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PdL - The Game Board

A Scotland Yard agent looking for Maddie in Praia da Luz

As we said over 3 years ago in our “Blogeditorial Decision on the "Maddie McCann Case"” post (18Feb11), churnalism does not set the agenda in our blog.

We have also said that the most apparently nonsensical thing about this case has to be looked at attentively. Very little is random and what is intentional most of the times escapes the common eye as we have shown repeatedly here.

Now with all this transforming Praia da Luz into a huge “Where’s Wally?” game board to look for Maddie’s body we witnessed a hysteria beyond our understanding.

This whole Let’s–dig–PdL–up is ridiculous. Everyone knows it’s ridiculous and yet hysteria has led people down the path of discussing how ridiculous it is. As useless as discussing how wet water is.

What has to be discussed and never is, is why these episodes are ridiculous. Why is SY so shamelessly exposing itself to absolute ridicule by selling dog poo for chocolate mousse? Because that is exactly what SY is doing, isn’t it?

Why is the question that needs to be asked and be answered. Not the quantification of ridiculousness. That it’s ridiculous is evident to everyone.

As we have said before, this has become a game. A sickening one but one nonetheless. To understand the latest move one must understand the game, or at least the stage where it is at currently.

When Portugal reopened the process, it opened a whole new battlefront for UK. We don’t think this front came as a surprise to Britain. We think it was even Britain who asked for it as it would be the only way to legitimise whatever “findings” would result from its Homeland front.

What surprised UK was that the 2013/2014 PJ wasn’t as “tame” as the 2007/2008 one had been. What Britain in its imperialistic arrogance failed to understand was that the 2007/2008 PJ hadn’t been tame at all.

It had acted the way it did out of good-will, out of respect that higher British interests were at stake and tolerantly understood that the case had little relevance to Portugal but was critical to UK.

So instead of firmly pursuing the completion of the task, Portugal “let it go” as a comprehensive gesture to the British. It was basically Britain's problem, let Britain solve it.

But Britain was ungrateful. Very ungrateful. It humiliated Portugal beyond comprehension and belief. Portugal became a 4th world country with a 5th world investigative police.

So now Portugal, understandably, doesn’t trust Britain. Not on this issue at least. Humiliated back in 2008 it won’t allow itself to go through the same experience again. Whatever pressure.

Britain wants to know what is going on and Portugal just tells Britain not to worry, it is doing its job so Britain has just to be patient.

So now Britain has two battlefronts: the Homeland and the Portuguese one.

We have stated clearly what we think is the desired end result for UK in our “Rats” post (10Jan14): to contain “truth” as such to only the T9 if possible, preferably to the McCanns alone.

The objectives may change due to circumstances and the most important one is the result of the Portuguese investigation as it must be minimally coherent with the results from the one in UK.

But the Portuguese investigation is out of Britain’s control and UK is doing all it can to gain it.

So, for UK this game is being played with two goals in mind:

Internally, on the Homeland front, to explain that Maddie died that evening and then see how narrow the “fall hole” can be. First have Maddie dead, then mould “truth” to convenience. The bringing over the dogs again may have to do with that.

Externally, on the Portuguese front, to control the PJ investigation.

Do you remember how ridiculous Binman was? It was ridiculous to the public eye but very serious in intention: Maddie didn’t leave the apartment alive and there’s decisive forensic evidence from Maddie’s crime scene (Homeland front) and to initiate pressure on PJ to force close cooperation with SY (Portuguese front).

Do you remember how ridiculous the 18-sex-assault-on-minors-spree was? It was ridiculous to the public eye but very serious in intention: to desperately pressure PJ in allowing SY into the secrecy of PJ’s current Maddie case (Portuguese front) as we exposed that in our “Blackmail” post (25Apr14).

In terms of Homeland front, the 18-sex-assault-on-minors-spree had little relevance which meant that taking control of the PJ investigation was priority. It wants in and will suffer whatever public humiliation to get in. It will overlook pride, it will overlook legality and it will overlook anything that is possible to overlook.

Now we have the ridiculous Let’s-dig-PdL-up episode. Absolutely ridiculous to the public eye. But let’s see how serious it is.

On the Homeland front we are witnessing a phenomenon in all similar to the one that happened with negligence: a campaign to influence the general public as to what happened.

A massive media campaign to decisively influence public opinion.

To influence it about what? To assume as fact that Maddie is dead. It started with Binman. Then, for the first time UK conceded that Maddie was dead. Now it confirms by allegedly spending so many resources looking for a body. UK must really have lots of money lying around and not knowing what to do with it.

The difference between the current campaign and the negligence one in 2007 is that the latter was to implant a false fact while the first is to remove a falsity implanted (that Maddie was abducted/alive) and replace it with the truth.

Maddie is dead, a truth media was decisive in distorting and now undoing the hoax it made up about Maddie being alive.

Do note that these two campaigns, negligence and Maddie-is-indeed-dead, share one similarity: the unwilling cooperation from Kate and Gerry. Them saying that they are prepared for the blow the truth represents that very well.

Like when they had to accept the burden of having been “negligent” they now have to accept that Maddie for the authorities is dead. In both, they don’t want to but have to. Accept to having been negligent when they weren’t and accept that Maddie is taken as dead when all pretended she was not.

But what is to be retained is that the Let’s-dig-PdL-up has the intention, on the Homeland front, to “officialise” Maddie’s death. The next step will be to officialise it.

It’s on the Portuguese front that the Let’s-dig-PdL-up is really interesting and really, really not ridiculous.

UK wants to control both investigations. It has begged, pleaded and sobbed tears of blood for a “joint” investigation to see all refused.

Here one has to wonder why SY doesn’t ask for PJ’s presence in Operation Grange as demonstration of really wanting joint investigation teams on Maddie’s case.

Why not first invite PJ over and share with them all the work done by SY over these last 3 years?

Show PJ all documentation that SY has on the subject. Share everything. SY wants joint, let's have joint then, starting with who wants it joint

That would be a sign of goodwill and intention.

But no, SY just wants joint operations in Portugal. Why? Because apparently UK has more money and “better” dogs than Portugal has. And according to the UK, obviously better police. PJ is apparently just not cut out to work on cases of such complexity and importance such as a missing girl in its own territory.

It seems that all the asking and pressuring have not resulted in the desired cooperation, SY has played its final card: monitoring.

If it can’t influence the investigation directly, it can at least to try and influence indirectly. And from there worm its way in to influence it directly, finally.

They will now populate the field with their people who aren’t digging after all but using ground screen radars. One has to wonder how long it will be before the bat-signal calling for Batman will light up PdL’s night as if SY’s suspicions are correct only a supervillain could have abducted Maddie.

And the SY operationals on the field will be using very discreet radars at that. You know, they won’t be seen looking.

How convenient. They will be there looking but won’t be seen doing that.

But they will be looking. Not for Maddie’s body but monitoring everything that happens in PdL. They have found an excuse to be there.

And when there they can stick their noses everywhere, find out who PJ has talked to, discover what places PJ has visited and those who it has revisited.

Exert pressure by presence. You don’t want us here but here we are. And today we have come up with this excuse, tomorrow we will find another. As you can clearly see, we couldn’t care less how ridiculous it may seem or be, but we cannot let go of this bone.

The poster sofieellis at JH, here, describes things very adequately: Martin Brunt says Andy Redwood and co want to interview 8 witnesses. He mentioned the suspects, whose homes they have been denied the right to search. Detectives may go on to look at some of the sites which are to be searched. He says the detectives were filmed having breakfast in a cafe this morning, which caused a media melee and Brunt described this as a PR disaster! They are now believed to be talking to Portuguese detectives. "This is certainly the start of a new and dynamic phase in the Madeleine McCann investigation, so for the first time we are seeing Scotland Yard Detectives on the ground in Portugal, ready to join their colleagues here in the search for tangible evidence of Madeleine McCann. Quite when that's going to start, it's not clear."

Hope you can now see the logic and see the direction SY is taking things.:  “Well, as long as we are here, why don't we question 8 witnesses? You know, joint investigation buddies... I  tell you what, today we question these 8 and tomorrow you can come with us to question another 2, the one's we tell you to question, ok? How's that? Digging? What digging? Oh, yes... we are doing that too! Bob is out there with the machine right now... on the cliffs,  I think... not sure. but is that really important now that we're working so well together?”

Like visiting you for tea and then starting to tell you what dinner is going to be in your own house.

If you wanted a better proof of this, all you had to do was to see how yesterday, 08May14, on arriving in Algarve, SY hired a Portuguese Air Force helicopter to allegedly recce 3 locations (the only ones they were authorised to search) which are very near Apartment 5A.

Wasn't that  just a spectacular entrance in Luz? Literally. Pure showing-off.

And what about SY asking for aerial photos that can be easily obtainable with Google Maps?

From the media, we have been told 2 of those 3 places: one is between Rua da Escola Primária and Rua Primeiro de Maio and the other near the church in front of Chaplins.

Wasn't the spectacle put on yesterday just SY showing work and shouting on top of their lungs “Look how we're doing our job... soon the Portuguese won't be able to refuse our help and are going to investigate with us!”

It doesn't matter why we are here, what matters is that we are here and that's all what matters to UK.

By the way, involving the cooperation of the Portuguese Air Force, by the use of its helicopters and its aerial photographs, is very far from having any sort of cooperation from any investigative authority in Portugal.  

Unfortunately for UK, PJ’s attitude towards SY is more like “sorry, thanks but no thanks, tough luck, mate” than the one UK is so shamelessly hard striving for.

To be fair, Redwood has a very tough job ahead in Portugal. He's like a man who has been ordered to be intimate again with a woman who he had a one night stand with and then paraded himself through the streets of the entire neighbourhood telling everyone, with a megaphone, what an easy slut she had been.

Next week, if there aren't any surprises, we will show you how really very uncooperative PJ has been with SY. How do we know? Because the media has told us, that's how. 

Last notes.

image from video here

The British and Portuguese general public know that Maddie is dead. They have known since the dogs in 2007.

The proof was that, although Maddie was in the centre of media attention, PdL’s ceremony on 03May14 went completely unnoticed. The Rothley one can be summarised by the McCanns dress code and the amount of people present.

Everyone knows Maddie is dead and what is being done to her memory is cruel and disrespectful.

What the public, in UK and Portugal, wants to know are 2 things and they will demand an answer to both: how did Maddie die and why were the McCanns so protected all this time.

And please, please do resist any and all temptation about finding anything. That would be the most stupid mistake ever and would only make things worse for you.

There is one very strong indication on how much SY/Maddie is becoming popular in Portugal: every news service yesterday, including SIC, was careful to highlight that all expenses related to this Let’s-dig-PdL-up thing is to be paid by Britain.

To our readers, we have been informed that the Portuguese Air Force helicopter was paid for. Very far from being a free ride.


  1. Whow! That SY plod looks like he's been hitting hard on the cheap portuguese beer and grilled sardines with boiled tatters and roasted green peppers salad! Oh, dear, those looong portuguese 3 hour lunches are killers for one's waist line!

  2. Thanks Textusa
    Always good to have clear summary of what is going on and to highlight the necessary retainers. If we were to list the retainers from your posts in sequential order it would provide a good outline of progression. Thanks again

  3. Martin Brunt on twitter for SKY NEWS just tweeted that SY detectives to make their way back to UK after less than 48 hrs in the Algarve :

    so, if true, which applies ?

    1. told to get lost by the PJ who are not playing ball

    2. parted on good terms, having seen enough, and the PJ can get on with their investigation?


    1. Oh hahaha to SY!
      They looked like the Mafiosi 6 in those photos. Some looked like they didn't want to be recognised, for good reason! They have made complete and expensive fools of themselves.

    2. UK headlines.
      Portugal refuses to cooperate in search for missing MM
      And variations thereof

  4. Thanks Text I believe the same you do. You have two strong questions in this tex and I want to share!

    "Everyone knows Maddie is dead and what is being done to her memory is cruel and disrespectful.

    What the public, in UK and Portugal, wants to know are 2 things and they will demand an answer to both: how did Maddie die and why were the McCanns so protected all this time."

  5. SY arrives in Portugal and Redwood says:
    Vini, vidi, vici!
    PJ replies:
    Vini. Vidi? Vade retro.

  6. Tex, do you think all this publicity is because after 7 years maddie could be declared dead, so now they are digging here, there and everywhere, they will not find her body so they will say they think she is still alive, do you think this is all one big publicity stunt so that the fund can continue because I do. Also why is one child given so much publicity seven years after she disappeared when none of the tapas or mccanns were prepared to assist the pj and what of the sniffer dogs cadaver findings, why is that never mentioned?


    9 May 2014 Last updated at 12:53 GMT


    Portuguese authorities have granted permission for one site in the town of Praia da Luz to be examined as part the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance, the BBC understands.

    Permission has been granted for a "field operation" to begin on a section of private land, sources have said.

    The Met Police, which is leading the investigation, declined to comment.

    Met detectives are understood to have left Portugal after spending two days with Portuguese police in the Algarve.

    BBC reporter Richard Bilton, in Praia da Luz, said Portuguese authorities had so far granted permission to begin a search on the land, which could begin in "days" or "weeks".

    Investigative work

    He said he had been told him that British teams want to conduct more searches, but have yet to make an official request, which could take "weeks" to process.

    It is thought that Metropolitan Police detectives have discussed a timetable for investigative work that Portuguese police will carry out for the British team, he added.

    The development comes after reports suggested search teams were expected to start excavating sites in the Praia da Luz resort where Madeleine - then aged three - went missing on 3 May 2007.

    Met Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley this week said "activity" was expected to begin in Portugal "in the coming weeks".

    It also comes after Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, posted a statement on the Find Madeleine website on Thursday criticising "media interference" over newspaper speculation in the case.

    They warned they were "dismayed" at speculation which could "potentially damage and destroy the investigation altogether".

    They added: "There is an on-going, already challenging, police investigation taking place and media interference in this way not only makes the work of the police more difficult."

    "As Madeleine's parents, this just compounds our distress," they added.

    The seventh anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance was marked on Saturday.

    Scotland Yard launched a fresh investigation - codenamed Operation Grange - into Madeleine's disappearance last July.

    In March, British police then said they were seeking an intruder who sexually abused five girls in Portugal between 2004 and 2006.

    Detectives said the attacks happened in holiday villas occupied by UK families in the Algarve.

  8. We would like to repeat here the comment made by us on 7 May 2014 09:51:00 in our post "If Death is Kind"

    "About roadworks:

    Mr. Amaral dealt with roadworks in his book.

    Only Danny Collins has written that Maddie could have wandered off, but in his version, submitted for approval by Mitchell, she was taken by gypsies."

    Thank you

  9. The police should thoroughly search the foundations of all the properties that Robert Murat had access to in 2007 in pdl and elsewhere Mr Amaral believed maddie had been moved from her original hiding place. Whatever she had been wrapped in could have been placed in the scenic boot for disposal causing the dog alert to the boot.

    1. Anonymous 9 May 2014 15:55:00

      The word "foundations" made us hesitate in publishing your comment.

      We don't want to publish anything that seems like supporting Birch, which we presume was not your intention by your words "all the properties".

  10. Perhaps SY are digging their own graves. Their credability and reputation has all but died. The public no longer respects the UK police force due to its corruptive nature. The UK police now have to wear mini cameras because they cannot be trusted to report the truth or act with any integrity. RIP British justice.

  11. Portugal police to search private land,working along British police.


  12. Last Summer Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe commented publicly upon the status of Scotland Yard's costly, on-going review of the original Madeleine McCann investigation thus: "There will be a point at which we and the GOVERNMENT will want to make a DECISION about WHAT THE LIKELY OUTCOME IS."



    A Portuguese air force helicopter flew visiting Metropolitan Police officers over the beachside resort of Praia da Luz yesterday (Thursday, May 8) as the seven-year investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann cranked up several notches.

    The Alouette III flight - paid for by the British - was to enable officers working on Operation Grange to take aerial photos of “various points of interest for future searches”.

    “The objective was to see if there were areas with uneven levels consistent with a place where a body had been buried,” writes Correio da Manhã in its latest report.
    Such photo-searches are considered “essential” by the British police now three years into their investigations into the seven-year-old mystery.

    Yesterday’s air reconnaissance took place when the village of Luz was braced for the prospect of earthmovers moving in, added CM.

    British tabloids began the week with inflated stories of legions of diggers being drafted in to search key sites near the Ocean Club resort from which Madeleine went missing in May 2007.

    The result seems to be that the Portuguese authorities have warned their British counterparts to ‘zip it’.

    Sky News reporter Martin Brunt said yesterday that “the Portuguese authorities have threatened to hold up cooperation if British police talk about the new phase of the investigation”.

    He also intimated that new searches - far from involving “diggers everywhere” - are more likely to use police dogs and ground-penetrating radar.

    However, when these searches will start is anyone’s guess.

    As CM writes, “despite the latest advance in investigations, it is not certain that new developments will take place in the next few days.”

    Meantime, the visiting officers from the Met - led by Chief Inspector Andy Redwood - are due to leave Portugal sometime today.

    This latest visit had been to discuss Met requests on how Operation Grange would like to advance in its investigation.

    Officers are understood to be keen to interview eight people of various nationalities resident in the Algarve, and there has been talk of them wanting to search the homes of three former employees of Luz Ocean Club.

    The latter request is understood to have been turned down, but as the PJ warning on silence when it comes to the media is now firmly in place, details are hazy.

    In an insightful round-up of the latest developments, journalist Len Port - who has been covering the mystery since the very day it began - remarks that the terrain in Luz “in most of the neighbourhood consists of limestone bedrock”.

    “Even in patches of shallow hard soil, how could an abductor have buried a body, or any other material evidence, unobserved and without tools?” Port queries in his blog algarvenewswatch.

    As the investigation continues, we may at last be getting closer to learning the truth of what really happened to three-year-old Madeleine McCann.


    Madeleine McCann: is it time for the press regulator to step in?

    Is the Press Complaints Commission going to find itself dealing with one last controversial complaint or will it become the first headache for the new Independent Press Standards Organisation?

    I refer to the concerns aired about current media coverage of the renewed search for Madeleine McCann by both her parents and the police.

    Madeleine's parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, have issued a statement, which is posted on Facebook, registering their disquiet at "interference" by journalists in the new investigation into their daughter's disappearance. It states:

    "We are dismayed with the way the media has behaved over the last couple of days in relation to our daughter's case.

    There is an on-going, already challenging, police investigation taking place and media interference in this way not only makes the work of the police more difficult, it can potentially damage and destroy the investigation altogether – and hence the chances of us finding Madeleine and discovering what has happened to her.

    As Madeleine's parents, this just compounds our distress. We urge the media to let the police get on with their work and please show some respect and consideration to Madeleine and all our family."

    This came the day after the Metropolitan police assistant commissioner, Mark Rowley, sent a letter to editors appealing for restraint because of the potential for the Portuguese to halt the investigation.

    Rowley explained that the British police were operating under Portuguese law and his opposite number in Portugal, in the policia judiciaria, did not intend – as had been the Met's practice – to brief the media on the search.

    He said that the Portuguese police chief had been clear "that if we provide any briefings or information on the work they are undertaking on our behalf, or if reporters cause any disruption to their work in Portugal, activity will cease".

    It would mean that Scotland Yard detectives would be unable to excavate sites around the resort of Praia da Luz where the then three-year-old Madeleine went missing on 3 May 2007.

    But where exactly should the press draw the line? What happens if reporters discover facts without having had police briefings? Is it wrong for British papers to reproduce every story appearing in the Portuguese press? Where does factual reporting stop and intrusion into grief begin?

    With the questions in mind, let's look at how have the press has reacted to the call for restraint.

    The Daily Mirror has been in the forefront, running a "world exclusive" splash on Monday, "Maddie cops to start digging up resort". The story appeared to be well sourced.

    On Wednesday, the Mirror splashed on an "exclusive new lead" headlined "Maddie cops to dig yards from apartment". A similar story was the splash in the Daily Star, "Maddie: police dig up 3 sites" and in the Daily Express, "Police dig in new hunt for Maddy."


  15. (cont)

    If factually accurate, as appears to be the case, the problem for the Met with these stories was that it was bound to raise suspicions by the Portuguese police about off-the-record briefings (even if that was not the case).

    The Sun also ran a page lead that morning, "Kate had dream of where to dig", in which Mrs McCann was alleged to have told a family liaison officer about her dream of where officers should look.

    By Wednesday evening, Sky News was reporting that "disagreements over leaks to the media may delay British police in their efforts to scour areas they will be given access to."

    Its crime correspondent, Martin Brunt, reported from Praia da Luz, on "what appears to be a developing row between the British authorities and the Portuguese authorities about essentially Scotland Yard giving out information to journalists about what is going to happen.

    "The Portuguese are making it very clear that they were not happy with journalists being briefed."

    Brunt also spoke about another "blow for Scotland Yard" because - according to a report in a local Portuguese newspaper, the News Journal - the authorities had rejected a Scotland Yard plea to search the homes of three men accused of burglaries at the Praia da Luz complex at the time Madeleine vanished.

    The Daily Mail also referred to "ongoing tensions between British and Portuguese authorities" It quoted Met commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe as saying: "There are always going to be complications when you have got one police force in one country working with the police force of another. We have both got to be sensitive to these things."

    British newspaper editors cannot be other than aware of the sensitivity surrounding the Madeleine McCann story. Her parents spoke movingly at the Leveson inquiry of their unfortunate treatment by certain papers some seven years ago.

    They remain acutely concerned about intrusions into their privacy despite acknowledging the need for continuing publicity about the case.

    They and their friends, along with a local man wrongly identified as a suspect, were paid large sums in libel damages for inaccurate, defamatory reports in the aftermath of Madeleine's disappearance.

    Although it is obvious that editors would not wish to repeat the sins of the past, they are fascinated by the story and remain wedded, as always, to the kind of scoop journalism that can lead them to overstep the mark.

    I can accept that it is difficult to suppress information - and, of course, to accept the diktats of the Portuguese authority - but editors will surely wish to avoid scuppering the police operation.

    One aspect of the reporting, however, does require more attention. The Mirror's article on Wednesday quoted "a source close to the McCanns" as saying: "This is an emotional time for them."

    And the inside story, drawing again on the unnamed source, referred to the couple as "tormented parents" facing "their worst nightmare". Some people may not be regard it as intrusive. But it is surely bordering on poor taste to attribute feelings to this couple in such circumstances.

    Will the current regulator, the PCC, step in before this gets out of hand again? Or will it leave it to the incoming Ipso?

    1. We can be fairly sure that the source "close to the parents" is Mitchell himself, who intended those "hurtful" and "torturing" comments to be published (while simultaneously the parents, in their open letter to the press, suggested that the press was, yet again, contributing to and "compounding their grief"), so that they can, when it suits them, sue them for libel, or compensation, or both.

    2. Anon

      Just like the McCanns and remainder T7, we also think that Mitchell has been "over-empowered" in this affair.

      If, for a while, before 2011, he was kept in the loop (his job was to put on a show but the music always came from backstage) after that he was too small a fish in the size the pond sudenly became.

      Sources close to the family are very far from that family and Mitchell. About the distance between London and Rothley.

      If Mitchell was as important and so powerful as he's said to be, why isn't he a relevant political figure at the moment?


    PJ about to discard English Police strongest lead
    PJ about to discard English Police strongest lead that a predator of English girls has abducted Madeleine.
    Scotland Yard has asked for aerial photos of places in Praia da Luz and wishes to question eight “persons of interest”

    by Marisa Rodrigues

    The Judiciary Police (PJ) is about to discard the lead that has resulted in the reopening of the process in Portugal and that is Scotland Yard's main line of investigation. So far, there isn't any evidence to support the hypothesis that Madeleine was abducted by a sexual predator who attacked English children in the Algarve.

    This is the firmly held position of the team of inspectors from the North Directorate of the PJ who has reviewed the investigation process that was archived in 2008.

    After naming as probable suspect the late Euclides Monteiro, a former Ocean Club employee, the Portuguese investigators now believe that the intruder, in the cases that were reported to the authorities, could be British and that he does not reside in Portugal, since there were no new reports and those that were disclosed [seeMetropolitan Police site] only targeted children of that nationality. “A sex abuser is someone who acts compulsively. If he only acted in the summer and has never attacked again it's because he does not live here”, explained a source close to the process.

    Yesterday, the day was marked by an aerial photo-reconnaissance in Praia da Luz of the areas where searches and excavations are planned, using a helicopter of the Portuguese Air Force paid by the British authorities and by a meeting between the police forces of the two countries at the PJ headquarters in Faro.

    One of the places where Scotland Yard wants to use the sniffer dogs and the georadar is on the 25 de Abrilstreet, in the vicinity of the Ocean Club and by the church. The area, which the helicopter overflew three times, was undergoing construction works when Madeleine disappeared seven years ago. If anything suspicious is detected, it will be excavated.

    Besides the searches, which were already allowed by the Public Prosecutor of Portimão, the letters rogatory also request for eight people to be questioned. Some used to work at the Ocean Club resort whilst others are not linked in any way. With all these initiatives, it seems likely that Scotland Yard has more than one line of investigation, of which the latest and most visible action yet indicates the hypothesis that the child was murdered and buried in Praia da Luz. When questioned, in Faro, DCI Andy Redwood refused to speak with the journalists.

    Tension between the PJ and the English

    The relationship between the police forces of the two countries is rather tense. The Judiciary Police has requested to the English police to stop disclosing information about the ongoing work in Portugal, otherwise they will not proceed with the steps that were requested. Scotland Yard wrote to the newspapers in the United Kingdom asking for “understanding”.

    in Jornal de Notícias, paper edition (page 13), May 9, 2014

  17. It seems that Britain is falling heads over feet to backtrack on its arrogance.

    Things not looking good for Britain. Not good at all.

    As we have always said, there's an easy way out: truth.

    As hard as it may be, it's the easiest path there is. We would say that by now, it is the ONLY path.

    You still have some initiative. Use it. And don't worry, truth won't surprise many.

  18. BBC news just covered the case. Residents of PdL are sceptical about the search and very unhappy about this invasion.

  19. I think the conversation between AR and PJ went something like this. Redwood entered and said we intend to start tomorrow to search that terrain next to the resort. Please have someone there to open up the entrance for us at 08.00. My people will take about a week there… and PJ replied, no, you please put it in writing what you want to do, when you want to do it, what you want to look for and with what you want to look for that. Then we will tell you which of our agents will accompany the entire diligence. Your people and our people will meet here and report here at the end of the day. Outside this you are not authorised to speak to anyone. If we find out that you talk to anyone about the case we will process you criminally.

    1. And then the PJ continued,

      '... oh, and Mr Redwood. In 2014, following three years and seven million of your pounds, what are you looking at?
      A pot-bellied, dead black African, Irish ex-pat paedophile smelly binman with a Dutch accent and a spotty face running around PdL shaking a bogus charity collection box with more mobile phones than Samsung and a girlfriend looking like Posh Spice.'

      In 2007, we were looking at the parents. Where did it all go wrong?'

      Redwood blinked for the first time in three months, turned, and stormed out of the room.

  20. Greenslade is supposed to be a professor of journalism, yet he seems unable to analyse the extent of media control and influence exerted by the McCanns, their spokesman and sources under various guises. Has he not seen them on Oprah, breakfast TV sofas, or read interviews with Vanity Fair, newspapers...? All freely given.
    "The Cracked Mirror" describes their media control from the outset.
    Like all celebrities who court the media when it suits them, they only complain when it spins out of their control.

  21. Isn’t it ironic that the street the helicopter was focusing on and where SY are said to be interested in roadworks be called Rua 25 de Abril which is the date of the Carnation revolution in 1974?
    Political pressure of a foreign nation interested in a road named by the revolution by which a nation gained its political freedom?



    May 09, 2014 17:28
    By Russell Myers

    An Algarve judge has yet to decide whether they can question eight people of varying nationality, including an intruder linked to a spate of sex attacks there

    Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are probing a theory that her abductor was a British holidaymaker.

    Eight suspects Metropolitan Police cops applied to investigate include a British paedophile that was living on the Algarve when Madeleine went missing seven years ago, it was claimed today.

    An Algarve judge has yet to decide on the application by the Met who believe an intruder linked to a spate of sex attacks on the Algarve may have snatched Madeleine.

    The same judge recently banned British detectives from searching the homes of three former Ocean Club workers - but has approved the land searches and digs they requested across three sites in the town.

    A local source said: “The eight people are of different nationalities and live on the Algarve.

    “The British police want to question them as part of their line of investigation based on a sexual predator breaking into various houses.”

    This shift in the investigation could mean Briton Raymond Hewlett, a convicted child rapist who was living on the Algarve when Maddie went missing, could once again in the frame.

    The monster went to his death refusing to speak to investigators hunting for Madeleine McCann after he was sensationally linked to her disappearance.

    The evil sex beast had been staying in their converted truck at a camping site near Praia da Luz at the time three-year-old Madeleine disappeared as her parents Kate and Gerry dined out with friends at the Ocean Club holiday complex.

    British cops are also hunting another convicted child sex attacker Roderick Robinson, 77.

    Our sister paper the Sunday Mirror revealed this week how vile Robinson was extradited from Portugal in 2010 to Australia where he was sentenced for abusing an eight-year-old girl.

    Sources say he could have vital information concerning a paedophile ring in the Algarve while he was living there which could in turn be linked to Madeleine’s disappearance.

    Scotland Yard detectives have previously spoken of their belief that a serial sex attacker on the Algarve could be behind the case.

    They are linking 18 incidents when a male intruder broke into British families’ holiday villas between 2004 and 2010 and sexually assaulted nine girls with three near-misses.

    One of the victims, a ten-year-old girl, was assaulted in Praia da Luz two years before Madeleine vanished from the resort.

    Sources told local Portuguese media they thought the paedophile their Met colleagues are trying to identify may have been a British holidaymaker.

    A source close to the investigation said: “A sex attacker is someone who acts compulsively.

    “If he only struck in the summer and he hasn’t struck again, it’s probably because he doesn’t live here.”

    But in a blow to the British police inquiry, it was also reported Portuguese police are now ready to discount any link between the sex attacks and Madeleine’s disappearance.

    Porto-based detectives who led a cold case review into the seven year old mystery which led them to dead former Ocean Club worker Euclides Monteiro, are said to have concluded there is no evidence the Algarve sex attacker snatched Maddie.

    Euclides’ widow Luisa Rodrigues has insisted her partner, a convicted burglar who died in a tractor accident in 2009, has nothing to do with Madeleine’s disappearance and was cleared of any involvement in the sex attacks after police questioning the year before he died.


  23. (cont)

    Scotland Yard detectives who arrived in the Algarve for a series of meetings with Portuguese investigators on Thursday returned to London today.

    The team of six detectives, including two forensic officers who specialise in searching for bodies, boarded the 12.15pm British Airways flight from Faro airport to London Gatwick.

    As part of their investigation they will study aerial photos of the Algarve resort taken on a helicopter ride with Portuguese detectives on Thursday.

    Police photographers took the pictures from an air force helicopter on a flyover of Praia da Luz following a meeting about land searches and excavations.

    Operation Grange officers leading the hunt for Madeleine commissioned the chopper to identify spots where earth may have been moved and where evidence like weapons - or a child’s body - could be buried.

    They will now study the images while they wait for Portuguese PJ police chiefs to tell them if they can take part in land searches of the areas of interest.

    The PJ’s top man - national director Almeida Rodrigues - will take the decision and rule on whether to use a Portuguese police ground-penetrating radar or a radar Met Police have offered along with sniffer dogs capable of detecting buried bodies.

    He is expected to make up his mind over the weekend.

    Scotland Yard hopes the initial land searches could begin by the middle of next week.

    One of the areas Met Police have focused on is wasteland next to the Ocean Club holiday complex Madeleine vanished from.

    Two others are understood to be a car park in front of an a cobbled road beside Our Lady of the Light Church in Praia da Luz where Madeleine’s parents Kate, 46, and heart doctor Gerry, 45, from Rothley, Leics, prayed for Madeleine’s safe return.

    1. Anonymous 9 May 2014 23:01:00,

      Really interesting article. Thank you. Very interesting indeed. And very relevant as our readers will see next week.

      For now, let us just point out 3 points that are related to current post:

      - If SY boarded the 12.15 flight, then they had to be at the airport at 11.00, at the latest, so left hotel, at around 10.30, after breakfast and checking out. This means they didn't stay 2 days but only one.

      - Helicopter ride WITH Portuguese detectives.

      - 3 locations, 2 of which are just 1 car park near the church.

      About the possible “revival” of Raymond Hewlett, this is what we had to say in our “The Mystery of Profile L” post (30Nov11):

      “Second comment on 14.2.10. “The problem with the case is the amount of support given by the very top of the British Government. They will ask for a review, not a re-opening of the case by the British Police. There is one DNA sample described by the FSS as allegedly matching a profile from another crime, but could not be pinned on a name. Once they have the authority to review the case, this will be attributed to Raymond Hewlett and the case will be solved” This second commentator seems to have had the gift of foresight! ………..

      Raymond Hewlett’s estranged son Wayne claimed to have a letter from his now deceased, formerly estranged father in September 2010, denying his involvement in Madeleine’s death, but claiming she had been taken by gypsies.
      But… wait for it … the son had destroyed it, in what was derided by many wise commentators as ”the dog ate my homework” excuse.

      In February 2011, Kate McCann wanted Hewlett’s German widow to tell her what she knew and Mrs Hewlett was reported as being very resentful about this intrusion.
      Kate dismisses Hewlett as a suspect in her book and the Hewlett story now seems to have died with him.”

      Since that post, we discovered that FSS had, attributed profile L to CG the small boy we called Craig G then.

      CG was Paul Gordon’s 2yr old son. The Gordons were the family staying in Apartment 5A before the McCanns

      We recommend readers read our post “Super-Kid” (30Aug13)

  24. Judiciária acredita que Maddie foi raptada por estrangeiro Polícia Judiciária muda linha de investigação.

    Ler mais em:

    1. If what I translate is true, it looks like PJ have agreed abduction by stranger. If so, what hope is there for justice?
      This is a rapid reverse from what they said yesterday.

    2. Anonymous 10 May 2014 12:03:00

      Without wanting to use absolutely any sense of humour, we have to remind readers that a game is a game. Unfortunately, this is a game, as we have said so various times.

      In chess one has to expect to have checks on our king once in a while but the game is only over with check-mate. Never before.

      The snowglobe needs to settle.

      This could be many things and all will be speculation but we cannot but help to realise that today, on 10May2014, we have PJ “believing” in abduction and SY “believing” in death.

      By the way, as far as we know, Gerry McCann is not Portuguese, so a foreigner.

  25. This is a quick translation of today’s CdM paper edition.
    It obviously deserves to be a post on other blogs and not just as comment her:


    Investigators believe that suspect took English child and left the country

    Tânia Laranjo

    The PJ changed its line of investigation in the Maddie case. After the process of the disappearance of the child was reopened based on the similarity with five cases of children allegedly victim of abuse – and in which Euclides Monteiro, meanwhile deceased, appeared as main suspect – the authorities now believe that Maddie’s disappearance was a single case. The thesis that it was related with various situations continues to be followed by the English, but PJ defends that the clues collected in the last six months weaken that theory.
    They believe the kidnap was a single situation and that the crime was committed by a foreigner. They also defend that the suspect is to have left the country – taking into account that it wasn’t seen any other similar situation – and that the body, in the case of homicide, also is not to be in our country. However, this theory is far from closed. Sources contacted by CdM remind that until the case is clarified it allows all kinds of hypothesis and speculations.

    Meanwhile, the diligences requested by the English authorities don’t have a date to begin. PJ has authorised that on Thursday aerial photography could be done, so as to understand where excavations can be done. It’s not known if they will be done with the help of dogs or with special radars that the British say they have. Certain is that all costs will be supported by the British police who now seems to believe the girl died in May 2007, when she disappeared in Praia da Luz, Lagos. The SY elements returned to England yesterday morning.

    English police was in the Algarve buat has already left

    - Terrain
    One of the places where the English police wants to search is on a terrain near the Ocean Club
    - Roadworks
    Another place of interest are the streets that were under work in May 2007.

  26. Os ingleses chegaram a 1 ponto s/ retorno. A montanha terá de p.o rato. A questào é saber até onde estão dispostos a levar o rato em vez da verdade.
    O assalto à PDL, deu p/ confirmar o q/ mais temiam- a PJ está fora da farsa e n/ parece disposta a dar de "mão beijada" o rato por q/ os ingleses tanto desesperam. Buscas e interrogatórios s/ fundamento foram habil/ recusados e os planeados 2 Dias transformaram-se n1. Mas os ingleses, no seu desespero, falaram demais. Inundaram a
    opinião publica c/ suspeitos tão diametral/ opostos q/ até o maior fabricante de monstros infantis teria dificuldade em gerir tantos papões.. Chegaram a 1 labirinto em q/ tudo q/ foi meticulosa/ planeado durante a falsa revisão, vai ser passo a passo descartado pela hábil PJ. N/ s/ antes, serem os ingleses a pagar os seus próprios devaneios em terreno luso. A mentira nunca compensou.
    Veremos o q/ farão os ingleses no regresso a casa. Alimentar a farsa ou entrar em " Smooth way" e deixar q/ a chama arrefeça? N/ será fácil perante a agressividade dos seus
    tabloides q/ até já reabriram o canal de comentários.
    Qualquer q/ seja o rato, preparado por Redwood, vai ser dificil de servir. Cairá sistemática/ fora do cardápio já anunciado. Terá de ser um rato morto, pq só esse está impossibilitado de falar e apresentar outra versão. Euclides, a PJ já descartou. Hewlet foi descartado pelo procurador Alemão mas é 1 moribundo que ainda mexe. O pedófilo Australiano extraditado por Portugal, está vivo e terá o seu ADN super testado pelos 2 países. N/ será fácil trazê-lo para a Ribalta. Assim, pelas minhas contas, só sobra Hewlet, ainda q/ rato imperfeito. O mesmo dinheiro q/ pagou o helicóptero português n/ terá escrúpulos em aliciar 1a viúva necessitada e 1 filho pródigo. C/ jeitinho, se a PJ n/ "roer a corda", a coisa consegue-se, pensará Redwood. O risco é q/ a PJ que fora tão usada e humilhada, pode roer a corda. Maddie, n/ é só 1a investigação para a PJ, é 1a questão de honra. E nestes 6 anos de " offline", a PJ n/ terá estado parada. Terá testado em laboratórios fidedignos e c/ tudo criteriosa/ validado, todos os indícios em seu poder e q/ escaparam às garras dos ingleses. É isso q/ os ingleses temem e todo este circo foi p/ tentarem aceder a estes dados. A PJ vai dar luz verde ao circo inglês e requerer q/ tragam radares, sondas e sobretudo cães,sob a batuta da PJ. N/ encontrarão nada, e a PJ sabe isso. Os mesmos terrenos já foram larga/ batidos e o corpo n/ está ali. A PJ n/ saberá onde está , mas fará 1a idéia, até pq acredito q/ jã tenha a "picture" do q/ se passou. A vinda dos cães, mais do q/ tudo, é vital pq permitirá credibilizar os usados em 2007, q/ foram meticulosa/ desacreditados pela sua inconveniência. E Redwood vai ter de ter 1a explicação factual, p/ provar q/ o decrépito, velho e magro Hewlet, é o gordo Smelly man das últimas alegações.. E MAIS IMPORTANTE, REDWOOD VAI TER DE ENCONTRAR 1A BOA EXPLICAÇÃO P/ O Q/ OS CÃES DE 2007 ENCONTRARAM E CUJOS VESTÍGIOS METICULOSA/ ANALISADOS VALIDARAM- A CADAVERINA ENCONTRADA NO PELUCHE DE MADDIE E NAS CALÇAS XADREZ DE KATE. Qdo é q/ Hewlet, esteve c/ as calças de Kate? Qto tempo esteve no ap depois da morte da criança p/ q/ a CADAVERINA passasse p/ o peluche? E qdo devolveu o brinquedo a Kate, já q/ foi o seu baluarte em 2007? REDWOOD, será apanhado pela sua própria teia e ou revela a verdade ou mata toda a reputação da SY. Se
    o caso Maddie se insere n1 cenário de pedofilia foi dentro do grupo dos T9 e de quem c/ eles conviveu. Então, as buscas e interrog têm de ser em solo inglês, p/ descanso da sociedade inglesa e p/ q/ finalmente se faça justiça.

  27. I find that most of what Textusa says and researches takes SY and others years to accept, but eventually they do. There have been almost one million hits on this site which says something for its interest. SY should take some time to go over old posts here, the nonsense being printed in the media at present is making SY look like fools. Thanks Textusa you say it how it is, shame the british media and police force do not follow your example.

  28. Correio da Manha says there is a man from PDL missing since April 11. He is a brother of a GNR working in the área and his belongs were found at the Boavista Golf Resort. From the man, no traces. Maybe, just a coincidence. But, what was the man doing at the Golf Resort? The report says nothing about him being a worker or a player.

  29. Ah, ah, Redwood back home, trying to excuse his poor achievements and blaming the Portuguese, or the British papers in the middle of a turn over on the Mccann's?

    - Portuguese cop's says SY dig, is rubbish.....a waste of time.
    - Portuguese cop's divert from the british investigation and said Madeleine abduction was a " unique case" done by a foreigner who came to the área at the time and left the country. The body, also left the country. ( I believe, with the same perpetrator. Ih! Ih, Gerry, is a foreigner who came to the área and left the country many times before Sept 2007. Sometimes on a private jet with his luggage not checked. And he rush to go home to apply for a work leave- something that can be done online, and what?... To pick Madeleine pictures and have his wallet stolen in an amazing way). All that, while the Cop's were struggled in the crime scene with pressures from the British authorities, a deliberated contaminated flat, by the T9 and many contradictions( lies) from the same group.
    -Eh, Eh, A british expat living in PDL, saying that all that is because the british cop's are trying to save their Jobs.
    - PDL residents, undersign what the portuguese cop's are saying. Well, no long ago, Redwood released a group of e-fits for the suspect and immediately, at least on portuguese papers, the public pointed that one of the mans was Gerry. PDL residents must have a strong feeling about what happen and on which direction the cop's should look to solve the case.
    I think, Redwood is going to be trapped on his own rat trap, unless the british authorities interfere again to give a shameful hand. ( that is my opinion)

    - who is reporting that? The British papers. Exactely the same who supported the Mccann's when was convennient for the business and to who the Mccann's appeal now to be quite and not report anything.
    - This articles are available at Mccannfiles.

  30. parents and friends will celebrate today Madeleines Birthday, with gifts. Disgusting and sick. What are they going to say to the twins? Insisting on the idea of an alive Madeleine while their children can read on the papers- the british police believe she is dead and they are trying to search her body? Or are the parents hiding the papers from their children, preventing them to read the headlines? What a job.



    PORTUGUESE police think a British effort to solve the Madeleine McCann mystery is a waste of time.

    By Gerard Couzens & Tracey Kandohla/Published 11th May 2014

    Detectives from Scotland Yard want to dig up land in the Algarve resort where Madeleine vanished seven years ago.

    The Brits fear she was abducted by an Algarve sex fiend who had targeted foreign girls before.

    But local detectives are now said to believe that her disappearance was “unique” and nothing to do with the pervert behind the assaults.

    A Portuguese cold case review team persuaded bosses to reopen their archived Madeleine inquiry last year after discovering similarities between her case and five sex attacks by a mystery man.

    They looked into the background of a now dead immigrant burglar, still thought to be among their suspects.

    But Portuguese officers told a local paper yesterday that evidence gathered over the last six months had weakened the possibility of a connection.
    They suspect a foreigner who has now left the ¬ country snatched Madeleine.

    They fear she was killed and her body smuggled out of the country.

    The theory signals Portuguese police think excavations near the Praia da Luz complex will be a waste of time.

    Local residents also think the digs are futile. One elderly British expat believed the Met police were “trying to prove a point” and “keep their jobs”.

    She added: “I wonder what the British taxpayer thinks? After all, they are paying for it!”

    The woman said locals were “mad” and “feel it (the digging)could ruin our tourism”.

    She said: “The resort was busy over Easter and although it’s quietened down we’re heading into the main holiday season.

    “I can’t imagine any family with young children would want to see officers digging up the ground.”

    Madeleine, who disappeared from Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007, would be due to celebrate her 11th birthday tomorrow.

    1. PJ fear she was killed and her body taken out of the country.
      That seems an addition to the story by the Star - body taken out?!

    2. Wow. It's amazing what they are implying without actually saying it.

      'Find the body and prove we killed her.' Gerry McCann 2007.

      This quote from McCann above all others, comes across as a catch-me-if-you-can to the police.



    KATE McCann has sent a heartfelt message to missing daughter Madeleine on the eve of her 11th birthday tomorrow, writes Tracey Kandohla.

    Published: Sun, May 11, 2014

    It reads: “We love you and we’re waiting for you and we’re never going to give up.”

    Kate wants the world to know she still clings on to hope that Madeleine is found alive, despite British police being poised to dig up areas of the Portuguese resort where she vanished seven years ago.

    A close friend of Kate and Gerry has revealed they have asked Scotland Yard to delay any ground searches in Praia da Luz until after they have “celebrated” the youngster’s special day, with a cake and presents at home in Rothley, Leicestershire.

    Madeleine’s father Gerry said: “It is really hard. She won’t be here. It’s by far the toughest day of our year, every year. But we still have a birthday cake for her.”

    Former GP Kate, 46, and heart doctor Gerry, 45, and their nine-year-old twins Sean and Amelie will also lay presents in Madeleine’s pretty pink bedroom which has become a shrine since she vanished nine days before her fourth birthday in May 2007.

    Kate said: “The room’s absolutely the same but she might want to change it a bit now she’s a bit older!”

    Kate’s uncle Brian Kennedy, 75, a retired teacher, who also lives in Rothley, said: “None of us expected to be in the same position, not knowing, seven years later.

    "But we are grateful for all the support we’ve had from the public and our village, who along with us, never gives up hope.”

    1. Delay searches until after birthday. What! Let's pretend she's still alive?
      Sick. Any reasonable parent would rather know the truth than pretend.
      And the sooner the better.

  33. Publicity freely given by the McCanns about celebrating Madeleine's birthday, yet days ago, they were expressing concern about publicity surrounding the searches in Portugal.
    What they mean is their concern when they are not controlling the media output. They seem to have a couple of staff writers to write tear- jerking stories, but even they seem to be adding barbs to their stories.


      AS is Anthony Sharples


    Caso Madeleine McCann: Ingleses con prisa tendrán que hacer nuevas peticiones de búsqueda


    Caso Madeleine McCann: Judiciaria tras la pista de secuestrador extranjero


    TV Maddie: Policia portuguesa submete-se a esta palhaçada

    Eduardo Cintra Torres, no comentário semanal na CMTV:
    "É uma vergonha para o Estado português estar a deixar-se ir atrás desta mediatização, (sobretudo daquele policia da Scotland Yard, Andy Redwood), numa investigação que é portuguesa e não inglesa. E se nós tentássemos fazer o mesmo em Inglaterra, eles deixavam?"

  37. Redwood visto como um egocentrista que gosta de aparecer nas TVs e ser falado nos jornais. Irra, mais uma pseudovedeta auto-proclamada. Porque será que todos os que se juntam ou são chamados para defender os pais, sofrem da mesma doença? É praga.
    Interessante é o silêncio da Isabelita portuguesa e do amigo- pagos por um fundo milionário, feito à sombra da morte de uma criança. Deviam ter vergonha e português que se preze, não devia contratar os serviços destes dois apátridas. Deixem-nos com as TVs e com as suas opiniões mascaradas que não interessam a ninguém. Falo obviamente, dos advogados portugueses que causam vómitos sempre que aparecem nos ecrans.


    Radar do caso Ghob na busca por Madeleine

    Maddie está desaparecida desde 3 de maio de 2007

    Criança faria hoje 11 anos

    Casal McCann terá pedido à Scotland Yard para atrasar as buscas.

    Hoje, 09h21
    Nº de votos (0)

    Por:Rui Pando Gomes

    O georradar da Polícia Judiciária usado para procurar os corpos de três vítimas do ‘rei Ghob’, em 2010, poderá vir a ser usado nas buscas pedidas pelas autoridades inglesas para tentar localizar o corpo de Madeleine McCann, que faria hoje 11 anos.

    O equipamento está preparado para captar imagens do subsolo e já foi usado em vários casos para procurar cadáveres ou armas usadas em crimes que tenham sido enterradas.

    A decisão está dependente da Direção Nacional da PJ, que está a avaliar os meios que serão usados nas buscas e se autoriza os investigadores da Scotland Yard a assistirem à diligência.

    Segundo revelou ontem a imprensa inglesa, Kate e Gerry terão pedido à Scotland Yard para atrasar as buscas na Praia da Luz, em Lagos, no sentido de só serem realizadas depois do aniversário de Maddie, por ser um dia triste para a família. A criança inglesa desapareceu poucos dias antes de fazer quatro anos, a 3 de maio de 2007, do quarto onde dormia juntamente com os dois irmãos gémeos.

  39. Pediram para atrasar as buscas? Então estão a assumir que a criança está morta enquanto celebram o seu aniversário com amigos, bolo e presentes, como se estivesse viva? Este viver um "faz de conta" permanente, é escandalosamente doentio. Tudo lhes é permitido e tratado como normal. O problema é que à sombra desta anormalidade, vào processando judicialmente quem revela sanidade e questiona tudo isto, e vão destruindo as vidas de alguns. Nem o policia que verdadeiramente, lhes procurou a filha, poupam. Se isto não é o descrédito da sociedade em que vivemos e uma total inversão de valores, não sei quão mais baixo os nossos governantes ( todos em geral) têm de descer para termos a certeza que tudo negoceiam, por tudo se vendem, tudo toleram num mundo de corrupção que já nem se esforçam em esconder. E vemos o Cameron nas TVs a gritar para que libertem as meninas Quenianas. HIPÓCRITA!!! Nem tem coragem de dar um funeral condigno a uma criança inglesa, quanto mais lutar pelos direitos daquelas que não estão sob a sua jurisdição. É só Show off, para tirar dividendos pessoais.

  40. This is becoming ridiculous.
    Just too ridiculous. SY is appearing like the cops running after Charlie Chaplin's Charlot.
    People are laughing at all this. Ridiculous, ridiculous, RIDICULOUS. Have they forgotten that it's a human life they're playing with?
    Textusa, wherever Maddie may be, I'm sure she's very grateful for your work!

  41. Casal pediu para SY atrasar as buscas e a SY achou normal, aceitou e obedeceu. Afinal, quem é que está a dirigir as operações?
    Aí Redwood, quanto mais te baixas, mais se te vê o rabo.
    Está em marcha uma grande operação de lexiviaçào.

    Só nao sei porque o pessoal da PDL + ex- funcionários do OC e familiares, não vêm para a rua exigir a reconstituição da noite do crime com os personagens que a viveram e que usaram a contracapa do livro de Maddie para listarem uma "timeline" q/ entregaram à PJ. Exijam a reconstituição da versão que contaram à policia em 2007. Não uma fabricada à posteriori. A de 2007, é a que está temporalmente, mais perto dos acontecimentos e por isso mais fresca, mais fiável. O tempo, nào aviva a memória, apaga-a, deturpa-a.
    É bom que saibam que janela de oportunidade teve o raptor para entrar no ap, matar a criança e levá-la.
    Esta gente sem escrúpulos, prepara-se para pendurar o crime em qualquer um que estivesse na PDL na altura, menos os T9 e o seu séquito de ajudantes. Portanto, pessoal da PDL, qualquer um de vós, corre o risco de pagar pelo que não fez e ter a vida destruída. Agora, que a Scot finge investigar é que é a altura certa para exigirem a reconstituição. Afinal, este caso é global e que eu saiba, não é crime uma população exigir que se esclareçam factos e se apure a verdade.

  42. 11:16, Nigerianas quis dizer, em vez de Quenianas.


    Libel Trial: Thank You!

    I would like to personally thank everyone who has supported Gonçalo Amaral in meeting his legal defence costs after our latest appeal - by donating their time in spreading the message, their money or both.

    The goal was achieved and the relevant documentation has been filed with the Court in Lisbon.

    We await further news as we continue our efforts.

    Thank you.


    The Hunt for Madeleine McCann’s Grave

    The little English girl who disappeared in Portugal seven years ago would be turning 11 today. While her parents mark the occasion at home, cops are starting a new search for body.

    As Madeleine McCann’s parents marked another sad birthday for their missing daughter on Monday, Portuguese police prepared to break ground in a vacant field across the street from the resort where the young girl disappeared seven years ago.

    The move to excavate the abandoned field where Irish investors had once planned to build a holiday resort (before the economic crisis and the stigma of McCann’s disappearance lured them elsewhere), brings the investigation full circle back to Portugal.

    McCann disappeared on May 3, 2007, from her parent’s vacation apartment in Praia da Luz in the Algarve while they dined with friends at a tapas bar nearby. Kate and Gerry McCann and their dinner companions took turns checking on sleeping Madeleine and her young twin siblings at half hour intervals. Several people reported seeing a man carrying a child in a blanket that night, but because Portuguese police immediately suspected McCann’s parents, none of the leads were pursued adequately.

    Instead, the Portuguese police focused on the young girl’s parents who were their prime suspects until they quit pursuing the case in July 2008. The chief investigator in the case Giancolo Amaral has been sued for libel by the McCanns for his book The Truth Of The Lie which outlined his suspicions. He was released from the case in 2007 for “showing bias against the McCanns” according to the court dossier.

    Scotland Yard then reopened the case in 2011 under the investigative name Operation Grange. Portuguese police reluctantly followed suit in 2013 and also reopened the case in Portugal.

    Though the British and Portuguese investigations remain separate, their efforts have produced a list of 38 potential suspects and nearly 200 leads missed in the early investigations, which are being used as a guide by both teams. Most recently, British police identified a man who may have been involved in as many as 18 attempted kidnappings and “near misses” in the same area around the time McCann disappeared. They have also interrogated a number of known sex offenders, including 68-year-old Anthony Woodhouse, who was on the run in Portugal at the time, who was questioned last week. Woodhouse turned himself in and is serving a 17-and-a-half-year jail term in England for raping a 14-year-old girl who became pregnant from the attack. Scotland Yard has not commented on the questioning.

    The search for McCann’s grave in the abandoned field could begin this week. Portuguese police will lead the dig, which is being funded under Operation Grange. They will start by using ground penetrating radar equipment and helicopters to map out the area, which is the size of three football fields. They are searching for abnormalities in the soil, replanted vegetation and other signs of a rogue grave. It has angered many local business owners who say piles of fresh dirt in the search for a missing child will not be good for tourism. Local pub owner Nancy Thompson told the BBC that she feared it would ruin the summer season. “Why now? Why didn’t they do it at the time?” she said. “It will be like a circus town.”


  45. (cont)

    Portuguese police have also warned that if the dig becomes a media extravaganza they will cease operations. They also threatened British police that if they give press conferences or leak information during the digs, the operation will be stopped. According to Mark Rowley, assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, the media must not behave as they did when McCann first disappeared. In an open letter to British newspapers, he warned reporters to stay away. “If we provide any briefings or information on the work they are undertaking on our behalf, or if reporters cause any disruption to their work in Portugal, activity will cease.”

    British police have also expressed concern that Portuguese police may have information from other criminal investigations that could provide clues in the McCann case, but because the Portuguese cops, known as the policia judiciaria, have been so strongly criticized for their initial handling of the case, the British police have to tread lightly. According to Andy Redwood, who is leading the Operation Grange operation, they won’t give up.

    "Sitting in police exhibits stores somewhere on the Algarve could be forensic material which we and our senior colleagues in the policia judiciaria are not aware of,” Redwood told reporters last month. “We're keen to find out about that. We're not going to stop asking questions until we are satisfied we have everything that is available."

    Meanwhile in Rothley, Leicestershire, McCann’s parents spent a somber day following a birthday ritual they know all too well. They ate birthday cake and placed birthday gifts befitting an 11-year-old girl in Madeleine’s pink bedroom, which has not been changed since she disappeared. The gifts marking the last seven birthdays are there waiting for her to come home to open. “It’s a long time,” Kate McCann told the BBC in a heartbreaking interview ahead of the birthday. “The room’s absolutely the same but she might want to change it a bit now she’s a bit older. You think, 11 – she’s due to start big school in ­September.”


    Escavações aprovadas

    1. PRAIA DA LUZ Aprovadas escavações nos 11 anos de Maddie 11:47 O Ministério Público aprovou a polícia inglesa a fazer escavações e a realizar buscas na Praia da Luz, no Algarve. Nesta segunda-feira assinala-se os onze anos de idade de Madeleine McCann.


    As he was interviewed the police in 2008 on his return to the UK, SY have been rather slow in following this up.
    He employed 12 cleaners, not 6, but maybe 6 had decided to start careers in burglary or break-ins in the Algarve
    That patch of land must be rock hard. The most unlikely place ever to have disposed of a body. I suppose the PJ will be amused by the antics of SY. The residents less so.

  48. Birch está acusado pelo Ministério Público. Diz que aceita a acusação mas insiste em que " há um encobrimento da verdade" e que " encontrou vestígios de Maddie na propriedade de Murat.

    Interessante que o M P tenha escolhido esta altura para fazer a acusação. À espera que o saco rebente por algum lado e alguém desmascare/ exponha o conteúdo.

  49. SY quiz a 68 year old Paedo, in prison, who had a cleaning business in Algarve when Maddie disappeared.
    The dig is to search Madeleines body, clothes or a weapon. What made them search a weapon? Blood and DNA found on the flat? - Mccannfiles

    This did not sound good for the T9

  50. Soon we will see Creche Dad back to stage again, as the stranger raptor carrying Madeleines body.

  51. Why cant SY bring some pride to their job and investigate this case properly, there are far too many indescrepancies from the Mcs and their friends to simply take their word for what happened in pdl. SY have so far made themselves look fools and idiots and a laughing stock. A British police force that cannot be trusted it what SY has become.


    Uma Maddie mais madura, com rugas de expressão, odor de cadáver otimizado, e já voyeur de swing, vai ser apresentada para novo financiamento da compra da casa dos pais | The Braganza Mothers


    Judiciária de Faro inundada com telefonemas, que apontam para identificação, muito recente, e personalizada, do suspeito do desaparecimento de Maddie, poderá indiciar que o processo está finalmente (ufa!...) a chegar ao fim :-) | The Braganza Mothers

  54. Thank you Textusa...if SY had half your integrity they would have solved this years ago...and saved the tax payers millions which could have been spent on our NHS or education systems.


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