Samantha Cameron,dodgy Dave set up Operation Grange to assist the McCann Family in 2010/11

  38. Hi Textusa,it seems as though"Operation Grange" is No longer using the E-fits drawn up in 2008,Metedo 3 by the artist Brian Kennedy employed to use when interviewing the Smith Family from Drogeda,Ireland,Dave Edgar,Alistair Cowley,Kevin Haligen in 2008,a FOI request has stated,so much for the revelation moment by DCI Andy Redwood,Smithman/Creche Dad,JT sighting?
    Now just One of those magnificent final leads of Inquiry,Purple Woman,Bungling burglars,Peadophiles,five years later down the Wash pan,Keystone cops moments?

    1. Anonymous 31 Mar 2018, 16:58:00,

      Can you please provide links/evidence for the claim we think you are trying to make?

  39. I am not 16:58 Textusa but here is a copy to the link

  40. Open the link and have a look at Mr Bennett's effort to deserve the huge amount of money for his contempt of a court order that the MC team through Edward Smethurst spared him to spend. Whether this is an active exchange of favours or a passive one, the purpose is transparent (unfortunately not like MF).


    Dear Metropolitan Police Service (MPS),


    Regarding the Madeleine McCann investigation being carried out by Operation Grange

    1. Please state the name and rank of the current Investigation Co-Ordinator/Senior Investigation Officer
    2. Please name all the officers in the reporting line from the S.I.O. up to the Metropolitan Commissioner, and give their current rank
    3. Please state the total number of staff currently employed by Operatio9n Grange and give their ranks
    4. Two efits of a person suspected of being Madeleine's abductor were shown on a TV programme, Crimewatch, on 14 October 2013: (A) On what date did Operation Grange first receive these efits? (B) From whom? (C) Is Operation Grange still seeking the public's help in identifying this man?
    5. Reference was made in 2014 to Operation Grange/the Home Office/the government paying for Portuguese assistance with searches in Praia da Luz, Portugal, including the hire of a top-of-the-range Mark III Alouette military helicopter. Please give the dates and amounts of all or any payments made to the Portuguese government or any Portuguese agencies in respect of these expenses or any other expenses for which the Portuguese Poice or other agencies have requested payment.
    (This same question has also been sent to the Home Office)

    Yours faithfully,

    Anthony Bennett......

    continued below....Bampots

  42. Continued ....


    I have today decided to disclose some of the requested information. Some
    data has been withheld as it is exempt from disclosure and therefore this
    response serves as a Refusal Notice under Section 17 of the Freedom of
    Information Act 2000 (the Act). Please see the legal annex for further
    information on the exemptions applied in respect of your request.


    The MPS disclose information on the cost of Operation Grange either in
    quarters or in full year periods. We are not prepared to provide data on
    individual spends under the operation as that information, if disclosed,
    would indicate the level of activity and the current focus of the

    The MPS are not prepared to provide a running commentary on the progress
    of the investigation and instead will release statements in the form of
    press lines or blogs in order to keep the public informed without
    compromising what is an ongoing investigation. Providing up to date data
    for each FOI request that comes in would add towards that "running
    commentary" and has the potential to disrupt the investigation therefore
    we have applied the exemption under section 30 of the Freedom of
    Information Act.

    AC Mark Rowley's blog post is available at the following link:

    We are not prepared to answer part four of your request. However I would
    like to draw your attention to the latest cost breakdown that has been
    provided. Please note the categories provided are the categories that
    exist on our finance system, the MPS will not provide any further
    granularity concerning the cost of the operation.


    * 1. Please state the name and rank of the current Investigation
    Co-Ordinator/Senior Investigation Officer

    The Senior Investigating office is Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Nicola

    * 2. Please name all the officers in the reporting line from the
    S.I.O. up to the Metropolitan Commissioner, and give their current

    DCI Wall reports to Commander Stuart Cundy. Mr Cundy reports to Assistant
    Commissioner Martin Hewitt. Mr Hewitt reports to Commissioner Cressida

    * 3. Please state the total number of staff currently employed by
    Operation Grange and give their ranks

    There are three Detective Constables and one Detective Sergeant in the
    Operation Grange team.

    * 4. Two efits of a person suspected of being Madeleine's abductor were
    shown on a TV programme, Crimewatch, on 14 October 2013: (A) On what
    date did Operation Grange first receive these efits? (B) From whom?
    (C) Is Operation Grange still seeking the public's help in identifying
    this man?

    These efits were received by the Operation Grange team in September 2008
    as part of a dossier of material handed to the MPS by private
    investigators that had been working on the case. The MPS will not comment
    on whether identifications have or have not been made however the efits do
    not form part of any current appeal.

    Should you have any further enquiries concerning this matter, please
    contact me on 0207 161 3583 or via email at [email address],
    quoting the reference number above.

    Yours sincerely

    David Edwards
    Information Rights Unit

    LEGAL ANNEX.....

  43. I’m not sure if this FOI throws any light on proceedings. We have the names of the people involved and a clarification on the e-fits. That the e-fits aren’t been used in the current investigation tells us what?

    1. Anonymous 1 Apr 2018, 11:18:00,

      We are VERY encouraged by OG not using the e fits in an appeal.

      Our view is that e-fits no longer used after Crimewatch as to do so would suggest there is still a man out there who is unidentified and asking public to name him- which would be akin to saying they don’t believe Gerry is the man Smiths saw. And putting innocent men in the frame.

      And they are saying they are not searching for Maddie any longer.

      We read this this way: no need to use the e-fits any longer, the information that they would help get, we already have, thank you.

  44. Hi,textusa,So Operation Grange receives the e-fits as part of a dossier in 2008,yet Operation Grange was setup in 2011 by David Cameron,review?

    I think it is becoming apparent,that this Police force couldn't lie straight in Bed let alone provide honest answers to FOI request questions?

    So a former UK Police Officer,DCI Andy Redwood,states he has met with a person who he believes was creche Dad,who had shown this Officer the clothes he and his daughter were attired in on 3 May 2007 in Portugal,who suddenly became a "Revelation moving time Frame Moment" as an Abductor,who now after five years of searching for, is of no consequence to Operation Grange any longer?
    Over to you Textusa,still wish for these bullshitters to provide Honest answers on a post card please,wanna phone a friend or Lawyer?

    1. Anonymous 1 Apr 2018, 11:47:00,

      You seem to not have read what we wrote about Operation Grange in previous comments to this post. Our Caps:

      At 26 Mar 2018, 22:33:00:
      “1. Being frustrated that Operation Grange continues. It may be a FARCE but it’s an open FARCE. The day it closes without conclusion, then all hope will be definitely gone. Stop, once and for all to support the closure of Operation Grange.

      At 27 Mar 2018, 18:35:00:
      “Note, with this we are not withdrawing anything we have said about Operation Grange. It has always been a FARCE. But we don’t shoot messengers without any willpower of their own. It was not up to Operation Grange or even the Met to decide on whether they would be or not a police operation. They are simply a tool created by the political power and which is used by it. Operation Grange moves according to the strings as they are pulled. What we are saying is that we sincerely think that the strings that will unveil truth are going to be pulled.”

      At 29 Mar 2018, 12:21:00
      “A clarification. Unlike Blacksmith and Hutton we DON’T THINK Operation Grange is GENUINE.
      In our opinion, it is NOT A POLICE OPERATION but the police being used by politicians to play… the police.
      But it is the ONLY tool available for the truth to emerge. That’s why we support it continues and will support that it continues until there’s political courage to out the truth through it.
      The Maddie case is politics, Operation Grange is politics, the decision to out the truth is politics.”

      So, we are far from thinking that OG is an honest police operation. However, it is the only tool there is for the truth about the Maddie case to be delivered and with the response to this FOI made us trust even more that it will be the case.

      As it isn’t following a truthful path based on facts like a normal police operation would, but rather following a script that keeps being updated with each new episode, inconsistencies and discrepancies coming from OG don’t surprise or disappoint us. It’s a farce and farces are prone to be populated with many of such things.

      We were one of the first to denounce the ridiculousness of Crèche Dad. We did in our post “UK Crimewatch - Discrepancies II” in Discrepancy 11 - The Direction.
      About the dossier, if you read carefully, we think whoever responded to FOI worded it badly as it states the e-fits were made available to MPS - Metropolitan Police Service and OG in 2008.

      We think it should say handed to MPS in 2008 and then to OG (which was 2011).

    2. Hi,textusa,So is it safe to presume the political Madeleine McCann case can join,Hillsborough,Birmingham six,Chilcott and unsolved Murders of Jill Dando,Daniel Morgan,links to cohorts from business Proprietors,"Political Cover Ups"where there is No blame to the cretins who caused these outcomes,No Justice,because you are now part of the elite,Echelons in Society?
      So Justice is decided by the elites to masses below them for being Born to a different"Class",the Imperialistic Empire controls the masses,No change there then,so much for Equality in the UK?

    3. About Crechedad, Jane T, questioned in the rogatory interview, replied clearly that (then) Tannerman's direction didn't fit in with going from or going to the creche.

    4. On the dossier handed to MPS in September 2008, what about that (ST, 27.10.2013) ?
      "A report produced by the investigators was deemed "hypercritical" of the McCanns and their friends, and the authors were threatened with legal action if it was made public. Its contents remained secret until Scotland Yard detectives conducting a fresh review of the case contacted the authors and asked for a copy."

    5. Had they had the report, why asking for a copy ?
      This report was the only advantage Henri Exton had to get from MF the money earned and kept by the impostor Halligen. Why would he have handed the report to the MPS ?


    Dont know if you have link above....dont publish if its here already...

    They are up to date, they know everything, they know if we are meeting police.


    1. Bampots.

      This was the VERY STRANGE article that was published in July last year! It even says “The extra cash is set to fund the search until March next year”, so referring to the funding that was to be given in September!

      Interesting that it’s being brought back to light just a month short of the 11th anniversary.

      Bringing it over to the blog:

      Who are Madeleine McCann’s parents Kate and Gerry and how many sisters and brothers does Maddie have?

      The McCann family have remained united in the 11-year search and siblings Sean and Amelie are kept up to date

      By Sam Webb and Richard Wheatstone
      27th March 2018, 9:41 am
      Updated: 27th March 2018, 10:25 am

      IT’S nearly 11 years since Madeleine McCann vanished from her family’s holiday apartment in Portugal’s Praia da Luz in 2007.

      During the search for answers which could lead to them bringing their daughter home, Kate, Gerry and Maddie’s siblings Sean and Amelie have remained united and dignified in the face of a decade of agony.

      Who are Madeleine McCann’s parents Kate and Gerry?

      Kate and Gerry, were both born in 1968 and live in Rothley, Leicestershire. They are Roman Catholics. Kate Healy is from Huyton, near Liverpool and graduated in 1992 with a degree in medicine from the University of Dundee.

      Gerald Patrick McCann was born in Glasgow and graduated from the University of Glasgow with a BSc in physiology/sports science in 1989. In 1992 he qualified in medicine and in 2002 obtained his MD.

      Since 2005 he has been a consultant cardiologist at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester.

      The McCanns met in 1993 in Glasgow and were married five years later.

      How many other children do Kate and Gerry have?

      The McCanns also have twins, a boy and girl called Amelie and Sean, who were born in February 2005 and are now 13.

      Kate told The Sun Maddie’s siblings are told everything about the case and any developments in the search.

      She said: “The twins are doing really well.

      “They’ve grown up essentially without Madeleine, knowing their sister is missing and they want her back.

      “They are up to date, they know everything, they know if we are meeting police.

      “There is nothing kept from them.”


    2. (Cont)

      Are Kate and Gerry both still doctors?

      After graduation Kate moved briefly into obstetrics and gynaecology, then anaesthesiology, and finally general practice.

      She quit her job as a GP to devote her life to working for children’s charities.

      Kate never returned to her part-time job as a locum after daughter Madeleine’s disappearance and handed in her notice in 2008.

      Maddie’s dad is a renowned consultant cardiologist and a professor of cardiac imagery.

      Professor McCann, as he is now titled, prides himself on having “established a national and growing international reputation as an expert in Cardiac MRI (magnetic reasoning imaging)” – or scanning.

      When did Madeleine McCann disappear?

      Madeleine vanished on May 3, 2007, when her family, from Leicestershire, were holidaying in the Algarve, Portugal.

      Parents Gerry and Kate left their three children – including toddler twins Sean and Amelie – sleeping in their apartment while they dined at a nearby tapas bar.

      When Kate returned to check on the kids at around 10pm that evening, she discovered that Maddie was not in her bed and was missing.

      In September of that year, Gerry and Kate, who are both doctors, were sensationally named as ‘arguidos’ by Portuguese police.

      While arguido is often translated as ‘suspect’, it actually means a person being questioned under caution.

      The following summer the McCanns were cleared by investigators in Portugal who declared they had exhausted all avenues in the case.

      In 2010, Maddie’s distraught parents met with then-home secretary Theresa May to talk about the hunt for their daughter.

      The following year, Scotland Yard launched its own review, named Operation Grange, into the case at the behest of the future PM.

      Two years later Scotland Yard said it had uncovered new leads while Portuguese police reopened their case.

      In October 2015, Operation Grange was scaled down from 29 detectives to just four.

      Last December, the Tory government injected extra funding into the operation as cops investigated a new theory that Maddie was snatched by a human trafficking ring.

      Meanwhile, cops are now hunting a “person of significance” in a shock new development.

      A source close to Scotland Yard’s search Operation Grange said the person is now a “critical line of inquiry” in the £12million investigation, according to The Times.

      And a former Met police chief has called for fresh interview of Maddie’s parents and the Tapas Seven – who have never been quizzed by British cops.

      How old would Madeleine McCann be now?

      Madeleine would have turned 14 on May 12 last year.

      In April 2012, UK cops released a computer generated image of Maddie showing how she might look aged nine.

      A number of potential leads have emerged since the little girl vanished, but none amounted to anything and no arrests have ever been made.


    3. (Cont)

      Is the investigation into her disappearance still open?

      Detectives working on the case were still pursuing “critical” leads at the time of the 10th anniversary of her disappearance, a Scotland Yard chief has said.

      Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said there are “significant investigative avenues” that are of “great interest” to both the UK and Portuguese teams investigating.

      Met cops believe she was stolen by child traffickers or sex fiends, or during a burglary gone wrong.

      Kate said of the probe: “It might not be as quick as we want but there’s real progress being made and I think we need to take heart from that.”

      On September 28, 2017, it was confirmed investigators have received £154,000 to keep the probe alive.

      Without fresh funding Operation Grange could have shut down in as little as three weeks time.

      The extra cash is set to fund the search until March next year.

      Kate and and Gerry are “extremely thankful to both the Home Office and Scotland Yard for the continued funding,” their spokesman Clarence Mitchell said.

      The Home Office announced it was ploughing more money into Operation Grange, the official investigation, at the latest request of Met Police.

      In November 2017 it emerged that cops had travelled to Bulgaria to try and track down a paedophile’s widow.

      Reports came to light detectives were hunting down a woman dressed in purple, who had worked with her late husband as domestic helpers on the resort where Madeleine vanished.

      In March 2018, Scotland Yard won Home Office funding to continue chasing a vital “final line of enquiry” for a further six months.

    4. Sorry but reading that is like looking at a story from jackanory or even worse the storyteller which was folk stories and fables. I wish people would see msm for the garbage it is, I mean come on it's always sources close to....When people have something important to say they say it direct they do not rely on Chinese whispers that this lot are so fond of using to fool and misdirect the public.

    5. Since Redwoods revelation moment which wasn't and the high profile landscaping exercise ,the MSM have been producing the ridiculous stories ever since and not least because Scotland Yard haven't said a thing,probably because they haven't advanced one inch in a any investigation,I use that term loosely.

  46. Interesting exchange on Twitter:

    Humpty Bumpty‏ @RealHumptyB 11h11 hours ago
    Where's Walker? #McCann

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog 11h11 hours ago
    Sunning himself in Barbados. Annual bonus for all the good work on #mccann

    Humpty Bumpty‏ @RealHumptyB 11h11 hours ago
    Needed a holiday. Beginning to look ill after his wife dumped him and Kate #McCann called him a tosser, I'm told.

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog 11h11 hours ago
    You're thinking of Amaral, not Walker. What are Funds for if not to reward the staff? #mccann

    Humpty Bumpty‏ @RealHumptyB 11h11 hours ago
    If Walker was paid for performance, his arse'd be hanging out his trousers. I agree with Kate #McCann - total cretin.

    Green Leaper‏ @FragrantFrog
    Replying to @RealHumptyB @Debzsos and 5 others
    You have no idea how highly Kate rates Walker's performance on #mccann, hence the big reward. Jealousy does not become you.
    5:23 pm - 1 Apr 2018

  47. All interesting tweets:
    Jill Havern‏ @abuseofpower
    Replying to @RealHumptyB @JoanaAMorais and
    Help him in what way? If you have a plan I could put you in touch with PeterMac as he's in contact with him - although as I said, he hasn't heard from GA since Christmas.
    2:14 AM - 2 Apr 2018
    Jill Havern‏ @abuseofpower
    Replying to @RealHumptyB @JoanaAMorais and
    I was just thinking... didn't you say you were going to Portugal? Why not try to meet up with Paulo Reis?
    2:49 AM - 2 Apr 2018
    Jill Havern‏ @abuseofpower
    Replying to @RealHumptyB @JoanaAMorais and
    Paulo has been working with us. He's a journalist who lives in Portugal and knows GA. He also speaks English.
    2:57 AM - 2 Apr 2018

    If Paulo Reis has been working for/with CMOMM, one has to wonder why the forum requested for translators to translate into Portuguese the documents of what we are supposing was the letter sent to the Portuguese AG.

    1. Interesting that GA hasn’t seen PM since Xmas, yet doc sent to AG of Portugal in March
      Maybe GA wasn’t prepared to be associated with it?

  48. "If Paulo Reis has been working for/with CMOMM, one has to wonder why the forum requested for translators to translate into Portuguese the documents of what we are supposing was the letter sent to the Portuguese AG."

    Probably because CMOMM admin lie through their teeth.....!?


    1. JH are now stuck as a forum, if not some dissenting voices there, with death before 3rd, based mainly on a photo date being altered, weather conditions and disregarding witnesses who saw M later.
      And that Smiths lied.

  49. An interesting question for all paedo-theory pushers:
    sandra‏ @Sandrag19899851
    Wouldn’t he DP have a cats file number like Gerry?
    11:19 pm - 1 Apr 2018


    Sutton saying that OG is a waste of money!
    Whoever believed this cop was genuine? The well theory revived with Paul Luckman giving it credibility.
    It’s Jerry Lawton as usual.
    Maybe showing how right you were!


      Wells were looked at by PJ

  51. SA DETECTIVE who rejected the opportunity to head the Madeleine McCann inquiry believes finding her could be “almost impossible”.

    By Jerry Lawton / Published 3rd April 2018
    Maddie has been missing since 2007PA / GETTY
    MISSING: Maddie vanished from a Portuguese holiday resort in 2007
    Colin Sutton told a TV documentary that her body could have been buried down any one of 600 ancient wells near the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz, from where she vanished in 2007.

    And he predicted the Metropolitan Police stood little chance of finding her, despite recently being handed extra cash to continue their search.

    Sutton said investigators faced a “thankless task” and added: “It’s almost impossible without specific intelligence that would allow you to focus on a specific area.

    "It’s a large area of low population and scrubland and ancient wells. And there are areas where humans don’t go from one decade to the next."

    Could these clues hold the answer to the mystery of Maddie's disappearance?

    There have been a number of theories and potential sightings of Maddie all over the world. Could these clues hold the clue to one of the greatest mysteries of modern times?
    1 / 10
    There were 8 potential sightings of Maddie in Morocco. It's possible she could have been trafficked thereAFP/GETTY IMAGES
    There were 8 potential sightings of Maddie in Morocco. It's possible she could have been trafficked there
    There were 8 potential sightings of Maddie in Morocco. It's possible she could have been trafficked there Police investigated a sighting of Maddie at this petrol station near Lagos, Portugal, shortly after Maddie went missing Investigative journalist Danny Collins said that Maddie must have left the flat as it would have been impossible to gain entry Jane Tanner said she saw someone carrying a child in Praia da Luz shortly after she went missing. This was proven to be a British holidaymaker and their child Police wanted to speak to this man who was seen in the Praia da Luz area when Maddie went missing A shopkeeper said a little girl called Maddie had said to her that she had been taken from her mother on holiday Investigative journalist Danny Collins also suggested Maddie may have been kidnapped by gypsies
    “There are areas where humans don’t go from one decade to the next.”
    Colin Sutton
    He added: "It would be very easy to secrete something there and be very confident it wouldn’t be found."

    Sutton said the only hope was someone who knew what had happened to Madeleine would eventually reveal her fate.

    Forensic scientist Professor David Barclay, who has studied the area, said: “It was the easiest place to hide a body I’ve ever visited."

    Ex-cop Colin Sutton says the search is 'thankless'GETTY
    ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE: Ex-cop Colin Sutton says the search for Madeleine is a 'thankless task'
    Home Office give more funds for Madeleine McCann search
    Play Video

    Local journalist Paul Luckman, who runs Portugal News, claimed there were “vast quantities” of hiding places.

    The revelations emerged in a re-worked TV documentary screened this weekend on Australia’s Channel 7 – days after the Home Office granted extra funding so that the inquiry could carry on for another six months.

    Madeleine’s parents Gerry and Kate McCann, from Rothley, Leics, continue to hope she may still be found alive.

    'Madeleine McCann helped me play new role' Suranne Jones stars in new kidnap drama
    Madeleine McCann squad given cash boost as cops chase ‘vital final line of inquiry’
    Public outrage as Madeleine McCann search given more taxpayers' money

    We may never know .......Sutton..another rehash from bygone


  52. Clown Sutton strikes again attempting to feed a moribund mystery! Would he want more than his 15'of fame ?

    1. Anne Guedes,

      Please don't minimise this man's nefarious importance in this case.

    2. For some individuals the point is the importance itself, either nefarious or splendid.

    3. Anne Guedes,

      Colin Sutton is to the other side what Operation Grange is to the government: both are ridiculous (Grange a farce, Sutton a clown) but both are the only means each have to achieve their respective goals with Maddie.

    4. Well, farcing and clowning are very welcome if they make us laugh or smile. Either Operation Sutton or Colin Grange are very far from that, I'm afraid.

    5. Anne Guedes,

      Agree with you fully on Colin Sutton.

      Disagree somewhat with you on Operation Grange. Yes, agree that it's far from funny but taking into account the interference of the UK government from the start and the option taken in September 2007 in not going after the McCanns, we sincerely don't see any other option for the UK than to use a farce, an official one, to out the truth as far as truth can be revealed.

      If it decided to reveal all, it would ridicule both the UK and Portugal as sovereign nations, so only through an official (by far not humorous) farces.

      We believe that the PJ investigation is equally a farce. It is, like Operation Grange waiting for the political decision on the case.

      The difference is that the PJ has always been discreet and in our opinion truthful (when they involve Mr Monteiro, we believe he was indeed involved in the events that night, so not a scapegoat) and certainly didn't make a fool of themselves like the Met did by inventing Crèche Dad and getting themselves on their hands and knees in Luz.

      Nor did the PJ harass 3 innocent people like Operation Grange did with the July arguidos.

    6. Textusa, those who work and worked in OG have something in common that is imo very worrying : submission to authority, Stanley Milgram etc. I find it hard to figure out that none of the 30 they were at a time did set the cat among the pigeons.

    7. Anne Guedes,

      Agree again. But isn't that a problem of today's world? Society values material goods associated with personal statuses way more than it's healthy to do.

      Only such submissiveness to these can explain things like this:


    Why did the Gaspars keep in touch with McCanns?

    It seems nobody will answer.

    As K9 is too busy with his children and his businesses to even tweet these days (just kidding) and isn't able to answer, maybe Isabelle McFadden can.

    After all she's also accusing the Gaspars of being paedo enablers as they continued to engage socially with people who she knew, or at least had very strong suspicions, were abusing Maddie.

    Or, putting in other words, if Maddie had not disappeared, would the Gaspars never go to the authorities and allow Maddie to continue to be abused by her father and David Payne?

    That's what the paedo-theory pushers allege.

    1. Ahhh the infamous Gaspar statement that most read but don't actually absorb. Too busy been angry disgusted and irrate to digest properly what is said and then ask the right questions. Always excuses are made by pro groups how they were probably too shocked to say anything. Sorry not buying that because if child abuse is not your thing which thankfully it isn't for most people, then you carry on as normal which includes bathing your child and not reporting a damn thing? The incident happened in September of 2005 yet they met up again and never reported it until Madeleine went missing ahem in 2007. Seriously are we suppose to believe two GPS said and did nothing for nearly two years and then only broke their silence once something tragic happened? If I was the Gaspar's I'd be foaming at the mouth being used like this as it makes you guilty of covering up for abusers.


    Sutton on a mission.....also "new details" ....

    The new details will be revealed in an Australian documentary screened this weekend on the country’s Channel 7.

    It comes just days after the Home Office granted more funding so the inquiry could continue for six more months...

    What new details....wells in Portugal...well i never....


  55. Colin Sutton‏ @colinsutton

    Replying to @K9Truth @amandajane2000

    Indeed. I haven't spoken about this recently to anybody

    Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth

    Replying to @amandajane2000 @colinsutton

    No, it was Jerry Lawton who started it off with his Daily Star artilcle.
    Then Bennett, teXtuSA + Guedes charged in with their ill-judged attacks on Sutton.
    #McCann #DoubleDoubleToilAndTrouble

    Seems K9 on the offensive...Bampots

    1. Bampots,
      Canine Truth@K9Truth
      Replying to @amandajane2000
      As always, it is not clear when @colinsutton made all the comments referred to in this article. Many, if not all, are from the C7 documentary last year. #McCann
      9:51 am · 3 Apr 2018
      Colin Sutton@colinsutton
      Replying to @K9Truth and @amandajane2000
      Indeed. I haven't spoken about this recently to anybody.
      10:10 am · 3 Apr 2018

      Basically, Mr Sutton’s name – according to him which we don’t rate as a reliable source – is being used by the tabloids without his authorisation and he limits himself to a bland reply-tweet.

      We can only speak for ourselves but if it was us, we would have a much stronger reaction.

      For example, like we did when we saw our name mentioned in the references of the documentation sent to the Portuguese AG. We cannot stop our work from being referred to but what we could do and did was to in the strongest possible way distance ourselves from the product in which we were mentioned.

      We did that. Repeatedly. The same one would expect from anyone who saw their name surprisingly plastered all over the tabloids.

      Please note that while what he is supposed to have said is being spread uncontested to the general public, his “correction” is only reaching the few, in comparison, on the #mccann on twitter so hardly a public rebuttal. The majority of people are taking what they are being shown today as the 100% truth.

      He has now the opportunity to be absolutely clear, using his own voice on twitter, about what his opinion is now.

      We will be then waiting for Sutton to clarify what he believes this week, as opposed to last week, or last year.

  56. New variation on textUSA i see.....teXtuSA!!

    1. Anonymous 3 Apr 2018, 12:34:00,

      Don't spoil his fun!

      Don't you just love to see a 4 yr making a mud-pie and all proud of himself as if he has just conquered the world?

      Let him play and grow up in his own time.


    1. Anonymous 3 Apr 2018, 13:05:00,

      If anybody reading the Star article, (repeated by the Sun and now Express) wanted to check Sutton’s current view on Op Grange, his main twitter feed has no reference to the article and no statement to say he has either been recently misquoted or that he has changed his opinion since last year.

    2. If I were Sutton, I’d want to clarify my position as his quote is being used extensively now.

  58. Could it be that all the photographs were photo-shopped?

  59. The Mcs respond

    1. Anonymous 3 Apr 2018, 23:15:00,

      Thank you. Bringing it over to the blog:

      Madeleine McCann’s parents Kate and Gerry hit back at critics of new Met Police cash to track down missing girl

      Kate and Gerry McCann hit back after parents of two missing kids slammed the move and a top ex-cop said solving the Maddie riddle was 'almost impossible'

      By Tracey Kandohla and Sam Christie
      3rd April 2018, 9:10 pm
      Updated: 4th April 2018, 7:53 am

      THE parents of Madeleine McCann have defended the new police cash boost to help find their daughter - and urged critics to “stop being armchair detectives.”

      Kate and Gerry hit back after a top ex-cop said solving the Maddie riddle after nearly 11 years was “almost impossible”.

      And the parents of two missing children slammed the Government for handing over more money for the high-profile hunt.

      It comes after the Home Office last week confirmed Scotland Yard would get extra funds - understood to be £150,000 - to chase a vital “final line of inquiry”.

      A close pal of the couple told the Sun Online today: “Kate and Gerry do not feel their daughter’s case should be given any more priority than any other missing child but there is an active police investigation ongoing and officers still feel there is important work left to be done.

      “The Met Police have requested extra funding and have been granted it.

      "Kate and Gerry didn’t ask for it but they are very thankful the search for Madeleine will continue.

      “It’s not helpful and is very hurtful for retired police officers and in the past so called crime experts and other families to say the investigation should be wound up and is a waste of public money.

      “Kate and Gerry believe there is a chance their daughter could still be found alive, as detectives do.

      “They have enough to deal with and don’t need people with no idea about the case being armchair detectives and hopes the criticism stops.

      “It undermines the work of one of the best police forces in the world.”

      Former detective Colin Sutton, who turned down the chance of leading the Maddie inquiry, believes the girl is dead and her body buried in one of many ancient wells near Praia da Luz, Portugal, from where she vanished in May 2007.

      He told an Australian documentary at the weekend that investigators faced a “thankless task” and insisted: “It’s almost impossible without specific intelligence that would allow you to focus on a specific area.”

      So far the investigation, launched in May 2011, has cost the taxpayer more than £11.2million.


    2. (Cont.)

      Last week former GP Kate, 50, and heart doctor Gerry, 49, of Rothley, Leics, were verbally attacked by the parents of two missing kids.

      The mum of Ben Needham slammed the McCann’s on national TV.

      Venting her frustration on Loose Women, Kerry Needham said she had not received the same “magnitude” of support as Maddie’s parents.

      Kerry, 43, from South Yorks, whose son disappeared during a family holiday to the Greek island of Kos in 1991, said: “It hurts. It hurts us and it hurts me as Ben’s mum.

      “I’m not taking anything away from it at all – she deserves to be found but so does Ben and we haven’t had a fraction of that help.

      “I’ve had to fight alone as a single mum and tried to get the help that Ben deserves and that we deserve as a family. It did happen in the end but not to the magnitude that that case has had.”

      A dad whose son has been missing for over two years hit out after the Home Office it was giving Scotland Yard’s Maddie inquiry, Operation Grange, an undisclosed sum to keep going for another six months

      As more funding to find Maddie - understood to be £150,000 - was announced Kate and Gerry were also targeted by furious dad Paul Whinham.

      He has written to the Prime Minister to complain about the resources given to the seven-year probe which has already cost taxpayers £11.5 million.

      Paul from Wallsend, Tyneside, whose son Michael disappeared from his home in Newcastle in November 2015, aged 31 said: “There’s people like me all over the country being told there’s no more the police can do and yet this one case gets all the money and attention.”

      Paul revealed he penned his letter a few months ago, saying: “I wrote asking why all missing people weren’t being treated equally.

      “The policing minister Nick Hurd wrote back to say that every enquiry gets the same treatment, but then goes on to say that when Theresa May was Home Secretary she set up a special unit to look for Madeleine McCann.

      “If that’s not preferential treatment, I don’t know what is.”

      The McCann’s pal pointed out today how much they had done to help put the cases of all missing people in the spotlight.

      Kate, now a medical worker, is still an ambassador for the charity Missing People and “works tirelessly to raise aware of missing children”, the source said.

      The pal added: “It seems unfair and insensitive that people are always scrutinising Madeleine’s case.

      All Kate and Gerry want is to find out what happened to their daughter after all this time and they remain incredibly grateful to the police and also to all their supporters out there.”

      Three-year-old Maddie was snatched from a holiday apartment while her parents were dining with pals in a nearby tapas restaurant. She would now be aged 14, nearly 15.

      Her parents previously said: “We don’t accept that Madeleine is dead until we see evidence, clear evidence that this is the case. We still have hope.”

    3. We are so, so reminded of Walkercan1000's 4H40 tweet splurge on March 11.

      Doesn't this just make Colin Sutton a "national" hero?

      By the way, has he clarified his position yet? No? We didn't think he would. As much as we didn't expect K9 to answer the Gaspar statement questions.
      Andy Fish‏ @AndyFish19
      Replying to @zodiaczephyr @colinsutton
      Colin. You should do something about this? It's appalling that the MSM are quoting you if you've not spoken to them? They're using your name to peddle out all this this 'latest news' & making it up as they go along?! Will you be doing something about it? #McCann
      2:08 am - 4 Apr 2018

    4. Interesting exchange about this article:
      Humpty Bumpty‏ @RealHumptyB 11h11 hours ago
      Very much doubt they are the words of Kate and Gerry #McCann. @abuseofpower

      Colin Sutton‏ @colinsutton
      Replying to @RealHumptyB @K9Truth and 2 others
      I suspect you are correct. I wouldn’t imagine they would want to start a discussion on what is and what is not ‘helpful’.
      12:16 am - 4 Apr 2018

    5. In the Sun article it says the girl was "snatched" from a holiday apartment,where has this been established one wonders.


    Helen Kirsty Antcliff
    Admin · 12 hrs · Wakefield, United Kingdom

    Off Topic. With thanks to Chris Roberts for granting permission to share.

    Abuse and harassment are unacceptable and damaging. Unfortunately, many commentors and researchers who question the McCann's story have experienced harassment and abuse both online and in person.

    We would like to congratulate Chris Roberts on his long legal battle which has resulted in the conviction of a pro McCann parents supporter, after she waged a vile campaign of harassment against Chris and his family, resulting today in her being convicted and sentenced to 6 months in prison.

    We are very sorry Chris and his family have had to endure this abuse and hope the conviction of 'Gwen James' sends a clear message that abuse is not acceptable.

    Well done, Chris!

    Attached a picture with the following:


    Chris Roberts

    I have just returned from Cardiff Magistrates court as an observer to the sentencing hearing of Karen Rosemary Ormiston, better known to most under her pseudonym of "Gwen James" for the offences of harassment and malicious communications to which with the weight of evidence against her, she eventually pleaded guilty.

    As many of you will know or remember, Ormiston has for nearly 3years waged a campaign of harassment, lies and vicious online attacks against me and my family for reasons only known to herself, supported by a group of equally mindless individuals in the mistaken belief that their anonymity was guaranteed and afforded them immunity from prosecution.

    My only comments on or to Ormiston and others since July 2015 have Only and necessarily been through legal process and today for Ormiston that process came to an ignominious end.

    Some have considered my silence to be a sign of weakness, we all make mistakes.

    I saw her sentenced to six months immediate imprisonment and subjected to a lifetime restraining order by the District Judge and I had the immense satisfaction of seeing her taken away in handcuffs to begin her sentence.”

  61. Only today I saw the mention of my name, in this post, about the fact that "it’s uncertain if he (me...) was a researcher/translator or just a translator" of the letter sent to the Head of Portuguese Public Prosecutor Office. I am a journalist since 1981 (37 years...) but I am also a professional translator English/Portuguese. I was contacted, as a professional translator, by a client and asked if I was willing to do that work (translators, like journalists have a deontological code and can’t reveal the name of their clients, unless they give specific authorization for that). I accepted, translated the letter to Portuguese and was paid for that. I played no part in the research that produced the letter.

    You can confirm my credentials as journalist in this link:

    Paulo Reis, Professional Card Nº 351:

    You can confirm my registration, as a freelance translator, in this link:

    Paulo Reis, translator English/Portuguese:



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