Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The reflection is all wrong.

Many days ,weeks , months and years have now passed ,yet it is only lately we see the ravage of time etched on the Mccanns faces.

It is hard to believe that Madeleine ,presumed dead ,has been gone for almost three years. I have no doubt that the Mccanns have a PR stunt prepared for her up and coming birthday.

Her siblings, will be giving gifts and there will be an empty chair, Maddys chair.

The Mccanns interviewed in the days and weeks when Madeleine was first lost to them, seemed to glow, there seemed an inner peace.

The twins were once again placed in the creche so that the parents may jog and walk the wonderful beach of PDL.

The twins had a sister, what once were three ,then became two. The twins had lost their sister yet where were the parents to explain this loss to their remaining little ones? why were they not comforting them they must have wondered where their big sister had gone.

The McCanns claim their first born was 'stolen' by an abductor . They were watched said Kate, they must have been waiting for the window of opportunity she is heard to have said.

An evil predator had lain in wait to take Madeleine and yet knowing this man could still be in the area ,could still be watching Kates remaining children, what does Kate do? she places them back in the creche with strangers,the same strangers she did not want to leave them with at night.

Would any mother not fear for her tiny toddlers, would any mother not hold them closer, tighter , would any mother let them out of her sight?...the answer has to be NO..there is an evil man out there taking children from their beds...

Well is'nt there? and yet we have Kate and Gerry McCann without a care in the world leaving their children once more.

A parent would only be able to leave a child because they know there is no such threat ,an abductor does not exist..

The Mccanns in those early days shone with gleaming white smiles and bronzed athletic bodies. They did not look like parents suffering for the loss of their daughter, in fact they did not look like they had lost anything at all least of all the most precious thing in the world. Their first born.

Why and how the Mccanns could look so pleased with themselves remains a mystery.

Why the Mccanns look now the way they do does not. There is no mystery when you have lied , plotted and schemed and continue to do so. There is no mystery when your rich supporters seem to be slipping away.

There is no mystery as to their hatred for Mr.Amaral the man the Mccanns intend to destroy.

Mr.Amaral who guessed what really happened to Madeleine. The Mccanns faces reflect now the anguish of this torment .

he anguished torment that was never reflected for the loss of Madeleine.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSxREovLpis&feature=related

    Behind the Mask

  2. With my bad "english",I than You all the words,Iron.

    "The anguished torment that was never reflected for the loss of Madeleine. "

    Text: Hi!


  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1m049Zcob4
    Re open the case.

  4. Maybe Madeleine was a little too much for her mother.

    Kate McCann: My struggle to control 'very difficult' MadeleineLast updated at 19:06 17 September 2007

    Kate McCann has revealed that she struggled to control Madeleine McCann after the birth of her and Gerry's twins, it was revealed today.
    Missing Madeleine would run around 'screaming...shouting for my attention', the mother-of-three said.
    In an interview given to a Portuguese magazine before she was named as a suspect in the case of the four-year-old's disappearance, Kate also said the first six months of Madeleine's life were "very difficult" and that the girl had suffered from colic.

    Believe in our innocence, the McCanns tell Gordon Brown
    Now police are probing if Kate McCann had been depressed
    Kate McCann flashes a rare smile after praying for Madeleine
    Madeleine: The case against the McCanns begins to crumble
    Branson donates £100,000 to help pay McCann legal bills
    The revelations come as police said they were trawling through Kate's medical records amid suspicions in Portugal that she may have had a history of depression.
    The detailed analysis of her medical notes could provide them with significant evidence against the GP, who is a suspect in the case of Madeleine's disappearance.
    Speaking about Madeleine's upbringing, Kate, a 39-year-old GP, told Portugal's Flash! magazine: "She cried practically for 18 hours a day. I had to permanently carry her around."

    Kate McCann with twins Sean and Amelie
    This period explained "the strong bond between mother and daughter", she said.
    Although the arrival of the twins Sean and Amelie shook up Madeleine's life, she accepted them very well, said Kate.
    "She managed to deal perfectly with this new reality, although she herself at the time was still a baby.
    "The worst thing is that she started to demand lots of attention, especially when I was breast-feeding them.

    Madeleine McCann: Would run around screaming and demanding attention after her twin brother and sister were born
    "She would run up and down screaming in the background, shouting for my attention."
    Mrs McCann also insisted that she and her husband were "truly responsible parents" and had committed no crime.
    Speaking of the night Madeleine disappeared, she said: "I was sure immediately that she didn't walk out of that room. I never doubted that she had been taken by someone.
    "I went through a phase of guilt for not knowing what happened to her. I blamed myself for thinking that the place was safe.
    "But the certainty that we are truly responsible parents has helped me carry on.
    "I know that what happened is not due to the fact of us leaving the children asleep. I know it happened under other circumstances."
    Asked about whether she and her husband were responsible for their daughter's disappearance, she said: "It cannot be considered a crime. Someone committed one, but not us."

    Portuguese newspapers continued to report today that Mrs McCann will be re-interviewed in the UK this week by British police on behalf of the Algarve authorities.
    But a spokeswoman for the McCanns said the couple had to date received no request for new interrogation.
    The judge in the case, Pedro Daniel dos Anjos Frias, rejected prosecutors' request to have the McCanns brought back to Portugal for further questioning, the Correio da Manha said.
    He insisted that the fresh interviews should be carried out by British police in the UK, according to the paper.
    The re-interviewing will only take place when further DNA testing in Birmingham is completed, either tomorrow or Wednesday.

  5. cont...

    A letter of appeal will be sent to Britain, setting out all the questions Portuguese detectives want to ask the couple, along with the evidence supporting their hypothesis, the Correio da Manha reported.
    A source told the paper there was only a "very low" probability that Portuguese officers would be allowed to sit in on the interviews.
    A McCann family spokeswoman said today: "We have been in touch with the lawyers to try and get a steer on what is in the Portuguese papers.
    "They assure us we have had no request to date for any further questioning, either from the Portuguese police or in the UK."
    She could not say whether the McCanns' legal team was expecting the couple to be re-interviewed.
    Since Kate and Gerry McCann were named as official suspects last week, there have been suggestions in Portugal that Madeleine was given drugs on the night of her disappearance.
    The accusations have been strenuously denied by the couple but have not been ruled out by police. Although the order to seize medical files came from the Portuguese authorities, the background searches are being carried out by Leicestershire police.
    A copy of Mrs McCann's diary has also been seized by police, who are now waiting for permission from the judge to seize and dismantle the McCanns' hire car so they can search for "traces of skin".
    It has been reported that DNA evidence with a match to Madeleine was found in the Renault Scenic 25 days after their daughter vanished.
    Yesterday it emerged the McCanns are trying to knock down potential evidence retrieved after two British sniffer dogs, capable of detecting blood and human remains, were used in the investigation in August.
    One of the dogs picked up a "scent of deathî on items ranging from Mrs McCann's clothes to Madeleine's favourite soft toy Cuddle Cat.
    Leaked reports from the investigation have suggested that Madeleine's parents could have accidentally killed her and then disposed of her body using the car. Although they do not know the full details of the Portuguese prosecutors' case against them, the McCanns are concerned that it may rest on the dog's reaction.
    The couple's legal team has now consulted the lawyers of an American man accused of murdering his estranged wife in a case where "cadaver dog" evidence was central. They want to highlight the judge's dismissal of such evidence in the high-profile Eugene Zapata murder trial in Madison, Wisconsin.
    Mr Zapata's estranged wife, flight instructor Jeanette Zapata, was 37 when she vanished in October 1976 after seeing her three children off to school.
    Her body has never been found. Detectives suspected Mr Zapata of involvement in her disappearance but did not charge him because of a lack of evidence.
    Police decided to conduct new searches using cadaver dogs and Mr Zapata, 68, was charged with firstdegree murder last year after the dogs indicated that they had scented human remains in an underfloor crawl space at the former family home and other properties linked to him.
    But the judge ruled that the dogs' ability to detect remains was too unreliable, noting that no remains had actually been found.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-482238/Kate-McCann-My-struggle-control-difficult-Madeleine.html#ixzz0gO9IVg40

  6. Snippet of interview with GA and MF.


    GA – The window made me doubt. And not only that.

    MF – But I do insist on the window. The mother said that she never touched it.

    GA – That she never even opened it.

    MF – Now, when I read the process, I realised that her fingerprints were on it. And positioned in a manner that coincides with an opening movement.

    GA – It was with that, with Kate's fingerprints on the window that I wanted to catch them.

    MF – That's the truth of the lie.

    GA – Among other things. It was one of the best games that I ever saw played out, to divert attention from what really happened in the apartment. The manner in which they "worked" for the Smith was brilliant.

    MF – The couple that recognised the father carrying the little girl.

    GA – Exactly. It was done in such a manner that at one point in time, it was Gerry himself who informed that someone had witnessed the situation, as if the person that was recognised had been someone else.

    MF – Wearing the clothes that the friend mentioned for the photofit.

    GA – Precisely.

    MF – Do you still drink beer, or did you stop drinking red wine after the news in the English press?

    GA [laughs] – I never drank wine. I don't like red wine.

    MF – What really made them mad was being made arguidos.

    GA – Now that you know the process, tell me… Under the old Penal Process, how do I ask Kate: "Are you lying when you say you didn't touch the window? As a matter of fact, it was you who opened the window. We have material evidence of that." A question like this forces the constitution of arguido because it invades her sphere of constitutional rights. I have to give her the right not to reply, instead of lying. The only solution was to make her an arguida.

    MF – Things were different in my time. She would have been under such an attack that before she realised anything, she'd be in jail.

    GA – Right, but in your time, in our old times, investigation was made with fuel. Now we all move on honey. Apart from that, this is a process that is uncomfortable for everyone. Nicely archived, nice and quiet, that's how it looks better. Everyone was happy.

    MF – And nobody was tried.

    GA – Not yet…

    MF – Do you still believe?

    GA – It's too big and too serious a burden to be concealed by so many people for their entire lives.

    24 February 2010 07:20

  7. Gonçalo Amaral in Amsterdam, 05 May 2009

    Q: Do you think the children were sedated?

    A: There is no doubt.
    (Here he told an anecdote: that Kate called a colleague of Gonçalo Amaral's in the PJ, in August, to ask them to check the twins for traces of sedation. Apparently Kate was alone when she called, and a bit upset. That same afternoon, Gerry called and cancelled the request.)


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