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The Mystery of Rag Doll, by IRONSIDE

11th May

12th May Church Service Leaving Church

Criminologist Mark Williams Thomas has a thesis and his thesis is Madeleine was abducted after she left the apartment.

He thinks this happened after Madeleine was wandering around the complex looking for her parents.

MWT has said that publicly available evidence leads him to believe three year old Maddie arranged her toys on her bed and left through the unlocked patio door.

He also questions, is it unreasonable to presume Maddie woke up and after neatly tucking up her toys went in search of her parents.

MWT came to this conclusion after reading through 10,000 documents amassed by P.J.

He went on to describe how an abductor would not have arranged the toys on the bed as he would be in a hurry to escape.

Based on evidence provided by the files and a number of factors suggest that this the likely scenario. MWT explains his thesis well and I have trouble understanding why the McCanns insist that Madeleine was taken from her bed.

By their own admission the Patio doors were unlocked. The McCanns have never spoken of toys only Cuddle Cat and Maddies pink blanket.

Where then did MWT come to the conclusion that there were toys on Madeleines bed. Who told him?

He does not appear to have made this up as he claims there is evidence in the files to suggest this.

He also claims that Madeleine tucked up her toys before leaving. Again, how does he know the toys were tucked up? The first interview with the McCanns was May 4th. A young couple looking tense as Gerry McCann gave a short written speech. Kate, Madeleines mum ,clutched a soft pink toy we later learned was Cuddle Cat, Madeleines favourite toy. Cuddle Cat, who played centre stage as this abduction unfolded.

Kate was seen walking on the beach, standing on the balcony or evening posing for a photograph. Cuddle cat was always there, Kate used to inhale the sweet smell of her first born that lingered on the small soft toy.

We now come to the night of May 11th. The eve of Madeleines birthday, what a terrible day this must have been.The McCanns attended a church service . The good people of Portugal prayed along with this poor couple for the safe return of their child. This night ,the McCanns looked tense and nervous. The candle too large for Kate to hold in her fragile hand.

Cuddle Cat, Kates faithful companion had a little friend with him.A doll, a doll with long yellow hair.

Could this be Rag Doll ?The doll that Kate had bought for Madeleines birthday. But why would this doll be in Portugal ?

Madeleine would have been back home in Rothley on this special day had she not been abducted(allegedly). Madeleine would be enjoying her birthday party and her Dr.Who cake , opening her presents and seeing for the first time Rag Doll.

Could it be that Rag Doll was Madeleines favourite toy and not Cuddle Cat?

Could it be that MWT referred to Rag Doll who Madeleine tucked up in her bed?

Did the Mccanns manage to sneak away after the church service. Did the McCanns go to Madeleines secret hiding place and did her parents sit with her until the clock struck 12...

Did Maddies parents take her truly favourite toy Rag Doll to be with her forever?

Could this explain the truly bizarre behaviour of the McCanns on Madeleines fourth birthday when leaving the church.

We have all asked and been shocked by the sheer joy on their faces. More than any other photographs they have stayed in our minds. How can they look so happy when it should have been their daughters birthday.?

Much could be explained if the McCanns had spent time with Madeleine on her fourth birthday. If this did happen the McCanns took a big risk, a risk where they could have been followed and their secret revealed...luck was on their side.

The expression ,a picture tells a thousand words.How different the faces of the McCanns on eve May 11th to the following day May 12th. Madeleines birthday.

If those pictures could speak what would they tell us?

Of course this is only a thesis like so many. Rag Doll 'her one and only appearance. But the date is of GREAT importance.

 If Madeleines remains are ever found, will we also unravel the mystery of Rag Doll?  

Note: I would like to give my great thanks to TEXTUSA and PAMALAM whose help made this article possible.



    In my haste I forgot the

    Well, nobodys perfect.

  2. It is a thesis and without doubt a good one.

    This article also offers insight and shows understanding of the McCanns mindset.

    Looking forward to more of the same.

  3. Thank you for the link.
    At times I consider, as does Frank James, or so I am reliably informed, the Internet is now clearly about more than just sports scores, emails and facebook.
    The Internet used properly is now a place where we can conduct our democracy and a place where we can get very large amounts of data to a very large number of people.

    Thank again you to you and to Ironside for making that possible

  4. TTW4 I seem to have trouble logging on to your blog...This is an interesting site put together with a lot of thought...take a look at this and McCanns comment from his blog.


    Song for Madeleine, may her Star shine a little brighter tonight as we come a little closer to knowing the truth of what really happened to Madeleine Beth Mccann. A little girl looking forward to her 4th birthday and seeing for the first time Rag Doll bought by her mother...


    When I wrote this small piece about Rag Doll...many said it was a member of the village who gave it to her. I still believe the plan was to see Maddie the eve of her birthday after the church service. It says here Kate bought the Doll for Maddie fourth birthday.


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