Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sousa Tavares vs Amaral, Part 2

Just a second note, among so many that can and shall be written about the sad spectacle given by the arrongantly sorrowful Miguel Sousa Tavares, who upon realizing that his “boat” had as many holes as stars in the sky, did a very poor job in salvaging it.

Just the detail about when Amaral warns that he cannot speak about the content of the book, and the so-called journalist retorts that he read carefully the Court-Order, and he, Miguel Sousa Tavares could.

Well, for such a theorist it seems a rather stupid opinion. One either respects Justice or one doesn’t.

Wasn’t the decision made to protect the McCanns reputation? Is it ANY different from Sousa Tavares stating the facts than if Amaral does it?

Don’t the denigrating facts remain the same independent of the person who says them?

So Miguel Sousa Tavares tacitly recognized that the decision was about the man, Amaral, and not the book. For if it was about the content, he would simply agree with Amaral and say, yes, I do realize that, and I will not go that way, and if ever I shall, please do warn me, and go on with the interview.

Instead, what did he say? An arrogant-in-your-face “You can’t, but I CAN” (I bet that in his own head he heard a standing ovation for such a witty, clever remark).

Mrs Isabel Duarte, for coherence sake, when are the McCanns suing Miguel Sousa Tavares?

Well, at least in my opinion, last night he damaged the McCanns image much more than the 200.000 books that Amaral sold, and he did speak, PUBLICLY, about the content of the infamous book.

And he did get paid to do it. I know that especially is repulsive to you. Eager to be hearing from you.


  1. Taveres is a fool. However, Amaral was very much in control of the situation no matter how much Taveres tried to derail the interview. GA stood his ground because he knows he is right as sure as blood flows through his veins 'He is right'. The truth is the thruth spin it as much as you like the Truth will remain.

  2. Sousa Tavares, Portugal’s answer to England’s James whales, another despicable human being, the truth screams to be heard, Dr Amaral will get the McCann’s in the end, that I’m certain of.

  3. The more publicity, the better.
    Truth will out!

  4. http://www.leics.police.uk/news/3333_more_bling_arrests_across_force_area/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

    Leicester Police sense of humour with the two biggest fraudsters sitting in their own back yard.


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