Monday, 1 March 2010

Sousa Tavares vs Amaral

I apologise for not writing. Time is a very scarce resource lately, and I’ll excuse myself from explaining why. Nothing to do with this whole thing.

However I had to say something about what I watched tonight on SIC.

First, the “Portuguese System” played it’s highest card. It relied on a person thought to be an known highly intelligent person, who was before heard critizing Amaral on Maddie.

I’m talking about Mr. Sousa Tavares. About the gentleman all I can say is that he hates blogs and bloggers and is basically against everything as long as they pay him to contradict.

All his line of questioning was baseless, arrogant and self-assumed facts.

My opinion of the man, even before the interview, is such that I think his father, a Man whom I deeply respect and admire, albeit having passed away many, many years ago, would now be deeply ashamed of what his own seed has generated.

But that is my opinion, and as the gentleman quite correctly says about his own opinions, not consensual.

However I did do my best to abstain my thoughts from that. Out of the many misinterpretations of the content of the book, let me highlight just two interesting statements from the gentleman: according to him there was a strong possibility that a car kidnapped Madeleine from the car park, and the fact that he said out loud that Jane Tanner’s statement wasn’t credible.

About the first, well, notwithstanding the fact that it proves that he didn’t read the book, to explain first how Maddie got to the car park, it’s a theory not even invented by the couple itself in any of the ludicrous fables. And there have been many.

About the second, let me laugh out loud. If the this was the best, it was very little. The McCann edifice is in fact crumbling. Gonçalo Amaral, with his experience, was cool, calm and incisive, proving how ill-prepared and biased the interviewer was.

Portugusese journalism was ashamed once again. SIC, under the cloak of "independence" and "irreverence", confirmed its loyalty.

Obviously, that emotionally blackmailing question about the supposed suffering of the McCanns if one day they are to be found innocent, let me provide a twofold answer.

First, answering directly the question, they will never be found innocent because they aren’t, and second, if Maddie should one day appear, the referred couple should feel so ashamed of their behavior during her captivity (unfortunately inexistent) that they should hide from humanity, much less demand a shred of an apology.

Second, I’ll throw back the question back at you Mr. Sousa Tavares. How foolish will you feel when it’s proved that they are guilty? That day, and that day will come, please maintain some dignity and keep silent.


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  2. Textusa,

    This MST man is a complete fraud. Never liked him. Too arrogant. Too full of himself. Should keep to writing books and leave journalism to others.


    There have been many complaints from the Pros about forensics with regard to PJ...I notice they had little to say on this photograph. 'The setting up of Hewlett' pure fantasy but here we have 'Forensic' taking evidence and fingerprints in his suit and no


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