Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Until You Break(ing News)

There is nothing repeated endless times that cannot be repeated just once more, and then again.

If you say a lie a million times, you may not convince anybody that it’s the truth but you’re able to achieve one of two things: convincing others that YOU’re convinced that the lie is the truth, or convince that you’re a hopeless dingbat nut, thus forcing the avoidance of any stare, a small price for the onlooker to pay for his safety, or comfort.

Either way, the result is saturation. Allergy to the information. People reacting from a stupefying “Oh no, not again!” to a nauseating “Oh no, not again…”

Reality Shows prove that the general population not only is stupid, but fully enjoys being treated as such, so why not pamper that?

No, please don’t say that the majority thinks otherwise. They might, but what are a million ants when compared with a single foot? At best, nuisance; at worst, brown gravy on the sidewalk.

And as long as they are the foot, they will keep repeating whatever they wish to repeat. Irrelevant of sense.

Thus all those like Miguel Sousa Tavares and Isabel Duarte shall continue to show their shameless faces, shamelessly, as if mounted on white stallions, whilst branding the “Paladins of Freedom” colours and banners.

Until one day they have to run for cover to cover up their genitalia, for a child will point a finger in their direction and state the obvious: Mummy, they’re naked!  

P.S. I can’t wait for the sighting. Will it be in New Zealand or Hawaii? A couple, or an ugly bugger? What facial mishap will he have this time? The suspense is killing me…  

Update on March 3rd:
It seems that the new is an old sighting, down, down under. Objective achieved. The flak is off the disgraceful Miguel Sousa Tavares interview.

I told you these people are good.


  1. Cheguei à mesma conclusão: foi a útil obra do mst.

    Mas se os da Ilha reparassem na mediocridade dos de cá(os do gov.)não precisariam nem de lifting,nem da dos berros/sound and bytes ,nem do mst.

    Escrevi há pouco 1 outro,deste género e não entrou.

    Claro que não é novidade para ninguém.
    1º vai ao controlo......

  2. Hi Tex, Maria...It seems their is more crap to come tomorow...Reporter Keir Simmons ITV who has been reliable to date..had this to say on twitter...
    The Mccanns team did a massive surveillance operation...


    I think I am going to be sick...

  3. Oh,oh,oh if You,Iron, feel sick....upsssss we all will stay sick.


  4. http://www.madeleinefoundation.org.uk/PDFs/Goncalo%20Amaral%20Article

    This is a MAN something McCann will NEVER be.


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